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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 1, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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wiggle room that has not been explored by the bush administration or the current administration. it's all about money. >> it's a big major topic and i'm sure we'll hear more about it. we appreciate you watching now. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, i'm lou dobbs. hillary clinton caught telling another lie about her email scandal. the democratic nominee getting hammered tonight for shocking dishonesty in her end view with my colleague chris wallace. >> director comey said my answers were truthful and what i said is consistent with what i have told the american people. there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails.
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lou: boggling. that statement earned her a 4 pinocchio rating by "the washington post" fact checker saying clinton was cherry picking statements by comey to support her narrative. we'll take up all of hillary's lies and deceptions with laura ingrahm tonight. and i'll be talking about ed rollins. michael goodwin. donald trump will be holding a rally in ohio in mechanicsburg. we have troubling developments concerning the zika virus. federal health officials issuing a travel advisory for south florida after 23 people contracted zika through
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mosquitoes. outrage over donald trump's dispute with the family of shane army captain kahn. trump went after the elder kahn after he was attacked at the democratic national convention. the backlash has been swift and unrelenting. five republican senators, president obama, the veterans of foreign wars, all upbraiding trump for defending himself. but trump has now received support for his views on radical islamist terror from the islamic state themselves. in the latest issue of their propaganda magazine the islamic state mocked anyone who says islam is a religion of peace and the radical islamist tearoffs say kahn was killed as an apostate of the muslim religion.
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what we haven't heard is similar outrage by the liberal national media over hillary clinton's treatment of another gold star mother whose son was killed defending the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> two parent both touched by tragedy gave impassioned speeches at the conventions. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. reporter: but only one drawee normous media attention. >> that's a height of ignorance
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on the part of a candidate for the highest office of this nation. >> the way he showed disrespect towards the golden star mother of this country, that says it all. >> your wife. >> my wife. reporter: kahn was referring to trump's appearance on abc this week. >> kahn's wife was standing there, she didn't have anything to say, maybe she wasn't allowed to say anything. reporter: some say trump escalated the controversy. >> this wouldn't be a big story if trump had stepped in it. reporter: what about patricia smith? she castigated trump before but her speech was widely ignored, and in some cases ignored. >> a writer said he would like
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to beat her to death. an msbc report said she ruined the night. >> chris, my heart goes out to both of them. i don't hold any ill feeling for someone who in that moment may not fully recall everything that was or wasn't said. reporter: today kahn was back on the tv circuit. kahn is ripping trump for pushing a temporary ban on muslim immigrants. fn. lou: joining me now, former rye began white house political director, ed rollins. pulitzer prize winning columnist. michael, let me start with the bias on the part of the national media. trump hasn't said anything to merit at least in the words
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here, i can't tell what's in his heart. but then again, neither can the national media. when you look at the words. what has he done that could in any way justify rationalize the performance on the part of a praying national press? >> i would divide this into three quick sessions. mr. and mrs. kahn were invited there precisely because they would cite size donald trump. their son was killed 12 years ago. it's not like this just happened. the second point about the national media not covering a trishe smith the same way, i had the same conversation in my own family. you have two gold star mothers. one is hailed as a hero, the other is ignored and the third thing i would say to donald trump, you know the national media is biased. it's 100-1 against you.
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they are a hanging party. don't give them the rope. just be careful what you say. he extended this story to where it's now about him rather than the kahns. lou: he's being attacked viciously. this is over the top stuff. there is nothing here that i can say empirically that justifies -- >> let me put on my campaign strategist hat. this is a losing issue for him. lou: i want to wait to get into the politics. i want to talk first about the media. >> the media is going to hammer him from now until the bitter ends. this has been going on for months and months. the different is you will have a series of polls starting today of the post-convention polls which will be out today, tomorrow, the next day. they will not say it's because he didn't have a good convention or she had a great convention
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and he will drop 7, 8 points here. it's a combination of all this stuff. this is donald trump's big stumble. lou: what dose do now? in point of fact there is a lot going on here. hillary clinton is lying through her teeth given four pinnochios through ways an arm of the democratic party, "the washington post." that's who they are just as the "new york times" or any one of the three broadcasters. >> they all read from the same script. that's the reality he's up against. he's playing against the referees as well. so the game is stacked against him. i think he wins by appealing to the american people on the issues they care about which is the jobs, national security and immigration. who why can he not focus on those issues with some discipline and driver them forward? because when he does, he wins.
