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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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deirdre: take a look at how markets closed today. you can see green on your screen. it's the longest running green streak in months. one standout stock, amazon hitting a life-time high so far. it's fifth -- its fifth this year. "making money" is next. judge napolitano: i'm judge andrew napolitano in for charles payne. you are watching "making money." a deposition from hillary clinton's assistant. federal prosecutors have filed suit to seize the life insurance policies of the san bernardino shooters.
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venezuela is a living example of the failure of socialism and why we cannot let that happen in the united states. but first breaking news. >> the state department admitted a deliberate request was made to delete a portion of the december 2 state department press briefing when james rosen asked about secret negotiations between the state department and iran. >> i have no news for you on the typing of where he there were any discussions with any iranian official. reporter: let me trite one last way. is it the policy of the state department where the preservation of the secrecy of secret negotiations is con stoarnd lie in order to achieve that goal? >> i think there are times when diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. this is a good example of that. there are remaining concerns that we have as you all are
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familiar with, whether it's their involvement in the support of regime in syria or humanitarian issues. >> the obama administration says -- judge napolitano: that was the transcript in question. you can see the edits made to the video. the spokesperson for the state department former admiral john kirby responded today. take a listen. >> i feel like we did due diligence. we did try to find out what happened. frankly we did learn quite a bit. we learned that there was a deliberate request, this was a deliberate request to excise video. as i said -- and i said it this morning the staff. i don't find that to be an appropriate step to take. judge napolitano: let's bring in our panel to discuss this. richard, you were once the chief spokesman for ambassador john
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bolton when he was the the united states ambassador to the u.n. le media who would be watching this and jumping. spokes people regularly have to look at the transcript and make some sort of determination about whether you say something is inaudible. sometimes you can't quite hear what's going on. sow the spokes people have to manage the transcripts. they manage the transcript's timing whether to bring people in immediately to get it out there.
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jen a sack ajen * psaki is in ce editing. judge napolitano: what do you do when your client says something embarrassing on air. >> i'm shaking my head when they try to equate diplomacy wisconsin an excuse for not telling the truth. this nuclear iran deal stinks from the beginning. we are giving billions of dollars bang to a nation that supports terrorism. we are justifying continuing to support a sinking ship in foreign policy as opposed to building a new one. i think today is an example of a system that's out of control of government that's not telling
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the truth and going right to the impatience of the american people look for better. >> here is the back story for those of us watching now. ben rhodes who is the president's second in command with respect to the negotiations with iran told a "new york times" recordr reporter, "new york times" magazine that he did lie to the congress and to the american people in order to temper irrational fears members of congress have about the people returning the iranian government. now it comes out that the same state department about which he says he ladies trying to rewrite history, and the decent,ed a mirable john kirby is caught in the middle of this and he admits this stuff happened. have you ever seen this before? >> absolutely not.
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hats off to james rosen for his persistence. jen psaki told the truth. then they admitted it was a cover-up. someone went off the reservation from the state department. essentially the administration wanted to get it through, noxpe. especially at the state department and especially when it comes to national security. you have look at ben rhodes and jen pkski. so put something one in these positions politicizes foreign
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policy and national security. the foreign service leadership of the state department would never allow this to happen under a republican administration. if you are not a subject matter expert they don't allow it. but if you are a democrat they allow these positions to be filled by people who aren't qualified. judge napolitano: how does this enter the presidential campaign? what can we expect to hear from donald trump? and how will hillary clinton react to this? she once ran the state department that now admits it lied. >> the strengths hillary clinton had going into this campaign, foreign policy chops turn out to be her aquill ease heel. the state department has a
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culture of doing this kinds of stuff routinely. he said instead of negotiating with the terrorists supporting nation, we should hit them where it hurts, in the oil fields and in the pocketbook. and i think that's where the american people are. >> the bigger question is they lied about the iran deal and they got caught in this cover-up. that could be the real turning point if we finds out there were other things, not just the iran deal. judge napolitano: earlier today president obama made comments about how the conservative media in his view distorts his presidency. take a listen. >> their basic story is america's working class, middle class, families like to yours have been victimized by a big below thed federal government run by a bunch of left-wing elitists like me. and the government is taking
