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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 12, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: exciting day. it is yours now. thank you very much. there's a big reason why the dow was up about 73 points and close to half of that is apple's fault. it hit its lowest point in almost two years. down for the second day running and then the subsequent collapse, it has invested by google, alphabet, and the world's most valuable company at least on paper. amazon going the other way. amazon and then out of all-time highs. people are shopping. but when it comes to apple, shopping for as many apple
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related products. within the $90 level which is set to be so crucial has not proven the case. melting away. also, a lot of the republican party, more and more after this meeting and series of meetings in washington. donald trump is our nominee. let's see what we can do to get a mom. the speaker is saying is not necessarily committed to turn his full support and wait behind the nominee. some bygones are bygones. donald trump is meeting with senate republican leaders. donald trump are the leaders could speak at any moment. peter barnes at the very latest from washington. reporter: hey, neil. that is right. sitting outside of national committee headquarters, where brien and trump wrote up an hour ago and the chairman of the republican committee was also in
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the meeting on all of them stay very much on message saying this meeting was a step towards unification had a joint statement put by ryan and trump that while we were honest about our few differences, we recognized there is also many important areas of common ground. they plan to have additional discussions, policy teams will now start meeting. bryant elaborated a bit in his press conference just minutes ago. listen. >> yes, our first meeting takes a little time. you don't put it together in 45 minutes. that is why we have a very good start to the process. >> bride and the press conference pointing out this is going to take time. we had people who supported cruz and the people who supported john kasich. it takes more than a week as ryan pointed out, since the others dropped out and became
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the presumptive nominee for members of the party to get together. i did also talk to chris collins is a member from upstate new york in the first one in congress to endorse term. he said you are the dynamics. trump has been flying at dirty dozen fee. now he is going to be the nominee. now they have to start having discussions. it the difference between the candidate and the nominee. >> peter, thank you very much paired with us is the former vice president of the united states and served under president or senior and skipping out on the convention. they will not be there and they are not keen on supporting mr. trump at this stage. that could change. obviously dan quayle feels differently. mr. vice president, good to have you. you came out and said he's our nominee or looks like he will be our nominee. i support it.
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did you balance that decision off of anyone in the bush family? >> now, i did not. i've got great love and affection for the entire family, particularly 41. i will be talking to them all relatively soon. donald trump is going to be the nominee of the republican party. i've been a republican on my life. of course i'm going to support the nominee of the party. i think others will begin to step up and support them as well. some may not at the very end. i can understand not. donald trump is bringing in a lot of independents and democrats. go back to the reagan philosophy of the big 10. bigger is better in politics. more bows, better you are >> it seems it's going to skip out on the convention. mitt romney was now raising
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questions about donald trump's reflect to ensure these taxes that he can't support the nominee. lindsey graham also skipping out of the convention, can't support the nominee. are republicans going to look at the fact there will be some who are just not going to get into donald trump and will not support it. >> we got a long way to go to the convention. >> t. think any of the people i mentioned -- >> all have to wait and see. going to the convention is not that big of a deal. i haven't been to the convention for several years. support is a different thing. look, i hope the due time. of this election that people will change their mind and come around to supporting it. you are going to see a different person out there because the nominating process is one thing.
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now you've got a general election. it is not the 16 candidates that he was sick tory is over. and he did win that primary one by one by one. he is a winner. donald trump knows how to win. now it is going to be donald trump against i.% hillary clinton, although watch the california primary. neil: some of the surfer is there objection to mr. trump seem to raise it on issues of your. that is kind of where mitt romney is coming from. do you, mr. vice president, despite your support have the same reservations, those same concerns? >> i am looking for a candidate in the general election in donald trump will now run a general election campaign and it will be different than a primary. he figured out how to win the primary and he did it without an open convention. you and everybody else predicted we would have the open
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convention and guess what, it's over. so everyone has been wrong about donald trump. she knows how to win. now he's looking at the general election, hillary clinton or bernie sanders and is trying to figure out how to win the election. don't count them out. the >> the question going forward is they need more explanation, but for example he just says he is not doing any reversals here, fine-tuning plans. do those fine-tuning, whatever you want to call it concern you? some of your conservative colleagues have said they don't know where he stands. >> well, donald trump has said over and over again on the negotiator. i'm a deal maker. i get deals. here is my first shot and he put out a very comprehensive tax-cut
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plan, very progrowth, cut tax rates for everyone, especially on the business side as well. he's getting questions about it and says that is not going in position. we will see where it comes out. he's in washington today and he is just starting to get a feel for washington as the presumptive nominee. congress having been in the house in bennett, daylight to be they like to shake your hand. they want to get to know you. the more they get to know them and accept the nominee, the better off they'll be. >> after the meeting, and maybe a chance to clear the air. paul ryan wasn't indicating he was supportive. >> the way of rhetoric is clearly in that direction. >> he might be. he is clearly moving in that direction. neil: what if we get to the
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convention and he hasn't done that? >> i think it would have been before the convention. i'll be very surprised if it doesn't happen before the convention. it was a very conciliatory meeting from one i've looked at, from what i gather from it. it paul ryan's caucus is before donald trump and overwhelmingly for donald trump, there may be a few people opposed to them. overall they are for him. for the speaker of the house to distance himself and not be supportive of donald trump. paul ryan was surprised how quickly this sunday. so were a lot of people. she is taking a deep red. he's got a lot of ideas. he didn't really want to have this ball in his court at this particular time. he thought he would have at the convention and be working up to the convention. it happened sooner than anybody anticipated. in due time, we will be together. we will support with our nominee
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as we should. neil: mr. vice president, thank you very much. let's listen -- it is almost entirely, not exclusively apple. that stock which used to be the investment to ensure itself treated almost like it's on mutual party. much of the day and another two year lows and growing sentiment that it's just not cool anymore. you know how that goes. what is cool is amazon, an online retailer when you think about it. it is succeeding where apple is not. more after this.
