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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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citizens for self-governance. the dow closed up above or traded above 18,000 for the day it hasn't happened in a very long time. the s & p 500 higher as well. charles payne is here with more. charles: good evening. markets today mixed. the s & p was up. but it was all about dow 18,000 which is proving to be more than symbolic resistance. speak of which the democratic establishment hoping tonight atrows in the towel. but he says his supporters want him to take it to the convention. there is a surge of illegal immigrants especially children in an effort to make obamacare
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available to illegal aliens. speaker lineup veils to fix poverty in this country. six states are voting today in the primary elections. but all eyes are in california with robert gray this with a preview. >> this is already a very tight race. just a couple of points separating hillary clinton and bernie sanders before last night's early call by the associated press saying hillary clinton already clinched the number of delegates to become the presumptive nominee. his supporters continuing to fight on. sanders with $1,569. pledged delegates. clinton yesterday saying they need to finish strong and win california. meanwhile sanders planning to
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fight on and he would love to win in california. >> there is nothing to concede. secretary of clinton will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to win the democratic nomination. she'll be dependent on superdelegates. reporter: bernie sanders and his supporters will be filling the hall just across the street from me later on, 10:00 p.m. local time. hillary clinton meanwhile is back in new york. charles: joining me, tammy bruce, adam goodman, shelby holiday and jessica tarloff. the race is very fight. a couple polls have bernie sanders pulling ahead all within the margin of error but how do you think it's going to play
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out? >> there has been a high amount of mail-in votes which does favor her. and we haven't seen a lot of turnout from young people and that phase her. and her speech on foreign policy shows she's ready to take on donald trump. but it will be a thin margin. charles: the registrations have been huge in california which is good for the party, but is it good for hillary? >> hillary has never been one to have enthusiasm attached to her name, right? and the clintons have always done well in california, it's hollywood, it's all about. but california has changed since 2008. enthusiasm favors bernie sanders. with the announcement about her having the delegate count, remember revenge is the best
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success. the next winning thing sanders can get is to win california. that might push his supporters and young people out because they are seething that that came out. charles: who does it help or hurt the most? >> it hurts hillary. you can tale she did not want the a.p. to do that. when you need your supporters to turn out and you are making the case you should be the nominee, it definitely hurts her, and bernie sanders can stand up there and say look at this rigged system. >> that's his prime argument, that this is a rigged system and superdelegates are deciding the election. that's the one thing he's been attacking her on. the fact that that's what gave her the nomination last night doesn't look good for her at all. charles: clearly she has more votes than he does.
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the point that he makes about her needing superdelegates -- >> all nominees meade superdelegates. charles: she needs 80% of the remaining pledged delegates and she can win it without the superdelegates. if he has a case does that mean thought hedown at the convention? >> whether or not it's because he thinks he can sway superdelegates, that's very unlikely. the thing that he could do is keep some of this power, keep some of the leverage he ghaintd primaries and use it to influence the rules committee and platform committee and get some of his leftist agenda on to the party platform. >> she is going to call him tonight. >> anyone in his position. fit was anyone other than him
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would be the vice presidential choice. it would be -- that is the strange thing. not only will he not win because it's rigged. but the natural position would be to represent that half of the democrat party to be the vice president would send a message that hillary clinton and her team and the democrats are interested. you talk about a back-handed compliment. if we are going to adopt even what you stand for as the platform, but you are not good enough to be on the ticket. charles: the surge in voter registration. donald trump says he thinks california is in play. that goes against this. a lot of new voters are hispanic. do the republicans really think that california can be tipped this time? >> well, i don't know if they
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hold out hope for california in the fall. but let me go back to what everyone is talking about. in politics it's not only that you win, it's how you win. it's fair to say hillary clinton has under performed expectations. she still had a special prosecutor and f.b.i. staring her in the face. and she has no answer yet for bernie sanders. bernie sanders has the passion in this play. he's created a candidacy and a movement. if you look at the history of foreign policy, the iraq war, it's not just winning the war, it's winning the peace. i think bernie sanders holds the cards in terms of whether hillary clinton can win the peace within the party. >> i saw one poll suggesting 1/5 of bernie supporters will go to
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donald trump. how does she appease them to stop them from doing that. >> she want his input. he talked about issues he's going to bring up and give him a prominent role. it look like she is looking at elizabeth warren. but in 2008, 50% of hillary clinton supporters said they wouldn't back barack obama and he put together one of the grandest coalitions we have ever seen. 6% or 7% will break for trump. if trump continues to bury himself with the mexican judge issue. fewer and fewer bernie sanders supporters will be able to say nafta is more important. charles: maybe a few legal issues will be resolved.
