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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 11, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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this election since the major party options are bad, so bad, maybe this time the libertarians have a chance. they sure have my vote. that's our show. see you next week. join us for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: look at this as we head into the general elect. we do our best to glean results and it actually helps to take a look back at the primaries and look at what weren't right and wrong for the presumptive nominees. donald trump raised far less cash than any other candidate. le watt street journal saying that could be problematic. hillary clinton has raised the most. she has raised five times as' as the donald but refused to say
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cheese to the camera. but that changed yesterday when she went on a full tube blitz. >> we are going to crack down on abuse that harmed main street. >> tens of millions of dollars of negative coverage has been sent our way. >> what specifically would you do differently than what president obama has done. >> i think 76 months of job kree august is a good start ken around no it's not, not when you have a crappy job and people are dropping out of the workforce. >> i'm going to do great with the mexicans because i'm going to predict jobs. i think actually i'm probably
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two or three different personalities. kennedy: trump also dispatched 1 rivals who outearned him-1 in jeb bush's case. it didn't do jeb any good to rake it over $160 million even as he was begging for adoration. >> please clap. kennedy: money was no substitute for political and emotional ineptitude. even sleepy ben carson outraised bush. scott walker had $39 million in the bank. now where hillary is trying to make up ground is where donald has blossomed and earned media coverage. from twitter to tv. donald has benefited in what is
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estimated to be $2 billion in free coverage. his accessibility has a multiplier effect and ad up to more than what a super pac could raise. accessibility is the forefront of donald trump's campaign. his pressers always involve insult that are gladly gobbled. hillary may call it best practices, but stealing other people's move and material are worth their weight in gold fit get you back to the big white house. on the show tonight, judge andrew napolitano says why president obama's endorsement of
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hillary could be a huge conflict of interest. we are going to play fact or fiction. hillary clinton pandering edition. i'm kennedy. hillary clinton seem to have a bottomless war chest. donald trump is journalist catnip. how will that play out in the gin election? let's ask my squeaky clean party panel. it's lisa booth. we have michael malice author of dear reader. mike baker is here, former cia officer. mr. handsome of 1997. and president of diligence llc. you are still in the running run
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and all. lisa i will start with you. how different is the general elect and will donald trump need more money than he needed so far? >> this election cycle is unprecedented. jeb bush spent over $30 million between his super pacs and campaigns, and donald trump spent $3 million to place first. that's pretty significant continues between 30 million and 3 million. tv ads, money does matter. tv ads reach 80% of 18 and old i shall. donald trump got $2 billion in free media coverage. digital and dat and analytics matter. you need to turn out the small degree of voters who will make a
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dmirnts election and he says that's not important to him. kennedy: he also need a ground game. >> nobody told me you were expecting real answers on this show. >> rich people don't get rich spending their own money. >> you can't buy votes, but you can buy politicians. the clinton foundation is a giant slush fund for the clintons. there is a documentary called clinton cash. this is going to be very, very bad for hillary clinton. i think trump's a master of social media will be huge because there is an enthusiasm gap between the hillary voters and the trump voters. we have to make this happen for the trump supporters. they see this as their last great hope to save america. >> there is a part of the
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electric root that's apathetic. they both need to reach out to them, they need to reach out to moderates and independent. if trump isn't spending money that way, if he doesn't have the ability to raise money like she does because she has a war machine, does it put him at a disadvantage? >> i would not underestimate. i know we all think there is some new paradigm. probably look at the cameras and go no. but a couple things probably don't change. one is this ground game. the need for an littics. ability to reach out and grab every voter. trump and the spokesmen want to get started on that. but hillary clinton has been doing this for 8 years when she cut a deal with barack obama to
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back off and get that secretary of state position. we have been anticipating this will happen for 8 years. i don't think trump will be able to manage this. i don't know how you can go against the concept of fundraising. at some point the media will turn on him. kennedy: the "huffington post" putting him on the entertainment page. those opposed to trump feel giving him this much air time is giving him enough rope to hang himself. i think the general election will be different. today, a couple hours after meeting bernie sanders at the white house, president obama officially endorsed hillary clinton. >> i don't think there has ever
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been someone so qualified to hold this office. she has the courage, compassion and heart to get the job done. i say that as somebody who had to debate her more than 20 times. kennedy: hillary responded with a tweet, happy to have you with me. >> bernie went to visit him and as soon as he had one foot out the door, he said i'm endorsing hillary. this is not going to influence anyone one way or another. if they are going to keep this establishment voice, this is such a product of the democratic machine. kennedy: if there is anyone who embodies the establishment, it's her.
