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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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we'd love to hear it! send me an e-mail, or go to our website -- charles: let's leave it there. we appreciate you watching. lou dobbs next. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. it is election tuesday. two primaries tonight. the polls are closed. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders fighting for win. two important factors are working in her favor. only favor. only registered democrats can participate in the closed primary, not the independence who have flocked to bernie sanders, and kentucky has been good to the sanders. bill clinton was the last
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democrat to carry kentucky in a general election. among our guests tonight, the weekly standard's fred barnes, michael goodwin, also tonight the main super pack supporting clinton attacking donald trump bearing new ads on the old war on women theme. trump calls the ads pathetic pieces. amazing they can do that hit had concerning women when her husband was the worst abuser in political history. doctor ben carson among our guests. now calling for mr. obama to tap national security advisor for misleading the american people in congress. unsurprisingly the white house is declining the
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opportunity. roads did notroads did not show up for a house hearing on the nuclear deal. details tonight. our top story, two primaries have just closed in kentucky. fifty-five delegates up for grabs, and front-runner hillary clinton already has a commanding lead and nearly 300 pledged delegates. the sanders coming off recent wins in indiana and west virginia that have exposed weaknesses in her candidacy. fox news senior political correspondent mike emanuel live from brooklyn with the report. mike? >> good evening. a most unusual primary night. no public events. she is off the trail. >> we need a political revolution.
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>> bernie sanders sounded confident before setting his sights on california noting clinton campaigned heavily. her husband was serve as economic czar. >> her judgment, my judgment , we will put people in charge of the economy they do not come from wall street. >> her final pitch came last night when she openly mocked and imitated presumptive nominee trumps answers.
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>> am going to do it, i know how to do it to my willmy will get it done. but i'm not unit tell you what community. i kind of think a lot of folks are going to be thinking what he talking about. >> sounded worried kentucky voters have not forgiven her comment about putting coal miners out of work. >> all my candidates with the plan, $30 billion plan to help coal country, coal miners. >> the state democratic party sent a formal complaint to the dnc parting part in the action -- regarding the action of sanders supporters. it accuses the staff and
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supporters of actively inciting disruption and violence when they became frustrated with the process. sanders was asked about it today the walked away from reporters. it is imperative that all state parties treat his supporters with the respect and fairness they have earned. a warning shot in terms of democratic unity. lou: thank you. a glimpse into socialism. he says he will be putting people in charge of the economy. that sounds a little command like. >> indeed. lou: thank you so much. you know, with polls closing at 7:00 o'clock we are joined by executive editor for the weekly standards. pulitzer prize-winning
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columnist michael goodwin. that is a few hours off yet this evening. let me start with you. this thing is tight. about a percentage point apart. the you expect sanders are clinton? >> i would not be surprised if sanders wins. hillary has been over polling. in other words, it's not as strong as she has been polling. lou: that is a positive way to put that. i like that. >> the fact that she won easily over obama in 2,008 i don't think means much of anything. hillary was a better candidate in 2,008 that she is this year. a visible candidate this year, and democrats were beginning to worry about that. lou: your thoughts on what
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should be a terrific state for hillary clinton. >> well, look, she is not just abouta bad candidate. she is getting worse as the campaign goes on. it seems to constantly be zapping momentum that she can create and makes it hard, if not impossible to turn to trump. and i think what we saw in nevada, sanders people are not going to go quietly. i saw story that surprised me. sanders can actually when more pledged delegates than she can. it is still possible for them to go to the convention with more pledged delegates which would mean that than the superdelegates would be deciding the nominee, and if he goes there with the lead, there will be no unity. lou: it does not appear there will be unity irrespective.
