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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  April 29, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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little hot under the color, and i most certainly did. let me close out this program with some good stuff if i may. show me amazon. that is the stock of the day. that is up $55 a share. 9%. you don't see that with a big name company very often. my time is up. my rant is over. but, neil, it's yours. neil: there you go again. [laughter] that was excellent. come on. come on. good stuff. stuart: thank you. neil: all right. stuart, thank you very much. stuart varney. now, in the meantime we're waiting to hear a big announcement the indiana governor. man, oh, man, we've been reporting none stop the last couple of weeks how everyone is trying to woo him, take him out, say, hey, governor great stuff you have here. but now the indications are he has settled on a candidate, and it is not donald trump, and it is not john kasich. so could that be? ted cruz? yes. he's going to detail it all in a few minutes we are told. how does that compare to
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getting bobby knight's backing? of course if you're donald trump, you say bobby knight. but of course looking forward to getting backing. it could go a long way to helping ted cruz, hoping to get some sort of fire going here. caitlyn burns as to whether you think it will. caitlyn, what do you think? >> well, i think cruz is pulling out all the stops. obviously we saw him pull out carly fiorina, the vice presidential pick, really needed this endorsement because sandy such a make or break state for him. at the same time pence is in a election fight of his own, so he's cautious about weighing in. but also getting a lot of heat from conservative activists who wanted to weigh him in this race really against trump and in support of cruz. pence is considered one of the most conservative governors in the country. a conservative congressman. his backing could certainly help cruz. but i also think it puts cruz in a position where if he doesn't win indiana, earlier won't have an excuse. i mean earlier pulled all the
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stops insides one. neil: you know, i'm wondering too, if you're ted cruz, you have the carly fiorina big announcement and bobby knight, you have two of the three developments to catch media. will that show in polls anywhere from three to seven points? >> well, we'll have to see. we'll have-to's what the ground operation is like. this is a little bit different from a state like wisconsin where the antitrump efforts had been laying the ground work for a long time. mike pence is now just weighing in. we'll see whether he actually goes out and campaigns with ted cruz across the state in the way that scott walker did. and really lent his resources to cruz in that state. so we'll see what kind of impact this endorsement has. without it, though, it would have been i think difficult for cruz to make this case. but, again, he's gotten john kasich out of indiana, you know, at least in terms of campaign-wise.
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he has the endorsement from pence. he brought out carly fiorina, he has really throwing, you know, hail marry pass after hail marry trying to make it work. neil: you raised something great that i didn't think of. the affect on pence. he has this hard battle for governor. so given the fact that polls be what they are, show donald trump leading in the state. >> uh-huh. neil: could it hurt him, in other words, to go out on a limb, support a guy who's trailing, and maybe take off a lot of those trump supporters who could be pence supporters but might not be pence supporters if he ultimately goes to cruz? >> right. i think it's a great question. and that certainly has been part of the calculation and with why he's waited this long. pence has also said, you know, that he would support the eventual nominee. and, again, he is in a tough reelection fight in his state of indiana. sorry haso he has been really weighing all of these.
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so i think the endorsement is more about what mike pence feels might be best for his own chances ahead because of the backlash he was getting from conservative activists who could be really key to his own reelection hope. so they were really upset with him over the past few weeks for not stepping in here and supporting ted cruz who they think is the best shot against donald trump at this point. so there's certainly personal calculations that play here. neil: if you can stay there, i want to bring in my buddy jeff flock in indianapolis following the trump campaign right now. and as you bank account, jeff, if it ends up that governor pence goes to cruz, that could be give a little bit of momentum post to carly fiorina's announcement. but that was upstage itself by trump getting bobby knight. so i wonder how it all plays out. >> well, momentum may be back to cruz today. i mean we just finished a taping with the program. he and carly fiorina on there.
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not only did he praise governor pence, but she made it very clear. she said, yo it to the five yard line, you don't make a touchdown. making the point if he doesn't get to 1237 on the button, they are -- they think they're in it. and, you know, it's interesting. the talk radio here in indianapolis and indiana doesn't have the same weight that it did in wisconsin. but it's a similar dynamic if you get the governor falling in line. the greg garrison show, which is what mike pence would be appearing on, he's the guy who prosecuted -- a special prosecutor mike tyson in the trial in indiana. a prominent attorney, a well-respected guy and pence is on his show right now. anything? we're listening to the show in our other ear. jason? anything? anything? no, not yet. he hadn't come out yet. neil: jason just laying on the floor or what? just wondering. >> he is.
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i'm not going to show you. neil: especially how that is framed. jeff, if you could stay there for a second because back to caitlyn real fast. the idea is to slow the momentum here; right? to slow donald trump's momentum. now, if that is the case, and he denies donald trump, eventually getting the delegates he needs in cleveland, how doable is that? because, you know, trump is only about 240 or so delegates shy of that number. he needs less than half the remaining delegates to do it. >> right. and i think after his win this past week in the northeast, trump -- his own path kind of opened up a little bit more. that i think trump could afford to lose indiana and still go on to perhaps at least get closer to that magic number. because he was able to actually outperform expectations in the northeast, particularly in pennsylvania. remember those 54 unbound delegates about 33 of those are in support of trump. neil: yeah, that has changed.
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>> that has changed a little bit. so his path has widened. neil: understood. the interview is going on right now. do we have any way to get that, guys? it's not happening yet. okay. but that would be mike pence, the governor of indiana. talking on a widely listened to show and where he is going to announce we're told his support for ted cruz. he's in the radio studio. we'll keep an eye on it. we've got the chamber of commerce ceo who's backing ted cruz -- i'm sorry backing john kasich over cruz or trump. his name is javier, ceo of the hispanic chamber of commerce. i'm sorry for butchering your name. you're looking at the odd man out here. john kasich. why? >> well, you know, john kasich's policies most closely align with the mission of our organization.