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>> that's how we got here. he gave a street speech, great speech at convention. he will lose the bounce, and the problem today is august is the worst part of a campaign. there is no activity that matters to the numbers. he has to get on her. she can't change her numbers, her dishonesty numbers. >> can he make a quick pivot and do so? >> we have bad economic numbers and tie her and obama together, say you want more of this, this is what you are going to get. quick try to be so defensive on this issue. be smart and be moved forward. you are at 3 or 4 states that matter. lou: we are a little over here. the debate schedule, he's fix eight on the debate schedule as being unfair to him, and i think
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absolutely directly. this is a shamming. to put twowch those debates on a night the in fl is playing. they did in a letter. the national media wants to look at the letter issue rather than the fact the nfl agreed. >> you would think the nfl would not want to go against such a prime event. lou: that's what they said. >> they will share a similar audience some ways. lou: why is the national media not being rationale here? they have an algorithm that requires that they aboicialg common sense? >> we'll have the rnc and dnc chairman. the same comairnman who has been there since 1984. it should be tied to the campaigns.
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these are vehicles for the campaigns. they are not anymore. they are self-sustaining things. the ideas saying we want to do this and don't want to do that is absurd. lou: one ridiculous statement was the response from the commission saying it's been in place since september 2015. so we can dispense with our minds and rationale. ration -- and rationality. >> men are trump supporters. and i promise some men will watch football. lou: i'll guarantee you this debate schedule doesn't stand. >> the problem is the university makes a lot of money off this. the campaign should be able to pick. lou: we saw what happened to bernie sanders. that bowl is over.
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he ain't bernie sanders. referring to donald trump, not ed rollins. we are coming right back. much more ahead tonight, and most of it is rather exciting at least fascinating. stay with us. donald trump reminds the liberal national media and voters he's the candidate to make america win. >> i have a winning temperament. we need a strong temperament. that's all it is. i have a strong temperament. lou: laura ingrahm joins me next. this skydiver jumps into the record books with a high-stakes leap of faith. five miles up, no parachute. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪
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lou: a brand-new general elect poll shows hillary clinton getting a big bounce from democratic national convention. the cbs poll shows clinton leading trump 36-39. a separate cnn poll shows clinton with a 9-point lead,
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52-43. this is the first of the polls to show clinton above 50%. hillarhillaryhillary clinton's d on fox news sunday leaving even the most seasoned political journalists exasperated. including robert fournier writing, this is a note to clinton democrats. i'm angry at clinton because she followed up her convention with. >> the unnecessary lie and another e cues for people to distrust her. end quote. there are certainly plenty of reasons to distrust her. she claimed she use the only one device. she lied about never sending
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classified material, then she riding it was allowed by the state department. joining me, laura ingrahm. she is a fox news contributor and gave a brilliant speech at the republican national convention, the highlight of the evening, in my opinion. >> thanks, lou, good to see you. lou: we have donald trump and kahn locked in combat here. why? >> it's a cliche' to not take the bait and step in the track. americans think their country is in decline and their children'
7:19 pm
future won't be as bright as ours. 70% said we are going from the wrong direction. the gdp number you covered last week is disastrous news. the record on economic policy, immigration enforcement, open borders, bad trade deals, it's all terrible. so hillary has to make it about issues like, trump doesn't like goal star families, trump is mean. trump picked on the kahns. he can't give them that opportunity. but he needs to turn these questions, when he's asked about the kawns. he should say the kahns, they have he right to speak out and they should. in his defense he did say some that. but at that point he should say, if you are going to try to tell me that hillary clinton cares so
7:20 pm
much about the veterans, why is it last year hillary clinton when asked about the va scandal said abe quote, it's not a widespread problem, then accuse the republicans of making it an ideological battering ram. she blew off the question about the va when pressed on it. suppy clinton is losing sleep about the gold star families of the veterans? that's a joke. lou: i agree with you 100%. there is on one little problem that continues to irritate and cause everyone to scratch their heads. 70% of the folks in this country say we are going in the wrong direction. that's directly at the feet of barack obama and hillary clinton. and yet she has a 9-point lead in the cnn poll. that's mind boggling. absolutely mind boggling. and it's a dilemma we have been
