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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  June 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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answers in a desperate search to find their loved ones. former governor rick shot activating the florida disaster fund to serve survivors and their family. melissa: that does it for us. "risk and reward" is next. >> orlando command. we have shot fire. >> all you hear is gunshots. >> i can smell the ammo in the air. >> gunfire, gunfire. >> this shreveport a cover. all personnel. if i can see your face you are not in a position of cover. >> shooting, shooting, shooting. >> a shooter currently inside. >> think is unreal.
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a responsible identified as omar mirsed -- ique mateen. deirdre: it's the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. 49 people are dead, 53 injured. the 29-year-old killer shot into the club and took whose takens at a gay nightclub in orlando. he called police three times but made no demand. donald trump's foreigned have advisor. just like my colleague on the
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ground in orlando, jeff, what's the latest. reporter: this just in from the orlando medical center on the victims. it had been reported earlier there were five victims in grave condition in danger of losing their lives. they have taken a turn for a better and it's possible there will be no further loss of life. good news there for the victims. as to omar mateen in term of what we know about him. the latest headline news from the gun shop owner. he said that mateen underwent and passed a full background check there. questions about how mr. mateen could legally be in a position to purchase guns after coming to the attention of the f.b.i. jim comey, the head of the f.b.i. in washington speaking to reporters explaining what
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brought mr. mateen to their attention in 2013. >> he said he hoped law enforcement would raid his apartment and assault his wife and child so he could martyr himself. the f.b.i. opened a preliminary investigation and over the next several months we worked to determine if he could be a terrorist. reporter: he reportedly told them he was angry because people had made fun of him at the workplace. two opinions on the campaign trail. one go after the gun. the other go after the immigrants. you can probably guess who's who. >> i believe weapons of war have no no place on our streets. we have to make it harder for people who should not have those weapons of war.
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>> we must find out what is going on. we have to do it. it will be lifted, this ban, when and as a nation we are in a position to properly and perfectly screen these people coming into our country. they are pouring in and we don't know what we are doing. reporter: a muslim ban would not have stopped this terrorist attack. mr. mateen was born here in the u.s., so he didn't pour in from anywhere. but those who support it say an assault weapons ban might have stopped it. it could have prevented him or anyone else from purchasing an assault rifle. melissa: the killer was flagged by the f.b.i. twice in the last three years. he made inflammatory statement that concerned his co-workers. >> this individual had been under the radar of the f.b.i.
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both in 2013 and 2014. 2014 ties to suicide bomber that had gone from florida to syria, back to florida. met with mr. omar. then returned to syria in a suicide bombing event fighting for al-nusra which is an al qaeda affiliate. that connection is a bit disturbing. deirdre: former covert operations officer mike barrack is with me now. i'm so glad you are joining me. i want to know if your view what the f.b.i. could have done differently to prevent this. more important in a minute. what could be done in the future. looking back, what are your thoughts? >> at this stage beating in parameters are for active investigations, that the f.b.i. is allowed to carry out.
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it appears as director comey said, they did what they are allowed to do within the parameters of the law. we have to remember. people look at this from outside and say, they talked to this guy. they interviewed him. what more do we need to prevent him from doing anything like this. the reality is, if there is not probable cause or sufficient information or evidence that an individual is engaged or heading in a particular direction, then they can't maintain a file, they can't open an active investigation. they can't continue limitless surveillance of a target because they have got a hunch. we want that to change, that's a fine conversation to have. that's something we need to talk about. that's usually what takes place after an attack. the pendulum moves back towards security from privacy and civil liberties. but the last couple years pendulum has been swinging in favor of civil liberties.
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just as. sandraas isis has been on theri. deirdre: it's safe to say the f.b.i. followed the rules of law, but when you talk about the pendulum swinging. we saw -- a state of emergency was declared. the authorities said we can come into your home if you are a french citizen if you are living here at any time for any reason. all personal liberties are waived for this 90-day period. do you suggest something like that here? >> i suggest we have a dialogue about where we want our bounds to exist. it's a more productive conversation than the default knee jerk gun control response that typically the politicians roll out and celebrities roll out after something like that. let's have that conversation. but a more efficient
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conversation where you could affect some change and impact disrupting future attacks is when we talk about parameters. the playing field where the law enforcement are allowed to play. with the important understanding if you give them more leeway, it's a trade-off it's an important conversation for us to have. deirdre: one of the reporters spoke with the police chief. i'll play a quick clip of that. we'll hear how the police chief described the killer's demeanor. here it is. >> how could you characterize the killer's demeanor during this entire operation. >> i would say he was cool and calm when he was making his phone calls. >> there was allegiance to the islamic state in was no laughing as far as our negotiations were involved.
