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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  August 29, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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the dow was up 120 points. >> everything he just said. that to you. >> goodness on the economy is coming. that means we'll probably get a rate hike at the end of the year and the brokers on the beach say it doesn't matter. did they get it right? your turn, go. >> you have to ask then everything he >> thank you very much. we move on to talk first about the campaign. bright or wheelhouse the campaigners. donald trump launching a major battleground. and listen to campaign spending is $10 billion. this is why it's hit or wheelhouse. the economy. >> hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed. spending goes up your taxes go up. hundreds of thousands of jobs disappeared. more of the same the worst. and donald trumps america, working families get tax relief.
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millions of new jobs created. wages go up. small businesses drive. the american dream that she will. connell: business "cavuto: coast-to-coast." on a monday, i am connell mcshane filling in for neil. in nine different states, donald trump was to point out in the polls is trailing in on nine of these dates. would this be the economic argument that works? former bush and howard dean campaign manager with us as well. let me start with you on this particular topic. i would argue in you guys are the next earth, not me. this is an effect of argument, economic argument for donald trump to be making. why wasn't he making it all summer? >> well, he released his tax land, which was heralded by economic experts looking at tax cut, particularly with the corporate tax rate and 15%. i think you'll drum up more
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attention to it now. it is sort of an easy play for him because a lot of organizations like the tax foundation have examined hillary and plan and shows in 10 years we will have $2 trillion more in national debt. 300,000 job losses because what she is doing is giving money away, more giveaways to many different factors of the voting populace and it's going to cost us. where is donald trump really hammer home on this. most importantly, we have great economic discontent. we'll need to continue obama's policies. >> is there any concern for you in a state like pennsylvania, which many of us keep ringing up but he supposedly is down. if you look at real clear politics, nine points on average. does this argument work for him to bring it back a little bit? >> cheesemaking has side of the yard he meant and that a good thing for him to be doing.
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if i were supporters, it should take some solace that is finally getting. connell: does it worry you at all? >> first of all, $10 million across nine states dislike assemble. it is not a whole lot -- there's not a whole lot better. secondly, this means there will be another typing pointing out that multiple independent observers say his plan would end up in a much higher death rate from the trillions more than clinton plan. but the fact that a starting display and was so vital, if not something -- it is a good time or his reporters that he is doing thatbut i'm not that worried about it. connell: choice point not spending at least it shows that there's not enough money. >> burst of outcome of the old
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rules don't apply as much as they used to with a candidate like donald trump. hillary clinton has been $77 billion worth that got her? she should be leading and walking away with this after spending 77 versus donald trumps $5 million. turning to the argument would be in some way she might be doing that. if the election were held today in the electoral college. she looks pretty good. a lot of these polls are very deceptive. take a look at the methodology. many of them are not likely voters, but there is a registered voter or just adults, which to me is junk polling. >> i heard the same arguments in 2012. good luck with that. connell: let me go onto the next topic somewhat related. new development on the foundation with the report pain officials denied a foundation donor, looking on in here, entry
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to the united states because of potential ties of overseas businessmen. potential ties to terrorism. the clinton campaign has been down to donald trump for ways to premise this backing trump. is this a double standard in your view? >> if it wasn't for double standards, a lot of media outlets wouldn't have any standards. we are not going to get the same allen's reporting that the news media and many mainstream news outlet this election cycle. it is absolutely a double standard when there is a california in june that donated $20,000 to hillary clinton and you didn't hear a word about it in the media. gilbert is the poster child for pay to play clint scandal. he was committed in europe of money laundering based on his work in nigeria for the head of nigeria was funneling $48 billion out. he committed a billion dollars to the clinton global initiative this guy is not your
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garden-variety crony. he's a bad, bad guy in the news media will not report on it. >> is a lebanese nigerian if you are running a primary campaign, you'd be hitting hard on a lot of these things. >> well, you can hit all you want. the difference is i think there should be questions asked, scrutiny, all fair game. the real problem is every day trumpery in court as with his own language, his own statements, reinforces the belief in the american people that his arguments are racially tinged and bigoted. that is not me talking. that's 50% of the american people. connell: to be fair, she's not there doing to them. 267 days up at the news conference. >> shewolf on chris wallace.
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i'm just saying that she doesn't say things every day that reinforce that question about her and trump does and i think that's part of the problem. think she should take questions from our reporters? >> i'm not running her campaign. i think they decided to let trump beat trump. >> she's the establishment candidate. the people have this perception about the establishment that they run us into the ground and they've got ponies that help do it. this just continues to raise to bring in orders hillary clinton and the leaves me with the economic discontent in america and the distrust of politicians, it further reinforces those perceptions. >> whether it's enough. with all of that, she is still beating them in the polls as you acknowledge yourself.
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>> very nice. this is completely hammered home. they remind people, you don't want more of the same. she has promised more iraq obama's policies. >> i think this is a complete misread of what is going on. fundamentally trump has to prove to people that is fit to be president. he can keep attacking her all you want to know, the foundation and the republicans doing this quite a while. it doesn't work because in the end the american people conclude in at least 60%. >> policy speech the last two weeks have been almost reaganite. so he has delivered another presidential candidate. and if you are ragged, that might work. he is not. connell: well, there you go. joe widmark, thanks to both of
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you pick the next issue is obamacare. issues with the health care lot have been piling up. you have more insurance companies pulling out of the health care exchanges. you cannot monopolies, less competition in many states. what is the latest, jeff. >> competition going away. the kaiser foundation is a nonpartisan group with the most was that the group out there in health care policy. take a look at the numbers in terms of the options people have. they are going away. last year and this year actually we had about 300,000 people which was about 2% of enrollees who had just one option according to kaiser family foundation it will be 2.5 million people. if we look at the map, there are some dates where there is only
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one insurer available for this day south carolina and wyoming. others dates with the majority of the enrollee and raises a monopoly according to the deputy insurance commissioner of oklahoma. there's only one where there are no options in the exchange. if you don't get insurance to have to pay the penalty. this is a problem. another example of a big government promised that someone sure. we have former chief of staff
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and governor johnson in there. all things considered i think this type of thing worries you. >> i'm worried if she succeeds in getting the light it, i'm worried she'll keep her promises. she'll create chaos in terms of spending they promised on college loans. an increase support for public health care will bankrupt america. worried about to the big-time debt crisis emerging. and right now carrots diana, and extremely low-level. it compounds itself.
