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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 8, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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futures." have a great mother's day, everybody. i'll see you tomorrow. join me tomorrow with donald trump live tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. morning eastern on the fox business network for good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. house speaker paul ryan today, shocking the republican party by breaking his word to support the gop presidential presumptive today declined to say that he would support donald trump and didn't offer a coherent or rational reason for his extraordinary behavior as the man who will be running the gop national convention. ryan effectively said he isn't prepared for trump to have won as much as he did or as soon as he did. >> i hope to support our nominee. i hope to support his candidacy fully. and i want to do that, but right now, i've got to tell you, jake,
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just being candid with you, at this point, i'm just not there right now. i thought, actually, this thing was going to go to june 7th at the very least, probably to a convention, so this is all pretty new for us. but at this point, i think he needs to do more to unify this party. to bring all wings of the republican party together, and then to go forward and to appeal to all americans in every walk of life. >> to be clear, ryan didn't offer any specifics about who he would -- what he would like to see trump do. trump fired back. he said, quote, i am not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the american people. they've been treated so badly for so long, it's about time for politicians to put them first. we'll be taking all of that up with influential republican senator jeff sessions tonight. and paul ryan may be trying to
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take down trump. and another of trump detractor's has awakened. two months ago, former mexican president vicente fox insisted he wasn't going to pay for the expletive deleted wall, but last night talking with bill o'riley, fox changed his tune. >> i'm humble enough, be compassionately, if i offended you, i'm sorry. but what about the other way around? >> i think it's very important to invite donald trump to come to mexico and to learn about the real mexico. >> well, trump making it clear the wall is nonnegotiatable, whether he visits fox and mexico or not. and fox will have to do far better. this is what donald trump said when asked if he had a message for the former mexican president. >> get your money ready, because you're going to pay for the wall. we lose a fortune with mexico.
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trade deficit, $58 billion a year. the wall will cost 10. believe me, they'll be able to afford it. >> our top story, the republican establishment's efforts to subvert the will of the people and donald trump's candidacy. house speaker paul ryan says he's not ready to support trump as the party's nominee, and he is not the only woman expressing such reservations. mitt romney, former presidents bush 41 and 3 say they're not planning to support trump either. a marked shift for the elder bush, who has endorsed every republican nominee for the past five election cycles. but some of the elites are coming around. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he now plans to back trump and is calling on other republicans to unite behind the presumptive nominee. my first guest tonight says speaker ryan's comments are a very serious mistake. joining us, senator jeff sessions. a member of several key senate
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committees, including budget, armed services, and the judiciary. senator sessions is the first senator to have announced his support for donald trump for president. senator, great to have you with us. i think it is appropriate that i say to you, congratulations, as well, on donald trump's claim as the presumptive nominee of the republican party. you were instrumental, from the very beginning. >> well, he certainly has an appeal to the american people. and i think certain republican leaders and establishment figures need to ask themselves how it is with the process not even over, he's gotten more votes than any republican primary candidate in history, who's talking directly to the american people. they're concerned about trade, about immigration, about a foreign policy that's restrained. all of those are conservative values, lou. it's conservative to want a
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lawful system of immigration that serves the national interest. it's conservative to favor a trade policy that defends american manufacturing and workers' jobs and wages. and to have a foreign policy that's restrained. >> and donald trump, senator, as you know better than anyone, has talked about having a robust military, a foreign policy that is based on a military that is second to none. rebuilding our military. and we all know that fundamental to that is the economic base of this nation that has to grow, it has to be restored. no other candidate has talked this much about rebuilding our structure and creating growth in jobs. it's shocking to me to hear conservatives like, at least, a man who claims that he's a conservative, paul ryan, say he's not ready, quote unquote, to support the party's presumptive nominee. >> well, the speaker of the house is a big leader and an
