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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 2, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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connell: nihilist back tomorrow with coverage of the indiana time a race. that starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. trish regan takes over now. trish: in indiana any minute from now. in less than 24 hours, indiana voters are hitting the polls. it is a must win for cruz. i am trish regan. welcome back to the intelligence report. donald trump up by a whopping 15 points in indiana. disapproving big-time. so much for that. protesters storming the parliament. a state of emergency is declared. the president strategy depends on having a stable.
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four-star general jack keane is here. all right. is it any surprise? after she, his wife, hillary, said this. >> i am the only candidate that has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy into coal country. we will put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. trish: i do not think that that is what they want to hear. first, let's get back to our story.
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stop trump movement. equaling the end of ted cruz. >> if we went indiana, it is over. okay. >> trump cannot win enough delegates tomorrow. gaining critical momentum. it is already on his side did joining me right now is former bush advisor. good to see you guys. ted cruz john kasich alliance. does it backfire there? >> it only lasted a couple of minutes. >> i don't think it lasted a couple of hours, by the way. >> a couple of things that we need to watch. look at the things that back up the polls. indiana is not a very good ways to pull.
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look at the crowd sizes between where cruz is getting and trump is getting. look at the surrogates. carly fio rena is getting the kind of crowd that trump is getting. you would think that the enthusiasm would you at trial because he named the nominee. more likely than not that trouble when tomorrow and probably win big. >> if he wins tomorrow and he wins big, what does it mean going forward? >> i thought that he was the effect if nominee for quite some time. >> i do not think that it stops the campaign. trying to block donald trump from getting the magic number. tomorrow does not get into that magic number. 80% of the way they are. it is still a 50 state race.
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i will bet after tomorrow, trump will win and ted cruz will start to pitch his cabinet members. >> i thought the same thing. might as well get that done before the end of the week. there is some video that just came into us. they are in indiana. wandering into a group of trump supporters. watch. >> what did i say was a lie? let me ask you, sir. just go home and google punched in the face protester. this is on national television. punch that guy in the face. he says i will pay your legal fees when i punch him in the face. >> it is a little awkward. they did not even take the trump signs down, by the way.
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inciting violence and his supporters should consider that. >> talking about trump. not talking positively about yourself. the handwriting is on the wall. empowered and pressed each. he sucks the oxygen out of the room. the crowds he gets are enormous. governor pence gave one of the worst endorsements in government history to him. >> really, really like donald trump. all of these wonderful things. apparently, someone in the establishment told me to do that. leslie, going back to you for a moment. who do you think is the hardest competitor? cruz versus trump for hillary clinton.
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>> though polls say cruz and i would agree. half of the republican party supports trump. also, you have very disparaging remarks about latinos, muslims, women. these are areas -- >> forgive me. you actually think that cruz would be a tougher ticket. >> yes. this is what everybody thought going into the republican primary. do not worry about him. he is just a clown. talking about him being the inevitable winner. >> the biggest underestimation of donald trump was donald trump. the power of donald trump to command media.
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put on the bones. accomplishing what is wrong with america. by the way, donald trump does not need to endorse with a vice presidential nominee today. the fact that cruz felt necessary to do that, that is desperation. >> i think that you would agree with that. the labor department before the end of the week. quickly before i let you go. >> picking somebody in an electoral state. even john kasich of the battleground state must win ojai ail. >> do you think he would ever say guest of that? >> i do. good to see you guys. not hoping for a victory
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tomorrow. hoping for a little party unity. watch them here. >> we have to team up together. i think that i will win anyway. >> with me? against me? you get some sort of columnist. not ready to throw in the anti-trump just yet. donald trump's damage to the republican party, although already extensive, it has already began. what is a fractured gop to do right now? welcome. good to have you. i think it really needs to happen before we wind up with the secretary of defense. people are really worried right
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now. he would just be disastrous. >> i think the republican party has already destroyed itself. it did so when john boehner issued in the largest tax hike in history. cancer firing was a signal. they nor did. what conservative revolutionary are you talking about? everything is a disaster. they are worried, of course. that is what is changing. >> they don't. they have also contributed to the downfall economically. mccain and palin were ahead of the ticket. when the economy collapsed.
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this was then up over. that is when it flips. that was the problem. we each had an economic issue. americans are not buying the argument that there is something to say. >> a lot of americans are saying to themselves, hey, he did it for himself. free-market discipline let's bring in something new or something different. many of them will adjust themselves.
