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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 27, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> i'm speechless, god only knows. maria: prime time coverage i'll be there 6 p.m. eastern kicking off live from the convention floor. stuart varney and "varney & company" begins, stuart take it away. he . stuart: thanks, maria. chaos, division, a walkout and tears and that's inside the arena. the democratic convention. there was a walkout by bernie supporters and loud booing and a clear division remains between the establishment of those people there, the sanders insurgen insurgents, outside, flag burning, rowdy demonstrations and black lives matters with a big protest and clashes with police. more on that today. the speeches and the old familiar faces, bill clinton said hillary was the best darn change-maker and told how he fell in love with her. a string of hollywood celebrities appealed for the
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women's vote and howard dean, his famous and disastrous scream speech. day two like day one, not quite the unifying the coronation the democrats want and need. today, trump responds. called out by name last night, he will counter punch with no teleprompter and you will see it. yes, it is another jam-packed day. new terror warnings, apple stocks straight up. twitter straight down. we've got it all. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> i'm afraid the democratic party is taking our rights away, while we're scared of somebody saying they're going to take our rights away. stuart: so much for party unity.
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that was the scene last night outside the democrat's convention, now, inside bill clinton tried, may i call it a softer touch, talked about his romance with hillary. watch this. >> in the spring of 1971 i met a girl. she had thick blond hair, big glasses, wore no makeup. we were married and had a little house on october 11th 1975. and i married my best friend. >> we will discuss this. i'm going to ask for a judgment call. how did that speech go down. we will get to it, i promise you. first, your money. look at this, apple, that stock is it's going up big time this morning and even though profit was down and that was down by a quarter, 27%, i'm told the explanation is iphone sales were higher than expected. fascinating.
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very different story at twitter, apologizer demand just isn't there and the company is cutting the forecast and that stock is sinking. comcast, media cable company, that stock, overall it looks like a higher open for stocks at this moment and apple is carrying the dow, it's a dow stock. now, a very important number, oil, $42 per barrel and that's near a supply at 10:30 this morning. we know we're swimming in the stuff by how much more, we want to know. and 2.14 is the national average of gasoline. it's down 1 cent per gallon. we love it. bill clinton is taking us down a stroll down memory lane talking about life with hillary. liz peek is with us. and you saw the speech this morning and headlines say it's
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a great success. i was a little uneasy when i saw him roll out his love for hillary and we know what his history is. i mean, did that strike you as a little incongruous? >> i think there's going to be a lot of talk about that today for sure. look, the entire convention is about humanizing hillary clinton, making her more than this robotic policy wonk that doesn't inspire people to turn out. the democrats need people to turn out and vote in november. they're not going to do it just because they hate donald trump. they need to love hillary clinton. what worried me about bill's speech, i think there are fabrications in it. there's the whole bit about her going south and doing undercover research on segregated schools. i actually remember reading that in the new york times. there's no corroboration of it, there's no mention in marion edleson's report of work done by hillary clinton. nobody remembers her going-- they don't know or remember what school it was. so this kind of gets into this
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whole fabrication that hillary clinton is known for, now, she want today join the marines and she was under fire in bosnia and i think it's completely bogus, that said it was an emotional speech. stuart: if you're a democrat, you probably liked it and humanized hillary rodham clinton. >> that's right. and they have to do that because people don't like hillary clinton. when did we hear about secretary of state and policy and nothing, it's all about children and hillary working for children her whole career, candidly is kind of a new theme. that's not really been the underscoring narrative in hillary's life until tonight, up until this week. stuart: it wasn't exactly a home run? >> i think if you question it, no. stuart: okay. now, while a of that was going on in philadelphia, donald trump, he's jump ahead of the news cycle, put it like that. he's holding a news conference
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in 90 minutes and see it here. he's expected to take questions. jeff dewitt is here and he's a trump guy. i bet you want him to be unleashed today. no teleprompter and get out there and rough it up. that's what you want. >> no question he'll do a better job than anything we've seen at dnc convention even if he were to stand there and read the menu at denny's. stuart: what's he going to stay? >> contrast the policy, they're trying to layout policies and what liz said they're trying to hit emotional-- >> you think he's going to be a policy wonk? i think he's going right after bill clinton and hillary clinton and throw it back at them. >> i think it's possible. stuart: is that what you want? you're a trump guy. >> it's so easy, like taking candy from a baby. it's such a dumpster fire or taking candy like a baby or shooting fish in a barrel. it's like hacking a dnc e-mail server.
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stuart: he's got them all. [laughter] got his talking points. stuart: so do you think that trump can hold onto the lead, huge lead among independents and real clear politics, 3 points ahead in the polls. you think he can hold to it. >> absolutely, as people become more familiar with his policies and economy and taxes and realize he is the only choice to provide opportunity back to america. stuart: i have to go back to this, is it policy that he wins on or his personality and his breakthrough personality, if you like? >> it's a combination of both. it matters who you talk to and everywhere cross the country, you can to some regions, the coal workers, and rust belt, they want to go back to work. it's different for every person. i think he's pulling enough of a coalition and that's why the polls are doing well. stuart: it was a divided conference last night.
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and a lot of division from the bernie people and he think they're more divided than the republicans were at the end of last week. that's my opinion. >> there are more liberals protesting the democratic convention than the republican convention. we almost had nobody protesting there. they are absolutely divided and this is helping us to win, no question about it. >> now, they booed, wait a minute, they booed when ted cruz failed to approve of donald trump and at the democrat convention, they booed when bernie sanders did approve the candidate, hillary clinton. a contradiction. >> it's a contradiction, but as a republican i'm loving every minute of watching this unfold. stuart: you're normally an arizona guy. aren't you? >> yh. stuart: what are you doing in new york? >> i'm here to help out. you know 200 yards up the road is donald trump's apartment. are you going there? is that where you're heading. >> yes. stuart: thank you. thank you. and don't want to say these things.
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jeff, thank you very much indeed. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: i want to get back to your money. that's moving, and to the markets, please, coca-cola, sales up in america, down overseas, and that stock will actually open about, let's see, maybe 1% lower. that's where it's going to be, that's coca-cola today. a huge wildfire and it's still burning just outside los angeles. 37,000 acres affected, state of emergency, 25% contained. 18 homes destroyed. now, firefighters are allowing some of the evacuated residents to go back home, but you know, that's a tough thing, you know, you return to a burned out home. that's not good. race taking center stage at the dnc last night, the so-called mothers of the movement, as moms whose sons have been killed by police officers. they spoke at the convention. we're talking to a black pastor who says all lives matter. you need to remember, he shouted it at maximum volume. he's on the show today.
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horrific terror attack in france as we reported, a priest slaughtered by radical islam in his church. europe overwhelmed by terror. they can't follow all the suspects. the top general on that next.
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>> count em, three terror attacks in germany in one week, a syrian asylum seeker killed himself and injured 12 others, he blew himself up. a syrian refugee kills a woman with a machete kills others, and a teen shot dead on a train by police, ten children among 84 dead, more than 100 injuries, bodies along the seaside promenade. and turkish officials blame isis. an islamic terrorist killed 49 in a club in orlando.
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and in brussels, coordinated attacks at the airport and train stations, two muslims in combat gear shot up a christmas party. this is a terror story and again shows a level of depravity, unthinkable just a short time ago. there you have it, a timeline we have made of the nine major attacks since november and britain is putting churches on alert after the terror attacks that slit the throat of a priest yesterday. ashley: there are thousands in the u.k. and police, can't be enough to cover all of them. what police are doing, contacting churches and giving them advice on security measures to be taken in the wake of france. isis put out warnings and put out london at the top of the list and also washington d.c. and the statue of liberty in
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flames, and all of this is so-called soft targets, because of this, the u.k. taking it very seriously and they know that they're on the top of the list. stuart: you can't pardon every soft target, you can't do it, ashley, thanks. general jack keane is with us. >> good to be here. stuart: we are told that europe is flat-out overwheld by the terror threat from within. it takes what, 25 people to surveil one terror suspect and they don't have the people to do it and they're overwhelmed. and now what. >> that would mean they would need hundreds of thousands of officers to surveil alone. they made strategic mistakes, after 9/11 we brought our agencies together, and police agencies and we share information there. and they have never done anything like that in a single country, much more throughout europe.
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so, that is a problem for them. the other thing is, they've got these large marginalized muslim communities where young people who are disenfranchised because of lack of jobs, lack of education, are susceptible to the motivation that isis provides for them and becoming radicalized and a huge refugee problem. hundreds of thousands of france over a million in germany. stuart: that's right, what's the end-game here? they can't cope, they can't surveil the bad guys, you've got almost a daily occurrence of depraved terror, where are we going with this? where is europe going? >> now, this problem is not as hard as we make it out to be. it's true what you said, you cannot protect all of these soft targets, that's impossible, just shopping malls alone. what you can do is stop the people who are motivated to do something like that, in other words, you take away their motivation and the way to take away the motivation is destroy the organization that's inspiring them. so, that's the reality.
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stuart: that would require military action over there, go after them over there, that's your point. >> you have to have a good defense, we have a better defense and the europeans have. i pointed out. the offense is this, isis attacks five nato countries over a dozen times to include the united states. why hasn't nato not declared war on isis, it makes no sense to me. stuart: america won't lead and they will not do that. >> they will not lead and the european leaders are feckless, even the president of france who declared war on isis, he did more against radicals in mali when he put his paratroopers there to keep the capital from being seized than he's doing now. stuart: do the european leaders of nato, do they have the power to do anything? run it into the ground? >> this is 20,000 plus fighters lightly armed and not that highly skilled. every fight isis has been in
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with the kurds, they've lost. stuart: you've been pounding the table on this long, long time ago. >> and isis should have been destroyed in syria where the safe haven is in 2013. the longer it goes, they'll continue to motivate people who they inspire. stuart: jack keane, always good talking to you. breaking news, this is-- well, i don't know about a surprise, but breaking news, john hinckley, the man who attempted to assassinate president reagan is going to be released from president. ashley, he's been there 35 years. ashley: 35 years ago this week is when he attacked president reagan, letting off the number of gunshots less than ten feet away and president reagan ended up with a bullet in his lung, as we know, mr. brady also suffered brain damage, died in 2014. that was called a homicide. now, a judge has ruled, by the way, he was-- he had a defense of insanity, which was successful, hinckley,
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but now, a judge ruled that he is no further danger to society and he can live with his mother in williamsburg, virginia. stuart: he's coming out. all right. thank you, ashley. three big names in terms of stocks, all expected to open higher. i'll start with general dynamic, they make jets, tanks, naval ships, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and they will be forecast to go up. that stock is up. and how about now, northrup grummen, they raised their outlook, that helps with the stock that's up today. boeing, here is the story, it lost less money and wall street is happy that it lost less money. therefore, it's going to go up a couple of percentage points. dow futures overall, this market will be up 60 points from the get go at 9:30 this morning. as president obama says, the russians may be to blame for the democrat national committee hack and they did it to help donald trump. that's what they say, the democrats are saying it.
