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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  April 26, 2016 7:55pm-10:01pm EDT

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will continue e now, in a matte ofof seconds, really,y, with ou own neilil cavuto. stay with us.. . anuncer: this is fox business cove of election 2016, super tuesday 3. here is neil cavo. neil: all right, vy good to have y here on a night that polls close five states in just a few minutes. 172 republican delegatesp for grabs. 384 democratic delates u up for grab if you're keeping track how much further the respective front-nners nee if you include theuper delegates week have am coverageeginning with connell mcane atat trump headquarter blake over at clinton
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headquarters andeff flock at cruz headquarter we begin w with connell at the trump towewer. hey, connell. >> reporter: h heyhere, neil, the question surroununding the trump campaign in the m minds o those runnining it fouminutes before we get key results as i t has been coming into the five e primary states. not whether mr. trtrump will hae a big g night but how big his night will be. all of the states wellll pfiled in the northeastst, and he expects to do well. we expect to hear from him b ba hour after the campaign n polls close. second night he's s held an evet at trurump tower where he keeps his primary residence. last week after the e new york primary results, trump m made a fairly short, seriouous statemet and did not take repeporr questions, we expectct the sam tonight.t. neil: blake buburman in philadelelphia, the site of the democratic national convenentio in a couple e of months. blake? >> reporteter:r: it is indeed, ,
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wewe are in downtown phphiladelphia, expecting hillay clintoton in aut an hour or so. shshe spent her day earlier toyy mamaking a couple e campaign st in indiana. that, ofof course, is the next state coming up for r democrats republicans alike e as well. much like connell sasaid as it relates for donald t trump, for hillary y inton. the ququestion here is how well does she do tonight? does she winin all five states and becaususe demococrats award delegates propoptionately. there e e 464 for her to go to clinch the n nomination. 38in play tonight. if she gets 50-60%0% or more she can cut the 460 0 something number in half. neil, back to yoyou. neilil: a week from today, inindiana wi play a crucial rorole, that's where ted c cruz where hehe thinks he has his b t shotf winning next week.k. jeff flockck in knightstown wit the cruz campaign, jeff?f?
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>> reporter: he wrwrote it off. before thehe polls closed he wa writing f ththe five states and revving up peoplple in indiana. at hoosier gymym where ty shot the "hoosierer's" movie. he jusust said, by the way, to his supporters here that hillarary clinton has already picked her vp nonominee. he says it's donald trump, making theointnt that those two are pretty closese when it come down to policy. also want to r report this, cru tweeted out a recommendadation for legates for pennsylvania, the fit congressional rict. the delegates to vote for that he says her hisththose three delegates werehehe only three runnining and should be pointed ouout fox talked to the delegates and theyaiaid we'rere ununcommit, not cruz delegates. trying to pull out allhehe
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stops to put hisesest face on tonight.t. neneil: : pennsylvania, one of wed d states, 71 delegates for the republicans, 54 unbobound. wewe're about a minute away fr lllls closing. weave lodobbs, stuart varney. od to see him. charlie gasparino ck from vaca and the inevitae kennedy. ststu, for coming close to sealing it for dond d trump? >> hwiwill have an unassailable leadoror votes, states, dedelegates and most important momentum. if t r republicans try to take it a away from him by whatever ans, they will lose. neil: lou, that is what u were pointg out this almost despate effort to stop the momentum ostop him and it's coming up for not. so yr ests thought. >> therukasich combination is a ctrivance of absurdity it.
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imploded on the two rather desperate candidates tryinto find a a source of strenh. this is their pl. it's rou rejected, lghed at as howie kurtz ted out this evening, and blg up in their faces the media laugh in their fac. indiana is going to be a fascinating test. neilall right marialals, -- all rit, it will be, that's a week from today. fox can go ahead andlaim that donald trump h picked up the ate of pennsylvania. w before you get ahead of yose there, remember, it is the 17 delegateshat are really in that grab ba tonight. we'll explaiin little t more in maryland, he picks up maryland38 delegates at stake ere. how many he wins? anyone's guesswe can estimate that the develer has picked up the ste of maryland. and completing wt appears to be early hat trick for t
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nutmeg sta of connecticut, he wins that as well, 28 delegas at stake there on the democratic side, on comfortable mang one call, that is in the state of ryland for hillary clinton. a win there for r. delegateshere. so she m marcheses closeser to caidate, kennedy, not an unexpected lead. >> c certainly a surpriswhere maryndas a 22% lead. according to the real clea polling erage. she has a lot more money fm that part of the mey i in d.c. she has outraised rnie about 40-1 12 million dolla in the area, he's gone the just und 400,000. it's going to be a lackluste night, i think the bern going to fl extinguishe his campaign hasdmted they're going to do assessments, mme. bernie is going too into cavern andmemerge. neilil: lack luster night, you are referring c candates,
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not the coverage of ththe event. >> the coverage ofhehevent will b be the most lustrous scee in recent memory, , neil. neil: i i goha. >> bernie sanders byby losing i winnining. influencing the e democraticic platform, the planksks. threason why he's not dropping out is precisely beususe he's's gng to have a bisay in what the party -- neil: there are e reports he's going to r reaess his campaign. whahat that means is who knows? dodoest matter. > tt means he's going to reassess. >> what it means is he's's goin to make e democrcratic party much m more in his image than bill clinton's image.. the second thingng i point out n termrms donald trump before we starart ointing him president tonight, i think he dodoes have to get 100 delegegat to say this is a complelete sucuccess night.t. if he gets under 100 delegeg, the numbers gogoininto cleveland, t to get 1237 are gogoing to be difficult. neil: lou dobbs, on thatat note he's been pooh-poohing h his
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entire run. thququestion is i heard this beforere, we've had back and forthshs about it, that at does it take for r republicans who have b been doing their best, nt all, to stop him, , to acknowowledge or he appppears te the guy. atre do o you think? >> i tnk that tonight is the inflection pnt. we can argue about neworand its impactn e candidates themselves but t donors are siing here lookingt whats transping. republican establishme, including eveverne from speaker ry who's been critical of trump, they're all going have to, if deed these numbers sh up in excess of % for trump in thehree major states, thats pennsylvania, maland, and connecticu they're going to have to reassess. and it ry means just as bern sanderss reassessing tonight, i don think you're going to see mh energy left
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for kasich and for cz indeed that is whatranireses in a five ste sweep. neil: 'rtalking about 118 deletes if you take o, you knowthese 54 that would be unund and all, but what do u make of the momenm. >> is unassailable. he's going to leadn states, delegagates, votes, the mome is all his. and lou s said, the donors to ted cruz a john kasich, they're gog to be look at tonighght and they're e going t sasay what's the point of poingg in a whoot more e money to the cause which really is goinig down. neil: i want to brg connell mcshane in othis he's at trump headquar. they're planni an event at 9:00, presumably a press conference. last week theywed that altother. hang said that, they're going to make it look inevitable the presentation, ey're going to say we're racking up e
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points and sbling to come up with someg that might work but it's noworking, pretty much? >> trump will make an argume, neil, in lookingt the exit poll data, forxample, that shows in the new yorprimary and repeated across the five primary ates we have exit polling data from toy. if y ask the people what they ink, they will teland you in 10 willllell l thought perso with the most votes he person with thmo d delegates should be the nomine we heard trumptaying oveand over aga, he has the data to back himup, he doesn have the rnc rules. it's your point at 9:00 p.m. is evening which is when we've been told the mpaign, trump will come out or thereabts to set up a press conference. e people milling around behinde for the most part are members of the mediar trump's staff and secret svice members. e vip members that have been
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invited i believe are downstairsnd won't come up until closer tthe event starti. it is mostly members othe media. just to add a few things t what you were talkinabout. thstate of pennsylvania, i was there with trump, that key, wjust won't know what tonight means for pennsyania. we know trump w there. of the delegates cg into the convention, it'sorth pointing out yesterdayrump shed signs of organizationon, they werpassing around flys at had names of the degates on the flyers ansaid go vote for the people in the ngressional districts. i guess we will see by july that was successful. neil: we're keepg track of it it's goingo be a rat-t-tat kind of night. beie sanders is speaking in west virginia, b thereave been tks today that he was
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going to reaeshis campaign, or might aer tonight. nodoes reassess mean fold up his tent, mostvid supporters including his wife speakinon msnbc saying that isot aall the intention so hlary clton would have to wait hile? >> reporter:eah, so the campaign saithat bnie sanders, andhis comes from tad devine, the top sategist of t the sanrs campaign, they'rt t assessing his caidacy but look at what is the bestay to go forward in terms of locng down pledged legates. 's's sewhat semantic saying hey, we're s going forward. what w going to try to look at or tweek is just about ho to go forward. either way, neil, as we have se with this entire cycle, pointing to the republican side, with mar rubio and with jeb bush, once thehispspers turn into loud questions of is your campaign vile? it is not something the
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ndidate or the campaign ever wants to tabout. the difference with bernie sanders is that he is inging inoney hand over fist by the te of millions, he is able to sustain campaignrom here until the convention, and d at exactctly what he said he is going too earlier today. he wasere in philadelphia campaigning fo moving on to st virginia where he is tonight,nd he s asked about whether or not he's gointo geout ofof the race, and he called that an absurquestion. he said he is gng to continue onto californiand he said try to pretty much influencehe plform there. il: i don't see any reason, know hisife saidhereas no reason for him to be the drout candidate. th is why the super delegates make such a difference. >> right. neil: he's only behind by ss th 300. you throw the super deletes. >> andou have the much larger delegate pollshan yodo on
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threpublblican side. neil: why would quit? >> t only reason he would st down is if he stays in too lo andarnishes his brand. because he does mu more when he's thedeologue who is making headway. neil: likeharlie talking about having conol. >> yeah, the longer he goeand is seen as diminishingnd attacking her, it weakenhis chance of having a long-te -- >> he is in west virginia hoing a primary on may 10th. couplef weeksrom tonight. 2929 delegates are at stak >> when hillary inton says i reree, i'm going to do these three things, someing about executive pay, sometng about the banks and something abt tataxes. >> maybe agreeg to $15-an-houminimum wage. >>aybe. three t projects, she's going to agree and he's going to say i'm done. >> it'wortremembering it is bernie sanders bnging votes t democrat side. neil: you are exactly rht.
