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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 2, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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people this morning. it's a good one. good morning, everyone. i am dagen mcdowell. maria bartiromo will be back tomorrow. top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. a war of words on the campaign trail. hillary clinton and pushing back on the political process. >> i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged. i have to be honest. if i didn't win by a massive landslide. dagen: on the democratic side, warren buffett the latest billionaire to attack donald trump. targeting on the business record for not releasing his tax return. >> how many of you would be afraid to have your tax return made public? you're only afraid if you've got something to be afraid about. dagen: the newest polls as well straight ahead. for the first time, zika threatening travel in the united
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states. the cdc saying pregnant women should avoid a neighborhood, a specific neighborhood around miami. this is after 10 new cases of the disease were discovered. remembering thick and said the polls attack in her window. it will reopen in a memorial to the 49 people killed in june. taking away your second amendment rights on your iphone or read the first amendment at how apple is waiting and i'm the kind control debate and how you express yourself to a happier happy meal. mcdonald's overhauling its ingredient list to win back customers. bringing racecars from the track to the road. one of my gases very excited. the latest automaker to unveil a race car for consumers. that cannot die. auto sales coming out. oil driving the action. dipping below $40 a barrel. first time that's happened since
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april. cost of crude down 22% from its recent high. the movement will play not documented features with losses across the board. in europe stocks losing ground with bank shares under pressure yet again about a 1.5% loss in france and a ship in were mixed. japan's government with the $273 million in this plan to help the struggling economy. a typhoon there. it is always the storm and these gentlemen show what did fox business network cheryl casone. cheryl keeps the peace. david webb, radio talkshow host on serious acts and appeared we cannot hold. keep gas prices for your sports card.
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>> at not going to be cheap gas prices return to the car we are talking about is a bmw. i'm very excited to discuss it. all six editor s. coming out. ohio congressman dennis kucinich. tennessee congresswoman marsha black earned. former navy seal and contributor brought the mail and trump campaign cochairman c. end quote list. you don't want msn and then. less than 100 days away from the election on the rhetoric heating up the campaign trail. donald trump continuing appeal for supporters while hillary clinton's van strums view of america. let's listen in. >> when they showed her in a very angry because he made a bad deal. he should have not made a deal. he would've gone down and then something really important. once he made that deal, believe me, he has buyers remorse. this guy has buyers remorse. he looked at that and he was so angry when they were talking
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about and it is people are angry at him and he should be. if you have not done anything, just go home, go to sleep, relax, he would've been a hero. ready-made to do with the devil. >> he has said so many things that i profoundly committed unit late disagree with. [cheers and applause] for the life of me, i don't know why someone wants to be president of the united states who thinks things as we never win any more. our country is full of losers. well, he could not read more brawl. dagen: hillary clinton takes the lead in latest cnn hours the polls. but not bad points, 52% to transfer 3%. can she maintain this lead? david welcome a political analyst and trump supporter. radio talkshow host. then they start with you. essentially, trump needs to stop stepping into traps that the
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democrats are the main forehand reoffend stepping and the things they don't even set for him in order to focus on her record in the obama record. >> yeah, he's got so many unbelievable point that he can be drawn as far as substance goes. i agree there's some issues. trump is trump and people like him because he's the anti-politician. when he said ernie made a deal with the devil, what he's discussing his ernie was the big to come a document victim of a vast left-wing can spirit the two destroyed him. he gets to the convention all proven by the wikileaks release of e-mails. he shrugs his shoulders and says zero well. i will cave in the port hillary. that is extraordinary can do during the unbelievable battle he went through with millions of supporters that he could've been the nominee had this conspiracy not taken place.
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she has got a 70% dishonesty reading right now. when you get through all this garbage the mainstream media is viewing about mr. khan and he said, you get to the issues that count and detected jobs, national security, immigration, people when on these issues because you can elect someone who you can trust? dagen: should hillary clinton consider herself lucky at this point that donald trump keeps making these mistakes and there isn't more of a spotlight on what she is her posing and on top of president up on this record? >> thanks for having me. number one, hillary clinton's approval rating is only beaten by donald trump. disapproval ratings are even higher than hers. more importantly, the trump campaign is not about a machine which is by donald trump keeps putting his foot in his mouth.
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every time he does, more and more republicans say we don't want anything to do with them. paul graham mitch mcconnell are like this is getting dicey. happening in the whole that trump the trial. americans looking for real solutions to real problems. if he really wants to win the election, that donald trump campaign has to focus on new ideas, moving america forward. you can make fun of gold star families. you can't say horrible things are horrendous things about muslims or judges. over and over again he does this. dagen: richard, just repeat something you said. donald trump needs to focus on new ideas that hillary clinton is not focusing on new ideas. it is more of a president obama has done is given as growth since 1949. >> she's promised or more years of mr. obama and donald trump is the one proposing ending the transpacific partnership,
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bringing jobs back to america from penalizing people who want to leave america with their jobs about putting strict limit stations on muslims to want to emigrate from hotbed of islamic terrorism. that is common sense policy that the vast majority of americans support. those at the root of the whole controversy. dagen: i have to stop you both air. the reason people were upset about the comments about the tran 11 family is because it came across as if donald trump was attacking a family who lost a son in combat. that is really why people are upset. that is how people interpreted it. i want to get david in here. >> i will talk on my own site because i know what democrats are going to do. david, when you get to the
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media, the tran 11 controversy is over. her new boss. it is done in time. american people don't care about or need any more. no, they don't, david. let me finish. 65 to 68 million if the number. but millions have voted for trump in this camp. political strategy and moving on to the next story. it's time to get past the tit-for-tat. the wikileaks in burning your god. who cares. it is done. it's within the democrat party. the vision for america has to come from trump. they have to guide people to the website with the tax plan, immigration plan need to be put up there. we've got to focus on the bigger picture or trump will lose the election. there a political game plan right there. >> there's never been a time in my life.
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i think david is 100% right. they lost an entire rnc and there's no time laying out ideas besides they will reveal the tpp. she will vote against and there's nothing new there. the republicans -- she sent it in her nominating speech. >> she's had the same position. dagen: she's had that position since she has been running for the democratic nomination. >> donald trump has changed a position on many days. dagen: she put the tpp together. >> he is fighting for.
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[inaudible conversations] dagen: gentlemen, we have to go. she called at the gold standard when she was secretary of state. i got the final word. you are welcome to come back anytime you like. by the way, donald trump, stuart varney this morning 9:00 a.m. eastern time. do not miss it. whichever one you put in place with new cases of home grown saturday. but the cdc wants you to know before you plan a summer vacation to miami. apple weighing in on the issue of gun control by eliminating a popular and moshe. more on the company's political move next.
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dagen: and incredibly detailed frailer warning from the cdc. a travel warning for pregnant women of florida after officials claimed new cases of zika. cheryl casone has got another cases. i was thrown off by this. cheryl: a lot of people were. the cdc got so specific with warnings and a lot of this is troubling. but officials have confirmed 10 new cases in florida spread by local mosquitoes. that brings the total number of infections to 14. federal health officials
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advising pregnant women to avoid the area north of downtown miami. this is miami or the most recent cases were found. cdc officials believe this is the first time a foreign people to be a community in the continental united states. business this morning, mick donalds is making changes to its ingredients. the chicken mcnugget is no longer made with artificial preservatives and healthier with their food on the breakfast menu the pork sausage passage, scrambled eggs no longer will contain artificial preservatives. the changes come in after weaker than expected second order earnings last week despite the fact that her fist is doing so well at that company. finally this. updates are coming to iphone and moshe is an unreleased version of ios 10 reporting that the revolver he mowed she on the
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left of your screen is replaced with a squirt gun that is greed. the operating system not released to the public yet. it is testing and expect it to be released this fall. there is a huge social media campaign called hash tag dish o. it was an advocacy group. are we taking political correctness too far and now it is a squirt gun and a screen. >> this makes no sense. if a kid takes a pop tart and bytes in the shape of a gun and get suspended, how is that different than it read him og? there is some counsel that decides to prove all of these things. this is telling us that is going to be different than that. cheryl: this is apple make the change, just to be clear. >> apple is the arbiter of everything.
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they were cool. this is what they do. >> they are worried they could focusing on the second amendment in the fourth amendment the right to search and seizure unlocking the iphone. they are making up their own constitutions. cheryl: construction workers, detectives. they are now putting some new blue men out there. they are very politically correct. dagen: i'm going to wear my t-shirt with a big old revolver. >> does that matter? did i popped it into a gun shape and got suspended and what is the difference between that and agreed him og on your iphone. going like this, where does this send? dagen: thank you, michael.
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hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be. just add a customized message to your wifi pro splash page and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. dagen: pregnancies in lausanne. procter & gamble reported this morning. analyst to see a decline in profits a year ago. michael, your take. p&g overall earnings. go. >> overall earnings better than
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it could dare come in worse than you. doom and gloom, and given the growth numbers preceding friday the gdp failed miserably. the bar for earnings was so low they're bolted over at the bank earnings were better than expected because over the past couple months he expect nations came down. this isn't as consumer sample space. it's indicated dividend yield of 1.5%. that seems like an attractive thing to buy. >> on the basis this is extensive. they will tell you it doesn't matter anymore. pete has been added because they say i'm getting this deal that 3% versus next era. i will keep buying it. last quarter prop or warned us this quarter was going to be weak. only looking for organic revenue
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growth over 1%. that's a low bar right there. >> don't they have a lot of problems overseas? >> is also to america's spirit weaker dollar. how did they manage the costs for its revenues coming in? issues and things that could say this is problematic. we all know about these problems are you doing this last quarter. look at the chart. it keeps going because people of no alternatives. people talk about the central banks putting rates close to zero, below zero. sister then, you name it. creating the wealth effect that goes really well until it doesn't anymore. a year ago last august. >> a lot of people say we are in for some very bad -- >> it is negative interest rates. the largest economy in the e.u.
