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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  April 28, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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. stuart: hey, cavuto, this is a real car. you like it? all yours, sir. >> but i also know something about you. you're too darn cheap to buy it. stuart: very true. good luck. neil: well, good luck. there's a prius just down the street, though. all right. buddy, thank you very much. great show as always. we've been following this on the campaign trail. but, man, i don't think -- did john boehner know he had an open mic nearby? here's what he just said about ted cruz. lucifer in the flesh. i am democrat friends and republican friends. i get look with almost anyone, but i have negative worked with a more miserable son-of-a-bitch in my life. now, ted cruz is responding to those comments. i don't know in light fashion
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but jeff flock is on all of that. jeff. >> oh, boy, what a morning here in indiana and the hoosier state for the donald trump rally, i can't wait to hear what donald trump has to say about all of this. you know? unbelievable comments in some way. i don't know if it hurts or helps donald trump. the other thing that cruz said was that apparently mr. boehner's inner donald trump has come out. here's a little bit more of what he said. by the way, cruz at a rally in fort wane to the north and where we are in the southern part of this state of indiana right now. take a listen. >> the corruption that boehner and hillary have been in mesh with for year funded by donald trump, donald trump is writing checks. boehner is writing checks to hillary, funding the corrupt system. it is unaccountable to the people. and what made john boehner mad is that i let the people that
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hold washington accountable. >> is this perhaps an indication, neil, that part of the republican establishment has made their choice and falling in behind donald trump as opposed to ted cruz? i don't know. i guess that remains to be seen. by the way, trump will be here in about an hour. after that, he heads to california. ted cruz will stay with carly fiorina here in indiana. they will continue to campaign across the state today. donald trump, though. neil says he will be back. he's fighting hard in this state because this could be the knock out blow. point out one more thi, yesterday at the big rally, he had bobby knight. it was a basketball arena to the north and indianapolis. this one, though. take a look at this rally here, the knight obviously a big help in indiana. but this one is a theater. this looks like a president about to walk out on stage. this isn't your typical donald trump rally. this one has a more presidential feel. lots to report on today in indiana. neil: all right. jeff thank
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you very much. jeff flock. the fall out from that nasty exchange involving the former speaker and the guy that wants to be the next president of the united states. supporting ted cruz. what did you make of what mr. boehner had to say about your candidate? >> i don't know. i don't know john boehner very well but one thing i do know is he doesn't know ted cruz. i do. ted cruz is a good man. a man of his word. he's a man that does exactly what he says he's going to do. so i don't think that's helpful. i wish mr. babier wouldn't say that because it simply isn't true. but regardless, the american people aren't going to simply listen to what john boehner has to say. they're going to look for someone who can provide actual leadership for this country. and who can help restore the kind of constitutional and limited government that we desperately need and that man is ted cruz, regardless of what john boehner happens to think when he's caught with a live mic. neil: but, you know, you've got to wonder because it does
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feed donald trump's narrative, senator, that those who work closest with him really didn't and don't like him. how did that happen? you know, how did -- because very few have come out as you have to, you know, announce your support and say some good things about him. and i just wonder why that is. >> well, look, first of all, we have to emphasize, again, that john boehner is not one of those people who have worked closely with him. secondly we've now got three republican u.s. senators that have endorsed ted cruz. a lot of others have indicated that they have voted for him, they will vote for him, and likely end up supporting him at some point in one way or the other. the fact is most republican u.s. senators tend not to endorse a candidate until they're relatively certain who that candidate will be. we've got a few who have endorsed him. but that's not terribly unusual. neil: you know, what's weird, senator, and you're quite right.
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there's always a bit of angst. i remember when then senator barack obama decided to run for president. even some of the senate and democrat republicans said, well, you just got here. you're already running for president. they always at someone who's jumping. but there was at least support among those in the party. even those who preferred hillary clinton at the time. but you don't see that with ted cruz. and i'm wondering if he does go all the way going to be a problem. getting along. >> okay. neil: with washington to making change. to getting what he wants done. what do you think? >> well, first of all, as far as working with congress, it's hard to imagine that a republican congress would have a hard time working with ted cruz compared to the hard time we've had working with barack obama. i don't think you'll find one -- neil: what about the working with donald trump? obviously some of them are saying we don't flip over donald trump either. but we prefer him marginally more than ted cruz.