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>> and whether armani make orange jump suits or if it was on loan. charles: that's the ugliest armani outfit i have ever seen. >> if it was a man we wouldn't be talking about his outfit. charles: you should button your jacket and i think donald trump's ties are too long. elizabeth warren, would she be a good proxy for bernie sanders followers? >> we heard pelosi say this morning she would love to see a second woman on the ticket but i don't see that gelling with the hillary clinton machine. it will be whether voters see them genuinely getting along.
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>> the only other woman would be elizabeth warren and that's not going to happen. if you are looking at it in a larger, more magnanimous way. elizabeth warn is out for herself. so is hillary clinton. hillary will not be the president. but i don't know who will be. i hope it donald trump. if the republicans end up going, abandoning the gop and start up the donner party we'll have a better sense for november. >> elizabeth warren who i think is a real bastion of progressiveism. but hillary clinton's problem is with white men and elizabeth warren won't helpific that. -- won't help fix that.
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charles: sick states heading to the -- six states heading to the polls today. our coverage will start at 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. the irs releasing the name of organizations they showed extra scrutiny. if you used patriot in your name that was a red flag for the irs. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. charles: the irs admitted it singled out conservative groups for extra scrutiny.
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426 organizations were targeted. the tea party patriots renewed their call to impeach the irs commissioner john koskinen and remove him from office without a pension. it took three years to get these additional, almost 200 names. more names are forthcoming, but the big question is will there be any accountability with respect to the irs? and what happens to these tea party groups that were obviously targeted? >> the old saying. the wheels grind slow. and all the facts come out faster if donald trump is the president next year, and not hillary clinton. but ultimately those facts will come out. this is a threat to the freedom of every american. from the most feared and
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powerful domestic agency in the united states can harass and intimidate people because of their political beliefs. charles: the weaponization of the irs is despicable and it doesn't matter who is targeted. if you had patriot, constitution, liberty in the titles of your organization. those are looked at with extra scrutiny and to be discriminated against. >> a tea party in my district was targeted. what was particularly threatening about it was the organizer was ultimately subjected to a personal income tax on it. they were stonewalled for several years. at the end of those years irs demand several thousands pages
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of documentation for a ministerial act of providing certification. they demanded the names of everybody who attended their meeting. the naiment names of their don't you'res. they wanted names of anybody associated with these groups. and we still don't know what they have been using those names for. charles: the last few years, round after round of hearings. it feels like it's more of a dog and pony show. the american public is extraordinarily frustrated with the idea that there is the same show and nobody is never held accountable. what can the public expect in terms of justice. and why hasn't the gop forced this issue.
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why haven't we gotten to the bottom of this stage. why haven't we seen punishment? >> repeated congressional subpoenas for information have been thwarted and delayed at every turn. this is a lawless administration we are confronting. and that takes a lot longer to work through some of the information. but i do believe ultimately we'll find out what happened and i believe ultimately those folks will be held accountable for their actions. charles: the idea that you can weaponnize the irs and use to it blunt criticism of your political opponents is un-american. >> they were trying to intimidate people out of participating in the american political process and in large measure they succeeded in doing so. charles: coming up. lawmakers in california are rushing to let illegal aliens
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charles: california is on the brink of becoming the first state to offer illegal immigrants a chance to buy insurance on the obamacare exchange despite the fact obama's assurance in 2009 that the affordable care act would not cover illegal immigrants. >> do you think any illegal immigrant should be eligible for healthcare under this plan? >> no. the one exception that has to be discussed is how are we treating children. charles: sam, you are out in california. you know, there has been an amazing influx of illegal immigrants from central america
6:23 pm
and other places and it's been spearhead by children. the border agencies don't think they have enough cash to cover it. if you look closely at that interview maybe obama telegraphed it. you bring it kids over, then you bring the parents over. >> i think this is a great idea. we should put as many people on the obamacare rolls as possible. it will cost california $45 billion. we are only $25 billion short for our water needs. we can get to the trough of the federal government faster than anybody else. charles: be sure to keep water available for the delta smelt. we don't want them going dry. these are the things that infuriate people.