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important figure in the republican party. he calls on house members every day to stand with him in unity and he needs to set a good example for republicans. i think this was a big mistake. i really do. and i'm really surprised, frankly, since he'd indicated he would support whoever the nominee was. >> he is breaking his word. and a leader cannot lead when he does that. there is a man faced with 434 other members of the house who have to come together on a budget. he has not succeeded in pushing that forward, advancing that. the conservatives, the conservatives of the republican party are extraordinarily distressed, because he wants to spend more, not less money. >> that's right. we need leadership that says, you know, that favors the american worker for a change. who listens to their concerns for a change. and they have legitimate
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concerns. trump has been strong and clear. he's had the courage to take on the establishment. and some of them having difficulty dealing with his big victory so far. >> you know, senator, i suspect that you are 100% correct in your assessment. we are watching mitt romney. i mean, he's behaving like a spoiled child. here's a man who's put so much energy into battling donald trump, he might have been president, had he put that energy into his campaign in 2012. and paul ryan. these two men have nothing to brag about, and the conduct of that campaign and obviously the result, it is staggering to me. let me ask you this. let's turn to the future. donald trump already working to unite the party. what is your sense when we'll start to see even more progress in that direction? >> well, you know, we need to reach out and i'm working and
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others are right now to talk to leaders within washington and other areas, but, you know, ryan was right about one thing. he only has one vote. it's the vote of the american people that are going to decide the next election. and people with the most endorsements have pretty much gotten the lowest votes so far. >> senator sessions, always counting those votes. you know, i have to say, too, i think we're all seeing an example of why the american people are voting the way they are and why they have chosen the man they did, because of this establishment and its sense of entitlement, its delusional -- i mean, i've just got to say this, senator paul ryan needs another month to adjust to new circumstances? i don't know if we've got the right person in that speaker job if he's that slow to process, do you? i shouldn't put it that way, senator. you've got to negotiate. >> well, lou, he did say he
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wasn't expecting this result. if he'd called me, i would have told him how it was going to come out. >> you've been very clear about that for about ten months. >> it's an important thing. i do think it's incumbent for the republican leaders and officials to understand why trump has support. and they need to understand that we need to make some changes. the republican voters have demanded a lawful system of immigration. what's wrong with that? they've said we don't believe these trade deals are working for us. and i believe evidence will prove that and already shows that. why don't we respond positively to those kind of requests. trump has and he's taken the nomination. >> well, senator, i mean, all the american people have, in evidence against the elites who know better, as expressed, for example, today, but paul ryan. all they have are 40 years of
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trade deficits on the part of the united states, consecutive years on their side. senator, it is always great to have you with us. thanks for being on the show. >> thanks, lou. >> and again, congratulations. jeff sessions, not only prominent and instrumental in the trump success, but i have to say, he is one of the most respected republican senators on capitol hill and just a great american. republicans don't just want to win the presidency this fall. they want to keep their majority in the senate as well. but president obama is doing everything he can to block them. president obama monday gave six interviews to local television stations, but those interviews came with a condition. the president set the condition that those reporters ask about judge merrick garland's stalled nomination to the supreme court. why? because each of those reporters worked in states where an
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incumbent senate republican is up for re-election and it's competitive. president obama apparently wanting to name check the senators for blocking the nomination. and another example of the obama white house, well, just exerting extraordinary control over the media, local and national. one of the president's top advisers, ben rhodes, now says it's easy to spin the national mainstream media. in a profile of rhodes due to be published on this weekend's "new york times" magazine, rhodes says journalists call him to find out what's going on in the world. they literally know nothing, he says. let me repeat. "they literally know nothing." we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. rnc chairman reince priebus declares donald trump the gop's presumptive presidential nominee. >> we want to bring unity to the republican party. we have to bring unity.
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>> so how does trump bring that unity and who in the gop establishment is already working to bring the party together? former reagan white house political director and fox news contributor, ed rollins with us next. and in our next segment, we'll show you three daredevils on a quest for a top of the world view. the vid at cancer treatment centers of america, every patient gets their own care manager. it's a long journey, and we try to help them through that. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... one of the great things we do is help them manage their symptoms at home. we are available 24/7. we want to take as much stress off the patients as we can. my name is mena... collette jodi stacy learn more at appointments available now.