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deirdre: what does that tell you about the profile, if anything, about the shooter or his mental state? >> that's a great question. part of the problem this, profiling of the sorts of individuals and when they are going to do these i tacks, it's all over the map. there is not one single profile you can say all these people fall into one category. but there is indications that he had done this surveillance, choosing a target that he felt would be from his perspective viable, a soft target. there are rumors he looked at disney downtown and for whatever reason he comoas this, and he chose the hour of the attack while it's closing. that's when security is worried about people leaving. he has got a group of people in
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there who have been drinking. sow he's assuming they will be disoriented wet attack starts. indication he had done some level of surveillance or research when choosing this target. he had been mentally preparing for this. when we got inside that building and heard about his demeanor, this was it. he was on his way from his perspective, martyrdom. the description of his demeanor isn't necessarily surprising. deirdre: thank you for your perspective, i appreciate it. mike baker, former covert operations officer. donald trump reminding the public about his suggested immigration ban for non-u.s. muslims. he labeled the shooting as an act of radical islamic terrorism. he says the american immigration system must change. >> the only reason the killer
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was in america in the first place was because we aloud his family to come here. that is a fact and it's a fact we need to talk about. we have a dysfunctional immigration system which does not permit us to know who we let into our country, and it does not permit to us protect our citizens properly. deirdre: donald trump's foreign policy advisor, walid phares. you know the global landscape well. how do we fight terrorists who may not have official ties to isis or any other group, but are in fact inspired by their brutality? >> that's a great question because most of the attacks, most of the violence, most of the tactical moves by jihadists on both sides of the atlantic in the west are perpetrated by
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individuals who have little ties or no ties. they are inspired by an ideology. they go in other ship. the mother ship becomes the ideology. that's what mr. trump is talking about. you have to determine what is it so you can have your analysts determine if individuals or groups are progressing in that direction and radicalizing. once you have that, then you have two benefits. benefit number one, you know house your customer. benefit number two you start waging a war of ideas against this ideology. both of these issues are impossible because of the obama policies of do not touch the ideology with foreign policy, economics and jobs. >> one of the former co-workers of the shooter said the shooter was threatening him, threatening his family. he even quit his job. brought it to the attention of his managers.
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before it seems there was some fear of p.c. pushback. >> if an individual is demonstrating aggressivity, then you will look, is it a question individual behavior? many people behave like that. but if he's designated or perceived as a jihadist because of the ideological component and then is acting aggressively. then you have two parameters. all kinds of violence, domestic violence or violence the workplace. all of these expressions, there are thousands of people who behave like that. but when you talk about counter terrorism, what are the ideas he's talking about? what is he raising in terms of propaganda. that's what's important. deirdre: next best step?
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>> we need to change the policy of the administration. there is nothing we can do until 2017. i don't think the obama administration is going to change the after 8 years after different direction. deirdre: walid fair i walid -- s joining me there. donald trump says hillary clinton cannot be a friend of the gay communit muslim extremists into the u.s. >> i took my bandana off. he was bleeding so bad his whole pant leg was soaked. my hands were covered.
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>> the lgbt community, what's happened to them is so sad. to be thinking about where their policies are currently with this administration is a disgrace to that community, i'll tell you right now. clinton wants to allow radical islamic terrorists to pour into our country. they even slave women and murder gays. i don't want them in our country. ask yourself who is really the friend of women at the lgbt community. donald trump with actions or hillary clinton with her words? deirdre: that was donald trump moments ago in support of the
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lgbt community, criticizing hillary clinton. with me now, the executive director of log cabin republicans. a group that represents gay conservatives. gregory, we are thrilled to have you here on what we would hope to be a happier day. but i want to ask you, is trump better than hillary clinton for the lgbt community? >> deirdre, before we get going, i want to make sure to convey the sorrow and sadness and sympathies log cabin members are feeling for our lgbt brothers and sisters and their family members in mourning along with us. so just allow me to take that moment. when it comes to in trump. i'm on record going back to august of last year saying if he were to win the nomination for president, he would be the most pro-gay republican nominee in
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history. and today's speech he gave continues to bear that out. i think what happened in orlando opened the eyes up to a lot of people in the lgbt community. national security issues are lgbt issues. it's not only about marriage equality or non-discrimination protections. but national security, our very lives and livelihoods are something literally under attack right now in this country by radical islamic terrorism. in calling out radical islamic terrorism and explicitly mentioning the lgbt community and the threat radical islamic terrorist poses to the lgbt community, donald trump committed a first. we have never had a republican candidate specifically mention lgbt. deirdre: they target gaze and
5:21 pm
women and religious minorities. it's a long list. as far as your peers when you reached out and spoke with people in your group today, obviously reaching are out for support. but does everyone share your view? >> you know, like many americans and like many even in the republican party, long-time republican members are not monolithic and our members have different and disparate opinions of donald trump. if you put everything off the side with donald trump, he's the most pro lgbt nominee this party has ever had. but sometimes putting everything else aside with mr. trump is a herculean if not impossible task. so we don't look at candidate through a single issue. but there are trump supporters who are long-time -- of log
5:22 pm
cabin republicans. deirdre: you bring up some good points. we are glad to have you here. gregory angelo executive director of log cabin republicans. u.s. oil down for a third straight session. if you take a look at the levels our $38 a barrel. if you want a contextual point, crude up 31% if you are to date. gas prices up to a new high this year. $2.38 per gallon. donald trump says our f.b.i. director's hand were tied when it came to preventing that orlando shooting. judge nap rrp with me to talk about the legal framework.
