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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  August 2, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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also i'm going to be guest hosting for neil cavuto today on our sister network, fox news, and for the rest of the week on your world on the fox news channel at 4 p.m. eastern. so make sure you tune in and watch. liz claman is going to take you out from here into a market that's still trading lower. liz: i know, listen, we're watching that, we're watching something else at this hour. president obama, the democrat, and house speaker paul ryan, the republican, against clinton/trump? when it comes to doing billions in trade with 11 mostlpacific countries, obama and ryan are battling those two forces on your screen who are out on the campaign trail. president obama today pushing the trans-pacific partnership. the singapore prime minister, a useful tool ahead of tonight's state dinner. paul ryan getting standing ovations telling republicans he'll fight trump on this one. but the president taking particular exception to the republican nominee today. when asked about donald trump, the president blasted him using the strongest words since trump got the nomination, calling him,
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quote, unfit to be the president. blake burman live at the white house on the war of words. and while most house republicans voted to fast track tpp, committee member lee zeldin of new york did not. why? when his state exports some $25 billion in goods to tpp nations and tariffs against new york goods would be dropped is lee zeldin against it? we'll ask him. i've got him exclusively live. plus, donald trump declares numbers on november 1st will declare the outcome of the 2016 election. not the economy. not what's going on in syria. mark bertolini is pulling back on his company's commitment to obamacare even as his company's stock has skyrocketed since the exchanges kicked off. why is he against it? aetna chairman and ceo mark bertolini with me live. and who's winning the oil war, america's frack e, -- frackers?
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a fox business exclusive with cme group executive chair and president terry duffy. the dow looking at its longest losing streak in more than a year. what's going on here? it's down 105 points. what dog days of august? we're less than an hour to the closing bell. we're firing on all cylinders, so you're in the right place. let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: bear claws are out in full force at this hour. both the nasdaq and the s&p are on track for their worst day in over a month. that bear looks a little passive. a little nose, a little runny nose there. well, look, the claws are out either way because you've got auto and tech stocks petering out, and that's weighing on the industries. do you own shares of general motor ors? how about ford? toyota, fiat chrysler, all of them moving lower.
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everybody else down more than 4. but which cars were not hot, which cars were hot when it comes to sales? i'm going to get you that in just a moment. but if autos are a drag, then apple's stock is the 100-pound weight on both the s&p and the nasdaq. shares are falling about 1.5%. analysts downgraded their rating on apple -- i love this -- from a buy to an outperform. or -- that's like jumping off a pancake, you're not going that far. [laughter] they say this is due to growth concerns specifically when it comes to smartphone sales, bad enough to hurt apple pulling it down to $104.50. oil was pushed into the green in early morning trade, but you can see it reversed, it is down 1.25%. again due to glut. those of you who watch me, and i'm so glad you do, or listen on xm113, you hear me say this over and over, nothing has changed when it comes to oversupply.
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oil ended up settling at $39.51, right now $39.54 in after hours trade. and talk about sparkling returns, sodastream soaring after the company reported profits more than doubled in the second quarter. this is the israeli company -- look at it -- up 18%. it credits rebranding itself as a maker of sparkling water instead of sparkling sodas for its success. but this is the little start-up that could. it really pushed keurig out of the publicly-traded market. unbelievable, what sodastream has done, jumping about 18% to $28.67. president obama and the prime minister be of singapore holding a joint news conference today. the president pushing hard for congressional approval be of the tpp or the trans-pacific be trade partnership. this is a deal he feels is central and a are important ingredient to his economic and foreign policy legacy and for the country. the president reaffirmed tpp trade calling it, quote, for the
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21st century, saying it will, quote, reduce tariffs on american goods and make it easier to sell u.s. goods overseas. >> the answer cannot be to back away from trade in the global economy. it is here to stay. it's not possible to cut ourselves off given how integrated our economies are. and trying to pull be up a drawbridge on trade would only hurt us and hurt our workers. so the answer is to make sure that globalization and trade is working for us, not against us. liz: okay, exactly. the president on that exact point is facing these two roadblocks on your screen, donald trump and hillary clinton. the trade deal is up against heavy opposition on both sides of the aisle. these candidates feel that it will hurt workers. fox business' blake burman live outside the white house where president obama just wrapped up his news conference a short while ago. and, blake, when asked by a reporter, president obama did have some harsh words, pretty harsh words toward republican nominee donald trump. everybody's talking about that.