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>> look, ted cruz keeps his own council. ted cruz is his own man, a man of his word. he complained based on the desire to restore constitutional in the limited government. there's no thought for that. there's no question that he disagrees with people from time to time. but also no question that the american people want someone who is different. who want someone who is willing to stand on his own principles. even when -- especially when it's difficult. neil: do you think that picking a carly fiorina now is going to help him in indiana more importantly i guess down the road in california? or is it so crucial now that he's got to win indiana, forget about focusing on california. >> well, indiana is absolutely important, and i think carly fiorina will help him. carly fiorina is an impressive long time conservative. she is someone who has fought her entire life for principles that are associated with the conservative movement. she's someone who shares the same principles that ted cruz shares in terms of the need to
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restore constitutional limitations on our government that have been neglected over time. i think it's a perfect fit, and i think they're going to do very well working together. not only on the campaign trail but also in the white house. neil: all right. senator always great to have you. thank you. >> thank you. neil: senator from utah. now, where do we stand now going into this? about five days away? of course deirdre bolton has been crunching the math here and surprising developments for when donald trump even posts the big success. >> that's right. neil. i mean tuesday night we thought we were all talking about this at 8:05 of what looked like to be a sweep and then turned out to be a sweep that donald trump as of tuesday night was the only candidate who could make it really first -- past that first ballot at the convention. we've done some math, though. in the sense of just saying okay. even by conservative estimates, could they get before? so i'm going to show you what we found. you just saw that full line of
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course there. but if you go through indiana, which many people are saying, look, this could be senator cruz's water lou. bobby night came out last night. you heard jeff flock telling you that for donald trump. so in this scenario, we gave him 45 delegates. again, conservative, but we gave it. we're going to take you through state by state. so if you keep going through the calendar next one up, west virginia. so, again, as far as west virginia what's available, we only are conservative giving donald trump 24. but you continue through the calendar, are these all the primaries to come. as for oregon. again, being conservative here as for donald trump, 12 delegates. nebraska? kind of in that region there. washington we put in first 18, again, conservatives. nebraska still expected to be a winner take all if you would like, neil. so in the places where we think senator cruz is still going to have support, obviously we counted that in. but washington 18 delegates there for donald trump. so as we're building and building through the calendar,
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you can see donald trump expected to have an amazing showing. because you know california is the biggest one of them all. the big prize. you saw we gave him more than 100 delegates. new jersey as well. you can see new mexico, ten, a little bit more conservative there. but that strong showing with the ten. if you go through to cleveland, to ohio, this is 1257. you can see it for yourself. so greatly exceeding this magic number that we all know well. 1237. so trump, the take away here, neil, is gets there all by himself. and i mean we've been talking about potential vp picks. maybe wee reach out to rubio so he could get rubio's delegates? our math very conservative, shows donald trump can get there all by himself, neil. neil: he would make a whole mute point of this rules point meeting and all of that drama. >> which is of course exactly what he wants. neil: amazing. all right. deirdre, thank you very, very much. all right. contrary to popular belief among all of those political pundits and brainiacs.
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. . neil: i want to show you something. look at facebook. it's got a 350 billion-dollar market cap right now. it's so incredible, especially juxtapose against what used to be the high flier. apple. like two peas passing in the night. but look. facebook fortune versus the old parameter of everything tech. apple. just incredible. going to have a lot more on that coming up. but we're still seeing a lot
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of backlash to donald trump first big foreign policy speech. and it was on a prompter, it was scripted. many on the left hitting it. but i want to you put this into perspective. it became a big subject in the white house briefing yesterday, this was josh earnest commenting on it. >> i'll catch the highlights later on tonight. apparently the phonetics are not included on the tell he prompter. neil: i always cease on these kinds of things for one thing for a white house spokesman to laugh, but when the press laughs along, it always back and forths me on some fairness level. former secretary of the united states. been critical about trump's policy as well. but more to the point whether he did miss a golden moment. some of the last not withstanding or whether that was by design to give a big picture view of the world where america would be the
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center of it, which i think from his people was goal. did he succeed in doing that? what do you think? >> i think that he -- he gave a speech that was full of internal inconsistencies. i mean the on one hand said we should be tough and unpredictable. but at the same time he said we should be conciliatory and consistent and reliable. he said that we should create a stable world. but at the same time he said he would refuse to do stability operations, which he calls nation building. he said we should have allies but only if they're observant and that's étude that doesn't get you cooperative allies. neil: you would know the statistics far better than i but so few in the nato hold up their bargain.
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they disproportionally depend on us, even commit the 2% required to defense. and that is a disproportional burden on us. he said that would change with him. but i imagine even if it were true, it's a lot easier said than done. >> well, it certainly is. the basic point that our allies should contribute more to the common defense is a point that everyone american president has made for decades. the question is how do you accomplish that? the kind of borish demanding tone that he accomplished is unlikely to accomplish the goal he set out. he also set out the goal of destroying isis. but he provided no insight at all as to what he would do -- as a matter of fact, his
12:17 pm
insistence of the destruction of isis suggests he thinks it's simply a matter of increasing your military effort, which ignores the fact that isis is part -- totalitarian ideological movement and not just an organization. it requires more than just more military perpetrate so throughout, he was saying that he could accomplish all kinds of things in a magical way without explaining at all how he would do it. neil: well, i also think he's trying to reach beyond maybe those who know this stuff very, very well. and sound a little bit crazy by design. and a lot of his age go back to ronald reagan saying there's a reason why the iranians release released those host edges on the way of reagan's inauguration. i don't know if there's any truth on that. but there could be an element of truthness saying crazy stuff like ronald reagan and
12:18 pm
the defense shield, space shield that would get the russians later to the negotiating table because they fear, you know, this guy is crazy enough to pull that off. do you see any wisdom in that kind of strategy? what do you think? >> i think the reagan capitalized on a reputation for tough minded witness be not really craziness. when he fired the air traffic controllers, which was a domestic matter. neil: right? >> he sent a signal that reverberated around the world. but it didn't suggest craziness. it suggested that he was a hard headed, tough-minded guy. and i think that's the kind of signal that can often be beneficial. crazy, wild, behavior where you could do anything and nobody could rely on you for being even sensible, let alone
12:19 pm
fulfilling your commitments, i don't think that makes the united states stronger or more effective in the world. neil: do you think that a lot of your pals and those you work with in the bush 43 and beyond would actually be more in favor of hillary clinton running foreign policy than donald trump? >> well, there are certain things that trump has said that even people like myself who think that -- that hillary clinton would be a terrible president. and it would be terrible to give effectively obama a third term. but even people with those views i think are horrified at the idea that we would have a president like trump who says things like, well, you have to expect that the south korean's
12:20 pm
and the japanese and the saudis are all going to get nuclear weapons. he says things that suggestions he could do even more harm in many of these extremely important areas. neil: so it sounds like you actually prefer hillary clinton to donald trump? >> well, it's -- it would be an extremely unpleasant choice. let's hope we don't have to make that choice. neil: but it's looking like you will. who do you vote for? >> well, at this moment, one would have to say the likely candidates are going to be clinton and trump and that's a horrible thing to contemplate. neil: but would you give the edge to trump because he's a rapport would you actually go to hillary clinton? >> well, i'm more interested in conservative principles than just party loyalty. and so i don't -- i don't feel -- i wouldn't feel attached to trump simply out of party loyalty. neil: very interesting. all right. doug, thank you very much. former secretary of defense policy for bush 43.
