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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  July 14, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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state of indiana and the midwest and help him in washington. what do you think? is this a smart move by the trump campaign? go to trish and tell and tell me what you think, we are days from the start of the republican convention and i will be there live in cleveland every day it to:00 and 9:00 eastern. liz: we are chasing the story on a day of political intrigue and speculation and back room deals. blake berman looks at the republican party and how it is preparing its platform ahead of the nominating convention in four days. these are live pictures of the art in see rules committee in place working to put a platform together. it happens when the presumptive nominee get set to announce his running mate to the world, donald trump making it known tomorrow at 11 am eastern who he will choose as a vice presidential candidate. political insiders, mike pence the indiana governor, there are
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other likely pics. would you be surprised if a billionaire businessman to picks chris christie, newt gingrich or somebody else? it has happened before. hillary clinton on the campaign trail pushing her economic message to latinos vowing to push president obama's immigration agenda forward as new polls show further evidence of a dead heat. we have the spoiler to all of it, governor gary johnson and governor william wells make up the libertarian ticket, they are joining me in a foxbusiness exclusive, they will lay out their case for specifically how they plan to fix the american economy. on wall street another record day. look at the dow jones industrials up 131 points as jpmorgan leads the bank higher. an hour for the closing bell, huge day, stay with me. the bulls are smashing down
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market records for the fourth day in a row and the s&p 500 for the fourth day in a row, third day in a row for the dow, jubilation in large part due to the surprise decision earlier this morning by the bank of england to keep rates unchanged, no need to cut them. that sent a huge sign of success and the optimism in the health of the global economy was bolstered by added to after jpmorgan reported earnings that even though they showed lower second quarter profits, it beat expectations for both earnings-per-share and revenue so you see jpmorgan chase jumping 2%. what that other banks do? citigroup, goldman sachs, bank of america, morgan stanley, all of them in the green from 2% to 3% for morgan stanley and goldman sachs. tasty returns for yum brands has that start moving higher by 3%. the owner of kfc and pizza hut, are we forgetting taco bell?
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beat earnings estimates for the third quarter in large part due to what everybody looks at with this company, the china business which the company plans to spinoff this fall, china looking better, so are shares of yum brands, politics at a monumental moment for the 2016 presidential race set to take place 24 hours from now as donald trump plans to announce his vice presidential pick at 11 am tomorrow at trump tower but there is intrigue minute by minute and many believe trump has narrowed it down to two candidates, mike pence and newt gingrich although some reports indicate trump may have already selected pence but do not count out other names, no one is sure. this as a new poll from the new york times show trump in a tie with democratic rival hillary clinton, each claiming 40% of voters. the are in see rules committee meeting to nail down the rules that will govern the republican
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party, that is a live picture. these delegates are deciding on each point that would be in there and how the nomination of donald trump will come down at the convention. the meeting marks the last stand of the never trump movement which is relying on will changes to overthrow the candidate. they have not given up at this hour. blake berman never giving up, has a front row seat with the latest on what these polls mean for 2016 and the race and why the rules committee meeting complete with word of a broken printer is so important. >> a lot going on this afternoon from cleveland to indianapolis and points in between. let's start with the vp stakes. with mike pence being the name being thrown out according to multiple national news outlets along with the indianapolis star saying he is the pick but as you mentioned, nothing official yet
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from trump for his campaign that pence has been the selection. whether they are trying to build up something, whether or not there hasn't been an official pick made they are saying hold off, wait until tomorrow. the official announcement will be at 11:00 in new york. pence is the governor of indiana and if he were to be trump's vice presidential pick he would have to remove his name from the indiana ballot where he is running for governor by noon tomorrow so the timing of all this works out with the 11 am announcement. the printer, we had a four hour delay here in cleveland for the rules committee, they blamed a broken printer for that delay, but it is set up for a meeting between the never trump backers who are trying to make a last-ditch effort to deny trump the nomination with them, members of the are in c and other grassroots efforts during that four hours away printergate. it is the last-ditch effort, the