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to your point, he would have to have almost a landslide. two out of three delegates. but the idea that this convention will be contested by a man who has as many delegates as he has right now, i mean, it is going to be a mess either way. >> wilbur ross made the point. there is no sign the sanders is surrendering. >> as we look at what is happening, the idea of a third-party, as mike said last week, there is still this ninegnawing thing, mention your body, bill kristol, suicide watches on for romney, crystal, a few
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hard nose and seemingly disinterested in reality kinds of folks. what is the future they're? >> i don't knowi don't know that it looks very good for a third-party candidacy happening. trump has been putting together a lot of the leading republicans and a lot of the republicans who are not leading. i think he is in pretty good shape. i don't think it would make much sense for bernie sanders to run a separate independent campaign. the truth is they are not ideologically that far apart. i don't think it would make much sense. lou: hell, none of us do. he is out of his mind. mid- romney has gone someplace that is just beyond imagination.
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>> the fact is, he's running a great campaign but has generated strong opponents inside the republican party. lou: i don't buy your narrative because i think what he and his team are doing, they are accelerating with each passing week. bill kristol could not asked them, mid- romney, if you could even imagine a solid foundation of support, he is moving, nine committee chairman, moving with endorsements, and date -- engaging on every level. he has outworked every opponent. he outworked every one of them. the outmaneuver them. >> ii think he just -- i think i just said that.
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lou: bringing specificity to your 30,000-foot view. i have to live in a granular world. >> one potential aspect is the republican convention. >> not so long ago looks like it would dissolve in the chaos, now it's more likely to be the democratic convention. lou: will the democrats out chaos the republican friends? >> i think that they will. bernie is not going to drop out. he reads the papers everyday worrying aloud about what a terrible candidate she is. lou: i love the report. the democratic socialist talking about putting people in cha there you have it, folks.
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the definition of socialism. thank you for being with us. thank you so much. give my best to bill kristol. >> i will. lou: a contentious hearing on capitol hill were republicans want answers about president obama's nuclear deal. the house oversight committee hoping to here testimony. trying to sell them the deal andin what was in a go chamber of 27 -year-old sooner nothing. who knew. the white house invoke executive privilege. not exactly executive privilege. you know, much the way he has lived his career so far,
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instead they dared the panel to call sen. tom cotton as a witness accusing him of lying about the deal which did not sit well with his colleagues in the senate or house oversight committee. >> if you had time to send tweets and he is going to come, but the creative writing expert isn't going to come at some point this body is going to stick up for itself. lou: well, as best it can. the rest of the hearing featured democrats trying to change the subject and hammer the bush administration for peddling a false narrative about the iraqi war. the public is tried to steer the focus back on to the obama administration. i don't think that trey
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gaudi will be pleased the way the house appears just for itself. >> donald trump getting closer to becoming a nominee >> millions of people that have been disenfranchised from the country. lou: the democrats are in such disarray they will blow the election. a police officer catches an amazing site on his camera. amazing site on his camera. we have video right afte ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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lou: breaking news. donald trump moments ago telling writers he would be willing to meet with north korea's leader for nuclear talks on their program. >> so have no problem speaking to him. at the same timeout put a lot of pressure on china. people don't realize that. they are extracting vast billions of dollars out of our country, billions. and we have tremendous power
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over china.china. china can solve the problem upon meeting or one phone call. they have tremendous power over north korea. >> you say you would talk to him. >> i would speak to him. lou: joining us now, former republican presidential candidate and trump surrogate retired neurosurgeon doctor ben carson, important advisor to donald trump and the campaign. it is great to see you come and thank you for being here. >> thank you. lou: i get a kick out of the reporter who incredulously trying to understand what i thought trump at make clear come he would be talking with china expecting it to exert influence while he is saying he is willing to talk directly with the north korean leader.
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>> i don't have any problem with all trump talking to them. lou: ii hope not because he is your boss effectively now. this would not be a good time to have trouble. >> i want himi want to recognize that he is not dealing with a child. lou: is not dealing with trump? >> a child. lou: i don't know what it will take. there will be tremendous reaction to this. donald trump already making moves to direct our foreign-policy an entirely different direction. people have to be first, many, particularly his detractors and critics, principally in the
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democratic party have got to be a little surprised at how deftly the campaign is moving and the candidate is moving on foreign-policy issues. talking with henry kissinger thursday, engaged with the chairman of various committees. this is notable and i think surprising to many as an acceleration in this. to the general election and preparing himself for governance. >> it is a good sign, and recognize what has been going on before has not really gotten us very far. it has gotten us into turmoil. i think this is a good thing. i am pleased pleased he will be talking to henry kissinger. a tremendousa tremendous individual. even though he is older, sharp as a tack. very smart guy.
