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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 31, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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it's just a no-win situation for anybody. deirdre: thank you for sharing your insight. "making money" with charles payne starts right now. [♪] reporter: goo evening, i'm adam shapiro in for charles payne. donald trump confirming he raised nearly $6 million and the money is going to the people who need it. the libertarian party nominating a presidential candidate. gary johnson, the former governor new mexico is hoping to give hillary clinton and donald trump a run for their money. apple and facebook and google
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are joining forces to take on hate speech. some airlines are suspending flights. hillary clinton may have gotten the endorsement from governor jerry brown, but bernie sanders isn't backing down as he vows to win the golden state next tuesday. >> it's not a surprise to me that the democratic establishment is supporting hillary clinton. i think we'll win here in california. reporter: the governor had some nice things to say about you. the. reporter: he's campaigning in the golden state as if his political life depend on it. the bad news is the democratic governor of california endorsed hillary clinton saying bernie
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sanders has little to no chance of clinching the nomination. is jerry brown just another member of the democratic establishment trying to knock bernie sanders out of the race? joining me now, our panel to talk about all this. jessica, you are our democratic strategist. >> there are two of us. there is a battle in the democratic party. old-fashioned liberals and the post-modern left at war. the polished lunacy language. for you and me in principle english. who is going to win. >> hillary clinton is going to win. i love when bernie sanders talks like that and he completely
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ignored the fact that she is 3 million votes ahead. i think bernie sanders knows how math works. but when he gets into these press conferences and gets on his high horse, he becomes the worst bernie bro of all. she needs him to help you security her supporters. and unity may be easier this time around than '08 because of how unfavorable democrats' views are of donald trump. >> i was a kid at the time, but i remember, back in 1980. ted kennedy caused real damage to jimmy carter. is that what we are witnessing now? >> either that or the bow the bk
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split in russia. she is going fully on the attack against hillary. she is taking it from every side, right? now, she is going to be the nominee, but she'll be a damaged nominee. >> she is going to be damaged. she is fighting to get on to the floor so she can deliver a speech at the convention. he can only hurt her, can he not? >> i think the point is well put. in the end democrats will unite despite the clear divisions between us. i agree with you. republicans would love for this to be the evive length of the tea party on it will not. >> they will not unite. you hear sanders supporters say they will not vote for hillary clinton. >> a higher percentage of clinton supporters said that about obama? '08.
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>> the clinton supporters were the old line establishment democrats. of course they were going to come around. barack obama wasn't as far left as bernie sanders. reporter: this is the millennial generation that shut down speech it's my way or no way. that's what hillary clinton is up against. and that's what plays well for republicans. >> when you look at the demographics of democrats and millennials, they are the most diverse generation in history. they care passionately about gay rights and equal rights for americans. >> reporter: it's a settled issue, gay rights is done. >> it's not settled.
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>> donald trump is -- has proven the one good thing that he has done is to bring -- to bring to the fore the gop establishment is out of step with gay marriage. he said it's done. he's not going to attack roe versus wade report very jerry brown said he has driven home the message on the top 1%. but hillary clinton has the skills to get things done. jerry brown go trays where he lies. he might have endorsed her. >> it was like the endorsement of cruz in indiana. >> i don't think that's some crazy outlier of a comment for a
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democrat. democrats have been focused on issues of income inequality. hillary clinton cares a lot about these issues. she may disagree with and materials on how execute that. reality is there are millions of supporters for can ders. but she is beating him by millions of votes and the vast majority of americans are. reporter: wa debbie wasserman-schultz is on thin ice in her home state of florida. allied progress said it will launch a 6-figure ad attack against debbie wasserman-schultz and her support for payday lenders.