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>> reporter: he did, liz. woefully unprepared. that is how president obama described donald trump earlier today here at the white house as it relates to the possibility in about six months or so that trump could become the next president of the united states. the president was here, you're right, to discuss tpp, the trans-pacific partnership. he was here alongside the prime minister of sing por. but the very first -- singapore. but the very first question from a reporter was in light of trump's recent comments about russia, in light of his recent comments about gold star parents, the president was asked whether or not he feels, whether or not he questions, rather, trump's fitness to potentially be the next president of the united states. from there, liz, the president launched into a five-and-a-half minute diatribe against trump. that started like this. listen. >> yes, i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week, and he
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keeps on proving it. he's woefully unprepared to do this job. >> reporter: now, the president said while he disagreed with john mccain and mitt romney in past elections, he never felt that they were incapable of becoming the next president. he said with trump, quote, that's not the case here. a bit unusual for trump this afternoon, he has not yet taken to twitter to put out a response. instead, his campaign did so on his behalf, and in that response they tried to link the president with hillary clinton writing, and i'm quoting here, they have betrayed our security and our workers, and hillary clinton has proven herself unfit to serve in any government office. so they were trying to flip that word, unfit, back onto hillary clinton. remarkable words from the president here inside of the white house today about the republican nominee for president, liz. liz: and remarkable that donald trump has not swatted back at this point. we'll be watching all of that. blake, thank you.
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and to the trade issue, because both donald trump and hillary clinton are against tpp. republican speaker of the house paul ryan reportedly got multiple standing ovations after voicing his support for the tpp at a retreat hosted by the republican-leaning koch brothers over the weekend. speaker ryan got strong support from gop donors at that event, but a controversial election year vote is fraught with peril. republican congressman from new york, representative lee zeldin, on how president obama thinks he can possibly get tpp papassed as both a -- passed as both a lame duck president. you initially voted against fast tracking the tpp last year, correct? why when your state does about $30 billion in exports to tpp nations? >> well, the tpp wasn't yet finalized at that point. it was pretty close to being finalized. i do believe that we need to be
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setting out trade objectives at the beginning of negotiating as opposed to crafting the negotiating objectives at the very end of negotiating a trade deal. so i believe that the whole process that we as a nation follow in negotiating these deals need to be much more effective. and when analyzing these trade deals, we need to be analyzing them in the framework of is this the best possible deal for the american economy, the american worker? and i believe that we could have negotiated a better trade deal just like at the same exact time we were watching the president negotiate a terribly flawed deal with iran. and there is a connection that we're watching the president come up short in his negotiations. so there's not lack of trust as well. liz: well, let me jump in and quickly talk about some of the points of the tpp in case people are not familiar with it. it is with the u.s. and 11 other nations, japan, vietnam, malaysia, we just did what we called the cyber scroll with all
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of these nations involved. for example, all tariffs on clothing, textiles would eventually be removed. this works both ways, between both of these countries. maybe we can put some of these up here. cheaper access to u.s. for foreign car makers, that would certainly help japanese carmakers. poultry farmers, currently taxed up to 40% when they're exporting from the u.s. to other nations. that 40% would be dropped. and, again, new york state does about $30 billion in trade with these nations. now that you know more about tpp, would you vote for it as many of your compatriots on the republican side of the aisle say they will including speaker paul ryan? >> well, i don't support tpp in its current form, and you were or getting to the heart of the economics which is really what these trade deals should be about. and tpp has been called nafta on steroids. and after i read it, i see why it's called that.
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it gets into a whole lot of other topics unrelated to economics, and i think we'd be better off if these trade deals were just getting to that negotiation on those items that you discussed. and i also think, you know, there are other topics related to economics that we could do better at. liz: paul ryan said over the weekend reportedly that the republican party has been taken over by populists who don't understand the benefits of multi-national free trade. he did get standing ovations on that. what part of the tpp do you like, congressman zeldin? what part, if fixed, would you feel is enough to get you to vote for it? >> well, i think that we need to, we need to trim the tpp down to just dealing with the economics. so with those trade barriers, with all of the reasons why we're seeing our jobs leaving our country, we're seeing so much more being imported in than exported out.
