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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 1, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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of the 14 happy fourth of july. i am sandra smith on friday, july 1st, top stories at 6 am eastern. on high alert airports ramping up security as millions of americans hit the roads and skies for the july 4th holiday. we have everything you need to know at of the big weekend. to the campaign trail donald trump attacking hillary clinton over jobs, trade and the rise of terror. in his trade speech in new hampshire he focused on mexico. >> mexico. i respect mexico, i respect their leaders. what they have done to us is incredible. their leaders are so much smarter, so much sharper and it is incredible. could be a mexican plane up there getting ready to attack. >> new details about american sailors detained in iran. weak leadership and poor judgment to blame, a closer look ahead. major setback in the race for
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self driving cars, driver using autopilot in a tesla model s. not only big for travel but the big friendly giant among movies hitting theaters, a preview of the weekend's top movies. so much for the selloff in the weeks of the british vote to leave the european union. the tao and the s&p 500 have recovered nearly all the losses from that vote. look at the action this morning, futures in the us point to a slightly lower open off one/4%, futures down 39 points. in europe we are watching markets trade in positive territory although mixed trading we have seen for most of the session. the cac quarante in france, the for the in london up 3/10 of 1%. markets are higher and the hang seng closed for trading today. green arrows across the board.
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all of that coming up and there she is, foxbusiness network's dagan mcdowell is here, professor of business and economics and radio talkshow host daniel webb. this is going to be good stuff. good to have you here. >> you see richard and david next to each other. >> come on. bless his heart. in any fight i am winning. sandra: there might be fireworks onset ahead of the fourth of july. a lot coming up. strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters will be here, president of the american federation of teachers, donald trump supporter and former massachusetts senator scott brown. former president of shell oil john hoffmeister will join us and former atlanta braves outfielder and first baseman dale murphy. you do not want to miss the all-star lineup coming up.
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on the campaign trail in the wake of the terror attacks, donald trump continues to associate the rise of isis with his rival, hillary clinton. take a listen. >> i watched hillary clinton for years and years, it is the same thing, we are going to get along with our allies, work with our allies, nice and easy, nothing is going to happen and don't forget this whole isis thing started during her term. sandra: hillary clinton hits the trail with president obama in north carolina as well as vice president joe biden in pennsylvania. bernie sanders will endorse clinton. let's bring in a radio talkshow host, richard fowler and mercedes slap, republican strategist and fox news contributor. what do you make of donald trump continuing to blame hillary clinton for the rise of isis?
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>> clinton is going to take the good and be associated with the bad of obama's administration. what we have seen under president obama is the fact that they have not been able to contain isis. it was clear when cia director john brennan spoke in congress during his testimony that they have not been able to control the growth and reduce the terrorist capabilities. while they have made some progress it is still not the significant progress -- sandra: john brennan said we made progress but there is a long way to go. when you look at the polling, hillary clinton in a head to head matchup leading donald trump by 6 points, 44% for hillary clinton, 38% for donald trump, some new polling shows he is in the lead. we have a long way until november but what is going on?
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>> conventions make campaigns. that is when the national campaign cycle starts. the republican convention, they said mike tyson will be one of the people. >> the political circus is what is going on in this entire climate. let's stick with the facts. it will be tough. sandra: everybody is talking about this this morning, the fallout from president bill clinton and attorney general loretta lynch meeting on that tarmac. prominent democrats criticizing the optics of this meeting creating a headache for the clinton campaign. what impact does this have on trust that hillary clinton clearly is trying to deal with. she addressed them this week but unbelievable. >> the meeting is problematic. it is like a bad move.
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>> he is leading the investigation on hillary clinton and had a private meeting with her husband. >> i will say i have the utmost confidence in loretta lynch, she is a great great attorney general and we can have confidence in this investigation with a head of the fbi comey to get it taken care of. sandra: do you have that confidence? >> i don't. most americans, i don't know her, you can say that. >> you should trust me. >> more than problematic. >> it is problematic. i think the attorney general understands her job and her role and having a conversation with somebody whose spouse is involved in an investigation -- sandra: former president bill clinton should have thought this isn't the best thing to do let alone loretta lynch this is a the wrong thing to do? >> boggles the mind. she was on her jet.
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why wasn't she flying commercial? she was on her jet. it looked, had to have been -- i want to point out some actual news that came out that makes it look even worse. the department of justice filed a motion in federal court late on wednesday seeking a 27 month delay, 27 months in producing correspondence between hillary clinton's four top aides when she was secretary of state and officials with the clinton foundation and holdings, public relations firm closely allied with bill clinton for 27 month meaning this communication will not be produced until october 2018. when you start layering on things that look bad this makes the meeting between -- sandra: it doesn't look good. she is still leading in the latest fox news poll so it is not hurting her that badly.
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>> hillary clinton is not leading enough. she has a very well oiled campaign machinery, spending millions of dollars in ads. her campaign is more robust than we have seen with donald trump who is putting his campaign together now as we speak. she should be doing better in the polls but because of the high negativity, the fact that when you look at the polls in terms of corruption and honesty, those are two qualities that keep hunting her and when you have these meetings between the attorney general and her husband it brings into question the fact of do they play by a different set of rules? that is the perception that comes out from the clintons and it is a big problem. sandra: she is hitting the campaign trail with the president next tuesday and joe biden later in the week. >> we don't have to worry about reporters getting answers from hillary clinton because she
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doesn't answer questions. let's go with the optics issue. i am in radio so i get to talk. this doesn't happen by accident. i watched the interview with the reporter who got two independent sources and found out about this. two planes don't land, they have flight plans. i'm not into conspiracy. i don't know what they said, i don't care what they said. imagine the lead prosecutor met with bernie madoff so they could have dinner or talk for 30 minutes before they went -- sandra: is that a fair comparison? >> not a fair comparison at all. >> i said it is problematic. >> wait a minute. >> she is that -- >> not that smart to actually avoid a meeting -- >> i just said the meeting was
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problematic. that being said, let me talk about the case, i don't care -- sandra: don't know what they did talk about. >> their grandchildren, travels. to mercedes's point the national poll, look at the state-by-state poll the reasons article in the wall street journal talks about what is happening. >> there is -- >> talk about the polls. >> the polls. >> 6:00 in the morning. >> i know you -- >> find something else to talk about but the truth is donald trump is toxic, problematic. >> let me close with florida, ohio, pennsylvania. >> they are neck and neck. >> you should trust bill clinton because he never lied under oath. he was impeached for lying under oath. trust donald trump. >> richard fowler, mercedes, thank you.
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coming up outrage over the detention of us sailors in iran, shocking details on reports of the incident that they sailors were at all. historic weekend in cuba, first us operated hotel set to open. more on that after the break. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures.
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maria: new development on the deadly terror attack honest and 's airport earlier this week, cheryl casone he has more on that story and top headlines. cheryl: the death toll in the aftermath of the attack has risen to 44, with 238 wounded. we have new information on the islamic terrorists responsible for the bombing. turkish officials say they were from his pakistan, and russia and were part of a 7 person cell which entered turkey in late may. the investigation is still ongoing with more arrests possible, more detailed as they come in with the us hotel opened its doors in cuba for the first time in 60 years. the four point savanna is open for business. the hotel has 186 rooms,
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full-service restaurant and a swimming pool. sad news to bring you, the first ever fatal car accident involving a self driving car. joshua brown of canton, ohio was killed when his tesla model s trashed into a tractor-trailer on a florida highway. the car's autopilot failed to recognize the white side of the tractor-trailer against the brightly lit sky. the break in the car was not applied. this is a major blow to many automakers going with this driverless car technology in particular tesla. sandra: shares are down 3% in premarket session. a huge setback for the industry? >> it is a big setback. the driver of the tractor-trailer said in an interview the man who was killed, the driver, he thinks he was watching a movie at the time of the crash. he posted videos on the internet on youtube of him using the
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autopilot function before. it raises the issue of what is the autopilot for? it is to be used at a high rate of speed on an open highway, in traffic, stop and go traffic where the car isn't a danger to you or others on the road it is perfectly acceptable but to use it in this fashion raises the issue, car companies and all the driverless technology being developed are asking to be regulated. sandra: for people who are skeptical of this this story doesn't help. >> the simple thing is why i we trying to account for all the factors that are involved, the physics in a moving vehicle and other vehicles with other people, with technology, i love technology. i love advancement, i love safety built into this but you cannot eliminate other factors you don't control. driverless technology is a farce that should never be allowed on any road or highway. >> i think there is an opportunity, we have to go through this, an accident is going to happen.
6:17 am
>> every car needs to be on the same plane, other people making decisions, the driverless car cannot account for every possible -- >> humans can't either. >> we have a better chance to react. >> takada coming under fire, regulators telling honda and acura owners to replace their airbags immediately, details on that warning just ahead. the uk exit aftermath a thing of the past? one investor seems to be leaving the uncertainty behind, buying stocks. what it means for your money and where this is going next. this man creates software, used by this bank,
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>> futures point to a lower open but as of yesterday's close us markets covered all their losses in the big selloff following the british referendum, the tao coming back 91% and the s&p 500 recovering 81% as a new usa today poll shows 58% of americans believe the british referendum to leave the eu is a sign of dissatisfaction and anger in other nations including the us. >> this poll seems to be saying the obvious. clearly people in the uk and the us feel we live in a two tiered society.
