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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 11, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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dan commented donald trump has my vote along with the rest of the national people in the united states. take that, andy levy. eric trump joins us tomorrow night. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: well, hello and happy hump day. you know what i love watching? reality tv? i don't care who knows it. all those snooty pundits who say the presidential race is nothing more than a reality show. , the biggest snob the land gave us a stern lecture. >> this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show.
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this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. kennedy: exactly, hope and change. it's a contest. at least donald trump's pageants consultant paul manafort gets it. >> this is the ultimate reality show, the presidency of the united states. kennedy: when marco rubio and chris christie first went eight what we saw was this. >> under chris christie in new jersey they have been downgraded five times. kennedy: in our hearts and minds we were really watching this. >> you are [bleep] 19 times? tbleep [bleep] [bleep]. kennedy: that lady is in prison. and the tables turned on both men who had to drop out of the
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race with their spotty mouths in their purses. temperature. >> i have no choice. you are fired. you are all fired. all four are fired. >> i think that's so side. you are all fired. >> oh, my god, oh, my god, i, my god. kennedy: carly, you are fired. cruz, you are fired it wasn't just republicans that were bit by the cobra. we saw bernie get very heated in debates. but we all know we were really watching this. >> i have never in my life yelled at a girl like this. when my mother yelled like this it was because she loved me. i was rooting for you. we were all rooting for you. how dare you? >> i was expecting tyra to say tiffany, no one cares about your
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damn emails. when hillary leaves that interview with director james comey, she'll feel something like this. get out. gargoyles. kennedy: hillary always going after the evangelical vote. we are on the crazy bus to garbagetown. sometimes the unpredictability seems a lot like this. you know what? i much preerch that to the -- i much prefer that to the country club version of democracy that uniquely fits the stabment narrative our president loves if reality tv means getting dirty, bloody and weird. then sign me up for another season. can donald trump unite the gop? tomorrow he meets with speaker paul ryan.
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bret baier joins me with the lightning-time implications. judge napolitano is here to explain the latest twists in the hillary clinton email investigation. and the band's latest album. glad you are here. i'm "kennedy." [♪] let's shift to tyra -- i mean bernie. bernie sanders tack west virginia by the horns, further frustrating hillary clinton's would-be coronation. what it would take for hillary clinton to scrub the socialist barnacle off her hull. dagen mcdowell. and gavin mcinnis is here.
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keith manning is here from the independent women's forum. kennedy: gavin, you love ladies. let's talk about bernie. why would he go away? why would bernie sanders he wins indiana, he wins west virginia, he still has passionate supporters and a lot of people turning out to vote for them his late in the game. >> there is this narrative that hold truth, he's pulling hillary to the left. now she says if you are 6 years old you can enroll in medicare. she is for expansion of government. the good news about bernie staying is is they did have policy discussions. kennedy: how wonderful it is to be a democrat and reach into an imaginary gift bag and keep
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handing stuff out, $30 billion for coal country. free childcare for everyone essentially. it's not the function of government. >> especially when math is dead. $19 trillion is $9 million. and warren buffet can pay off the deficit. did they purposely extinguish mathematics so they could get along with it? kennedy: along with logic and reason flushed down the toilets and scrubbed from american schools. >> they want to us pay for even the college educations of these people who are being taught to be math idiots. kennedy: if you don't do well in high school, who cares, you still have free college waiting
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for you. what is bernie doing so wrong that he's gone the so few superdelegates? >> because he's older. again, this mainstream democrat doesn't see him as presidential. maybe they are seeing this is jim morrison who has been in hibernation. how long has jim been dead? he's not dead. kennedy: 45 years. >> this is somebody who has been on a stain in a previous lifetime and had young women screaming at him because he clearly loves it and clearly won't give it up. kennedy: i don't think it many the adore august. i think it's the ideology. he want to pull her to the left and drag her under and mother her head in the sea we'd.