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the united states hispanic chamber of commerce advocates on behalf of 4.1 million hispanic-owned firms in this country that collectively contribute over $661 billion to the american economy. we are american small business owners. we intend to work with all of the candidates and ensure that they have an opportunity here from us and conversely give them an opportunity to share their views with us. john kasich has gone out of his way to collaborate, to continual hear from us, to talk to us about where he's headed. that coupled with the fact that this is a man who literally has a track record. beyond the rhetoric, this man has a record of close $8 billion budget shortfall. he created over 425,000 jobs, private sector jobs. and -- neil: any of that hasn't registered, though. >> it says something about where we are as a nation. but the reality of it is we're going to endorse the best
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people for the job. this is not a popularity contest for us. this is finding the right people on both sides of the aisle that are going to do the job that's necessary. neil: javier, if you don't mind staying there, i do want to get into this because i know he hasn't formally made a choice. but governor mike pence is talking about india. remember indiana has become a purple state. neither blue nor red, which could explain why the governor is facing a tough ballot. it used to be a slam dunk red state. not so much these days. so he's taking a step back and seeing why he faces the battle of reelection. but gets lets get the feel and fabric of all of this. governor pence. >> i'm glad to see that taking off. okay. you've spoken to the candidates. >> i have. >> you've had a chance to think your way through this. who are you voting for in the presidential primary? >> well, let me -- this is a
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very exciting time for indiana. isn't it? to have presidential candidates frankly in both political parties traveling all across the hoosier state, to be hearing from and seeing hoosiers in the media, is a thrill. the last time this happened in the republican i think i was a junior in high school. so i'm glad that all of them are coming through indiana and dedicating the time. but it's clear. this is a time for choosing. and all of america is looking to indiana to make a choice. now, i have met with all three of the candidates as of about tuesday of this week. and i want to say clearly. i like and respect all three of the republican candidates in the field. i particularly want to commend donald trump, who i think has given voice to the frustration of millions of working americans with a lack of progress in washington d.c. and i'm also particularly grateful that donald trump has
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taken a strong stand for hoosier jobs when we saw jobs in the carrier company abruptly announced leaving indiana, not for another state, but for mexico. i'm grateful. i'm grateful for his voice in the national debate. and let me say i've come to my decision about who i'm supporting. and i'm not against anybody. but i will be voting for ted cruz in the up coming republican primary. >> you were there at the same time for a little while. you know him personally. you know his education, you know his experience and his background and his constitutional roots. what is it that animates you to look in his direction whether you do? >> well, it's a great question. you know, as you know i'm a reagan conservative. i literally -- when i was a teenager, i was active in democrat politics. and then i started hearing the voice of that former california governor who articulated an agenda of principles of less government,
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less taxes, traditional values, and a strong military. and i was drawn to the republican party. and throughout my career in washington d.c. and now here's governor of indiana, those have been the principles that really animated my service. and i sought to support them at every turn. but also, i've looked for opportunities to support men and women who have the encourage to stand on those reagan principles, and i see ted cruz as a principled conservative, to advocating the reagan agenda. and i'm pleased to support him. now, gregg, you know from my career. i know a little bit about taking on the big spenders in washington d.c. i was doing that more than a decade ago when we saw run away federal spending on both parties. and i really admire the way ted cruz has been willing to stand up for taxpayers in and opposing run away spending deficits and debt. calling on reforming and
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leading from obamacare. i'm impressed with ted cruz's notion and constitution of the united states. of the freedoms that are enshrined there in our bill of rights from our liberties to our second amendment. and of course i appreciate his strong and unwavering stand for life. but it's for those reasons and just as much in support of the principles that have always animated my public service that i'm voting for ted cruz in the up coming republican primary. >> you know, i see the work that a person in your spot has got to go through to come to that call, even if you kind of have it in your gut in the first place. and meet with governor kasich, our neighborhoods governor this week. but your mention of these principles, as what drive you. >> yeah. >> they're fine. a lot of people said they like them.
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what is it about senator cruz that you think says to you he says he's going to do it when he's up there in the bright lights. >> well, i think it's a man who has shown the encourage of his convictions. it's not a popular thing to take on the leadership of your own party. i know firsthand. i did it. i opposed run away federal spending whether it was republican administration or congress or whether democrat administration. and he's been willing to do that. but let me be very clear. i respect the right and the views of every hoosier in making their determination in the up coming primary election. and i -- i urge every hoosier to make up their own mind. but, for me, i'm always -- i've always thought to lead is to choose. and here at this time of choosing when people all across america are looking to indiana to make a decision, i just wanted to make my decision known and -- but let me be very, very clear on
12:15 pm
this, greg. i -- whoever wins the republican nomination for president of the united states, i'm going to work my heart out to get elected this fall. indiana needs a partner in the white house in our prosperity. you know, i mentioned all the good news in indiana. we're at record employment, more hoosiers working than ever before. we have balanced budgets, education and infrastructure. but how much more we could do if we had a republican administration working with a republican congress? i get very excited about indiana here in our bicitizen if we have somebody working in washington d.c. for us instead of against us. so i just encourage every hoosier to examine all of these candidates as i have, listen carefully to all their decisions, make their decision, exercise their right to vote this coming tuesday, if not before. and at the end of the day, i'm very confident that our party
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is going to come together around our nominee, whoever that might be, and we're going to deliver a great victory for all the people of the united states this fall. >> in recollection of a phrase from a conservative from a long time ago, theme but he said a choice not an echo. and what i see out of what has happened this last eight years and frankly way too much and the eight before that, too many echoes. and everything was the answer to every question was more money. we've all seen it in our pocketbooks, we've seen it in the savings accounts that have gone, we've seen it in the ability to grow our own businesses, to hire more folks. and it's -- it ain't funny. it's awful. and you mentioned i think -- well, i know on the air you've said to me as well. my choices, first of all, whoever can beat hillary clinton. so let's talk about that for just a minute. i know you have to get out of here.