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but i dread choosing to be the loyal opposition for a while. it is a matter of influencing. really, the genuine conservative ideal. move this man along with us. by the way, a new rasmussen poll. 73% of republicans say they will support donald trump. twice as much as hillary is getting. >> that is interesting. talking about this change. i see it happening not just on the republican side, but the democratic side as well. >> being jobless is equal opportunity. you have lost your house perhaps in the last 10 years.
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people want something different. they wanted to calm together. we will continue to argue for this change. >> will, she is part of the system. it has done me no good. why should i not give someone else a chance? >> the first time in the pool ever. >> thank you so much. the likability factor in politics. it is critical. launching molotov cocktails. even fireworks. happens on the streets of seattle. they ran page through the city.
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we are live on the scene with the very betas for you. protesters in iraq taking over the parliament. what this means for our site against isis. depending on having a stable alliance against them. jack keane is next. ♪ show me movies with romance.
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> all kinds of violence breaking out in seattle. look at this. molotov cocktails. a may date event took to the streets. taking five of our officers injured. fox news correspondent dan springer joining us now. dan, i these protesters planning on doing it again?
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>> they will do it again may 1. antigovernment rioters hijacked a mayday march and clashed with police. we have seen it over and over again. carrying batons and stacks used to break windows. the violence began. right away last night. police had an overwhelming presence. you can see if block access to most of the big national retail stores niotmea ye sedow rocks. one police officer got hit in the face. he was bleeding pretty badly. had to be taken away for treatment. another cop was taken away. forcefully, none of the injuries were not serious. using nonlethal like rubber
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bullets. not having enough officers and being too passive. this year, they had a better plan and it worked. >> when people attack and injure individuals, they do act. >> damage was much lighter than it was in previous years. starbucks did have a window smashed. it was boarded up this morning. that was also the case at a target store. eight were men in their 20s and 30s. they will be facing charges of obstruction, assault and property. trish: what they forget is their enthusiasm for these protesters.
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this is why. we are not going to stores. they are going to mcdonald's afterwards for a bite to eat. >> hypocrisy is really rich. i know seattle well. dan springer, thank you so much. protesters in iraq. they take over the country's parliament. a state of emergency over there. what does this mean for our fight against isis. jack keane is here. stay with me. i am back into. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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>> protesting and taking over iraq's parliament. a state of emergency. hundreds of angry men demanding
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political reform. heavily guarded greenstone where we have our own embassy. our own embassy. protesters breaching security fair. importantly, what does all of this means for our fight against isis? having a stable ally in iraq. joining me now is general jack keane. here in the house, onset. all of this political unrest in iraq. did they bargain for this? did they think that they would get this when they exited the country? >> their behavior has been so frustrating. bush gave them a victory. the situation was stable. they needed to help them grow and political process and development.
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not surprising the iranians came again, isis arrives, why? because we pulled away from them militarily. we pulled away from them politically. they were also able to occupy a safe haven in syria. a time where we were supposed to help the serious moderates. we did not. he was able to establish that. >> what happens in a power vacuum? chaos. >> we cannot take it lightly. the government is crippled or dismantled. very difficult. this has been festering the crisis for months. they will have the advantage here.
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the lack of stability in the government. this is what we have all been focusing on quite naturally four months. it is crucial. >> you have to be able to work without military. our government has to be able to work without government. if we do not have that relationship, that shows our ability. how do you see this playing out? how big of a deal is it that these people were able to store and these barricades? they were not violent. expressed the displeasure of the people there in iraq. >> it is a big deal. no friend to the united states. causing mischief for years. responsible to killing hundreds of americans. he is behind all of this. he wants power in terms of
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influence of what will take place in the future. >> who were they trying to put in if it was not him? >> he will have some influence over it. the reality is, that existing government and dismantling it. causing absolute chaos. concerning at all. potentially sending these into harms way. >> helping the iraq is militarily. the ambassador.
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2007 and 2008. what am i really talking about. we put all of this capital into a nuclear deal. all of this trying to help this government move forward. the obama administration consistently has pulled away politically. they never wanted that. it is a tragic situation. >> thank you. good to have you here. >> blasted by voters in west virginia.
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>> i am the only candidate that has a policy about economic policy using clean renewable energy in the coal country. we will put a pot of coal miners and cool companies out of business. >> , saying to kill the coal industry. surprise surprise. voters in west virginia did not forget it. bill clinton was booed during an event there. going back to d.c. watch it. >> answer my question. weight. weight. leave him alone. leave him alone. >> anyplace in america that feels left out and left behind. that is what i want to do. this is where they start
2:33 pm
screaming. >> the difference between us and them is we listen to them. telling the clinton campaign to stay away. they were not welcome. their policies have demonstrated leslie marshall and brad blakeman back with me. they understand what the coal miners are going through. do you think they are? really? if you really understand what people are feeling, you do not say things like she said during that cnn the pay. those are people's jobs. those families will be affected i that. they probably will not vote for you. >> the only candidate running. look, coal is clean. it is abundant. it is affordable.
