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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  August 19, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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stocks huge winners. fnc technology 70%, it is up 6%, transocean, baker hughes, living in tandem with crude oil. trish regan taking us through the next hour. trish: donald trump is leaving flood ravaged louisiana after visiting franklin graham. you are looking at a live picture, his getting on a plane with mike pence. the charity leading the release efforts, met with homeowners, to escape floodwaters, 40,000 people have been displaced in louisiana. you can see donald trump quite nearly wheels up, moving on to the next location.
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all this happening, donald trump in louisiana, president obama played golf. and donald trump, to travel to floodwater baton rouge, louisiana. this is our president plays golf, hillary clinton takes a day off, it is friday in august, 40,000 people lost their homes and living -- let's continue to plague our region, just perhaps -- the president and mrs. clinton, could trump be getting the upper hand here as he sticks to message, scripted speeches and humbleness last night. look at this. >> sometimes the heat of debate
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and a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that and believe it or not, i regret it. trish: new side of trump we haven't seen, he regret some of the passing, and the new management team, paul manaforte, is this a massive shift? hillary clinton says if she was elected president the clinton foundation will stop accepting corporate and foreign donations. why wait? why not cut off these donations. billionaire sumner redstone has won. reports the chief executive is
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out, the big victory for redsto you can see the stock moving higher, up a percentage point. they are concerned about the mental capacity, a potential problem for the company. donald trump touring flood ravaged areas in louisiana while president obama is enjoying his time off. louisiana's larger family newspaper blasting the president saying vacation or not, hurting louisiana now. governor mike huckabee sending an open letter to mister trump writing, quote, maybe if it rains in martha's vineyard and you have to cancer a golf game you might fire up air force one to check on my friend in louisiana. louisiana needs you not because
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you can personally fix it but because you showing up means a lot of resources will show up as will cameras to help the nation see how bad it is. and 2008 when mister obama was running for president he blasted president george w. bush for not visiting new orleans quickly and a following hurricane katrina. listen to this. >> when they extended their hand for help, help was not there. we can talk about levees that couldn't hold, fema that seemed not just incompetent but paralyzed and powerless, a president who only saw the people from the window of an airplane instead of down here on the ground, trying to provide comfort and 8. trish: now that you are president, why aren't you cutting your vacation short and listening and visiting the people of louisiana? joining me, the former fema
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director under george w. bush, michael brown, welcome. by not showing up in louisiana this week, is president obama in your view a hypocrite? >> of course it is hypocritical but let's compare and contrast a few things. i wanted president bush to land in baton rouge, not new orleans because things were not working in louisiana during hurricane katrina. if the president was to land, send a signal not just to the american people but his cabinet, and needed all hands on deck to help underground in new orleans. that is why we need a bush to land in baton rouge. we need to step back from the politics of the situation and say a couple things. you can't compare the disaster even though the disaster is horrible, you can't compare it
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to katrina. 1800 people died in katrina, there were 16,000 rescues. in this eight people died and that is tragic, they had to rescue 20,000 people, but here is the problem. the problem is the optics. even though things were going well in louisiana, things worked in louisiana this time as opposed to katrina, the president's optics cannot even during a press conference, not even saying look, to the american people and the people of louisiana, i am sending my fema director, you're doing a great job. the optics of being on a golf course is a problem. trish: that he does not care? >> he is tone deaf, he has been for eight years when it comes to these things but there is another issue, don't take this personally but i think sometimes the media is tone deaf also. we have wildfires in california. in the past couple days we had
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80,000 people who have had to evacuate their home. at some point we have to realize the president isn't necessarily helpful when they land in a disaster zone. a president is helpful when they have a press conference and say to their cabinet when they say to the federal government all hands on deck, everything you need to do and speak directly to the people in disaster areas. obama is tone deaf. >> playing golf on martha's vineyard, think about when james foley was executed at the hands of isis he was out there playing golf. there have been many cases of significant things happening and he doesn't seem to recognize, think about the tragedies we have seen around the world and he was down in cuba at one point doing the wave in a baseball
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stadium. >> what the american people intuitively understand, the words of the president are heard all around the world, not just the united states but everywhere, the president in this case and all the cases you cited is tone deaf. it doesn't mean jump on air force one and go to every disaster, it means speak to the american people, speak to people, sometimes you need to get off the golf course when bad things are happening so you don't have the two windows of somebody golfing while people are being rescued from woodstock. >> it is a big job and you better be ready for it and it means interrupting the vacation now and then. thank you so much. joining me for more analysis, democratic strategist john raleigh. mark, starting with you why do you think president obama is not there?