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>> i've never worked with john boehner. truth of the matter is i don't know not man. i've met john boehner two or three time in my life. if i have said 50 words in my life to john boehner, i would be surprised that every one of them has consisted of pleasantry good to see you, mr. speaker. neil: that was john boehner had lou regard to ted cruz. lucifer in the flesh. went on to say -- this is to the stanford daily. i have democrat friends and republican friends. i get along with almost everyone. but i have never worked with a more miserable son-of-a-bitch in my life.
12:25 pm
all right. well, ted cruz is actually trying to turn around in his favor to say this is the establishment that doesn't relish me. maybe you should consider me. that's pretty nasty. donald trump saying it's proof that maybe he's the guy because if the establishment turns to a guy like that, and the establishment hates a guy like that, well, take a chance on him. the billionaire. we'll see. meanwhile take a look at what's going on with facebook shares. after hours yesterday stunned the financial world with much better than expected revenues. earnings the stock jumps almost 10%. look where we are right now. i think it has a evaluation north of $350 billion. former buzz feed president john steinberg here on this. it's about an interesting turn of events as that stock soars, apple plummet. it's like the new and the old
12:26 pm
guard passing each other in the night. >> well, it's a fight to quality, which is everyone went to the iphone for a period of time and now with the advertising dollars and usage, you see 85 cents on the dollar now going to google and facebook. and the weak twitter numbers, seeing that as well. nobody can compete with google or facebook with direct brand advertising. neil: a lot of people criticizing facebook they don't know how to leverage off their one billion users but apparently they know better than twitter. >> and you see a pace of innovation that it has been. with live video, virtual reality. some of these are things hit in the near term. video now, one of the largest video sites in the world. more views on facebook than they even see on youtube. and look how quickly they took the mantle of live from twitter, where twitter is doing periscope and facebook now a prominent player in that too. on i feel like today's run-up,
12:27 pm
i think it was 11% up last time i looked. ev growth, you have to adjust on a growth like this. .7 or .9 the median and average on the group. so as of today, getting to a fair price. neil: because others are saying -- i forget one analyst saying it's going to go up to 200 or more. is there a frostiness to it? >> no. there's no frothiness to facebook. and you and i were talking about before the break about the ipo and people so beat down on this company. don't think facebook is unstoppable, don't think snapchat which today 10 billion daily video views on snapchat. is facebook unstoppable? no but it's fairly priced. going to go from 26 to $35 billion of revenue. margin expansion of 420 basis points in this quarter. so it's doing very well. but i never think anything is unstoppable in technology. neil: one thing is how does it handle this? with this sudden surge in wealth and market evaluation?
12:28 pm
what aol did, a generation ago was buy an established media player. >> yes. neil: will it be tempted to do that? >> no. i think what we're seeing is all of these companies are investing in what they think could be hyper growth areas. with apple they have a stumble. they haven't figured out the next thing. neil: apple is actually a hardware company, though. >> with the services revenue, this quarter was bigger than the mac revenue and bigger than the ipad revenue. so they actually do have i think $4 billion in services revenue. they have this quarter. neil: they can do something with that, they might be onto something. >> yeah. facebook needs to basically figure out what comes after mobile. they made that transition to mobile remarkably fast. 80, 90% of the revenue now in advertising is coming to mobile. but they need to have something in their back pocket for when that growth slows like it did with apple. neil: you mentioned when facebook stumbled out of the gate, we allly remember how that ipo went, but it got its act together. twitter never did stumping out
12:29 pm
of the gate. but it could. so those who rip twitter, do you think that they're getting ahead of themselves? >> i think the issue with twitter is that it shows even with twitter when you're a massive player with 310 million active registered users on your platform, you cannot compete with facebook and google because their advertising products are so much more detective. even with my new company cheddar, we started buying paid promotions-type things and the cost to buy followers are twitter is prohibitive compared to what you would buy on facebook. i haven't done paid search and most marketers felt the tiny new toy of twitter is varnished at this point. and if they want to go to snapchat for their experimental budgets. neil: real quickly looked at the horizon now. do you see anything worrisome when management develops a new class of stock? >> uh-huh. neil: essentially for management. normally when they start doing that, they're -- you can interpret that as shielding
12:30 pm
themselves from any county draft. does that worry you? >> well, my very personal view is i don't like stock buy backs. i think if you're a public company, there's no reason why you should be -- you know, have management and the board and the shareholders to make decisions. so as a shareholder, i would like it. but he's got the power at this point and the growth. neil: talking about zuckerberg. >> zuckerberg that it's a take it or leave it-type mentality. but i'm not worried about it. but these executive want to remain in control of their company whether or not they're doing good or bad. neil: you know, this all started with him trying to get dates; right? >> i mean i think it started with some, you know, class facebook-type thing and people literally able to look up faces. neil: but mainly female faces. >> i don't know about that. neil: it's interesting. what a country. >> yes. neil: all right. thank you very much. ceo of cheddar. in the meantime bernie sanders is cutting back on his staff. but in case you think he's out of the race, his wife jane sanders has a remark. she's here.
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>> welcome back to coast to coast. i am jolene can. he says he wants to send his new dragon spacecraft to as early as 2018. a month-long voyage to start that process.
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situation unmarked. if you are wondering why 2018 is the goal here, they are saying that it actually is the closest orbit in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity between earth and mars. more details on this coming up at a conference in mexico this fall. >> always think that these rich guys have nothing to do with their money. >> why not. a lot of cash on the table here. pushing forward. why not give it a try. >> take you very much. we are getting these reports that the senators campaigned repeatedly denies. it is about to cut out of this race.