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donald trump after his big win in indiana, now turning his focus to the general election. one of his first orders of business, to unify the republican party. earlier today, trump had some kind words for texas senator ted cruz. >> let's call the competition, i guess. it was a tough race. he was a very tough competitor, honestly. lyin' ted is now -- we will now put that aside. i really respected the job. i mean, he was a very tough competitor. and i said that last night. i was surprised that he left, actually. there was no path, in my opinion, but i was very -- i still thought he was going to the end. i just heard that he was going to the end and about an hour before i started getting rumors that he might be leaving the race. so i was a little bit surprised. >> you know, i have to say that
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i wasn't particularly surprised. and, you know, i hate those people who say, i told you so, because i'm going -- i'm just about to become one of them again. on the 25th of april, i tweeted these words. cruz and kasich are done. they decided to run in a pack, like hyenas. you know i'm the only one not being gracious in all of this. joining me now, former white house political director, great american tax strategist, ed rollins. nice to have you with us. >> nice to be you. >> were you surprised? >> i thought it was a big mistake. i thought cruz the last couple of weeks had a very bad campaign and i think to a certain extent, that was one of them. it really looked like they were piling on and doing exactly what trump said they were, you know, sort of violating the rules. and i think that really backfired on them. >> i was absolutely, i have to say, i was impressed that reince priebus stood up, took charge of
7:18 pm
the presumptive nominee declaration, made it -- he tweeted it out. and i thought that was a wise move on his part. >> well, it's trump's party now. and at the end of the day, reince has to deal with him effectively and help him and he's going to help reince. you can't have a war between the chairman and the nominee. we have a lot of o work ahead. one of the unique things about trump, he's put this campaign quicker than any other campaign that's ever been put together. normally it's that two-year process to get ready to run a campaign. he did it in short order and with very limited resources. i give his team with great credit. now they've got to go fix all of that and get ready for war with a weak candidate, but a very strong organization against him. >> do you agree with priebus, it's going to take a little while to unify the party, or do you -- it seems to me in many ways, that process is alrea underway. >> i'm amazed at how quickly it
7:19 pm
has changed and i think a lot of people are now basically didn't expect trump to win, and then when he did win and win so overwhelmingly, it's sort of like, okay, here's our choices. we have hillary clinton, we know what she's about, and we have trump, who's a very strong leader, who can articulate a message as well as anybody and is plenty tough. my sense over time is trump is going to leave a lot of people that aren't happy today to the promised land. >> there is, it seems to me, a lot of focus on wisconsin and all that has transpired since then. wisconsin, i believe, turned out to be, what looked to be cruz's great victory. it turned out to be his waterloo. it was the last thing they did right and everything from there fell apart. >> it did. and i think the key thing here. and i've said this on the show. i thought cruz had a great campaign team. they won the delegates after the fact, in many cases. i don't think he was a great candidate. there was something about him, a
7:20 pm
very articulate guy, that you just didn't like. trump, who everybody said is not going to be a great candidate, turned out to be an extremely great candidate. very articulate and very tough and obviously will get better as time goes on. now as he moves forward to draw the lines between not republicans and him, but between hillary clinton and him. and that's going to be something that brings people together. >> let's talk about what appears to be his opponent for the fall, hillary clinton. reporting now, the hacker got into her account -- not on her account, well, her account with 2,200 classified e-mails on it, but also got there through one of her advisers who had open communication with her. >> well, sidney blumenthal who is an irresponsible journalist at one point, an adviser in the white house, should never have had access to all of that stuff, but he was one of her confidants. but the fact that he had an aol account, probably any hacker can get into an aol account.
7:21 pm
>> probably in violation of the white house wishes -- >> right, hiring blumenthal. so as they unravel this thing, this thing is a long ways from being over. and i think at the end of the day here, she did some things that obviously are improper and certainly many people think illegal. >> it's going to be some race. and what do you make of james comey, the director of the fbi, telling us all that it would be -- that this month, may, that we could expect some action. >> well, i think the most important thing about him is he's a man of great integrity. that he, himself, is going to question her. i think that's unprecedented. but he is a great prosecutor. and the fact that he knows every question and every answer. so what she has to be very, very careful of is perjury. because he will basically press her hard and make sure she's telling the truth, and that she basically gets off the line and doesn't tell the truth, that's a felony. >> and, you know, rudy giuliani says that he looks at the evidence as we know it.
