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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 9, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our website, e parties. bill kristol, i'm not trying to diss you. lou dobbs is next. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. the race for the white house is going to be a trump/clinton showdown, it appears tonight. the attacks, the counterattacks between the two decidedly nasty. clinton last week aired two new ads hitting trump hard, and so trump is firing back, unleashing some of his sharpest attacks against clinton to date. >> he was impeached for lying about what happened with a woman with. and she's going to take ads about little donald trump? hillary was an enabler, and she treated these women horribly. just remember this.
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and some of those women were destroyed not by him, but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. lou: trump today doubled down on his remarks saying they are simply retribution for clinton playing the woman's card against him. trump is also not backing off his fight with republican elites who have been trying to subvert the will of the republican voters who have supported him. >> i'm a conservative, but don't forget, this is called the republican party. it's not called the conservative party. you know, there are conservative parties. this is called the republican party. lou: we'll be taking up trump's war with the gop establishment and his general election strategy. we'll be talking with trump campaign co-chair sam clove vis here tonight. also with us, fox news' kimberly guilfoyle. a lot to take up here tonight, and we're now just one day from the west virginia primary where trump pulled out all the stops
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courting coal miners. and it paid off. because the west virginia coal association hasen doored donald -- has endorsed donald trump. president bill rainy says clinton's proposals would continue president obama's war on coal. >> she had said, you know, i i think wisconsin that she wanted to put everybody out of work and close the coal mines, and she's going to pursue the global warming policy of this administration. so, and then comes down and thinks maybe it was a mistake. it sounded very convenient, and i don't think very many people bought it. lou: mr. rainey will be among our guests here tonight. our top story, the republican party's civil war. house speaker paul ryan today opened the door to stepping down as chairman of the republican convention this july if asked to do so by donald trump. but trump clearly hasn't forgotten ryan's reluctance to sport him. -- to support him. >> yeah.
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i was blindsided a little bit because he spoke to me three weeks ago, and it was a very nice call, very encouraging, and all of a sudden he gets on and does number. i'm not exactly sure what he has in mind. lou: trump and ryan are set to meet next, well, this coming thursday morning in what is sure to be a pivotal moment in trump's quest to unite the republican party. and according to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's office, trump will also be meeting with senate republican leaders on that same day. joining us now, the co-chair and chief policy adviser for donald trump's campaign, sam clovis. sam, great to have you with us. we've got a -- it's been a busy weekend and monday. [laughter] let's turn, if we may first, to ryan saying after your boss effectively said he'd make a quick decision on whether he'd be around after, based on his endorsement, he says he's willing to step down. your reaction to that? >> well, i think that the meeting on thursday's going to
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be very important, you know? mr. trump's going to come to town in washington, d.c., sit down with the leadership of the party in the house and in the senate. the speaker has opened up his door to make sure that they have the opportunity to discuss these things. they'll come to a mutual agreement, and it will be a mutuel agreement. they will come out, and they'll be able to stand together, and they'll talk about whatever the decisions were and the way forward. and i think that's what's going to happen in a lot of instances here as we go forward, that the dynamics of the leadership of the party, the donor class of the party, a lot of the media that support the party, i think that there's going to have to be a lot of this reaching a across the aisle both directions, and i think this is going to be the way we're going to go forward. we have plenty of time. the convention's not til july, and then we can focus all of our energies on beating the democrats in the fall. lou: well, it doesn't seem as though donald trump has been diverted from his task in terms of focusing on hillary clinton.
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the woman's card, he's bringing i would say a trumpian scale attack against her. and that is, i would presume, what we can expect from here until november 8th. >> well, i really think that mrs. clinton really cannot have it both ways. she can't go out there and be demanding on the issues of jend arer equity and -- gender equity and all the other factors. these are noble causes, these are things that mr. trump's fought for his entire professional life and a lot of things -- and then turn around and be the demur victim. -- demure victim. mrs. clinton cannot claim victim hood because she's been the aggressor in most of these cases, and i think mr. trump has been right to call her out on it. lou: this campaign is taking some interesting turns, appointing chris christie, governor christies, to be christie, to chair the transition before -- >> right. lou: -- for the trump presidency.
