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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 26, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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game. talk about the game, this is the worst. eric and i will have a drink. thank you both for being with us. we appreciate it. 89% of you say you don't believe president obama and attorney general loretta lynch. kennedy: tonight we are going to look back at some of the show's highlights the past few months. you will see me talk to dr. ron paul about the election. i had an exclusive and emotional interview with eagles of death front man jesse hughes. let's get into the show on kennedy.
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with donald trump the presumptive republican nominee and hillary clinton the clear democratic frontrunner, it's time for would-be vice presidents to start kissing up and hope to become running-mates. there is no one better to talk to better than dana perino. she is a co-host on "the five" and former white house press secretary. >> if you want to be a good vp you have to be trustworthy and a good counselor. i actually think vice presidents, the best ones are ones who say i will be honest and trustworthy, i'll be you a countor and a guide and i will not ever tell you something that isn't true because it makes you feel better, sir or man. -- sir or ma'am.
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kennedy: so you also say be from an advantageous electoral state. >> when dick cheney became the vice presidential pick of 3, it wasn't because he was going to bring in the 3 electoral votes from which. from -- from wyoming. but florida, ohio, and virginia, it could be advantageous to be from one of those states. but if you look at how do you win ohio. john kasich has an 80% approval rating in ohio. i think hillary clinton would be looking at a senator mark warner. kennedy: he has trouble with men, and he's catholic.
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>> he has very good relationships with the military and he must win virginia as barack obama did. kennedy: he seems like he would be a loyal person, he's popular in ohio. >> and he knows everybody on capitol hill. and that's a benefit.ab bind has done that for obama. kennedy: you say do not telegraph your intention to run for president. do people make that mistake? >> sure, i think so. the show "veep," it's like real life.nt to be pr so president george w. bush never had to worry vice president cheney was going to try to run for president against him. he didn't have any aspirations beyond what he was doing at vice president. you don't have to worry about that. i think you should not telegraph bill clinton in a way had to
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think about that with al gore. kennedy: obviously. last one, you say don't afraid to take a strong stand on issues. when you have been through the vetting process, that scares people into moderate submission. he was once for comprehensive immigration reform, that would be a deal killer. >> i don't think you live your life thinking what would be the decisions i could make that would make me a good vice presidential candidate. but i make good decisions and strong decisions and that's why i would be a good vice presidential candidate. kennedy: greg gutfeld swung by to talk about new york mayor bill deglassio discouraging people from eating at chick-fil-a restaurants.
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it seems odd to me that he would pick and choose and abstract places he thinks he has a philosophical disagreement. >> there are a lot of food carts in new york that are run by muslims that actually make muslim if you look into that -- intoou the religion of islam you might find little intolerance toward gaze fan lesbians and women. there are countries that throw gays off of buildings for engaging in homosexuality. deblasio is a marxist mummy. the only reason he's mayor is because nobody bothered to vote. they hand over the greatest city in the world over to this more ron. that's like handing the international space station over to andy dick.
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kennedy: he's funny. reporter: but you know who tried this before? roll man well. when the murder rate was three times that of new york he went after chick-fil-a in chicago. it was horrendous how many people were dyinf in chicago. he chose to blame a chicken restaurant. he deflected from his own failures. kennedy: the mayor's office is under investigation from the f.b.i. >> and there is an understandas crease in slashings. 20% over last year something deblasio would rather have you not know. let's go after the filet instead the people getting fileted. kennedy: a california couple hospital string of vegan
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restaurants are receiving death threats because they were busted eating meat. they decided to raise animals on their dairy farm. and when they were pastured they had them slaughtered and ate their own animals. you need cows to grow healthy grass to grow things. reporter: if an animal is no longer necessary, the animal with disappear. when we no longer need horses for transportation, it went from 1800s 150 million horses to 1 million. but i'm thinking about going vegetarian. for moral reasons. i have been reading a lot about sing few later. once machine -- a singularity. once machines become smarter than us, there is no reason for
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them not to destroy us. if i go to a machine and i just please don't kill me. they will say you just ate all these chickens because they were stupider than you. kennedy: you saying as mat stheen develops and chusness it develops morals? reporter: it may not have morals at all. it won't care. it will decide to use this for whatever purpose. kennedy: keep eating bacon. reporter: you just discouraged me from becoming a vote -- from becoming a vegan. kennedy: these angry vegans are targeting. reporter: death threats to this poor restaurant.
