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tv   Special Coverage The Republican National Convention  FOX Business  July 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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life from the 2016 republican national convention in cleveland, ohio. you are watching special coverage. maria: welcome today too. -- to date two. jeff sessions has internet. it is happening live right now. >> hi maria i am down here by oklahoma and a lot of empty seats over here and i was worried with some of this never trump talk that they might not show up or might walk out it turns out that the bus is delayed. as for the programs tonight we
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had have paul ryan up already and some of the speakers mitch mcconnell by keeping with the theme of making america work again. and governor chris christie will be there tonight. it will formalize the domination -- it will form and i the nomination of donald trump. maria: there is a former rollcall happening right now and it certainly feels like unity on the floor. it was an anti- trump contention. what can you tell us in terms of what you are seen on the
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floor in the way of disruption. >> so far no disruptions. but again the "never trump" delegates are not ruling out some kind of disruption. they might walk out they are reserving the right to do that. a handful of them. we will just probably hear some of them try to wrestle for the microphone and get a word in and try to make their voice heard during some of these roll calls. the state of utah we saw that disruption yesterday in maine, washington state, those are some of the states and the delegations to watch later in the rollcall. maria: they were on their feet a moment ago. it certainly feels like unity right now on the floor. we are watching the rollcall take place life as it happens. maria: we want to bring in the former republican candidate
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mike huckabee as we watched this rollcall. your take away on happenings right now. >> disappears it is going smoothly. let's hope it continues to. it would be embarrassing if someone tries to at this late stage upstage the nomination for donald trump. he has one of the delegates and the nomination. any attempt to say i want my voice heard, it's like saying the football game is over and the whistle is blown and one team decides they don't want to leave the field. at some point you have to suck it up and say he gave it our best shot and we lost. i hope tonight we don't see any of those shenanigans the answer is not the country but their own personal views and that's unfortunate if they do that. i don't get hurt donald trump. she won it is a momentous time right now. what an important moment.
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they go state by state state-by-state the theme of the night of course "making america work again". is there any expectations throughout the night what is your take away right here. they are treating -- chanting right now. >> the party has come together. that opponent is hillary clinton. in the danger she represents to those of us for want to see people go to work again and have a safe world to live in. and so what i think tonight is a extraordinary outpouring of support. they will focus on jobs the economy, something we haven't seen a whole lot of in the past eight years. and something we won't see for four or eight years.
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i can give a great night at the rnc. >> it's all about jobs. the unemployment rate is 4.9 percent. there is frustration about jobs. what you want to hear from these speeches as we hear behind me state-by-state kicked off by jeff sessions. what do they need to say in regards to jobs quacks. >> they need to remind people that is for the top 10% of the economy. for the body -- for the bottom 90% that has to change. donald trump has talked about it. they are really fair so that they can be free-trade. it's a different kind of trade.
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and those are the messages i think we are going to hear tonight that resonate with people not just traditional republicans but union workers. maria: we know that one of the major pieces of a policy from donald trump have been rolling back regulation. regulatory burdens has been one of the issues holding back jobs. >> i think one of the reasons they have credibility it's somebody who has built huge buildings, resorts and has built multi story towers in big cities. he understands how much it cost to comply with government regulations. he truly is a job at created. hillary has never created jobs. she's only signed the back of the government paycheck. it will be occurring to a lot of americans that we have enough people who have been running this country who have
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never had to run a business large or small and has it been the person personally responsible for the well-being of employees. she has been shaking on foreign governments to get money. and living large of a foreign governments. and then selling off the favors. i think people will be refreshed should know that we might have a president that the way to create more of them with better wages is to not make that regulatory and that tax requirement so high. if anybody in america fully understands that it is donald trump. maria: that is part of the platform that he has been running on it so far. we will hear more about that tonight. if you can't support trump you don't deserve a microphone. i want to get your thoughts about that. it certainly feels like it
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tonight. it feels like the convention has made headway in terms of a rallying around trump. do you agree with that quacks. >> i stand by what i said. i had been speaking at every convention since 1992 nobody would get near that stage if they were not supporting the nominee who whoever it was. and even beyond. you just don't. and you shouldn't. we are a party and we are trying to elect. and win the world series. when you try to tie the shoelaces together of your own team. i still believe that it is time for some of these guys who join me on the stage a year ago on the fox news channel we would support the nominee it is time for them to do one of two things. stand up and say i'm a man of my word and a woman of my
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word. i will do what i said. or say i will be who i am i lied through my teeth. maria: they did agree to the pledge. we want to bring in monica crowley. the energy in the room what do republicans need to do tonight quacks. >> they need to have a very big night tonight. had have a good night last night. this is a very important convention. we have to come out of this all fired up. and moving forward this is the first time in modern history one of the exciting nights is the rollcall vote.