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>> she is taking money from private prisons, supporting the war on drugs and mass incarcerations. reporter: these new ads talk about payday lending. could wasserman-shultz be the one who loses during election season? >> it's possible. there is talk of trying to get her out before the convention and this is a direct result of bernie sanders. this is where the real warfare is going. he picked 8 candidates that he would help raise funds for. he doesn't understand that down ballot matters. debbie wasserman-schultz has gotten herself into a bunch of messes. i think the republicans do there is right and vines prebus is not an elected official. i think she is in a lot of the trouble. reporter: is this threat to
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debbie wasserman-schultz if she loses, is it throwing red meat to the republicans? >> it shows how weak a candidate hillary clinton is. debbie wasserman-schultz is in trouble because she has went in bank for clinton this whole time. she was not seen as prevent deeg baits and doing anything she could for hillary clinton to be the nominee, she wouldn't be doing this. if hillary clinton were pop here and a good national candidate this wouldn't be happening. >> i think she has gone overboard to prove she is neutral. because she is a woman she has been painted automatically as a hillary supporter. >> democrats were trying to get bernie sanders to call it quits. >> she said he has every right to go through the primary process.
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that's not to say -- it's extremely difficult to have an elected official who is all set to chair of the party. like her or not, it's the hardest job in politics. both candidates have gone overboard this time to blame the system for their problems. they have done this on the republican and democratic side. >> i'm not defending bernie sanders. but no matter how you count it, hillary clinton is beating him if it's total votes. why don't the and materials supporters see that? they keep saying the system is rigged against them. hoop their leadership doesn't speak on earth -- doesn't speak onliestly to them. -- doesn't speak honestly to
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them. >> if a candidate has money he will stay in because he's addicted to it. reporter: in the words of bill clinton it depend won't definition of "is" is. donald trump stands by his comments that he raised nearly $6 million for veterans groups. we have former arizona governor jan brewer to discuss that next. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love.
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♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. >> i raised close to $6 million. it will probably be over that amount when it's all said and done. but as of this moment it's $5.6 million.
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we raised a lot of money, and i didn't have to do that. adam: that was donald trump answering self questions that have been posed for several weeks about where the money from his highly-publicized fundraiser ended up going. will vets line up behind donald trump? joining me now be former arizona governor jan brewer. it's been three years since i had the privilege of interviewing you. do you think that the veterans will line up? there are so many who live in arizona? do you think what he's doing will be enough to convince them to vote for mr. trump? >> i think what he's done in regard to raising the money for the different organizations has been fantastic. it's have much appreciatated by the veterans associations that
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were able to receive the money. i think he reached out and struck a chord with all the veterans. i think he sincerely understands the issue of veterans not being properly in the united states, and they are our american heroes that keep our heroes safe. this country need to go in a didn't direction other than how they have been treated in the past. >> do you think mr. trump will be able to deliver on his plans to overhaul the situation? the statistic was cited by a veteran who supports mr. trump. 22 veterans commit suicide every day, if you look at the statistic. and that figure is not in dispute. context of it is. but we have men and women who served this country committing suicide and nobody has spoken
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about that. can donald trump deliver the services we owe our veterans? >> absolutely. i believe he will deliver what he has said. he's very concerned about the vets and the long, lengthy times they are standing in line to get healthcare. that there is no transition period for these people. the suicide prevention help they need and deserve. we are not going to sit still for it. now, you see the overwhelming support for the veterans groups from arizona and across the country supporting mr. trump based on that reason. his speech on memorial day, he had an overwhelmingly exciting reception with thousands of people. adam: why do you believe
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mr. trump will deliver? i'm old enough to have covered several different administrations an several different scandals. every president republican or democrat promises change and the change doesn't come. why do you believe mr. trump can do it? >> tino donald trump. initially he's a cat of a different breed. i believe him when he tells us he will make a difference. he continue to the pursue it and he continues to say it, and he will get the job done. mat overpeople will believe that also and have believed him. i think he will make a huge difference in regard to our veterans. i grew up on a military base. i'm a strong supporter of the veterans. it's a change that needs to come and i believe he will deliver it. adam: as america prepares to
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celebrate our fallen soldiers as we did monday, there was disturbing news of vandalism to war memorials. a vietnam war memorial was defaced with graffiti. and another set of cross were damaged when a car was driven through them. pete hegseth is a vet of the wars in and and iraq. there seems to be a lack of respect. we see it sometimes on college campuses and sometimes in public. toward the men and women who have served this country. i can think of nothing that exemplifies that respect more than the defacing the memorial. >> especially on this weekend
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when propertier understanding of what these men have given is due. you talk about college campused. but there has always been the militant hard left anti-military sentiment. it came out during vietnam. they didn't come out against the warrior. by the i amers. at certain moment you see it pop its head up. we don't know if this was a couple of thugs or a concerted effort to send a message. but disrespect is always at the bottom. adam: our freedom comes from the men and women like you who have served this country. maybe we need to reinstate mandatory service to the country for all the people between 18-21 so everybody shares in this republic's goals and futures. >> there is a certain percentage of people bearing the burden on
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this. >> i do think a new sort of trigger point at selective service. when you have to sign up at the age of 18 that forces people to think. and say let me make an intentional decision about joining a corps where i stay fit, a ready reserve. a minuteman-type corps. patriots who would do more if they were asked. adam: let's talk about donald trump. he's making big news with almost $6 million in contributions towards veterans causes. he has take and lots of flack from the press. he called one reporter a sleaze for covering this story. >> he gives it back effectively. i think this press conference was important for him.