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trump campaign is confident with the rnc they will not get the needed 28 votes to bring this to the greater convention floor next week for all the delegates to vote on. that would bring several more narratives between now and then, the rnc and trump, you mention the poll, the new york times polich is a dead heat, 40-40. i will leave you with this list in april when the poll was taken, hillary clinton had a 10 point lead, two months ago 6 points, last month 6 points and now it is -- for donald trump, potentially mike pence heading into this convention. liz: and trajectory favors donald trump at the moment and the stories changing every second so keep it here on
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foxbusiness for all your are in c convention coverage, wall-to-wall starting monday in cleveland. the dow is up 140 points. the bears are hibernating, we are again on track for record closes, third day in a row for the dow, fourth day of record closes for the s&p 500, the optimism about a seemingly healthier global economy has the chance that we might see a fed rate hike surging starting today. yesterday september was at 11%, now 17%. look at december, december was a 32%, yesterday, it has jumped to 41%, to the floor show traders at the stock exchange, tim anderson, i will begin with you. suddenly everyone seems to think because bank of england left rates unchanged and didn't cut them that means we might see a rate hike later this year. what does that mean for the stock market? we don't see the bulls getting scared? >> not at all. we got through the s&p 500 highs and the market is trading on its on momentum, no doubt about it, multiple sectors are through key
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resistance levels and we may have seen a peak bond moment when the 10 year got to 1.36, 1.37, we are at 1.52. so many people said the 10 year is going to 11/4 or 1%. it has rebounded off of that level quite a bit and now we are above 1.5%. the curve has deepened a little bit. that helped the banks a little bit in addition to jpmorgan earnings, no doubt jpmorgan is the cadillac of the group. a lot of banks report tomorrow and monday we will see if the banks give any momentum to this turn in the bond market and the yield curve. >> friday, tomorrow, citigroup, wells fargo, looking at the movement and the flow on the ground, we see money going into financials but what else, consumer names doing pretty well too.
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>> we do. right now it is a matter of where is the value? when you look what happened since the brexit vote, bond yields have plummeted, gold prices skyrocket, equities shrugged their shoulders and equities kind of sell your bond, sell your safe stuff and get back into the risky stuff because the fed could be ready to raise rates sooner than later, we are talking at least a year away before we see any substantial rate movement from the fed and that is because they don't know how to unwind. liz: let me give a plug to the nasdaq. as the nasdaq jumps we have 74 new 52-week highs for the nasdaq, yesterday was 101. i keep track of these things.
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this is unbelievable. >> where else do you go? the knee-jerk reactions in the bond market are not as big as the equity market. there are a lot of long bonds and people are moving into the equity market. liz: there is money going into oil but yesterday was ugly day, west texas pulling back by four full percentage points, and after three months of decent gains, do energy names lose a little luster? >> some, but this market has taken somebody blows in the last week or so and still managed to hang in there. if you are a technician like i am you notice 44.5, a major pivot point, a triple bottom, the market is held in there but it is encouraging it is finally, gasoline, heating oil showing a little strength. the market is probably going to digest these numbers, i am surprised we haven't had any inventory figures that substantiate serious up move but
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i say positive to this market gravitating more towards $50, and no reason to panic, absorbed as much. >> it is $1.80. to see all of you, thank you very much. as we look at the right hand part of the screen, dow 30, all are in the green, moving at the top, jpmorgan showing real leadership, apple giving jpmorgan a run for its money, the closing bell 49 minutes away. golf's big four says no thanks to playing in the olympics but they are well underway in scotland. where do they stand? we have your british open updated a moment. with unlikable levels for trump and hillary skyrocketing, coming