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>> even our own f.b.i. corrector admitted we cannot effectively check the background of people we are letting into america. all of the september 11 hijackers were issued visas. large numbers of somali refugees in minnesota have tried to join isis. the boston bombers came here through political asylum. deirdre: donald trump on f.b.i. director james comey on how he is handling the threat of terrorism. president obama says there is no sign the orlando short was part of a larger plot. fox news senior judicious analyst judge napolitano is with me now. i'm glad you are here even though there is a sad day. as we just heard from mike
5:27 pm
baker, he said the f.b.i. is following the law. the f.b.i. could not have done anything differently according to the book. is that your take? >> it is my take, and i would challenge anybody who suggests the f.b.i. is infected with political correctness. the justice department maybe, their boss. the decision to prosecute maybe. but not the manner in which the agents in the field gather information. particularly in national security cases. we are not talking about an unemployment case. we are talking about national security. somebody who is potentially a terrorist. i watched what jim comey said earlier today. we have perfect 20-20 hindsight
5:28 pm
which the f.b.i. did not have. there was insufficient evidence for them to move beyond where they were at the time they had the first encounter with him. but i will tell you where there should have been signals and that's his employer. it's not just any everyday employer. an employer with 600,000 employees and their client are the leading governments in the united states in the world including the federal government united states. deirdre: one of the largest security companies. >> including the cia. why is a guy whose co-workers are afraid of him, who is known to have rejoiced at 9/11, who has a hatred for lesbians, gays, transgenders, permitted to have these weapons working in a national security field is beyond me. deet * he beat a his wife and a
5:29 pm
coworker quit because he was making direct threats to the co-workers and his family. the boss didn't do anything. so the coworker said this is not worth me risking my life. that's where you are saying the flags should have gone up. >> the intelligence community for which his employer works should have had more exacting demand on the nature of the people working there. deirdre: how could he pass a background test to work there? >> he was born here and has no criminal record. pre$resumeably the background check to hire him and work in the national security field should be deeper than place of birth and whether there is a criminal record. >> judge, we'll continue the conversation. of course civil liberties, private liberties. >> the right to protect yourself in a nightclub barred by florida
5:30 pm
law. one person trained with one gun would have stopped him. he reloaded 12 times. when he's reloading, he's not shooting. deirdre: judge napolitano with me there. donald trump calls on president obama to resign after not calling the orlando terror attack islamic terror. joe the plumber endorsed donald trump. he's with me now. >> he walked in like some normal person walked into the club and it just happened. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests.
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>> she says the solution is to ban guns. they try that in france. which has among the toughest gun laws in the world, and 130 people were brutally murdered by islamic terrorists in cold blood. her plan is to disarm law abiding americans, abolishing the second amendment, and leaving only the bad guys and terrorists with guns. deirdre: donald trump is criticizing hillary clinton. he said that president obama should resign, he mentioned that in a tweet, here it is. is president obama going to
5:35 pm
mention the words radical islamic terrorism? if he does not, he should immediately resign in disgrace. my next guest, grilled senator obama to raise taxes on small businesses, with me now is joe the plumber. you have endorsed donald trump. and aside from the business reasons, what other reasons? >> donald trump is able to tap into the fear that is real, in light of what happened sunday morning, is that people do not feel safe in america. because of radical islam, because of actually islam itself. you know a lot of people have that fear, they believe that president obama has not led us in a position that keeps america safe.