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>> president obama has finished his job. he is resting. that is more important to him, he is sailing through the end of his term. >> is he trying to make sure hillary clinton is elected? >> you would think so. ironically, you could see the disaster area from the window of air force one back in 2005 better than he can see today's disaster area from the fairway in a golf club in martha's vineyard and it is inexplicable. hillary clinton by the way is resting because she is exhausted from the campaign trail. she is resting. he hasn't even commented about this disaster where suffering is taking place, federal resources have been mobilized for this disaster and he is not showing up, because he is finished. all he wants to do is get hillary elected but he doesn't see the nexus between these two things. trish: you got an explanation for this? john: we are fortunate to be
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lectured on tone deafness by michael brown. i don't think the president needs to be lectured on tone deafness by him of all people. trish: do you think the president is tone deaf? >> i think within the next few days and in the aftermath the president is going to make sure the aid that gets there get there and he will be on the ground. trish: would you say fine, hit the golf course? that will be fine while 40,000 people -- >> no. it is a mistake but it is not a mistake of practicality. the key thing is the parish and city get the resources they need and the aftermath of not only the floods but a police shooting, and the sterling shooting, they had a lot of tragedy right now. i'm glad we have a lot of people on the right clamoring and empathizing with the people of louisiana. we didn't see that before. >> one point i want to make.
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trish: let's park it in. >> they blocked federal disaster relief for political points against george bush. that is what that is about. donald trump is in louisiana today and his opponent is nowhere near. jo ling: donald trump is down there, wheels up about to leave, he was down there meeting with charities, meeting with these displaced homeowners. it is a presidential image whether you like it or not. hillary clinton meanwhile just resting. is she the same? >> this was devastating for bush and the republicans. >> i'm over katrina, i spent 6 weeks down there. i want to get to the here and now and talk about this. hillary clinton, sit it out, is she missing an opportunity?
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>> there will be an opportunity for a while because the suffering doesn't end today or tomorrow. if you have been on the ground like i have been on the ground the real work begins now, it is the localities in iraq and the federal government get the resources they need and the reason there is no political fallout is george bush took off 470 days of vacation, and -- >> reference to our military. they respected military too much. he said i won't do it. by obama. trish: hillary clinton choosing to take the time off. the president playing golf and donald trump is the only one out there talking to people in louisiana. you give them credit for that. of nothing else give his campaign managers credit.
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>> god help us if we need the empathize are in chief to be donald trump but whether he plan to be there or not, he had one good day of the last 20. he had a week touring the campaign around. trish: that is what we are going to talk about next. see you guys in a little bit. donald trump campaigning, paul manaforte resigning as he sticks to his message, reads from the teleprompter. and starting to sound a little more presidential these days and can he turn this around? we are on it next. [ clock ticking ]
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>> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that and believe it or not, i regret it. and i do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. trish: he went on importantly to say this election is about so much and we can't dwell on some of the things he said in the past, delivering a very different kind of speech, different tone than we have had in recent months, a speech delivered entirely from the teleprompter, written ahead of time, a lot of people saying that is what he needs to do right now.
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willingness to be so forthcoming seems to be one of the things that landed him in a bit of trouble. it has been quite a week for him and seems to be consistently on message after the campaign shakeup. we learned paul manaforte announced he is resigning from the campaign and another change for the first time the campaign will air a general election tv ad taking gone hillary clinton when it comes to security and immigration, pretty powerful, watch it here. >> and hillary clinton's america the system stays rigged against americans, syrian refugees fled in, american immigrants convicted of crimes, collect social security benefits, skipping the line. are border open, more of the same but worth. donald trump's america is secure, terrorists and dangerous criminals, the border secured, family safe, change that makes america safe again.