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but just very quickly. how do you see a general election with ted cruz and carly fiorina versus mrs. clinton and whoever she chooses? >> well, i'm for anybody. but hillary and bernie sanders. i mean i -- i believe that the course of this last administration would only be magnified in wrong liberal policies under either one of the democrat candidates. and so that's what i said. i'm expressing my support today. but after voters make all their choices between now and june the 7th and our party settles on a nominee, on a team, on a ticket, i promise you, i'm going to work my heart out for that team and make sure that we deliver a great victory. because, you know, at the end of the day, it is about the principles that have laid the foundation for this nation's -- neil: all right. you are listening to mike pence who
12:18 pm
has decided after all the major presidential candidates and the republican parties john kasich, ted cruz and donald trump that he is ultimately settled on ted cruz and just believes he's the best man for the job. but very careful to point out he likes donald trump. but he thinks ted cruz would be the better bet. there was some overcome in indiana where he worked very briefly the other side at least because he was the head of the house conference committee republican party before he ran for governor. where he would overlap and work a little bit with senator ted cruz -- on spending that obviously the wrath of a lot of big party aluminum narrows, including john boehner who had some choice words for ted cruz yesterday. but obviously mike pence doesn't agree saying that in his state and by his thinking
12:19 pm
and his mind, ted cruz would make a fine president. now, indiana is one of those states and back with caitlyn burns on this. i don't know if i would call it outright purple, but it has swung both ways in the last elections in 2008 going for barack obama, ever so barrel going to mitt romney four years ago. but it's in play one of the reasons why governor pence in in the fight of his reelection life here. how does this affect the race right now not for governor pence but the presidential contest as you see it, caitlyn, and as he laid it out? >> right. well, i think it was really important for ted cruz to secure this endorsement. but i will say it's not really an endorsement. governor pence was saying that he would vote for ted cruz. but he didn't say he was, you know, for really endorsing him. he didn't say -- neil: going around campaigning with him. >> exactly. that is crucial.
12:20 pm
and that is what i think the difference is from and indiana wisconsin where scott walker was a very active campaign for ted cruz. so this is kind of similar to what we've been seeing from other republican leaders, kind of reluctantly getting onboard for ted cruz saying they would vote for him, not saying they would actually go out and campaign for him. but, you know, ted cruz will certainly spend this of course -- or sell this as an endorsement. i expect him to talk a lot about securing pence's support. and pence has been a very conservative governor. and he's invited six-month controversy of course with adding abortion restrictions, signing into law another bill that angered kind of the lgbt community last year and had to kind of walk that back, religious freedom laws and those sorts of things. neil: by the way, a controversy over that ladder issue ultimately forced him out of a race.
12:21 pm
he was thinking about entering for president. that was then. this is now. >> right. exactly. so he's euro line with ted cruz in terms of being a conservative republican and that sort of thing or certain issues. so it make sure sense. it's just a very tepid endorsement, it was tepid support concerning his own reelection battle. neil: jeff flock, the way he did it, and i know you're focusing on the trump campaign, one of the ways he did it to sing donald trump's phrases in the way of donald trump's party or i assume trump's supporters off in the state, he could use those voters for himself in this november in his reelection bit. will that work, though? or do you suspect trump folks come back in states back at him? >> i think he's done it just masterfully politically. this is a guy who's in a tough
12:22 pm
reelection battle, facing a guy, a democratic businessman who he barrel beat last time, coming back at him again. he cannot afford to tick off any piece of the republican base. and as caitlyn points out, you know, this guy is a conservative. he does certainly sympathize more with ted cruz. and a lot of guys like mike pence do not trust donald trump completely. i mean, yeah, okay. i can get behind him. but i'm not sure that he really espouses all of the conservative principles that i do. so i think he's found a way to havebo it th ways. and i think both candidates will sell this as the governor's okay with me. neil: okay. javier hispanic chamber of commerce ceo. what do you think? as expected but a bit of a downer for your candidate john kasich. or what? >> well, you know, i very much respect governor pence. every american has the right
12:23 pm
to vote for who they think is the best person for the job. we remain committed to john kasich. again, kasich has got the proven track record. you know, i'm heartbroken as a hispanic that we can't get behind the hispanic candidate. i would love to see hispanic in the white house. but the reality of know, when we look at the mission of our organization, and our constituency, you've got ted cruz, somebody who doesn't quite align from where we are. he continues to call on the mass deportation of some 11 million people. just to do that, the bill to get that done is in the 300, $320 million range, it would debt mate some of the corporation and frankly partners and hospitality sector, the agricultural sector and the list goes on. neil: yeah. you're not a big fan. >> you know, i am a fan. but at the end of the day, we
12:24 pm
have to go with who do think is going to be the best man for the job, and in our opinion, that's going to be john kasich. neil: thank you. thank you, all. >> thank you. neil: well, if you think there's a little bit of dysfunction happening on the republican side and the back and forth of who's better, who's more of a real republican, you should see what's going on with the democrats. let's just say a lot of those sanders folks and they're preparing for a big rally, they're not happy. and neither is his wife. >> we're going to keep fighting for -- neil: there's some in her camp as you know sanders would say, well, if he drives us, your husband too much to the left, we're going to have a hard time in the general election, you say what to that? >> i say that that has been the problem with the democratic proprietary for a very long time. you both have a perfect driving record.
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.... >> all right. did donald trump cut out the female card?
12:28 pm
the only thing is the woman's card. what do you make of that? >> i think that he is just stepping on himself for his new action. he just keeps on insulting women. it does not make a lot of sense. it is interesting. he was a showman and was thinking about getting attention. that is why he was saying outrageous things. because of that. neil: deliver it leave. i could look at it, you know, hurting donald trump. maybe with a key voting bloc, it could hear it i think that that is what sanders was getting at. >> right. what any republican presidential candidate would do when they are this far ahead.