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just as important as just having a lot of experience. hillary clinton has a lot of experience but has not been particularly effective. lou: hillary clinton would never occur andin a sentence with kissinger who has a 200-point iq. foreign-policy an international strategy. he is a smart fellow. the republican party seems to be moving. acknowledging that indeed donald trump is the leader of the republican party. do you see that as a signal that we will see an endorsement from the speaker?
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>> i would certainly expect at the time that the speaker deemed appropriate he is a smart man and recognizing having a fractured party will turn the election over to the progressives. he knows what that means. all you have to do is look around you. lou: understand what his responsibilities are and what would be most beneficial to the party that carried him on his ticket. i just cannot imagine. >> i suspect he has aa number of people he has to bring along with him. if he moves too fast they won't be able to attach. lou: that is what happens when a disruptor enters and ossified orthodoxy, people have to adjust.
11:24 pm
increasingly day by day. how are you doing? >> extraordinarily well. have to take my hat off to donald trump. it is well worth it. lou: as you know, he outworked every single candidate on the campaign trail and shows no sign of letting up. do you believe the new york times has a responsibility to attract? cast your vote on twitter. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram, links to everything i found that lou dobbs .com.
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on the lookout for speeders. can be seen as far south as new jersey. not completely and utterly rare. this one obviously far more accommodating. next still awaiting results, numbers from the democratic primary. the race is still too close to call. 01 percent lead. while we feel speaker ryan was telling the world he was not ready to endorse trump.
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lou: a few thoughts on how many of the most frenetic opponents must be feeling. those who said trump isn't serious and won't last a month. speaks too much, too directly. none more frenetic than mitt romney who has destroyed his image in the party. a man who was the standard-bearer for the republican party only four years ago has turned on his party and against the party's presumptive nominee. it must be a crushing irony to
11:31 pm
learn that donald trump is now seen as the most trusted republican leader. there is no surprise in the revelation that trump is much more trusted than the man who ran with romney and says he's not quite ready yet to endorse trump. but house speaker ryan did today show respect for the will of the american voters, acknowledging trump is the leader of the party. >> i hope it's donald trump. he's getting the nomination. he's wrapping up the nomination. i hope it is. person who is getting the nomination is the person to lead our party. lou: do you think he was trying to make the reporters seem side and confused? trump is already demonstrating his leadership, showing republicans that trump plans to be a hard working, high-energy
11:32 pm
leader. he's setting up meeting with various committee chairs to talk about policies, including taxes and healthcare. nine of the committee chairs in the house have already endorsed him. and trump is doing what comes naturally, he's working hard to help those who are helping him. appearing at a fundraiser for governor chris christie, the majority of the money going to pay off debt for christie's unsuccessful run. he looks to build relationships with republican leader including henry ki -- henry kissinger. from the moment he stepped into the arena he has dominated the conversation. our nation's capital will likely soon be vastly different, and so will the nation's direction. if we are all lucky. now the quotation of the evening on new directions for a nation
11:33 pm
on the destiny of the highly exceptional american people. this run from henry kissinger. blessed are the people whose leaders can look destiny in the eye without flinching, but also without attempting to play god. we are coming right back. stay with us. the trump campaign is demanding that the "new york times" retract its hit piece it published, and the campaign is demanding the "times" apologize to donald trump. >> they owe donald trump an apology, and they need to do a reaction and they need to actually be fair. because they are destroying their paper. lou: how badly has the "new york times" hurt itself? you probably didn't think wind suit race cog go to any greater extreme. we'll show you the video that demonstrates that they have. that's rig
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lou: donald trump addressing his approach to counter punching on the campaign trail. listen to this exernt from "megyn quellly presents" on the fox broadcast network at 8:00 p.m. eastern. megyn: most kids between 6-16 have been bullied in their
11:38 pm
lives. i know people who are bullied at 55 years old. it happens. but you have got to get over it. fight back, do what you have to do. i have been saying i'm a counter puncher during this campaign. i respond maybe times 10. i respond strongly. but in just about all cases i have been responding to what they did to me. lou: further response at 8:00 p.m. on the fox network. joining us now, "washington times" online editor monica crowley, tony seyegh. this is a perfect time to be exploring media.