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maria: that is what we are hearing right now. let me get to paul ryan for a moment. he is explaining the rollcall. >> with their obligation under rule 16 of the convention rules state law or state party rule in its state. the official results from each state are those announced by the secretary. the chair wishes to announce that if a delegate request a poll be taken pole be taken of their delegation under rule 37 the secretary will send representatives of the convention to supervise the pulling of the delegation after it is completed the results will be delivered to the secretary and the secretary shall announce it at the end of the state in
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accordance with the rules. lastly, i wish to remind our delegates our alternates, and yes that maintaining order is extremely important. if the convention is not in order it is difficult for the secretary or the presiding officer to hear the boat announcement or acknowledge delegates seeking recognition. to conduct the rollcall of states i am pleased to introduce at this time are distinguished secretary of the convention. [applause] maria: speaker paul
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ryan is just explaining the delegates. they will nominate donald trump to be the republican nomination for the president of the united states. i am with ed rollins. monica, the issue is trade. let's listen in on this rollcall. >> mister speaker the great state of alabama and the home of national champion football team the rocket that took us to the moon that place where we had two of the greatest trump rallies in the nation mobile, alabama. he is proud to cast his vote for marco rubio, 13 votes for
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ted cruz, 36 votes for the next president of the united states donald j trump. [applause] maria: alabama becomes the first state to formally nominate donald trump. such an exciting night you can feel the energy in the room. >> he was casting alabama's vote. what is important about that is that he was the first establishment conservative it really changed the trajectory of the candidacy.
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so his report early on made a world of difference. he was one of the main architects and immigration reform. one of the men behind donald trump's ideas ensuring that america has a clear handle on immigration. that is the issue that launched donald trump. he announced last june. he never knows that position. and here we are one year later facing the most astonishing is a cool story of our lifetime. ed rollins we are watching alaska. your thoughts.
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obviously a minority but they are still there. >> the most important thing is it always seems to start with alabama. i think i was 13 years old. they have an extraordinary southern voice. the key thing is other people are getting votes. it will be very exciting. he wanted fair and square. this is democracy in action. very important for the rest of the world to watch. maria: what state are you looking toward in terms of the most notable for a donald trump or not. >> most of the states he has overwhelming support. i think the key states that are ohio and governor john
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kasich one. and maybe one or two others. the truth of the matter is the majority of the night will be trump. maria: let's listen a bit. >> thank you. maria: we are watching the rollcall happen literally life. we are watching state-by-state nominate donald trump. we will hear from arizona next. we will hear it now. >> with the rules of this convention america samoa nine votes for trump.
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>> arizona, 58 delegates for the following delegates. if the eight donald trump. >> my name is robert garrett. i am reporting and happy to announce from the hottest state in the country for job growth arizona delivers 58 bound votes to the nominee donald day --dash mcdonald j trump. >> pursuant to the announcement and the rules of this convention arizona 58 votes for trump.
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>> arkansas, 16 trump. arkansas land of opportunity and the earth place of johnny cash and al green, we are open for business and growing jobs in manufacturing. republicans control every statewide office the legislature and the entire congressional delegation. unemployment is at its lowest in history. we have the best on earth. we are number one in rice projection. we raise delicious catfish. we cast 40 votes 15 votes for ted cruz and 25 votes for the
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next president of the united states donald j. trump. maria: the rollcall continues. trump is now at 131. we are on arkansas right now. the crowd is on its feet. it will unfold before our eyes. the rollcall vote is underway. there at 166 votes right here. >> it is really astonishing and quite emotional. to see the ascent of a very successful businessman to be having this is stunning.