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>> thus far, there are 4 1/2 milln fewer votes cast in democrat primari thus far compared to 20. 4 1/million less voters. in every sta where the vote count r the democrats has gone up, bere sanders has wo in other wor, he's the guy whhas brought all -- all, a lot of the votes to the tae. neil: doou think though, strt, much has been made of the fact the other polls tt show his supers couldn't ba hillary or at very least might just sit out? >>t's a very big deal. o's to assume, if he drops out, all the bernie suorters switit to hihillary clinton. that's not goingo happen. >> really? they're going tolect donald um >> who >> the bernie sander supporters..
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> if he we foolish after all of this timee ent building anguidinthis movement, and it is that. and tuld e require, if you wi, a second. ne: we'rgoing to be rifling through the other state but in rhode island and yore going see connecticut,
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neither stat of course, we could call it the point r ther party at this point, bubu again, this is a about racking up delegates herfor bernie sanders in the statof rhode island could be a good nit but less than 1% of the vote. i like it whene e do the calls d d sometimes we get three voters. remember l last time? 99% % of the vote in. we're not quite e su. >> i would sayay this for berni sanders, and agagainsay it again.n. his votetersre not going to vote for donalald ump. definitely n notoing to vote for donald trump. neil: th d don't have to vote at all. >> when ththey see the stark dierence, when hillary clinton mpmpaigns and says we have a republin n here that wants to build a wall. we have a repuicican here who has basically attacked hispanics is what she's going g to say. neil: he's even thth her nationally.. >> some polls. hisatives are much higher. those e vors, those voters will
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te for hillary clion. neil: kennnny, do you think that'she case? i absolutely dot. whenen donald trump talk about rnie sananders running a third party campaign, it's interesting and benefifits donad trump, but i t think if you get t -- >> why would donald d sathat unless he e thght they were going to vote for hillary. because he wants bernie sasanders to run and split the vo. >> rightht, that means those people are going to vote hillary. >> i want to s thehe margin of viorory. in there is only 1% of voters cocounted. its very important seems to me e only wh 1% reporting that donald d trump i way out front of cruz z an kasich. but hillary is not so mumuch wa out fronont of bernie sanders. margin of victory on the l lef is little narrowerer compared t trump on the right. that means somethihing. that means that bernie sandersr such less likely to o dr out in the immediate fututure. neil: let's go t to jeff flock
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fore we lose my buddy. he's with ted cruz whohoraps up an event in indiana. i'm thinkiking, jeff, , that's state now w he has to win. it's his waterloo, and i k kno his campmpaign manager was sayig it's n a must-win but it is a must-win, isn't it >> r repter: yeah, ted cruz thinks all of yoyou arfull of baloney hehere. he wouldld point out that so fa donanaldrump, talking about donald trump h has so many mimillion more votes than ted cruz. donald trump has lesess than -- before t tonight, less than 40% of the votes cast in the reblican primaries so far. there e is clearly a sentiment for somebody els and you're right. neil: to be fair, that startrted out with - -- ffjeff. believe e me my point is, it did start out with 17 candndides. >> reporter: startrted out that way, but winnowed downwn here fr a while e no neil: fair enough. >> he's had fficulty, tonight
8:16 pm
may be dififferent. he's had d difficulty getting over 50%. neil: cruz had a l lotot more difficulty.. >> reporter: this is true.e. but the goal i is to get to a cocontested convention. neither r of these guys c can c out to the convention with moroe of anything. if it gets to o beyond a second ballotot, thinks he's got more than 50% of the indidian delegates tied up to him. neil: i i don't know. you're right, by the way, we cacan y in connecticut, we can't t deare a winner, comfmforble saying john kasich has taken seco. and donald trump did winin t state ofononneicut. donaldld tmp won the state, and kasich t took second and cruz will have to settle fofor e bronze. i'm sorry? >> if i i warunning for elelecon in indiana, one personn i would want o on side. >> larryry bird. >> that is bobobby knight. even i u understand with a voic like thi i undnderstand the
8:17 pm
importance of bobby kninigh neil: not the gornor? >> bobby knight. >> on his team ta while. >> i've got thisight now, haven'i? >> yes. >> i would gr r larry bird. >> ande supports donald trump. >> why can'tod deliver more an 50%0% of the vote right now god usually cano that. >> he's for trump, that's important. >> am i totally wrong? i think we s should. i'i'm not wrong about this, nei. neil: i don't know wherere any f you are going. all right, we are going g toakae a quick break. nnecticut or pennsylvania a too close toto cl, the gop situation right now is sorortin out to be e li this early on. a big g night. a very b night f foronald trump. 118 delegates at stakeke. if you include, you hahaveo
8:18 pm
take out, for example, thehe 54 that are really just not up for grabs in the state of pennsysylvia. so the betting seems to be going ininto tonight. 80-100 for dononaltrump, which would build a a prohibitive lea for him.m. ababoua 400 delegate lead goingg into i indna next week. going in ahehead of that, california and on and onon a on. more after t thi thanks foing this, dad. so tught it might be time to talk about a financ you mean payim back? so let'statart talking about your lg term goals. knowing yo future is about more tn just you. it's how edward nes makes sense of invnvesting. ♪ (music p♪ s throughout) uh oh.
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change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. . >> w welcome back for special coverage of ththe mid-atlantic primarieies, i'm jo ling kent with brand-new exit poll datata for you. on top of mind foror voters, th econonomy and wall street.
