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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  July 28, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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terrorism. liz: people from china and japan also not going. air ce gave the same indication. stuart: airline stocks down. our time is almost up but thanks very much, charles payne, it is yours. charles: this is cavuto coast-to-coast, fox on top of a battle of the vision of this country. donald trump getting slammed for saying he could make the economy great again. take a listen. >> how can there be pleasure in saying you are fired? he is trying to tell us he cares about the middle-class? give me a break, that is a bunch of malarkey. trump says he wants to run the nation like he is running his business? god help us.
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[cheers and applause] >> i am a new yorker and i know a con when i see one. he has got a way of saying the same two words every time he makes his biggest hugest promises. believe me, it is going to be great, believe me. we are going to build a wall and make mexico pay for it, believe me. we are going to destroy isis so fast, believe me. there is nothing suspicious in my tax returns, believe me. >> he is not offering any real solutions to those issues. just offering slogans and he is offering fear. he is betting that if he scares enough people, he might score just enough votes to win this
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election. and that is another path that donald trump will lose. >> donald trump tweeting out country does not feel great already. to millions of wonderful people living in poverty, violence and despair, president obama spoke about a world that doesn't exist, 70% of people think our country is going in the wrong direction. so many struggles out there. this rosy picture democrats are painting, does it exist and will it resonate? alex smith and austin goolsby, everybody on the same page last night? the line of attack was pretty clear but by the same token they want the lineup saying the economy is doing pretty good but it can do better. >> that is accurate. the economy is pretty good, certainly better than it was when the president came into office and we can and should do better.
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that is a separate point from is donald trump qualified to be the president. charles: i heard the word temperament a couple times. felt like the focus was on the juxtaposition of numbers saying the economy is doing better, we know what we came into because you remind us all the time. and how the average american -- >> you just showed the clip. the contrast was the average american feels if you look at the polling, two third of the country saying they think the economy is going in the wrong direction. charles: why did they have it wrong? >> two third of people asked about their own situation say their situation is going well. there is a big disconnect for what they feel for their pocketbooks and what they think for the overall economy. charles: is this a dangerous strategy for the democrats, particularly president obama,
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whether it is birds chirping or the economy going under my watch, is this a dangerous path they are going down? >> there could be some risk. if you are watching the two conventions it is a tale of two conventions, republicans painting a pretty dreary picture about the state of the economy, the state of national security, trying to tap into the anxiety and frustration and fear voters are feeling especially in light of recent events, but the republican party a lot of strategists i have talked to say they used to optimism, talking about reagan's morning in america and you heard that from president obama last night and democrats, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, the economy improved but slipping away. democrats have to see as austin
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mentioned. that is a line you will hear over and over. the strategy is optimism strategy, whether that works in november remains to be seen. the president has high approval ratings, the only challenging factor, and the right track or wrong track number, that was a high number in 2012, but a lot of people were blaming bush for that. charles: eight years later, the bush blame card expired a long time ago. the national committee chair, a lot of the speeches, credited them with being enthusiastic and talked about debt forgiveness and things like that. where does this rosy picture
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democrats are painting or trying to sell how does that fall on millennial years? >> it was another broken promise, cheaper to go to college, the debt would be more manageable and neither of those is true for millennials today, incredibly important issue for them and it speaks -- charles: what do they push this debt forgiveness thing? can they garner the enthusiasm of the millennial's with them? >> that is a mistake based on the research we have done. a majority of millennial don't trust they could protect free college, they have seen government never worked for them in their lifetime. they are looking for more affordable ways to pay for college particularly something we hear from young independents in swing state so the promises, it feels like pandering to millennial's, not something government can deliver on. charles: tim kane took a new line of attack on trump.
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i want you to listen. >> you cannot believe one word that comes out of donald trump's mouth. not one word. [applause] >> not one word. charles: with hillary having such major trouble when it comes to trustworthiness this seems like a dicey road for the campaign to go down. why do you think they are going this way and how much do you think it will work? >> i feel bad for him, they sandwiched him in between joe biden and president obama who both received an uproarious reaction from the crowd. he was a little blander and for republicans out there trying this convention, tim kane, if you are a democrat you will be disappointed the progressives
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didn't their shot at the vp pick and if you're an independent you are worried by things like stories out there that over 160,000 gifts from lobbyists, feel like more of the same. not the outsider voters are clamoring for. charles: the favorability numbers for donald trump and hillary clinton just about the same though from what i went the net negative has never been as high for democratic candidate. are they deflecting by talking about donald trump or should they be -- >> they are doing both. it is a race between two people, tim kane is a good friend of mine and a wonderful person. that might have been the worst mimic of donald trump i have ever seen. charles: no doubt about that. >> the fact they got people who are not democrats. michael bloomberg is not a democrat. he is condemning donald trump as a bad businessman, y have a conflict -- republican economists donald trump's economic plan will lead us into
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a recession and lose millions of jobs, that contrast between donald trump's policies, what they would actually do versus what hillary clinton will do, the more they emphasize that and the more they let donald trump himself keep talking the better it is for the democrats. charles: a tough line of attack, everyone says this is about humanizing hillary clinton. reintroducing her to the american public. last night it was more about attacking donald trump. who is making that decision, will it be the right decision? >> the general election campaign. donald trump is unfit for the presidency to be commander-in-chief, talk about the issue of temperament. according to strategists and
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campaign officials, and and when they get into that booth in november, however they vote to think about that issue, that is why facing those negative numbers in terms of trustworthiness and honesty, a lot of surrogates point to donald trump and ask the same question of him. also really reaching out to independents and disaffected voters on the other side, donald trump and hillary clinton trying to reach those voters and that will determine this election. charles: everything else, talking about how great the country was going. outside the convention anything but protesters morning what they call the death of democracy, jeff flock who as usual was in the middle of it all, was out
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there right now. jeff: an interesting perspective. we were in a position of being thanked by a lot of protesters who feel their story is not getting out and we have been covering the protest live, one person showed us they are watching on their phones foxbusiness coverage. typically this would not be a foxbusiness watcher, they would like to hang you up by your thumbs for your political views but they feel the rest of the mainstream media is not giving voice to the protest and the anger they feel about the democratic party. we did get crazy at one point, we had people knocking the fence down in a secure area. these were not bernie sanders people, it was a group of people in black, faces covered described by anarchists in the
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crowd and sanders people disavow any connection with those folks, they wanted to disrupt, the sanders people have been very nonviolent and are behind the effort to deregister people from the democratic party. it was crazy last night but not because of the sanders folks who just want their voices heard and feel, hasn't been given voice by others in the media. happy to tell all sides. charles: they are persistent in anger and frustration, but you get a feeling because we are the only network showing this, the way things are going tonight, could be pure anarchy. this is the last night for anyone to take the stand and somehow go crazy. jeff: this is a complex movement, you have sanders
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people, black lives matter, the revolutionary communist party, socialists, you can't control this crowd. it was a mix of people, black lives matter people on one side, socialists on the other side, burning a flag as the president was speaking, bernie sanders people were trying to stop that. they didn't want to be associated with that. this is the mass of frustration boiling outside the convention center. who knows? charles: tell those people we may not agree politically but i am a loser vandross fan, keep the music pumping and we will come out later. see you soon. back to the panel. these protesters said they feel the mainstream media has been shutting out there voice. they have a legitimate complaint. what do you think?