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it spirals out of hand. connell: maybe you disagree, but those arguments politically sometimes don't work and short-term election that at some point this will happen, just because they live in the here and now, let be now. not bad now because it is not affect me now. how do you combat that for donald trump? >> you're right. the biggest problem is not the awareness of the disaster of our economic policy. everybody think she is a liar and will be the biggest issue i don't know if you heard, they convince people and that's the most important thing for trump to do. things like you mentioned on the
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the -- >> is ready. you need both. they'll keep pounding mrs. clinton on her dishonesty and the pay for play which comes out of the clinton foundation versus the state department. but trump himself has to establish himself as a credible president. i think she's going to have them focusing on issues. starting labor day with the school. >> two and a half months of campaigning. five or six points in the average of the polls them trailing in the number of key states as we talk about. >> he could come back in one debate. if he establishes himself as a credible president in the first debate, all these old polls, the
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sole set of arguments, all perception goes away. for donald trump, the most important thing is the three debates and coming into them with a credible plan d a personality projection in those debates that makes america think he can and should be president. he will probably do that well. he's really not today, but all nine of those states, he is currently trailing in the stew and a lot of them. >> he has to win in my opinion almost all of them. but the point is, this thing changes dramatically when he changes what america's perception of him is as a potential president and all it takes is a couple of good weeks of control personality studies because one good debate. so that will be the first one. there it is, governor. good to see you.
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we do have a breaking story that's just come in. apple fans want to know about this. the iphone seven event for apple is going to happen on the seventh of september. so that's not very far away at all. seventh of september for the apple iphone seven event yet as always, had anticipated and look forward to. talk more about this a little bit later on. the weather story and storms that are not getting strength along the gulf coast and the east coast. tropical depression with the outer banks of north carolina as a tropical storm by tomorrow. another system to bring soaking rains to florida in areas of louisiana is till reeling from the terrible flooding pics. spare. on top of all of that, standing by there from the storms will help spread the zika diarists. some are worried about that. updates as we get them. stocks today are putting
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together a nice rally 123-point. the hawkish fed boosting financials. next up, bankers across the globe. are they signaling to us that there is a new crisis. we will talk about it after this.
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connell: low growth, low inflation rate. looking for a fix. they seemed to all agree on at least one thing that they need more government spending. market watchers jack mcintyre. some what of a global crisis are intimate surface. >> there certainly could be a wreck during the fundamental problem. he argues and right now monetary
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policy, which is a cyclical tool to try and alter the course of a secular disinflationary trend brought on by the things you've heard about global is a shame, technology, too much debt, things that the favorite addicted -- but it's not working. it was never designed to work that way. we've got this liquidity trap. we need something that will ignite aggregate demand and give the business sector confidence and we just don't have that right now. connell: there is a big question of what is next. now it happens that in the midst of the u.s. presidential debate campaign. is there more done in the political side that the monetary people can't do a reality stay out of the way? >> well, that is the risk, too. i'm just not sure there is political will to do this right decisions and that's well thought out fiscal stimulus.
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right now we need to make sure the fad is an error by pulling back the punch bowl to aggressively. i think if they go in september is going to add a little bit of a risk to the market. trade to the political decision, we'll do what he had what needs to be done in your view? >> i don't think it is rocket science. we just need to do some things on the regulatory front. first and foremost, we just need to take the set up the banking industry, stop demonizing wall street, all the things that can be a net positive for the economy. right now we've got the shift towards populism. clinton is doing it, trump is doing his version of it. it is not heavy lifting good you can incentivize businesses to them by. connell: you are right. there is no political because the parties. you have two major political party candidates who are essentially anti-trade.
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not sure if that's good or bad in that. that's the way it is. >> and you're right. that scares me. it keeps me up at night with the shift towards protectionism. the whole idea of global trade makes the economic pie bigger when you start to go down the role of protectionism. you are trying to make your site for the pie bigger at night usually doesn't end well. true to your argument is not sticking with people. people are not. not because they say i lost my job and this is what i want to hear. those candidates give them not. >> you never talk about the inserting of jobs. there are some jobs being created via globalization and sourcing of jobs. you never hear about them that path days. we will have to see how this political season unfolds. connell: i think we are already seeing it. good odds on both sides. we appreciate that. the dow up 113 for what it's worth right now.
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speaking of politics, and this big trump speech plan for immigration will happen we are told wednesday of this week. some insiders and maybe he missed his chance, but a conservative hispanic later on what he says trump needs to say.
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connell: now, this trump immigration speech is coming. we've been waiting for it, it will happen this wednesday. so the question becomes hispanic voters, have many of them already made their minds up? we have from the hispanic leadership fund, the president, mario lopez, on what he wants to hear from trump. thank you, sir, for coming on, we appreciate it. i know everybody in the control room was thinking we had the guy from the saved by the bell show, but this is far more important. with that said, just kidding. the speech, as i said, has been anticipated for a long time. it's been put off, trump still
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evolving or whatever the case may be. what does he need to say, what's the most important thing for you? >> a little bit more clarity, because he sort of floats out this idea some days ago that, you know, well, maybe we need to soften up, and it's a tough thing, we don't want to break up families, and then a lot of his surrogates are saying, no, no, no, he hasn't changed his position at all. some of the other surrogates are saying, yes, there is a little bit of softening or he's rethinking through, maybe he's not going to have a deportation force, maybe he's not going to instruct his administration to violate the 14th amendment of the constitution. those are all things that are still up in the air -- connell: he definitely changed, the question is, i guess, did he change back? are you predisposed to maybe be supportive soft only of the -- of som is talking about, or has he angered you? >> sure. our organizationing is a conservative organization.
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we believe in opportunity, liberty and prosperity for all americans, so, you know, on that sense certain things we're certainly predisposed to hear some of his econic plans and other things. but on to immigration, of course, infamously from the very beginning he has come out firing, has said some very offensive things about immigrants, about hispanics in particular, so that certainly is troubling, and we just want to, again, see some clarity on what his actual plan is going to be. connell: okay. so if you had to make a decision today before the speech, are you not quite, to use the phrase that's gotten thrown around in the campaign when it was paul ryan and then trump using it against paul ryan, are you not quite there with trump? you like a lot of what he says onion-immigration issues, but you're not quite there? >> i would put myself in the not quite there category, absolutely. connell: okay. but he can still get your support though? there's something he can say on wednesday that would say to you, all right, now i see what he
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meant, and i'm with him or no? >> well, you know, i think it's certainly possible. but the issue has always been, again, equivocation. one day he say something else, and the next day he contradicts himself. so i think some consistency moving forward would be great as well. connell: now, if you don't vote for trump, i don't think you can speak for your entire organization, if you don't get there, will you vote for hillary clinton? will you vote for somebody else? will you sit it out? how are you looking at the election and your options right now? [laughter] >> well, i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton for dogcatcher -- connell: you're out completely. that's interesting. so that leaves you where if trump doesn't convince you? >> well, evan mcmullen is still running, gary johnson is out there -- connell: right. none of those people are going to be president, especially like an evan mcmullen who's this new candidate who's gotten in the race. that would essentially be a protest vote, wouldn't it?