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want to see how votersrs feel. and you can see how inin pennnnsylvania, maryland and coconnecticut, 40-50% of votote sasay that wall street hurts th u.s. economy. of these voter, 60-7 are ing for donaldld tmp, and for ththose who say wall street hels the econonomy. 40-5-50% are going for donald trump. we have a hold on bothth sides f that. wanto show y you the democrats as well here. . you can n see in pennsylvania, maryland and connectcticut, mor an 50% of democrats belilieve that wall street hurts the.s.s. economy, but t vote hehere very much split. those in penennsylvania and coconnecticut going for sanders but in maryland they're e going for hihillary clinton. we also wao show w wt you other issues peoeople are thinking abobout in terms of e ececonomy. trade for example a big one.e. in connectic, 43% democrats say it t takes away u.s. jobs while 5353% say it takes away jobs. i believe the dadata is from
8:23 pm
pennsylvania not connenecticut s it says s rit there. want to show you t d democrats as well, i if we can flip over o that. all righght.t. i guess we won't flip. 70% of the republicacans, you cn see herere 53% of them, 70% of ththose voters they're going fo donald trump, whereas among thth democrats, it is split 50-50.. so back to you, neil, wiwith th new w exit poll data. neil: thatat's wild that democrats s anrepublicans are leery, leery o of the financial cocommunity. i i don't know how you take tha ing into a fall campaign. lou, what you think of that? >> extraordina. this number r reec a similar patterin new york. neil: right, in new yorkrk. > where it all is. and toto think people are that, that disenchanted withth the market, , fearful of the markek anand the system that is produced. aiainly the 2008 financial crisis but also has brout t back to extrrdinary levels these market indexes. neil: with very little
8:24 pm
vidual participation. >> that's e problem, and when we look at defin benefit programs, pensions ver 401(k)s, people have uch money at risk, and not done asa wewells -- >> why do you u opse wall reet when wall street has recovered fully frfrom 2008 and enririched countless pension funds, mutual fund holdersrs, investment partntnerships and al ththe rest of it? why do you pou these people? >> why do politicianpound these pele. let'be real ear,r, pounding wawall strtreet is a bipartisan sport since 202008. sosome of it is deserved, some considered a financial c csis. they did lot of bad stuff. t this ti-wall reet attack othe establishment is both a republican thing,t's a democratiching. donald trumpoes it allhe me. llary clinton does it, now forceded to do it more because f bernie sanders.
8:25 pm
nd paul did it, ted cruz every now and then does it, thte only people you dodon't hear doing it is john k kasich and jb bush because they both workeked for lehmanan bthers. everybody el engages iitit. >> econonomic populism running through both parties and economic conseservatives have done a very poor job of defending wealthth and wealth creatition in this country. it's an abominatation, so easy o pick on wall street, and the thing thatat people see is the corporations are make billioion of dollars in profofit, and i'm not. cacan't take my kids to the movies. cacan't save for clege and these fat cats are getting richer. >> where conservatives s screde up is didn't say h how governmet was making it didifficult fo you. neil: donald trump f found a middle ground ththatight work in a fall campmpai. mike huckabee jos usus rightht now.w. governoror, it is odd when i lok at, , and lou pointed out in ne york, signs of it in
8:26 pm
connecticut and other states, the e ocstate of rhode island has gone for dononald trump. the fourth state he pipick up tonight. we'll wait on delaware andnd he mpletes the sweep. governor, i apologize. onto that notition what do republicans do to anansw this cynicism that's out, therere evn amonong publican voters about wallll street. whwhat do you think? >> let's's look at an example. this past t week, jamie dimon came outut, he got a huge salar, big bonus, company was baiailed out in t the government bailout. you knowow what his suggestion was? toake sure we cut social security benefits. think about that in context.. you know why people in a ameca are e angry at wall street? it's nsense like that. whwhen a person is trying to figure outut h thehey're going o make it and somebody makining tens of millions is s suesting we cut social l serity.
8:27 pm
thbailouts went to the t o of the food chain, and the fos at the bottom got e e shaft. and it's just t as clear as tha. neil: to be fafair, he was talking in the aggregate a abou entitlements and that's ththe only wayay you're going to get our debt under contrtrol. you're quite right.. hehe d include in that dealing with social securirity. lou dodobbis that a problem for americans? >> huge proble o one've been talking and writing about for aa very long time. we have an inequalitity income issue e in this country, a grea didivide that's worse since th 70s. thmiddle class has shrunk byby 11% over the course of t theast 30 years. middle class incomes, woworking n and women in this countrtry, ey've had zero wage increaeases in real terms in the pa 30 years to. what the g govnor is talk about, the republicans h havgot to talk honeststlybout this, and i've got to tell u,u, withouout donald trump in ththi
8:28 pm
bate, this great debate ---- >> don't we have to deal with h social security? >> no, we do n not have to. >> warreren buffet and lou dobb do not deserve a social l security check. > i've got n no problem with. this is what i'm saying. . >> it's not anan entitlement. >> when we look s stu that can make the c country bankrupt in the futurure, social securit isne of the things where thehe costs are greater than the e amount o of money, it's a ponzi scheme. and rich people. > aonzi scheme? social secururitis a ponzi scheme? >> yes. >> drarawi from it. neil: : gornor, you don't agrgre with t tha early on, when youou we in the racece a chris christie was in the race, christie went t ouon the e thd rail and said we have to r recnize social secuty r what it is, something ththat is not sustainable a at e rate it's going, you argued witith ththat, and you still , why?
8:29 pm
we can't claim delaware jujust yet. >> notn entitlemement. socialal security is an earned benefit. it's not the govovernment's money, people paidid the money n through h their whole lives s a didn't do o it voluntarily. ththiss not a fund they got to coribute to if they wanted to. the government took itit out of their paychecks at timeses a lives when they could d have usd that casash. herere's the point. you say rich peopl s shouldn't collect it. why shshould rich people get interestst on earnings? they shouldn't g that t eier. why should ricich people get divivides? they donon't need that either. it's's n the governmens job to take money y that belongs to sosomedy else. by the way, when i hear peoplel sathis will bankrupt us. there's a way to fix it.t. 4%conomic growth, we fully fu social security. is is not an issue of socicial security costingng too much. it's an issue ofof our economy being too weak and anec.c. il: what do you think? >> growtis the mosost rtant thing we need in america.
8:30 pm
if we cacan get 4, 5% growth lie the 80s s byutting indivividual tax ratetes d corporate tax rates. you give me 4% growth, i'll l give you a partitialolution to someme of e proble. >> t theroblem with that is, and d it's not a hypotothecal i in 2001 a and2003, , george w. bubush taxes and did sonificantly. the result w one of the most emic periods of job creation this country's history. we have got go beyond the reflexive, ideologicaltras. >> right >> we've g to look honestly at the cononsequences of public policycy and business practices on the middle class. neil: we're going g to take a quick brbreak. donald trump all b but delaware in his column riright now. we're keepining very close eye this. he might sweep all five statate. of the 118 delegates that arare the serious ononce up for grabs totonight, whether he -- i'm looking at the ratio, sosome of
8:31 pm
the stes, 55-60% could guarantee e him asas many as 10 delelegates tonight. more after this. is just got interesting. why pause to take a ll? or stop toind a bathroom? cialis for dly use is approved to tre >>
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it begininfrom the the sesecond we're born. noel * donald trumump has won tm all. hehe single contest tonight he s won. dedeirdre bolton, spell it out. deirdre: he has won them a all. there are e still places, thoug, where governrnor kasich could pk up a fewew d delegates. in connecticicut there are some acid tests. pepeople say this is the northen version n of manhattan. tons of bankers and peoplele who know donald d trump. but a a lot of people told me fairfifield county is an acid test. can a traditional gop vovoter go for donald trump o over john kasich. at least forhehe momenent trump
8:35 pm
clearly over that 5 50t percenentile. if we e go next door to rhode island. if you near providence, the sase kind of acid test.t. can a trititional gop voter, can donanald trump sweep that and gt thsupport from a group thatt has so far resisted himim? donald trump having a grgreat night. but others cacan be chomping of some of ththese delegate ckies. neilil: hillary clinton ha wouldn't't state of delaware as well. pennsylvlvania is a state we are keeping a good eye o on now. it's a s state won by donald trp on the republican side. the uncommititted delegates goig presumably to cleveveland withot a named candidate.e. thoughgh many argue whoever wins the state willllick up those delegates. with me, is pennsylvania'a's ste
8:36 pm
senator. you are part of thatat delegate slate, c corct? >> i i ran for the delegate sla. neil: did you make i it? >>e don't know yet. yoare a loser if you didn'tt make i i'm kikiddg. i'm kidding. do y you think that slate will o thwinner's way? >> yes. polled the district prior - 10 days ago, he was ading by 65%. we have a tremendous amoof transplanted new ykers that live in my districand the surrounding unties. e's going to win big in th tenth congssional. neil: so thewouldn't be a blk. theyould go by district. >> districts.
