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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 2, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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or or stein. these things hillary said she is going to do should have been done when she was secretary of state, but nothing was done. thanks for being with us. who knows maybe you guys can start your own party. thank you all for watching. now here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening everybody i'm lou dobbs. the battle between hillary clinton and the mainstream media against donald trump and our middle class is escalating. tonight it's clear clearer than ever that the republican nominee is caught in a bitter battle against not only hillary but the establishment, the mainstream liberal media, the radical left the globalist establishment foreign governments and radical islamists as well. nearly all of them tonight are in a panic about the possibility of donald trump will become president of the united states. president obama today chose to become a campaign attack dog
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doing the bidding of his globalist masters and mr. obama actually declare donald trump is unfit to be president. >> the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week and he keeps on improving it. he is woefully unprepared to do this job. lou: woefully unprepared. trump responded in part with the tweet which reads quote president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states. end quote. trumps running make -- running make governor mike pence hitting back at president obama the tucson town hall. >> it really is amazing, i got up this morning here in tucson and i saw the present of united states on television. the president actually said that
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our nominee was quote unfit to serve as president. he said and i'm quoting, the fact that he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge about critical issues in europe and the middle east and asia means that he is woefully unprepared to do this job. while allowing for the fact that a rock obama knows a lot about being woefully unprepared as president of the united states,. [applause] why don't we look at the record, okay? lou: and look at the record is what we do here and we will do so tonight. president obama avowing today to push a so-called return agenda. no matter the majority of of americans opposing opposition in congress is rising, six house republicans who supported tpp are now opposing it. that makes ratification of the transpacific partnership very
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difficult if not impossible. i will take that up in moments with senior advisers to the trump campaign kelly and conway republican strategist tony sayegh and also "the weekly standard" fred barnes. a lot to talk about tonight including house speaker paul ryan once again working to undermine the party's nominee and reveal a lot about who is working for paid the speaker telling a donors retreat led by the koch brothers at the republican party is in a fight for the soul of the party. he then went on to denounce trumps trade policy's something that reportedly earned him a standing ovation of assembled lobbyist donors and of course the koch brothers. the question now well ryan's attack on donald trump cost ryan his house seat? donald trump loud to not support ryan in his primary election next week. i will be talking with the businessman candidate who is trying to oust speaker ryan paul
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newland among our guests tonight. our top story donald trump on the campaign trail in virginia today saluting an iraq war veteran who presented a presidential nominee with his purple heart. >> something very nice as happened to me. a man came up to me and he handed me his purple heart and he said that's my real purple hearts. i have such confidence in you and i said man, that's like dig stuff. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. lou: the trump campaign lining up family members of the benghazi victims to speak of mr. trump's behalf. they are pushing back against the clinton claim that she did not blame the benghazi attack on the youtube video. charles woods who is the father of tyrone woods address the controversy.
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>> there are two options. one is either mrs. clinton is lying or she has a bad memory because of her age or her head injury that she suffered. lou: joining us now senior adviser and pollster to the trump campaign kelli ann conway republican campaign strategist "fox news" contributor tony sayegh are a great happy you both with us. i have to say mr. woods handled that i thought rather deftly suggesting that perhaps she was the one confused given her injuries. a condescending response you gave my colleague chris wallace. >> the "cnn" poll she went from a 30% trustworthy figure before her convention to a whopping four-point increase, 34% of the country believe she's honest and trustworthy. 48% say her convention acceptance speech made the more likely to vote for her.
