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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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those types of jobs. >> liz: all right. the clock is about to hit 4 p.m. eastern. you know what that is, mooch. >> yes. [closing bell rings. liz: anthony scaramucci, "wall street week." string of wins has been? ed. sorry. seven record closes of the dow. there is the closing bell. david and melissa pick it up for "after the bell." david: seemed too good to last. the dow snapping a nine-day winning week. starbucks, chipolte, they're coming out any moment. we'll cover it all. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we'll cover you on all big market movers. here what else is coming up this hour. gearing up for the main event in a few short hours, donald trump will take the stage to officially accept his party's nomination. we have a previous view what to
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expect. meanwhile ted cruz is responding to harsh criticism over his speech last night. why even his supporters are now calling him out. among our guests joining us this hour, dennis kucinich, karl rove and ambassador john bolton. david: but first let's get back to these markets. the dow ending in the red. this is the first day in 10 that it's done some intel, american express, nike, home depot are among today's biggest losers. phil flynn, price futures group, fox news contributor watching price of oil from the cme and lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, why the downturn? reporter: you said it, david. what a run the dow has had, market up seven consecutive sessions. record highs on those days. many on wall street welcoming that breather. you had interesting central banking news out of japan in particular where the decision was expected to be helicopter money, basically money infused
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directly to business and consumers to stem deflation going on in that country. everyone thought that would happen. the boj president opted not to do that. that set the tone early. you also have this, getting back to the run in the u.s. markets, almost 20% gain as of yesterday, since the "brexit" vote which is really tremendous. so again, to lose, you know, just a couple of points, 79 points is not a huge deal. talk about earnings. we're right in the midst of q2 reporting season. we'll get a bunch of headliners today, but the stocks today, general motors, third largest automaker, basically raising forecast for full year and reporting record second quarter profit. check that out, up 1 and 3/4%. existing home sales, best levels in nine years, comes after the homebuilder numbers yesterday stronger than expected. pulte group out with much better-than-expected earnings and boosting its financial forecast.
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that is why you saw such a pop in shares of pulte t todayay, up 5.4040%. ba to you. >> thank you very much, lori. phil, oil is lower. what is driving it lower, today? >> traders want helicopter money, come on! oil prices looked like they were boeing higher. we had a risk-on trade, stocks moving higher. then the headlines about governor karrada came out, don't get money in the system, prices go down, demand goes down. we're concerned about a glut of gasoline supplies even though gasoline demand in june hit the highest record on record. but even so, supplies are at highest level since 1984 according to the american petroleum institute. if you don't get a lost stimulus, you will not use a lot of gas. that will drive us a bit lower. that is the mood right now. we've seen the mood move to the downside. other thing we had was natural gas report today.
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it came in lighter than expectations about the injection, around 34. hot temperatures keep pressure on that market. it will be interesting to see how much energy demand we're going to use in next couple weeks due to natural gas and closing of coal plant. back to you. melissa: phil, thank you for that. david? david: due to hot weather as well. breaking the record, not in a good way, the dow snapping its nine-day winning streak. let's bring in today's market panel. jason rotman, lido isle advisers. kevin is here, kevin rotman from recon capital partners. kind of wrong on the prompter there. jason, nice you can come of off a streak like we had, with a downturn not a real big selloff, isn't it? >> exactly. first thing comes to mind, david, this is your classic, classic wall of worry scenario which is what happens when the market keeps on trickling higher with people just scared of some
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next unforeseen event that never happens. market up nine days in a row. in is minimal pullback in front of a very important fed meeting. nothing to be alarmed at. david: k kevinwe had good economic news. liz was talking about that earlier. next week fed meeting. i'm not hearing anything about a fed rate hike. if they will not raise rates now, when will they? >> that is hard to tell because economic data is coming in mixed. hard to say fed can raise rates especially with a flattened yield curve. if you think about it, the market is accumulation of companies and their earnings so the market is focused on company guidance going forward. if you looked at earnings this week, or johnson & johnson, microsoft, beat on bottom line, top line, increased guidance that dictates market moves. next week, people will not be concerned about the fed but companies actually -- david: jason, isn't there
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concern we've had zero interest rates for too long, it is time for a rate hike? >> it is. the only reason we've not gotten rate hike number two this year was activities outside of the u.s. "brexit," et cetera. i think we will have one rate hike this year. it will not happen next tuesday but happen in the fall especially if job growth an wage growth goes up even incrementally. david: let me stop you. starbucks reporting third quarter results. ashley webster in the newsroom. ashley, what are the numbers? reporter: tell you, david, earnings per share coming in adjusted 49 cents per share. that is exactly where it was supposed to be. revenue, 4.2 billion. slight miss. same-store sales one of the key components they look at this type of report. starbucks made a big push in
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china. also looking towards india. that sound healthy. 4% rise in same-store sales in the u.s. okay, perhaps on low end of the estimates. same-store sales was up 6% in the previous quarter. a little down, looking ahead, perhaps, the numbers not quite where expectations why were. as a result starbucks as you can see, trading down four to 5% in after-hours. okay, miss on revenue. met expectations on earnings but some of these numbers are a little soft. waiting to get into the loyalty program, that kind of stuff which has proven to be a good source of revenue for them. mobile payments as well but down 5% now on these results. david: that's bad down right after the closing bell. it is $3 loss. kevin, this company was going great guns the past year. what happened? was it due for a downturn or what? >> i don't think so.