11:39 pm
the "new york times" goes after trump and gets it so wrong, so much wrong again. do they owe an apology, a retraction, a correction? >> they owe all those things because very little of what they put in this piece turned out to be accurate. they ended up not pursuing subjects they quoted and didn't call them back. donald trump thick -- thinks he won't get those things. i think he should be waging war every day with hillary clinton and the democratic party and waging war with the media. lou: every time i see him talking he points to the cameras in the back of the room saying they are the lousiest, despicable liars. >> and he tweets more. they need to bring out every character witness to counter he
11:40 pm
single inaccuracy in this piece. lou: i just want to hear about border security, our middle class, international trade that isn't working for us. an america first foreign policy. >> i would say this. like most people who attack donald trump. the "new york times" will learn it's going to backfire. even if you accept on it face what's in the story, it's not that bad. they appreciate the issues he's bringing up. lou: who made the "new york times" arbiter of anything? it's a joke. the organize is a joke. >> it he can poses the problem with the -- it ex-poses the
11:41 pm
problem with the left. they have no man nation, no creativity, and they are completely ill prepared to take on the asymmetric battle they are about to take on with a candidate like donald trump. they are going to use the same adhominem attacks. what you see in this new york timepiece, and other hit jobs. none of it sticks. and the reason it doesn't stick is he's been vaccinate by the press. lou: who is on your list, tony, your list, monica. this is a very important choice it seems to me. he may prove that to be absurd. but the fact of the matter is, as a premise. who would you like to see? >> i think he should take a look at the indiana governor mike pence. i think he should take another
11:42 pm
look at marco rubio. even though there has been some tension there the last year or so. but now that all of the polls are closing and he is running even if not ahead of mrs. clinton. you will see he single one of these people take that phone call and want the job. lou: i would hope. >> i agree with the marco rubio pick. donald trump has to have someone with hip to unite this party, align us together. this is generally the an -- the standard by which most candidate pick a running-mate. >> what about paul ryan in. >> he want a partner in legislation. no better person than paul ryan. lou: he want to cut social security and medicare. >> george w. bush and ronald reagan had continues, too. lou: they had no main
11:43 pm
substantive differences on policy. they were different as they could be. but extraordinarily effective. didn't always get along either. you are right about that. tony sayegh, monica crowley. how about monica crowley. >> i'm in. >> are you starting a draft monica crowley movement? lou: here we go. what do you get when you mix slalom skying and insanity? the daredevils at red bull. racers crisscrossing the sky, flying through hundred-foot tall gates suspended from helicopters at speed of 160-mile-an-hour. no problem with that. just another afternoon at about
11:44 pm
15,000 feet at term mall velocity. stuart varney is fired up and there is no way you want to miss varney when he's fired up. he joins in me next.