6:22 am
the loretta lynch story to me epitomizes this. if you're a political elite you have access to people like loretta lynch, you happen to meet her at the airport and talk about an issue going on in your life and get special access. americans are right to feel this way and it is motivating a lot of what you are seeing. i don't like that we are always calling people advocating for change angry. it is a smear. >> this is and thoughtful. it is all emotional. that is the wrong way to fray -- >> you might use the words enough a big once in reference to a few people but again when people feel disconnected and dissatisfied and a little bit poed they think you are talking about them. there is a danger of alienating a giant swath of this country. >> an excellent point. the word the enough open is used
6:23 am
throughout brexit. the people who voted for brexit is enough of? are there really 17 millions enough open in great britain? denmark, holland, talking about german exit, sweden has not filed key paperwork, all these people, to your point, about really what is going on. >> back to the markets, we are talking about the fact we almost recouped all those losses following the vote. does it seem investors are putting this behind them? they are not afraid of the future? >> people are waking up to the reality that the uk can do this, independent sovereign nations can trade with each other and remain economically integrated. a strong economy, high rates of entrepreneurship, no reason we can't -- >> let me inject this little fact, we pulled out the trustee stock trader's almanac, the
6:24 am
first trading day of july, this is the most bullish trading day of the year historically for trading over the last 21 years, the s&p 500 has advanced 86% of the time on the first trading day with 1/2%. does this mean anything to you? >> volatility has backed off lately. i don't think that will continue. you will see volatility. we need both leaders in the uk and the eu and president obama indicating we want strong economic integration. president obama has been reluctant to say we want to make sure the uk stays tied economically. sandra: this is the market volatility index. 26. it is down 40% for the week as
6:25 am
of thursday's close before the vote. dagen: assigned there is uncertainty out there if you look at the 10 year yield it is still below, it is still near multi-year lows and if you look at sovereign debt around the world you have negative yield in many countries which is a sign quite frankly of global backdrop that looks pretty lousy. and a lot of uncertainty, boris johnson won't be the leader of the conservative party. he won't be the prime minister. and you throw in our election, i don't know how you place a lot of bets and cash. >> the catastrophe predictions from people like george soros are off, a certain upside we can get but you need political leadership on both sides of the pond saying we want strong economic ties and president obama needs to step up.
6:26 am
sandra: airports in transit hubs tightening security this holiday weekend. what you need to know before you hit the road or head to the airport and if you are driving you might see good news at the pump, low prices might mean high traffic. more on that after the break.
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holiday weekend big for travel and the box office. we have a preview of the weekend's top movies. and a slightly lower, trending higher for most of the session. the slight loss. markets are higher and the hang seng closed for trading. markets mostly hire across the board. acts of terror growing in the wake of the attack in turkey, jay johnson lays out measures in place for the holiday weekend. >> the american public should expect to see this july 4th
6:31 am
weekend and enhanced security presence at airports, training stations and other transit centers across the country by tsa and local law enforcement and security personnel. sandra: groups that bring in large groups of people, pouring billions into their own preparedness efforts, joining us is strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters, the author of the new book the damned of petersburg. >> do i see dagan mcdowell here? dagen: when i tell people where i am from if you say southside that hits my heart. that is somebody who knows where i come from. >> into a big holiday weekend security measures stepped up. what do you make of our efforts in response to the most recent
6:32 am
attack? >> don't live in fear. the odds are on your side statistically. we must go forward and live our lives. it is easy to be caught up in hysteria. domestically, law enforcement has done an astonishingly we have evidence these soft targets
6:33 am
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6:36 am
after particularly the recent terror attacks. we need to put it in perspective. might be an inconvenience but the inconvenience is there for a reason. >> as thankless the job is you can have a. there is a fundamental issue. i don't want the country to be on a war footing. we shouldn't permit that. you just alluded to we can't win playing defense. we are not remotely doing all we could to take the war to the terrorists. we can't use word like jihadi or islamist terrorism. if you cannot name the enemy how
6:37 am
can you defeat him? >> the investigation report found poor leadership, judgment, and lack of toughness led to the detention of 10 us sailors by iran, to train our troops? >> welcome to obama's military. the military purpose is to kill america's enemies. everything else is nice to do but it is to kill america's enemies but under the obama administration it has become a tool of social engineering. any the want to use because the president says do it. i think sailors in the gulf obviously did not have code of conduct training. when captured, the rank, service number, date of birth, that is it. they were collaborating with the
6:38 am
enemy. that is the atmosphere this president has created within our military and it is dangerous. >> we are going to leave it on that note. thank you for weighing in, colonel ralph peters, good to have you. changes in the pipeline, stepping down as chairman but apple ceo tim cook is getting a new role. more on that later. payne on the road. have you noticed it? there could be a trend as you go to the fourth of july get away, are you driving or flying?
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gentleman welcome back futures point to go lower open this morning looking at few stocks on the move, for you a williams a name to watch this morning after nearly half the company's directors have resigned, the moving come avenue failed attempt to moovp ceo armstrong in a closed door board meeting yesterday the nice comes, a week after the
6:43 am
judge ruled they could terminate the 33-billion-dollar takeover bid for the company, also watching shares of nike after the company announced cofounder phil knight has retired as chairman, he will be i replaced by ceo parker, nike announce apple ceo tim cook named lead independent director of the board, cook has sfbd on the board since 2005, house of representatives is set to vote on apur to prevent people on government terrorism watch iless from having guns, cheryl casone has that and more this morning. >> sandra good morning just last week democrats staged near 26 hour sit in did he mapping a vote on gun krol measures hours speaker paul pale sa -- ryan said -- it is important. >> it may be similar to a bill by john cornyn backed by nra, comments coming, from house
6:44 am
speaker paul ryan we may have a debate over gun lawsgone control. >> inaudible highway traffic safety administration urging owners of more than 310,000 hands-on acura's to stop driving them after tests town takata air bag later ifs are dangerous 2001, 2001 as i havic accords at the very least 11 died more than 100 injured worldwide, from the air bag problem. and good news gas pump you are going to like it prices to fall 11 year low, just as a record of americans plan to hit the road analysts at forecast the national afrm will fall 50 cents from last year july 4, 2.27 a gallon cheapest for gasoline since 2005, remember several are hiking cutting
6:45 am
excise tax, gasoline that starts today, if you are maryland washington state fan those are higher, new jersey is a huge increase in that gas going on, poor people in california, so enjoy the low prices while they last what you are saying. >> if you are in texas or colombia go oklahoma good for you. >> thank you, if you haven't made plans it could be a good time to head to the movies, bfg coming to theatres top moments from the show. >> your father you about obviously getting some reaction for his call to bring back waterboarding. >> we are going to keep america safe that is his message we are going to keep bad guys out of this is country because every single day we're having we cabinets have them in the world not with allies no where are we can't them them on america
6:46 am
soil. >> when do i expect donald trump to announce v.p. before convention or at convention. >> my guess should be friday before the convention, i don't know my guess should be friday before convention. >> you are on the hot list. >> that is what people tell me. >> -- suppose that it is legitimately not go to grand jury if upper hillary clinton last night o i would have taken a frying pan to his head. >> has to be -- if upper hillary i put at frying pan to his head what was it like steering the ship expecting a decline we got it 600 points after the british vote. >> the world does look to the new york stock exchange, particularly, in a volatile moment like that, but then the open, was very, very smooth, and orderly, certainly on new york stock exchange, but really among all exchanges every won was able to take a deep breath 10 a.m. last
6:47 am
friday we are going to be okay a busy day brexit made world more volatile. >> asee from with many mo believe nato is weakened by this, britain is number two mature in nato unless there their economy tanks reduces military capabilities it should not impact nato. >> votes the good news, what are lessons. >> i joined justice department, and i was a, jr., bird man spokesperson, one of the lessons i learned there 101 ways to say no comment very useful for a while, then i -- >> 911, better than lying. >> good saying >> comment. >> every time i s want to hear -- >> he happens to be one of the people wrote a quote within listen to this, bill o'reilly. >> should be handed. >> donald trump, mark cuban mark levin. >> dedication to presidents,
6:48 am
doesn't have to be boring you can get different ingredients in it, et cetera. . >> yeah, you want to put them in put them in. >> think of all if you -- all the women you would have gotten when younger just the cologne. >> my wife maybe watching so i am not going to say anything here. [music] ♪ which means your stuff can be more powerful than you think. goodwill. donate stuff. create jobs. ♪i believe, i believe
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♪believe we're still worth the fight♪ ♪you'll see there's hope for this world tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe ♪yeah ♪rock guitar
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that was from one of the
6:52 am
films to be released in this, across the country today, kicking off your independence day weekend i am here with in the fox light host, says will prove a major bust with rival the lemgd gend of tarzan. >> independence day, right in the middle of the summer, you know studios get 30% gross during this period. >> christmas time. >> you want to be able to -- >> they are big, bfg based on the pook. >> i didn't know whether could be scared or entertained. >> famiriendly. >> rolling out tar stan because -- need another tarzan for 2 hundred million dollars with a looking at 20-million-dollar weekend domestic box of course. >> huge. >> you interviewed the star of purge election year.