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more varney after this. ♪
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shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. >> what we do know is, is that the russians hacked our systems, not just government systems, but private systems, b but, you know, what the motives were in terms of the leaks on
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that, i can't say directly. what i do know is that donald trump has repeatedly expressed admiration for vladimir putin. stuart: well, now, what's the implication there, that russia revealed the dnc e-mail hack to benefit trump? liz peek is with us. what do you make of that? that was the i mplicatioimplica? >> i think that's the most absurd story. but the interpretation is, donald trump, bordering on violence, not trusted and the narrative supposed to result in a tumultuous convention, but this story offends me because it's hard to imagine a white house that could have enabled putin more than the obama white house, right? here is a country that is faltering economically, really on the brink of collapse. obama's strategy to contain
9:25 am
putin after the invasion of crimea was to contain him and then he did a little whoops in syria and had to invite putin in basically to resolve the problem in syria. putin is a the a very strong place. trump doesn't love putin, but he does admire the fact that he's leading his country and has enormous high approval and i don't blame him. >> we here you liz peek. >> that's offensive. stuart: we can tell. >> yeah, it is. stuart: i've got to tell you about t-mobile, in each of the last 13 quarters, they had more than a million, for three odd years, they're at a nine-year high or they're going to be. look at blackberry, remember them? rolling out a brand new android smart phone and frankly i miss that nice keyboard. how about apple, set to rally at the opening bell-- wait a minute, that's yesterday's close. it's going to open well over
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$100 share, okay? despite lower profits. >> donald trump told bill o'reilly he would back a $10 minimum wage, how about that? and the opening bell, the futures, we're going to be up about 60 points. back in a moment. if you suffer from a dry mouth, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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# >> it is wednesday morning and we're waiting for the opening bell. you've got 10 seconds to wait and we confidently predict a gain of 40, 50. and it's precisely 9:30, where are we going? we're going down a tiny fraction. look at the left-hand side of your screen. green means up, red means down. >> and how about the s&p 500. we're up a fraction, and same percentage of the dow, about a quarter of 1%. the nasdaq with the technology companies on board, where are they this morning? i'd like to tell you, it's up 33 points. .65% better gains there. and how about gold, above 1300 an ounce, i do declare. oil, now the price of oil could
9:31 am
move the markets $42 a barrel now. i think that's a three-month low and we're going to get figures on the supply of oil at 10:30 this morning, one hour from now, that could change that price which could change stock prices, too. apple, big gain. will you look at that? 7 1/2%, we like that. and that's a big gain indeed. twitter has started out the day on the down side and cut their forecast, that's a 12% loss. reporting this morning, comcast, better profit, better revenue, up 1%. ford motor company, the f-150 truck, best selling vehicle again, no change for the stock. chrysler fiat, profits getting a boost from some improvement in european sales, but there's nothing going on with the stock, it's up 5-- >> adding 50 points on the dow and because of these gains, 41 billion in market cap. stuart: without apple, the dow would be dead flat. if that $7 gain equals 50 dow
9:32 am
points, flat without apple. blight way, we've got the makers of garmin, that would be garmin limited, what many i saying the makers of garmin, the devices, better profits, the stock is up this year, 9% up today. that's a gain. and all right, look who is joining us, can we introduce everybody, please? i know we've got keith fitz, and nan, we've got mike murray, liz, ash and moi. here we go. [laughter] . >> moi. [laughter] >> i'm not snobbish, moi. twitter not advertising and cut the forecast, mike, what's wrong with this company? everybody knows it, we all hear about it. >> the way we judge the social media company is on the active user. facebook is increasing. snap chat, another one increasing. twitter is having a hard time
9:33 am
having new people get into the system. we all use it, but i want to watch the pullback on the stock today. i think it's a buying opportunity. and once all the analysts come out and downgrade twitter, twitter going to be live streaming the nfl and major league baseball. they're going to be live streaming nhl, as you know, companies will spend a lot of money to advertise during sports. i think there's still one last opportunity for twitter. stuart: so y wouou buy it at 16? >> i want-- the down grades coming in, i think you're going to see more downgrades, and there's a report coming out, someone calling it the yahoo! of social media. and everybody sells the stock and then you buy it. stuart: can you show me facebook, please. it hit a lifetime high. guessing 122, 123, can you get it up. here goes facebook and i know that mike murphy is a big facebook kind of guy, you love that stuff, don't you? >> i love the stock, they're
9:34 am
doing everything right right now, again, you don't want to chase it at an all-time high into an earnings report. if you don't own it, sit back and wait. stuart: the other story is apple, we showed you, it was up $7 and now, 103 per share. keith fitz come in, please, you were saying not long ago that apple is headed back to-- not back to, but to 200 a share. your a smiling and nodding and say, yes, it will? >> i think so. i think that tim cook is on it and whiners are out in left field, and i think that apple understands exactly what they're doing and exactly where they're going. this is with chips and take longer than i honestly expected. stuart: can somebody explain to me why a company would report a 27% drop in its profits, goes up 7%? >> because-- yeah, go ahead liz: because they forecasted better revenues for the fourth
9:35 am
quarter, which is really important. stuart: that's it liz: yeah, here the thing, apple is going to take on amazon and have the new device that you need in your daily routine and take on amazon's echo. ashley: iphone 7, and looking ahead liz: no, no, no. stuart: is that enough to make that pop 7%? revenues in the fourth quarter? >> yeah, and deploying i remember cash and better earning forecast. stuart: i'm hearing keith fitz. >> don't forget, the markets are a forward looking animal so it's all about expectations of investors in the company not necessarily the short-term analysts who were calling for apple's demise. >> the my concerns, the iphone, ipad and mac computer are losing ground and sales are down in all three of those, we talked about a shift conservative which is a big deal for apple, it's not a growth area, apple--
9:36 am
the market expects new innovation from apple. services and innovation. >> they still have a cache file-- they could buy tesla and netflix combined. apple has a gigantic cash hoard and talking m and a's last night. stuart: hold on. keith make your case. go. >> here is the thing, services are-- you've got a billion-something devices out there, that's the point. everybody thinks about apple as a device company. it hasn't been a device company for five years, maybe ten years. it's all about what it's going to take to go forward. apple is going to be an enabler, no longer the end game as it was under jobs. stuart: enough of apple. it opens $7 higher. i got it, i got it, i got it. show me the price of oil. i want to go to the price of oil because i want to bring in dan here. the price of oil is very important for stocks and one hour from now, we're going to get new supply figures, maybe
9:37 am
show that the block is shrinking or expanding, i don't know. dan, are we going to break-- wait a second, morgan stanley saying that oil is going to go to 35. the world bank says it's going to 43. come in, please, are they going to drop to 40? >> the world bank is right there, aren't they? [laughter] >> the reality is supply is dictating the issue right now. inventories are still very high. last night's numbers showed a build they can't expect and you talked about the numbers coming out, the inventory numbers coming out in hours. so they really don't affect the market long-term. the supply overhang is there and demand seems to be steady. if you were to ask me, we could go down to 40, but i think we're stuck between a 40 and 47 dollar range until we see a big change in inventory or demand. i don't see either of these coming along soon.
9:38 am
stuart: just as long as the price of glean keeps falling. other stocks that we are watching, try ford, the f-150, the best selling vehicle yet again. no impact on the stock. and weekend sales, especially overseas, for coke and it's down nearly 3%. that's a big drop. boeing lost, less money. wall street's happy about that, boeing nice gain, $3 up. dr. pepper, snapple. and hilton, 2 1/2%. and look at t-mobile, they're making money and listen to this, 13 in raight quarters which they've added 1 million new customers in each and every one of those 13 quarters. that's not a bad record, is it? $45 on t-mobile. jetblue is considering expanding and making-- going on flights to europe. first time they've done that and they've not done it yet, but thinking about it, $18 on jetblue.
9:39 am
watch out, niketown. under amour is building a super store in new york city where the old fao schwartz used to be. there's a story. nicole: yeah, they're just away from each other and live in this neighborhood and this is live here in manhattan and people are coming from all over the world and hitting niketown. and now they're taking over the old fao schwartz, 53,000 square feet and fao schwartz parent toys "r" us shut it down because the rent was astronomical, probably 20 million dollars. under amour says they want to put the world on notice they will rise. their latest quarter they missed as far as sales growth and slowest numbers in five years, but however, they did see revenue jump. and they're doing well with steph curry and misty copeland
9:40 am
and slowest growth and revenue jumps over 25%. and compare it quickly go ens nike. when you look at nike and also adidias, near to date, nike is a loser, under amour is flat and adidias is a big winner, in you all-time high up 60%, so adidias squashes all stocks. stuart: nicole on the floor of the exchange. i've got to thank everybody, dan, mike, keith, good performance on a wednesday. all right, everybody, we're ten minutes into the trading session and we're up 64 points, however, i've got to tell you 50 of those points are apple points. if you take apple out of the equation, we're pretty much flat. however, we'll take apple, won't we? happening next hour, a donald trump news conference, as of now, no idea what he's going to say, but if he takes questions, and we're told he will, he'll be off teleprompter, trump unleashed.
9:41 am
>> president obama says that vladimir putin prefers donald trump over hillary clinton and that they're trying to influence our election.
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>> all right. if you're just joining us this wednesday morning. the story is the dow is up 50 points, but that gain is entirely accounted for by apple's rise. the olympic committee will impose a twitter ban to some sponsors? >> and the united states olympic committee they're tough on this. if you're not designated an as
9:45 am
official sponsor you can't use hash tags like team usa, you can't put in pictures, not even results from the olympics and some of the nondesignated sponsors are saying this is just ridiculous, we can't even breathe anything about the olympics for fear of being taken to court. stuart: there you have it. twitter, all right. house republicans are calling for a new investigation into the clinton foundation. peter is with us, the author of "clinton cash", a book that details, possibly improper deals with the clinton foundation. peter, welcome back to the show, good to see you again. >> thanks for having me, stuart. stuart: can you give me a concrete example where someone gave money to the foundation and got a favor, a legitimate quid pro quo. give me an example. >> sure, the spring of 2009 the clinton foundation is donated several million shares of
9:46 am
stock, by a canadian company called polo resources. polo resources is major owner of a coal mine, an open pit coal mine in bangladesh having trouble with the bangladeshy government. literally a couple of weeks after that donation takes place, the u.s. state department goes to the government of bangladesh and says we believe you should open up this coal mine. we know about this, stuart, because there are state department cables about this that came out to wikileaks. two major questions already, first of all, why is the state department counter manning obama policy which in 2009 we're not going to push forward or encourage any carbon emission energy pronlts projects in the third world and why is the u.s. state department pushing a product owned by a canadian entity. that to me is a clear example of the behavior that we see. stuart: what is the nature of the clinton foundation?
9:47 am
it's supposed fob for charitable good works around the world. is that what it actually does? >> they do some good things around the world. i will say that. the problem is, it gets intertwined with the official power of the federal government when hillary clinton is secretary of state and it becomes a means by which foreign entities try to influence them and here is the important thing, stuart. a lot of people will say this is a charity, what's the big deal? here is the big deal. international anti-bribery standards established in 2011 bribery means paying a government official, paying a government official's friends or family or paying a charity connected to the public official. those international anti-bribery standards were pushed for and endorsed by hillary clinton. so, just because somebody is giving millions of dollars to a charity does not mean it doesn't constitution bribe whi which-- bribery.
