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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 4, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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saying, the republican candidate, it's going to be a hell of a race. >> drink wine and have chocolates. sandra: now, that was a good show. good to have all of you. that's it for us. "varney & company" is next. is he there? stuart varney. stuart: i'm here. sandra: can't wait to watch your show. stuart: let's sum it up like this. trump's the republican guy, cruz is out. bernie, the socialist, wins indiana. big trouble for hillary. i think that just about does it. good morning, everyone. unity, please. both the party leader and trump himself want to pull the republicans together. that's the effort now. no unity for democrats. hillary has all, but sewn up the nomination and bernie won't quit and after winning the women's vote in indiana, he's in no mood to quit. and this could be a problem for hillary, dead stop and stocks
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going down, going down big time. and facebook leans left, and mcdonald's is introducing on the right-hand side of the screen, garlic fries. you get it all here. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ i want to congratulate ted. i know how tough it is. it's tough. i have met some of the most incredible competitors that i have ever competed against right here on the republican party. >> from the beginning i've said that i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight i'm sorry to say--
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it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> we started off with that 17 number and just so you understand, ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me, but he is one hell of a competitor. he is a tough, smart guy. >> with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation we are suspending our campaign. >> well, there you have it. that's what happened last night. now, we're going to cover that in depth of course, but first this. stuart: it looks like it will be another down day for stocks. america's economy slowing down and that's not good for investors. they're going to sell off again this morning. joining us former ronald reagan economist, art laffer. art, the markets rattled. what's this about a recession? >> i don't think there's a recession coming, but there's surely no recovery.
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i mean, what you see are the same old policies of obama, of tax increases, spending, all of that, all of the anti-growth policies and the regulations and don't expect a recovery until you get a policy change, but that is going to come. i mean, with donald trump's nomination, i think we're in for a very good race and i think he'll win it handily and then i think you'll see u.s. policies very good with a bull market for as far as the eye can see. stuart: all right, stay there, art. the bottom line from you is no recession, but a nasty slowdown. i want to bring up apple, a stock very much in the news recently. yes, yesterday, it did break and snap that losing streak, it closed around 95 yesterday. but here is the news on apple this morning. talk about theft. a judge in china allows a chinese company to use the name iphone on its handbags and leather goods. now, what is that all about? it cannot be good.
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apple will be down a little. back to politics, trump wins, cruz is out and now there's a call for unity. donald trump will be presumptive g.o.p. nominee, we all need to unite and focus on defeating hillary clinton. joining us now congressman, republican from texas who was a cruz guy. are you now adopting the call for unity and getting behind donald trump? tell us. >> yes to the first part and not yet to the second part. yes, i've adopted a call to unity, but the way to unity after you had donald trump lie repeatedly and i mean, heavens to betsy, accusing the most honorable guy in the race all kinds of dishonesty and yesterday, to finally win, he goes after his father, says he
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helped lee harvey oswald? there's an apology out. he besmirched carly. >> as a christian, if he apologizes, yes, i will forgive him and come on board. stuart: wait a second, is that the only way-- >> and i saw the commercial. oh, yeah, you've got to apologize for something. he's shown no capacity to understand the religious liberty issue, but i had no fear of losing the house until i saw this weekend the commercial against senator john bossman in arkansas, quote after quote from donald trump's mouth. stuart: i'm sorry to interrupt you. i'm sorry to interrupt you i know who you are. >> let's work for unity here. stuart: you know, what you're saying, he's not going to apologize. what you're saying is basically, you're giving it to hillary.
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>> well, no, donald trump will be giving it to hillary. his only way to beat hillary-- >> then you accept that-- >> well, when you're at 65% unfavorable and she's at 51, then the odds look that way, so the way to go forward and win is to be honest from here on. and if he does that, then, i mean, holy cow, there are all these just condemnations of women, nasty comments of women, he's got a lot to overcome. if he gets honest, we'll unify. i didn't join lock step with john boehner because he was my speaker when he was lying and wrong, and that's not my personality. stuart: okay. i've got to go because i'm short on time. i'll get back to you in a second, i promise you. stay there. i'll come back to you. i want to turn to the democrats now. it was a big win for bernie sanders last night and the other side is a big loss for
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hillary in indiana. do you believe this? she lost the women's vote and she lost the white vote in indiana yesterday. tammy bruce is with us now. i'm saying that hillary was probably the biggest loser of all the candidates last night? >> yeah, that's the story. this is what's fascinating. and you know it's a story because if you go, certainly at least on-line on google, you wouldn't know that the democrats had a primary last night. nobody-- it's like, well, whatever, like everyone went to get the garlic fries at mcdonald's or something. nobody wants to talk about it, especially with those numbers because-- she tried to fund raise 0 of of this, if you don't like trump, send me money. that's not going to work. the women's card she's playing is for her own base, i asserted that here, i believe. the americans at 57% don't care about gender. the democrats still do. she saw this loss looming. stuart: look at donald trump, what he tweeted last night about sanders' big win. here it is. >> what a great evening we had,
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so interesting that sanders beat crooked hillary, the dysfunctional system is totally rigged against him. i think you'd agree with him? >> yes, even in new york, he won virtually every county in new york except for one or two. he won more delegates than barack obama did in 2008. she did more poorly in new york and none of the media is looking at this. this is whereby omission, they are helping hillary. stuart: i want to get back to the economy as i said earlier, it's almost at a dead stop. art laffer come back in again. this is not good news for hillary, is it? >> no, it's not. it's not good news for hillary, but it's well-deserved news. when you run policies like that, you can't expect to have a good economy and they're not having a good economy. people are voting with their pocket book. they like jobs and income and these people aren't providing it and they don't profess to provide it in the future. donald trump is trying to get america great again and i'm with him all the way.
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stuart: let's go back to louie gohmert. if the economy is slowing down and it is, he's the only guy positive on jobs, 30 seconds on that. >> if you'll listen to laffer and not have this massive tariff that starts a trade war na nobody wins and will start lowering taxes like art's been pushing for many years, yeah, we'll get on track, but he's got to listen to the right people and it will be a good thing. but, hillary, what a disaster, she and bernie sanders would be a disaster for this economy. our only hope is somebody that understands free markets. stuart: okay. i'm going to have to leave it there, louie. i really do disagree with you, not going to push it. >> no, no, i think that trump can go there he's listening to laffer. stuart: you've got to come around and support him, you can have influence on the man if you support him. >> exactly. stuart: if you tell him to apologize and--
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>> i'm out of time. you know how it is. that's tv, don't you love it? thanks, everybody. i'm going to show everybody some startling images, this is from canada to be precise, alberta, canada. >> wow. stuart: would you believe 80,000 people evacuated, a huge wildfire swept through whole neighborhoods, engulfing whole neighborhoods. this included offices, bridges, tracks. >> oh, my goodness. >> and it's spread, 80,000 evacuated. drama indeed, that's canada. next though, president obama wants to fast track muslim refugees into america and cut down their streaming him. he's squeezing it out of an executive order before he leaves office. what do you think that judge napolitano is going to say about that? he's next.
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>> president obama wants to cut the screening time for refugees coming to america from the middle east.
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ashley: yeah, the plan for the administration is that this process currently takes 18 to 24 months. they want to take up to 10,000 syrian refugees over the next fiscal year, up to a total-- or refugees count of 85,000 and cut that screening time from 24 months down to three months in order to facilitate the refugees. stuart: it's difficult to screen them. ashley: even 18 to 24 months there's no way to properly vet the refugees. the state department is under fire and-- by the fbi and others and say you cannot do this. stuart: thank you, we've got the details. not only is the president going to try to rush the migrants in, using executive action on things overtime for manage amount, smart guns. judge napolitano is here. the president has what, eight months of actual power left. he's packing all of this in with executive actions.