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trish: you can stay with hillary clinton and get more trouble than we had recently and this country or go with him. is it a message that will resonate? will people respond to it? we have the author of gop gts and david avilla. how do you think that will affect trump? >> this message is one that will attract swing voters. we just did a survey recently of women voters in ohio and across the groups, republicans, democrats and independents, there was strong support for candidates who would defund sanctuary cities, secure our borders and deport violent criminals. the more donald tmp talked about keeping americans safe, the further and further we get from a third barack obama term and his policies which is what hillary clinton is offering. trish: safety for our enemies. you make an important point. i know you don't like donald
2:20 pm
from, you never liked donald trump. however, thinking about this from a purely political standpoint, if you have the opportunity to run a campaign that is very much about safety, isn't that something that will resonate with the population as opposed to what hillary clinton is doing with 50,000. here? >> donald trump needs this to resonate with the population, support national security and economic safety. he can deliver that or have ideas he needs to push but hillary clinton has been trying to define him early. while he wasn't running any ads, reminding everyone of all the mistakes he made at all the controversial things he said. it would have helped last night had he gone further and said not only do i regret it but i shouldn't of doubled down on several things the making fun of the reporter. trish: it is a big deal he went
2:21 pm
there to begin with. donald trump, the guy who doesn't like to apologize for anything seeming to offer and olive branch. >> only out of washington dc do people get criticized for not doing what they are told to do and when they do it they were not in syria or didn't do it soon enough when they were told to do it. a good thing for donald trump is swing voters are not the beltway pundits and not the political election analysts who decide this election. it is swing voters in states like ohio, florida and new mexico and arizona, iowa, that will decide this election. this message talking about american security not only personal which he talks about in this one but economic security. the two candidates between the two candidate the one who present the idea that americans believe will help them with their security both economic and personal is going to win and the
2:22 pm
onwh deliver four more years of the last seven years of barack obama's policies. trish: the campaign needs to turn into a referendum on her as opposed to a referendum on him and if he does that, can he win? >> you are 100% right. i don't know if it was over 80 days to go. since june, last year, look where we are, underperforming mitt romney. a massive crowd in colorado. trish: she is supporting donald trump. she was almost afraid to say it. i have to be careful saying that
2:23 pm
in new york city because people don't take kindly. i wonder in some ways if the media has put so much pressure on americans to be so anti-trump that if you support him and are seen as a racist, a bigot, a this or that people consequently are so self-conscious even though a lot of what he says seems to be resonating. >> there is some of that. the days of the campaign, most voters are not paying attention and there are two big points in this election to occur, one, the debate and 2, the advertising that in many places is just getting started, doing as much, or more, to influence this election than anything that has occurred up to this point. this election has a lot of time to go. no question hillary clinton of
2:24 pm
the election were held today hillary clinton is going to win this race but it is not. trish: think about how much she outspent in, $75 million, $5 million in campaign ads. we are going to take a quick break and then we are back with much more on this campaign and hillary clinton and her foundation after this. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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♪ no longer give paid speeches. changes come amid new allegations of an apparent pay to play scheme between the foundation and the state department while hillary clinton was secretary of state. all discovered in recently released e-mails. but, hey. why wait until whether or not she wins? why wouldn't you stop this thing now? that's what the rnc wants to know. issued this statement saying the foundation should immediately cease accepted
2:28 pm
foreign donations and money taken from other countries atrocious human rights records and ties to terrorism. mark and john are back with me. john, i don't know why -- why did she do this? why have the foundation really? i mean run would assume she probably knew she was going to frown president at some time. she was secretary of state. and there are some conflicts there. >> right. well, i mean the foundation does an incredible amount of good in the world for energy, education, for women, girls, health care, and so i think they're not going to doing -- and the president is not going to keep doing, bill clinton the next phase of his work because of some right wing critics are going to attack him for it. trish: you really think that's all it is? some right wing critics with axe to grind? >> why else wouldn't you have shut it down a year or two ago? they've done a lot of good --
2:29 pm
trish: i'll tell you why. think about a federal judge; right? a federal judge who's on a case about a company maybe he or she has stocking. what does that judge do? that judge recuses him or herself from actually making a decision on that company not because he or she would be influenced by his own personal investment. but because of the appearance of it. >> radically different. this is charitable work in the world versus legal reference realm. i imagine the president -- president clinton, the second president clinton is going to relook at how this is done, and they may even -- trish: come on -- >> look, you know, the mob did a lot of good for the little sisters of the poor. okay? but that was -- >> great analogy. perfect analogy. >> you know, this nice talk about all the good work they've done around the world. look, it was just a pay to play scheme. it was clearly -- >> you're crazy. >> to make them -- >> you're crazy. >> and also sell a future white house.