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>> i think he like the screaming women. i think he like the adore august. he like the money because it will give him power. these darn election laws. i have been saying all along, buy a guilded bentley bernie. the west virginia exit polls rubbed the salt in hillary clinton's deepening wound. nearly half of bernie supporters say they would support donald trump. and it's so obvious that these few, trump and sanders are so similar, why wouldn't be who are being promised some sort of optimism switch from bernie who says you have been given the shaft to trump who says i will make thing magically appear like coal drops. >> we don't believe anything they say, so we go by vibes. if you have an honest vibe, we like you.
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even conservatives like bernie because he goes, i'm a social it, i'm a nightmare and i'll take your money. i like southern racists because at least they are open about being racist. kennedy: you know where you stand. >> i said i don't stab you in the back, i'll cut you in the neck. you will see me coming. kennedy: hillary clinton saying she is going to put coal companies out of business. was that worse than ted cruz's new york values. >> it's hard to say how many people are jumping on board the democratic agenda. kennedy: the pant returns in moments. donald trump said they have not
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or not in vests. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. [♪] kennedy: well, hello, and how are you? i know you are great because you are here.
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donald trump is narrowing down his list of potential running-mate. >> i won't say ruling them out. i have in mind five different people, i think they are excellent. i'll announce whoever it will be at the convention. kennedy: he says he won't rule out chris christie, he says he will select somebody who has legislative experience and can help him with his agenda. i still think case up is on the list. he says he wants someone who has couple decade of experience and someone who can help him in congress. >> maybe a bridge builder with the establishment segment of the republican party? >> maybe the wife who plays friend' horn? >> trump seems to not be interested in building bridges. i think it will be fascinating
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who trump pick as vp. he's such a one-of-a-kind candidate, who can be next to this guy. kennedy: no one will say joe biden defined president obama's administration. >> this elect is oh based on optics. ladies want to see a lady up there. trump earned his respect by saying we are not playing that. i hope he get a go based on mayor to bmeritocracy. batman is the entrepreneur, that's trump, and superman is cruz, mr. honest constitutionalist superhero, and he's an alien from another planet. >> they keep throwing out chris christie's name.
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he brings nothing. we can't watch this for four years. how many times will he be in a position where he's staring at the back. state of the union every year will be staring at the back of trump's head. kennedy: he doesn't like people who are less than gentle with their food consumption. >> even if he like little bytes, there are far too many of them. kennedy: something we haven't touched on. why isn't chris christie running new jersey. why is he running a transition team before trump has been elected president? >> after this hair staredown they had to shuffle him off to trenton. he kind of wasn't on the stable for a while.
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but with chris christie. i said this earlier on "outnumbered." my mother said it. you can't have two loud mouthed yankees on one ticket. kennedy: where i'm from in the pacific northwest. people are pacifists. >> i think taco bell is trying to roll that. you say chili and i'll be smelling it. i'll be smelling it for the next three days. kennedy: the oregon primary is next week. the party panel has the good sense to return a little later. do you love maple syrup and hate donald trump? there is a dating app that aims to pair americans with canadians.
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will they jazz up the convention or just lock horns. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
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kennedy: tomorrow donald trump will meet with house speaker paul ryan in an attempt to bind the party together like a cheese. >> this election is too important to go into an election at half strength. that means we need a real unification our party. kennedy: we needful strength, we don't need a civil war between captain america and ironman. ryan will also meet with top
8:21 pm
republicans on capitol hill. will this make a difference. with me is bret baier, my captain america. let's talk about this. what is going on beneath the surface of this s.s. ryan trump. >> i think the starred are with donald trump. he's got mandate with all these states that voted for him. he's going to get the nomination. by the time got it june 7 in california. and he will be the nominee. he has a lot of power as he goes into this meeting. ryan wants to protect lawmakers who have questions about donald trump's policy provisions that he talked about on the stump. it's sometimes not lining up with republicans up on the house or senate side and what the legislation looks like that they are working on.
8:22 pm
i think they want some buy-in from the nominee and negotiation so they can talk to their constituents and say what we are talking about will work with this nominee as well. kennedy: how much of this is posturing and how much is actual bad blood, an official within -- a fissure within the party that can't be healed. >> i think it will be healed. hillary clinton will be the unifying factor. the thought of the supreme court being filled with more liberal justices than donald trump would ever nominate, i think is the driving force. i do think that paul ryan probably wants to get some things off his chestr chest about policy. when he talks about deficit and debt it's not the way donald trump talks about it. kennedy: and they have different ways of talking about taxes.
