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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 10, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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it is the battle for coal country. polls opening in west virginia in about half an hour. donald trump presumptive republican nominee and bernie sanders expect today beat hillary clinton today but neither clinton nor trump will lock up enough delegates to earn the nomination outright. >> big differences between the democrats, between senator sanders and myself and the republicans because both of us have plans to make college affordable and obviously i think my plan is better. >> don't let anybody tell you this campaign is over, we are going to fight for the last vote we can find. >> we are going to meet a as i understand it on thursday. i look forward to the meeting, i hope to be positive, and if it's not going to be positive, that's okay also. maria: emails two and from aid
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of private e-mail server. a saabing spree at a train station in munich, germany. we will bring you the live situation. wild weather in the plains deadly while tornadoes in oklahoma. we will take a look at the damage this morning. what budweiser is doing to appeal to americans heading into the summer time. all the programs coming into the program. gains across the board, take a look at the nikkei average, standout, the country's finance minister preparing to intervene in the foreign exchange. it has been rising against expectations. in europe we are also seeing gains this morning. banks leading stocks because of earnings. roughly 5% this morning. rorred better than expected results in the wealth management business and that's driving financial services within europe
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this morning. in the u.s. pretty good open that we are expecting today. 100 points higher in dow industrial average, nasdaq and s&p also looking higher this morning. joining me this morning as we talk with fox news contributor megan mccain and mark serrano and martin. good to see, everybody. lots to talk about this morning. we have a can't-miss lineup. former presidential candidate and former texas governor rick perry is with us. you'll want to hear about this wine that he has created. former virginia senator and governor george allen with us and we are preveering the 100th of indy 500, car driver graham rahal is with us. stay right there as we look ahead this morning. top stories this morning. voters start heading for the
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polls for west virginia primary. in less than half hour hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to take off. 29 delegates up for grabs in the mountain states, that does not include eight superdelegate that is are up for grab in west virginia. donald trump projected to collect all 34 republican delegates. sanders still trails clinton by significant margin. former secretary of state closing in the number she needs to secure the democratic nomination. not only that, west virginia republicans will also vote in nebraska today, addressing u.s. economic issues as the country's financial situation becomes a major theme on the campaign trail now. >> i'm really going to fight hard because, look, the middle class has been decimated. i'm not raising it and i'm not raising on business but i could see the wealthy getting raised. >> part of what we have to do is get the laws updated, get more
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companies to look at themselves and to keep the drumbeat going how unfair it is not just in the immediate pay but all the way down the line in terms of women economic willing. >> what we are seeing in atlantic city, new jersey capulizes the ugliness and greed that we are seeing all over the country. that greed is destroying america and you are looking at somebody who elected president will take these people on. maria: joining me right now christopher bedford, christopher, good to see you, thank you for joining us. >> good morning. maria: let's look ahead of primaries tonight. what are your expectations? what should we be looking at what's more important now that we know presumptive nominee?
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>> it's a place that's been hit hard by the downturn of the economy. that's why hillary clinton is not doing well here. it's kind of funny, donald trump doesn't do well with conservative republicans and she doesn't do good with conserve -- conservative democrats. they're going to stick with the democratic establishment. but this is going to keep that battle going on the democrat side where donald trump could still sit in sidelines. maria: mark serrano, don't even worry, save the vote for november, you don't have come out anymore. >> they will turn out today regardless. he will get the extra votes, shows the momentum that he earned last week in indiana. maria: thoughts, mark.
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>> maybe let him talking. [laughter] maria: that's what i was thinking. >> but you know, he's crazy like a fox, what's the objective. the object i have to swamp the media coverage. maria: comments about the debt has really resinated with people and they're wondering what -- >> i'm not an economic expert i know you can't print money. is that the plan going forward by our presidents? more interesting between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, which one of the candidates, there's so much enthusiasm with bernie sanders, i actually think the democrats that could end up with brokered convention. maria: what do you think, mark? >> i think hillary will win to the end. >> you underestimate how angry. >> there's overwhelming enthusiasm for bernie sanders. they are out for blood right now and they feel like the election is stolen.
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they want it back. >> trump will not take the white house. maria: bernie sanders says that. >> message. >> he will jump out in support her? >> if he loses. maria: he wants platform at the convention and he will get it. >> even if the democrats don't have contested convention, they will have the most contentious convention. maria: your comments on donald trump's comments about debt. did this basically sort of, you know, scare people enough to say, look, we don't know where this is going and then secondly your take on the democratic side of the race going into this primary, west virginia? >> well, it's definitely going to scare conservatives. they're already scared and taking rebellion to twitter. maria: that's true.
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>> he wouldn't be the first conservative republican president to not care about the debt. he was in office to take care about the soviets and get america going again. i don't certainly envy the democratic convention. they're going to have a serious issue with the black lives matter movement. they'll be in philadelphia, people from new york activists from baltimore, folks from all around the country and even though there's fight in the republican side we are going to see something closer, not quite as crazy as 1968 convention where they get attacked from the left. they're going to spend their entire time focusing on getting the conservative platform and getting their ideas in the republican platform neither hillary clinton nor donald trump can completely control what their party stands for. maria: ted cruz will have a platform? >> yeah, a lot of those people who were elected, a lot of the delegates who already pledged
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ted cruz, a lot of the folks aren't huge donald trump fans. they are very conservative and they're going to fight for these seats and push the platform, probably close to what he stands for than what donald trump does. >> what about reversal on tax? maria: you mean donald trump? led be a move up in taxes from his low proposal. >> right. >> tax plans are going to be a lot more beneficial than whatever hillary clinton puts up. maria: she wants to raise taxes. >> reversal in direction. he will say anything depending on what happens day by day. so i think the con consistency will come. i really believe you just let him carry on. >> it didn't stop him from getting the gop nomination. >> but you look at the constituency elects the nominee, very different constituency of
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the general election. maria: being what? being women, being hispanic? >> the nature of the demographics but also how the electoral college vote. >> women, millennials, hispanics, these are who he will have to reach out. maria: make sure you tune in tonight of the primary, starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. do join us tonight. coming up next, new development in the hillary clinton scandal, now emails from her former state department it director are nowhere to be found, how that could weigh on voters this morning. facebook accusing of hiding conservative news from trending news page. details on that and the social network's response of allegations, straight ahead.
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maria: breaking news this morning, deadly stabbing at a train station in germany, cruk with the -- cheryl casone with the headlines and details.
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cheryl: good morning, maria. three others have been injured by suspected islamist in southern germany, this happened 12 miles east of munich. some witnesses say the suspect shouted, god is great in arabic, 27-yea been arrested as potential suspect. we will continue to bring you details from the story as we receive them. things are still unfolding this morning over there. here in this country at least two people are dead in oklahoma from tornadoes and a series of storms with strong winds that passed through the great plains, homes, offices, destroyed vehicles, dramatic pictures that we've been receiving from the state of oklahoma and in particular maria. more tornado warnings and bad watter to today and midwest, ohio, texas, tennessee. well, emails from bryan,
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hillary's information staffer is missing according to state department. pagliano would have been required to turn any initial communication before he left the government. the state department officials are now saying he did have an official e-mail account and they're continuing to search for those emails. so that story will develop as well. and finally, facebook being accused of changing formula in order to hide conservative news from trending news feed section, facebook is denying any political bias or suppression of conservative news a suppose person said that trending topics shows you the popular topics and hashtags.
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mitt romney, c-pack, these contractors who >> journalists, we should say, topics that ring suppressed at facebook. maria: what do you make of that? obviously facebook is pushing back and saying that is not the case. we did not tell anybody -- [inaudible] maria: contractors used to work there to suppress conservative. >> they modified to reflect what -- what mark zuckerberg might have been interested in. maybe conservatives having gained what they perceive to be a liberal media. maria: you don't want to see this on any media. you don't want to feel that what you are thinking, trending is not actually --
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>> perfectly plausible. maria: he has been very vocal about issues that are important to him. >> influence editorial policy. [laughter] >> are you suggesting that? >> yes. >> they didn't mention fox, they mentioned cbs. >> mark zuckerberg came out hard on donald trump, he's not helping out in anyway with national security, whether it's true or not that's impression that facebook is already negative towards conservatives and republicans. maria: so you're not surprised? >> i just assume that everywhere except like a few. maria: okay. still to come, experts say we have to recover but many americans left with scars, the
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maria: while recession may have ended seven years ago, seven years ago but persistent underemployment and stagnate wages remain. according to wall street journal report this morning economic trauma of the financial crisis still weighs on millions of americans. those people who lost jobs during recession earned much less money than when they
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entered the workplace and also less likely to own a home. i want to bring rj o'brian. good to see you. thank you for joining us. also jon hilsenrath. jon: good to be here. maria: we have all the retail earnings coming up and the story in the journal this morning, bottom line is that most people are not feeling the recovery. >> they are certainly not, one of the things that i think was most important about this story it went beyond looking at what we call the wage scarring, the fact that when you lose a job during the recession the chances of making up those lost wages are really low. we look at the psychological scars. the incidents of suicide, substance abuse, depression, all of these are higher for people who are layed off during a
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downturn and event affect it is children. they are more likely to be held back a grade or lower grades on their exams. long-term effects. maria: it is a psychological thing. they begin the story, jon, begin it is -- begins the story, i'm making a fraction of what i made when i had the technology job in 2000, everywhere i go is what do you do. >> the guy was making $120,000 a year back in 2007 and now had to leave his family to finish bachelor's degree. >> you're mentally scared about what happened in 2008. >> i would argue -- i would go a little deeper. the social contract has been broken. low interest rate policy has unintended consequences and what
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we no longer have in this country is the power of compound interest. these people don't have savings and they don't have savings that compound at a meaningful rate. maria: that's a great point. >> they are forced to do other things that they might not otherwise do. that's a challenge as well. maria: what about that, jon, you can't get a return on money in savings account? jon: this raises an important question. one reason why interest are lower the feds tries to spur the economy, what is the government's role in a downturn, some people to let wash through economy but we know millions of people are hurt for long periods of time when we have a downturn, is it that the fed should be doing more to get the economy going right now. it's a hard question and i don't
6:25 am
think we resolved it. >> jon, the 14 million-dollar reference are like the forgotten men of the depression, they paid the price of the administration 's fault for the last eight years. >> has the establishment very nervous. jon: they paid for the government's mistakes but also for wall street's mistakes. let's not forget the role that all the subprime lending crediting this thing in the first place. >> the unwilling of the corporates to focus on the long-term. the fact that -- you look at s&p 500 is shrinking, buybacks and dividends retain more money to shareholders. maria: they need incentive to go
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out and hire people to invest in r&d. >> you come back to fiscal policy. >> this is exactly why bernie sanders and trump have popularity right now. people want their angered validated. there's a lot of politicians that aren't doing that. people are so angry. bernie sanders has revolution right now whether or not it's logical, people are still responding to his message. maria: any thoughts, you guys, lending, the ceo and board said it found problems, disclosure of personal interest in the firm, stock was down 35%, jon. >> i think it's a factor once again of low interest rates. companies are going to do more creative finance to increase revenues to return to shareholders and it's just allow-rate environment to do things they won't otherwise do.