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this company does right bying stakeholders and shareholders. we'll see some guidance on that especially going into china, looking what they're doing there. they have a partner for mobile payments in china. that is the next leg of growth. we'll want to see guidance on new food initiative. they can expand outside of italy there. they increased pay for their employees and increasing stocks-based compensation. so we're going to want to see that but that may trickle through on some of these misses. david: jason, face it, this is coffee, commodity-based company. they have to buy a lot of coffee in order to sell what they sell. when dollar is strong, commodities go down. that is what is happening the past year. is that why they're going great guns and some concern whether the dollar will continue its strength for this company? >> yes, but i think the bigger picture is they're going through this transition, if you can call it that, a la, getting into india and china for the next 30 years of their company's future growth.
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they're transitioning their rewards program into a more spending-based program. so, yes, dollar has something to do with it. but more a transition nary element of starbucks why i believe it is long-term buy and hold. increasing the dividend. $75 price target. david: i know they have a huge growing middle class there, but still starbucks coffee is expensive. their expenses are tied directly into the price of coffee. isn't there a limit how much we can have in china? >> there is and we'll have to see what their tastes are, right? basically, there is an assumption by starbucks that the chinese will actually like this but we're seeing middle class growth from 50 million people to 500 million by 2020. they're hoping they can get even a fraction of that. melissa: the department of justice suing to block two major health care mergers through antitrust lawsuits claiming anthem's bid for cigna and aetna's proposed merger with
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humana would reduce competition and harm consumers. jason, it is amazing to
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he is really ready to dump some of our allies or are his words getting twisted again by his critics. melissa: trump may address the growing global outcry where he formally accepts the party nomination. what we expect from tonight's headliners coming up. david: there is this man. ted cruz digging in the hole he
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dug for himself last night. will he ever stop digging and climb out? among our guests, dennis kucinich, karl rove, ambassador john bolton. >> stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution. [shouting]
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melissa: chipolte in second quarter results. go back to lori rothman. >> it's a miss, melissa. shares are down in extended session with reaction, missing by 1%.
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chipolte is saga, with knew -- norovirus and e.coli. not great but, you know, the ceo is out pointing out they have the rewards program, it is called, what is the rewards? chiptopia. apparently this is big success, nearly 30% of all transactions are engaged in this chiptopia rewards program. it is encouraging customers back to the store. back to you. melissa: for folks on radio who can't see bottom of the screen, earnings were 87 cents compared to 93 what the estimate was. that was on revenue of 998.4 million, versus 105 billion. david: refusing to support his party's nominee, ted cruz literally booed off the stage in cleveland after refusing to
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support donald trump. it was an amazing spectacle. the texas senator dealing with major fallout but he doubled down on the decision earlier today. our own blake burman is live in cleveland with the very latest. blake, there is an old saying if you're in a hole stop digging. he is still digging, isn't he? reporter: he, i think it is the understatement of the week here, david, to say there is a whole lot of republicans here in cleveland very, very upset with ted cruz today. yes, he did double down. he did so at a breakfast this morning among the texas delegation. keep in mind he was speaking in front of hundreds texas republicans still received immense pushback from the very group. cruz tried to make argument he congratulated donald trump. he said he didn't say anything negative about donald trump last night, however he would not say in front of those texas republicans if indeed he would be voting for donald trump come november.
