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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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dream to breaking news this morning. after suffering $3 trillion in losses over the last two days in the global stock prices are on the rebound. good morning. i am nicole petallides. lauren: good morning. i'm trained for. u.s. academics teachers are sharply higher ahead of today's opening bell. dow futures up 186 points. nasdaq futures up 45. trained to injure upcoming socks covering sandpit "financial times" 100 index opening up 1.5% this morning. lauren: japan's nikkei edging higher edging higher in a china shanghai composite ended up
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where that half of 1%. trade to the checkout oil this morning 4070 t. get the barrel 1.89%. lauren: the british pound recovering lost ground to also run 33 to the u.s. dollar. trade to the outgoing u.k. prime minister david cameron lies to e.u. leaders over the british exit plan get live reports from brussels on monday. lauren: donald trump gets ready to deliver a major speech on trade. while senator elizabeth moore and campaigns of hillary clinton for the first time. nicole: talk of the british exit not the only thing getting attention and women in texas got underway. the shocking exit by young tennis teacher. lauren: 5:01 a.m. in new york. tuesday, june 28th. welcome to reporter, -- "fbn:am," the latet
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break-in is and what to expect today ahead. train to kings at the opening bell. we continue to follow the story stocks yesterday that the dow jones industrial average with 260 points in reaction to the british decision to leave the e.u. the standard & poor's and fitch also downgraded britain's aaa credit rating. the two days of selling wiped out $3 trillion from global stocks. if the selling over for now? joe rendell, head of trading at btx capital. we lost 870 points on the dow in two days of trading with paris this morning. is this a little bit of a relief or do you think we have found some sort of bottom? i am essay that tongue-in-cheek. >> no, this is a bit of a pet cat. we might even see the ftse retreat and night end up down i'm expect in.
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what we see here is just a small pause. the real money with the fund managers, mutual funds on the sidelines in the u.k. if they have been the last couple days will come into the market over the next week and put our pressure of making them afraid. lauren: we haven't hit the low said. in the u.s. and europe were just here? >> europe will be considered hit considerably hard. i think there is genuine worry that this price to a recession in europe and could derail the recovery you guys have got in the state. lauren: we have seen the power fall precipitously. that makes her dollar much stronger. is this a new environment we are in more multinationals have to deal with the effects of a strong dollar? >> everyone's been looking for weak currency but not in a very good time. we are going to see a flight to anything nominated.
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i am estimating a 120-dollar -- stirring dollar at 133 at the moment. those who consider more moves to come for the rest of the year. the one glimmer of hope is that the fed won't be raising interest rates and that will be good for u.s. stocks. nicole: you are really bearish, joe. now you're saying 3120. the level we've been seeing. 131, 132 or 31 years. you're also noting that today's "fbn:am" index which is now up 2%. everybody so thankful to see it. you anticipate that could finish lower by her lunchtime. that's what you tell us? >> the fund managers on the phone really control the bulk of the money in the u.k. and they are going to be looking at the strength today is no real fundamental change of what is happening.
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the u.k. is in a messy position. we are going to see selling. nicole: take your money as quickly as you can. thank you so much for joining us this morning. lauren: outgoing prime minister david cameron for a meeting of european leaders who became his first e.u. meeting in the u.k. voted to leave the group and his announcement that he will resign. cameron will discuss implications of the u.k. exit code and what happens next. for that, adam shapiro in brussels covering today's meeting. it may be a little bit awkward. >> i would imagine it would be awkward for mr. cameron. angela merkel is addressing the other e.u. leaders to gather for the summit and mr. cameron will be addressing them. it is kind of an informal meeting. a working dinner much later this afternoon, early evening at which point you will discuss the brexit go.