7:21 pm
watching for some time. >> i think in the battleground states i think thing are fairly close. trump will win or lose on trump. he has had strong political instincts over the last year. weekly standard, national review. let's play all of their predictions about trump. almost all of them have been wrong. they misread the temperature of the american people for over a decade. they are misread where the public is. whether donald trump wins or loses in november, in the end this movement of a more populist republican party is going to continue. the movement of a stronger america, sovereignty, it will continue. lou: i would love to believe that, i don't. we are watching the republican establishment absolutely moving in against him. >> where are their numbers? their numbers are 14%.
7:22 pm
if the republican establishment. lou: you have numbers on charles koch, i don't have those numbers. >> i don't care about charles koch. he will be fine whether we win or lose. lou: i'm worried about his influence and his ability to influence the outcome of this election. >> the billionaires are lining up for hillary because they profit off bowing down to the altar of globalization. trump has to stay on the message of hillary's corruption, the stench of corruption in washington and rebuilding the america that we know and love. if he focuses on those issues i don't think mark cuban and bloomberg and buffet and the rest of the billionaires will be able to save hillary clinton. but if trump gets sidetracked on these other issues, he won't have anyone to blame but himself. if he go to the people in the
7:23 pm
rust belt, upstate new york, oregon, all across this country and preaches that gospel and doesn't get sidetracked, i think he can win that. lou: unfortunately tonight as we speak, he's sidetracked. breaking news on the zika virus outbreak in south florida. for the time ever federal health officials are warning pregnant women about traveling to a community in northern miami. 10 more people have been infected with zika bringing the total number of cases to 14. the centers for disease control advising women to use protection during sex because the virus can be transmitted sexually. should the presidential debate schedule be changed sow it does not conflict with nfl games?
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fu a few thoughts of the mainstream of role media and their favorite candidate hillary clinton. the national liberal media hardly takes note that. >> 240 days as the democratic nominee has held a press conference. her last press conference held on december 4 last year. for some perspective now we are just 98 days away from election day, 98 days and hillary clinton hasn't held a press conference since two months before the first primary election. but yesterday clinton sat down with "fox news sunday for her
7:30 pm
first interview since becoming her party's nominee, however was clinton's first interview on the program in nearly five years. in less than 24 hours with the interview with chris wallace was probably worded for pinocchio's from the "washington post" that favors highest rating for dishonesty, for stunning claim. >> director comey said my answers were truthful in what i said is consistent with what i've told the american people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify a retro actively certain of the e-mails. lou: now the democratic nominee had to once again avoid the tough questions this time in the upcoming presidential debates. trump refusing to play however the trump that bernie sanders played. trump instantly cried foul about the selection of dates for those debates. >> i will tell you what i don't like, it's against two nfl
7:31 pm
games. i got a letter from the nfl saying this is ridiculous. the debates are going to be. massive. hillary clinton wants to begin for the nfl and maybe what she did with bernie sanders on saturday nights when nobody's home that they are against the nfl. i think to the three are against the nfl so i'm not thrilled with them. lou: clinton already vowing to be there. it would be in front of an audience much diminished by the nfl games. trump says no deal, no deal at all. of course the democratic party has already been criticized this election cycle for holding majority of its debates on saturdays and holiday weekend specifically to benefit hillary clinton. as for the nfl a spokesman for the league sent a letter to trump also adding quote we obviously wish the debate commission could find another night. you and i know this is another clinton rigged to deal and so
7:32 pm