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shock would say -- some would say premature, some would say not traditional, you say? >> i think it's absolutely the right pick. i think that you need someone who probably knows the ins and outs of government. it is a government and governance issue. moat people don't realize that the transition is separate from the campaign. the transition is to really set up the government so that when president trump comes down from capitol hill, when he takes the oath of office on the 20th of january in 2017, governor christie will be able to the hand him the keys of the government and will be able to govern effectively from the minute that president trump steps into the white house. this is what is necessary, this is what has to happen, and i can't think of anyone better equipped to that than governor chris christie. lou: and are there one or two administrations, prime ministers-elect -- presidents-elect whose transitions struck you as a model for what you all will be
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doing for donald trump? >> well, i think you take a look at the, if you take a look at some of the transitions that ed meese ran for president reagan, i think that's probably a model. and certainly, even though not successful, i think the model for setting up a transition government to be able to do this, i think, you know, governor romney's team in 2012 did a remarkable job as well. and i think that those are templates that ought to be looked at. i'm not sure that that necessarily fits the trump model, but those are certainly places to start. lou: sam, let me ask you this. taxes, today the national media having a bit of a field day over the taxes going higher. is it a baseline that's changing? what is the, donald trump's meaning when talking about taxes might be going higher? he explained it, i think, but i want to hear your view. and also the minimum wage for the first time, embracing it. are we watching a move to the
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center as is customary with general election candidates? >> no, i think we've been consistent, and these are areas, as you know, lou, i've been deeply involved in. lou: right. >> so i know these areas very well. i think on the raising of the taxes, i think for our tax plan we've said all along that this tax plan is a place to start. this is where we have to start, we have to have these basic minimums, these points of departure. we have to get corporate taxes lower. we have to be able to clear the tax rolls of people who are simply not paying taxes anyway, and we have to be able to put more money into the middle class. and this is particularly targeted toward the lower middle class. and i think this is the area that we're going to concentrate and focus on. and some of these others, we know we're not going to get everything because it's going to take bipartisan support to get these through. on the minimum wage, this has always been our position, the states ought to do this. by the way, most people don't realize that 29 states already have minimum wages above the federal standard.
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and this is up to the states. they can do whatever they wish with. what we really want to focus on with the minimum wage is, remember, if minimum wages are raised and people start to lose their jobs, the minimum wage of a person who loses his or her job is zero. and that is not something that we want to take on. and we think that the states -- even if you, i just talked to a ceo of a very large corporation, you'd know who it was if i mentioned his name, talked about the very fact that in california the difference between the minimum wage and the wages that are paid in san francisco and the level of unemployment and what the minimum wage base is just 80 miles away in stockton are totally different. and each state ought to be able to address these issues appropriately, because one uniform minimum wage is probably not the right answer. we need to have this regionalized, we need to have it state by state. and then to go out there and have the states do this because they know their people best. lou: you know, sam, that's
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absolute heresy for the left. [laughter] my goodness -- >> i'm glad. [laughter] lou: a federal system. sam, always good to talk with you. appreciate it so much. >> lou, thanks so much for having me on. we'll talk to you soon. >> got it, deal. sam clovia. we're coming right back. a lot more here tonight. stay with us. donald trump, the candidate of the people and winning, ahead of tomorrow's primaries he's working for working men and women. >> the miners don't want to leave anyway, is that right? you want to stay here. you want to open the mines. [cheers and applause] we're going to open the mines. lou: trump loves coal country, and the president of the west virginia coal association is our guest here next. mother nature delivers a crushing blow across parts of colorado. we'll show you the video. up next right after these very short but essential messages, at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common.
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lou: senator ted cruz returning to his day job in washington, d.c. this week. cruz not expected to receive a warm welcome, we're told. he'll be trying to do business some of the people he labeled as the washington cartel. that's all right. cruz has two and a half years left in his term in the senate. a much more popular son is
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ohio's governor john kasich. being beaten by trump in the presidential campaign, he's been meeting privately with his staff in ohio. he has no public events scheduled. kasich has been governor for the past six years the west virginia coal association endorsing donald trump for president. the move comes after a series of flip-flops or just outright insults by hillary clinton which donald trump was all too happy to discuss at a campaign event over the weekend. >> i said, so in west virginia -- where i was going to go first, that was the first stop, i think we would have got 95% of the vote. in fact, the minders endorsed donald -- miners endorsed donald trump. the miners endorsed me. [cheers and applause] and gave me an award, you know, as opposed to hillary, that she wants to have all miners, essentially, fired. i don't think she's going to do well in west virginia in november. and then she went to apologize.