9:48 am
by this definiting is does. stuart: the republicans want an investigation of the clinton foundation. the fbi is considering an investigation, i hope i'm saying that correctly. in other words, this is a new scandal and it's going to go on all the way through the rest of this year, no way around it? >> no, i think you're right. i can't go into detail about it, stuart, but i can say for a fact i know that the fbi is looking at the clinton foundation and we mentioned that congress has written to the irs to ask for investigation and that's really all i've asked for. look, i don't pretend to be a lawyer, but it looks to me you have a pattern of pay to play. there are plenty of politicians that are in jail or being prosecuted based on far less evidence than exists in the case of the clintons. my view is, let's have a grand jury and serious people investigate this and see what's going on. stuart: we shall see. "clinton cash" author, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: race, front and center
9:49 am
at the dnc on stage and outside. what you're looking at. up next the pastor who said this at last week's republican convention. >> under donald trump, and under a donald trump administration all lives matter! my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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9:53 am
. stuart: let me bring your attention to a couple of stocks, wyndham worldwide is down and missed the revenue, down apparently what, 7%. apple going the other way, up about 7%, even though their profit was down, apple is really moving this market, up $7, 103 on apple. i've got breaking news on the freddie gray case. the state is dropping charges. ashley: all remaining charges against officers in baltimore in the death of freddie gray. that brings the case to an end without any convictions. stuart: and the mayor of baltimore at the time of this-- >> he was the person who gavelled in the dnc's convention in the wake of the debby wasserman schultz-- >> she attempted to organization the prosecution of the officers in the freddie gray case. ashley: no conviction. stuart: mothers of young men killed in police-involved
9:54 am
shootings speaking at the dnc. that was last night. the black lives matter movement front and center. come on in, pastor mark burns. you're the man who shouted in a very loud voice "all lives matter" you know what, this country right now is more divided racially than i've seen it in 40 years. why is that, pastor? >> well, there's so much deep, deep resentment that has taken place within the black communities across this country because we've got to be honest, black people who are again, as i said, i do understand there's a deep resentment how blacks in this country have been treated, in a lot of ways, to second class citizens. stuart: is it being exploited, pastor burns? is that resentment, which i understand is there, is that being exploited for political purposes? >> without a question it's been exploited.
9:55 am
the philadelphia fraternal order of police in philadelphia said it was saddened, they're shocked, saddened that the widows of the fallen police officers were not included, and they went on to say saddened that miss clinton must pander to the interests of people who don't know all the facts. they had the mothers of the movement there, but they had no, no fallen victim family members on the same stage. it proves that they are utilizing the fear of the police to win an election and all that does is keeps us more racially divided. where we are right now, i believe, is because of the democratic move for the last eight years. hillary clinton gets in office we will continue to have a more racially divided country for the next four more years. something's got to change. stuart: do you think that donald trump would change that? >> without question because donald trump is going to be dealing with issues.
9:56 am
you've got to remember, tamir rice's own mother did not spoke-- who was scheduled to be there, did not speak because she did not have faith in hillary clinton, too, because many blacks in this country know that hillary clinton and the democratic party has done nothing, little for the african-american community because they are pandering, but no real change. they're rolling out plans, but no real impact. what donald trump is doing, he's going to deal with real issues that are impacting the community. now, i must say, we do have a five-point plan that's going to be released. donald trump is going to be releasing that and dealing with the african-american community. let me say this, the real issue affecting the black community is education, incarceration, and jobs. we need jobs in our urban cities. that's going to bring an economic revival in our community. stuart: keep it going, pastor mark burns. all lives matter, yes, sir. thank you very much indeed. >> all lives matter.
9:57 am
stuart: yes, sir, got it. next hour, by the way, donald trump is holding a news conference. 's he going to take some questions, we understand, that means no script. you never know what the man's going to say, but you will hear is live on this program within the hour. hillary clinton's vice-presidential pick tim kaine, he says a clinton administration would legalize illegal immigrants in the first we'll talk to a woman whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant. more varney two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
stuart: good morning, everyone. welcome to the show. you are about to see donald trump unleashed the he will take questions. that means probably no teleprompter. he's been attacked by countless speakers at the democratic convention. this hour he responds. hillary clinton was attacked by republicans. she did not holda press conference. trompe l'oeil.
10:00 am
you will see it right here live. in philadelphia, tim kaine, hillary's vp pick doing his lot are ahead of his big speech at the dnc tonight. areas. president obama will try to pull together a convention. some bernie sanders people walked out last night when hillary was officially nominated. more booze and more confrontation. outside, flat earning, clashes with police. protesters will return tonight. look what we have for you. trump, day three for the socialist party and hillary and her threats targeting london and washington. our two of "varney & company" about to begin. here we go. 60 points higher. not a bad game. much of that is from apple.
10:01 am
look at that stock now. apple with a nice pop of $7.30 a share. the stock of the day. ashley, give us details. ashley: the earnings soared descent, which was unexpected. some of the numbers are surprising. iphone sales down 15% year-over-year all of this is actually better than it. the forward guy with some concerns that they in the area of the app store and all that good stuff. they believe the last two quarters are always the toughest for old in the post holiday time. but now the iphone have been launching and all of this is giving sure to investors saying it wasn't as bad as we thought. it could get better for apple. stuart: it's the expert patients. apple up seven bats. different story entirely
10:02 am
atwitter. did not dare. >> even though the sales miss comment is the smallest gain in a while. and the only month of active users. >> it in a lifetime high. it reports profits to this afternoon. 12198. ashley: the one social media company able to my popularity, which is what it's all about. the 1 billion user mark on the messenger app didn't even monetize that part of the business. instead program going along strongly. commencing to see how the results go. very positive for facebook.
10:03 am
the lifetime high for facebook. good job for apple in a 2.32 minute good daughter. and a half hour, holds a news come prints. we don't know what is going to say, but we hope you finished because if he has his questions he's got a teleprompter. ashley: about how we love him. don't make a gap which is what his campaign is saying. liz: he goes off the rails of the talks to on the national enquirer, lee harvey oswald sitting down with ted cruz. it brings out the fans in the base. there's a danger zone. the red flags come out. when he derails himself fear stuart: we will put it on the show. liz: just let it be entertaining. stuart: protesters outside the dnc.
10:04 am
maybe some angry bernie sanders supporters. leslie marshal is here. i've got to say that there's a lot of chaos both outside and inside and your party is not united, is it? >> not fully. but we're not finished at the convention first of all. second of all, just like a pole, a convention is a snapshot in time. when you look at the polls, the majority of people who supported bernie sanders will vote for hillary clinton. obviously not the people you hear booing are protesting. after the back historically for the past three cycles. trends in the hillary make it about out of this convention. i want to talk about bill clinton.
10:05 am
how did you think that went down. i've got to say, leslie, that presented donald trump with a lot of ammunition. the love for hillary rob reminded with the women in his life. our weight? >> first of all, i married, you're married you although i have a great marriage come if he came into the house on a certain day when my husband and i weren't getting along, that may not be the picture you see. bill clinton was reflected when he talked about event together all these years, good times and bad. that is what he was talking about. clearly, he was painting the women that he fell in love with, the girl that he fell in love with. ammunition for donald trump. first of all, their marriages are relevant to her becoming president of the united states. whether someone should vote for
10:06 am
her or not. donald trump really should not be pointing fingers with regard marriage as he is on his third. i'm not trying to be petty. i just don't think those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. stuart: just wanted to know how you felt about the speech and he told us. leslie marshal, thank you for being with us. still holding a gain of 60 odd points. 65 to be precise. i want to get to the latest on terror yet again from europe. new-line permission on the man who killed a priest as he was celebrating mass. the man who killed him was wearing a monitoring bracelet. he was on a terror watch list. the new thread in germany. >> this is interesting. a group of young muslim men threatening women and children at a swimming pool for new dates in germany. they ran on a rampage,
10:07 am
threatening the people at the facilities, telling women they were all sluts and would be terminated. in muslim areas and outside of muslim areas there has been played from bias in copenhagen and germany were six or seven young and fun bright orange jackets have sharia police on the back saying you shouldn't be drinking alcohol, shouldn't be going to music events. you shouldn't be gambling. a judge in germany a month ago says they are not raking the law. getting a lot of push back in europe. the >> they've both been in east london. they returned that heinz and attacking people. stuart: i want to bring in james woolsey. mr. ambassador, director i should say. europe is overwhelmed by terror.
10:08 am
they just don't have the manpower to cope with this threat. but he say? >> it is not just the terror directly. it is looking like it's coming apart. you had brexit, the italian braking system, five centuries or so ago is certainly not going well for them. you have a priest getting murdered in the midst of serving en masse. what has to happen before the european and the americans recognize that radical islam is at war with guys than we need to deal with it. stuart: do you think europe is close to communal strife? by that, nativeborn french people attacking migrants, attacking muslims. are we close to that?
10:09 am
>> we are close to and to some extent already in domestic conflict of different types in europe. we are not quite there yet in the united states, but we have our own stresses. the racial issues that have come out in the convention then the leg. i think that every morning i wake up and i think maybe the headlines in the paper are broad and really sometimes in the 1930s rather than sometime like today. i keep seeing things repeated. putin acting like hitler in taking over his neighbors. so far no holocaust. he's basically behaving the way hillary did in the 30s in terms of neighboring countries. a lot going on. stuart: why no mention of this? there is no mention of terror. it didn't appear. 61 speeches, no mentioned. why nothing from this
10:10 am
convention? >> a number of people are the view if they don't talk about it it will go away. they won't be blamed for it if they don't propose doing anything. stuart: that is surely a political risk for the administration. huge political problem. >> it terrible. at the beginning of the battle, abdel mohsen jury five. expected never meant to do his duty. he was killed shortly thereafter, but the british went on to win the war and dominate the seas for many years. you can't win a war that you don't admit it exists and the other side does whatever it wants to and is doing more and more bloody things. cannot admit that excess are organized around somebody, some country. typically during the cold war that was fast. we took the lead.
10:11 am
president obama is far from that. stuart: director james woolsey again, thank you for joining us. now this. hillary clinton's says she would try to legalize illegal immigrants in her first 100 days in office if she were a black day. up next the more talked to a mother whose son was killed by an illegal. she has a message for hillary clinton. a dramatic idea from alaska. 46 people from a fishingoat the barents sea. everybody on board abandoned ship and three routes. some good samaritan vessels came to the rescue. no one was hurt. a good news story. waiting for donald trump. he's going to steal the news cycle. donald trump and the democrat coming out. ♪
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
stuart: we are seeing donald trump at that podium and a half our last. we will bring it to you when he appears and starts to speak. should be very interesting. up 51 points. by the way, 50 points accounted for by the game for apple which is a downside. better profit et al. 10. the hotel company down 1%. garment, the personal navigation devices, higher profit shares i. vice presidential candidate tim kaine go in a spanish-speaking television and does a clinton administration if were a collected would legalize illegal immigrants in the first 100 days. here is sabrina durden. her son was killed, and dominic, by an illegal immigrant.