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>> to me? the sanders people here in the hall, there has been a lot of coalescing, coming together, a great recession for the first lady's speech setting the stage, i haven't heard anything like that inside the hall since the first afternoon. on the outside -- i was in cleveland last week, there are a lot of strange people who can't get past the security fence at a big political convention. that was true for the republicans last week, true for the past convention i have been to in charlotte and denver and other places so that is not surprising. i don't -- those are not foxbusiness watchers, nor are they even registered voters. they have some strange views. charles: we heard jeff say not only are they registered but they will deregister from the democratic party. seems like a big honey pot of potential voters for donald trump to pluck.
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he made the overtures. >> i have to disagree. i was in cleveland and we didn't see anything like this outside the quicken loans arena. it is easy to feign unity within the hall when you have the bernie sanders people marching out, turning out the lights on the protesters, they turned out the lights in the stadium over the protesters to minimize their impact on camera. it is easy to feign unity and there is frustration with how the system works, feeling it is a rigged system, something stuck in washington that donald trump could speak to as an outsider candidate. charles: last week when tim kane was speaking there was outburst, trouble finishing his speech, pretty clear there are a lot of upset people within the democratic party and they probably won't show up for hillary. >> there is a division in terms of sanders supporters. a lot of sanders supporters i
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talked to this week on the convention floor who have said hillary clinton, i will end of voting for her because donald trump is the alternative but you still have sanders supporters who are still upset about how this process played out, what they call a rigged system highlighted by turmoil earlier this week with debbie wasserman schultz and the dnc email, who say they are not sure how they will decide so it is not a monolithic group, there is dissension within the sanders ranks. when i was watching tim kane accept the nomination you did have delegates from the california delegation and others holding no tpp signs protesting that vote. at the same time people in the audience trying to calm those people down so it is not a solid block but there is dissension and some people think bernie sanders should have stood up
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longer than he did. charles: bernie sanders didn't do himself any favors either. >> it is a raucous party, there was not the kind of division you have seen in the republican party where the leading nominees against donald trump refused to even go and one condemned him. charles: but the grassroots protest at this convention, palpable and visual and we will see more of it tonight, thank you all, appreciate it. amazon slated to release earnings after the bell today and we will tell you what to look for and facebook just topping one massive company's market, tell me who it is. we will be right back.
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charles: a massachusetts judge denied a motion to dismiss the case that will likely determine redstone's trust marking a victory, the judge denying a request for an immediate mental examination of redstone, charlie gasparino is on top of this with more detailed in a moment. facebook seeing strong revenue growth tripling its profits from a year ago, market cap just jumped ahead of exxon mobil. wasn't that long ago exxon mobil was on top of them all. facebook was discounted by many on wall street. another great quarter. facebook said we can't keep it up like this forever. the pace of growth is phenomenal. is it a proxy for anything? just a great story in and of itself?
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>> it is a proxy for the american promise of exceptionalism. only in this country, this country was started 12 years ago in a dorm room. now they have 900 million plus daily users and free to all those customers and is the world's biggest company. this is a tremendous success story that goes not only to the big trends, the emergence of technology, the slowing of the influence of commodity prices, the relentless innovation facebook has shown, give the customer what they want. facebook has done that. before the market spinning will despite high profile earnings releases. what is going on with the market? >> we are seeing a change in leadership. the last few years dominated by go-go stocks, facebook among them, names like amazon and apple, we are seeing reemergence
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of the old favorites, materials, inflationary signals, a lot of gold stocks at 52-week highs. i would not bet against this market but you got to look for new leadership and not just bet on the same names. charles: i like that suit, don't wear it after labor day. >> anything i know about style i learned from you. charles: green party candidate jill stein marching with those protesters. if you don't think the third-party can make a debt how about two, third parties, donald trump and hillary clinton are facing some wildcards next. ♪
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charles: hillary clinton making her pitch merchandise the arena, but more bernie or bust protesters expected to be lined up outside the arena. things, of course, got really heated last night, and yesterday green party candidate jill stein
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telling me she's grabbing a lot of those protest supporters. >> i can't even go inside of the democratic national convention without having a mob thronging around my campaign. because people in bernie's campaign, but even everyday people outside of bernie, just normal be americans feel like they are being thrown under the bus in this economy, in this election, in this rigged political system. charles: to libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson on the fallout in the democratic party. every time i see you, your numbers go higher and higher and higher. how do you feel about everything you're seeing going on right now? >> well, you know, i'm trying to keep a low profile here. i'm trying to be very respectful of the fact that hillary is getting the nomination, but i really hope to be able to be on the presidential debate stage come september which right now
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looks like that might happen, charles. charles: yeah. i think your numbers have got to be, they say 13, 15%. i know you're getting there in certain polls. you've got momentum, but this notion of keeping a low profile, you've got people out there that are upset. jill stein, she's embedded with them, you know, she's cooking out with them, cooking up marshmallows with them. why are you taking this tactic when it appears these people are now looking for a new leader? >> well, look, i think it's important to be respectful. i've got differences when it comes to hillary clinton. i really don't believe that government has the answer. i think that lower taxes, less regulation and, hey, regulation when it comes to health and safety, regulation when it comes to equal opportunity plus, but there's regulation out there that's crony capitalism that gives advantage to those that already have advantage. that's the kind of regulation we can get rid of. charles: right. >> and then personal freedom and liberty, hey, it's important to
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all of us. and i like what's happening with facebook today. and, charles, i got on oculus today, facebook. wow, that is the future. you know, have things ever been better in america? i don't think they have. i think we communicate better with one another, i think kids are smarter than ever and number one law enforcement tool is our smartphones, you know? life is good. we have issues. i'm presenting the case that if you had two former republican governors that served in heavily blue states elected president, vice president, that they'd actually be able to bring together republicans and democrats, something that won't happen if clinton or trump are elected. charles: but you do see where the public is saying that something is wrong, you know. and again -- >> oh, absolutely. charles: again, i understand numbers, and i look at trends, but there's also people feeling in their own personal lives or what they see out there. so how do you -- because you
12:30 pm
told me last time we spoke most people are libertarian, and they don't know it. how do you get them to understand that they are libertarian and things are rosy, but at the same time their worries and concerns are valid? >> well, most people are in the middle of all this. most people do recognize that government does try and accomplish too much. that it, as the end of the day, taxes too much. money out of your and my pocket. and then people genuinely believe that in their own lives they should be able to make choices regarding their own lives period be unless, of course, those choices put other people in harm's way. and then i think that we are rightfully skeptical of our military interventions that have made the world less safe, not more safe. look, free trade is the opposite of crony capitalism. free trade needs to be promoted in a really big way. diplomacy, that's what we ought to be engaged in. i reject the fact that libertarians are isolationists.