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you know those apologies don't work because they know how you really feel, right? she wants to get rid of all the miners. she wants to fire the miners. she wants to keep wages low. we're going to have wage withs that are going to be great -- wages that are going to be great. lou: joining us tonight, the president of the west virginia coal association, bill raney. bill, it doesn't sound like it was a difficult choice for you after hillary clinton went after the coal industry and coal miners. >> no, it absolutely wasn't, lou. it was a very easy choice and did it unanimously among our board of directors and all of them being deep he involved in the coal -- deeply involved in the coal industry. and having listened to what hillary clinton had said, i think it was in wisconsin where she said it, and then came here and tried to apologize. and not very many people bought that. no, it was an easy, easy choice. you know, mr. trump was here, and he was very, very gracious
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in his acceptance of the endorsement as well as we gave him a hard hat that's emblematic of the industry, of course -- lou: he looked like, bill -- >> he put it on and proudly said -- lou: whatever he said, you know, actions are always louder than words. i believe that's a donald trump saying. you know, the way he kind of beamed when he put that hat on spoke volumes. i want to turn to the coal industry itself, and this has always struck me. why in the world hasn't there been an effort, i mean, most advanced technological nation on earth, why in the world hasn't somebody said we're going to go in, and we're going to clean up coal? i know it's been cleaned up immensely, 95% of the emissions have been cleaned up. but, i mean, just ratchet it up as a federal program? i mean, coal is our most immense resource. it just has never made any sense to me economically, politically, scientifically. what's your reaction?
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>> well, i completely agree with you, and, you know, we wonder to ourselves sometimes why that's the case and it continues to have such a reputation after having such a remarkable achievement of cleaning the emissions as we have. and, you know, with, as you say, there's 5% left. and what they keep doing, lou, is they keep giving you a target. many people say they move the goalpost on you. and, you know, now we're on the carbon dioxide which there's no technological method to control that at the volumes that it needs to be done to -- lou: right. >> although they say that it is, and it's causing all this global warming supposedly. so they keep -- every time they achieve one of the emission standards, then something else new comes -- lou: you know -- >> trying to pick the impossible is always the case. lou: i just can't help but wonder if we had started ten years ago or even seven and a half years ago when president obama entered office, what could we have accomplished here? i mean, a federal program that
11:19 pm
would have been directed at it, you know, it just seems like such a waste. let me ask you this. why has trump resonated so, obviously, so well? i mean, a huge lead in the polls there. what do you think the secret is? >> well, i think it's a couple of things. one is, he's very positive, of course, about jobs and about putting people to work and got a track record of that. he said in a number of stops throughout the country that he wants to put a leash on the administrative agencies that seem to be so debilitating to business, particularly coal mining business. and, you know, then we have this whole thing about putting miners to work and the fact that he appreciates that we have made the electricity and miners have built this country and the greatness of america. and he wants to continue that greatness. so i think he recognizes the significance of the coal miners in west virginia having a great deal to do with his standard of living in new york.
11:20 pm
lou: well, you know what? we all appreciate all of the folks who not only bring up the coal, but who work in one of the toughest jobs there is. so, bill raney, we appreciate the opportunity to talk with you and all best of luck. thank you. bill raney. >> i appreciate you, lou. thanks so much. lou: thank you so much. and a reminder to vote in our poll tonight. the question is do you think it's time to flush out the leadership of the republican party? just flush it out? maybe something new, better, improved? i don't mean to in any way prejudice your answer on this whatsoever. [laughter] cast your vote on twitter with lou dobbs nudes. i know i couldn't do that anyway. follow me on twitter @loudobbs, follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight and, of course, we're at like everybody else in the world. everybody else has got one too,
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so do we. severe storms hammered colorado over the weekend toppling trailers, ripping through homes and businesses in the state. at least five people were injured but all of them, all of them -- despite the devastation you're look at -- are expected to recover. up next, mitt romney has slammed donald trump, calling him a phony and a fraud. now trump has a few choice words for mitt romney. >> i helped mitt romney a lot. >> and you feel like he was ungrateful? >> i really -- i believe i p won him or helped him win five states that -- >> sounds like you think he was ungrateful? you think he's been ungrateful? >> he was, he was ungrateful, which is okay. a lot of people are ungrateful. lou: the subject of my commentary next. stay wit
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lou: a few quick thoughts now on some of the republican elites