10:16 am
would you give us your reaction to the idea that millions might be legalized by llary clinton? >> i would like my money back because i came to this country legally. i had to go through all kinds of changes. where is my money, a refund. you have people invited and you've now got to pay for them. it is not right. immigrants are welcome here. illegal aliens should be here. they need to get in line. stuart: would you give us your story. we told our audience that your son dominic was killed. what were the circumstances and what happened? take us through the story. >> at july 12, 2012, my only
10:17 am
child, my son dominic 30 years old was on his way on his motorcycle to work for the 9-1-1 dispatcher in riverside, california. as he was writing down the street, a solid illegal previously deported with two prior dui is turned his unregistered and uninsured and on my second self in front of my sign and hit him so hard that he threw them into a wall and killed him in to play. as if that wasn't enough, the judge gave him leniency. we never went to trial. stay with us. we've got you. they attack us to a trial -- not trial. i'm sorry. they took us to a traffic court. the judge told us that he would've known everything, he would have given the defendant more time. he ended up with nine months, five-year probation with a misdemeanor with gross negligence and the guys served 35 years for killing the child.
10:18 am
stuart: sabrina, a very difficult dory. i want you to address hillary clinton. what would be your message to her right now? >> hillary clinton, you need to step out of that race. you need to be arrested. he stole company cheated coming alive to the american citizens. you care more for refugees and illegal is than american citizens. make room for donald trump to get our country back to where we need to be for other families to feel safe and not have to mourn their children. stuart: sabrina, a difficult story for you to tell. we appreciate you coming to tell it and we feel for you. thanks for being with us. >> dates for having me. stuart: donald trump, the man himself will be speaking shortly. we expect him in 15 minutes to get to that podium. i believe he will make a speech.
10:19 am
he will then answer questions. this is in florida. very important state. we brought you the news last hour. john hinckley junior, the man who shot ronald reagan will be released from prison. a judge says he no longer poses a danger to the public., you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
10:20 am
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month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone.
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then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this saving applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> i have a message for donald trump. we are not going back to the dark days when women died in back alleys. >> donald trump can only see an angry america. >> donald trump and our party think i should be for exercising exercising -- >> said donald trump onto his
10:23 am
bankrupt casinos where you belong. >> the entire campaign is one of our late night trump infomercial. >> donald trump hasn't made anything in his life except a buck on the backs of working people. stuart: that was interesting. i really got you. the trump fashion as you might expect the democrats convention was all from last night. trump will speak in a few minutes. maybe he will answer the criticism that came his way. 32 points. the dow was getting support from apple. up nearly $7. that is almost all of the again for the dow. apple suppliers up as well. green arrows across the board for all of the stocks which are apple suppliers. more leaked e-mails released from dnc staffers.
10:24 am
the show some staff members question the important of holocaust remembrance. >> i remember debbie wasserman schultz saying we need a statement on holocaust remembered a period it's unnecessary. we showed and then never forget. she goes what about dark for, armenia, rwanda, should there be a statement for everybody? >> back caught up in the e-mail exchange. she faces opposition in florida. she is up for reelection obviously. liz: this is a district for what they are talking about. the polls are showing a tough go of reelection >> begin in florida. a few minutes from now.
10:25 am
we will get the latest read on how much oil we've got. those numbers are moments away right there at 43. this is a big deal. donald trump will address a crowd in florida right there. he will appear at that podium and you will watch him live moments away. ♪
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28 am
♪ . stuart: as we keep telling you, that's florida. that's the podium where trump will be speaking momentarily, we'll get you there, we
10:29 am
promise, that's florida, swing state would he be told battleground state and, by the way, donald trump goes on to speak in ohiotonight. another swing state, battleground state. covering all of his spaces. i can't wait to hear what he has to say moments from now. and now we've got this just in too. i think you know more about this. president obama is cleared to schedule for -- liz: for october, and he's going to be hitting the campaign trail. and what's at stake is the president's legacy. because the president and the administration officials are concerned that if donald trump wins, he will undo all the immigration reforms, obamacare, you know, the e pa crack down on coal. so the president and the administration officials clearly concern the unwind of obama the president's legacy. ashley: is he for hillary on out there defending his legacy? . stuart: probably going to try to do both. but will he help hillary's candidacy? liz: well, that's key because the economy has flat lined.
10:30 am
stuart: yes. that's a big gamble i would have thought. ashley: one thing i hear always is look at the unemployment. no, more people have dropped out and given up trying to find a job. that's the problem. stuart: now, all we've heard is that president obama's clearing his schedule for october. we don't know whether or not hillary clinton approves of this and wants him campaigning by her side. ics right. stuart: all he know is that the president's cleared his schedule. liz: what you have to know is that canada and europe are growing faster than the united states right now. stuart: yes, we should know that. especially the brits, by the way. okay. oil numbers in storage. what have we got? ashley: a surprise build of 1.67 million barrels. everyone was expecting a drop of 2.26 million barrels. so that's a -- you know, a three, almost 3.5 million-barrel difference. stuart: we thought that the price of oil mighange when we got that kind of news. more oil in storage, more supply, meaning price would go down, that has not happened at this point.
10:31 am
it's still up a few cents appear $43 per barrel. no impact on the -- well, oil stocks pretty much flat basically. ashley: yeah. liz: yeah,. stuart: no real movement there. no movement, no response from the big board. the dow industrial average is still 15 points higher. this is a pretty flat market. ashley: i ahate to say it because we have not used this expression, waiting for the fed. stuart: oh, yes, that's true, isn't it? ashley: one word here and a expression there. liz: they speak in high. stuart: you get to see past the words. ashley: yes. stuart: so we're dead flat running into that. now back to oil. now we're down 30 odd cents. now we're back to $42 per barrel because we've got an increase in supply. ashley: yes. stuart: and, again, what you're seeing on your screen apart from the stuff at the bottom there with all the oil price numbers and the stock numbers, that is florida where donald trump is going to be
10:32 am
speaking moments from now. okay? zuhdi jasser is with me. zuhdi, forgive me if i introduce you as a moderate muslim, but i think that's the best catch all expression i can find. i hope you don't know you don't have mind if i say that. >> no. not at all. stuart: what would you like to hear from donald trump this morning? bearing in mind that horrendous terror attack on the priest in france yesterday and no mention of terror after two days of the democrat convention. what do you want from donald trump right now? >> well, i think we need adult leadership that obviously we are at war. that until we begin to change the mantra from this counter violence extremism to counter violence islamism. i would like him to say that this gentleman, this radical islamist that slaughtered this poor priest in a catholic church had a bracelet, had a electronic bracelet, tried to go to syria twice using id of a cousin and of a brother that
10:33 am
he was just sort of put on house arrest. it is un- -- imagine world war ii where someone was going to go fight with the nazis, we put them on house arrest and didn't identify that they were going to go to war with our country. so i think he needs to provide leadership that obama has not been providing and show global war. stuart: it seems like there are three phasers that are going on with the migrants coming in. phase one, welcome, come on in, we like you. phase two, we can't cope. hold on. no more. i think, zuhdi, and i want your opinion, are we about to go into phase three where europe starts to say go home? >> and this phase three is going to be extraordinarily difficult beyond simply the social conflict and unrest but violence becau like a sonic boom. you have the generational problem, which is the primary issue, stuart, which is
10:34 am
related to the incompatibility of the ideas that they're bringing sharia-based islam into the culture of freedom and equality of men and women, et cetera, and now that's fast-forwarded over weeks and months rather than years and generations. so now you see the violence that isis wants to sew. even if it's one out of 10,000, they're going to have many of their militants among many of these millions that have come into europe, let alone the conflict of immigration where they have no one to come and they're going to say go back. and isis wants them to go back because they want the sunnis to fight the war against assad& islam and the radicals there the government, which is invoking a genocide within syria. so it's a wynn for isis. europe is losing its identity, and they have -- i mean brexit is one of the solutions because it was founding itself back in uk nationalism. and that's the only solution
10:35 am
that's for brits, french, belgiums, to begin to bring back to their nationalism, and put away the islamist nationals. stuart: extraordinarily. who would have thought we would come to this. zuhdi, thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: we also have with us mercedes, i want your comments if i may, please, mercedes, on what we're about to see from donald trump. i know you cannot predict what he's going to say, but i have a suspicion he's going to push back at all the criticism and the trump bashing that we've seen where you are now in philadelphia. >> sure, varney, i don't think you or i could predict the conspiracy theory and it's a native the democrats are pushing. president obama did it request yesterday where he's trying to link trump to putin in a way of saying, well, you know, putin kind of think so that --
10:36 am
the scandal that has rocked this convention, this time around. they're trying to change it so that the conversation is less about what the dnc has done to secretly aid hillary clinton and basically put a on bernie sanders while at the same time the democrats focus on the fact that trump could possibly maybe have a relationship with putin. i think he's going to take that head-on. i think he's also going to possibly talk about the bill clinton speech last night. long. we almost went through chelsea's -- talking about chelsea, god only knows it was a feeding frenzy on twitter last night for republicans. so i think he's going to be able to -- you know, again, talk about his own message but also at the same time talk about the fact that the democrats are not talking about isis, they are not talking about the safety and the national security of our nation, and i've got to tell you, stuart. it's a very important issue for american voters for this election. stuart: i want to go back to
10:37 am
bill clinton's speech last night. i think bill clinton may have provided donald trump with a lot of ammunition. bill clinton, if you didn't see the speech, it was quite long, but it was very personal, and he talked about how he fell in love with hillary back in 1971. he married my best friend. it was an almost romantic speech. i think that gives donald trump a great deal of ammunition to go at perform after all, bill clinton does have a history in that particular area. you think he'll go there, mercedes? >> anything is possible, stuart. but, yes, i think there's a possibility of the fact that bill clinton decided to. stuart: and who is over the 1990s. and it was fascinating when bill clinton started talking about the real hillary. well, obviously he missed reading the memo of the real hillary that was extremely careless with our national security secrets. so i think donald trump has a huge opening and this is the opportunity that donald trump can shine. and basically he has had a
10:38 am
personal relationship with the clintons, he knows them well, he's going to be able to go forward and attack. with that being said, i've got to tell you. monday night here at the convention, the floor was just much more excited about a bernie sanders and a michelle obama. every time hillary clinton's name was even mentioned, there were plenty of boos by the bernie sanders supporters. so for them to say that this is a party of unity, it's definitely not quite there. stuart: they've not gotten past that. after two days, that division is still there? i mean you're right in the middle of it right now. still a divided conference? >> i think that the sanders supporters, many of them are feeling that it would be difficult to hand over the revolution, the bernie revolution, the antiwall street, the antistatus quo, the antiestablishment, hand that mantle over to hillary clinton. they are suffering, they don't want to happen. it was interesting that bill clinton used the term change maker last night. necessity might have focus grouped that but the change
10:39 am
maker the democrats want to make her appear she's not part of the establishment. that she's not part of the status quo. that's a difficult sell, but i've got to tell you that the democrats are going to be very excited tonight to listen from their president obama. he has high approval ratings, very high approval ratings amongst democrats. in fact, the more they talk about obama's, the more comfortable democrats feel. i've got to tell you there is that sense in the room that there is still that division amongst the bernie sanders supporters and the fact that they're not being listened to. stuart: is it possible, and i suspect this is -- this might happen. that when donald trump appears today, he will start talking more policy? now, i've been expecting him to go after the people who have b been criticizing him. but it just may be there would be more policy today because he's also speaking tonight in ohio. maybe he wants to get away from the bashing this an bashing that and insulting this and insulting that. maybe he wants to get towards a little bit more policy. knowledge.