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she's below the last six democratic nominees and behind kerry and dukakis when it comes to that. and i'm just glad somebody is pushing back. is it not true? >> i learned from the best, thank you but anyway it's good that they are pushing back. i don't know why their brief would be any different. a loss is a loss and i don't want to be, to needelman to think about being in their shoes. pat smith to smoke -- spoke out a benghazi victim as well was ridiculed if not ignored by the rest of the media. lou: we have to be clear here that once the person puts themselves in a political purpose whether it is pat smith
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because she obviously was at the republican convention or whether it's mr. copp at the democratic convention, things become very difficult and the fact is to ignore them probably would be the worst response. by the way that's exactly what the national liberal media did. >> our families deserve our adoration and respect. that being said in the case of pat smith and charlie woods they can actually connect culpability to hillary clinton's actions to the the death of their children. there is absolutely no connection to the death of mr. kahn and donald trump's decisions. kahn wasn't even elected office. lou: obviously islamic terrorists killed his son. >> to know what else wasn't stated? hillary clinton refer to what you just called the radical islamist terrorist quote is
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determined enemies. that pokes your other team and across. it's very good -- disturbing. lou: paul ryan, john mccain, lindsey graham, what in the world are they doing and to what end? mccain is fighting for his political life. paul ryan has an able challenger who right now we have seen, dissipation and his favorability ratings. but you make of that? >> donald trump was effective during the cleveland convention in this entire election about us versus them and unfortunately i'll be menu just named many of whom i personally have absolute respect for art event in the equation. the same american political actors. i'm all for the big 10 and i worked for jack kemp and i love
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my party and we need to evolve into more populist party to reflect the will of the people not just the will of the elites of our party. that is exactly why donald trump will prevail. >> they all a tack donald trump. find me somebody who attacked him first i mean where he attacked them first. these folks who you just mentioned have all a tack donald trump at some point including very recently and he feels like he has a right to defend himself the other thing is donald trump has taken his case directly to the people lou over the donors over the consultants over the publicly elected officials and to the people and he will continue to do that. lou: i would say the response on social media from the people who watch this broadcast has been overwhelming. they recognize that donald trump right now is standing against an onslaught and it is purposeful,
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it is strategic and it is an effort for people to try to make us all forget a couple of minor items, that president obama is the least transparent president and recorded presidential history. he is not the most transparent or the most forthcoming are honest. >> but effective. >> the indictment of the president is in every poll. it's a measure of your success. >> look hillary has all the kings horses and all the kings men. any of whom are not even pretending to cover this race. and yet there was a margin of error in those state polls. imagine all the damages she has why is she is 65% among women? why isn't she winning independents? ways and she winning everywhere that obama won? she simply is not.
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lou: who is winning among independents? >> kias. lou: who is winning among men? >> big time. the real gender gap is her problem with men. lou: the reason i asked the question i know she is winning among women but i do know this, then watch football and the two conflicts for the nfl, i happen to come i can imagine trump agreeing to those two conflicts because that's his audience, not hers. >> in large part those are nonpartisan audiences. these are men who have been blue-collar workers, people have been suffering at the hands of the basically rigged system that donald trump talks about in the ruling class of southern michigan where donald trump changes the electoral map that a lot of these democrats simply cannot begin to believe and look at where hillary clinton and tim kaine are traveling. they are following trumps
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strength and that is because they are scared of what he has been able to do with these nontraditional bases of support for republicans. lou: we have to say thanks for being here. thank you both so much. coming right back is a lot to cover tonight and a lot going on. skullduggery i see out there. stay with us. donald trump inviting sanders supporters to join his battle against crooked hillary. >> if he would just not do anything go home go to sleep and relax it would have been a hero but he made a deal with the devil. she is the devil. too fred warren stirs me to talk about the mainstream media and why they are propping up hillary clinton. and his parachute are flying high for a stunning ride high and close. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy.