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who call themselves conservatives. they're trying to sell the nonsense that they're upset because the party's presumptive presidential nominee is donald trump who is somehow insufficiently conservative in the lofty view of the establishment types. failed nominee mitt romney, a liberal republican by any standard, hates trump. he's been meeting with weekly standard editor bill kristol recently about the possibility of, are you ready for this? an independent bid. neoconservative kristol and liberal republican romney, now there is a combination, pushing for a third party candidate, and they're pushing hard. claiming they want to vote for a conservative. yet, you know, kristol didn't squeal for even a moment about bush, mccain or romney. none of them truly conservative in the classic sense. to the larger issue, the republican establishment doesn't have much to brag about in the way of accomplishments as they claim to be the arbiters of conservativism. what in the world have they done to advance the republican brand
11:27 pm
in recent years? about as close to nothing as you can get despite controlling both houses of our government. the republican party wouldn't even control the house or senate without the inspiration and spirit of the tea party movement. and what have they done since? not much. the trump movement almost certainly presages what will be a wave election in november, an anti-establishment wave and result. most americans hold the republican-controlled congress right now in contempt. only 17% approve of the job congress is doing. house republicans have voted more than 60 times to repeal all or parts of obamacare, 16 votes for the senate. yet the president's signature law remains in place because he wouldn't sign those republican bills, and there is no gop alternative. in 2011 mr. obama and boehner gave us the deficit reduction supercommittee, you remember the disastrous she quest or, and
11:28 pm
haas year -- sequester, and last year congress voted to give mr. obama fast tracking trade authority. read that the republicans gave it to him despite 40 consecutive years of trade deficits. there's nothing conservative about congress trying to relinquish its constitutional power and responsibility to an already-imperial white house. gop congressional leaders have nothing to brag about and much to answer for. none more full of himself than the new speaker who led the passage of that omnibus spending bill that gave president obama everything his little heart desired. donald trump, for his part, trying to distance the party from faux, phony conservatives who have done almost nothing for the working class and -- the middle class and working men and women and their families for years. the republican elites have had far too much influence for far too long. >> i have millions of people that voted for me because i have strong borders, because i want
11:29 pm
strong trade. i have to stay true to my principles also. and i'm a conservative, but don't forget, this is called the republican party. it's not called the conservative party. you know, there are conservative parties. this is called the republican party. lou: as mr. trump reminds us, it is the republican party, and it took the most wildly-popular primary candidate in history to wrest it from the tired, entrenched establishment. the elites who have done too much harm to our great economy and our citizens for too long. it's time to make america great again. what an expression. now, the quotation of the evening, this one from rand paul who said, quote: the great and abiding lesson of american history, particularly the cold war, is that the engine of capitalism, the individual, is mightier than any collective. we're coming right back, stay with us. much more straight ahead. senator bernie sanders says if he can't beat hillary, he'll
11:30 pm
still work hard to stop trump. >> if i am not the democratic nominee, i'm going to do everything that i can to see that he does not get into the white house. lou: former reagan white house political director ed rollins, prize-winning columnist michael goodwin with us next. and a goat run turns into a goat wrangle. we'll show you the video right we'll show you the video right after these brief messages. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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at donald trump today in atlantic city. >> oh, you know donald trump. [laughter] oh, i get it, you don't think he is a brilliant, successful businessman who can bring the kind of prosperity to america that he has brought here to atlantic city. is that your point? lou: wow. billionaire investor carl icahn, who now owns the trump taj mahal and the tropicana atlantic city shot back stating, quote: unite here, the atlantic city union, which supports sanders squeezed and squeezed the city's most important employers and in the process has forced five casinos to close with thousands of jobs lost. joining us now, former reagan white house political director ed rollins, pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the new york post, michael goodwin.
11:35 pm
both fox news contributors. michael, i mean, icahn went straight at him. >> yeah. lou: service employees' unions have been a big problem. >> yeah, that was an interesting point. and i also wonder about bernie sanders now. he seems to be trying to turn to trump more. i mean, is that a sign that he's given up on hillary? lou: well, you don't see second place folks pivot like this to the general election that they're not going to be participating in, do you? >> the gop nominee is next. [laughter] lou: anyway, what do you think, ed? >> this guy's never created a job in his life, he's been on the government payroll most of his life, and he's a socialist. socialists think you and i should earn money and give it to people who don't work. lou: to a certain extent. i would say to the bone that man is a socialist. >> he claims it's so, he makes no pretext. he never put democrat in front of his name this this year -- until this year in new hampshire.