8:23 pm
how important is the tax issue to paul ryan in this meeting? >> huge. he's been working on it for a long time. he has committees coming up with what they call a blueprint they want to lay out on tax reform, on deficit debt reform. obamacare repeal and replace. they want to lay out the blueprints for legislation before the convention. but if you are doing that and your nominee is not sold on what you are doing, there is a problem there. i think tax reform is a huge deal. i think donald trump indicated he's willing to negotiate pretty much on everything, and we'll see how much he's willing to give. kennedy: are these the days when paul ryan hates his job. when he talks about not want be to be speaker and wanting to be with his family, is this the kind of stuff he was talking about? >> i think he was thinking about a tea party caucus within his
8:24 pm
ranks that would cause him problems inside the house. i don't think he was thinking the nominee of the party for president would be his headache. but he may have both pretty soon. kennedy: he could have the tea party and the dream caucus and the guy who has made a living on going rogue at any and all moments. last question. a vp pick. what is your gut feeling? who is on the short list? >> i think it will be a lawmaker. somebody who is intimately involved in being able to get legislation across the finish line. when people talk about newt gingrich, i think that is actually possible. but i think it many probably a current lawmaker. i have heard bob corker from tennessee who would help him with foreign policy, and up don't count out chris christie on that list because it's a bruiser.
8:25 pm
kennedy: i counted out chris christie. i don't think he brings anything. people size him up, new jersey, really? >> it's more capitol hill focused. kennedy: is christie popular on capitol hill? >> no, he's just on the list because he fits donald trump's style. it's more likely you will get somebody who is a creature of the house or senate. kennedy: like a little kitty cat. thank you, bret. the newest boy band. why isn't this juggle drum earlier forming beef side yo yo ma? from pooling in the heart... forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again.
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in your imagination. this is the "topical storm." topic number 1. remember when you fell in love with your first pet. maybe it was a puppy you saw in a filthy mall drug store or the first time you bought a gerbil. this little girl fell head over heels into a wishy green friend she had to have. >> i want to have her forever. i want to keep her forever. >> stop, relax. kennedy: relax, corrine.
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i can hear it, can you? that was einstein on the beach by phillip glass. topic number 3. phillip is a model. and you notice because he's a pro and he does 25 different poses in just 30 seconds. he does the same three poses over and over again. what's that squeaky noise? is he some sort of robot? maybe he's a fashion serbian androids i keep reading about.
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now that i think about it, he probably is a robot just like that hillary clinton bot i saw the other day. that was some footage of the former secretary under interrogation by f.b.i. director james comey. topic number 4. they say the best revenge against annex lover is to be happy and move on. the second best revenge is to find 3 or 4 clowns to hide in our ex-'s house. a week later the fourth clown is scary as hell. but the third best revenge is spray painting cheater across your ex-'s chevy. but the spurned lerks thario
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misspelled cheater. police reportedly caught him red hand with spray paint and bad spelling. that's tim right there. proudly displaying his tattoo which says heritage, not hate. and props to him for getting the flag right. it would be confusing if he walked in and asked for a maple leaf by mistake. topic number five. because things have been too normal, let's check in with my fast it music theme. it's the korean boy band. they are income rabble for their sensuality for their sensualism. but if you throw in a couple cats and venom, you have the stuff of legend. i give you even though i have
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>> there are dating as for nearly everyone and nearly everyone at the table would date you. now there is a company called maple match for americans horrified at the thought of a trump white house with canadians. will laura dunham find true love? gavin, i'll tart with you. you are canadian. >> i am. dekennedy: do canadians want americans fleeing over their bored take the good jobs and siphoning the spirit. >> in have the ladies are
8:39 pm
hippies and junkies. in toronto they are terrible in bed. montreal women are the best, those on welfare. the women on the east coast are on welfare. the area is called none of it. >> do the men look like you? >> they are all like me. very monogamous and good in bad. try to get a canadian ex-pat, we are the best quality. >> i there a barbados dating service? >> they should create a late-term tourism to canada because they give birthright citizenship. kennedy: how do you feel about this? there is a long list of
8:40 pm
celebrities who treatenned to -- threatened to flee the company. i don't know why they pick canada. lena dunham, that would be great. kennedy: miley cyrus? >> by the grace of god. and take bieber back. kennedy: when i heard he was no longer going to take pictures with fans. i thought please let him be the fir person to leave the country under president trump. doomsday preparers are a growing, teeming squad. so businesses are catering to them. panic rooms are up 30% and bunkers that are radiation resistant have increased by 20%. >> if you have a problem with terrorism you should get a bunker.