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lou: donald trump suggesting he will take away "the new york times" press credentials great trump has always told the "washington post" because of its ntly a few other organizations. trump also says the post coverage improved but look at the opinion page of the "washington post" today suggest that a relapse. six out of seven opinion pieces
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today, they were all of them nasty broadsides against the republican nominee. since the jeff bezos mop the post it's become a beacon of liberal file and an already toxic capital. economists and reporters no longer bother to veil their left-wing bias. listen to the reporter who asked the first question of the president at his news conference today the question by margaret radin of cbs news. >> given republican nominee's recent comments about the kahn family and a statement by if present he would consider recognizing russia's annexation of crimea. does it make you question his fitness to be president? >> yes. i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. lou: i don't know about you but i was utterly shocked with his answer to that softball question. were you shocked? that question and i did an
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attack on trump. the so-called news conference was underway and the resulting headline tailor-made for the national liberal media including the "washington post" and "the new york times" who continued their attacks on trump or get another news cycle. their front pages tonight, are you ready? here we go. obama says trump unfit to be president. joining me now executive editor of "the weekly standard" "fox news" contributor fred warren's. fred great to see you. aren't you shocked that would be their lead headline? >> shots, terribly shocked. look, i think that was a mistake or president obama. was arrogant comment was uncalled for, was unprecedented and i think it's going to backfire. remember when he went to england and announced that the british had not voted to leave the european union and if they did they would be punished by the u.s. on working out new trade treaties. they would go to the back of the
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line. what did they do? they voted to pull out the european union and everybody in england agreed that obama had harmed the cause of staying in the european union. i think he hasn't helped hillary and it certainly hasn't helped himself. hasn't heard trump. lou: it's so presumptuous on his part. it's not again as you suggest something new for him and i agree with you. it was also interesting to hear the vice presidential nominee of the g.o.p. talking in tucson as he talked about what the president has said. you heard that audience laugh at obama. they didn't just boo, they laughed at him and he runs a very serious risk of being caricatured by that kind of behavior. it's silly. i want to turn to trump calling
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hillary clinton may have a logical liar today. he has decided he is going to come straight at them because i think he recognizes now it's him against the world for the most part and by the way he has got a great case, a lot of evidence to present to the american public, doesn't he? >> es evidence from "fox news sunday two days ago. here is what amazes me lou. she lies and the untruth of what she says is immediately known by everybody. it's not some small tiny issue that well we would have to do a lot of research to find out whether she is telling the truth. you know right away when she says when the fbi and director comey never said she was not telling the truth, they let you know right away, call me said repeatedly that she was lying. lou: the fbi certified through
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comey's words that she is a liar or however you want to style it, she is on record from the fbi as being untruthful. i want to turn to these two debates that are in question among the three. the first one that begins the 26th of september. trump would be foolish to even think about going ahead with those debates, would he not? >> well they are on sunday night and monday night the two big nights for professional football they are scheduled by a group, the presidential commission that is not a group set up by law. it's basically a private group that will arrange these debates and they claim of course we can change the dates. of course they can change the debates. they can put them on any night that they want to and trump needs to insist. lou: i love the defense of the
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commission. we did this back in september of last year and we didn't even know what the schedule was. a passing knows that the nfl plays games on mondays and sundays irrespective of the year and by the way after what they had done to bernie sanders, somebody should do reshuffle that deck. fred, great to see you. >> things lou. lou: fred fred barnes. breaking news the pentagon has just announced a new name for its air war against the islamic state in libya. the anti-islamic state operation be called operation odyssey lightning. odyssey lightning. that name is similar to the name of the 2011 air campaign in libya to remove the coffee from power. it was called operation odyssey dawn. i think these are some of the most elegant but terry
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operational names i have ever heard and remarkable. coming up a spokesman said the airstrike operation on the second day will likely last for weeks. so for some airstrikes have hit an islamic state rocket launcher, two russian tanks, two military vehicles, three of destruction vehicles and an islamic state fighting position. that is the count up to now. they sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe there's an impassioned and energy remaining in republican voters to win back the presidency? is there? hope so. cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like me on facebook and follow me on instagram @lou dobbs tonight. roll the video. watch is one brave parachuter swerves and dips around the sharp edges of cliffs flying
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down a mountain in a perfect line. the daredevil close calls with a number of mountain climbers who must have been shocked out of their minds and bikers below. no collisions. he kept a close and builds a great video, don't you think? up next the trump ryan field heating up again. donald trump now refusing to support speaker ryan in his upcoming primary election. i will have a few thoughts about is their reason behind that? yes, there is. that's a mite if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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that i was ion the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts.
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oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me? [ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized... i'm allergic to wasabi. well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ] okay. lou: a few thoughts now in the battle within the republican party. the koch brothers treating republican candidates and politicians and elected officials alike guess if they owned them or it isn't that and when they and other donors seems
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to rush to please the brothers koch trump declined their summons however in part i'm fairly certain because they have been less than respectful of mr. trump who wants to tear us under the various establishment they represent. but paul ryan, he did genuflect and he did do as he was told by the brothers koch. paul ryan dutifully addressed the koch donor network yesterday. the house speaker told the donor class that republicans are facing a quote fight for the soul of our party are you adding that the party is quote trying to restore ourselves as protectors of the market and not of the business. ryan apparently doesn't grasp the obvious irony of the third most important person in government across the country to do his master's bidding. this is without question a struggle for the identity of the republican party that right now looks as if the speaker's identity is quite clear.