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it exposes the rigid mindset of ideology. why does something so small cause you to do something so destructive. kennedy: dr. ron paul weighs in on america's growing desire for a third-party candidate and why it should be someone who will shrink the federal government. ♪ [engine revs] ♪
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kennedy: welcome back. rufnl can senator ben sasse is not a fan of his party's nominee. dr. ron fall joins me to react to senator sasse's comments. >> there should be more competition and more democracy. my beef is we are making the world safe for democracy. we send our troops over there, a lot of them die. we spin tom elections that we totally ignore. at home i don't think you have true democracy. the invisible government, shadow government has more control than riter party, the two parties get together. because we are in such a mess, people are confused.
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i'm delighted to hear sasse's suggestion. just even the attempts have been made with the green party and libertarian and constitution party, is there not much success because they are exclude. unless you are a billionaire and have a lot of celebrity status you can't get any attention. kennedy: it seems like the media is ignoring other viable politicians like gary johnson. and david french over at national review wrote this. he said now is an ideal time for the libertarian party to get its act together and nominate a serious candidate who could make a serious argument and advance a range of policies that unite conservatives and libertarians. how important is that? >> i think it's critical that we bring something together. it's something i have tried to
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address for years. instead compromising and becoming radical moderates. this is he especially open for libertarians. they believe in if free market and they, work with somebody who believes in civil liberties and less military terryism overseas.ll with but you give up what you believe in, then you get the worst of the two groups. kennedy: we don't have a notion of coalitions in this country. but about gary johnson. do you think he's serious enough a candidate to take on hillary clinton and donald trump? >> well, you know, this always the problem is getting the right candidate to represent these viewpoints. e under this system, i think it's practically impossible and just
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leads to frustration and anger. and you have two candidates that's -- most people in america would agree they are entertained to some people think i'll get stuff for free and we love trump for such and such reason.ld maybe we should have adults talking about some of these issues. but i'm not expecting to it happen this year. that's why i'm much more comfortable dealing in the educational sphere, trying to change people's minds and putting pressure on individuals we have to put up with. the drug wars, and we as libertarians have made some progress. kennedy: why doesn't ron paul run? charlie leduff visits the wall on the u.s. border with mexico.
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kennedy: hey, you, glad you are here. the u.s. has a wall that covers less than half of the border with mexico. but that wall is far enough away from the legal border to put some americans on the wrong side, and it maybe hurting them more than helping border security. i spoke to charlie leduff. >> the border wall isn't on the border at all, not in texas. because of treaties and flooding they had to build the wall miles off the rio grande river.
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the americans on the southern side of the fence live in a no man's land and narco trafficking. >> they had their boats lined up to bring people across. day or night, it makes no difference here. reporter: >> bernie voted for it and hillary voted for it, too.rn and obama voted. >> we have the same problem we had two years ago when it was all over the news. and they have done nothing. talk about a wall, talk about sending them home. talk about enforcing the law. unfortunately none of it has been done. kennedy: should we leave the picket fence and move on or build a bigger barrier. what did you find there? were there fence gaps?
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>> yeah, they have some of them are metal poles in cement bases. some of them are cement walls. gaps because people live on the fenced out part of the united states. that month-man'sland. so what you need the roads go right through. you need boots on the ground. you need agents to live in the community and recycle the money. i claimed on it. you can go around it or under it. is that the best use of money?ne when you are talking about women and children coming. he and core anyone from texas introduced legislation to have mexico take them back. but nobody in be congress wanted to do the political thing which is negotiate with mexico to take the people. we have the same amount of women and children coming over.