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>> in recent memory, let's lock at hw bush. vice president, ambassador to china. director of the cia. so i don't know, i agree with what you are saying, this is not going to impact the election. if i'm a bernie sanders supporter, i am really i are 8 trite now. i don't know if i'm going to turn around and put my vote to trump. but i now it's not going to hillary. kennedy: it has to be a slap in the face to him. he came out of that meeting and said i'll be here in d.c. next week. sanders said you deserve statehood, there are more people here than in vermont. they are still going to the convention. and the president turns around and i don't think it does anything to unify the splinter
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party. >> i love how they have photo of her laughing like she is a normal person and has fun which is not true. politicians are self-interested. the president and hillary clinton don't get along. there are reports that she has told him to call off his dogs in the f.b.i. investigation. this is about president obama, obamacare, it's about the policy he put in place. climate change. this has nothing to do with hillary clinton or the democratic party. >> i think he's going to do whatever he can to keep her from getting indicted because that will put his legacy in jeopardy if her presidency is. we are going to talk about that later on. we have more with party panel. the "huffington post" suggests violence at trump rallies is just fine.
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the judge warns the president's formal endorsement is a conflict of interest.
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kennedy: earlier this week a writer for the "huffington post" said countering trump with violence is justified. he said riots can lead to major
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change. so civil discourse is liberal discourse and violence for the rest. malice, i'll start with you. what is the underlying theme he's not outright stating. >> that progressiveism will have their way by hook or by crook. i think it republicans have been playing by the progressiveism rule book. now trump is giving them the finger and now they are falling back to plan b which is to suppress the voices by any means possible. kennedy: it many the or else. it's aher to tearianism. -- it's aher to tearianianism.
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is it ever justified? >> no, but from a progressive points of view violence is fine as long as it's perpetrated by liberals or the people the progressives are condescending to or pandering to. so long as they agree with the progressive points of view it's okay it's never justified. i'm not sure why -- it's interesting, every time you see the latest reports -- i don't have a dog in the hunt in this campaign -- any time you see reports of violence at a trump protest, they are referring to anti-trump supporters. they are never saying hillary clinton supports or bernie sanders supporters were out there. cern does it work? he says there is an inherent value in restoring the.
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>> it mobilizes people for donald trump. if you are a voter sitting at home and you see these mor moros burning a flag, you say i'll vote for trump. a lot of these protesters are spearheaded by left-wing organizations. the most recent protest at mcdonald's head quarters is spearheaded by seiu it's a union. kennedy: the ultimate goal is to unionize which speaks to michael's points. >> the progressives say this country was found on violent revolution. kennedy: if you have ha had fast
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white supremacists wouldn't they be more violent? >> fascists don't have a long history in america. kennedy: thanks a lot, fdr. the party panel returns. a little bit later we'll play fact or fiction. can you sort the baby kissing baby opposite from stuff we just d baby ops from stuff we just made up? judge napolitano is on deck with all the conflicts and all the facts.
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kennedy: did you see this yesterday? fox's bret baier interviewed hillary clinton and asked her if she is worried about getting indicted over her server. >> i will repeat what i said. that is not going to happen. there is no basis for it and i'm look forward to this being wrapped up as soon as possible. kennedy: president obama endorsed hillary clinton earlier today. federal agents under his authority investigating her. >> i'm in the belly of the base but i'm better now that i'm on with you. kennedy: he has two bea point hes d two appointees in charge of investigating hillary clinton and he's endorsed her.