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you, the legal system, you are the last resort to defend the constitution. >> you know, i'm not here to sell a book, my last book is about the accumulation of unconstitutional power in the hands of an imperial presidency. barack obama now enjoys power that democratic congresses gave to bill clinton and republican congresses gave to george w. bush, obviously, this congress has not given additional power to this president and whoever succeeds barack obama will have the same level of power. so much wiggle room in the way that federal laws are enforced, so many discretionary spending of money. so much, as ashley just talked about, ability to change the time it takes to screen a person from 24 months down to three, that there's really, very, very check on this. so you are flattering when you say the group of people from which i come, lawyers are the last resort, there is very little that lawyers can do. there is very little that
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anyone can do to challenge the president's executive orders except when they so exceed the authority given to him, that they effectively rewrite the lawyers, then he can be challenged and an example of that is immigration. stuart: immigration, that was an example of exceeding his-- the powers that was granted him and infringing on his real constitutional power and stopped it. >> yes. stuart: what do you make of the smart gun issue or the overtime for management issue or speeding up the refugees? >> i'm sorry that any president has that kind of wiggle room because the laws should be written by the congress and the president's job is to enforce them. is there some discretion? yes, sometimes a law is-- a person is just-- it's inappropriate to enforce a certain law on a certain individual, but the broad discretion that he had-- that he now has, for example, to dispatch the dea to pressure the states to encourage people to buy smart guns, that is not
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something that congress has authorized. it arguably interferes with the individual right to keep and bear arms if they make it more difficult to buy regular guns as opposed to smart gps. it's not an area of competence. it's an ideological view of this president of something he can do for his own legacy to get his own version of the constitution into the positive law of the country. stuart: but the counter argument is, congress never does anything, there's an absolute bunch of do-nothings and produced nothing therefore, the president has to act. it's not my argument, but-- >> it's good when congress does nothing, when congress is home then our liberty and property is not threatened. [laughter] >> same is when parliament is in. ashley: here we go, here we go. [laughter] >> order, order. order. ashley: order. >> you have a very sharp producing team there, get that clip. >> that's what the founders
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intended, they wanted to be slow or even inactive. they thought that nothing is better than something bad. remember that. stuart: we'll see you in a couple of hours and then there is bryce harper. one of baseball's biggest stars signs a record-breaking deal with under amour, that stock is going down because they're paying him so much. next, the left has a new anti-trump talking about, the ku klux klan, from from elizabeth warren. >> those who are showing anti-trump supporters, show the trump supporters in clair klan garb. showing donald trump temporarily accepting the ku klux klan endorsement. poor mouth breather.
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beautiful state. stuart: back in january it was majority of states were under $2 and the national average was a buck 69. my, how things change. sad trombone. stuart: if the effort to use the ku klux klan to tear down donald trump. first mentioned on the program and then we thought it was a one-off. and elizabeth warren, there's more enthusiasm for donald trump at the leaders of the kkk than leaders of the party that he controls. what's this, trash your opponent? >> normally they should be talking how great their presumptive nominee is, they can't do that, she's got serious problems, last night is evidence of that. having come from the left and been a community organizers, these kind of things are trial balloons, you will start seeing people planted inside crowds
9:24 am
who are presumably supporters, but they will be very bad people with bad signs, we saw it with the tea party happening, how tea party was supposed to be racist. this is their plan through the summer and efforts at race riots, problems in the inner cities, and all they'll do is complain about donald trump. mr. trump's campaign team is going to have to recognize this, have messages that counter it, of course, and not be on the defensive. but this is a sign that the democrats know they have a bad candidates and they're going to have to simply trash the g.o.p. nominee. stuart: do you think they believe that hillary clinton is not a good candidate? >> oh, yes, i think they all-- >> in their heart. >> in their heart i think they prefer bernie sanders, but know he would be a disaster. there's no one on that bench because of the destruction barack obama's done to their candidates, all of them got fired in 14, and they have no one else to turn to. stuart: what's this about when i was on the left? >> well, it's past tense.
9:25 am
community organized for the left president of national organization for women, worked on many of the clinton, feinstein, boxer campaigns. i'm now atoning. [laughter] >> how come you switched? what happened? >> i got tired of the lies, i got tired of watching people do things opposite from what they were saying. it was also the clinton lewinsky situation, clearly anti-feminist, clearly anti-woman and everybody rallied around it to push that meme and i thought, you know, realizing that my commitment to personal individualism and personal success was really a conservative value. and so here i am. stuart: now, you're on "varney & company." >> i am, wednesdays and fridays. stuart: all right, tamley, thank you very much indeed. check the markets, it's going to be another down day for stocks. opening bell down 80 odd points. the economy appears to be hurting the stock market and we'll be discussing whether the slowdown in the economy is bad news for hillary as well.
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we're on that one. stuart: look at this, facebook's mark zuckerberg, he does give preference to liberal news sites. he filters out posts from conservative news sites on facebook. more on that in a moment. varney coming up. so what else is new? how's your mother? umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america. but it's actually a triumph of predictive analytics. because of optum. through population health data, they provide insights so doctors and hospitals can identify high-risk patients.
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>> it is when a morning. the opening palace wringing. or will it just a second. we've got about 10 seconds to go before the market open. we will be down with the opening bell. down 60, 70, 80-point. now it is 9:30. we are off, running. we are going to be down 23 points. america's economy is clearly owing down. i think that is a factor in today's market and we are going to discuss it. ashley webster is here. i was listening old and sean kolodny. why do you think we are down? the economy is slowing. profit there down yet another reason? u.s. gdp growth is nothing in the rest of the globe seems to be slowing, too. if you look at what australia is doing, there is no real positive growth. they say wow, we bounced beautifully.
9:31 am
where is the momentum if they don't see it. maybe time to take some profits. stuart: 176. what is your reason i'm why we are down. >> or did much the same reasons. the economic numbers we see in the past couple months have not been good. now we have to look forward to see what we have here a nonmanufacturing read on how the economy has been doing pretty well. there are too many forces right now and nobody really knows what's going on until we see the data. we need examples above if a restart moving up here stuart: 14 straight weeks of dumping, they sent to collect in a dated 2008 straight weeks. 65 points right now to the dow industrial average.
9:32 am
how about amazon. the business marketplace which connects businesses to suppliers. $1 billion worth of revenue in the first year. a billion in the first year. how about netflix all over the place recently. today said $91 per share. twitter has a new low yesterday dropped below $14 a share bride at 14 as we speak. ashley: dgc they are not ordered as many ping-pong tables which is now seen as the measure as to how well the social immediate companies are doing. contrary to how about apple. the struggle to $95 a share. shah gillani, you bought a month days. >> had a great run with it.
9:33 am
i think the shots should go to 105 fairly easily. it doesn't support -- has some sort to get to 100 easily. i don't think there is any issue with the huge come to me. everything about it is one of the greatest companies in the world. the stock can go about higher. trained to you are trading kind of guy. must be received by something and you hold it for a long time. you are trading in and out all the time. >> i find something i like and i stick with it for years. as long as going in my direction. >> microsoft for a lot of years did i get so higher. i believe in taking profits. stuart: general motors. you'd like that one. >> car salesman phenomenal. general motors has a great position in china and that the chinese economy turned around, it looks out over there and do very well. stuart: you bought it.
9:34 am
you just let back into it. i want more on apple. a judge in china allows a chinese company to use the name iphone on its handbag leather goods. i don't get it. liz: this is how scary that is to do business in china. back in 2002, lo and behold 2007 a wallet in hand tag maker in china also apply for it. they didn't get approved until 2013. that is really amazing that apple now loses the word and could expand goods in china. other interesting is coming out of india. apple is not going to fill the used in india. that was supposed to help out in the downturn in china. they need a cheaper iphone over there. stuart: i wonder why. i just don't get it. traded to the big media
9:35 am
companies moving this morning. high profit at time warner. more money coming in. growth in hbo unit. time warner 75 at $2. super bowl 50 boosted their sales could look into the future, they expect strong revenue this year from political ads. cbs that 3%. how about disney. today is may the fourth, a celebration of all things "star wars" which is owned by disney. it is a play on may the force be with you. get it? nothing to do with the stop price. don't tell me it has. >> it's fabulous. it's great in terms of advertising upcoming movies, merchandising, just wonderful. stuart: did you see that movie? if i'd been an 8-year-old boy at would've liked it. how about oil. we are swimming in the stuff.
9:36 am
we are importing into america despite letter on fractures are doing. why are we doing now? there's no place else on the pan that to store this stuff. storage units falloff except in america. what you make of this? >> well, it goes to show it's a real issue in the oil market is driving the price that now we've become the public storage locker for the world for oil right now. that will not change anytime soon especially with iran back in the markets. train to have got a minor issue that the php brazilian prosecutors and another company called veil that hit them with a $44 million civil lawsuit over a collapse in the stock is down 4%. priceline and forecast slower growth. don't do that, please. the stock down $103. 7.6%. as for earnings tonight is import. liz: they are and 66 cents a share versus 36 and a share last
9:37 am
year. this company has not been profitable since 2003. it has lost money over the last 13 years. even though the stock is up sixfold over the last few years. the new shiny affordable model three will watch to see if that helps earning. this car is out in 2017. we have to watch what is driving the profit goes. stuart: why is shah gillani smiling smugly. >> i've been beaten up on this time after time. it confounds me. stuart: he smiles at his can founded. we are down 117 points now. we just wrote through about 120. google and fiat chrysler will team up on minivans. i've got several of them. the chrysler pacifica minivan.