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you've got the commission president and also the e.u. council president pushing for a rapid exit for the u.k. from the e.u. and then you have angela merkel once again addressing the leaders as i'm talking to you, saying let's slow down. there needs to be time for british politicians to figure out how they want to proceed, but not too much time. she has just said to the council that she will do everything in her power to keep europe from disintegrating. that is kind of yesterday what we saw with presidential francisella's prime minister for an elite when they were talking about some kind of timetable, perhaps september by which they would give the english government cannot british government rather a timetable to get its act together. they will be different working sessions today. they will have for dinner
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tonight where they talk amongst themselves and tomorrow they will once again go back at it. they press conference later today to address all of this and we asked it a little bit more. there will be a nonbinding motion introduced, asking for the u.k. to speed up the process and invoked article l. albeit not writing resolution. nicole: they will be charging duties and figure out how they charge up financially as well. and that they want to make it happen but those are some things doubt the u.k. has to deal with. >> best they've got to negotiate. that negotiation can't begin until the u.k. invokes article article l. yesterday, angela merkel, the president and prime minister renzi said they would be no informal discussion. those kinds of informal negotiations will not take place in part because mr. cameron has said that he is going to re-sign
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and will not invoke article l. he's going to leave that to the next prime minister. but he is going to lay the groundwork that perhaps what would be best for the u.k. is something similar to what denmark has skype and its relationship to the e.u. lauren: adam shapiro, thank you. nicole: massachusetts senator elizabeth redshirting hillary clinton for the first time at an event. one of clinton's possible choices for vice president offering a passionate endorsement of the former secretary of state. she has thick skin and steady hands. most of all, she has a good heart and that's what america needs. leading the fight to liberate millions of americans to the burden of student debt and to make sure -- to make sure washington never again prophets.
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the presumptive gop presidential nominee proved every day he's not in it for the american people. he's in it only for himself. donald trump wasting no time responding to the attacks leveled against him by hillary and senator warning. "crooked hillary" is really know is really now but at the least productive senators in the senate. goofy elizabeth moran who lives on her heritage. as for today's campaign event, deliver a speech, fox news has learned trump will stay as president he would instruct the treasury department to label china a currency manipulator. he would take cases to the world trade organization asserting that china's behavior violated the terms of the membership in the wto. nicole: more hillary clinton e-mails were released. about 165 at the state
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department were handed over a court order to conservative legal advocacy group. nearly three dozen were from clinton's private server that she did not release last year. they year. newly released e-mails include 30 for the include 30 for the clinton exchange through her private account with a deputy chief of staff. lauren: let's say you cut up a global market action. looking better today. a relief rally. 2% gains for the ftse in london. the dx in germany at 2.2% and the cac gaining 2.6% this tuesday morning. trade to the dow, nasdaq and s&p pit that today's speech of trading race three months of gains was a very testy days. let's take a look now. dow futures up on 98. s&p futures up 22. lauren: oil prices gave up 7.5%. they are gaining $47.
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getting more than 60 bucks a troy ounce. train to the ulysses of grief for the u.k. pound. the first time we see an up arrow since the vote. right now 133 for the u.k. pound. the mexican peso stronger against the u.s. dollar. the japanese yen selling off a little today. nicole: a look at the headlines. live tires bigger catalyst partners. the move from the company comes as highly valued startups find it tougher to raise funds from venture capitalists. on my shopping forces retailers to rethink their inventory strategy. home depot telling his stories. get comfortable with days of inventory, not weeks. eric b. and b's to san francisco for a new love. seeking an injunction to present
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the city from finding air b&b for unregistered apartment rentals. trade your outgoing minister david cameron has to brussels for what will be tense meetings with e.u. leaders. >> wasting their going going to be adjustments. complex constitutional issues and challenging in negotiations to undertake with europe. nicole: live repororts from lonn and brussels. the british exit he is not the only thing getting attention in london. time for wimbledon. pulled off a big upset. i have bad and improbable story. u.s. stock market futures after losing 870 points. dow futures up on 97. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news.
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>> 5:15 a.m. in new york. outgoing british prime minister cameron is in brussels today for a meeting of european union leaders. it is his first meeting with dancing the united kingdom go to lead the e.u. encampments announced that he will resign. donald trump will give a speech on trade today at a factory near pittsburgh that provides scrap metal for the aluminum industry. trump speech is titled declaring american economic independence. hillary clinton and elizabeth elizabeth warren campaigned together in cincinnati yesterday and took turns criticizing donald trump.