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lou: joining us, my colleague stuart varney, the host of "varney and company." you are looking at the ironman by the way. three hours through to midday. it's great to see you. let's talk about where we are with these unions, these environmentalists. they are break apart, and that's breaking i'm sure your heart as well as mine. stuart: i think the democratsw have a boat load of trouble. they have the split between bernie and hillary, and now they have the polite between the unions and the greenies. he set up a super pac. he want $50 million to get out
11:49 pm
the vote for hillary and the democrats. he called point aflcio saying i want some money from organized unions. two big unions say we are not doing that. we are not going to give you money. you oppose our interest. you lose us jobs. they said we object to the afl-cio being sold to a hedge fund manager with a boat load of cash. how do you keep these two factions in the same party behind the same candidate. lou: you know this, somehow the environmentalists have thrived within the democratic party at the expense of the unions and all sorts of industries in this country, and at the same time the afl-cio is aiding and
11:50 pm
abetting open borders and amnesty while undercutting low-wage employees in the country. stuart: a priceless opportunity for donald trump to create a few old-fashioned reagan democrats. pull in those union guys who have been put out of their place by the environmentalists. pull them over to donald trump and split the democratic party even further. i think that's what's happening. lou: we are seeing from exit polling, we see that that's exactly what's happening in these open primaries where independent and democrats are coming toward the republican party. that's why we are watching this donald trump fellow bring in more voters and any republican nominee in history this primary season. >> you can't ignore him. paul ryan can't keep him at
11:51 pm
arm's length any longer. he's the guy with the votes, the delegates, the nomination, and the surge of interests. that's what he's got going for him. that's the truth. >> that's the truth and what you can always expect with stuart varney. i attest to that over the course of 40 years. i know you will have a great show tomorrow. varney and company tomorrow. stuart will be talking with congressman randy forbes and they will be talking about what he learned about the capture of those 10 american sailors in the persian gulf by iran. congressman forbes says it's very disturbing, i think is the expression he used. stuart: he has seen the secret reports and he has some horror stories about the treatment of our sailors. lou: we'll be watching you tomorrow morning. good to see you right here on
11:52 pm
the fox business network. up next, hillary clinton says she'll put her husband bill in charge of fixing the economy. say what? what? you get to vote for a woman for president and a guy take over. you can't make them up. watch this slide and shift. economist arthur laffer takes economist arthur laffer takes
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lou: it will be a while before we know what happened in kentucky in the democratic primary. she won kentucky by 35 points in tweet. 1 point separating them right now. it's .4 of a point in favor of the bern. arthur laffer, former member of the reagan economic advisory board and former chairman of laffer associates. let's turn to what seems to be an accelerated expansion of the trump circle that he -- it's almost --'s not just pivoting to the general election. he's preparing himself for governance. >> it is amazing the record you
11:57 pm
have had the last 10 months. i stand in awe. you called it 10 months agene you are amazing. trump is pivoting. lou: we don't need to talk about anything else. let's talk more about my -- that's very kind of you. and you have been -- i must say, i'll return the compliment. you have moved to trump. you moved to him early. and we have got some friend who haven't. i'm going to mention brad thor, the great thriller writer. he was a perry guy. when perry got knocked out, i understand his pain. any republican over the last 2012, 2008, we haven't had great experiences. but i would like to see people come together. >> they will. perry is a great candidate. i love rick perry. i love ted cruz.
11:58 pm
lou: he's one of the first to come to trump's side. >> the single best governor in the united states in the last 50 years. period. perry is phenomenal. brad thor -- lou: and a great politician. >> i love him dearly. brad thor is great. and they are just taking politics too seriously on a personal level and get miffed. if you take it too seriously it will kill you. enjoy politics. but once you start getting worked up about it, step back, take a deep breath, brown paper bag, cool it. enjoy the and live with it. it's what democracy is all about. lou: the brown paper bag can be an accelerated therapy fit has a bought tonight. >> that -- has a bottle tonight. >> that can be true.
11:59 pm
lou: we are all having to live with a smaller middle class, stagnant wages, and at best limited prospects for our children. >> the economy is in good shape. we have the worst gd , in the last 70 years. we have the worst employment. the population has only couple a little bit since then. per 1,000 population it's way below the average the last 60 years. lou: your sense on the market. be wary? get invested? >> i wouldn't be wary. the one thing i have to worry about the market. once trump is elected he should come up with a corporate tax cut in the first week and that would
12:00 am
insulate the market. lou: i have gotta run. it's great to see you. thank you for being with us tonight. join us tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: hello and welcome to primary night. i'm watching donald trump bluster over his first day of president. as the video he made recirculates through the internet. >> so many people are asking me what would i do on my first day in office. kennedy: i have been asking that a lot. i don't know would it be something like this perhaps? yeah, that would still leave plenty of time to screw up before the country went dark. >> we have execu


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