2:30 pm
why aren't they shutting down those funds now? they want to leave the door open for funds for foreign government until the day she takes office -- >> prove it. name one instance where a conflict of interest. one interest for a conflict of interest. trish: hang on, guys. >> look, in 2008 -- >> you can't do it. >> understanding that was signed by bruce lense, the ceo of the clinton foundation and valerie jarod of the white house. and it said basically, look, we will not take money from foreign entities, from foreign governments; right? even for the appearance of impropriety. guess what? clinton had not signed. >> and we would be criticizing them for doing nothing. trish: here's the thing, john. again, it's the appearance of conflict. you just don't do it. >> what about the reality of conflict? there's no real conflict. trish: listen, why would a federal judge excuse himself from a case if he owns stock in the company? why? because people are going to think that maybe. so i don't know what she did. i'm not saying she did
2:31 pm
anything here. but i am saying it was -- >> important point. trish: total lack of judgment. i mean think about it. the ubs situation. i love this one. unity bank of switzerland needs to get 55,000 compliance clients off the hook from a tax audit from the irs. so what do they do? they go seek help from mrs. clinton, the annual named secretary of state. surely enough the state department helps them and then miraculously bill clinton gets his biggest speaking fees of the year. $1.5million from none other than the united bank of switzerland and makes its biggest donations ever to the clinton -- >> she lifted a finger to help u bs. trish: i don't know if she did that saying, hey, you have to pay me big time. but, in other words, it is improper. and you know what? as an american, as a taxpayer, i deserve more. he deserves more. we all deserve -- >> look, the clinton foundation stinks to the high heavens and after eight years of this economy, people have struggled in this economy, and
2:32 pm
they don't want politicians anymore. they don't want the people who are connected inside the beltway and the establishment like hillary and bill clinton. her sick and tired of them, which is why this very week donald trump has turned this campaign around, and he's reminding everybody i'm not the politician. i'm not the person who's got these excuses and these ties and influence pedaling that the clintons have. trish: thank you for being here. all right. donald trump vowing to repeal obamacare. but can he really do it? we're going to debate that next. and later on the battle for control on the immediate viacom a few years to be over. and billionaire sumner red stone winning that deal that would end the long power struggle for control in his empire. stay with us. we're back in two
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>> we are going to repeal and replace the disaster called obamacare. [cheers and applause] countless americans have been forced into part-time jobs, premiums are about to jump by double digits yet again. and just this week, aetna announced it is pulling out of the exchanges all over. but also in north carolina. . trish: all right. donald trump vowing to put an end to president obama's failed health care law. a law that has come under new scrutiny after the nation's
2:37 pm
largest health insurers have all announced they're getting out. just dropping out. they say obamacare is just too expensive to make a profit. in some cases, for example, in arizona, some residents will have no actual choices because of this whole fiasco. premiums. they're also set to go up next year. customers will see an average increase of 9%. i mean we have no inflation in the economy anywhere and yet they're going to see an increase of 9%, making the pricey plan even less affordable. and what does hillary clinton want to do? she wants to expand obamacare. joining me right now is trump economic adviser and former new york lieutenant governor betsy mccoy. good to have you here. >> thank you. trish: you know, republicans have been working on this for a while. they have been, you know, even before the whole thing rolled out. they said it's not going to work. economically it just makes no sense. >> you don't have to be an economist to understand why this is failing. trish: well, we'll explain it for people. >> and americans are going to get clobbered with
2:38 pm
double-digit premium hikes more than 9%, in fact. in new york city, for example, the most popular plan's going up 20%. in tennessee, 40%. trish: wow. >> and for that, customers are going to have fewer choices of plans because aetna, united health, and many others are getting out. and they're going to have much more limited choice of doctors, hospitals, and drug coverage. so this is bad news all around. now, the obama administration and some of the advocates like paul, the columnist at the times are saying this is just a little bump in the road. it isn't. this is the beginning of what's called the death spiral. and here's the reason. this plan was based on coercion; right? it was going to force healthy people to pay the same as chronically ill people for insurance. well, the healthy people decided we're not going to pay that much. 5% of the people in our country need 50% of the health care. so this was, like, trying to feed a chihuahua and a great
2:39 pm
dane on the same budget. it just doesn't work. . trish: right. right. so it doesn't work. the insurance companies are saying we're getting out. >> right. trish: because we can't turn a profit in this. >> well, and it's not just a profit, by the way. i know that bernie sanders, for example, is saying, well, it's the profit motivate that's killing this plan. no, there were 24 nonprofit co-ops set up in the law to compete with the commercial insurers. more than half of them are already belly up. they couldn't make it work either. it's not the greedy profit motivate. trish: it wasn't even profit. one company said they were losing $430 million a year, another 500 million -- >> $3 billion a year overall losses. and here's what really concerns me. . trish: what? >> partisans of the plan, largely democrats are saying, well, let's increase the penalties on people who don't sign up. increase the penalties?