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neil: the protest outside the track meeting taking place. maybe more will show up. we can understand them. have the tuna on rye. we'll keep a close eye on not. paul ryan not taking it turned meeting with the senate republican leaders. we are told no insult or being hurled back and forth, that everyone is on best behavior and everyone seems to recognize the obvious that donald trump will be the republican nominee. it's a matter of getting on board with that. even those who have resisted that. dan quayle, the former vice president partying with the bush family saying no to support the sky as well.
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in the meantime, we at the epa slapping new rules not just uncle, but on this very show, extending that to whether fossil friendly fuels such as oil, natural gas. texas oil tycoon in so much else on matt. genocide of las vegas. i think it is guys like you who said when they start going after one industry, it is not a surprise that they start going after others. are you worried? >> i don't know what the question is. am i worried? neil: are you worried about watching going after traditional industry? >> i don't see them go in after we overproduce. supply is fair. demand is there. what do we have? everybody's going broke. it's a cheap price. what are they going after me for now?
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>> well, maybe they are. i'm talking about in the context of what they've done with cole, the epa and extend cleaner standards to natural gas, oil, cracking. any thoughts on that? >> now, epa has cleared franking. that's not a problem. you've got hillary on their period on march 16th, i saw it yesterday they did a deal where she's ever going to get rid of the coal mine and we are going to shut down fossil fuels. then they tell you that's about the goofiest remark i've ever had. there's 95 million of oil every day. 70% goes to transportation fuel. okay, hillary. shut it down. tell me what you are going to use in place of oil. you can't move an 18-wheeler. you can't move the locomotive on
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only two fields. natural gas and diesel. so what are you going to do? what the alternative when you shut down fossil fuels? neil: if you dismiss that the epa is doing, many are scared to death and that it's targeting all of the other energy options that are rendered so you are not >> neil, you know, wind and solar are renewables. wind doesn't blow up a time in the sun doesn't shine all the time. anything you have on the renewable has to be backed by something that is always fair. natural gas backs of wind and solar. how much wind and solar are you selling? less than 10% of the
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supply for power generation. it will all come down to cost. it cost more to do wind and solar to natural gas power generation. neil: you are probably aware of meetings going on between republic and leaders on the hill and donald trump. you've already indicated support for mr. trump. not so while this leaders did you think they should get on board and shut up or what? >> i'll bet you i can give you 90% of what the conversation between paul ryan and donald trump will be. good morning, how are you. how are you going to beat hillary? that will be the first question. somebody will have an agenda which they'll go through in about an hour. they will agree on 90% of it and we are off in the right direction and we will beat hillary. trump will win in a landslide
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over hillary. neil: what makes you say that? >> look at the record. she's lucky she's not in jail. neil: i'm putting you down as a landslide win for donald trump. but you trump. but you have or obtain a in his administration? >> share. i would like to be president. you guys could work at a co-deal, whatever. neil: it's always a pleasure. thank you very, very much. >> you bet. neil: we always hear about the shrinking middle class, but if you knew the numbers behind it, a little surprising. the pursuit of healthier.
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neil: take a look at what is going on with apple. that is a two-year low. hundreds of billion of market
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cap evaporated than that. the eight stock that was the coolest talk to almost considered its own technology mutual fund or i'll matter for how we were feeling, what we were buying and the standards by which we judge all product and product makers. that was then, this is now. do not do so among to the 90s dollar level is still getting clogged. 89 and change. we still have a ways to go here. just to juxtapose against what is happening with another dog turned darling. amazon is turning things out of all-time highs. the stock approaching a 20% came upon a year. they don't split that stock because a lot of us find out that it's easier to shop online than put up what the is going to a mall. we will keep you posted. another thing happening here whether you're into shopping or
12:24 pm
not is the middle classes of, a big older shoppers i should point out. there are fewer of them. in fact, there are those getting richer and those getting poorer at a much faster rate. charitably be on what this means for all of us. would he think of this? >> this is based on a pew research study. under 229 matcher areas, the middle-class population is substantial. this is from 2000, 2014. first, we talk about it quite frequently on here sheena jobs. jobs are created but it's really a job shift. they get rid of the middle jobs, bringing on a lot of lower paid jobs and maybe not as many higher paid jobs. that's one thing. the other thing is a big rise in housing and rate costs that are also the middle-class.
12:25 pm
housing and my destination is the average above what it wasn't 2006 in cities like dallas. we've seen a 100, 150% rally since 2012. it's really the middle-class getting attacked from all angles and it is a problem. you mentioned something earlier that some did see an increase in upper echelon incomes. that does lead to the question of is this a way for the government to comment and are they able to grab more taxes here. what happens for the rest of middle america? is everybody sort of dropped off. neil: i think you are right. that explains the appeal of donald trump has been reaching out to the disaffected middle-class, saying that i feel your rage and it's tapped into that. >> or what does he do? i love the guys energy. i like to see americans getting excited. what does he do?