8:41 pm
mark steyn, all these ones should have panic rooms and they seem to have them the least. kennedy: the guys with the biggest mouths are the most likely to die in the wild. >> i love that you called these people animals because that's what they are. >> you have got to have a bug-out plan. i won't tell you where my bunker is. on all the preparer tv show. kennedy: do you have a decontamination zone? >> i would be well cared for. look at all the tv shows and movies. the obama administration has been a big boon for preparers. >> every southerner, when you ask them about their fallout plan, they are, i have got a cellar and it's full of seed.
8:42 pm
seed, guns, water. >> we have well water up north, too. we got wells. we have wells out the wazoo. >> swamp yankees. that's where people up north come together. kennedy: thank you so much for being here. welcome to the panel. please return as often as possible. and gavin, it's always something. >> he didn't expose himself. kennedy: the night is young. coming up, the f.b.i.'s investigation into hillary clinton's server is getting so intense an aide walked out of the interview. anthrax tells me why he's disgusted with this year's crop
8:43 pm
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kennedy: investigators reportedly brought up a topic hillary clinton's aide cheryl mills was told would be off limit and mills and her lawyer fled the room before ultimately returning to continue the interrogation. what's with all the drama? what a crazy thing this is. it seems we are closing in on the end of the investigation. is cheryl mills the second biggest fish next to hillary clinton? judge * the purpose of this interrogation of cheryl mills and four other of mrs. clinton's closest aides when she was secretary of state,, it's to
8:47 pm
find if they should be charged with a crime, will be witnesses in favor or against her. mrs. mills hired a sophisticated lawyer, they all hired the same lawyer. that lawyer negotiated an agreement with the justice department. this is a voluntary interview. so the justice department may say okay we'll agree not to ask certain questions. here is the nonsense the justice department accepted. mills is a lawyer. she and her lawyer argued to the justice department that when she advised mrs. clinton, she was mrs. clinton's lawyer, therefore what she said to mrs. clinton and what mrs. clinton said to her is protected by attorney-client privilege and the f.b.i. would not ask her about that and they agreed to that. but one f.b.i. agent said to
8:48 pm
whek this and started to ask her about the emails. that's when cheryl mills lefted the room with the justice department lawyer. they spoke to the f.b.i. agent, he agreed to stop and interview continued. this tells me that mrs. clinton still has some reach into the justice department. so that she can create this agreement. kennedy: they are reaching into their pocketbooks and donating to her campaign. >> it also tells me this, we only go about the event you and i are talking about because the f.b.i. leaked it. when the fine is burnt, unhappy or believes the public needs to know, they will leak. kennedy: with bill clinton saying this whole thing is a game, they have to be frustrated on top of the lines mrs. clinton is with the press. >> the more he calls it a game and the more she accepts that. the more animated she and the
8:49 pm
justice department are. kennedy: the federal government, they are squaring off in court over the controversial bathroom law. opponents of the law says it protects women and potential presented towards. and the justice department says it violates the civil rights acts. >> the answer to who is right will probably be decided by a federal judge. should it be decided by individual rather than by a federal judge. should the city of charlotte which started all this or the legislature of north carolina which neutralized what charlotte did, be telling private businesses how to construct their bathrooms or should private businesses construct their bathrooms on the needs of the clientele. here is what the government claims. the law is the civil rights act
8:50 pm
of 1964, prohibits the discrimination on the basis of sex. not gender identity. loretta lynch says in 2016 the word sex means gender identity and sexual orientation. even though on four occasions there were proposals to amended the civil rights act of 1964 and those efforts failed. so now a federal judge is going to have to decide. should i go for the legislative history? congress could have don't but didn't. or should i go by the government's creative reading of the statute. kennedy: broad interpretations can get us into a few judicious pickles. i'm going to go to north carolina and interview people. i'll use a variety of bathrooms. >> people will line up to see
8:51 pm
stu try to force your way into certain bathrooms. >> i'm going to ask you how you will appear. >> judge, it will be interesting. it will get real in the tarheel state. i'll take your cell phone, judge. as always, thank you. scott ian is joining me. some musicians are boycotting north carolina over its bathroom laws. he says music is above politics.