6:27 am
maria: jon hilsenrath r. jon: i would argue that the low-rate environment is function of the weak economy so they play on each other. maria: any catalyst that we should be looking for when we could see a change in the story or lack of? jon: no, i mean, this is what we've got. i don't think there's any reason that it's going to change specially over the next six months when there's so much uncertainty about election. maria: wow. >> very little inflation. maria: i want to get your take on britain potential leading -- >> staying. maria: good to see you. before we head to the break, let's check oil. canada having impact on
6:28 am
production. strategist todd. good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. i think you're going to see lower prices here. the fire really has nothing to do with it here. we have seen a 60% rally up to 46 level and now low 40's and high 38's, we are going to see selling pressure here. you can see it there's no fear because of the fire. i don't see any real reason to get excited about buying here. i would like to be a seller of oil until we get to high 30's. it has to do with the economy and everything else. maria: i know that it's been range 20 to 40. you're not buying it. todd, good to see you, thank you so much, sir.
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maria: welcome back. i maria bartiromo. tuesday, may 10th. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. polls are open and right now west virginia. coal country. donald trump told supporters to stay at home and is not focusing on the general election right now. president clinton and bernie sanders are fighting it out for votes. >> though ;-) either way. because hillary clinton is a disaster for this country. she's a total disaster. >> i'm answering on what voters care about your differences between our records government experience, what we want to do for our country, how important it is to unify the country. maria: will take you into a polling in the program. meanwhile, budweiser wants to tap into america's patriotism. getting ready to tie the knot. turns out you may not have the financial information you might
6:33 am
need and your significant other before heading to the altar. we will tell you about it. the latest company to one of weak sales this morning. the stocks set to open sure below are and we also have a host of retailers and earnings this week in retail sales at the end of the week. features by two games at the opening of trading printed out industrial expected to open up at 100.8 financials and the late this morning. the poll is now open in west virginia. donald trump the only republican can understood to have been expected to collect all the state's 34 delegates. hillary clinton's recent portion coal country might not be enough to sway the vote. rich edson in charleston, west virginia. he's got the latest. reporter: good morning, maria. 13 hours of voting west virginia have begun the have begun with democrats having 29 delegates at taken elections today. hillary clinton maintains a wide
6:34 am
delegate lead over bernie sanders. the candidate needs 2383 to clinch the nomination. despite the seemingly insurmountable lead, senator bernie sanders has taken in the race. west virginia has been paid to clinton from the past. hillary clinton beat barack obama with 67% of the vote back in 2008. her chances are difficult this year especially after comments made up: history go poke coal companies and coal miners out of business. that coupled with an industry decline has been a rough situation politically. when clinton was already looking forward to the general election and on the trump responded to us, to her husband's affairs. >> i will let him run his campaign however he chooses. i'm going to run my campaign, which is about a positive vision for our country.
6:35 am
reporter: meanwhile, donald trump slowly amassing the delegates he needs to clinch the republican nomination. he needs fewer than 200 mortar finally clinched up before the convention in july. maria appeared maria: thank you so much picturing me now, west virginia state senator majority leader a donald trump supporter. thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you. trained to use a west virginia is turning red, if a state. >> absolutely. clearly we are turning that. we have voted republican in the last several presidential elections and i can promise you about this year with the choice between hillary clinton a donald trump, it is clear and unmistakable and easy choice for citizens of west virginia. we want to put our people back to work. maria: and do you believe that donald trump has the way to do it? we've been having a debate about his recent comments whether it be related to dad in america or
6:36 am
taxes, wages php think it's got a solid plan to create jobs. >> i believe is a solid plan and i played hillary clinton has expressed her solid thing against the coal industry in west virginia. such a clear contrast to the choices almost anything but hillary clinton. we believe in donald trump. and that donald trump supporter. he is the right message for west virginia and further the country. it's clear what hillary clinton has said since the release to: west virginia and the fossil fuel industry can really just a general her attitude towards government programs versus putting people back to work. i can tell you it's not going to sell in west virginia. >> senator, i think hillary clinton's attack on cole was a defining moment in this race. i think it is calculated. she's playing to the environmental left in her
6:37 am
decision. i really should take states like west virginia and kentucky to the curb by doing so. but i do think straub will do for the industry if elected? >> well, this isn't just about the coal industry. i want to make that clear. there's so many other facts that come into the prosperity of west virginia. for donald trump to really capture the hearts and minds of west virginia, he needs to say that the epa will be regulated in the right to do with pathos of a regulation in government regulation to do what can be done legislative. that's a great point for the people of west virginia to put cap. we see through all those comments she's made. >> senator, what specifically commented there is a lot of generality.
6:38 am
what specifically would you do? >> what i would say is that a presidential level when you become so ingrained in the long of the policies, we need to step back and take a broad view of the perspective that a candidate has and what i would say to you is without regard to specific that there was a general feeling, a more capitalistic free-market capitalism aspect to donald trump versus the specific, unique policy long of a hillary clinton or someone in that vein. we see through that. we want someone who has a general attitude towards free-market capitalists. >> forgive me but there's nothing specific they are. if i was a voter in west
6:39 am
virginia, i will be looking for specifics. this is the thing that bedevils political campaigns on both sides of the atlantic is the lack of specific policy. when i say what would you do in west virginia and the coal industry, what you say isn't that a general view about the merits of capitalism. that's general staff. that would not give a specific problems of people being out of work. what specifically would you care? >> e. same small government. >> with all due respect that is not specific measures that you advance a president or a new government to achieve. >> when you hear one candidate within the party of barack obama when he says he will not be able
6:40 am
to build new coal fired power plants because of the regulation whooping cartoon figure out of business. if you ask them if they give me a specific away from that, what i would say to you is let's reject bad attitude. we have to reject that sort of mentality and policy. when one comes and says we want to put you back to work. that's a lesson regulatory scheme said the epa and we will not do it legislatively. from a specific perspective, we would say anything, any regulatory schemes through the congress and adopted by the president. that's not the mode of the previous administration. maria: who live there. thanks so much. >> it's great to be here on this wonderful election day. maria: will be watching. thank you so much.
6:41 am
make sure to tune in tonight and special coverage of the primaries in 7:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. we will take a short break after the closing bell today. the company coming off major movie successes. captain america, civil war. and the media giant overcome troubles at espn? we will take a look. a new study finds newlyweds had money from spouses. why men are more likely to be dishonest about finances. really? stay with us straight ahead. the heirloom tomato.
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maria: welcome back. a higher opening for the broader markets on wall street helping to drive the action this morning. a couple stocks to watch.
6:45 am
credit that this morning rising ahead of the open. the second straight orderly laws. investors focus on results from the wealth management business. the stack is that they're not letting other banks in europe helped the overall european market this morning. gas meanwhile the other story warning of weak sales across all of its brands. the same sales down 5% in the first quarter. the stock is down 12% so far this year. going to be down this morning as you can see. disney want to watch this morning. disney reporting earnings after the bell. profit and revenue to rise from a year earlier. they play to watch the preakness at espn. we'll be watching disney right now as you can see really flat on the open. the controversial north carolina by heating up. cheryl casone but that story in the headlines. >> the state of north carolina and the justice department fired
6:46 am
opposing lawsuits yesterday over the state's bathroom bail as it's now called. the law bans people from using bathrooms that don't match the gender on their perspective because. pat mccoury says the federal government has gone too far. >> by now the obama administration is bypassing congress by attempting to revise the law instead of basic western policies, locker room policies and david schauer policies for public and private employers. >> as you can imagine, but rather lynch disagrees. she says this law is discriminatory. anheuser-busch may replace the name budweiser on its ear with the word america. just for the summer. here's an example. the advertising team hoping to solidify an american institution which makes sense because dan hazard bush was purchased by the company based in belgium and
6:47 am
purcell back in 2008. you mention this earlier raising some interesting ideas about newlyweds and how they share those finance is. a third of newlyweds are surprised by a partner's financial situation. 36% don't know anything about their partner's spending habits. the survey finding 20% of men have secret bank accounts at the west didn't know about. 12% of women have secret bank accounts and some women have gotten married in such a there has been afterward by the way of $18,000 in bad. true story appeared to grow story appeared across and i find it back to her has-been. maria: who have secret bank accounts? i miss that? do you want or feel right now. >> the best way is to run a credit report and somebody and
6:48 am
see what their bank accounts are. >> i have a friend who almost didn't get married over this. now they put 10% of what they make every method to bind together. very complicated. it's the least conversation in the world in a relationship. maria: what was interesting is america on budweiser bottles anybody think about that? >> it taps in. they put flags on the cans and went through the roof after they did it. everything in america is related. the american sublime can when you're doing a photo doing a spot on the fourth of july is kind of amazing.