6:53 am
>> looks to be the big financial success, this weekend the box office for 10 million dollars pulling in 30 number two behind dory we asked if tough enough to take on that little fish. >> listen. >> so i -- very competitive weekend, of. >> why who else is. >> a fish called dory. >> dory is a different audience, we always expected dory to kind of vamporize the weekend the rest i am going to take a shot at tarzan. >> -- yeah. >> i am going to cut the vine. >> i like the confidence. >> pro-tarzan. >> nobody stands a chance, i saw tarzan it is beaten up by critics i kind of enjoyed it. >> what it is a popcorn movie going to see tarzan expect on oscar pool, don't bother. >> tell it like it is, then a new trailer just in time for
6:54 am
the 4th of july featuring an american hero. >> yeah. >> captain sullenberger i think a lot of interest in this. >> a lot of interest this the story to begin with, "american sniper" told me he was not going another movie for a very, very long time of a serene age it is a lot for him but picked up this project right away, starring tom hanks out in fall if word of mouth pretty good, this is a movie i expected to include in oscar pool come january. >> so you saw this. >> i haven't seen it why either. >> that was sort of a first look. >> first look, yeah. >> all right, so huge theatre who is going to win. >> dory is number one box office this weekend followed by purge independence day two probably in three, and then look to see bfg tar stan. >> your personal favorite. >> dory who doesn't love dory
6:55 am
so sweet. >> for all ages. >> for all ages, for a year, where, in summer sickle's battered ellen degeneres. >> surprised not supposed to see commercial success. >> confusion between that and tarzan tar dan material dated a very poor job reintroducing that character bfg with the title i could call them the f, this this way we talk i don't see friendly i think a better job marketing that as well. >> i have seen more animated movies last, having two little ones they are really good. >> two more this summer pets and ice age -- get ready. >> always good to see you -- >> happy 4th happen 4th to you etf report utilities sector number one, this week, surging more than 4%, on track for
6:56 am
best week in almost a year and a half, utilities, sector spider fund eft xlu tracks s&p utility sector interest rates plunging the group attracting investors looking for stocks that have characteristics of bonds, sort of flight to safety there, at the same time, uncertainty after last week's brought by britain to leave eu boosting appeal as a safe haven one of the top performing groups of the year 271% xlu, winners are energy,, ticker nrg, up 7.2% in the etf. >> first ticker at 6.1% american water took awk up 5.7% "mornings with maria" will be right back.
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ramping skirlt millions of americans hit the roads and the skies, for the july 4th weekend, we have everything you need to know, donald trump attacked hillary clinton over the rise of isis jobs and
7:00 am
trade. >> the trade policies of hillary clinton global financeers all controlling her one hundred percent, they might as well stamp hillary clinton on forehead they have total control over her why she is going to prove ttp. >> fox news, has learned lynch, will accept the fbi recommendation in the investigation. so much for the wake of the british vote to leave european union dow s&p 500 recovered nearly all losses from last friday's session, take a look at action this morning, u.s. stock index futures to a slightly lower open to kick off friday morning you are looking at dow futures off 17 points, over in europe, markets have been trading in mixed fashion for most of the morning, right now, they are all trending to the upside, in asia overnight markets are higher and hang seng was closed for trading. all of that coming up, and with me this hour fox business
7:01 am
network dagen mcdowell is here, professor of business economics brian, and radio talk show host david webb is here good morning. >> how ri fine. >> good morning, everybody coming up this morning, president of the american federation teachers judge jeanine pirro former president shell oil former at braifrz outfielder first a baseman dale murphy big morning stay tuned for that turning to the latest from the trail donald trump campaigning, in colorado, today, a state that the trump camp has called the unknown territory. this comes after reports trump narrowed down short list for a running mate, among the contenders new jersey governor chris christie, and former house speaker newt gingrich,, massachusetts senator donald trump sporter scott brown,
7:02 am
chris, good morning to both of you -- >> good morning. >> chris i feel like i as many start with you first first what do i mak-- what do you mak of vice president short list for donald trump. >> first thing would i do be careful with it, the -- i think the reality for this campaign is that it is a very fluid campaign, and as we have seen capable of changing hours relative about quickly these are i am sure trial balloons in the sense that what would it be like if i wouldn't put anything in bank as red lights to trump campaign until the week before convention i think another week before this is ripe. >> senator brown what are we looking at first trump's campaign we saw the latest fox news polling, that in a head-to-head match up shows hillary rodham clinton leading donald trump campaigning in colorado, where is he what is the state of his campaign, in your eyes? first of all,, happy 4th of july weekend to you all of our
7:03 am
viewers -- hope everyone has a safe weekend with regarded to the previous analysis i think right i wouldn't put too much stock in it great guys a host of other people those people have been vetted many already accepted, and i know one of the prerequisites that donald wants somebody still in office, so that may make newt not one of those people all good people about onlies going to needed somebody can work with him do things he may not have interest in state of the campaign is growing, it is certainly, on track, splibd moving forward, distinctions in comparisons, between donald trump and hillary clinton, you heard him talking about trade, terrorism, they see are things that are very, very important, to the average american, especially the middle class working american. >>. sandra: chris i want to get you in here as well obviously a vepment,s r t fb invtigaon of hilry clton,ut loretta l is -- isxpected to announce today that she is going to accept the fbi recommendations
7:04 am
in the clinton e-mail inquirey. >> one of the he aims all along for clintons and whole of the obama administration has been to avoid a special prosecutor outside counsel because as bill clinton who is getting hillary deepening into t land deal allegedly corrupt land deal in arkansas sometimes you wented end up with white house interns and dresses it can get out of hand quickly what they would like to do keep this this at justice department lynch trying to hold line made a mistake talking to bill clinton one-on-one trying to hold line say it is okay. i will do whatever the fbi says i am not sure it is going to be enough. >> david weapon is here wants to jump. chris one of the big things when it comes to recommendation of james col mi is if lynch doesn't prosecute there will did he political
7:05 am
damage do you think that could still sink the clinton campaign. >> if it happens? >> if hillary clinton is charged with a crime, or if there is a recommendation from the fbi, that she be charged with a crime, it is this -- bear with me for a second it is probably bad news, for donald trump. in the sense, it still is early enough, it is still early enough for democrats to do a switch out and joe biden standing over there, waiting to go. so what you probably want if you are donald trump is for hillary clinton not to be charged but you want the stink on it as bad as possible that everybody thinks a coverup that that could work that way. >> i am going to jump in chris, if you stay with us we've got fox news junior judicial analyst andrew napolitano judge and true napolitano on phone judge are you there? on the phone: yes, i am sandra. reaking newswant to get your again we are expected to get the announcement today a formal announcement that loretta lynch is going to
7:06 am
accept the fbi recommendations in this clinic e-mail inquiry. >> take very bad news for clinton legally i don't know how it plays out politically but legally, fbi has invested thousands and thousands of person hours in this investigation. evidence clearly sufficient to indict to convick so the removal of the -- the political people from this, entire process is bad news for mrs. clinton, and the odds of indictment have increased dramatically in the past 24 hours. >> judge what did you make all of this coming after private meeting that took place this week set a furor this private meeting between, lynch and former president bill clinton?
7:07 am
that obviously has been a huge point to be made. on the phone: the attorney general had a very bad week i mean very bad two weeks starting off by publicly editing reredacting fbi reports creates a false comefgs about mass murder in orlando, then said, the best way to -- he are as is tiresistr through love 100 people investigating, it creates an parents of impropriety they microwave talked about golf and grandchildren, as the attorney general claims, but what she should the -- investigating should sit down and talk with spouse of a drug cartel chieftain answer no, she has duty to avoid the appearance of impropriety. sandra: judge. on the phone: i think.
7:08 am
sandra: sorry to -- >> it is safe to say the appearance of the unless of the investigation has gone been compromised, this is just a bonehead move we know what bill is like very engaging walk on to her plane as she says he did quite frankly she should have walked off the plane or should have said, to the fbi agents that guard her i don't care who he is you can't come in and talk to me if he wants to say anything say in it public or the press this is actual a good result for justice, because, candidly, i have more faith in the team of fbagents heir than policy aappointees in justice department to do right thing. >> judge thank you for jumping on the phone on breaking news for us good to have you sir.