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up foxbusiness exclusive with libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson and his running mate, bill wells, who say to fix the economy, we should uber everything and that might be music to this guy's ears, the silicon valley legend with the midas touch. early investments, he is next on what the 2016 candidates are missing about jobs, tech and revitalizing your economy. get ready for the rio olympic games
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liz: look at this live crowd in virginia awaiting hillary clinton, earlier today, she left the latino community strengthening her commitment to growing jobs. >> we will make the biggest investment in good paying jobs since world war ii with support specifically for latino owned small businesses. liz: 140 top tech sector leaders weighing in on donald trump's candidacy, more like smacking it down. saying we stand against donald trump's divisive candidacy and want a candidate who embraces
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ideals that build america's technology industry, clinton and trump fear the future and by promising return to old economy jobs like coal and punitive tariffs, you say they will hurt the economy. >> if you listen to the rhetoric, we are talking about the free-trade agreements, having high tariffs, punishing our trade partners, high taxes. >> some of them want to lower taxes. >> the whole rhetoric is antibusiness on both sides. they want to go back to an economy of the 70s alreadys. what next? wage and price controls? how about the cold war with russia? neither of them are talking
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about the future. the future is right in front of us, self driving cars, who would have believed a few years ago that private enterprise would send people to mars? being prepared as we speak. robots are going to revive the manufacturing. liz: people say robots will eliminate jobs. you are saying these new ideas like robotics and autonomous vehicles will somehow revive the manufacturing world? >> the history of technology, additional technology expands markets. what will happen with robots, you have robotic technology that is cheap enough that small and medium-sized manufacturers can bring their manufacturing to the united states and create jobs. the jobs might not be the same jobs, someone has to take care of these robots, program them, move them around. liz: a massive shift has to take place. not everybody is a harvard or
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stanford or berkeley kid who can come up with an idea and know how to work cell phones like no other. you have those industry jobs that have gone away because natural gas is unbelievably cheap. we are not asking to go back to typewriters because everyone is using pcs and laptops but how in your world would you propose getting the old coworkers and coal miners with the new robotic area and that opportunity? >> it is possible that the coworkers, this idea, you might have to pay them to do nothing and we can afford to do that. younger workers coming up whose family have been in generations in coal mines should not have to be in a coal mine and won't be. we have an opportunity to educate them and train them for the jobs of tomorrow. the federal government has 150 different training programs none of which are effective,
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resources. liz: classic federal government. you have a company, if you have seen this, to disrupt the mattress industry, you -- the mattress industry is insane. you have a company you have invested in where the mattress pops out of the box, a lot of people love it. we had it here and profiled it where we opened one up and we see how the mattress pops out, these i made in america, you have plants in south carolina, georgia, illinois too. this is an to say new economy jobs eliminate all jobs. >> if i look at my companies combined, we have 270 companies, they created tens of thousands of jobs, entrepreneurs create jobs for others, casper is a good example, you mentioned manufacturing, casper has a plan to create many more jobs. multiply that in the united
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states because with the new economy the supply chain doesn't have to be extended to asia. you control your supply chain with quality workforce. >> if you had trump, hillary and gary johnson in front of you, what is the one thing you would say to them? >> tell me about the future. what are you going to do to eliminate regulation, smooth the path for new people to create new companies and tell me why that is not something you would want. liz: eric hippo, you created quite a few companies by feeding them and salting them with your money. closing bell 39 minutes away. the dow has jumped even more since we started this program 21 minutes ago, the dow is up 152 and csx chugging along. the third-largest american railroad reported a 12% drop in
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revenue but the street like second-quarter earnings, stock is jumping 31/4%. one step closer to facing music, we take you to brooklyn for the pharma bad boy's latest court appearance. countdown coming right back. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder.