6:49 am
maria: as an advertising titan that you are, will it work? >> you are saying in the break when the flag was put on the camp. >> and out went through the roof and the displays outside a displays outside of grocery stores make it look like a big slacker very popular. >> unlike patient zero for that. anything with an american flag on it, i buy. >> would not go that far. >> the center of attention for nearly a decade. investors with a sigh of relief. they'll play you the latest in this story.
6:50 am
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maria: at case western hollywood to wall street getting closure for now. a judge talking on a confidence lasted. redstone is a closely watched media moguls and is the control shareholder of viacom and cbs. martin sorrell is with us this morning. your wife is on the board of directors of i know you'll be guarded here. let's talk about this very second. what's your take way of the story? a 92-year-old guy still yielding such power. >> it is a control management structure. which i actually think is the best stretch it getting back and linking to a river seine. companies that take the long-term view are running clear. mark zucker bernard is another
6:54 am
good example. yes three layers of stock to maintain control. it enables me to take the long-term view. the problem is these structures can go on for too long and viacom is an example where you have to companies come to cbs and viacom controlled with questions being raised to the viability of active in this age and given his medical condition although the judge has dismissed maria: they challenge the mental competency in the judge says were throwing it out. it looks like his daughter sherry wins here. >> she now has control of his health. i guess the family will decide in the log term what happens to the companies. maria: as an investor/outsider, what do you take away from a
6:55 am
company where he's got the control? >> if you ask me do i think cbs or viacom or biased, i would say both. that's a personal view as to the value the market is putting on them. i would take these ownership issues have overshadowed what the economic worst of the companies are. cbs is doing well. viacom probably is the prospects are underrated and the prospects of the company are much stronger. people don't focus on the non-us business. they support channel five news. they are very big business in india as well. they have the leading station there for many, many years and is still at the top stations in india. and as you know, with the exception of this -- the owner of this particular -- maria: media companies in
6:56 am
general -- >> viacom does have some significant foreign earnings and assets. having said that, the position has been overstressed in relation. >> haven't they left the succession murky for way too long? >> not irresponsible. at the end of the day, the control of the company. it's up to him and his family stew but they do. they pay the price. they pay the biggest price. they control the company. there have been a significant economic interests. they have to make that decision. maria: but is your take on advertising right now? it's a leading gop. it's going to be huge. >> donald trump can raise a billion dollars to somebody's campaign, which he say he will be able to. then were going to have a blitz
6:57 am
of advertising that will probably never seen. they'll have super pacs and supported them. you have his own campaign, hillary spending behind her as well. so you have a been fast in terms of advertising as we go through this season. every four years we have the olympic games and a wonderful olympics despite the stresses of the presidential election and we have a tournament in europe. so those three events will be called the maxi quadra nails. it will tighten the media markets here and as you say will have very strong presidential advertising campaigns. it's a tough business, mowbray. maria: martin sorrell joined us this morning. good to see you. ceo and shareholder.
6:58 am
we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been,
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maria: good tuesday morning, everybody. it is tuesday, may 10th. top stories right now 7:00 a.m. the battle for coal country. polls are open in west virginia. donald trump the presumptive republican nominee and bernie sanders to beat hillary clinton today. they will lock up enough delegates to earn the nomination outright. both looking ahead to the general election. >> i think this is a time for unity and if there's not unity that's okay, too.
7:01 am
i'll go out and i think i'll do very well. >> i will find -- let him run his campaign however he chooses. i've nothing to say. maria: missing messages at the state department cannot find any e-mails to our friend the aid that actually started intense private e-mail server. what that means for the fbi investigation coming up. the department of homeland security testing the subway system with gas. combat is online at the airport, how the tsa wants fliers to help the cause. jcpenney getting into a new kind of business and that the company thinks branching out will bring people into the stores. south korea returning to the court last night and the stand with the flags. market ticking higher. gains across the board. japan was a standout. the nikkei average of better than 2% after the finance minister said he is prepared to intervene foreign exchange
7:02 am
markets. the japanese man has been rising. big stocks leading the way they are. reported earnings last night. after reporting better-than-expected results in the above management business. we are expecting higher opening. blow off the highs right now. we have been up 100 points for the dow expected to open up 63-point if we are losing some ground this morning for stocks on wall street. fox news contributor megyn mccain, mark serrano and new york stock exchange chairman and ceo of dick grasso. good to see, everybody. so happy to see you. lots to talk about this morning so stay with us. republican presidential candidate and governor rick perry will join the conversation. trying to revolutionize the way we drink and store wine.
7:03 am
virginia senator and governor george allen joins us along with previewing the 100th anniversary of the indy 500. graham rahal here with us this morning. you don't want to miss a moment so stay with us. it is primary day in nebraska as well as west virginia. adam shapiro this morning. the polling stations officially open. what kind of turnout should we expect? turnout has been way appeared >> to give you an idea of that and good morning to you. the early voting in this state according to global authorities is double what they saw four years ago. so this could be a very heavy turnout when you consider to times as many people took it upon themselves to cast their primary ballots early. let's talk about why west virginia is important. donald trump is the last republican standing. for hillary clinton and bernie sanders, we saw what happens in the video last week wishing that
7:04 am
was coal miners after for some people would say very bad remark about putting coal miners end quote businesses out of business. she met with them to try to heal the rift, but perhaps failed to do so. we spoke with coal miners and people in charleston, west virginia about why they don't think hillary clinton is good for that. here's what one of them told us. >> when obama ran the last campaign you didn't even come here. i respect him for that because there is nothing for him. hillary clinton should not come here either because there's nothing here for her. >> the menu just heard from was laid off from his job as an energy company. he works on the natural gas site recently. unemployment runs 6.5%. one to show you a flyer the campaign sent out to make sure when they cast their ballots, it
7:05 am
is scary important that he increased his delicate as we head towards the election ,-com,-com ma which i need to remind you six months from now the conventions come up in july. maria, that's west virginia. trade to adam, thank you so much. republican presidential candidate and texas governor rick perry. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you, maria. trained to use to be tad crew supporter. now you're supporting donald trump. >> i was a rick perry supporter before that. maria: tell us about your support for donald trump did what was it that brought you over? >> is pretty simple for me. we are down but clearly donald trump is our nominee and his party does need to fall in behind him. when i look at this and see what our options are, it is donald trump for hillary clinton and all you need to think about his
7:06 am
supreme court appointees. we know that scalia's bubble built quickly and there's a real possibility there could be two more. this isn't about the next four or eight years. this is the next 40 years. we'd better get this right. the better pick an individual who will put conservative, constructive constitutionalist on the supreme court. if we miss that i may get that wrong, it could change this country irretrievably for the next 40 to 50 years. >> i want to talk more about that because republicans are refusing to get on board. the make in your take on these comments out of tribe. they week his comments about the debt, how to get your arms around dead from a $19 trillion america faces. wages. he's for a minimum wage increase taxes. are you looking at any of these seem like it's different than what i heard on the campaign
7:07 am
trail? >> there are a lot of things i agree with donald trump on. for instance. for instance when he talks about devolving power back to the states particularly on education, one attacks about retrieving the money back offshore, behind 835 plus% right on our taxes. all of those things -- there's a lot by things they agreed that i disagree. i'm pretty sure i'm not going to find a candidate that i agree with everything he or she is talking about. >> that's a fair point. >> of barney, governor. dick grasso. congratulations. your manager would. he said he would support the republican nominee and you're sticking to that. we should all admire you for it. question, and if donald does not win the election, should mitch
7:08 am
mcconnell immediately call a confirmation hearing on the proposed nominee from the obama administration? >> you know, i will be, i will be set up to the senate. that is a slow, thoughtful process. i want them to get it right. when you think about history and how history has played out in his supreme court nominees and we have a great support to be our nominee and he didn't because the democrats played hardball. if you believe in a person who is going to be a strict person dealing with the conversation on trent constitution that you must use every power to try to put that individual in there. i would tell him senator mcconnell to take your time and do it right and try and get the most strict constitution an.
7:09 am
>> governor, if you are looking at a proposed president hillary clinton and do you think you're going to get a better, more moderate proposed nominee to the court than the current nominee? >> well, i don't know. that's the reason you have to take your time and go through this. what i hear you say if it'll be even more liberal coming from hillary clinton. i don't know that. the theoretical side is not what i'm going to work on. he's going to be the nominee and put in people for the court that i'm going to life. >> buddy when i see with this meeting on thursday? meeting with the gop house leadership. when you hope to come out of the meeting?
