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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 5, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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maria: we are looking for market direction. we went over the unchanged line 84 times, down 80 because of energy but tech is doing well. looking at the jobs report through the next several hours. maria: good morning, happy friday. i am maria bartiroma. it is friday, august 5th. jobs day 6:00 on the east coast. moment of truth for the labor market, july jobs report, expectations call for 180,000 jobs added to the economy with unemployment rate edging down 4.8%. investors watching closely after big swings in may and june. trump's worthiness the main concern for voters as hillary clinton and donald trump prepare for the first national security briefing, donald trump and president obama weighing in on the issue.
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>> hillary clinton furthermore can never be trusted with national security. >> as far as mister trump, we are going to go by the law. they need to get security briefing so if they were to win they are not starting from scratch in terms of being prepared for this office. maria: close to look at the national security threat, new developments in brussels terror investigation. as attackers were planning the onslaught they were collecting unemployment checks. outrage coming up. the tornado touching down in new orleans the storm taking down buildings, trees, power lines. we will show you these incredible pictures. markets waiting for the jobs report, looking at higher open for the broader average, dow jones industrial average opening 30 points, the nasdaq 10 points
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higher, in europe firmness as well, stocks edging higher, and let's look at the markets in asia overnight. the nikkei average in this session, in japan hang seng and hong kong up 1.5%. are you hungry? one company planning to cash in on a slice of the college pie. those stories coming up and joining me to talk about it dagan mcdowell. caroline, good to see everybody. good morning, big day for jobs. i am curious to see how donald trump hits it. he has missed opportunities in the last month or so, week economic growth misted. he has gotten it together the
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last two days. maria: he has had a tough couple days but they are beginning to stabilize. dagen: more on that since yesterday, listening to the rallies, he was more focused and on message, someone gave him an index card and at the bottom, do not talk about anything else. maria: intervention is the wrong word but the team is trying to encourage him to stay on message. >> with recent polls that have been out he will listen a little more about staying on message because he has lost ground and needs to make that up. maria: particularly in swing states. terrorism on top of the minds of voters, presidential nominee set to receive national security briefings ahead of the election. this is a tradition dang back to president harry truman. president obama warned donald trump about keeping information classified and trump had his own rebuke for rival hillary
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clinton. >> tradition and the law that if someone is the nominee, republican nominee for president they need to get a security briefing so if they were to win, they are not starting from scratch in terms of being prepared for this office. they were told these are classified briefings and if they want to be president they got to start acting like a president. >> we are supposed to be briefed in the not too distant future. you can't brief her. let's protest. her email scandal put our entire country at risk, made sensitive secrets vulnerable to hacking by foreign adversaries. hacked all over the place. maria: democratic strategist,
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boris epstein, republican strategist and senior advisor to the trump campaign. the subject is national security after what we just learned about hillary clinton and her use of private emails. how do you see this? >> a complicated issue, great talking point for the trump campaign. there are only three emails mark classified and no information her server was hacked. maria: a lot of that was said by him comey. >> extremely careless camera they will jump on it. i am about to get you real good. i encourage everyone this morning, michael morel has an op-ed why he is backing hillary and talks about how confident she is, she was always making the right decisions and how vladimir putin is trained to prey upon people like donald trump and is gaining, trolling
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our election, talking how -- maria: it is not about russia, hillary clinton was incredibly careless with it. comey said nothing was classified but he said that is not true. there were a lot of classified -- >> i am not -- it is a problem. >> much more than that, she didn't turn over 33,000 emails supposedly about yoga or whatever it was, obvious lies by the clintons. the money that went to iran started by hillary clinton on her experience. >> we could say no no no like hillary did to chris wallace. >> not about throwing out lies, competency -- has been shown to
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have a temperamental issue. you would rather trump get the briefing. maria: i want to be clear we are talking national security and daily briefings, why should we say trump is not up to the job when hillary has already shown us, given us evidence what she does in terms of national security? >> they should both receive the briefing. i personally trust her more. >> he has done nothing -- maria: based on what? >> jim comey said there was no willful intent here. >> she should not be in jail? she should get a national security briefing? maria: just because she wasn't invited doesn't mean she didn't compromise national security with her reckless behavior, that was at her discretion. this was a decision they made at
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the outset before she was secretary of state, we won't use state department email in the bigger picture is you have a president standing behind the presidential seal calling a candidate for president unfit and baiting donald trump, saying you better not spread details of the security briefing when in fact hillary clinton lied to the american people and continues to lie. the bigger picture, the president of the united states calling out one candidate and not another candidate, called a liar by the head of the fbi. >> the united states of america that for eight years has suffered under the clinton obama national security policy. we are unquestionably worse off, isis has spread under clinton/obama, look at the middle east, egypt, libya. >> we are not litigating the policy. >> i will tell you what is
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happening in this country and overall in the world in relation to this country. we are worse off, she is going to get emails through a private server or whatever server she is using while running for president, no one knows, donald trump should be. >> no question about her handling of national security issues and to have president obama call out donald trump and assume he is going to be negligent when we have already seen one candidate be negligent with this information is outrageous. to get on that train with all the media behind it is wrong. we have seen the evidence. >> we respect comey immeasurably and i understand why he felt the need to indict without indicting. >> barack obama has shown amateurism even in his last year as president, he cannot resist
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stepping down and attacking, george w. bush did not do this. dagen: he is a professional politician, when he sits up there. >> for president -- dagen: it is low, beneath the office. >> whatever you want to call it. >> this is a professional getting paid to go after a candidate and openly bait him. the campaign and the president are trying to get donald trump to say something that will hurt him. maria: let's give hillary clinton credit, she is up in the polls and gaining. >> important key demographics, what i found more interesting is donald trump is up 5 with whites and that is the demographic he needs, he is not going anywhere with minority voters, independent voters inching closer and leading by 5 points to handle the economy. he doesn't win on economy and terror he is in trouble. >> 5 points --
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>> national security on the national security -- >> two or three. >> as you look at the bounce in the dnc clinton has not had the best week. it is one week, it is august. 96 days to go, donald trump will continue making his case. this $400 million, state sponsor of terrorism under clinton/obama will resonate, democrats continue to lie to the american people and put our nation at risk, donald trump will not allow that to happen. maria: we will leave it there, good to have you, thousands of homes losing power as a tornado ripped through new orleans, several buildings, an update on the storm coming next. apple dumping on the bandwagon of companies paying hackers, the 6 you figure paycheck hackers can take from apple, back in a
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kerrimac a violent storm hit new orleans leaving a trail of damage in its wake. dagen: the national weather service has confirmed a tornado touched down in new orleans's seventh would. the ef 0 tornado delivered 80 mile-per-hour winds and left a half mile stretch of damage in new orleans, the new orleans
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fire department confirms it responded to six homes with structural damage including three home collapses, the storm knocked out power for 29,000 residents and two people had to be hospitalized fm thr injuries. apple is going to pay hackers for their work, finally announcing it will pay researchers $200,000 for identifying security bugs in their products, announcing the program at the cybersecurity conference in las vegas. it will start with 2 dozen researchers who previously worked with apple but were not compensated for their findings. it coincides with an important security update. apple has released 9.3.4 which includes an important security patch according to the technology giant. the update will be the final refresh ahead of ios 10 next
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month. the fbi figured out how to hack into the terrorist iphone because apple wouldn't help them in exposing a security flaw. students at xavier university, get ready for midnight pizza, they partnered with the french based company to bring the first pizza atm to north america, they will place the pizza atm in one of the campus dorms giving student access to hot pizza 24 hours a day, the dining service. the machine with several pizzas every day, students can select their choice of pizza including pepperoni, cheese and vegetable. the pizza is ready within three minutes of being ordered. medium-size pizza will cost $9. maria: don't know how i feel about this. dagen: this is a pox on all pizzas.
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maria: i like cold pizza but getting it from a machine? and the robotic thing, there is that argument, another job that is gone. maria: robots are taking over. a prime example. fast food, trying to automate as much as possible because they can't afford to pay people. dagen: college students need another way to gain weight. plus 30 l bes. maria: investors are awaiting a crucial jobs report, more on how to make portfolio jobs ready and another indicator of the economy, how hard times for watchmakers could hold warnings of global slowdowns. more on that. a cancer diagnosis can
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maria: stocks open higher this morning, futures indicator 32 point move for the dow jones industrial average ahead of the jobs report, economists expect the economy to get 180,000 new jobs by july and the unemployment rate to move lower. the later report participation rate remains at four decade lows, joining us is wells fargo investment institute president, let's talk about what is most
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important in this jobs report. >> hopefully it will be less fireworks and headlines on the july report. my eyes are on the participation rate, wages and revisions. all three of those matter. the last three months we revised jobs lower. if that trend continues we need to watch that. and overall feeling for the economy's strength. also wage data, average hourly earnings will be up 0.3 which is a nice bump in wages that will put annualize wages year-over-year and continue to grind their way higher. maria: the revisions we have seen, the main number was we, 11,000 jobs in may. >> may was the biggest concern because it was originally reported a 30,000, that is revised downward. we had a good number for june but the overall average when you look at job growth, they haven't
6:23 am
been very strong which is concerning. they keep revising numbers downward. i am interested in what revisions are going to be for the past two months looking at labor participation. it is at a four decade low and we need to see people participating. maria: what we are seeing from customers, they are having to pay more in the market. it is getting very competitive. with the pressure of unemployment getting lower, we hear from people every time, we can't find a job, there are many jobs out there, they are in the service sector and really professional jobs but it is very competitive, multiple job offers, the dynamic is shifting.