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now that we have a new reality show, nobody gives a damn. kennedy: i always thought the wallet self gives people a false sense of those three senators at the timeth didn't note voir it. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and barack obama. it shows you people want a convenient token gesture that allows them to sleep at night and go back to their constituents. but the 2006 secure fence act didn't secure anything. >> now everybody is on the other side of the now they don't want to tell it. they just tell you what you want to hear. they do irrational things with your money it's more of at political problem with mexico. how to control the border, what sort of soldiers or agents. we are not doing anything. it's disappointing that when i
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wake up on a sunday on mother's day and i have got some [bleep] from god knows where telling me i'm a fool because i don't support a wall, i support rational immigration in this country. my job is to tell you they blew a bunch of money and it's not working. kennedy: they are politically terrified of immigration reform and all the solutions they propose aren't going to work. all anyone has to do is what you go to the border and you will see a gap that's so easy for people to get around. it's impossible to build that oversimplified wall. the other interesting thing isfo how locals deal with it whether it's in arizona, texas or california. you have vigilantes trying to deal with illegal immigration themselves. charlie always has a unique take.
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jonathon kite comes up with hilarious impressions. first up help me figure out if this young man is playing fetch with an alternate universe. maybe it's an optical illusion. "topical storm" is next.
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kennedy: when your picnic is threatened by dinosaurs, send them to me. this is the "topical storm" of course, and here are a few of our recent favorites. topic number one. a young man from oregon named kevin perry has the internet scratching its collective head about the ball and mirror trick he uploaded. get ready to have your mind blown. particularly if you are high.
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how is he doing that? i head several theories. i heard several theories. but i know the truth. he's a witch. and only a witch can throw a ball through a mirror. you think this is another example of me trying to rally an angry mob to kill old peasant women? look at this and see. witch! get yourself together for a mob. you have been hustles. topic number 2. this green night was sent in by a loyal viewer. are you a nail biter and a stoner?
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even though they look similar. but if your kid confuses one with the other, let him figure it out for himself. that's just good parenting. >> that's a nice unit. gift one really good pull. put it into the wall and see if it starts in the wall. press the button. 1, 2, 3, we have liftoff. let's watch the dad use an actual lawnmower. and then he got flattened by the
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truck. still fun. jamie wanted to do a little mexican sport fishing so he dropped his line off los cabos mexico. he snared what looked like the spawn of a human baby and shelled turtle. they shouldn't be forcing babies and turtles to mate. baby in shell turtle. it look like it it's actually a swell shot. some are calling it the alien fish. but we all know aliens wouldn't be dwelling in isolation in the aof cortez. again, we are no strangers to ought species on the -- with odd species on the show.
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>> look at that! oh, my god! holy [bleep] ken holy plea indeed. topic number 5. robots are the natural enemy of cats. now thankfully we have proof. the cat realized it's in grave danger. a small box basically does the same thing. it sits around ignoring people and sucking up money because cats are effectively -- broken
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toasted with fur. i like dogs and cupcakes. okay, there we go. mommy is all better. if you have anything you want to see in the "topical storm." tweet me in kennedynation. and tweet me using #topicalstorm. jesse hughes is up nextw from eagles of death metal. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath.
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kennedy: last year tragedy struck paris when terrorists stormed the bataclan theater. the eagles of death metal were performs. i spoke with jesse hughes, gun control and politics. >> i find the dialogue to be rather confusing. i don't understand where guner control comes even into the equation as opposed to better the on reason that the bataclan was chosen, the on the reason was because of the utter helessness of the persons involved. kennedy: in paris and belgium look how many firearms they have. they have millions of guns. if they have the most restrictive gun ownership laws in western europe. >> france is one of the most amazing countries with one of the greatest people i have ever
8:38 pm
had the plea with. but i think they were tricked by their own vernacular. you don't really need guns. but you need defense. and if that is a gun, people get caught up in the begun itself. kennedy: gun control in france is restrictive and france doesn't have a right to bear arms. the right to privately own a gun o is not protected by law, but maybe it should >> i don't want to shoot anybody. i don't want to do that. but i more than that do not want to let the bad guys take any of my people. and i don't want to go out like a punk. i don't want to go out not able to move and wait for the kill tore turn his gun on me while i sit there and keep myself there. no way. kennedy: when the eagles of death metal returned to paris
8:39 pm
the band had tears in their he said he spoke to police atha the bataclan about the presence of firearms at the victoria theater. >> they didn't bring the tool of salvation it was the flip of a coin on whether it should have come into the venue. there were 7, 8 different individuals who flipped a coin on whether to bring life into the venue. and they all opted against it because they didn't want to deal with the holier than thou politically correct reaction of a bunch of liberal more rones reacting to the mere presence of a gun and the manner in which they would be savaged for simply being police officers. that made me incredibly distraught. those cowards don't get a second off the fire. the gun had nothing to do with it.