11:30 pm
his identity doesn't reflect well on him or the party. the struggle ryan references well underway is why the g.o.p. establishment attacks trump with fury equal to that of the left. i believe republicans will either be a party of the koch's multinationals lobbyists and globalists elites or it will be the party of the american middle class entrepreneurs and small businesses working men and women in this country and at the heart of it all fair and balanced. legal border security and rational foreign policy built on national interest, america first and a commitment to make america great again for all of our citizens. president obama had posting is a better argument than both nominees on the transpacific partnership trade deal, deal supported by speaker ryan. yet six republicans today
11:31 pm
announced they are reversing their support for mr. obama's trade agenda on immigration and border security to speaker ryan is running a new campaign ad. he is committed to securing our borders. that's something of a shocking flash to many voters in the first district in wisconsin. why is he always pushing amnesty? is never lifted a finger to stop the fraud by his masters in washington when it comes to our borders and illegal immigration. donald trump is leading by the way in my opinion the struggle for the party's identity and more importantly he is leading the struggle for the very soul of our constitutional republic. my quotation of eating this one from former president ronald reagan who said concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty. power has never been more concentrated in our country.
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we are coming right back. donald trump says he's the only candidate who will take on and destroy radical islamist terrorism. >> we have no choice but to bomb them. they have taken over libya and that was another one of hillary clinton's beauties. lou: former u.s. ambassador john bolton joins me next and these young sightseers about to get the surprise of their lives. we will show you what happens next. you i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years
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lou: china today stepping up its provocations holding a live fire exercise in the east china sea. china's defense minister calling her the prospect of a quote people's war at sea is its navy fired dozens of missiles and torpedoes, this latest threat comes weeks after an international court rejected china's territorial claims in the south china sea. china also is set to hold joint drills and exercises with russia in the south china sea and we only have to wait until next month for that. joining us tonight former u.s. investor to the united nations american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton, "fox news" contributor. ambassador good to have you with us. i heard not a word about the exercises from this administration and a nonexistent response, not even a tepid one.
11:37 pm
your thoughts? >> and quite remarkable in that the president was meeting today with the prime minister of singapore who was directly affected by these extraordinary chinese territorial claims in the south china sea and by the military drills a you say include not only the chinese navy that the russian navy. china's building of blue water naval capability for the first time in 600 years. they are directly threatening what people have long called the first island chain that separates china's territorial waters from the pacific ocean itself and its belligerence i think is really troubling to everybody in that area in southeast asia. the united states position is essentially absent physically with our naval capabilities only rarely fair and utterly absent politically as you say by the president. lou: it amounts to acquiescence doing nothing in and that acquiescence has got to disturb
11:38 pm
my belief japan and south korea, the philippines, all of our allies in the region. this is a truly disturbing passage of the on the part of what has been a very passive administration throughout the past seven and a half years. >> and i think getting worse in taiwan where much of the semi-conductor technology comes from, the nations of southeast asia india obviously worried. allowing china to assert its will without any pushback from the united states is a self-fulfilling prophecy because there's nobody out there at this point has the capability of doing it. by the time someone else gets around to it will be too late. lou: i've got to take residence obama's absolute stunning statement saying that trump lacks quote basic knowledge around critical issues in europe
11:39 pm
or the middle east and asia. i mean you have to be every bit as stunned if not more than me. here's a man talking about the woeful knowledge base of a presidential nominee. we have got a president who has demonstrated he is utterly inept in each of those regions. >> i've been saying for over eight years that barack obama was not qualified to be present at united states. he is living proof that on-the-job training can fail because he has learned very little during seven and a half years and he has done more harm to the united states than we can calculate by jettisoning key elements of our defense budget by withdrawing american influence all around the world. he has permitting the china's and the rushes to advance because they don't see american resistance.