7:22 pm
he sees 13 violations of federal law right now. if gooseberg is telling the truth, we've moved to, again, another whole level. ed, great to see you. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. ed rollins. follow me at twitter @loudobbs, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. if you've ever wanted to fly, this video may be for you. watch as three acrobatic pa paragliders flip and spin while flying 16,000 feet above europe's highest peak, mt. blanc. the daredevils eventually made their way to the ground and had a few complaints. they said their hands got a little cold 16,000 feet up. despite that, they said the stunt was worth it in every way. exhilarating and a remarkable, remarkable accomplishment. up next, more good stuff.
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a few thoughts now on speaker paul ryan. ryan is neither a gifted legislator nor wordsmith. he could have easily, instead of saying he would not support donald trump, noted that trump's accomplishment at becoming the nominee is all the more impressive, because the republican establishment and congressional leadership fought him tooth and nail all the way. no republican leader attacked trump harder than did ryan, despite his responsibility to remain neutral as speaker and chairman of the republican national committee. yet the increasingly petulant ryan says he's not quite ready to support ryan right now. this despite calling for party unity for months and claiming he would support the party's nominee. >> we're going to support
7:28 pm
whoever our nominee is. you know why? because it's the republican primary voter who makes that decision. and that's who we respect. i do believe that we will be able to unify as a party. and i believe whoever our nominee is going to be, we'll be able to find a way to make a unified front work. my job is to help unify our party. it's to take all pieces of the conservative movement in the republican party and help stitch them together, especially after a primary. >> well, that's one view. but the part about respecting the voters, that rings a little hollow today, doesn't it? paul ryan sparing few cliches today said this isn't about him, when it is obviously, precisely that. it is clearly all about him. at least in his highly inflated view of himself, six months now as speaker, apparently does that, and being on a loser national ticket does as well. he's done both. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, for his part, has done the right thing. he's committed to supporting the party's nominee, chosen by those
7:29 pm
republican voters that ryan said he respected, but now doesn't, dishonoring the will of the people. ryan is no man of his word. he is a leader whose call for unity in his party, even as he makes unification impossible. ryan doesn't seem to understand that he is diminished by his betrayals. he could hardly appear smaller than he does this evening. the quotation of the evening, if i may, from sir francis bacon, who said this of some of the political kind. quote, some ambitious men, if they find the way open for their rising, and still get forward, they are rather busy then dangerous. but if they be checked in their desires, they become secretly discontent. and look upon men and matters with an evil eye and are best pleased when things go backward.
7:30 pm
senator bernie sanders has beaten hillary clinton in 9 of the last 14 races. sanders now thinks he can take his brand of socialism all the way to the white house. >> i have absolutely confidence that we are going to defeat donald trump. >> but at this point, can anyone defeat donald trump? we take that up with former speaker of house, newt gingrich, here next. from the depths of the sea emerges the unexpected. you'll see two extraordinary encounters of the best kind, right after these brief but important messages. we're coming right back. stay with us. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking.