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and i think what's most important is simplifying this tpp and getting rid of all of the other topics that have absolutely nothing to do with the economics. and that's important for one. i want to see america keep control of our own sovereignty, over our own companies with regards to liabilities. so that aspect is important. as far as the tariff piece, i think that we can actually do better than what we negotiated in bringing down barriers on both sides of these trade deals. liz: listen, it's great to see you, thank you. we'll be watching. and barriers down, listen, free trade has been a hallmark of republican thought. appears to be changing, certainly with donald trump. congressman lee zeldin, thank you so much. republican from new york. >> thank you. liz: closing bell, we're 48 minutes away. if you look at whey the dow is really coming down -- why the dow is really coming down, you could argue it's pfizer, the biggest drag on the dow right now. today's downturn means a summer slowdown for stocks or just
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pfizer which beat on both the top and bottom line, but its big crime? it maintained its full-year guidance. didn't up it. i mean, what's so bad about that? well, the market doesn't like it. the dow is down 111 points. the floor show is next. and discovery communications on a feeding frenzy as shark watching equals blockbuster results. the parent company of discovery channel as well as animal planet and tlc reporting its earnings doubled in the last quarter, although shark week is a perennial hit, international expansion was also cited for revenues jumping about 3%. discovery shares down 11% over the past three months, today up 6, nearly 7% right now. so not entirely squelching out the losses over the past couple of months. discovery stands at $26.45. and later coming up, one of the nation's biggest health care insurers may be pulling back on its obamacare -- not maybe, it is. aetna chairman and ceo mark
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bertolini on why he says it's time to jettison those health care exchanges, what needs to be done to fix the president's struggling health care system. "countdown" is coming right back. ♪ ♪ [hip hop beat]
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you tapped out? auto sales stalled out in july which could mean we are now seeing the end of the six-year run of pent-up demand which started back in 2009. because most major automakers came in below expectations for july auto sales. yeah, ford and general motors both saw declines, gm's chevy division saw a drop of more than 5% in sales while ford's explorer model saw a 32% -- 22% decline in sales. fiat chrysler managed to post july gains, nissan saw gain, just less than what analysts were p expecting. toyota and honda beat expectations. honda surprised analysts by reporting an increase in sales in large part because crv sales rose 13%, and finally, while volkswagen saw a decline in sales, sales of its tiguan model were up more than 40%. a hot car right now. let's get right to the floor
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show, traders at the new york stock exchange, cme group and -- teddy, what do you drive? >> i have an 11-year-old volvo. >> no way. [laughter] liz: what are you, a berkeley professor? >> do i look like a berkeley professor? i don't think so. [laughter] liz: that's what all the berkeley professors drove, were involve slows. let me get to the markets here. the dow is down 112 points, we could see a seven-session losing streak here. do we read much into this, or is this simply pfizer dragging yet another day down here? >> i think clearly they've run out of steam, liz. for whatever reasons. you know, we've got the bulk of the earnings behind us. on balance, they haven't been that bad. normally, the markets do quite well during earnings season. you know, we're at the all-time highs most of the popular averages. i just think they got tired, and there's not much positive things to look forward to. the economy has flattened out, no real growth, you know? it's sort of blah. liz: well, june consumer spending was up again. you got some momentum there, larry.