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you're willing to do that if that's case? >> i mean, i think i'll do when i pledged to myself to do when i turned 18, and that's vote my conscience. that's what i think i'm going to do. connell: okay. maybe we'll check back with you after mr. trump does in his speech and whether it convinces you personally, because maybe that speaks to other people speaking along the same lines. i told you that would be better than the other mario lopez. [laughter] the donor that's holding out on trump is coming up, charlie gasparino will have details on that. then, the farm cute sal -- pharmaceutical company under fire for the epipen price hikes, announcing a big change, but is it too late to reverse damage that's been done? no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension
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to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $369 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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connell: we are now combining politics and technology for you. donald trump, a little tech turn for mr. trump, debuting a new app. it is called, as you might expect, america first. so it's sort of, i think, like its own social media network. lauren simonetti knows about it, and she joins us from the newsroom. >> reporter: hey, connell. america first is the name of the app, it's available on apple and android, essentially, half social network but half game. you try to earn points. you earn points by donating to his campaign, by checking in at different rallies and the like and, essentially, you go from the lowest level which is apprentice all the way up to the big leagues, okay? he's not the only one out with an app, hillary clinton just last month launched hillary 2016.
12:35 pm
it, too, does encourage competition, but that app tells you more about some of the issues. while we are in the age of the app, barack obama had an app four years ago, obama 2012. and that one was good in the sense that it gave you how the campaign issues affected your community. they all have apps. you got any of them? connell: the new thing though is people want to interact, it's like the pokemon go age. it can't just be info. >> reporter: exactly. but, listen, when you download and get involved, you have to be careful about your privacy, your contact list. that information potentially can go out to the campaign. connell: lauren, you have to be careful on the internet in general, as many have learned the hard way. thank you. this app, will it help bring in trump more money? here's a money story for you. the billionaire, sheldon adelson, reportedly still holding out on the $100 million that he's pledged to trump. charlie gasparino has new information on that, he is here.
12:36 pm
doesn't necessarily mean, i don't believe, that he's given up, and gop fundraiser noel -- [inaudible] is also here. tell us what you know about edelson, charlie. >> just from the body language and some of the responses we're getting back from edelson's office since last week, it seemed like he was holding back and that he's still interested in giving some money. now, there's not a lot of time left in the campaign. connell: no. >> trump can use the money right now. connell: so what's the hold up right now? >> well, everything you've been reading. missteps, he had a lousy three or so weeks following the republican convention where he should have been on a high and, you know, he should have been attacking hillary on the economy and things of that nature, and then he just got embroiled in all this nonsense -- connell: these people have to make decisions. whether it's sheldon adelson or others, charlie's point is right, it's getting late. we're just about at labor day, so you have to make a choice, don't you? if you're a major donor, now's the time, and if not, you know,
12:37 pm
it may be too late. >> well, i'll tell you one thing, sheldon adelson is a man of integrity, he's a man of his word, and look at his past donor history. if this guy makes the pledge for $100 million, i can tell you he will pull fill it. but let me tell you one thing, he could fulfill it by a different way. he could fulfill it by giving to the rjc, the republican jewish coalition. he is a board member of this, and if you think that they're going to run commercials, you know, for hillary, you know they're not. they're going to run them to help trump. >> i know a lot about the rjc, and that is a very indirect way of giving to trump, and it might not even get much to trump in that sense because the rjc is pretty conflicted over trump's candidacy. a lot of people in there are. a lot of that money could be used for down-ballot races -- connell: senate race, house race, right. >> and that's the problem that he has. donald trump can raise money. a lot of the money he's raising
12:38 pm
is indirect and inefficient. like i said, he has to pay for lists and things of that nature. like, for example, 80% of the fundraising dollars that hillary clinton gets generally she gets to keep. the number is a lot lower for -- connell: it's lower for trump. so, noel, where is trump, you know, you know a lot about this stuff, where is he now in terms of the money? is there a deficit here? is he not raising it at the pace that he needs to? as charlie says, is he not keeping as much as he needs to? >> you know what? he's just now making some ad buys. is he where he needs to be compared to the machine of hillary clinton? no, he's not -- connell: yeah, that's what i said -- >> but there's two ways to look at it. connell: okay. >> you could look at it as, you know, he's for the common man, he's not, you know, backed by all these -- connell: right, but he could have used that money early. this ad buy, the $10 million in the nine states, that commercial, we were talking about it earlier in the show, it's a fairly effective economic argument, but he could have used
12:39 pm
this in, you know, june or july. >> the irony will be that donald trump did not really use his massive net worth -- connell: his own money. you've talked about a lot of that's tied up -- >> he's used a few bucks of it, just nothing near -- connell: yeah, but you've been the one who's reported he's not liquid, right? >> that's the whole thing here. it's the -- the contradiction of donald trump is this, a lot of people are saying why should i give to a guy who's worth $10 billion? on the other hand, a lot of people know he's not worth $10 billion and probably not liquid anywhere near that, and that's one of the reasons why he's now raising must be late in the -- money late in the game. i'll tell you, you don't think money works? watch how hillary clinton bombards him in battleground states -- connell: she's already been hitting him. >> and it's helped. connell: noel, thanks, and charlie, of course. >> we didn't mention anthony weiner once. connell: no, we didn't. >> i'm on the the record, he has
12:40 pm
great abs. connell: you're on the record. that's your takeaway. >> i'm telling you, his abs are amazing. did you see how cut up he was? connell: no. come on, charlie. >> i mean, he's in good shape. i don't care what anyone says. connell: now, we have to move on to another topic, this colin kaepernick story. >> he's got good abs too. connell: stop it. the colin kaepernick story, won't stand, as you've probably herald, stand for the national anthem. what would martin luther king jr. think about that? obviously, we don't know, but we do have his niece, and she's here next to talk about kaepernick. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines.
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i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity.
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♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the s&p's up a half of 1% right now, the dow jones industrial average up 107 points sitting at 18,502. we're seeing all ten sectors higher, in fact, let's look at some of the best performers on the s&p 500 as we speak including micron, you can see that is up 2.7%, and wells fargo with those financials, 2.3%. best buy, gilead are pulling back as i note, the footballs, obviously -- financials, obviously, everybody's waiting to see what happens with rate hikes. yellen did make the case for rate hikes, had strengthened, that helps financials. we're looking at names such as wells fargo, morgan stanley, jpmorgan all with up air eaus. they're leading the way again
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today. apple is being sued over unresponsive iphone 6 and 6 plus touch screens. saying the touch screens aren't responsive. hey gary, what'd you got here? this bad boy is a mobile trading desk so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me? anywhere you want to go!
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the market's hot! sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. ♪ ♪ connell: now to the 49ers' quarterback, colin kaepernick, getting a lot of attention today as he's defending his national anthem protest. >> this ban wasn't because i feel like i'm being put down in any kind of way.