does the hideously biased and current mainstream level media. it's doing all he can to shield clinton from having to account for her mistakes, her lies and the election she and the democrats are trying hard to reagan to win no matter how cynical their conduct. now is the time for mr. trump with resolve to take on the arrogant insidious amoral democratic establishment and their tools and most especially their nominee and to refrain from making come even acknowledge incorporated rules that amount to little on the ultimate battle for this country's future. it is time to attend to those who do. first and foremost the globalist who support hillary clinton and of course mrs. clinton. r. to play the most of a fence of bull presents a candidate in her nation's history. our quotation from terminus -- thomas carlisle he said quote every noble work is at first impossible. it looks to me like noble work
7:33 pm
is underway. we are coming back. donald trump a master of social media like no other political candidate before him and the national liberal media can't get enough. c if i put out a beautiful long perfectly scripted press release like i did yesterday nobody and nobody says anything. if i put a 10440 character tweet they go crazy. lou: stephen hays and kelly rundell joined me here next. and this daredevil turning the sky rise building into a personal playground. we will show you his incredible stunt. you don't want to miss a single one. they are coming up next. we will be right back after these messages. stay with us. s are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions.
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lou: joining us senior writer from "the weekly standard"'s steven hays and columnists and commentary writer for the "washington times" kelly rundell. kelly let me ask you first, why in the world as she continued to lie and why in the world is not the national media focusing on her performance? it's just disappointing performance. c she is a pathological liar whether it's taking sniper fire in bosnia are leaving the white house dead broke. the clintons have a net worth of around 111 million dialers
7:38 pm
combined that she is a problem when it comes to telling the truth and you know the reason why this is lou, she is out of touch with reality. she has a group of close advisers around her. lou: you are leaving us with great comfort, she's a pathological liar and out of touch with reality. sounds perfect. the nuclear button. >> why else would you go on the show until chris wallace, a blatant lie the james comey had proven over and over again. it doesn't make any sense unless you are temperamentally unfit. lou: steven hays your thoughts? >> let me into a kelly said with one other important point. she does because she can't. she gets away with this. she almost never gets called on it by the mainstream media. you look at the number of lies she told with benghazi in the mainstream media reacted with a collective yawn and then you look back to the press conference he held in march of last year where she rolled excuses for why she had a
7:39 pm
private server and did what she did with her e-mails. lou: even the director of the fbi gave her a pass. >> will he gave her a passing court. he didn't give her a pass when he gave her an oral indictment in that press conference and that's why was so incredible to watch her say to chris wallace that he and fact had her back. he did not have her back. he lifted a number of different times where she was not being truthful. >> and you know, i'm sorry lou. i just wanted to point out the she think the american oblique is that? lou: i think she does and by the way she's ahead nine points in the "cnn" polls. she has every reason to think that we are. she is getting validation come is and she? >> she? >> she is getting a normal pump off of the convention. we predicted this would happen. lou: the fact of the matter is, that's what's happening and the debate.
7:40 pm
let's focus on this debate issue because donald trump has said no way when the world is he going to debate and i'm being over emphatic on that and i suspect that's what he's saying being a little more measured in front of the public. imagine that but the idea that this commission comes out and puts up a guy who support is primarily mail up against two nfl football games, are you kidding me? bernie sanders, talk about rigged systems. trump is said the same thing throughout the campaign. this is the establishment reaching out and trying to have as much influence as they can. you get 30 seconds, raquette. >> basically the commission is comprised of a bunch of insiders and lobbyists. a former rnc chairman as well as the former -- for the white
7:41 pm
house so they could change it. the clinton campaign can cross the line and say it's beneficial to both of us if we have a widely viewed debate. there's nothing set in stone. lou: is it going to be that easy? >> i think trump is right on the substance of the issue very to the extent they can avoid having debates on debate night's win the america watches football you have to do it. it's not sure what trump said about this being done because it's hillary clinton are. lou: how do you know that? >> the press release announcing the dates and sites of these debates came out on september 23, 2015 so this was decided a long long time ago well before donald trump was the candidate that he is now but i do think he makes a valid point. basically making stuff up and making his case. lou: i don't know what you are talking about.
