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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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he installed a device that prevents mobile phone signals from even entering the building. by the way a shot out to the diamond family. risk and reward is now. >> it would be ludicrous to insist that that wasn't a ransom payment. that's exactly what it is. >> it looks like they paid a ransom a wall of wall street journal back blockbuster report shows the they secretly transferred $400 million to iran on the same day american detainees were released. this is risk and reward.
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at the same time for americans detained by iran were released. the obama administration calls it a coincidence and denies it was a ransom payment. the 400 million-dollar payment settled a debt which dates back to 1979. they kept the payment secret and used central banks in foreign countries to convert dollars into other currencies. josh earnest tried to explain why. >> the fact of the matter is the united states does not had a banking relationship with iran. a banking relationship with iran. responded to the report saying this. our incompetent secretary of state hillary clinton was the one who started talks to give $400 million in cash to iran. scandal. and now two more americans
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have been detained in iran. they joined me join me now. good afternoon to you and i want to ask you they are saying that this is actually two separate deals. the arms deal which dates back to 1979 and then the hostages is this a coincidence or too close to call it anything but pain for the hostages? >> the reality is ronald reagan was almost impeached over a similar activity. of course obama won't be. the 400 million that shows up on their ramp is going to of course and that in those hands. we need to recognize this
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administration has a track record and a pattern of being deceptive about international affairs. quite frankly, this i believe is tied directly to the nuclear deal and all you have to do is ask who said on this monday he said the u.s. is breaking a lot of its promises. what we don't know is whether those promises every couple of days or weeks the new premises are coming out. adam: do you think, because we just saw the video of the four americans who have been detained do you think when they say this is payment for military jets that we were going to sell you think they have gone public in january of this year and said we are transferring that money that we held that this would not have looked like a ransom payment or do you think clearly because it does appear to be what it is they just try to hide it?
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>> the irg see the revolutionary guard commander said this is a ransom payment. we have to get something for these hostages. we are classically doing a bad deal. not only did we just get four hostages back and as you indicated they have taken more we have given them seven and eliminated charges against 14 and of course we gave them $400 million in unmarked bills. there is no incentive on our part to return money that they gave us for jet aircraft. josh earnest is not being honest if he understands the truth about the whole proposition. it is a legal to trade u.s. dollars with iran why keep it secret. it seems to me they always say the cover but is worse than
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the crime when things happen and this might be this kind of situation. like i said it's the same thing good or bad that the reagan administration tried to hide what we gave to the iranians in preparation of course for their work with iraq. this is a cover bit. he understands as well as anybody else what they were trying to accomplish. this is classically how this administration deals on foreign-policy. we tried to restart with the russians and we lost a missile defense and they are taking over ukraine we have failed drastically in the era spring and a host of other areas. they are trying to salvage the one last vestige that has and that's the iranian nuclear deal. it is beginning to run away from the deal.
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this is just another nail in the coffin. adam: think you for joining us. we will expand this discussion because republican lawmakers are furious after this bombshell report in the wall street journal. they said pain ransom puts more americans at risk of being taken hostage. mike pence actually said this on fox news. >> hillary clinton in barack obama had put a price tag on the have of every american traveling abroad in violation of long-standing american policy about pain ransom or doing deals with terrorists. adam: we're joined now. it's good to see you. how do you react as a u.s. citizen when you see as pain the iranians for what appears to be the release of other u.s. citizens?
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>> i have to tell you i see my country doing this and i'm horrified. we are basically paying this ransom. we are paying a regime that is funding terrorism around the world is operating under the premise that america will bend over to their intimidation and what we have done now is pay them not to help the infrastructure which they foolishly thinks we are going to believe that the economy will be using this for the people but rather it will be used to buy missiles from russia. in number two it will fuel more terrorism. they are the citizens and the people. those are the real allies of the american citizens. how do we help those people.