12:45 pm
this is because i'm seeing things happen to people that don't have a voice. connell: we are now joined by the niece of dr. martin luther king jr., alveda king is here on maybe what her uncle was think of the protest. what did you make of this, the football player be refusing to stand for the national anthem? >> i believe that since colin chose to demonstrate nonviolently and peacefully that is something that should be acknowledged. i don't know why he picked moment in history to make this statement through a peaceful protest. it was very jarring, it was very disturbing to so many who love america, was one of the few times that americans come together in unity is during the singing of the national anthem. i sing the national anthem, and when i do so, it's with prayer that god will bless us and help us, help america, you know? connell: yeah. >> so i know that he had a purpose for doing that, and i
12:46 pm
know that people are very, very upset. i believe that we should be praying, and those of us who ton what's still good about america and then just work to make america better. connell: now, if someone feels in a similar way to the way he feels, thinks that maybe like police brutality is an issue that needs to be brought to the forefront which is one of things he's talked about, what would be a better way of going about it? you're right, many people have brought up the fact that maybe the national anthem wasn't the place for this. what is a place for something like this? >> he used his moment, and he stepped into it, and he embraced it, he owned it. i believe, though, when he says america is racist, as one who lived in the 20th century, i marched with my dad, reverend a.d. king, i attended rallies with my uncle, martin luther king jr., i marched and went to jail for causes, so america is not racist. there is racism in america. so he has given us the conversation. he's put it straight into our face -- connell: right. >> -- and now we have to respond
12:47 pm
and show him that america can be better. connell: you disagree, but you see the way that he went about it at least in a peaceful way as something that's admirable. so that's interesting. i do want to talk to you about the politics of the day as well and particularly donald trump. he continues to try to court minority voters, something that's been a theme here the last few days. here's a tweet from mr. trump from this morning: now that african-americans are seeing what a bad job hillary-type policy and management has done for the inner cities, they want trump. now, he was criticized over the weekend for another tweet about the cousin of dwayne wade who was shot and killed and he said again at the end of that tweet something similar, voters in the african-american community will go for trump. what have you made of all of this? >> well, i want to take a quick second to say people have said that i have endorsed mr. trump. i don't endorse candidates anymore. the last candidate i endorsed was in 2007. connell: okay. >> so i pray for all the candidates, and i vote pro-life. i want to clear that up.
12:48 pm
but i believe that mr. trump has said something very significant. he dared to step out of some boundaries and to say to african-americans, vote for me, i care about your vote. sometimes the democrats take african-americans for granted, and sometimes the republicans don't pay very much attention to the african-american voice, vote at all. connell: right. >> so i think that's very unique, and i believe that going into these inner cities -- connell: which he's doing. >> -- is going to cause us to take another look. congress connell do you think that's a good idea saturday in detroit? >> i believe it's a good idea. detroit, all the inner cities need help, and if mr. trump can help, let him go to detroit. connell: okay, dr. king, it's a pleasure to speak with you. >> thank you. connell: now, speaking of donald trump, he has just weighed in on another story a lot of people have been talking about today. huma abedin, one of hillary clinton's top aides, and the former congressman, annie weaner, they've announced
12:49 pm
their -- anthony weiner, they've announced their separation. trump just put it out: huma p he says, is making a wise decision. i know anthony wiener well, and she'll be far better off without him. i only worry for the country. if hillary clinton was careless and negligent in allowing wiener to have such close proximity to highly classified information. who knows what he learned or who he told, it's just another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. it is possible that our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this. so that's the statement from donald trump, essentially, saying that hillary clinton may have shared some information with anthony weiner. so that's his reaction, and he's put it out there. coming up next, my lan taking new steps to deal with the epipen outrage that has been out there for some time. we'll tell you what it's now offering. ♪
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connell: got some business alerts for you to talk about, one being mylan taking more measures to make this epipen more affordable. company announcing a generic version is on the way. deirdre bolton, tell us about this. >> you know the scandal, right, mylan and the epipen, many kids who have nut allergies and many others, the price of these two-packs went up around $600, and that is more than a 400% increase than what we've seen in the past decade, so mylan has been taking tons of pr heat in the past few days. as a result the company saying, okay, fine, we're going to release a generic version which is going to cost about half, so it's going to be $300 for these two-packs, and a lot of consumers are saying, okay, still, that doesn't help me at all, and i remember when i paid $60 for two, and guess what? my kid needs this -- connell: but that's a start. we need competition in the market. they're providing their own which is kind of interesting.
12:54 pm
>> right. big criticism to heap onto all other criticisms is that, essentially, the groups that this generic drug helps the most are insurers, medicare, medicaid and not the average person. connell: oh, okay. >> to be fair to the company, they have also given these kits away for free, again, due to public pressure for the school season, but you cannot just show up at school and say, oh, i don't have one. obviously, if you're in a situation, the school will use it, but you cannot depend on that supply line. also noting, the ceo's pay has gone up around 400% in the past ten years, so going from $2.8 million to north of $14 million per year. connell: the daughter of west virginia senator joe manchin as well documented. we have a couple of other stories, fox news has just confirmed the fbi uncovered new evidence of hackers infiltrating a couple of state elections systems. >> basically, jeh johnson, homeland security, saying, listen, all states really need to be vigilant. as you just mentioned, fox confirming from the fbi that
12:55 pm
this has, in fact, happened. a lot of people, security experts are saying they believe that it is a foreign intruder -- connell: okay. we don't know which country or -- >> we don't know which country. there are a lot of cybersecurity experts -- not the fbi -- that i've spoken with who say russia -- connell: of course, that would be the one they point out. and do we know the states? >> again, people who spoke with me, i cannot quote them by name, have said arizona and illinois and, apparently, from arizona something like 200,000 voters' data were lifted. in illinois, again according to my sources, they are saying no data was lifted, but they can tell an intrusion was, in fact, attempted. connell: wow. okay, that's interesting. and finally, i mentioned it that we're going to have an apple event pretty soon, what, a week from wednesday, right? >> the 7. connell: the iphone 7 -- >> on the 7th. connell: i see what they did. >> indeed. so, basically, are they going to
12:56 pm
unveil something that's going to send us running to the stores? this is the fifth year in a row that apple in early september says, hey, we have aot of cool new gear that you should buy, we're going to show some stuff off. so the iphone 7 is supposed to be water resistant, not show as many antenna bands, as if that was something -- i know that personally bothered you. connell: well, yeah. water-resistant, too, for people dropping it into the toilet, for example. >> that could happen. a better camera and also better memory. so those are a few of the tweaks that we may see in addition to the removal of the headphone jack. connell: oh, that's right. that's another big thing they think is coming. >> and maybe another version of the apple watch which is fantastically well in the first year and then dropped like a stone. connell: not so much. >> stock down around 5.5%, and as you know if you look at the s&p 500 or nasdaq, up around 8.9, 9.5%. connell: thank, deirdre. governor huckabee is standing by to talk to us, of
12:57 pm
course, about donald trump and the big ad push that mr. trump has been making. the governor's getting ready, we'll talk to him after a quick break. ♪ ♪ when they don't tell you how much something costs and you have to ask? maybe that's why i always make sure to... ... "bring up the costs associated with your services." i know. transparency about costs. just one way edward jones makes sense of investing. spending the day with my niece. that make me smile. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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connell: welcome back to "cavuto coast to coast," i'm connell mcshane filling in for feel today, ask we are at -- filling in for neil today, and there is at this hour a brand i new national poll that's coming out from monmouth university. donald trump has cut into hillary clinton's double-digit lead from earlier in the month. her lead now seven points, 46-39. trump looking to keep any momentum he may have going with a $10 million ad buy which is slamming clinton and doing so on the economy. here's a look at the new ad. >> in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed. spending goes up. taxes go up. hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear. it's more of the same but worse. in donald trump's america, working families get tax relief. millions of new jobs created.