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>> the punchline here is companies and countries are getting rewarded for issuing debt. germany sitting on its hands. a refugee crisis. european growth is worse than u.s. growth. what are they doing about it? now we are on the yell can see in spirit if she does that, that is the way out for european fiscal policy. >> allocate money for me. is if stocks, bonds, corporate debt? is it you ask him and united states? >> look at this right now. u.s. treasury here. the reason i like them is because look at the comparative yields around the world. >> adiabatic a 10 year and get
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paid percentages? >> i'm talking tactically here. u.s. stocks are us to the place to be. look at exposures where people are moving their part well is. they look at their offense at their funds going to make too much and commodities. commodities versus other exposures. >> look at what is happening in the oil market. dagen: oil dates below about 22% after yesterday's close friend of recent high. this helps the economy which is barely in positive territory. >> this is being treated as a tailwind right now. oil or gas. people have more money to spend. that's not likely to be here. look at what's happened over the
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past month. fifty dollars is where the crews got to 50/50 one it started coming in. i call it the lack of moral price. it's almost like oil is rising, rising it said that producers come out and say i need to make money here. but they attacking exxon and chevron for smaller producers, chesapeake on life support. cheryl: those are companies -- the average american consumer have cheaper gas prices to the bmw we know you are buying food. at the same time, these are stocks that are really dictating a downside of the market. >> that's why we're talking about exposures. if you are looking at people, adjustments lately affect teen people's feature. >> rookie year. money is coming out of things. what does this mean for the death or care?
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51 to 40, possibly lower. we've seen this happen time and time again. the other thing that drags down as the debt market. over and over again the high yield started to waver. oil keeps going down. a lot of high-yield companies and energy starting to take it on the chin. as you pointed out, greasy going to get the yield. >> look at the bond yields. >> it is a safe place right now. last august or february, that's a new job again. dagen: we have two and half more hours to talk about this. don't forget special coverage of the july jobs report out on friday at 8:00 a.m. right here in the fox business network. donald trump making a play for bernie sanders supporters who feel left out.
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more on that strategy next to his own borrowers giving the government the cold shoulder. they are getting phone calls. don't collect or is that a shocking number of americans turning their back on the money that they borrowed. that is straight ahead. it's not ♪ ..
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e. . .
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. dagen: welcome back i am dagen mcdowell, tuesday, august 2 your top stories, 6:30 a.m. eastern time, attacks heating up donald trump and hillary clinton going after each other's public records, with the election less than 100 days away. >> she is lied about a lot of things lying about jobs lying agent of change not going to change been there 30 years. >> atlantic city new jersey hardworking contractors small businesses, were left holding the bag after trump refused to pay their bills. >> i am talking about painters, landscapers, plumb rs don't pay not because he couldn't, but because he wouldn't. that is just not the way you do business. >> the latest coming up remembering victims of the pulse attack in orlando nightclub owners say it will
6:32 am
-- open as merely to 49 killed. >> millions of americans did he fault on student lons taxpayers will be on the hook for this to the tune of more than 100 billion dollars. volkswagen a roadblock one country banning sales all molds in the wake of emission scandal luxury auto maker developing race cars for every day driver i will ask the question of where you are going to drive a race car? a racetrack? a auto sales numbers coming up markets oil driving crude below 40 dollars a barrel early back up, up on 1% at the moment, but in solidly bear market territory as he have close move in oil pulling down stocks yesterday, and you have stock futures lower this morning, in europe stocks losing groibd with bancshares
6:33 am
once again under pressure, issue in asia markets mixed japanese government approving 273-billion-dollar stimulus program, to help the kin struggling economy, and hang seng was closed, because of typhoon. that hit the region. donald trump and hillary clinton turning focus on one another, as they hit the campaign trail, ramping up attacks, going at it. >> and i am telling you november 8 we better be careful because that election is going to be rigged i hope the republicans are watching he closely or going to be taken away from us. >> for the life of me i don't know why someone runs to be president of the united states, who thinks and says we never win anymore. >> here to weigh in on the war of worz fox news contributor he former congressman dennis kucinich always terrific to see you, i know hillary clinton had warren buffett behind her how does that help if she is running against a
6:34 am
completely antiestablishment candidate. >> well, warren buffett is one of the smart of the businessmen in the world, so i think that hillary rodham clinton is certainly aligning with business interests, and i think you know warren buffett self-made man who has had extraordinary success so i don't think that hurts her. dagen: then he believes in raising taxes and part of her tax plan is 30% tax on people who make more than two million dollars a year. >> the -- the idea of maki those who make more pay more is not a new idea. we've got to be careful though that this idea increasing taxes, somehow doesn't filter down to those who are working hard trying to get ahead small businesses who are attempting to just survive and also, tax increase can be a disincentive and we've got to be very careful when we start talking about that, and in terms of
6:35 am
election i am not he relatively for tax increases at any time. >> cheryl casone i am sorry i just curious yesterday, warren buffett went after donald trump used a very specific example, saying, that he was approached by the casinos in 089's bad business bloomberg warren buffett mark cuban going after businessman donald trump is this something donald trump should be worried about in? >> absolutely his -- successful billionaire businessmen when you have other billionaire businessmen who join in criticism that is something that could end up having an impact, however, i would like to say, that the american people are interested to hear from both candidates or all candidates, what are you going to do? you know, what will do you with your economy how we get people back to work how will you improve educational opportunities, health care
6:36 am
opportunities what will you do about retirement security many people are looking at with dread. >> can i raise an issue though wouldn't you talk be like the last 7 1/2 years in terms of of the economy i know coming out of a deep recession but they have been lousy people feel that, and if i listen to you, and read between what you are saying, you are not really onboard with what clinton is proposing. >> well, you have to keep in mind as a a a member of congress i supported a infrastructure bank of modernization with republican steve of ohio, i am -- you know, i have had my differences with the approach that democrats have taken which have not always been sympathetic to main street, you know, i actually worked with mike pence, against bailout of wall street, i saw there was a moral hazard i felt that people who bet in the casino of wall street they take chances if they lose they
6:37 am
lose taxpayer should not bail them out we have serious structural problems in our economy deal with monetary policy role of the fed ability to meet needs of the people frankly both parties failed american people why i say there is an opening created for third parties in this election, i just don't know if they are going to be enough ballots to make a difference. >> if millionaires taxes they like to call it ends up going lower we have seen it at the states it never stays a -- with people two million involved involved with individuals escorts depressing growth for people in a quarter million range combined incomes so why did democrats keem petitioning this telling this is are for main illustrate doesn't work always ends up hitting main street. >> well, you know, i think -- even bigger problem is the fact that the big corporations
6:38 am
move offshore to would i taktsdz. >> moving offshore talk about -- >> no. >> listen, that is is where i am from i am from main street represented main street i can tell you main street wants jobs main street wants to be able to get part of the productivity gains. that is that is the issue. i mean i am not here as advocate of more taxes. i am not someone who just will go out and say oh, if we have more tax increases that is going to solve problems in the economy the inequities are structural not simple do to the way tax system is structured. >> great to see you. thank you for being here we are digging into series issues i know voters across this country doing the same thing virgin galactic jumping back into the space race being sidelined following a crash more on the rocket test an showery getting hit by obamacare how aetna is scrapping expansion plans
6:39 am
after being hit by effects of the not so affordable care act. ♪ ♪
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pushing. . . dagen: welcome back, everybody, futures pointing to a lower open but also lows of the morning so far, we're looking at stocks on the move. aetna the latest health care company billing back on obamacare, the insurer saying scrapped plans to expand its obamacare business next year, and review how and if it will continue in the 15 states it is currently in. announcement coming in alternate earnings report, that is just the latest insurer doing that, staying on that issue of health care, pfizer to report earnings analysts looking for pfizer to come out we sharply higher second quarter sales and
6:43 am
earnings thanks to growing revenue from newer drugs investors look for clues whether the drugmaker will split into two companies following collapse of deal to inquiry allergan, collapsed because obama administration crushed it. he merger activity continues sales for those for 582 mapdz acquiring, the orlando nightclub 49 people were killed in a shooting in june, may reopen as a memorial cheryl casone. cheryl: what may happen the owner says he hopes to reopen the site as memorial, for those killed in deadliest mass shooting u.s. history said in a statement raising money towards the memorial announcement posted on one of pulse foundation social media accounts this foundation was set up we should say to provide financial assistance to victims contribute to
6:44 am
creation of a permanent memorial we will keep you posted, businesses this morning good news for virgin galactic faa has given richard branson's company green light to resume testing rocket plane following a fatal test flight in 2014 if flights go well virgin galactic could carry passengers to the edge of space dividend webb wants to go the company was rocked by a crash 20 months ago that was caused we should say by pilot error at the time. well, south korea spending sales of 830 volkswagen molds says german carmaker sold 38,000 cars fabricated documents on mission for noise level tests south korea fines volkswagen 6 0 million dollars after country find 13 million for falsified emissions data. >> listen to this taxpayers may end up footing the bill for more than 100 billion, of
6:45 am