6:24 pm
we have a lot of issues here. it's not such a funny situation when you think about the kind of money being spent to take care of these kids even at the border. >> it's taxpayer money. what will be interesting here to see is they are trying to apply for a federal waiver. so president obama would have to agree to this. it's interesting to see what he does with his legacy. a lot of people that have been deported under obama's presidency. he has been called the deporter-in-chief. will he want to open this up to cement his legacy. charles: in the meantime obama premiums have gone through the roof. this is an unmitigated disaster for americans. >> it makes no sense.
6:25 pm
this is the reason america is turning away from obama. his poll rating are okay because people are focused on the election. opening up obamacare to illegal immigrants is bad for hillary in the general election. why are we spending money we don't have for people who are not citizens of this country. charles: it bolsters the idea why building the wall is so popular. >> if you look at the state of texas. people think of this wall as a new phaged idea. there is parts of texas where there is a wall in place. those parts of it rescue offed by a wall. those areas are overrun by crime and an some door back and forth. not any more. those are good places. charles: sam, big election.
6:26 pm
your state could decide the democratic nominee tonight. but the ugliness at the donald trump events. what is going on in california. what happened to the place of sunshine and hollywood? what's going on? >> there are a bunch of paid protesters here from out of state. i don't think any of them are actually californians. i thought the election was already decided. she has all the superdelegates she needs. i don't know why they are bothering to have an election. they are democrats, they can put things through with the stroke of a pen. charles: speaker paul lineup veils his plan how to combat poverty. i have asthma...
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charles: voting is underway in six states contesting the democratic primary between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. deirdre is here to break it all down. >> indeed. charles you know the ap saying essentially that hillary clinton has clinched an enough to become the nominee so we have those figures, 2383. you know that, if you are going to see that sin on the screens. you are denote the numbers anyway charles, 1569.
6:31 pm
that's the total amount of delegates so that's what you are looking at right now on your screen. this includes the superdelegates that if you take out those superdelegates and their superhero -- sanders is a lot closer so clinton 1812 n. sanders 1521. you know this, sanders is saying within the superdelegates can change their minds and he is going to at least by what he said, stay in through the convention. a lot of people paying attention to some particular parts and of course california the big prize tonight. i wanted to show you a few of the counties i'm going to be focused on the feeding charles. all in this area of silicon valley you don't know how they are going to go. a lot of them are libertarian a little bit harder to call and i wanted to point out near l.a. of course you have ventura county and this is where sanders has been quite a bit of time. he made a lot of speeches and again a libertarian stronghold if you like.