12:36 pm
college republican national committee alexandra smith hamm bernie sanders supporter on that. she are ready has. we will veto that shortly. to you on what is going on here. i do not think that it is that unusual. winding down. you do not need as many people. a 40 state operation. >> that is right. back in 2007, 2008. the primary in ohio. going on to the next date and taking some time off. that is a part of the process. you only have ford team states left. some staff will leave and go elsewhere in the progressive movement. neil: donald trump has already try to plant a seed here.
12:37 pm
bernie sanders has not been treated right here at he should run as an independent. [laughter] >> i have to say this is the one area where i admired the bernie sanders campaigned. i think that debbie wasserman scholz behavior throughout this entire election process has been disgusting. and insult. a slap in the face. neil: comp on. >> i absolutely do. she was threatening members of the democratic national committee that were interested in supporting bernie sanders. her leadership post in order to do so. limiting the number of debates by playing them on saturday night. >> i forgot about it. >> you are right.
12:38 pm
one of the things that i see in this, it is not a two-way street. people get annoyed at bernie sanders going after her. the party establishment does not say who. if she goes after him. i am just wondering how that will affect. >> we saw a contest to go. [laughter] is the party going to sit down. >> it was missed. the gist of it is, you think it has not been out of nowhere. >> the democratic establishment
12:39 pm
had their candidate in this race and bernie sanders was not it. the bernie sanders movement. they will tell him to sit down and shut up. >> sit down and shut up. angry sanders supporters. donald trump gets the sanders nomination. in terms of keeping the house together more. >> this is a losing battle for hillary clinton. young supporters. in particular. this trusting hillary clinton. she has tremendous problems for young people in her party.
12:40 pm
>> donald trump. let me tell you, there is nothing that will unite the democratic hardy more. opportunity to defeat a bigot like donald trump. >> you could also say that so many of them do not want to vote for donald trump. >> tremendous on their part. >> i do not excel. no doubt about it. >> we will see. if you come back we will say -- we will cut your audio and your video. thank you very much. still saying her husband cannot take this nomination. a little bit later on. will ferrell. playing president bush.
12:41 pm
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12:43 pm
the nasdaq is now positive almost 10 points. take a look at what is going on with comcast. dreamworks animation studio. according to nbc universal. this will often grow their film television and theme parks. taking extradition of shrek and kung fu panda. laboratories announced saying jude medical. $25 billion deal. 5.54 billion in sales. down on that news. we will go back to cavuto coast-to-coast right after this. ♪
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12:45 pm
neil: will ferrell playing the last president bush. playing ronald reagan. i do not miss. i don't know. joe on whether this is crossing the line. that is the plan at least. ronald reagan in his second term. >> then they talked him into -- >> right.
12:46 pm
one of the great guys. will ferrell. on the planet. >> that is the thing. the suspicion. signs of it. second term. when he left in 1994. they really cannot turn me around. i told you that before. i met that guy. >> he was clear minded and great. neil: a lot of people will love this. >> listen. will can do anything. this guy is great.
12:47 pm
it is an initiative to take the great ronald reagan down. >> the answer. radio host. they love him. everywhere. the greatest star. chris christie. i saw him the other night. >> do not make me go there. neil: i love the guy, but, come on. there is no reward. it is like he is 1000 miles away. right? >> obviously trump wants it.
12:48 pm
>> i chatted a couple weeks ago. neil cavuto. >> he is a big springsteen fan. >> let's talk about this. let's be nice. when you become governor, the most recognized names in new jersey. this is true. i would do anything. >> no wait. you are also funny. would you, you went to a concert.
12:49 pm
would you rock out like that? >> i really appreciate when governor christie got was springsteen. neil: you do have -- [laughter] >> how do not have that a springsteen concert. >> brooklyn new york. this is like the italian restaurant in brooklyn new york. i am meeting that italians in brooklyn. i have a tux ito. i show up.
12:50 pm
can langone was there. the cofounder. our friend. former entertainment. dick brosseau was there. not rushmore. and excuse me. i will drop a big name. leonardo dick caprio was there. you are on neil cavuto show. don't say it like that. we will have james sanders here. a week ago today prince died did now, the fallout. after this.houldn't ♪ but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff.
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liberty mutual insurance.
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the 15 it was one week ago today that we learned that prince had died. only 57. apparently, he did not leave a will. what does that mean if and when they do not. trying to reach out to the state. a proven administrator. guide us through that process. >> everyone needs to have a will. that is number one. if they don't, his siblings, both his half siblings and full siblings will inherit the state. a lot of chaos to deal with,
12:55 pm
neil. they say his estate is worth about 300 million now. they will have a hefty tax bill to pay. they will have to deal with all the assets. selling things. his records. his music. i am sure that there will be some fighting between them. >> various people coming in. >> trying to value and estate on future revenue. hundreds of thousands of songs and videos. >> it is a mess. it is a complete mess.
12:56 pm
we have had the same battle here with friends. the irs is interested in maximizing the tax bill. what everything will be worth. this is something that people really need to take away. the distribution of your wealth on your desk. you better have a will. >> what? >> they will have to prove. a savvy businessman like prince, teams of lawyers behind him did not make a will. they will be fighting about that as well. i think that we will see something turn up in the future.
12:57 pm
maybe something like that is out there. i just cannot believe that there is nothing. >> we will watch it very closely. thank you very, very much. the battle is on for indiana. ♪
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
>> all right. indiana. they fight on the big primary. this has sort of become the waterloo moment, if you will, for ted cruz. no, no, we do not have to win there. fifty-seven delegates. even if you give them all, he will still be prohibited the behind. donald trump now within 252 delegates within closing this deal. anthony williams is with us right now. we begin with you. do or die.
