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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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unfavorables in her own party. 31% of millennials say they will support hillary. that's a small amount. reporter: there will be a poll coming out at 6:00. let's go to "making money" with charles payne. charles: fox news showing hillary clinton with a 10-point lead over donald trump, 49-39. but he continues to keep a lead with independents, an important voting bloc. these numbers reflect the post-convention bump. but a lot of people saying it's a wake-up call and his campaign needs to get back on track. rnc chairman reince priebus and
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newt guy grip of and rudy giuliani said to be organizing an intervention with donald trump. a 10-point lead in our latest fox news poll. the on thing that stood out was his lead with independents. i think that's important and critical. but should he heed the mess and these polls? >> the trump train is not derailed but it hit a rough patch. he leads by 8:00 with independents. but because he's continuing to say dumb things over time, hillary clinton has been able to make this election a referendum on donald trump's fitness to be president. they don't see him to be the same way. if he wants to regain the lead in the polls and become the next president of the united states, he will have to make this a referendum on hillary clinton.
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right now it's all about donald trump. charles: we have seen a number items that were low-hanging fruit for donald trump. the break-in-her emails. the topic always comes back to thing that aren't necessarily critical. i understand the trump campaign and donald trump himself say the media is setting him up. but it takes two to tango. >> any good campaign has talking points based on their surrogates. trump barely talks about the fact that the dnc is pretty much under assault and in crisis mode over the course of the democratic convention. i don't think he mentioned the fact that the dnc chair merchandise to step down over leaked emails.
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instead he spent the last few days talking about khizr kahn. republicans and voters in d.c. will be scratching their heads. charles: donald trump vanquished 16 other opponents. he did it his way. he did not listen to the political insiders and pundits. you can understand why he would be reluctant to listen to everyone where being authentic has been his key so far. >> not only did he sort of blow up the dnc's terrible week by talking about russia and the kahns, and interfering in ways he did not need to interfere. these poll numbers could not be worse for donald trump.
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clinton consolidated her base. trump is winning independents. but if he can't consolidate his own republican base, it doesn't matter he will lose big league to hillary clinton in november. charles: as a democrat i'm sure you aren't taking a victory lap. we have seen eastbound -- we han ebbs and nos with this. >> what she can't do is sit on the lead and play defense. she has to play offense. she has to assume the role insurgent. in the new fox poll there are worrisome polls for donald trump. he's 32 points and which candidate has the knowledge to be president. so he will have to find mess and discipline. he will have to focus on the issues that work for him. this is his election almost to lose.
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82% are saying the wrong track. he have to focus on hillary clinton and barack obama rather than the kahn family. >> he needs to make this a referendum on barack obama's failed government. and right now he's not doing it. there is so much low-hanging fruit. if he can't push back on her he is going to lose. he's running behind romney's 2012 numbers. he should be racking up whites, men and evangelicals. these are his core groups. >> he has to better romney or else he's not going to win. the bright spot in this poll for donald trump. the economy and terrorism are the top issues for voters. voters say trump would be better with the economy. he needs to hone in on that and
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i heard he's giving a major economic speech. charles: that will be after fly days jobs report. betsy, what do you see here? you write these astute articles. i love your pieces, and you play it down the middle pretty well. what do you see with him maintaining the momentum. this news of $400 million. those are the th find an advised listen to them. charles: i think he has some all-stars around him r he did this tweak hurt his standing with republicans is the fact that he practically unendorsed paul ryan and played footy with paul nehlen, paul
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ryan's competition. scott walker and paul ryan. trump says i'm not going to be loyal to you guys. reince based on my sources feels humiliated because trump isn't sticking with ryan. charles: there doesn't seem to be any authentic backing of donald trump by paul ryan or scott walker. particularly paul ryan who has had his own town hall, he has his own economic and foreign policies. it feels sometimes like he's running a shadow campaign against donald trump. i want to listen to a couple much these advisers. newt gingrich was on fox business. let's take a listen. >> i don't know if it's a fix fibl problem but it's big problem for trump. he needs to slow down and learn
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new lessons. it's a little bit like the apprentice. it's like the apprentice but he's not the boss. he doesn't get to say you are fired, the american people say you are fired. charles: saying i don't know if it's fixable is important. >> donald trump wants to be the leader of the united states of america. if he can't show leadership within his own party and get newt gingrich and paul ryan to trust him and get behind him. that says a lot to the american voters. charles: it comes back to safety, the law and order candidate. that's one thing hillary clinton has going against her. we note news cycle goes very quickly. things we are talking about tonight don't matter at all tomorrow.