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>> to scotland the opening round of the u.s. open nearing completion today. the golf's big four who decided to skip the conference over zika feared losing out today, absent from the leaderboard. americans won the last six open. phil mickelson at the top of the leaderboard, left with an amazing first round shooting -- how about that? not bad. take a look at the big board, we are getting close to session highs, we are up 153. the session high up 165, we
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stand at 18,025. this will be another record for the dow, s&p ontrack for fourth in a row. remember this dude? pharma bro martin shkreli, one of the most hated guys in america back in court, charged with fraud. the judge setting a trial date for the embattled entrepreneur, mark it on your calendars, june 26, 2017, he gained infamy for jacking up the price of an aids drug by 5000% overnight and separately got busted for securities fraud. adam shapiro live outside the courthouse in brooklyn, new york, just spoke to martin shkreli's attorney. >> reporter: he is facing charges for securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud, and it will take pl. june 26th, 2017. 's attorney has indicated they
3:28 pm
will make a motion to sever the case, two defendants, martin shkreli and the attorney who was the attorney offering counsel to the company which martin shkreli was the ceo. i asked are you pointing the blame at the attorney? here is what he said. >> i don't think there is a finger of blame to point in this case. to the extent that both defendants may be innocent but one is a lawyer and our client relied on his advice, doesn't necessarily mean either of them committed a crime. >> reporter: if the grant -- the does grant severance and a judge independently, there could be a separate trial that would possibly take place in october 2017. i want to reiterate martin shkreli's trial scheduled for
3:29 pm
june 26, 2017. liz: thank you very much, adam shapiro in brooklyn, closing bell 32 minutes away, investors lining up at the stock exchange. lori rothman, the hottest tech ipo of the year charging ahead on an empty floor on the stock exchange. out to lunch maybe? would you trust your money with this man? alex rodriguez hunting around for a post baseball career job as a money manager. charlie gasparino on the bank taking the a-rod meeting. foxbusiness exclusive, libertarian party presidential ticket is here, their first interview since the newest polls came out, former governor gary johnson and william wells talking jobs, business and how they plan to fix the american economy. you got to hear what they have to say, countdown coming right back.
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>> i'm lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange with fox business's tech minute. investors to buy up, this japanese messaging company. went 32 bucks a share. opening at $42 a share. it raised 4.4 billion. they hope line's success will encourage more companies to do the same. >> hoping some tech companies looking to go, particularly super high quality growth companies with a path to profitability, they will find the waters not as cold as previously. >> shares at 4bucks. that -- 42 bucks. trading in tokyo tomorrow putting the company's market value at more than $8.5 billion. more "countdown to the closing
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bell" straight ahead. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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liz: so brand new cbs "new york times" poll showing a dead heat between donald trump and hillary clinton at 40%. when you add in libertarian candidate the two are still tied, but this time at 36%. johnson coming in with 12%. former new mexico governor is climbing steadily in polls. hillary and trump are interviewing vice-presidential candidates. johnson was confident to pick william weld. unlikability numbers skyrocket for trump and:to. we have gary johnson and running mate bill weld live from las vegas. welcome to you both. thank you so much for being here. >> liz, thank you. >> thank you, liz. liz: governor johnson, you need
3:36 pm
15% threshold to qualify for presidential debates. what is your specific plan, grassroots plan or otherwise to get there to be allowed to participate in the debates? >> it is right now, liz, the fact that you have got us on in this interview will get us over 15%. liz: thank you. >> but that being said, fox business news, come on you report clinton and trump at 40-40. reporting where the majority of rest of that is, would be johnson weld. that is really where it lies, liz. you have to include three names and if you will do that along with everybody else, i think that we will survive the scrutiny that will go along with being acknowledged for where we're really at. liz: don't you need to work the phones? when i say a grassroots plan, don't you need to do something to get people to start answering when pollsters call up and somehow get them to get to your side? what is that plan.