1:01 pm
for ted cruz and the carly field arena ticket. i think that it is. >> i do believe, neil, it is a must when. he, obviously, is mathematically limited. his strategy is about prevention. trump does not continue to acquire these top delegates. we have trump outperforming and also, he won every county in those five states. he really was able to prove the fact that he was moving strong. what happens is, if trump or two lose in indiana, there is still competition there. justifying the fact that he can stay in the race. >> i know that you are supporting donald trump.
1:02 pm
how many of those comments come out of the blue? anything for ted cruz. the fact of the matter is double ted cruz. a contested convention. you have ted cruz on the ballot. a democracy. the american people have voted. i do not know what he is doing there. hillary clinton is saying that right now. bernie sanders. obviously, that is what donald trump is positioning as well. my lead is so prohibited. swamping to me right now.
1:03 pm
250 away. i need about 45% of the remaining delegates. what do you think? how important is that? >> i think that it is very important. trump has been in the front this entire time. he still has to close strong. that is important. respectfully to carl's point about democracy and the will of the people, both sides of the aisle have demonstrated in the election cycle. they are about rules and thresholds and magic numbers and super delegates and what have you. you are exactly right, neil. trump's argument is compelling. i am just leading from the front and going to close strong. very compelling. >> out of the blue.
1:04 pm
a rather low opinion with ted cruz. you know, we do not flip over trump. we do not really flip over ted cruz. >> boehner, he is not speaker anymore and there is a reason for that. he does speak to the republican establishment. there are obviously the hurtful feelings that we have seen. unable to build relationships with congress. that has been a big problem when you look at these lack of endorsements. from the house of representatives. it is, i do not think that people are necessarily listening to john boehner on this. this is an election about the outsider. >> look, they do not love me,
1:05 pm
you should. what do you think of that? >> yes, he is the outsider in washington. we are sick and tired of the system. a 2% tax hike. this is the coming of that again. they denied donald trump the reality of that nomination. who will be the lease close nominee? >> very well worded on your part. they are picking the lesser is of the evils here.
1:06 pm
i want to say this about the lucifer comment. i think it is kind of getting past the message here. the outsider. that is a very important saying. trump does become kind of appealing to some. he is the dealmaker. that is how he is branding himself. so outside the box, possibly. you will not get anything done. that will prove to be a problem. neil: always appreciated. thank you very much. the big enchilada for both parties will be june 11. the biggest prize right at the end of the game. how did connell mcshane get to go to san francisco? what ever. pretend you are doing some work here.
1:07 pm
right down the street from there. i have to tell you, we know for a fact that california is on these candidates minds. all three republicans in the race will be in the state over the next few days. you are getting into this a little bit. donald trump winning indiana. the bar will not be as high. this state will decide the whole thing. we have 53 districts in the state of california. you have three delegates for each district that you win. you add it all up. 172 delegates out here. working, trying to stop trump. they have been out here organizing. local officials have been telling us that donald trump has some built-in advantages. >> you have the advantage of
1:08 pm
earned media. throughout the state of california. has not spent much of his own money so far. he can buy ad in the area where he thinks that he is the weakest. connell: that is the thing, neil. even though he has money in the bank, he has the polls moving in his direction. gives trump a 17-point advantage. the state party convention. case sick and cruz will attend the gathering as well. ted cruz will be joining his own running mate. carly field arena. neil: keep toiling away. extra hard work on your point. now enter a stunningly weak number on economic growth for the first quarter. you may look at that and say barely growing at all. you are a democratic candidate.
1:09 pm
do you worry? >> i would sink so. the one thing i'd do know, hillary preannouncing a year ago. the one thing she was worried about was the economy. the seven-year seven year cycle ending just that she has to run against a republican. this is bad for her. it has been a weak recovery, nonetheless. it kills me to say that. it is right. he is crazy. you are the only guy that ever created a job in the republican field. you can point out that carly field arena, probably odd jobs. he can really take an economic message with week gdp growth.
1:10 pm
gdp is basically what is causing the fact that we have very low job creation. >> what you think about the president timing? his economic stewardship. >> odd right? that is what he is trying to do. >> they are running against him. >> it would be an interesting storyline here. attacking the obama record on the economy. that is not a really good message to take to the voters. almost no growth. >> that is a shot americans are using.
1:11 pm
>> this is a really weak number. unemployment was hitting job creation. we survived china and the global recession. no growth in the first quarter. janet yellen did not give obama not mix a huge thumb up yesterday. she may have to raise rates. we will see what happens. >> more reports like this. the market may not do that. i am holding off. >> thank you very, very much. bernie sanders says, not going to happen. why? we will ask.
1:12 pm
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change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. >> forget apple. facebook the new it? there is something going on beyond market development here. a shift going on here. jared, explained. >> having to talk to my driver on the way here. everywhere you go, people are spending time with their friends. spending about an hour, if not more. it is like your facebook friends are not your real friends. they knows your flaws. they will challenge you. they will question you and call
1:16 pm
you on your bull. they congratulate you. you could be without a job, that is awesome. that is great. a deep perspective. everyone likes to feel loved. facebook caters to that perfectly. the most efficient and the only place you can find it. >> they have been able to leverage that. others in this state have not. i am wondering what that says going forward. facebook may argue that they are getting ahead of it. another said someday this could be $500. i do not even know what is right here. it does have a heavy feel to it. having said that, so did apple when it was running high and fast. what are we looking at here?