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several years ago the young people in iran were standing up. it doesn't appear the united states did anything to help them. for lack of a better observation. i can't say what happens to the united states. how do we help the green revolution. one of the reasons over 90% of the terrorism committed against the west is committed by sunni radicals it is because of the money from here to there into that the saudi's into the west. now as we start getting cash heavy in iran they are listening to this. they have told us today. do not invest in iran.
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that money will begin to start showing the west is going to be open season and the reason our country does not deal with terrorists it tells us that we are weak. they will eventually make a deal with us. and say they didn't. would be the best way to do this. those are members of the green revolution. what can we do. both on the diplomatic level and at the grassroots. we can say that we will not work with terrorists or islamists. we will work with secular change.
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the oppressed citizen if they cs stand for those principles and continue. one of the reason we haven't seen the is because of our economic sanctions. the people of iran don't want to see us lift that. now they cs lift it. lifted. not towards that regime change but actually development. they want us to break that. and begin to help civil society changes within the grassroots of the iranian people. it is a troubling day because as you said this opens the door for other americans who might be in the middle east and is not a good thing that we are witnessing here. i appreciate you joining us. adam: they just turned lower after initial gains in wake of utter than expected
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fourth-quarter earnings. the conference call is underway. we have more from the newsroom. >> it is interesting the stock itself went up 4% and then came down and now it's down three are almost 4%. a bit of volatility. much of the conference call so far to focus on the film company of 21st century fox. it hasn't disappointed. has disappointed. it's hard to be consistent. they had three sequels that didn't do what they hoped they would do. the debt pole has have a tremendous performance. in that says the future looks better. it is clear we had work to do that they have a stake in hello in today time warner
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announced a 10% stake in providing its programming. that is a video streaming service. a lot of excitement about the potential for who and where it can go and more intention of that. solid financial performance is how they put the fiscal quarter numbers there was one question we have to mention will fox news change in the wake of the resignation of roger ailes. nothing will change at all. it's a dominant player. no need to change it. they seem nice ad revenue increasing.
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he is going to come back when there is more news from the conference call. >> a transit police officer was charged with attempting to aid isis. we will bring you the very latest on that. they are planning an intervention for donald trump. we've a former campaign advisor to give us to take. he has not made the transition to being the potential president of the united states which is a much tougher lead. people will watch you every single day. and he is not yet performing
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that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. he is got to find a way to slow down and really learn some new lessons. it's a little bit like the apprentice except he is the apprentice and not the boss. the american people get to say you're fired. he really has to take a deep breath. his the potential to win the election. has the potential to be a historic president but to do that he's got to grow into the size of the job and not get stuck where he has been which frankly over the last week has been a very disheartening to most of his supporters. >> several key members are concerned about his strategy
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on the campaign trail by his campaign manager says the campaign is right on track. >> first of all the canada is in control. and i am in control of doing the things he wants me to do. the term oil this is another clinton era that has put out there. the media is picking up on that. we just announced our 50 state chairman in the states we have announced a record amount of money that we raise in july. he appeared this week in crowds that were overflowing onto the streets. the campaign is in very good shape. thank you for joining us mr. bennett. do you agree with the leaders that mister trump needs to change his campaign or do they totally miss what he is all about? >> donald trump all by himself has formulated one of the most
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powerful political messages we've seen at least in my lifetime and he's a fearless advocate for that message. he can't allow himself to be distracted from delivering that message. his answer has to be about people our government is only capable of racking up debt. and every question that has to be his answer. when he sticks to that message he seems to resonate with the audience and voters in the midwest but then when you get key republicans saying that they won't vote for him does that hurt him or does it play into this anger of the electorate that the mainstream perhaps even the elite republicans failed to recognize. >> i think that the people he is talking to who are not republicans they are dissatisfied some of them aren't even voters. folks who have really suffered
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for the last 12 years they are looking for someone who will do nothing but drive a bulldozer to washington. and when they hear him be attacked by some of the so-called leaders of the republican party that probably helps him. i wouldn't waste ten seconds worrying about what people in washington think about his message. i care more about people in the states. adam: there is this discussion within the campaign to try and propose an intervention to mister trump and it's coming from people closest to him is there something we don't understand about what they are trying to do. it appears if they go with the old formula and it leads to losing an election. if you try to change donald trump you're wasting your time what they need to do i know this is what they want to do
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is they want to help donald trump be even better. help him focus on this powerful message that he developed himself because that's what got him through the primaries and that's what will help him win the general. every answer has to be about people in pain. who do you think donald trump will listen to? is at the politicians who have done this before who has his ear? >> he is a family guy and this will take the family to do this. we appreciate your insight and we will be following this clearly is the election heads towards november. thank you very much. >> is that true? we just heard a former advisor take on all of this. we will hear a political power panel take on it next.