8:37 pm
neil: it's your thking he would get a goodany of those. >> in my district, yes. but he should win -- i was liening to your program a little bit earlier. around t delaware county area, outskirts of philly mighte difftly but for the most pa he will do a good job in the state. neilwhen we talk about the potential of a 100-delegate pick, we are not cntining these. >>hat translates to roughly 100 delegates won tonig. neil: then wh 64, you are we youway. lou p with that -- u: with that hal that wod cle out the 1,237 by ju
8:38 pm
neil: he would be 22 delates ahead to geto the 1,237. >> hwill g a majority of delegates. how could you not vote for t person that wins youour strict? kennedy: in pennlvan it't's confusion and crazy d a lot of pepeople don't know whthey are voting f. neil: are yosaying this gentleman's ate is crazy? nnedy: yes. neil: hillary clintoju won e keystone state. >> we knewhat was going to ppen. neil: do you thi republicans -- w talk k aboutt pittsburgh, phadelphia, those two decratic senators, and we have republic koon and everything in between. can republics take this state? >> 60,000 people have change rtfrom democrats to republicans to ve for donald trum let's s talk about the independents as well
8:39 pm
i haveev seen a turnout at polls that we saw toy. and i have been in politics pennsylvania since 1992. have never seen anything le it. it's unbelievable, thenout and the lis. neil: me people, but you are saying in youra you are seseeing -- we heard there wen't enough ballots earli o but definitely verstrong participation. recd lines. strong participation. ually the primaryas no lines. reporty does he think trumump will hurt the down-ballt race this guy knows youstate and sees the tur. but he tnktrump -- he's sayi he's
8:40 pm
neil: toomey * is not ing we. why is he saying that? >> thaa good question. if get this type of turnout. he swings thindependents, and the moderateemocrats will support trum this is the thing. a lot ofple tell me they want somebody as president tt wrote his name on the front check. that creatob and think abt that. how many h neil: you are rit about that. sorry to jump onou like that. we are still waitingor donald trump. we are waiti to f from hillllary inton. think the guy having the bt night is donald trump. and he is going toinds folks about that. i wouly in about 19 minutes. when it comes small business, e's in the know.
8:41 pm
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8:44 pm
neil: it's way too early tsay this. but donald tru might be closinin on 1,000 delegates wh all is said and done, anks to healthwins in alall fi states for grabs. rey y lewandowski with us. are you surprised by the
8:45 pm
magnitude of thi can you hear me, corey? do youet a sense with this that he is going tpick up a lot of delegates and we are not even counting the in pennsylvania? reporter: this is the ght when the writing is othe wall. i fired he would win all five. i though might get 50-55% of the vote but hs in excess of 0% of the vote. that's a blowout w win. he's clear oa path to take the nomination ifhe republicans attempt to get ararnd him and deny this got it nomination who s the votes, cetera, et cetete, etetera.
8:46 pm
kennedy: i i feel the lang wink wagege concerning the convention has softed the lasast uple days. the esestablishment talking abot a contested co the lyeopltalking about it are cruz and case up a they are not done wittheir bromance. reporter: we'll comurn more money into ted cruz's campaign? chlie: i will say this. 38% of the votes. if that's what his pop vote is, republblics in maryland and the two guys with allolocar shshirts in n rhe island. neil: he will h have captured 55 states by more than 50% of ththe vote. he started with h 17 people in e
8:47 pm
rarace. up u until a few week ago, there were close to five o others. i'm askiking you, how are you nt lolooking at the math. charlie: how are youou n not lot 38%?%? neil: i want to arwiwith you lar.r. corey lewawandowski, trump campaign mananager. it's good to have yo i know i it's been goioing in ad out on yr r isp. do you get sense he'e's running2 delelegates what he has to be to get to the manic numr?r? do you thinknk he's going to get there nowow? >> thanks fohahaving me on. i i can tell you there is no quesestion, we'll reach 1,237 dedelegateefore e the con havin. i think our path is significantly goining to be greateter than 1,237. we see ted cruz hahas been mathematically eliminated omom securing t the mom nation on the
8:48 pm
first ballot prior to night john kasich h had been eliminated. noww it's time to ununite againt donald trurump so we be unite ad insure the democtsts don't ntininue to holdhe white house for another fourur years. neil: reports fromewew folks who have come toto the trump campaign, urgingimim to be more presenential, to dial it back. you ha been a big fasasaying donald tru s should be dald trump and not vevento that politicacally correct talk. where does the candididate stand on tt.t. >> here w whayou see. u u have seen a candidate in 27 state afr r tonight's sweep of five states. he has a formula t thaclearly wos.s. what resonates is he tlsls the truth to the peoe. i think that's somomething the american peoplwawant. thamamerican people are tired of lilite cooool correctness. th a are tired of career polititicians who say one thing
8:49 pm
and do something different you can agree disagree, but you know exactly whehere he's cocoming from. neil: were you againsthehen the talk with the new w york victory where he referred to ted cruz as senator cruz and john kasich as governor case. withthin 24 4 hoururs he was cag him lyin'n' ted, and criticizing johnasasich's eating habits. do you think it's momore in mr. trump's nature to speaeak le that a and don't rain him in and don't hold him back and d do ths whole e presidential demeanor thing. >> in trump idid candidly he can be as presidentitial as you want m m to be and he can be boring and read off a a tel -- off a teleprompter.. when mr. trump has 20,00pepeople
8:50 pm
at a rally, they wanant him to tellll the truth. eyey don't want him to read off a teprprompter. neil: you won that argument.t. >> there i is no argument to win or lose. neneil: someone was dialing th candidate back or tryingng to. i heard you y y resist the temptation a l let donald be donaldld. >> mr. trurump has been and will continue to be theererson in this campan n toake the final desions. when he wants s to speak pore mr. trump, that's whate e does. if he's at g giant rally, he will speak diffentntly than he would in amamall venue with four or five pelele. th's's the nature of the beast. last night in pennsylninia in a massive rally he had t cwdwd up on their feet. tomorr w when he gives a foreign policypepeech in washington, d.c. it will be a differtt tone. that w what you expect, a
8:51 pm
well-rounded candidite who can speak toididn't audiences with it'sppropriate. >> i guess my y question is, somemeonwho is watching this as an outsider perspective. who isald trump then? it's vy difficult to ean. neil: andrew di clay91. we'll have more. for donald trump is what they call a clean sweepand d maybe enigger. 0 delegates going into this evening.
8:52 pm
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8:55 pm
il: now to the many made jim carter presint in his state. i'm lking about pat caddell that they may shot that shows hobig goodell is that i can't be bothered with mr.reside. trick, donald trump tonight what do o you thk what's. >> this is a stunning performance. i mean it's a hvictory. he is move the boat. lastk s the first time he won in his home state of new york. he's going t to win it looksike for these contesy at least over 60 and the othersging up to nine that's a huge ju
8:56 pm
the other llare showing pe who are sayg th thehe winner who hashe m most votes should be nominat as th majority. that's 10 points ove from 60 to 70 d a number of people who said for instance in sylvania that they were scared or concerned t trump among republicans was lor than his opponents. it wasn't of a vote there. but these, thiis amazing. thishink puts him well on th way. i think this race, my last comment to you last week a uld co down to indiana. i think this thing gd and for all ins and purposes next week. lou: pat, lou do pat but these numberop esis unit -- legiti basis to say thleaders of the party the rno mitch mcconnell and paul ryan it's timto bring
8:57 pm
people together. we noweed to unite. it's time for the nors together. we are going to ta about aling this party and organiz given the power of the victories, is it not thehe appropriate time?? >> gets close to ii i do thinknk he will ride it out t untinext weweek but after tonight i think you can see a clear r path for trump. i think he will get t the majory of those delegatates who are uncommitted in pennsylvavania. another lets take the votetes ay frfrom people who are voting for candidates but, which is inexplicable. neil: woululd make a big deal of that numumber. >> he's coming s so close. tonighlolook where he's going to get tonight. neil: you e saying there will be enough suppo in you toucd on is lou that peoplwill climb onto him
8:58 pm
>> you sclose after tonight that it'close enough. neil: hes not there. but justy will. >> how can you deny the nomination to a man thout these legates? >> i don't thinkou have to deny i what we are seng is a huge momeum shift. i think new yo influenced ese primaries tonight. weaven't seen that. >> you t is going to get 1237 before the conventionon >> i think igoing to come so clos it. they'rt going to stop them at this int i don't believe. look, he has hugeomentum. the other poinneeds to be made, he a steal by kasich and cruz was a disaster.