12:31 pm
donald trump's isolationists. libertarians are non-isolationists. look, we want to, we want free trade to prevail. charles: all right. governor johnson, you're the second guy on this show in a seersucker. i feel left out. congratulations. >> all right. you can fix that seersucker thing. charles: i can, thank you. coming up, amazon's earnings are on deck, and we could see clues about the overall economy. now, this is a pretty good proxy. we want to know what's going to happen. we'll break it down for you next. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of ture? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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>> and that's why i can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody, more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> they'll say, madam president -- oh, i don't want to hear that. i do want to hear it eventually, because i want to see a woman become president, but it can't be her. she's a disaster. [cheers and applause] she's a disaster. she'll set you back a long way, women, if that happens. it'll be a long way before it happens again. you'd better be careful what you wish for. charles: so from the most
12:36 pm
qualified candidate to a huge setback for women to the washington examiner's gabby. you know, i think the idea of hillary clinton being the first woman nominated and subsequently, perhaps, elected was a big, sort of a big thing for her initially. it wasn't working early in the polls, and i'm not sure it's working right now for her either. >> yeah. she's definitely trying to play the gender card. we're seeing her campaign advertise in e-mails with women cards available for female voters. but what donald trump was saying last night during his rally in ohio is that americans shouldn't sacrifice the qualities that they think are important to have in a commander in chief to elect hillary clinton president just because she's the first woman to have made it this far. i mean, donald trump said he wants to see a woman in the white house eventually, but that hillary clinton isn't the right candidate for that job. and, you know, when you look at hillary clinton's policies on
12:37 pm
health care, when you look at the fact that her charitable organization continues to accept millions of dollars from countries that don't think men and women are equal, and when you look at the corruption that has cast a shadow on her candidacy, it really explains a lot of the reasons why she not only doesn't have high favorability ratings among women, but why bernie sanders was really beating her among women in the democratic primary h. charles: and tonight she'll be introduced by her daughter, and we're going to hear how being a mother and a grandmother is the kind of experience that is unique and can be applied to anything including commander in chief. is there some merit to that? >> well, there certainly is. but the task that chelsea clinton has in introducing her mother tonight is the same task that president obama, vice president joe biden and former president bill clinton have had these past few nights here at the convention, and that is to humanize hillary clinton and make her more appealing to voters, because she's struggled to do that herself. i mean, when hillary clinton gets up on stage tonight, we can expectct a pretty policy-heavy
12:38 pm
speech, we can expect to hear her go against -- rail against donald trump. but what we can't expect her to do to the herself is to really humanize herself. again, and that's something that her daughter, i think, will succeed in. i think a lot of democratic voters are looking forward to hear what chelsea clinton has to say tonight. i know i certainly am as well. charles: gabby, appreciate it. hey, first it was lenny kravitz and now katy perry? charlie gasparino just got another show, but he's also got some news on fundraising as well. charlie, you're hanging out with the stars these days and you've got all these breaking news items. you're just a man on the go. >> else can i go? -- where else can i go? i can't go anywhere but up from there. covering wall street. here's the really interesting thing here, and it's a point i made to you yesterday, charles, when we were talking amongst ourselves here at the fox news headquarters out in philly, there are no wall street
12:39 pm
executives here or very, very few of them. there may be some hedge fund guys, some guys from private equity, but there is a dearth of representatives from the major banks. you know, we could count them on our fingers. tom needs, the number two -- nides is here, but before he went to morgan stanley, he was hillary clinton's chief of staff when she was secretary of state. that's where it is, it's a pretty wall street, un-wall street convention. listen, aye been covering conventions since 1992. they usually show up. this is one of the first they've boycotted. and i'm seeing it in the numbers too. these are just the numbers for the top banks, citigroup, morgan stanley, goldman sachs, jpmorgan, tallied it up, they've given $1.34 million to hillary clinton. not a lot of money, you know? they used to give a lot more than that. so far in the campaign through june, 28k to donald trump. you know, he's not even close. but it just shows you at least
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so far wall street is staying out of this election. now, why is that? well, everybody gives me the same, gives me the same tune: populism both on the left and the right. you know, they feel like they're not welcome. you know, wall street, there are some wall street people raising money for donald trump, as you know. anthony scaramucci and a few others. but, yeah, wall street, this is a wall street -- un-wall street election. so they're staying out. now, it may change, and that's one of the interesting things i hear going forward. you come out of the conventions where people start, both candidates -- hillary clinton and donald trump -- start pivoting to less class warfare and more of a general election, center-middle, center-right election to win over those battleground states, you might see wall street get back in. but if this election continues on a very populist note be, you know, there's not going to be a lot of wall street money. and i will say this, the numbers you hear about fundraising both from donald trump and hillary
12:41 pm
clinton will go down. hi $1.5 billion target. donald has a target much more modest than that, something like $500 million. be wall street isn't in this thing for either of them, they're not going to hit those targets. it's going to be interesting to see what happens in the days and weeks ahead. charles: there's news breaking out on sumner redstone. what are you hearing? >> right. this is kind of a split decision for both sides. sumner redstone, who wants to get rid of philippe dauman as ceo of viacom. the judge refused to dismiss the case that was brought against -- that would have gotten rid of dauman. sumner wants to get rid of him. he won't dismiss the case. that means dauman stays in there. what does that mean? if he stays in there, that means that the paramount deal could happen. he wants to get rid of paramount, subsidiary of viacom. sumner redstone and his daughter do not want to get rid of it. if he's got some time to do it, which means he does, the case is
12:42 pm
not being dismissed -- i should point out dauman filed the case to stay in his job. getting a little confusing here. sumner wanted it dismissed so he could fire him, the judge would not dismiss it. since he's in the job longer, he basically is can sell paramount, and that's what we're hearing he's trying to do. plus, they wouldn't give sumner a competency exam. so, like i said, split decision. charles: well, they have a new show out of this, at least a one and two-season soap opera. [laughter] charlie gasparino, appreciate it. >> you got it. charles: next, the big thing we're all watching and what it could tell us about our economy and where it could be heading. we're going to tell you all about it in 90 seconds.