12:29 pm
shifting the focus against the person that he is most likely to run against it the is the nominee. earlier this week, donald trump said he considers himself the presumptive nominee now. as soon as he reached out point, he would unload on hillary clinton. we are beginning to see him deliver on that promise. careful about what he is saying right now. democrats are going to be out there conveying to voters that donald trump is this whiteness dodging this date republican candidate. neil: a number of groups saying it. that donald trump were not a man, they would not board his obnoxious behavior.
12:30 pm
>> i think that any criticism of hillary clinton will be called sexism by her. and the people around her. we kind of know that. she even turned on bernie sanders. all the shouting in the world. keeping guns out of the wrong hands. i have not been shouting. sometimes when a woman speaks up, it is not shouting. she uses her gender as a crutch. she will pick up that crutch and swat you with it. he has to focus on fighting her. >> thank you, very much. in the meantime, apple is down
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>> all right. the economy is slowing down.
12:35 pm
what else could explain these numbers out of amazon yesterday. a stock reaching record highs. it is the new cool name. what is going on here? the new leaders. the new generals. very hot sector. what is really going on here? what do you think? >> amazon sits as a commercial club of the internet. taking every major trend and every major source that the internet has released and mastering those sources. around commerce. around business. amazon is that lou. that commercial hub. web services that help people do that. it is capturing consumers. it is a very interesting world.
12:36 pm
someone like apple is a much harder and much more femoral kind of zone. will not have the staying power that someone like amazon will. >> this device thing is such a thing of the past. >> a clear slap indeed. this is the most profitable quarter ever. you have been an and amazon shareholder for a long time. here it is. a fourth straight quarter of profits. consumer activity. no other way to say it. just knocking it out of the park. they are hitting a consumer rich segment. netflix uses this. the cia uses this. all of this traffic coming
12:37 pm
through. 67% growth. that is the strongest ever. the cfo trying to remain responsible. do not count on these numbers forever. it is going to be bumpy. they're talking about $10 billion in sales this year alone. microsoft is coming for them in this area. >> thank you both very, very much. shifting in the ranks. we will keep anionic. target. keep an eye on that boycott. you are way off target. we will not even go there. ♪
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karl icahn announced the holdings. apple's relationship with china. microsoft down more than 1%. we go back to cavuto coast-to-coast ride after this. ♪ provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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targeted is now looking at and
12:42 pm
online petition. americans that are really, really ticked off. it will allow anyone to use in a bathroom that they wish. going viral. react to on your will. what do you say to the people that have your view? >> certainly, you have that. the lg pt community. people that believe that morals and convictions and values equal bigotry. i think that that is a great justice. >> you heard from the reference. now to the guy that actually pushed it.
12:43 pm
now, a million strong. abraham is with us right now. did you ever think, i mean, goo started this, that you would get a million people? >> thank you for having me. i cannot say that i thought we would get a million people. we are grateful and we are hopeful. signing on to the petition to boycott target. we find it to be alarming that target, in an effort has simply put at risk the women, the children and the little girls of our society to make a political statement. transit gender people pose a threat as sexual predators. they are not synonymous in our view. however, taking advantage for all of this.
12:44 pm
seeking new victims. looking at target to be a place to locate those victims as if they are willfully naïve. we are asking the american people to join us. what appears to be the only way they understand it. by not spending their money there. i do not want biological men in the restroom with me. neil: what kind of a response have you gotten from target? for those folks, what do you do? >> i think that we continue to press issue. we are not asking target to disregard any people. just use a third bathroom. just a third restroom that is single occupancy. as well as the third dressing
12:45 pm
room option. >> obviously, that is a huge expense for the company. it sounds like to me that this has been turned upside down. guys like you are seen as it gets. too insensitive to the lg bt community. >> completely misguided. we are also concerned about the transgendered individuals as well. a male designated restroom or a female designated restroom. an individual restroom. lock the door and use it and we. anybody who stands on the values or principles are being labeled as bigots. personally defense of and a front to the entire civil rights movement. trying to substantiate this.
12:46 pm
radical social engineering. >> one of the things that i heard from the pastor yesterday, for the .3 of 1% of the population for whom this is addressed, 99.7% have to append their lives. what did you think of that? >> we are also trying to let the public. there are more sex offenders in the united states and that our members in the transgender community. let that sink in. what are we doing here? they are putting our women and our girls at risk. a really hard consideration to what we are proposing. neil: all right. thank you very, very much. you are back from target one way
12:47 pm
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12:51 pm
the commonwealth of puerto rico. we will keep you posted. we will also keep you up-to-date on this development. isis releasing a lot of legal immigrants. those are the criminal backgrounds. the figures are startling. 19,000 last year. they recommit crimes. 2016 libertarian candidate. what to make of that. we are not supporting anyone, as you know, governor. the constitutionality of the president. now, we have trouble with, i'm not sure, distinct minority. >> disturbing. that should be the focus.
12:52 pm
>> we do not trace those clearly with a criminal background. >> the situation where you cannot get across the board. make it as easy as possible to get a work visa. a work visa should entail a background check and a social security card. you have the woman that is crossing the rio grande with her kids. isis having to round her up, as opposed to potentially making it as easy as possible. those would be going across the rio grande arguably been. people that need to be apprehended. neil: any reason for apprehension. any reason to call people with any slight infraction. do not release them. >> i agree. that should be the focus.