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
[♪] kennedy: anthrax recently released "for all kings." it's the band's 11th album.
8:55 pm
the band's leader was inspired by being a dad. scott ian and guitarist joins me now. i'm surprised you never asked me to play drums in the band. >> i thought we would ask you to fill in for charlie one time. i'm so glad you are still making music. why are you the only one left in the band. >> i'm not. me, dharly and fringy have been doing this since 1982, '83. you are right. i started in '81. but me, dharly and franky since '83. joey has been back sinc since 2. now that we have two more record
8:56 pm
are charlie, we have too much material, we can't player for three -- we can't play for three hours. we are too energetic on the stage. kennedy: i'm amazed your knees have held back after so many years of pounding. i was asked why i don't wear knee braces. kennedy: you played in north carolina and a lot of people boy cod because of the bathroom politics in the state. do tinkle politics not upset you? >> i'm not a fan of the law that think have down there. i think it's ridiculous. but that wasn't going stop us. we played a giant festival called carolina rebellion and there was 50,000 people there. i don't think any band on that
8:57 pm
festival didn't may i would tend to think most of the band agree it's a dumb law. but we don't want to punish people by not playing. it's not going to change the law if anthrax doesn't show up. maybe when springsteen does it. can you imagine the governor [bleep] damn it, an thanks is canceling? kennedy: use whatever bathroom you want. >> we'll play our show and do our thing and entertain people. kennedy: that's how you do it. and i hear you have a special announcement. we all know how wildly political you are. >> extremely political. i know so much about the political process. and i'm very, very vocal about that. kennedy: they call you the charles crowd hammer of metal. >> i actually know who that is. i am him.
8:58 pm
kennedy: donald trump asked you to be his running-mate. >> it's official. >> the height differential alone is reason enough to endorse this. >> they say things couldn't get any crazier. look at this. kennedy: you are the man. >> i think i have a lot to offer this country. he said it wouldn't have to be a vice presidential department. maybe i can run his metal department. kennedy: you would be a lot better than chris christie. you bring a' bigger contingent. >> i think i'm healthier. kennedy: my grandmother, god rest her soul. people have to see the tour. and you have so many other thing we haven't gotten to touch on. your extracurricular -- >> we have a big u.s. tour coming up in the fall with
8:59 pm
slayer and death angel. so we have been doing festivals but we'll get out there and play a whole bunch of shows and i'm excited about that. kennedy: is this a good time for metal? >> it's a great time for metal. people don't buy record the way they used to. but in general business i think is good for metal. said on fox business, business is good. kennedy: business is your business and business is good. >> yes. kennedy: scottish an, come back any time -- co -- scottish scot, come back any time. it's all phone. thank you for watching the show. tomorrow on the show austin petersen, libertarian
9:00 pm
presidential candidate. and john stossel joins me and katie pavlich. you can email me at as you were. good night. north carolina... [ tires screech, crash ] ...a car crash kills a renowned coin collector. he's carrying the crown jewel of his collection. but is it really one of the rarest and most valuable coins in the world or a clever fake? >> i just imagine she's sitting there saying to me, "they say i'm not real. what do you think?" >> half a century passes before the man's heirs -- and the public -- learn the truth about his precious cargo. >> we sat there on pins and needles, and then the numbers started climbing. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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