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three months in a row, this is the best quarter that we've seen when you string april to june together since 2009 for consumer spending. did you buy a car? [laughter] >> well, you know, i just did buy a car because i had the voces wang passat tdi diesel, the one that is being recalled because the of the diesel scandal. liz: ask so what are you trading up to? >> i got a jeep cherokee overland. very, very happy with it, and so be it. when it comes to consumer, i think the consumer is another five-year story. i mean, with petroleum being as cheap as it is, it's going to continue to have that lagging effect which we have seen on the consumer, and that's why a few months ago i recommended those two consumer discretionary stocks. i really think that's where the money is. the fear i have though is in the product bivity side of our economy -- productivity side of our economy. it's just not there, it's not growing. so at some point, it will run out because people will run out
3:21 pm
of money to spend, and wages aren't going up enough. we cannot continue to spend. but for the short term it's sweet, to continue to ride the stock market as it goes. liz: well, yeah. alan, he just referenced petroleum, fancy word for oil -- [laughter] and we've got a reversal. we were up, now we're down. i'm not sure day-to-day machinations really, truly matter. but when you're looking at per gallon of gas, one year ago we were markedly higher. i mean, we're at, like, $2.16 now for average gas leap. we're just -- gasoline. this is just great for the consumer, and yet our economy is kind of sputtering along. >> i hope it continues. i hope we see even lower prices in gasoline. i'd like to see it back down to $1.30, $1.40 a gallon. but for right now i think we're getting into an oversold market for crude oil, i don't think we have much more downside left here. i think 38-40 is the low of the
3:22 pm
move, but i don't think we're going to get a big pop up either. so i'm looking at 38-45 for the end of the year. liz: look at this, arbob gasoline, $1.31. this is wholesale, but i've got to know, alan, what kind of car to you drive? [laughter] >> i drive a gmc arcadia. [laughter] liz: that's a gas guzzler. >> ah, gas guzzler, right. >> it's actually pretty good. [laughter] liz: i will say, larry, my favorite car ever that i had was a gene grand cherokee. >> good. i'm going to miss the diesel but, yeah, i'm happy so far. liz: it was a fake diesel anyway. good to see all of you. teddy, larry, alan, nice to have you. later, look, when you talk about oil and you talk about who's benefiting, it's got to be the chicago mercantile exchange. a fox business exclusive interview with terry duffy, cme group executive chair and president. they are the largest exchange when it comes to trading futures and options of all of these th
3:23 pm
oil, taxes and who he really feels would be the best presidential candidate in 2016. the closing bell 38 minutes away. the oracle of omaha throws his support behind hillary clinton and throws his weight at donald trump to go mano a mano on tax returns. our political panel reacting to warren buffett's income tax faceoff. and monsanto's hopes of cross-pollinating wilting after mowing down germany's bayer and its takeover offer. charlie gasparino with exclusive details. don't go away. the dow is down 105. this is serious. ♪ ♪ ♪
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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liz: the moment german agricultural giant bayer made first bid for monsanto months ago. the company said all along we're full of ideas how to complete the deal. even competitors are bowing at
3:28 pm
at potential suitors. charlie gasparino said basf was a possible spoiler. >> this is huge, stop the presses, dammit! just came back from philadelphia. liz wants excitement, huge. liz: i came from local news. >> you want like fireworks. okay. bsf is not interested in monsanto. sorry! let's back -- it is a food story. the stock should react to this. if you're playing arbitrage game, will mon san -- monsanto taken over aside from bayer which made $125 a share offer and $1.5 billion break-up fee if monsanto accepts. they are holding out for more money. one of the reasons they are holding out because they thought
3:29 pm
there would be other bidders. one of the bidders at least signals we're getting from basf, the german chemical company, saying, telling analysts, recently as last couple days they have little interest in buying monsanto at this time. that could obviously change but they don't like the price. they balked at the potential price. should point out monsanto wants a deal in the $130 a share range. which would put this to be about, i'm guesstimating 130 billion-dollar deal. basf is telling analysts at this time they are not going to this. should point out the same analysts, monsanto rejected the last bid, the $125 a share bid, that deal is sort of in the background still occurring. they're still talking. so that is not totally over yet but one potential suitor off the list at least for now. this is what analysts told us
3:30 pm
met with basf officials the last week or so is basf. they say they want nothing to do with this. the price is way too high. there are a lot of reasons for that. liz: you don't want to overpay in this climate. big mistake. that goes for investors too. >> not when, for any investor, not when, the fed is signaling end of easing, interest rates might go up. not when there is potential of recession or economic slowdown. we're seeing some of that in the economic numbers. not when commodity prices, when the economy slows, often commodity prices slow, right? liz: right. >> interest rates go up, sometimes commodity prices go down, right? you know, that, these are all issues that you know, you're going to have to take into account. you don't want to overprice for this, that is what we're getting from basf now. how is that for excitement? liz: my pulse started racing. thank you. >> it is not donald trump. but what can i tell you?
3:31 pm
not bad, right? liz: not bad at all. business news, that's what we do here, charlie. >> trying to make you, the little guy, a lot of money. liz: that's right. talk about a lot of money, trillions of dollars this time in sovereign debt, trading with a below zero. turning to the tech sector. why is nasdaq on such a roll. lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange, with fox business's tech minute. lori? reporter: liz, microsoft looking to raise cash, nearly $20 billion in its biggest bond sale ever. this is the fifth largest corporate bond sale on record and help microsoft fund the takeover of linkedin. strong demand helped company borrow at lower rates. taking a beating, sales, tumbled 12.3% year-over-year in the second quarter according to research firm idc. sales in the tablet space have declined for seven consecutive quarters. electronic arts reporting earnings after the bell.
