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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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we need the partners and community across america to stop these young men. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. historians may record this as a dark day in american history. not only did f.b.i. director james comey bring into question his own reputation for reason and integrity, but also of the f.b.i. he leads. comey today announced he will not recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton over her use of a private email server when she was secretary of state. in what had been build as a news conference, comey instead read a 14-minute statement and took no questions from reporters.
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comey made clear he thought mrs. clinton was quote extremely careless in the handling of classified information. but he put for a contrived be facts of the matter. she says mrs. clinton and her aides were very careless in handling classified information. but then he sought to exculpate them by declaring very careless does not equal criminal, even as he noted what he termed potential violations of the law by the former secretary and some of her aides. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. lou: an extraordinary judgment in fact. the question of the hour and the next two hours in fact as we
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contain a special report about what has happened on this remarkable day, the question is why not? and why did he choose to declare he would not recommend prosecution of clinton exactly one week after former president clinton met secretly on a government aircraft with southern general loretta lynch. we'll take that up tonight during our special edition of "lou dobbs." ed rollins, kt mcfarland. we have a lot to discuss here tonight and we'll. hours after coachy cleared clinton. she boarded air force one with president obama to campaign in charlotte, north carolina. >> i was honored to stand with in the good times and hard times someone who has never forgotten where he came from, and donald,
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if you are out there tweeting, it's hawaii. cheers. lou: trump fired right back at mrs. clinton and the president. he said taxpayers are paying a fortune for the use of air force one on the campaign trail and crooked hillary. a total disgrace. trump will be holding a rally live in north carolina. f.b.i. director comey iing investigators and prosecutors concluded there was not sufficient evidence to push forward with an indictment. he then recommended the justice department do the same. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has our report.
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reporter: f.b.i. director james comey's statement to reporters lasted 15 minutes and he did not take questions. his findings under cut mrs. clinton's statements about her use of a personal server for government business. he said there is evidence of yong doing but that's as -- of wrongdoing but that's as far as it went. reporter: he said hillary clinton sent and received 11 some classified emails, nearly half contained intelligence at the secret and top secret level. >> none of these emails should have been on any kinds of unclassified system. all of these emails were housed on unclassified personal servers. reporter: comey said classified information was outside secure government channels and should have been clear to her and her aides. >> those in the position of whom
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he was corresponds being those matters should have known an unclassified system was no place for that information. reporter: that conflicts with hillary clinton's repeated denials. >> i did not email any classified emails to anyone on my email. reporter: some emails were marked classified at the time. >> only a very small number here containing classified information bore markings indicating the present of classified information. >> nothing i sent or received was marked classified and nothing has been demonstrated to contradict that. reporter: comey said clinton used multiple servers that were less security and government servers because her private email address was no secret. >> known by a large number of people and readily apparent.
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and. >> she used her personal email outside the united states in the territory of sophisticated adversaries. reporter: last month hillary clinton insisted the system was not hack. >> any indication your server was hacked by foreign hackers? >> no, no at all. reporter: comey said their job was made harder because the clinton lawyers never fully read email before deleting them. >> we have reasonable confidence there was no intentional conduct. reporter: he says her actions reflected a casual attitude. >> though we didn't find evidence that she and her colleagues intended to mishandle classified information.
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>> we don't share the broad assessment made our institution that there is a lax culture when it comes to protecting classified information. we take it very, very seriously. reporter: the white house says said comey can defend himself. but last week attorney general loretta lynch said she would accept the findings of career prosecutors and investigators. lou: joining us tonight, the president of citizens united, david boss bossie. you have on this broadcast be absolutely as positive, supportive of the f.b.i. director, an as i was casting great concern and questions about what he would do. where are you tonight?
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>> well, lou, you got me. i am just so deeply disappointed that jim comey, the f.b.i. director, the man i thought would hold up the highest -- to the highest standard the f.b.i. and our criminal justice system, really failed the american people today. lou: did he fail the american people or did he simply join a broader, broader cesspool of corruption in washington, d.c. and specifically within a highly politicized justice department for this administration. >> i think some can look at it that way. but i can tell you right now that jim comey, we did was lower the standard, he lowered the bar. he made it harder to prosecute future criminal conduct of high-ranking officials because
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of this irresponsible finding. he lowered the bar after laying out piece by piece what should have been an indictment of hillary clinton. lou: let's go through a couple things. talk about a reasonable inference of no intentional misconduct by the very people he across knowledged potential violations of law. what's interesting about that is there is no requirement of intentional misconduct in order to be found guilty under the u.s. code. >> that's right. then let's go to the next step. he said her lawyers did nothing wrong. her lawyers went through and scrubbed every single email, made sure that they were not retrievable. they made sure. going through extensive processes to make sure the f.b.i. could not reconsequence cute those emails. what happened here was criminal across the board. lou: i know you have to live in the town from which you are brad casting tonight.