11:40 pm
lou: for four years his sidekick on that stagecoach to nowhere or at least nowhere good was none other than hillary clinton. >> precisely and let's face it she still up there. she is running for obama's third term. this notion of some of our friends advance that she would be tougher on foreign policy more hawkish is complete nonsense. she has never been in that direction. i think she's very comfortable with what obama has done. fundamentally she doesn't care that much about u.s. national security either. she wants to finish the transformation of a verrico that he started beginning with fixing obamacare by making a completely dominated by the government. lou: she was doing state department business on and in the clear personal server. >> now she is outraged that the russians may be hacking the dnc. when did she wake up exactly? lou: i think when she woke up was when she realized the dnc
11:41 pm
e-mails revealed a collusion between the dnc and her own campaign to manipulate millions of supporters of bernie sanders. that's the epiphany. ambassador is great to have you with us. always appreciate your insight. >> thank you lou cho. lou: roll the video please. watch as these french doors given up close and personal with this fellow a whale off the coast of québec. the 60-foot long, 50-ton mammal swims within inches of the tour vote before disappearance into the st. lawrence river. my wife and i went whale watching in nova scotia once. we saw a lot of just fans, no whales. i called it a successful trip though. up next donald trump offering public praise for the republican businessman trying to oust house
11:42 pm
speaker paul ryan. trump thinking paul nehlen for his kind words. e
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lou: house speaker paul ryan has released a campaign ad on
11:46 pm
national security and release it this morning a week before he faces off against businessman paul nehlen in the wisconsin primary. the admissions policies pushed by republican nominee donald trump. >> united states is an exceptional nation. everyone of us has the opportunity to live, work and worship as we see fit. that's freedom the people around the world dream of it but attacks have shown us that terrorists want to destroy our freedom and security. i love this country and i'm committed to supporting the military and intelligence officials. i'm committed to securing our borders. i am paul ryan and i approve this message. lou: donald trump however has praised my next guest, ryan's opponent in the primary. thanks to paul nehlen for his kind words very much appreciated appreciated and joining me the businessman who is challenging speaker ryan, paul nehlen.
11:47 pm
paul is good to have you on the broadcast again. let's talk about that ad, the part about the ones to secure the border. was that a news bulletin for you? >> yeah that could be -- couldn't be further from the truth. paul ryan has failed to fund our double layer several hundred mile fence. he's done the exact opposite. he is funded sanctuary cities and brought in tons of cheap labor that hurts those at the lowest rung of the ladder in our country and honestly speaker ryan is terrible with the border lou: let me ask you paul, national security is a major concern for the public and what do you plan to do differently if you are elected than what paul ryan has done in the eight months that eight months of he has been speaker? >> yeah while i definitely believe in enforcing immigration
11:48 pm
laws. think we do need a wall and a lot of other places that can be handled with boots on the ground so speaker ryan just has a failed policy, a 20 year career in the most open border anti-worker pro-wall street member of congress of either party. lou: has he ever pass any significant legislation in 17 or 18 years? >> i don't know, let's talk about that. he is passed three pieces of legislation. he renamed the post office or the change excise taxes on arrows and some gobbledygook on truth and legislation. no yaps always a career politician. lou: a career politician obviously you are not. you seem very optimistic about it. one thing you've got to be optimistic about is the fact that donald trump has declined to support paul ryan in his
11:49 pm
contest with you. how do you feel about the prospects and what do you expect going forward tuesday? >> lou we have almost 20,000 supporters who have financially donated to my campaign at a lacked we have a grassroots campaign because paul ryan's failed policies absolutely are hurting the american people. these open borders, terrible trade deals. paul ryan has negotiated the worst trade unr lifetime that gives our jobs away and people are tired of this globalist, this soulless globalist agenda america try and sending our jobs overseas. lou: paul thank you for being with us. we appreciate it, good talking with you, paul nehlen thank you very much. and wall street stocks closed more and the dow dropping 91
11:50 pm
points. the s&p lost 14 in the nasdaq down 46. volume on the big port picking up a bit 3.8 billion shares crude oil continues its corrections below $14 a barrel for the first time since a punter of minder to look at my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next trump worried the general election could be rigged. >> i'm telling u. u. november 8 we had better be careful because that election is going to be rigged and i hope republicans are watching closely or it's going to be taken away from us. lou:
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lou: in our online poll we asked about the presidential debates whether they should be changed. 90% of you replied in that poll that the presidential debate so as not to conflict with those two nfl games. joining us, sarah westwood, and i trump surrogate matt schlapp. trump says it's a rigged election, sharia. what do you think? it's a powerful mess and that carried hip thus him thus far.