12:53 pm
what we have our stretch resources. >> waving that in dealing with the kids and bother. and lou of those that really do deserve to be supportive. that is the root format needs to take place. presence on the border. people that are crossing illegally. they really do need to be apprehended. >> i think easy to get a work visa. we do not want criminals in this country. set up a process where those 11 million can come in the door
12:54 pm
and get a work visa. grant them that work visa. as long as they have not committed criminal activity. making it easier to identify those criminals that are in this country. the rio grande river is the border between texas and mexico. which side of the border should be go defense on? the u.s. side of the mexican side? let's build it. making it possible for people to get in. we have seen with these sophisticated tunnels. >> the border security that we do have. cutting down that illegal
12:55 pm
crossing by 90% because you will make it easy for those 90% that are bought up by law-abiding. this may have to do with drugs. >> i mention trump in this idea that he could be well on his way. >> i think that he is. neil: they have their favorites and he is not one of them. he could make a third-party run. >> even if he attempted to do it now. he would not be on the ballot in all 50 states. he will not get the libertarian nomination. the end of may. already may have decided to be
12:56 pm
that nominee. >> i think that donald trump would get his head handed to him. he is anything but a libertarian. being fiscally responsible. donald trump says let's deport 11 million illegal immigrants, let's build a fence across the border, let's kill the families of the islamic terrorists. in the next sentence, he says that apple should be forced to make their ipods and iphones -- libertarians will not buy that. neil: governor, always good to see you. i am talking california. ♪
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
this. neil: what would ronald reagan say? that was clicked is waived. it would be a second term reagan presidency. this is supposed to be a comedy. they are miles away from me. bottom line, they are saying no. many of you are making your views known. all right. california, his home state.
1:01 pm
it is getting ready for its own gop convention. the attention of everybody running for the presidency right now. all of those delegates. this primary. >> this is set up to be a state party convention with the party leaders and officials. setting themselves up for primary season. then donald trump announced that he would be the lunchtime speaker. held in the san francisco. it gives a lot of energy. making its way to the hotel. being a very big part.
1:02 pm
being a drug out of the hotel. the other protesters are doing so by just outside the perimeter. many of that immigration activist from what we can tell, there are also some black lies matter. i talked to a local police lieutenant that they are at least ready for 1000 protesters. they are ready for as many as 5000 protesters. this could turn out to be quite a scene today. it is kind of a dual event. they will be talking about how they will set up this campaign. and then what could be a very large road test on the outside. the trump speech will will be 3:00 p.m. eastern time.
1:03 pm
>> as you have also heard right now, the governor of indiana is formerly backing ted cruz. that is probably pushing it. there it is. does that mean that he will go around campaigning with him? you get a sense of this. >> i particularly want to commend donald trump. given voice to the frustration of millions of working americans with lack of progress in washington, d.c. i am grateful for his voice. i have come to my decision about who i am supporting. i am not against anybody, but i will be voting for ted cruz. >> i am wondering if he is afraid that donald trump will make fun of him. i don't know. he was really, really careful.
1:04 pm
>> he was very careful, neil. this is the kind of endorsement, if you will, for someone that had an upcoming election. maybe he is being very, very careful about who he is potentially alienating. governor walker's endorsement, that is a much stronger from the golfing governor. we will just have to wait and see here that has an impact. >> wondering what import they have. the audience likes the backing. i am wondering if they got bobby knight going for you. wisconsin. excuse me. you had both governor walker's
1:05 pm
endorsement. key influencers in the state. those guys matter. they are important influences. they are not really seeing that in indiana. people being a little bit more neutral. sort of a tepid endorsement, if you will. >> i was left wondering. going around a campaign. the carly fio three nothing. accepted or did. he has stayed in the headlines.
1:06 pm
senator cruz. referring everything against the wall. you are right. what he has done is set up indiana as this one on one competition with donald trump. losing indiana. i think that it is just really hard when it is are ready mathematically limited. i think if he loses indiana. coming off in new york, where donald trump really outperforms expectations for him. entertaining that 50% threshold in all of those contests. ted cruz making the case for voters in the remaining states. he is a guy that can unite people against donald trump. >> i would not quite call it purple states. even though mitt romney went by a close margin last time. barack obama did four years ago.
1:07 pm
i think it will be interesting to watch those two. a very competitive primary. i think it will be a little bit more of a conservative type of ted cruz congressional district. then you have taught young who is running. a reagan democrat. it shows the split within the state itself. increasing tension with those specific primaries. neil: now you are really showing off. you actually know names of districts. all right. aggressive on the other side of the aisle now. christine, good to have you with us. talking about these. trying to get the state going your way.
1:08 pm
james sanders, bernie sanders. the states that are not open. independence. very eager to support her husband. they can vote in all the states. they would be doing a lot better if that were the case. >> first of all, i am glad you are covering california. this weekend we are having 106 caucus elections. fifty-three for bernie, 53 for hillary. pledged democratic delegates this weekend. that can be very exciting. i think that the process, as you know, i had been here before talking about how we should perform super delegates and make a party more democratic. where the rules were when they ran. helping write some of the rules
1:09 pm
back in the 80s. i think that you have to run the race based upon what you know the rules to be. no for example you have to run a democratic primary. >> you pointed out that superdelegates can switch. they switch from hillary clinton to barack obama. they have changed the perception. when you see that gap, the race is over. do you think that the race is over? >> no. i do not and that the race is over. everybody's vote counts in the democratic party and the democratic ross s. number two, the best thing is sign up for team democracy. after all of those votes have been tapped and toted as that, unite around the person who has
1:10 pm
one. pledging delegate majority. going into this convention trying to get the strongest platform that we can. i believe secretary clinton, as she said tuesday, will go to philadelphia with the most votes. also, that we attract our sisters and brothers. helping us win the house. >> i know that that is hillary clinton. uniting the party. but bernie sanders on that ticket. >> making his case to the american people. i also think that the people like elizabeth moran demonstrated, you can do an awful lot of good as a liberal lion in the senate.