9:38 am
stuart: i am the town & country. >> this is interesting for google. we are not going to be the car made. even though they put out a prototype, they are not in the car making business that they do want their autonomous technology this is the first time they teamed up with an automaker. this time with christ there. that agreement is an exclusive. it's interesting. it's a huge car. stuart: these news items do not affect the stock price. maybe they will weigh down on the road five years or so. so to speak. big names reporting profits. i want the numbers. >> the real estate website is up 17% today. turns out there is unique users jumped over 20% in basically the user base growth and the yet
9:39 am
these sales. the second thing to talk about it at sea, a website and in turn they saw the sales of over 20%. revenue grew over 40%. they spent over 70% rise marketing. and that is up 11%. stuart: we wanted you to show us the verse and you did. adidas plans to sell part of its golf business. what is that all about? >> this is interesting. the golf club started the business -- did you know a number of people back in 2000 when tiger woods -- sent then, the numbers have gone down frighteningly so. especially here in the united states. we are doing okay in the peril with shirts and shoes. not going to change that. but the clubs are going to get
9:40 am
out. adamson taylor made at adidas clubs that they are going to sell them. stuart: that is a story about the sport as opposed to the company. look at under armour. washington national players writes harper cited the biggest endorsement deal for a major league ace ballplayer ever. how much? liz: they won't disclose it. i want to know, too. is re-upping another 10 years. this is reportedly the bakersfield for a baseball player ever. i do armor is killing it with the liberals. they have the best of the athletes. south korea golden state. stuart: the stock is down 5%. evidently they are paying so much money that it affects stop right. >> as soon as we get the number we are going to break it. stuart: okay, i'll take it. how about looking at facebook. mark zuckerberg gives preference
9:41 am
to liberal news site, filtering out. you don't care about politics. you care about the stop. i think that's very important. here's a guy with a global audience filtering out there but it's not and only going from liberal left of center new site. >> it depends to what degree. not so much so that he loses viewers and he will probably change case. it's not affecting the stocks are at the or anything. >> dare i say it might be good with the stock. he's got a global audience. >> they are not americans. he's not interested in feeding the news about donald trump. a parent they they don't like donald trump so he doesn't feed it to them. transfer the question is whether he can hold his audience. stuart: he well. the stock price now? 117.
9:42 am
>> it is going to the moon. i miss in the gap open and i hope it comes back down 110 i can get back in. stuart: really kind of stroke the other day who says it's going to be the first trillion dollars come to me. >> facebook is on top day. stuart: check the big board down 118 points. that is where we are about 121 points. back to the election committee are in the cause donald trump the presumptive nominee. he's the guy. trump says he will unique party and the country as well. wait until you hear what he said about loving one another. from donald trump, moments from now. we are going to play that song.
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♪ tree into donald trump said last night america needs to learn to love each other again good role that they. >> this country is very divided in ways is going to become one beautiful loving country and we will love each other. we are going to cherish each other. we will take care of each other and have great economic development and we are not going to let other countries take it away from us. >> we have a trump supporter with us who happens to be a former navy seal. he is here and his name is carl
9:47 am
hayden v. who is that guy on tv? >> i don't know who does the graphics here, but i don't really like that. >> you know, this is donald trump. donald trump is peace through strength. he's uniting the party. he gave proper credit to ted cruz. stuart: you approve of it? >> i approve of it. stuart: it's got nothing to do with foreign relations. >> is trying to calm down a lot of people, especially the crew supporters. if donald trump is the nominee i will vote for hillary. that's ridiculous. they will get behind donald trump. >> you're a former navy seal and it was announced today with late yesterday that the servicemember killed in a fight with isis was also a navy seal.
9:48 am
the young man on the screen was one of 250 people who were sent to help the fight against isis. from my own point of view, is in sydney he was out there and stranded, debbie was a small force and he was very vulnerable. i would almost say the man was a tout it. >> u.s. here this is a failed foreign policies. want to withdraw the say the war was over. the war wasn't over. we pulled out and i was committed multi-resources here and there. tactically that doesn't make sense because they are a target. if you don't have logistical support like when we were in iraq the first time, there was not the people on the species. we don't have that now. stuart: do you think it is part of a plan to eventually pull out completely, just leave at some point? there is a stopgap measure. >> token forces.
9:49 am
political. the issue is that what point do you say you are in or out. you can't javaone in the middle. these sources are not intelligent enough, not well-trained enough and they don't have the resources to take the country in the way we get access. we do it ourselves. we're still in germany or japan but we are still there. we need to be able to commit to say their long-term or get out completely, but it evolved and start fresh. stuart: can you tell me what the motives against actor service personnel about donald trump? >> very positive. 0% of the people i talked to support hillary clinton military. 90% were donald trump and after ted cruz dropped out of think it's 100%. we want somebody with strength and will take our peoples back. look what happened with cory lewandowski. even though there were charges, he stood behind his guy. we won the legal right back to stand behind us. stuart: we hear you.
9:50 am
carl higby, thank you for joining us. we are down about 100 points. not the lowest today. we were down 120.99 to the site. that's how far down we are now. 20 minutes into the session. the commander, the navy ship attacked by al qaeda in 2000 is angry over the release of the gitmo detainees linked to that attack. the last ambassador john holt in the next hour. that'll be 10:15. first, the third leading cause of death in america. what do you think it is? i will tell you now. medical errors. we have a doctor next. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. ♪ (music pl♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪
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stuart: we are coming back a little, not a whole lot. down 80 points. we were down 125 minutes ago. how about this. a new study said just medical errors may be the third leading cause of death in america. many errors, apparently according to the study go completely unobserved in official records. here is the doctor from bob cornell medicine here in new york. welcome to the program gave >> thank you for having it. stuart: do you accept that study? >> i accepted and maybe even number two. number one is heart disease good
9:55 am
number to his cancer and this is number three. can you believe that? stuart: i find that hard to believe. why is this the case question is the lack of knowledge of the part of doctors? >> the medical industry needs to take the airplane industry, the aircraft industry in copy it. there's too many different worlds. every hospital has its own role and the most important thing is the culture of safety. were a workout, your presbyterian has been issued culture of safety and has to st. stuart: these are mistakes. this the wrong drug. >> absolutely. from drug. major, major problem. fingerprint can i.d. theft scam the patient can you. i'm so simple. all of this is taking it somebody taking in the military and the aircraft industry. you jump on a plane. you don't think about it.
9:56 am
you walk into a hospital and tell your friends i hope i come out of life. it's unacceptable but true. there's a lot of moving parts. all those moving parts have to be broken down, analyzed and no error can be expected. >> i used to rant about liability laws is. do somebody sent it goes wrong. i used to rant about that. it is the third-largest cause of of death is a medical error, i can understand those laws. >> there is harm that is done. some are warranted. interestingly the law starts coming down. the safety getting that are looking at all data. i can tell you many things that are copied from the aircraft industry that has made a difference. before you have surgery, we stop, introduce ourselves. we make sure that the right patient. simple as that. and that is decreased in the check to make sure we are operating the right side. you didn't do this before?
9:57 am
we put big taxes if we are going to operate on your left side. medicine is huge errors. other people are up for the loss of good medicine found all the same. you told anesthesiologists to give this. i thought you said that. a lot of things are being done to change that. don't lose hope. it's going to get better. stuart: is fascinating. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. in less than 24 hours, two democrats view the in an effort to knock donald trump. talking points from the democrats. trump secures the nomination. we are on it. plus the video showing the moment of life in a begin with a burst of light, this bird had the egg good father jonathan morris is here i'm not. our two is two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> new this hour, the
10:00 am
democrats invoking the kkk as they go after donald trump. first on this show with congressman brad sherman and now elizabeth warren. that's their new talking point and we are on it. coal country, that's one of the battle grounds in this election. coal country used to be clinton country. now the blue collar workers are going for donald trump. violent anti-trump protests with mexican flag on full display. geraldo rivera is here, my question to him will that display of the mexican flag actually drive people to vote for donald trump. commander of the u.s.s. cole upset that one of the terrorists linked to that attack is being released from gitmo. the market is down nowhere like we were 10, 15 minutes ago, the dow has regained 17,700. how about the price of oil? the bottom of the hour, that would be 10:30. we are going to find out how
10:01 am
much more or less we have in storage. those numbers could affect the markets. zillow, there's a real estate company with an upbeat sales outlook and that's going straight up. 15% higher for zillow. amazon is down, but their business marketplace, it connects businesses to suppliers, generated a billion dollars worth of business in its first year. the stock though down $3. how about twitter? a new low yesterday, drpd below 14, now, it's at 14.25. and don't forget about apple, a judge in china allows a chinese company to use the name iphone on its handbags and leather goods. where will that stop? and we also had some economic data, it broke at the top of the hour. ash, liz, what have we got here. ashley: wife'-- we've got isn better than expected. that's good. factories, production up 1.1%
10:02 am
also better than expected and we have the april non-ism manufacturing company, a lot of numbers flying at you, ultimately shows better than expected, not great. stuart: there's not much market impact because those numbers came out two moments ago, we're not moving higher before the numbers liz: the economy is growing, yes, improving because the wages and services sector, 40 k, and 50k. stuart: those don't tell me much. and now this, just like that. elizabeth warren went on an anti-trump rant on social media. this tweet boils it down. listen to this, there's more enthusiasm for donald trump under leaders of the kkk than the party he controls.