10:40 am
>> oh, no. stuart: no? you don't think so? >> i think bill clinton gets so much material, it's so juicy. that speech last night was just allowed for an opening for donald trump to talk about the clintons. you know, i think that donald trump will need to start putting the meat around the bones basically in terms of policy. and i know paul manfort talked about the fact that they're going to be talking about the package tax reform. that's up and coming. when he's off script, stuart, you never know what you're going to get. >> that's why we want to cover him live in just case he goes off script and maybe he will. mercedes, stay right there, please. we're waiting for donald trump to make his appearance and speak in florida. we will be back in a moment ♪
10:41 am
10:42 am
[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. . >> your fox business brief, after two days of losses for the dow lost 97 points today, started with up arrows, the dow barely holding onto gains now turning negative down one point the nasdaq holds gains up one half of percent, apple is leading the way on the dow jones industrial average, right now up 7% at 103.42. better than expected iphone sales. here's a look at facebook. new all-time high all of these shareholders once again cross 122.53 today.
10:43 am
you can still see it higher. we'll report after the bell today. also instagram doing very well for facebook. and gopro also after the bell today, gopro will report its fourth straight possibly decline for quarterly sales. we'll see a lot of analysts think they don't have enough products getting out there. we can see gopro up 1.4%. more varney after the break if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath.
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10:45 am
. stuart: wed we will be taking you to donald trump's press conference in a moment. but look at this. we now have the dow starting to move down and there is a reason for it. and the reason is the price of oil, will you look at that? now on the 41-dollar per barrel range. 41.97. we're going down. we had news about 15 minutes ago of a slight increase of about a million dollars extra barrels of oil in storage. that means more supply down goes the price of 41.97. ashley: supposed to be down by more than 2 million barrels. there's a huge surprise. stuart: supposed to be down. in fact, it went straight up. ashley: yes. stuart: we opened the session today with the dow up 60 almost 70 points. a big gain for apple. that helped the dow. now we've come all the way down. there's a relationship here between the price of oil and stock prices. it's not exactly the webster ratio, but it's pretty close. ashley: it's close.
10:46 am
stuart: it's close. now, what does this mean if we go down to 41.99 and we're falling rapidly down 2% at the moment? if we get below 40, watch what's going to happen to the stock market. it's not going to be a happy market. liz: it's going to slide around those levels. so can it ever break above 50 again? that's a debate in the oil pits. stuart: it is. because you've got this vast glut of oil, and we don't know -- ashley: we don't know about i i. stuart: that's right. so we're back to that same story. oil down, stocks under pressure, and the price of gasoline is falling 1 cent per gallon per day. yes, we are still waiting for donald trump. that's the backdrop here. that's the podium. we want him to appear soon because we're waiting for him. ashley: yeah,. stuart: he's going to make a speech, and he's going to go off prompter i believe and answer some questions. i want to bring in zuhdi jasser back again. and, again, let me introduce you, judy, as a fine upstanding american moderate muslim.
10:47 am
i want to know how you feel -- and people like you. how do you feel when you hear news that dreadful, awful terror attack on the priest in france yesterday. and the attack on the pedestrians two weeks ago. how does it make you feel? >> well, i can't tell you how angry and horrified, and it tells me we need to get every resource to defend our country, to defend it against this theocratic ideology. it is time for muslims to join our muslim reform movement and recognize it's not just about violence, it's not psychiatric illness, it is a theological ideology that hasn't modernized workers' compensation that hasn't gone through a separation of mosque and state, and it is important for our -- you know, what's thlega?cy my biggest fear is the legacy i'm going to leave for my young children. and you see the attackers are getting why you didn't and younger.
10:48 am
i mean what is the legacy for our kids? is that they're going to become barbarians attacking innocent people in the west, viewing them as not human? or are we going to stand up for our faith, stand up for our country and defeat this militant? i mean to hear hillary -- to hear president clinton to say that hillary descended where she would go become peaceful. this is nonsense. they're not identifying the enemy and muslims can't have a role in this, stuart, unless the enemy as the root cause. we don't have a seat at the table unless they recognize it. and i look upon it as a bigotry. the reason isis is destroying europe now under siege is because syria left and ambassador ford -- he is going around the country saying it was a failure, their policy in syria. and this is -- we're reaping now what she sowed in syria. so it is complete deception
10:49 am
and libya is another example. i mean. i want -- we want to engage muslims in the solution we have not been engaged. stuart: zuhdi jasser, hold on for a second. i've got to refer what's on the left-hand side of your screen, everyone. that is the podium at which donald trump is about to appear. we're told just in the background. here he comes. let's listen. here comes donald trump. i believe donald trump is on his way. we were -- thank you. donald trump, ladies and gentlemen. >> so it's been 235 days since crooked hillary clinton has had a press conference and reporters give her all of these glowing reports should ask yourselves why, and i'll tell you why.
10:50 am
because despite the nice platitudes, she's been a mess. you look at what's happened with isis, which isn't even mentioned, you look at what's happening with law and order, they mention our police, they mention everybody but our police. they don't have an american flag on the day until we started complaining, and then they ran up with two little very small flags, one that we saw. so, you know, i put myself through your news conferences often. not that it's fun. 235 days. no news conference for hillary clinton. you ought to check it out. because there's a lot going on. her great disloyalty to the person that rigged the system for her. debbie wasserman schultz. she totally rigged it. bernie sanders never had a chance. and total disloyalty.
10:51 am
it's like you're fired. get out. fast. the e-mail situation, now i call it the double e-mail situation. both very serious. what was said in the last one the dnc was horrible. absolutely horrible. if i would have used language like they used about religion, about race, about everything else that they discuss in those e-mails, i would have had to run and hide and probably drop out of the race. with her, everything's just fine. so just and yourself why she doesn't have news conferences. and honestly the reason is because there's no way she can answer questions. because the job she has done is so bad. when they talk about change, i notice they have change. she's been there for 30 years. 30 years. there's no change.
10:52 am
it's going to be the same. it's going to be an extension of obama, in my opinion, worse. she lied about she was for tpp, she saw me on television knocking the hell out of it because it's a horror show, it's going to kill all of our jobs, it's going to be almost as bad as nafta, maybe worse, which her husband signed, by the way, which destroyed this country. destroyed manufacturing in the united states. and i'll do something about it. that will be so renegotiated. and, by the way, yesterday for the first time, she said she wants to renegotiate trade agreements. first time yesterday. all because of me. she also saw me talking about tpp and currency manipulation and currency devaluation, and she heard it, and she said wow she can't win that subject in a debate. so all of a sudden she goes and goes against tpp. her vice president is one of the biggest proponents of tpp,
10:53 am
and now he's going against it. and bernie sanders was right. he was against it. they will go for tpp and vote it in very shortly after the election if she wins. which for the sake of our country, we all hope, and i hope that she doesn't. they will vote it in, just mark my words. hopefully we don't have to worry about it. but she will -- she'll change a comma, change a paragraph of the 6,000 page document that nobody's even read on our side. just so you understand, the other countries if know every word, every paragraph, every sentence, every single comma and period. we don't even read it, our country. because we're lead by stupid people. so she saw me talking about tpp, she realized that she couldn't defend it, her special interests are pushing her hard because she's bought and sold by the special interests. they're pushing her very hard.
10:54 am
and so she said she's against it. the day she gets in, which hopefully will never happen, she will approve or shortly thereafter tpp, and that will be another disaster for jobs in our country. okay? so why don't we start off. any questions? yes, sir? [question off mic] . stuart: this whol >> this whole thing with russia. in fact, i saw the campaign manager, and they asked him about russia and the hacking. by the way, she hacked, they probably have her 33,000 e-mails. i hope they do. they probably have her 33,000 e-mails that she lost and deleted because you would say some beauties there. so let's see. but i watch this guy mook, and he talked about we think it was russia that hacked. now, first of all, it was what
10:55 am
was said on those that was bad. but he said i watched it. i think it was live. he said we think it was russia that hacked. and then he said -- and i'm just a person sitting watching on television as i've been doing. and then he said it could be trump. yeah. yeah. trump. trump. oh, yeah. trump. he reminded me of jon lovitz for saturday night live in the liar where you go, yeah,, yeah, i went to harvard. yeah. yeah. this is the guy. you have to see it. yeah, it could be trump. yeah. yeah. so it is so far fetched. it's so ridiculous. honestly i wish i had that power. i would love to have that power. but russia has no respect for our country and that's why -- if it is russia, nobody even knows. it's probably china. or it could be somebody sitting.
10:56 am
it shows how weak we are. it shows how disrespected we are. assuming it's russia or china or one of the major countries and competitors, it's a total sign of disrespect for our country. putin and the leaders throughout the world have no respect for our country anymore, and they certainly have no respect for our leader. so i know nothing about it. it's one of the most farfetched i've ever heard. yes, john? [question off mic] >> i never met putin. i don't know who put -- he said one nice thing about me. he said i'm a genius. i said thank you very much to the newspaper and that was the end of it. i never met putin. i would treat vladimir putin firmly.
10:57 am
but there's nothing that i can think of that i would rather do than have russia friendly as opposed to the way they are right now so that we can go and knock out isis together with other people. and with other countries. wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with people? wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along as an example with russia? i'm all for it. and let's go get isis because we have to get isis, and we have to get them fast. you saw what happened with the priest. it's only going to get worse. and hillary clinton wants to allow 550% more people from that region into our country, and we have no idea who they are, where they come from, where their documentation is. it's only going to get worse, and it's going to start getting bad in our country. we're letting people come in by the tens of thousands. you see what happened to the french priest. a friend of mine. he said he was going to france like three or four months ago. i saw him yesterday.
10:58 am
i said how do you like france? he said i wouldn't go to france. i wouldn't go to france. because france is no longer france. france is no longer france. they won't like me for saying that, but you see what happened in niece, you saw what happened yesterday with the priest who was supposed to be a spectacular man. france is no longer france. and this world better be very careful, and they better get very tough and very smart, and they'll never do it with hillary clinton. and, by the way, in terms of change, she's been there for 30 years. she's been doing this for 30 years. what? she's going to go all of a sudden things are going to change? she's bought and sold 100% by special interest and lobbyists. yes, tom? [question off mic] none. because it's under order. and i'll release them when the order is completed. i've had orders for 15 or 16
10:59 am
years, every year i have a routine ordered, under ordered, when it's complete, i'll release them. but zero. i will tell you right now. zero. i have nothing to do with russia. yes? [question off mic] >> i don't know it depends on the order. by the way, just sound, i've released my papers. 104 pages of documents. i built an unbelievable company, tremendous cash, tremendous company with some of the great assets of the world. you've seen it. you were all disappointed when you saw it actually, but that's okay. far greater than anybody ever thought. i have a great company. i built an unbelievable company. but if you look there, you'll see there's nothing in russia and as far as the tax returns, as soon as the order is complete like any lawyer would tell you, she's going over it a while ago. she's a lawyer. she said, well, no lawyer would let a tax return go when
11:00 am
they're under order. i've gone through orders, which i think is unfair, for 15 years. i have friends that are very rich that never get audited. i'm audited every year. maybe that's because of politics. who knows. [question off mic. >> i'm not going to tell putin what to do. he already did something today where he said don't blame them essentially for your incompetence. let me tell you. it's not even about russia or china or whoever it is that's doing the hacking. it was about the things that were said in those e-mails. they were terrible things. talking about jewish, talking about race, talking about atheist, trying to pin labels on people. what was said was a disgrace. and it was debbie wasserman schultz and believe me as sure as you're sitting there, hillary clinton knew about it. she knew everything debbie wasserman schultz could not
11:01 am
breathe without speaking and getting approval from hillary clinton. couldn't breathe. and you saw that. it also showed that it was a fixed race, but i've been saying that long before i saw the e-mails. it was a rigged race. it was totally rigged. and debbie wasserman schultz rigged it and the sad part bernie sanders has -- to use an old word i use okays, he lost his energy. he wants to go home and go to sleep, but he has lots of people that walked out last night. now, hundreds of people walked out of the democrat convention i didn't even hear about it. nobody showed it. i didn't see it on television. you people don't talk about it. the republican convention was incredible. i hear i had one of the biggest bounces in decades. like, some people are saying nine points. in fact, a poll just came out ten minutes ago, los angeles times, trump 47, clinton 40.