1:11 pm
it will be very good for the country and very good for the democrats and independents that supported us this year. supporting senator sanders with a strong role. turning some of these ideas into positivity. >> i am absolutely positively for hillary clinton. donald trump coming into california today will meet a lot of people demonstrating that he does not share california values. hillary clinton will carry california. >> thank you. apparently, a 65-year-old woman. that is what we know. we have a lot more coming up. ♪
1:12 pm
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liberty mutual insurance. . neil: an update on this zika situation. puerto rico now has 680. they include 65 pregnant women. died was a 70-year-old man. it occurred at a time where u.s. officials were trying to get a handle on how many the cut cases may have made their way to the northern hemisphere. now, the sica cases that we have been reporting on how been largely in central america. more to the point, south america. the first that has gotten and hit so close to home. a 70-year-old man. a number of cases confirmed in
1:16 pm
puerto rico alone. we will update you would beget more details. i apologize for the confusion. all right. it is not really that difficult for me. the way i see it, donald trump getting the republican nomination. about 240 delegates or so to seal the deal. about 500 of for grabs. can he get about half of them? probably. the issue then becomes all of those donors. loathing donald trump. especially when he mentioned again and again a rigged system. a very influential if player with us now. you see many of your colleagues moving to don only support donald trump, but help them in a
1:17 pm
general election. >> it is sure looking like donald trump will be our nominee. we could have had a lot better nominee than him. i think that we have an uphill battle. for me, the choice between donald trump and hillary clinton is an easy choice to make. certainly, we need to have him win the election. more than the president, i think that the things that are at stake, also, is the senate. donald becomes the nominee, we will have trouble. then we could lose the senate very easily. both sides. democrats and republicans are looking at that suggestion. >> do you think that is the case.
1:18 pm
the entire race. i was encouraged to see he was using the teleprompter the other day. i think that if he becomes a little more of a diplomat in a little more thinking before he speaks, he could, we could have a runaway election. who knows. the mac what the governor did in indiana. announcing his support for ted cruz. the carly fiorina announcement earlier in the week. will that move for ted cruz? ted cruz has to win. i have no idea what these various endorsements are on either side. whether he really and up helping
1:19 pm
donald trump. i do not know how much value there is in that. i would like to make this point. we talk about donors. in indiana, i think that we are learning that it is the candidate that makes a difference. they are worried when big dollars became available in super packs. hey, jeb bush proves that that is not the case. you can have all the money in the world and not move the needle at all. i think that that is good news to the whole spirit of the democracy. people need a way to get their message out. they should be willing to give to those that do not have resources. he has no trouble getting his message out. it is the press that is giving them that opportunity. hundreds of millions of dollars of free press. maybe he does not need the money to get the job done. neil: you would write him a
1:20 pm
check to get the job done? >> i think that we will wait and see. we will see what he needs. we need to make sure that we have a republican. forte here is a tragedy. a problematic month year. we could be closing out what could be a losing month at the rate that we are going out. a lot of this on the idea that earnings, even though we get some surprises like an amazon, like a facebook, disappointing numbers. it looks like another career of shrinking profits. that is not good.
1:21 pm
we will have more after this. ♪ poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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1:24 pm
>> welcome back. i am tooling can. shares down 4% right now. $41.9 million in the first quarter. groupon shares are down more than 40% from a year ago. $1.1 million. $10.70 a share for tivo. an electronic tv guide and dvd players. moments before the draft started. the video appeared on his twitter account. smoking from a gas mask equipped with a bond.
1:25 pm
the video was from two years ago. draft picks by the miami dolphins. >> be careful what you do on social media, folks. be careful following a trend. it comes to the dow. stick with it. it is icy. we could also have a negative one. the first time in more than a decade on why we have that. charles payne. [laughter] >> he has indicated that headline. >> remember, now, that is why we're down the last couple days. >> without one word eschenbach
1:26 pm
sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. people need to understand the volatility and try to match it with their expectations and their own temperament. i think that that is one of the problems. get me out of this thing. >> you look at other stuff like a sax for example. you take the gdp report out. you went inside. a couple things in the last 24 hours. saying something about americans. that is the big question. what are we afraid of? consumer spending last month. americans had $50 billion more in disposable income. october 2014. gas prices were $3. over $3.
1:27 pm
gas comes all the way down to about 60. soaring to 5.4%. we have more disposable income. why are we hoarding it? what are we afraid of? we do spend money on services. the services part is soaring over the last few years. i think that that is playing a big role in it as well. >> you are not spending money. you are just retrenching. we were spending aggressively a little while ago. >> i call it the great depression syndrome. i am making that up. really, you know older people. living in a modest house. costing 300 grand. the richest guy in the world. he takes the bus and he demands the senior citizen discount. never, never get back to their
1:28 pm
old spending ways. i think part of that is lingering. i think heart of it is that america is not really on track. >> not your typical election year. where do people get that deep into it? >> listen, unfortunately four president obama in the american public, going on this run. there is this constant anxiety. a self perpetual thing. the economy is empty in part because they do not spend. we do not have the confidence to break that cycle. neil: scary stuff. four and a half hours from now. in the meantime, we have hall of famer here with us. i will give you a hint, though. it had nothing to do with aprilm
1:29 pm
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neil: all right. a lot of market news. we're down about almost 100 points here. look ad linkedin. they're up 3% after earnings beat, when you fool the street on the upside, not fool but surprise them. facebook up 5% on earnings that blew everyone aware. then there is twitter shares. they're down 50% on the week. following a very weak earnings
1:33 pm
report and that has yet to recover. we updated you on a zika patient that apparently died in puerto rico. first close to home this happened. puerto rico has 685 confirmed zika cases? should we be worried. dr. nina radcliffe how serious this is. doctor, what do you think? >> we should absolutely be worried. this new commercially available test something game-changer. if you were suspected to have zika, your doctor has to get permission from the local health department and state department to send in a blood sample that can take up three weeks. this is more broadly available t can help us get information back not just for the individual but help us track the disease. neil: when you hear someone died, i guess 70-year-old gentleman. last time we talked with any type of viruses that get to the grip the world's attention it is usually the weak and elderly or both who are predisposed to trouble. so what do you do?