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most european stocks have been taking a beating since last week's u.k. vote to leave the e.u. they also went sharply higher today. the ftse up 2%. and the cac and france at 2.8%. let's check a u.s. stock market futures pit at dallas eight or 70 points in two days of trading. today futures up on 93. lauren, that is what is happening now. tens of thousands reportedly expected to of thousands reportedly expected to turn out in london to protest about by britain to leave the european union. the u.k. voted to leave the e.u. although funded strongly in favor of remaining part of the plot had ashley webster at life in london with the latest. thank you for keeping us up to speed. reporter: my absolute pleasure. good morning to you. there's even a petition out there to make one dead kind of get away from the u.k. they call at one dependents.
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they can join the e.u. as the city of london. all silliness of course. talk of a second referendum. the bottom line is i don't think there's any room for it. we expect the big rally in the center of the city today. estimates from 35 to 50,000 pro-e.u. people out there. obviously upset about the outcome of the votes and pledging their support to their neighbors signed europe. meanwhile, the battle over the labour leadership, the opposition party in the u.k. goes on to somebody meltdown that continues. more people jumping off of jeremy corbin's bandwagon and others joining. he he refuses to step there'll be a vote of confidence on him as the leader today. by the double force them out true believers survive to the end of the week? up until now he's dug in.
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david cameron, whitney left to be had having to go to brussels and facing his counterparts. they probably ask why are they talking to you? you're not even negotiating the uk's exit. he's going to have to have a tough time. when time. would not want to be him today. lauren: ashley webster, thank you for a match. nicole: in sports, wimbledon got underway. one tennis teacher pulled out a huge upset. >> it's finally paying off. [inaudible] train to the guy must be going crazy. we will have all the highlights for you. bring your umbrella. fox made maria molina. check him out u.s. stock market futures without perez up 189. s&p futures up 21. nasdaq futures up 45. all three up 1%. you are watching "fbn:am," your
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first like at morning markets and breaking news. ♪
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nicole: a state cop global action. europe of paris this morning after 10 selling since the british exit though. btx in germany at 2% and the cac at 2.3%. lauren: a major selloff over the past three days for u.s. stocks.
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the nasdaq futures are 1% as well. nicole: the highest level in two years. oil is higher by 85 cents a 4718 a barrel. gold done $9 at 1315 a troy ounce. lauren: if you look at currencies from the british pound has indicated the course of trading. stocks are up as well. strings for the euro for the euro, pound, canadian dollar and the peso versus the u.s. dollar. nicole: let's take a look at the latest from the world of sports. wimbledon began yesterday. the world number one won in straight sets. 64. venus williams by a score of 7-6. number three, roger federer finishing the second round
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continues at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. he has a very interesting opponent coming up and that is marcus willis a tennis teaeacher on the verge of quitting. his new girlfriend convinced him not to and then he won. upset ricardo branca sue is ranked 54th in the world. talk about an upset appeared will be on wednesday. nicole: he will not take the minivan to six team even includes coach reacted quickly as he immediately quit. coach ray hudson contract was due to expire after euro 2016. he expected there's no way he could stay on the job after this. lauren: another loss for england.
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thunderstorms hitting parts of the northeast. extreme heat building once again in the southwest. they heat up as red hot. maria molina live in the weather center with the latest. reporter: all kinds of extreme weather. tracking potential for severe weather including states like colorado and also went to a looking at thunderstorms later on this afternoon. some of those could be bring in potential for isolated tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail. they've should be picking up as he had surgery today. the northeast to the day forecast for today. the reason is they have a cold front pushing eastward and that will be the focus for today later today. we always have showers associated with delaware and maryland and there'll be potential for isolated severe storms with maybe some damaging
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wind guys out there across parts of the northeast. temperatures in parts of the southern plains typically very high percentage here. looking at that in the forecast with the upper 90s than in the southwestern u.s., more triple digit heat. 110-degree should be the high temperature this afternoon. over to you. lauren: maria molina, thank you. nicole: coming up, donald trump with a major speech on trade policy. elizabeth warren is the stuff for hillary clinton. >> donald trump says he will make america great again. it's stamped on the front of the city has. you want to see goofy? look at him in that hat. nicole: coordinated outfits no less. david cameron facing off with his e.u. counterparts today. this will surely be tense meetings as britain begins to
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negotiate its way out of the european union. check at u.s. stock market futures. i paris today. s&p futures on 20. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets have breaking news.