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it seems like what he's saying is you have to take care of her and shield her because this is a person i have to run on my legacy. >> it's a fair reading of the message he sent today with his endorsement which we though was taped two days ago and released earlier today. and it is a conflict. you have his two most high profile appoints in the law enforcement area, attorney general loretta lynch and f.b.i. director james comey. lower receipt ra lynches term ends when his term ends, but james comey's go for another 10 years. over 100 f.b.i. agents, lawyers, investigators, researchers, clerks, the type of team it takes to put together to investigate two criminal allegations against mrs. clinton. one, espionage, the failure to maintain and secure state secrets.
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the other public corruption. the allegation she made decisions while she was secretary of state to benefit foreign persons and foreign entities which then made substantial 7-figure contributions to her husband's so-called charitable foundation. how do f.b.i. agents in the field feel about this? they are not happy. it's almost as if their boss is saying, i'm not going to endorse someone i think is going to be indicted. so your work is going to have to be put aside or i'll recuse myself and let someone else decide whether she should be indicted or maybe it many time to invoke the independent counsel statute which allows the attorney general to appoint someone with his or her own
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budget and own f.b.i. agents to investigate these cases, and if so to bring evidence to a grand jury. and if indictments are found, to prosecute it's hard to say where this is going to go but adds another uncomfortable wrinkle to a serious series of investigation involving national security and public corruption. kennedy: it's so unprecedented. we have never seen anything like this. we have never seen a criminal investigation in our lifetime. they are the presumptive nominee of their party, it happens to be the party of a sitting president. it makes you wonder how she can stand up there and say there is no possibility of an indictment unless she knows that from the president who just endorsed her. >> i don't know that she could know that without there being some obstruction of justice. even the president could commit
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obstruction of justice if he stopped an investigation prematurely for political purposes. they and i are of the view this is just fluff she is putting out there. and she is quite worried about this. while loretta lynch may be a political appointee. director comey is the most serious straight air so director of the f.b.i. we have ever had. the same team vest getting wehat her for the email scandal is the team that's investigated and prosecuted general petraeus and they thought he got off two easy. the third reason is the evidence of her guilt. the publicly available evidence of her guilt. never find what the f.b.i. knows. the publicly available evidence of mrs. clinton's guilt is truly overwhelming it's enough to diet and enough to convict.
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if that is not grand jury and trial jury because of her political position in contemporary american politics, then there is no rule of law any longer in the united states. kennedy: you are right. then we turn into brazil and north korea it's an abomination and miscarriage of justice. thank you very much, judge. coming up. has snoop dogg been recruit as the starting pitcher for the brooklyn dodgers? and have the donors moved back to i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment.
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kennedy: when you are looking like bernie sanders but feeling like a bucket of colonel sanders, this is the "topical
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storm." topic number one. babies love puppets. fuzzy ones, shadow ones with. clare was playing with her baby girl when the gentle doggy turned into a monster and tried to eat the baby. watch. she is vocalized for her. poor thing. good thing she is wearing a diaper. did the shadow eat the baby? imagine the white knuckle terror she'll have when she realized she has her own shadow.
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shadow to jon stewart. jon stewart sent us this on twitter. the snoop to the dogg is good at many things. he can rap like a christmas present, he's entrepreneurial, a political activist and his seed resulted in a usc football player. but what can't he do? apparently, throw a baseball. >> there is snoop. hit the bull. good mechanics. >> old school. kennedy: he throws like a girl. i think the problem is snoop wasn't high. he was on his best behavior.