11:02 am
and the reason is that people are sick and tired of hillary clinton. what do i have to get involved with putin for? i don't know putin, i've never spoken to him, i know nothing about him other than he will respect me. he doesn't respect our president. and if it is russia, which it's probably not. nobody knows who it is. but if it is russia, it's really bad for a different reason because it shows how little respect they have for our country when they would hack into a major party and get everything. but it would be interesting to see. i will tell you this. russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably rewarded mightily by our press.
11:03 am
let's see if that happens. yes, sir? [question off mic] >> okay. sure. two big questions. the minimum wage has to go up. people -- at least $10, but it has to go up. but i think that states -- federal. i think that states should really call the shot. as an example. i live in new york. it's very expensive in new york. you can't buy a hot dog for what you're talking about. you go to other states, and it's not expensive at all. now, what it does is puts new york at a disadvantage if the minimum wages like companies move out and things, you know, bad things happen. at the same time people have to be taken care of. but what i'm really going to do on the minimum wage, it has to go up. now, bernie sanders lied. bernie sanders said in his speech the other day that donald trump wants the minimum wage to go below $7. i said where did he come up with that one? that one is just like joe biden lied today.
11:04 am
he said that donald trump wants to -- he was on television. he said donald trump wants to carpet bomb the enemy in the middle east. that was that said that. that was not donald trump. i mean he's not a very bright guy but that was ted cruz that said it, and he said it with such surety. donald trump wants to carpet bomb -- i never said that. that was ted cruz. do you remember ted cruz said that? you will find it. so i want to raise it to at least $10 and what i'm going to do is bring jobs back to this country so that people can start working again so that the $10 and the $15 and the numbers you're talking about are going to -- literally going to be peanuts compared to what people can make in the country because i'm going to bring jobs back from mexico, which is booming. booming. i have a friend who builds plans, and he's a great builder of plans, and i was with him the other day. great guy.
11:05 am
he builds massive plans for automobiles, computers, anything. that's what he does. i think he's the biggest but certainly one of the biggest. and i said how is it going? he said unbelievable. oh, good. that's good news. the country's doing well. no, the country's not doing well but mexico is unbelievable. the plants i'm building in mexico, i've never seen anything. it's the eighth wonder of the world. and he's not happy. he's an american guy. he would rather build them here. but he says it's unbelievable. that's what ppened to our country because we have leadership that doesn't know what they're doing. yes, we're going to be listed -- we're going to be giving a list of those territories. and if you come from those territories, we're going to have extreme vetting. and we're going to have extreme vetting anyway. look, we have people coming into this country who have very evil intentions. and we have people, whether it's san bernardino, or whether it's the world trade center, or whether it's a lot of other things, and you look all over the world, and you
11:06 am
see what's happening. you look at orlando, how bad was that? and that was horrible. that was going after the gay community it looks like. we can't let this happen. we cannot let this happen. we cannot let people come in. now, hillary clinton wants to up it. her running mate tim kaine, who, by the way, did a terrible job in new jersey. first act he did in new jersey was ask for a 4 billion-dollar tax increase, and it was not very popular in new jersey what? i mean virginia. the first thing, the first thing tim kaine did is 4 billion-dollar tax increase. and he's not very popular there. so let me just tell you. and and i went all over virginia, and i was there the other day. and i thought he would be popular, he's not popular because he asked for tax increases. big tax increases in virginia. big. and also the unemployment went up, i think it doubled or close to doubled during his tenure. but what he wanted to do is
11:07 am
very strongly, and he's on record, he wanted to have even more of the people from that region of the world come in than hillary clinton wants. and it's unacceptable. okay. yes? yes? yeah, david, go ahead, david. [question off mic] >> i saw that. i do have a reaction to the prosecutor in baltimore who indicted those police officers. i do. i think she ought to prosecute herself. okay? that's my reaction. i think it was disgraceful what she did. and the way she did it. and the news conference that she had where they were guilty before anybody even knew the facts. and i give a lot of respect and a lot of credit to those police officers who probably could have made a deal. i give a lot of respect, a lot of credit that they stuck it out.
11:08 am
victory after victory after victory, she had no chance. don't forget she prosecuted the best case, which she thought her best case is first. she should prosecute herself. she should be held accountable. [question off mic] >> well, that was a bad case. that was a bad case. if you're going to do that,
11:09 am
but right around that time, you had the attack in niece, and i was going to have a news conference either the following morning or the next day. and of course i had to delay the news conference because there was a attack, a horrible attack. and i delayed the news conference. it was such a lie, so many lies in the press and he has so great, and honestly even better than i thought. better. i think everything's out of date. we have a whole new world. when i said that nato to wolf blitzer is obsolete, i got attacked. three days later people who
11:10 am
studied nato people said trump is right. we have a lot of things that are out of date because they're 20, 30, 40 years old. nato, this is in a country from 40 years ago. today we have a different threat. we have a terror threat and an isis threat. and, by the way, isis isn't even mentioned. it's not even mentioned during the democratic convention. and everyone's talking about the reason they can't mention it is because they grew it. go ahead. [question off mic] katie, we negotiate so much of everything. i'm going to renegotiate our trade deals where we're losing with everybody. i'm going to renegotiate our military deals where we're protecting companies and they're not living up to the bargain. they're not living up to the bargain and everyone agrees for me, except for the media. and the media never says that. i like nato, just sound. i like nato, i like the concept of nato. it is somewhat outdated because it doesn't cover terror the way it should. i've been saying this for six months. now a couple of months ago, front page of wall street
11:11 am
journal, we are going to cover terror, they announced somebody. i think nato's great. but it's got to be modernized. and. and. countries that we're protecting have to pay what they're supposed to be paying. yeah? i am a person that believes in enhanced interrogation, yes. and, by the way, it works. question off mic [. let me say it once again. okay? many countries, including the nato countries, some of which i think you have five that are current that have paid what they owe. and they can afford to pay this. it's not like they can't afford it. they just see us as a soft touch. that you know business we say somebody's a soft touch. i don't know if i've been called a soft touch, but maybe
11:12 am
i have sometimes. but in business they call them a soft touch. they haven't paid us. okay? i want them to pay. excuse me, i'm not saying anything. i don't talk. i'm not like obama where he tells you everything he's going to do. we're going to do this, we're going to do that. i don't talk. but they're going to pay. yeah, it sends a signal. you know what signal it sends? it says we're going to pay. we have treaties, that's right, and in the treaties it says they will pay, and they will pay. how big -- go ahead. bluegrass, yes. [question off mic] we're going to have a whole policy on that over the next three weeks, i'm going to be doing a big thing on it. well, i've been doing very well with the hispanic community. i mean really well. the poll numbers are going up very high. i think i had one recently 35 or 36. but i'm going to have a whole -- we're going to have a
11:13 am
news conference on that over the next three weeks. so -- and i want to just tell you because these polls cover it. so l.a. times 47-40, cnn up -- they're all way up. they say the biggest bounce in memory because today i heard a dishonest guy in television say, well, trump didn't get at least a bounce. so i have to at least say that. jeremy, go ahead. [question off mic] i don't think he respects clinton. i don't think putin has any respect whatsoever for clinton. i think he does respect me. and i hope i get along great with him. it's possible that we don't, jeremy. i hope that we get along great with putin because it would be great to have russia with a good relationship. right now we don't have a good relationship. putin has said things over the last year that are really bad things. okay? he mentioned the n word one time. i was shocked to hear him mention the n word. you know what the n word is; right? he mentioned it. a total lack of respect for
11:14 am
president obama. number one he doesn't like him and number two he doesn't respect him. i think he's going to respect your president if i'm elected, and i hope he likes me. yes, yes, sir? let me finish with jeremy. go ahead. president trump would be so much better for u.s., russian relations. you can't be worse. look, when i was a young man studying history and studying all of these things that i've always found fascinating, one thing i've always heard is you never want to do anything to unite russia and china. well, they united now in a true sense. they've never been closer. they're selling toilally to china. we forced them into this position. no, wait a minute. no, i'm going to be an adversary. no, i'm not at all. i have tenants from china. i have the biggest bank in the world from china paying me rent. i have great relationships
11:15 am
with china. i'm not blaming china for getting away with murder. i'm blaming our leadership is incompetent. we don't know what we're doing -- i don't blame -- i respect chain china. hey, if china can get away with trade deficits every year with hundreds of billions of dollars, if they can get away with that, my hat's off to them. i have no problem with china. i have problem with our incompetent leadership allowing that to happen, and i believe that hillary clinton is even more bought and paid for than barack obama. i think it will get worse. it's going to be four more years of obama, which is unacceptable to a lot of people, you see that. but i believe that hillary clinton will be worse than obama. yes? [question off mic] that's right. that's right. i'm going to be doing something over the next four weeks. very much so. no, i'm prepared to say we're going to have a great plan.