8:59 pm
neil: we have tove you my frfriend that i want to thk you very much. next time you see president to look them in theye. i love him to death. believe one of these people are offputting. 1237 is okay, walk away with it. you've g the momentum and people will pylon . >> that was a huge gift donald trump. lou: cruz and sich are done. neil: kasich takes sond place in delare so cruz if you think out it for all the push to g them out of there. >> are they gog to turn more money over to tedruz and john kasich? how are you gog to get money to the rnc.
9:00 pm
neil: the second place goeto kasich, not cr. lou: ts is tearing cruz to pieces. ththe momentum that began th a massive win new york is turned into a huge nht. it will carry into iiana. he already has an eight-pot lead. the arguments e gone for kasich and for cruz. ey're just gone. il: i will say again he is well on its wato getetting their it's about thamomentum and the psychological effect e trump towers just down thehe street here is whe you find colin. i wod imagine the move is -- the movis getting a bit more peppy there. >>he vips have been call and made their into the room and are lined up behind me. i think you saw the podium the e lectern where donald tmp will be speaki in a few minutes. we are told weill expect them around 9:00. you have to spend -- this since
9:01 pm
it wl go to corey lewandoki the campgn m manager they are competent to the eent that you ow i do want to say th think it over but they think it's over. they think after iianaext week they are well underway 1237 the micic number of delegates that would be need to be nonad on the balt so those are the terms they a talking in. i know campaign officials ve been sayinsimilar things that at this point donald trump iin their mind the presumpti nominee even if were not quite theryet. the word of tonight if the is a word tonight me piv area on a couple of different fronts. for e thing we are going to the ump pivoting whethere does it night remains to be seen towardss more serious apoach that we keep hearg abouit tomorrow he will be at the mayflower hotel washington d.c. giving a foreign-policy speech with the teleprompter and t whole thing. we are also going to s campaign officials pivot to a re general election type of
9:02 pm
ndidate. as opposed to somebodyho's speaking in primary bashing cruz and kasich. that's not to y we will see th the big rally that we will see moreonald trumpraw contrast between hself and hillary clintonho he presumes will be his -- in the falall. neil: ank you very much. hp ap is among those addg another 82 deleges to donald trump's 845 deleges. it would put him a927 but again the ma goes roughly like this, if you get 60% is virtually guaranteed youan pick up 0 delegates and again you are closing on this when you think abouit. >> aolutely and again we talk abt, andnd i thought the riot police in cleveland efer the 54 unboued pennsylvania legas because they could r roughshod all er the place
9:03 pm
that you are absolutely rit. neil: especially if he h 60%. keedy: i think there'll be a lomore pressure but it goes to show youow sange these indivial states are when they put the systems in placend you know for all the madne, somehow donald trump has- neil: why is istrange? kennedy: if you lo at the way the decrats go after delegates , d d some republican raises its winnetake-all a and otrs is proportional. neilis the largest way that e uncommitted delegates. >>he republicans in pennsylvania voted want thiso happenhis way. kennedy: by the e way i love --
9:04 pm
lou: there are more thanan three times as many of them is theirir pledge delegates i in pennsysylvania. kennedy: absolutely y right. neil: one ththing that he does ththat very he does this very sheer dismay king ofof b deal what happened in cololorado and wyoming when he said w we got whipped. he gotot cght with his pants down and he didn't see itt coming. so youmamade a viue out of it anand turning lemons into lemonade, to sayy this i is a weird system. >> and b by ding in the superb delegates he's remindingng peope with his 54 delegates inin pennsylvania i'm w winning pennsylvania big. he has lost the delegates i in coloradodo, alized he failed to plplay the political game propey turned back into a plulus by sang hey what's gog on herere? how can u trust sosomeuyho fafailto play that game, the
9:05 pm
game thathe votersrs i colororad you are saying that thatat's a smart guy? >> if f you play the g gamas you said he wouldd --. if he played the game stetewart it would be over. >> steward if yoyou play the gae they would be erer. neil: ken cuccinelli -- ken cuccccinelli if he could just kp it dowown so we can argue amongt ourselves. is a ted cruz supporter a and the news directotor. very special guest are herere. n, for your guy doeoes the math t r repetitive now? >> it's not prohibitive. last weekend this weekek are northeast s states and thihis ws
9:06 pm
always going to be a a strugglig partrt othe calendar for us.s. the e first half of april was gd in me e will be good and thewe get to j junand it's going to be atat -to the finish line. neil: it's one thingng in nenewk to winin ihis own state but here he really piled itit on. > wl but again you know it'ss the same kinind of f state i thk by and lge with connecticut, rhodisland, delawaware rylandnd. i don't thk you are e faoff the e markrk there so that at te states will l an repubcan win in novovemr. we may win pnsylvania a bui will tell you if donald felt a s the nominee senenat pat toomey is likely to be former senenator pat toomey. neil: i dodon't knonow, he's ina lot nationanal l lls and you arare quite right to put that up but i would imamagine ken and yu are closer t to e fire that ninight, he's got to, got to, at
9:07 pm
your candidate ted cruz whwhen indiana.a. he got to win it. >> wl i think the only statete wewe aolutely had to win with texaanandertainly we try to compete e ss the field. neil: i'm talking ababouright now. you are blown outt of new york and the mile of f thcountry victories to which youou a to be crededed that right now you're fallllining seriously behind. you are in a b blowout situatio. >> some of the states s are ing states t thaher ex we up for grabs like wisconsin wherere t wawas reportedly bind going in when people stararted focusing n wiwiscsin like they are focusing indiana. neil: doou think i it s a mistake to o combine resources d strategies? >> no there are no comombined resources. there is you g go ar about go ththere and it's very little moe than that.
9:08 pm
look, average voteters don't ca. what they y care about is do you have a plalan to give me better portunities? do you family gogointoto secure thisis country the mic the currt president? are you u going to actually increase freedomom? do you going to get governmement out ofof our lives and only ted cruz does that. ne: apparently average voterers at leaeastithin the republican party do not think he cacan or wi. they seem m toe betting on donald trump to do that.t. how w doou dissuade them of that notion that yourur guy just migt be finisd? >> w wel t people who believe that the most are inin t media so c congratulations. neil: did you stst lump me withh the media? >> u. r. f fox neil: i knew there was somomethg going on. >> look wherere ted has the
9:09 pm
opportunitity be a retail poticianan bwhich i mean he tas to voters one at a time inin smsmaller groups and can share s coconsvative vision for the duration of the race, he d doe very well. th's why we do well. kennedy: he has done welell wi small groups also o but she's ao not going to get the repepublicn nominanation. our names are veveryimilar. >> you sort of stand o out in ts group. kennedy: it's ththe rgundy a mornining. for some reason senator cruz losess m birth s sta of indiana is b big candidadate finished? >> obvbvioususly we are going to fighght for r every vote we cand you notice we arare mpaigning in other states liknebraska west virginia and otherers on the calendarar in me as well washington and so foforth so its not justst o o at a time. wewe have a heavy presence in indiana.