6:24 am
maria: some of those involved skill sets. how do you see it? >> a critical election for millennials. 80% of them were watching the jobs report and seeking the election in how it will impact their careers. what comes out today to sentiment with respect to november. dagen: a bad number, does it discourage people from looking for a job? do individuals watch the employment report carefully? >> i don't think they watch it closely, an excellent one, the laborforce differential comes out and increased which suggests jobs are harder to get which
6:25 am
squeezes wages higher and make the job market more competitive. maria: is this a vicious cycle? could be the jobs number or gdp number, do we see behavior dictated by the numbers? dagen: what number would indicate recession? when you need to see a falloff for several months? >> 3, 6, 12 months rolling jobs average, 150 and 200. we have been walking this down which is normal full employment. we should expect them to decline. recession, you have to see less jobs created in the laborforce, 3 times the number of jobs of
6:26 am
people -- maria: look at this, in terms of the market reaction, talking about valuation, and a negative number selling at a rich level. is there a reaction if we get a good number? >> if you got a hot number, north of 250, bring this conversation back in september and the market short-term would not react well. it would be a bit of a squeeze. maria: we are two hours from the jobs report, we will bring it to you, it kicks off at 8:00 this morning, stay with us for that. zika fears threatening tourism in the olympics, kicking off today, what you should know to stay safe. linkedin reporting a strong
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quarter for the second quarter, following the merger, look at the numbers next, back in a moment. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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jobs' report is out later today expectations call for 180,000 jobs, to have an added to the economy last month the unemployment rate edging down to 4.8%, i investors watching
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the report closely after swings in may and june on to race to the white house we go donald trump hillary clinton ramp up attacks begins one another when it comes to the economy. >> what did donald trump say when all of this began to happen? >> well, he basically said hey, this is good for me. i can go buy i can make money he was thinking about himself. >> i am going to cut your taxes in half, we're going to have massive dollars pouring into this country. and we're going to create jobs, like we have never seen before. >> g.o.p. unity focus on campaign trail again, donald trump heads to house speaker paul ryan home state of wisconsin, after calling ryan a good argue new this morning in brussels terror investigation, the "the wall street journal" reporting that as the attackers were planning onslaught they were collecting unemployment checks from the government.
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>> the olympics kick off tonight in rio but the zika threat is driving away you tourism in brazil we've got details next a sign of the times watch sales slowing down in key market, what 245 says about the health of the about global economy all that coming up ahead of jobs' report futures indicating a higher opening for broader averages dow jones industrial average expecting to open up 40 points as you can see there, in europe, stocks are edging higher as well, fractional move in europe a quarter of a percent higher on ft 100 in london in asia overnight a mixed day hang seng in hong kong best performer up 1 1/2%, suicide squad hitting theatres this weekend will it bring in bucks in the wake of bad reviews? taking a closer look, at the move going into the weekend, florida is fighting battle with zika by spraying 10 year mile radius, following 15 cases reported near miami, concerns in rio high as olympics begin today with with rio de janeiro being one of the many areas, that zika
6:32 am
bearing mosquitos can thrive joining can you say fox news medical a-team professor of medicine at new york university dr. mark siegel good to see you. >> great to see. >> you your biggest concern as zika continues to spread how do you see this. >> my biggest concern is fear, that we hear about that one square mile in florida, and somebody -- suddenly no one wants going to florida it is one square mile you know why mosquitos thoefr travel beyond a few blocks live a couple weeks that insecticide is almost one hundred percent effective, getting rid of them the biggest problem we are having is in puerto rico afraid of it, we used it on 8 million miles in florida last year alone it works, epa says it is safe, it is way above the ground so not likeable to make anybody sick puerto rico they are -- fighting it, 50 -- 50 preth women getting zika a day in pr that is what we have to worry about. >> olympics kicking off tonight what about people,
6:33 am
americans going o to the olympics, and perhaps contracting zika coming back, i mean are you worried that that it could spread as a result of all of the tourists in brazil. >> i am not worried about that for a preponderance reasons number one a study out of yale looked that the said even 500,000 people going to rio right now, would bring back 100 cases. of zika, that is it is it is decreasing in brazil a winter there number of cases on decline, and it is not going to cede united states we don't have mosquitos i was saying we don't have the mosquito in the amount would you need to spark big outbreak here. >> another way to contract through sexual activity. >> absolutely number of cases very low i am not pregnant women should not go to rio. >> miami. >> shouldn't go to wynnwood in miami. >> this district of miami.
6:34 am
>> florida is okay. >> williamsburg like hipster neighborhood i am shocked by it, i am shocked by at it kind of the dire cdc warning telling people not to travel to this district in miami this never happened before. not in history of the cdc. >> you are worried. >> i am worried because i read the -- i read the -- the warnings, about -- use deet use off, wear to ourses sitting with bug spray long pants long-sleeved shirt i am covered in mosquito bites from yesterday -- that is not my point my point is, i know that zika is not in connecticut but i do know that even when people tell you to put go out cover yourself use bugs display you still get bit. >> she lives in florida any do south florida. >> these mosquitos are ferocious bite live one a couple blocks one mile area they live one week or two weeks, you are not going to
6:35 am
see have to closing -- beyond that, neighborhood. >> but the concern is out there, i think we are seeing like you are hearing restaurants in south florida that are you know, shutting down outdoor eating areas, you know it is impacting businesses, the concern is out there not only in miami but just i mean even i live outside fort lauderdale, and many people are concerned, about this, but it -- it is that education -- let people know. >> we have a soft underbelly in united states we tend not to be worried about puerto rico i am telling you one-third of puerto rico is going to end up with zika they have that mosquito not spraying. >> o flow of fr people from puerto rico coming to mainland may continue. >> will bring zika would be the cede mosquitos i am not trying to downplay what you are saying i am just saying it is not. >> mosquitos are not here. >> how do they get to wynnwood how did those mosquitos wined up in that neighborhood.
6:36 am
>> good question that is a great question here is how because somebody traveled here, from puerto rico -- >> ask you -- half a million americans going to brazil that is why i am asking that question. >> going to come back bring zika, some of them, going to areas where -- mosquitos life going to be some local cases as a result. not zero, some local cases, but there is not now of of the mosquito in florida because of all the spraying, there is not enough of it for it to go from neighborhood to neighborhood to neighborhood. it will be sporadic cases. >> in that neighborhood in miami bit by mosquito that mosquito got zika. >> trmentdz to someone else zika let's not forget a mild mild filed virus only if you are pregnant that it is a concern, then 10 to 125 paris pregnant women can get it up to 30% birth defects.
6:37 am
>> you are bringing up -- that it just happened this is that ans -- that you raised a mosquito bit a person the mosquito got zika bit another person, zika. >> that is going to happen in sporadic cases maria it is much more likely to happen if we don't control the problem in puerto rico -- >> money running out to fight zika. >> in my opinion we should get 12.9 billion dollars congress in session pass it. >> president obama went after republicans on this yesterday, of course, it is democrats and republicans left to go on vacation didn't fund it that is is what happened. >> both of them. >> we need the money we need to control it in puerto rico, and then we won't have as much here we don't have the mosquitos here for sustained spread. >> good to see you you thank you so much, coming up development in the investigation into paris brussels terrorist attack at least five terror suspects
6:38 am
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maria: welcome back right now looking at higher opening for broader averages take a look at futures indicating dow jones industrial average up 38 points, this is ahead of the july jobs' report, we are waiting for that jobs' report 180,000 new jobs expected, month of july, handful of names on move lincoln reporting earnings after the close, giving an inside look at company before its takeover bhi microsoft finalized, is it social media company reporting widest loss ever tactics retdz charge accord to executive revenue did rise from year yearly microsoft announceed in june will kwierp he lynchked in. >> a weak guidance announce
6:42 am
restructuring including more job cuts that stock going to be down couple percent you can see there shocking about terrorist behind the recent attacks in europe, dagen with the headlines. dagen: thank you a investigators in belgium discovered suspects in brussels and paris you were collecting welfare until before they carried out these attacks in "the wall street journal" today on front page at least five terrorists involved in the attacks in paris brussels were partiallyly supported bh money from belgium's welfare system the payments totally 56,000 dollars conversion from euros bottom line that is taxpayer dollars from belgium people going to support terrorists who committed atrocities murdered people in that very country and in france. samsung under fire over smart watch pat he isn't many say
6:43 am
the pat he isn't suggest the korean firm may be taking queues from apple illustrations look sim to apple's smart watch nothing like samsung galaxy gear collection the question was filed in january published yesterday apple watch best-selling smart watch with 72% of the market. and let's talk about luxury watch sales falling on hard times, the wong reporting shrug sluggish k economy changing tastes to blame hong kong top market for swiss swatch exports has been particularly hurt, analysts estimate that sales have been so slow, that the makers of cater yea tag heuer luxury brands buying back possibly thousands of time appeases from dealers says swiss watch experts hong kong in june tumbled 29% from a year ago trairlz say alarmingly to strong hong kong dollar chinese governments crackdown
6:44 am
on gifting. >> good story you wonder if indicator of the economy or something else going on, joanie you've got an idea you think something else going on. >> i was saying when i heard the story i started thinking of my husband, who has some very nice expensive watches, but what he wears every day is his good samaritanand watch cartier the other ones don't make it out so i can see that people are starting to wear more of the fit bits garmen not spending on expensive watches. >> charles will answer this coming up. >> -- >> collection of watches. >> he does. >> and this is true if you have all expensive watches like you are talking about -- that he charles has not wearing if you want a fitbit. >> makes a lot of sense, so i don't want to read too much
6:45 am
into it a sign economy is plummeting, still to come a movie hitting theatres critics not warming up to it the inside scoop on suicide squad, back in a minute. wow. college already yeah! we gotta go ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ i love you. ♪for all the joy you brought to my life♪ i love you too daddy. ♪you're the one who saw me through♪ ♪through it all and thanks...for, everything. ♪you were my strength when i was weak♪ ♪you were my hopes when i couldn't speak♪ girl: you're going to need me. you're going to need us. all of us. you're going to need our help with your water... your air, your food. you're going to need our determination, our compassion. you're going to need the next generation of leaders to face the challenges the future will bring.
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and we promise we'll be there when you need us. ♪
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. . . >> what do we have here? >> you going to kill me? >> i am not gonna kill you i am just gonna her at you, really, really bad. maria: starring as joker in suicide squad latest in d.c. comic franchise -- michael had an opportunity to speak with the cast aid headed of the
6:49 am
release joins us now wow that looks good. >> a lot in the morning but will smith, margo robbie viola davis i sat down with them all over the weekend take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪. >> you first heard about the character the movie what did you think. >> there was no screenplay, so we all david, came to -- cast member pitched the idea. so you know, not having a screenplay for me that was a little scary, but i loved david's work. >> -- one side, ledger on the other put your own stamp on this who did you look to for inspiration. >> unforgettable performances so special you have to leave them as they are pull from other sources we went on a joyn
6:50 am
journey created some things. >> happy to here purring is in there little -- >> yeah, i can't do it so well anymore but very animalistic very strange i think when you got excited, very chilling. >> show you -- >> a lot of personalities what was it like. >> most actual actors are he certifiable. >> the best the worse accuse like, family did he mentdz borrowers and sisters by end like family love like family. >> somehow really got along it was just a really positive generous atmosphere. >> wants to be about graphic artist found out doing it started doing, jared letto joker, wow.