10:03 am
an early trump supporter, congressman, this is the second time in 24 hours that a democrat has invoked the kkk. what do you say about this? >> well, stuart, the energy and momentum behind donald trump as we saw last night, as we've seen in the last three primary tuesdays, is just astounding as hillary clinton continues to stumble and bernie sanders continues to win election after election. when the democrats come out with, i'll call them absurd, pathetic type of statements, it shows the one thing they can't do is attack donald trump on the message of securing our borders, bringing our jobs back from mexico and china and making america great again and keeping our country safe, defeating isis. that's been donald's message over a year and you notice they're not attacking his message, they're attacking-- >> is there any merit to the argument from the left, which says donald trump did not fully, totally repudiate any connection with the kkk or its
10:04 am
supporters? >> well, stuart, he did totally repudiate his connection, he never had a connection with the kkk. when they came out, he did, it's been asked and answered and again, this is the democrats, you know, very concerned and rightfully show, hillary clinton can't beat donald trump, so they're going to continue to see this, i mean, let's face it, you saw 15 or 16 other republicans alleging all types of things about donald trump and here he is on may 3rd, may 4th, locking down the nomination that no one thought could be locked down until july, the momentum is there, the message isn't changing and hillary clinton and her supporters have a right to be concerned as bernie sanders continues to beat her state after state. stuart: stay there, i want to deal with the anti-trump protests. you may have noticed, we certainly did, a lot of mexican flags on display. geraldo rivera is here. now, look--
10:05 am
>> flying the mexican flag, is that the implication of that introduction? >> no, no, i wouldn't do that. i'm not pejorative about it, there's nothing more like a red rag to a bull. >> i agree. stuart: than young people flying the mexican flag. >> the mexican flag, per se, it's the violence and anarchy. i have to address what the congressman said. i love donald trump, i congratulate him on his presumptive nomination, i think he's going to make a formidable. there's no doubt that donald was slow to repudiate david duke in the buildup to the primaries. he was playing much too cute for me than the old republican southern strategy. he could have done it much more forcefully. he did not. i think that he obviously, he doesn't have a racist bone in his body, i know the man, but what this is shaping up to be, when you consider that, and
10:06 am
this whole kkk baloney attack that's going on, plus, the disruption and the anarchy and violence attached to the latino students, what you're seeing is the beginning of a racial presidential campaign. it's going to be white people and people of color and the question-- >> he's not creating that environment. he now has to, i hope and pray, and firmly believe that the man i know and have known will now emerge, now that he is the presumptive nominee, now he will show people exactly where he stands on these issues. i think that he has the ability to reach over, but he must change some of the tone of his campaign. stuart: back to the original point, do you agree with me that waving the mexican flag like that is a red rag to the bull and pushes people towards trump not away from him towards him. >> i want to say again, do want to peacefully demonstrate with the mexican flag, you take your
10:07 am
chances how nonmexican or non-latino voters respond. when you attack that to trashing police cars, throwing over trash cans, lighting fires, breaking windows, there is no doubt that that drives voters to donald trump. stuart: i think the waving the mexican flag does itself per se. it's a red rag-- >> i've marched in so many parades, cinco de mayo and one fourth of the united states used to be mexico, i think they have a right to wave the flag as long as they are patriotic americans. stuart: they've got the right to do that i'm not questioning that whatsoever. >> what about the irish flag on st. patrick's day. stuart: that's different. it's a parade in new york city. >> you identify it. or the british flag, you identify with whatever flag your forebearers, you know, hail from. that doesn't bother me. what bothers me is conduct, not--
10:08 am
>> that was a political demonstration with people waving the flag with claims to parts of california. they believe it's theirs, and to wave that flag is an encouragement to go vote for donald trump. that's my point. as a pr piece, don't do that. that's-- >> if the latino vote is motivated and if these young people turn out to vote and if as expected on this trajectory, they vote for the democrat rather than donald trump, then donald trump will lose. that's the demographic reality of america today, and people who bury their sand and think that we're talking about the 19th century usa are doomed to fail in the new demographic makeup of the voting population of the united states. stuart: are we done with this one? done with this one. wait a second, i want to get on to coal country. that's a battle ground suddenly recently. what used to be clinton country is now turning to trump.
10:09 am
here is an out of work coal miner explaining why. >> i'm hurting now. there's a lot of families that are hurting and going without right now. we're not worried about down the road, we're worried about what we're going to do for our families now. stuart: that's pretty powerful stuff. donald trump picking up on that message. roll that tape, please. >> we are going to get those miners back to work. we're not going to be hillary clinton and i watched her three or four weeks ago when she was talking about the miners as if they were just numbers and she was talking about she wants the mines closed and she will never let them work again. let me tell you, the miners in west virginia and pennsylvania, which was so great to me last week, ohio, and all over, they're going to start to work again. stuart: you know, congressman collins still with us, i don't know whether donald trump can return those mining jobs, i really don't know, but it seems to me that donald trump has turned the republican party into a very different party,
10:10 am
one that really appeals directly to working people in a way it's not done before. it's a new party. >> stuart, you're absolutely right. the steel workers, or i should say former steel workers in western new york, the former auto workers in western new york and now the former miners in west virginia, you know, those are the middle class jobs that built our country and those are the jobs that have disappeared for one reason or the other, china, mexico, stolen our auto jobs and our steel working jobs, but the war on coal, barack obama and hillary clinton's war on coal, which represents about a third of the electricity produced in the united states, they want to put the coal miners out of work. they are dead wrong on that, on energy policy. so donald trump, it's interesting how he has tapped into the thought of who cares about you more. it's donald trump. it's not hillary clinton. stuart: congressman, i'm sorry, i'm out of time, but thanks for
10:11 am
being with us today. always appreciate it. >> always good to be with you. stuart: all right, listen to this one. the nfl warning players, don't eat meat from mexico or china. now, this is just coming at me. what's it about? >> it's interesting, the nfl sending out a memo to nfl players because that meat could be contaminated with an anabolic agent, klembutorle. it's like a steroid. >> got to get me a burger from mexico. stuart: geraldo. [laughter] i thought it had something to do with politics, mexico. >> steroids, who knew? >> thank you, everybody. you, too. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: it's a pleasure. check that big board, look at this, now we're only down 25, 24 points, so, getting close to break even after being down 120 a half hour ago.
10:12 am
next up, very serious subject. iraq. total chaos. some would say all, but lost. this is president obama's legacy, failing in front of us. u.s. ambassador john bolten coming up next. >> when the administration came in in early 2009, they began to disengage politically from iraq and not shape the political system which was in desperate need of help and in 2011 we pulled out all the troops and i can tell you that our leaders were unbelievably frustrated by that. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
10:13 am
put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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10:15 am
>> we're almost back to break even. the dow is at 17-7. how about the price of gold. approaching 1300 an ounce. now we're at 1283. down 8 bucks today. how about oil? right about there at $44 a barrel. that could change in 15 minutes
10:16 am
when we get new numbers how much oil there is in storage. to gas, 2.22 is the average. gone up a long way since 1.69 in january. where is the cheapest state, missouri. ashley: the show me state. showing me cheap gas, we love it. stuart: 1.97, worth a trip. to iraq where a navy seal was killed by isis and this took place just days after protesters stormed the parliament in baghdad. the country is in chaos. iran looks like it's about to take control, take over iraq. ambassador john bolten is with me now. i've asked many guests this, is iraq basically lost? >> well, i think essentially that's right. i think that iraq has been brecken up into parts. i think the kurds are well out of it, they're defacto independent and i think the rise of isis and the creation of their caliphate in western
10:17 am
iraq and syria has essentially accomplished that split. that's one reason why, i think it's a mistake for the united states to aid the baghdad government, which is functionally a surrogate for the ayatollahs in tehran. stuart: it's a total failure of america's policy, isn't it? am i going too far on this? >> look, it's a collapse and it was avoidable. people closely oversimplify what happened in iraq, was it a mistake? the military victory over saddam hussein was a triumph. we made mistakes after that, but from the surge, we gave the iraqis a chance. iraq fell apart in this administration, the forces that allowed iranians with the shias to take control. which is a different subject. stuart: i'm sure you're familiar with the commander of the u.s.s. cole, he says the release of a gitmo detainees who was involved in the bombing
10:18 am
of that ship, the cole. the release of this person denies justice to the 17 people killed. i take it you agree with that? >> absolutely. i think the whole movement to close down gitmo is a mistake. the release of the prisoners and i include steps in that direction at the end of the bush administration, i thought it was a mistake. it simply falls to say that gitmo is a recruiting tool for radicals that will harm their recruitment if they close it down. they'll find another pretext, that's a people to put people who killed americans and allies, and can stay there until the conflict is over. stuart: and is there any advance you would hold any kind of position like secretary of state? is it on the cards at all? >> there's a chance for almost everything, stuart. i think that will have to abide events. stuart: say what? >> abide events. stuart: abide by events. in other words, time will tell.