1:01 pm
wages go up, small businesses thrive. the american dream, achievable. connell: now, this particular ad is being played, a as you see on our map, in nine states. eight of these states mitt romney lost in the last election. so will this be a winning strategy for donald trump who certainly needs to pick up a number of those statesesome governor huckabee's here, the former arkansas governor, mike huckabee. what do you think about the ad, first of all, on the merits of that economic argument? >> i think the economic argument is a good one, but to be honest with you, i think this ad is going to have a hard time cutting through the clutter because there's going to be so many political ads, and i don't see that it's that different from what you typically see in a political ad. and i hate political ads that look like all the other political ads. connell: that's interesting. [laughter] it shows you how i'm programmed, because i watched it, and i thought,ell, this is a pretty go argument if you're making a republican argument. this is, you know, makes it fairly well. but i guess you're right,s thise it is what we've seen before.
1:02 pm
what would you have done differently? what do you think donald trump, who is a different type of candidate, should be doing? >> well, if you're a candidate who's being accused of being harsh and uncaring, i'll tell you what i would do -- not that he's asked me for advice, and i'm not a consultant, so i'll just be blunt. i'd use humor. one of the most effective ways is to do something that nobody expects. and nobody expects donald trump to use humor on his ads, nobody expects him to have that soft side. i would play against the stereotypes that the media have painted him into. and i would absolutely explode those by using paid advertising to show a totally different side of him, almost a saturday night live version. [laughter] i know people say, well, this is a serious campaign. obvious it is, and that's exactly -- of course it is, and that's exactly why he's got to look different and cut through the clutter, because he's not trying to reach me. connell: here's the problem, governor. i see it as a problem, and tell me if i'm wrong.
1:03 pm
you're essentially self-depracating with your humor. you make fun of yourself, you don't take yourself overly seriously, certainly compared to other politicians. you're okay having a laugh, we go back and forth. trump, his humor is more, you know, it's the don rickles humor, making fun of other people as opposed to being self-depracating. we've never seen that side of trump, have we? >> not really, and i think that's all the more reason that it would be kind of heartwarming to do it -- connell: right, but you'd have to convince him to do it. >> i think to do something where you don't have that very serious announcer's voice telling you two kinds of america, i ju want to see something, hear something different. again, we're not going after me. i'm going to vote for him, as are clear republicans. you're going after that undecided voter, and is you want to make them say, what? what is that about? and that's what i'm in the sure that ad does. connell cm interesting. very interesting. let me take on the next topic because it relates more to hillary clinton and the
1:04 pm
foundation, the pay-to-play speculation that's been running wild as the state department refuses to release her full schedule as secretary of state until after the election, so your reaction to this? >> well, i just think hillary's got a huge problem that grows worse. it's not getting better, it's getting worse. this is like the california wildfires that the wind is blowing pretty heavily, and more trees get destroyed. hillary is in trouble, and every time whether it's the ap or some other news entity that finally wakes up to the reality that 156 million smackos were paid to the clinton foundation, and it just so happened that most of those people got meetings with clintons when they wanted them. connell: some people would say, boy, this is not having an effect. it is having an effect, the question is, is it must have? over the weekend, 538 -- which runs the numbers on -- said the chance of hillary clinton being president went down a little bit. trump now has a 19% chance
1:05 pm
instead of a 11% chance. we just gave you a poll from monmouth that instead of being down 13 points, now he's down 7 points. so the narrative there would be, yeah, he's getting a little bit closer or. these last couple weeks have been tough for her politically, but is it enough? is there enough time left? >> there's plenty of time left. most people don't start paying attention until after labor day. the other thing is this is a national poll, and while that is interesting -- connell: right. >> -- people don't win the presidency by a national election. connell: right. but it's worse for him there, as you know, right? he's done -- down in all of these nine states where he's running the ad he's current hi trailing. >> but i don't think those polls are the ones that matter right now. what matters is that hillary is being hurt. this is not, you know, the severing of her head, this is the death of a thousand cuts. every day there's a new story that once genre minds people why 70% of americans don't trust hillary clinton is a bad day for
1:06 pm
hillary clinton and a really good day for donald trump. connell: right. the polls show a little bit of that. we'll see if it's enough. governor, thank you very much for coming on, appreciate it. governor huckabee. >> thank you. connell: now, let's go to the stocks for a minute here. a pretty good day in the market. even janet yellen might agree, up 117 on the i dow. the fed has been debating hiking rates as we know from our conversations last week, and will that happen at the next meeting? will it be december? what is the fed's best bet now? just stay out of things until after the election. let's bring in market watchers, gary and jonas. gary is in orlando, as usual, so let me start with you, and then we'll get to jonas who's here in studio with me in new york. where are we right now? do you think the fed stays out of it until after the november election, and if so, is that a good idea? >> i do. look, the fed stopped printing october of '14, it's been 22 months of teasing and telling wall street, oh, we're ready to do this, and they've only raised rates once.
1:07 pm
they know they really can't. and let me be clear about another part. even if they did at this point in time, you have europe and japan injecting $200 billion, printing $200 billion a month into the system, and that's what's helping markets around the globe right now. that's not to mention all the negative rates and the zero rates around the globe also and the actual buying up of markets, so i don't think it really matters that much. but i don't think they're going to. we have an election at this point many time, and i think in september they'll come up with some other excuse. connell: maybe it doesn't matter, jonas, that much, but how do you see the economy right now? do you think, and we had consumer spending looking better, other, wages are going up a little bit. >> if you don't think the economy could ever grow really strong again, then it's a really good economy, and i think that's actually the biggest problem with all the central banks is they think they can grow like they did in the '50s, '60s and '70s -- connell: you don't think we can ever get 4% growth. >> the population, there's too
1:08 pm
many aging, there's too much deflationary pressures and the central banks are not creative enough in solving solutions. they don't fight the recessions hard enough when they happen, then they get kind of a sluggish economy after. so i think the economy's as good -- it's very close to best ancould be because this fantasy where it's going to grow 4 or 5% a year is not going to happen. connell: gary, first of all, is jonas right, and if he is, that would mean if you're the federal reserve, maybe the tools we keep talking about, are they out of tools in their toolbox, maybe it's an irrelevant conversation. what's your take? >> i think they should go away. i think they've killed price discovery, i think they've screwed the savers by keeping rates down at zero -- connell: right. but can we ever have growth again like we had years ago? is jonas right? >> we could if two things happen. number one, government spending has more than doubled since the year 2000, that is money coming out of the economy, and the amount of debt and leverage in the system not only here, but around the globe is gargantuan.