7:10 am
>> i don't have a problem with someone asking to sit down and talk through the issues they have with donald trump. that is fine. i don't think i ever heard paul ryan say never trump. he's not in that camp at all. have your conversations, but at the end of the day, donald trump will be our nominee and for anyone who's curious about the future of this country from the standpoint of the difference between donald trump and hillary clinton, they are poles apart here. just because your feelings are hurt or because you are a matter because your person didn't get the nominee, it happens every day in the political process. get over it. let's come over again that this country forward. this is one of the most pivotal elections when they have ever had in our history of what direction this country will go. >> because you are such a strong
7:11 am
conservative, i think you're actually a more credible persuader. what would you say to conservatives who say he hasn't held conservative positions long enough. how do you reassure people in the party who don't trust? >> well, you look back over the last election cycle is and we had the same questions asked about mitt romney and we all fell in behind him. so listen, this is pretty simple from my perspective. donald trump, hillary clinton and the supreme court. what else do you need to know? >> good enough for me. there's a part of the party that skeptical. i agree. in 2008 at 2012, were all expected to fall in line. there's a portion of the party now willing to do that in a think they need to be reassured. >> it's my job is one of those to be reassuring now start to give it my best shot. i also want donald trump to
7:12 am
understand people like me are willing to help him, people who have 30 plus years of being indisputable when it comes to conservative credentials that are willing to help in any way we can, to sit down and share with him why these conservatives positions are really good for america. they are good for individuals looking for a job. they are good for allies around the world. that is very important for those of us who do have those conservative credit if you will just end up with him and share with him those visions. maria: has ecology to be his vp candidate? >> now. it's way too early to have those conversations. maria: sounds like a ticket. >> absolutely. i would help donald trump. this is about my country. it isn't about donald trump come isn't about me.
7:13 am
i got in this race because i do love my country. i still have some things i want to give back. forever i can hope within reason i'm going to do that. that's a public service is all about. maria: and that featured two of them. >> governor coming of leadership in is unmatched by anyone and would've forward to revise president perry. >> as i said come and that's a long way down the road. the first thing we've got to do is make sure our nominee does in fact win the election in november. maria: governor, good to speak with you. >> godspeed. maria: governor rick perry joining us. tune in to special coverage all taken off at 7:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network did we have either had the primaries. drums replacing human labor and alarming rate. not just for amazon or google deliveries, higher job could be at risk of replacement of the tiny devices straight ahead.
7:14 am
social media could be your best defense. as snapping a photo could need shorter wait times. we will be right back. hem. so together, you adopt a little boy... and then his two brothers... and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now. then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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7:16 am
maria: president about the holding a meeting to discuss answers. cheryl casone on it with the have-nots. train for a good morning, maria and good morning everyone. president obama will meet to
7:17 am
discuss isis militants for the latest in a series of meetings in recent months. the homeland security department releasing, you mentioned this about god. grand central terminal. sounds like a good idea. that's part of a test of how the nation's biggest transit system. meant to stimulate the release of a biological assay show with 12,000 samples taken this week. the airline industry group con and travelers does not go those that long security lines because you have so much time by waiting. airlines for america wants to take the pictures on mr. graham is part of days. i hate to wait initiative because we all hate to say. but never-ending line has promised to take steps to move people through the lines faster as we approach the summer. finally this, a new report from the applications for drone technology will increase by 6000% by the end of the decade.
7:18 am
this consumption group, price waterhouse cooper says that the global market currently estimated at about 2 billion. the report says in the sky about it to 127 billion by 2020. they do things that boosted and verifying insurance claims. forgive we've found under the christmas tree in december. drums are now going to replace everything across this country. maria: people are worried that drums will replace jobs. is that a valid concern? >> yeah, i think so. technology gets out ahead of us. the jobs that are being replaced right now through robotics is a little concerning what this thread the job market has been. maria: technology and integration is threatening jobs is
7:19 am
>> metaclasses frustrated. they saw the wage scarring that takes to the stress. cheryl: this could be happening sooner rather than later. >> basketball's most -- how were your star substate is breaking records. an innovative way changing the way we drink wine. wi-fi connected by those on sat. back in a minute. show me top new artist.
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maria: jerrod matsuura sports. >> was not the shine today. this is why he's going to be named the nba's most viable for the second straight season. seth currie returned last night with a record-setting performance. enter the game at the warriors trailing 16 to two in the first quarter and missed several shots in the fourth quarter. and help force overtime and that's when seth just went bananas. he scored the first 12 points of an nba playoff record with 17 ,-com,-com ma finished at 40 and all the worse for 33 games to one. teammate is the mvp. all the names. silent assassin, all that to come out and get that mvp
7:24 am
tomorrow. congratulations to sat. this is the look on the portland trail blazers owner paul allen last night watching south korean amazement. what a knife ersatz and also for miami heat guard dwayne wade. he made amends for shooting the basketball for singing o canada before game three. the first lineup for the canadian anthem last night. in 91 and delivered an all-star performance. the heat came back from nine points out of the fourth quarter. dwayne wade was forced overtime with a game-tying shot with 12 seconds to go. three-point play and that dwayne wade would do his best version. a beautiful steel and said that it drew for the miami heat. 94-87. now tied at two games apiece. 16 gears. washington nationals bug or
7:25 am
ejected yesterday in the ninth inning bus standing in the dugout yelling at the umpire during the homerun celebration for the pinch-hit shot the pilot started barking at the umpire. he said choice words he deserved and i wanted him to know how i felt. but a classic moment because he can escape out a man gets to celebrate his teammate. congratulations to our total cologne. not only did the 42-year-old pitcher hit the first home run of his major league career saturday by topps baseball card not company mark this moment a 24 hour exclusive sale. the card cost $9.99 of their 8826 cards sold. the greatest number for one such card. congratulations. maria: that is great. how about seth currie about to be two-time nba mvp. >> unbelievable. he was an expected to more than 25 minutes.
7:26 am
they figure that see how we tested. they lose 16 to two when he was pressed into starting just turned it on. nobody had ever done that. unbelievable stuff. >> 's impressive to me the team is able to demonstrate they could win without seth currie. the seth currie there's no stopping them. >> you send a message to the broad james and the cleveland cavaliers. they have not lost a playoff game. if we see golden state in the finals again, what a special series that will be. i think we are seeing something really special in sports history. >> very ago. jarrod max, thank you. jcpenney shakes at the shelves plan to get shoppers into stores. by the changes may not be enough to move the needle on the stop price.
7:27 am
one startup to change the way americans drank and sadism -- bottles of wine. details in a minute. ♪
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maria: goodtize morning everybody welcome bam i am maria bartiromo it is tuesday, may 10, your top stories 7:30 a.m. on east coast, it is a battle for coal country polls open if west virtual reality
7:30 am
right now donald trump prument republican nominee bernie sanders is expected to beat hillary clinton today, now netting clinton nor trump earn a the nomination out right today, bernie well he is holding out for hope. >> we just can't let people -- um -- claim that it is not a real issue because -- you know, they -- there is a lot of blowback i raise it all the time, and -- you know, coulds the gender card all of that, and the fact is -- that it is a real problem, and we can't let it go. >> it is a steep hill to climb and i acknowledge that but we have to possibility of walking into the democratic convention with a majority of delegates. >> missing messages, the state department now saying it cannot find any e-mails to or from the aide that actually set up clinton's private vietnam investor what that means for the fbi investigation coming up jc penney in a new line of business the company things
7:31 am
branching into appliances will bring people into the stores, we are checking retail in a big week for retail, later o innovate product changeing the way we drink wine we have a wi-fi connected bolts of burgundy right here on set stay with us for that, checking markets this morning expecting a higher opening for the broader averages take a look we are off the best levels of the morning nonetheless, you due industrial up, seth curry a hundred in green as well as european markets to politics polls open west virginia donald trump the only republican contender standing, expected to collect all of the state 34 delegates and enact side hillary clinton recent push in coal country mate not be enough to sway vote charlton west virginia with the very latest rich good morning to you. reporter: good morning. the polls open will stay open until 7:30 tonight for republicans donald trump west virginia represents an opportunity for him to continue amassing delegation
7:32 am
no other gop challengers nationally, he has 1068 needs 1237 to clinch the nomination, on the first ballot, for enacts hillary clinton, has 2228 by these by these 1454 winning democrat needs 2383. ment clip acknowledges this is going to be a difficulty state for her this year west virginia, especially after her comments about the coal industry she is going to put coal miners coal businesses out of business, she has tried to explain that, comment but with the coal industry decline over the last couple of decades, more so recently with competition, from national gas efficiencies issues on exports, of course, obama administration environmental regulations coal has been a touchy subject here as the state industry in economy declined with regard to that this is the type of state demographic that by these by these has done well in despite deficit sanders says he is
7:33 am
staying in this race. >> if we do well here -- [applause]. -- if we do well here if we do well in california we i think we have a good chance to win. >> hillary clinton is campaigning in kentucky bernie sanders out west, in oregon, california. maria. maria: rich what a race thanks so much joining us right now republican strategist borrow is epstein with democratic strategists good to see the you both a statistics check, julie you said during -- >> i got i will take -- >> no. >> how do you -- >> i don't like to say something is over before it is over i think democrats should be running scared is as in every election dramaticallyically, all he has
7:34 am
to do is win what democrats win in florida this race is over the reality is that numbers of donald trump shown with if fact he is fighting with republicans,consolidateing his base having a very tough time raising money going to need no infrastructure in place hard to raise a billion dollars in six months i don't see how you put it together doesn't add. >> going to lose west virginia? >> very important state for the general, going to lose -- everything it is west virginia north carolina virginia are important for the general, now from what jewel are said if she wins all 50 states she will be the president, so just -- >> fast food are, florida second home for trump she did very well in florida in the primaries, better than in her primaries, so i would expect florida to adult go for donald trump in about november, six men and womens to go until general going to build you will already financing operation, deep ties all over the country so i am very confident, that going in, trump has a great chance then
7:35 am