10:19 am
>> that may be the british way of saying it. stuart: that's not something you're supposed to say in journalism, only time will tell. can you stay here after the break? i've got more for you. boeing wants to sell planes to iran some in congress would say that it means american company is sponsoring terror. ♪ you're late for work.
10:20 am
10:21 am
you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you...
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10:23 am
now, this connects businesses to suppliers. that business marketplace generated a billion dollars in its first year of operation. >> what a milestone, so basically it sells all sorts of office supplies, even, you know, farm, agricultural machinery parts. 20% growth rate, this is on fire, could be 855 billion in sales for overall sector a year. stuart: it's not amazon that sells it, it's one company selling to another at the marketplace liz: amazon gets a piece of it. stuart: nice place to be, a billion dollars worth of business. stuart: wonder the percentage, what's the vig. >> you're americanized. stuart: totally americanized. and i've got a segue that's very, very serious. boeing's ceo has received a strong warning about doing any future deals with iran.
10:24 am
three republican congressmen from illinois, rascome, dole and we urge you, boeing, not to be complicit in the likely conversion of boeing aircraft to ie-- the iranian revolutionary guard corps. mr. ambassador, still with us? a lot to say. is there a chance that a boeing plane sold to iran could be used for military purposes? >> sure, used as troop transports, as bombers. a lot of air frames also have military applications, the big manufacturers like boeing and airbus design with that in mind and i think that the congressmen have raised the fundamental point about the nature of iran and the remaining american sanctions. remember, most sanctions were put in place against iran not only for the nuclear program, but because iran has been the central banker of international terrorism. they still are. this regime has not changed and i think that boeing and a lot
10:25 am
of major american companies need to worry about what their shareholders will think if they get into these deals and there's a new administration or new legislation from congress that suddenly takes them out of the picture. stuart: which would you prefer, secretary of state or united-- which. >> i've been ambassador to the united nations, been there, done that. it would be a great-- you're not going to get me to say it. you can keep trying, but good luck. stuart: i think you're on the show again later this week. >> probably so. stuart: all right, mr. ambassador, thank you very much. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: let's do something totally different and i mean really different. mcdonald's, well, first it was all day breakfast, now, that's what's on your screen, garlic fries, a great idea liz: it's a great idea to go with your 53 cent coffee that you like. just kidding. four stores in san francisco area, could expand to 250.
10:26 am
garlic, olive oil and parmesan chees. ashley: smell awful. stuart: look at the stock. on a down day, they're pretty close to 130 record high for stocks liz: and you'll enjoy and get the garlic from a locally sourced farm. stuart: bottom line, they're putting stuff in front of people that people want to buy. whether it's the dollar or $2 menu or whatever. now, garlic fries. i mean, that, look, it's what, 10:26 eastern time. i could eat garlic fries now. i have no problem with that whatsoever. i could eat it at 4:00 in the morning. ashley: can we order them right now? >> no, it's in san francisco. fedex. all right, settle down on the garlic fries. donald trump the presumptive nominee for the g.o.p. what does trump need to do to sway republicans who still oppose him? back in a moment.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: moments from now we will get news on the price of the supply of oil and how much oil we have in storage. right now we are up. it is 10:30 a.m. precisely. >> 2.78 million barrels. stuart: i took your word. up 2.7 million barrels in storage. there is more in storage. stephen is with us. what do you make of this? it seems to me that the glock keeps getting bigger. i do not know what oil is up $44 a barrel. >> we are still in the midst in the shortest sleeve of the history of this contract.
10:31 am
stuart: what is a short squeeze me in? technical movement within the market? >> in the beginning of february, speculators were holding the longest. they sold futures. against oil prices. what we have seen during the rally is everyone contract that the speculator has bought during this rally, the speculator has bought six contracts. they have had to buy back their contracts. they have exacerbated this move. when you have a bare out by the bull by a margin six: one, you have a bubble, which is where we are right now. stuart: huge supply light this. are you saying that you think it will go way down, the price of oil? >> we have seen the bottom in oil prices. i do think that this bubble will pop.
10:32 am
i do think we will see a retracement. simply, because, to our point, we are swimming in more barrels. taking out the all-time commercial record set back in october 1929. what is going to happen in the next month and a half. oil inventories will begin to fall. we are going into the demand season. that demand season will only be about eight weeks. we are still adding barrels on the main scale. stuart: that is fascinating. stephen, thank you very much for explaining this. it is not something that everyone is familiar with. what you said is dynamite stuff. thank you. checked the big board. we are down 50 points. down 120. now we are down 48. look at priceline. forecasting slower growth ahead did that is the biggest loser on
10:33 am
the s&p 500. 500 stocks there. the biggest loser. down 10%. $136 per share. down. how about that. back to the election, please. jonah goldberg is with us. i remember very well that you were in the never trump crowd. i know you were never a trump guy. now he is the nominee. what i want to know is, what this trump have to do to bring you on board with this candidacy? can he do that? >> no. he cannot. my personal boat, i think he is an honorable and decent guy. i do not want to say never in the sense that we do not believe in redemption, given what we know about the man, given what i know about the man, i will never vote for the man. i do not want him speaking in my name. i do not want any ownership of
10:34 am
his candidacy or presidency. stuart: how do you answer to people in that case, jonah, basically, that is able for hillary. >> mathematically, that is just ridiculous. i live in washington, d.c. i grew up on the upper west side of manhattan. at least seven, eight, nine. [laughter] as a conservative growing up in the upper west side of manhattan, i was basically like a christian in ancient rome. i understand that my vote does not matter. what matters is how i make a living. i am not like a lot of the portal cool consultants and politicians that you have on tv. go with the crowd and go with the party. i am not a party guy. i take my principles seriously. this guy is not a conservative and he is not an honorable man. i cannot vote for him. that creates problems for me
10:35 am
professionally. i am not a hillary person and i am not a trump person. >> i see where you are coming from. how about the rest of the republican party, if i can put it like that. let's unify. do you think it will go very far? >> they have to say that. donald trump, he has not even apologized to say that ted cruz's father was involved in the kennedy assassination. reaching out to a lot of the people in the party. a parliamentary style government and waiting. name his cabinet. name his vp. not going to wing it or run the president like a reality show. you pick the right people. i am voting for a coalition, not necessarily donald trump.
10:36 am
i am voting for all of these guys that he will bring in. that would reassure a lot of people. stuart: we like it when you address the issue head on. see you again soon. thank you, sir. bernie sanders. he won last night. i think that that made hillary the biggest loser. risk and reward host deirdre bolton is with us now. deirdre, he lost the women's vote. >> yes, he did. stuart: i am sorry. >> and that youth vote. the woman's vote was a little bit more surprising. bernie sanders has had a lot of support. love him or hate him. he started a movement. he and trump are really not that is similar. both talking about what people care about. it is about jobs and it is about money in their pocket. he had michigan.
10:37 am
he had wisconsin. now indiana. you think i am going away? i am sorry. i have bad news. stuart: the mother load of delegates. >> on the face of it, it is like losing proposition. do not count him out. stuart: she lost the women's vote. she lost the youth vote. she lost the white vote. >> nonwhites before 45. to sanders. sanders got that. stuart: dewdrop, you answer this one for me. how do they go on to win the general? >> talking about these super delegates. i am not a supporter of bernie sanders, but i feel for him when he was talking about the system being rigged.
10:38 am
hillary has the machine, we notice. it is not really breaking news. even fundraising. breaking a little steam. he has a very tough road ahead. he has a populist movement behind him. >> how many of those people jump to trump ticket. stuart: mcdonald lifetime high. let's see where it is at. 129. >> can you believe this? >> go to san francisco. p2 they may roll this out. what a great idea. stuart: who does not like garlic fries? stuart: what do we have on apple? still having a pretty rough go. facebook as an innovator.
10:39 am
a great innovator. no longer apple. facebook has control of our mind. they are essentially creating and curating your news feed. it is easier to get into our brains then to make a budget. stuart: they are skewing left. >> they are skewing left. stuart: left of center. >> a lot more opinion. your friend write something that he or she thinks is news it can show up in your news feed. they be it is not quite 500 news, it is your opinion. stuart: hillary clinton and donald trump, yes, they are the
10:40 am
nominees. what is the father's message? pray for the country. what does he mean by that? what does he think of this? >> this country which is very, very divided in so many different ways, will become one you do full loving country. we will love each other. we will cherish each other. we will take care of each other. we will have great economic development. we will not let other countries take it away from us. ♪
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> remember varney and company begins at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here is what you missed last hour. art laffer on the economy and the possibility of a recession. stuart: the markowitz rattled. what is this about a recession? >> i do not think there is a recession coming, but they are certainly is no recovery. all of the integral policies and regulations. do not expect recovery until you get a policy change. that is going to come. i think we will win it. then you will see u.s. policies getting very good with a bull market for as far as the eye can see. ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: it does indeed look like trump versus clinton in the general. last night, father jonathan morris tweeted this. it is hillary versus trump. let's pray for our country. the good father is here.