1:09 pm
and debt always provides a headwind to economic growth and, unfortunately, it never ends, and our deficits now are slated to go back and double from where they are today over the next two or three years. so i think the economy's going to stay down for the count. connell: what do you say, jonas? we could get back, says gary. if you're right, that's a big statement to make, it's basically saying our standard of living is going to be drastically altered for years. >> not necessarily. it's already a good start of living, it's not like it's an emerging market. connell: okay. >> it's lonely at the top, what can i tell you? long-term rates aren't going to rocket to 4-5% just because the fed stops intervening because of what i just said. there's no demand for money, there's a deflationary pressure. it's not going to go up to a 6% ten your just because the fed stops holding down short-term rates. it would be kind of cool if they did raise a quarter percent before the election -- connell: right. probably won't. >> they won't. it proves they don't care there's an election coming, they do what is necessary --
1:10 pm
connell: now we're convince you're living in a fantasy world. what are you talking about sneer so at the end of the day then, it comes down to an agreement, i think, for jonas and gary that they wait until december. but i think the idea that the economy is as good as it gets, that to to me is an interesting statement. it sounds like, gary, you think we can get back to the heyday at some point. >> i think we can, but i think government -- we've got to clear out this debt and, unfortunately, i don't know how we roll this back now. government and debt has gotten so big, the debt's never, ever going to be paid back here and around the globe -- connell: put it this way, gary, if we stayed like this with growth at 1 or 2%, would you personally be happy living in a country like that? that's, essentially, what jonas is saying. it's okay, we're still pretty good, all things considered. >> well, it's not thrilling, and the middle class can't become rich, and with 0% rate, the poor, any of their savings can't
1:11 pm
make money off of it. this they get out of the way and let us be and do our job, i think we're going to be down in these levels -- connell: real quick, jonas. >> i'll give you a quick positive on the slow-growth economy, it's possible to have 20 years without recessions. when you have a high growing economy, you have crashes that are more significant like we had before. connell: sure. >> that's the one upside. connell: there you go, i like that when you leave us on a high note. thanks to both of you guys as we shift gears to talk about problems with health care. obamacare problems have been piling up, many would tell you with health care exchange sign-ups falling short of expectations. nearly half the additional forecast is where we are right now. as more insurance companies pull out of those exchanges, there's now some fear -- this is jeff flock reporting to us earlier -- that you'll have monopolies forming in some of the states, far less competition. so to the director of health policy studies at the cato institute to talk more about this, michael cannon is with us on the fallout. is that the fallout, monopolies forming?
1:12 pm
>> well, it's worse than that. in one county in arizona, the obamacare exchange has completely collapsed. so that about 10,000 residents in arizona cannot get subsidized health insurance through obamacare, but through an obamacare exchange, but obamacare will still penalize them if they don't buy unsubsidized coverage. connell: right. so within the existing system then, there's no fix for that, is there? >> there is not. and this could happen in other states. it could happen across other states. right now one in three counties, one in six obamacare enrollees and five entire states have only one carrier participating in the exchange. obamacare supporters promised competition. we're getting the opposite of that. and, in fact, in the county in arizona, what you have is a lot of -- there are some people who had pre-existing conditions, who had pre-obamacare coverage that provided them secure coverage, and now they've been tossed out of that, and they are perhaps
1:13 pm
unable to afford coverage at all. connell: quite simply, michael, what's going on here? because the success of this law is dependent, right, on the sign-up for these exchanges. so why are the sign-ups so low, to go back to the original question. why? what's the why? >> what happened was obamacare's architects thought they could cover the sick, they could force insurers to cover the sick at artificially low prices by forcing healthy people to buy coverage at artificially high prices. the problem is that healthy people aren't dumb enough to take that bad deal when it's offered to them, that's why sign-ups have been so low, and there has never been the sort of political will that is necessary to force them to take that bad deal -- connell: so you're a policy guy. >> the mandate is weak and easily gamed, so a lot of people are paying the penalty or avoiding the penalty and not buying coverage. connell: you hear repeal and replace from donald trump, hillary clinton wants to add on to the existing structure, but what's the policy fix if the incentives are not right?
1:14 pm
>> unfortunately, republicans' plans look a lot like the democrats' plan. they want to use government subsidies and call them tax credits as if they're tax cuts. fortunately, there is a better approach, and that approach is to give the money that employers and the government is spending on workers' behalf and give that to people, let them purchase their own health policies, let the -- and remove obamacare's price controls because what the market was doing, and part of the market that didn't look like obamacare before, what the market was doing was it was developing innovative products that made health insurance more secure for the people we care about the most, the people with high-cost conditions. connell: right. >> if we let the market do that, they will make health insurance more secure for more and more people who develop pre-existing conditions. there'll be some people lift over and a system of -- left over, and a is system of subsidies will be a much more sustainable system. connell: okay, michael, obviously, well thought out. michael cannon, thank you for sharing your views today. >> thanks much.