7:09 am
on the phone: of course. >> chris i want to bring back in here fox news polling showing hillary clinton pulled ahead over donald trump, what do you make of the state of donald trump's campaign right now? >> well -- look, about we have not seen for a long time somebody do what trump since bob dole in 96 may be stands to reason people around his campaign were part of that effort a candidate says i am intentionally waiting for a blitz after the convention donald trump says we have not begun this is pregame going to conditions going to roar out with intense contradicts wisdom says you define yourself and rival in months prior to the fall throughout center somewhat is what barack obama did the mitt romney successfully especially in ohio called him a vampire did that, and by the time romney turned down the after burners
7:10 am
it was too late, i know whether it can work for trump frankly we don't know how the general electorates going to receive trump when they meet him. >> i can tell you being in florida for a few days, it is ad after ad during stock car race on bravo you name it, hillary clinton her campaign her super pacs are running ads defining donald trump you might get one from may be every 10 to 12 tv ads hillary clinton is running it noticeable, senator brown nose a pathway for donald trump goes through a new hampshire through maine trump has been to maine wisconsin minnesota iowa, but right now, anyway the race not cooking up right for trump in florida he probably will have to cut bait
7:11 am
there. >> president obama vice president joe biden campaigning with hillary clinton next week does that help her is in a i think it he reinforces failed policies a lot of friends say i don't like trump i said you are going to vote for him they said yeah, i am voting for him because i hate clinton more it doesn't matter, that is what it takes to quinn that is fine because with that, comes the ability to push a policy a republican agenda, that can put people a back to work, just to touch on what the judge and chris said i think it is actually was a good thing that clinton bill clinton and loretta lynching banged into each other it force her now to go by the book, and take politics out of it may be we got a festather in the cap the fbi has done a great job hopefully take politics out of final decision. sandra: thanks to both of you
7:12 am
joining us this morning, senator scot broup, chris thank you. >> you bet. >> up next music to he investors ears apple reportedly in talks to acquire a title music service, escalating legal troubles for one of silicon valley's biggest players where the age discrimination lawsuit is about to get much bigger keep it right here. we'll be right back. expected a
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
of the skerlt beefed-up result of istanbul to cause there longer lines and problems i don't see it yet we do see lines take a look, may be you see it, but jeh johnson says 99% people wait less than 30 minutes in line the attractively by numbers 4
7:16 am
million people in total will attractively by train plane audible 3 million or so of them by air, car attractively up about a percent, over last year. about 5 million more, this holiday than memorial day vacations up 10% this year by those who know say that, a lot of other people as we said most people traveling by car, and getting a break this year, gas prices, take a look at numbers aaa fuel gage 50 cents of a break this year, compared to last year so that is good news there. jeh johnson saying that 1300 tsa officers on the job, 2700 people have been made full time from part-time if you look at lines they are long sandra but moving. that is always a good sign. sandra: okay we all know to a lot of i know o'hare airport extremely well appears to me jeff flock they opened another
7:17 am
k . >> some priceless 6:00 in the morning in chicago, the most those people up at 4:00, 5:00 this morning. >> happy campers going somewhere fun beautiful day in chicago. >> happy 4th of july to you good to see you. >>, by the way, when i flew last weekend i had to wait 20 minutes precheck line people in regularly lines blowing through in a couple minutes, why did i paid for precheck, people? >> i have to take my shoes off they set off metal did he technicalors. >> i think we need to talk here. >> you probably got metal or manager. >> angry passengers about to through and saying thanks tsa.
7:18 am
>> thank you, you know what this is the expression on a lot of faces when you get on plane flight attendantsology eyes at me i just do this yes, ma'am i am not getting arrested at the airport. >> i am a happy traveler. >> miss dagen on the plane. >> smile. >> all right, apple talking to j.d. about a deal cheryl has that another headlined in cheryl spent so much time on airplanes herself as former flight attendant. >> good old days able to breeze through security i am with dagen complete pain i got a good report on jay-z apple interested in title streaming music service co-owned by usher alisha keyes apple
7:19 am
probably looking into boosting the music service has done well has strong ties to particular artists streams al bups, journal says apple title talks are continuing may not result in a deal jay-z bought title in 23450u6 1556 million dollars this out of silicon valley age discrimination suit by two people against going he will could get largerer, computer reporting a motion filed to allow others to join the suit making it potentially class action, lawsuit filed by 6-year-old man and woman in 50s to claim google did not hire them because they were over the age of 40. a google spokeswoman told fox news company doesn't comment, on pending litigation, because over 40 is so old. >> back to you. >> to blow up get bigger. >> google they wouldn't even interview you unless you went to like one of like a handful of ivy league schools or
7:20 am
stanford i guess would be the one they kwoent have anything to do with ynow a bigger employee base i am accusing them of anything but they a had an attitude. >> their combination of elitism combined what i call peter pan syndrome company-wide everybody is younger might be good for early tech start up phase but people get older something has to happen replace them or realize your workforce gets old insincere not cool place to work in the valley anymore i will tell you people sitting around not doing anything. >> all right. >> that likely to get bigger we will follow for you coming up the battle over pension billions, we will tell you why the country's largest teachers union is waging the war on the big hedge funds, plus, everyone worst boarding
7:21 am
nightmare not dagen mcdowell, by the way, it might be a way of the is in a no, no, i do not grateful -- >> why days of waiting in a airplane aisle could come to a screeching halt. ♪ i would like to go to cooking school in tuscany with my mom. i want to open a microbrewery. own a drop-top and drive it on a sunday with my wife. sfx: daughter yawns amerivest brings together the powerful combination of professional insight and intuitive technology making it easier for you to pursue your goals. i'm very much looking forward to working for myself. being my own boss. get started by setting a goal and answering a few simple questions. amerivest helps find an appropriate portfolio to fit your needs... then manages your asset allocation, monitors the market, and automatically rebalances your portfolio.
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7:24 am
. >> the battle over billions, the country largest teachers union threatening to pull investments from hedge funds, over fund manager dosages to charter schools joining me president of the american federation of teachers, good morning to you, you've got this report in your hand what does it say. >> let just make it really clear this has nothing to o o do with charter schools everything with retirement security, and suring taxpayer money spent well what has
7:25 am
hands huge funds, who want to invest in make money off pension funds, basically takes 57 cents on every dollar that they invest and what the report has shown, that if we have a not vested in any hedge funds. >> that is your take what does hedge fund say what is their response. >> hedge funds have no response to it. that is why they are making it up and saying it is about anything else. >> the name of the report is all that glitters is not gold. >> what has gone happened, is that our union has become the consumer reports of retirement security and essentially what we just did was we looked ata 11 pension funds, and the performance of their investments. and what we saw is that hedge funds actually performed much worse to, the tune of 8 billion dollars worse than if you had just done regular investments on in a normal
7:26 am
away sandra: let's talk about what you are doing here so you are threatening to pull pension funds from the hedge funds lobbied for the end of the draerd wloop hole. >> what we're doing two things. we are a union we educate trustees, they make the decision, that is not our decision to make, but they make the decision, the second thing we're doing, is we want to make sure, that regular working folks have a shot at a fair shot at success, when you have the 25 top paid hedge fund managers making more money than every kindergartner teacher in the united states combined something is wrong with economy at the end of the day what we want to make sure there is retirement absurdity security not just for teachers but every worker, frankly when a retiree has a dollar, to spend from a pension, that creates two dollars and 36 cents in economic output for a
7:27 am
community if people work hard they should have a pension we want to make sure, that that money is well vested, so that it is really teacher worker savings. >> what is trend to be identified pensions pouring out of hedge funds, we're seeing this trend growing. >> what is happening now, is that trustees around the country, are not just taking somebody's word for whether investment is good or bad they are asking questions. and what this report shows is that if you just vested in other instruments not in hedge funds but other instruments, you would have your earnings would have done 8 billion dollars better. >> so where is this going to go you are suing. >> we're not -- what all we're doing is we are being the consumer reports we are saying to trustees throughout the country, here is some data, here is some information. that is what we're doing. sandra: what is have response of the report so far. >> what has happened is that
7:28 am
truss thees, are actually asking more questions saying what is your return why are you charging us 57 cents of every dollar that you earn? why not actually on spending the money or why are you not actually doing better investments, that is what we're trying to do. >> rand >> randy good to hear from you a republicans call it a major conflict of interest some are showing displeasure issue with attorney general loretta lynch's meeting find out what is happening next. designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them.