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♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. right now the dow is down fourth day in a row, down 72 points making it a loss of about 170 points this week, a loss of one third of 1%. we're also seeing the s&p 500 down 4, the nasdaq composite down 1. don't forget the fed held tight yesterday, and we continue to follow earnings. oracle will buy cloud software next week for $9.3 billion. the largest investor is chairman march rye ellison -- larry ellison. stock jumping on this, up 18% at this moment and hitting new annual high in oracle virtually flat. boeing says they're going to cut down the number of production be of 747s they're making down to six per year.
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both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. charles: amazon, alphabet, cbs, we're talking huge earnings reports right after the bell today, and we're going to get a clue on where the economy is headed from these names. risk and reward's host deirdre bolton is here. first up, amazon.
12:47 pm
stock is near all-time highs. it's a juggernaut. what do you think? >> it certainly is. one interesting thing is analysts are looking at what that prime day might contribute to the guidance. just to be crystal clear, the numbers we get today are not going to include prime day, the one in july, because these numbers only go through june. but apparently, long story short, amazon rocked it. there's a lot of analysts saying they probably saw 60% increase between last year and this year with what we all bought on that amazon prime day. in fact, some analysts, charles, are saying $600 million worth of goods is possible for that division. so amazon doesn't break it out, but analysts will as the numbers come in and, of course, they'll be publishing tomorrow. but you talked about the stock, i mean, it is very close to a 52-week high, and most analysts are saying, look, it has nowhere to go but up. prime is just part of it, $99 a year, and most people who get that spend more than the average customer. they spend on average $1500 a year, most people spend about $500.
12:48 pm
charles: so it's an effective loss leader. they made the deals juicier, more enticing. people responded, to your point. it hid 748 today, the high is 757. >> yeah. there's a lot of analysts -- >> [inaudible] >> yeah. there's a lot that are aiming for that for amazon. and, or you know, we're not even talking about some of the businesses, right? we're just talking about the consumer-driven one. but small businesses use the web services like crazy. aws, that's the cloud. even if you have a web site, chances are you're using amazon to run it. charles: let me ask you real quick, how much of a proxy is this for the overall economy? because they are taking from other established areas, particularly brick and mortar. >> i think that's a great question, charles. i mean be, i feel like for most people that you know whether they're city dwellers or further out in the suburbs, amazon, i feel like, is a very good indicator. don't forget as well, they pretty much gave away those kindles, and they're seeing people buying more apps, more
12:49 pm
e-books. so i feel like it is a very good proxy. charles: now google or alphabet -- >> let's go heavy. we've been covering the market. [laughter] have to say the whole thing. a little bit less optimistic if you listen to all the analysts on wall street. they just say that mobile ad spending is plateauing in a way or just not going as gangbusters as it used to in the past. google used to, essentially, have a monopoly in this space for mobile ads. facebook is really closing ranks. so the monopoly is being eroded a little bit at the same time that advertisers, mobile advertisers, they're still spending. they're just not spending like crazy. it's just a leveling out. but, again, longer term most people say google is not a company to bet against. in fact, most -- i checked the price target for the stock, it's around $925, 930, so still some upside. charles: making a series of lower highs which is ominous, so they need a big number. cbs, they also report after the
12:50 pm
bell. >> they do, indeed. they already dropped the big news, if you like. so they, ahead of their earnings they raised their dividend by about 20%. they increased their buyback plan from $1 billion to $6 billion. so as far as investors go, if you own the stock, you already got what you came for, kind of thing. longer terms some questions. analysts say they feel like ad revenue's going to go down after the olympics, cbs entertainment doesn't have too many big hits. they had a few on prime time tv for a while and then biggest of all, the elephant in the room, is sumner redstone, what's going on. charles: right. >> will the company eventually re-merge with viacom? there's some questions about succession. people just saying, listen, that's a little bit foggy. but in the meantime, if you're a stockholder, you already got paid. you got an increased dividend -- charles: right. deirdre bolton, we'll catch you later on tonight. in the meantime, you'd think two terror attacks in germany
12:51 pm
would make angela merkel think twice about her refugee policy. guess what? she likes this thing. she says it's dangerous, but she's sticking with it. we'll give you more details after this. ♪ ♪ you didn't read your car insurance policy.
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
charles: germany is on the edge of terror, but today chancellor angela merkel doubled down on her migrant policy saying i am today convinced, as it was back then, that we can do it. sheriff joe arpaio is not convinced. sheriff, it's really amazing that with all the recent wave of terror incidents from the softest of soft targets to the despicable act with the priest that angela merkel is still sticking with policy. >> well, you know, i have -- i'm, i've been around a hong time when i was head of the u.s. drug enforcement in turkey in
12:55 pm
the '60s, in the middle east. many turks were moving to germany. they had borders then, and they were distributing heroin to our country. now look what's happening. it looks like history repeating itself. however, now they're killing people all over that area, in our country because of the terrorist effect that we have. i just could never believe when i heard that the european countries did away with borders, it just, it doesn't make sense. germany is a great country, but i think they better start realizing they have bad leadership. charles: well, you know, angela merkel maybe up until a year ago enjoyed absolutely amazing ratings in terms of her popularity. it's come down a lot, and there was some speculation that they e would make major adjustments to this policy, and yet for whatever reason she hasn't. what do you think the message is will?
12:56 pm
we know that the british people heard it loud and clear hen they made their -- when they made their voices heard. but to the point that you made, is it this ideological thing? is it something economic? do they need the population and willing to take the risk? >> probably all different reasons. i'm just concerned about our border. i'm really concerned now with what's going on, you know? it's not just political rhetoric, it's action. people are being killed all over the place. we better make sure our border is secure, i'll tell you right now, with what's going on with the terrorism. forget just the drug problem, but we're in deep trouble, man. we've got to do something overseas, and we have to do something in our country. charles: yeah. well, last night president obama talked about the virtues of having open borders, and i know that didn't sit well with you. >> no way, and thanks to donald trump. over a year ago when i first supported him, he had this in mind about the terrorism, the borders.
12:57 pm
charles: yeah. >> so i guess he knows what's going on, unfortunately. charles: sheriff joe, thank you very much. we appreciate your service all the time. thank you. >> thank you. charles: well, the bernie or bust protesters turning violent, and tonight, well, we're expecting it to be pretty crazy. we'll be right back. ♪ before it became a medicine, it was an idea. a wild "what-if." so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures and worked for 12 long years. there were thousands of patient volunteers and the hope of millions. and so after it became a medicine, someone who couldn't be cured, could be. me. ♪
12:58 pm
. . .