10:45 am
worried about either president trump or president clinton. are you? >> i would say this year, two candidates that are flawed more than other election cycles. professor from princeton, he just put out a little note. very true. if you believe that ted cruz's father was involved in some way in the shooting of john f. kennedy, then vote, of course, for donald trump. if you believe that god the was stirred up because of a video, then vote for hillary clinton. how do you say i trust my government? i trust the safety of my country to these people? just hours before he knows he will win the nomination. stuart: within an hour. after he won the nomination last
10:46 am
night, he was saying we have to learn to love everyone. >> how can you say that with a straight face, stuart? it is absolutely true. i believe that donald trump can do that. donald trump is very -- it is whatever works. do it. it does not mean they cannot shift. they cannot change. call our politicians to a higher level. it is what is about right. i say there is some redeeming factors involved. pro- abortion. willing to go down that road to a tremendous degree.
10:47 am
perhaps even more than barack obama. donald trump has a lot of redeeming qualities, in my opinion. then he does these crazy things. can i trust him? i do not know. stuart: the holy father is probably on hillary clinton side on this one. >> i hope he does not tell us who to vote for. we have shown this constantly for the last week. we love it. the flash of bright lights. the sperm meets the egg. we asked fox news about it yesterday. listen to what he had to say. >> i think that god is in charge. of course there is light at the moment of conception. god said, let there be light. at that moment, white is created. chemical reactions are the sign of god.
10:48 am
this is not an either or. we make a huge mistake in our society thinking it is an either or. stuart: i take it you agree with that. >> it is incredible to hear that from doctor siegal. we see life a science proven. the laws of god's nature. taking their course. that is a beautiful thing. nobody can explain the origin of matter in itself. there are laws of nature that are taking their course. how did it all begin? there is something behind all of these laws. that is why call them the laws of god's nature. stuart: looking at a sonogram. a child inside a will. these days, it looks like you are watching a movie. you know what i am talking
10:49 am
about. i think that has made a significant difference. not only can you see this, now you see the actual moment of creation. what is the difference? >> a 13-year-old girl the bronx, to me and tell me she was pregnant last week. she went to the doctor. she saw the sonogram. things change when you see a sonogram. stuart: there is a fine story. i think we leave on good terms in an agreement. thank you, father. we will see you again. even paul francis not say safe from troubles on twitter. plus, two democrats in less than 24 hours. that has been a new talking point. the mainstream media running with that message. coming up. top of the hour. ♪ you both have a
10:50 am
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10:53 am
stuart: a new study suggests medical errors may be the third leading cause of death in america. many errors go completely unobserved in official records. here is a doctor from wild cornell medicine here in new york. thank you. do you accept that study?
10:54 am
the third largest death is medical problems? >> i accepted. and maybe number two. number one is hard to his heart disease. number two is cancer. stuart: are they tired? >> the medical industry needs to take the airplane industry, the aircraft industry and just copy it. too many different rules. the most important thing is the culture of safety. where i work, and amazing culture of safety. that has to change. it has to be standardized across the country. >> absolutely. absolutely. the wrong drug. nature, major problems. what can be done about these things? fingerprints. ids. it sounds so simple. you had somebody taking from the
10:55 am
military before in the aircraft industry. you jump on a plane, you do not think about it. you walk into a hospital, you tell your friends you hope you come out alive. that is unacceptable. broken down. analyzed. no error can be accepted. stuart: medical liability lawsuits. sue somebody if something goes wrong. sue the there. the third largest cause of death is medical error. i can understand those lawsuits. >> there is harm that is done. some of the lawsuits are frivolous. some of them are warranted. they are coming down. safety is getting better. i can tell you many things that are copied from the aircraft industry that has already made a difference. we stopped, we introduce ourselves, we make sure we have the right patient. stuart: it is as simple as that.
10:56 am
>> we check to make sure we are operating on the right side here it you did not do this before? we put big exes if we will operate on your left side so we do not operate on your right. these are all errors that have happened before. other people are responsible also. you tell in industries geologist, can you get this? oh, i am sorry, i thought you said that. do not lose hope. it will get better. stuart: doctor, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> fascinating stuff. facebook choosing which news you see. the full story at the top of the hour. on united the party. how will they do that and beat hillary? howard kurtz on the mainstream headlines on the day after trump becomes the nominee.
10:57 am
we will be right back. ♪ [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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11:00 am
stuart: that is cruel. "leaving on a jet plane." they did say they would move to canada if donald trump becomes president of the united states. donald trump is the presumptive nominee for the republican party. we are down 74 points as we speak. off the lows of the day. we were down 120 earlier. look at mcdonald's. that is what garlic fries will do for you. we have the latest read on the amount of oil in storage. we are at $44 a barrel.
11:01 am
ashley: we are. i know you do not like the estimates. that is how we measure these things. 2.8 million barrels extra. the highest amount. we are swimming in this stuff. we are running out of places to store it. stephen schork says in our program in about 20 minutes ago it will go down below $30 per barrel by the end of the year. that would be a hit on the stock market. let's get back to politics, shall we. with me now, the real story host, gretchen carlson. howard kurtz. ashley webster, of course. elizabeth macdonald. let's deal with this quickly. they will go to canada if trump
11:02 am
is elected president. they are not going anywhere, are they? >> who cares. what about the celebrities that are endorsing bernie sanders when they are not the nominee. are they going to leave? >> i better get elected here and it is a great service to our country if they did leave. >> you wanted a quick. stuart: i am moving on. the mainstream media has already started in with negative trump headlines. this one from the washington post. confronting the dilemma. are they ready to help elect when did? the first line in the "new york times," the republican party's trek into the darkness. a fateful step into indiana on thursday. >> they despise donald trump. the question of what conservatives that are now in
11:03 am
the never ever ever trump camp. it is a very legitimate one. a question i will be asking on my show. stuart: jonah goldberg was on the show earlier. he said in good conscience he could never vote for donald trump. >> so are steve hayes and some other prominent conservatives. they are in a real box. they do not want to help elect hillary clinton. some of them have gone so far against donald trump that they are really in an uncomfortable situation. >> let me back up a little bit here. would you say that the mainstream media, if you could lump them all together -- you are smiling. i think that you can, they are adamant to a trump presidency now, and in the future and the election. >> they are in the tank for trial. of course it has been good for
11:04 am
ratings. at the same time, much of the coverage of trump is gone. was negative. was dismissing him for months and months and months. not a serious person. i do not do that there's that much sympathy. trump loves to attack the mainstream media. we just say good. it is good for ratings. bring it on. stuart: we put him on this program because he makes news. he is news. >> he interviews in a way that had crews and marco rubio and jeb bush did not. thank you so much for your time. stuart: i have plenty more coming. how about this one. they spoke. not exactly talking. >> they are filtering and pushing people. >> same thing. it is the same thing as blocking. google does the same thing. stuart: you have facebook.
11:05 am
the trending topics on the navigator bar on the top right. believe me, i know this to be true. they use news curators to push news into that trending topics area. the "new york times." >> who is creating the trend? >> have a quarter of the world's population. stuart: if they are directing political traffic left, slightly left, that is an enormous amount of power. >> it is not just facebook. the people who like donald trump. they wanted their voices heard. the people's voice heard on these public websites of popularity. it should be what they are interested in. that is what should be trending. >> the idea of plugging the book -- the idea of cooking the books, so to speak.
11:06 am
lots of people read news on facebook. it become so politicized. 12%. >> that is as bad as the mainstream media. [laughter] stuart: let's move on to twitter. he tweeted this out. jesus christ the incarnation of god's mercy died on the cross and out of love he rose again from the dead. the point is responses to it. >> that is the way to describe it. he can block these feeds. the answer to that is no. p2 pico bot the responses coming
11:07 am
in. probably not going to do that. >> twitter twitter is turning into a vulgar towns where. stuart: that is a fair point. that is the nature of twitter. >> it is the nature of twitter. people feel like they can have this anonymous sort of posting. even when i talk about being a christian on the air, all the trolls come out. when you say stuff like that, you are used to it. it does not make it right. stuart: any comments, mr. kurtz? >> a lot of news corporation have stopped accepting comments. it has become a real burden. stuart: all right. moving on real fast this morning. florida's governor accusing the recent minimum wage increase in california to try to poke business away from california and bring it to florida.