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sandra: it is friday, july 1st, top stories at 7:30 eastern time. breaking news on hillary clinton's email scandal, loretta lynch will accept the fbi's recommendations as well as those of career prosecutors and lawyers, this just hours after a private meeting between lynch and former president bill clinton. we heard from donald trump and the administration on that controversy. >> i am flabbergasted. it is amazing. i have never seen anything like it before. >> bottom line is simply both the president and the attorney general understand how important it is for the department of
7:32 am
justice to conduct investigations free of political interface. sandra: airports ramping up security of millions of americans hit the roads and skies for the july 4th holiday weekend, everything you need to know for the big weekend just ahead including the forecast. nba season wrapped up, the teams and players are looking ahead to next year. the deal will make history. look at the action, futures point to a lower open on wall street, we are two hours from "the opening bell," off the lows of the morning heading towards the unchanged line. dow futures up a couple points. in europe markets are mixed in asia overnight, markets are higher and hang seng closed. europe trending mostly higher and asia. breaking news this morning, the justice department saying attorney general loretta lynch will receive and accept
7:33 am
recommendations of career prosecutors and investigators along with fbi director james comey over the hillary clinton email scandal, lynch has been under fire. after that meeting she met privately with bill clinton. joining us is the host, judge janine is here. we had judge andrew napolitano on. we get to a private meeting and your take on that but what do you think about what we are expected to hear about loretta lynch saying they will accept any recommendation. >> at 11:00 at the aspen institute, she will have to further explain what she meant by that. a lot of people interpret her comments as meaning i am going to keep out of it, accept the recommendation of fbi director jim comey and career prosecutors. i guarantee you she will pull
7:34 am
that back and say i will make a decision. don't get comfortable with i am going to be really good about this and let the career prosecutors handle it. the president of the united states said there has been no security problem as a result of the clinton email server. that send a signal to the fbi. the husband of a target, of a criminal ongoing investigation with the fbi sends a signal to the fbi as well. what we have got here are people who lie on a regular basis. i did not have sex with that woman. i did not send emails with any security risk information on it. the bottom line is this. if the president instructed loretta you are not to put this in the grand jury and my theory is the reason they won't, hillary clinton emailed the president.
7:35 am
what does that tell you? that this president knew hillary clinton had a private server. if she were to be indicted, her first witness is the president of the united states which will throw this country into a constitutional crisis and i would bet my house she will not be indicted. >> we heard testimony from her top aide who said she knew it was the wrong thing to do. the controversy over the meeting between lynch and bill clinton on the tarmac is not a coincidence. from the reports we heard, the reporter that was tipped off that this happened bill clinton's plane sat there for 30 minutes before the meeting took place. >> that is what i said to everyone. you may want to take them at their word. i can't take them at their word.
7:36 am
if anyone approached me when i was investigating irrespective whether there was -- a president or local union person. i would run the other way and my staff, my bodyguards would all have said to me you can't do this one. >> and optics problem, the fact that that didn't happen suggest it was more than an optics problem. >> absolutely right. people say we don't know what they said. they were talking about their grandchildren. my whatever. they were not talking about their grandchildren. the law is clear. you must avoid the appearance of impropriety. not just we don't know what they said, give them the benefit of the doubt. it is a requirement of all of us that you avoid the appearance and when bill clinton goes on
7:37 am
that jet and has to stop everything on the tarmac, doesn't have her permission to do it, it is just another example of how they are laughing at us. >> back to the point these are accidents, circumstances, none of us know what they set on the plane but that is not the issue. the fact that they took that time that he waited in a private area of the airport, it was verified by another independent tip. he had a meeting with his boss, this is a case of a reporter doing their job, public schedules, attorney general of the united states has a public schedule. if they wanted a meeting they could have had a public scheduled meeting. sandra: this was unplanned. lynch -- they talked about grandchildren and golf and obviously didn't touch on the
7:38 am
email investigation, suggested he walks over uninvited from his plane to her government plane. >> the president of the united states always walks over uninvited. >> it is more important than that. the signal is don't blame me. it is him. but it was her plane. she didn't have to let him on. any ethical prosecutor, attorney general would have said i love you, bill, we can't do this, period, end a story. dagen: clinton knows it looks bad. at this point -- >> does he care? >> his wife is running for the presidency, wouldn't you avoid at all costs anything that looks bad? >> to influence the attorney general? understand -- do this for a living, if she wins he is signaling to loretta lynch there is more for you. >> couldn't they have just picked up the phone and had a
7:39 am
chat? might do it in a more public way people would get a hold of it and report it. >> hubris. this happens all the time. nothing funny about it. we will do this, the story will go in a couple weeks. a new news cycle will start and we will be on to the next thing but the influence -- dagen: hillary clinton doesn't get charged, any one of these fbi investigators knows there is evidence that it is going to get out. politically it is going to hurt her regardless of how you cut it. >> especially with the last statements when they came out and said we are pretty much going to accept the determination of fbi director and prosecutors. that is almost unleashing them
7:40 am
and saying all right, if we don't accept your determination you are free to come out and attack us. i guarantee she will pull back on that at 11:00 this morning. >> thanks for being here. one company has a solution to end the chaos of boarding a flight. the hated middle seat might save you the hassle of flying. it is the time of year, the start of nba free agency and there is more money available than ever in nba history. how the players are cashing in, the dollar amounts straightahead.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> wildlife officials ramping up
7:44 am
their search for a bear that attacked and killed a forest officer in glacier national park. cheryl casone has the latest on that story and other headlines. cheryl: officials are searching forests by helicopter and also using dna taken from the scene to determine whether it was a grizzly or black bear that knocked him off his bike and killed him earlier this week. it happened after they surprised the bear in the flat head national forest. the other rider was not able to get help for his friend. at the annual yahoo shareholder meeting, marissa mayer gave an update on the company's proposed sale. the update, was heartened by the level of interest in yahoo, verizon, at&t and numerous private equity groups. finally as you get ready to
7:45 am
travel take a look at this video. airplane designers for the side flip seats, the airlines fly over the middle seat basically and this is supposed to make boarding and exiting the plane faster. airlines could turn around faster, the middle seat is 20 inches, there is more elbow room on them. is a former flight attendant this will never happen. the stupidest idea i have ever seen. airplanes and airplane manufacturers will never buy this. your thoughts on that? your thoughts? what do you think? >> we had a debate about i'll or window. >> i am not -- i don't like being pinned in.
7:46 am
somebody sleeping -- move. by told you. >> would be fun to fly with. dagen: you volunteer for patdowns. >> looking at both of us. >> moving on let's get a quick check of the weather because it is important for your long holiday weekend plans, maria molina is here with the forecast. >> you could be seeing delays at the airport. we expect thunderstorms across the northeast, mid-atlantic and central plains and there is a threat of isolated severe weather in the form of damaging winds, large hail and even an isolated tornado. across the central plains not just today you expect severe weather but over the next couple days. throughout the weekend we will
7:47 am
see rainfall in the forecast that will bring the threat for flash flooding across kansas, oklahoma and into missouri. many areas could be picking up four to six inches of rainfall. temperatures into independence day will be toasty out there. any outdoor plans in places like dallas, expect a high temperature at 100 wonder degrees with showers and storms in the forecast monday. part of the southeastern us are warm and expect some storms, out west we need rainfall from california to washington state, no rain expected, sunshine, clouds and temperatures. >> today marks the annual payday for retired major league baseball player bobby bonilla. wait until you hear how much this former mets slugger got. i knew you were going to tell me that. have you finished this? i am a cubs fan.
7:48 am
>> through 2035. >> came up halfway through. >> more on bobby bonilla. i don't have the ability to do that. let's go to prices at the pump as we head into 4 july weekend, gas prices fall to 11 lows as we plan to hit the road. forecasting national average will fall $.50 from last year's independence day, $2.27 a gallon. we will be right back.
7:49 am
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>> dancing next to me, you can
7:53 am
see that. at 12:01, the free agency period started, several big-name players have the opportunity to re-sign with larger contracts with more on the nba contract. we turn to sports reporter jared mack here. >> thanks to a 9 year, $24 billion television rights deal find in 2014 the league salary-cap increased by $24 million. instead of teens having $70 million on their rosters this figure will jump to $94 million. the crown jewel of the free-agent class in oklahoma city, kevin durant met with the only team has played for. he will entertain offers from 5 other teams, the warriors, spurs, celtics, clippers and miami heat. durrant isn't the only free-agent who will cash in on
7:54 am
the increased salary cap, dwayne wade is a free agent, he has been vacationing with lebron james and others, could he end up in cleveland? dwight howard back on the market, chicago bulls will sign a 4-year contract with the new york knicks with reported $72 million. that is nothing compared to the other numbers we are seeing. congratulations to coastal carolina university. the world series against arizona, scored four unearned runs and beat the wildcats numfour-3, coastal carolina the first team in 60 years to win the world series in its first appearance, first ncaa title of any kind for coastal carolina. it is july 1st and that means payday, major league baseball player bobby bonilla, every year this day he celebrates by receiving a check from the new york mets for $1,193,248.20.
7:55 am
it is part of a deferred payment program that came from the mets buying him out of his contract in 1999. instead of $5.9 million to play in 2000, for 25 years between 2011, 2035, he gets more money in this year's installment than half of the players on the entire contract. sandra: he gets paid that amount from 2010-2035. this is unbelievable the details, these numbers are daunting. >> one of the worst deals in major league baseball history. times were different. there was a lot of bernie madoff money. >> that worked out in the long run. >> it has worked out for balmy bonilla -- bobby bernier. >> that is what happens when an employer doesn't like the way you are playing.