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fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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>> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so while united. we started on june 16 i would say right now it is is the best in terms of being united than it's been since we began. adam: donald trump at a rally in florida. saying there is great unity in his campaign but fox news has confirmed top members of the party are planning to stage an intervention for the camp -- a candidate the political panel
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joins me now. the conservative author. and republican strategists thank you all for joining us. this is got to be the kind of things democrats love if you can even have a narrative of a disunity what do you think? >> i don't think his keen camp candidacy is good for america. listening to him it's clear there is a problem he would not be addressing it if there was not a problem but hillary clinton is looking at him as a serious candidate she understands how much time is between now and november 8 and how much access he has different media but the difference is it's not just the never trump people. they got on stage in cleveland in perhaps if chrissy is going
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to get involved in this intervention i think it's a serious matter within the campaign. we just heard from a guest who said they need to let trump be trump. mister trump can be very powerful does there need to be an intervention or is he sticking to his strategy which has succeeded up until this point? >> there are 42% of americans that are hard working white americans and donald trump has been the only candidate that has ran on it economic populist network. this one well not leave him no matter what because they had been overlooked but what we have to keep in mind these tactics in the primary and they had worked.
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this is a pivotal .1 in which we have to be very serious about the general election. we have to look at the independence and the democrats this is necessary at this point that this conversation be head. at the end of the day i want to see them keep the fire. i'm going to go to christian right now. the leadership which is going to do this alleged intervention. kristin, do any of the independents really want to listen to those four faces and should donald trump? >> the whole talk about an intervention this is just a bunch of media hype. the campaign has denied it. this is just a bunch of media spends when he gives critical
5:29 pm
advice to donald trump he's giving political advice. the media doesn't spin that as her campaign is in turmoil. >> if he does get some advice from those four people and he listens to it and he does concentrate on the issues that are tough for her in the economy that he can get back on track. i think that's why she's taking him as a serious candidate. adam you just said the sources said this is an intervention. if you look to any of the issues he has have this week that would be something that would be devastating for a candidate being completely un- knowledgeable about foreign policy and what's actually happening in ukraine. the fact that he lied about
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his financial situation i coming from newt gingrich who wanted to be his vice president what he said you're not the boss you're the apprentice these are fighting words. i was kind of shocked to see him saying that. and then there are reports that key leaders actually are discussing plan b should donald trump dropout of the election before november i think they would find it hard to believe. our these the kinds of things we should ignore or are they really reality? >> as a republican i take them seriously because i know that the hillary clinton campaign although she has been known as a liar and she clearly is a liar i know she would take this and switch it every direction she can.
5:31 pm
we can acknowledge that that is a fact. hillary clinton is a liar. we can move on. the republicans are behaving the same way. this type of language and attacks can we not acknowledge together that she is a liar. you're being dishonest by not acknowledging the fact that hillary clinton is a liar. i appreciate this. adam: on that point i will do my own intervention and say all three of you will be back. were not letting you go just yet. thank you very much. don't go anywhere.
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the dirty waters just off of rio. and it is the latest in the string of major problems. we will ask has to the marketing expert if they will win gold for sponsors or not. it actually shows illegal aliens and how to avoid getting deported. it's all coming up next. >> and this is a lawlessness that he has provided -- presided over. make it to the border and you are home free. give you more benefits than our senior citizens get for social security. we take care of them better than our own military veterans. poor mouth breather.