6:51 am
>> look at that. >> great. >> i like that, that is exactly what that person looks like that was a good one. >> got shading in there everything, that is pretty awesome. >> anthony you killed it buddy. >> don't forget we're the bad guys. >> that was awesome. >> so much fun, and david had of it toughest job in hollywood to direct this whole group of characters, a lot of them on same scene together 10 big stars. >> so third d.c. comics film from warner br reviews have not been great. >> a lot of hate i don't quite get with this. >> insiders anding a big weekend or do of critics take this film down. >> i think fans carry it over the top, costs 135 million to make, projected to come in 140 to 150, so going to make its money back you know sort of rushed this movie announced back in to 14 that going to have a slate of -- >> pitched without a script, pitches to all stars without
6:52 am
the script, they all bought on to it, that said, it is finish, i mean, if you are going to see this expecting to be in a oscar pool in january don't go. not that kind you have to -- yeah. >> a typical thing don't have a screenplay how can that happen. >> nottan warneer brothers aggressive how go after disney marvel with slate of superhero he movers. >> so much competition in this carrier rig category. >> after batman versus superman we saw earlier. >> great he stuff thank you so much, we had a great week on "mornings with maria" in case you missed it some of the top moments from the show. >> retroactive is still behaving as though programs i 17 schedules joeman montana went through a stretch kept throwing he interceptions half a season looked like not joe montana anymore.
6:53 am
>> trump in that slump. >> mayor giuliani several say you with gingrich. >> tell us about that sneeth. >> i find the word intervention completely out of line, sometimes we make changes, sometimes he makes changes, it is not different than any campaign i have ever been in including my own, you get bad weeks good weeks. >> we have never had a candidate like mrs. clinton, who has been found by the fbi, to have been extremely careless volcano dozens of say it secrets. >> four pinocchios. >> she has been saying i have been lying all along i have also a been consistent. >> lots of things to go after hillary on has to be on hillary clinton obama card or for more years of obama. >> the never time where i agree with david ever today i do hundreds right trump sxain
6:54 am
focus. >> i don't think anything truly believes hillary clinton is going to in wall street. >> poll relied allows one moment taylor swift had impact on the creation. >> she released her album 1989 the front cover a polaroid picture you new i iconic border people knew. >> to cash in on memories from past to sell products another example of nostalgic marketing success. >> i spent a weekend playing pokémon go wearing chokers again, too, [laughter] >> i am not -- not conscious i am not like this reminds me of ghetto days but marketing is working on me. >> the debate by the way -- of course, you will football is america sports the number one sport you can schedule these debates against any other sporting event just not football. >> like you said nfl most
6:55 am
popular do it on -- on wade incompetent think what sports happening george steinbrenner wanted to acquire him every time ortiz beat us he would say, i won't use first word, but we should have gotten that guy just like i said. >> will you order a cheetos burrito, might be dirty. i guess whoppi goldberg joke you can take residue use it as eye makeup. >> carry on that carries you -- suitcase -- >> needs to have -- >> never felt more alive. >> a great week go to breakb that dagen with etf report. >> great for biotech the winners this week of that is seen major index is little changes the dow s&p in fact, down for the week two weeks in
6:56 am
a row losses, if losses stick ishares nasdaq biotech eft, ticker ibb, as in boy one standout in flatwork on 2 1/2% biogen driving gains surging 8 1/2% since friday on reportsdrawing take over interest from major drug companies including allergan. "mornings with maria" will be right back. .
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maria: this friday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is friday, august 5 fwlour top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast the moment of truth for the labor markets, july jobs' report, out later this morning, expectations call for 180,000 jobs, added to 2 economy last month with unemployment rate edging down to 4.8%, investors watching this he closely after big swings in the month of may and june. a. ment rhetoric heats up president obama weighed in a look at allocates polls plus what millennials want in a presidential candidate to war on terror president obama holding a nice conference at pentagon highlighting u.s. efforts to take on isis, donald trump, fought back on the claims. >> we will keep paying them pushing back driving out until they do he in other words,
7:00 am
going to be dweedz four more years obama if you elect hillary clinton four more years. >> senator the most important issues facing civilization right now is radical -- >> allowing -- >> companies moving headquarters overseas why chamber of commerce says it is not how governments are supposed to work we tell you about it plus no mirror false advertising, facebook serious about the fight against -- markets ahead of jobs' report we are expecting a higher opening for the broader averages, the dow jones industrial average nearing high up 40 points, again that jobs' report will set the tony in an hour and half, in europe, stocks are edging higher this morning take a look ft 100 up a third of a percent cac quarante in a paris up two-thirds of one percent, dax in germany higher in a asia markets mixed hang
7:01 am
seng well up 1 1/2% as kospi in korea 12%, a rare copy of the super man comic sells at auction ipopping price tag coming up, all those stories this morning this hour joining me to talk about it fox business network daig daishgs, and joanie courtney, and ceo caroline, great to see you thanks for joining us. >> great. thank you. >> good hour so far. >> interesting stuff, the top of the show with the obama press conference, talking about donald trump, and not discussing hillary clinton as it relates to national security. got us fired up. >> don't -- again, the president is baiting donald trump, failing to a acknowledge that hillary clinton compromised national security, i by having a private e-mail server something called out on by the fbi director. >> right. >> donald trump is the villain? >> they have got daily briefings, national security briefings, we are going to turn to top story because,
7:02 am
this continues this morning hillary clinton soaring to double-digit lead over donald trump in race to the presidency according to the latest poll democratic nominee leads trump by 15 points, that is 48% to 33%. note the july version of the same poll had clinton leading by just three points bring in pollster former senior advisor to scot walker mitt romney, presidential campaign, ed, good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria good to see you. >> what do you think is going on a last couple days can trump come back from where he is right now? >> well, there is certainly nothing in the data that says he can't win this election, certainly there is you know, if you look at what has happened in the numbers, they are both within a certain margin the reality of the situation is that boths candidates from polling standpoint are flawed candidates, starts off as campaign with 55 paris unfavorable rating average of
7:03 am
all polls right now through yesterday, through last night, hillary clinton had 52% unfavorable, trump has gone to 59% unfavorable but a year later, they are hovering into that category, that a majority of americans do not like either of they see two candidates. >> news count. >> more viewing clirn unfavorably than favorably negative 11 that is better than opponent he has only 36% voters with a positive opinion of him, giving him the score 27 points. >> and trump has does have one additional problem, where hillary clinton with democratic voters only had 10% of those democratic voters unfavorable trump between 25 and 30% of republicans unfavorable towards him what we saw the end of the
7:04 am
republican convention, is a propped republicans up supporting him at same level knots were supporting hillary clinton, but after last week they have dropped again, to he has a 120 point deficit on how upcoming with republicans. >> expecting a bump, because of the convention. but this is more than an average bump that you would get? >> this -- well, i really think the bump that you are that what you are seeing in the numbers now just like what we saw with republican convention, was a combination of the statements from the fbi director, and the republican convention. what we're seek now is democratic convention basically what was worst week of any presidential campaign, that i have seen in modern history for donald trump. >> why so bad in tell us. >> i think a couple things first of all you have to say the reason why people originally unfavorable towards donald trump was not because
7:05 am
of politics but because of his is style what they saw fightsback with khan family, had a very negative reaction it was reenforcement of negatives ending the week quite frankly with states about not endorsing paul ryan, not endorsing mccain basically sent a message to those republicans that were unabout comfortable with him you have free license to go with your feelings, too. >> is about reverseble the unfaifshz for hillary clinton and donald trump are we look at low turnout do you think in november. >> you could be i think you are going to see high turnout of the partisans because the democrats don't like trump republicans don't like hillary clinton. the one thing you are seeing in data is that with independent voters more than 60% of independent voters are unfavorable towards bothed candidates if this is a food
7:06 am
fight in the fall they are as likely to stay at home as opposed to say i like this one least i am going to vote for the other one and turn out. >> interesting highest number independents we have seen in a long time, they if they stay home helps hillary? >> well, it -- it does, depends on what you are looking at with independents that is where you get into different polling firms do it differently. i am a big advocate of taking those independentsnd pushing them when party they lean towards first, and looking at the true independents that don't have any political leanings, that shrinks from 40% of the country to 20%, that is a group to watch. >> what about this issue being rigged donald trump warning political system is rigging president obama, in turn dismissed trump called his comments ridiculous listen to this, ed. >> i am telling you november 8 we better be careful because that election is going to be rigged i hope the republicans are watching closely or going
7:07 am
to be taken away from us. >> i don't even know where to start on answering this question, of course, the elections will not be rigged what does that mean that is ridiculous that do you have any idea of the make anyway sense, i don't think anybody would take that seriously. >> mr. trump is up -- 10 or 15 points, object election day ends up losing, then -- you know may be he can ray of some questions. >> trump waestsdz no time responding on twitters said president obama should ask the dnc, about how they rigged the election against bernie what do you think for the president to say it is ridiculous, onif ridiculous given what we just saw from the e-mails out of debbie wasserman schultz and her team. >> you know, i have to say, if you are running for president you don't you don't trash the system the way that trump is doing it, i think -- again, going back to the reason why many people unfavorable towards trump is because of his style, because of his
7:08 am
brashness, trump needs to stop campaigning to 35 paris of the country that likes that style and start showing that he is campaigning to the broader audience running against the system doesn't get tell him. >> you don't think anything is rigged about the system. >> no, it is not rigged in terms of system -- >> do you think bernie sanders got a fair shot? >> i do think bernie sanders got a fair shot, and -- and i think he ran a good campaign. i think hillary clinton with an a good campaign. you know, the can when you get back to this is not about a system rigged this is about this is what is going to win this election, whoever can convince the middle class that you are going to make their lives safer and you are going to make the middle class more prosperous to bring american people in their reach they are going to get the vote. which ever candidate does that between now and election railing gains the system doesn't get you there talking
7:09 am
about what you are going to do to bring prosperity to middle class bring american drooechl back within reach that is winner for this election. maria: i agree with that. >>. dagen: to add to your point when you tell your core voters that the system is rigged you are essentially to some discouraging them from voting because again they throw hands up going my vote doesn't matter why am i going to go vote. >> that is no different than what the reaction was 70% in your allocates fox poll what is wrong going after khan family rather than recognizing the contributions of the family, that they have you know he got in a night with is one he shouldn't have got in a been for surrogates to push that political message should not be coming from principal. >> i wonder if people write that off we know not a politician never expected him to -- >> i mean some of his supporters and even independents out there might
7:10 am
say well, yeah, it was bad, but. caution he is not a politician. >> well, he is in a position -- this is the hard line that he is running on here. is that his very close to for months people have been saying he has no filter. maria: yeah -- >> from that to he has no filter but shows the true him, he is in trouble. >> yeah. >> he has to show that it runs deeper, than just his immediate reaction of someone hetz me i am going to hit back. >> my concern, really, ed more that we could be looking at some of our lowest turnout ever for voting i mean based on a lot of polls what we're hearing people are saying you know what i don't like either candidate i am not going to come out and vote we are three months outs from november 8. we need to think about you know how do we get candidates the candidates definitely need to get their message out of what they are going to do differently to your encourage
7:11 am
people i am curious ed for you what is your advice what advice do you give candidates to really get you know, voter turnout get people to vote for them? because, right now it seems like people are giving up they are they don't want to even participate. >> well, a little bit of frustration there but interesting if you look from a different standpoint only 3% of the country like both candidates he not that i recall is 30%. maria: 3%, wow. >> about a quarter of electorate to 30% electorate december-like both candidates then 35% that like one dislike the other fairly equal in terms of those numbers, this campaign has to be run to that 30%, 25% that dislike both candidates but they have to i mean, from negative standpoint, dislike opponent more but more tell them a message of why perhaps you may