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
>> there are people that are busting the fences open. they have just broken in. they have just broken in. guys, you -- charles: a scary scene caught on fox business last night. protestors busting through police barriers. if you didn't hear anything from this, from the mainstream media, well, there could be a reason for it. this is cavuto coast to coast and i'm charles payne filling for cavuto. police scrambling to bring order. far left sanders supporters to angry with the dnc and e-mail
1:01 pm
controversial they light another american flag on fire. they're calling this the death of democracy. the mainstream media barely talking about it at all. jeff flock, protestors are thanking fbn for covering them. democratic strategist richard, why the media has ignored the protests, you covered these kinds of things on college campuses and you're down there, what's going on and why hasn't the rest of the world heard about this? >> i was down the other day covering black lives matter, they were yelling f to the police. i think it was a taste of what's going on. the democratic national convention is trying to create a unified front but what i'm hearing from protestors, what i'm hearing on the streets is that they are fed up with the
1:02 pm
democratic party. they are angry. charles: you know, we are getting that part of the narrative and granted maybe earlier this week the report is interesting and upsetting to a lot of people, but the violence, this kind of violent act that we are showing on the screen right now, every media outlet will responsibly have to report. >> bret. >> rachel is onto something. if you havave the protestors breakthrough barricades charging the rnc convention because of donald trump, i think it would be national news. it would be breaking news, breaking news on every single network. the reason they're not doing this is because the dnc, look, part of the wikileaks the media and dnc. the dnc is projecting the same unity.
1:03 pm
notice that last night you also had hecklers trying to shack down the secretary of defense. charles: inside it's easier to manipulate. >> i was on the floor when there were hecklers. they shut the floor down because there were too many people on the floor and they're saying let our delegates let back in. charles: they're not saying no more war. >> let us in, let us in. let her in. i was there. charles: let the audience listen. let's take a quick listen. >> donald trump asked our troops to commit more crimes, endorses torture from europe to asia
1:04 pm
suggest that countries have nuclear weapons and he praises dictators from saddam hussein to vladimir putin. [shouting] charles: all right, richard, it sounded like no more war, but go ahead, tell me what you heard. >> yeah, i remember that particular disagreement as well and that was a small subset of the oregon delegation. we were reporting it from the floor. we had our cameras. i was on the floor. i mean, bret wasn't on the floor. charles: do you feel like the mainstream media is doing defensive of the democratic party and not showing the anarchy outside or the disarray on the inside? >> if you look at the reporting that we saw yesterday, the first hour and a half of the convention when gaveled about 4:30, almost about 6:00, everybody was covering the donald trump rally.
1:05 pm
they took the correspondent live and the russians should hack hillary's emails. every single media outlet was talking about it when it happened. charles: tonight wind up, if you l and -- will and i salute the philadelphia police force for the restraint, you wonder if they can do that if it gets any worse. >> it is a very serious situation. it does need to be reported. by the way, what your last guest said is preposterous. i guess he's going to deny that one too. >> i was on the floor and the president was not heckled. actually the president was praised quite gratefully. when hillary clinton walked the arena erupted and you could hear
1:06 pm
the shaking from the crowd. [inaudible conversations] charles: last word to you. >> yeah, i think part of the issue has been the protestors haven't been very strategy ik in -- strategic during the protesting. last week we had bernie sanders supporters leave the add -- auditorium. if you look at the bernie sanders supporters, they're furious, they feel it's a rigged system. charles: i tell you all those in philly to be safe because it looks dangerous. >> they'll be safe. charles: thanks, richard. as we spoke about terror, not a big focus at the dnc but once former secretary leon started to discuss it, things started to get heated. i want to go to bush official peter, peter, why have they sort
1:07 pm
of avoided this issue? >> well, i'm just speculating, you have to ask them, charles. my sense is in terms of terror, you don't want to leave with your chin, the record is not very good. you know, we've had 11 terrorist attacks in the united states since 9/11 and ten during team obama's tenure. i don't know how many during hillary clinton's tenure but ten of those 11 have. i mean, just in the last -- since the beginning of 2015 we've had -- we've had 25 terrorist notes or attacks in the united states. all 25 of those have been home-grown and 21 of the 25 are isis related. so i would say that they certainly don't want to highlight this. i expect that, you know, perhaps candidate clinton will mention this tonight. it's a very important issue. we had attacks in orlando, we
1:08 pm
had attacks in nice and istanbul and isis is still fighting. i don't know why you have to ask the people at the convention but it is interesting. charles: peter were you surprised or did -- president said jihadist, he was trying to compromise, i don't know? >> he's been persistent about avoiding the terminology and received a lot of criticism and i think both on the right and the left who people who think if you're going to be fighting, you have to be able to define it and he doesn't seem to really want to touch it. charles: yeah, finally, hillary clinton tonight, she's got to hit on a lot of different areas and i think she understands where she's weak. donald trump running as a law and order candidate, do you think she's going to be more specific as to why she would be a better law and order candidate and better commander in chief?
1:09 pm
>> well, national security is my focus as opposed to law and order. i think you're going to ask one of your political experts about that question but image you can expect that there's going to have to be some sort of differentiation between the candidates as they move forward with her and i would say certainly on national security issues. charles: probably. she'll need to find a way to distance herself from barack obama. peter, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. charles: president obama painting a rosie picture of the economy, take a listen. >> after the worst recession in 80 years, we fight our way back. unemployment reached eight-year low and our businesses create 15 million new jobs. charles: hillary clinton expect today pick up on that and again talk about how great this economy is tonight. former virginia governor george allan, what republicans need to say to counterrer -- counter
1:10 pm
this. the one thing that he has going for him is echoing what the vast majority of americans fill right now. >> well, i think, charles, first of all, great to be with you. there needs to be a reality check. the reality is that people and this is a gallup poll, 20% are satisfied where this is going, 70% or more think the country is on the wrong track. look, charles, our country is the most competitive entrepreneurial people in the world but the government is holding them back with high taxes and regulatory burden, we see start-up companies slowing, slowest rate than anybody can remember.
1:11 pm
we need to rethink the red tape coming out of washington. those regulations have cost and such a -- that's just such an impediments on that. we want things made in the usa so we ought to have a government that's on the side of innovators and entrepreneurs rather than -- charles: the debate has been about trade, fair trade. we create so many stumbling blocks at home. on that trade issue, hillary clinton was for tpp and then she saw the political winds weren't flowing that way, now she's against it. how does she come back to the notion that this is something president obama wanted and helped him craft it and now all of a sudden it's not good enough? >> well, it might be novel to be
1:12 pm
trust worthy than political. [laughter] >> it gives us a great manufacturing advantage. the countries that we have free trade agreements with we actually have a trade surplus with. you want to cut down on barriers to the entry of american products and manufactured goods and if we don't do it, china will be dealing with them. hillary is just putting the if i thinker in the wind and recognized bernie sanders has those positions and tries to mollify. our american people need to rethink red tape and make our tax cut more competitive and unleash our american energy resources as far as trade agreements they ought to cut down barriers to the entry of american manufacturing goods and products and that creates jobs here made in the usa products and have them going to those countries rather than getting them from china.
