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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> finally bill welch couldn't take it anymore and he said, i'll quote him, have you no sense of decency, sir? i ask donald trump, have you no sense decency, sir? [cheers and applause] and i might add just one thing.
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mccarthy's career went straight down hill after that. let's move on to more pleasant subjects. unlike what mr. trump says, america is great. [crowd chants usa!] >> let's talk about the usa. 240 years ago we started with a piece of paper, a blueprint for a new society, a society unlike anything the world had ever seen before. in 1776 that blueprint started
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us on a path that has finally led to the next woman president. it was imperfect -- [cheers and applause] -- it was aspirational. that blueprint has done wonders for this country in terms of overball prosperity. when i -- in terms of overall possible 8. -- prosperity, if my parents had seen what the world would look like they wouldn't believe it. the gdp per capita is 8 times what it was. it still has all the qualities it had in 1930 that propelled it like it has. america in terms of creating
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wealth, it's been incredible. in terms of distribiewght wealth it has not been what i consider living up to its potential. [applause] i just described to you $56,000 of gdp per capita. that means the family of four on average would have $224,000 of gdp per capita. this country while making some people enormously wealthy has left people behind. and those people were just as willing probably more willing to go to afghanistan. they were as willing to go to normandy 70 years ago. in hillary clinton you have somebody who cares about that.
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let me give you just one more statistic and i'll get away from that. in the first year of the forbes 100 in the 1980s was the aggregate wealth use $800 billion. currently it's 2 trillion 374 billion. that's 215-1. they told us it would trickle down. you know. what but what has happened is it flooded upwards. and that almost 2.4 trillion, they are not bad people. i know a good many of them. would i like to know more, actually.
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but they have benefited from the system. it's not that they are evil. but they have taken advantage, they are the ones with the lobbyists, they are the ones who come up with interests where their interest rate is far lower man anybody in this room. it will take somebody with strength, resoluteness, brains, energying -- [cheers and applause] it won't happen by itself. it takes guts. it's a tough, tough job when you try and change the code on people making millions and
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billions a year to give a better break to people who work just as hard, maybe harder and take home a few hundred dollars a week. it's really wrong that in a country where $56,000 per person of gdp, that a person couldn make a decent living for their family. and it won't cure itself and it won't be cured with donald trump. it's going to take hillary clinton. it's going to take powers of persuasion. it will take a mandate for the people. but she is stalling out what she is going to do, contrasted to the other candidates. she is telling you what she is
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going to do about the tax code. when that gets enacted. i'll be worse off. and you will be better off. i would like to make a little news. and this is a surprise even to hillary. it's very easy, there were 129 million votes cast in the last presidential election it's easy to think you are watching a tv show or the weather is bad, to think my vote doesn't count. i have got some real news for you. it doesn't make much difference if you are a democrat in idaho or republican in california. you are in a state where the electoral vote will be decided by majority vote and you are on the short side of that case.
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but we live in a very special place. [cheers and applause] in nebraska and maine we also cast electoral votes by congressional district. and we don't have to think about 129 million popular vets throughout the country. we have to think about 538 electoral votes. >> yesterday they had four people predicting how the elect would come out. jonathon karl had one and had gone 8 by state and come up with his notion of who was going to carry each state and how that
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would cause the electoral vote to come out. those of you who watched the show yesterday saw that he came out 269 to 269. he absolutely said that he did not try to come out that way. he just went state by state. 269-269. there is one district in the united states -- [cheers and applause] -- i'm looking at the people that can change that 269-270. [cheers and applause]
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it happened in 2008 by 3,325. we gave a vote separate from the rest of nebraska. so it's been done. but we are going to help that process along this time. i pledged today that on election day, november 8, i will take at least 10 people to the polls that otherwise would have difficulty getting there. [cheers and applause] and when you go home tonight, you can go to a website called drive 2 vote. and if you go there, it will offer you information on three things. how to register, how if you need
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a ride on november 8 you may find someone who will take you. we'll take care of that. and it will also give you have the chance to volunteer to take some people. whether it's 10 or a lesser number. fill reserve holly the trolley for november 8. it seats 32. i'll be at it all day. i'll do selfies, whatever it takes. if it's full, my goal and the goal of the people who join me on this and this drive 2 vote. my goal is to have the turnout in douglas and sarby county, for
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the turnout to be the highest percentage of potential voters anywhere in the district. [cheers and applause] charles: otherwise known as the oracle of omaha *. warren buffet says donald trump and no members of his family have sacrifices, and he said no hems much his family have sacrificed either in terms of fighting in afghanistan. he says hillary clinton is a candidate of equality.