1:15 pm
connell: one year ago, president obama directed his administration to take in at least 120,000 syrian -- 10,000 syrian refuges. we are set to hit that number today. the fallout to, next. ♪ ♪ (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones,
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connell: so the white house has just confirmed that the 10,000 syrian refugee will be entering the united states today. we bring in former george w. bush depp i assistant defense secretary peter brooks on the concerns, certainly you would put it, on this refugee policy which is on one side celebrated. the white house says it's a good idea, and we met this target a month earlier than we meant to
1:19 pm
we've had 25 terrorist attacks or plots in the united states since the beginning of 2015, connell -- connell: right. >> -- and all of those have been home grown. 21 of those have been related to isis. so we don't know what this means. the point here is that the terrorist threat comes from a number of different vectors. seen over last year and three-quarters. so we're still in the crosshairs. isis is still a viable group, and it's still ec porting the idea -- exporting the idea, a violent theology, a violent ideology that has us in the crosshairs. connell: if you're a foreign
1:20 pm
policy analyst or someone in the cia, somewhere that they're advising the president on this, how do you assess risk? because as you say, so far there hasn't been an issue, right? but the sample size, i would think, in study thing something like this is relatively small. you'd probably need to look at tour, his tenure, and, you know, his policy in syria has not been good. connell: so do you think this helps his legacy? or he thinks it does? >> it's perhaps putting a salve
1:21 pm
on a wound here because his syria policy has been isis, remember he called isis the jv. the administration got caught flat-footed by the rise of isis, the administration -- the regime of bashar al assad has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of peoplet legacy as well. connell: peter, thanks, always good to talk to you. >> thank you. connell: peter brooks. now, these never trump people are still out there, and a you of them, the never trump republicans, have launched an ad blitz of their own today in some swing states. do they risk handing the election to hillary clinton or helping to do so in the process? we'll have the ramifications of that after this. ♪ ♪ ♪
1:22 pm
[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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1:24 pm
connell: now to donald trump and the never trump people, this ad blitz is coming as he's facing resistance from the his own party -- still. the never trump movement, as it's known, is flooding swing states with ads, and they're
1:25 pm
urging him to drop out of the race. so with that, what will the effect be? let's talk now to ashley pratt, conservative commentator, ned ryan, former bush 43 speech writer and, ashley, the never trump people had been kind of written off, i think, in a lot of circles saying, all right, he's done, let's move on to the general election, he's done with those people, but maybe not? is there an effect of an ad blitz like this? >> i think so. i think as he continues to fall in the polls and shows he's wildly unprepared for the office that he's seeking, there's a lot of republicans who still feel this way. over 70% of republicans did not vote for him in the primary, and, yes, while he has a lot of supporters who are very vocal and active out there right now, there are a lot of republicans who are on the fence and realize that this isn't handing over a vote to hillary clinton by doing that, it is saying that we stand firmly with conservative principles, and that a vote for him could be just as bad as a vote for clinton. connell: but a vote for someone else could -- i was having this
1:26 pm
discussion, ned, with someone earlier in the show who's a conservative, you know, it's conservative, but he's not convinced about trump, and he said he may vote for evan mcmullin or or gary johnson, what are the case may be and said that's voting his conscience. that would, in effect, help hillary clinton. i mean, it just would. >> i mean be, let's face it, i do think these ads are a bit quixotic. it's a relatively small ad buy, connell, it's only in four states and a five-figure buy which is very small, but the fact of the matter is, listen, either hillary clinton or donald trump is going to be president. any conversation about anything else right now is just a fundamentally unserious conversation. so sometimes, many times politics is a binary choice. do you want hillary picking judges, or do you want trump? do you want to reform or repeal obamacare, reform and replace? hillary's never going to touch that thing whereas trump you've got a shot. do you want immigration reform? with hillary, no chance, with trump, a chance, but with some of this behavior, listen, politics is not the art of
1:27 pm
perfection, it's the art of the possible. here we are almost in september. if you want to have a positive impact and feel that you can't support trump, put money in supporting some of the good -- connell: and do what, is sit out the presidential election? >> exactly. people in that category, i pulley applaud that decision if they -- fully applaud that decision, that's fine, i understand that. we know he's not a full-spectrum conservative, we understand that. if you want to have a positive impact, go help ron johnson, pat toomey -- >> and i would be the fist to agree with you on that. connell: go ahead, ashley. >> i would be the first to agree with you on that. i'm a never trump republican because i believe in conservative principles, and he from day one has not represented any of the issues that i care about. connell: that means he's going to lose, right? the republicans can hold onto the senate or the house, but if his republican support doesn't get up from the 70s, then he'll lose. >> i'm not saying i support hillary clinton. what i am saying to him is a vote for him, to me, is just as bad as a vote for her because he
1:28 pm
does not stand for conservative values, and he flip-flops in ways that we would have chastised republicans for in '12 and '08 which we did with mccain and romney. >> exactly. >> >> his supporters are not doing the same thing now, and that is a problem. he has never understood these issues from a republican textbook sense of the word, i guess. connell: but -- >> ashley, i would disagree that a vote for trump is the exact same as a vote for hillary. there's some big issues in which they are on the op site i'd of -- op sid side of it. do. >> when can it comes to judges, he said he would appoint his sister -- >> no -- >> he did. so i'm saying, yes, but from the beginning, from the beginning he had mentioned something to the effect of putting his sister there who is a pro-choice, liberal democrat. connell: she wasn't on the list of people that he put out. >> right, and he did, he amended that later, but that's part of flip-flopping that he has done -- connell: so ashley's out, you're
1:29 pm
out completely, is your point, and that's fine. there's nothing he can say -- >> there's nothing he can say or do at this point that -- no. and hillary clinton is the same thing. connell: someone like ashley, you'd like to see her just sit out the presidential race. >> actually, what i'd like to see her do -- connell: and support the down-ballot candidates. >> exactly. if you can't be involved in that situation, again, what these never trumpers are doing with these ads, they are. you don't act in a vacuum. there are consequences to actionings. these tv ads, though limited in their buy, will have an effect, a negative effect on trump and a positive effect on hillary. and those who can't support trump -- and i understand that, trust me -- that they need to be supporting down ballot -- connell: she's going to do that. >> that's great. we have to have that in the senate and the house. >> i think the one thing we need to realize though is never trump republicans are not casting votes for hillary. there are some that are. there are some republicans that are saying, you know what? i will vote for her, but there
1:30 pm
are a lot of them who are saying both of them are terrible choices, and had he represented conservative values from day one -- connell: so you vote for a protest vote if you want to call it that, for evan mcmullin or somebody like that -- >> at this point, look, the problem is at this point he's doing it to himself. his poll numbers are so low that at p the end of the day, my one vote is not going to throw this off. com cm well, you're not just one. >> one plus one plus one -- connell: exactly, equals a lot. >> equals a lot. [inaudible conversations] >> he has not won over conservative voters. connell: okay. we have to run right now. it's a good discussion back and forth on the effect of all of this. we appreciate you both coming on. now, a storm has been brewing, certainly officials worrying it could hit and make zika even worse. in other words, zika virus could spread more because of the storm. the the latest on that is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine.
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connell: residents in parts of florida bracing for a storm that could dump up to four inches of rain. sandbags being stockpiled. locals heading to the stores for food and water and other emergency supplies. separate storm watch is issued off coast of north carolina. we'll give you latest as forecasts evolve and change. forecast coming to florida, has health officials worried that
1:35 pm
standing water could spread the zika virus. we have head of -- dr. anthony fauci is with us. how would that work and lead to the spread of the zika virus? >> whenever you have standing water it makes it very easy for mosquitoes to breed. one of the ways you can shut down a zika outbreak by mosquito control. that has to be aggressive way of getting rid of mosquitoes. get rid of their breeding places. killing the adult as well as larvae. that become much more difficult for standing water around to control. when i say standing water, water could be in pots, pans, tires. even something as small as a bottle cap. when you have rain and storms, it just counters against the efforts of health authorities about trying to clean up the environment. so that is one of the things you
1:36 pm
worry about since mesquite toe control is the most important teal we have in fighting the zika outbreak, when we look at florida and in palm beach and miami-dade counties i believe the number of cases is in the 40s. 43 for seek car, i believe that's correct. >> right. connell: what type of concern are we talking about if they are hit with this tropical storm serious and water standing around, could those cases go up by a lot? what types of things could happen? >> yeah, well it is very difficult to predict. certainly we don't want it to become sustained and disseminated. the very aggressive activities on the part of the florida health officials in collaboration with the cdc have done good job keeping numbers of cases relatively low. you would like to see no cases but the amounts they have seen is relatively low. certainly you could have an outbreak of a considerably greater size. hopefully that won't happen.