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lauren: after suffering $3 trillion in losses, go full text crisis on the rebound. good morning. lauren simonetti. nicole: good morning. i'm nicole petallides. that market futures this morning which are shapely higher this morning i had of the opening bell. financial stocks have been hammered. those stacks now recovering for the index opening up 1.5%. of 2% seen at least 2% gain in the dx and germany.
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nicole: japan's nikkei up higher. one 10th of 1% paid to shanghai composite up half of 1%. lauren: oil prices to the upside you were to $7.20 a barrel. after losing 13% of the last two days, the british pound recovering the lost ground to 30 year lows. 133 for the u.k. pound. the mexican peso lost higher while the japanese yen a seeker against the greenback this morning. lauren: donald trump ready to deliver a major speech. talk about a british accent not the only thing getting attention monday. wimbledon tennis got underway with a shocking upset by tennis
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teacher. nicole: 5:31 a.m. new york. we welcome you to reporter, your first look at today's markets, latest breaking is and what to expect if they had. lauren: in reaction to britain circulate the european union. european union. check in and non-us teachers now you can see to have futures higher by 192 points. nasdaq futures higher by 43. joe rundle told us earlier that i will be short-lived. let's ask cadena group president and fox news contributor if he agrees with that. good morning, gary. >> i think it is. you know, coming before the whole ftse thing i was a little bit bearish. this relieves a lot of my bearishness. number one, nothing has actually happened with the british
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economy. too, even when they invoke article 58, it will still take two years. if you are selling now or sold already because of the ftse, that was misplaced and i would be a buyer right now. speed that lucas said yesterday he felt this morning as well save u.s. recession not maybe 30% if it be% post this out and noted that our ten-year bond could go as low as one and a quarter%. what he think of that? >> well, i guess i wish i was there with mr. rose. i was thereby deceiving that? we are still going to be importing and exporting from britain. the ninth largest economy. what is going to change? so far i can see nothing at least for a few years down the road. if you are basing your economic forecast, i don't see the rationale for the period some of
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the things that have dropped like the british pound i think are buying opportunities. the rule of thumb is every time i see a 31 year though i buy it. lauren: three show dollars was wiped out in intense selling. the vix yesterday was that rallied. have you not? >> i looked at that but the victims alive. i think a lot of it started to level off and of course the vix is down a little bit this morning. it shot up to two days in enormous amount. this is okay. the world's not ending. there's not planes flying not planes fly in the united kingdom. so by anand and rivers. things are going to be okay.
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lauren: as you said a couple days ago, attacking the u.k. >> assures her safer now. lauren: fox news contributor, gary smith. nicole: at the low point yesterday were down 330-point advantage down to 60. that's a nice sign as well. outgoing british prime minister david cameron is in brussels today for a meeting of european union leaders. kim is first e.u. meeting in the u.k. about to leave the group and his announcement that he is going to resign. kevin will discuss the accept out and what happens next. now we go to adam shapiro covering today's meeting. but he expect? >> we heard in the e.u. parliament. we address the members of the parliament for which he was moved. making the case as
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u.k. has voted asset has too late that year. francis: that's a big jury for democracy. the economic feature to send is the future. not everyone in the e.u. parliament as you might say opposed to what the citizens of great written have decided to give. david cameron will be meeting with e.u. leaders this evening at a working dinner in which they will discuss the vote. there have been discussions about whether there would be terrorized as fast in the last half-hour. none of that be negotiated just yet. they can be negotiated until the u.k. invokes article l which is the divorce proceedings and negotiate the exit.
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they are meeting right now. the parliament is hearing some different numbers of the european parliament and defends parliament from throughout europe and getting a preheated. trying to adam shapiro and brussels, thank you very much. lauren: elizabeth warren joins hillary clinton on the campaign trail for the first time at an event in cincinnati. one of clinton's possible choices for vice president offering a passionate endorsement of the former secretary of state. >> hillary has brains. she has guts. thick skin and steady hands, but most of all, she has a good heart and that's what america needs. >> elizabeth is leading the fight for americans from the burden of student debt and to make sure washington maverick and profits off of our students.