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do you find it to be an overwhelming coincidence that it was one week ago today that former president bill clinton and the attorney general james comey's boss, by the way, were found discovered to be in a meeting on board a government aircraft in phoenix, arizona, in total violation of the most elementary protocols of law and investigation and their important in their -- in their responsibilities in their respective roles one the husband of a subject of a federal investigation, and the other the prosecutor. do you find it extraordinary? >> it's clintonesque. but secondly, let's not forget, bill clinton isn't just the husband of the target. he is a target. the justice department is not just investigating the state department, but the clinton foundation which he heads.
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lou: did you expect james comey whom you exhalted on this broadcast to mention the public corruption questions that surround the clinton foundation, the clinton global initiative? >> i was wondering whether he would mention it. i did not hear a single word about the corruption investigation that is currently ongoing. so i don't know the answers whether there is another statement ready to come down the pike at some future date. but i can tell you jim comey lowered the bar today. i'm incredibly disappointed in him. lou: how about the american people. donald trump said the system is rigged. he made it clear he didn't expect anything to come of this investigation even as others were in fact saying that james comey is too much of a man of integrity to sully himself with this administration, forgetting
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he had worked with this administration from it inception. your thoughts as we wrap up. >> i think the american people always believe the fix is in, and all this did today was reinforce that the american people are right. that the fix is in, and politicians are not held accountable. lou: one last question. where do we stand? you have been told at a federal judge at the insistence of this justice department that it will take 27 months to deliver the information that you seek in connection with the public corruption issues surrounding the clinton global initiative. >> this is just part of what's an outrageous operation at the justice department. lou: explain to me why you can't use the word corruption.
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and abuse power with this administration. >> this is nothing more than a corrupt system being shown to the american people, that certain politicians are above the law. there is nothing worse in american politic than that. the essence of corruption. lou: what we are witnessing what now, i don't believe it ever has been. >> i thought in the 90s, i thought i saw the worst. i now have seen even worse. lou: david bossie thank you for being with us and being one those trying to break through the cesspool of the federal government headquartered in washington, d.c. it's absolutely stupifying to what we are witnessing in washington, d.c. while we are awaiting donald trump's rally in carolina.
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he will take that stain shortly, lit up or not. we are coming right back. we have a great deal to cover tonight. we have two hours in which to do so. please stay with us. you will find it, i promise you, edifying and revealing. president obama and hillary clinton hit the campaign trail for the first time together in the key battleground state of north carolina. will the president help or will he hurt? donald trump continuing to fight the dirty nasty politics of what has become a dirty, nasty campaign season. >> when we look at what's going on in our country, we do deal in a rigged system. it's a rigged system. lou: stay with us, a lot more
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you guy's be good. i'll see you later [ bark ] [ bark ] bye. see ya pal. ever wonder what your pets do when you leave home? [ laughing ] aw you cutie pie. aw. aw. aw. aw. [ barking ] [ washing machine running ] party's on! know what your pets are up to with xfinity home. xfinity. the future of awesome. see the secret life of pets, in theaters july 8th. lou: donald trump took to twitter today and blasted the f.b.i. after james copy represented the department of justice not press criminal charges against hillary clinton. trump said quote the system is rigged. general petraeus got in trouble
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for far less. as usual, bad judgment. he followed up with quote f.b.i. director said crooked hillary compromised our national security, no charges. trump has been fighting against a rigged system for months now. joining us how charlie hurt and kelly anne conway, seniored a vice visor for the trump campaign. a rigged system and f.b.i. director one of the leading republican conservatives assured me in his judgment that he could produce a result full of integrity, brimming with thoroughness and what we got was an expansion of what is a politicized and corrupt justice department under this administration. >> it's a spectacularly missed
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opportunity for director comey. he exonerated her for criminal charges, then went on to rebuke her versions of what happened. hillary clinton withheld more emails than they released. he made it clear hillary clinton had multiple devise for her own convenience. lou: comey didn't style it that way. he said very careless and the statute said gross negligence. lou: i looked that up under the statute. extremely careless isn't in the code. >> it sounds like gross negligence which is in the code. >> if you were the leader of the department through which so many of these secrets passes. he went through the first part
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of those remarks confirming that he had a slam dunk case to prosecute her on. it even went beyond the basics of what she had been accused of. she violated so many laws and went on to say, their assumption is foreign -- that enemy operators had infiltrated some of her emails, possibly some of the secret ones. lou: if i can interject here. basically he was acknowledging that either a, they didn't know whether in fact she had been hacked, and b they didn't have the resources, technology and knowledge with which to make the determination. either way if it was ref la tory to our enemies as much as it was disappointing to americans who
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believe in a square deal and a fair and impartial justice system. >> setting up a terrible example for the thousands of people who work for the state department who go through all the mind numbing rules in order to handle -- lou: i have watched the state department function under the current secretary of state and for years under various administrations, and let me say to you clearly, our state department has become a separate government within a government. and it needs to be reined in and it has to happen soon. our very national security is at stake. i want to turn if we may, if we may, who is going to be the vice president for donald trump? this is a burning question. is it going to be ernst? is it going to be gingrich?