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a message from the american academy of dermatology joining us now, best-selling author, 2012 presidential candidate, former speaker of the house, and the man who once led a revolution himself, newt gingrich. great to have you with us. >> good to be with you. >> your thoughts about what donald trump's accomplished over the course of the last 10, 11 months in becoming the party's nominee against, as i said earlier in the broadcast, against really, all odds. >> well, it's extraordinary. you have to go back, at least, to five-star general of the army, dwight, david eisenhower, who had been the allied commander in europe to find anybody who was as much of an outsider. and obviously, ike had been part of government for a long time. if you skip past eisenhower, i don't know of any occasion where
7:35 pm
we've had somebody come from this far outside normal politics, win the nomination of one of the two great parties, and do so as decisively as trump has. remember, a lot of people were saying, will we ever get to 1,237? is it going to be a long stretch from california? he got a month before california, it became obvious he was going to be the nominee. and that is in and of itself a remarkable cheechlt. >> and at the same time, while many people, even three weeks ago, were talking about the republican party facing a contested convention and at least two of the candidates working toward that, along with aid of the establishment itself, it is the democratic party now facing the prospect of a contested convention, at least if a leading democratic socialist by the name of bernie sanders has his way. >> i did a facebook live this
7:36 pm
afternoon, and people get to send in questions. and one of the questions is, what happens if hillary's indicted after she's nominated? and i think it's a fascinating question. the fbi continues to work. they continue to move closer and closer to some major decisions. the democrats are on this track between a 73-year-old vermont socialist and a career politician who goes back all the way to the mcgovern campaign of 1972, or before that. and yet, they're sort of sleep walking into a country where people are sick and tired of business as usual and politics as usual. i think it's going to make for a very different fall campaign than anybody currently expects. >> can you imagine a field of candidates formed by the republican party, 16 rather 17, no donald trump, and it would be jeb bush versus hillary clinton. the nation, i think, would beque
7:37 pm
would be quite a different expression of the popular will, don't you agree? >> well, totally. i mean, first of all, because trump aroused so much excitement, we've had a 60% increase in voter turnout among republicans, while the democrats are suffering from a 35% voter decrease in turnout. in states like pennsylvania, there has been a substantial shift of people, over 40,000 democrats left the democratic party to become republicans, in the last couple of months. so trump has introduced a level of excitement, enthusiasm, optimism, even, that didn't exist seven or eight or fine months ago. and making america great again may well become one of those slogans that rival john f kennedy's new frontier as a way of explaining where we're going. >> and it certainly communicates a desperate, desperate cry from many americans who find their
7:38 pm
future, frankly, foreclosed because of an economy that is not growing, because of wages that have been stagnant for so long, and a middle class that is shrinking. let me turn very quickly, dr. brrns brrns has been appointed by donald trump to search out a vice presidential candidate. what qualities would you recommend to donald trump were he to ask you? >> well, first of all, i think dr. carson is a good choice, because he's a man of impeccable integrity. he's extraordinarily bright, and he will approach this in a very methodical way. i would say, one, would the vice presidential nominee be capable of being president? that's the threshold test. because this is a real job. and occasionally in american history, we've suddenly had vice presidents become president, and he'd better be capable of doing it. two, is the vice presidential candidate compatible with donald trump?
7:39 pm
trump's got to have someone there who's going to be his partner, junior partner, by still partner. i think that's key. third, if they meet the first two tests and only if they meet the first two tests, can they bring something to the ticket? can they help carry a state? can they help bring in an ethnic group? what is it they do that helps you get elected? >> do you have anybody in mind? >> no, i think there are 10 or 15 very capable candidates ranging from governor martinez in new mexico to governor scott walker in wisconsin. you can go all across the country. the republican party today has a lot of talented people. >> including newt gingrich. what are your thoughts about him? >> well, i think that he's very, very unlikely. he would not be at the top of my list of possible candidates. >> i love the way we worked that through third person, all the way down to first person singular. newt gingrich, great to have you here in person. >> good to be with you. thank you. we have two close encounters of the wild kind to show you
7:40 pm
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well, joining me now, pat buchanan, senior adviser to three presidents, twice a candidate for the republican presidential nomination, nationally syndicated conservative columnist, best-selling author, and all-around great american. good to have you with us tonight. and let me just say, how do you feel after watching a candidate that you've supported throughout get to the finish line? >> well, i think it is an extraordinary event. this is extremely impressive. here's a total outsider who i
7:45 pm
didn't think when he first got into it that he could do well, but i did think by july, i said, this guy's going to be in the finals. but it is an astonishing achievement, lou. there's no question about it. and there's a real possibility donald trump could be the next president of the united states. >> you know, i think there's probably no more sure empirical evidence of that possibility, pat, than the number of leading democrats who are already just biting at his ankles and going after it. it's, it appears that the democrats are far more afraid -- they got what many of them said they wanted. they have donald trump as the nominee. >> i think they're very comprehensive about donald trump, because there's a real x-factor. he does extremely well in the republican primaries, which have the largest turnouts in all of history. and he's done well in traditionally democratic states. and more than that, lou, they know they've got a candidate who, frankly, is not a great candidate.