7:12 am
not like me because of my style, but here is what i am going to do for you. and quite frankly at this point watching the -- the hillary campaign, clinton campaign, they seem to understand that more than what we're seeing out of the trump campaign they keep playing to that 35%, that like him but doesn't like her. maria: ed good to see you thanks so much. >> good seeing you. maria: joining us there, coming up no more false advertising facebook series about fight against -- a gpackers have done it again this time with a twist, what may have buyers putting on the brakes back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ rock 'n' roll ♪ the kind of music soothes the soul -- ♪ ♪ i remember ndays of old ♪ ♪ ♪
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. maria: facebook more steps to crack down on dagen with the store right now. dagen: facebook i can say changing its algorithm to weed out sensational headlines that leave out important information or mislead people under new formula posts from publishers rely on what facebook cease as click bait placed in fewer news feeds this move two years after the company had little success in fighting the problem. amazon, taking to the air, the company rolled out first
7:16 am
branded jet part of the cargo athlete amazon says will provide speedy packaged delivery for all important members the boeing 767300 prime air on the side itself part of the company plan to have one and two day u.s. package delivery, amazon expects to introduce three planes like this over the next two years. the company is showing off the new plane, at the air show near seattle today. hackers who remotely hijacked a jeep grand cherokee last near returned this time say they can do more than apply brakes or cut transmission they can now turn on the parking brake play with cruise control hijack the auto parking system, the hacking is difficult to pull off in a real world setting unlike last year this latest requires a physical connection plugging their flat top in actual vehicle. will have the year's hack led
7:17 am
to recall of 1.4 million vehicles, for chrysler. >> still to come another american charged with supporting isis more on the threat of homegrown transformati all ethics stay with us. favorab.
7:18 am
7:19 am
7:20 am
. . maria: welcome back president obama, met with national security team yesterday, ahead of a news conference at pentagon, the president highlighted successes forefathers had against isis warrening threat of smaller
7:21 am
homegrown attacks in america remains high. >> in terms of of the threat that i -- isis poses to the homeland i think it is serious we take it seriously, and as i said earlier prae sizely discuss a they are less concerned about big spectacular 9/11 style attacks, because they've been the degree of attention they can get with smaller-scale attacks. >> they have to be destroyed and defeated, in iraq and syria that is where this kans starting you got to destroy there as you say it is not the enough because it spread to afghanistan, it has spread toia we need to win as fast as weeks we are gonna wen we need to win as fast as we can. >> allocates fog news poll show economy terrorism top two issues voters most concerned about in polls former
7:22 am
commander u.s. are army war college fox news military analyst good to have you on the program thanks for joining us what is your take on president obama's news conference yesterday. >> yeah? >> as relates to isis. >> well you know, first of all, from a body language perspective did you notice how melancholy he was about trying to recite the past suggestions against isis did you pick that up almost morose perhaps apologetic what he was trying to do was to show future success by going back in a linear fashion talking about towns vilgs iraqi army captured over the last year it reminded me a little bit of richard nixon in 1970 trying to convince americans that we were winning in vietnam, not by talking about where strategy was going but talking about past successes that really sort of struck home with me. the other thing that hit me
7:23 am
was the fact the president never really talked about what the holy grail first to isis and that is a big event here at home, he kept hammering away well these are loan wolves locally produced individual akts of terror, the great fear inside government inside military that isis is trying to achieve maria that critical mass, here in this country, necessary to -- to -- to pull off another very pyrotechnic deadly event. maria: this is a serious concern on thursday, a man 35-year-old man jamale hendrix arrested an charges he sought to help islamic state trying to create a terror cell would target people on the kill list this makes two arrests this week for the fbi for by fbi for assisting isis what needs to be done now how can we do more to stop the threat of an attack at home?
7:24 am
>> i think ash carter nailed it look fbi is doing a great job of you talked about two very successful defensive plays if you are a hockey fan you know that you can't win in the nhl with just a goalie, when -- what ashe cart heer trying to tell america you got to have five more on eyes going to take the fight to the enemy and push the puck to other side and he talks about that at great length with bret baier you will notice the president talked about the offensive aspect of the war on terror very, very little maria. dagen: it is dagen mcdowell when you listen to the president speak about this threat, that he down plays it, it is board line not truthfully with american people there was national counterterrorism center map came out number of countries in two years that isis is operating in, has increased threefold it has gone from operating in seven nations to
7:25 am
18 different countries. >> right. >> where islamic state is. >> well i think what the president is saying i don't happen to agree with him what he is saying is thanks to the fbi thanks to the muslim communities, peacefulness so far united states isis why he had to achieve what is called critical mass in ability to build up a terrorist enterprise in this country i happen to think that unless the center of gravity of is ag raqqa mosul rest of franchises in the maine if not taken down in very short time like secretary carter said then it will at the mass size they will find holy grail by causing, ab catastrophic terrorist event in this country so we have to take a fight to the enemy just as carter said we have to accelerate the path the pace
7:26 am
of doing it otherwise isis is going to gain the upper hand. >> you make a great point but what about the -- the situation around iran, general? i mean, we know this four hundred million dollars was sent to iran, unmarked jet, a foreign currency looks like they wanting to keep all secret, given the fact that you know, it was cold, hard cash, that was sent we know that iran is number one sponsor of terrorism what is your take? >> yeah, look. if you want to get an honest perspective on iran talk don't talk to the administration. i mean they have a they have a sunk cost in nuclear detail talk to he israelis defends forces will tell you recite four count them four intermediary range about ballistic i mildz over last year maintain basic infrastructure of technology necessary to kwaiblg go to
7:27 am
build a nuclear weapon at least a integrate this material into a bomb the way of a nuclear weapon in order to put it on top of this missile. in addition don't tez l.a. hamas missiles aimed at israel if this is a state seeking peace in the middle east boy i will tell you i sure wouldlated to see one trying to go to war. maria: weren't surprised administration sent four hundred million dollars in cash. >> yeah, no i wasn't surprised, there are two things that mr. obama is going to write about in memoirs his great success first is obamacare, and the second is nuclear deal with iran, in his last few months in office, the last thing he wants to do is in any way diminish the perpetrati perception a great achievement those of us around will tell you that the iranians won on this one got money, they got
7:28 am
their program preserved and continuing push to develop a weapon that they are aiming at tel aviv. >> should he also propaganda machine toll all people there it was ransom now we know, that that is the way they played it general good to see you thanks so much. >> thanks mar. >> hillary clinton soaring over donald trump double-digit lead to breaking down millennial vote pokémon go fans to a new level a statue that appeared in new orleans park back in a minute. ♪
7:29 am
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. friday, august 5 good morning your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, it is jobs day the market waiting to get a look at health of the labor market estimates call for 180,000 jobs, to have been audioed to the economy last month unemployment rate coming no at 4.8%, one key measure we will watch this morning, the labor force participation rate now at historic lows, on to race for the white house hillary clinton facing a tense moment in rally in las vegas secret service russiaed the stage after animal rights activists interrupted the event watch. >> we need to invest in our
7:32 am
young people, and give them different paths besides, four year college, to get ahead. >> later in the speech clinton addressed one key issue from millennials in this election. >> we're going to make community college free. >> both weighing in on economy in jobs a closer look what millennials are looking for fletsdz race straight ahead government war on business, now business fights back, details on new lawsuit over rules preventing companies from tryinto lower their tax bills, markets this morning are higher ahead of jobs' report dow jones industrial average average, right now up 30 points in europe, stocks are also edging higher we get that a number, in one hour, and that kl likely set the tone in european markets best performer there is cac quarante in paris up a half percent, a mixed showing in asia take a look hang seng hong kong up 1 1/2% nikkei average exactly where it began
7:33 am
the day a rare company of the super man comics sells at auk 00 eye-popping price tag you wants to hear about coming up, rocking the vote more than 69 million millennials voting age according to pew research center making them a crucial voting bloc we get the july jobs' report today, 8:30 a.m. eastern, will state of jobs and economy get millenials to the polls in november? caroline with us ceo, good to see you what is your take on this. >> absolutelied, 80% of the labor members polled squarely millennial 23 years old on average, felt that their careers were going to be a significantly impacted by outh of the election diagnose how each candidate proposals are going to affect people day-to-day jobs is really important, to continue. maria: who do they want in the white house what do they want to see in next president. >> so here is what is interesting. so we found that 71% of the participants thought hillary clinton was going to win
7:34 am
however, only 58.9% were going to vote for her, and what we are seeing is this large bloc of voters who are still unundecided intend to vote not quite sure k they want to support 7% that is squarely deciding not voting because they don't like either candidate. >> if they don't vote joanie that would mean they are ging it to hillary clinton i guess? >> that is the mosconcerning part you wonder why millennials think that their vote doesn't matter. that they would ab stain from voting, that to me, really is concerning, because millennials they are our future, i mean they are obviously the younger generation of workforce faced with challenges like large you know student loan debt they want to buy their first home, they have not been able may be to find that right job, out of college, and you know certainly focus on wages and making more, so i would think that millennials would be
7:35 am
really in touch with the issues, and supporting the candidate they felt truly going to make a difference. and caroline we saw a little bit when bernie obviously was out there had a strong you know, percentage of the millennial vote, but now it seems like millennials are taking a a little bit of a backseat saying you know i don't like either candidate i am not going to vote i don't think that is rights direction we need millennials skroeth issues are really important. >> i think what is historically significant about this particular election is that millennials will equally baby boomers in term of voter base first time ever a new generation composed almost 30% of the voting base, equal baby boom snooerz what most concerned with the balance of supreme court is obviously at stake hillary clinton talking about free community college, and really focused on student debt, are these things that are resonating what is resonating most with this group. >> yes, so we asked about
7:36 am
economic issues that were of highest importance found number one was student loan debt relief and tuition in general we are seeing the candidates begin to talk about tuition, in hillary's case, very specifically and donald trump's case, expecting him to kwoiment with suppose proposal two to three weeks so this is the number one economic issue that top of mind for millennials, then, shortly behind that we have foreign policy as a group, as the issues that that he care about, but tuition is still number one, student loan debt on the rise. >> in terms of how the candidates are communicating, with this the youngest voting generation, we kind of talked about this but do you think -- donald trump has been very successful in using twitter but is that starting to become noise to people? like how -- what is working what isn't working this far into the election about cycle? >> what we're seeing at this point that people want spesity from candidates if should he
7:37 am
say i am going to support millenials intellectering the workforce, and support them having, a more successful career millenials want to understand exactly how you are doing that pro posing to move tuition to modify student debt relief. >> opportunity. >> community colleges going to be free is not enough they want toe no how american people are going to pay for that really? >> [laughter] >> i think that with respect to clinton has proposed free tuition for students family 85k or less specific number i think time for candidates to get very specific about policies that matter most to millennials, the good news there is very clear, what matters to millennials. >> not gun control not supreme court it is tuition, student debt, foreign o policy. >> on economic side, tuition student debt and foreign policy on the social side is gun control number one issue that was brought up, and number two issue behind that
7:38 am
was issues around abortion. >> understood, great insait from that polling that you are speaking to really, get your finger on millennial group a rare copy of superman comic books a stung bid taste of the autumn cheerios he hoping hopping on a full brain with a brand-new flavor we will tell you what it is stay with us. ♪ .