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he noted gdp per capita up six times wait was when he was born and. he made a pledge for a guy who owns a fleet of jets. he will take 10 people to the polls on election day. hillary clinton is on the march. i would be shocked if sometime in the next 45 minutes we don't hear a rebuttal from donald trump. of course, one of the richest meant world, it's interesting he would be taking these positions. the general election has begun. the infighting has begun. crosco, we can see all the bacteriao, that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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charles: it's election season. both candidates hitting the trail in earnest. hillary clinton is getting a big boost from warren buffet and she is experiencing apost convention bump expanding her lead among independents. adam one said hillary was going to get this sort of bump. but it's there right now and she has a little bit of momentum going. >> the republicans had four days to sell their message. democrats had four days to sell their message as a referendum on trump. just having seen warren buffet, i wish i could take one of those rides. for all the obvious reasons. he gave as you short hands le soon on gdp.
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if i could spend a minute with mr. buffet i would reminds him poverty is up, the shrinking middle class, the wealth games increasing, income has been squeezed, jobs are being outsourced overseas. there is more violence overseas and at home than any other time. i wish i had those 60 seconds with mr. buffet as eloquent as he is. char there are if you hang around dairy queens in omaha, you might bump into him. charles: the fact is, these things happen. what does hillary do to keep this momentum going. even as this bump was occurring, she had an interview with chris wallace that the washington post gave her four i noak yoas. she continues to come out and do
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these things even when she has an opportunity to work on that area. >> both trump and hillary clinton get in their own way sometimes. trump had a convention bunl' he could be proud of, then he goes after the kahn family. charles: what about the hillary thing? >> i think it was a mistake. but people according to the polls are moving on from this. some people are talking about how the democrats co-opted patriotism with that amazing theme, then she goes and does this. now that's eating up the news cycle again. warren buffet and mike bloomberg will help her. but she has to own this and i i made a terrible mistake. i don't think you should ignore it. we are a nation that forgive. it's part of the judeo-christian
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tradition. she can be forgiven. people want to like her. charles: around former u.s. attorney. you were appointed by bill clinton and you have contribute to the campaign. >> all true. charles: this situation with comey, the emails and her inconsistencies which are glaring. as a form u.s. attorney, do you think she should have been indicted or should it have been tougher actions against her. >> i think we can accept what james comey did. there was a universal respect for having a guy that was as bipartisan -- charles: there was universal respect. that respect has been lost because he talks about a statute that goes back so far and essentially says he didn't know how to interpret that particular statute and he felt like he
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should have been the first one. that was the way i saw the whole thing, despite the fact the first couple of minutes of talking web was pounding the heck out of hillary. he was ready to put her in ball and chains. >> that's why we have a verdict we can respect. i don't think democrats or republicans should be doing a lot of spin about it. mishandling classified information is not something to brag about. but he said he didn't think this was a prosecutable case as there was no intentional mishandling of emails. charles: the polls are trickling in and so far she has gotten a small bounce in unfavorability. also coming up we'll talk about donald trump because he had a pretty controversial weekends. we have new details on that as
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charles: breaking news on friday on this show. another massive breach of email controversy. it seem to me which candidate would be -- would have the toughest week. but the biggest controversy was involving a family of muslim-american soldier killed in iraq. in an election where he single day seems to count more and more. the big question is can donald trump get back and message? zuhdi, let me start with you.
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>> as an american muslim from an organization dedicated to defend the constitution and counter the radicals, this is a lane our conservative lane should have been filling. but because mr. trump has painted islam with muslims and muslims with jihadism. the last thing any leader should do. the last thing an american president should do is criticize a family that gave the ultimate sacrifice. i served 11 years and i would never compare my sacrifice to theirs. charles: steve, you are one of the first donald trump supporters i knew personally.
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the mainstream media seems to bait donald trump into these thing that seem to take over the news cycle. but you say the kahns put themselves in the cross-hairs with that speech. >> you are right. captain kahn is an american war hero. donald trump even stated that after this little bit of a fiasco kicked up. the kahns went up there paying tribute to their hero son. then everything pivoted to immigration and the issues regarding muslims. took in my view, they took a tribute to their son and turned it into a major political storm and they were attacking donald trump. he never criticized the young man to gave his life to this country. but he defended himself the best he could. they walked into it and he got it back.