8:33 am
remember -- the pitch was not great. just a bit outside. he shanked it. it's hard to tell which is worse. ams to donuts, snoop is a little better for the wear. topic 3. with the nba finals in full force. everyone is trying to get in on the action. patrick dickert decided to show off his skills on instagram. the secret trampoline at the free-throw line. some people insisted he faked the dunk or lowered the hoop while the school and his coach
8:34 am
confirmed the dunk is legit. patrick took to his critics a little more aggressively. >> one lucky fan will go home with a game ball. >> that's your head next time. kennedy: how easy is it to get restraining orders in ohio. add politics to the mix and it's down right impossible. david goth formed 500 trumpeters have joined. they are going to get america laid again. i wish them all luck because everyone deserves love. but call me old-fashioned for not liking online dating. the best way to meet your
8:35 am
soulmate is through 1980s video dating. >> hi, i'm fred. my name is mike. if you are watching this tape and watching your cigarette hit the fast forward button because i don't smoke and don't like people who do smoke. perhaps a nice bath with champagne and candles. kennedy: what, in prison? topic number five. first they there were selfies then selfie sticks. then the selfie sticks arms race. they are getting longer and longer. that's the saddest thing. it's all fun and games when you get tackles by a dog.
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selfie sticks will proliferate to where they become a public health hazard. she is driving a car with a selfie stick, and they all have them. watch out. there goes the lemonade stand and the bicyclist. if you have weird stories you want me to use on "topical storm." go ahead and tweet me @kennedynation and use #topicalstorm. we are about to crash into a game. the party panel returns for fact or fiction. hillary clinton pandering. your head will spin when you hear the extent of america's closing the stage this afternoon for auditions?
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kennedy: it's time to have some fun with politics. in a recent radio interview hillary clinton claims she carries a bought of hot sauce with her everywhere leading some to speculate she was pandering to the black community. today we are playing fact or fiction, hillary pandering edition. my party panel will determine if she was pandering or something we made up here. you guys ready to play? here is question number one. hillary clinton released a
8:41 am
kwanzaa theme logo on twitter to connect with black voters. fact or fiction. it's very exciting. >> there is a weapon you get when you scrub the material. kennedy: you can do that because you are former cia. kennedy: earlier this year hillary clinton left a photo-of at an animal shelter when a golden retriever she tried to pet wet itself and would not stop barking. she did leave to eat at chipotle. here is question number 3. fact or fiction.
8:42 am
hillary clinton, how much does she pander. on the campaign trail hillary clinton has referred to five home states including illinois, her birthplace, arkansas where she was first playedy, new york her senate seat, pennsylvania where her father was born and massachusetts where she went to college. the answer is fiction. michael malice got that one right. so many home states, so little time. >> michael has a better regard for hillary clinton than i. kennedy: question number 4. and doargt alien ask conspiracy crowd, hillary clinton promised to get into the ufo files and make as much of that public as possible. fact or fiction. malice is still on a tear.
8:43 am
we have three questions next. it's still anyone's game. especially hillary. to reach spanish voters hillary clinton's website released an article entitled, 7 ways hillary clinton like your abuela. two questions left. the best we can hope for is a three-way tie. if malice gets two more right's really good. >> my theory is there is nothing beyond her ability to pander. kennedy: question number 6. huma abedin admonished staffers
8:44 am
for letting crying babies into events who may not appear to like hillary clinton if she holds them. is that fact or fiction? let's see. wait, i'm john kasich. you won't be able to win the game at this point. but you could still enjoy yourself. when the "new york times" asked hillary clinton the most influential book in her life, she said the bible, fact or fiction. we have a tie. baker got that right. she seems like a godless woman. >> she was a strict religious person going to college. she lost her way. kennedy: that's a very george bush answer. but she did say the most
8:45 am
influential book was the bible. malice and barrack, you will play for the tie breaker. all right. i didn't get it from you on facebook. here is the tie breaker question. when is the last time hillary clinton drove a car? >> it was 198. kennedy: baker? >> i'm going. 1988. kennedy: you are closest, michael malice. 1996. you win the gun, now you are an amateur cia agent. thanks, everyone for playing.