1:13 pm
charles: if you could sell your product here, then you would be able to sell our products there. that would be 101. see you soon. >> training camp is opening today. charles: the fed leaving the open to raise rates. the feds should just go ahead and hike right now, period ♪ it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the c300 for $379 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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1:17 pm
same camp as you and i think it's amazing that the fed hikes in december perhaps too soon, the tail is not wagging in wall street, the market is so scary that janet yellen is afraid of her own shadow. >> it's absurd. we flatter the fed by giving it so much attention. let's not forget that the fed's channel is the u.s. bankingsyst. that number is in freefall. the idea that the fed over here can influence the most dynamic economy on earth through the banking system defies common sense. we should ignore it. it doesn't matter what the fed does. charles: we have market pros that come and say the only reason the stock is up are central banks are printing money and buying up assets. >> which is defined by basic history. let's first look at japan. japan began cutting rates back
1:18 pm
in the 1990's. where was the corresponding market rally. let's go back to 2001 when the fed cut and stocks did not respond. markets have rallied over the last five years but they've had nothing to do with the fed and by logic they wouldn't have anything to do with the fed. the fed's channel is banking system. why people don't see this, it's a mystery. charles: the only reason why there's a bigger disconnect is monetary policy and fiscal policy not on the same page. they are printing, printing, but you have an administration that's put forth dodd-frank and some other things that have stopped the ability of banks to actually lend. >> well, it's certainly unfortunate but you can't stop lending, you can stop the least dynamic source of lending, the banks from lending. a credit is what we create the real economy. that's always going to flow out. there's no doubt the economy is slow because of barriers created in washington.
1:19 pm
you described fiscal barriers, no doubt they exist. we can point them out. but i think we overrate the fed's role one way or the other. the fed is an institution that deals with a tiny portion of total credit in the u.s. economy. it's not the reason for growth and/or slow growth. charles: the fed does say ultimately their goal is to spark, create the virtue cycle and if you print up $3 trillion and get it into the economy, that's somehow, you know, people will fill better and everyone will start to spend and when everyone starts to hire, wage wills go up and we have the amazing virtue of cycle. [laughter] >> japan has been trying this for 20, 25 years. our fed has been trying for the last six or seven years. it has not worked. this is all the evidence we need that the fed is vastly overrated. it couldn't stimulate the economy any more than the federal government could
1:20 pm
stimulate the economy by spending money. it's not their resources. we create the resources and government in the fed can only misallocate them. they are truly pushing on a string. charles real quick, three quarters of yield in less than 1%. about $13 trillion of negative yield, is that a warning signal for the global economy? >> i think it is in the sense that people don't think there's going to be a lot of growth, but i think it could also just be a signal, those bonds are paying out, currency that would rice -- rise in value. i'm not to worried about it. charles: thank you. democratic criticized for not being strong enough on isis. they're also leaving another major issue out there and it can topple our economy. we will tell you what it is right after this
1:21 pm
1:22 pm
1:23 pm
charles: well, for the first time in average poll show donald trump leading hillary clinton.
1:24 pm
he's got a 1 percentage point lead over her now. noel says it's getting donors off the heels and reaching for those checkbooks. great news and defying the odds. >> absolutely. i've got to tell you some news too, the super pac, you know, the official super pac which is rebuilding america now, which was founded by tom berick. he was a speaker at the rnc, they just named governor rick scott from florida as the chairman of that super pac and they already have -- was reading that they have 32 million in pledges so far. so that is pretty big for him. charles: the money is now just starting to pour in you think? >> it's starting to. i think they are seeing up tick on small donor that is are fed
1:25 pm
up and enjoy the rnc. the other thing is really coming to the realization that hillary clinton is now the nominee and it's going forward and a lot of republicans are like, oh, gosh, you know, maybe we don't really like donald trump but we sure as heck don't like hillary clinton so let's get off out our checkbook and write checks for the the guy. charles: you deal with them all of the time. the ones that weren't on board before, you know, they had misgivings, are any of them calling now, you know what, i want to kick the tires all over again? >> the real hard-core never trump movement like fernández, robert mercer that backed ted cruz, i think some of the people are not going to go towards giving him money, but will they vote for trump versus hillary. charles they only get one vote. i think it would be concerned about the millions rather than the one vote.
1:26 pm
i don't want to put you on the spot but what i heard that mitt romney and some others have gone out so their money people and said under no circumstances should you write a check. again, i don't know about putting you on the spot or not because i know this is your business but some big names out there that we aren't heard about. >> right that very well may be going on behind the scenes and that's fine. guess what they can do, if they make a commitment to mitt romney or his team, we won't write him a check, that's fine, charles, they can call their uncle in pittsburgh and say, hey, shoot them a check for 50 grand to the super pac. they don't have to have the name on the report. charles: it's looking diceyier -- people say that's incorrect and they are seeing it there.
1:27 pm
i can understand why wall street wouldn't be there. everybody is attacking them but by the same tone, if they would put money on this campaign, it would be this year. >> you would think so. did you ever see the ad where she's talking about outsourcing and what not and the opening deal is all the wall street people? charles: right. >> i think that may weigh heavy on what these guys are doing. that's right. charles: thanks a lot. i really appreciate. 19trillion and counting. no that's not noel net worth, that's our debt, folks, look at that number. it doesn't stop moving. guess what, tell me how many times do you think it was missing at the dnc, tweet me about that? the dangerous that the democrats continue to miss next they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call
1:28 pm
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>> they did the work, hung the dry waa, they poured the concrete, a year after opening, trump filed for bankruptcy. he walked away with millions and they got pennies on the dollar. he says, believe me, well, his creditors, his contractors, his laid off employees, and his ripped off students did just that, and they all got hurt. charles: vice-presidential nominee tim kaine said donald trump would not be able to get our debt mess in order
1:32 pm
but the u.s. debt clock continues to climb quickly towards 20 trillion, under a democrat white house. democrat strategist richard good steen and liz liz, and dagen mcdowell. dagen, i let you get started because when richard gets going he has sharp elbows. >> i'm in elbow reach. i will start throwing stuff at him. charles: takes a lot of nerve for a democrat to talk about the debt these day, doesn't it? >> absolutely does. something governor kaine or senator kaine, somehow a businessman would start the business with hopes that it fails and hopes that people lose jobs. i will slam down on that. but in terms of cracking down on the debt and starting to worry about it, frankly, charles, neither one of these candidates does anything to cut our debt. but you have both social security and medicare, 41% of federal spending now. they're going to be insolvent in less than 20 years.