11:36 pm
donald trump has created jobs all of his life, he's a leader. he basically is a guy and his friend carl icahn is another guy who's created a lot of jobs. lou: let's turn to the enabler language and going after hillary clinton, talking with sam clovis earlier. i mean, square up. she looks like she is reeling just a bit. and the silence from her surrogates tells us also a great deal, don't you think? >> well, look, i think it is a dark chapter, frankly, in american history that bill
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
>> kristol objected to romney for the longest time in 2012. romney blew an election he should have won. lou: a number of people have called him the worst candidate imaginable for the time. and this candidate that we've got now, the presumptive nominee of the party, he is unlike anybody we've seen before. will he be able, in your judgment, to build enough reagan democrats or trump democrats into the equation to overcome any slippage as a result? be by the way, i can't imagine
11:39 pm
anyone following romney. i can't imagine anybody following mccain or -- well, mccain, actually, i should take that back. mccain supports donald trump. but any of these people. i mean -- >> this guy is a tough guy, and he's not going to sit there and let anybody beat up on him. romney sat from this period of time four years ago and let the democrats take everything he was proud of and destroy it without ever responding. he won one debate, he had to win the second debate, he rolled over is and played dead. he lost -- lou: i will never understand that. >> -- to a very weak candidate. i can't guarantee you donald trump's going to win. i'm going to do everything i can to help him, but he's going down fighting, and he's a leader, and if he gets elected, he's going to change the system that's there, and that's a good thing. lou: the idea that we're going to see this play out over the issue of the wall, national security, border security, free
11:40 pm
trade and foreign policy, this is, this is what we should have been talking about in 2012 thanks to donald trump we are talking about it now. >> right. well, it is fascinating when you think about it, you wonder what would we be talking about without donald trump in this race? what would the other candidates have stressed? because none of it is memorable at this point. i mean, he drove the whole campaign from day one. so it's unlikely that this campaign in the fall will also not be about the things he has brought up. he will be driving the general election debate. >> and i don't think he's going to change that. he shouldn't change that. i mean, this is what he got elected on, republicans came out in record numbers to nominate him, and i think to a certain extent, he's going to fight to the bitter end, and i think he's going to win. lou: all right. in a landslide? let's get a landslide. [laughter] i want you to go on the record -- you've been right on all of the primaries. i want -- >> i think he's going to shock a lot of people who don't think he has a chance at this point in
11:41 pm
time. he's going to do very, very well, and i think he has a real path to win. lou: are you going to agree with ed again? >> oh, yeah, always. do you think i'm nuts? i got dumber last week? come on. lou: ed rollins and michael goodwin, appreciate it. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, do you think it's time to flush out the leadership of the republican party? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. horses weren't the only ones racing in kentucky over the weekend. covington's first annual running of the goats, that's the actual name of the event, turning into running after the goats -- [laughter] as six goats broke away to make a run for it, residents scrambled to catch the goats. they seemed to enjoy their hours of freedom, however, and all the spectators certainly did. i mean, go goats. all of them eventually caught, no one was hurt. probably some discipline issues -- [laughter] up next, donald trump ramping up his attacks against hillary clinton.
11:42 pm
>> she's playing the woman's card to the hilt, and you know what? women understand it better than anybody. and watch how well i do with women when it counts, when the election comes. watch how well. lou: how well? well, we'll find out. fox news eye kimberly guilfoyle, co-host of "the five," takes co-host of "the five," takes that up with me. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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lou: joining us tonight, kimberly guilfoyle, co-host of "the five." paul ryan saying after donald trump expressed his displeasure, that he would be will fog step down as speaker -- excuse me, chairman -- that's one thing he didn't agree to. chairman of the convention. what do you think about that? >> this is the news tory that keeps on feeding itself. a midnight late-night snack. what can i say top to move the story forward. no one thought paul religion who is a measured, sensible, reasonable man, would come out and cast aspersions and rain on the parade after trump was the presumptive nominee.