7:56 am
>> every year through 2035. dagen: i hate baseball and i will root for the mets over the yankees. >> we get along on these things. >> yesterday all the talk was about the colts player who signed his contract, $140 million over six years, the 41st richest contract, so many baseball and basketball players the rank above him and some of the contract nba free-agent deals i have been reading about, looking at several deals that are 130, $128 million. the lowest paid in the nfl compared to nba's first, then major league baseball and the nfl. dagen: it might make me go to a game. >> derrick rose will be their too. dagen: i remember his father.
7:57 am
sandra: happy fourth. at 8:40 eastern, former atlanta braves all-star will join us to talk about the initiative to honor our veterans and a record number of americans expected to hit the roads in the sky this holiday weekend, how much it will cost you to do that. keep it right here on "mornings with maria".
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
sandra: i am sandra smith. it is friday, july 1st, top stories at 8 am eastern. breaking news on the email scandal, fox news learned lynch will exit the fbi recommendations in the investigation as well as those of career prosecutors and lawyers after the private meeting on the tarmac between lynch and former president bill clinton. donald trump weighing in on the controversial rendezvous. >> i actually thought they were joki i said no way that is going to happen and it happened and i am flabbergasted by it. i have never seen anything like it. >> airports ramping up security as millions of americans hit the roads and skies for the fourth of july we can. everything you need to know to head out the door. saluting our troops this independence day major league
8:01 am
baseball heading up the field on fort bragg this weekend. so much for the selloff in the wake of the british vote to leave the european union, the tao and s&p 500 recovered nearly all of last friday's losses after the vote. look at the action we are seeing an hour and a half ahead of "the opening bell" on wall street. futures point to a higher open although s&p futures have dipped negative. looking at dow futures with a slight gain of 9 points. around the unchanged markets we head to "the opening bell," markets mixed, but mostly up in france, germany, london, up 1% and a check on oil prices this morning. they have been edging lower at $48.19 a barrel, down one third of 1% but on track for the first weekly gain in three weeks. all that coming up and with me this morning on foxbusiness,
8:02 am
dagan mcdowell is here. the kings college professor -- to my rights, radio talkshow host david webb is here as well. dagen: airplane based. don't get arrested. sandra: and juan williams coming up. good morning, wake up. >> today -- dagen: two minutes to wake up because we are all fired up. we do have a can't miss lineup including juan williams but we have shell oil's president, former first baseman dale murphy and host of "varney and company," stuart varney will be here, you never want to miss that. breaking news the justice department saying loretta lynch
8:03 am
will receive and accept recommendations of career prosecutors and investigators with james comey over the hillary clinton email scandal. lynch has been under fire after that meeting, she met privately with hillary's husband, former president bill clinton on the tarmac. let's bring in juan williams, author of we the people, your take on loretta lynch's announcement that is expected to be coming at 11:00 this morning that she will receive all recommendations from the ndi. >> the real politics was james comey was always going to be the ruling hand here. he has the upper hand in the power play because he is regarded across political aisles as a person of integrity, he angers the white house over lots of issues but on this case if jim comey sent a recommendation to loretta lynch and loretta
8:04 am
lynch said i'm going to ignore jim comey i think jim comey would go public, fbi agents would go public. you have seen former fbi agents talk about white house interference. the political pressure is so intense around this issue given the republican dream of undercutting hillary clinton's presidential ambitions that there was no option for her but to accept. show she is -- sandra: the questions following that meeting, loretta lynch never meeting with hillary clinton's husband -- >> let's be clear, a range of meetings. she is in a private plane. sandra: they didn't to bump into each other and brush shoulders. >> the former president walked into this studio where you would say get out. >> the attorney general -- >> back to something --
8:05 am
dagen: you say, mister president, with all due respect i cannot be put in a situation where i am sitting on this plane. >> he was in a position when she was saying that. let's stop for a second. he gets on the plane because he wants to meet loretta lynch for whatever nefarious reasons we might ascribe to it but he wants to be there and talking about his grandkids and a pleasure to meet you and here is your husband. dagen: he appointed her to the bench. >> not like me, i know you very well. this is like appointing officials across the country. >> can we go to something prosecutors forget? you have someone prosecuting someone's why for investigating, her department leads an investigation, impropriety, prosecutors, the judge made the statement earlier, judge andrew
8:06 am
napolitano, this is something they wouldn't do, you say with all due respect, mister president, this is not going to look good. >> already at that point it looks bad. even david axelrod, you see senators, democrat senators, this didn't look good. that is not what you want, you should not have someone at that level meeting with someone else at an even greater level. clearly the optics, and opportunity for every right-wing conspiracy in america. that is what we see. nobody -- anybody here think loretta lynch is actually now in on the take? >> it is impropriety, it is improper. that doesn't make it a right-wing conspiracy. >> with all the talk about it? dagen: the new york times headline, republicans are mad. and president clinton met on the tarmac and republicans got upset and when you read the article --
8:07 am
the headline -- hold my nose moment. sandra: a lot happening with the campaign, hillary clinton scoring another endorsement from french president françois hollande, joe biden also saying former rival senator bernie sanders will endorse hillary clinton as well but do they matter in light of the fallout from the meeting? not to bring that back? >> do they matter? it matters because here is the key dynamic in political play as we going into the fourth of july holiday consolidating your party's base. we have seen hillary clinton has in the last month or so been able to do, working towards just the kind of endorsement you are talking about.
8:08 am
on the republican side, not happening for donald trump. if you look at the polls the latest fox news poll has hillary up by 6. the reason for that is republicans falling back on donald trump and so he is still struggling. still has difficult time with paul ryan, mitch mcconnell and the republican establishment, telling his followers i don't need the republican party and you look at what is going on in the set up for the convention, number of republicans, prominent republicans saying we won't be there, that is a struggle for the republicans and donald trump, hillary clinton if this is true about bernie sanders endorsement in particular very good news. >> my question about bernie. dagen: when he tweeted about endorsing hillary clinton, this will go over well in ohio, north carolina, virginia, which is where the president will be with hillary clinton and joe biden will be campaigning as well. >> my question, bernie or bust, i have gone to those bernie rallies, interviewed a couple
8:09 am
hundred of these people and talked to many more do you think they go along given the bernie message is look at the people at the top, the clintons, wall street ties, politicians, that you don't matter. what about the bernie or bust group? >> look at the numbers. when we see to so far that burning people and coming over faster than hillary's people did to barack obama in 2008. i think you are onto something here. it is kind of undercurrent the bernie people at the convention, at the platform, going forward have their own agenda. they are anti-trump. at this point they are also anti-democratic establishment and a lot of people are losing that story because of their focus. >> i will let you have the last word. >> dagan mcdowell picked up on
8:10 am
this, happy anniversary to my wife. i really appreciate we have three kids, three grandkids, the fact the two of the could diehard right-wingers i don't know what to say about that. >> it tells me -- that tells me you are a wonderful father. you have republican in your heart. >> i can't tell my wife -- >> thank you. thank you for joining us. juan williams. we are going -- so much coming up on this show. picked the wrong numbers and took home millions. one's husband went from the doghouse to the bank and it wasn't juan williams. ♪
8:11 am
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8:14 am
weapons smuggling in 2008. the man known as ahmed 1-arm, sentenced to 60 months for smuggling an automatic weapon and handguns. he carried out the airport attack that killed 44 people. his whereabouts unclear from russia, whose pakistan, survivors from the aurora colorado movie theater shooting in 2012 have lost, the theater wants them to pay legal fees. attorneys filed a bill of cost, $700,000 covering the theater's legal costs. 24 survivors of the attacks to the theater for not providing appropriate security measures to prevent the shooting. a jury ruled in their favor, 70 wounded on that attack. the chairman of nike stepping
8:15 am
down, fill night retiring after completing the transition plans it was announced last year. the 78-year-old night started a business selling shoes out of the back of his car, building into the largest athletic shoe and apparel company. mark parker was named nike's new chairman. we talked about this yesterday. do you have your mega millions ticket yet? tonight's drying for $415 million. as of this morning the 10th largest jackpot in us history is the amount is so high because there hasn't been a winner since march 8th. the record prizes you might remember was $1.6 billion, the powerball won in january in three states. 43 states plus dc and the virgin islands so if you don't have any plans today, a little gambling. >> do you buy lottery tickets. >> down the streets, my money
8:16 am
out the top. dagen: finding a scratch ticket. >> coming up the cheapest gas in a decade pushing millions to take to the open road this holiday weekend. are you? if you are what can you expect to pay at the pump? we have that coming up. the major move from the mlb to honor our nation's he rose. i never knew
8:17 am
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8:20 am
celebrations. jeff flock is live at o'hare airport where he is literally putting his camera in travelers faces. i am sure they really appreciate that. >> reporter: they are thrilled. 42 million traveling, second-largest number in fourth of july history. the line not so bad, tsa and homeland security not doing a bad day. 99% will wait 30 minutes or less. i don't want to be the 1% on that one. >> richmond. >> reporter: virginia. on time? >> i think so. >> reporter: in istanbul, are you concerned? >> not particularly. >> reporter: young people bulletproof. >> hope so. >> reporter: good luck going to richmond. most of the flight on time
8:21 am
today, not a lot of people freaking out about these concerns but happy travelers, where are you going? they are going to california. the local union here, chicago department of aviation transit police don't carry guns. the head of the union saying he would like those officers to be armed. they are instructed if there is a terrorist attack they should run and hide. that is not the way to go. sandra: interesting. what a diverse group of travelers. yeah for the richmond traveler from dagan mcdowell. dagen: i hope they are going to colonial williamsburg and make a trip to busch gardens. >> the history of tourism. dagen: my mother is an awful
8:22 am
cook. all right. sandra: good to have you. of the 42 million americans expected to travel this weekend at least 84% of them are traveling by car with drivers at the lowest level for the holiday in twee 10 years. joining us shell oil president john hoffmeister, good morning. another reason to celebrate this weekend, one of the families or americans hitting the road, paying cheap gas prices. >> people should enjoy it and have a good time and drive safely because these prices are probably as low as we are going to see for quite some time to come but that doesn't take away from this holiday weekend. it will be a marvelous thing to do. the old expression, go see the usa.