11:16 am
one of the things incas i've traveled all over the country, and i'm going -- you know where i'm going. i guess you know, i don't have to say. i'm going to all over the place, this is such a great country. one of the things i've seen, college students who work so hard, they're great students, they do such a great job. number one they get out and they have no jobs because our jobs are going to mexico, china, all over the place not here. just like my friend who builds the plans, but he doesn't build them here much. and the saddest thing i see is these students are leveraged debt up to their did -- up to their neck. they can't breathe. they're scared. they're so scared, they have leveraged their entire life, they've leveraged their entire life. they have loans -- and i have to tell you the colleges are viewing the students as just a conduit because the students
11:17 am
get government money, passes through, but the number gets higher and higher. because college costs are out of control because the colleges say what difference does it make? you take a look at the salaries being paid. you take a look at what's going on under the colleges. because all it is is a pass through and the students are a conduit. so the colleges are costing so much money. we are going to help the students. maybe that doesn't fit beautifully within the republican framework, but i've told this during various times to lots of different people and nobody has a problem with it. we have to help our students. our students are under tremendous pressure to a point where it's making them sick. our students are under tremendous pressure, we have to help our students. and i'm going to have a plan over the next four weeks. excuse me? [question off mic] everything is on the table. you'll see. everything -- it's a very important -- it's a very important subject. yes, ma'am? [we question off mic]
11:18 am
i think my message is resonating because they have confidence with me at the border. they don't want people pouring into the country. likewise they have confidence with me on isis. not only in terms of getting rid of them, but also in terms of keeping them out of our country because i will not have people who come into our country who want to do damage to our people. i think they have a lot of confidence in terms of my bringing back jobs because i see carrier and ford and all of these companies leaving and going to mexico like there's nothing to it. and then they make their product, they sell it back to the united states, no tax, no nothing. we get nothing except unemployment. and i think people see that. i can tell you -- i mean i'm like a pollster myself when i'm in front of these massive audiences, you people know because i'm there. the biggest applause is a repeal and replacement of obamacare because obamacare's a disaster. in texas going through blue cross, blue shield, they just
11:19 am
announced a 60% increase. on november 1st, you're going to have new numbers come out for obamacare, having to do with increases. president obama is trying to get it moved to december. because it is election defying. it is going to be a massive number. the biggest number ever in our country's history for health care. it's going to be announced on november 1st. i just asked the press don't let him do that. obamacare is a disaster. people are dying with it. it's a disaster. and everybody knows. and it's going to fold anyway. in '17, unfortunately, if i'm president -- i mean i've got to take over this mess, it's going to fold anyway. but repeal and replace obamacare, people like it. they like the fact that i'm going to protect the second amendment, they like the fact that i'm going to -- i'm going to rebuild our military, which is very depleted. those are the things that are resonating. and they don't feel hillary
11:20 am
clinton can do it. john, go ahead, john. [question off mic] no, i have nothing to do with russia. i have -- john, how many times do i have to say it? are you a smart man? i have nothing to do with russia. i have nothing to do with russia. and even -- for anything. what do i have to do with russia? you know, the closest i came to russia, i bought a house a number of years ago in palm beach, florida. palm beach is very expensive place. there's a man who went bankrupt, and i bought the house for $40 million, and i sold it to a russian for $100 million including brokerage commissions. so i sold it. i bought it for 40, i sold it for for 100 to a russian. that was a number of years ago. i guess probably i sell condos to russians. okay? of course i can. i have -- i told you. other than normal stuff, i buy a house if i sell it to a russian.
11:21 am
i have nothing to do with russia. i said that -- i said that putin has much better leadership qualities than obama, but who doesn't know that? of course not. i own the trump organization. zero. zero. go ahead. [question off mic] i am. i did. i did. because i would love to see a woman become president of the united states. but would be so wrong. and even women say that. women don't like her. she would be so wrong. look, hillary clinton is a disaster. she's been a disaster. and even the story told by her husband last night, he left out the most interesting chapter. i won't get into that. a chapter that i really waited for because it was pretty boring.
11:22 am
the chapter that i waited for, i never heard. and he left it out. look, hillary clinton's a disaster. i'd love to see a woman become president, and it will happen absolutely. but i think it will be bad for women if it were for hillary clinton. yes, ma'am? [question off mic] yes, i do. but i have spoken about it many times, and i speak about it all the time, the police have been very, very careful, very well trained, i speak about it all the time. in fact, i mentioned the most recent deaths -- excuse me. i mentioned the most recent deaths in louisiana and in minnesota. i speak about it all the time. it's a real problem because if the police do 100,000 great jobs, and they have one either a road policeman or cop was fully trained or did a bad job, you see that incident on
11:23 am
television for weeks. it's a real problem. you don't see the good work that they do. but if they make one mistake out of 100,000, out of more than that, it's on television night after night after night. the police in this country do an amazing job. but likewise i agree. and i do mention that all the time. yes, ma'am, go ahead. oh, go ahead. go ahead. [question off mic] no, but they seem to be if it's russians. i have no idea. it's probably not russia. nobody knows if it's russia. you know the sad thing is? that with the technology and the genius we have in this country, not in government, unfortunately, but with the genius we have in government, we don't even know who took the democratic national committee e-mails; right? we don't even know who it is. i heard this morning one report said they don't think it's russia, they think it
11:24 am
might be china. another report said they think it might be a hacker. somebody with a 200iq that can't get up in the morning. nobody knows. honestly they found out if it's russia. might be russia. but if it's any foreign country, it shows how little respect they have for the united states. yes, ma'am? [question off mic] well, the biggest thing we have to do is number one we have to start by keeping people out because these people, they've got something bad going on up there. they've got something really bad going on. and then people in terms of islam and radical islamic terrorism, a term that our president refuses to use, i can't believe he's still not using it. he's still not using it. and she doesn't want to use it, other than i forced her in a maybe using it. she said she will use it, but
11:25 am
so far she didn't. she probably use it tonight. like the american flag, as soon as we put out a thing they ran a couple of american flags up on the stage. it was a disgrace. you have a room with a massive stage with flags. i think that the people in the community know what's going on. whether it's in a mosque or whether it's in the community. and they have to report these people. when you look at san bernardino, people knew, many people knew what was going on. they had bombs lying all over the floor. they had bombs on the floor. you walk into the house, there are bombs lying on the floor. i think there's a problem there; right? you've got to report them. and, by the way, david hinckley should not have been freed. okay? david hinckley was just released. i think that's a -- john hinckley. i think that john hinckley. excuse me. john hinckley should not have been freed. i just heard about it. in my opinion. [question off mic]
11:26 am
it's up to the president. here's the problem, katie. katie, here's the problem. very simple. he has no respect. [question off mic] well, they probably have him. i would like to have them released. gives me no -- if they have them, they have them. you know what gives me more pause? that a person in our government here's what -- be quiet. i know you want to save her. that a person in our government, katie, would delete or get rid of 33,000 e-mails. that gives me a real problem. after she gets a subpoena. she gets a subpoena and gets rid of 33,000 e-mails. now, if russia or china or any other country has those e-mails, i mean to be honest with you, i would love to see them.
11:27 am
[question off mic] the most ridiculous conversation. don jr. -- let me save you a lot of boredom. [question off mic] mike pence will play a big role. bill let me tell you about john kasich. i never spoke to him about being vice president. we don't have good chemistry together. i have never spoken to him about being vice president. i would never pick him to be vice president. there was never a conversation, and he has a habit of doing things like this where he says things that may be a little bit shaky. let me -- and that was so long ago. i didn't even know i was goingng to get the nomination at that point. just so you understand. i would not have picked john kasich. wouldn't be the right guy. i mean for that to have gotten
11:28 am
out there was so ridiculous. and then i was going to put him in charge of national and worldwide policy. so what's left for the president? i think you know me better than that. that was put out by him. he's a nice man, john kasich, he's fine. he's fine. i would never have chosen him. now, i did speak to various people, and i actually got acceptances from many people. there were a lot of people that called me that very much wanted to be vice president. but i picked a man that i have a lot of respect for and mike pence is doing a great job. let me just explain. i never asked john kasich to be vice president. nor would i. and, by the way, i'm leading in ohio by three points. probably has people's no. our government is so weak on this stuff. probably has. i have a lot of checks and balance, i have a good system i guess.
11:29 am
i'm not an e-mail person. i'm not an e-mail person myself. i don't believe in it because i think it can be hacked for one thing. if i send one, i send one almost never. i don't believe in them. a lot of people have taught me that, including hillary. but it could be hacked. who knows. yeah, go ahead, john. yeah, but my message wasn't dark. my message was optimistic. because we're going to fix the problems. go ahead. [question off mic] no basis. no basis. look, john, i didn't have to do this. when i did this, believe me, you see this incredible
11:30 am
resort, one of the greatest in the world. when i did this, i could be here enjoying myself. you see this incredible resort, i could be here enjoying myself. i have places that are the best in the world. i could be doing other things. i'm doing this because we are going to make america great again. when i looked at the iran deal which was incompetent, when i look at jobs pouring out of our country going to mexico, china, what is happening with china, isis, our military so badly depleted, we have old fighter jets, taking parts from museums and graveyards. when i look at this this country has been great to me. i am giving ba as far as running a campaign it is not difficult but when i ran there were 17 people. letters, senators, ben carson,
11:31 am
capable people. everybody said he can never win because look what he is doing. he is giving a talk to 5000 people in new hampshire instead of going to everybody's house and having dinner and i won new hampshire and i won 38 or 39 states. won with the highest vote in the history of the republican party. the point is this. it is a different kind of campaign but what i think is good. it is working here too. [question off mike] >> when joe biden says i want to firebomb the enemy which was on television this morning, or carpet bomb, he used the term,
11:32 am
when he says donald trump wants to carpet bomb, that was ted cruz that said that, it wasn't me. when sanders, a lot of his people will come to me because of trade, when bernie sanders make the statement that i want to go lower the minimum wage but lower it is a lie. i have a choice. my people they don't respond, doesn't matter. to me it does matter. when people tell lies, politicians tell lies very well, that is what they do. when politicians tell lies, i am lucky because i have a big microphone. i can say joe biden lied, or i didn't say that. you know i didn't. he was criticized by people, the fact check for saying it because i never said it. president obama said a year and a half ago donald trump will never be president. today on the today show he said
11:33 am
this is democracy. a little bit different. go ahead. [question off mike] >> you will have to see it at the polls. you know what my positions are. my positions are down. you asked the question every single time. my positions are down, take a look. [question off mike] >> we wanted to. i don't know what he said but excuse me, listen. we were doing miss universe four or five years ago, it was a tremendous success and there were developers in russia who wanted to put money into development in russia, it never
11:34 am
worked out. i didn't want -- a major developer, numerous developers wanted to develop property in moscow and other places but we decided not to do it. >> president obama said he would never do that. stuart: he did say that. he said it this morning, anything is possible. i think i'm going to win. people are sick and tired of incompetence, sick and tired of having politicians leading them down the tubes, whether it is taxes or debt or any one of 15 different things. that is why i will win the election and you see that in the polls. hope your arm is okay.
11:35 am
[question off mike] >> it is a tradition but i don't do things that are traditional. i have great support from israel. i will back israel 100%. i would like to go there but i have great relationships to the people in israel. obama in my opinion is the single worst ing politically speaking that has ever happened to israel. he has been a disaster for israel. i don't know, i haven't set my schedule yet. >> confrontations with foreign leaders, should you win in november -- >> it is possible we have but i am only interested in winning. once i when i will get along great with foreign leaders. they won't be taking advantage. whether it is china, russia,
11:36 am
they don't respect our leadership. in the case of china they take tremendous economic advantage of us. it is hard to believe. i will get along great with leadership. excuse me, in the back. [question off mike] >> we will be looking at that. [question off mike] >> federal. right. >> would religion be a part? >> i'm not making it a part but at some point maybe people will change their mind but i'm not making it a part. go ahead.
11:37 am
[question off mike] >> who said that? who? i think president obama has been the most ignorant president in our history. his views of the world as he says, don't jive. the world is a mess. if you look at what is happening with the migration, with syria, with libya, with iraq, everything he has touched. he has been a disaster as a president. he will go down as one of the worst presidents in the history of our country. it is a mess. i believe hillary clinton will be even worse. katie just said polls show you are winning, i can't believe it. are you katie couric of nbc?