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the fact of the matter is 16 professionals including one of him you head over $100 million jeb bush. he head about $80 million to spend. he did it through sheer force of his personality. and here we are tonight. >> california with 177 delegates. with the chairman it isn't so important that my son and my three sons, had opportunity for the future. there are families that need safety in their community. mister chairman. donald j. trump is the candidate that can provide our voice. he will provide hope and opportunity of the true
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american dream. that is why i am honored to stand before you today on behalf of the great state of california california that as 100% a trump delegation. 100% donald j. trump. 172 delegates in california. all of them are on trump.
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the crowd is going wild on the floor. the rollcall takes place. underway right now with california voting 172 delegates for trump. it is extraordinary. all of them went to trump. >> they cast all of those. it is the sheer enthusiasm and energy and passion for donald trump. it is the reason he is standing here ready to accept the party's nomination. >> we are off to colorado with their 37 delegates. the dynamics which is the home base of the clintons obviously it's not a solid republican state.
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california which i grew up with is now a blue state. a longshot at the changing dynamic. we will see a fascinating campaign ahead. ed rollins think you so much for your insight. we won't be right back with more life from the roll call at the national convention.
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welcome back we are coming to life. the rollcall takes place in front of us. we are life with the rollcall vote.
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governor it is good to see you. you can feel the energy in the room. it was one of the highlights of the whole year. having your candidate nominated and then we walk out here we put our game face on and then the war begins. 393 delegates. it seems like there is unity on the floor. we will see more of that. they are not going to vote for hillary clinton we are watching florida right now. >> we all live we make it a point to thank them every day we are the state that gave lebron james his first two championships madam chair you
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cannot win the presidency without winning the great state of florida. all of the delegates going to donald trump. ninety-nine delegates going to donald trump. florida is a swing state that is important. >> what they're saying they are being represented today in cleveland you have seen the unity and excitement around this. there are other swing states. you don't see the president winning an election without certain things. i think they need to win new york and florida were hoping
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california will come through. maria: what have you seen while being here on the floor speaking with delegates and your colleagues. has there been a change in sentiment this week. >> this morning when i was up speaking to delegates it was time. like i said we are gonna leave your work here were to have our game face on. tonight's theme was make america work again. what do you want to hear it tonight from the speakers to feel like it will resonate. how do you get that subject cross. >> the average public they understand what jobs mean. they are out there wondering if there can have one tomorrow.
6:30 pm
he is in a bring jobs back to america. that is so important because that is what will grow the economy and make america great again. >> interesting to see there are still votes for cruise. are you surprised that he is still there. they need to get over it. get over it come on board. >> you mentioned manufacturing jobs. he has done a good job in his state of indiana in terms of the economy creating manufacturing jobs when industry has been under pressure. >> absolutely. there is a long history and working with donald the two of them together are a perfect
6:31 pm
match to restore the cities in the town's maria: any surprises tonight when you look at state by state as the roll call takes place. >> i think he would have all of the votes. i'm disappointed in the ones they chose. where are they can go? unfortunately john kasich is not here at the convention his own state the state of ohio. no votes for john at this point. i wish he would've come. >> he has been great for the state in the area. i've known him a long time. he probably had other obligations. >> my privilege the roll call
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underway. a number of important states discussed with huge numbers of delegates like california. how would you talk about the reaction right now to this rollcall vote. >> donald trump will win the combination and who will win when it in the next few minutes or so and he will when it big and so far there has been a lot of clapping and applauding and cheering for trump and the convention appears unified. there might be there to raise at the protest. maria: idaho is the next state 20 -- 566 delegates.
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idaho with 32 delegates let's listen in to what is going on. >> idaho is the most republican state in the nation. were so republican when we say the pledge of allegiance as to the republicans for which it stands. our entire delegation is republican. and our legislature is 80% republican we are indeed a red state. we are proud to cast our vote as a result of her primary election 20 votes for ted cruz, and 12 votes for the next president of the united states donald j. trump.
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>> pursuant to the rules of this conventionidaho 12 votes trump 70. i'm sorry one moment. idaho split a bit. trump is at 568 votes. the roll call continues. we will continue life from the republican national convention as a rollcall the rollcall is underway. stay with us. you do all this research on a perfect car,
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maria: welcome back. day two continues in cleveland. we are watching iowa underway in the roll call. nine trump, 24 cruise, six rubio , one john kasich. madam secretary home of the world champions the kansas city royals.