2:34 pm
why is it okay for us to spoil other land with fracking and mining in our own hemisphere. why is it okay for them to do it and for us to buy it? we are not able to recoup our own resources for our own use. in the midst of doing that, what do you do? you are putting generations out of work. you are costing the american people more. >> i think that there will be a better, more humanitarian way to deal with this. would she be better served politically to talk about retraining or other things that can be done to help people that are working in an industry that is challenged like coal is? >> you actually echo the sentiment of the west virginia
2:35 pm
government that backed hillary clinton despite being upset with some of the things that she said. there is a happy marriage and cool not being obliterated in his state or in the united states. quite frankly, you have to look at the numbers. campaigning against bernie sanders. wanting less cool, quite frankly. more to the left. >> it could get interesting. i think a lot of those coal miners will look and say, brad, i think that donald trump is the republican nominee. they have seen their jobs disappear to china or to mexico. faulting the clintons policy. being in part, responsible for that. i think that a lot of coal
2:36 pm
miners say ken donald trump better protect my job then hillary clinton? >> they do not have a choice. if she says she is putting you out of business, the choice is very easy. all politics are local. they realize that they have to provide for their families. what better way to provide for your family been an industry that is not only needed in america, but wanted. we want coal. we want nuclear. we want renewables. why? it makes sense. >> how was she convince americans that she is the best one for the economy when most americans look at the last eight years and say we have not been able to do much. that anemic growth in this economy. wages have not buzzed in the last 20 years. how does she sell and economic
2:37 pm
record when the one that the white house puts forward is pretty dismal. >> she was secretary of state. >> let me also say that that is a challenge for her. look at the situation we're dealing with right now. you just heard general keane saved some of the biggest mistakes we ever made were made by this administration. okay. she would have to do with that legacy. go on, leslie. >> you speak to those coal miners. definitely, donald trump has an appeal. you peel away the layers. in mexico and canada. the antiunion. very union job in west virginia. hillary clinton supports increasing minimum wage. that will appeal to people.
2:38 pm
and by the blue-collar industries. i think quite frankly, she has some things that are palatable. people will look at her. >> we shall see. it will all be very interesting. americans see him as a business leader. i think that the frustration levels are so high right now. they want someone that does not really represent the political establishment and such. thank you very much. the anti-capitalist rhetoric. it has gotten business leaders attention. warren buffett. liz claman is there with him in omaha. discovering the berkshire hathaway annual shareholder meeting. you know, liz, we know he is a big hillary guy. we know that. what do you think about the ability for this country? he tends to be an optimist.
2:39 pm
we are not really growing. how do we get back to the days? >> he would argue that optimism has made him an incredibly successful person. that is quite an interesting discussion. coming up at the top of that hour, i will sit here live with him. he will have just come out of this board meeting. an incredible weekend. coming up with live streaming on yahoo!. wanting to hear what you are asking about. he thinks that the number is calculated slightly incorrectly. he thinks that it is actually better than it is. he is not concerned about all of the negative attention. as you see the crowds swirl around, everyone seems to be asking him, what do you think is going to happen? is there a chance that bernie sanders gets in there?
2:40 pm
guess what, he remains the optimist, as always. listen to what he said. >> i think that our elections are a wonderful example for the rest of the world. >> you get something as important as the u.s. presidency. it will get out of control. >> ringing you up to it. he grabs a ping-pong battle. it is unbelievable. the world, at least from an investment standpoint, they were hanging on every word. even more deeply with him. bill gates as vice chair on politics. on the economy. business and whether. 6% gdp. >> we will see you there.
2:41 pm
elizabeth claman. tomorrow. do or die time for ted cruz in indiana. less than 24 hours from now. new polls showing donald trump with a big lead. up next, my intel on why it may be time for both candidates and parties to unify. that is next. ♪
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>> you can see that we are up almost triple digits. third team on the s&p and nasdaq composite. oil closing the day down. more than 3%. 2%, i should say. jobs in middle eastern countries. more supply on the market. puerto rico is that. puerto rico suffering from economic stagnation. it owes its investors $70 billion. a quick look at carnival here. a historic cruz to cuba. arriving into havana cuba this morning. the first time. we will be right back with my intel on by ted cruz needs to start listening to the people.