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charles: we had statement from paul ryan, governor nicky hailen. john mccain. all supportive of the kahn family, hinting they wish this thing would go away. >> it was a rough weekend for donald trump. i heard he kicked a puppy in addition to all this. charles: stop. >> i agree with a lot of what the two gentlemen set. let's look at politics of this. the last time donald trump had a big fiasco like this is when he made the comments about the judge who had a hispanic background. he lost support from the conservatives and he had a bad fundraising square. he need to pivot away from this quickly and not double down on it. i think it will affect him in
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the poll numbers. it already affected him with his fellow republican colleagues and it will affect him in fundraising. i don't think it's a smart move politically. they did have harsh words for him. when it come to grieving parent, gold tar families, handoff. charles: one of these polls show donald trump's back among conservatives, 64%. could this be a linkerring problem in the party? >> it could be. but i agree with morgan on this point. let it go, you won't win when it comes to gold star mothers. charles: all you guys are fantastic. for more on this don't miss "varney and company" tomorrow morning.
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it's stuart and donald trump. live on fox business. the economic quote-unquote recovery has not been anything to brag about. it's the slowest post-war recovery ever. you heard warren buffet try to put a little lipstick on it. we'll tell you about the real deal.
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charles: moments ago we saw hillary clinton in the red state of nebraska. donald trump was in the important swing state of ohio earlier where he's running neck-and-neck with his democratic rival. i want to bring in my panel now, jessica tarlov, gillian me melc. warren buffet said they have a different electoral system. how do you see this whole thing shake out? we are past the conventions. some of these numbers are coming in. for the most part we can call most these states a tossup. >> you have states like to ohio, pennsylvania, florida, barack obama won them decisively in the past two presidential elections.
6:36 pm
but you see trump winning over blue collar union members. hearing blue collar men in pennsylvania saying they are going to turn out for him. charles: you met a lot of these guys. they told you straight on, they don't care what their bosses tell them, they are going to vote for trump. >> there is a divide between the blue collar workers and their boss. you have hillary clinton making comments about coal, i can see why it's in play. charles: kendall, it will boil down to handful of states. we have seen hillary struggling with key constituents there. >> we were razor thin in florida. that was a landslide compared to 2,000.
6:37 pm
i think florida will be a huge state. getting the ground game, getting the money to mobilize florida. right now you can expect the clinton marine are you wil ma -e remarkable and in place. charles: trump said he raised $36 million last month. >> bernie was at $27. charles: i noticed since donald trump has gone after money it has come down and the amount of people going up. the point i'm making, all the political experts tell me when it comes to the machinery and grounds game clinton has the advantage but that didn't work for trump's rivals in the primaries.
6:38 pm
>> i do think at a certain point answer we get into the general election after labor day. those polls are where things start to matter. can he raise dish think it's great he has these grassroots donations. but can he raise a billion dollars? >> he's not going to spends it himself. >> will the debates make or break this campaign? >> i think it's polarized i think people have chosen sides. but the most interesting thing i heard is people who hate hillary clinton have hated her for 25 years. people who hate trump have had it him for a year. charles: polls there from cnn saying only 16% say that -- in oddser words, everyone else
6:39 pm
knows who they are going the vet for. 16%. that's dicey. >> i think the debates will be very important. as we have seen in the polling and the negatives, people have concerns about both candidates. i think there will and lot of interest and the debates could be game changers. charles: this is the election of a lifetime. the biggest issue on the minds of voters, how are they going to sell this recovery? it is the worst the''' recovery in history.
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charles: the oil price pullback got even worse, pulling the market down with it as well. there were bright my reports it coming up next. medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo.
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charles: post recession the economy experiencing the worst post-recession economy since 1949. you remember last week anecdotally americans don't feel there is a recovery. certainly not one the democrats are touting. how can either donald trump or hillary clinton insure america gets back on the right track? joining me, john tamney and jon scott. there is also the way people feel and they don't jibe. >> gdp is a flawed figure. government spending by definition holds back economic growth but drives up gdp.
6:44 pm
i am ports are an important sign of prosperity if it brings gdp down. we meddled in the recession? '08-'08 and we are still suffering it today. charles: the democrats are points together brief period when the meltdown was at its worse through the transfer of power. >> there is the facts of the recovery which is slim and the feeling of the american people. both the fect facts and the people are not in hillary's favor. hillary hitched her wagon to obama's horse and said we'll ride out the obama leg i. if the economy continues to not feel good to the american people, it could hurt her in november. it will play in trump's favor
6:45 pm
when he says the outlook isn't good. >> it sounds like hillary clinton promising something extraordinary. we are talking with trillion dollar-plus stimulus out the gate. we are talking about interest force in terms of trillions of dollars. >> recessions are healthy, they are a sign of an economy collection itself of all the misuses of labor. republicans and democrats meddles in what was healthy? '08 and '09. and they never got the boom and it's killing democrats.