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your hard-earned tax dollars and giving them to free loaders and welfare cheats and we are strangling business with endsless regulations and this federal government is letting immigrants and formers steal whatever jobs obamacare hasn't killed yet. i hadn't turned on fox news or listened to conservative talk radio today, but i turned them on enough the past 7 years to know i'm not exaggerating their story. judge napolitano: he made a very nice summary of a donald trump-like summary. >> as i'm listening to the president i'm trying to think where i disagree with him. almost everything the said seemed to be true. we have been drifting as a nation under the president. we just have. which is why people are down in
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the mouth about where we are and they are demanding bert and more whereee need to go. this is what i call a head versus heart election. the head says stick with the system. those with the experience can hit the ground running. know the ropes in washington versus the heart which says we have had enough. we are getting downright angry and we want to do something different. what do we have to lose, what's the down side in terms of what we now see the president making fun of which actually has a lot of veracity and truth. judge napolitano: can donald trump bore into these issues or will he stick with the personality and her husband. >> i think the president eloquently suched up the facts of his presidency. a $19 trillion debt, the lowest
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workforce participate since the 1970s. the fact that he doesn't enforce immigration laws. can donald trump bring this back to this election. and if not, what's in it for you? judge napolitano: are you surprised the president waded 20eu7b the presidential campaign before the nominees are formally >> since his reelection he has gone the more political than was. it seems to me in your second term you should stop the politics and be governing for everyone's sake. and president obama has never done that. judge rsh coming up the deposition of hillary clinton's chief of staff at the state department. and it seems hillary clinton had no intention of following protocol. we have the details next. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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>> my email use was widely known throughout department in the government and i provided all my work-related emails, and i asked they be made public. jun -- judge napolitano: hillary clinton says she handed over all of her emails. but a deposition of cheryl mills shows clinton and her staff brushed off concerns about her private email server and what
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would happen if she was required to turn over her emails under state department law. what does the cheryl mills deposition tell you about any knowledge or complicity on the part of clinton's inner circle, at least with respect to miss mills in terms of clinton'sed a man i on -- and mansy on using that personal server. reporter: based on the transcript which is 300 pages in length. and based on the fact that cheryl mills had 7 attorneys with her. every single question that related to the installation of the server, and its management by the clinton i.t. specialist bryan pagliano who since has an immunity deal with the justice department as part of the f.b.i. criminal investigation, they sought under every circumstance to block any information that related to it setup and what
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efforts if any were made to retain the record and shield them from foia. judge napolitano: just so the folks watching know about this. the deposition was taken in one of the many freedom of information act cases which ordinary folks filed against the state department, and cheryl mills per unit to the instructions of her -- pursuant to the instructions of her lawyers refused to answer the most important questions. will they go back to the judge to order her to answer those questions she refused to answer? reporter: it's highly unusual for a federal judge to grant what's called discovery in a freedom of information act lawsuit. second all, judicial watch told us today they may well go back to the federal judge in this case in washington, d.c. and seek to compel the answers to
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those questions from cheryl mills. so for a lay person, they are going back to the judge, say her answers were not forthcoming, and they were unnecessarily blocked by her attorneys, and they want the judge to force her to answer basic questions about how the i.t. specialist bryan pagliano set up the server. whether he was working for the clintons at the time, or simply for the state department, and what if any evident was made to shield these record from the state department laws or the freedom of information act. judge napolitano: is there a perception in law enforcement or intelligence in washington, d.c. that this inspector general's report has moved the ball forward at all in terms of a potential indictment of mrs. clinton? reporter: an intelligence source
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we have been working with for the better part of a year said that inspector general's report is significant. because in their opinion, it ups the pressure and the likelihood that the justice department will be forced to bring an indictment against mrs. clinton and some of her associates. because for the first time it publicly clarified what the department of state rules were for handling emails. in this case national defense information. that the rules were broken, and this sensitive information was moved outside of secure government channels on to this unsecured personal email server of mrs. clinton. i don't have to tell you that starts to lay the ground work and the basis for a criminal charge under 18 u.s.c.73 which is the gross negligence statute
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of the espionage act. judge napolitano: the crisis in venezuela has worsened and the organization of american states has called a meeting to see if the country has violated democratic principles. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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judge napolitano: the organization of american states has called for an emergency meeting as venezuela's economy continues to collapse and violence erupts on the streets. venezuela could be suspended from the organization. how serious is what's happening in venezuela. why should anybody in the united states be concerned about what we saw on the screen.