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>> she'll have go in every reelection campaign, '96, 2004, 2012, they all define their oh own end around this time. she'll have to keep defining donald trump. man the end the guy who can beat donald trump is donald trump. he will have to finds message discipline talked about by newt gingrich that you showed. let's listen to paul manafort. >> that's the first i am hearing of that. the campaign is focused on moving forward in a positive way. the only intervention is media types that keep saying things that aren't true. charles: going around the internet in the last 24 hours was the idea that manafort had thrown in the towel because donald trump stopped listening to him. you can see the manafort effect. when he came on board and started to consolidate his
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power, donald trump took off in the polls. >> paul manafort is a smart guy. the key question is whether donald trump wants to fix the problem, staying laser-like focus on clinton and obama it's a winnable election. the question is dose want to. i'm a big trump guy, i'm just not sure now whether the donald wants to fix it. charles: i would suspect he does. he has put a lot of time, money and effort into this. i understand he wants to do it his way because it's taken him this far. it's hard to argue against that's, although the dynamics have changed. will be in huge trouble. yesterday he had a campaign in ashburn, virginia.
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if you want to win virginia, you have to win loudoun county. but the trump campaign has no on there aren't people doing the leg work to get republican voters to turn out in november. they aren't doing the nitty-gritty behind the scenes stuff. it's understandable trump supporters likes ford would be frustrated. and you get head damage watching their candidates going after a hillary clinton surrogate whose son died in the warren tear your. charles: still almost 100 days left. we'll talk more about the polls, but perhaps with the big cash hall donald trump can start to do more like advertising and get that ground game coming. we'll do a lot more.
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please stick around. ♪
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charles: a fox news poll shows donald trump leading hillary clinton among independents in a general election matchup. but delays different focus with respect to the competitiveness and battlegrounds. he trails in key categories, temperament, qualified to be the leader. the trump campaign announced $80 million last month. so it's time for him to start spending the money in these
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battleground states. the fox poll. 1,022 registered voters, 42% democrats, 32% republicans and 18% independents. >> i think that you have got to look at the poll in a sentence first all for trump it should be a wake-up call in the sense of saying, it's about the ground game and getting your negative tv ads up. in north carolina athrown, a swing state, clinton has spent millions of dollars in tv ads. you look at trump, he spent zero. at this point in the game, where people are getting nervous. republicans are getting nervous.
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they are seeing the disunity between the republican establishment and trump. those temperament numbers in the poll where you see the voters said 67% believe clinton had the right temperament to serve as president where only in the 30s for trump, that's a problem. the americans need to be able to say could i visualize this person sitting in the oval office making these decisions. charles: during the break someone tweeted that we are silly pun did and the ground game means nothing. we know donald trump is an effective weapon with social media. has the ground game changed where he doesn't need as much money. >> he kind of proved that in the primaries. it's no insight to say he's a media magnet for good or bad. that's why i question spending money on gauzy ads showing him
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holding hands with his wife. what would make a continues is to stop settling scores and talking calmly about the way he would reduce the burden of his government so the economy could grow. that's the only way to turn these things around. charles: for the most part the mainstream media seems to lean toward hillary clinton. so donald trump does have a couple hurdles. also the larger hurdle that's people see as the debt being stacked against him. >> he does as a republican nominee. but he's been very effective in getting media, so that is where the money game is not as crucial as with conventional candidates. but what he needs to be isn't more disflind getting his mess and out. hillary has real vulnerabilities when it comes to economy, healthcare, education, he needs
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to hammer her on those vulner bit rather than getting -- vulnerabilities rather than getting distracted. charles: as soon as one thing fades, another thing comes up. not endorsing paul ryan. i get it. paul ryan played a game. he was reluctant. he held his breath and he made it a drama that it didn't have to be. it does continuously keep all those other issues off the front page. >> we need to focus on the target here. the target is hillary clinton and obama's failed record. we saw hillary clinton tell chris wallace i never sent classified information. she lied again and again and again. that's the type of focus that trump needs to focus on instead he just tries to pick these fights with the members and leaders of our own party. he need he single vote he can get.