7:42 pm
c he said yesterday he got a letter from the nfl and nfl said they didn't send a letter. lou: you know they got a letter from someone else close to the nfl and he misspoke. the fact is the nfl agreed with him or that's the essential point and i love the fact that saw psalm and the right-wing media are focusing and the left-wing media are focusing on the latter issue rather than the nfl wants the debates change. >> i said -- that's not what he said. you reinterpreted it. lou: you reinterpreted it. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. roll the video. watch as this russian daredevil performs an array of heart-stopping stunts on top of some of the worlds tallest skyscrapers. he can be seen here back flipping on the edge of her russian building. and then what does he do? of course he does this. jumps to another skyscraper.
7:43 pm
are you kidding me? balcony to balcony in hong kong. this is an good for you to watch, let alone do. i can imagine. up next the mainstream liberal media attacking donald trump over those comments on russia. >> he's not going into the ukraine just a understand. he's not going into ukraine and you can mark it down and put it down. he is there in a certain way but i'm not there yet. obama is and frankly that whole part of the world is a mess under obama. lou: wherewith they are raised when president obama gave up crimea? isn't that important? apparently not. former pentagon official k.t. mcfarland joins us here next. stay with us, we will be right back. no. it said, "blah blah blah blah..."
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7:48 pm
iraq, syria and now libya. the whole middle east for 15 years we have been fighting radical islamists and we haven't gotten it right. first we are going to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here. obama sold out and he pulled back out and pulled back in pulled back into the abyss to figure to figure this out and i think what trump says we have wasted trillions and we have sacrificed so many american lives in pursuit of something we have yet to win. lou: or is no question. a long war, david petraeus hailed as a genius of some kind for saying there such a doctrine is the long war. well my gosh the pentagon has certainly demonstrated its capacity for a long war, exhausting men and equipment. >> and losing. lou: and gaining nothing. does anybody at these academies, military academies teach a victory to these young officers? i mean does anybody? >> we have not gone in to fight a war to win a war other than maybe grenada really since world
7:49 pm
war ii. that's one of most frustrating things about being in the nixon administration during vietnam. we fight a war, we didn't win that war and he thought we had learned those lessons and yet we make those mistakes again. lou: the islamic state weighs in on the trump controversy mocking kahn and anyone else who says islam is a religion of peace. this is crazy stuff that's going on and the national liberal media trying to divert national attention and certainly trump is responsible for his words but his words do not support what he is accused of. it's remarkable. >> the tragedy and as you know i am the mother and mother-in-law mother-in-law for naval naval officer and i cannot conceive of the grief that mrs. smith feels for her lost son or the kahn's and utterly ignored, the best
7:50 pm
thing anybody can do a public life is to say i don't care what they say or what these families do we suffer with you. we respect your grief and read my review for the sacrifice period. lou: we are watching some of the neocons resurrect themselves in various publications in washington d.c., the so-called right conservative roots. these are people responsible for all that has transpired at least from the incipient point to at least the iraq, may of 2003 where the necessity to actually do something constructive and move out of their was clear. why in the world that they still bear? >> why isn't anybody listening to them? i don't understand it. we went into afghanistan but we stuck around to nation nation build and never went after al-qaeda or bin laden and be going to iraq nation-building
7:51 pm
trying to force democracy down the throats of folks who don't want it and can't sustain it. if they want to kill each other, sorry why do we belong in the middle of it? lou: the national liberal media not concentrating on trump and ridiculing what turned out to be a geopolitical statement on nato that has nearly universal agreement amongst those who know what they are talking about. k.t. mcfarland always knows what she's talking about. thanks for being with us. on wall street today let's take a look at what happened to the stocks. the dow as we begin the first day of this new monthly dow falling 28 points the s&p down three in and the nasdaq up 22. volume on the big warts under 3.5 billion shares are crude oil tumbling almost 4% today selling near $40 a barrel. construction spending falling for a third straight month and a year from markets dragged lower