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>> there are major business implications. it's extremely serious and it's been serious for years. now dozens of companies are pulling out of venezuela because they cannot import items. they can't produce anything. people don't have the money to buy product. there is a food shortage and a health crisis. judge napolitano: in terms of bernie sanders and what he wants to do here that might lead to the united states looking like venezuela, are they going to come knock on our door asking for help, and if they do will the obama administration or state department give it to them? >> the obama administration saw this developing storm in venezuela and reached out to them and tried to have a conversation with them. they rebuffed the obama
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administration and it's a good thing. because the obama administration would have tried to rescue them. this is a problem hugo chavez started and nicolas maduro has continued. they have a 2,000 percent inflation. they print money because they manipulate he item under their control. food, housing, healthcare, everything is a free market manipulation by the government. and that's not sustainable if you don't have a big, broad policy. the implications for americans could be big. you could see coffee and flour, a whole bunch of products that could be impacted. judge napolitano: we all remember the famous line of margaret thatcher's that the
6:26 pm
problem with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people's money. >> and the president today give a ringing endorsement of bernie sanders. i don't know where that came from. i don't think that's what a man trying to convince americans that socialism works needs right now. no matter how you spin it. he's saying his form of socialism is democratic socialism. he often points to denmark and sweden. if you impose price controls and forbid profit it's a slippery slope. judge napolitano: how bad is latin america in
6:27 pm
are improving. bowter countries are wildly ignored by this administration and they are struggling on their own. we need to be able to make a forceful case and your dip gnats meade to be out there trying to tell them the benefits ofthat te department needs to implement immediately an aggressive diplomacy campaign to show people in latin america, this is what happens when you vote for leaders or socialists who manipulate the free market. no matter how small or how large, eventually it will catch up to them. it's not sustainable. the problem is there are so many people at the state department that are somehow seeing
6:28 pm
socialism as a good thing. so we have to have that internal conversation which i think we are having between in democratic party between bernie and hillary as to whether america will embrace any form of socialism. i think we should reject it. and hopefully in this next she recollection we can put it to rest. >> thanks for joining us. we have breaking news for you in the continuing clinton email scandal. bryan pagliano, the man believed to have set up hillary clinton's private server will plead the fifth. and he will decline to stance questions from judicial watch even though's been ordered by a federal judge to answer those questions. we'll have more details for you as it unfold.
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a major nurses' union looks to create unrest at the convention in philadelphia this summer. hundreds of nurses are there planning to voice support for bernie sanders. we'll tell you what they are up to.
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judge napolitano: new polls show it's a tight race between hillary clinton and donald trump
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in a general election preview. hillary clinton still has to beat bernie sanders in california first. but she used her events in new jersey to take on the donald. >> this is just more evidence that donald trump himself is a fraud. he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump u. on issue after issue, we see someone who is unqualified and unfit to be president of the united states. judge napolitano: pretty tough stuff from mrs. clinton. julie, is it a good move for mrs. clinton to ignore sanders and the california primary which seems to be getting closer and closer with every tick of the clock and go for donald's
6:34 pm
throat? >> she'll 100% be able to be the nominee. so of course it's smart for her. bernie sanders is done and she needs to move. judge napolitano: we happen to have erin bilbray who is a bernie sanders delegate. are there any other superdelegates for bernie? >> there is a few of us. it's lonely being a superdelegate at the democratic party anyway. judge napolitano: give me a blueprints of how bernie can stay relevant or poised to upset her in philadelphia. what has to happen in the next two or three weeks for him to go to philadelphia hopeful? >> we are going to philadelphia without a doubt. i think senator sanders will do very well in california.
6:35 pm
the polls have him down by 2 points. these polls are not effective with millennials who don't have lands lines and communicate by cell phones. we want to make sure senator and materials voice is heard. judge napolitano: the latest nbc-wall street journal poll shows the race is close. it's 1 point apart. what happens if bernie beats her in california, even if it's by a small margin? >> she continues to slide in these polls, judge. it's interesting hearing those quotes from hillary clinton in new jersey. did she hire marco rubio's speech writer? that's exactly marco rubio's talking points from one of those dee baits.