we are going to talk about debates. >> yeah. >> so much better than her in debates think how watched those debates are going to be she is going to run about circles he will run circles around her. >> i am wonder she is going to keep saying when i i -- dealt with this country did all of this going to bring up her experience. >> in primaries, no disrespect to things play well to certain demographic of men doesn't play well to women down the play well to minorities florida, his panic people in florida 82% the negative view of this man right now he needs to pivot from audience to audience he needs vr time i have this conversation we have to start going off different audience audience traditionally republicans lose over and over again, someone -- >> doing that he is making that pivot. >> he is? . >> of course, he is. >> all he is doing all he is doing right now attacking paul ryan other republicans. >> having a meeting with paul ryan and reince priebus
7:36 am
tomorrow. >> more story. >> i am not making more story he is asking paul ryan to possibly step down at convention, tomorrow. >> hold on a second let's be fair, paul ryan said -- >> excuse me looks fantastic it looks amazing, i mean i just can't o. >> republicans -- >> wait a second get back to real story real story is there are 94 million people in labor market not participating 8 years. maria: that is the story. >> the economy, in november, might be garbage so conventional met prix on this at this point in that race doesn't apply this is not the year. >> let me say this first and foremost waiting for economy to be in the muck for obama administration not gravity place in the world but improving. >> president obama has not been able to oversee one year, above 3% economic growth his entire presidency is oofrjdz 1 1/2% k economically. >> but fine the point is that you have donald trump who right now a few days eyeing
7:37 am
basically said united states could potentially did he fault on debt -- facing -- united states -- dollar bill going to renegotiate with -- >> comments did hurt him. >> i disagree the comment was about -- wasn't about the comment was not about the dollar bill 100 dollar bill was about debt if you have a mortgage on your house -- refinance at lower rate does that mean you can't pay no, it means you are smart. >> is there anything doing right now you don't like. you don't agree with. >> this is my interview. >> yes, let me answer, campaign, i didn't like negative stuff i was out talking about it, right now, i think he is making the pivot to general doing a good job of it, i really do and a lot of times, listen, he is only 8 months into nine months to being politician months to election a lot of time to build up operation build up a political and financial operation, and -- as candidates, she is only
7:38 am
scripted she cannot handle unskrimentd moments he is all unscripted perfect situation. >> you think he wins in general election. >> i think going to swamp her in general election, democrats so confident -- >> i want going to make a bet but ryan thing i will bet both when it comes on market i want that because -- >> gop -- >> you are right. >> you are going to buy it for them they are going to buy it for you. >> i got to get in on this wager. >> -- hillary negative we have most unparticular candidate in the history of polling, she is incredibly vulnerable the fact by those bureau of labor statistics in the race shows how vulnerable i groo he in debates he will probably smoke her a one thing that is misogynistic antiwoman even -- >> not -- >> you are not -- >> general. >> the whole different game. >> the gop that blirment
7:39 am
establishment whatever that is same place two are nine months in ago no way donald trump nominee now the nominee do not underestimate. >> i didn't i said he has to be carefully not to say anything else misogynistic. >> you think in general election. >> i am out of game protecting. >> there is the fbi investigation, and now they say they can't find e-mails to or from -- the guy set up her whole e-mail investor. >> there is a federal investigation let's see what happens i hope we can all agree than toy is not a hack but not part of them if he recommend indictment democrats should life if he don't you recommend indictment. >> respect should say fbi covering for her. >> i don't agree with that, because what it house is democratic, pagliano already shifting we are talking about on the show a few months ago. >> gave immunity this is very interesting what is going to happen from here, the request -- cannot find e-mails is he going to court coordinate with
7:40 am
fbi with justice reprieves that he undoubtedly has mistrusted hillary clinton this economy is not going to perform well this year that is going to instill more she is going to be carrying the bab gage for barack obama he said barack obama said we didn't spend enough to get out of crisis hillary clinton has adopted about about socialist maximum marxist policies. >> i think both parties changed drastically. >> it is not party of bill clinton any more, but i will also say this. if you are sitting here thinking that barack obama, negatives are going to hurt her he is over 50% he has he has got to same numbers that reagan had end of his term we got a third reagan -- >> wait, wait, wait. >> this 8% -- at this point. >> not the point the point not talking for economists they are talking to voters, voters approve of the job he is doing.
7:41 am
>> voters -- voters -- voters. >> okay. so you want. >> voters overwhelmingly -- >> do not compare clinton to hw. bush in 88. >> how about this -- >> winning in -- >> i am going to get -- >> the numbers. >> the problem, donald trump could win a hundred percent of republican votes, one hundred percent, and still lose, this is not the point i'm sorry you are playing to the base i am so sorry but i do not believe this is the -- one hundred percent of republican voters he has to start reaching out, to independents, to moderates to give -- >> democrats in. >> bring some democrats in. >> voters. >> okay -- debates what's going on. >> iment completely wrong in bag women everywhere love him? >> [laughter] >> people roetsdz fo trump than any republican in history of republican party. >> -- >> no.
7:42 am
>> guys. >> all right how about this this, look at the -- i know very important, the math shows they is bringing over more republicans to support than he is bringing to democrats. >> every poll -- >> another number, voter turnout, up 60% republican side down on the democratic side -- >> doesn't matter. >> every -- >> i think once, by women every election -- by women, women on. >> they. >> they do offer -- >> all right, i think we get it we got the debate going on the set. and this debate is happening across the country. it is not the world -- if not world. >> thank you. >> thank you so much health debate brick-and-mortar getting back on track appliance scomplangs jc penney planning for at least half the stores the smarter way to drink we've got new wine bottle wi-fi connects with a
7:43 am
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7:46 am
. maria: welcome back, breaking news brutality isis executioner taken out by air strike cheryl casone on the story. cheryl: that is right maria the pentagon says that a murderous isis member was killed by that air strike, he was known as the did he say either are lion because of his brutality. meanwhile, isis size it executed a woman accusing her of being agent of the russian intelligence services claimed she worked as a spy four years treachery costs several isis. >> jc penney has not sold appliances since 1983 but about to start selling them again. 2 adepts store chain is bringing appliance showrooms to half stores penny conducted
7:47 am
a successful test this year, consumer appliance sales growing. >> spring auction season under way christie holding auction predictions of softening in demand look at this will lead auction could get more than 40 million dollars, at least in auction predictions, mark over 17 one artists blue canvasses stilted worth as much as 40 million maria in world of investments, this art world still in a soft year, soft year you can say bringing in 40 million. maria: there it is, when you have thank you know, choice of art dick grasso versus stock market move in tandem. >> they do a large part of last year's you know, all-time record, in the art market was the wealth creation in the stock market there are three things missing today, that same level of performance in
7:48 am
the market, the russians the chinese, who are major consumers so you know, i guess a 40-million-dollar painting is not all that bad, i did one of those, by the way, when i was in the third grade. [laughter]. >> what it would be worth today? >> you know what -- >> considerably less. >> funny because you wonder about prices, you what occurred next when you see you know,a like we saw 40 million dollars, you ask, are things getting overheated yet there are plenty of people out there want that on their wall will pay up for this. >> what about -- >> 17 million dollars, yesterday like a sculpture piece, can food are 17 million dollars, on a sculpture of have itly i don't understand art world don't pretend to clearly a market for it. >> you are right when you saw that big boom last year because stock market was on fire. >> you know. >> what are these worth whatever anyone is willing to
7:49 am
pay. >> what is the market, absolutely, a short break straight ahead in this day and age everything is smart; right? even wine bolt an internet connection a company has rewritten rules of wine we will be right back. ♪
7:50 am
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7:52 am
♪ ♪ do the wine, get that girl. >> welcome back did you know americans consume nearly 900-million gallon ops of wine
7:53 am
every year according to wine astute if you prefer drinking by glass the boston start-up reinventing traditional wine culmination with wi-fi connected bolt keeps wine crisp up to 30 days, joining me ceo d.j. good to see you thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you brought the bolt, in terms of how what first i want to ask how it works a great idea i think we all agree in the studio that we want to make sure our wine stays fresh 30 days how does it work? >> the way it works is -- >> the wine capture keeps wine fresh for up to 30 days, the cooling bottle let's you put in any by the sip of the glass you don't have to argue drinking red or white you can have both. >> because airtight it will keep it fresh 30 days? >> well the way it works there is a lining on the inside, as you pour wine lining collapsing you never see
7:54 am
oxidation. >> great idea there is nothing like this on the market right now. >> no there is nothing like this on the market. >> tell us how you came up with idea how you arrived here because it was an instant success able to raise a lot of money. >> i am a wine geek -- a wine geek. >> collecting wine forever, a student of wine forever, and few years ago taking a course i was tasting a lot of wine blind, and i was really how quickly it would spoil i realized if i could build a system people could drink many wines same night compare notes fastest way to learn about wine that was inspiration. >> you went out raised some money. >> yeah -- raised roughly 6 million dollars project has been on for roughly two year. >> this is wi-fi connected bring us explain the connect dots in terms of wi-fi. >> really, a benefit for the k
7:55 am
consumer they can drink wine by glass a benefit for the winemaker or winery, where they can tell a better story a better marketing platform and y you consumption can market to customers better-than-expected understanding what they are k consuming. >> 199 dollars. >> yes. >> so how did you come up where that pricing. >> so the -- they did quantitative analysis on what pricing -- affordable. >> would be affordable. >> to keep it under 200 dollars we were told that to demand for especially for luxury item like wine, if you are trying to position itself as a product for people who have household income about 100, 125 that would be good
7:56 am
price for them. >> does red wine spoil sooner than white wine spoils as general rule i feel the case so that red wipe more k complexity shows change faster. >> even though you don't keep white wine in the fridge. >> in the fridge keeps better. >> should you put red wine in infrin fridge, too. >> if keeping red wine in the fridge will keep better people don't keep it in fridge because it takes longer to come to drinking temperature. >> if in fridge you got to leave there it for a while before you actually zrifrng night correct you taught me something thank you so much good to have you on the program congratulations. >> thank you. >> check it out vijay. >> big show ahead indianapolis, indiana 500100th anniversary the business of car racing keep it right here on fox business network we'll
7:57 am
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freshly made in the japanese tokyo-sttradition.noodles. when you cook with incredible make incredible meals. get your first two meals free at . . maria: welcome back goodtize morning i am maria bartiromo, it is tuesday, may 10, your top stories right now, 8:00om on east coast, it is the battle for coal country, polls open in west virginia right now donald trump, presumptive republican nominee bernie sanders are expected to beat hillary clinton today, in west virginia, but you neither clinton nor trump will lock up delegates to earn a the nomination outright.
