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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  May 8, 2016 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or website, . >> this is not the fastest two minutes in sports. >> no. >> this could be the saddest. job layoffs in april jumping 35% from the month before now at a 7 year high. as job creation falls to a 7 month low. reminder why the economy is the number one issue for voters. which one of these candidates can get the job done. hi everybody, this is "bulls and bears." the bulls and bears this week, gary b smith. jonas max ferris. and joe lesti. lisa. which candidate has the best plan for jobs. >> donald trump well he's a business guy. this should be the single
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biggest issue for donald trump. the problem for hillary clinton is that she's been campaigning to basically be a third term for president obama. what have we seen under the past 8 years of president obama. we have 94 million americans out of the workforce. we're at a 7 year high for layoffs. so he's are some results of president obama's policies. small businesses having to pay 11,000 dollars per employee for regulatory cost. >> joe, you have a businessman running against, than you were
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four years ago? and for most americans the answer is yes. >> it's not nour years it's been more than seven and this economy has not grow faster than 3% in that 7 year period. i know you have done the work. who's a better job creator. hillary clinton or donald trump. >> clearly d the united states. it just managed to move forward. of course some jobs are created.
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jobs are created under every president. he talked about all his failures. but what he doesn't say is donald trump created a lot of jobs. a lot more than hillary clinton. they have run through the numbers of all the candidates and now it is winnowed down to bernie sanders, hillary clinton of course and donald trump. and look, they had donald trump coming in to answer the question specifically creating about $5.6 million jobs. how many jobs under hillary clinton? zero. in fact losing 300,000 jobs. why is that? because hillary clinton wants to do things like have an alternative minimum tax on million dollar earners. she wants to raise the marginal tax rate to 43%. she has said nothing about reducing corporate taxes while donald trump wants to satisfy tax plan, lower taxes. reduce corporate taxes. it all makes sense. i'm not sure donald trump or
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hillary clinton is the perfect candidate. but when it comes to creating jobs. donald trump easily has the trump card. >> and he wants to get rid of the regulations. >> yeah they cost 1.9 trillion dollars last year to businesses and that is one of the problems. look the americans are not very happy with this economy. look, joe's numbers are right. he just didn't mention the other side. which is what people do when they are partisan one way or the other. the truth lies somewhere in the middle. yeah a lot of jobs have been created. lowest labor force participation rate in four decades. the problem is -- and this is going to be about the economy. make no mistake. this election nik nearly every election will be about the economy. the average family since 1999 is making 4,000 less than they were at that time. and that is what you are feeling right now. we are at 5% unemployment. that is true. but i those jobs were replacing the jobs that were lost, if they were really that good, why is
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gpt at .5%? and the only answer is because these jobs are not as good as the jobs that were there. and americans going forward, donald trump has at least a tax plan. i really like with small businesses and the regulation. not a lot of gran granularity yet but in the -- >> targeting jobs is not a great concept if you are in a reception. all the plans are going to create jobs for various reasons. in the short run they will all create jobs. i don't know if any of them are create long-term plans.
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all of a sudden the economy slows down and then you have problems. as for trump. he wants to build a wall. that is a straight up fdr project. it does create jobs in the short run more than any plan on the table right now and it comes right down to it. however his trade deal plan that could be executed well, it theoretically could bring some jobs back but it could just as easily backfire if it's done poorly and lead to less jobs. >> people when they go to the pooths in november they have to make a choice about who is better for the economy. and we wouldn't have -- hillary clinton would have sealed up the nomination by now if even democratic voters were on board with what's happened in the last 7 plus years under president obama. >> i think that is the point hire. how do voters peel and the reality is they are talking about millions of american whose haven't seen an increase in pay and have actually seen a decrease the in pay.
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and that is a problem for someone like hillary clinton. when you look at exit polling one of her biggest struggles is not only the dishonesty but comes under the question is does this candidate care about me? and voters do not believe she does care about them. the same problem mitt romney has well. >> her husband former president bill clinton was campaigning and actually kind of joking about the wall street jobs that have been destroyed. i mean, they might need those people and their money if she doesn't win in november. >> i thinkr kids.
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we're talking about raising the minimum wage to make sure these people who are working these jobs have more money in their pockets and they are also paid for their productivity which is two times what it used to be. >> but -- >> these guys have got to focus on all of that that effects the economy, it is much larger than just jobs because -- >> small businesses and medium sized businesses employ 70-75% of the people in this country gary b and smaller business owners are more worried about regulation now than they were when president obama took office. that is one of the critical job creators is getting rid of all of those rules that have been imposed in the last seven our a is actually a good thing because we've prevented a bubble.
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i give them props for that. to your point and you are right, in fact there is a direct correlation between government growth and percentage increase in the gdp. do you know what the correlation is? it's negative. you really -- it is very tough to target jobs. you can target by regulations or lack thereof in tax policy how was the economy grows. that is why trump in this case -- we know what hillary stands for. bigger government. bigger government like jonas said, the march towards europe. that's where we're going to get lower gdp growth and fewer jobs. >> and thank you for interpreting in english what jonas said earler why. >> i've been having to do it for a while now. so i kind of understand. >> thank you so much guys. cavuto on business is about 20
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minutes no now. what do you got. >> donald trump telling me what would be a good presumptive running mate. made sense back then. so why is something he just said raising a lot of concerns right now? >> plus laid off and ticked off. the former coal miner who confronted hillary clinton isn't happy with either party. we'll see you at the bottom of the hour. >> neil, we can't wait. thank you so much. but up here first, deportations plunging despite our immigration budget rising. some here are asking what the heck are we doing?