3:32 pm
this is the fiscal 2017 first quarter. analysts expect ea to report a loss of two pennies per share on revenue of $650 million. up next, warren buffett tax challenge to donald trump. more "countdown" is on the way. ♪ what powers the digital world? communication. like centurylink's broadband network that gives 35,000 fans a cutting edge game experience. or the network that keeps a leading hotel chain's guests connected at work, and at play. or the it platform that powers millions of ecards every day for one of the largest greeting card companies. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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liz: it's billionaire versus billionaire this week on campaign trail. "oracle of omaha" warren buffett, launching a very bell grenade after the bell at the republican presidential nominee. like the rest of us warren buffett expect ad rebuttal from donald trump. trump is usually not one to let the opportunity pass. >> you will learn a whole lot more about donald trump if he produces his income tax return.
3:37 pm
i'm under audit too. [laughter]. and, i would be delighted to meet him any place, anytime, between now and election. i will bring my tax return. he can bring his tax return. nobody is going to arrest us. liz: guess what? this time trump did not take the bait. and knowing warren buffett, he was actually kind of bummed about that. he would have love to go mano y mano. on "varney & company" donald trump brushed buffett's comments aside. >> i don't care much about warren buffett. look, warren buffett has been a fan of, he is a democrat. he has been a hillary fan for a long time. i think that's fine. liz: let's bring in fred barnes, executive editor at "the weekly standard" and a fox news contributor along with ellis henican, a columnist with news day. fred, to you first, is donald trump changing his ways? he didn't battle back on this one? >> well, i think for once he
3:38 pm
didn't punch back in a way that was unhelpful to him. but i don't think he much wants to talk about his tax returns. i don't think he will release them. they may be quite interesting. actually, you know, mine would be quite interesting. not as interesting as his but most people have a lot of deductions they would rather not brag about. so no tax returns and no fight with warren buffett. liz: well, warren buffett said, ellis, you're only afraid to release your tax returns if you have got is something to be afraid b is this more whether he is changing behavior and not swatting back at people who try to bait him, or is it about this issue now that resurfaces about tax returns because there is some questions about whom donald trump is doing business with? >> got to be something really juicy in there, right? liz: i don't know. >> let me be clear about one thing though. mine are very, very boring. a little embarrassing how low they are, but fred probably has more exciting stuff in his.
3:39 pm
liz: we're all ink stained journalists. >> listen in the battle of billionaires, warren is on top here. he has a whole lot more billions than donald does. it is a little bit of a jab but i think there is a point to it. liz: warren buffett is worth 63 billion, but he is fred, heavily on hillary clinton's side. back in 2008 he endorsed her. i went out to california, i interviewed both of them. when she didn't get the nomination, he then switched over and endorsed president obama. i'm not sure he's totally thrilled with president obama but he believes in certain things that work with hillary clinton. what does it mean to the general election as we look at it now? >> oh, warren buffett's jab? liz: no. his support, you could argue, mark cuban's support of hillary and billionaires on donald trump ace side too. >> there are reasons why he can be easily dismissedded.
3:40 pm
warren buffett's father was republican congressman from omaha, warren buffett is a partisan liberal democrat. has been for a long time. nothing wrong with that but it does give us a lens to look at any jab he takes at donald trump. and it means, it is really not worth much. i think that most people would not like to have their tax returns handed out publicly. now, donald trump may have special reasons for not wanting his to be handed out, most people don't want to. so, look i think he will get away with this. liz: most presidential candidates do. he is, fair to say not like most presidential candidates. new cnn poll, hillary clinton bottom a bigger bump than donald trump did post convention. she is up by nine points. but now we have some development here that a lot of us in fox found interesting. representative richard hanna, a republican congressman from new york, has announced not only is he not endorsing
3:41 pm
donald trump, but he will vote for hillary clinton. he wrote an op-ed in the syracuse newspaper and he wrote, for me, not simply enough to denounce his comments, he is unfit to serve not lead this country. secretary clinton stands and has stood for causes bigger than herself for a lifetime. that matters. representative hand gnaw is not up for re-election. >> here is why it does matter. liz: do others follow. >> may be some. it goes against type. same way, that we have a long-standing assumption that bill is that, military generals, that people like that, republican congressman, are more likely to be republicans. you know what? so when even a few of them come to the other side it actually has some political importance. liz: we started with fred. we will end with ellis. fred barnes, "weekly standard," ellis henican of news day.