7:46 pm
hillary rodham clinton, you've got bernie sanders has been chasing her all through these primaries. he beat her last night. and i think they realize that, you know, that if the country's looking for change, they're not going to want to vote for hillary rodham clinton. and even in the democratic party, they know the country's looking for change. >> right. you know, he represents, it seems to many people, and i'll speak, certainly, for myself here. he is a disruptive force in the body politic in washington, d.c., which is to be kind, fossilized in ideological terms that just defy the -- any way in which to actually move the nation ahead. >> you know, the vote for trump is quite specifically a national repudiation of the beltway establishment of both parties, including the republican party, which the trade deals they've had, with their failure to secure the borders and deal with
7:47 pm
the immigration issue, and with all these wars they've gotten us involved in, they seem unable to win or end. and so i think it really is a repudiation of establishment in d.c. and the whole country, and again, i'll even point to bernie's votes out there in the democratic primaries and caucuses. they're a rejection of washington, as well, and what's happened to the wages of working people. >> yeah, and those are issues that both you and i have been focused on for many years. it is so exciting to see a candidate who has set the agenda, who has pushed forward the issues, the novice, who was dismissed by so many at the onset, when -- back on june 16th of last year, he enters the race, he has defined the agenda throughout the entire process, hasn't he? >> he's not only defined the agenda, we were told these 17 republicans of the others were
7:48 pm
the cream of the crop, the greatest field ever been put into a primary process. and he defeated them one after another after another. and frankly, he did it on issues. and i've mentioned to others, he's got three aces, lou. the immigration issue is number one, the trade issue, the jobs issue is number two, and the foreign policy issue. america first is number three. i think the country wants this. i think you've seen, again, hillary clinton, sort of moving over on a number of these issues. so i think he's got the bit in his teeth and i think the democrats are right to be nervous. >> and the republicans are already showing signs of coming together and moving behind trump, which, of course, will be essential. >> i think -- you know, here's why. first, trump has a real interest in uniting the party. he wants them all behind him. they've got an interest in uniting, as well. they have both houses of congress, with the presidency, that means you've got the
7:49 pm
supreme court. lou, i was in richard nixon's white house all four years of his first term. he had four supreme court appointments. we could have four supreme court appointments in the first term of the next president. and you've got to tell a republican, look, i know you may be unhappy, you may be with cruz, you may be a moderate republican, you may not like trump, but who do you want picking the next four supreme court justices? >> pat, we have that discussion very quietly. we don't want the democrats to pay attention to that possibility. pat buchanan, great to have you with us. good to see you. >> good to see you. we're coming right back. much more straight ahead, stay with us. up ahead, ted cruz just seemingly can't catch a break. not only did he lose the republican race for president, well, this video has gone viral, because of an unfortunate incident. matt schlapp and lee carter join us next and they'll take that up. stay with us. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs!
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uh-oh. get on top of it before they do. [crash] every 24 minutes, tipped furniture or a falling tv sends an injured child to the emergency room. preventing tip-over incidents is easy, inexpensive, and only takes 5 minutes. learn how to secure your furniture and tvs to protect children at hillary clinton caught in another lie and the voter catching her. listen to her speak to a laid off coal worker in west virginia monday. >> i just want to know how you can say you're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you're going to be our friend. because those people out there don't see you as a friend. >> i don't know how to explain it, other than what i said was totally out of context from what i meant, because i've been
7:54 pm
talking about helping coal country for a very long time. it was a misstatement, because what i was saying is that the way things are going now, we will continue to lose jobs. that's what i meant to say. >> ted cruz officially out of the race, but before he was able to walk offstage, he suffered one more embarrassment. the senator from texas embraced his father. as he did so, he accidentally elbowed his wife, heidi, right in the face. joining us now, chairman of the american conservative union, matt schlapp, political communications strategist. good to have you both with us. >> great to be here. >> let's start with the fact that now you have the republican party has a nominee, is he going to be able to close the deal in november? >> i think so. i do. i think the energy, the momentum, the people that are excited about donald trump are really excited. and they are contagious. and i think he has now time to
7:55 pm
get the republican party to rally around him. and i've also seen tracking this over the last several months is that he has an amazing appeal among independents and even we primaries. he really gets these people in, and he needs those going to the general. and hillary clinton just, quite frankly, she does not have that appeal right now. >> matt, establishment republicans, are they ready to embrace the man who is decidedly anti-establishment and who has, as we said, is reaching out to a broad swath of americans who haven't been interested in republican politics before. >> it's like sands through the hourglass, lou. slowly but surely it's build up and more and more people are realizing that this is what they need to do. but look, it's also on donald trump, quite honestly. which is he's got to court them. he's a very talented, charming, skillful person. and he's got to charm them and meet them and bring them aboard. he has that ability to do that.