8:46 am
i loved every second of it. and i marvel at your intellectual fortitude. tom shillue holds the record for the most losses. coming up, if you have been losing sleep over whether you got your letter in the mail. house speaker fall ryan unveiled a new national security plan. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27%
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>> house speaker paul ryan unveiled a national security strategy today. and it focused on bored protection that softens trump's
8:50 am
big wall ideas and tightens immigration controls. what's he got right and what's he sloppy on? we'll turn to jonathon hone is. welcome back, sir. >> thanks, kennedy. right now foreigners are not very popular in this lands of ours, especially in the republican party. what did speaker ryan lay out that's different from donald trump's vision. >> i'm glad to see speaker vine softening donald trump's position which is xenophobic. but putting the emphasis on national security. too many people have forgotten that immigration benefits america. any opposition to it is a red herring to it. whether it's they took our jobs line. those are red herrings for more
8:51 am
control. people need to totally resee the immigration issue because it benefits this great country. kennedy: there is a net benefit that has been proven time after time after time. so when they talk about immigrants coming to this country to get free stuff. maybe we should end the entitlement state which we should and that has nothing to do with immigration. >> you are right. it's plainly a terror threat. there is a threat a militant islamic terrorist could come over the border. i really have to think, if you look at countries that built walls. these are countries on the decline. kennedy: that's a good point. >> i'm glad to see speaker ryan
8:52 am
taking some step to the move this grand old party in the right direction on immigration. kennedy: we need free trade because that will lift us and the rest of the globe out of poverty. if you want wealth, don't be an isolationist. by 2016 americans will have $1 trillion in credit card debt it's an average of $8,500 per home. how did we get to this state and what can we do about it? >> have we forgotten? i don't know. maybe the times are so good. the dow is up near an all-time high. s & p as well. maybe people have forgotten way it's like when the piper has to be paid. when you come right down to it, i work all day trying to make money in the markets. why try to make money in the
8:53 am
markets when you are paying 15% or 20% to visa or mastercard. when you pay that down that's the best investment you can make. >> it's shard living within your means when wages are stagnant. but mood prices and housing prices go up. but one of the things we need to change our addiction to credit cards. and it's tough it's like pregnancy weight it's easy to put on and super hard to take off. so be mindful. >> it's so true. when you buy something, you look at it as an investment. am i going to get that $50 or $100? the big advantage of having money in the bang isn't that it can buy you something. it's the security, safe and secure that you have that ability to purchase something if you lose a job.
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don't worry about the stock market. get 3 to 6 months of living expenses in the bank and you will feel like a million bucks. kennedy: 2/3 of americans don't will money for a car or medical emergency expense. thank you so much for being here. can't wait until you come back to new york city so we can high five about your objectiveism. coming up, i'll read entirely objective and neutral mail from you. like this one. i don't agree with anything you say. bummer. more on the way. stay here.
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kennedy: you know what the highlight of my week is? sitting in my leather massage
8:58 am
chair smoking my cigars. but a close second is viewer mail. sean says when kennedy starts a new country, i'm in. i'll register for the draft there. baby, there is no draft and clothing is optional. michael suggest, run for president. i wonder which bands would freak out when you play their music at rallies. neil young coming for you, body. daniel asks is it sometimes hard to keep a straight face when you report in this elect cycle? i would be laughing. so would i if i weren't crying a lot. you are right about washington drivers, they are the worst.
8:59 am
thomas says if kennedy is the judge then "topical storm" must be jumanji. watch your mouth. duane says kennedy, you are rotten. rotten little brat. smart, but rotten. kennedy: i would rather be smart than smell good. you know what i'm saying. jeff has a way with word. kennedy i just have to say this. it probably has been set 1,000 times more before. i'm not going to say it. allen, my newest viewer wraps it up with happened you catch you tonight while channel surfing. don't make that mistake again. thank you so much for watching the show tonight. not you, alan. i know you are still watching. you can follow me on twitter and
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instagram @kennedynation. email for next week. you have a beautiful weekend. it starts now. good night. and good night from new york. >> announcer: this show has never been solely about investments. we talked about anything that affected people and their money. from new york city the new "wall street week." anthony: welcome to "wall street week." i'm anthony scaramucci. gary: i'm gary kaminsky. it's been one week since wall


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