11:55 pm
it's something he applied to the economy. people feel like the economy is rigged. the paychecks don't go up. they feel like the immigration system is rigged so workers can come in and take american jobs. if he is disciplined enough to stick to the message throughout the campaign. it's a winning mess and. it's proven on both sides. if he be continue to double down on it, it's something that will take him far. lou: matt? president obama goes after donald trump today. unfit, unprepared. specifically cited europe and asia and the middle east three areas where trump doesn't have his acumen. your reaction. >> i'm appalled by these people including republicans who go after donald trump because they say his lang wage is too harsh and sometime he calls people names. the president of the youth, not
11:56 pm
saying he disagrees with donald trump or won't vote for donald trump, but saying he's unfit. somehow there is a constitutional bar to him becoming president. i think it's repugnant. it's the hypocrisy people are tired of from obama. he's such a cool cat. but at the end of the day everybody is political with him and he will do egg he can to help hillary clinton. lou: the dnc today losing three top staffers. they look like they have a mess on their hands in addition to the email, the wikileaks release those emails. what do you make of it? >> here is an opportunity for donald trump to appeal to these bernie sanders supporters who feel burned by the democratic party. he can say now you have concrete proof your suspicions were correct all along. if donald trump hammers down the mess and the system is rigged,
11:57 pm
especially when it comes to the trans-pacific partnership, that was one of the most important issues to these bernie sanders supporters. he can sell it to them that he is the more effective opponent. there is a chance he can use that chaos to win over the voters. lou: do you think there is something between hillary clinton and tim kaine and the obama administration and hillary? this is way too smooth. tim kaine who opposed it is now for it, and now he's begin the and she who had been for it is now against it ander is lining up and the president of the youth says he doesn't care that majority of americans, matt, oppose the tpp, and so does the at least presumably the nominee of the democratic party, in addition to of course donald trump.
11:58 pm
>> i don't think anybody in this country really believes that hillary clinton is going to do much to fight this agreement. i think if she wins this election which i hope she doesn't. i think she'll wing at the senate and hope that they pass this in a lame duck session. lou: you have got paul ryan, the coke brothers network meeting sucking up to everybody everybody, assuring them that free trade no matter what it costs the middle class will go on. this is ugly stuff for the republican party. >> it is. i hate it. i think we would do better if we form a co-leg and try to beat the left and beat hillary clinton. hillary clinton showed poor judgment by going in front of these 400 millionaires and billionaires to talk about the heart and soul of the republican party.
11:59 pm
lou: you mean pause he was absolutely revealing that he was bought and paid for? it's unseemly for the speaker of the house to show up because he's when conned by charles koch? >> i think a lot of americans recognize the trans-pacific partnership is in the interest of trans-pacific corporations. lou: the middle class' wages have been stagnant throughout. a 5-,000 page agreement that no one has read. it gets more ludicrous. sarah, we are out of time. matt, sorry for the intrusion of these finite times that we have at the end of the broadcast. time for a few of your comment. twitter user, i'm a former bernie voter who will vote trump
12:00 am
or or stein. these things hillary said she is going to do should have been done when she was secretary of state, but nothing was done. thanks for being with us. peter schweizer joins us tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: thank you, lou. i laugh at your greatness. there are two things that define this election. whether you like the people running or not, both hillary clinton and donald trump are opposed to the trans-pacific partnership. a lot of people hate the tpp because the president negotiated it, and many people see him as dumb and wrong. he's gotten so much wrong it' hard to tell when he's right. believe it or not, he's right here when it comes to free trade which makes thwo


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