1:33 pm
hillary clinton wants to expand social security and expand medicare, rather than cutting them. charles: richard? >> well, the key litmus test about who is really does care about the federal debt is the committee for responsible budget in washington. they're kind of the score keepers. they're non-partisan. they are freaked out by donald trump's budget proposals, not just taxing where they say it will be a $10 trillion hole over the course of 10 years, just from his tax policy but spending policies alone, add up to tens of trillions of deficit spending. hillary in, contrast, according to them, not me, she pays for everything that she is proposing >> that is interesting. charles: go ahead. >> just saying the point is we're not hearing much either in cleveland or certainly here in philly, from the podium, about the deficit. and i have to imagine conservatives and your audience and business people are scared
1:34 pm
to death there is republican candidate who seems indifferent and frankly openly talks about the not protecting full, faith and credit. charles: emac, our numbers expert here. there are ways of scoring budgets and dynamic scoring. a lot of these budgets trough to score donald trump's budget proposal because supply side sort of things. if you expand the economy, people quibble about what the impact of that is. but i think dagen made the point that it feels like you will have expansion of the debt by both sides because neither side wants to deal with tougher things, tougher issues. >> that's right. getting to your first point, yeah, the cbo is often off by $150 billion because it doesn't do dynamic scoring. it does static scoring. getting back to it, when the president first sat down, the federal debt was $10.6 trillion. now climbing toward 20 trillion. half of that, 45% came on
1:35 pm
prident obama's watch. d.c. doesn't see the problems of the federal deficit because d.c. is in a boom time. all the shovel-ready government spending, where does it get us? we basically have the slowest economic growth since when fdr sat down in office. gdp numbers for the second quarter coming out. tomorrow the atlanta fed slashed gdp growth to 1.%. we have open ownership levels back to 1965 levels. number of people working in the workforce back to 1978 levels. it just doesn't feel right. in order to pay for all the government spending you have to get a lot more jobs in the economy growing. charles: talking about the good old days, i guess we're already there. go ahead, dagen. >> the thing tha the most, the american people understand this, they understand the danger of debt based on what happened during the housing crisis. they get it. they righted their own pocketbooks after that, they repaired their balance sheets but you have people in washington because interest rates are at 1 1/2% roughly, on the 10-year, that means uncle
1:36 pm
sam can borrow freely, only weighing 1 1/2% a year over 10-year period, they think that will go on forever. once interest rates start rising and servicing our debt continues to climb, we could get into a cycle, a death cycle, that you can not fix. >> other issue, too, charles, the idea started when president obama first sat down that the government can fix everything. the government can manage everything and fix everything in the u.s. economy, has led to the federal debt, doubling on his watch and government can't fix everything. it just can't, richard. >> donald trump is the person who said i am only person who can fix everything. remember the, first day -- >> agree with that. i hear what you're saying. charles: richard back to the debt issue, back to the debt issue, back to the debt issue. >> i want to talk about debt. charles: this is ticking time bomb. we don't know when it goes off. we keep talking about it. we know larger it gets the bigger the boom. so far you got to admit, under
1:37 pm
barack obama it has gone crazy. it has been unstoppable. >> so, again as a percentage, certainly it is down by a, some, by 2/3, relative to the deficit level that he inherited in the last year of the bush administration. granted because of all spending we needed to get to get out whole. >> we're talking about the overall debt pile, not the deficit. >> of course. the fact of the matter liz -- >> people talking about annual budget deficit whips fastballs by the american people. people have to stop talking about at that level. we're talking about the total debt pile and taxes have to pay interest on that. >> liz, first two things, people will pray for another clinton economy that ends with a budget surplus. let's not forget -- >> i hear you that was because internet boom and baby boomers reaching their peak. >> with entitlements and social security and medicare you can not grow your way out of them. they have to be fixed.
1:38 pm
charles: there has to be sacrifices. if we keep going it will be 20 trillion but we can't. guys, appreciate it. go to facebook, that is a stock hitting a new lifetime high after it trounced wall street estimates. it is up 20% for the year. 34% since 2015. well, we'll have more on that when we come back in 90 seconds.
1:39 pm
1:40 pm
reporter: i'm lori rothman live on floor of new york stock exchange with your fox business brief. stocks are down, but bouncing off the lowest levels of the session. off for a second consecutive session as invest digest whole shrew of, reports. we have mixed economic data. we have major companies reporting earnings after the closing bell and how they report after the numbers. amazon really outstanding stock, shares are up 1% right now. alphabet and cbs, little changed. let's break down amazon. year-to-date shares up 10 1/2%. one after the other after the other. amazon put in four straight profitable quarters looking increase of revenue 27% from last year. $29.5 billion. google looking to report revenues of $20 billion. let's get you back to "coast to coast"
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
charles: leaked dnc e-mails have bernie sanders supporters steaming. they have been protesting throughout the week. kennedy caught up with bernie or bust voters who took their frustrations to the streets. >> it is hot out here. people are hot under the collar. we'll find out what is on people's mine today. ♪
1:43 pm
>> hell, no, dnc, we won't vote for hillary! >> feel the bern! >> what are you protesting to >> we're protesting dnc an unfairness of hillary clinton and debbie wasserman schultz. [boo thing] >> democratic party is digging share own grave. >> voter suppression. >> is the system rigged? >> it is pretty clear it is. >> debbie wasserman schultz was booed. >> she deserves it. >> are you surprised by the emails that came out? >> not at all. ♪ >> i still believe bernie sanders will be our next president. >> a lot of change in the last 24 hours. you see a lot of bernie sanders support and here in philadelphia the protesters are far moreorg niced and on message than they were in cleveland. what are you protesting? >> how this corrupt primary election by debbie wasserman schultz. >> we're representing hundreds of thousands of people around the country who feel really disillusioned that upset our democracy has been stolen. >> what is the best outcome now?
1:44 pm
>> i really don't know. if bernie doesn't wint nomination i say we get jill stein up there. >> who do you vote for now? jill stein. >> we're not voting for hillary. we're voting for bernie. that's it. if he doesn't get mom nation, we're voting for jill stein. ♪ [shouting] >> are you feeling the bern? >> i'm feeling the bern. are you feeling the bern? >> are you burning a j? >> sort of. >> we're in the party bus where people have great time. this is where the dance party is. this is not where the democratic party is. a lot of people up here very upset. charles: hard to believe they could be that upset with a joint that big, kennedy. are they still angry? >> that was happy ending of the crowd, surprisingly, charles. they were upset last night.