1:34 pm
people hear that and hear what happened in puerto rico and think this was just a south american concern. now they're hearings, no, no, it is much closer to us than they thought. what do you do? >> it is always heartwrenching when someone loses their life but something dr. thomas frieden from the centers for disease control said there is lot we learned and there is more we can do. this person was died of severe low platelet count. he died of internal bleeding. this is not something we've known but something we're learning b again this is why a test such as this commercially available kit are a game-changer. neil: doctor, thank you very, very much. scary stuff. we'll keep eye on it. keeping eye on political fallout on this. government mike pence of indiana, formally backing ted cruz. >> at end of the day i'm very confident that our party is boeing going to come together
1:35 pm
around our nominee whoever that might be and we'll deliver a great victory for all people of the united states. neil: all right. governor pens was saying that, he kept hastening to add how much he admired donald trump and respects donald trump. thinks trump has been a phenomenon. didn't say that about john kasich. i wonder what ron christie thought about that, big kasich supporter, like kasich didn't exist, ron. what did you think of that? >> neil, good to see you. i'm hoping it is not the song from the '70s, too much, too little, too late. all week conservatives are looking to governor pence what is the deal, are you going to support governor kasich, support ted cruz and come so late and undermine what cruz and kasich trying to do. being urged to vote for cruz in indiana and vote for kasich in
1:36 pm
oregon. neil: if he is so concerned about ticking off donald trump, inviting wrath of donald trump who goes after those who don't support him. i haven't heard any of that he might go slow, value of a pence backing doesn't fet cruz too far? >> governor pens pence is one of the most conservative governors in the country. when he was in the house of representatives he is part of what is now the freedom caucus, one of the most conservative organizations in the house. thinking goes, neil, someone who is like cruz, i.e. pence, with their conservative philosophy would be helpful to the senator but i just don't know what this late date what does this do? are they going on the road together? are they going on the road with carly fiorina? are they going to have a lot of venues and forums together. i just don't know what the support on a radio station is really that effective. neil: do you feel, ron, you're backing a candidate though who, you know, is treated kind of
1:37 pm
like rodney dangerfield because lost in the story of this week's primaries was the fact he came in second in four out of five of them. picked up delegates in the process. >> he did. neil: i only mention that, cruz keeps telling him to get out of the race although they have this detente, i don't know what they call it. when i think governor kasich could make the argument, no, no, maybe you should get out? >> well, i had the very same conversation with senator cruz in this very building in fox business here in washington where he looked at me, said, ron, no way your guy can win, why don't you ask your guy to get out of the race? i said senator, why don't you get out of the race? neil: how did that go? >> well, ted and i have known each other a lot of years, i think it went about as well as he might have expected, neil. but here's the point. we should be talking who is the candidate who can best beat secretary of state former hillary clinton. the won who consistently in national polls been able to do that is john kasich, the
1:38 pm
governor of ohio. if it iselectability, kasich should get more attention. got to cross over and get democrats and independents very note for us. i don't know that cruz and trump will give us that flexibility. neil: very good seeing you. that is must-win i see it for cruz but we'll see what happens. >> thanks, neil. neil: good seeing you. in the meantime they say timing is everything. so if the president bows into this long interview series with "new york times" touting his economic stewardship, the very same got signs the economy almost ground to halt in the first quarter i think word for that might be, awkward. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you.
1:39 pm
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even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it. reporter: i'm adam shapiro live on floor of the new york stock exchange. the dow, s&p 500, the nasdaq all trading negative right now. you can see the dow is off 106 points. talk about some of stocks which are trading today. valeant pharmaceuticals, finally submitted its late annual report, it was learned that there are new investigations about theirs business practices but not only by the federal government but state level at massachusetts and new york. looking at their patient assistance program.
1:41 pm
they announced a board shake-up. they will redesign the board of directors down to 11 from 14 members. look what is going on in gold. the drop in value of the dollar propelling people to go to gold for safety as well as concern what is happening with equity markets. gold one year up 6%. today gold is up 24.50. that is up 2%. more "cavuto: coast to coast" after this.
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
neil: all right. this is in california. the protest crowd trying to block entrance to the hyatt hotel where donald trump will be addressing supporters later on today. very similar to what happened yesterday. donald trump has not too far away, his plane landing in san francisco international airport. this is where he will be heading into here. this is well-telegraphed and well-known. he is always said people have right to protest. but he didn't want to see anything untoward come of it. in california, this type of controversy, always seems to -- around developments. keep in mind, no one has crowds like donald trump does. we'll be watching it. hopefully nothing bad happens. meanwhile president obama spent a good deal of time reflecting on his almost eight years in office now, particularly his economic stewardship saying it is the sing gel greatest economic come
1:44 pm
back in history. that is the way it has been billed in "the new york times." the fact of the matter is in the latest quarter, we grew all of half a percent. and that, 1.7% average growth is about half what ronald reagan enjoyed. and it is less than with bill clinton enjoyed. so recoveries are always in the eye of the beholder. steve lieb, scott martin. scott, what do you make of that? i think it is always dangerous when you start bragging, right in the middle of sitting comes out to refute your claim but what do you make of this? >> like actual data points? like the gdp number you just referenced which shows the economy is growing 2%. how about the labor force participation rate, which is a measure of basically labor force optimism which is at multidecades lows. or business confidence, on shaky ground because of tax policy and regulatory control.