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it's about adding and not subtracting in terms of bringing voters and the republican leadership on board to support hip. there will be republicans who say trump, we have to bring the people together. it's not helpful when you are going after the speaker of the house. it could be a powerful alliance between ryan and trump if they would get on the same panel. charles: another breach of emails for the clinton campaigns. coming out of it was the terrible interview with hillary clinton lie-ing or and over again to chris wallace. neither one of them got a lot of air time. another i couple bent loses his seat. a never trumper establishment.
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charles: kansas voters have said so long to the tea party favorite. he was a diehard never trumper, a diehard anti-establishment. but he was beat by a political newcomer dr. roger marshall who had the backing of a sometimes trump. there i a mess and here for november. this was stunning. but what is this message? could this district in kansas be a barometer in the country? joining us now, ford o'connell and bets woods. we have a little bit of everything. throw the bums out. the guy who was representing the state but not representing the true interests of the state with respect to the farming
6:25 pm
community. he was a pro-trump guy. but by the say token some of the >> what stood out to me is it's negative for ted cruz. he has been a close ally. they have a close, friendly relationship, and cruz endorsed huelskamp and tried to help him win his primary and he still lost. i know cruz is unhappy and maybe disturbed that one his fast it members of the house won't thereby anymore.
6:26 pm
charles: he had a little bit of that eric cantor situation where he went to weush and forgot about the folk back home. >> i'm not sure if it's a barometer for the rest of the station. but he did so much grandstanding that he lost his district's interests back home. this is a 63-county district. it's the 12th largest in terms of land size and it was all about agriculture. he was on the agriculture committee an got booted off. once the farm bureau went behind his opponent, i thought he might be a goner and in fact he was today. charles: the u.s. chamber of commerce put up some cash. one of the headlines is the establishment fights back. who will they put the money behind? >> this is a situation of a perfect storm.
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this guy used local politic to prosecute his opponent's case. he got a nice concentration of outside money to fuel his campaign as he was rising. it takes something this perfect to throw an incumbent out, particularly one on the ted cruz wing of the party in a house district that is r-22. that's as right as we get. charles: i would say this is more or less a victory for donald trump though marshall tries to down play that. you add trump to the fray which
6:28 pm
is not super typical. of course i'm sure trump is glad an anti-trump guy is out of the house. >> trump's mess and is i want to get deals done so long as they are good deals. marshall stepped up to the plate and that's why he won. charles: the big argument against trump is down ballot candidates can't win. this is a mess and for someone who embraced donald trump. some believe the recent ruling on voter i.d. could lead to massive fraud. we'll tell you about it next. ♪
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try doctor-recommended gaviscon. the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. >> the whole thing with voter i.d. identification. people are going to walk in and vote 10 times maybe. they can vote 10 times. i'm very concerned and i hope the republicans will be very watchful. reporter: donald trump talking with bill o'reilly about the recent ruling in self states. they struck down voter i.d. laws. trump argued the court decisions will lead to voter fraud adding to his narrative that the
6:33 pm
elections are rigged. voter i.d.s she claims are discriminatory and suppress the minority vote. let me go to you first. i'm somewhat surprised at all of these decisions one after another and certainly in key states. >> you shouldn't be surprised by the north carolina decision. it was the 4th circuit court of appeals. two obama nominees and one clinton nominee. we have had voter i.d. laws in effect for self states like to georgia and indiana. and they haven't in any way suppressed voters or kept people out of the polls. that's also true in north carolina which by the way not only do they give you a free i.d. if you don't have one. if you show up at the polling place and say i don't have an
6:34 pm
i.d. base had a reasonable impediment that kept mow from getting one, you sign that form and you still get to vote. how in the world is that discriminatory. charles: beginn jenna louden? >> it's only discriminatory on the part of democrats who are against any form i.d. they stated in the "wall street journal" that they need this for blacks because blacks are less sophisticated. i can't imagine such racist language resonating with black voters. why would you want to vote democrat if that's what your own party leaders think of you. this was a sophisticated effort on the part of to steal the
6:35 pm
election in 2008. charles: you have to say voters -- we need i.d.s for everything. when i forget my i am d. to come to this building, i cry. i need it all day long. to vote. >> there are a lot of people who don't have i.d., a lot of older people and poor people. they don't have i.d. it does support the -- does suppress the vote. he's saying everything is rigged and trying to set people up for his failure. in the fox news poll he's down 10 points. charles: i'm not buying it's so hard to get i am d. the on thing hard by the is waiting in line. i was at the motor vehicle saturday. illegal aliens have i.d. i think that's a copout. >> it's not a copout in rural areas like alabama.