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the presumptive gop presidential nominee praised every day he's not in it for the american people. he said that only for himself. bubbles against him by hillary clinton and senator ward was "crooked hillary" really now hillary really not another lace project their senators in the u.s. senate. goofy elizabeth why my done heritage. tribe is due to deliver a speech on trade in pennsylvania. fox news has learned troubles as president he would instruct the treasury department to label china a currency manipulator. he would also take the world trade organization asserting that china's behavior violated the terms of its membership in the wto. lauren: were hillary clinton needles released yesterday at the state department were handed over to the conservative legal judicial watch.
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nearly three dozen were from clinton's private server that she did not do this last year. the new e-mails include dirty for the next change there is private account with the deputy chief of staff. nicole: let's get caught up in the global market action overnight. in the last two days with us $3 trillion in global stocks. monday and ftse at 2.3%. german dax up 2.1%. cac up 2.6%. lauren: the rally in europe up in our at home after the past two days to the tune of 871 points for the dow jones industrial average. the average of 200 points. as in the futures at 22. nasdaq futures could be seven. nicole: oil is higher up 9247 and 25 a barrel. lauren: check-in occurs is because the dollar has been
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strong. trading against the currencies they do come a pound, canadian dollar mexican peso stronger at 133 now. the japanese yen weaker finally versus the u.s. dollar. nicole: look at the headlines with today's edition of "the wall street journal." the bigger catalyst partners with mergers and acquisition comes as highly valued startups find it tougher to raise funds from venture capitalists. forces retailers to read inventory tragedy. home depot tells the stories days of inventory that way. airbnb over a new law. the startup is seeking an injunction to prevent the city from finding airbnb or unregistered apartments. nicole: volkswagen agreed to settle lawsuits resulting from admissions trading scandals expected to be announced today in 10.
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sources say this is $10 billion in ipaqs to owners have 475,000 vehicles. it also includes $5 billion in funds to offset excess diesel emission and boost your emission vehicles. volkswagen would repair or buyback diesel vehicles and paid each owner as much as $10,000. coming up, david cameron has to brussels for what will be a very tense meeting with the e.u. leaders. >> would party scene they will be the just us within our economy. complex constitutional issues and challenging their negotiations to undertake with europe. nicole: a live report from london. not the only thing getting attention in london. it is time for wimbledon. the tennis teacher pulled off a huge upset. we will have that story. features a 870 points in
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two days. up to anyone. all three major averages up one percentage. here's a look at europe. the german dax 2%. everything has changed after two days of sailing. but there is across the board. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. these ♪
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it's a miracle that springs forth to feed us, to clothe us, to bring us joy. a miracle prompted by rain and warmed by the sun. but few realize without healthy soil below ground, there would be little life above it. learn more about this miracle under our feet and how we're working with farmers and ranchers to "unlock the secrets in the soil."
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>> w-whiskey your product off funds happening now. david cameron and brussels today for a meeting of european union leaders. his first meeting with them since the u.k. voted to leave the e.u. and cameron's announcement that he will resign. donald trump will give a speech on trade today at a factory near pittsburgh, pennsylvania. scott belted the aluminum industry. declaring american economic independence. hillary clinton and senator elizabeth warren campaigned together in cincinnati yesterday and they took turns criticizing donald trump. european stocks have been taking
5:46 am
a greeting for the e.u. a relief rally going on. i've 2.7%. flipping it over to u.s. futures. dow futures gained 1.1%. nicole: something interesting about that in european trading warren was elected a pie chart. all 10 sectors were higher in europe. if you are worried about the financials, they have a paris today and europe. tens of thousands reportedly expected to turn out in london today by britain to leave the european union. 52% of the u.k. was strongly in favor of remaining part of the plot.
5:47 am
ashley webster has the very latest from london who did not vote david cameron. good morning to you, ashley. >> good morning. i just want to mention the markets. that is a relief to the british can't stop the bleeding a little bit. the main index, the ftse 100 up a little bit in the u.k. they have been in big trouble. the italian government said today they are ready to do what it takes to prop them up. that's also been a positive for italian banks. we have david cameron and brussels today. i would want to be him to be perfectly honest. we don't need to talk to her. they did talk to the person who will lead the exit discussions. the other big question is westminster who replaces david cameron.