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7:41 am
maria: welcome back, two business groups suing federal government over a crackdown on companies that try to reduce taxes, by relocating outside of america, here is the headlines.
7:42 am
dagen: u.s. chamber of commerce and the texas association of business filed that lawsuit saying a regulation coming out of obama administration and treasury department in april, s exceeded what the law rauz regulation was initially target right to at pfizer's deal to buy allergan to cancel that planned mernl would have located companies in ireland for better tax treatment the treasury say it based on strong policy interests clear legal authority the pokémon go game is all the remaining, these days, people are wondering who is behind a real statue of pikachu in new orleans park over weekend looks defiant with arms fold, standing on a cement base with a pokey ball on the side hashtag pock money yu meant written in the cement, fans have been visiting the statue posing for photos selfies on
7:43 am
social media, by the way, there is a statue outside our billing i have taken a photo in front of first comic book speaking of comic characters first he featuring superman sold for nearly one million dollars rare 1938 edition of action comex numbers one 956,000 dollars. the first featuring a superhero and is widely considered to be the holy grail of comics books only one hundred copies thought to exist this came from unidentified clerk bought it in 90s for 26,000 dollars. and even before the frost on pumpkin general mills coming out with a pumpkin twist, to one of your favorite cereals pumpkin spies cheerios according to general mills you will find boxes, of the cereal on shelves next few weeks will remain there through december, a spokesman saying that it gave-working on new cheerios
7:44 am
last year, and in case you are wondering cheerios are made pu. >> sounds good. >> i thought it was. >> thanks, next moment you have been waiting for opening ceremony 2016 olympic games tonight, we've got a complete preview next, and later the july jobs' report less than an hour away complete breakdown of the numbers, and what it says about the economy right now with our all-star panel back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪.
7:48 am
>> welcome back. it is finally here today marks the beginning of the 2016 olympic games in rio de janeiro. the opening ceremony tonight, 24-7 fixing news sports reporter jared has more what we can expect. >> happy olympics to you and yours for starters do not expect to see brazilian born super model gisele bundchen in a portrayal of rio style mugging as talked of this week based on supposed leaks from rehearsals they said scope of the never planned denied pressured to kill discontentch question who is going to light the olympic call ron most obviously choice seems braisian soccer legend pele no confirmation doubt whether he had a convict becauflict.
7:49 am
>> the relay began over 3 months ago, now one organizer for the opening ceremony says beijing ceremony was muscular london was smart, ours is going to be cool. the telecast one-hour delay expected to run three hours. >> 118 fewer from russia in opening ceremonies russia's initial 389 olympic ent trustee only 271 permitted to compete because of matters of doping past or present, russia olympic committee president said yesterday russia will have quote cleanest team in re-- but are they the will callest? >> are they cool. >> a page from car-pool karaoke belting out the party in the usa. ♪ ♪ ♪ o
7:50 am
♪. >> swimmers making a splash in the car. phelps, from swim team saying what do you mean taylor swift shake it off pop hits second straight summer gales last time it was on an airplane, how cool is this? >> thousands of rubber ducks splashing into the chicago river yesterday. the annual windy city rubber "ducky" derby benefits special olympics illinois 50,000 rubber ducks, every year people get to adopt ducks for a nominal fee ntribute to funds collected for over 22000 athletics more than 20,000 young athletes across illinois north of illinois wisconsin congratulations to brett favre cheese head celebrating the quarterback inducted into pro
7:51 am
football hall of fame enshrined tomorrow no ohio, several other nfl graets, kevin green longtime linebacker defensive end with rams, coach did you thinke first african-american coach to win a super bowl marvin larrison played for did you thinke great years colts orlando, debartolo jr., kent staibbler, hall of fame weekend nfl sunday is hall of fame game between packers and colts gentleman exciting weekend in sports. >> a lot of sports opening ceremonies we will watch; right? >> many people might not know carline going -- is going to be one holding the forch. >> two hours, so stay tuned. >> one great sons of brazile. >> he amazing. >> thank you. >> you are not going. >> i want not here because of the zika virus. >> family there you decided to not go as millennial woman i
7:52 am
am here. >> i there are a lot of people who have that decision would they go or not go, i think a lot of he athletes feel pressure if they don't go don't -- you are disrespecting the honor the flag, but you know it is a tough decision. >> difficult decision personal decision a great congratulations to your father. >> thank you, exciting. >> carrying the torch two hours. >> that is right 10:22. >> great. >> cool about this olympics that as americans that is very unique olympics, that we're to the get to go root for usa but i think in a way we take ownership of being fans rooting for 10 refugees from four nations competing under olympic flag what a story there. >> that is great story. >> and, by the way, caroline cracked up there, one of your stories -- just. >> what happened -- [laughter] > respond taenous reaction to what you are saying. >> i dove "ducky" story pure
7:53 am
and sweet about yello rubber duckies. >> the still image of the photo my computer still image i first saw it thought -- that it was going to be 3-d eyes have to go blurry they appear, but then i read the story i realized because those are actual ducks right there. >> some shot with all those ducks good stuff. >> have a great weekend. >> you, too, everybody watching opening ceremony. >> i am i definitely want to watch, always exciting i love olympics. >> what is favorite event do you have one? >> i love swimming tuning in to all the -- i love track and field, because all the things that i you -- could never been able to do. >> this year so many other things going on, in brazil whether corruption impeachment of the president, obviously
7:54 am
se zika more than just celebration of electricityism. >> when complete so much ugliness going into it the images you see of the athletes the competition if underdogs who come out the on top, i think that will be the -- narrative we love to see that watch stories that come out about the athletes i think going to be interesting wi athletes just seeing what american swim team is doing, through social media, it is interesting to watch to olympics now you feel like you can relate to the athletes through twitter -- >> enjoyable. >> other day japanese gymnast built up 5,000 dollars charges playing pokémon go in rio. >> i saw that i am afraid my son is going to do that i got the to make sure i cut him
7:55 am
off. >> a craze. >> jobs' report 30 minutes away analysts expect 1280,000 new jobs added the complete analysis with all-star panel back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here.
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. .
7:58 am
maria: good friday morning, everybody. welcome back i'm maria bartiromo. it is fried august 5th. 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. the county down on the jobs report, jobs report out in 30 minutes. expectations call for 180,000 new jobs with unemployment rate lower to 4.8%. it is a moment of truth for the labor market. investors watching after big swings in may and june. let's check markets right now ahead of the report. dow jones industrial average looking up. nasdaq, s&p 500, also higher. want to get a check on oil because oil has been edging down more than half a percent, now at 41.66 on crude.
7:59 am
on to the race for white house we go. trustworthiness comes as main concern for voters as donald trump and hillary clinton prepare for their first national security briefing. both trump and obama weighed in on the issue. >> hillary clinton, furthermore can never be trusted with national security. >> as far as mr. trump, we are going to go by the law. they need to get security briefings so that if they were to win they are not starting from scratch. in terms of the being prepared for this office. maria: we have the latest on that. plus the controversy over the alleged 400 million-dollars ransom payment to release four american prisoners to iran. new developments in the brussels terrorist investigation. "the wall street journal" is reporting as the attackers were planning the onslaught they were collecting unemployment checks.