6:36 pm
our governor shut count i.d. stations for people to get i.d. so they have to go to the major cities to gift d., two hours away. that's an example of what a gop governor did in my state. charles: we can go to a bama game and i'll bet we'll see a lot of people from rural alabama who found their way to the state stadium. >> this is not true. they tested this over and over again. when minorities -- they will bring it to you. that doesn't make sense. they offered in every state to bring whatever is needed, including the ballot it's a non-argument. more importantly, texas and north carolina when this was tested, black votership increased. so your arguments are nonsensical. this is all about trying to
6:37 pm
steal an election and eric, you know that. charles: i think this could be a difference maker. the timing of course fortuitous. but do you think it could make a difference in november? >> it could. there are a lot of states in this country where it's easy to commit fraud and easy to get away with it. these cases unfortunately which were intended to improve the integrity of the election process are doing the exact opposite. in the texas and north carina cases the jedges, the district court judge in north carolina, the dissenting judges in texas, they pointed out that the plaintiffs in those cases could not couple with a single witness in either case that was going to be unable to vote because of the voter i.d. laws. charles: a little bit of a better day for the stock market, helped by oil.
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my stock market report coming up. you don't want to miss it.
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charles: the dow in the midst of a 7-day losing streak coming in this morning. the good news is it was the smallest loss for a 47 day losing streak. there is one thing that's clear in is a lot of anxiety out there. we have an earnings recession. a tepid job market. then the ceo kate spade made and
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remark, they missed earnings badly. the reason why, several factors contribute to our second quarter results falling short, the most important are the head winds in tourism and the retail market'. trial advisers may be echoing this tourism thing. the loss was huge, $1.06. 21st century fox posted revenue of 25.75.
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overall the market held when it had to hold today. it's still in position for the next leg higher but it will need a perfect jobs report friday. donald trump and hillary clinton talk up the economy this week. when we come back i have got a couple guys who can give you better insights. stick around. you didn't read your car insurance policy.
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coverage compass™ gives you the policy information you need at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. charles: hillary clinton in colorado where she touted her economic plan for small manufacturing companies one day after barack obama touted his economic plan. president obama promised a manufacturing renaissance and that has been far from the case. there are more manufacturing
6:47 pm
jobs in three swing states since he has been sworn in. which candidate has the best plans for manufacturing. should the nation be focusing on manufacturing in what some people are calling the knowledge century. we kind of know where each candidate is going on manufacturing. certainly we didn't get the renaissance president obama promised. >> no serious candidate would talk about bringing back manufacturing jobs. not only can they not do it, any promise to do so that succeeds would be the equivalent of bringing back poverty. the and manufacturing job in china buys the equivalent of a starbucks latte. if these manufacturing jobs come back we'll and poor country. charles: you go through the rust belt and they say i have got a
6:48 pm
choice, a job or a factory rotting before my very eyes. >> the and manufacturing joins just over $79,000. having an increase in the manufacturing sector is vital to the economy. if you look at the statistics. manufacturing in the youth was responsible for $.17 trillion worth of economic growth. that's 12.1 per of total growth. charles: here is the thing, some of this productivity and output not done by how beings anymore. how do you bring back the jobs and still pay $79,000. >> the waynes will find a level that's appropriate for the job. i don't think that's an issue. the issue is nafta. the issue will be tpp. since nafta has been in place,
6:49 pm
the u.s. lost $5 million manufacturing jobs. now they are down to 12 million. i think tpp wille will add to t. so i think that is a problem. charles: what do you say to people who say these are good-paying jobs. we remember when strter used to come on at midnight and beg us to give him a couple quarters. something happened with china and mexico that didn't happen here. >> even china, they are trying to move those manufacturing jobs from where they are. they are yesterday's jobs. we are an evolved economy. silicon valley produces thousands and thousands of non-technology jobs because they are not stuck in the manufacturing past. look at the cities in the u.s. focused on manufacturing.
6:50 pm
cleveland, milwaukee, they are yesterday. people are league those cities to more economic reall economicd ones. charles: is there a way to smart manufacturing to redevelop or reinvigorate our manufacturing base? >> manufacturing is very smart. according to the u.s. bureau of economic analysis, private sector manufacturing is responsible -- for 3/4 of private sector research and develop the. charles: if we were able to rip up nafta and tpp to smarter deals how can jobs would that create over a 10-year period. >> it's hard to say. charles: you say in the millions? >> unquestionably.