5:48 am
we understand anyone who wants to throw their hat in the ring has until noon on thursday here otherwise it's going to be today. boris johnson is a favorite home secretary. there may be other people of course buy it for that leadership role. jeremy corbin, leader of the labour party, opposition party faces a vote of confidence today are based on the number of people who have resigned the administration, it's going to be a tough go. corbin remains indignant. taking nsaids is not going anywhere. we shall see. the big rally later on this afternoon that it will be interesting to see how many people are there. 35 to 50,000 is a lot of people. or do you people will be obviously expressing their upset and anger at the u.k. decided to get out of the european union. should be an interesting afternoon.
5:49 am
back to you. train to anyone who wants to do their hat in the ring but her stay. make sure it's not you. we know you have a british e.u. passport. nicole: thank you. lauren: and sports, wimbledon got underway. all went as expected except one tennis teacher pulled out a big upset. >> i went powerful. [inaudible] nicole: we will have the highlights. a saturday morning commute. checking in on stock index futures. up, up and out. dow futures gained 204 points. nasdaq futures gaining 48 for right now looks like two days of intense silliness over. you are watching reporter, your first look at morning markets and breaking
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lauren: lasky caught up on global market action overnight in europe stocks trading to the upside this tuesday morning. the ftse up 2.5%. the da except two and a quarter% and the cacm transept two and three quarters%. nicole: olivia stock market futures. after two days of intense selling the dow futures up on 99. s&p futures up 22. all three major averages are gaining 1% in the futures market. lauren: oil trading at $47.32 a barrel up 1 dollar. gold giving $10 to third to work in a troy ounce. nicole: is really going to last because received the u.k. pound
5:54 am
up the first time since the british ask about. in fact, the u.k. pound, canadian dollar, the mexican peso. a look at the current fee.takinn tennis. bumbled and began as they won their matches handling. number three, roger federer finishing 63. the second round continues today 6:30 a.m. eastern time. speaking of federer. an interesting about it. a tennis teacher rant 772nd in the world. willis was on the verge of quitting, but his new girlfriend convinced him not to end anyone. the list of sites ricardo who is ranked 54th in the world. talk about a major upset.
5:55 am
he moves on to face on wednesday. >> in baseball, brand did what no other major leaguer has done before. talking about hitting three home runs and two doubles in the same game. 16 total bases, which is a cubs record. it grants them which led into another career high of six rbis. the cubs beat the reds 11-bay. good job. nicole: a thunderstorm hitting part of the northeast and extreme it is building once again in the south last. korea mulling a lie that the fox media weather center taking a look at all the movement. give it to us. >> good morning. the friend that is pushing through portions of the northeast and also further south across portions of the appellations admit that the drivers and thunderstorms as they had later on today. already dealing with the rain
5:56 am
and showers across portions of the mid-atlantic. later on this afternoon and into tonight damaging winds could occur. meanwhile further west we have the risk for storms across parts of colorado, places like south dakota, wyoming and nebraska. the threat is imprisoned damaging winds and large hail, but also possible tomatoes. we will be watching that closely otherwise temperatures across the southern plains. another scorcher rather expect temperatures well into the 90s. triple digits in the southwestern u.s. but good news in phoenix over the next couple days temperatures will finally begin to cool down and be a little bit closer to average. over to you. nicole: coming up, run down global market action before we had things over to "mornings with maria." stay with us. ♪
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maria: $3 trillion of boston two days of trading. after is across the border in europe. the fund in ftse, dx and germany and the cac and france all operas at 2% gains. the london train of the event as a look at the financials even doing well. dow futures after we lost over 870 points. dow futures up to it too.
6:00 am
s&p futures at 22. we'll send it over to "mornings with maria." hi everybody. good morning. i am maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, june 28th is examined the east coast. relay for global markets. the rally underway across the world. european leaders including mario druggie, angela merkel and british prime minister david cameron meeting in brussels to address the future of the year is done. all of us in the wake of the british but to exit the union. investors came back into markets today. features a triple rally at the opening period markets across the world are firmer. a lot of economic data today. the final grade on first-quarter gdp is out this morning. the home prices fell as consumer confidence. all of the above likely to set the tone for markets. financial services is a gimmick and of course it


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