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2:45 pm
>> confronting reality. a bit of a spoiled sport in the process. >> going to support donald trump if he is the nominee. >> i will be donald trump. i am not willing to concede this country. >> dragging this whole thing out.
2:46 pm
the democrats. telling ted cruz to get on board. trailing in indiana by at least 15 points. that whole vp stunt. it did not help. nor did the kasich alliance. i am thinking we may be ready to appoint our secretary of state or secretary of labor by the end of the week. this is really desperation. it is tough. very tough. candidates need to say, enough is enough. they do not want me. bernie sanders is doing the same exact thing. telling the world he is still in it. now, he is out telling voters he is on a path. a super delegate. convincing them to vote for him.
2:47 pm
>> virtually impossible for secretary clinton to reach the majority by jim ford team with pledged delegates alone. she will need superdelegates to take her over the top at the convention in philadelphia. in other words, the convention will be a contested contest. >> a contested contest. they were first his enemy. they can vote any way they want. voting for the establishment. he thinks he can convince them. lagarde this of a vote. to all of the candidates hanging on for dear life. i say, you know what, it is time spoken.ur parties a favor. that is today's intel. muslim migrants threaten to destroy.
2:48 pm
emotions are running high. twelve immigrant protesters outside of convention gathering. emigration party in germany. interesting. they cannot leave their home at night. politicians knew nothing about it. this is what you get. why is obama still stuck on bringing 10,000 migrants rights here to the status of america? that is next. ♪ you both have a
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2:52 pm
these are the people that believe germany should be bringing in the migrants. they set fires. they clashed with police. protesting the far right anti-immigration platform. tougher laws against migrants. understandably. opening up her border. guess what, tearing the european union apart. ambassador, welcome back. >> every day, i read about another rape, a little girl, a woman, a little boy, all in the newspapers. distraction. the culture of their society there. people do not feel safe.
2:53 pm
a 10-year-old boy. why do you leave your citizens vulnerable like this? shouldn't you expect citizens to rubble? >> three phone common on going on. we see it with donald trump am bernie sanders. you have a fear of terror. a great deal of terror. you have a lot of migrants there. causing a lot of heat on both sides. >> it is not really an adult role. instances that have been reported in the papers. talking a lot on this show. thousands of women were assaulted by these migrant
2:54 pm
groups. now, a situation where germany has women designated cars. they feel vulnerable. i would say, what the heck did we do? >> the feeling is far greater than statistics. i was in belgium last week. they are societies right now. there is some crime. >> let me show you the text if we have them. they are handing them out in germany. they have a big red x through a woman who was dressed in a bikini. a man trying to grab the backside of her.
2:55 pm
they are handing these pamphlets out. they are posting these as posters and swimming pools in germany because they are trying to teach men that come from these countries, you cannot assault women. i do not know how i would feel. >> we have different standards. >> they may keep saudi women. it is not quite like that. the perceptions are important. >> bringing more muslim migrants into germany. i'm just trying to decide where you are going with this.
2:56 pm
>> my father did not speak in glacier. we said that about the irish when they came. >> you are so overwhelmed as a country, such as germany is. it is an economic burden. a political burden. let's just talk about it being a security burden. we know where those terrorists were coming. we know that they were islam. we know that they were extremists. herding europe and hurting lives. >> the extremists are hurting. they are muslims. muslims are contributing in europe every single day. in america every day. trish: i have to take a quick break.f like vual gett we will be right back after this. ♪ what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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trish: hey, don't forget, everyone, big day tomorrow. voters in indiana are heading to the polls for what could be ted cruz's last stand. we have very special coverage,
3:00 pm
kicking it off at 6 p.m. eastern with neil cavuto and lou bobs, 7 p.m., is going -- lou dobbs is going to bring you the results. you don't want to miss it. let's head out to omaha. liz claman, take it away. liz: i sure will, trish, thank you. donald trump looking for the knockout punch on the campaign trail in indiana today just one day ahead of that crucial primary vote. billionaire businessman says it's over for his rivals if he wins tomorrow in the hoosier state, and there is some new evidence that that may just happen. trump up by 125 points in the -- 15 points in the latest "wall street journal" poll. in the democratic race, hillary clinton outraising senator bernie sanders in april, but the vermont senator says hillary will feel the bern all the way to the convention. on wall street the markets not sticking with that old adage of sell in may and go away. the dow jones industrials up 11 points. we are -- 111 points.


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