1:17 pm
how do you see this going? >> this is different than apple. you look at how they have embedded themselves in our lives. at this point, because of the way that they wean themselves into our social fabric, i do think that there is upside here. with the ability for the inner circle, there is a lot of mixed there. a lot of profit potential for facebook. i think that you have to be cautious. they are here to stay and they are here to stay for a while. >> all very needy. thanks a lot. we have a lot more coming up. including james sander. i suspect she does not share that call. we are also getting ready for
1:18 pm
the big nfl draft. who is at stake and was good the business. very big business. ♪
1:19 pm
1:20 pm
1:21 pm
>> welcome back to coast to coast. vice president biden arriving in iraq today. his first in 2011. resolving political issues. the vice president met with the iraqi prime minister today. the white house not releasing his scheduled. amazon reporting earnings today after the bell. the online retailer reporting profits of $0.58 a share. a loss of $0.12 a share. it could be a big day for amazon. investigators are looking to see how amazon's cloud computing in the first quarter. shares up more than 1%.
1:22 pm
it is also show. comcast is acquiring reworks animation. the deal as it's affected to close before the end of the year. schrock, kung fu panda madagascar are. becoming more competitive. against two outs. disney. >> make you very much. in response to the test crews development. lucifer in the flash. generally not a good day to start your day if you are ted cruz. brings up the tiki bar. pretty good. still is if you wanted to. the star running back on the nfl draft. she now has huge money. >> it is an event.
1:23 pm
extending their season by pushing the draft back. we have become interested. we tune in. talk radio. sports centers and things of that nature. i think that it is great. >> 19 years ago. >> you are not on the top of anyone's list. you grew to be the top of the perl -- perl session. >> a couple of things happened a few years ago. collective bargaining agreement between our union and the national football league. they changed the scale. the top guy is not like sam bradford. making millions and millions of dollars to prove it. it is still a lot of money.
1:24 pm
that risk was mitigated a little bit. we do not know. are we measuring advanced statistics. what do they a sit on. >> a left tackle. what percentage of plays did he get beat. each and every game. calculating how may times he got the door how may times he gave up a sack. adding that into some sort of our rhythm. maybe now for two or three years. >> his quarterback or his running back. >> you know why quarterbacks thrive? if you take a quarterback in the first round, say, this year, if you take that and it turns out to be a superstar call
1:25 pm
$6 million a year. as opposed to becoming a free agent, twentysomething million dollars a year. it is an economic bust. you take that gamble. you believe that he has a little bit of a potential to be a really good layer in the elite. >> five minutes later. a small percentage of the star. people and names that we do not know. >> you can identify the guy who is going to get it. his test was not great. he may have an enormous foot wall iq. you cannot know the guy that will look at that playbook which is this big. you go out and executed. that become stars open late.
1:26 pm
sometimes a high draft pick. a lot of times, it is not. that is unmentionable. the old-school scouts. i know that guy. >> of course. it is drama. it is drama. we love it. >> would have been on no one's radar 20 years ago. i think he did okay. we will have more on this. the effects of a bobby knight endorsement if you are donald trump. the governor of indiana. ♪ he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. an honest opinion is how edward jones makes sense of investing. innovative sonicare technology
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neil: all right. forget governor pence. if you really want to wow a crowd in indiana, make sure you have bobby knight on your side and donald trump does. bobby knight jazzing up the crowd and helping to add support for donald trump. and donald trump wasted no time going after ted cruz in this state that cruz really has to win. this is from a few moments ago. >> i'm the only one going to beat hillary and we'll beat her so badly. [cheers and applause] the others are just cookie cutters. and i watched ted cruz this morning. oh, i can't listen. so dramatic. ah.
1:31 pm
can't watch. neil: how did that go down, jeff flock? what do you think? reporter: i can't think of anybody to endorse donald trump any better than in the state of indiana back there. some ways, neil, he just crystallized whole race in minds of some people. he came out, said, you know what? i don't give a damn about the republican party. i'm not here to represent the republican party. now that think about it, i don't care about the democrats. i care about the man. he is the best man for the job. whether you agree with the second part of that, the first part of that may represent a lot of people out there. neil: jeff flock, thank you very much. to hear donald trump and by extension bobby knight, the republican race is over. it is donald trump's. meanwhile democrats have been kind of saying same thing lately. the democratic race is over. it is hillary clinton's. says who?
1:32 pm
let's just say not jane sanders, the wife of bernie sanders who joins me next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you.
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1:34 pm
boy, did they miss both on revenue and earnings per share. revenue came in 539.2 million. the street was expecting 543.9 million. franchise stores are doing better as far as sales than the store-owned operated, which saw those sales grew only 4%. look what is happening with chipolte. at least getting a bit of a reprieve today. that stock is up after they missed on earnings earlier this week. facebook, who doesn't love facebook? the stock beat on earnings after they reported after the bell today. they hit a new 52-week high. the stock is up almost 9%. back to "cavuto: coast to coast" after this.
1:35 pm
1:36 pm
neil: back to politics, everyone. we're following candidates as they crisscross largely indiana and california for future contests. with us now jane sanders, wife of bernie sanders. mrs. sanders, great to have you, thank you for your time.r here . neil: donald trump made a big deal how your husband is getting shorter end of political stick in the superdelegates and way delegates awarded in the democratic party. they're not being fair with him, not being fair with you, that your husband should run as independent. what do you think of that. >> i think he has underlying independent.
1:37 pm
bernie is not running as independent. he decided early on to run for the democratic nomination. donald trump has a point. the process way it is conducted in both parties it is not good, it is not democratic, it is not smart. we want to change the electoral process by having open primaries, same day registration. if independents could vote there is no doubt that the results in democratic process at least would be very different. bernie won 17 states but a lot of them have been open. the closed primaries he has lost or virtually tied. so, for instance, in connecticut, we have no doubt, if an independents had been able to run he would win. in pennsylvania it would be close or he could have won. so, he did win the rhode island, only open primary. neil: you're right. open contest your husband does very, very well but if you think
1:38 pm
about it too, even states he won appreciably, new hampshire comes to mind, he won that by over 20 points. they end up splitting delegates thanks to these superdelegates. do you think they should do away with superdelegates? if you look ad pledged delegates it's a lot closer race. if you throw in superdelegates hillary clinton is just couple hundred away from closing this thing? >> yeah, it doesn't seem fair that superdelegates can play such an outsized role. we learned in democracy one person one vote. evidently not in the primary system. so we don't like the concept of the superdelegates. it's, it is pretty much an insurance policy for the establishment that they can make sure that the primary doesn't go awry. i think probably the republicans over the last few months have been wishing they had it as donald trump has moved forward. but, now it looks likes you know, both party will have to deal with the will of the people.