2:40 pm
at's not the cure for this. don't force people to buy something they can see is not worth the money. trish: uh-huh. >> fix it. . trish: okay. so how do you -- by the way, before we talking about fixing it, you said people are going to get major sticker shock on what? november -- >> major sticker shock. that's when the open enrollment period begins. november 1st. eight days before the election, and they're going to find that they have very few choices. and some states maybe only one. that's like telling people you must buy cars, there's only one on the lot. trish: and, by the way, it's going to be really, really expensive. >> really expensive. trish: and so that i would think is going to cause a lot of concern about hillary clinton and the continuation of this health care plan that just -- obamacare isn't working. >> when you hear the administration saying "don't worry. most people are getting subsidies." well, 20% of the people in these plans aren't getting a subsidy. a couple he didn't $64,000 a year or an individual he didn't $64,000 a year, they're hardly rich; right? they're
2:41 pm
getting no subsidy. so they're going to see these enormously costly plans and a couple might have a $12,000 deductible after paying one fifth of their entire income. trish: okay. so we need a new system. and this is not ever going to work. what is that new system going to look like? >> okay. first of all, don't give us some 2,572 page bill that members of congress don't read before signing up for it. >> yes, sir, that's right. trish: madison said, madison, the founder of our constitution said never let congress pass a law that nobody can read it and that a reasonable person doesn't know what's in it. that's obamacare. secondly, don't tell america that they only have a choice of one-size-fits-all government-designed plan. let people buy what they want. already there are millions of people paying that terrible penalty and then going out and buying affordable health insurance; right? let people buy what they want. trish: yeah, power to the people. thank you so much.
2:42 pm
good to have you here. >> thank you. trish: all right. the battle for control over the media giant viacom seems to be over. redstone won in what is the long control of his empire. we've got all the latest for you as we watch the stock trade up better than 1%. see you right back here with more intel
2:43 pm
. trish: all right. let's check out these markets, everyone. you can see a market off 46 points. off the lows of the session, but still in the red.
2:44 pm
oil is one of the reasons we see some hesitancy in the market, it did manage to close slightly higher but retreating from its eight-week highs closing out the day at 48.52. swimmer ryan lock they is apologizing for not being quote more careful in explaining explaining the real gas station incident. but he is still claiming he had a gun pointed at his head. so far none of the olympic swimmers, ralph lauren and gatorade have pulled their support. we're going to be right back with more intel on the battle for control over viacom. that's next. is
2:45 pm
2:46 pm
trish: report say viacom controlling shareholder sumner redstone has reached an agreement with the company that will result in the dispatcher of ceo phillippe duman, leaving a long and very messy power struggle that began they really year. our own adam shapiro has been watching it all unfold, and he joins us now with the latest. i mean half this stuff gosh you can't even make up. >> you can't make up. three lawsuits, this will go away. it was a battle for control of the company. there were accusations that redstone, sumner's daughter might actually be making
2:47 pm
decisions, but, no, she insists her father, who is 93, he's in charge. so the bottom line is he leaves with a 72 million-dollar parachute. he's out right now. he's essentially sticking on, will be a member of the board until what? september 13th. and viacom coo thomas duly, he will be the interim guy in charge. but 72 million and then mr. sumner redstone goes for control of the company. trust is being created to determine what will be if you want to call it the inheritance down the road. but the other thing you need to pay attention to is the value of this stock. take a look just two years ago it was close to $90 a share. that was around march of 2014. today it's trading around $43 a share. it's up year to date what? . trish: among other media companies because while this year has been tough for media companies. >> right. trish: that's quite a fall. >> it's a big fall. it's 50% of the value in
2:48 pm
basically two and a half year y. trish: but investors seem to like this move here today. >> it's stability. you don't have -- yeah, it's stability, and it's, look, mr. redstone, whoever is in charge of mr. redstone, they can make the decision as to who will be in charge in the future. trish: okay. all right. >> and investors will like that. trish: adam, thanks so much. >> yeah. trish: we've got much more coming up. florida officials announcing that the zika virus has spread to miami beach, bringing the total in the state to 35 number of cases. it has had a major economic impact and one would assume it's going to continue to have that economic impact, especially when it comes to tourism. florida is the place for tourism. and nofedel ficials are warning pregnant women n to travel there. we've got a live report after ts ♪