bad student loans. more than 7 million americans are in default have not made a payment ignored hundreds of phone calls e-mails messages letters from federally hired debt collectors 16% considered in long term did he faultan people can't pay, because well they don't have a job but whatever, in this case tarz end up responsible for 125 billion dollars of debt, just opening a bill, because that is okay. >> this is -- i want to point out the article in "the wall street journal" does this as well the antibody administration, actually wants to help these people help them slash o monthly payments forgive a portion of the debt if you can progressive you were defrauded from some school there is a debt forgiveness program they still are not paying, they -- they don't care about the government they just don't pay. >> right but they don't want to pay attention to the full issue. it is has no to say we're
6:46 am
going to forgive your debt give you something for free. one not for free it is taxpayers expense, two, why are they not paying the loans in there are deadbeats don't pay loans they are not paying because job market is gone we're not at 5% unemployment, they can't get a job they can't grow out of a job jobs issue not advancing so we've got to look at economic structure. >> the left always blames, about at the lender they always blame the government. >> me point. >> like irsomehow hoodwinked into taking loans out reject all personal responsibility. >> you were smart enough to go to college not smart if you have to decide you were taking a loan out and pay it the did he depressive affect of the communique bailed out still won't have a job. >> government they are garnishing wages tough the nine months through march garnished more than half a billion dollars in wages you
6:47 am
know they are going to get -- anger directed at the government for doing that. >> sure, there is a massive central issue i predict within life times higher education in this kin is going to look a lot different face it you can go. >> better let's hope. >> where it is -- >> yes. >> where you are getting more value for what you are getting, you know look you can go online learn negate i am learning math on line programming on line all free. and this is going to be the wave of the future just going to require. >> advocates -- becomes more -- >> you just said similar learning math online. >> yeah, like i said never stop learning. >> i was rate nickname wasn't -- >> all good point being you don't need to pay the problem is no recourse for if you in debt if you don't pay car they take car away house away what are they going to lobotimize
6:48 am
somebody you have to communicate otherwise no resource. >> you don't have to be a racing champion formula would be k champion to dr. this car a look it is a bmw plans to put race cars on everybody's streets. ♪ baby you can drive my car yes, i am gonna be a star, baby you can drive my car because baby i love you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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dagen: if i wands to own race car you are kid might be coming up bmw announcing the company will build a factor race car, that you will be able to purchase, joining me now is online editor gary what car from bmw
6:52 am
the part of the m series. >> m-4 gt4 classic a lot of companies building in this class from porsche mcclaren as you -- they realize rosts money on stupid cars can't drive on street we can sell race cars they don't build themselves a lot will take them racing a lot to the track have fun doing laps. >> a 6 figure car how does it compare of you told me in break going to run about 135,000 dollars. >> probably 135,000, twice as much as the version of the m4 get in here the issue because i own a couple super not super cars but super fast cars, and i couldn't drive them, on streets you they really are made to be driven on racetrack when you are driving around in traffic, it is frankly
6:53 am
driveway dangerous i don't trust myself you want it wide open can't drive it like that. >> here is what carmakers have done last few years the return they have and thatling control made a muscle car drivable daily of bass porsche to techtronic get through traffic -- ford, 91 1e ford mustang talking about a car, 662 horsepower, going through 2014-2015-2016 gp-350 camaro trying to step up coming back to handling and power, you can handle on a daily basis. >> there were restrictions on how fast cars will go, on the streets out there, but they still about incredibly fast compared to other cars. >> power car like this has restrictions, not as powerful as a lot of street cars same amount sf money a race car handling suspension grip so much different than street car
6:54 am
on track a treat to drive a lot of people might not he go racing with it but going to want thexperience. >> if you get popped speeding over 100 miles an hour they will throw you in jail in at a clank -- by the way, hasn't land to me auto makers july auto sales out today what are we looking at preamble. >> probably a little bit of increase but things seem to be plateauing we had report from ford last week looking at softer outlook rest of the year been making a lot of money transactions prices up expense trucks crossovers main sort of reached limit on that might see more on deal side, you know if you want to deal right now buy a car not an suv, there is lots of money on hoods, people don't want -- not that i remember, cad-like sx5 cross over no money on hood ct5, i'm sorry the cm --
6:55 am
5,000 dollars 4,000 dollars on hooded ats 3,000 dollars really where deals are right now. >> do you think they can maintain the all the -- in car companies can maintain kind of strong peas of sales do you expect significant weakness next six to 12 months. >> not significant temptation do we sell cars scheerp sell more move towards -- keep numbers up or go for profits not worry about monthly sales ro are the. >> what are you driving right now. >> right now a toyota that is a great car like mercedes, a new those kinds of deals there is some if you look at ford, f-150 best-selling truck out there. >> they now have the -- testing the market to your point, that big suvs move more in crossovers use of the vehicle looking at efficiency, and these modulars echo boost much more efficient chevy doing sim things winewerer
6:56 am
models. >> people luxury technology is in a a price tag on that take off the lot. >> i didn't know he we were buying -- >> dropping money. >> it is new used but new to me. >> thank you good to see you. coming up union employees bujt airlines southwest calling for ceo to get the boot so much to cover on morning mornings. we'll be right back. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. . . >> dagen mcdowell maria bartiromo will be back tomorrow tuesday, august 2 top stories 7:00 a.m. eastern time countdown to general election debate schedule candidates ramp up rhetoric. >> in the polls, i want every single debate -- all right out of 11 every single debate i looked so forward to the debate with hillary i look so forward. [cheers and applause] . >> for the life of me i don't know why someone runs to be president of the united states who thinks and says we never win anymore. our country is full of losers. >> hillary clinton gets her convention bounce in its polls
7:00 am
we bring the latest from the campaign time frame. coming up. typhoon nonchalantlying ho slamming high winds rains disrupt theing flights forcing hong kong stock market to be closed. the parent suing for wrongful death "star trek" actor killed in june after grand cherokee rolled backwards in his driveway. a southwest air also pilot union saying is calling for ceo to be ousted you will find out why straight ahead, and turning to markets, oil driving the action, crewed briefly below that 40 dollar a barrel mark in bear market territory as of yesterday making a little bit of bounce back this morning, in move in oil, what is it doing to the fuse we have a bounceback in oil the futures are lower 21 point loss on the dow at the moment losses across the board. is to beings in europe also losing ground with bank shares
7:01 am
under pressure over in asia markets mixed hong kong market closed because of that typhoon but you lad 273-billion-dollar stimulus program announced in japan to help that country you's struggling economy, talk about a play maker at the dodgers ball girl saved fan from 108 mile line drive, yeah girl! . >> let's not -- >> boom. that is right not paying attention drinking a beer eating a pretzel we've got your back that young lady does, joining me cheryl casone from fox business network rino trading appearance radio talk show host. cheryl: that was me not paying attention i am that person oops then smacked by it, smacked between eyes -- yeah. >> should get to keep ball. >> we are going to move on from baseball to the football
7:02 am
how that is bucking up the debates, and also a can't-miss lineup this morning former he navy seals rob o'neill fox bhis stewart vanishe talking to donald trump 9:00 this morning do not miss that going to be on before he talks to blow trump, we will see what he has to say turn to stop story donald trump saying that he is unhappy that some of the general election debates are scheduled against nfl games two of three, the republican presidential nominee went one step further accusing hillary clinton intentionally stacking debates to rig the process, republican national che chairman reince priebus said he is i backing donald trump on this complaint. >> it is probably unwise i also think probably unfair, to pick dates that would minimize the amount of people what if anything debates we've got to change candidate in donald
7:03 am
trump sort of a movement candidate hillary rodham clinton sort of acting like incumbent in our case we want more people watching in her case i am sure she wants fewer watching just like she did in the democrat debates. >> david webb do debates get claengs. >> probably not. >> this is not an either or in all cases, football season has been there "sunday night football" "monday night football" we know what days those occur on even thursday night football sometimes saturdays game, but the commission sat down with these dates fool football schedule set hard to find a day around schedule so they make a lot about it here is what you do nfl doesn't want to lose viewers know they are going to lose some it matters you get everybody in the debate first time around not the replay because at the messaging begins so trump has an advancing here, that is something to take advantage of a huge media figure, he demonstrated that if trump calls a press conference trump
7:04 am
sneezes on planes should somebody brings a is the you are press talks about it instead of saying rigged here is what i suggest, this is important, you can watch football you can get to highlights on nfl or empty spn this matters to you come to the debates. >> david i think he has very good point, though we have never seen election like this, where we need people to be watching, let's face a lot of americans are going to choose, football. and cable -- he movies or something they are not tuned in we have been watching every. >> how. >> but you know, by the way, reincright benefits hillary clinton fewer viewers less watching because she is pushing out air campaign how she wins hasn't had a press conference in what 238-40 days ridiculous so benefits her but trump can take advantage don't just say it is rigging draw people into it use online use
7:05 am
political digital politics platform use all make sure you own it. >> and don't kind of -- act like you might not participate in the debate you think he will definitely be -- >> i think the debates effective campaign long before the debates, is to draw people into important to your point. >> mike i want to bring up, i watched fox news political insiders on sunday night, and p cadell outraged said people as you press democracy in the name of the political class does think there is an intentional it was intentional not knowing who the -- republican nominee would be last year, when this schedule was set, but they do it intentionally. >> i think ludicrous, i think. >> what i just said ludicrous. >> yes -- >> dagen you are ludicrous.