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who is it going to be? >> it seems like his short list is growing, and he's being public about the process. he's letting people see this party is unified. he has governors, members of congress, senators, business leaders, someone in the military. here is what's most important about the process. he has a number of different choices. usually you delegate to your vice president, the attack dog. but donald trump is so good at it, he relishes it. so maybe something a little less than that. but governor pence in the rust belt state, 10 years in the foreign affairs committee, 10 years in congress. governor pence. there are so many people on the
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list. lou: who is your favorite, charlie? >> normally the vice presidential pick has very little meaning. whoever hillary clinton picks i think it's irrelevant. who donald trump actually matters. lou: it seems like everything he does matters. >> she exercised poor judgment. this will and great exercise in judgment. >> if donald trump picks somebody like newt gingrich, there are so many people inside the beltway types who are in the never trump camp who love newt gingrich. he has a big brain. he understands the government. lou: a lot of people are scratching their heads. >> the remnants of never trump look petty if you put somebody on the ticket.
10:25 pm
lou: i think the never trumps have been marginalized. >> they would have a hard time opposing a ticket that includes somebody like newt gingrich. lou: early evidence, paul ryan falling in line with donald trump saying he's very concerned about the f.b.i. director and his decision today. that's encouraging, isn't it? thank you both. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is do you believe the obama administration is the most trupt in american history? we thought we would put that subtly and straightforwardly out there. cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. follow me on instagram, like me on all of it. lings to everything, we are assured that donald trump
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will be giving a speech in north carolina. f.b.i. director james comey directly contradicting hillary clinton a number of times. >> the facts are pretty clear, i did not send or receive anything classified at the time. >> 110 emails in 52 email chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time. lou: why was she cleared again? that's the subject of my that's the subject of my cyou totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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lou: a few thoughts on what is in my view the email scandal that belongs to hillary clinton and james comey. the scandal has been dogging the clinton campaign since last year when she was first forced to answer questions about her
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private email server. >> i did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. there is no classified material. sow i am certainly well aware of the classification requirements, and did not send classified material. lou: those claims were repeated by clinton for a year and a half and this past sunday she claimed in an since view she never quote received or sent any material that was marked classified. the comments one day after the f.b.i. interview. yet comey said the f.b.i. found 110 emails in 52 email chains contained classified information at the very time they were sent. including 8 chains containing top secret information. that's not the only con from diction from the presumptive democratic nominee.