3:37 pm
>> it is getting these earned media appearances, really is pivotal. right now there is insatiable appetite. i think the appetite would be even greater, if like i say, right at the top you just report three names as opposed to the two. because there is a big gap. 20-point gap. we're the majority. liz: what about going after bernie voters? governor weld, would you guys, if you go after those voters, do you agree with his protectionist policies, where he is very much against some of the trade deals? >> oh, good lord, no. if you, we're both economic conservatives and focused on job creation and i think one of the big differences between us and the other two candidates we're unabashed free traders. free trade, that japanese tech company you just were describing, with $8.5 billion market cap, that is a good example. mr. trump wants to impose a huge tariff of goods on various
3:38 pm
countries and have a closed economy, telling everyone in america you don't have to compete with the world. that is just not realistic. we think open economy is the way to go. we think a lot more emphasis on the kinds of industries that have high wages, generally free trade, favors the united states with high-wage jobs. any low-wage jobs that are lost are more than offset by high-wage jobs of the you may remember liz from your days in massachusetts, we emphasized software and telecom and biotech which were high-wage industry and it was to advantage of workers in massachusetts. the average wage went way up. retraining, resettlement in case there is a slide-off in an area is very important. liz: yeah. >> i think the government has a big role to play there. but if you really focus on it i think we can cushion any negativity coming from open and free trade. you reap benefits for united states which has the highest productivity in the world per worker by far. liz: you just differentiated yourself from donald trump and
3:39 pm
hillary clinton, who by the way is just walking out on stage in virginia. >> right. liz: to appear with tim kaine, the senator there. governor johnson, to taxes because hillary clinton would like to raise them on higher earners and donald trump wants to bring them down for everybody. both their plans scaled and squared by some independent groups there add to the deficit. do you believe in trickle-down economics, tax cuts on highest earners? does that work? >> well, this is all about equal opportunity. government can create equal opportunity. i don't know so much about income equality, but equal opportunity, absolutely? count on us to reduce regulation. count on us to lower taxes. that being positive. that being a job creator. if i could wave a magic wand, liz, and i'm looking to get elected president of the united states, but if i could wave a
3:40 pm
magic wand i would eliminate income tax, i would eliminate corporate tax. i would abolish the irs and replace all of it with one federal consumption tax. if we did not have, if we did not have corporate tax in this country, tens of millions of jobs would get created in this country because why would you do that anywhere in the world other than the united states with zero corporate tax rate? >> liz, we both did cut tax as lot when we were governors. liz: i remember. >> gary cut taxes 14 times in new mexico. never raised them. i cut taxes 21 times in massachusetts. never raised them. in my first term the unemployment rate in massachusetts went from the highest among 11 industrial states to the lowest. so my answer is, i do think tax cuts work. it is important for the employer community to know there is one-way ratchet and taxes will only go down. they don't have to be big tax cuts but predictability. liz: people here depend on certain things like social security and welfare,
3:41 pm
these entitlement programs. we had alan greenspan on today. listen to what he said about that. he is warning about them being so bloated, then i will get you to comment. >> we're seeing an aging of the population very rapidly. and that means essentially that ever-increasing share of those in the population who are entitled to medicare and social security rise inexorably for the next number of years. >> that yeah. >> that means you will get entitlements driving out or crowding out basically grease domestic saving. >> governor johnson, who deserves a safety net? who should be mooted from it? and not have billionaires start to receive social security checks anymore? >> this is where we're different than clinton and trump also. the entitlement need to get addressed. when it comes to social security, raising
3:42 pm
retirement age. could have a very fair means testing to social security, medicaid, medicare. these functions are going to have to devolve to the states. yes, there should be a safety net but if we continue on our present path it is fiscal disaster. it is over the cliff unless we address these. here are two guys that recognize this as opposed to gee, i guess we'll just put our heads in the sand and it will fix itself? i don't think so. liz: governor weld you were reelected in massachusetts with the highest margins in history of massachusetts. you got there because you balanced the budget as you talked about, you privatized many state services, but a national challenge is a lot bigger. i need to get to infrastructure. would you guys put together a infrastructure plan that shovel-ready to create jobs? >> you mean a tarp type program? liz: not necessarily tarp but some type of a stimulus that is