7:06 am
>> no thanks michael. >> career is over what i am trying to say. >> conspiracy here, with all due respect you are talking about she should as not held a press conference ducked how about says i am not doing debates let constituents voted for he ha-ha ducking how do you do policy that way i don't think she thinks so low of hers doing that i really think there is good -- >> i -- >> confused here michael because look it is effective strategy, when you don't want to face the people and questions that can be asked by appraise to not do press currencies you do cooked up ginned up meet and greet deli in midwest where -- coming in ask a specific question. >> can you win election that way. >> yes, because there are a lot of -- there are a lot of people will still vote for hillary clinton. >> sooner or later has to stand down this. >> -- >> to be clear this comes from the fact if you look at democratic debates on saturday nights -- no --
7:07 am
>> trump making that point very well. >> to the point debbie wasserman schultz had thumb on scale. >> she jumped didn't have thumb on it jumped on it set hillary clinton up crown princess fixed from day one. >> more wikileaks in other e-mails is there going to be e-mails saying we make sure we asked against giants-packers lose everybody no one will see it had? >> wikileaks were talking about me in wikileaks, dnc rig right-wing talk shows may be throw a congressman at them deliberate how they kind of couch people and what they do is fact. >> i want -- go through e-mails read them i encourage people do that there is some -- appalling things said in some e-mails about going after
7:08 am
trump, bernie sanders let's talk about berkshire hathaway ceo warren buffett rates billionaire criticize trump's business record a little bit of oracle. >> it takes some kind nerve somebody else, to really have the notion that 325 million people you are the only ones can fix it i think when splb makes a statement like that, you should look at his record, when he appealed to american public before. now donald trump has been in a lot of businesses lad a lot of bankruptcies, but usually that is just involved borrowing money from american public. >> david part of donald trump's appeal business acumen do you think this hurts him. >> it is not you know it is mark cuban. >> going to have effect with some in respect tos to some degree nobody knows how much. >> about warren buffett
7:09 am
attacks bankruptcy code exists different forms for businesses about saving business a lot of times worst case entire company fails everybody losses a job, or you are restructuring reform the company trump needs to hit back being with what that means to american people when it happens also warren buffett sits there a hypocrite so many ways uses the politics, obama, let me tell you something obama thought he was as smart as warren buffett, warren buffett used him all through the administration, and he is going to do same with hillary clinton he plays for his own interests! . >> i think a mistake for her, to go after to hate the one percent to persecute them surround himself three men kieban bloomberg warren buffett have private jets multiple homes around the world billions of dollars. >> warren buffett made his billions calling on a minimum tax on people who are -- earn a couple million dollars a year she put into her tax plan
7:10 am
30% minimum tax on people who earn a two million dollars a year 4% surcharge people making more than 5 wants to raise cal gains increase holding period lower exemption on estate tax actually raise the tax among her -- >> on the backs of the middle class and upper income and leave the uber rich warren buffetts, to everything you give them in subsidies, tax write ovz. >> ied a mire bloomberg and cuban quite a bit one thing three have in common bloomberg cuban buffett manipulating to their advantage bloomberg las done well with that great -- cuban sold company at the top to a boiling over market great with that, as for buffett skill known as value investor really good at positions himself to geted a vantageous deals to bring ge goldman sachs bank of america oh, a va really good at billed track
7:11 am
record positioning himself right way becomes the call to get investments -- >> look at what he did in that entire debate, he made money while the administration was arguing over it. >> how about that. >> if george clooney doesn't win your votes i don't know how warren buffett does. >> [laughter] >> true, the woman running against -- mitch mcmitch mcconnell in kentucky celebrities came out for her campaigning raving money and that woman loft lost. >> media apply onized warren buffett midwestern comes across as nice old man. let's see. >> people like leaning in going who is that guy? sitting behind hillary clinton is he awake? [laughter]. he is wake i will give him that awake. >> he is awake. >> we're awake. >> coming up hundreds of flights canceled after a pow
7:12 am
typhoon across hong kong more on super storm left city very scrambling trouble in the skies unions call calling on cre of southwest airlines to step down following a glitch left thousands of flights grounded the details straight ahead. ♪ ♪ i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests, i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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. . dagen: u.s. stepping up the fight against isis in libya, the start-up sustained bottoming campaign cheryl casone has more on a that story and other news that we're watching good morning. cheryl: good morning dagen good morning manner warplanes launching air strikes against isis stronghold yesterday at request of u.n. backed libyan government targeting isis tanks and vehicles. >> we will be working closely with them, and they will be determining the pace, and the success of this campaign, arguably they will be -- they have their forces on the ground conducting their efforts this will be in support of their efforts. dagen: that was spokesman adding the strikes did not have an end point, at this moment, in time, this was the third u.s. air strike against isis in liberate yeah this is incredible life in hong kong came to standstill, today, ties of an nida moved across the city most of hong kong financial hubs closed, more
7:16 am
than 150 flights candled thousands stranded low-lying areas put on flood alerts, hong kong first major typhoon this year brought gusts more than 60 miles per hour, and city transportation system where as with a gradually restarted in the afternoon after hong kong lowered tropical cyclone warning but markets, by the way, the market there closed very rare event. >> well international out rahm after blogger released photos of some venezuela leaders look at these, photos excuse me show gocht officials including the country president wearing expensive luxury watches, the blog has over 150 pictures, these watches on blog reportedly add up to more than 500,000 dollars guys, let's talk about this venezuela people there struggling food he shortages caused by country's economic crisis, of course, what is happening oil prices but leaders walking around we care but here is my
7:17 am
100 though dollar watch on my arm. >> pr says of he socialism creating a serfdom society chavez's daughter 4.6 billion dollars in wealth people -- this socialism at its best. >> i am in charge. >> that was well said michael. >> mao-ism. >> now moments ago we got numbers from discovery communications company beat wall street expectations, on just aed earnings, profits 71 cents a share, revenue 1.71 billion dollars, that was roughly in line discovery owns make that same channel animal planet tlc the oprah winfrey network how is media stocks doing anyway and is this good news at least from one of these companies.
7:18 am
>> stocks have been in mud frankly, discovery stock right there on screen, you can see, it has been faltering, numbers look pretty good cash flow works good he rnz in line we've seen the trend companies cutting comforts doing bettered, going through the numbers a little bit getting a pickup in revenues from southern europe northern europe worse than yes, blaming brexit for that more guidelines on 8:30 call right in that -- and 8:30 call guidance talks beaten up i like to say i think they can get a bit of a tail windy into november. >> that is what discovery media companies do cord cutting, digital strategy chart is what i am saying the story right there, you don't have digital strategy not with -- >> that core cutting is priced in, in terms of -- in terms of ad spending hillary clinton spending a lot of money on ads
7:19 am
super pacs on-site a lot on ads rn not for trump side for the most part so could be coming see how this plays out david has thoughts on there is there going to be more money spent is a a that going to help. >> super pacs going to spend money you are going to have a lot of -- seen some out there spending money, you've got an important point here dagen, the fact that we got new media the ability to circumvent tradition media baked into a lot of budgets already i don't know how much more. >> hillary not advertising on animal planet channel. >> you never know advertising on every channel that i watch. >> i said this -- he has that campaign has got to get its ad strategy together because they can use ads to you counterpunch when the media is talking non stup about the khan family he can counterpunch on that through advertising, about her untrustworthiness economic ideas that is not happening in
7:20 am
if you want to localize in florida one of the most important state seven media markets hillary clinton is killing out there. >> 11 to 12 to one. >> so you are right you have got to have an comparison to counter it, if you don't do that, all the tweets in the world won't counter it effective -- >> this social media is not real housewives of new jersey on a sunday night that is it, up next, one high flying executive being risks losing a job while unions are calling for southwest ceo to step down, and then soturnlent times. >> the galaxy phone wreaked images appearing hours before launch the device has apple iphones watching its back. ♪ ♪
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
. dagen: the ceo southwest air also under fire two unions want ceo kelley out of the after last month's technology glitch cost thousands of disruptions last month kaen survive bring in dan rose aviation attorney a commercially licensed private pilot first thing i asked what are you flying, like -- something small, dan, do you thinthis union call will really result in anything lapping to the ce.l ceo of southwest. >> i doubt it there is a lot of politics going on there, between unions, and management, at every airline, and i have a feeling this is a lot more about that, than it is actually making a change
7:25 am
based on admittedly a significant technologically glitch but there are other things in the background at this point. >> what are the unions want. >> typically. >> southwestern orchestrates negotiations right now with company in negotiations, for a new contract. >> right. >> so you take a swipe at ceo. >> you know american situation is similar in the sense you have a new union rep there, that you know, kind of has to -- make a statement, and come in there and say, you know, there is a new sheriff in tendon. >> let's talk about the american issue since you brought it up, the union there, is says that american pushing pilots to fly faster or too fast what comes out the of that. >> there is a risk at the end of the day pilots are going to be flying very tight schedules obviously a bottom line decision that going to spend more money on gas, to go faster, rather than pay for
7:26 am