1:39 pm
neil: you know, you had said and your husband had said, mrs. mrs. sanders, that you don't want to be spoilers. by that anything would hurt another candidate presumably hillary clinton. but it comes at a time as well that they say your race, husband's race is getting a little long in the tooth and he should quit because he is getting to be a spoiler what do you say? >> we may be spoiling their day but we're not spoiling the race. the fact is they are very different visions for america between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we need to let voters in every state, 10 states still haven't voted have the opportunity to support the candidate of their choice and support the agenda they want the nation to follow. i mean bernie is completely against fracking, very concerned about climate change. secretary clinton has been very supportive of frack, even going
1:40 pm
to europe as secretary to really push fracking. bernie believes in the $15 minimum wage so nobody works 40 hours a week and lives in poverty. secretary clinton will only go as far as 12 for federal minimum wage. there are a lot of differences and we need to in democracy express them. and we're going to do that in every state of the union including largest state that hasn't voted and will vote on june 7th. neil: you're talking about california. you have to wonder whether it is just the way the party system goes but you cut maybe to the core your race, your husband's race covered, recently on msnbc, even if he had a string of wins like eight in a row, or won races by landslide victories, nobody in the media, certainly not "new york times" said he ever had a chance to win. no matter how well he does recently getting seven or eight wins in a row it is always like nothing. what do you think of that?
1:41 pm
>> well, that's true. the mainstream media, for a number of months we'd see polls against all the republican candidates but secretary clinton being the only democrat mentioned. finally they started to put bernie in, clear to people as we did that we hope you will continue to do that as time goes on, you can see that he is winning the general election a lot, by a lot larger margin than hillary clinton. neil: i should point out by the way we do show those polls every day. >> you do. neil: showing republicans pitted against your husband as well as hillary clinton. you're right, it has gotten a lot of your husband's backers, your backers, upset. tim robbins actor, saying he fired of off a tweet saying this election is being stolen and #voter fraud. what do you think of that? >> i haven't seen what he has
1:42 pm
written but we hear a lot from a lot of people that they're concerned about voter irregularities occurred in a number of states. in new york, 126,000 people were just taken off the rolls and they couldn't vote. 3 million independents couldn't vote, not because of any irregularity, just because that is the process. neil: closed primary. >> had to file in october whether you want to be democrat so -- neil: the whole system makes you think about, if sanders volks have been treated sort of like rodney dangerfield they're not getting respect. >> no but -- neil: a third of recently polled sanders supporters say they would have a hard time supporting hillary clinton. i'm not saying that they will jump to donald trump. they might not whole at all in november. what do you think about that. >> this race is about systemic change, that includes the electoral system how it is set
1:43 pm
up and how it is carried out. it is also about voter participation. we are bringing millions, bernie is bringing millions of people into the process. first-time voters and people who turned away, you know, people, people turn away from politics saying i'm done with this they're coming back, the democratic party and republican party in some cases is shutting the door on those people, saying thanks, but no thanks you don't need to vote right now. to ask them later to go and vote for another candidate when they have been working for a year on this candidate's campaign, they say, well wait, you didn't give me a chance to vote for my candidate to begin with. so it is difficult. one of the things that bernie says very clearly, yeah, there is a lot of differences. there are very strong differences between secretary clinton and bernie but there is many, many, many more differences between the democrats and the republicans as
1:44 pm
you know. neil: so you would personally reach out to those, if your husband doesn't take the nomination, say, let's be crybabies about it, let's rally around, if it is hillary clinton it is hillary clinton? >> well, what i would do is really focus on the issues and actually it would be secretary clinton trying to get people's votes. we can't tell our supporters what to do. we can say, and he has done all along, lead by example. but what we would also be doing is asking her to reach out and say, yes, i support a $15 minimum wage, yes, i'm going to lift the cap on social security. i'm not going to raise the social security age. a lot of things that bernie is fighting for, we're going to keep fighting for regardless of outcome. neil: some in her camp, as you know, mrs. sanders, say if he drives us, your husband, too far to the left we'll have a devil after time in a general election.
1:45 pm
you say what to do that? >> i say that has been the problem for the democratic party for a very long time. the democrats, the democrats veer to the left during the primary, and then they go to the center during the general. when they're elected they're more centrist. not talking about president obama. i'm talking about the last 30 years. the same thing with the republicans. the republicans go to the right during the primary. then they go to the center. you know, neil, you've known bernie for years. he stands where he stands, he stands there whether it is primary or election or year he is just serving the people. so it is a problem that people think that. if you look at today and see that he has gotten almost 10 million votes, how, how is -- she needs to get those votes. neil: put him on the ticket. put him on the ticket. you think he should be put on the ticket? >> i don't know. we haven't even thought about that we're looking at him being
1:46 pm
the president and then him siding who should be on the ticket with him. neil: but if that doesn't happen? >> he is running for president. we haven't even had that discussion, neil. i will let you know when we do. neil: can we take a quick break? i want to come back to you. >> sure. neil: jane sanders, a lot of people say, she has political future of her own. she is so good and effective on the stump. i'm sure she will poo-poo that talk. more with jane sanders right after this. the pursuit of healthier.