12:26 pm
he very well cap per se corporation to pay more. the economics of the whole thing generally don't work unless you somehow make people -- you know, bring jobs back to the u.s. but that's difficult because it affects their bottom line and profitability and it's a big vicious cycle. there is a problem. i don't know if there's a necessary end. this real estate thing will only perpetuated and instigated. neil: you and i chatted about this before. the chasm between the rich and poor and the growing cap has happened under democratic republic administrations alike decade after decade. thank you, my friend. good seeing you. this donald trump meeting is continuing right now. would she like to be a fly on the wall in there? sheriff joe r. pio on what he thinks should be said and has to happen. after this.
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neil: i think amazon is the only retailer getting respect from the stock market. not so much, virtually the other guys.
12:31 pm
connell mcshane. connell: it is a story that has been developing. you are right. amazon or ordering from amazon, it is a completely different story. let's go to the like of macy's and gap. after having recent results of showing more struggles. the american consumer may be a more trouble. ralph lauren wanted expectations so much. coles had disappointing revenue results. the same story here. sales are down. the stock goes down. it kind of summed them up there. amazon hitting yet another all-time high.
12:32 pm
they land. a point as it appears behind me. now full-screen. basically tracking the industry. all the retailers. connell: probably the only thing propping it up. amazon is killing these other stocks. >> incredible. thank you very, very much. senate leaders in these protesters out there. apparently, they are all illegal. all undocumented. that is why i got a raise with sheriff joe r pio. i do not understand that
12:33 pm
sheriff. why, if you have illegals protesting outside of an event, why are they not rounded up? >> you have to talk to homeland security and ice. they had the authority and the jurisdiction. top to them. that is a good question. the speaker of the house met with donald trump. the illegal immigration paula -- columns. we have been talking about this for years. are they trying to hook donald trump? you ... not trump not give in to do something about the problem. getting 1 million legal immigrants.
12:34 pm
speeding up the process in time for them to vote this fall. what do you think of that? >> well, be my guest. look what donald trump got. he has millions of people now voting. it does not mean, first of all, that they will vote here and number two, what makes you think that they will vote democrat eschenbach it is good to get more people. start voting. neil: that would be eit pick. raising a concern. you do not look at the politics of that, sheriff. a general election with latinos. hillary clinton seven-one with latino voters. that could change. not that while ago.
12:35 pm
advising to win them over. to distinguish between being against illegals and to recognize illegals. >> he has been doing it. he has been pushing back. that is one thing. latinos are good people. their values are good. i am running for my seven therm. i have some good votes from the hispanic community. i try to enforce the laws. you know, just do the job. the hispanic community will fault into the program, two. they are here to work. they are here to take care of their families. they are good people. those that violate the law in common here illegally to be
12:36 pm
dealt with and especially those that i think committing crimes that are not deported. i will not get into that. publicizing my jail system. they are here illegally and they commit crimes. send them back to where it came from. neil: you said that many times. no problem with illegal immigrants. sheriff, so good seeing you. thank you. >> are there signs that may be because of meetings like these and try to make peace with the establishment wing of the republican party, donald trump is going to make concessions. or is it those compromises that it is rattling? after this. ♪ totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain.
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♪ nicole: i am nicole petallides with her fox business brief. more claims than anticipated. right now, the dow is down. the s&p 500 down nine. the nasdaq down 47. have not seen it since january. the nasdaq down for weeks in a row. have not seen that in a year and a half. it is weighing on the major
12:39 pm
averages overall. the dow jones industrial average. sitting at $90. $0.70 a share. we are watching how apple compares to outlook that. below 500 billion. it turns out that apple is challenging apple. google is for 98. cavuto continues after the break. ♪
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>> i want us to become self reliant again. maybe manufacturing is the back bone of the united states of america. it is not actors. it is not justin bieber. i know that is a shock. we are not the back bone. donald trump. he is a builder. neil: all right. he says that he is going to support donald trump. he is not the only one in hollywood going to do so. the rest of us should get on board. in the meantime, donald trump is looking like he could compromise on issues like taxes and entitlements. always in the eye of the beholder, of course.
12:42 pm
let me go to you. i guess it is always in the eyes of the ball holder. his feet committing or is he reversing? that is why this meeting is going on right now. some of the party questions what his core beliefs are. what do you think? >> i am sorry. the campaign came out yesterday and said that there would be no significant changes to the tax plan. when you reduce some of the tax rates, seven-four, when you reduce the complexity of the tax code, when you reduce the top bracket, it says it will create 5 million new full-time jobs, that is a conservative thing. you talk about securing the borders. you talk about common core.
12:43 pm
i think that donald trump needs to rely on some of these republicans. ronald reagan was right when he said my friend is not my enemy. >> they do not know whether he subscribes to those principles. dialing backordered readjusting his tax plan. it may intel income. causing some to wonder, taking into context, a flip-flop on the minimum wage. they do not know the real donald trump. what do you say to that? >> first of all, neil, justin bieber says hello. [laughter] neil: do not take a picture with him. >> the fact that a lot of senators do not know him. i have been trying to work behind the scenes.
12:44 pm
leading them to get to know him. it takes forever for the house and senate to get it done. putting forth a very solid hand. inputs on the congressmen and women and the senators. move forward with a plan that the american public can enjoy and the pro-business community will love. streamlined rules and regulations. get them moving again. the tone of mister trump. not as much as policies. i think a lot of us have to go back to the personal insults. that is what this is all about. picture yourself, donald trump, and all of these meetings.
12:45 pm
one-on-one meetings with the guy that just got brown knows, probably better than i. how does he have to support himself now going forward? should he not dial that back? what do you think? >> he is very gracious. a home nominee always be made unanimous in victory. yesterday when he said to paul ryan and send a message, i want you to be the chairman. he was reaching out. he is very gracious. i do think it is important to have message discipline in the campaign. not doing too many wanted trills.