3:43 pm
guaranteed to go to infrastructure? >> you're asking me? i'm not so sure about that, gary? >> well, liz, you know, private sector creates jobs, not the public sector. does the public sector, federal government have a role when it comes to infrastructure? look, we collect taxes for this. one of the problems is, is that the taxes we collect don't actually go to the infrastructure that they're meant to actually improve on. so are we going to change that formula? not necessarily but look, government, government stimulus, when it comes to jobs is tax policy, is certainty, when it comes to regulation, there are going to be a certainty here that rules and regulations are going to be protect consumers but, you know, advance an individual being a entrepreneur. >> you know you sometimes hear from national democrats including i think the president and senator warren of massachusetts addressing the owner of a small business saying, you didn't create that
3:44 pm
job, the government created that job. i profundly disagree with that. i think jobs come from the private sector and fact is, that 80% of the new jobs come from the small business sector. we have to focus on that part of the economy. >> both had successes with your respective states. we appreciate you coming. please come back again as we follow your trajectory. former governors johnson and weld. >> thanks, liz. thanks for getting us over 15%. i'm sure polls tomorrow will reflect that. liz: we'll check the next poll. we have the dow jones industrials jumping 136 points. we will be right back. don't go away. ♪ v
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liz: breaking news would you trust your money with this guy? major league baseball about to trade alex rodriguez to bank of america?e gasparino witg
3:49 pm
news. >> just kind of lay this out for the viewer. we report, you decide. liz: start writing a check. >> alex rodriguez met with officials at bank of america last week sparking speculation inside of the bank, that is how i got the story, he at some point looks to make a career move to wall street. what happened? he went to bank of america. he held a meeting with the number two guy at bank, coo under brian moynihan. we should point out what makes bank of america an interesting meeting for a-rod, bank of america does sales, trading, commercial banking. one of the biggest brokers in the country, merrill lynch is owned by bank of america. i should point out a post-baseball career meeting. what he might does. who he knows in the baseball business. because what his, i guess appeal to something like bank of america, with the brokerage business he has access to other rich major leaguers who
3:50 pm
he can bring in to be clients of bank of america. every major brokerage firm out there focuses on sports figures because of their high net worth, the need to save. too many don't save enough, don't invest enough but clearly business potential is there. that is what we know. they did meet. point out bank of america confirmed a meeting with montag. something they do once in a while with the yankees. it is nothing out of the ordinary. they said no job was being offered. we're not saying a job was offered but what i know from my sources inside of that bank there was a broad discussion about his future and what he can do for them and what he can do for them. i should point out alex rodriguez, fifth or fourth leading home run hitters. he. he is close to the 700 home runs. controversial career. he was banned for a year using performance-enhancing drugs. he is not having a good year. people speculate this may be it for him.
3:51 pm
obviously a career on wall street is something he wants to do. you vowed to stay through his contract with 2017. liz: let me tell you something about this guy. i give him this. he has been very smart with his own money. he has bought real estate. he is has bought art. s.e. well-known in the art world. >> dating a silicon valley woman. liz: dating sergey brin's ex-wife. why did know that? >> that is fascinating. he didn't dating a cheerleader. he is very smart -- liz: she is dating him. she is smart. she has a brilliant company that tests dna. >> i did a full report on in the report i addressed what it going on with derek jeter. as you know derek jeter retired in 2014. this isn't totally out of the -- sports figures do this. wayne chrebet, used to be wide receiver at the jets is broker
3:52 pm
at stifel-nicolaus. derek jeter runs sports trivia. a baseball website. he is close friends with greg fleming, former head of management at morgan stanley. you could see him doing something with greg. liz: you're on the right track. i think a-rod bringing in other players with a lot of money don't know how to use it, they might trust him. this wouldn't be him managing other people's money? >> no, i don't think so. i think is is more like kind of an act kest. that is what he and wayne kchr-ebet are doing. a-rod not having a good year. clearly who knows. 1 1/2 years out of the contract. the contract ends at 2017. this isn't a bad time to be snooping around to see what is out there. he and montag, not like he was meeting with a low-level guy. tom montag runs basically the bank. he runs brokers division.