8:00 am
>> the -- big differences between democrats between senator sanders and myself republicans both have plans to make college affordable -- >> don't let anybody tell you this campaign is over. we're going to fight for the last vote we can find, and -- [cheers and applause] . >> going to meet as i understand it on thursday i look forward to the meeting i hope it is going to be positive if it is not going to be positive i can live with that also. maria: are breaking overnight a stabbing spree at train station munich jammer suspected islamist killing one injuring three others under right now later this hour taking a look at how the authorities, can catch a terrorist before attack wild weather in plains deadly tornados through oklahoma a look at damage coming up, facebook under fire over news feed allegedly censoring conservative news posts the
8:01 am
company is filing back all details there coming up, a major milestone for the yundy 500100th anniversary of the race a look at business of indy car racing later this hour, markets this morning looking higher in asia begins a across the board, in fact in japan, the nikkei average standout, up better than 2% after the finish minister said he is prepared to intervene in foreign exchange markets in europe this morning we are seeing gains across the board, bank stocks legislated credit suisse up roughly 5% right out why korting better-than-expected results in a company wealth management business ft 100 up a fraction a quarter of a percent in u.s. also gains although things, off the best levels of the session, nonetheless dow jones industrialize up, nasdaq s&p 500 in green is to say coming up this hour with me this morning fox news contributing meghan mccain communication president mark serrano former new york stock exchange chairman ceo dick grasso great to see you thanks for joining us. >> mar.
8:02 am
>> nice to see you battle for coal country under way in west virginia voters go to pollsed a a.m. in charleston west virginia right now is this primary coming down to where people stand on coal? >> it is, at least here in west virginia no-brainer this is coal country people are very upset, with the obama administration policies which 2009 since 2009 have had a devastating impact on the coal industry now i am at george washington high school this is one of thes precincts areas people come to vote schools closed so people can vote turnout expected to be heavy since early voting has already double what it was four years ago in the primaries as we talk about coal country look donald trump is the last republican standing, so aren't a lot of questions what will happen with him when it comes to bernie sanders and hillary clinton, the people here do not forget what happened last week, when mrs. clinton met with coal miner tried to make amendments for comments made about putting coal miners coal
8:03 am
industry out of work then we met a man named chad, who was laid off last week, and here is what he told us about mrs. clinton's chances. >> -- our economies around structures down the street restaurants law officials law officials clients coal companies clients national gas companies restaurateurs people eating here work in these industries when you have a majority industry using these services, services are on the outside affected totalitarianismer or lat-- soonr or later too. >> and so what he is talking about is this is kind of of une 6.5% in west virginia as for donald trump, his campaign turned out flyers to supporters designate who they should vote for as far as delegation even though last republican standing not taking any chances he heads towards the cleveland convention. >> maria. maria: thanks very much busy
8:04 am
morninged a a.m. sharpro west virginia joining us former virginia senator governor george allen good to have you on program thanks so much for joining us. >> my pleasure good morning. >> your thoughts on west virginia today, the primary, is it about coal what else? >> it is about jobs and coal, coal means jobs, throughout west virginia, and in fact many states from tennessee, and virginia kentucky west virginia hello he pennsylvania energy important through high plain states from texas, to the dakotas mountain west, maria often candidates talk about jobs, coal and shale gas and shale oil, are jobs. they are jobs for the miners jobs for the pipelines to deliver it or rile rhodes, railroads make our competitive, company competitive for manufacturing to extent exporting oil coal liquefied national gas going
8:05 am
to help balance of trade energy means jobs competitiveness national security west virginia prime example of devastating policies of hillary clinton and obama administration not looking at these plentiful energy resources as blessing they look at it as a curse. maria: dick grasso meghan mccain mark serrano the reason the comments from hillary clinton the other day, about look we're going to put every coal mining job out of business critical going into important primary. >> senator donald trump has said he is going to be supportive of the repositioning of the coal industry, do you have a suggestion how public policy can help about preserve bring back jobs to that energy base? >> well, they this isn't outlaw coal, dick i think what the policies ought to be, is allow clean coal technology as well as national gas and other sources to compete fairly for
8:06 am
providing us affordable reliable electricity with regulations coming out of washington they are in effect outlawing coal can't meet he standards, severe fortunate the shale gas boom you know this dick has transformed our country the only reason we're not feeling the pain at the switch national gather is plentiful because of the innovation and creativity of hydraulic fracturing the key will, of course, get the pipeline from the sources to the places where this utilities homes or businesses, i would like to see a level-playing field, and let them compete for who provides the best for us as consumers. >> it really goes senator come back to a point that is totally unrevolted to co-- unrelated to coal the strangelhold regulation has placed on business. >> well that is true there is
8:07 am
a lot of regulations american manufactures wake up every morning, at a 20% disadvantage compared to asian count parts as far as taxes regulations in our country not including labor changes regulations need to be reasonable, we all want clean air clean water, clean land, and there are practical and competitively logical ways of achieving those goals and there is to a much redunnedancy overburden, and in fact, the federal government these days, unfortunately picked winners or losers when it comes to energy it ought to be a marketplace where all sources can compete fairly, and we the people decide which is the best for our families or for you businesses, and for affordable electricity. >> senator good morning, you've been a long time advocate for tax and economic reforms i think this election as most will be about economy
8:08 am
what are the messages you think donald trump needs to sell on the economy to win this election? >> we talked about energy i am not expanding on that any more a great economic benefit that we are number one in the world when it comes to energy resources, and what we need is a political will to unleash that creativity and resources, the other, is our corporate tax laws which are the highest most burdensome in the world, so when people are talking about trade, and businesses leaving our country,less make sure our tax policies are competitive with the rest of the world, let's make sure, some of that trillions overseas in accounts of companies that don't want to he bring it back to our country get hit with 35% tax, if you want to turbo charge economy bring money back trick trillions create jobs in america make our country more competitive that is sort of approach we ought to be taking hopefully donald trump will focus in on those type issues.
8:09 am
maria: obviously he is going to be meeting with mitch mcconnell house speaker paul ryan thursday to talk about this growing rift among ladders of the republican party trump discussed yesterday with we mooo me here on "mornings with maria" lon who what he said. >> i don't know exactly what is happening, here, i was called, a number of weeks ago by paul ryan, it was very nice call a very complimentary call, and that was the last i spoke to him and all of a sudden, he wants to talk, and i think this is a time for unity, if there is not going to be unity i think that is okay too i will go out i think i am going to do very well i think i am going to win the race either way. >> senator how important is this meeting, and do you think that donald trump is going to be able to prove to the skeptics that he is living up to republican principles of the republican party. >> it is about prepares and
8:10 am
ideas and paul ryan has a potential to be an outstanding speaker he is driven by positive constructive ideas getting people to say we are for that make our country competitive for investment jobs more secure. the personality aspects are not as important as you say maria as the issues and the ideas. and paul ryan just like a lot of folks want to hear what donald trump's principles are philosophy and specifics of what he would want to do as president. >> yeah. >> that way the congressional delegation can actually be helpful. i think paul ryan -- being -- the chairman of the republican national convention, he probably would be happy not to be chairman of it, marshall black burn would be fine chairman of this republican national convention, what matters to people are ideas,
8:11 am
initiatives rermz rather than personalities. >> he will be able to prove that he wants those i ordeals. >> he we will see if mr. trump will be able to do so i can't predict how that meeting will go a very watched meeting i am sure you will cover it. >> for sure dick grasso. >> senator at the end of the day do those who have not sportdz donald who have said that they are not going to support donald do they understand that that is a vote for hillary clinton? >> great question! i was one for marco rubio, when he dropped out i didn't endorse anyone i said reminder me of eagles-giants playoff game the enthusiasm i had for it, also to super bowl, the giants will be playing the patriots but the way to look at this is here is what ronald reagan my hero is not on ballot nor anyone like ronald
8:12 am
reagan what we have is socialist we have liberal miss clib one of the more successful businessmen in our country i haveing reservations about mr. trump to me choice fairly easy i prefer mr. trump because i think he will do more he will advocate things that are more consistent with my point of view even though i have about reservation i ne what a socialist or liberal will do. >> yes, you will have my vote have discussion what it means to be a constitutional conservative in the republican party. >> or an conservative an active conservative not just keeping things same old way we need a lot of rereforms we need to brov this country for opportunities for all i want action not just talking about parties or red versus blue or conservative versus liberal it is specific ideas people are waiting for, and action. >> support the nominee.