8:00 am
the outrage coming up. tornado touches down in new orleans taking down buildings, trees, power lines all in its path. we have latest on the stories. with me to talk about it fox fox business network's dagen mcdowell and joanie courtney and making money with charles payne,'s charles payne. do you think it will be a good number. >> could be down from 195. i'm really worried about manufacturing and construction down with adp. we have housing shortage there. i don't know what that speaks to. maria: is it important? this will set tone for markets and give us a great window where jobs are. joanie you have a great information on where the jobs are. forcing president obama to respond to it, putting donald trump on the attack. as one of the former hostages
8:01 am
himself highlighted the tense situation that unfolded on the runway right before the hostages were released, watch. >> we announced these payments in january. many months ago. there was not a secret. we announced them. the only bit of news that is relevant on this, the fact that we paid cash, which brings me to my last point. the reason that we had to give them cash is precisely because we are so strict in maintaining sanctions and we do not have a banking relationship with iran that we couldn't send them a check. >> i wonder where that money really goes by the way, right? i wonder where it really goes. either in their pockets which i actually think more so. or towards terrorism. probably a combination of both. >> they told us you're going to be there for 20 minutes but took like hours and hours.
8:02 am
we slept at the airport. when i asked them why you don't let us go. the plane was there, pilot was there, everyone was ready to ave the country, they said we are waiting for another plane and until that plane doesn't come we never let you go. maria: they were waiting, the hostages were waiting for another plane, presumably the plane with money before they were actually released. former deputy chief of staff to former president george w. bush, chief of staff, karl rove with us. your take on this escalating situation. >> look the president was being disingenuous. that was ransom. we didn't have banking relationship? fine. park the money in switzerland and tell the iranians to work it out. we put together untraceable euros, other currencies, flopped them on to a plane and flew them out. this was clearly, iranians wanted something that they could depict as a victory. they wanted money for hostages.
8:03 am
they got it. it set a precedent. we'll rue this day. the president was being disingenuous last night as he has been about the iranian dole all along. maria: seems to extraordinary to me and some people that this took place. by the way, we should point out the iranians had a whole propaganda machine telling the public it was ransom. >> right, absolutely. maria: why was it so secretive? why was it cash on unmarked jet? why wouldn't they release the hostages until the money was there? i mean it sure feels like ransom and also feels like they're not being truthful in terms of what was behind all of this. >> sure. if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and squawks like a duck, it's a duck. this was ransom. the president paid money that was untraceable, i'm sure turned over to the iranian revolutionary guard used to fund terrorism around the world. he was being completely disingenuous. we don't have a banking relationship with them. find a place that does.
8:04 am
park the money there and tell them to go get it. instead he did exactly what iranians demanded we want cash before you get your hostages. i repeat this was a precedent. iranians now hold more hostages. does anybody think we'll get them out without paying another similar ransom? maria: dagen and i were talking earlier about the implications of this. do you think this sticks to hillary clinton in any way? dagen says she doesn't think so but i wonder what you think. >> first of all she will have to be asked by the press about it. and trump ought to put his focus there, what does hillary think of this? does she think this is good policy. after all she wasn't matley involved in setting up the iranian deal. she was the secretary of state when these negotiations began and we went down this path. yeah, she ought to be asked about it. it isn't. remember this, in this election there are two democrats on the ballot. one is named hillary rodham clinton.
8:05 am
the other whether he likes it or not is barack obama. the more trump make this is about hillary clinton and barack obama, when they can be tied together as they can be tied together on this, tied together on the economy, where they can be tied together on a lot of issues, veterans administration, the more he makes this about, if you like what you got in washington from president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton, if you like it, vote for her. if you want change, vote for me. that is a strong emphasis and strong issue that goes his way. >> karl, there are $2 billion in irnew york banks iran wants back. one court said it should go to victims of iranian sponsored terrorism. do you think ultimately between now and inauguration day for hostages taken since the first ransom payment made we make another one? >> i think president will make political calculation he shouldn't do anything between now andnovember 8th, that gives him a chance to be more criticized. i wouldn't be sure advised
8:06 am
between november 8th and january 20th if the president did something to further assuage mullahs in tehran and go down that direction. wouldn't be surprised at all. maria: let me ask you this, karl, because both presidential nominees are set to receive national security briefings ahead of the election. we know these will be daily briefings. >> yes. maria: president obama warned donald trump about keeping information classified. donald trump, you, this is important. you need to keep this information secret and classified. first without me leading you anywhere, what are your thoughts on that? >> look, i think this is a unnecessary politicization of the briefing process by the president of the united states. if you want, if the intelligence officials believe that they need to say that to both candidates, then say so privately but the president of the united states is butting into this in inappropriate way. he is making himself more a center of the campaign and poe politicizing this very important process we set in place so that
8:07 am
whoever wins the election comes in better ready to take on these awesome responsibility. my advice to the president, with all due respect mr. president, shut up. don't be saying things like that. maria: he is not speaking to both candidates. only said it to donald trump. >> only said it to donald trump. remember -- maria: despite we know hillary clinton had national securities and put them on a private server. >> right, exactly. this is my point. he is turning into all politics. is there any moment where the president has any degree of shame about politicizing everything? i don't care what it is. he seems to believe that everything out to be twisted in order to elect hillary clinton, to protect his legacy rather than doing what he ought to appropriately do, when it comes to something like this, if he is concerned have the intelligence officials tell both candidates exactly the same thing, which is, please keep this confidential. here how we handle, boom it is over. he is out of it. he has to use it as political talking points.
8:08 am
mr. politics every moment, all the time, mr. hyper partisan, this is why the american people would like to have change. why 26% think we're going in the right direction and nearly 70% think we're going in the wrong direction. maria: does anybody here think this is extraordinary? >> i do. maria: we came off whole investigation and she testified and jim comey told us she was incredible irresponsible with the information and president does a call-out on donald trump. >> says he is unfit earlier. if i can, ask karl this. the president is taking it a step further or a step beneath the office because he openly baiting donald trump. and karl, that is what it is look like. they're trying to set traps for donald trump. >> sure. and i hope he doesn't fall for it but let's step back for a minute. both of you touched on something. where did he call donald trump unfit to be president? at a news conference with a foreign leader. when we had the leader of singapore in washington, d.c. for an official visit, it is at
8:09 am
that press conference the president dives into the political pool. again, it would have been more appropriate when he was asked those questions to say look, today's not a day, this is not a place for politics. we're here with mr. lee. we're going to be talking about the world. talking about our great relationship, i'm not going to be answering any political questions today. there he is standing with the leader of singapore and he jumps back into the political pool, barning donald trump. now, look he is entitled to have his opinion but he ought to be saying that in front. democratic national committee, not in front of the diplomatic press corps and a diplomatic official event. maria: karl, great insights as always for you. we appreciate your time. see you soon, sir. >> thanks for having me. i hope some day i can on the set with you. maria: me too. i hope you will be here soon. we'll keep calling you and tell you to agree to it. >> all right. maria: thank you, karl. terrorists on welfare. you heard that right. staggering new claims surround
8:10 am
ing men behind recent european attacks. how they were funding it. waiting july jobs report. analysts expecting 180,000 jobs added to the and unemployment rate dropping to 4.8%. we have the numbers with market reaction live. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling.
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tulip: we can do this, together! narrator: to know for sure that your child is in the right seat for their age and size... nate: remember when i was a baby, it felt like one minute ago? dad: what? narrator: visit dad: what he said. maria: shocking news about the terrorists behind recent attacks in europe. here is dagen with a store and headlines. >> thank you, maria. investigators in belgium discovered some of the suspects in the european terror plots were actually collecting welfare from the country until shortly before they carried out these attacks. at least five of the terrorist involved in the attacks in paris and brussels were partially supporting themselves from the country's generous social welfare system. there is story in "the wall street journal" on this. the welfare payments totaled about $56,000 but the bottom line taxpayers dollars from the belgium people were going to
8:14 am
support terrorists who committed atrocities and murdered people in that very country and also in france. a powerful storm causing a tornado in new orleans, destroying at least two homes and damaging several others. it found damage from the tornado over half a mile track. the storm hit city with strong winds and toppling many trees and power lines. at least two injuries have been reported. check out this video. unplained odd lights -- unexplained odd lights appearing over the st. louis arch this week. some people on facebook saying, it's a ufo! it comes from a security camera in a park but the national park service and park air force base nearby had any reports of strange aircraft. these lights might have been from a drone if you can believe that. maria: every time i see various lights in the sky, is that satellite watching us? or is it a drone? you don't know what's up there.
8:15 am
>> it's a drone flying outside of your house. >> i think it is ufo. i'm down. maria: will the ufo bring jobs? we're awaiting july jobs report this morning. >> aliens take jobs. maria: analysts expecting 180,000 jobs were added to the economy last month. the unemployment rate is expected to drop to 1.8%. charles payne will bring us the numbers. we'll talk about it in 15 minutes. we have an all-star panel. joanie will tell us where the jobs are. back in a minute.
8:16 am
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♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ show me the latest medal count♪ ♪xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. maria: welcome back. we're about ten minutes away from the july jobs report. joining us trump economic advisor, distinguishing visiting fellow the at heritage foundation, steve moore. we have gary b. smith. economists expecting 180,000 jobs added to the economy last month with the unemployment rate expected to drop to 4.8%. here on set, caroline go of levo. charles payne, joanie courtney, dagen and myself. steve moore, kick us off here. you are now part of trump's team to look at the economy and create jobs. coming up with revisions to the tax plan. how would you characterize jobs. what are you expecting?
8:20 am
>> it is still pretty weak. that consensus number is probably about right, we'll get between 150 and 200,000. that would be a vast improvement over last month's which was 30,000. what these job numbers are consistent with, one-to-one 1/2% growth to the economy. that is quite pitiful. other thing i always look at, i keep saying month after month in the show. what is happening with wages. i think that is number one economic issue facing americans. they haven't seen a pay raise in 10 years. maria: for sure. what are the most important things to look at, joanie courtney? we know wages is critical. what are you watching? >> definitely watching revisions. that will be key to he see if may gets revised again hopefully upward. was there revision to june. wages as steve mentioned is very important. again, but, the sectors of the job are actually created. i think we really need to dig into that. even going back from you know, i think 12.9 million jobs have
8:21 am
been created since june of 2009. 94% of those jobs have been in the service sector. >> wow. >> we're not seeing job creation in construction, in manufacturing. you know those sectors really continue to be a challenge. hopefully we'll see good signs in construction. maria: 94%, huh? that is a big number. charles payne, how do you see it? >> again i'm looking, wages i think obviously we all agree on. also long-term unemployment as percentage of total unemployment, stubbornly high. it went up last month. that was one thing lost in the great, big, huge, surprise, permanent underclass, if you will of people formally had work and can't get it. that is the essential issue to the election. 27 weeks or longer. that number has been going higher as percentage of total unemployed. you wonder if we have a class of people who permanently can't get a job or not in the environment. that is scary stuff. maria: how are millenials looking, carolyn.