12:46 pm
one of the things that we called for, doing a contract with america. house republicans did in 1994. the american people see that he is rock rocksolid with these issues that are important to them. >> thank you. mr. trump speaking with speaker paul ryan earlier today. they came a little closer together. i do not know if it was a coup by yacht type of thing, but getting closer. how do you think things will be by the time everyone gets to cleveland? >> i think that things will be more unified than they are now. people like mitt romney will just not vote. sending a great lesson to our young people. giving people the right to vote in this country. this is a smart guy.
12:47 pm
he is also a realist. does he really not want to be the majority leader? of course they do. they want to retain the senate. they want to keep the house. they want the presidency. disagree and hopefully work toward solutions on those particular issues. >> i want to thank you very much. something that could be very important down the road. a federal judge has just ruled the obama administration is spending to fund the health care law. republicans had appealed to this. say that there are a lot of fast and loose spending initiatives behind the affordable care act. if this stands, it will no dow matt be appealed. keep the affordable care act rolling and running. this is the judge's way of
12:48 pm
saying not so fast. he did not say sparky. he did say not so fast. ♪
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ neil: taking a old pro camera. looking into the nasdaq. seeing your fortune slipping away. that is what happens. it is down again today. very big with that ongoing business survivability. it has a lot of the products. others are doing kind of the same thing. we're keeping an eye on the seat of virus.
12:52 pm
>> you heard these warnings that are going out about those very anxious, even going to brazil. the country's president was impeached. they could get out of control. how do you advise people on how big of a deal this is? >> there are a couple things to consider. people should try to do things to protect themselves. maybe consider limiting their travel, perhaps. i think the real solution is to invest and figure out treatments. neil: what happens? who is the most vulnerable? what do you look for? does it take a while to evidence its stuff? how do we not know that there
12:53 pm
are already people in the country that have it, we just do not know it. >> they may have no symptoms. sometimes they have mild, biro said dumbs. the problem is, if they are pregnant, the virus can actually attacked the baby. the fetus cannot fight to trim -- trim 11. it also has miscarriages because the baby does not make it that far. if you are a man trying to be a father, you can spread it through sex. it is difficult to tell if you have been effected. >> that is what i am wondering. especially for males coming back. may not know. state department, you know, the
12:54 pm
health administration has not issued prestigious for this. should they? or are they urging? >> i think that it is better to create a mode of panic. if you are older and you're not trying to father a child, the risk is much lower. it is just the baby that, potentially, could be at more risk. they are looking at back to your area. neil: i am not an expert. trying to do stuff like this. it gets out of control. this idea of engineering eskew does that put a lot those mosquitoes, i do not know. >> i think that those things have to be investigated. the thing is, i am not a that
12:55 pm
that is definitely the way to go, but you look at those possibilities. we all get mosquito bites. especially in the summer. you have to look at different way to fight those mosquitoes. explore it fully so you know what the potential complications would be. neil: you are very calming. we are mentioning brazil. on the wires now. in the face of brazil. the senate they are in teaching its president. what he is saying is, we still see brazil itself is not the
12:56 pm
problem. this is a political dislocation. dialogue among all sectors. stressing that he trusted the company's authorities will honor brazil's the democratic rosser says. the rule of law in the constitution. everybody stay calm. we will have more after this. ♪
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
neil: all right. we're told that the meeting is wrapped up with these republican leaders than donald trump. talking about these. as paul ryan did earlier. paul ryan did not say he would be backing donald trump just yet. among the donors.
1:00 pm
a general election campaign. charlie gasparino with more on that from las vegas. charlie: they are still trying to do this. the former massachusetts senator. that guy that put on this conference meeting. now, what we do understand is this thing is worth moving pretty fast on the campaign finance side. donald just decided to raise money. it is starting now and it is moving fast. an official committee to raise money. you will see a bunch of names on it. there will be an announcement in the next day or so. from what i understand, you will see some bold faced names on it. here is one name that may be on the list.
1:01 pm
i found this out yesterday. some of the people here in terms financing headquarters reached out to john bain, the former ceo of merrill lynch, to be part of this and raise money. a somewhat controversial guide. i actually wrote the story about him spending a lot of company money to redo his office. he left merrill lynch. dismissed him. a midsized lender. did a very good job there. i think they either bought or was bought by a company hedge fund. they know each other from business. he has raised money from republicans in the past. a big contributor to john mccain in 2008. did some work with romney. a former goldman banker.
1:02 pm
reaching out to him for some formal world. we spoke with him today. he had no comments. this is what they're trying to do. get some of these old boldfaced people on the ticket. once the nomination is done, once the convention is over. this stuff, too much controversy. we will see. this will be an interesting work in progress. >> a number of for public and senators are slowly moving onto donald trump. i believe that he is a senate majority. he says that the party will be unifying around donald trump. not everyone has been saying that.
1:03 pm
you can see that they are coalescing around the likelihood that donald trump will be the nominee. do we raise that? a few minutes ago with the. paul ryan still was not indicating that he would support him. >> moving in that direction. >> he has clearly moving in that direction. >> he has not done that. >> i think about it before the convention. i would be very surprised if it does not happen before the convention. >> what she makes of what has been happening late. some grudgingly, others happily. maybe a battleground poll state did looking good for donald trump.