11:47 pm
trump came back and seemed wound and hurt and taken aback. he said i wasn't expecting this. this is someone who has been supportive. now ryan saying i'll step down if i need to as chairman. and reince priebus saying they will go ahead if that's the case. lou: a committee of one. i choose you with the magic wand of the rnc. so let's see what happens. but you have to have somebody behind the candidate that will move the party forward. i think trump has been quite reasonable about this given what he has to deal with. lou: i think he has been as constrained on this issue. i would not have been as constrained. because his utter disrespect and utter obliviousness of the interest of the party and indeed
11:48 pm
the nation are amazing. >> where did that come from? who is advising this is a good idea. then you hear scuttlebutt, is romney going to come forward as a third party candidate? lou: it looks like something was in the works. they were so shocked suddenly donald trump had a clear path to 1,237 after cruz and case up dropped out. it's as if their little heart were broken. >> left standing at the wall at the school prom. this is put on your big boy boots now and pull it up. lou: these guys are having some trouble, too. they are so used to doing what their masters have been saying to them for years. suddenly this is a new conflict, a new world that's -- they are just not ready for it. >> they have to start building the tent. when you think about the new
11:49 pm
enthusiasm and new voters that are passionate about donald trump and his candidacy. the republican party is not specifically the conservative party. why wouldn't you want to embrace those people and bring it in and win for a change? you heard people on your show saying there is a path and he can do it. he's not the -- he's not going to be cowering in the corner with the clintons. lou: he has an agenda that's so clear to the american people. this is an anti-establishment year. i think -- i think we'll be profound. >> he may not need them to win, to your point. maybe that would work as a negative if he had too much of quote the establishment support. lou: it's the kind of year. it's hard to figure out what the sequence of consequences will be.
11:50 pm
but donald trump knew where he was going on june 1 of last year and he is there now. >> he's heavyweight champion of the republican party. he has 16kos under his belt and that's substantial given the breadth and depth and quality of the candidate running against him. lou: what do you think of the woman many card hillary clinton is playing? >> i and by it. she should be elected based on her qualifications, her come pen i, her record, not because she checked the box that says female. sure i would like to see a female president. i would like to see condoleezza rice becoming the office of commander-in-chief. people have to make a decision here who they want to put in the oval office. >> and the like.
11:51 pm
kimberly guilfoyle. great to have you with us. lou: iran tests a missile capable of reaching israel and u.s. forces in the regional. and the echo chamber arranged by the obama administration next. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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lou: the white house struggling to contain the damage after one of its top national security aide admitted to the administration, created a quote echo chamber to sell the iranian nuclear deal. ben rhode trying to clarify his comments claiming the administration believed deeply in the case they were making and didn't spin the iran deal. iran conducted three ballistic missile tests. one is capable of hitting israel. joining us is kt mcfarbland. ben rhodes saying this administration hood winged and >> i think they lied not just about obamacare. they lied about benghazi. they lied about the iran deal. when they didn't have the
11:56 pm
evidence to back it up, they made it up. now they are bragging about it people like i and you and others have said, when i looked at that iran deal, i read it paragraph by paragraph. i used to teach nuclear weapons at m.i.t. we were just sold a bill of good. it's not funny because it endangers american national security. lou: it's not funny, and it's disastrous. it means we have a president in the white house and white house staff and national security that actually believes that they did no wrong by lying to the american people, lying to congress, and defrauding it. to quote them, the administration manufactured and built an echo chamber out of young, stupid journalists who cover them in which they validated everything they fed these young stupid journalists.
11:57 pm
those are my word, not the administration's. they were far more eloquent and i think less direct. >> what are the consequences of this? iran is going to get nuclear weapons. we were supposedly -- trump says he will stand up and we'll negotiate that deal. what this administration has done. it gave iran everything it asks for. what's happened is just the opposite. iran now said to the united states, get out of the persian gulf. we'll do whatever we want. you know, everything that is happening in nuclear proliferation for a middle east relations, they do in the most distant and remote of places from broadcast news and from the web, they know the difference between right and wrong, and this administration has been wrong.
11:58 pm
i haven't heard anyone in congress go after this administration and say this will not stand. at what point do the republicans say enough with your insults and enough with tearing our national security structure to pieces. what is wrong with these people. >> not on that, when anybody stood up, the obama administration said you must want war with iran. what did congress do? not a people. they finally have people standing up saying it's a bad deal, and it's endangering the security of the united states. lou: not all the fools in the world are ours. david cameron, the prime minister of the united kingdom says this could lead to world war i shall ii he's exercising panic. the british people are looking
11:59 pm
at what's happening with the refugee crisis and saying we don't want it. lou: john kerry said repair for the borderless world. >> they think the united states is going to step back and the world community. lou: 97% of you said the republican party belongs to trump and republican voters. 97%, and not ryan, romney and the bushes. lou: ryan tweeted out.
12:00 am
we'll have primary elect coverage tomorrow. please be with us, it starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good. [♪] kennedy: hello and happy week monday dumpling. i'm watching the growing list of establishment republicans issuing negative rsvps to the gop. i say you whiners are crying into the wrong hankie. why not take the national hint and let go of your dying institutional norms. this isn't about party anymore. if i were in charge, which i should be, because i throw a known fiesta. i would invite


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