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that was one issue. the other issue of course is the famous pledge. cruz, like the other candidates had said multiple times that he would have eventually support the republican nominee for president. that of course being donald trump. today he would not go that far. i want to you take a listen to cruz from earlier this year. and from cruz earlier this morning. listen here. >> no, no, this is not politics. i will tell the truth. i will not malign, i will not insult, i will not attack. i will tell the truth. this is not a game. it is not politics, right and wrong matters. we have not abandoned who we are in this country. reporter: two of the presidential candidates on the stage, two of the presidential candidates on the stage earlier this year, governors rick perry and mike huckabee, both told me, perry thought this risks cruz being pariah in the republican party. huckabee feels it is disqualify ier for cruz in any
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presidential race going forward. david: thank you. blake. melissa. melissa: tony sayegh, jamestown consultants, fox news contributor. tony, wow, quite a gamble for cruz. what do you think it means for his political future? some people say we watched him commit political suicide there. other people saying if this was his staking claim to the conservative party, what do you think? >> ted cruz unified the republican party against him last night. i will tell you, melissa, amazing how many republicans all week privately said to me they will support trump yet not on the trump train, found what ted cruz did despicable and now are more enthusiastic to make sure that we do emerge out of this convention more unified behind the trump-pence ticket. don't forget ted cruz insulted his very good friend, governor mike pence, vice-presidential nominee endorsed him in the primary. if ted cruz's goal was to advance his political career, position himself for 2020, he
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failed miserably. you used word a lot of us were hearing, political suicide. it may be that. we'll see in the future. he certainly did something that unified republican party in disgust against him. melissa: he would say, he said he never got i'm sorry for all the insults hurl at his family, at his father, at his wife. he is standing up for conservative principles and he doesn't think that donald trump reflects those conservative principles. there were people last night on social media, on television programs who supported him and said, you know, that he followed his conscience.respond to those arguments? >> scott walker, governor of wisconsin, equally as conservative as ted cruz made the best point last night. if you're not voting for donald trump, you're voting for hillary clinton. so if ted cruz is not voting for donald trump, he is supporting hillary clinton, who is the further heft thing from the kind of conservative leadership he would like to see. this is a farce. this whole idea he is insulted,
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his feelings are hurt. he insulted his wife, by the way i criticized donald trump for when he did that back during the primary. would have been a non-issue if ted cruz, for example, was asked to join the trump ticket, right? i'm sure he would have found a way to get over it. he is using it as a complete convenient excuse because he did not anticipate getting so much pushback, even from the texas delegation. melissa: yeah, some would say donald trump saw the speech before he went on the stage, letting him go on the stage anyway was gracious. some would say it was foolish. we'll see. we have to go. tony, thank you so much. david: some would say it was calculating as well. stay tuned to fox business. catch maria bartiromo for special live coverage of the rnc starting at 6:00. that is earn time, followed by lou dobbs at 7:00, "cavuto: coast to coast" at 9:00. i will be there for three long hours. 10:00 p.m. eastern, the big one, donald trump taking the stage. you don't want to miss it. melissa: you mean three magical fantastic hours. david: wonderful hours. actually this will be very
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exciting political theater. melissa: all right. planning to wall off donald trump. protesters burning the american flag outside of the rnc yesterday and tonight demonstrators are planning the biggest protest of the convention so far. we are going back to cleveland. that is next. >> america is for us all. >> america is for us all. ♪ before it became a medicine, it was an idea. a wild "what-if." so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures and worked for 12 long years. there were thousands of patient volunteers and the hope of millions. and so after it became a medicine, someone who couldn't be cured, could be.