8:40 pm
unless we are psychic cops or voodoo magic, what else is there to defend yourself but yourself. i'm never going to unsee. it's never going to get any lighter. ligh i don't think it's ever going to [inaudible] kennedy: how do you process it? >> i don't try to understand what can't be understood. and i think that's the healthy way to deal with it. kennedy: i spoke to jesse about this views on politics and the 2016 >> i love my friends. but i hate if you even want to say the word trump, you can't say the word trump. i'm not supporting trump. i hear this in the news all the
8:41 pm
time about myself. he's a trump supporter, i'm like, really? but since i heard it on the newsws it has to be true. so then i go right. trump. but i don't feel like i have even had the luxury to support a candidate in 20 years. i have been too busy voting against the worst things out there. i am seeing the entire democratic party as a bunch of kid who didn't want to clean their room and let this amplify into real life like this. i saw a bumper sticker in los angeles that disturbed me. it said "not a republican." that to me sums up what's wrong with the modern democratic party and why i left it so many years ago as does anyone else who is in line. because that's how they identify themselves, by what they are not.
8:42 pm
[♪] >> i'm never going to stop rocking and rolling. i will never tell you who to vote for. kennedy: members of the band returned to paris to help u2 with their concert three weeks after the paris attack. >> u2 is going t for what they are. for the finest individual i haveua ever had the luxury and pleasure of ever being put into the caretaking arguments of real men and true and absolute angels. [♪] kennedy: will rock 'n roll save the world? >> it saved me.t saved me.
8:43 pm
rock 'n roll is here to stay. kennedy: it's an incredible story, thank you, jesse. a little later jonathon kite drops charges of comedy on my show. he's truly amazing. coming up.
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kennedy: dave navarro is no stranger to politics. i spoke to him recently about his.. tino you have always been
8:47 pm
cure -- i know you have always been interested in politics purpose a cable news junky and you outed yourself on twitter as a libertarian. >> i did a ask me anything on twitter. someone asked if i was a democrat or republican. i said i was a libertarian. >> why? >> i flound were two paths i was looking at. and i didn't really fit tienter one of those paths. sow i need an alternative. my political viewpoint takes a cue from different parties and different schools of thought.ho not all of one applies to me. so i think there is a lot of people that's true for. >> a lot of people get frustrated it's not one size fits all. >> my ocean views are my own andnd they are not necessarily that
8:48 pm
republican party, and mymy financial views are the same as the democratic party. so i had to find a midland ground. i feel comfortable where i'm at. knowing the california primaries are open this year, june 7, i'm from california. i'm happy to take part in those primaries as a libertarian still have a voice. kennedy: it's nice that they opened them up. >> i was concerned if i had to change my party just to voteju and of course i don't. kennedy: thankfully you don't. it's a tough time for libertarians in this election. >> the front runners arere on essentially her to tearian. they want to use government to control behavior. is that frustrating to you? >> it is. if you look at the front runners
8:49 pm
i feel like i'm not voting for somebody, i'm voting against somebody. that's an uncomfortable place to be as a voter. we don't have -- it's not set in stone yet but it's looking like trump and hillary. kennedy: it's stomach turning because it's the worst of two evils. >> it is. and they are both polarizing foror so many different reasons. and, you know, i just heard hillary earlier today speakingk in vocabulary that was just as scary on the left as trump speaks on the right. and i don't know exactly whati' i'm going to do. kennedy: a lot of people especially in light of brussels and national security is at the top of the docket. >> that plays into trump's entire campaign. he's been accused of running on fear. guess what? it's a scary environment.