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it was a story that was dogging him. he can say i delivered the money, and he had a podium to talk about what he's going to do to fix the va. you are going to need to fire people at the top who are income tent. then what he said is you have to give a veteran a choice. if they need to be seen by a private provider because of time restrictions, then let them go there. now the va has to come feet for the veteran as a customer. those are important customers the obama administration and hillary clinton don't believe in. adam: coming up, american tech companies teaming up with europe to fight terrorism. but could that fight affect your freedom of speech. we'll discuss that one next.
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adam: facebook, twitter, microsoft, google, they pledged to combat hate speech in europe to combat terrorists. twitter's head of public policy for europe said there will be is a clear distinction between freedom of expression and conduct that incites violence and hate. joining me to discuss this, gregg, you are the president of the and you champion free speech rights on college campuses. when the head of twitter says there is a clear distinction between speech that incites violence and hate. >> it's not clear at all. the best examples come from america's college campuses. shade speech is used to describe
6:27 pm
everything. the campuses have been blowing up because someone puts in chalk on the ground, "trump 2016." they launch an investigation and claim many shade speech. in europe they seem completely oblivious to the fact that putin brings up his critics as hate speech. erdogan, the head of turkey send people to jail for hate speech against him. angela merkel launched a criminal investigation against a comedian in germany who made fun of erdogan. adam: this lawsuit in super was brought by a jewish organization. and there have been cries on social media to do harm to jews.
6:28 pm
what would be wrong in urine and franc -- whatwould be wrong in d france to defeat hate speech. >> we don't want jihadists to prop grate their ideas and prey on young people. but answer to speech we don't like is not to crack down and eliminate it, it's more speech. our law enforcement and people going after these guys, at least they are a little bit more in the open. they are already using encrypted apps. adam: i do believe in free speech. i was brought up to believe and i can remember discussions as a young kid with my parents when the nazis were going to march? skokie, illinois, the supreme court said yes, you can march.
6:29 pm
that's where i come from in this discussion. i don't like the speech and jail challenge it, but do you stop it? how do you keep what facebook and twitter might do in super from infecting the united states? >> it's going to inspect the united states. a french court found that the european right to be forgotten which is a right to have things you don't like about yourself published on the internet sunk down a memory hole. it will be difficult to keep this stuff from infecting the u.s. hate speech codes are already popular on college campuses it's incredibly naive to believe we are any safer by not knowing what people actually think. >> it's always a pleasure to talk to you. don't forget, you can catch more of gregg talking about free
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adam: form governor gary johnson is shake up the 2016 race. donald trump was quick to denounce johnson as a quote fringe candidate. >> for once i agree with donald trump. i'm a total fringe candidate. i'm a republican governor who got to serve two terms in a democrat state. i supported gay rights and a woman's right to choose. i espoused legalizing marijuana in 1999. i'm about as fringe as you can get. adam: weekly standard editor bill kristol is now hinting at
6:35 pm
his own third-party run. listen to this. >> i don't think he has anybody. he says it will come in the future. his tweet is like it's imminent. who would do it? it's a guaranteed loss. you can't even get on in texas. they missed their deadline, and now they are missing other deadlines. i guess all he's doing is trying to get publicity for his failing magazine. adam: joining me now to discuss this is jessica tarlott, and adriana, let me start with you. the libertarians seem to have fun at their conventions because they know they weren't going anywhere afterwards.