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melissa: tense atmosphere as conservative and liberal protesters continue to demonstrate outside rnc convention. connell mcshane standing by on the streets of cleveland with the latest. connell what does it look like out there today? reporter: looking at public square. aptly-named area in downtown cleveland which should get, if anything, more enthusiastic, put it that way, as the day goes on. codepink protesters mixing with a religious fringe group. doing so peacefully thanks to local police on bicycles, that
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set up a perimeter that separates the two of them. later we are expected to get to this very place, largest anti-donald trump protest we've seen today. earlier today, footage we can show you from jeff flock's coverage, the group that will be staging that, had a march. it was a large peaceful march. jeff was telling me most of the marchers appeared to be pros figural people, doctors and lawyers, whatever they were they were quite peaceful. we hope not a repeat what we recorded 24 hours ago, the flag burning a few blocks from here, right outside of the quicken loans arena, led to 18 arrests, two injuries albeit minor for police officers. things are heating up. the groups are mixing. because of effectiveness of police so far they have been able to mix peacefully. hopefully that continues into the evening. back to you. melissa: connell, thank you for that report. david: don't you love those police there? they're doing a great job. shares of pan door --
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pandora are getting crushed after reporting mixed second quarter results. listener count fell while advertising revenue was up 15% year-over-year. earlier today, pandora reject ad $3.4 billion acquisition from siriusxm offer. that is probably why the shares dropped so free sippetsly. melissa: -- precipitously. melissa: donald trump is gearing up for the noll nation for president. what trump has to do to hit this one out of the park. that is coming up. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the cla250 for $299 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. david: making america one again, the theme of the final day of gop convention. the spotlight, unity, a topic on everyone's mind is donald trump preparing to take the stage a few hours from now to formally accept the republican nomination for president. our own peter barnes in cleveland with the very latest. unity, peter after what happened with cruz, kind of ironic. reporter: that's right, david. one. speakers tonight for donald trump will be peter thiel, the billionaire tech company founder, venture capitalist, facebook board
4:34 pm
member and libertarian and he will be able to talk about the economy and innovation and jobs. he is endorsing donald trump over hillary clinton as the best candidate for doing that, for the american people. he also happens to be gay and can help republicans reinforce their brand as the party of the big tent, the open tent. and he is expected to talk about that and mention that but to encourage republicans, really to focus more on economic proposals from donald trump and the party and less on the social issues that have tended to divide republicans. the republican part platform for example, this year includes provisions that oppose same-sex marriage and transgender protections advocated by the obama administration. but the trump campaign has downplayed thiele's sexuality, saying he was really invited
4:35 pm
here because he knows donald trump and because of his credentials as entrepreneur. we'll look forward to his remarks. david? david: he is one hell of a businessman, you have to give him that. peter, thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa? melissa: here is david drucker of the "washington examiner." thanks for joining us, looking ahead to the speech tonight. stephen miller is the speechwriter who worked on it with trump but he is pretty well-known. they went through it with a fine-tooth comb. they have been working on it for a very long time. donald trump would make handwritten notes on onlined white paper and send them up the line and went through to put the speech together. it is supposed to be sweeping, bigger than reagan some people have said. what are you expecting? >> well i think the key donald trump needs to present his agenda in a way that communicates to a general election audience and palatable and acceptable and attractive more so than hillary clinton. he also has to satisfy the
4:36 pm
question of temperment and give american voters the image of a president and he has got flaws he needs to overcome. so does hillary clinton. he is deeply unpopular. americans aren't sure if he is qualified to do the job as president. they know that he is qualified to run a business. they know that he has deep experience in the economy but there are certain decision-making processes as president, and i don't think he yet sold the public yet on that. i think that is what they're looking to do with the speech. melissa: i wishing we had more time. we've got to run. he will talk about safety as foundation for prosperity, something people are focused on. david drucker, thank you so much. david? david: meanwhile booed off the stage, ted cruz drawing a line in the sand, possibly uniting the grand ol' party. what we can expect from "the donald" tonight.