1:04 pm
>> i think that, although, i am happy that donald trump is meeting and going out and taking that first set. it is encouraging. that is what it is, the first step did a lot to do before we can unite the party. neil: who has two band? i know i sound like a father of teenagers. i am. who is going to band? answering that. washington has new band. the policies to allow people their vision. if we as people say we want our
1:05 pm
voice put back into washington, then we can find a president that will leave policy. >> some of your colleagues -- >> i do not know that. neil: flip-flopping it. whatever you want to call it. >> he does not appreciate the magnitude of his words and how they are closely scrutinized. on taxes. minimum wage. he has left some, at least conservatives in your party, very, very nervous. >> here is the reality. americans are struggling. they are struggling under high cost of healthcare. the costs cost of good and services are going up. they are trying to realize, howard they going to pay for higher education when they
1:06 pm
cannot even save any longer in this type of america? we have to do everything that we can to make sure that we are not blindly following someone. we are seriously looking at the policies that will allow us to be free. neil: a little more then a couple weeks ago, the discord will be on the left. not on the right. it will be democrats having problems. not republicans. connell mcshane focusing on hillary clinton's woes, i guess. >> she will be all right at the end of the day. the momentum bernie sanders has built up. taking the nomination away from her. the numbers say something different. talking about pledged delegates. stuart: that makes it look competitive.
1:07 pm
that makes her leave, and overall build did the superdelegates, as you know, shifting. this is what a lot of people are looking at. percentages getting thrown out. on the pipe side. she goes out in these remaining states. there are favorable clinton states. 34% of the delegate. neil: superdelegates. the thinking is they would all get in line. 2383. she would have more than half of all the pledges. listen, i have more than half of all the pledged delegates. most of you are already four
1:08 pm
meat. why would you change now? neil: has bernie sanders taken this too far? she may be inevitable. she may carry it out. between sanders and his wife and the campaign manager, do not even take about supporting this. >> so you are saying i have a chance. [laughter] i think the other side of this, anybody supporting bernie sanders expect to be here in this spot. they are in a presidential race. certainly to make a point. that reason for being in the races viable. still in there to make these points. make secretary clinton go little further to the left then she has already gone.
1:09 pm
all of these things that she presumably got into the race are still there. neil: the wind at the back. the law. her husband's turn, as you know. the white house overstepped itself. it should not have. this is a ruling that house republicans had been pushing. they were funding this in ways they should not have feared this on the heels of reports that closer around election day, a lot of people whether they are part of obamacare or not, will see stunning increases. i wonder when this will be a one-to punch. >> i think about it last week. we have to get to 10% or we are not covered.
1:10 pm
this will get drug out in the courts. it will be an appeals process. the question is, does she kind of go back to square one. tearing down the system in starting new. she has always been incremental. >> 13 million americans. then, she has to step back and say, that is fine. now you have a lot of people who are paying more for their insurance. they may not be too keen on the results. connell: which states many of those people live in. democrats in the past. largely working in blue-collar states. coming out and supporting him
1:11 pm
this time around. seeing the premiums go up on the healthcare side. neil: all right. connell, thank you very, very much. john boehner is now backing donald trump. his last ending up on it, ted cruz, was lucifer in the flesh. he is for donald trump. you are getting more and more former and present officials. accepting the possibility. donald trump to be their nominee. recognizing the obvious. whether they are enthusiastic or not. he is their nominee. i do not know if this is one of those shell games. one of these could be donald trump's scapegoat. after this.
1:12 pm
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liberty mutual insurance. neil: all right. a quick healthcare alert for you. the white house promising it will appeal. flopping down a key provision. finding it unconstitutional. putting the ruling on hold. we will essentially win this one as well. they are reviewing the justices ruling. there is nothing unusual or illegal in this funding prohibition. obamacare. better known as the affordable care act. he has been impeached by the senate there. 180 days.
1:16 pm
hoping that she will just step down. she has indicated that she will fight this one. being around for the big olympics. she is fighting this. there are no grounds for her own impeachment. secretary secretariat general saying, everyone stay calm. whatever goes on with their political system gets in the way of that. try telling that. their country's president. it does not always go smoothly. all of these developments here. more to the point, these meetings going back and forth with donald trump and republican leaders in the house and senate. they have to make nice. i cannot remember an effort on the part of a party to so publicly deal with wounds one
1:17 pm
meeting after another. it is all out there. out in the open. what do you make of it? >> i think that it is a positive sign. it shows that old principal factions, if we can call the anti-trump people factions, they really should make an effort to pull together and make the strongest alternative that they can. congressional's and locals in the presidential election. we should all hang together. we will all hang separately. the democrats took a very long time coming to that conclusion in 1968, as you were a call. coming on board. in 1964.
1:18 pm
that was an extremely close election. >> george wallace. they have one. >> you can give some of the credit for it. the republican splinting very badly. did not really make a serious effort to get it together. winning by 16 million volts. you have pretty serious divisions in both parties. i think that they will patch it all together. there will be a close election here. >> i always wondered with these things. being united. they are not doing it, you know, happily. maybe it is politics. john boehner, the former speaker and others. we will support donald trump.