7:56 pm
he's not going to get them all, but he's got to get as many republicans in this country on his side. i think there will be a significant number of democrats he picks up, and he'll get a majority of independents, i believe. but he's got to get that base of republicans solid. so he's got time to do it, and i'm optimistic, cautiously optimistic he could win in november. >> you know what gives me pause, in terms of how well and how quickly the party, brought together. i share both of your expressions of optimism. but there is a group of conservative establishment folks who are just hard-headed to a -- i mean, they're extremists. i don't know if they're going to come around. by the way, one of the groups is the club for growth. they have come part of the way, already. and it's a process. this is very, very emotional. and i completely understand that. and there's one in four voters right now that are republicans, that are saying, i will not vote for trump, no matter what. the same exact thing happened in 2008. the hillary voter said, i will
7:57 pm
never vote for barack obama. and you know what happened? they voted for barack obama. because at the end of the day, donald trump has a job to do right now. he's got to approve that he can appeal to those other people that he's appealed to, but now he's got to bring people inside. and it's not going to be by changing his personality. it's by demonstrating that he can bring those people together and he can show some -- it's almost a period of mourning they have to go through. you know, lou, i think it's a little bit about their ego. they predicted for months, all over media, that donald trump was going to implode and has no chance. and i also think these people, they are elitists. they are not listening to the voters from across this country. who are going to give donald trump more primary votes than any other republican primary candidate in my lifetime. and i think they're disdainful of the democratic process. and i'm okay with this hurting them a little bit. >> yeah, and i think that trump has already gone to considerable lengths to be gracious with his words when he's talking about
7:58 pm
kasich or cruz, whomever it might be, reince priebus, but how important is the vice presidential choice he's about to make over these next couple of months. how important is it to him? >> it's very important. i think most times, people are saying, you know, the vice president doesn't matter all that much. i think right now, it does. and it's not just about getting the women's vote. it's not about -- >> who should he get? >> i think it's going to have to be somebody who's going to show some kind of balance. i think it's got to be the ying to his yang. some people have said it should be kasich. i don't think it should be john kasich. >> that's a lot of yin. >> i think it should be somebody that's more establishment. marco rubio. somebody that's going to shock everybody. somebody that's got experience with government and that's going to say, we've got an outsider and an insider and we're going to get this job done and together it's going to surprise everybody. >> matt? >> i think a great pick would be
7:59 pm
somebody like a bobby jindal. >> who? >> i don't think he should -- >> governor jindal. bobby jindal from louisiana would be a great pick. he's a strong conservative. he's been a reforming governor, someone from the southern part of the country, and i think someone like that would be a great benefit. i think donald trump is a unique presidential candidate in the sense that he is smart to put out there a potential supreme court pick. he is smart to go out there with who might be advising him on foreign affairs, who might even be his chief of staff. because he has no political experience, he ought to give conservatives and americans an idea of who he will surround himself with. >> you're not suggesting he do this before the convention, are you? >> no, but i think he should tease it out as ego forward and show folks, he's going to pick good, smart people around him and east going to demonstrate that. >> i totally agree. >> you don't think most people think he's going to make smart, good choices? >> i think everybody's saying he should start changing his tone, start acting more presidential. i 100% agree with you. i think he should start acting
8:00 pm
presidential by association. that's what he should start doing. >> matt, she's got the last word. thanks for being with us. >> i'm used to it! >> thank you both. >> thank you. >> thanks for b >> a war story. >> we will do our best. >> the public face, fearless. >> victory. victory. >> the words they believe -- >> privately -- >> you could hear the tears with his voice. sometimes while it even trickled down his cheeks. >> the life and times of winston churchill. that's next on "war stories."


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