8:13 am
>> propriety elections about choices the way i look at it one of the more successful businessmen in this country, are better than someone who in my view untrustworthy liberal or socialist. >> party has done way left president obama elizabeth warren hillary clinton bernie sanders george allen good to see you, sir thanks so much. >> great being but. >> we will see you soon thank you, xhumg alcohol while pregnant may be strongly discouraged bars can no longer refuse to serve exceptant mothers. >> the 100th anniversary of the indy 500 a look at business of carry racing live in studios this morning, stay with us. ♪
8:14 am
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. . maria: breaking news presidential obama, this is japan later this month he will visit the city of hiroshima white house making that announcement moments ago no sitting american president has ever visited the city. let's get right to cheryl casone because she i also got to headlines on a detailed stabbing spree train station near munich germany. >> police in germany say one person has died, in the
8:17 am
hospital, after that attack happened. at least three others seriously wounded some say suspect shouted allah akbar means god is great in arabic this suspect is 27-year-old german national, about now under we don't have a name investigators say they 4 no indications of a suspect had an islamic extremeist motive. >> tornados through integrate plains killing at least two people in oklahoma, the twitters destroyed homes overturned cars. >> home oen didn't make it inside by time tornado arrived grabbed on to tree rode out on decree believe it or not, suffered cuts and scrapes, good news that we're trying to bring you out of zefgs especially in oklahoma. could business, earnings season continues to roll on an
8:18 am
allergan 48% increase in adequately revenue by strong performance by branded drugs business concludes botox, tribune media lower-than-expected profit the company -- full year guidance lumber liquidators first quarter loss the flooring company continuing out from safety of chinaied laminate products has struggled since 60 minutes claimed it sold flooring with formaldehyde a carcinogen. >> new york city commission on human rates says restaurants and bars do not have the right to refuse alcoholic drink orders from pregnant women the commission says that would be he discrimination under human rights law at least 18 states in the nation had laws that rr use of intoxication by pregnant women call it child
8:19 am
abuse my sister married to a doctor three beautiful children, and he allowed her to have occasional glass of wine my niece nephews fine. >> allegations facebook deliberately hit conservative news from news feeds, later the united states, budweiser why beer brand is considering changing its names to something more patriotic, the details next. ♪ ♪ forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study.
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8:23 am
formulas to hide conservative news from trending news feed section. jo ling: good morning we have been on story a couple days now, facebook hitting back on a report by -- that says former employees as you pressed conservative leaning opposed to those in news need not allowing them to appear in the trending section top right corner of your screen, the facebook is denying it even happened at all, vice president in charge of trending topics said in a statement we take these reports extremely seriously found no evidence anonymous allegations are true that facebook does not allow or advise our rufrz to systematically discriminate against stours of any ideological origin we designed tools to make that not a feasible we ne political pleengs of founder ceo zuckerberg quite clear -- begins a republican nominee donald trump earlier this year.
8:24 am
>> i just feel voices calling for building walls distancing people they label as others i think the work we are all doing is so important. because we can actually give more people a voice. and instead of building walls we can help people build bridges. of the and instead of dividing people we can help bring people together. >> no question facebook has massive influence how you consume information more than a billion people use it daily as of first quarter in north america 222 million people in canada and u.s. log on every month, so that is why this story matters because 63% of facebook users say they see facebook as a source of news, according to presearcher last year. >> what are thoughts on this? >> if you are a visionary
8:25 am
leader addressing employees riding algorithms what do you think that message is what do you think those people are going to do a complicated history with republicans at rnc zuckerberg's sisters came out a while ago saying they were inrooitsdz to rnc people said completely wrong social media in general i think has liberal boent source of frustration for rps i think we can agree that democrats traditionally used it in a better way. maria: i want to know facts when you go to facebook you see what is trending you actually believe these are stories people are talking about. >> ironically. >> just be honest. >> it is, ironically this morning, you know what is trendsing the topic about facebook of algorithm how they post or don't post conservative topics. >> very inas iedous like irs scandalized, get plod at irs
8:26 am
you work out perfectly there especially in clinton administration, this is very insidious why we have a rise in conservative media because people figure it out, that the fix is in mark zuckerberg politics quite clear he uses facebook as global reach to impact use. >> a good point you are right. >> there is an interesting point going into the summer, we have two conventions, for a long time, organizations like facebook and google have been cosupporting events going to continue to happen at republican national convention dnc as well a part of the conversation, as these new business decisions are made between different media organizations facebook that is so much power effectively able to put i wouldn't do companies out of business they do direct publishing have not put them out of business quite yet the clooi kriekz the precipitously dropped a new type of company.
8:27 am
>> and remember when having debate about technology end of it how you know, the fbi needed help some facebook in terms of uplocked san bernardino terrorist phones mark zuckerberg came out said, something to the effect that look we've got your back almost -- on facebook we're going to make sure to protect your rights. >> looking at profile remember that small window of time referring to getting to the information, of one of the shooters what they did actually was shut it down and make progressivefile unavailabl did support make sure he feels the entire community is welcome to express themselves. >> facebook media company first technology second editorial standards quite obvious through this story so that thank you so much for this important story jo ling kent tell us what you think on facebook page facebook come mornings maria hear what you think about this toir extended a post or a tweet us mornings
8:28 am
maria after terrorist attacks throughout europe americans rightfully worried about similar attacking in the u.s. up next author of how to spot a terrorist and how to keep you and family safe back in a moment. ...
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome back, good tuesday morning, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo. it's tuesday, may 10th. your top stories right now, 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. it's primary day in nebraska and west virginia. the polls are open in coal country right now. donald trump told supporters to
8:31 am
stay at home and just focus on the general election. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fighting for votes. >> they're going to win the race either way if you want to know the truth because hillary clinton is a disaster for this country. she's a total disaster. >> i'm answering on what the voters care about, the difference of our records, our experience, what we want to do for our country, how important it is to try to unify the country. maria: breaking overnight, a stabbing spree at a train station in munich, germany. a suspected islamic killing one person and injuring three others. he's now under arrest. a look how authorities can catch a terrorist before an attack. solar city, not shining today. the stocks selling off on first quarter results. that's going to be one of the losers on the session. budweiser wants to tap into america's patriotism, what they're doing.
8:32 am
what's more american than budweiser, the american 100, a higher opening for the dow jones industrial average. we had gains across europe as well as asia and that's carrying forward. we're now near the highs of the morning with the dow jones industrial average expected to open up close to 70 points. a lot of retail earnings out this week. gas underperformed and that stock is underpressure. details later in the week. a stabbing at a train station in munich, killing a person and injuring three others. tips how to spot a terrorist for it's too late. joining me retired fbi agent, authority to soon to be released "how to spot a terrorist before it's too late", thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me, maria. maria: americans are growing more and more concerned, what are the tips to spot a
8:33 am
terrorist? >> you know, there's a number of things that the public can look for. so much information has been put out there, if you see something, say something, but nobody is really telling us what to look for. what i've tried to do, based on my law enforcement career is look at some of the things that law enforcement just accepts in general, things that law enforcement sees, but passing that information on to the general public. for example, like today, with this individual at the german train station, just wandering around the area aimlessly before the attack occurred, things that would seem out of place that might draw your attention and you'd want to notify law enforcement about. maria: yeah, and of course, the entire environment has changed. and you saw things getting back to normal on the stock exchange the fateful day of september 11th. what's your take on this? >> i compliment john on the book and trying to make the public much more aware. john, if you're in the middle
8:34 am
of a situation like the german, horrific stabbings, what is it the public should do? i mean, beyond notifying authorities, you're in the middle of a situation where there's a person with a knife, what do you do? >> well, first and foremost what i hope to do with the book is try to prevent the situations before they happen, but let's face it, situations are going to take place. so there's a number of things the general public needs to understand. there's no one size fits all answer for everyone. it's going to depend what your abilities are, in addition to what the actual situation is. i always recommend, if you have the option to flee, that should be your first choice. if you can't flee, then perhaps you're going to hide. if the situation presents itself, such as if a terrorist wanders into a building. and then finally, of course, if you have no choice, you can't depend upon the mercy of a terrorist, you're going to have to fight back. but you're not going to fight
8:35 am
back to try to win the fight. you would fight back long enough so you can then flee. so depending upon the person's abilities, there's a variety of things i cover in the book how you would handle these situatio situations. >> john, i had the opportunity to produce some tv ads for a transit agent in homeland security. in the ad we try to convey the message to commuters, they shouldn't have self-doubt. if they see something, they've got to take the next step. what would you suggest to a commuting public overcoming that natural self-doubt about what they see? >> you know, we had an interesting situation the other day where a woman was on an airplane, noted something she thought was unusual, and that she reported to the airplane personnel about taking action. now, it turned out to be a fairly benign situation, but the reality is, worse case scenario in that situation, there was a minor delay for the flight. people need to understand that
8:36 am