6:32 pm
a few other counties i'm going to keep my eye on and we will see what happens later this evening. charles: while all eyes are on the democratic race in california speaker of the house paul ryan and build his plan to make the g.o.p. quote better. take a listen. >> this is how you fight poverty. this is how you create opportunity. this is how you help people move onward and upward and this is just one, the first installment of our six-part agenda. we want to build a competent america where no one is stuck, though one settles and where everyone can rise. charles: ryan's antiparty plan outlines the problem with this social welfare system and a list on how to improve them. so can he turn the agenda? can he get rid of the stigma of the republicans being anti-core? joining me tammy through steve rogers and florence epstein. tammy over the last two days i
6:33 pm
have seen headlines from all the different -- prepare for ryan to give us the same old speech. the republicans hate the poor and essentially this will do as much ultimately as it boils down to you have one party saying this is a country where you pull yourself up by your good straps and the other side is saying nothing as possible, government is the only answer. >> looked a problem with representative brian and his attitude is the fact that it's an election year. we are really close to election day and he's going out there with almost likely you make to understand that conservatives are republicans care about them. if there was an articulation of the conservative ideal he would have to be doing this because people would need doing better. there has been a commitment to get control of the house and the senate but instead they pull it out of their bag as we are getting close to november. all of us on both sides democrats and republicans we recognize when that's happening. he's been in office for a long
6:34 pm
time so the republicans we are dealing with and now they have got to come out with this, we have a five-point plan that we are going to do this when we are less than 160 days away. the conservative ideals saves people's lives and lifts people up across the border and if they were committed to that and were implementing it we wouldn't be in this position. that's why we have this going on right now because the republican party leadership has abandoned the conservative ideal and we want it back to. charles: essentially you think it's a gimmick or is there legitimate need to tammy's point this message perhaps in an election year looks more like a gimmick and that's why the progressive media can jump all over this but is there some sort of need to convince or change the narrative that republicans don't like core? >> we do have and image problem with key democratic's -- demographics. it's a good thing. now the speaker is put out a plan to streamline federal grants and to help kids with
6:35 pm
early head start and that's always a good thing. we want people to have the opportunity to. what democrats want to do is you have the government giving the outcome and that's our governments role. charles: you are active in the community and new jersey with all kinds of people across-the-board. how do you think you get americans to sort of buy into this notion that america is still the land of opportunity because almost every single poll suggests people particularly donald trump is the man to get that idea across. >> donald trump has demonstrated he does care for the poor. he does care for people that are falling on hard times. the man is a businessman. he is employed people who have had very difficult times in the past. he's given a lot of people women in particular and minorities opportunities. when you instill pride in individual and give them the opportunity to work and have them understand that you do have to work in order to get ahead that means a lot to them. we could use his children is a
6:36 pm
perfect example. they were taught to value but dollar and hard work paid any economic system has to be a certain degree, a lot of success is self-fulfilling and if everyone buys into it helps a lot. people from all corners of this country can donald trump articulate this and does he need paul ryan out there doing this? >> if you look at his plans his tax plan simplified tax bracket, a much lower corporate tax. , those are the kinds of things that will make america grating in. as far as the rain goes it's a good proposal but in the same breath to still go to go out there and call the nominee a racist. >> excuse me. >> i'm going to keep talking. >> when you say he is not a racist -- >> it is not productive and it's not useful to co-mingle the message about how republicans, which donald trump does on the
6:37 pm
nominee of your party. it's not productive and it's not going to get us anywhere. >> when you're looking at what the headlines are force you talk about and regardless of whether you are agreeing with representative ryan is that he set it up so the only headlines are about that and not about the proposals themselves. >> it's a double-edged sword. if ryan went out there today and this other stuff wasn't lingering out there and not sure how mature you get coverage he would have gotten the first place but if it's up to the seasoned politician to understand the media's going to try to play you. the mainstream media is going to take advantage of you. >> this is exactly, this is where the republican party is struggling. this is exactly the choice they made. this is what they want the headlines to be in this is why they are in trouble and why they have continuously lost. charles: you continue with the notion that the establishment is trying to sync donald trump? >> gentleman with what
6:38 pm
mcconnell and ryan and lindsey graham have done is signal that in fact they prefer hillary at this point. charles: this is a great conversation. in the meantime u.s. stocks slightly higher today, oil though up $60 for the first time since last july. this is the caution that we could be on the press of a major breakout. we will talk about it when we come back. ♪
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charles: over the weekend voters had no guaranteed income. 77% said no we don't want $2500 must we earn it. tweet me are thoughts. we will be right back.