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maria: we are watching the rollcall take place. 113 he's at 18. trump is running away with it obviously as expected. >> twenty-four votes for ted cruz, six votes for marco rubio and one vote for governor john kasich. >> let's bring in scott now. it is great to see you. thank you so much for joining us. we went to the same grammar school in brooklyn, new york. you been so vocal out there. tell us why. >> i think our country is in really bad shape 95 million
6:40 pm
people out of work obama care is a disaster. we can keep going down the same road. we do get a guy in there that knows how to fix step. in tonight's make america work again. what you want to see in terms of speeches and job creation. >> i want to see that they are going to bring corporate money back into the country. see when he has a great tax plan and he wants to encourage companies to bring it back. there are individual tax rates. to create competition, healthcare and put it back to where it was. make that competitive. i think that will create a lot
6:41 pm
more jobs as well. maria: the economy continues to be the number one issue you would think that that kind of message that he has been delivering would resonate with those people. you've been walking around, meeting delegates. do you find that there is unity in this room tonight. >> everyone that i ran into. everybody is so pro- trump right now and i am happy to see that. donald trump now with 718 delegates. he has made his family central to the campaign tonight we will hear from donald trump junior. tiffany trump trump as well. his daughter will introduce him on thursday night. eric trump will speak tomorrow night. talk to me about the trio and bringing the family into the conversation. >> if you think about it any children of any man could of have a chance to screw it up
6:42 pm
and create controversy and being in that spotlight and the bad way. every one of his kid is a standup human being does the right thing, you don't hear any bad stories about that. maria: we were watching the roll call earlier in california was all in. you would think that that is really a democratic state but we had 172 delegates go all in for donald trump tonight. i live in a crazy state. the rest of the state is conservative. you have the coast. you've san francisco and la and the rest of it is conservative. that is where the population is. maria: that is the picture of what is happening right now. if you look at the maps is pretty much all there except
6:43 pm
for the big spots of liberal voters. his wife obviously now been talked about in the news because of her speech last night and it resembles remarks. i don't think it took away from her in any way shape or form what is your take on this controversy around her? >> there's nothing really to it. a big yawn. i always say give it a couple of days and i just read now that the speech that she plagiarized elizabeth dole plagiarized. i think it is a big waste of time. maria: it is similar throughout the years. we see similar commentary in the speech. what is most important to you as you see this convention take place. what will be successful from
6:44 pm
your standpoint? >> right now we had 766 on trump and he needs 1237. other than that i want to hear ben carson and chris christie later tonight. i would like to see and meet him as well. a lot of great speakers tonight. i mean it. fantastic. thank you so much. the vote to officially make donald trump the republican party party nominee is now well underway. charlie over to you. >> you now, it is trying to reverse some of the lack of euphoria that came this morning. great speeches.
6:45 pm
that sort of momentum that was coming out of the convention last and i will i will tell you it was electrifying and even the generals that was deflated wholeheartedly this morning when the whole campaign was basically sending off charges of whether she did or didn't plagiarize her speech from michelle obama and that i think is the goal right now. to change the narrative, get the focus back on hillary clinton, barack obama, the economy and safety. that is what you will see tonight after donald j. trump gets his votes. that is what every speaker is gonna try to do. get the train back on the tracks. it's something that all of the republicans in the audience want. it looked like a great night for donald trump. it was widely acclaimed. this is a woman who english is
6:46 pm
not her first language. the run think i thing i hear even from trump operatives is that one of the problems is the lack of infrastructure they need a better infrastructure to deal with the little things that basically derail the message and i think that is one of the things that hopefully they are saying coming out of this convention they know that the campaign does work on that infrastructure. it also comes with money. you see all of the attack ads. donald trump needs the fundraising to go his way in order to do what you are talking about. >> he is fundraising here. there has been multiple fundraisers here. a guy that has been on your show in the past. donald trump is going to be at a fundraiser on thursday.
6:47 pm
so they are raising money. they have a late start but that donors are telling me the money is starting to come in. the real question why did he wait so long and wise and he using his own money to build infrastructure. other key questions that have not been answered. maria: he kept saying that he wanted to fund it himself. charlie, thank you. let's listen in. >> minnesota 38 delegates. eight donald j. trump, on behalf of the great state of minnesota home of 10,000 lakes home of home of and home of the late, great prints -- prints.