extra flight crew when pilots time out at the end of the day they have to fly a limited period of time in the day if you set up scheduled pushing against that deadline, you are going to have pilots there are a flying more fatigued more of an that is by definition, a compromise in safety. >> is there anything in the advances in aif i don't knowics air traffic technology that is making thjustifiable anything out there. >> not yet there is a new air about traffic control system coming next jen will allow planes to fly from a point to point based on gps in cars rather than -- what they do now. >> like off radar back to -- mass commercial aviation. >> right still there, but as opposed to flying on highways in the sky not most efficient
7:27 am
so you have -- in theory you know global computerized system air traffic control computers can manage the most efficient way forplanes to go they can do it, more efficiently but still doing same speeds circulate still be doing with same rest for all the pilots. >> i think american needs more pilots, those are huge pilot -- actually coming because you've got less military trained pilots out the in the workforce right now so they have got that problem but they could still hire more and the issue would go away. >> i want to ask about deals, if we can. >> travel deals. august 23rd. >> right. >> -- august 23rd considered best day to purchase a ticket according to fare why august 23 don do you know? >> -- right there. >> a back to school. vacation not thinking -- let's
7:28 am
book an airline -- >> in august early september all of a sudden kids back in fiscal not going to be huge drop only i think 10% something like that, so. >> and fuel is so relatively speaking all-time low especially in aviation industry. >> and the tsa problems did not keep people from flying clearly they complain loudly about it didn't keep people off planes good to see you dan thank you so much, dan rosenirosen aviation attorney president obama says veterans don't will to wait for care anymore. >> the days having to wait in line at va office mailing in those days are over. >> some still say he is completely disconnected from reality! more on health care he reform that left or i nation's heroes out in the cold. dubbed the world largest hotel with 10,000 rooms, 10 times number of people in my momentum town, stand out a risk of missing the deadline, we've got all the details straight ahead. ♪
7:29 am
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dagen: welcome back. i am transfixed. it is tuesday, august 2nd. the war of words heating up in the campaign trail. hillary clinton and donald trump ramping up on one another trying to buy for those undecided voters. this coming amid the fallout between donald trump and the
7:32 am
father of a fallen muslim u.s. army captain who spoke out against the republican nominee. the campaign looking to move past that paul president of automated job at the controversy. >> let me say this. no one has given more for our freedom and our security than her goldstar families. they save is a powerful remainder of the true strength of america. >> a lot of time talk the last few days about american yours and that's always a good thing. >> soldiers and veterans know donald trump's the ports are true and their families. dagen: morons that i know veterans react to the controversy. the parents suing for wrongful death of the "star trek" the "star trek" actor was killed in june after his sheep and cherokee road backwards in his
7:33 am
driveway. samsung set to roll up the today. the galaxy take a bite out of the apple iphone. a book coming out. in a new controversy over the rio olympic spirit when people are outraged over supermodel spons ro as s. t bra and enin cemon pfiz shas edng ler en thgh t comny rorte beer tn exctedesul being starexpe patnts oneven whn-li pee scoverand its channel as well as tlc. say yes to the dress, people. say yes to the dress. yesterday approved higher up half a buck a barrel at the moment. the reversal of not having an impact at the moment. losses across the board on that data. stocks in europe losing ground. in asia overnight, markets mixed. japan's government approving a
7:34 am
stimulus program to help the country's struggling economy and the market was closed because of the typhoon. the dodgers ball growth say sa it? come on, people. we will get it to you later. it's pretty cool. president obama speaking to a crowd at the 95th national convention of disabled american veterans in atlanta. the president using remarks to take a jab at republican nominee, donald trump. >> as commander-in-chief and tired of people trash talking america's military in troops. our military is so much smaller after two major ground war is come to a close. that's natural. let's get some facts straight. america's army is the best trained, best equipped win for
7:35 am
us on the planet. dagen: governor mike pence was questioned about the recent comment on the military, but a military matter at the riley in carson city, nevada. >> time and time again trump has disrespected our nation's armed forces and veterans and if this respect is just an example of that. [booing] >> that's all right. it's all right. that's what freedom looks like incense like. donald trump said saturday night cap did khan isn't american hero and would honor him and his family as they do while families in this country. trade to former navy seal, the man who killed osama bin laden and thought contributor robert mail good your reaction to all of this.
7:36 am
>> are a few things like i said more sacred than a goldstar family, especially a goldstar mom. it's easier to go to combat than it is to send them into combat and assuming. what they do is a big distraction. not talking about accomplishments. donald trump trashes the military. that's not the case at all. mr. trump has said he wants to make the military strong goodies the believer because they will equal peace. as far as the women at the rally, her son's name is staff sergeant hartman. he will have a rest day today because i doubt he and mom talked about this. dagen: i don't mean to laugh. >> i've been in the military where you didn't want a nanny thing down. his boss and his boss' boss will have a word. i'm an air force mom at an event is a little bit out of line.
7:37 am
i can give trump supporters little guys. you want to win the election, stop doing military families. don't let emotions take over. take a deep breath and realize what is going on. that is all part of the clinton machine. they will talk about hillary clinton's accomplishments. one bill passed to rename the courthouse. dagen: when asked about the family, it was a political is search him and he told "the wall street journal" will speak at republican events. nevertheless, it was at the dnc. when asked about it, all donald trump had to say was i respect the family's sacrifice and that's it. he wanted to pay their politically. he credits that hillary clinton voted for the iraq war and i do not support it.
7:38 am
in terms of the search, she voted against the surge. when times got tough, she turned her back because of the political implications because she was getting ready to run against barack obama. the war in iraq was popular before. it's one of those things. he worked for a law firm out of washington d.c. that has a lot to do with the clinton foundation. mr. khan didn't show up when president obama ran. but he shows up now for the clintons. they are politicizing a lot of stuff that should not be politicized at all. seems like they're dragging families into it. it should be like that. >> to the candidates point, he needs to stop stepping and the straps. it is a trap. i brought this up earlier. the dnc e-mails. it was a horror show what was uncovered in the e-mail.
7:39 am
the democrats immediately made it about donald trump -- vladimir putin wants strong to wind and putin is interfering in the election. >> for either side of the aisle,-com,-com ma left or recommended by us i would give is still good military families and only remarks about goldstar family should be thank you for your sacrifice and no child should doubt that their parents. it's that simple. train to let me move on. president obama went on to tout increased spending on veterans care under his administration was claiming republican budget cuts. >> with advance appropriations where protecting veterans health care for an annual washington budget battles. but i do have to point this out. republicans in congress have proposed cutting might be a budget. when they return in the fall, they should pass the budget our
7:40 am
veterans need and find it away. don't just talk about standing with veterans. don't just talk about me. do something to support our veterans. that is what you need to do. dagen: do you think the president should be making them care? >> i would be careful to make it an issue. i'm part of the va. in d.c. net the white house i would recommend without calling a few days ahead of famous officials coming, to a cold call and walk in there. it's like a homeless shelter. i hated going there. once you get to the health care providers come in the nurses are amazing, doctors are incredible. i had surgery here and a half ago to repair my bicep. the surgeon asked me that your cell phone. i said yeah. you might want to hide it because to be go back to sleep someone might steal it. that couples all the way up.
7:41 am
i wouldn't say it's getting -- shake it up, fire some of the people there. people realize the government employers don't really work that hard. the doctors, nurses, outstanding. throwing money at it's not going to help you. a lot of people bear care. a lot of people don't care, too. i could be fired. dagen: how do you work in that job did not give a. how do you work in a job where you are and does people hope they lives on the line and how do you not give a? >> it's a small percentage that make the biggest problem. a lot of people do care. i've been there. i've seen it and there's stuff going on that people wouldn't believe. they can come out on television and say it's getting better. i haven't been a suicide rate come down.
7:42 am
i personally sat there in a computer, put my phone on speaker, was on hold for two hours until they said no one is available. click. dagen: there is an inspector general's report that people are put on hold. thank you for your service. i don't think we can say that enough. >> years of wear and tear and one bad night trying to pull something that didn't work. train to thank you and thank everybody because we are the land of the free. coming up, 10,000 grams, 70 restaurants and the world's largest hotel. they stood by heavyweight is at risk of major delays. a shocking new to asp for the olympic games. resilient bombshell, mrs. tom
7:43 am
brady is going to be attacked at the opening ceremony.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
dagen: the parents of anton yeltsin reportedly planning to sue fiat chrysler over their son's death. cheryl casone has more on that story in the news you need to follow right now. transfer the attorney telling the associated as they plan to file a lawsuit today over fiat chrysler which made the jeep had allegedly killed their son a "star trek" actor killed in june when his car pinned him against the pillar in his own driveway in california. it is not known if he knew that his car was part of a recall for a problem with the gear shifter and whether his car has been
7:47 am
repaired. the official launch of the galaxy knows seven is just a couple hours away. some photos may have been linked to online. the linked images give us a clear look at them smartphone. the specs of the new phone have been linked minus 12 to feature the most powerful and precise yet as well as water resista fast autofocus in low light capabilities. we hopefully get the official word today. the preacher at five worlds biggest hotel project is now being delayed significantly. the hotel in mecca hotel in mecca is supposed to have 10,000 grams, 70 restaurants originally slated to open some point next year. many experts say it won't be finished until sometime after 2018 because oil prices have forced the saudi government to cut back several projects and delay payment to the construction company.