11:08 am
>> state to climate change in florida. here is the thing. stuart: that was sarcasm. the federal reserve bank did an analysis of this. it will cost california jobs. it could be in the order of 200,000 jobs. 700,000 jobs could be lost wage. stuart: do you think that it will work? >> they are already paying such high taxes in california. this will not go into effect until 2023. the governors in there right now trying to get in the minds of businesses. look, you can come to florida. it is working in other parts of the country. bring your business to wisconsin where we will treat you better. >> even governor gerri brown worried at the beginning of the year. stuart: let's not forget, in
11:09 am
florida there is no state income tax. there is no estate tax when you pass away the mac california to florida. that is important. stuart: okay. the democrats new talking point. that would be the kkk. two democrats, brad sherman, on this program and senator elizabeth ward on social media, you vote the kkk when denouncing donald trump. howard kurtz, will the mainstream media, will they pick up on the talking point? >> elizabeth warren has a big megaphone and get that out it out there. politicians, pundits, i do not care who it is, they on substantiate the charges. they distance themselves from the endorsement. we cannot let that stand. we have to try to do with facts. stuart: it is a stretch to make
11:10 am
that association on the evidence available. that is a real stretch. >> i am sure that it is popular on the left. donald trump said things they consider to be racially sensitive. a lot to criticize donald trump on. you do not have to go there. stuart: they're talking point twice on this program. it happened. to the market. we are now down 68 points. dare i say stabilize. ladies and gentlemen did that is it for rapid fire today. our thanks to gretchen carlson. watch watcher 2:00 p.m. eastern on the real story. one of these days i will make an appearance. >> the blooper reel. [laughter] 11:00 a.m. returning at 5:00 p.m. eastern time.
11:11 am
is that correct? >> take you very much. back to those violent anti-protest from the left. looking at a democrat to condemn those protests. we will find one. he has joined us next. ♪ here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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11:14 am
>> ouch. look at this. priceline. it forecast slower growth. do not do that. the biggest loser on the s&p 500. ashley: profits and revenues that the wall street. when you have a weak earnings outlook, that is what happens to your stock. up 25%. looking for a new chief executive. 10% down for a stock like that. how about zila. they gave an up beat sales outlook. look at it go.
11:15 am
and of pete sales outlook. >> they will continue to go up. 166 million unique visitors in the month of march alone. they increased 32 million visitors. they are up to 166 million. stuart: and one month? >> one month. march. of course, they still have a huge user base. stuart: that is phenomenal. thank you very much. you have seen the videos. increasingly violent protests from the left. we have been looking for someone on the left that will condemn this. come on in, jim, a democrat. you, sir, say that this is unacceptable? >> yes, i do. the issues are on the side of
11:16 am
democrats right now. what violence does is it takes attention away from the issues and move it towards the actions of those that are violent. whether it is on the left or right, the fact that they draw attention causes real problem. stuart: also, we often see the mexican flag being waved. i say frequently that that is like a red flag to a bull in america. people waving a foreign flag. demonstrating against a candidate. i do not think that that goes well. would you condemn that, to? >> what they do is they draw attention away from issues. natural or democrats. drawing a broad branch of support. any violent activity, it is not good. on the left and the right. things that have been done.
11:17 am
that i think are not useful. from the scale we have seen in this election campaign. what we expect to get a lot more of. you bring this to everyone's attention. we are looking for people on the left. you are hurting your own course. i have seen it. i have seen the discussion of the issues that can help wedges going again and jobs back. these sort of things distract attention. whether it is on the left or the right. it is useless. i think it will stop. stuart: i will ask you to
11:18 am
condemn one more thing, if i may. this is not the condemnation power, but i want to bring it to your attention. driving past with a trump sign. what is your take on those kids doing that? >> ugly gestures, any of that, again, whether a trump rally or a ted cruz rally, i think cruz when after a kid for a couple things that he said, a real place in politics. all it does is it causes us to bite into these camps on the left and the right. everybody needs to tone it down a bit. say that we can have a real discussion on the issues that face the country.
11:19 am
i am a hillary clinton supporter. proud to be with her. again, you know, that does not keep me from saying as an american i think the things we need to talk about are the real issues that face the country. violent acts and outlandish behavior do not make the kind of discussion we need to have. former governor of south carolina. thank you for joining us. much appreciated. the arlen see. calling for the gop. calling to unite around donald trump. cruz is out. how exactly do you create unity? all of those nasty things that have been said. we have the winners after this break. ♪ you both have a
11:20 am
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for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: the biggest casualty last night. hillary clinton. how could a traditional democrat lose louisiana? they did not come out for her. they jumped to a socialist from vermont. the white vote. she lost them all.
11:24 am
losing those key constituents. the economy is at a dead stop. she is tied to president obama's economic policies. her plan to deal with it, more tax. hardly attractive when a recession looms. why did she appear in west virginia? coal country right before the indiana vote. she was confronted with her kill coal statements. donald trump talking optimistically about jobs. hillary talked apologetically about job losses. another misstep in a campaign that has failed to generate any real enthusiasm. just about everyone is shocked about what happened in the election. close behind is hillary's continuing struggle. the delegate count is back in
11:25 am
her favor. the loss in indiana is another signal. we have not even mentioned in indictment. ♪ ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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.. stuart: will get back your favorite politics of the moment. the dow is heading south again.
11:29 am
back to a triple digit loss. we've got problems with a declining dollar. we've got problems with the price of oil holding a $44 a barrel and forecasting down. and we've got maybe a slowing economy virtually a dead stop at the market doesn't like it at 17650. how about mr. how about mr. system? a six-month high. strong forecast gives 15% gain. make donald, please don't forget big donalds. they are talking about garlic fries. 130. here's the latest on the republican race. john kasich was supposed to address reporters in washington in the last hour. that event was pushed back and it has now been canceled. instead, he is staying in ohio. he will release a statement about 5:00 p.m. eastern today.
11:30 am
peer speculation, but what do you make of this? ashley: i think it's out. that's the speculation and probably the right move. liz: up until yesterday he was saying he wanted to win at an open convention that he was the lone alternative to an immensely damaging donald trump candidacy between two candidates. we do not know what john kasich will say. >> unless the rules of the rnc change, it cannot even be put in nomination unless he wins 50% of the popular vote cast in a primaries. there's only nine primaries (-left-paren that's probably a mathematical impossibility. his alternative would be to get the rules changed and he probably? the horses and we should do that. stuart: well said. by the way, john spicer, communications director with the rnc joins us now. welcome to the program. a timely appearing if i may say
11:31 am
so. >> it is. i'm still talking about the garlic fries. do you have any knowledge of governor kasich and is 5:00 p.m. declaration? >> i do not. your job really is you've got to get republican unity. reince priebus last night put out a tweet -- donald trump is the presumption gop nominee to unite them focus on meeting hillary clinton and if that's how you're going to do it? if you don't unite around trump, hillary wins. that is your primary ammunition. >> i don't think it is a threat. i think it is a reality. we have lost two elections in a row and that in itself suggests we don't have the votes that we need to win with just
11:32 am
republicans. we need a united republican party and then some. so we need every republican to understand what you may have had a different one of the 17 candidates is your first or second choice and we have an individual to get 1237 on the unity while the democrats keep fighting it out, while bernie sanders continues to win the state and we have an opportunity to get focused on the general election before the other side and build our ground game for the next several years so that we are at a much better advantage than they are. stuart: louis gomer, republican from texas said he's not going to support trump unless he gets a full apology for everything that he said. jonah goldberg, national review said it's not in my heart. i can't vote for donald time. you've got an uphill struggle when he felt the main political people saying no way, not going to do it for trump. >> well, there's no question. a lot of individuals have made
11:33 am
statements like that. we need to focus on healing the wounds have been caused by the primary process. but we've got time to do that. we need to understand and every one of these individuals who have said that i hope will come together and realize the bigger picture at hand of four years of hillary clinton is much more than four years in terms of time. there are things that she will do during that time that will set off a trajectory that maybe not reversible in terms of judges and think she will point and do that we need to remember the big picture here. i hope all the individuals you have mentioned another's will come together and recognize that. stuart: how about the donors? donald trump will need a billion dollars. as the rnc going to come home raise a billion dollars for donald trump? >> i mean, you've seen under
11:34 am
reince priebus record amounts of money and we will continue to do that. we are far outweighed in -- stuart: can you get a billion dollars -- >> i think that as a team we can come together and raise the money necessary. frankly we have to. not just for the presidential race, but it's not an if. it if they must be a stuart: john spicer, communication structure for the rnc. sorry you couldn't say anything about governor kasich at 5:00 this afternoon. thank you very much. much obliged to you. ashley: this is an e-mail that went out within the last hour from the kasich campaign saying governor john kasich is the only one who can stop tromping unify our party in time to defeat hillary clinton. so please sign-up on the kasich ticket. liz: that's a question you don't know if he's going to stay in or
11:35 am
not. it's interesting. stuart: everybody speculating. nobody really knows. 5:00 eastern time tonight we will figure it out. now this. medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in america. judge napolitano if you are not one. i shall hereby end my rant to sue doctors and hospitals. >> and i have a copy of this? stuart: and make a point i think. who would've thought -- >> to be honest with you, number shocking to me. i've tried a lot of these cases that the judge and all most all of them are big to restore the doctors because the insurance carriers are very astute and they know what to saddle. so they settled the case that they think they are going to lose and go to trial the ones they think they will win and they are usually correct. having said that, there really is no remedy for this other than
11:36 am
the threat of litigation. that keeps insurance rate that. the report this morning is devastating about wrong body parts being removed and wrong dosage is being given an brown patience been in the wrong room and data communications. normal human error that you and i could make and then we apologize on air. if we were positions the person could be dead. what happens in great britain. stuart: no idea. i don't live there anymore. i've been gone for 40 years. this is for you. a muslim inmate in prison in texas when a case to grow his beard out according to his religion. what do you make of that? >> in prison, your liberties are limited to the court is required to accommodate religious liberties.