8:23 am
that is an exciting prospect. a beautiful country. sandra: let's look at oil prices. that determines where gasoline goes in the future and as we look at them this morning, we see $48.11 a barrel. right now we end the second quarter with the largest single quarter percentage gain for oil since the second 1:45,009. where do oil prices go from here? >> i think they go north from here. we are getting closer to equilibrium. even the secretary of energy said yesterday that he sees equilibrium 2017. we may beat that. the reduction in crude production in the us is proceeding week by week by week and as long as the drill count is as low as it is there is nothing that will happen other than reduction in oil production in the us so that is inevitable. it would take a doubling of today's rate count many people estimate to just hold even.
8:24 am
the 400 some odd rig that are working will not produce enough new oil to sustain today's production which means there is going to be less as the months role on to the end of the year. not more. >> with nigerian production coming online and the wildfires subsiding, low gas prices through the remainder of this year. >> i see crude prices continuing their trek northward. i think that will flow through to the gasoline price. that is why i say enjoy it now. the next 30 to 60 days will be about the end of the surplus we have been experiencing over the last two months and then we will see it move north. sandra: there have been vote on raising gas taxes, increases are in the pipeline for maryland and
8:25 am
washington, several states are looking at hiking and cutting. >> in jersey they tabled the vote yesterday and the governor tied it to roads and bridges, this affect the average every day american, the fisherman down there, diesel tax-free, $.33 a gallon. when this happens regardless what the gas prices or crude prices are the average american goes $.23. dagen: if infrastructure was crumbling, hillary clinton and president obama talk about it for years the need to fix our infrastructure, who is going to pay for it? if not the people using the roads? we haven't raised the natural gas
8:26 am
dagen: changed the topic, who pays for it? who pays for it? >> lower the cost of doing the work. >> when we look at what is happening in new jersey this bill that is making its way through the state legislature, $.23 tax hike will take it from $.14 to 37. what does that do to demand? >> most demand in new jersey is elastic because there is no public transportation system of any magnitude to offer an alternative and there is an awful lot of commuters that live in new jersey and as a consequence people will simply pay. new jersey is a transit state, people going south to north on i-95. they have no choice. it is a non-elastic demand.
8:27 am
i know from past experience in the oil business that the demand in new jersey just is the demand in new jersey so it is a sure way to raise the gas tax. dagen: i was going to point out where they don't let you pump your own gas that makes so much sense, people spilling gas on the ground trying to round it up, running it down the side of your automobile. >> they did this initially about maintaining jobs under the democrats. the farce -- my point earlier, we are not attacking the real issues. taxpayers are getting screwed on this. dagen: they are not. sandra: enjoy those low gas prices while they last. >> philip your tanks before they raise the price. sandra: from the reunions to the barbecues, americans have big plans but could mother nature rain on your parade? we have the forecast next. patriotic refreshments, what you
8:28 am
need to serve this independence day.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> good morning, i'm sandra smith. it's friday, july 1st. it's 8:30 eastern. breaking news on hillary's e-mail scandal.
8:31 am
loretta lynch will search the fbi's recommendations in the investigation as well as those of career prosecutors and lawyers. this coming after the private meeting on the tarmac between lynch and former president bill clinton. on high alert. airports ramping up security as millions of americans hit the roads and the skies for the july 4th holiday. despite the homeland security, jay johnson says that americans should still celebrate. >>e continue to encourage the public to travel, to associate, to celebrate the holidays, to celebrate the july 4th holiday, continue to go to public events, but be aware and be vigilant. >> honoring our heroes, troops at fort bragg getting an independence day treat courtesy of major league baseball. the league building a stadium from scratch for a game this weekend. details on that ahead.
8:32 am
the july 4th weekend means barbecues. every burger and hot dog needs a good drink to go with it. we have a patriotic cocktail recipe coming up. checking markets, we're about an hour away from the opening bell, futures hovering around the flat line all morning, literally. you're looking at dow futures currently up six points. all right, what is really moving this morning? treasuries. take a look at this, the yield on the 10-year falling to a record low. now 1 po.43%. comment on that. >> markets are not as concerned about brexit as a few days ago. you're still seeing the flight to safety and that's why the yields are falling. sandra: turning to breaking news, the justice department saying attorney general loretta lynch will receive and accept recommendations of career prosecutors and investigators and director james comey this coming after the private meeting on the tarmac between lynch and former president bill clinton.
8:33 am
joining us now is the host of "varney & company," stuart varney, who surely has something to say about all of this? >> damage control. that's what it is. damage control. the reputation of loretta lynch, the attorney general of the united states of america was badly damaged. she held a meeting as you know, as you've been reporting, sandra, she held a meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac in phoenix, arizona. that meeting supposedly discussed only grandchildren and golf and travel. so, why is it that the attorney general of the united states held a private, unannounced meeting, a secret meeting with the husband of the woman who is under intense investigation by the fbi, which works for the attorney general of the united states? that is flat-out conflict of interest and frankly, it's a disgrace. now, damage control. now loretta lynch says, well, she will accept anything that the fbi hands down. in other words, she's not being influenced or intimidated by
8:34 am
bill clinton, no, it's the fbi's case and they will decide it. i think it's damage control and i think it comes a little bit too late. sandra: of course, this is being painted as republicans had a big problem with that meeting, when dagen, of course, was pointing out earlier or some of our previous guests, juan williams pointed out david axelrod also had a problem with this meeting. stuart: the constitution has a problem with the meeting. sandra: fair point. stuart: the legal industry has a problem with the meeting. it should never have taken place and someone in the attorney general's position, to even think about holding such a meeting, is flat-out ridiculous and out of the question. sandra: so she's expected later this morning during your show, stuart, to be making this recommendation, saying that she's making this announcement that she's going to accept the fbi recommendations in this clinton e-mail inquiry investigation, inquiry is a polite way to say it. it's an investigation by the
8:35 am
fbi dagen stuart can make insight into this, but, you remember hillary clinton calling it a security inquiry. and james comey had to come out and say, i don't know what that means, there's an investigation going on. stuart: look, the bottom line here is the suspicion that america's government, the administration, has been using the machinery of government to influence elections. they did this with the irs scandal, just before the 2012 election. the irs clamped down on political activists, conservative people and that influenced the presidential election. i suspect this is another somewhat similar related issue. you have bill clinton intimidating-- the former president intimidating the attorney general about an investigation of his wife. that's using the machinery of government, the power of government, to influence an investigation and influence a presidential election. it's a disgrace. sandra: and stuart, the stock market. can't wait to watch your show today. unbelievable to see that almost
8:36 am
all of that 600 point plus drop that we saw after the brexit vote. we've almost come completely back. can't wait. stuart varney. we'll see that, and every day at 9 a.m. eastern, thank you, sir. let's check the weather ahead of the long holiday weekend. fox meteorologist maria molina tells us it's going to be a glorious holiday weekend and we all could have our barbecues? >> i wish i had that news. there will be weather the next couple of days, starting off, the areas will include the northeast, parts of the mid atlantic, down into the carolinas, and farther west across portions of the central plains and here we're looking at the damaging winds and hail and isolated tornados and as we kick off the weekend on saturday, i'm told the weather will continue across the portions of the central plains and the carolinas. looking at several days of mess
8:37 am
and across the central plains, the concern isn't just for storms that could bring severe weather, but flash flooding as we're going to pick up heavy rain, potentially four to six inches across oklahoma, kansas, missouri, even extending into illinois and because of the flood threat we have a number of flash flood watches that have been issued here and will be sticking around throughout the weekend. otherwise for fourth of july, what everyone wants to know, is it going to be raining or not. can they do outdoor plans? if you live in parts of the midwest and also in the northeast, things are looking pretty good to you, relatively dry with clouds and sun and temperatures that are pretty pleasant for this time of year. here you go, the plains, again, still expecting storms in the forecast and it's going to be a scorcher for you in dallas. dealing with storms and humidity and temperatures potentially 101 degrees. and western texas numbers in the triple digits and out west where we need the rain, no rain in sight.