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david: ted cruz igniting ire of former -- delegates and former supporters by failing to explicitly endorse donald trump. >> we're not fighting for one particular candidate or one campaign but because each of us wants to be able to tell our kids and grandkids, our own carolinas, that we did our best for their it future and our country. david: but the failure to endorse explicitly trump last nightstands in stark contrast to a stance he made earlier. >> yes or no, will you support donald trump if he is the nominee? >> yes. i gave my word that i would. what i endeavored every day in the senate to do what i said i would david: has cruz lost his place as conservative leader and helped mike pence and other conservatives unite around donald trump? with us to talk about this is karl rove. karl, first of all, do you think
4:41 pm
that donald trump kind of new what was going to happen? he certainly knew what was in the speech. he read it a couple hours earlier. do you think he kind of let cruz speak because he knew that cruz would really be rejected by some conservatives as a result of this? >> yeah. well, i think that is what he may have hoped because, look, at that point he was stuck. it is amazing to me there was not an agreement in advance that the remarks by senator cruz would not be reviewed by the trump high command and approved. that is the way it is in every modern convention. everybody who speaks submit their speech. you have to have an agreement on it but apparently in this instance they did not but got a copy in advance. at that point they were stuck and had to make best of a bad situation. david: karl, don't you think it actually turned out in trump's favor? because cruz really lost a lot of power and influence as a conservative leader? in fact i think mike pence, the vp pick is now sort of the presumptive head of the conservative movement within the
4:42 pm
gop, don't you? >> in isolation i think that you're right, it did work to trump's advantage and to cruz's disadvantage. cruz looks ungracious, the man who won gave him a chance to speak at convention, what he, cruz wanted, and cruz repaid him by ungracious failure to announce his support. if you're going to be on that stage, you better be willing to support the nominee. on the other hand, trump suffered disadvantage that the story of the night should have been mike pence. the story of the night, that was a fabulous speech. david: it was. >> pence is really good guy. this was a chance for the american people to see he is common sense midwesterner. in full disclosure i worked with him at the white house, i really liked him. he was straightforward, listened to you. he was low-key. if he disagreed with you, he would tell you. he is a independent thinker. he did a great job. self-deprecating humor. mild man irthat would have been the story out of last night had
4:43 pm
it not been for ted cruz. david: but long term wondering what it will be? in fact as you used word, likeable, that is the the perfect expression what mike brings to the table. he is very likeable guy. gave very eloquent defense of conservative principles just as specific as ted cruz's defense of conservative principles. will he as conservative, wrapping donald trump in middle after conservative package help donald trump months to come? >> my view, i applauded the choice. i thought it was very smart move on trump's part, when you look at people he was considering. this is the one that can help him consolidate the republican party. want to be careful about the word unify. the republican party has elements -- [inaudible]. when you consolidate the republican party and get nine out of every 10 republicans supporting the nominee, that is what you need to do. i think pence gives that. he is reassuring figure.
4:44 pm
his mere choice, the choice of him trump said, if you're a republican concerned about trump, here is his vice-presidential choice, if you're a conservative, mike pence helps assure you trump is on your side. david: final question, karl, can donald trump depend on conservative base of republican partying coming out to vote for him in the november? >> we heard a lot this week by the end of this week we'll have the republicans unified and blah, blah. look it, not that way. what happens you walk out of convention through momentum. i've through this twice. in 2000 we had to keep worry about the party moving in right direction, healing breaches from the primary all the way through september and october. we'll walk out of here with 108 days, just over 13 weeks, it is important that the trump-pence ticket continue to motivate an enthuse republicans while spending considerable amount of effort reaching swing voters and
4:45 pm
disaffected democrats. job can't being done in four days or one speech. we have to lower expectation what is trump will be achieved tonight. david: karl, you're getting paid double because of noise going on behind you. that is in your next paycheck. >> that noise is coming from a 6-year-old who is three feet tall. a lot of noise from a little package. david: karl rove, thank you very much. have a good time tonight. appreciate it. >> you bet. melissa: donald trump taking the main stage tonight at rnc to officially accept the republican nomination. he is getting slammed though over recent comments he made about nato. ambassador john bolton is here to weigh in on that issue. we'll be right back. you do all this research on a perfect car,
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david: as we've been talking ted cruz getting slammed over reneging to endorse trump in his speech last night but donald trump let him speak even after he read the speech. would hillary clinton have allowed bernie sanders, to speak at the dnc if he hadn't formally endorsed her? joining me former congressman dennis kucinich. what do you think, if the situation had been reversed, dennis and hillary not endorsed bernie, would she let him speak if she saw a speech where there wasn't a endorsement? >> in a word, no. david: i agree. it does say something about trump's character, doesn't it, compared to her character? i'm not sure exactly what, and how it might affect the campaign but will that play out in the campaign somehow? >> well, look, i have run twice. so i have been in the situation where i spoke, i had two opportunities to speak to the convention and it's, you know, frankly, more or less expected as a matter of honor, once you make a commitment to run in a
4:50 pm
primary, if you get the platform position, particularly a prime spot, that you're going to endorse or support the nominee. so it is kind of surprising what happened last night. but i would say that for my own experience, when you go through that process, it is basically expected. it is not like it is an order. as a matter of fact, had mr. trump didn't nix the appearance of mr. cruz, does say something about mr. trump. david: by the way, there were some other interesting speeches last night. one by eric trump, donald trump's son, about hillary clinton and her vulnerability compared to his father and his strength. let's play that sound bite. >> vote for the candidate who can't be bought, sold, purchased, bribed, coerced, intimidated, or steered from the path that is right and just and true. [cheering] david: is that an effective ad campaign? >> well, you know, i look at it
4:51 pm
this way. i think the american people would be better served if the candidates for president would say what they stand for, the direction they want to take the country and, with all these problems we have in this country, with the violence in america, with so many people out of work and economy still in trouble you know, let's talk about what you're going to do for the american people instead of beating each other up. david: hopefully we'll hear some of that tonight. senator tim kaine from virginia, is he going to be hillary's vp pick? what do you think? >> i don't know. i think he is formidable. you can't rule out tom vilsack or secretary perez. secretary clinton needs help with a particular constituency. any one of them might be helpful. we'll see what happens. david: dennis kucinich, great to see you, dennis. thanks for coming in. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: donald trump facing backlash after comments made to the "new york times" about our nato allies.