8:22 am
>> i look at democratic angle. millenials will be 75% of the workforce in the next five years. the way we're entering workforce and type of sectors we're entering will have significant impact on economy in the future. maria: you wonder what kind of market reaction we see as well. gary b. smith, you how would you play it from an investor's standpoint? >> i would be a buyer, yes. we rally if we get a good number. a good number implies that the economy is growing maybe a little bit better than that tepid thought that steve had although i think it is barely above that. but i think it, the number won't be so high people immediately assume that the fed will raise rates. now i think that is the reason we look at this number. who cares about that. how will it impact the fed, from specifically what i'm looking for, we already talked about wages because that tells you the
8:23 am
quality of the jobs that are being added and total, the un, labor force participation rate. that is the other thing that indicates if there is underlying strength or weakness in this jobs number. maria: dagen. >> we have four more of these reports including one this morning before the presidential election. so right now, is the time that people's views about the state of the economy are solidified. but i wonder if the sense of malaise in this country with steve pointed out, wages essentially not growing for the last decade, are firmly in place. even with a few good numbers in the next month, in the few months, maybe the stock market holds up. i wonder if the people feel any better about the economy based on one number. maria: what do you think, steve? >> you nailed it, dagen. you're exactly right. i really think this election comes down to whether people feel confident enough, even though they things are right in the economy where they feel confident enough to give, you
8:24 am
know essentially obama, clinton a third term. that is why i think these numbers are very important. you're right, dagen. i think you're right. four of these, including today. if people feel like, well, things are okay, they may not take the risk with trump but i do sense talking to voters, they're just not happy with the direction of the economy. i say this every month of the biggest lie in washington that we have a 5% unemployment rate. nobody around the country believes that, maria. maria: what is it really. >> about nine 1/2 to 10 because we're not -- we have 92, 93 million americans outside of the workforce above age 16. many people laugh with they hear that. >> many people are under employed. that is affecting that issue shoe exactly. maria: the jobs report coming up in five minutes. right the break we'll have the data. stay with us. ♪
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8:28 am
everybody, welcome back. it is friday, august 5th, moments away from the july jobs report. we're expecting 180,000 new jobs for the month of july added with the unemployment rate edging down to 4.8%. after big swings, lots of volatility in the month of may and then again in june. we're also keeping a close eye on the labor force participation rate, which currently is at historic lows. people have basically stopped looking for jobs so they're not counted. that's why we look at that number. futures ahead of the number are higher. we're expecting a gain for the dow jones industrial average of about 40 points at the oofn trading but of course everything can change once these numbers hit the tape. s&p and nasdaq also higher right now. checking stocks in europe right now, we are seeing some gains there as well. it has been a slow and fractional move. the cac in paris up half a percent. the other major averages there up fractionally. checking oil prices, that is one
8:29 am
of the issues for markets earlier. oil pulling back, but still up close to $42 a barrel. with a decline of just a fraction. we have panel on deck looking at these numbers. of course we want to focus on wages. why do you think, charles, charles payne, i'm going to ask you about wages. why haven't they moved in so long? go to "fox & friends" on fox news channel looking at jobs numbers. hello, good morning, guys. >> we're dying simulcast fox news channel, fox business channel over there. maria, what is so important about this number, it is the number of jobs the economy added and it can't be any worse than the may number, which i think was 11,000? maria: 11,000 was may. it was really weak, a lot weaker than anybody expected. this is important. we all know the number one issue as far as voters are concerned is the economy and jobs. right before a presidential election. >> sure. maria: so every month matters in
8:30 am
terms of what that's going to do to the voters and how they're going to vote based on what they see and, as the ability to change their situation from either hillary clinton or donald trump. we're getting numbers in seconds, guys. let's go right to blakeburman. he is at the labor department now. reporter: 255,000 jobs created in july, maria. 255,000 jobs. that beated expectations of 180,000 jobs. with it, may and june were revised upwards. may revised upwards 13,000, still to paltry 24,000 jobs. unions revised upward, 5,000. to 292,000 jobs. that brings average over the last three months to 190,000 jobs created. as far as the unemployment rate, that stayed same at 4.9%. estimate, slightly above it, of 4.8% estimate. we always look at labor force participation rate, maria. that ticked upwards to 62.8%.
8:31 am
that is the .1% gain from last month. the last time it was 62.8% was in april. to put this in context, it is still barely above the 62.4% low from september of 2015 at that point. that was a 38-year low. hourly earnings, you were talking about them, they were up .3% to $25.69 over the last year. it is up 2.6%. businesses or areas that gained. professional and business services added 70,000 jobs. the health care industry added 43,000 jobs. as far as what moved in the opposite direction, u-6, which is those who were unemployed plus marge r marginally attached workers, for economic reasons, that ticked upwards to 9.%. mining again, the energy sector, there was a loss of 6,000 jobs there. but the headline here, maria, a big beat, 255,000 jobs created.
8:32 am
unemployment rate staying at 4.9%. back to you. maria: blake, thank you so much. blake burman at the labor department. steve, brian, this is much better than expected. we were expected 180,000. we got 255,000. wages went up a little. obviously not much, .3 of a percent. you want to see that. that is in the right movement. markets immediately trading up on heels of this number. basically trading on idea that the economy has begun to really improve based on the july numbers. now look we could see revision. we saw what happened with the may number. we had a huge revision. this is now definitely a strong number. it probably indicates at some point, maybe end of this year, federal reserve starts to lift interest rates. >> that is what i was going to ask you, if the economy is humming, that is great number, bigger than they thought, the fed want to tighten things to make things work the old way. maria: up until now, we've been talking about sitting on zero rates for so long.
8:33 am
great news for people wanting to take out a mortgage. great news for lending. not good news for savers. not getting any return with money in a savings account. >> not good if you're living on fixed income with the rate close to zero. maria: people want rates to move higher, so it feels like it is realistic where rates should be, and also to give you competition. that is why the stock market is going up. no return nip where else. it is pushing money into equities. >> maria, 100,000 jobs is needed per month to keep up with population growth. will we see that next month? the trend was low but gotten a lot higher? maria: i don't want to say one month is a trend, anna but definitely things are getting better. one of our panelists, joanie courtney running a placement firm, most of the job creation since 2009 has been in services. so this is a service economy.
8:34 am
you're not really seeing it in places like construction, but we're see little bits and pieces of it. yes, improvement. good going in the right direction. i wouldn't call it a trend yet. >> maria bartiromo, thanks so much. we have to return to to our respective networks. maria: joanie courtney, your comments about these numbers. >> it was a good jobs report. we were trending 170,000 a month for last six months. this is great. we're starting to push averages back up. we're seeing last three months 190,000 with this new report again i think this report shows us jobs in health care, professional and business service sector. of course information technology. so, again, we have moved to a service-based economy. we're not seeing the strong growth, certainly you know in the manufacturing construction. >> to charles's point, the
8:35 am
number of long-term unemployed, those who have been jobless for 27 weeks or more was unchanged over the month. they still account for more than one quarter of the unemployed in this country. 26.6% of the people who are unemployed for 2weeks or longer. that is -- 27 weeks or longer. they can't find work or jobs that duplicate the prosperity they once had. >> skillsets, mismatch, all that other stuff maybe they're attracted to the notion bring jobs i used to have, bring them back from other countries. another thing from the political standpoint, part-time jobs for economic reasons. up 97,000. take into account we've become a part-time job economy, in part because of lackluster economy. in part because of obamacare. almost back to six million. that is a big number. those are people who want full-time work. so that number went up. maria: there are a lot of
8:36 am
revisions here. may that dreadful 11,000 number revised upward. >> 24,000. >> 24,000, not a big number. june revised. steve, what is your takeaway? >> i think these numbers last number of months is weird. i think there is something wrong with the way the labor department is doing these surveys. maria, when you see these herky-jerky changes, one month it is 15,000, and the incomes it is 255,000, i didn't believe the economy was as bleak as it looked last month remember with those terrible numbers but i don't believe it is as good as these numbers indicate. i wouldn't be surprised if these are revised downward. we've been averaging over the last nine months or so about 150,000. that is okay but it is not great. maria: we'll see if there is, you're right, there has been incredible volatility. >> right. maria: carolyn, you're in touch with lots of millenials, you have got a great site there, levo, are millenials getting
8:37 am
jobs? >> so this is an issue we need to talk about. so there is a misalignment between the way in which millenials are being educated and their student debt on epic rise as we discussed earlier. and the requirements in the jobs that are being created. so we saw with the jobs report that there is significant increase in jobs coming from i.t. so i would be very curious to understand how many of those new jobs are being filled by millenials be equipped for those types of jobs. we still have disconnect between way we're equiping new generation to enter workforce and types of jobs. maria: what you said, mismatch. skillset, miss match. >> absolutely. it is interesting too, obviously as you go down the list, the people with college educations have the lowest, not only lowest unemployment rate but greatest job participation but many of them are working at jobs beneath whatev they went to school for. not associated for what they went to school for. >> they are underemployed.