8:50 pm
and our commander-in-chief isn't laser focused in the situation room coming up with a plan. he's watching a baseball game. kennedy: what's a more important job, being leader of the freee world or being on spike tv. >> i carry the weight of heavy decision make on a daily basis. i have people's lives in my hands. i have to be decisive and focused. i make the tough calls, kennedy. >> have you learned how to give tattoos since you have been onat the show? >> i haven't learned because that's a craft that requires years and years of training. but i have done some pretty poor tattoo. kennedy: you come back and give me a tattoo. >> i think i get to choose what it's going to be. kennedy: that's terrifying be you definitely piqued my curiosity.
8:51 pm
ken are anthrax just released its 11th album. and we talked about politics it was glorious. i'm amazed your knees have held up after so many years of pounding. >> my knees, my lower back, they are in great shape. jason just said why aren't you wearing knee braces and ankle braced. kennedy: did you kick him in the throat? >> i can't kick that high anymore. kennedy: you played in north carolina and a lot of people boycotted because of the bathroom politics in the state. do tinkle politics not upset you? >> i'm not a fan of the law that they have down there.w i think it's ridiculous. but that wasn't going stop we played a giant festival called carolina rebellion. there was 50,000 people there, i
8:52 pm
don't think any band onth that festival didn't play. i would think most of the bands agree it's a dumb law. but we don't want to punish people by not playing. it's not going to change the law if anthrax doesn't show up.nt can you imagine like the governor is like, dam it.[bleep] an, -- damn it anthrax is canceling. we are going to play our show and do our thing and entertain people.. kennedy: that's how you do it. and i hear you have a special announcement. we all know how wildly political you are. >> i'm extremely political. i know so as much about the political process. i'm very, very vocal about that. kennedy: they call you the charles krauthammer of metal. >> i actually know who that is. kennedy: donald trump asked you
8:53 pm
to be his running-mate. >> it's official. >> the height differential alone is reason enough to endorse this. >> they say things couldn't get any crazier. look at this. kennedy: you are the man. >> i think i have a lot to coffer this country. maybe i could run his metal department. because he's going to have a metal department. kennedy: coming up. have you ever wondered what donald trump would sounds like as a pizza delivery guy? jonathan kite is here with celebrity impressions.
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kennedy: john than kite, is playing the loveable ukrainian cook on "two girls," but he's
8:57 pm
also a phenomenal impressionist. this ways happened when he came by. i would like to you do our president obama hosting a cooking show. >> hello america, this is president barack obama. i have two dishes i want to share with you today. the first one is called the joe biden.d it's delicious but it's hard to eat because you first have to put your foot in your mouth. and the second dish is called the congress. it's great if you have too much fiber because once you have it you won't be able to pass anything through. kennedy: impression number two is donald trump as a pizza delivery guy who got a bad tip. >> let me just say this is thele least luxurious and fantastical tip i have gotten in my life. i'm going to build a wall around your house. i'm going to make you pay for it.
8:58 pm
it's going to be fantastical. kennedy: impression number 3. a telemarketer trying to sell a george foreman grill. have you ever thought about getting your foot as high as the fires of mortals? oh, the test? you shall pass the test. kennedy: he could sell anything. i would buy that. i'm a "lord of the rings" fan. >> ever thought about getting dinosaur insurance? there could be one at your door. kennedy: i'm going to have the
8:59 pm
best, hottest meats. >> the hottest meats is something else. kennedy: impression number four. jeff bridges aing -- arguing with a flight attendant. >> hey, babe, let me talk to youet for a second. i bought the extra leg room, ma'am, but i have got to have my guitar. i don't want to wear the cowboy hat. but i have got to parade me legs out, man. kennedy: jeff bridges on a plane. >> it's not me, it's jeff. kennedy: you can watch all new episode of "kennedy" monday through thursday only on the fox business network. follow me on twitter and instagram @kennedynation or
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email load up that mail bag. bye. >> a super storm whacks the jersey shore. >> you walk in. what do you find? >> you couldn't even get through the front door. >> it was overwhelming, the damage that had been done. >> a town institution obliterated. but could a strange inheritance of superheroes save the day? >> i was holding the books up, and i was screaming like a little giddy schoolgirl. [ laughs ] >> he had comic books from the 1940s, during the war period likean beating the snot out of hitler. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪


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