4:52 pm
he was asked, can the members of nato including it new members of baltics, count on united states to come to their military aid if attacked by russia. and count on husband fulfilling hair obligations? trump said, quote have they fulfilled their obligations to the u.s.? if they fulfilled our obligations to us, the answer is yes. when pressed to clarify, well i'm not saying if not, i'm saying right now there are many countries that have not if fulfilled their obligations to us. we have ambassador john bolton, aei and what do you make of those comments. >> i was very disturbed about that. this is alliance. this is not a bookkeeping matter. i agree completely with donald trump a lot of our nato allies have not born the fair share, spending as percentage of their gnp what they committed to spend but i tell you, when you call into question the
4:53 pm
authenticity of the nato guarranty, you are opening the door for vladmir putin or other potential aggressors who see a wedge between the nato countries and they will drive through it. the point here is, we don't want nato involved in military conflict. we want a deterrent capability that keeps the russians at bay. and when the leader of the nato alliance itself opens its commitment in public view like that, it is a deep wound. melissa: let me play the devil's advocate of the other side for a second here. one thing you might say is that, you know, the u.s. has been carrying the load in a large part for nato. that there are many countries that have been free riders along the way. it is not fair to be carrying most of the burden. obviously we benefit a lot. but you have to get serious at some point making other countries fulfill their obligations. what do you think? >> sure. they should spend more money on their defense. they don't owe us money. let's be clear about this.
4:54 pm
this is obligation to spend their own money on their own defense but let's also be clear about nato. given we have free riders in it. given many allies around the world who are free riders, we're not doing it for them, we're doing it for us. if we don't protect our interests around the world, nobody else is going to do it for us. imagine what the reaction in places like israel and japan when they see the most successful political, military alliance in the history of the world, the first time in history the united states entered into an alliance in peacetime called into question? this is, this is very, very disturbing and the enemies of the united states are looking at this and saying, this is a real opening for us. melissa: there are people right now though say we haven't always backed our nato allies recently. look what has gone on in france with isis in particular. you know, our own president wasn't there to march with
4:55 pm
francois hollande after those attacks in the streets. that we haven't stood up for our allies lately. that we haven't talked strong for israel and made deals with iran. nato seems it wasn't was. >> i think the obama administration foreign policy has been wretched, no doubt about that, but alliances transcend political administrations. this is an alliance much blood and honor. this is not for bookkeepers and accountants. melissa: yeah. >> let's be clear, when we look at pluses and minuses of nato to america, since 1949 and treaty of washington, nato's article v, the common defense provision, has been invoked exactly once, in defense of the united states when we were attacked on 9/11 and did it within 24 hours of the attack. none of the europeans said let's review what the united states is doing. alliances and alliance among friends. melissa: absolutely.
4:56 pm
i hear you, in spite of music behind you. thank you so much. you're a hero doing that with all that going on. appreciate your insight. david? david: twenty-first century fox today announced roger ailes, chairman and ceo of fox news channel and fox business network and chairman of fox television stations has resigned from his role effective immediately. rupert murdoch will assume the role of chairman and acting coo of fox news channel and fox business network. rupert murdoch executive chairman, twenty-first century fox said i quote, roger ailes has made a remarkable contribution to our company and our country. roger shared my vision of a great and independent television organization and executes it brilliantly over 20 great years. fox news has given voice to those who were ignored by the traditional networks and has been one of the great commercial success stories of modern media. i'm personally committed to making sure fox news remains a
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donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. the republican system is absolutely rigged. >> i just want to stay in the white house and work my off.


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