1:45 pm
reality is, neil, obama administration has nothing to be really proud about or trumpet about the economy is slow, american worker is hurt, wages are not growing but they seem to tell you everything is okay. neil: i understand his point enough, steve, a hell of a lot better than they were. we were in middle of a freefall giving up 8,900,000 jobs a -- -- 800,000 jobs a month and you can only go up there. see how they will play out at respective convention. president will talk about how many jobs. a lot were swap being top executive job to weekend manager at home depot. technically one job for another but different type of job. many americans made that adjustment. he says look what i inherited. look what i'm leaving. how will that register you think? >> neil, what he inherited in my opinion was an opportunity to put this country on the right
1:46 pm
path again and he totally blew it. i don't think it is because he is a bad man. i have just don't think he knew what he was doing. he was given $800 billion. instead of mapping out with precision and economy policy, he basically handed this money over to nancy pelosi and the house of representatives who happens to be a millionaire and a lot of pork and patronage. nine or eight years, what do you have. a country second or third or fourth in the world in terms of cybersecurity. you have a country that is trailing a developing country, namely china, in many ways. especially in terms of infrastructure. if we had used that stimulus to build infrastructure we would have had longer-lasting, higher paying jobs today and been ready for the 21st century. it's, you know, it goes on from there. we're number two in trade. thanks to mr. obama. now there is a lot of things that could be done. yes, china is at fault, maybe they cheated, et cetera, but
1:47 pm
america has to be told to roll up their sleeves act as one and really get their act together again. neil: i know it is easy to politicize this, barack obama can point to economy sputtering out of control. i'm not saying political stance. >> i'm not either. neil: republicans better have an answer than yeah, things still stink. i don't know if that will do anything. >> i'm not trying to politicize things, neil. neil: i know. but i think scott is. >> i always do. don't forget the interest rate regime that was going on here in the last six years. can you believe interest rates at zero for six plus years by this federal reserve and all the mom tear ray stimulus provided to this stock market, that is another thing he can run around about. neil: guys, thank you both, very, very, much. pressed for time. how important is big-name endorsement, getting bob any knight to back your candidacy. for donald trump, it might trump, no pun intended governor mike pence who went for another
1:48 pm
candidate. i think the one you really want is my next guest, nba hall-of-famer, dominic wilkins. you get his endorsement, you can close the deal and get the keys to the white house. that's next. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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1:52 pm
donald trump got bobby knight backing him and ted cruz bottom governor of indiana. i would think almost everyone would tell you want bobby knight if you had your choice, right? >> great coach, that's for sure. wonderful coach. has a great track record. neil: do people drag you into politics? you have done things at white house, various cause, diabetes, domestic violence but, does he not get off being with you, dominique, come on, back me? >> i think from a health care standpoint, being a part of politics is beneficial because you can help turn that marriage on issues that is very important in this country. that's with i'm all about, how much or what can i do to help others deal with diabetes to make lifestyle changes. i've made those changes. that is where it becomes very important. neil: still a big, big disease and getting bigger for our kids. what are you -- >> it really is. my father and grandfather both
1:53 pm
died from diabetes. out of eight brothers and sisters i'm only one that has diabetes. i decided when i found out when i was diabetic not let diabetes do what it did to my father and grandfather. neil: what did you do? diet? >> diet, exercise, medication. i tried different medication, but when my medication or pill getting me to my goal. i tried other medication that did work for me. and for the last 17 years i've managed it the right way. when i was first diabetic i lost 32 pounds to 2 1/2 months. got back to things i used to do, exercising, trying to eat right. neil: i heard about this trying to eat right and exercising. apparently very important. >> it is very important. neil: gotcha. stepping back from this you were saying you look at other ports as well. you were paying attention to the draft last night and one player caught smoking a bong years ago. what do you think of that?
1:54 pm
when that kind of stuff happens? >> very convenient it came out route before, ten minutes before the draft. neil: what do you make of that? >> somebody wanted him to drop. neil: that's right. >> but again you have to be smart as a young player. neil: what do you tell these players? >> first of all, social media is so big now, caught anytime anywhere doing something y not supposed to be doing. why put yourself in that position. you're here to provide a service and that is play a sport that this team put a lot of money in you as a player to provide that service. so you have to uphold not just respect for yourself but respect for that organization. so, you got to be very careful what you do. you have got to stay out of those situations that is going to put you at risk. neil: a lot become instant stars. you're internationally recognized. so i'm sure you have to watch yourself anywhere you go because someone will be snapping a picture. if you yell at waiter in
1:55 pm
restaurant, that will be on page six. what do you do? >> you have to be very careful. you have to put yourself in situations that don't yourself at risk. i try my best at life to do the right thing and keep out of situations that i will pay for later. that is how you look at it. a lot of these young kids need better and more mentors out there, tell them the right thing instead of their guys around them. neil: they have yes men and i was talking with oscar de la hoya other day, i asked him how did you hang on to your money? he said i signed every check. what do you make of that? >> when someone else screw up your money you're not happy. you can live wit if you screw it up. that is the way i look at it. because when you put your life in someone else's hands and you never know what is going on, eventually you will get screwed if you don't pay attention. neil: so when they come to you in any sport, dominique, i'm entering your world and i'm scared, what do you say?
1:56 pm
>> well, first of all you have -- we have this thing what we call a dream team, a diabetes dream team which is our website, diabetes dream team website dot-com. you have to put a dream team around your people that you trust or maybe a doctor or lawyer or family member, people who you trust and making sure that they have expertise in different fields. you can't have one guy do everything. you have to have specialty people to manage your life. and that is the way it is done. it that's simple. neil: good for you. practice what you preach. dominiques wilkins, unfortunately robbed of that one-on-one game i hoping to do. we're out of time, right? >> you probably would have got me. my knees don't work. neil: i think i have knees. i don't know where they are. we'll have more after this. - thu earn bonus cash back. then - those places change every few months?
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neil: all right, look at trump
2:00 pm
protests heating up in california right now. here is what i will predict, a lot of coverage of trump protesters engage trump folks, right? if other way around, trump folks are simply trying to go to event, no coverage of that. no coverage of that i think. trish regan. trish: we'll stay on this, thank you so much, neil. protesters outside of a hotel where trump is scheduled to speak to the california republican party in one hour. california primary isn't held that much and it is held in june and usually wrapped up by then but this year california is very important. you have 172 delegates that may give trump magic number of 1237 he may need to get the nomination. i'm trish regan, welcome to "the intelligence report." let's go back to the pictures. people were forming there. earlier they created a blockade and human chain as they wanted


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