5:36 pm
and hillary following the same platform of do nothing congress and president, don't talk about the threat that is happening right now. you have -- >> i department didn't want to cut you off, but you said do nothing congress, what about do-nothing coworkers, as judge napolitano just told me, this guy was flagged as a threat in the workplace at one of the biggest security companies in the world, the employer was afraid to say something he did not want they kind of a pc backlash. >> right. that is something that donald trump has gone out there he speaks his mind regardless of consequences and media, the media lives to sound bites, donald trump did you not care. a lot of people are getting, that note just a sound bite,
5:37 pm
you talk about he wants to ban muslims, no, he wants to put a pause on it, that way the fbi -- they are doing a good job, but they could do a better job if they could get more time to vet 350e7 people out. but barack obamamentie wants to bring them in at a rate that is tasking the fbi. that is what federal government a job to do, and barack obama is not doing it, he has failed misarably. deirdre: and fbi a bar of success is high are they have to find the needle in the haystack. >> yes. deirdre: thank you, joe. >> one more thing. deirdre: of course. >> i was going to say, as far as going for trump and endorsing him, this is somewhere homosexuals should be out, gays for trump, his
5:38 pm
hilhillary clinton utes uses hem and gives them lip service. this is where donald trump comes in. deirdre: we just had a guest on to your point who said he is for donald trump because these radical branches hate gays, in one sad case willing to kill. joe thank you, i am glad you made that last point, happy you are here. joe, joe the plumber. deirdre: look at the eiffel tower, taking on rainbow colors of the lgbt flag. in homage, respect for the victims of the mass shooting, when we come back, donald trump said 10,000 syrian refugees, is a so-called trojan horse for u.s., dr. ben
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carson is my next guest. >> just started shooting, shooting, that is when you knew something was wrong. and everyone just dropped to the ground. closing the stage
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>> our government has been admitting ever growing numbers year after year without a plan for our own security. clinton's state department was in charge of admissions and admissions process from people applying to enter from overseas, she now plans to massively increase admissions, without a screening plan. this could be a better, bigger, more horrible version than the legendary trojan horse ever was. deirdre: on heels this week's mass shooting in orlando, donald trump said that u.s. should pause before accepting refugees. with me now, former republican presidential candidate, dr.
5:43 pm
ben carson, welcome back glad to have you here. >> thank you. deirdre: as a reminder to viewers, you have endorsed donald trump, and working closely with him, i know focus more on domestic issues, what do you make of his warning for this kind of immigration trojan horse to reuse his words? >> really he is just speaking common sense. you know, you know that there is someone out there, you know that they intend to destroy you or hurt you very badly. burying your head in the sand, and not talking about it does no good, they are coming, we know they are coming, we know their goals, we need to stop being so pc. you know, and the memorandum that was discovered during the holy land foundation trial, they talk about muslim brotherhood talk about civilization jihad, how they would replace our value system with their own, one reason
5:44 pm
they could be able to do it, because we were so politically correct, we would protect them while they destroy our foundation. we have to be smarter than that, it did you not mean we despise or hate people who are muslim, it just means, if there are a group of people coming in from i place you know they will be infiltrated by people who want to destroy us, you need to reevacuate the -reevaluate the mechanism you use. deirdre: even if just 1%, in this case could that 1% can cause a lot of damage to a lot of innocent people. >> right. if you are having a party at your house, and you invite 100 people, but you know one is a terrorist, are you still going to say, let's have the party it is just one person, i don't think so. deirdre: no. >> think about that on a national level. deirdre: this just clarifies the situation, spiking of
5:45 pm
clarity. doctor sabestian going t gorka, wrote defeating jihad. >> this is not to be call a tragedy, this is not an amtrak train being derailed. this is part of the global jihadi strategy, it is not an accident, this is war against america. america. >> dr. coars carson, this is clear, do you consider america at war? >> absolutely, i said that while i was campaigning, congress needs to declare war, that freezes up in a lot of different ways including our terms of surveillance. so, you know, they are at war against us, why are we afraid
5:46 pm
to admit that? a lot of the american people know, that they know they are in jeopardy, and their children are in jeopardy, forget about political correct less, would you rather be called a name or would you ratherrin be dead. deirdre: thank you dr. ben carson. donald trump blasting the washington post, saying he is revoking their press credential in a facebook post. on the inaccuracies coverage and reports of record setting trump campaign, we're here by revoking press credential of phoney and dishonest washington post, publication assigned a team of reporters to produce a book about trump, that is scheduled to be released later this year. you may also know that
5:47 pm