7:48 am
currently malicious first world hotel about 7300 rooms. another sad story of the oil price that we are seeing. dagen: would anybody want to stay in a hotel room that it? i don't go on cruises for that reason. >> do they have a swimming pool in at the women allowed to go to the swimming pool? dagen: probably. transport if you look at qatar, everything they've built, and the ski slope, everything is going to have to change. in the middle of the desert. dagen: there is actually real snow. lebanon, too. >> hole event. take a trip to the holy land.
7:49 am
a rescue on a baseball field. a dodgers paul gross is a fan for about 108-mile line drive. we will show that over and over again because it's cool. in the meantime breaking down the biggest names to watch. that is straightahead. ♪ ♪
7:50 am
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dagen: that is a cool shot. more details as we get closer to the opening ceremony of the olympics. one of the details include the wife of patriots quarterback tom brady. more on this story. >> here is an idea for the opening ceremonies. let's show waffler brio was all about by to pick anything repeat of old women get them out? this is apparently on the table for friday night's big show. the supermodel reportedly getting robbed in rio by with a young child is giselle, wife of patriots quarterback, tom brady. the dresser is for friday's event. nobody is listening to me. they are watching the screen understandably. it's all set to enso rosalie
7:54 am
went to police these indicate that giselle embraces the assailant and everybody celebrates. million dollar idea. would you think of team usa's uniforms for the ceremony? controversy followed. the way the blazers are button, strictures on the models resemble the russian flag. forget about worries like getting mugged in rio or swimming in the waters that are littered with human waste. think how much fun you could be having putting a shower curtain in your room as he prepared to compete in basketball. golden state warriors into booking shared yesterday. getting ready for the olympics by putting together a shower curtain. he also treated ioc in luxury lodging. they will not comment on their delicate in downtown rio. can you guess which nfl team is the most popular when it comes to jersey sales?
7:55 am
of course it's america's team. the dallas cowboys. number one overall seller. train today by the jerseys because they think it says america and it doesn't. >> for the top cybercowboys and squeeze in a number for his green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers. what prompted this goalie to declare to play with the loudest were in quite a few innings. a dodgers ball girl on her son that day. >> she reaches over the railing. baseball is called in. 108 miles per hour is the speed when it left the bat. first he said that if a ball girl and then he couldn't quite tell. you never know nowadays.
7:56 am
then he saw the ponytail. she save somebody from potential reconstructive face surgery. 18 trades and 49 players yesterday. they will second down and maybe bring her up. >> from aaron rodgers in the top list to his brother, jordan, who got picked as they did on the bachelorette and a slight losing their minds. jo jo fletcher picks jordan, which is expected for most of the season. jordan and aaron have a strange relationship. she has made and met aaron rodgers yet. why are you looking at me? >> this is wrong. transfer with social media says last night. of course she goes for the high sports guy. she didn't pick a nice guy.
7:57 am
she went for mr. hottie pants. dagen: he doesn't apparently have a job and i don't think he ever played a game in professional football. that's besides the point. she made the wrong choice. we will be right back. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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8:00 am
tomorrow. a war of words on the campaign trail. donald trump ramping up rhetoric against hillary clinton pushing back on the political process. the validity of polls. >> the polls haven't even read now. it's always embarrassing to me. i go into a primary that i win by a landslide. it's a little embarrassing. people don't want to say they're going to vote for me, but then they give them then they give them the goods, is anybody looking? i'm thinking tram. dagen: warren buffett the latest billionaire to attack donald trump for hillary clinton, by the way. for not releasing his tax return. >> i am under audit, too. and i would be delighted to meet him anyplace, anytime between now an election. i will bring my tax return.
8:01 am
he can bring his tax return. nobody is going to her as. dagen: the latest coming up. big tech target terrorists. how companies combat propaganda with cartoons like this one on social media. for the first time, zika threatening travel within the continental united states in a rare warning the cdc saying that pregnant women should avoid a particular neighborhood in miami. after 10 new cases of the disease were discovered. an incredible rescue in michigan. dramatic image of a man saved from his sinking car. gender bias at gap kids. there is an enough outrage in the world. again grow as a social butterfly. really? there's only so much outrage we can have in our daily lives.
8:02 am
we are going to talk about that. procter & gamble support in earnest this morning beating expectations. the out look you see stock may be picking up a little bit of value. to your broad market, oil drive in action. the cost of crude oil up about 39 cents a barrel. it is in bear market territory down 20% from its recent high. the movement oil yesterday is reversed. it's really not have been much reaction here. the big jobs report coming up on friday. a special job show at 8:00 a.m. friday morning. losing ground with the shares under pressure. 273 similar program in japan. will that help a struggling economy there? the nikkei lower by 1.5%. the hong kong closed. joining me this morning, cheryl casone from the fox business
8:03 am
network. michael block and radio talkshow host david webb. you've got two hours down. >> no more outrage. dagen: outrage is fine. the cap outfits, please. trump campaign national cochairman sam clovis will be on in moments. the host of "varney & company," stuart ernie interviewing donald trump in the 9:00 hour when his show stars. joe ms. stuart later this hour. in the meantime, donald trump and hillary clinton running for working-class voters in the battleground states. blake burman has the latest from washington. reporter: good morning to you. a day after she says she doesn't know what the bottom is when it comes to her opponent. donald trump has a new label
8:04 am
yesterday. bernie sanders supporters have buyers remorse because clinton massie said is the devil. >> just go home, go to sit, relax. he would have been a hero did he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. reporter: clinton was in omaha with an electoral college vote. warren buffett campaigned alongside him has this challenge for trump. >> i would be delighted to meet him anyplace, anytime between now and election. i will pray my tax return. he can bring his tax return. nobody's going to arrest us. reporter: clinton receiving anticipated: him from her convention highlighted by a cnn poll that has her up nine points over trump and just as important about the 50% threshold at 52.
8:05 am
coming out of the convention she's up about four points nationally according to the polling average. we will see how they shake out over the next two days. dagen: thank you, blake. up 49% to 46% in the poll. she got a decent bug. wait until labor day. joining us now is trump campaign cochairman and chief policy adviser sam clovis. donald trump not only calling hillary the devil, kind of following up on ben carson calling her this affair, but he also implied -- here is what he had. the election is going to be. what does he mean by that and what if the message to his supporters when you talk about or break election? >> i think a lot of it has to do with the perception of lot of people have that you go out in your boat and there's always this hint of voter fraud. this is a common theme if you go back to the 2000 election,
8:06 am
really started with the bush-gore. i hate to put in that conspiracy theories, but a lot of people do have those thoughts. a lot of people have thoughts about the area's perception of fraud associated with some of these election race of. dagen: if you are trying to rally the truth and get undecided voters on your side, what does that do come november? >> the underlying messages you've got to get out there and work. when i campaigned a used at this sprays the choice had to do one more thing. the one my thing is you can't write a check or decanters at a yard sign up in your yard. you can't do help get the vote out. we are spending a tremendous amount of time and effort on behind the scenes working on this get out the vote movement. >> sam, this is david. i get that.
8:07 am
one more thing, today against black come he gets up there and talks about the election may be. the electoral college works. winner take all except for maine and nebraska. i must be in the advice business. i was doing it last night on the radio show. a little more advice for donald trump. he's worried about the election been baked in voter fraud which does exist. i need you to become poll watchers. the republican national lawyers association out there. doing a great job leading the organization. they are out there putting lawyers in place when needed. you've got to make sure it's being done correctly. he's got to give them the action point afterwards because otherwise it sounds like it doesn't tell the independents what to do. it doesn't tell people what to watch out for. >> i agree with that. i couldn't agree more. one of the themes you'll see us
8:08 am
to go through the summer and into labor day is the love more things. we have a warm-up act. they never talk about how lukewarm at the crowds and get people fired up. we've got a lot of that messaging up front. >> with all due respect, that's not the soundbite. we have to make sure his is the downside. he's the candidate. >> i am not disagreeing with you at all. >> i want to change gears here a little bit. yesterday we showed a clip of mr. trump where he was berating sanders supporters for siding with the devil. along the way, trump said sanders supporters for coming his way. one thing i've seen is a lot of democrats and people on the left basically say you worst is that for that guy.
8:09 am
people don't like being called you rated. it actually some people over to say i support this guy. i see us merit. but now mr. trump turning around and doing the same thing to sanders supporters. is that still important? >> it is. one of the things we're looking at a something you've got to watch over the summer as we have into labor day. labor day is for the sprint stars. you've got to start looking for the message that gives people a reason to vote for you as opposed to against the other candidate. that is paramount. i've been watching politics forever if it years. i've never seen an election where people want based on voting against somebody. you have to find a reason to vote for somebody. we've got to find a reason to vote for a candidate, not against. dagen: the clinton campaign is working carefully to make this a referendum on donald trump and
8:10 am
something you guys have to be on top. warren buffett was with hillary clinton yesterday in omaha. don't sound so excited, sam. going after donald trump be listening to this and not get your response. >> you're only afraid if you've got something to be afraid about. [cheers and applause] and he's not afraid because of the irs. he is afraid of you. dagen: he tries awfully hard to sound folksy and be folksy and eating hamburgers and drinking cherry coke. pity the multibillionaire. >> i think that he's absolutely the personification of crony capitalism. you have to look at no more of the delays keystone pipeline and
8:11 am
what his brother to intercept and done and how they profited from that. he is the absolute personification of crony capitalism. look who he is cozied up to. someone who is going to continue back, not somebody who vote rake up the monopolies they have there. cheryl: why does the donald trump get out there and fight back? he's got plenty of ammo. >> i think the overall issue and i hate to borrow anything from the clintons, but it is about the economy. the gdp numbers right now, talk about putting a cold shiver through you. look at where we've been for the last 16 years. we have averaged a 1.38% average growth in gdp for 16 years. that is absolutely unacceptable. book where we are. i heard someone talking this morning, maybe i miss janelle, maybe another parrot talking about unemployment numbers. what are you talking about?