7:52 pm
by banks as a result of stress tests which introduced to the public some concerns about some of the larger tanks and their nonperforming loans and in some cases even their capital positions. a reminder now listen to reports three times a day. up next donald trump once the mainstream liberal media to focus on our leaders who aren't eradicating it. so why won't they? bob o'neil s.e.a.l. team six member who killed osama bin laden joins us here next. stay with us. ♪
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lou: in our on line poll 91% of you say donald trump will get the bigger bounce in the republican national convention. clearly early results indicate that is not the case that in fact she is getting a slightly larger bump. joining me now the former s.e.a.l. team six leader who killed osama bin laden rob o'neil joins us and "fox news" contributor. great to have you. >> thanks for having me lou. lou: this clash between kahn and trump and the extraordinary words i believe about trump a man who he doesn't know and the national liberal media's reactions are amazing. your thoughts. >> there are few things more
7:57 pm
precious than the gold star family especially a gold star mom and i don't think anyone should ever outlive their children. i understand having children the military but to see it be politicized the way it is and of course you have it on both sides mrs. smith who lost her son in benghazi coming of captain kahn who died in 2004, and what i am heard he died a warrior's death and having been in situations -- saving lives if i had been in this situation and saw people politicizing my sacrifice i would be a little disappointed but that's not what it's all about. he died a hero. lou: as we move forward here what we are talking about is radical islamist terrorism and that seems to get pushed to the site. >> isis the same regardless of mr. kahn the elder saying they are laughing at him saying it's
7:58 pm
not a religion of peace and your son died in apostate who is a non-leader and for dell. they are kind of jumping in there because they know we will spin it. he is a muslim pakistani born and all the work is done in saudi arabia specially with bringing in migrants we should be using people like mr. kahn to howard going to defeat radical islam rather than yelling at each other back and forth. it shouldn't be politicizing it and there was no mistake he came out for the clintons. he works worked for the clintons before and there have been three resident selection since his son was killed. this is part of the clinton machine. there's no mistake that mr. trump was interviewed by george stephanopoulos. he's in the clinton camp is clinton camp as well and this is how clinton politics work as opposed to hillary's record or choke on how bad you are. lou: exactly and hillary benghazi and her lies.
7:59 pm
she was flawless in her interview yesterday. this woman according to the latest fox poll has only 60% of the country believe she is dishonest and unworthy. >> she has 98 days. she had 30 years to convince anyone that she is on us. she's to go on the offensive and i would take director comey's word, you have him saying it to congress that she can flat-out look at someone in the face -- lou: she is nine points ahead in the latest poll from "cnn" and 70% of the country say we are going in the wrong direction. we seem to be buffeted by the force and the power of oath the democratic party and the liberal national media. >> regardless i think a lot of people say regardless of who gets elected i'm pro-american and i hope they do is best for the country not for the party. lou: amen.
8:00 pm
sometimes you have to do more than help. we are going to hope anyway. >> i'm still going to keep hoping. lou: rob o'neil. that's it for a sniper thanks thanks for being with us. please join us tomorrow. night from new york. kennedy: so happy to be back back and thank you lou and with the conventions behind us we are left with some conventional wisdom. the hardees yet somewhat of a boost, little bit of a bump after the empty platitudes have been delivered and the balloons have fallen from the rafters. as we now this year is anything but conventional. the republican gathering was notable for the number of big-name no-shows. former presidential nominees were nowhere to be seen. they were all super busy and couldn't possibly readjust their teatime empire and agents and mo


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