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charles: the dow jones industrial average 32 times to stumble into the close. it's not unusual when you see something hit resistance over and over again to have a
6:42 pm
pullback. 18,000 got to tell you becoming something of a multi-in this rally. this is well over resistance told in 2015 and we made dipped under this time -- been on the upside of recent much attention has been placed on crude oil crude oil the past of a phase days in its improbable run commodities up 10 days in a row. that hints at something of a sea change in the band the band that maybe goes beyond government spending like china's stimulus. a move that might surprise you in the meantime swiss voters actually rejected a proposal for a guaranteed basic income for all been talking about money for everyone, free money. 77% said no thanks. citizens would have received money equal to a months pay regardless of whether they worked and whether they were conniving kids would have gotten 600 bucks a month rejoining me to discuss this kristen hoglund. they forget to this notion of free money what is your assessment of the overall market? >> you know charles we have been
6:43 pm
melting up and melting up and i look at the expected earnings growth in the back half of the year 13%, kind of aggressive given what we are seeing with economy. last week was a big week. i s. m. bmis and all sorts of economic data horrible, horrible. charles: was a justified or not or did it matter? >> i think the rally is inspired by the good stretch but it wouldn't be surprised if we hit resistance and start to bounce back. maybe an opportunity for people. charles: kristin if we had a national vote in this country for cash coming in, $2600 for each adult, 650 bucks for each child that we would rejected, overwhelmingly reject its? >> i would say yes but until this year we have seen a populated bernie sanders, maybe we would pass something like that. what's phenomenal is they said no. they wanted lowest unemployment rates throughout europe and they are to have a great welfare system that many people say
6:44 pm
works very well for them. what's interesting is if you look at the future and i'm talking 50 to 100 years the technological development and how quickly technology improves and affects the global economy, we could see a total paradigm shift in how governments operate to a place because the bottom motion where there might have to be a guaranteed income. charles: i'm talking about the mentality right now. we should note that part of the reasons would serve in overwhelmingly rejected it they said it would lead to a massive influx of migrants. the situation with illegal immigrants and people wanting to be in this country so they are our certain things that echo local things. charles to your point that i want to have an influx of people on the dole to bankrupt what's going on but also two things are changing to your point. you have companies like ge and others that are slashing jobs of "vanity fair" sitting back knowing, if we do this program what's it going going to cost an
6:45 pm
hausa going to get funded in the same types of questions that we need to be asking here about a lot of programs going on. >> and also you will get money from the money tree in the backyard. charles: think about this. they do this in spain struggling with the notion of cutting back on this three-hour daily siesta. you wonder why one country is so more successful than the other. in the meantime immigration is on the rise in the united states and the fact there's back there's a huge influx of illegal aliens right now causing major problems for arizona. we talked to the arizona sheriff , he is next. at cancer treatment centers of america,
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immigration into the united states right now the highest level since 2007. in fact the number of illegal immigrants has surge particularly in the last two years according to the center for immigration studies. the cis reports estimates almost one third of those of all many who crossed the border. joining me now pinal county sheriff paul babeu. share thanks for joining me. there are a lot of reasons attributed for this mad dash mad dash at the well and i want to go through them all with you including one of the things is that california now working hard to make obamacare accessible to illegal aliens. isn't that just putting up the ultimate red carpet? >> it absolutely is and that's after legislature and on the desk of the governor and god knows what he's going to do. charles: i have a feeling i do know what he is going to do especially working on getting illegal immigrants the ability to vote for certainly local office and who knows what else.
6:50 pm
>> here's the thing i saw in numa county 2014, 178 hits for the whole year stopped at the border. through march 1500. it's not just that this is a huge surge in illegal immigrants that they are sending kids from deep in central america. i don't know how they get them here. they put them on top of trains and make it into this crazy dangerous path. it's an enormous strain to the county to explain what's happening in arizona. >> this is just a month ago and is the highest figure in the last two years, nearly 40,000 illegals who have crossed the border that were apprehended. that does not include the number that were never detected never arrested never stopped by law enforcement and many people out there including myself know that number could the size or even multiples of that number. there is no way to actually verify that. that is what is troubling. proves our point of this border
6:51 pm
is not secured and creates a severe vulnerability for national security. for illegal immigration, forget the drug cartels that i and my deputies are fighting every day. this is about national security. what about isis, what about these people from countries of interest from the middle east that have proven to be coming through this unsecured order? that's my biggest alarm and fear for our country. charles: have you actually busted some of these? another was a big story about middle eastern smuggling cartels or beefed-up efforts to get through the southern border. >> well we have actually here in this part of arizona alone every year there are 82,000, up to 123,000 the past three years justin is one section of arizona , just one of nine sectors. so there has been hundreds of people or countries have interests. we in local counties state and
6:52 pm
local on first and then apprehend people who are illegals anymore because the obama administration and it's gone all the way to the supreme court, this is the shackling that has occurred to law enforcement in the country or it's not just us and local county state law enforcement. the president has handcuffed her u.s. border patrol agents. these there are lake gold -- local protectors and a mass release of these illegals as well as criminals who pose a dangerous threat to our country. we and we are releasing them into our communities. charles: it's a shame, it really is that we salute you and thank you for your services and all that you do for the people of verizon and for the country. thanks a lot sir. >> it's our privilege, thank you. charles: in the meantime we are a bit over an hour before the polls close. we have six states that can make or break hillary clinton, and maybe make her more than break her. stick around. dentures look clean, in reality they're not.