3:42 pm
dow still languishing. has obamacare helped you, has it hurt you, no effect? health care sure to be a major issue on the 2016 campaign trail as general election battle heats up but aetna says it is hurting their business. at this time next year will aetna totally rejected the obama care exchangeses? why? aetna chairman and ceo mark bertolini, coming up live how he thinks america can solve the health care puzzle. "countdown" coming right back. you didn't read your car insurance policy.
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you just stuck it in a drawer somewhere and forgot about it. until a dump truck hit your pickup truck and now you need a tow truck. does your policy cover the cost of a tow truck? who knows? you didn't read it.
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you can't even find it. the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at coverage compass™ gives you the policy information you need at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. liz: calendar time. we are two months away from the third anniversary from the opening of affordable health care exchanges as part of
3:47 pm
obamacare. many major health insurers are projecting losses on their affordable care act plans in 2016, we wanted to show you the stock performances last three years since the exchanges came into play. aetna up 151%. united health up 100%. humana up 82%. so these stocks have done pretty darn well. yesterday at a campaign event in ohio donald trump said obamacare could affect the outcome of this election. >> the numbers are so bad on obamacare, so bad, that on november 1st they're going to be announced. those numbers are presidential election changing numbers. liz: are they bad for the companies, are they bad for the patients? is trump right? could the numbers be a game-changer? let's bring in chairman and ceo of aetna, mark bertolini. great to see you, mark. thanks for joining us. >> hi, liz.
3:48 pm
liz: you i believe sell obamacare plans in 15 states. you're losing money. what is the most problematic aspect for you about it? >> well two things, really, liz. one is that people have figured out, not the patients themselves but other third parties have figured out how to get people eligible for the exchanges, get them enrolled, to cover very expensive drugs and procedures. now, these people need these procedures and they need these drugs. they need to be covered but when you couple that with a risk adjustment mechanism for high-risk people that really is limited by virtue of the legislation, it causes everyone in the system to lose money. liz: have you seen any bending of the cost curve? >> no, we have not. actually we've seen it accelerate by double digits, low double digits, year-over-year in this last year, which is alarming rate from where it was a year ago, which was less than half of that. in the pharmacy space, particularly specialty farm sir, we've seen increases of trend
3:49 pm
over 30%. liz: what is you are better offer, mark? let me throw this out as hypothetical. it is not actually a hypothetical. i know people like this. a few middle income and lower parents whose kids are very ill, but for obamacare we would be bankrupt and we wouldn't be getting the care. what is the better offer you have as a publicly-traded company? >> no the offer should be we cover them. we need to create a risk adjusting mechanism that allows to us pay for it. and so we're paying for it, and if you look at, there are 23 co-ops. there is only seven left. six of which are underreview. nobody is making enough money to sustain the enterprise. what we have to do, we have to find a way to create a risk adjusting mechanism to manage that. if it's a high-risk pool, left's call it a high-risk pool to manage it that way. we tried to create a level pool
3:50 pm
across the whole country with one premium rate and that just won't work. liz: you know, hillary clinton is, supports obamacare. donald trump has said in the early part of his campaign we can't just let people get sick and fall over on the sidewalk here. we have to take care of people. is one candidate or the other better for how you see the see the health care puzzle getting together? >> i don't think anybody is looking at the real underlying causes. so i think we can make these exchanges work if we get away from legislation that was originally passed, modify it to include risk adjustment allows us to cover more six people, which is what we want to do, which is what we do by the way in medicare. if we get that structure proper then we'll be just fine. we'll be able to take care of everybody. liz: have you talked to the president about this? have you approached president obama about this and make the tweak and it will work? >> i approached the secretary and administration bit. liz: and? >> they're working hard to do it. but it requires legislation to
3:51 pm
change it. you tell me what the chances are of legislation getting passed in this current administration? liz: that is part of the problem, isn't it? >> that is the problem. liz: as business leader, you are so frustrated,. >> if we could get the legislation it could work. we look forward in the next administration, whoever that may be to make it happen. liz: you get request of either presidential candidate if you had them in front of you what is the number one thing you would say to them? >> let's take care of the people who are in the pool. let's recognize what their cost is. let's build the financing around it to do it. if we want to get younger people in the pool, let's create a separate set of products for them, because they don't need the kind of intensity that the current people do. admit who we're covering. make the financing work and it will all come together. liz: great to see you, mark. thank you very much. >> good to see you, liz. liz: mark bertolini, aetna chairman and ceo.