6:51 pm
>> it wouldn't. it would lead to a huge investment outflow. this job kreing august joins nonsense. charles: the youth sent $400 million euros to iran. this as four american whose takens were being released last january. tweet me @cvpayne. we'll discuss this.
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lou: last night we found out in a seated 400 million in cash in an unmarked cargo plane to iran part of the $1.7 million settlement over 1979 arms deal but the cash was handed over just as iran was releasing for americans that they had detained at the time and the iranian press called the quote a ransom payment. state department spokesman john
6:55 pm
kirby denied that today and right now we have breaking news on the story. "the wall street journal" reporting senior justice department officials objected to this move but they were overruled by the state department to joining me chuck nash and karl higby. tinashe it doesn't smell or look good. >> it sure doesn't charles and i only been around washington for 20 years but one thing that i have learned is despite what john kirby said this being quinton and all there are never coincidence is in washington. everything happens for a reason and if it's bad and he gets out then people tend to just ignore it and if it stays in the news cycle they will obfuscate and if it still stays in the news cycle they will. >> it. >> it into the still stays in the news cycle they will lyme or the other thing i've learned in washington is there's no accountability. charles: real quick tinashe the
6:56 pm
policy of paying ransom and it does look like it, 100 million per person, this emboldens iran is that they needed anymore to be a -- encouragement to be a bad actor. >> to take your point charles we have confirmed they have two more hostages and possibly a third so it's not just the iranians. there is now a bulls-eye on every american is that there hasn't been one before. >> there are saying to separate negotiating teams one had to do with the decision and pre-revolutionary iran. they paid cash and was just a quinton's. >> hard to believe in what you see as this is constantly happen under the obama administration with hillary hillary clinton but you have departments being overruled, subject matter experts being overruled. this is $400 million. that goes to 4000 families in that scene, the media, ask them
6:57 pm
if they wanted their money to go to iran? >> the senior justice department officials objected to this bill. they say something is not right into your point over rolled once again. what does this tell you with respect to hillary clinton and her ability to come her competence and foreign-policy? >> charles the fact is this is i will do what i want and somebody somewhere should have seen the optics for this and said this is going to look really bad but screw the american people we are going to do it anyway. charles: tinashe -- captain nash they have been belligerent before an understanding of president obama wanted this bill so badly he would allow anything to make it happen. >> you know it's very difficult charles to look at the situation now realizing where we are and
6:58 pm
it was so obvious going into it that we were going to trust the iranians. there is a false premise to start with so it's unwinding. the wheels are coming off that deal and the islamic revolutionary guard who controls their missiles and their nuclear program has been told to stand by to bring some reactors back on line because the iranians are upset with how they are being treated in this deal. this is absolutely a disaster and we are going to look back on this in time and see the real ramifications because it's probably going to lead to blood. charles: carl karl on that note boeing is back in iran. president obama pushing our european allies to do business with iran. not only did they sign this deal and not only as the countdown to it begun but now we are pushing for economic prosperity.
6:59 pm
at what point do we put american front of iran? iran has been a state sponsor of terrorism and they have been at war with us since 1979 taking our drones and our soldiers and now they're taking $40 million. guarantee the next person that goes missing over there they will start kidnapping people just looking for a payday. charles: captain nash north korea has launched another missile and they are getting closer and closer to japan. there's no way in the world we can depend on the atomic frustration push comes to shove. >> they started a year ago to write the critical passages of that constitution ear gates existed since world war ii and the macarthur years. they are taking out the purely self-defense thing because they realize that the united states has withdrawn from the world stage. look at our navy right now. we are way down and ships back to prior to world war ii standards and you know we are supposed to be pivoting to the pacific, with what and the
7:00 pm
neighbors out there realize it and they see the are not coming to their aid. charles: thank you guys both very much. always appreciate your expertise on the show and we appreciate you watching every night at 6:00 p.m.. up next lou dobbs, he's the man. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening everybody. i'm lou dobbs and let me begin by saying what a presidential campaign we have. tonight the clinton campaign must be ecstatic. according to the newest "fox news poll"'s hillary clinton has opened up a 10-point lead over donald trump, four-point improvement over the course of one month with polling and what the poll shows both candidates tied and mrs. clinton has improved in unfavorables and her honesty and trustworthiness. in late june, 66% of voters believed she was not honest and not trustworthy.


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