10:32 pm
>> i optd for convenience to use my personal email account which was allowed by the state department base thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and my personal emails instead of two. lou: that was not on false, but preposterous. comey said she used several different servers and several device for her email. in last march she claimed all her work-related emails were delivered to the state department. but the f.b.i. director was being generous to a fault. clinton didn't even turn over half of her emails. in fact she deleted more email thans she turned over to investigators. in my opinion, director comey chose not to take questions from
10:33 pm
reporters in part because he didn't want to try to even explain that contradiction. his creation of new language to describe mrs. clinton's obvious conduct as careless was a pathetic effort to avoid the words "criminal gross negligence." i believe comey's comments relate less as an exan racial of mrs. clinton and a fault in her character and corruption in high places throughout our federal ghost. this is truly a dark day in american history. a quotation of the evening from john steinbeck. he wrote this. power does not corrupt. fear corrupts. perhaps the fear of a loss of power. we are coming right back with
10:34 pm
much more. stay with us. the f.b.i. director today made it clear hillary clinton has her own personal get out of jail free card. >> we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. lou: we knew the obama justice department was the most highly politicized in history. has it also just proved itself to be correct? ed rollins joins us next. why didn't the f.b.i. impanel a federal grand jury to decide whether to prosecute the clinton case? we'll take up that question with judge alex ferrer tonight as well. stay with us. the questions get tougher and the answers more fasci ♪
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lou: donald trump holding a campaign event in raleigh, north carolina. according to real clear politics hillary has a fractional lead over donald trump. >> four more years of the same thing. the last thing we need is another clinton or the last thing we need is an obama-clinton in the white house. we have got a mess in this country. we owe $19 trillion. soon to be $1 trillion.
10:39 pm
the debt has -- soon to be $20 trillion. the debt has doubled under obama. we are sitting on a mess and it has to be taken care of. and the way it gets taken care of is jobs. we are going to bring jobs back to north carolina. we are going to bring jobs back to our country. it's going to be america first, not all these other countries that don't give a damn about us. it will be america first. america, america, america, america first! [cheers and applause] lou: as you can tell, the audience at the trump rally loves that message and loves it a lot. joining us now, former reagan white house political director fox news contributor ed rollins. that reaction. >> that's the message. forget stuff that went on today
10:40 pm
and all the stuff that went on for 30 years, hillary never so much as got her hands slapped. he has four months to make his case to the american public. they care about jobs, they care about terrorism. those are the two things where voters give him the strongest marks. he is a leader who made tough decisions every day of his life in a tough industry. a president makes tough decisions every day. we don't want four more years of obama or clinton. that's the message he has to pounds for the next four months and don't get into the other stuff. lou: i'm into the other stuff. >> it's important that you be in it. but at the end of the day he has to convince the american public that he is the guy who will make the decisions and he's a leader. she is not a leader. i think at the end of the day we need a leader.
10:41 pm
lou: i want to go to the issue of the corruption of this administration. and james comey, talking to david bossie at the outset of this broadcast. this is a man who had supported -- one of the leading conservatives supported james comey saying he would deliver an impeccable state forward well-reasoned decision. he did the opposite. and we have got to have some part of this government that will be rational, fun it's in the hands of barack obama and the democratic party, it has got to be able to rights above partisan politics. >> i thought the f.b.i. director bought the case the first 10 minutes. the f.b.i. doesn't make the decision whether to prosecutor not. for him to say there is no evidence to bring this forward.
10:42 pm
he needs to say this is what we found. he took the attorney general off the hook today. anybody who sits out there and believes in conspiracies, bill clinton getting on the airplane. for the first time i started hearing she may stay as the attorney general. and then today for as quickly, he just questioned her on saturday, and i think they all but crushed -- lou: on a july 4th weekend, who in the world does that except a person trying to play games. lou: you have seen a lot of nonsense. do you for a moment believe that there was any accident in the fact that interview took place different wasn't an interrogation, it was an interview, on the july 4 holiday week wind.
10:43 pm
>> cheryl mills, one of the persons who is in the room with her. you know. lou: it was a total lovefest. there were 8 people in the room for the f.b.i. government in politic at that level. the answer that i'm sure she gave to the best of my many. this is what i remember. that's sort of the gimme that lets you go. all the evidence he laid out in the beginning, she could have been charged. they may not have convicted her, but they should have tried. it's now time for trump to go after her and address the -- the issues important to people, the economy and terrorism. lou: donald trump is honing in.