6:46 pm
charles: we just heard warren before he fit rip donald trump. why are they reluctant to jump on this trump train. business owners want lower taxes and less regulations. they don't want to get kicke ki- get beat up because they kicked up some dust while building a factory. >> the reality is this is not just democrats. democrats and republicans have bailed out a lot of these elites. they are worried donald trump is not going to do it. he's going to do what he says he's going to do, and that stairs them. the argument bernie sanders made is hillary is in the back pocket of wall street. there is a lot of people, they may not love a lot of democratic policies, but they feel they have more sway over a hillary administration than donald trump.
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charles: you two are two of the best. i appreciate it. crude oil plummets. the dow jones industrial average is down six days in a row. i have got a stock idea for you, too. so please stick around. ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon.
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>> it felt like the summer dl -- doldrums. but crude oil slipping for the first time since april. stocks rallied on the oil news but later they stumbled. i'm not sure if it's going to keep going in the meantime the
6:51 pm
market dealing with leadership issues. earnings season has exposed those safe havens as being overbought. what's really standing out for the wrong reasons are the financial results from the two hottest sectors in the market. utility and consumer staples. they are missing by a huge margin. coupled with the high percentage of revenue misses i'm look at consumer staples and utility stocks probably losing a lose of steam. the safe havens are overpriced. so there will be a great urgency to rotate that money somewhere else. date was nasdaq. it leaked to a 52-week high, and the continued rebound to netflix.
6:52 pm
but the credit goes to bio tech. bio tech closed above a key resistance point and i think the sector will pick up steam. one stock i like is biogen. we'll talk about foreign policy when we come back. car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. is it keeps the food out. for me
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charles: russia has made more headlines than you would expect during the course of path election. donald trump talking about vladimir putin and whether he would go into ukraine on his watch. it was -- the point was made that russia is already in crimea. earlier donald trump reacted to criticism he's getting on this issue.
6:56 pm
>> all the tough guy statements. he talks about donald trump is not strong on russia. i have to say this. wouldn't it be great if we actually got along with russia? am i wrong in saying that? wouldn't it be great? you know, russia like us has nuclear weapons, folks. it would be really nice if we got along with russia. charles: all of a sudden it's all about russia. richard, you and i talk about this all the time. we all have seen interview,b what role do you think we should be playing with respect to russia. bad guy, good guy. where do you think we should be here? >> i dealt with the russians a long time at the u.n. they respond to tough pressure. they respond to leadership, and they respond to money.
6:57 pm
they can be convinced by having some sort of economic deal. i'm sceptical of the russians. i think their motive are the not pure. they always try to involve themselves in every election. it should be no surprise to hillary clinton or anyone else. i have been uncomfortable with how hillary clinton has consistently unde underestimatee russians. they have taken advantage of her and run over her. you can look at the russian reset, you look at the iran deal and you look at the syria policy, and the current crisis that we are talking about in ukraine. they don't respect president obama. so let's start from the premise that the way president obama and hillary clinton conducted our policy with russia has been a disaster. we need to do something different. charles: it reminds me that one scene where president obama was saying after the elect we can
6:58 pm
talk. of course, the reset button didn't work. it feels like vladimir putin has zero respect for president obama and subsequently perhaps zero respect for america. >> i love going on your show with rick because i tend to agree with him on these foreign policy issues. he hit the nail on the head. our past 8 years our interactions with the russians have been disgraceful. as much as you are seeing the anti-russian rhetoric, you do have secretary kerry who has been in and out of russia. they are trying to work a deal in syria which i understand the secretary of state where they are coming from. but we have not made any inroads with russia. it boils down to what rick said. they respect strength and they haven't seen strength. i think what they have done to the dnc, to clinton's emails and
6:59 pm
the children on foundation, i think this is very serious. this is not something republicans can rejoice over. just as easily as they can hack into the dnc, they can hack into the rnc. when it happens to us it won't be quite as funny. >> let me add one point. one thing that i learned being at the u.n. the russians don't respond to moral arguments. they are not going to respond that way. it's not in their dna. what they do respond to is our greater economic ties, talking about new business ventures. they are motivated by money. i think the criticism of the bush administration is we didn't do enough to recognize what they maximize. obviously there is a line, we can't just sell things. but i think trump is a very good negotiator, and there is some
7:00 pm
wiggle room that has not been explored by the bush administration or the current administration. it's all about money. >> it's a big major topic and i'm sure we'll hear more about it. we appreciate you watching now. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, i'm lou dobbs. hillary clinton caught telling another lie about her email scandal. the democratic nominee getting hammered tonight for shocking dishonesty in her end view with my colleague chris wallace. >> director comey said my answers were truthful and what i said is consistent with what i have told the american people. there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the


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