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are trying to contain the flames. now back to "bulls and bears". >> the same week we're hearing illegal immigrants crossing our southern border surging, we get this. the number of deportations diving, 43%. even though that part of ice's budget jumping 21%. is it time to let ice do its job? >> i think what you want here is an organization that operates effectively.
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when i was doing my research i found that for the new director to redirect her suite and assistant's suite. they spent a hundred thousand dollars. there is a red flag right there. this organization operates just as in effectively as every other organization. put a pause on bringing immigrants in like we talked about and wait till a new administration, some new people are in there that can do the job. >> do the math on this. you have a budget that is going up and deportations that are falling. how does that make any sense? >> if you are a taxpayer you have to be kind of concerned about this. looks like ice received about a billion in increased budget. the problem is we've seen fewer deportations. and the problem is that the administration's policy are so convoluted that officers have to carry around cards to figure out
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which illegal immigrant takes priority to be deported. and under president obama's policies he's invited and enticed this kind of border surge that a u.s. customs official said is the new normal now. >> there is a surge of illegal immigrants that are showing up at the border right now, joe. and how is it not an enticement when you have deportations that. it is not working. even if we did increase deportation, they are coming back. and the other side, traffickers are finding ways to get around the systems and we've got to be able to adapt. it's does more than just catch and deport. they have to do processing and they have to do investigation. and here is the number one focus they have.
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get dangerous, undocumented workers out of this country. that is what they have got to do. there are also now in the as we saw in the early 2000s, more family, more children here that are u.s. citizens whether you like it or not. if and if you we're going to separate them from their parents, it is not going to happen. they get their due process as well. so we need comprehensive immigration reform to fix this issue. >> how about enforcing the law right now as it stands. these people have come into the country illegally and we have the money to deport them. and deportations have plunged. >> but they have been the highest -- >> i'm not talking about -- a h percent right. we immigration formula but it's been longer than 20 years. and it's been terrible and continues to be to this day. here is the problem i have with the deportations. when you talk about people that
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come across the border. i talk to a lot of border eighties about this specifically. if you have two guys come across and they are from a middle eastern country, they focus on those two guys. they will get them and they will deport if you have 50 that have from mexico or a central american country, they give them a ticket and ask them to go to the courthouse. they just simply don't show up. so you have immigration focus g focusing, but focusing just on those small groups they fear are part of isis. >> huge financial burden. what are we going to do do it r about it. >> you can't get mad at the cat for not catching enough mice to come through. that is what ice is. you have to make the cheese harder to get tand fix the hole in the wall. these people are coming because our economy is improving. they can get jobs here. federal idaho. punish mirrors for hiring people. and you have to get rid of cash to it's hard to pay people
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illegally. and the cheese is gone. >> we make it seem like illegal immigration is a okay with us. thanks guy. catching in just over an hour from now. what do you have coming up? media and even some republicans predicting trump will kill the gop. can he make it a more successful party? >> and some of the criminal justice department, are they going too far with this one? >> up here first. lookout(t(t( [ soft music ]
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8/5 pacific, only on abc. feel like you're being watched? you might be. new privacy concerns over high-tech billboards that can track smart phones. investigating now what they are calling spying billboards. >> i particularly don't like the path and trend going on. it wasn't long ago when it was controversial for google to do paid search ads that were targeting you are behavior. if you talked about what they are doing now when the internet was getting going people would have said oh that's bizarre. and everyone's watching you when you walk into a store and -- this is going over board and they have to give the user more control. >> john does it bother you? >> no i understand these billboards are the dangerous. i heard they found big foot
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behind them. these conspiracy theories are great but there is not a plesiasaurs in loch ness. >> i find it creepy. and i don't like the fact that you can't opt out of it. that's my biggest concern. >> you can turn your communication services off i guess. >> he's been tracked right now with cameras and the chip in his car and all that stuff. the upside is we can probably catch more bad guys this way. that's what i like about it. >> i'm -- this is marketing and advertising to people. >> whoa and so what is the downside for you. >> there is a lot of risk in people knowing exactly what i do -- >> blah blah blah. >> [ laughter ] >> yeah okay. joe, but in the age where people are posting unfortunate bikini photos of themselves and even providing the most private information to company whose profit off of it, what is the problem with this?
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>> we do this -- we give away our information like it means nothing to us and companies are profiting from it. the problem is that we need to be able to opt out. or we could do what we do in northern virginia. just ban billboards all together. >> yeah that's what we want. thanks guys. to lisa and joe and everybody for joining us. and happy mother's day to each and all. want to make money out of the kentucky derby without betting on the race? a thoroughbred stock pick ready for the winner circle, neck.
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prediction s gary b. go. >> greeters are coming back to walmart. i like that. i like the stock. it's up 10% by the end of the year. >> customer service at walmart. john? >> taxi cab drivers are going to be obsolete in ten years. gm with partnership with lift. i own it. it's up 20 percent i think by the end of the year. >> gary? >> i think there are a hundred other better car companies to buy. >> a hundred? a hundred? >> jonas your prediction. >> -- kentucky derby anymore. bourbon is all year round beverage benefitting --. up 15% in a year. >> john you look like you are a
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bourbon drinker. neat. >> i need bourbon to understand jonas. >> i need bourbon to live with im. thank you everybody. neil is now. ♪ ♪ for republicans, it is the number one question:who will be donald trump's number two? it wasn't that long ago the outsider told me he would need an insider. >> i would say it would be better for me to choose someone that is very political that can help us out politically. because i've got a lot of other qualities. and i'm very political also but i don't think we need two guys like me. >> okay. so somebody who -- >> yeah in my case i think i'm better with a very political person. so i think i would keep it that way. >> that was back in new hampshire when we didn't think we'd see this day. now we are. welcome back.


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