8:12 am
10 million people ought to be working better. not to be about the economy, immigration, raising salaries. it have to be all of those things writing this message on there. this is where it comes down to it, that the message that's going to win. when you are able to convince people that you can eliminate the insurgency in their lives by going out there and freeing up the economy to allow them to achieve at the level they have potential to do, that is the winning message in the message react to be driving. train to see end quote list, always good to see you. >> roll tide -- dagen: is paused to give it a chance to say that. stuart varney will talk with republican nominee donald trump. mr. varney will be here before that.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
dagen: u.s. customs and border protection officer stopping a human staggering attempt. cheryl casone has that story in other news. cheryl: border patrol agents stopping an attempt to stake a man into the u.s. from mexico and reggae, but agents searching the pickup truck noticed a driver acting very nervous. they found a 31-year-old chinese man hiding inside a specially built compartment within the gas tank. the driver was arrested and the undocumented men will be deported. the dangers these people are going through our incredible. some incredible video to show you a driver in michigan rescued by the good samaritans after his car went right into lake st. clair. authorities say the 65-year-old man lost control of the car, drove over the median. these good samaritans jumped into the water to help this guy. he was trapped inside with the
8:17 am
group is able to pull them out before the car sank. the driver was taken to a hospital. we don't know his condition yet. gas criticized over this new advertising campaign in the u.k. the little t-shirt with albert einstein space on it. the girl has her t-shirt saying the social butterfly. it also says your future starts here next to the boy. the girls will show the top of the playground. the boys t-shirt spelled einstein wrong. good job. dagen: are you serious? cheryl: yeah. this is interesting. weddings are getting so much pricier if you're a gas. the report by american express says americans attend an average of three wedding figure. up 5% over last year.
8:18 am
for millennial since about $900 because they all have jobs, for people in the wedding party that number jumped to 740 bucks. 930 if you aren't millennial. everybody wants a destination wedding. they give your guests before you invite me. dagen: we are getting married in cancun. cheryl: where do i send the card? dagen: the only problem is all that and still the same. 13 people at my wedding. for people at the first one. maybe small numbers aren't good luck. florida confirms 10 new zika cases. the cdc rushing to contain the possible up right. the growing concern came in at. another company putting the brakes on obama cared by yet another big insurers scrapping expansion plans.
8:19 am
♪ v
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8:22 am
dagen: tendler cases that zika confirmed near miami. the center for disease control and prevention measure in a traveled as june 15th. joining us now is nyu school of medicine and associate professor, dr. debbie. tell me how rare this kind of travel warning is to identify a
8:23 am
single neighborhood in a city. the winwood neighborhood in miami. >> it's extremely rare. this is the first time the cdc has ever done this for a neighborhood in the u.s. usually travel warnings are against foreign countries. terms of people worryg that, if you are in that area, obviously you have to be careful. if you travel to a high-risk area, be careful if there is any chance of becoming pregnant or if they are pregnant already. for most of us, people don't necessarily need to get alarmed although we should push for some steps forward and addressed the problem with early. dagen: whether those steps because there's a battlever funding you had good lawmakers left without passing a funding note. roughly half a billion dollars, a little more than that. afterward you go a been to write it. the governor of florida calling f seweo ederal government to
8:24 am
grvaccine or treatment. the other issues are surveillance. the way they found this in the first place was people had only been getting tested if they went in place that was high risk. if they had some suspicion. people went door-to-door and checked folks to see if they might have zika. i feel the way to no-space people that wouldn't harm the come forward and were particularly at risk. they found several of them tested positive for zika. we need funding for that surveillance to check in all parts of the country that might have this type of mosquito. dagen: these mosquitoes on the travel 500 feet. to explain why you would have an outbreak in the winwood neighborhood, which is like the williamsburg of miami. the neighborhood with graffiti everywhere. but it's not anywhere. a small area in this
8:25 am
neighborhood. >> the mosquito travels about 150 meters, which the equivalent if you think of a soap oilfield, half the distance. that the lifetime of the mosquito. typically we've been thinking about a few minutes, but then we realize human can spread it to the mosquito. dagen: i'm more -- maybe there's other neighborhoods along the eastern seaboard in the south that could have zika. no one knows. that's very troubling. >> satisfied with the funding we think about the treatments and vaccines. at the same time, we need the money for officials to do the surveillance to make sure areas are safe or into more for mosquito control. for people pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant did you should definitely get checked if
8:26 am
your going to one of these areas. but if you are trying to get pregnant, the main thing is if you go to someplace like this come in winwood after june 15 and defend it by mosquitoes, you want to wait eight weeks before trying to get pregnant because that is how long a woman can carry the zika virus in her body. for men, they carry it for longer, six months. if you are a couple going together, you can't take about yourself as a plumbing. you have to think about yourself as a partner. you become pregnant during this time. you might have to have protected dagen: if you don't have symptoms you should have a test for it. >> it's safe for. if you are nowhere near these areas, i would necessarily get tested. sometimes the test is not perfect. if you are it's better to get
8:27 am
tested of course. dagen: dr. debbie, always great to see you. i worked on her name really hard. i worked on it really hard. i got it down. great to see you. still the calm, fighting propaganda, how major technology companies are targeting radical islamic terrorism online. plus, changing her tune, hillary clinton has taken to playing the woman card one step further in her race for the white house. we will be right back. thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business.
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>> welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell. it's tuesday, august 2nd. attacks heating up on the campaign trail. donald trump and hillary clinton going after each other. their record as they vie for votes with the election, less than 100 days away. we have the latest for you from trump and clinton coming up. big tech targets terrorists, how companies are combatting propaganda with cartoons like this on social media. another blow to obamacare. aetna becoming the latest insurer to scrap plans for its obamacare business. and a happier happy meal. mcdonald's overhauling the
8:31 am
ingredient list. did you know there was high fuke toes corn syrup in your hamburger buns. we'll tell you about the menu changes coming up. oil driving the action and we have crude oil up half a buck a barrel, but in bear market territory as of yesterday, but that reversal not having an impact on stock futures. 20-point loss on the dow futures there. we have stocks losing ground in europe with banking shares under pressure and in asia, the markets there were mixed, with the hang seng closed because of typhoon hitting that area of the world. to the trump and clinton campaigns. and a supporter helping hillary clinton try out a new campaign tactic. warren buffett and hillary clinton were teaming up on the trail, unveiling a new choice of pronouns to describe the next president. >> you deserve a president who
8:32 am
will get up every day in the white house and do everything she can to do. in article two describing qualifications for the president of the united states, male pronouns, he, his and him were used 20 times. well, on january 20th, we're going to elect the best president that we've ever had and somebody might change the pronouns. >> somebody might want to change his verbs, because on january 20th we don't elect anybo anybody. what do you think of strategy? it's subtle, but going to the issue of gender and you've heard that secretary madeleine albright making that remark once that she's having trouble
8:33 am
living down, there's a special place in hell for women who do not vote for hillary clinton. >> yeah, i think this appeal that somehow there is a, many will an obligation on the part of women to vote for hillary, and also on the part of men because this is a historic first. well, first of all, we tried the historic first with obama. that hasn't worked out that well for the country and hasn't worked out well for african-americans. look, there have been strong leaders around the world in my home country of india, endira gandhi and others. the real issue is hillary. hillary has proven to be a difficult larsonist, pathological liar and the fact that comey agrees with her that she never intentionally used classified information, this is a woman who can't be trusted and seems always with her
8:34 am
husband to be on the make. that's not the kind of president i believe we deserve. dagen: in interviews, she seems surprised that people have this image of her, 61% find her untrustworthy, it's all manufactured by the media and it's a misunderstanding, but it's based on a history of knowing both clintons and their behavior. >> yes, i think that i can't tell looking at hillary if this is a case of somebody who is sort of dishonest to the core, but has so perfected her kind of public front that she lives in two worlds, a public world that's completely fake and then a private world where she knows what's going on or if hillary basically believes the lie and she just think that she's innocent, you know, the clintons went from zero to $300 million on a government salary and that's perfectly normal in america. >> it's david, how are you doing?