they should report what they see, law enforcement knows how to check these things out properly. there are protocols. no one is going to be dragged off to jail needlessly. no one is going to be accused of any sort of crime. they go in and they ask questions, but by being the eyes and ears, we've seen in situations where in san bernardino, for example, neighbors reported they thought there was unusual activity, but they were hesitant to say anything. what i'm trying to do is give some tools that people can look at and say, well, this is peculiar, why is the person dressing this way, why is the person hanging out and taking photos? giving citizens something they can report to law enforcement and say, this looks unusual and this is why i think it is. >> that's helpful because we've experienced that situation and self-doubts. >> there are cultural stigmas, and i think about a case in a building, i would be concerned concerned and say something. but the results the teachers at
8:37 am
the school were labeled as islamophobic, how could you combat that as well? >> what's interesting with clock boy, i never once heard words regarding race, ethnicity, what country they're originally from. i heard about the facts of the situation. an in my book, i use the word profile, but never once refer to it in any sense other than profiling physical activities that the person is engaged in. that's what we're focusing on. if others want to try to stretch it and claim that someone is implying others, what i want to focus on. maria: yeah, go ahead. >> i agree with what you're saying, but what we want to focus on is actions. actions speak louder than words. it's something that we can look at that's trance tangible. we're either going to speak up and do something or watch what happens. maria: what about national
8:38 am
security versus privacy. yesterday there were reports that twitter is cutting off intelligence agencies from accessing a service used to identify unfolding terrorist attacks. how will twitter's decision impact the way that intelligence agencies track terrorists? the technology industry is worried about people's privacy. >> you know, there are several different issues at play here. first of all, the government was not receiving anything for free, they were paying just like any other private sector business and my understanding is the service is still providing this information to wall street for purposes in managing financial markets and investments, but the overall issue is the one of what government calls going dark. that many different services that terrorists are possibly utilizing, especially on social media and through technology, is available to the terrorists, yet, these entities are not supporting government's efforts to lawfully, and i emphasize
8:39 am
lawfully, with probable cause, search warrants, subpoenas issued by courts, he understan understands-- et cetera to look at information. in my 20 years in the fbi we've never just randomly looked at. there are protocols for a preliminary investigation. those protocols are strict and the private sector needs to work with us and understand, we are following the u.s. law. we're not violating it. we want to look at the information that's available as allowed by law only. >> good to have you on the program this morning, appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. maria: up next, mexican drug lord el chapo moved to mexico's least security prison. how he could be on the way to the united states next. the budweiser's plans to the summer and how they plan to appeal to americans in a whole new way. ♪
8:40 am
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♪ i don't want your freedom, i don't want to play around ♪ ♪ i don't want nobody baby, part-time love can bring me down ♪ >> we're 45 minutes away from the opening bell. it could be higher on the dow industrials. solar city, rather, selling in pre market, after elon musk reported a wider loss. shares of gap set to open at a four-year low, plunging better than 10% after the retailer reported first quarter revenue and same-store sales that missed expectations. weakness in banana republic and old navy brands weighed in on
8:44 am
the results and credit suisse, the swiss bank and the stock, and it's up, lifting european markets this morning. mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman is reportedly extradited to the u.s. cheryl casone has the headlines. cheryl: this is going to be interesting because according to the new york post, el chapo will be brought to brook len federal court, the first stop as he's waited in several u.s. s states. the transfer to new york likely going to happen next month. el chapo has been in a mexican prison since he was recaptured in january. he, of course, infamously escaped from an underground tunnel. the last to p -- one of the last prisons is the least secure. donald trump, billionaire
8:45 am
investor and peter teal, as a list for the california district, that's san francisco. the long time republican donor owns a substantial stake in fair and balanced-- facebook. and he's one of the big egest b donors. the beer for this summer only, budweiser advertising team hopes to solidify an american institution and anheuser-busch perfect purchased by inbev. go america. the company with the help of tyson foods plans to launch a recipe delivery service along the lines of blue apron and hello fresh. tyson taste makers targeting
8:46 am
those who don't know how to open up a cookbook. maria: hitting the 100th anniversary, driver rahal in the studio with us, taking a look at racing. back in a moment. ♪ i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move... ahhh.
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>> welcome back. the indianapolis 500 racing, 100th anniversary this may 29th. officials expecting record attendance for the event at indianapolis motor speedway. the track brings in nearly 315 million dollars for indiana's economy every year. joining us right now is indy
8:50 am
car driver graham rahal and fox sports reporter jared max. i'm stunned by the popularity of the indy 500. >> it's-- i mean, like you said, 100th running this year so it's been around a long, long time. a lot of tradition at indianapolis and goes back so many years, i think that people, really america, i saw this piece about indy 500 is america, it kind of is if you look at the birth of the automobile and the way this race has affected that in particular. and all the traditions, the largest single day sporting event, nearly 400,000 this year which will be spectacular. >> and you're part of a racing family. bobby rahal and everybody knows the name. and dagen mcdowell is a huge racing fan. >> i'm sorry she's not here today. >> and there aren't as many racing families and kids getting under the engine as much as they used to.
8:51 am
>> it's interesting, i would say like our family, we focus hard on the kids, obviously, to build the future fans of our sport, i think we're seeing a growth in that area, in all honesty, just from being around the paddock and seeing the people around it. today it's more difficult to get the eyeballs than a long time ago. >> why? >> tv uses so many different channels and so many different things to watch and you know, so, to find the activity and the kind of capture the audience, it's difficult, but it's difficult for everybody. i would say this, particularly in indy car, we've seen tv growth numbers year in year out, which i think we're the only motor sport to see that and the other thing we've seen a lot is great attendance. long beach grand prix, 100,000 over the weekend. on average looking at 45,000, 40 to 45,000 on a single day attendance, that's as good as most anything, any sporting event you're going to go to. it's just, it's harder, i think, these days than my dad's time, to kind of capture this.
8:52 am
maria: what's the fattest you've driven. >> 256 i think at indianapolis. maria: wow. >> indianapolis qualifying, 233, 234 miles per hour average speed and that's pretty quick. maria: how does it feel? what's the charge you get when you're in there going 200 miles per hour? >> it's quick, and feels quick when things go wrong. maria: do you drive fast even at home in a regular car? >> no, no, i would say it's hard for me to go the speed limit, but i try and it's the hardest part like the next couple of weeks, i go to the track and run indianapolis every day and practice and start this weekend, it's the grand prix of indianapolis, the race is saturday, but i'll get off the track at 6 p.m. and drive home on 465, the freeway, around indy, and you're just 240-some miles per hour and then go 65. >> that's got to be a buzz kill. >> it's a little bit of tough. >> you've had time in manhattan. compare indy driving versus navigating through the streets and bicyclists coming in both
8:53 am
directions. >> my cab driving with as weaving through traffic and missing cars by two inches, making me nervous, a lot of practice, i think, it's intense around here. maria: david letterman come on your team. >> yes, he does. maria: tell me about your racing team there. >> dave has been a part of our sport for many, many years, he's from indianapolis and loves indy car racing. he'll come out and be with us which is cool. dave is a huge indy car fan, a big part of putting the shake n sha -- steak n shake deal. maria: and you've got it there. >> and the greatest milk shake anywhere, no joke, i'm a midwestern guy and i grew up with steak n shake everywhere. and next to the ed sullivan theater, try it out.
8:54 am
maria: thank you, graham rahal and jared. final thoughts from our all-star panel next. ♪
8:55 am
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>> welcome back, my final thoughts from my panel this morning. dick grasso, earlier we said president obama is going to japan the end of may and do what no other president has done and that's visit hiroshima, dick grasso. >> well, maria, i hope the president stops in hawaii before he goes to hiroshima and he visits the site of the u.s.s. arizona, just to bring balance. maria: yep, yep. >> 100%. i second that. i completely agree with you. i do, i think it's important. >> i don't think he's planning on that. >> i hope it's-- >> he certainly should because that's-- he's making what many are calling an apology tour. maria: that's what they call it on twitter, apology tour. >> that's why he won't stop in hawaii. >> you know what? he did the american military, the american people deserve that, to remember those folks who were still in that ship. >> remain consistent and blame america first instead of making
8:58 am
america first. >> an acknowledgement, megan reminded me it was ronald reagan who said if you groo he with 80% of a candidate, he can't be your opponent, there are only two names on the ballot come november. so, republicans, you better line up and suck it up. maria: yeah, suck it up because about donald trump, and they-- obviously you've been critical, meghan. reality is reality. and fascinating with the democrats. >> the story in west virginia, if bernie ends up pulling this out, they could have a contested convention. >> can't be on the sidelines for the super bowl, right? you've got to be-- >> one observation i'm going to make and i'm absolutely certain of this, okay? harlan sanders, colonel sanders is more likely to be elected president than bernie. [laughter] >> and make better chicken. maria: final thoughts? >> we've got to, you know,
8:59 am
trump's meeting on thursday with paul ryan is somewhat significant, but look, republican conservatives, they ought to get to the family table and have the family conversation, but the notion of being on the side line is absurd and will only destroy our nation. we'll only continue on with obama policies for four more years or worse if hillary clinton delivers on her promises of more marxist socialist policies. maria: if you don't vote, it's a vote for hillary. >> absolutely it is. >> i'm just looking forward to seeing what happens tonight in ban bernie sanders, i love hillary clinton squirming, and she's completely vulnerable, and completely beatable and i hope that donald trump comes around and unites the party. i know he says it's not important and republicans could come together. >> and on the jobs and economy. >> republican love bernie sanders because hillary clinton keeps moving to the left and
9:00 am
spending money and i hope the race keeps going on and on and on. maria: meghan mccain and dick grasso, nice to see you. tune into the fox business network for a special coverage of the primary at 7 p.m. eastern. have a great day. we'll turn it over to "varney & company," stuart, take it away. stuart: and the republican party will talk unity. trump got a whole new load of ammunition. big gains for trump in key swing states. in head to head matchups in florida and pennsylvania, it's a statistical dead heat. in ohio, trump has a four point lead. his message to republicans, jump on my train now. however, media hostility to trump is unrelenting, an avalanche of contempt for him today. and facebook, former workers say you are steered away from conservative websites.


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