6:36 pm
but third party candidates. don't count them out. we have a history of third-party candidates getting 19% of the vote. >> the libertarian party has been on the scene for 40 years and they won't get to the 15% requirement to get on the presidential debate stable. i think this is an exercise in futility. i think gary johnson and former governor bill weld are just getting their names out there. but they won't get traction in this race. adam: when i talked about bill kristol challenging mr. trim, it's not mr. kristol who will be running. 1% of the vote is nothing. yet ross perot got 19% of the vote.
6:37 pm
he can cause dan to trump or the democratic nominee. >> it's a terrible cycle to make political predictions. among democratic voters the argument is hillary clinton is too much of the political machine. if you listen to gary johnson. anti-war, legalization of drugs. it sounds like what's going on on a college campus than a vfw post. adam: are they just afraid to admit they are democrats or republicans? >> i think they are weird. i have a lot of respect for gary johnson and bill weld. they have 30 years combined executive experience between them. and we have seen that experience is meaningful to voter.
6:38 pm
but we know authenticity is even more meaningful. and a pushback for the potential. they have gotten 1%. you bring up nato. ralph nader hurt us in 2000. and johnson is getting 10%. we have polls an independent candidate would get 20%. and mitt romney would get 10%. adam: who get emotional about johnson or his team? people vote emotion. who get emotional about these two guys. >> absolutely no one. what we found is while the negatives are high for trump and clinton. the partisans on each side, they may not like trump and clinton
6:39 pm
but they dislike their opponent even more. the on people getting emotional are those interested in having a debate club. what the purity is would blow most people's mind. when they are having an argument about whether america should have fought in the first two world wars. adam: the audience at the convention booed mr. trump when he said the government should have some standard to determine if you know how to drive. these guys represent blood cells. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart... forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again.
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adam: former attorney general eric holder said edward snowden performed a public service by leaking classified information. >> snowden actually per formed public service by raising the debate we engaged in and by the changes we made. doing we did and the way he did it was inappropriate and illegal. adam: joining me is alfonse demat oh to discuss this. was it wrong to him to bring this up as a positive for the united states? >> this is the same attorney general who made possible the wiping away of the conviction of mark rich.
6:44 pm
a guy who stole hundreds of millions of dollars from the people of this nation. a criminal. and that was bill clinton's last act and holder as the acting attorney general made it possible. that was nothing but political chicago cannery and this is nothing more than of the same. i wonder how my colleagues feel about not having blocked him, and they should have blocked him because his record was horrendous. somebody who steals sensitive document. secrets, he says that's a service. anybody that decide something should be made public, even thought it' top secret and endangers operatives lives. adam: we have a picture of
6:45 pm
daniel ellsberg in the pentagon papers. he was prosecuted. and the conviction was eventually overturned. but he was sentenced to 115 years in prison. but he faced the music. mr. snowden has not faced the music. is it right for the attorney general to hold him up as an example? >> this is a terrible precedent where you say anyone can break the law because they feel that this is information that the public is entitled to. why is the public entitled to the report as it re-late? why is it that? why doesn't the president make that available to the american people? >> chuck schumer is trying to upend a 9/11 bill that allows
6:46 pm
citizens to sue a foreign nation. >> the state department will always intercede and allow very few countries to be sued. it doesn't matter who the president is. adam: i think he was in favor of this and now he's stopping it. >> i give him great credit. what the president would have done was vetoed the bill. there is no doubt mr. my mind that he was between a rock and a hard place. better to have the bill and force the state department to raise objections then force them to say why they object. let them come forward. so it's better than nothing. i give him an "a" for effort. and the politics is work as usual. the president and his people have stepped in, they intervened and got this inserted.