6:48 pm
and the state that has have the longest drought of the republican president it will change this year. eight for the next president of the united states of america donald j. trump. maria: we are watching this rollcall underway. the count is trump at 843. over to you. >> it will be interesting to see how this thing picks up tonight. like i said i think a lot of the conventions are momentum driven, how do they build on that narrative.
6:49 pm
in gay net momentum. going forward as you and i were talking about the trump campaign needs infrastructure. if you don't have those people rce of certain things however you can be sure that you will have that on the ground in ohio in a couple of months to make sure this all important state it would get out the vote. the people that want to money to support the campaign. that is one scared that they have. listen, who cares where some of this stuff came from. it wasn't the gettysburg address. i think that is what they are going to have to address very shortly. see one tonight's theme is "making america work again". we will take a short break. we will talk with lou dobbs
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maria: welcome back we are live from the arena watching the rollcall place take place. the economy continues to be the number one issue we are joined by lou dobbs. what an exciting night. >> i have to say the excitement is probable. the platform has also adopted that. you had been among the few carrying this longer than anybody. you had covered immigration and this is you so well some e-books on it. you have to be feeling tonight
6:54 pm
like that message has resonated with the american people. it is exciting to watch this campaign which he has brought each of these issues to the floor culminating in this convention in which he will be the republican party's presidential nominee. it is gratifying and i will tell you something else. to restore prosperity and all americans. this was a time of excitement and opportunity for the entire country. nevada had 30 delegates. new york is one that is going to be watched really closely. it 172 delegates go all in for donald trump. what you expect out of new york. i expect that they are going to push them right across the top as is customary and i
6:55 pm
think as donald trump said a lot of people did not think it was possible. he has done exactly that. now if coors comes the hard work. of actually winning those states on november 8. immigration is a major platform. not only does he hit on national security but with jobs. and that is the theme of tonight's event. we talk more about it throughout the primaries in either party it goes to the heart of what this country is. our foundation is the most powerful economic system on the planet. we have lost our way over the course of the last 15 or 20 years to be conservative.
6:56 pm
it is clear that he is going to be the the jobs and the economy first and forward in his agenda. he achieved. >> it is my pleasure tonight to read the votes on behalf of the people of new hampshire. two votes for marco rubio, three votes for jeb bush, three votes for ted cruz, four votes for john kasich and 11 votes for my friend and next president of the united states donald j. trump. [applause]. maa: wh meightowike
6:57 pm
pee hiviceresintia pi andhat so hs on bs. it h dona great job. obviously i new hampshire fellow himself in the former campaign manager and appropriate and generous moment for everyone to enjoy here in the convention center. making the surprise appearance at the luncheon today talking about the economy. everybody in this room has to be united around one idea. donald trump makes it clear. that is can be one of the major priorities. certainly his top priority to see the potential of this country into here donald trump express his view of that potential and the potential of millions of americans stagnant for 15 years.
6:58 pm
this is a time to change directions. to washington first. and then the rest of the country. we will see about that. new jersey is up with 51 delegates. he needs those delegates to officially receive the nomination from the republican party. new york a significant number of delegates. do you feel unity tonight? >> i hope for it. the country depends on it. does a 51 votes the great state of new jersey our children, and many of our children. and the governor of the great state of new jersey he will be here. i do sense of unity.
6:59 pm
>> i feel like it is there and for the first time you've seen the party gets behind donald trump in a big way tonight. it is also. the republican party is leadership and the majority took control. we will have our moments of excitement because this is donald trump you can see he is getting a record number of votes for any republican candidate there is nothing but good ahead. we are on new mexico. we are looking for new york with a significant number of delegates.
7:00 pm
farhad of the ted cruz. we are likely to see that. take us through the next couple of hours. thank you for the honor of covering new york. we are live from the quicken loans arena. nineteen of the national convention here in cleveland. a lot on the arena floor. the republican party officially crowning donald trump. new york now lets us know. >> the home of donald j. trump. the drama builds. they had been planning on backing other candidates during that traditional roll call but they are not standing


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