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a police officer has been arrested and charged with attempting to aid isis. for supporting the islamic terror groups. they have to work for the police for more than a decade they tried to do this last month. they intercepted the payment. thank you for joining us. the officer have been under surveillance. but authorities say there is
5:37 pm
never any was never any threat by him working in law enforcement, you work in law enforcement there are 70 officers this is one man but how could that be how could he want to send money to isis and not to be a threat if he's working in the police force? >> he is converted as a muslim and what is telling not that by itself but in 2011 he has traveled twice to libya. and by his own words to be a part of the overthrow at that time the customs and border protection actually searched his bags when he was flying over and they found a helmet and body armor going over. now in law enforcement that is a clue. they should have questioned him to find out for their and then i'm a sheriff, i had 600 employees i would want to know that information and i wonder
5:38 pm
if the federal agents ever gave the information to the metro transit police. you mentioned his travel to libya in 2011 twice and what they found at that time the body armor and other gear. it almost harkens there was a saturday night live skit where they get shot. and they ask the people who knew the shooter we know he knew he would do it. this is unbelievable they find that kind of gear in the man's luggage did they notify do we know if they notified at least that transit police where did this breakdown. some he has got to explain why they did not continue to monitor this. not just that also they interviewed him multiple times before this alleged transfer of money we knew that he had contacts with terrorist sympathizers and that are well
5:39 pm
known and i had been a part of other operations here in the united states and they never took care of the situation. why was he working up until this week in the metro police when he has made these statements when we know that he has taken other actions he told undercover and criminal informants that he have ways to sneak in to government buildings and bring a whole cache of weapons inside in order to release mayhem. that is troubling. we need to be smarter about this and react before something actually happens. adam: you spoke out against president obama and the customs and border patrol website which you say is listing sanctuary cities in the united states do you think illegal immigrants are actually using the site to find places where they might go undetected? >> more importantly the sympathizers. it sends a message by the law
5:40 pm
enforcement agency that is charged with enforcing immigration law there is no law. they are actually telling them where to avoid it. all of those people that are out here that are trying to find ways that they are not deported there is no enforcement not only go to these buildings but participate in parades and marches. adam: the concept doesn't fly in the face of the constitution because you have the governments of cities seen were going to violate the law isn't that a problem. should them defunding sanctuary cities. i'm all for that. this is a lawlessness. and when you go at the very foundation of who we are as americans what is next x the law does not apply to people if they are illegals and as a problem here.
5:41 pm
and local county state law enforcement must work with our federal partners in law enforcement that if we have criminal illegals and this has happened in my county we will not release them until we turn them over to federal authorities. i'm even have murderers i said you will pick them up. even if i have a judges order to release them i haven't released them until they come and pick them up and get some out of this country. most of the time sadly president obama has released over 80,000 just in the last two to three years of dangerous violent criminals who are illegals people they are the ones that trump keeps talking about the murders, the rapist the ones who have committed serious crimes. it's not all 20 million illegals who are here. that's not the case but there is a number of very dangerous and violent criminals who are illegals that had no business being here in president obama has released them into our communities. he should be held accountable
5:42 pm
for that. this number 12 million has been 112 million for how many years now. that simple math tells you that it is closing and if not in excess of 20 million. it's a violation of current u.s. law. thank you so much for joining us. it is set to a seven-day losing streak. the longest in a year. we will take a closer look at how the markets are going today as the release of last month's jobs report is closing in. rio looks less and less ready. that's pretty gross what your scene right there. will it be cleaned up in time. but we will discuss all of this in a few minutes to find out what the ramifications are for the sponsors. valve problem. but what i won't accept
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sales. i would like to bring in the global research fund. dan shafer welcome to you both. let's talk about this. the doubt was up slightly today. what do you do. it seems as if we have really been watching revenue fall for companies not just this quarter but for a series of quarters which is not bode well as we go forward. i think we have to be very selective in this environment. the evaluations do not look very good right now. if you look at specific segments like the healthcare segment within the technology segment we do think there are growth opportunities. the earnings have been very good. also within the healthcare segment there are some really nice tail winds.