6:47 pm
>> i got some "a"s for effort and i also got some "c"'s. it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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adam: u.s. stocks ended the taylor after strong than expected economic data. invest yoors are worried it could spark the fed to raise interest rates in june or july. ed, you can't follow this stuff day to day. you do. where are we headed? am i going to lose money in my
6:51 pm
retirement account? >> the s & p third straight winning month since june 2014. all things can't go in one direction. you saw better than expected data. consumer spending gave them confidence. incomes up 44%. we talk about janet yellen is going to raise rates. adam: the real-world issue people don't pay much attention to, something like $59 billion in capital flow out of equities. that to me -- i'm no genius in index funds, that worries me. >> there is a lot of -- we are not going to talk about the fed -- but a lot of monetary policy has pushed the market higher. i don't want to call this easy money because nothing is easy.
6:52 pm
but i think you are seeing equity just flows because this has been an elongated and significant bull run. adam: if money is coming out of equities, where do you go? where do you put your money to grow? >> we are not telling people to take their money out of the u.s. market. you look at home prices going up. you know what will do well? things like the home depot and fixer uppers. we liked airlines for a while. i'm concerned about tsa long lines. guess what? people don't fly, they will spend money on their staycation. i think we are the best of the worst at which case i would prefer to be building fortress-like port foal yoats. you know the companies that are consistent are well managed. adam: i think some people are
6:53 pm
scared and might be putting the money in the bank but afraid to invest. >> my concern there and this has been one of the unintended consequences of the policies has been savers have been crushed. there are no real returns in c.d.s and savings accounts and bank accounts. you need to look for differ dend pairs. it's time to get your money out of these cds and back into the u.s. companies. that's the best place to play. adam: the economic crisis in venezuela is getting worse. some airlines have stopped their flights to the country.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
. adam: so the economic crisis in venezuela continues to grow worse, and now latin american
6:57 pm
airline latam and lufthansa will suspend flights to venezuela due to the worsening economic situation. morgan, let me ask you, you can't get out now, you are trapped in venezuela unless you come up with the cash to get on aeromexico or american airlines, two flights daily. that's it to miami. the people are trapped. >> if you want to fast-forward what a bernie sanders presidency would look like, this is case in point. what socialism has done to venezuela, if you want to pay for your airline fee, you can't pay for it in the local currency. adam: u.s. dollars. >> needs to be in u.s. dollars. >> this disaffects everybody who doesn't have money hanging around. adam: you are not hoarding the bolivars. >> i think i would go short on the currency right now.
6:58 pm
adam: pete, it is often hollywood's left-wing likes to champion the causes of hugo chavez, he is now dead, brought about socialism, should sean penn, oliver stone, danny glover, be held accountable and help the people? >> they point to it and say this is imperfect implementation of a great idea. turns out companies need to make a profit, if they can't, it's not worth investing there. which is exactly what's happening. they can't convert the currency into dollars and pull a profit out. adam: you said bernie sanders presidency might look like venezuela down the road. when hugo chavez did what he did, he seized private property. all in the name. poor. but they've run out of money and the poor is starving in venezuela, there are food riots
6:59 pm
in venezuela. >> you see the political upheaval. the organization of american states said they're going to be meeting in a few weeks and discussing the status of venezuela from a political perspective because the opposition party, one majority in parliament in december. madura -- adam: the current president, the successor to hugo chavez. when you are hungry, children are dying in hospitals because they can't get medicine. how long can they allow the situation to go on? >> very little at this point that can or will be done in the immediate term. the dictators propose more reforms and more controls and more government intervention which leads to poorer and poorer outcomes, temporary improvements here and there. you've got to see a political change, a willingness it open up and be a part of the political system. adam: morgan, 15 seconds, will
7:00 pm
we see a change in venezuela in time to save its people? >> i don't think it's time, it's a bit late. perhaps the oas and the u.n. can form a political consensus. adam: thank you for joining us, lou dobbs is next. we'll see you later. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump today unloading on the national liberal media for nitpicking contributions to veterans' charities. the republican nominee telling reporters they should be ashamed of themselves for hypercritical reporting on his good deed, raising nearly $6 million for veterans. while his rivals clinton and sanders haven't done anything for veterans. >> you know, my opinion to the media is very low. i think the media is frankly made up of people that, in many cases, not in all cases, are not good people.


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