6:36 pm
look how it worked out for him and the other 15 candidates on the republican side. there are two come meeting interests for the clinton campaign. one is delegate count which they will probably reach in new jersey on the evening of june 7 pnt other is the politics of optics. what it looks like for her in california. if she only wins by a slim margin in california. it doesn't matter with the delegate count. it's what it does to her when she is looking at a disruptive convention with bernie supporters being just set. >> how bad will it be for her if she wins numerically on tuesday. >> i believe math is math and the reality is 8:00 p.m. eastern time. she'll have wouldn't requisite number of delegates in new
6:37 pm
jersey to clinch the nomination. optics is optics. judge napolitano: the democratic race for the white house continues next week. though hillary clinton looks poised to win kne p d win if you it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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judge napolitano: this is a money show so we have a quick market update for you. stocks rebounds after the feds' beige book report shows modest economic growth. as for commodities, crude was down 9 cents smashing the fourth straight session oil prices have dropped and gold prices dropped after falling 6% in the month of may. the race is tight in the california democratic primary. what happens if hillary loses to bernie and what happen to the election if she gets indicted over her state department emails. joe is not just a funny man, he knows his politics. judge napolitano: what do you
6:42 pm
think if julie roginsky is right and 8:00 eastern hillary goes over the top. >> it's a bloodbath in philly. so we'll go to cleveland and see what's happening with the gop. not looks like donald trump is taking charge of everything. the action will be in philadelphia. if bernie's people snoip california, i'm loving this. i love the drama of it all. if she gets the superdelegates. then everything donald trump said is true, it's rigged. judge napolitano: why do you think the latest polls are showing bernie doing were in the the polls. >> bernie is pure. he is what he is. whether you lining him or not. he says it. judge napolitano: he sticks to his values. he's on our show, he talks to a
6:43 pm
conservative audience. i say can i call you bernie? he says yeah, yeah, call me bernie. he's a nice jewish guy from brooklyn. can i talk about judge napolitano? judge napolitano: later. hillary does not get indicted but f.b.i. agents are furious because they know there is more than enough evidence to indict and convict and they begin leaking this stuff. how fate alice that to their campaign? >> it was your expertise on our radio show that made me lead to say that's what's going to happen. i think she'll get indicted and i think barack obama, and you talk to writers like journalist ed klein. i'm just a street guy. i'm one of the poorly educated that donald trump talks about. not one who went to princeton.
6:44 pm
but i think she is indicted, that the president wants joe biden in and it's going to be interesting. judge napolitano: you know a great deal with politics. can donald trump win the most democratic state in the union, our home state? >> i believe he can. because he's one of the people. i think new jersey is so independent minded. most of the voters -- i'm independent in new jersey. they usually vote democratic. but if donald is in, i think he will reach out to everybody. people are coming out of the woodwork for donald trump. judge napolitano: has he been on your radio show? >> he has been. he calls in, and i go where are you, mr. trump. can i call you donald? he says i'm about to do an interview with "60 minutes."
6:45 pm
he says but if it's between "60 minutes" and joe, i go with joe. judge napolitano is better than all of us. straight as, princeton. i'm the poorly educated. judge, it's a privilege to know you. judge napolitano: the feds filed a lawsuit to collect insurance money from the san bernardino shooter. is the government justified in getting the money to the victims? v
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june * federal prosecutors filed a lawsuit to collect payouts on life insurance policies taken out by the san bernardino shooter syed farook. the policies are worth $275,000 total. but under federal law assets derived from terrorist activities are subject to forfeiture. farook and his wife killed 14 people during a christmas party in san bernardino, california. should the proceed be reallocated to the victims of the shootings or go to syed farook's mother. i'll tell you right off the bat where my views are and you tell me where i'm right or wrong. i don't think the government should punish the mother for the sins and the crimes of the son.
6:50 pm
>> wow, judge, we disagree. i think when you look at the u.s.a. patriot act it makes it very clear in section 806 of the through that it authorizes forfeiture of all the assets that would be belonging to anyone who is engaged in terrorism. even if the defendant is dead. so they are very well within their right, the u.s. attorney's office is well within it right to go after this $275,000. judge napolitano: is it right an old immigrant woman who had absolutely nothing to do with the horrific crimes of her son. >> let's not forget about the victims who were innocently killed, who were murdered by these terrorists and deserve to have any sort of fund they can obtain for their families.