1:47 pm
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1:50 pm
talking about hillary clinton and her playings the woman card. this is quoting him, if hillary were a man i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. only thing she has going for her is the woman card. what did you make of that. >> i think he is stepping on himself for his election. he keeps insulting women. it doesn't make a lot of sense. neil: do you find it surprising comments like that, he keeps surging and with key demographics he keeps improving? >> it's interesting because i, i hoped for a long time that he was a show man and was thinking about getting attention and that's why he was saying outrage just things. he was on the air all the time because of that. i haven't seen him move towards talking about too many specifics things although the foreign policy speech last night was a step in that direction. so i'm not surprised because i
1:51 pm
think people are, are sick and tired of people that have other people write their speeches and then have them show them on teleprompter and you just read them and everything is poll tested. people are sick and tired of that. neil: be very leery -- >> bernie is the same way. he writes his own speeches. neil: prompter, go to the next question please. let me get your sense of that race. you kind of dismissed it out of hand but a lot of people are sort of handicapping if hillary clinton were to get the nomination, i you still think you want to see your husband get the nomination, they had a short list of potential running mates for her and i noticed nowhere on the list is your husband. this guy, 10 million votes. got a lot of people to the polls who never would come to the polls. a lot of young people in particular. shouldn't he be on a short list? >> i think it would be insulting for either of them to put the other candidate on the short
1:52 pm
list for their vice president at this moment. neil: why? >> i think, well, because, i know that early on one of our, jeff weaver, our campaign manager, you know him, he said, oh we would consider her as vice president, oh, they, clinton campaign was very upset about that. he didn't mean anything by it, so i think they probably wouldn't do it to bernie. neil: i would think, i don't want to think cynically here, what i hear stuff like that, jane, i think someone in the camp put a list out and didn't include your husband. i don't know, as a dig, oversight, either way, stupid. so i just wonder how you personally would feel if your husband were completely passed over? >> i think that bernie is doing just fine. he is not going to be passed over, for anything. he is going to hopefully win the nomination. i think, we have a lot of open primaries going forward. we have polls that will continue
1:53 pm
to show that he is the one that can he defeat whoever the republican nominee is. and, he will have momentum. so that's our, that's our game plan. if that doesn't happen, he will be pushing for the same things that he is pushing for as a senator, and keep the political revolution alive. to keep everybody honest, straightforward and moving forward on the issues that are of import to the people, whether it is immigration reform, criminal justice reform, higher education affordability. there are a number of issues we are going to fight for as we move forward. neil: do you have any regrets -- i know he sees you not only as his wife but most trusted advisor, you will tell it like it is, any regrets not bringing up the email mess with hillary clinton or for that matter the clinton foundation monies where
1:54 pm
they go and how they are parceled out? politicized or not, they were two opportunities to different your husband from her and he did not. i know it was battle among some advisors in the campaign. i'm wondering whether you shared at that, that should have been pounded more? >> no. i really, one of the, my reticence getting into this race was how negative politics has become in this country. and we didn't want to add to that. we wanted to offer a vision for the future. a solutions that really matter. neil: i understand that but if you're pointing out how -- i apologize. how your husband is different from hillary clinton in terms of how his support comes, you know, 20, $30 at a time versus her undation,f financial network what have you, why not even that? why not do that -- >> he has done that. neil: not when it came to the clinton foundation, you know what i mean? >> well, i mean the clinton
1:55 pm
foundation, how do you say bernie stands for this and the clinton foundation does that? it is not the same. it is how do you fund your campaign. how do we get money out of politics in america? that is an important, important issue for bernie. that's why he talks about the wall street money that supports her, the pharmaceutical firms, fossil fuel industry. neil: that is as far as you go. >> that is fir, issue oriented. neil: even if the fbi would raise a big deal about that you think it is not your cup of tea, it is not the way you want to go? >> no. what we said right from the beginning, right after the debate, where he said enough of your damn emails, he also said, there's a process. it is going forward. it is fbi investigation. we want to let it go through without politicizing it, and find out what the situation is and that's how we still feel. it would be nice if the fbi moved it along -- neil: one way or the other.
1:56 pm
let me end here on personal note, you're very effective campaigner. i caught you on the air and i heard other people say as well, if it doesn't work out for bernie what about jane, what about jane sanders and political future? >> no. no, we've been through this for a long time. i'm good. i'm good. i ran for school board, and i run. neil: never, ever, ever? >> i never say never. i have no intention of doing that. i'm, i miss my family. i don't get to see them enough. that is my priority and i, helping with this, helping with issues moving forward will be important. one of the things, you know, that, my biggest regret, neil, is that the media doesn't cover the issues as well as they should, you know. meeting native americans and hearing about the problems with indian health services. neil: you're right. >> i have learned so much about so many things. and in any capacity that i can help i'll be doing that. neil: thank you.
1:57 pm
i've been staying about cnn and msnbc forever. they just don't do it. jane sanders -- >> not fox. neil: thank you very, very much. real pleasure having you. >> thanks, neil. have a good day. neil: we'll have more. i served 20 years as a marine aviator, top gun graduate, aide to two u.s. presidents, commanding officer and harvard national security fellow. i'd say buying a car, uh, can make you as nervous as landing on an aircraft carrier. but usaa car buying service mitigates those fears. uh, they make it a very easy experience for you. find the right car, save money. it's that easy. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. exclusively for usaa members.
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trish: breaking right now, donald trump speaking in a key state of indiana. it is political center of unforce, pretty much a must-win if he stands any shot blocking nomination of donald trump. let's take a moment. donald trump live from evansville, indiana. >> this is interesting. so now cruz is getting clobbered. we win new york. that's right, "lyin' ted". [applause] he is one dishonest guy. here is what happens. i win new york, incredible victory. we go to the five states.


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