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charles: could be nail-biter. could be exciting. we vent felt that way in super tuesdays in a while. bernie sanders making his last stand, perhaps. hillary clinton thinks she may have this whole thing in the bag, but does she really? joining me adam good man, shelby and jessica tarlov. at brooklyn navy yard, setting up for a party, governor cuomo, bill de blasio, darren mcfaden's daughter will sing. is she getting a little festive. >> i don't know about you, charles, i'll going straight to the party. no. regardless what happens, hasn't this been a great year? record number of voters voting. record number of voter tuning in. you have to realize bernie sanders will lose. he scored points on social
6:57 pm
iniaea quality, 99% very with us 1% and on the system being rigged. if hillary clinton is smart, she has to win the peace. that means bringing bernie sanders and his movement inside of the tent, short of making him vp, making him ambassador without portfolio make him ambassador with portfolio. if she doesn't do that, head versus heart election hillary clinton has a long road ahead. charles: it is interesting. headline with the nation today said, hillary clinton won the election but bernie sanders won the debate. everyone agrees with that, but the question how does hillary reconcile that? we talked a little earlier in the show about possibilities here. but you think, jessica, the vp slot is too far, too much of a stretch for bernie? >> i do think so. as i said earlier, he has left the door open to it, i think bernie sanders really loves running for president. he is not really ready to do anything else at this point or
6:58 pm
think about the after after. and you have heard reports that there is fissures and splits that we should get out after california and he saying i'm going all the way as so he can control the platform and gets his rule changes. maybe he would consider it but i don't think that is unity ticket. i don't think they like each other. that is problematic. >> voters are going to know that. charles: it hasn't been unusual for the president and vice president to have been former rivals who didn't like each other. that wouldn't be the first time in history. >> here is the biggest problem, bernie sanders is not a long-time member of the democratic party. very hard for true democrats to see him on a ticket, when he just became a democrat to run for president. charles: in an party and election year where independents will probably determine who is next president of the white house don't you need someone? >> yeah. charles: donald trump has done extraordinarily well with independents. don't democrats need something to counterthat? >> they do.
6:59 pm
might not be bernie sanders. bernie sanders could help her out being have p. it could be helpful. stop using gop attack lines. you want to be democrat? support the democratic party. you want to make changes. i get it. >> i spoke to bernie sanders can't make us like hillary clinton. it will be hillary clinton opening the tent, attracting them back in. not forcing them. they will not get in line like sheep. i thought that was very strong statement. charles: how many of them, do you think, shelby go to donald trump? what percentage of bernie sanders voters go to donald trump. >> i don't know if i give you a percent. big risk for hillary clinton. big risk for hillary clinton they're just disappearing and not voting that will help donald trump. charles: enthusiasm gap is way down. even where hillary is winning, hispanics, blacks, the outcome,
7:00 pm
output rather in november, people are worried about that. >> votes count, not how loud you are about it f they show up at polls and cast their ballots that is what matters here. hillary clinton has very strong case for getting sanders supporters. they voted same way 93% of the time in the senate. they are not that drastically different. >> let's see how it shakes out. now our special with lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i am lou dobbs. it's a big night for presidential politics. we're one hour away from the first poll closings in the state of new jersey, one of six states voting. in some respects this race is already settled. late last night the associated press decided to report hillary clinton surpassed the magic number of 2383 delegates needed to clinch the democratic presidential nomination. in doing so she becomes first female presumptive presidential nominee after major political party in this country's history. >> i got to tell y


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