8:38 am
caroline, you make a great point. seeing i.t., coding jobs are so hot right now. from development and, just, whole i.t. industry. but we are not getting the skillset out of the graduating class. they're coming out with their bachelor's degree or staying in longer, getting a masters. they come out and don't have the skills to meet that demand. definitely a challenge. maria: slow but it is moving. we had zach sims who created codeacademy. he is seeing a whole host of different generations applying to get coding lessons. this is one area that seems to see demand? >> yes. i will say, people always tweet us after the show and say you didn't talk about the lower skilled jobs, or we can't find a job. i will tell you that we speak to customers on a daily basis and there are also eptry level jobs out there. customer service is extremely
8:39 am
hot right now. call center jobs. we can't find enough people with that skillset. maria: that speaks to the services part of the economy. that's where the jobs are. >> services job but entry level. there are opportunity out there. but you also need a great work ethic. that is something charles, we talked about before. >> talked about that, yeah. maria: gary b. smith, explain the market reaction to us. you have a market that took off as soon as numbers came out. they're not looking forward to an ininterest rate increase. let me buy the market because the dollar's up, because america is the place to invest? >> and because as you pointed out, maria, where else are you going to put your money. maria: right. >> i think the momentum right now is up. i was looking to buy. i would have preferred a flat open. it doesn't look like we're going to get that. i'm still going to buy because easiest way for the market now seems to be up. we sold off, we were down the first, last few weeks maybe 1%
8:40 am
or some that looked like a pullback. looks like it is up right now. you know, all those dagen and charles, negative nellies, i'm usually a negative nelly. i look at positive numbers here. wages are up. labor force participation is at least flat. the numbers are up. the numbers were revised up. i think this is positive. i can wait on the fed, even if the fed comes out with some little quarter point increase, who cares. i think that the direction of the market right now is up. i think these are positive numbers. >> i don't think we're being negative. we're being cautious nellies. [laughter]. >> charles, you have to look at some of the positive. look i understand -- >> i am. >> fully, i am always a little bit pessimistic. i understand fully all the problems here but you got to be willing to talk about -- beginning, wages, labor force participation, the total numbers you have to agree all those are bright spots. >> will say it's a good number. what i wanted to speak to more than that, gary, i think for a
8:41 am
while the market has wanting good news to be good news to justify valuations. the thing about this being only place putting money, people took 28 billion out of equity funds and put it into bonds. i hope we get a bond rotation back into equities. yesterday one of the best percentages gainers was ball corp. ball corp was founded 136 years ago in buffalo, new york. it hit all-time high yesterday. message for me, individuals get caught up in short-term stuff. own great american companies before and after the fed. ball corp is a great tell for anyone out there who hates stock market. it will be around another 136 years. maria: that is what investors are telling us, dagen. >> i'm not being negative -- >> i'm being dagen. >> gary b., called being skeptical, okay? >> oh, okay. >> what the charles was talking about, long-term unemployed.
8:42 am
these are individuals. these are the voters that the census bureau is talking to, rather than the establishment survey which are businesses who might seem more optimistic. maria: yeah. >> in the household survey with 26.6% of people long-term unemployed, we also had two million people who are marginally attached to labor force. so they didn't look for work in the last four weeks but they had looked for a job sometime in the prior 12 months. that was unchanged. there are other indicators in here that the situation at the individual level is not improving. almost 600,000 discouraged workers in july. little different from year earlier. >> this is bifurcated economy. this is one of the issues we see. when we see politicians with a tin ear, they particularly read off this sort of stuff not understanding what is happening on main street. 27 weeks up 4,000. now over two million. we have a set of americans who are very frustrated because something happened in their
8:43 am
lifetime. they want to work. they used to work. they used to be productive. now they're sitting around. l not lazy and not bums. they don't want to be unemployed or a welfare check but certain amount of frustration reflected in this jobs report. >> outside of major metro areas, talk to anybody driving an uber, they're driving uber to make ends meet. they might not have full employment. they might not be employed at all. maria: a second job. >> they have incredible work ethic. they talk about the good ol' days when their parents had jobs with pension. maria: market reaction, 10-year yield spiking on the news. highest since, obviously yesterday. probability of a rate hike in september, also rising, apparently 18% from 12%. i don't know. >> they are not going to hike before the election. maria: what about december? >> yeah. maria: so you think they hike in december? >> absolutely. maria: no, i don't think they hike before the election. steve moore, i know you have a big week next week with trump
8:44 am
announcing his economic plan. want to tell us a little bit about it, what we'll hear on monday? >> say this about thpo. this is a lot of good news in this no doubt about it. gary, one thing worries me, a week ago, happening in the business sector of the economy. and that's lousy. we just don't see the businesses invests. and i, somebody mentioned bifurcated economy. maria: yeah? the. >> i see a very bifurcated economy in consumer sector, things look really good. look at numbers at leisure, hospitality and service sector jobs. what you're not seeing, the growth is in business spending and business investment that is really, i think, you know, what leads to higher growth in wages in the long term. we're going to stick with our message. certainly on monday which is this economy is severely underperforming. you have 94 million people. maria: right.
8:45 am
>> still out of the workforce, got no wage growth, all of those things point i still think overall a pretty bleak figure. maria: all right. >> when you mention labor force participation it is still lower today than anytime -- maria: hold that thought, steve. ♪
8:46 am
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8:49 am
economy added 255,000 jobs in month of july. that beat economist expectations. labor force participation rate ticked up slightly to 62.8%. our panel is back. looking at wages right now. what is going to take to move wages? anybody have ideas in terms of moving wages? >> i think they will start moving. it is ironic, i go to janet yellen's favorite economic indicator the jolts report. you're finally start to see it spike and quit. maria: you are really a geek. >> i have a calculator next to my bed and home office, in my bathroom, everywhere i go i'm like this. anyway. >> because he dresses so incredibly well. we don't realize you're a nerd. >> yeah. maria: we love nerds. >> that is starting to happen. that is starting to happen. what people realize we need with overall economy, gdp notwithstanding, something that should have happened five years ago, six years ago. wages, they're is finally wage pressure.
8:50 am
people are quitting their jobs. bifurcation is still there. one layer will not move up in the environment. >> we have recruiters across the country, when i speak with them, they are saying wages are moving. it is getting more competitive, you know, employers are having to pay more. definitely in the i.t. and health care fields. of course we'll see it more. but really across the board. with, low unemployment, though we know that that number is really higher than 4.7%. numbers are moving. >> i'm trying to higher research assistant and two salespeople, and i have to raise my offer. call me the benevolent dictator. you work for me you make a lot of money but i am the benevolent dictator. >> i relate to you, charles. man, i worked six days last week. he was like, did you work sunday? maria: that happened to me the other day.
8:51 am
my father says to me, you're not done chopping wood. my mother says you're not chopping wood every day. it is great. hard work ethic. >> same work ethic. maria: love you, mom and dad. steve moore, question on wages for you. what will it take to get wages moving again? >> let me just say one thing that is not a good idea to raise wages and that is to raise the minimum wage. one of the statistics looking at in the report, grabbing through this, as fast as i can. teenage, unemployment rate anybody know what it is in the united states? >> i know what it nice 16%. >> 15.6. >> teen black unemployment rate is well over 20%. those are dismal numbers. you want to see the numbers go even higher, raise minimum wage, because most of the teens are earning somewhere the minimum wage. that is dumb, dumb idea. had to get off my chest. to get wages up medium and long term. need businesses to invest in machinery and capital to be more
8:52 am
productive. maria: and we know they're not. >> yep. maria: how do you get the groups he is talking about, 16% for teenagers, above 20% for the black community. >> i'm looking at these breaking them out by demographic groups. black americans, it is 8.4% unemployment rate, with hispanics and latinos, 5.4%. so in the break down, those are highest. these are groups of people voting democrat. that they vote for the democratic party. i think that it is, those are the very groups that the republicans need to reach out to, saying, what has the last eight 1/2 years what have you gotten as your financial situation. >> you can say last 50 years voting that way in the particular cities. >> yeah. that always confounds me. maria: is there a message that millenials want? what is the message that these two candidates should be resonating? how will they resonate with millenials is the yes. >> there are two components. first is around student debt and
8:53 am
coming into the workforce more prepared to eastern your living -- earn your living. >> that is skill sets. >> what is the mind-set you're coming into the workforce with? the skillset component, how he equipped am i to earn a living and increased earning over time in those things continue to need to be addressed. we talk about higher level of training and higher level institutions are not necessarily aligning with incoming jobs. these are all things we need to be speaking to in the context of the election. maria: we have to talk more about this. when we come back, do you buy this rally? charles payne knows. final thoughts next. ♪
8:54 am
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8:57 am
maria: welcome back. breaking news of the day, 255,000 jobs created in month of july. unemployment rate at 4.9%. joanie courtney, final thoughts. >> overall a really strong jobs report manufacturing and construction. win is very good. the decline in the energy sector. from standpoint on political impact on this, we need to start looking at candidates plans for jobs growth and policies to create job creation in the u.s. that is going to be the most important message for the next
8:58 am
three months we need to hear from them. maria: steve moore. coming out with the plan next week for the trump campaign? >> give you highlight. if 15% corporate tax rate and 15% tax rate for all small business pass-throughs. biggest tax cut for businesses in 30 years. maria: you have to believe that will send markets rallying if that materializes >> ibm s my cloud play, undercover cloud play. maria: it never moves, ibm. >> they're doing the right thing. i'm getting wax from fireeye. stay from new tech you don't understand. talked about it in the media. not panning out. focus on great individual american names. that is my theme.
8:59 am
i keep pressing it. maria: good theme. th your final thought. >> 28% of the millenial voting base is up for grabs. most important issue how the presidential outcome will affect their jobs. time to talk about student loan debt and time to create new jobs for the population. maria: sure is. we'll focus on that, and policy going into the election. >> act nerd, every poll is a fraud and not every report from the government is a fraud. everybody going bananas saying these are cooked. there are flaws in polling and data gathering. these are serious people. they might be slightly off around revised, but just to dismiss the reports outright is foolhardy. maria: i think that is really good point. we're all looking, is this real, is this not real. but you said u-6, up above 9%? >> they call that the real unemployment rate.
9:00 am
>> went up to 9.7. maria: thank you, everybody. on "sunday morning futures" i will talk to paul manifort from the trump campaign. we'll see what they are going to release. great show. have a great weekend. see you on sunday on fox news. stuart, over to you. stuart: maria, thank you very much. it is the worst recovery since 1949, virtually no growth in the economy but a jobs report today that the white house will really like. good morning, everyone. we're 94 days from a presidential election, so where is the discussion about getting this economy going again? where is the debate returning to prosperity? we're not hearing much of it. but look at this, new this morning, 255,000 new jobs last month. that is a solid number. and the market is going to go up significantly because of it. however, the proportion of people out of the job market is still stubbornly high. that real unemployment rate still about double the official rate. the real rate is at


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