3:53 pm
this is what happened. it is exclusive to fox business and on right now. liz: see if he adds to 695 home runs with a job offer from bank of america. >> bayer and monsanto, you and i kicked rear end on this. liz: megamerger, is it happening? >> liz and i were saying monsanto expected up offer, offer slightly higher than it is now and some sort of a breakup fee. that is exactly what happened. they came in with $125 a share offer and $1.5 billion breakup fee. along what we said. will this happen? market is saying it still won't happen. probably not enough. liz: great reporting on all fronts. we have records again. dow up 144, s&p up 12. records abound. we'll tell you somebody that tells you what to do with your money, not next four days but the next year.
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liz: breaking news. everybody focusing on a string of records. looks like we'll have two more today. the dow with the third in a row. we're up 146. s&p with its fourth in a row. my next guest is taking a quantum leap to next year and why 2017 we'll see the market lift off. we have gradient portfolio manager michael binger is here. he tells you how to capitalize on your portfolio. you have a crystal ball? how do you know what will happen in 2017? >> i don't know what will happen in 2017. i can make an educated guess forecast like everyone else. we always talk about the market this and that. that is a bunch of companies. that is what the market is made up of. those companies are on the cusp of showing year-over-year earnings growth. that will happen next year and i think it will drive stocks higher. melissa: what do you do? a lot of people don't have vision that far advanced. which sectors look to be real opportunities? >> i think the past six to nine
3:58 pm
months, it has been value-driven and dividend-paying stocks that really performed well. kind of the boring stocks, utilities and reits and companies like that pay strong dividends, steady eddies. i think that is going to change. they're probably a little overvalued right now but growth names are not. when earnings are growing and economy doing okay, those stocks tend to work. i think we transition in the next few months from more of a value based driven market to a growth market. melissa: you know that absolutely makes sense but if you believe what michael binger is saying, michael, people will say what is growth stock from where you sit? >> okay. well, i think a growth stock -- you really want two things to make a stock work. you want to have growth but want to have valuation reasonable or undervalued. i look at both. i think apple is a great stock to buy right now because it takes both. i think iphone 7 will be a hit. i have a little thesis that apple, they have every other
3:59 pm
product cycle is successful one. iphone 5 good. iphone 6 not so good. i think iphone 7 will be good and successful. that stock is ridiculously cheap right now. the investor base is trying to nitpick production numbers and all that. i think that is a bunch of busy work. when all said and done apple is very cheaply valued. it will show growth. you want to own something like that. liz: let me quickly say, omega growth has a yield of 7%. as we look, we have about a minute left here, tell me what you think about the dividend paying names. seems like that is an overcrowded trade right now with a minute to go before the closing bell rings? >> it is an overcrowded trade right now but omega health is not an overcrowded stock. it has been a laggard. investors are worried about it. it yields 7%, liz. most dividend-paying stocks, prices gone up and yields way down. not the case with omega health. they provide health care
4:00 pm
facility sos skilled nursing health care pro. >> liz: we're watching confetti. another record from the closing bell. connell and melissa, pick it up here for "after the bell." melissa: the dow just keeps on climbing. we've got a solid rally today, ending up more than 130 point as we hit another record close for both dow and s&p 500. i'm melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane filling in for david asman. when i'm fpling in we get all the records. melissa: don't tell david. connell: i won't. here is what else we have for you at this hour. reports say donald trump has chosen his vice president. we'll tell you who inside sources say join him on the ticket. it may still not be 100% confirmed. cl


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