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trish: new developments in the escalating tensions between russia and ukraine. the president of ukraine is warning that he isn't ruling out quote a full scale russian invasion. russia has been building up its military presence on its western border there with ukraine sending thousands of troops and tanks and now there are reports that the russian army have started tactical exercises on the pinellas, which is has been under russian control since 2014. ever since russian accused ukraine of sending its agents to crimea to carry out terror attacks in an effort to regain control of the region. of course all of this has some effect on europe. you can see the dollar actually trading down slightly compared to the euro right now. florida officials have identified a new area in and around miami with the zika virus transmission. and they say the disease was
2:53 pm
through at least five cases. c.d.c. is urging pregnant women to avoid south beach and areas. phil in miami with the latest. hey, phil. >> hi, trish, yes, we're here in very famous ocean drive in south beach and just basically at 8th street. so all of that area you see up there, that is in this new active transmission zika zone and underscoring the emergency situation of this zika transmission problem in the state of florida. the governor and the state surgeon general flew down to miami this morning to make the news dramatically that nobody here wanted to hear. >> we believe we have a new area where local transmissions are occurring in miami beach. >> that's right. five locally transmitted cases all linked directly to miami beach. one mile wide and this new zone of transmission
2:54 pm
encompasses the 1.5 miles of 28th street down to 8th. the 24 billion-dollar economic jugger nut that is miami beach. it is a world-famous tourist destination and responsible for a huge chunk of miami date county tax base. this week the governor's department of business and professional religious met with beach business owners distributing zika prevention and education literature and offering free spraying. and this morning mosquito control teams now canvassing south beach. dropping mosquito egg killing pelts into water. zika has been linked to smaller brains and skulls. the c.d.c. still advising all pregnant women to stay away from that wind wood neighborhood north of miami. active transmission zone number one. now of course they have added south beach and just north of
2:55 pm
it in miami beach as active transmission zone number two. so anybody in that strip of buildings in cars behind me who is pregnant is being advised by the federal health officials not to be there. there are also cases that appear to be locally trance midnight cases of zika not conducted to the wind wood nor connected to miami beach. so all of that is still under investigation. to reveal whether the places whether those people benefit by mosquitoes involve other areas we're not talking about trish: good to see you phil. thank you. let's take a look at the market right now. a market off 36 points, s&p trading down 3, nasdaq composite index off 1. oil closing a little bit higher but nonetheless breaking 48.52 but nonetheless not as high as it has been in
2:56 pm
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. >> talking about anyone who feels offended by anything he said, and that's all him. you know, he took extra time yesterday going over that speech with a pen. so that was a decision he made. those were his words. trish: kellyanne conway talking to the anchors there over at abc about the reasons why trump did that. she said it came entirely from him. you'll recall of course he said that he regretted some of the things that he has said along the way in part because it has steered the conversation away from the important things that need to be talked about. this is what we've been saying over and over and over again because we need to talk about the economy. we need to talk about national security. he is out with a new ad today that really helps define the differences when it comes to national security both in terms of our border and in terms of isis with hillary clinton versus a donald trump presidency. so one can imagine that that is a message he's going to
3:00 pm
drill down over and over and over again. it might change the outlook. go to my facebook page, let me know what you thought of today's show and your thoughts on all of our segments, and i'm going to be in for our friend lou dobbs tonight. so i'll see you there 7:00 p.m. eastern. liz: trish, thank you very much. listen, we have two major apologies. a man made disaster, and a natural disaster dominating the news at this hour. donald trump is now on his way to michigan for a rally this evening after getting a firsthand view of the devastation and deadly flooding in baton rouge, louisiana. his running mate mike pence coming just hours after trump came as close to an apology as we've seen during this campaign for not choosing the right words and sometimes saying the wrong thing. trump's campaign chairman using the words "i resign today" adding more intrigue to a campaign trying to right itself as poll numbers flump. american swimmer ryan lochte


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