6:51 pm
i think in this case when it comes to this insurance money, the federal government is justified in going forward and attempting to sue and seize the insurance payments. judge napolitano: spoas suppose there are other insurance policies to take care of the victims. do you still want to take the money away from this creep's mother? >> this is justifiable on the side of the u.s. government. the fact that we have seen civil forfeiture. it is controversial it has been used for thwarting criminal activity? the aclu gets nervous with this. but at the end of the day the law is clear. the fact is they can seize all these assets even if the defendant is dead and again it is very clear that they can go after this money and provide this money for those families who have suffered because -- and
6:52 pm
lost loved ones. judge napolitano: you are a good sport for putting up with me on this. my best to your great husband. coming up, donald trump is head together united kingdom one day after the country votes on whether to leave the european union. trump is in favor of britain's exit. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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>> donald trump is set to visit the united kingdom, the day after the country votes whether to stay in the european union. trump has previously spoke out in support of britain leaving the eu. here he is with our own bret baier, take a listen. >> i would say they're better off without him. just my feeling. i know great britain very well, i know the country very well, i have a lot of investments there. i would say they're better off without it.
6:56 pm
but i want them to make their own decision. judge napolitano: what would britain's exit mean for the eu and our economy? joining me now is shah gilani and tammy bruce, two regulars on the fox business channel. shah, i didn't know you were born in great britain and still are a citizen of great britain. do you get on vote in the so-called brexit, british exit from the eu? >> i do get to vote, and i will vote for exiting. as a brit, i think that the eu is a wonderful experiment but failed and will continue to fail. exiting it makes sense for the brits. staying in the union does nothing for great britain. judge napolitano: make the ideological argument why britain should get out of eu? >> you can see what's happening, they thought they would re-create the united states. they started a union with the financial dynamic without any consistent financial controls from country to country. it would be like if every state of the united states could do
6:57 pm
whatever it wanted with single currency but no standards applied, which is why you have greece, and financial collapse. my british friends complain about the micromanagement coming from a nation that they defeated in world war ii. judge napolitano: right. >> you have the generation of seniors who see germany making decisions and making bad ones. so this is about to some degree nationalism but also about survival of europe as an entity, control of the immigration dynamic, and financial security as well. judge napolitano: i think the three of us are on the same page on this, i want to expand it. is the eu essentially, i derived this from your arguments, a failure, shah? >> it is a failure and the purpose of the eu is to federal a the debt of all the states. not unlook alexander hamilton did for the u.s. >> if great britain stays in, i think they're going to go out, if they stay in are they saddled with greek debt? >> they are already saddled
6:58 pm
with greek debt and the european debt. >> margaret thatcher saw this, knew there was going to be a problem. she was against it, she saved the pound, kept them from being involved with the euro and allows them to make the break. judge napolitano: i want you to make prime minister david cameron's argument, what conceivable argument is there other than the establishment and the elites which trump hates, for staying in? >> well, i suppose one argument is when you are united there is less tendency to fight with each other, europe will think back to world war i and ii that there is a fear, understandable, generations alive, the dynamic of what happened. that is the only decent argument we know that, of course in the modern age that isn't necessarily needed that the point. when president obama argued for them to stay with it, the polls went up to exit. his impact was negative. they said, well -- >> no surprise. >> they realize something is
6:59 pm
wrong with socialist leadership and they wanted to be independent to survive. judge napolitano: shah, the prediction? >> the brits will exit, and there will be very little consequences. judge napolitano: based on -- >> based on market disruptions, the markets will smooth themselves out and it will be good. judge napolitano: will david cameron be out if brexit succeeds? >> no, he's a smart politician. >> and mr. trump has his investments. he's looking at it economically as well and he thinks it will be fine. judge napolitano: i think he's looking at it from the sovereignty of great britain. guys, always a pleasure, thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us tonight. you need to stick around for lou dobbs next. they'll be talking to david bossie, the president of citizens united. you remember that case. all about the clintons growing e-mail scandal and how it will affect mrs. clinton in the primaries and the general election. what happened if hillary takes
7:00 pm
new jersey and bernie takes california, and what will happen in philadelphia when the nurses go on strike because they want bernie? my buddy lou dobbs is going to answer all those questions for you right now.. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. a brand-new national poll boosting hopes donald trump will win the general election come november. the quinnipiac university survey showing clinton with a four-point lead over trump. 45-41 and trump last night, sounded confident that he could easily beat hillary. >> she's lost so much lately. it seems every night you turn on the television and every time there's a vote she's losing, losing, losing. so i guess you win a few up-front but she is losing so badly.


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