1:19 pm
there is not a great enthusiasm there. the reagan for said, yes, we will support gerald ford. there was not great enthusiasm among ronald reagan or his forces that election year. that, too, ended up being a closed election. just not that into it. how into it to they have to be? yes, we will accept trump, but we are not that keen on it. >> you have two fax errors. it is up to donald himself to be an electrifying force to the people. just a broad electorate. they have to come in large majority. they want to give this guy a chance. he is something new. he is a breath of fresh air. pretty much the message that he
1:20 pm
gives. on the official site, we're we are talking about elders and the so-called establishment. the other recent candidate for the nomination. i think the key is the program looks like something they can all agree to. george wallace, a difference between lyons and trump's views on economic growth. economic growth is the key. they have to sing from the same song sheet. i do not think that it isn't that difficult. they certainly did it in the primaries. >> in pennsylvania, the republicans had 95% of the democratic vote. usually high totals that he is
1:21 pm
pulling. >> how he styles himself going forward. i don't know what presidential means. we have had some presidents that are pretty raw. he has to stop the name-calling. a lot of these guys are still smarting from some pretty rough names thrown their weight. that takes a wild to get over. that is a unique set of circumstances. personality traits that just gnaw at them. what do you think? >> i am not singling anyone out in a negative way. let's say carly feel reena. i do not take it matters too much. she has reason to be irritated. the key is to get the republican
1:22 pm
party. general enthusiasts. you know, get them pulling in the same direction. i think that that will happen. stylistically, my $0.02, they have said that you at least have to shape it up of it. his foreign-policy speech was very good and very well delivered. the last few times i have seen him, on a primary night, he has referred very correctly to senator cruz and governor kasich. you know, it is still with the minds of people. a long way to november. political wounds heal extremely quickly where a shared interest of where it is actually winning the election and getting control
1:23 pm
of the greatest sympathy in the world is what is at stake. neil: you are an excellent guest. thank you very much. good seeing you again. >> very good speaking with you, neil. fifteen russian gold member winners from the olympics in 2014 winter olympics. now part of a state-run doping program. it leads you to believe that it would be provoked. it would be the big winners. i have no idea. more after this. the local
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
. . . .
1:26 pm
>> i'm connell mcshane with business headlines from "coast to coast." apple, a stock been dragging us down.
1:27 pm
worst performing stock of the average so far this year is apple. as a matter of fact the market cap for alphabet or google is right around the same, just barely moving above today. the market cap for apple. that is kind of a side story for everything else. an update for you on the puerto rican debt crisis. reuters report says the next stop could be the u.s. supreme court. they're set to rule on end of june of validity of a law that could allow puerto rico to restructure debt issued from public agencies. would be similar process to bankruptcies. could change things in puerto rico. finally to retail, sears is testing out idea of opening up smaller stores, smaller stores. there is a report the company could expand a pilot project they have of sears stores, really small, like less than .1 of size of average department store. they're watching to see how sales go. stock like many retailers not
1:28 pm
doing well today. neil, seeing how sales for pilot project. speaks to the problems in many of the retail sectors. except for amazon. neil: except for amazon. we'll get into that charles payne very shortly. connell, thank you very much. we have more on the doping scandal before i get to my buddy charles payne. dozens of russian athletes that came up for sochi olympics years ago. 15 medal winners might be involved in the doping program. if they were taken away the united states would be big medal winner of sochi. we came within five medals of the russians. we were down by four gold medals, and potential the medals could be stripped, usa, usa! [laughter]. can you believe this? doping scandal in russia. okay -- [laughter]
1:29 pm
enter charles payne. here is what i don't understand, not the doping scandal. >> i was going to say that is not -- neil: exactly, you said it, my friend, not i. there goes our russian demo, annihilated. retailer, i don't understand, all traditional retailers are getting kicked to the curb. amazon is not. but isn't amazon at its core it is a retailer. >> it's a retailer. neil: what is it doing? >> it is ease of use among anything else. i have to tell you something, i want to reach out to them to set up a distribution hub at the house. every day boy i'm tripping over a box. neil: i hear you. >> i don't know where my wife puts all this stuff, to be honest with you. it is absolutely amazing. ease of use and cowan said essentially by next year they will be the number one apparel retailer in the country and it is just wiping these companies out.
1:30 pm
now, some of these guys were in trouble. you remember 10 years ago, 15 years ago, the death of the department store was out there? neil: brick-and-mortar underwater. >> it is all happening. all the hype is starting to come to fruition. neil: some of them developed pretty sophisticated online sites of their own. walmart comes to mind, target and all. why didn't they benefit as much? >> too little, too late. walmart though, the reason their stock got hit, you remember late last year, they will now put billions into it. they got higher wages hitting at once. a lot of these companies can't fight back. you have physical locations. will turn some stores into distribution centers but they have got to be much more aggressive they have been. tough to give up something your traditional business, morph into something you're not. neil: if you're amazon, you're a great investor yourself, do you ever tell your clients, getting heady, folks, like amazon. should disclose i'm shareholder but it is getting a little crazy.
1:31 pm
>> we're out of it now. neil: you are? >> i have taken profits on it. neil: wish you told me that before the show. >> i i do get nervous. it is hard. no magical valuation metric to use with amazon, to say, hang in there. occasionally we know it has earnings report but now they have wind at their sails. let's face it, the american consumer has spooked, neil. savings rate has gone from 4.9 to 5.4% since last year. we saved more money since crude oil came down. something eerie is going on. neil: normally when that happens, presages. >> main street knows before wall street. neil: very well-put. that is fine insight you get on his fine show, 6:00 p.m. eastern time. "making money with charles payne." gets right to the brass tacks. >> make a phone call to our russian supplement supplier not to yank those commercials because of that slight i made. i apologize.
1:32 pm
neil: he will have a russian segment. swimwear. very old joke. we told you this is little earlier but it is developing, white house is saying here we go again, we'll appeal. judge ruling that the white house went a little too far improperly funding a key part of the president's obamacare funding program, affordable care act. it is kind of convoluted, kind of messy. the judge saying it appears unconstitutional to him. he will let it be sorted out in the appeals process. that is something the white house promised to do. all this we get indicationing come november, day before the election, a lot of folks will be surprised whether they're part of the affordable care act or not. they will get a little sticker shock in their health insurance premiums. charles payne warned you about that. i would like to say i did as well but i was listening to charles. what he said. after this.