11:38 am
it is a disguise. >> he said he feels you are not prepared to be president. what do you want to -- what is going on? >> you have asked me a lot of questions and i turned out to be right on nato after i said that on nato, nato changed their whole program because of me. hillary clinton said she is going to renegotiate trade deals, she never said that in her life, she said it yesterday because of me. i'm the one that is prepared. when president obama became president he didn't know anything and today he knows less. he has done a terrible job. i think i am very prepared. that being said i have been a businessman all my life but i have been seeing and feeling, i have been very much involved in politics from the other side. i understand politics i wouldn't
11:39 am
be here. have great foreign advisers. you have a list, i gave you a list and the other day general quinn and general flynn, we have so many, so many, as an example, i had a meeting three or four days ago, do a report on it, very talented advisers. with all of that being said a lot of people want the people that are doing it now, people who have certain names, look at the mess, have you spoken to so and so? i said he was in favor of the war in iraq which i was not in favor of. have you spoken to this one or that one? look at the job they have done. a lot of the people you think are good because you know their name or see them on television i don't think are good because look at the end results.
11:40 am
the end result is our country is a mess, the middle east has never been worse. had we done nothing with the middle east, had our president gone to the beach and relaxed we would be in better shape than we are now. >> do you expect european austerity? >> we will have to see. that is my opinion. we will have to see. i have a real problem when hillary clinton, who gives open access to a phony server is allowed to get these briefings, how does hillary clinton get a national security briefing when she has probably been hacked, so much of her information, director of the fbi which is essentially negligent, why are
11:41 am
they giving her briefings, great knowledge of the inner workings of the country and security, why are they giving hillary clinton briefings? it will get revealed, her number one person is married to anthony weiner. who is a sleazeball and a pervert. that is recorded history. i don't like hmmma overnight telling anthony weiner all of the secrets. how can hillary clinton be briefed on this unbelievably delicate information when it was just proven that she lied and her server had it and 33,000
11:42 am
emails. they want to brief me, i am not a talker about this, i don't think it is safe to have hillary clinton in light of what just happened and in light of what we just found out, don't think it is safe to have hillary clinton debriefed on national security the cause the word will get out. >> should your son -- >> he is not going to run. don has no intention of running. he did a great job the other night because he made a good speech, you know why? we have a democratic mayor who is horrible. he has no interest in running. >> a very close friend of hillary clinton. unbelievable what he said. it is disgraceful. hillary clinton because of me
11:43 am
said that tpp is not going to happen. we all know it is going to happen. terry mcauliffe said with a wink to a group of people that if hillary gets in, she is lying and it will happen. there is nobody closer, i know this for a fact, there is nobody including her own husband closer to hillary clinton than terry mcauliffe. go ahead. >> anthony weiner said if he ran for mayor against your son -- >> i don't know what he said. anthony weiner is a proven loser. he is locked up in a room. they lock him up in a room and don't let him out. my son doesn't want to run for mayor. he has no intention of running for mayor. as a republican you have a tiny sliver in manhattan in that
11:44 am
area, almost impossible for a republican to win. my son likes to win. my son has no intention of running for mayor so let's put that to bed. [question off mike] >> it is very sad. i am looking at it and want to find out in many areas. >> at the convention -- stuart: what was interesting, i made a speech in front of the great veterans have you saw, very well-received, she was in the day before, hillary clinton,
11:45 am
veterans who saw her started screening lock her up, lock her up, between the speech i made, i said don't do it. i didn't like it. not one reporter said that i said that. they said lock her up, i said don't do that. no one reported that i said that. you do agree i said that? a lot of people say that should happen. [question off mike] >> the row is great. i have over 1000 hispanics working there.
11:46 am
in the yellow? yellow? [question off mike] >> running very bad unemployment and all you have to do is go to virginia and speak to the people of virginia. when she chose him, they don't like him, very close races and his polling is very bad. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. it is time for hillary clinton to do a news conference because it is almost a year and it will be interesting to see how she does. stuart: almost exactly an hour, no prompter, no notes, off-the-cuff answers to a variety of questions. we are joined by lieutenant general michael flynn, former head of the defense intelligence agency who has been listening to
11:47 am
the entire press conference. what do you make of it? >> two things. i appreciate you having me on right after the speech. that was one of the most honest conversations with the american public we have heard out of a presidential candidate in my lifetime. number 2, if you listen to what donald trump said, he gave us some insight into how he thinks about the whole world, how he things about foreignolicy, homeland security, immigration, economics, that was an unbelievable press conference, unprecedented i think in political campaigns. stuart: let me bring up a couple questions related to your area. donald trump said on nato, i want to modernize nato, countries must pay, countries have to pay. what do you make of that? >> nato must step into the 21st
11:48 am
century. we are in the second decade, nato is based on a series of assumptions post world war ii operated effectively against the soviet union in the cold war. the global situation shifted and changed and we are facing a new set of threats everybody sees around them. it doesn't mean the alliance threw the baby out with the bathwater, it means we need to look at what nato should be designed for in the future. that is important. stuart: a lot of questions concern russia and the email hack of the dnc. vladimir putin will be treated firmly but trump wants to be friends. he says if pruden has the 30,000 missing emails from hillary clinton mister trump wants to see them. what do you make of what he said about russia? >> this is about respect.
11:49 am
first of all, it is not about russa's release of emails whether they did it or not but what was in the emails. some of those emails are so disparaging against the african-american community, the latin american community, even women. we need to have mutual respect with some world leaders around the world. we have none of that today. there is no respect our relationships around the world not just with russia but other countries is lacking. stuart: did you expect to hear what you did here today? >> what i expect to hear out of donald trump in honesty, like i said up front, this was one of the most conversations with the american public, we are in a tough time in this country. going forward the country is going in the wrong direction and all the various surveys and
11:50 am
polls people feel that way. people are concerned about radical islam and their own security and our national security and our economic conditions. this was donald trump at his finest, giving an unbelievably honest assessment not only of what he would do as president but the state of the play in our political system which is totally rigged. i feel bad for bernie sanders. the status quo will not work. stuart: michael flynn, thanks for being here. more reaction from that one hour press conference. we have karl rove, with that and effective counterpunch to all the criticism that has come donald trump's way recently? >> you can't resolve all the issues in one hour particularly when you let the nature of the news conference be driven by the
11:51 am
reporters themselves but it was a candid, straightforward explanation of where he stood on a couple issues and then adroit defense on others. i want to correct two things. when he is talking about nato we are not giving nato credit for having been in afghanistan and iraq, many countries in nato participated in combat roles, some of them in noncombat roles. when he talked about not paying, nato has an agreement that countries will pay a percentage of their gdp towards defense and many countries in nato are not doing that. among those that are doing our countries in the baltics, latvia, estonia, lithuania and poland who are at risk with russia, spending money because it is in their interest to have a strong military to deflect vladimir putin. stuart: let me bring in doug show in. what he said in that our do you
11:52 am
think he damaged hillary clinton? >> i don't necessarily think he damaged her. what i took from that is he is finding his voice and themes for the general election. he was composed. he was focused. there were very few if any extraneous points. karl rove is right in pointing the way for something the democrats have yet to focus on. there was no focus on terror which to me is a big mistake but also we need to stand with nato, be more assertive about its role in protecting the balkans, the only thing vladimir putin response to his strength, not pleasant talk. the baltic nations, it fulfills their commitment and then some. the president of estonia said we pay our 2%, need our commitments
11:53 am
on defense, we have troops in afghanistan, what is it donald trump wants us to do that we have not done. stuart: have you ever seen a press conference by a major politician anything like that ever before? >> a pretty re-free ranging press conference. in most campaigns you see news conferences held by both candidates. trump is right, clinton has hidden from the press for almost a year. we have not seen her subject herself for an hour like he does. it is an advantage for him and allows him as an agent of change, things as they are, that is the big take away, he put her on the defensive when it comes to holding news conferences. charles: have you seen anything like this before? >> to take somebody who has never been in politics who was
11:54 am
driving the message and according to real clear politics is narrowly ahead and of the la times is to be a relieved is 7 points, haven't seen whether this will hold up, is a real open question but candidly democrats are on their back foot but i never thought i would be saying that now from what i said on your program before. when you are still a democrat. >> i am a pro nato democrat. stuart: appreciate you being with us. a lot of questions came back to russia. what was russia's role in the hacking of the dnc emails, was pruden playing trump? was vladimir putin playing hillary? cheryl: you have never seen mitt romney or george w. bush dodging questions like that for an hour.
11:55 am
he said i hope russia got hillary clinton's deleted emails, he was being irreverent. stuart: one thing donald trump brought out was the nature of those emails which have been revealed in the dnc. liz: the double standard, the gop emails, any emails written like this would be slammed. how to counter trump in a new video. the quote from a dnc staffer, attached is a script for a new video we would like to mop up some more taco bell engagement which is basically a slam on latino voters. stuart: here is what the new york times is saying. donald j trump called on russia to hack hillary clinton's email essentially sanctioning a foreign power's cyberspy, that is the new york times, that is
11:56 am
literally coming -- listen to the whole thing, the time says he is authorizing the russians. >> that headline is an example of what the new public editor complained about in terms of liberal bias at the new york times, there is no way to justify that headline based on what we just heard with our own eyes and ears. the issue of the relationship between russia, vladimir putin and donald trump and his organization will not go away. the president has made a very serious implication because he doesn't have evidence, he said he didn't have evidence that he is playing into the hands of those who are arguing not only was this hack russian, which american intelligence -- it was done by vladimir putin to sabotage the election. no evidence to support that.
11:57 am
stuart: role tape from president obama where he was talking, let's hear what trump had to say. >> we have a terror threat and an isis threat. isis isn't even mentioned during the democratic convention. everyone is talking about it. the reason they can't mention it is because they grew it. could be trump. it is so far-fetched, so ridiculous. i wish i had that power. i would love to have that power. russia has no respect for our country. stuart: russia has no respect for our country. that is what you picked up on. >> hillary clinton tried to get on better footing with vladimir putin. remember the reset button? it hasn't worked.
11:58 am
of the one just a distraction. all these questions about russia taking the democrats line that essentially vladimir putin is playing our election, distracting from the nature of disgraceful emails that have surfaced. >> both can be true. emails are undercover, no doubt about that. on the first day of coverage of the leak, barely referred to the substance of those terrible emails, debbie wasserman schultz is gone, should be gone, buthe issue, vladimir putin is playing politics, and outstanding issue until there is more evidence -- stuart: the times will insist,
11:59 am
every single email related. the taco bell -- the new york times. we will say vladimir putin is playing american elect. >> by suggesting vladimir putin is trying to get donald trump elected. stuart: saying an emails internally -- where are we going wrong? charles: i will be forced to run and hide, if the republicans put out emails like that, they are gone from public life forever. >> donald trump can put this issue to rest by releasing his emails tax returns -- to show whether or not there is money in his organization. stuart: that is a total sidebar.
12:00 pm
>> release your tax returns. stuart: another distraction. >> it is information americans need whether donald trump is an honest and capable businessman. stuart: we hear you, one and all. it was fascinating. charles: it will be hard to follow that because we just saw donald trump and he was on the tear. the white house must be writing their response. this is cavuto coast-to-coast. president obama and joe biden taking the stage in a few hours getting ready to attack donald trump. they are expected to try to take donald trump down and talk the economy up. moment ago the gop nominee warning four more years of this administration could be a disaster. >>


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