9:10 pm
neil: you are e gog support the nominee rather than d dond trumkaka, right? >> i am but i don't haveve a lot of hopope that we will prevail r many republicans will susurvive. what's that neal? ne: lou dobbs. lou: i i kw you look for 10 yeah but i have to ask you u th cause these numbers are becomiming wavy to say the leas. at what point dodo you think gin the talent that senatotor cruz d his importancethe partrty, he's a very young canandite is time for the senator to t think ababout ththe pararty and bringg people together? are you committed to n not makig a dision in favor of the partyty before the convention or i is erere me point in which you would think about it s seriousl? >> well, look lou for the past twtwo mohs you gback to prettyty much thehe e of feuary onto totoday you hahave seen senatorr
9:11 pm
lking about unifying the p party , taingg about bringing in coalitions within the g.o.p. together and he's bebeen doing ththat which is why he has continueued do so w welamong ththe grsroots. when we have the sececond round competitions foregates, the rubio people arare supporting senator cruz saiaid he's actualy doing that unification. neil: thank you u ve much. >> w we obviously have to catchp and be reaeadyor cleveland. neilil: kenen ccinelli we have hillary clinton n noa big victory tonight but she e diwhen erything. there's a possibility shshe cocl lose connecticicut and rhode islandnd tbernie sanders b having s saithat she has probably anotherer 2 plus delegates s we are t told and it stress i i anot counting superdelegateses sprobably anotheher 15 at a minimum page s well underway for thehe democrac
9:12 pm
nominanati hillary clininton in philadelph. >> thank you pennsylvania. [apppplae] what a g great night. i wawanto thank everyone. i want to thank evereryo. [cnting] thank you u all soso much. wow.w. i jujust want to thank all of y, everyone who c camout toote here in pennsylvaniaia and acros maryland and delaware and rhode island, i amam so grateful to al of our volunteerers, our organizezers, our community leaders. [applause] everyonene who worked their heas out and d i nt to thank the leaders here in pennsylvavania. thanyou governoror wff, take
9:13 pm
you senator cacasey y thk you comes my apart r rig in thank you u so much mayor kinney for your great help. and of course i want to ththan the 42nd presisident of the united states, my husband. [applause] now with your help we e are goig to come e baba to philadelphia r the democratic natitional coconvtion. [applause] with the most t votes and the mt pledged delegates. [applause] and we will ify our papartto win this election and build an america where we can a allise togeththeran america where we lift eachh othther up instead of tearing eachch oth down.
9:14 pm
[applalause] so we need you t to ep volunteeeeriring, keep talking o ur friends and neighborsrs.. ease join more than 1.1 1 miion people who have papart contributed at hillary clinton.cocom. [applause] look, , i know there are stililo many barriers holdldintoo many americans back but despite whaht other candididat say, we believe in the goodness of our p people and the grgreatness of our nati. [applause] if anyone dodoubts that, just lt them tral across theountry as i have done in thisis campain in the past yr, hearing people's storieses, arning about eir s struggles. listen to the quiet determinatatioof the working parents s i t last week and jenkintown p penylvania.
9:15 pm
[applause] theyey are doing everything they can to provide opporortutunitieo their r chdren in an economy at where there still a aret enough good-paying jobobs. liststen to the mothers who lost children to gun viololen and encoters with the police. they are turniningheir sorrow into strategegy and their mourng into a movememen it ate movemement for justice and dignity. [apppplae] listen to the e nue i met this weweekend d in new haven connect who worked for years to bubuila middle-class life anand ise a family.. but then h her luck c chaed. she was diagagnod with breast cancer and used up all h her savingngs d are sick time. soon she was facining foreclosue anand prospect of losing the home she loved for morore an 20 years. and herere is what she said to .
9:16 pm
my daughter and i live i in fear of thehe d day t that we might e home and have a a lock on the dr are in pain, we are hurti, we were and are the e bone of this country, the middle clalass we are not asksking for a handot grade we just want t to treated fafair. [applause] c. is speaking for so o ma peoplele aoss our country who feel beaten down, , left out and left behind, p people who have worked hard and done theirir pt but justst can't seem to get ahd and find it tougugh evenen to gt by. now underneath all thesese worrs that togogether we are going to comeme together and we e argoing to s solve the problems. [applause] and youu know --
9:17 pm
[chanting] >> you k knoi am aware that too manyeople, too many people feel at the mercy of forces too big for anyone t to control and they just t worry that those ofs politics put our own interests ahead d ofhe national interest. the faitith at we can make things better, t that we canan e our kids a better turere tn we had is at e hehearof who we e as a nation. [applause] itit'sne of many reasons that being american has always been such a a blessing and our campan is about restoriringeople's confidence in our abilility to solvlve problems together by deliveriring results that help people follow w their own dream. that's why we are setting g gos,
9:18 pm
ogressive goals backed up byby real plansns tt willmprove -- [applause] after all, that is how progress gets made. we had to be b botdreamers and doers. [applause] asas the great democratic president once s saithere is nonothing wrong with aricaca tht can't be cured by what's's right with ameririca [a[applause] so here's what i belelie. i believwewe can create more good jobs and rising incomes, jobs thahat provide dignity and pride in a middle-clclass life. we can renewew o democracy by overturning g cizens united. [applalaus we can list of peoplpleplaces at have been lefout fromom our
9:19 pm
inner ciciti to appalachia in every manufacturingg town calidd when the factories closesed. every committee e scred by subsbstae abuse and addiction,, every y ho where a child goes to bed hungry. that's what we democrats believe in a and that's what we know is possible. [applause] so we will build on a strorong progressive tradition frorom franankl roosevelt to barack obama. [applause] anand i applaud senator s sanrs anand his millions of supporters for challengining to get unaccountable money out t ofur politics. [applalause] angiving greater emphahasis toto closing theeap of inequality and i know togetheher will get that done. [applause]
9:20 pm
because whetetheyou support senator sands s or you support me, there is much more t tha uniteses uthan divides us. [applause] we a all agree that wages are to low and inequalitity is too hig, th wall strereet can never again bebe aowed to threaten main street and we shouldld eand social s secity, not cut or privatizize it [a[applause] e democratats ree that college should be affordabable to all ad student t debt shouldn't hold anyonene back. [a[appuse] weememocts agreeee that every single american shshou and must have quality affordable e health care.. [applause] agree that our next presisident must keep our r cotry safe, keep ourrruth -- troops out of
9:21 pm
another costly ground d wain the middddleast. [applause] and we democrats agree thahat climate change is an u urg threat to. [applause] and it requis s an aggressive the clean energy superpower r of the 21st century. [applaususe] we democratsgree defendidingll of our rights, civivil rights ad votitingights, workers rights anand women's rights, lgbt righs and writes f peoplple th disabilities. [a[appuse] so in n th election, people have to stand together anand rk hard to prereva against candidates on the otother side w whoould threaten a allf those rights and hit -- pit americans a against each other.
9:22 pm
they would make it harardeto votete, not easier. they would deny womemen the rigt to make e ouown reproductive health care decisisions. they would round u up llions of hardrd-working hard-working immigrants and support thehem. they would demononizand discriminate a agast hardrd-working terror hating muslim a americans who we need n the fight against radicalalizion and both of the top candididat in thehe rublican party denied clate change even exists. now the other day mr. trump accusesed mef playing th woman cardrd. wellll ifighting for women's health carare and paid family leave and equaual pay ourur offensive th d deal me in. [apppplause]
9:23 pm
soso m friends,. [cnting] so my friends, if you are a democrcratan independent or aa thoughtful republican you know their approach is not gogoing to build amemeri w where w increase opportunityty or r deee ininequality. so instead o of letttting them e us bacackw, we want america to be in n thfuture biness. [applalaus that's what i want you to kekeep imagining it tomorrow wheree instead of buildining we are breaking down barrrsrs. we are making g itore likely thatat americans will be part oa prospero inclusiveve dent society. we are imaginining tomorrow erere every parent can find a good job and every grandparentnt
9:24 pm
can enjoy a secure r retement. we a are imagining a tomorrow where no childld gws up in the shadow of discriminanation are under the spececteof deportation and where every child, every child has a good teacherer a a good schooool matter what pitfalls that child lilives wit. [applause] and imagine a tomorrowow wre any gigiven person can graduate from college e de-free. [applause] are going to imagine it morrow where hard work iss honored, families s arsupported, strereets are safe and communits are strongnd where love e trumps hate. [applause] that is the e fure i i want.
9:25 pm
i want that futurere fy granddaughter and for all l of r chchildren and grandchildren. now think of this, o ouration was born right here in philadelphia. [applause] our declaratation of independene d constitution were signeded justst aew blocks a away and evr since, e even rough dark and difffficult chapters of our history y th idea ofof america s shown through. at our best wewe are is robert kennedy said, a great couount, anan unselfish country and a compasassionate country. [applause] but america's greatness is n a birthright. it must be e earned by every generaon, so pleasase us, join us, go to hillary c clion clinton -- toillary clinton.comom
9:26 pm
volulunteer, contribute, compet, let's go forrdrd, let's win the nomination andnd jy but return to a unified parar. ththank you all so much. [applause] neneil he wantnted to hear that entire statementnt so if stu you are happy about it. >> it't's markable. neil: you knowow pple who are against hillary,hehe lost one state she may be losing connecticut to bernie sandnder but she did three out of 5 inches by the lalate count, i just had a guise, , wh did i do with t the she is withihin 280 some delegas of the nomination. >> i'm not lookikingt the delegatete count any decide quie frankly. i'm looking at a m margin of victory. her marginin of victory is astronomical.