1:45 pm
there were a lot of sanders supporters protesting, joined by some anarchist breaking down barriers outside of our media compound here, right next to the wells fargo arena where convention was going on inside. we're hearing a list of floor speeches from joe biden, tim kaine, the president. while all of that was happening, law enforcement desperately trying to contain a crowd actually on their side. bernie supporters sitting down to show law enforcement they were not ones causing trouble and may helm. they were simply out there, voicing their concerns, continue ing with message they hope to carry on although bernie sanders campaign is over. charles: do they feel betrayed by bernie sanders? i hear that more and more? >> it is interesting. a lot don't want to admit it. a lot easier to blame someone like debbie wasserman schultz than admit their disappointment in hillary clinton. because bernie sanders meant so
1:46 pm
much to them. they understand why he has done what he has done, they don't necessarily agree with it. when i walked around with jill stein other day at convention she was swarmed by bernie supporters looking for another way. she provides that for them. they got a lot closer indeed with bernie who won 22 primaries and caucuses. jill stein has same authenticity and purity of message they are pinning their political futures on. charles: got to tell you from the scenes i saw, maybe snoop dogg should consider jumping in there. kennedy, great stuff. appreciate it. >> thank you, charles. charles: as kennedy mentioned protesters barreling through police barricades at the dnc. police beefing up forces after that happened but former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler says tonight they should be ready to stop the prohe tests from the very beginning. you know, rod, thanks for joining us. it is really interesting, we applaud the philadelphia police
1:47 pm
force for amazing restraint we saw, and these anarchists came out of nowhere, to sort of stir the pot. tonight is the last night. whatever kicks they get out of this sort of stuff, it will be on full display. you say nip it in the bud? >> absolutely. police departments at events sort of like the dnc and rnc last week in cleveland, we have individuals that work in local intelligence units. what they do, get out there in the crowd. a lot of these individuals, charles, operate in under cover capacity. you wouldn't even know they were law enforcement. the reason they're out there, they want to gain intelligence in terms of who the crowd is, where did they come from, and how violent or potentially violent could they be? last night, so you and viewers know, the fist definitely police department they were actually tracking a certain group of individuals. and that is the individuals you see on your screen now, the ones that started burning the flag. they were hollering things, like, no more war, no more war. wasn't necessarily bernie
1:48 pm
protesters but individuals with other issues they came to the convention to voice their opinion about. charles: rod, the stage is set. do they wait for someone to physically touch them or when, do they see indication of sort of anger, boiling over to the point where the public safety is paramount, they start take action? >> excellent question. here's the answer, last night as a matter of fact, there is a seven-foot fence that surrounds the center, wells fargo center there. this group of protesters, charles, literally took the fence down. they barreled their way past the barricade. that is when police started to take action. we'll see the same thing tonight. the police are out in force tonight. they want to allow protesters to protest. there is a line, there is a line as far as they can go. if they cross the line. police will make it clear, then the police will have to take action, charles. charles: rod wheeler, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. charles: fox business, we're r we'll cover protests.
1:49 pm
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and this saving applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. charles: new fallout from the hack that led to resignation of dnc chief debbie wasserman schultz. wikileaks promising more leaks to come. cyber analyst paul viola is wondering why big organizations have not been able to stop hackers from penetrating their networks. thanks for joining us. what is the deal here? feels like big government, big business, doesn't matter. these guys from anonymous, wikileaks, to the chinese, russians, feels like they walz
1:53 pm
in there but cam out for a year or two? >> i have three words i use them across the board. cheap is expensive. when we look as groups like rnc and dnc, various governmental agencies which we've seen from the otm, et cetera, down to corporate america, we still yet to embrace the fact that we're in a cyber war. i don't know why, charles. we have yet to embrace it. with that is understanding we need to build anti-crime model, not traditional i.t. model. clearly waltzing in. we don't have to take pictures. we just hack right into their system. charles: paul, how would that work? in other words you're saying current structure is based around notion of cyber -- >> right. charles: you're saying treat it more as preventative crime measure? >> right. let me explain, charles. i.t. was built with security as
1:54 pm
add-on. security was never built as part of the i.t. infrastructure. built on speed, manueverrability, connectivity. anti-crime, looking pro ability of trajectory of this criminal, whether state or non-state actors from russia, china, north korea, whatever, local guys how they get n you build the system around what probability of that vulnerability is from the beginning. instead of trying to patch it at end. that is the anti-crime model. unfortunately more expensive to do than traditional i.t. method. why so many groups, public and private sector have yet to embrace it. cheap is expensive. pay now or you will clearly pay later. charles: when you say, we can't ever catch up to criminals always one step ahead? is that to a degree a copout? the. >> there is no question, charles. conscious decision. like so many things you cover constantly. conscious decision will you address things preemptively. are you going to say are things good or will we deal with it.
1:55 pm
continues to happen. you and i keep talking about this. we still have not yet put our arms around the fact that we can mitigate this risk. we just have not yet made the decision to do that. charles: paul do you think it has to be something, we remember the target hack and all these things. costs companies millions. >> right. charles: but not costing them a whole lot of extra money. embarassment feels like everyone lives with except perhaps debbie wasserman schultz. is it going to take something like bringing down the electric grid before we get serious about this. >> i hate to say this, charles, but yes, i believe that. we're especially good at wake-up calls we know that the only thing we're better at than wake up calls are sticking our head in the sand and hitting the snooze button. something will have to impact our infrastructure, for people to wake up to realize we have realistic and high probability of risk we face every single day. charles: paul, always learn a lot.
1:56 pm
>> pleasure, charles. thank you. charles: meantime, stock market off the lows of the session but still under a fair amount of pressure. we'll have more on that after this. ..
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charles: most of your dow 30 stocks, the support points, go there for the thoughts and the report. the final night of the democratic convention is tonight we tonight after making history, said to take the podium, expected to have donald trump on his business record and his plan for the economy. over the past two weeks foxbusiness was the only business network to bring you coverage every minute of the conventions from political heavyweights talking to their plans for the economy to protests calling for more progressive economic agendas outside the convention foxbusiness was the only business network to take you there and take care of you and
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your wallet every step of the way. we are back at it through midnight. and she is going to take you to the next hour. trish: what is going on here in front of us? this could decide the fate of your wallet and the economy. we are just hours away from hillary clinton making history as the first woman to accept the nomination from a major party for president of the united states of america. welcome to "the intelligence report". president obama, quote, passing the baton to hillary clinton claiming she is the most qualified candidate in history, saying everything is great. especially the economy. >> after the worst


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