1:33 pm
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neil: all right. those meetings result, house leaders and senate republican leaders done. we're waiting to see if we're going to hear anything from donald trump himself. number of senators gone to microphones talking about how the pow-wow went. you herd paul ryan yet. congressman, do you think whatever friction there was,
1:37 pm
maybe still is, between party officials and donald trump, is easing or how would you describe it? >> i haven't had a chance to visit with the speaker or anybody else related to that meeting but at the end of the day there are serious concerns about donald trump, what his positions are, whether they match up with most in the party think on a lot of issues, particularly social issues but fiscal issues as well, the whole idea proposal somehow we'll renegotiate the national debt. that is almost a silly proposal if it weren't so serious. we have a long ways to go. it is on donald trump. he won a lot of votes throughout primaries but the at the end of the day certainly not enough votes to beat hillary clinton this fall but republicans are unified stopping hillary clinton but we're not for certain, at least i'm not for certain what donald trump thinks on some issues because they tend to change every day. neil: so you're still not a big fan. critics of yours, not specifically you, congressman, but donald trump enthusiasts say
1:38 pm
you're going to have to deal. he is the guy that won fair and square. brought millions into the party that weren't there. turned out more voters than any republican before him and just deal with that. you say what? >> well, it was a great year for a lot of folks turning out to vote, in part donald trump but in part a lot of other candidates. but often times it gets lost in this debate, what do people in washington think? i'm worried about what people think back home. literally there are millions and millions of historical republican voters that care about life, care about marriage, care about family, that are social conserve activities and they don't like the crass, vulgar statements by this candidate and they don't like his positions or lack therein of key social issues. neil: which is the bigger issue, congressman, not first one who mentioned this type of stuff. i hear what you're saying but the crass comments, or the pivots on in key positions like taxes, et cetera? >> well, taxes are part of that.
1:39 pm
but i think first of all, i mean, how do you get past -- i have a nine-year-old son. i can't even let him listen to this guy on television because he is vulgar. neil: why is he watching? why is he watching msnbc? maybe that is the problem? >> he catches fox news. neil: i'm kidding. >> great boy. it is so vulgar and so crass. that might work in new york city but not work in red state kansas. issues of heart, life issues and these things getting lost, he is pretty liberal. he is socially liberal. recently new statements now he is pro-life. he will appoint somebody other than his sister as federal judge. people back home didn't trust him in kansas and voted for somebody else. they're looking for consistency that can turn them out to vote. i'm afraid they're staying home and not vote. they don't like hillary and don't necessarily what is saying either. that means disaster this fall, unless he can convince social conservatives they like to see
1:40 pm
him do in the white house. neil: apparently he made great progress today. we don't know if all that is true but we'll follow it. congressman, thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: one guy needs little convincing no convincings scott baio, famed actor. iconic figure. this guy has not aged. that is kind of strange. i want to talk to him about that.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
>> good afternoon, live from the floor of the new york stock exchange i'm lori rothman with your fox business report. stocks selling off slightly. one of the drags on the dow happens to be apple. dow off 41 points or quarter of a 1%. apple hitting two-year low. of the at one point shares were below $90. that hasn't happened since 2014. interesting side story here is that the market cap of apple has now dropped below alphabet. parent company of google. talk about sign of the times? look at gopro. shares off 90% from record high which was 98.47. this is new low for gopro today, down more than 6 1/2%. damage started last week with very disappointing earnings report. the gopro shifting now from cameras to drones. hopefully that strategy will pay off for gopro.
1:43 pm
much more "coast to coast."
1:44 pm
neil: we're only couple weeks away from the memorial day weekend. unofficial start of summer vacation for a lot of folks and some nice surprises at pump. gas is up a little bit but still very, very low. how long will that be the case? we have energy analyst extraordinaire on that. what do you think, andy, as you look at summer driving season?
1:45 pm
what will we look at the pump? >> i still think we're looking at significantly lower prices than last year, probably around 2.40, 2.50 per gallon as crude oil prices remain under pressure, next few months. neil: saudis are trying to get back control over this. doesn't look like they succeeded much. conventional argument you hear the global economy is still slow and we're still slopping around a lot of oil and that is prescription for prices staying at this level or lower. what do you think? >> well, i think we are awash in oil from all quarters, including saudis, iraqis iranians adding more supply. what the world is waiting for is the demand to pick up. on that front there is good news because we've seen both the energy information administration and international energy agency increase their oil demand forecast for the balance of this year but we're still
1:46 pm
looking at low prices for the balance of 2016 which is good news for the consumer. neil: this might be outside the box crazy question for you but i'm interested in getting your thoughts on what a trump presidency could mean for the energy markets. a lot of energy players are concerned about him. maybe that is a good thing but what do you make of that? >> well, of course oil markets want stability. i think that you know, maybe when he is, you know, if he were to become president we might see some turmoil in the beginning but on other hand i think that he would introduce more policies to encourage oil production here in the u.s. and get us away from more oil imports from the middle east. and i think that would be a big change compared to the current administration. neil: so in other words, he would be one not to shut down the coal industry or fossil fuels but be very supportive of those industries? >> yeah. i think he would be supportive
1:47 pm
because of course it brings back jobs and well-paying jobs to the u.s. where you're seeing a contraction in both coal and oil industry jobs over the last year. and that is part of his advertisement is to make america great again and by doing so, bring back better-paying jobs. neil: very good seeing you again, andy, thank you very much. >> well, thanks for having me neil. neil: they say time flies but has it been almost 40 years since "happy days"? riddle me this, batman, how has scott baio not age ad day? forget what he is doing politically, i want to ask him to maintain his youth. something sinister is afoot. [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go.