5:47 pm
>> do you agree. you can highlight that. i think we are in a very dangerous spot right now in many cycles that are hitting and coming into 2016 and 17. protection is so cheap. everybody is convinced that the markets are going to go up forever. we know that second happen. it is very dangerous. the federal reserve took action and made things happen that are out of the norm. right now the correlations between gold, currencies and the stock markets is so out a line that even hedge funds many is being -- money is being pulled from them. it is so out of line that right now everybody has their finger on the trigger that when it does start to unravel their can unload.
5:48 pm
>> i am a curmudgeon who is worried about the future. when you look at opportunities here healthcare might be at segment that has done well. that reflects a downward spiral for global growth. >> it's going to be affected by lower energy prices but you can look at something like healthcare oil is not an input into that sector. it has really nice tail winds that are not being picked up by the market such as the increase age of the population. their services out there they are going to do very well from these trends. i think it's a little too early to buy gold and gold doesn't buy -- pay interest. i think what some of the investments that are available
5:49 pm
that you can buy it's extremely low right now. you could buy an all different instruments i can short the indexes against my position. those are ways to invest. it's way overvalued. interest rates are not even going anywhere. is a clear sign. crude oil been down is a clear sign that things are not strong. were not fooling ourselves. on that cheery note that party is over. that is what the athletes had to look forward to at the olympics starting friday. will this scare about the secret virus make it the worst olympics ever?
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ he won the opening ceremony is two days away in brazil but a lot of people asking the question was it the right location for these games. even dead bodies floating in the bay. you should know his mom and my mom play volleyball together. it's good to see you. nbc is covering the games. will they report on the issues that we keep talking about or is this really nothing? seebeck of course they will report on it. it is also a reality show. this is like professional wrestling. it is going to be incredible.
5:54 pm
if i'm a sponsor of the olympics i have to imagine that people might not even be watching. people might not be showing up at the actual event everybody is can be watching you want to see michael phelps in his biohazard suit. everybody will be watching. it will be the greatest entertainment ever. adam: should we be concerned about the potential for some kind of a terrorist attack or do you think brazil is prepared. >> we have terrorist attacks in the best places. but that is a whole another issue. it has nothing to do with white people will be tuning in. mike pence splits with donald trump. is it another crack in the trump campaign. on my long-term control medicine.
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reporter: you know we have to wrap up discussing donald trump. meg whitman has come out against donald trump. that's pretty bad news. there are abdications taking place. >> she was doing the best for her company if donald trump wins. for donald trump he has to keep his mind focused on the general elect. keep is fire on hillary clinton and president obama. listen to the ad advisers that are around and the chairman of the rnc. reporter: that's a huge defection. it seems miss whitman has made
5:59 pm
that decision based on what she believes. >> that he's a dangerous deputy going. she supported chris christie in the primary. she is a good republicans but she is putting her principles before party. it's not just meg whitman. this type of decision republicans have to make. hillary clinton's campaign is going after republicans. i think specifically republican women are going to be a challenge. reporter: even the paul ryan endorsement. it seems petty when mr. trump says i'm not ready for that. he didn't endorse the speaker of the house in the reelect. is there turmoil in the republican party? yes. hillary clinton has a 47%
6:00 pm
unfavorables in her own party. 31% of millennials say they will support hillary. that's a small amount. reporter: there will be a poll coming out at 6:00. let's go to "making money" with charles payne. charles: fox news showing hillary clinton with a 10-point lead over donald trump, 49-39. but he continues to keep a lead with independents, an important voting bloc. these numbers reflect the post-convention bump. but a lot of people saying it's a wake-up call and his campaign needs to get back on track. rnc


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