washington post as backed by jeff bezos. >> when we come back could fbi director, said that orlando terrorist, was radicalized through the internet. critics call out silicon valley for not doing enough to curb terror, steve forbes is my guest on that subject next. >> they are shooting back and forth. look at this. >> let's go. >> oh, my god. they are all shooting back and forth. >> let's go. you pay your car insurance
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>> we're working hard to understand the killer and his motives and sources of inspiration, we're confident this killer was radicalized,
5:51 pm
at least in some part through the internet. deirdre: fbi director james comey, giving an update on shooting in orlando, trying to piece together how and when the gunman was radicalized. with me now, forbes immediate chairman, steve forbes. great to see you. sad day. so as somebody who knows media, you built this empire, how do remaintain the right of people to express themselves, yet have support for law enforcement, such as fbi, so that people who want to kill us can be flagged? >> two things, there are a lot of red flags we're learning right now. about his behavior at work. this is not a guy just ranting, this guy was going over the edge on verge of violence, that is why that woman quit, we could do all we can. to fight terrorists here at
5:52 pm
home. key thing is to gettis is at the -- to get isis at its source, take them out over there, that is what debate should be bwhat is best way to do it with military we have today. deirdre: to your first point, you ran a huge media company, still do, as a boss, what if people come to you, because the pc problem is an issue for bosses, what if i sue you, you fire me because i am acting crazy, but i sue you because i am a woman. >> look at san bernardino, neighbors did not put these people on watch because they are afraid they would be accused of being racist. deirdre: so did this former coworker. >> i think people are now learning, vividly, don't where about that pc, if someone is behaving in a way that is disruptive and out of line, you have to do something about it, the heck with what names you might be called.
5:53 pm
deirdre: you is a to protect yourself while running a business, that is why i think a lot of bosses say -- >> why did this security firm allow this guy in, if the first place. deirdre: that is a puzzle piece we're still trying to put together how he even passed to be able to work at the 600,000 employee security firm. this is a big enough company to have screening proceedsures necessary, steve, thank you for can'ting. >> thank you. deirdre: steve forbes. donald trump we told you revoking washington post press credential, paper is owned by amazon founder ceo, jeff bezos, paper is responding, i am reading comment from the washington post. >> donald trump's decision to revoke washington post press credentials is nothing less than a -- repudiation of the
5:54 pm
response, the post will continue to cover donald trump as it has, honorably, honestly, and accurately. trump is accusing the paper of incredibly inac inaccuracies coverage and being phoney and dishonest. they put about a dozen journalists on future project. billion dollar purchase, more than a few billion, charlie gasparino is my guest next, with his take on microsoft's 26.2 billion dollar purchase of linked in.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
deirdre: microsoft is buying
5:58 pm
linked in their biggest purchase ever, charlie gasparino is with me, to me this seems like facebook owns a lot of people's home screens, they want to own your work screen, and microsoft is saying, not so fast, we'll buy linked in and just kill that. >> even more, facebook owns all our data. they know what we like, what we dislike, literally, they know what we 7 for, and that is -- search for. deirdre: a friend of mine said, if you are not paying for service, you are the product. >> right, that is what linked in does on a high level, who is on linched in. -- linked in they have a window into 1%, if you could market a window to 1%, and microsoft, pretty smart people, you could make a very good business and big competitor to facebook, other interesting story. that is why i think this deal is worth it.
5:59 pm
i don't know why shares of microsoft traded off. deirdre: most people said, they paid a full price but they did not overpay. >> this is a good deal for them, my point is twitter. twitter traded up today, a lot people say they will buy linked in and twitter, that is a different business dynamic. deirdre: it is not about recruiting or job information. >> and information, most people on twitter that yell at me, are eggs. you know, trolls. they don't have any real background information on them, you can leverage that, and you know facebook has it. deirdre: a great point, on twitter, you could be anonymous. >> most people are, they don't compile that much. but shares went up today, i don't think they should have on twitter. deirdre: not the same. >> this is a headline trade, i would worry, look at what went down as people digested it, i
6:00 pm
would say, stay away from twitter. >> all right, last word, charlie gasparino. >> sorry. deirdre: thank you, sir.. thank you for joins us here on "risk & reward," "making money" with charles payne starts now. charles: terrorist struck in orlando this weekend, leaving 49 victims dead at pulse nightclub, over 50 more injured. the shooter was a u.s.-born radical terrorist. pledging to isis. let's get to fox news' steve harrington in orlando with the latest. reporter: right now, forensic experts are at work in the nightclub, trying to piece together what happened sunday morning. putting together the sequence


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