8:35 am
in hillary's america, you tackle the vision, who she is, you expose a lot about it. at the dnc, they didn't say anything about the $2 billion clinton foundation, that they claim helps millions of people. is it really more about deflecting from the truth? >> yeah, the foundation is not even a philanthropic foundation, it gives away a tiny percent of its money. it appears to be a personal stash for the clintons, as well as part of their political kind of war machine. this is a foundation that has taken money from foreign entities and foreign government, often people with a stake in government policy. they gave this money when hillary was secretary of state, in exchange for things that they wanted hillary to do for them. so, this is a thoroughly corrupt enterprise and it's very sad to see the clintons enriching themselves in this way at the public expense. >> can i just ask you this quickly. india, you bring up india, she went to india, and speeches,
8:36 am
and benefits given much different than the trade relations during the bush years. >> yeah, with hillary, she was initially opposed to the india nuclear deal and then huge amounts of money began flowing into her foundation, bill began to get speeches where he'd get $500,000 for a 20 minute speech, and then suddenly, hillary saw the light and became and could convert to the india nuclear deal. and this is scary for someone in the white house that puts themselves ahead of domestic policy and foreign domestic. >> this is mike. let me play devil's advocate, she wants to be president and warren buffett reportedly wants her to be president, the pronouns, what's the big deal. but you're making a good point about the clinton foundation, and other than pronoun trouble. what should the g.o.p. campaign be doing here to put the right light on her? >> i think the trump campaign
8:37 am
needs to emphasize the-- that when the democrats, as a party, hillary is not alone, she's part of this progressive movement, part of this party and work for the little guy, work for the little ordinary man, work for minorities, work for blacks. we show in our movie that the democrats actually have not been that at all. this is the party of slavery, of ku klux klan and look at the e-mails of the democratic national convention look at the way they talk in private with latinos, the taco bell crowd, or blacks or homosexual or using bernie sanders' religion against him. and the party has not changed its spots, only its presentation. dagen: i want to bring this up. she had a jump in the polls after the convention, a nine point lead in the cnn poll over trump right now and she's
8:38 am
46-39% in the cbs poll and released a campaign that hillary clinton, the hillary for america and the democratic party, they raised $90 million in july for the two of them. and her campaign had more than $58 million in the bank so somebody's behind her and somebody's putting their money on her. >> slum. i think the democrats would have to be considered the favorites at this point. they've got an unbelievable organization. they also have a good deal of the media behind them. so when you have academia, you have hollywood, you have media, that's three of the biggest me megaphones of our culture. trump has an uphill task, but he can win. dagen: what does he need to do, one thing. >> i think he needs to focus on the fact that the clintons basically are out for themselves and not for america. that ultimately is what they want. they've been running rackets since the arkansas day, what they did in the white house
8:39 am
when bill was president and what they'll do if they put them in again. dagen: thank you so much. earnings season in full swing. earnings beat expectations and straight ahead. having your way, and mcdonald's new plans, and that's not mcdonald mcdonald's slogan, that's burger king. but mcdonald's is making signature meals better for you when we come back. ♪
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>> we are about 48 minutes away from the opening bell, take a look at stocks on the move this morning, aetna, health care company, pulling back on obamacare. the insurer scrapped plans to expand its obamacare business next year and review how and if they will continue in the 15
8:43 am
states that it's currently in. the announcement coming in aetna's earnings report. and earnings, the company beating wall street expectations on adjusted earnings and revenue in line. and the same sake channel, animal planet and oprah winfrey's. and there is high fructose corn syrup in its buns, sugar buns, and the-- changing the food culture they say. >> the whole foods crowd is running over there. dagen: let's please get to mr. varney know will be talking to republican presidential nominee donald trump in just a short while. stuart is here with a preview. stuart varney.
8:44 am
stuart: well, as i'm sure you've been telling your viewers, dagen, warren buffett had a few choice things to say about donald trump and his business abilities yesterday. he said, i'm going to give you exact quote, a monkey throwing darts in 1995 when mr. trump first offered stock in his hotels, would have better listening-- that's a direct from mr. buffett who loathes donald trump. 's been criticized by a going on a tangent by being provoked and off returning america to prosperity. and i will ask his response to warren buffett and if he'll respond and provoked at 9:00.
8:45 am
dagen: he's got two things to talk about, hillary clinton, d dis dis disty -- dishonesty and turning the economy around. stuart: the news flow is in favor of donald trump, the e-mail scandal, or turning around the economy, none of those issues are on the front page of the media today or anytime in the last week. instead, it's the distraction to whether, would i would call side bar issues that's attracted the attention. let's see if mr. trump can pull it back to the center. how are you going to restore america to prosperity. that's what we want to know. dagen: varney and trump. [laughter] not a-- 15 minutes from now, i cannot wait, mr. varney, stuart varney. stuart: thanks so much, dagen. dagen: take care. and tech, what they're doing to fight terrorism on-line.
8:46 am
finally. and big names, aetna, pfizer, what you need to know. we've got 15 minutes left before varney and trump. stay with us. ♪ ♪
8:47 am
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8:50 am
an islam that pays ransom for the release of slaves. >> your answer is that we have a choice? >> yes, we do and the majority of muslims reject extremism. dagen: that was a clip from average mohammed, used to combat this. a year long study on platforms, their success on counter narrative messages to users. the study was funded in part by technology giants, facebook, twitter google parent, and using advertising to target social media users of the let's bring in fox crews correspondent and former intelligence operator lea gabrielle. terrific to see you on this story. >> the video that we watched, that looks a little strange. it's important for them to know they were targeting an audience of about eight years old to about 16 years old.
8:51 am
for example, the somali population that there is in minneapolis, you know, some of these kids are young, they're islamic, they're muslim and they are, you know, having questions about the world that they're living in, the old world versus the new and that's the average mohammed video you saw, seeks to explain, to counter the narrative of the extremist groups, isis on-line. because isis has an extremely good media arm. they're excellent at their media and they're working hard distributing propaganda that's been effective in recruiting people on-line that otherwise wouldn't be associated. >> are the cartoons working leah? are they making a difference? >> that's a question that everyone is asking from the study and it's very hard to assess, does it stop somebody from actually, you know, conducting some sort of attack? but again the video you saw is really to establish this younger population, kids who are maybe google things on-line and looking at things, google jihad or sharia and just like
8:52 am
when certain things that i like to search on-line when i'm on facebook, ads for those might pop up. they're using the ad technology, the ad, you know, software that would target you to essentially see things like sharia or jihad pop up, then instead, this content is going to pop up and the bottom line, cheryl, we don't know whether it's helping or not. we've got to do something because right now we're in a cyber war. do not kid yourselves, we're in a cyber war with groups like isis. >> i'd like facebook to spend more to get rid of isis. >> and twitter is much worse than facebook in terms of allowing blatant radical islamic content. >> it's difficult because their effective. the propaganda campaign. it's like a game of whack-a-mole. they kill one twitter account
8:53 am
and another pops up. instead of playing on the defense, which is trying to just take off the jn line content, which you have to do, you have to go on the offense and create this counter narrative, which is what they're trying to do. dagen: i wanted to bring up, one i think this i noticed when the leak came out of the dnc e-mails last week, that references were immediately blocked on twitter to that. >> right. dagen: i thought if you can so easily-- and it was temporary and the same kind of blocking went on on facebook as well. if you can so easily block content about a wikileaks data dump about dnc e-mails, you can do a heck of a lot more on terror related content. >> i would have to lean on somebody to answer in cyber, the question how it pops up so quickly and so quickly versus isis and the campaigns, but i know that they use a lot of different methodology, they use the dark web, using propaganda and propaganda for isis is important because when they're
8:54 am
losing ground in iraq, they're losing ground in syria, they want people to think they're gaining ground and believe in this caliphate and they want people angry in the united states who have no affiliation with them, to see their on-line propaganda and say this is a place where i can put my anger and commit an attack. and that's what we're trying to do the counter narrative for people to be redirected to are we pushing it out over there? for decades used television programs in the middle east, hezbollah tv, hamas tv. are we pushing it out over there? they're going after eight or ten year olds. we have the video of young girls wanting to die in jihad. you know, ins what they're doing to a generation. >> the u.s. does something called information operations. there is a whole, you know, organization, within the military that basically develops techniques, things
8:55 am
like psy-ops, psychological operations to essentially spread a different message. we've been doing that for a very long time in the u.s. you know, from dropping pamphlets from the skies in different countries to send a different message. this is more geared toward western and wig of the biggest problems we have, director comey has been talking about lone wolf extremism and it's a problem because the intelligence community is excellent at knowing who is connected with the terrorist organizations. >> when they're not-- >> when they're not, it's such a problem and when they're in the u.s., the people in the u.s. are a much bigger danger to us and our families than someone overseas. dagen: the shooter in the pulse nightclub was investigated device and nothing was done until murder. lea gabrielle for us. our final thoughts from this all-star panel after the break. ♪
8:56 am
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8:59 am
he's got to get to the general election, get it back to it's the economy stupid, that's what matters to american. dagen: untrustworthy, the economy. mike. >> friday jobs report. it's important, if it's too good, does that make people think it's hawkish or the rally? earnings still good, proctor on the surface, there is stuff in the channel, talking about 2% growth like it's stuffing out there, enjoy. dagen: cheryl. i brought you political correctness too far. first the emojis with the water pistol and the revolver. and we've got too many things like isis and gun control than t-shirts. dagen: that's why people conduct with tr-- connect with trump and why it's
9:00 am
resonati resonating. thank you, david webb and mike block. now it's all about varney and trump. stuart: thank you very much indeed. let's get at it. a direct attack on donald trump from warren buffett. now, buffett is supporting hillary clinton, but in his speech last night, he poured scorn and contempt on donald trump. watch this. >> in 1995 to my knowledge it's the only time donald trump went to the american people and he said, join me i'm a winner, and join me and invest in my company. the next ten years the company loses money every year. if a monkey had thrown a dart at the stock page, the monkey on average would have made 150%. but the people that believed in him, that listened to his siren's song came


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