10:44 pm
>> he is honing in. that's where he has legitimate experience and that's what the country desperately wants. we have had three terrorism attacks. he's the guy to stop that. lou: ed rollins. thanks so much. up next the islamic state escalating its campaign of terror. former pentagon official kt mcfarland says the terrorist threat, the islamic state threat is worsening and spreading. >> they are going to saudi arabia and pakistan and other parts of the world and they are probably come together united states. lou: kt mcfarla
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lou: a suicide bomb killed 175 people in baghdad over the weekend and another attack in saudi arabia, three cities rocked by bomb including near the u.s. consulate in jeddah. all coming at the end of
10:49 pm
ramadan. joining us, former pentagon official fox news national security analyst kt mcfarland. this is worrying in that we are just watching a coordinated series of attacks being carried out. i don't remember this level ever by the islamic state. >> it's never been this bad. the president says the reason they are having to go so far is because we are keeping them in check. lou: that was a world class stupid remark. >> while they were saying that, all the senior u.s. intelligence officials, the director of national intelligence, the cia at every level were saying we don't think this is contained. you might expect something to come to the u.s. homeland this
10:50 pm
summer. who are you going to believe be the spin meister or the intelligence officials. lou: we are watching and the state department has become up a strong government unto itself within the government that i think somebody needs to get in there and bring accountability to it. >> it's becoming part of the spin machine at the stake of american security. isis is expanding, radical islam is on the move. the next fight that will break out will be the end game fight. lou: with an administration unlike any before. not even the nixon administration. >> which i worked in, by the way. lou: this is an administration in nearly he department is
10:51 pm
carrying out psychological operations against the american people. true propaganda being circulated and driven from he where from the white house to the 8 department to the defense department. you name it. it's going on. >> and the problems with fester and be laid in the inbox of the next president. it's going to be how do you deneed radical islam. how do you prevent crazy guys from getting their hands on weapons. they are the enablers. lou: the that on the part of communist china, and communist russia. in i said it.e these threats did out of hand by the national media is to go along with a set of choir book printed by this
10:52 pm
administration. >> they are enabling this version of event the obama administration put up. america has been a force tore good in the world, and the global community will comfortn this happy kumbaya. but what you are seeing its just the opposite. russia is back, china is on the move and iran wants to grab the entire persian gulf. lou: on wall street stocks closed lower. the dow fell 109. volume on the big board 3.6 billion shares. up next, f.b.i. director comey insists his agency conducted a fair investigation. >> i can assure the american people, this investigation was done honestly, competently and
10:53 pm
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10:57 pm
recuse herself from the clinton investigation. we assess question last week audience overwhelmingly and your responses it looks a little late for recusal. joining us judge alice farrer former court judge. it's great to have you with us alex. let's start with your reaction deciding that well there's nothing here that we are going to deal with. >> it's a mixed reaction. on the one hand i was pretty confident they would find some charges to bring. when you think of all the e-mails that we saw over the course of the investigation especially the one where she instructs her staff to take classified documents cut-and-paste onto another document pair fraser and send it ready can just grab the classification up of the document and say we are good. lou: well wait a minute judge but that's just what they did. >> i stand corrected.
10:58 pm
lou: none other than the director of the fbi. do you do you think only has dealt the fbi is severe, severe blow to its integrity and public confidence in the fbi? >> i think it could be doesn't answer questions. walking away without answering any questions as possible he aired on the side of caution saying this is a really close case in my decision to file charges will basically determine who the next president of the united states is a not a big guy want to do that. but in that case there's a lot of stuff they found out this wrongdoing even if it's not criminal. american people before they vote on the president have a right to know what the investigation revealed. is he going to stonewall, is the fbi going to stonewall the freedom of information act because of the pending investigation? lou: what about the judge who says okay wait a minute with citizens united request for.demint production from
10:59 pm
four months to 27. not only would she be in the office two years at that point. i mean this is outrageous and it's at the request of the justice department did we have people walking around like this is just business as usual. it is not business as usual. this is corruption. c i will say this but i don't believe that the fbi director is whitewashing this. i think he's making a judgment call because there are too many at the items on this case. originally they said 100 something but i think they parroted down. lou: excuse me they have been lying to us for a year. 150 agents and they have produced this? are you kidding me? >> regardless of whether they are worth 150 or 60 or whatever if there really was steps taken by the app ei director to kill
11:00 pm
an investigation for political reasons and call me does not have the reputation you would hear from agents that work on this case. lou: alex we were hearing the same stuff about. if they trieto do anything to bring political influence. explain something to me then come he creates out of whole cloth an expression called extremely careless. it seems like a very nice contrivance to avoid criminal gross negligence. >> i have to agree with you on that because the term negligent come he could be negligent but it's not criminal. if you get in a car accident you are not going to get arrested. most standards for dui and espionage if you are careless people say you are negligent. so what is extreme carelessness if it's not gross negligence? it's a term picked a guess to avoid a phrase that would otherwise require criminal prosecution. i don't know what it is but


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