11:37 am
i am somewhat surprised at this. however, allowing the person to wear a skull cap and growing beard is presumably not going to affect the discipline in the present. so there are prison so there are prison for that is permitted in the prisoners don't have to go to court. normally the court cites a discussion of the people that run the prison unless they find a discretion is being exercised in dictum layer for a bad reason. really, what do we care if the prisoner wears a skull cap unless he wears it as a subterfuge to smuggle some in the prison. stuart: last one for you you'll be pleased to hear. a court in italy has ruled it's not a crime to steal food good if you're hungry and homeless, you can steal food no-caps-on committed. the map while look, which is the higher right? the height to say arrived to retain their property. the defense here is the defense
11:38 am
of necessity. a person would have to share more than hunger. they would have to show that they were finished in about to collapse or die theoretically for the defense of necessity in order to justify the cheese and sausages from a little shop in rome. it was worth about $10. but he was prosecuted and he's been in jail for 10 days because he has no home. stuart: the morale of the if you can take it if you're hungry. >> this is in laments where he sold well for brad to stay alive. that's a great story, but it's fiction. in reality, we do have categories of right and the highest of those rights is the right to live and to stay alive and notwithstanding my unabashed defense of the right to private property, it is secondary to the right to stay alive.
11:39 am
stuart: do we not have similar rules in some states in america? when i lived in california, i seem to remember you could walk away with five or $6 a fit if you are truly hungry nothing happened. this was many years ago. stuart: we don't have such a rule in such a daze. if you drove your car to box him here to times square at 90 miles an hour, you would be stopped in prosecuted unless your passenger with leading to death and you had to get the passenger to the nearest center. stuart: how about if one's wife is pregnant by to deliver. defensive necessity. judge napolitano as always, thank you indeed. the markets were down 100.45 minutes ago. now we are down 87. we have been down all day. sometimes 120, sometimes 10. let's get the whole country west virginia. what used to be clinton territory, not anymore.
11:40 am
they laid off coal miner who recently confronted hillary was on fox business. more on this in a moment. >> i'm hurting now. a lot of families are hurting and going without right now. we are not worried about it down the road. we are worried about what we will do for our families now.
11:41 am
>> i am nicole petallides with
11:42 am
your fox business brief. 140-point loss yesterday. the dow jones industrial average. today we see down there is once again. the dow was down nine-point. s&p down 13. just over half a percent. the nasdaq down 35. priceline, trip advisor under pressure after priceline did a forecast below expert patient pain slower growth for rooms and that's not is down about today. also watching anheuser-busch. this is after and that is under pressure. they are both lower. tender is helping match. over 20%. tender was about 20 bucks a month, the dating website. your business hours are the same as your insurance company's. now claim calls are eating into work. and you don't know if you'll get an insurance check or a severance check.
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11:44 am
stuart: you know coal country is becoming a real battleground in this election. it used to be hillary clinton territory. it's now turning rapidly to try. but to what chris collins had to say about disappearing jobs in coal country earlier today. >> former steelworkers, the former auto w new york and now the former miners in west virginia. those are the middle-class jobs that built our country and those are the jobs that have
11:45 am
disappeared. donald trump -- it's interesting how he's tapped in to the bottom of who cares about you more. it is donald trump. it is not hillary clinton. stuart: who cares about you most? it's not hillary clinton. it's donald trump. that is chris collins, an early trump supporter in congress. hall is the man is here. he is a lawyer. he always smiles. i never was a lawyer. i create jobs in this country. >> you're a clinton fundraiser. >> that's correct. there is a ring of truth in coal country. trump is regarded as the guide for the working man and hillary is regarded as the lady destroyed in coal country jobs. >> i don't think that's accurate assault. she misspoke and she apologize. i think she wants to get rid of fossil fuels and create
11:46 am
alternative energy. great programs to retrain workers there who lose their jobs. >> what about the coal miners who lost their jobs as a government handout. the taxpayer program will give you this in place of your jobs. that doesn't make it. you know that. >> i think it does. i think she has a program that is serious in rail where she will get rid of capital gains tax for businesses. it will create more jobs because businesses will be more -- she is trying to retrain them to go for alternative energy. she believes that not anything she felt bad that she met with the guy. that's what happens when you go run the country and meet people personally. if the human dynamic. you see that she really cares and has the need. stuart: bush is killing the jobs. president obama and hillary clinton are gung ho to kill the coal industry.
11:47 am
>> they will retrain them with a new alternative energy sources. stuart: you think you can replace those lost jobs in coal country with alternative energy jobs in wind and solar? >> to a large degree you can. if we care about creating jobs here, that is her mission and she's serious about it. i think she will follow through even if west virginia votes against terror. i think she will remember this. i really believe that. stuart: west virginia will vote tour. you wouldn't want to take me on that one. >> historically haven't put up for a democrat in a long time. stuart: i can't live in indiana yesterday hillary clinton lost the woman spoke. she lost the white vote. she lost to you though. don't you find that incredible? i'm being extreme here. >> the flipside is she only lost
11:48 am
by 3.5.. already she has 3 million more votes for her than bernie has had nationwide. in vienna has a caucus. it can open primary is not democratic voters that a lot of people can vote. this effectively is diverse diverse state in the midwest. i think it's unusual. >> to lose the women's vote and there's no problem with that? she lost the white vote in indiana. you are not troubled by this? >> i don't believe she lost the woman vote. sick leave and pay for family time i think is the woman vote and i think that people rally behind her. she has the most favorable ratings among women were donald trump has the least favorable. i'm not worried about the women's vote at all in terms of hillary clinton. >> the exit polls clearly show she lost the women's vote.
11:49 am
i find that absolutely incredible. >> remember it's an open caucus so it's very different. she had all these things. new york, pennsylvania, maryland. she's on a roll. >> using shall be donald trump? >> i do. >> the poll today shows should when 54% to donald trump 41%. that's what the cnn poll showed today. i think it will be a tight election. stuart: within the next couple weeks parroting the couple weeks parroting the primer is and west virginia come up oregon, kentucky. bernie sanders fleets and all of them especially after last night. no concern at all. >> she has almost 300 delegates ahead of him. mathematically it would be extraordinarily difficult to make it at this point. stuart: she's got the delegates though not. >> she doesn't take it for granted.
11:50 am
i think those are the rules everybody has. i don't know about being. i can't speak to that. everybody knew what the rules are and i think she is going to do very well and she has momentum. remember, 3 million more people have voted for her than bernie sanders so far that bad. stuart: i shall remember that. >> hold me accountable as they always say. things are being with us. stuart: the left continues to hold violent protests against donald trump and the gop. we've got more on that in a moment. ♪
11:51 am
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ train to the left continues to hold violent protests against donald trump for the gop. david horowitz is with us, and the author of the book progressive racism. welcome to the program. could i say that those protests which our viewers just saw on the screen is an example of progressive racism? >> yeah. it is an example of american fascism is what it is. these are not new. these moms occupy wall street with a lot of vandalism. what when on in turkestan and
11:55 am
what when on baltimore are all related because they are funded by soros and they are public government unions and organizations which is a north korea outlining communist party. the demonstrators -- rioters. people shouldn't call a protest. they are obviously there to stop a speaker from speaking and cause violence. stuart: on this program we had a congressman and this has been repeated by a senator, the assorted equidistant as protests with the failure of donald trump to condemn some people in the ku klux klan who were supporting trump. to me it's apples and oranges
11:56 am
big time. that to them, they are trying to do this to snare drum. >> stuart come with all due respect, that is idiotic. the fact is they can identify them clearly. look, i am going to the campus, san diego state because i put up posters which identify supporters of terrorism. there are organizations that are funded by the university that support terrorism and the response of the left, 300 of them surround the president of the university's car and trap them for two hours. he finally got out. he apologized to them. they did think he had condemned me. they wanted him to condemn me for putting up posters. not one of those students was disciplined and that's the problem with these mobs. these people and they need to get some jail sentences next six
11:57 am
months are sent to mike that that will mean a penalty they are doing. we have a lawless society because the executive and law-enforcement is intimidated. but our president is supporting this. stuart: david, we appreciate hearing from you and your book, progressive racism. thank you for being with us today. i think this is a very, very subject. david horowitz, everyone. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: we will have more "varney" for you in just a moment. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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