9:27 pm
kennedy: hillary clintonon is running against t a haggard socicialist and she still havina very tough time. donanaldrump is running against twtwo people the uniteted ates senator and a sitting govovernor and tonight t and i'm not a trup person but i thinknk you know ts about me that however r i can lk at this s nit and say the odds are e clearly in his favor. neil: i spoke with hillary clclinn and as of now 286 delegates short of the nonomination and i'll jump as of nonow 310 delegates short. at t thiint he has picked up 88. anthere are conservative inn these. he did n not win them all, did ? >> hillary g get1237. delegate count. absolutely.. kennedy: t thahat is so profound
9:28 pm
>> you and mark goodman. kennedy: stillot funny. neil: itood to have you. mamaybe we shoulfocuon next week that do orie but maybe is week was do or die. can you hear me? we will l be going back to momentarily. do think that is really at? lou: i do, thi this is the inflection p point. this iwhere all ends for cruz and for kasic : could they still -- lou: absolute now. there's no reason expect a differoutcome after 10 months. neil: giving the friendly stes to cruz ts dollar? lou: the great test will be we continue thprocess. trp has an eight-point l ms. kennedy was taing about
9:29 pm
momentum and stewart h bee talking about thimpoce of momentum it all belongso trump. >> god has endd oresus has rsedrump. loake up your mimind. jesusnd god have endorsed d he has 40% of the vote. he is not there yet. neil: newt ginh is ready now. speake you think that now, really up against the ll.e >> look i thafter tonight somebody can maklot of money in washingby offering supportive trump acctance courses for the hcore and helping him wa throughhat, the psychological trauma combat difficulties they ha coming to grips reality. the fact is ifou see the size
9:30 pm
of his margins can imagine why anybody woul argue that anyone else hasny chance of becoming the nominee. the party wotear apart -- tetself apart. thguys that millions of the with anybody elst there's no rson to bieve that califora who was hee starting up 18 ps, 49-31 is gog to get any better focruz or forich so i just look at all stf and i can imagine why le thinkhere's any alternative. neil: i don't want to get t to the weeds here but i want he might not get the 1but heat is sose to it insofar ahead that people willort of fal line. is that thidea of? >> well first ofll there's a pretty good chance he will the 12 and seconwith fahey various ople in pennlvaniahe
9:31 pm
manywhom have said they will fact both with their cossional district. look at the sif his margins penylvania. i think en you look out and say th is the guy whote e t of the deal. he's goingo be sit there the day after june 7, letay he's 50 votes short. thre 400 if he can't refuse those, he will be th or 400 uncommititd voters. everyonef them will be given a chce t fly to a largo in donald to aer the policy th sessions and hopeful out of all of tto decide they have found the rit candidate. what are the otherwo guys going to offer? il: are right, newt, ts teresting because if you py that out what theans is th he thegot to cobble together t doubters and one of
9:32 pm
just recognize this and go with me. with the art of the he's onef the most successful business negotiators notnly in real estate but but aroune country and authority ma cooked, who kns? it may be tful and i'm speculating.g. >> remembethe guy y who wrote the article deals forgot abo colorado. lou: to this poinon that if i made because this isis reall important. after he d forget t about corado he put together a rrative that is jim and hi campaign ery step of the way. it's played into thanarrative includtheir two last candidates. >> if heollowed his own advice advice --
9:33 pm
kennedy: let's talk about wh his reactio ted cruz working delegates in colorado. he said he thought it d be unethical d he would have had a much better -- charthose were his words i'm making the same point u are making. you have the atten span of it comatose at. t me finish. the point is charlhat he came out andd it was unethical to do that. wille shipped s ethical priories to o get past t june 7 ande only needs 50 or 60 more legates and we then find it in his hea? >> the g who wrote art of the deal gs to the convention is newt says maybe 50 deleg shy pecans convinced t the two300 other delegates who will be up for grabs, he can't nvince 50 of them ome over to his side with all he's got going for m?
9:34 pm
neil: as understand it about to order and 40 delegates heading to convention. all you haveve to do is el off a couple ozen of those may be a little bit more. >> notice first of all hues over perforng. l were performed last week performing tonight. over think he's going to on over rforming. ne: how do you want him to ize this moment? a little bit more presential.e he doesn't agree when you he a guy who has come this far this st on his own gut's a bit much for me to sai have a better idea what dold trump ought to do. ll: what do you think he ds? >> i tnk we should do is be re presidential. the other night when he rred to senator cruz i thght we are making some progres that lasted about ours. but it's not bse he doesn't
9:35 pm
have good ha, it's because elieves defining people very aggressively shrinkshem and makes it impossible for them be effec opponents. il: we are going ttake a quick break. we will brea soon as donald trump speaks. are the is going to take a couple of questions. he didn't take questionset's ti. donald trump won all five contests tonht and at ar 60% of the vote. i don't ow theast time any party nominee has done ts with those kinds ofictories in a notion. lo 201272% in nnsylvania. >> romnehad it wrapped up by now.
9:36 pm
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♪ (music play♪ hrout) uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪
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nan okay we e are waiting toear from donald trump. by the way he swept off f by ste hillary clinton three ofof the five. she lost rhode islaland and delaware, connecticut. i apologize. that's too close to call.. deirdre takes a closose look at that. deirdre: he won all five states and he has 8ouout of the avaiailable 118 for the evening. jujust to make it clear becausee is above that t 50% threshold we can see e th basically close to 60% p. is going to g get all the at-largege delegates for connecticut.t. still both know that thehe congressional oneses that we talked abobout this concept eaearlier. maybe you have a cookie bite or two for one or twowo delegates along ththe way but if you actually go backck to nnecticut, shouldn't left the great state e mocrats as you menoned if you look h howlose this between sanandeders who is in gn
9:41 pm
and clinton and b bre, not totoo surprising you have a lot ofof suort for hillarary clinton in this area of fairfieldld county which you have granted and a lot of bankers, a a lot of people fm wallll street essentially northf manhattanf you like meeting here in the rural parts goiningo sanders. that's a quick look at t the ste of connecticut.. as you say f for donald trump prpretty much a clean sweep. back to you.u. neilil: i had forgotten about that. waiting to your from donald trtrump nator scott brown and early backer of the billionairee devevelopeper. we werere talking earlilier senr forget about next week beieingne wiki c closes the deal even thoh tenically has not yet, thiss might evenen night g given his margins. what do you thinink? obvbviously a strong showing and in fact cruz coming in last
9:42 pm
in three out o of five states, maybybe four. think it s says a lot. i ththink what they did this coalitition between kasich and cruzuz joinining forces i think really hurt d i i thought it would be over in i indiana. initially california now indiana. tonight the people a as spoken n this time to u unite t this par. neil: if you argueue and looookt indiana, look at n nebraska and look a at west virginia. look at the stateses wre i thihk we had a gooood chance including ththe state at wraps it up june 7, califofornia, and hannah north dakota and sououth dakota. he thinks he can winin the lions share of votes. it's allll about momentum and if hehe's not getting the momenentm it's hto s start i it. >> you are rigight neil. it's aboutut the ability to rare money y and pay the bills and py the staffing kasasich and cruz e hahaving money issues. obviously trump doesn't have that problem and i don't't think hillary or berninie will on the other side of momomentum is a vy
9:43 pm
ststrorong part of running in ay election and you need d it it started in new york and i its continued on obviouously toto te five states. evereryone complains i can't get overer 30%, gannon get over ,, 5060. he's hitting t the 60 mark now pretty consistently. i think it's te e to unite the party y pretty think it's time d i'm glad he's doing a a foreign-policy speech totomorro. it's sometethihing that i and os have beeeen waiting for. neil: what you do you wantnt to your out of him tonight? >> tonight butut you want to her out of him?? we will talk to you lateter. sct t thank you very much. we know last weeeek when he was talking aboboutew york. madman -- very magnanimous, it's easy y to bthat way when
9:44 pm
you are the winner. what does he do? lou: it dodoes work for him andi don't know what ny wl l take. i i hope it's his traditional te it works for him. withinin tt week and cruz and kach d decided to come up with ththis cute little, nation nonsenense. so he was righght. he sensed that they were fighting andnde can be magnanimous but until they were lance and actually decidide that ey're goining to withdraw from the race and be e an obstacle rather than a help in uniting ththe e party he's got to keep s heel at ththeir necks. >> calling h him names? lou: p. has to be who hehe his. you want boring you can get obama and the e mber of people. it's a broader defefinition are.