1:48 pm
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1:51 pm
neil: all right, you've been hearing from a number of republicans who had a chance to directly meet donald trump today in washington or those waiting for that moment who are still skeptical of him and not quite sure they can embrace him to actor and donald trump supporter you might have recognized the guy, scott baio. he says you will have to move on. get on the trump whack gone here. but they're not doing that, scott. good to see you. >> good to see you, neil. neil: what do you make of those saying i don't know? >> like paul ryan? neil: yeah. >> i don't think it is skepticism at all. i think it is self-indulgent how can this benefit me play. i think he is trying to be a power player and, for me, it tells me everything that is sort of wrong with the republican party. sort of done with them. i think they shoot themselves in the foot every other minute. trump is the nominee. neil: very early on you liked him. >> i did. neil: any who did not because of his language, way he treated
1:52 pm
with people, none of that mattered to you. why not? >> first of all it was the way he was talking that attracted me to him, because when i hear politicians talking it sounds like the parents in charlie brown. waw, waw. when i heard trump speaking i heard, sentences phrases that understood. once i saw what his policy proposals were, my wife was on him before him. i was scott walker guy. he disappeared. still think he is a good guy but i jumped right to trump. once i heard his policies, i just seemed different, fresh and exciting to me and i thought, man, this is the kind of guy that i think is going to do great. i think he is the guy going to washington and blow it up as much as any one man can. neil, more important for me, because of the way he was
1:53 pm
bombastic rand coming out with words that he was using, i knew he would take hillary clinton, or whomever their nominee is to task and beat him pillar to post. neil: you think he can win big? >> i think he can win huge. he will go at them the way they have gone at the republican side forever and we've never, ever, had a guy go on the attack like this. that is what you need nowadays. that is unfortunate but to me is the guy -- neil: you were critical of mitt romney, who you supported not doing enough of that? >> he just disappeared. neil: think of what he has been saying since. >> i don't get it. i'm so disappointed in it. i, and i was talking earlier. i think what it is, part of it is, because he is a businessman and trump is businessman he is jealous that a businessman will beat him to the presidency and, for the life of me, he is the nominee, suck it up. be a man and let's go. neil: well, you've maintained a -- you were big backer of ronald reagan. >> yes.
1:54 pm
neil: so, i mean you had a prominent spot at reagan fun room. >> yeah. neil: quoted and texted and all. did it ever hurt you in your career? i asked john ratzenberger but he has been in every pixar film. just the two of you. >> there is a few more. neil: does it hurt you? >> tell you what? i have not stopped working up until two years ago when i had a show on "nick at nite" and once that show went off, i did that for three years, i just, didn't feel like doing anything. i still really don't feel like doing anything. neil: did you feel i should pull my political punches? >> no. neil: because i want these jobs? >> i got them. i got the jobs. seems to me, this is oldest trick in the book, you make money for people you will work. neil: but you are still open to controversy. in 2010, you posted a controversial tweet, saying taxes are done. that should feed, house and
1:55 pm
provide medical for few non-lazy people at my expense. have a great monday. picked up blogs that you were all but a racist, insteps tiff. you answered it by is a saying what. >> am i lying? is that not a true statement? top 1% of people pay 45% of the taxes in the country and i need to pay more? i don't pay my fair share? neil: were you concerned with those, because you were factually percentages is right, it was like akin to the mitt romney 47%? no one disputed that 47% were not paying federal income taxes but the way he said it made it seem like he was insensitive? the way you said this -- >> neil, i'm not politically correct guy, i don't really care anymore. i speak the way i speak. if i don't have a country, i got nothing. so -- neil: what do you think of all these hollywood types, if trump gets in there we're going to canada? >> i already worked this out. my friend bop shapiro and i will
1:56 pm
charter a plane for them. and they can go wherever they like. i will put drinks on the plane. put some nice lobster. see ya later. neil: donald trump, personally remembers people like you, who were with him very early. >> okay. by the way i'm not doing it for that. neil: should you have a cabinet position, who has never had a cabinet secretary barrio. not even close. >> i don't know what woe have me do. neil: it would be fun. >> ambassador to hollywood. neil: not enough italians. >> exactly right. neil: scott baio, he and i share the same birthday. >> awesome. neil: how he looks so young is beyond me. we don't have time to get into that but i'm very angry at him. i deliberately told my wife. >> what is your wife's name? neil: mary. >> mary? neil: she is not watching. >> you don't tivo every show that you do? neil: can't be bothered. you were great.
1:57 pm
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neil: wow, a judge rules and health care stocks drool. all tanking on a judge saying about that financing for health care? not so fast. trish regan. what have you got? trish: lots stuff. neil, breaking this hour, donald trump wrapping up big meetings on capitol hill and paul ryan and other republican leaders there as well. paul ryan saying essentially it was a good meeting but party unity takes time, and importantly what he did not say. he has not yet said he will back donald trump. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." donald trump speaking out -- paul ryan after meeting with the pumptry republican front-runner. >> i was very encouraged by what i heard with donald trump. i believe we're planting the seeds to get ourselves unified and bridge gaps and difference. we'll go deeper into the policy areas. this is process. it takes a little ti.


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