3:52 pm
the stock is moving higher today. by the way go to for more of our interview. they're trying to merge with humana. they have some roadblocks in front of them. he talks about that we'll go in depth about the second quarter results and the company's plans for the future. closing bell. we're eight minutes away. oil falling further today but it is up 60% from the lows back in february. today firmly entrapped firmly bit bears. three months ago, chair terry duffy said there was still hope for a come back in crude. does he feel the same way now? does he care? he is back. that company makes money on trades no matter which direction. terry ready on live, on "countdown" for more. nice beard, terry.
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3:55 pm
liz: the presidential election just a few months away. economy topping agenda. so i thought let me bring in one of america's top business leaders and hit him on oil too while we're at it. great to see you.
3:56 pm
cme group president and executive chairman, terry duffy, with the beard. good to see you, terry. >> thanks, liz. liz: right now it may be down but again it is up 60% from its lows back in february, all over the place. you guys make money either way as the world's largest futures exchange, right. >> there is no question about it, liz. there will be continued volatility in oil. anytime oil rallies, new explorers get back into the market because we know production, re, the profit at higher levels. saudis are aren't only one with oil. we have it here in the united states. the question what is the cost to get it out of the ground and what price. that is the only question we have right now. that there is volatility. liz: bear market, does it stay there? >> like i said it will be really hard for oil to rally to the levels we saw a couple years back only because of, you know, we were basically going to be energy independent by 2018 liz
3:57 pm
at $80 a barrel available here in the united states. the question where is it going to go. we don't know? melissa: are you saying short oil? >> i don't say that. melissa: way to take a side. would black hawk captain be middle of the road. >> johnny would have taken the same stance. melissa: get to overall picture what is going on because you employ a lot of people at cme. you are a job creator. not only we sit here to talk to you about oil prices. we talk about business in america and tax plans that overall candidates have. just today donald trump said he would double the stimulus plan that hillary is proposing. hillary clinton proposing about 275 billion in stimulus plan. donald trump came on stuart
3:58 pm
varney, you know what? i would double that to 500. he was a little slippery on the details how he would manage to do that. so, you as a business leader knows it comes from either taxpayer money or what have you. >> yeah. liz: are you taking a side in this fight? you supported hillary in the past but you are a republican? >> i did supporter her in 2008. i thought she was best candidate. right now i'm not supporting anybody. candidates need to understand what is benefit for our industry and financial services in general. as far as stimulus packages you look at quantitative easing we bought back existing debt. what we should do put forth a stimulus package goes to infrastructure of this country. i think both sides would agree do that. put a trillion dollars on the fed's balance sheet. instead of fed buy existing debt, take on existing debt, put people to work.
3:59 pm
that is how you grow anemic, one to 2% gdp to 2 to 4% and have real growth in united states of america and at the same time fix the country. melissa: a couple of potholes on the roads in chicago. there was an earlier 830 million-dollar stimulus plan. some of it was frittered away. capital-gains tax, they both have different plans on this. hillary wants to basically raise them, depending amount of time people hold it. donald trump want to lower capital gains taxes but is that really the answer sort of tweaking trades and things like that high frequency trades? >> let's think of this it this way. the u.s. equity markets are trading all-time highs. that is coming off a "brexit" decision everybody had the market going to new lows. now we're all-time highs. people are chasing yield. the government, we have $8 trillion in debt that americans have today. so zero interest rate policy
4:00 pm
does not work for the united states. so everybody is chasing the equity markets. [closing bell rings] could you if we have higher capital gains what could happen to the u.s. equity markets next six to nine months if you make higher the capital gains rate? liz: thank you. terry duffy of cme. markets down seven days in a row. david, cheryl. pick it up from here. >> thank you, liz claman. stocks sinking into the close. dow, s&p, ending the day in the red. i'm cheryl casone in for melissa francis. david: i'm david asman for "after the bell." we have big market movers but here is what else we have covered for you today. president obama slamming donald trump calling him unfit and unprepared. trump's national spokesperson will be here to respond. this as donald trump prepares his supporters for what he is calling a rigged election. our panel weighing in on that. the government g


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