9:45 pm
kennedy: donalald trump has admitted he is to make a a shift in thehe nose that. he has had these contetentious crowds. he is smart to b bury the other guguys and a way that is not nenecessarily per giorda then ii think k if he does tt and pay moves right to hillary and does it in a precise and cutting way. >> you will dismiss s cruz and kasich, dismiss them and telll them to get out of the race and then turn his atattention to hiarary and that is what he will do. he is the presumptive nomiminee. he will do it tonighght. i don't knknow what he's going o y. neil: i i haven't got a clue. lou: i think as long as he is true to himself and stays w with hihis instincts and judgment..
9:46 pm
it not somome mickey mouse reconstruction other c candidat. neil: he is stilill in there wih them and sd as youou know w this is what we shoululd do. vin i i think probably wt t he says is i'm going toto be my own man. he didn't become b become e a multibillilionaire by sitting there and d putting his heels u. kennedy: it got into h his heaed last week.k. hehe went on a sunday talk show and s said the name-calllling -- that's an act andnd then on esday night i'm not done, on tuesday night he gavththe eight-minute speechh where he tried to sound presidential l nt was ththe direct result and he s reveverted back. >> manafort knows momore than anybody and he k knows to get donald those delegates t to winn
9:47 pm
november -- the mac. >> lewandowski is s the guy attackining but what i'm sayings manafort -- he knows what thesee doing. neneil: : i'm trying to keep yos late as possible. i don'n't want to be like jerry lewis at the end of thee telephone tomorrow morning. do you think that it matatters w he comports himsmself tonighor is i it re how a comports himsmself in and when he gets u? >> he'e's very much the center f attentntion right now. he's g going to get a big audiee tonight and he's a auge winner. of c course it matters how he compmports himselfnd he's considering righght now what ami going to do but lou is dead right. he is thininking, what should i do? trust his s own insnstincts. it is carried in thihis bar.
9:48 pm
who rammmmed his tabletop to be anywhere at this point a after e announced d in june of last year by the step -- he stopped to it. so he gogoes for the pantsuit. neneil: i will play the tape. >> on n the e day he a annououn- neil can youou play the tape? >> thank you very mumuch. >> neil at to ask anand the decicco for the papantsuit or te hairir? but would you go for?? neil: we are goioing to take a quick break. we are waitingng from donald trp ininto stewart's point it doeset matter t tonight but if you tate cruz or johnhn kasich, it's looking a whole lot t mo prohibitive. here the plan. you want a faly and a career, t most of the time you feellike a hurricane.
9:49 pm
the rest of the time, they'r aasleep.nd a career, then one day, hr schedulesa mee blue. and it's the worst 19 minus of your career. but you don'swsweait because you anur advisor have preparedor this. and when the best offer means the boys say they hate t idea. but you prend it's'sot so bad. and years lar at thanksgiving, when one of them ss what he's thankful for m is this house, you realize you didn't plan fos you wouldn't have done itany ot. wi the right financi paner, progress is possible.
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9:52 pm
nan we are waing to ar from donald trunk -donald trump. charlis. perino what they want is out of him? >> i would like to hear th he go aft the pantsuit or the hair and be seris w, i'm sorry aost laughed. can a back no. >> ariend of mine used to live ne mark goodman but in a ent i would like into the presidential. if he wants be taken seriously the repubcan nominee i wish he wod not listen t to lou dobbs d barney
9:53 pm
and i sh would pivot and start ting like a normal han being. it would include some degr of policy. it would include some degree- just sething repels me. nnedy: for integrate friends war system. i understand yrreeds but i don't see the speeches --. >> sometimes they ar kennedy: actually ey are. >> he laid the fouation. that's whai would like to hear. i i think he's going to co out and be himself oyou trust s own st instinc and do what he sent for the pa nine or 10 months and i think tonig is pivotal nit. he's now the presumpti nomin
9:54 pm
that my inion. keedy: the question is can you bridge this to dond. we k know he's a gemini. neil: i didn't know that unt you mentioneit. kenny: can he get the authentic impromu slightly cuttinand still large enough to be seen by someone undecided is the pson you could contly -- tom perrelli run the country? neil: nguyen t media and othersre b begning to adjust to the presutive nominee which whahe is. they are going to o art treating him in a psidential manner probably before satfies it seems the interest in him. he's going to haveo have fewer aggressors, fewer oents andnd competitors beforee moves t at and if that happens i believe yoare goining to see the countrymbraced the ea that this man is about toto run f
9:55 pm
presidt as the nominee of the republican party. >>t's going to be- [booing] you' been ying the same things for0 months. >> is a presidential candidate who has not reased his taxes. if you don't thinkhere's going be story after story. lou: raise your standardhigh. >> lou is favorable snding is 70%. doou know what that means? neil: here's what m saying. i know thahillary's are high but i also kw there's a gap between the two of tm. nnedy: that's exactly right. and one told thehereere three pointshis week and that's with the mgin of air and i don'think that her trouble
9:56 pm
with the fbi and the federal court are ov. i don't thin -- neil: how dohey stack up going against each other? >> are dimishing as s elecral adntage. kennedy: think she is a big damage among certain groupand i think that's bak in the castro particularly among i nor is latinosnd blacks spififically in the fun single women. those are hugeoting bc that wi be difficult for them took overcome how are t great unknown isow his going to tackle her, hi hwill debate her and how she ll respond to that. those argreat unknowns that we still have to see. yale they are playinthe role st -- the rolling stones, start me up. here we go donald trumps going to have his moment. ♪ ♪
9:57 pm
neil: to they have a artis approval of the song?? >> i don't know. kennedy: don't you rember the pretenders and tom petty a neal young and survivor? lou: anybody can u a towel. neil: anyone? donald trump is in the momt and enjoying the moment as t crowds get bigr. hifafamily flanking him here. a huge night. chri christie, we ven't seen m for a while. let's e what happens.
9:58 pm
d christy's wife marpat. i'm hearg mick jagger. i'm nohearing him. kennedy:ck lht is a bad choice. is that rely r robertson? kennedy: youould be charlie watts. >> i juswant to thank eryby. this is a far bigger winhan we even expected, all five. [applause] not only is itll five, it's all five weathered 60 or jt about 60 and i see o up there at 66 and 67 after member ani say this all the time the pundits, buthe pundits but i say it all the te when you
9:59 pm
crack 60 and as we d last week wiurur greaty anourr grt state of new york when you crk 60 wh three people th's very hard to do. in fact t i think chs can tell u ifou crack 60 with two people that's called masveve landslide that we have three. you ow some strange things have happened. last night it was verytrange when i watched ts group get togeth. itas a strange moment. i got a call at 11:00 d we lked and iaid i think that's good tank because it shows weakness. it shows ian effectivess. it sws a failing campaign. llusion. in business theyut youou in jail focollion in politics you i thought it was very weakt. signal and theepublican party need somhing much different than that. thk yoyou. [applause] we will going to indiana
10:00 pm
tomorrow afternoon for a long stay. it a great stay. i have many friendss therere and die for ach bobby knight, the great bobby knight. i wille spending a lot of time with bobby. bobby is an amazing guy. he's tough come sharpened the smt and he wins. he knows how t to win. bobbhas dorsed me and we are going to spend tomorronight and i thk the next day with bobby. it's goi to be a lot of exciment and fun it's called the gold standard for indiana. boy knight has to be the gold standard and we haveo many other pele that have endorsed as there are thr we will be starting the aftnoon spending numerous days in indiana and it's going to be somhing really really special. i want to anthe media. the medihas coverereme very fair f the last two hours. pplause] they have be very fair over


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