8:38 am
many fireworks bans already occurring out here becse of the holiday coming up and how dry it has been. so that's going to continue to be a concern out there. sunshine for those temperatures out west are going to be rather pleasant. 80's and 70's, wyatt spread. sandra: thank you for all of that. have a good weekend. coming up, it could be a long weekend for micron technology shareholders. why the stock is taking a plunge in the premarket trading session. right now, down more than $1. plus, call it a field of dreams. look at this, the major move that baseball is making to honor our vets. we'll have that for you next. >> welcome back to another tennis channel wimbledon court report for fox business, i'm jonathan novac. and the french open champion is out of the championships. the number two seed was dumped out in the biggest upset of the tournament so far. and hallet on number one court
8:39 am
a year ago, but this was the biggest win of her career. >> i'm so happy for this match. i played really well and i think i deserve today. yeah, i'm really surprised. i didn't expect it, this and, yes, i held some great players defeated. i am very satisfied. >> don't forget, wimbledon prime time on tennis channel has the highlights and this is from the all england club and hits the air daily at 4 p.m. eastern, i'm jonathan novac.
8:40 am
8:41 am
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8:42 am
>> all right. we are currently about, less than an hour away from the opening bell on wall street. take a look at stocks we're watching on the move and basically the premarket is showing the dow futures unchanged, but there are some movers to keep an eye on. tesla down 2% following the first ever fatality. involving a self-driving car. the driver of a tesla model s
8:43 am
which was operating on autopilot was killed after it crashed into a tractor-trailer on a florida highway. and plunging 9% in the premarket, a 97 million loss in the third quarter and the chip maker citing worldwide layoffs citing challenging market conditions. that stock off more than a $1. as americans are set to celebrate fourth of july, professional baseball the first sporting game on an active military base. sunday at 8 p.m., the atlanta braves will take on the miami marlins on a brand new fall park created. and dale murphy is here, and good to have you, sir. and jared max is back with us as well. you're headed down to fort bragg as a representative of the braves.
8:44 am
and what an experience. >> i think it's going to be unbelievable. i think the crowd is going to have a buzz there like no other game these guys have ever played in. so braves and marlins are proud to partner with the major league baseball and such a unique situation. sandra: such a cool thing, the time lapse. >> fourth months, major league specifications and major league baseball will leave that as a gift to the base after the game. so, i just-- i couldn't be more excited to be a part of it, a small part of it, i wish i was playing in it. that it would be great. >> the braves want someone. >> well, they're playing a little better lately.
8:45 am
[laughter] and they have them coming down and-- they're playing better and starting to turn things around. sandra: here is a time lapse. a little more about this. you just mpgsed, this was specifically, the ballpark specifically created for this event after word it will be turned over to the fort bragg community and become a multi-purpose recreational facility consisting of 12 athletic fields. it's a great idea. that would be great to see more of this in support of the troops and your brother-- >> fort bragg, this is a base that's almost 500 square files miles. half the guys don't know where they're building it because it's so big. they're excited and this is a crowd of 12,500 people and small crowd, brand new stadium and really great. >> and military personnel only. very strict. in fact, military personnel and you want to bring somebody in your family to the game, they have to be on a list. no selling of tickets at all. in fact, someone on craigslist
8:46 am
was putting on things, saying i'll pay $1,000 to get in because they know they want to be a part of this. is there anything more american than what will be taking plagues at the ballpark sunday night? >> there's also a history we need to recognize between baseball and sports. if you go across to pacific, the island of guam. you will find baseball fields everywhere because so many baseball players went into and fought world 2 and whether they stood up there and were figures to help the war effort or go out to play. the marines on guam, playing after taking back the island from the japanese, just as an example. baseball has always been part of our military. sandra: to that point more than 500 players served in the united states during world war ii. >> i've been to germany on behalf of baggage -- major league baseball and there's an amateur community there as a result of world war ii. >> right, we've got 53,000
8:47 am
soldiers right there at ramstein. it's our largest footprint outside of the country. >> this is a chance for us to tell men and women and their families, thank you for your service and i think it's going to be just, just a blast. >> i think it's great. i want to go-- i want to go now. sandra: by the way, while you're here. dale murphy, what else are you doing these days? you're the father of eight children, seven sons and one daughter that came last and a grandpa as well? >> i've got nine grandkids as well. i do some speaking and a part-time work for the braves, too, and so, those grandkids keep us busy. sandra: how young is too young to start? i've already got my 17-month-old on a baseball tee. is that too soon? >> it's time. >> i didn't start until i was eight. don't go too quick. >> we need the participation in baseball, and the correlation between baseball fans and america, that the fans are
8:48 am
truly ones who grew up playing ball. make them play baseball so we have this wonderful national pastime to watch for decades to come. >> thanks for being here and thank you very much. >> and i still remember that, thank you. >> life long yankees fan, a huge, huge fan. >> thank you very much. sandra: and it's fun to have you, thanks for being here. >> we look forward to being at fort bragg. sandra: and that game is happening sunday at 8 p.m. what a great way to celebrate the independence weekend. still to come we're celebrating the fourth of july. we'll tell you what we're thankful for headed into this holiday weekend. ♪ ain't that america, you and me ♪ ♪ ain't that america, something to see ♪ ♪ ain't that america, home of the free, yeah ♪
8:49 am
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8:52 am
♪ >> all right. well, the country gearing up to celebrate the 240th birthday with trips, fireworks and barbecues. no barbecue is complete without a special drink. joining us with a recipe is kevin denton. and you are a rock star in your world and we saw kind of the profession, no, you're a very necessary part of people's lives. >> an important profession for sure. sandra: what do we make on the fourth of july.
8:53 am
>> we want to make something different, but we want to ha hank-- hang out with our family. sandra: not too strong. dagen: you're not a member of my family. >> we've got fresh watermelon juice, absolute vodka. the patriot punch. sandra: how did you get the watermelon juice, they don't sell it in the store. >> they're starting to a little bit. throw it in the blender, a few chunks, and add some water. dagen: put it through a seive. >> maybe if you want to. can you smell it and get the beautiful aroma? we're teasing it out. dagen: you can do it with basil and what else? >> any herb that's light like that. that one is done and we want to serve it like that. you drink with your eyes first.
8:54 am
it's got to be beautiful, and then smell it. >> the main ingredient is vodka. >> absolute vodka and watermelon juice and iced tea. sandra: and tequila, this is a growing trend, there are a lot of tequila drinkers and it's growing. dagen has her hand up. dagen: i've got 15 different tequilas. sandra: i'm going to dagen's house. >> and we've-- . dagen: are you doing a margarita. all it takes is some simple syrup and lime juice and tequila. >> lime juice and salted rim and great fruit soda. you can use star bought brand, if you wanted to use store
8:55 am
brands, everyone has, instead of be cocktail shakers and tools, you can use this. this is called the bottle rocket and that way, you know. sandra: a salted rim. >> a little cayenne on the rim. it's a bottle rocket and we're going to light you up. sandra: and i still have two hours of hosting to do, dagen if you'd like to. dagen: maybe off camera. sandra: they look delicious, kevin denton, thank you for sharing this. >> thank you so much and happy fourth, have fun. sandra: happy fourth and drink responsibly, i think we should add. final thoughts from our all-star panel. before we head to break, listen to this. ♪
8:56 am
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8:59 am
other the way my other grandfather, carmine did, the first thing he did was fight for america in world war i. and my uncle died in berma and the other uncle on bloody omaha beach and my father serving once again in korea. i'm proud of what they built, but proud of the way they built it with courage hard work and integrity. sandra: i'm going to need tissues the rest of the day for the rest of the day for all the proud. and leah gabriel and david, your final thoughts? >> i'm going to pick up where we left off with dale murphy, what we do for the troops. before they become veterans they've raised their right hand and written a blank check to this nation and over a million americans have sacrificed their lives on battle fields around the world and their families,
9:00 am
also, they work hard to keep the fires burning, work hard to keep the families going. dagen: quickly, red hail, on the fourth, home of patrick henry. sandra: and shout out. >> fort bragg, i miss the guy, i love him. sandra: stuart varney, it's all yours. stuart: remember a week ago, oh, the sky was about to fall. the brits voted out of europe. armageddon. how did that work out? >> good morning, eastern, well, the stock market selloff lasted a couple of days, we've bounced back to almost where we were before the vote. the gloom and doom elites got it wrong. there may be some selling today ahead of that long weekend, but we will actually open maybe just a tad higher again this morning. damage control from the attorney general. now she says she will accept whatever the fbi hands down from its e-mail investigation of hillary clinton.


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