1:37 pm
i don't think it will. but when you're trying to control it by vector control, what you don't like to see is something that would get in the way of your adequate vector control and the weather sometimes can be your worst enemy because of the continue wages of providing standing water. connell: speaking of which, the weather, the story of the weather itself is probably a far more dangerous story to the general population. not to diminish people who suffered from the zika virus but as you say, numbers ar in state as large as florida, the odds of something happening to you because of the weather they're expecting, there is probably far larger than coming down with the zika virus, right? >> that's true but you have to remember, zika as a disease, if you exclude pregnant women is relatively mild disease. 80% of the people don't even know they are infected because they don't have any symptoms. the other 20% have relatively mild symptoms that are self-resolving in seven or 10
1:38 pm
days they go away. this becomes a real issue dealing with pregnant women. connell: right. >> what otherwise would be a mild disease if you get infected during pregnancy, you have the possibility of having a very serious birth defect and congenital abnormality to your child. connell: that is why you want numbers to be zero or as close as you possibly can. >> yes. you want those numbers to be zero. connell: dr. fauci, we appreciate you coming on with us. u.s. government is set to relinquish internet control. what do we mean by that? it is alarming to other people. who can take over is even more alarming to some. more details straight ahead. w am for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. shhh. alerts on anything at all? not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap
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reporter: very good afternoon, live from the floor of the new york stock exchange. i'm lori rothman with your fox business. nice rally underway with the dow up .6. same story for s&p 500, up .6 of one%. coming on heels of friday's comments by fed chief janet yellen. economy is looking real good suggesting or perhaps here on wall street they're thinking that a september rate hike may be on the table. good news is finally good news that obviously is weighing on the price of crude oil, down more than 1% today on talks of higher interest rates but let's look at gold stocks. new gold up 4.8%. you have gold corp up almost 3%.
1:41 pm
then you can call it the "barron's" bounce. look at shares of mylan. the company has been in the news a whole lot with the $600 epipens. mylan announcing a generic $300 version in reaction to all the outrage.
1:42 pm
connell: something of a scary moment this weekend overseas. glascow airport we take you in scotland. two united airlines pilots suspected of being drunk were
1:43 pm
arrested just before they were to fly 141 passengers across the atlantic from scotland here to the united states. the two pilots appearing in a scottish court later today. there is that. herbalife shares getting a boost after carl icahn boosts his stake in the company after bill ackman said icahn was looking to sell. you know who will talk to us about this, charlie gasparino, who is all for it. >> we should point out, average investors if you rely on certain news networks in new jersey that essentially lust after certain guests like bill ackman to have him on. they think it is good tv to hear one side of the story. that is essentially what happened. there were rumors last week that herbalife, that carl was going to sell his stake in herbalife. i tried to get in touch with carl, i couldn't. i was pretty clear on the air, herbalife, the company is not selling his stake. why would the company know that? carl has five board seats on herbalife.
1:44 pm
he is big owner, majority owner. they would kind of know if he was blowing out his position. the next day the journal came out with a story that was pretty even-handed. basically said he might have been shopping his thing. he may not sell. he, you know, some brokers from jeffries came out and, and were talking to him about selling his stake, which you know, for all i know he wanted to sell it at 100. it is trading at 62. that wouldn't be a bad deal. connell: right. >> story didn't say. that morning bill ackman on herbalife, famous short who makes money if the story goes down. cnbc allowed him to do basically a one-sided report that he was offered some. shares carl wanted to sell. he believed carl was selling out immediately, he believed the company was toast. paraphrasing. that is essentially what he said. the stock took a dive on friday early in the morning. what we did at fox business was
1:45 pm
try to put together the whole scenario. first off, very odd if someone trying to sell his stake a block trade like that would be publicized before the block trade was put out. that was my first warning signal talking to people. this doesn't make any sense. for all i know he dangled it and said, for 100. connell: got a price. >> that is weird. if you're not getting carl on the record about his intentions, you better caveat anything bill ackman says. connell: fairly accessible guy. >> usually accessible. what he was doing that day as they were yapping about it on cnbc and driving the stock down, he was accumulating shares. we knew on friday night, he comes out with that statement. now listen, every reporter makes mistakes. we, there but for the grace of god go i. i will tell you. connell: exactly right. >> how you prevent the mistakes, and this is production problem at cnbc. connell: get your pen. >> they would go out, say let's be clear, let's caveat.
1:46 pm
not let bill ackman who has a very big horse in this race, namely driving down shares of herbalife to zero, let's not let him control narrative here. that is what the producer said in the reporter ears. connell: you know what our producers are saying? >> what? connell: we have to wrap this up. >> for our producers we should worry about small investors. connell: they did say that. >> but here is what they should be saying, listen, they, you can cost these small investor a lot of money. connell: right. >> i think that is the -- connell: you're right. they have a responsibility. >> we all make mistakes but took, like an adult in the room at cnbc to step in to say, do not give bill ackman the complete mic. let's caveat this thing like crazy because we haven't spoken with carl icahn right. connell: all right. >> that is what i tried to do. herbalife was not selling. i pointed out point-blank we have not gotten in touch with carl yet, if he sells --
1:47 pm
connell: that is the caveats. one for your side. >> cnbc didn't give you but fox business does. connell: very good producers here. >> by the way, i didn't need a producer to tell me that. i -- connell: give somebody else credit. you have a very good producer that works with you and helps you out. >> yes, yes. connell: thank you, charlie. very good work. now the u.s. is getting set to give up control of the internet in about a month. united nations may be next to take control. let's talk about this a little bit what we mean. cybersecurity expert morgan wright says the move would be bad for national security. what do we mean in terms of giving up the control of the internet? it sounds crazy. >> it does. remember it was u.s. department of defense, darpa, that created internet, the basic underpinning of the internet. we've always had control since the internet was created. connell: this may sound like a silly question, what do we control when we say the department of defense started it which i know but we have control of internet.
1:48 pm
what is at stake here. >> we control, internet corporation for assigned names and numbers, numbers and names. that is all the domain names like dot-com or dot-net. all the new ones coming out. i.p. addressing. the reason the world way it works on internet because it is free and open. we exchange different information between the different countries and different places. when you take the authority away from ican and this is one of the best places for free speech except if you're looking for detiananmen squire or human rights matters in this these countries. i don't want russia or china being able to veto the way the networks work or hurt our operations. connell: u.n. control doesn't make sense. >> no. connell: theoretically, maybe it should be a international group. >> no. connell: that gets together, a bunch of countries. why not. >> these are the same people who put syria and iran on human
1:49 pm
rights commission. the same folks said israel is the problem not the people who are attacking them. sea, air, land, cyberspace is the fifth domain. we should not cede control what is preeminent battlefield when we go to war with china and russia. they are attacking us. from opm, to all the attacks, state-sponsored attacks. this will make it tougher for us to defend ourselves. to investigate these same things. we want the fbi to find out who did the dnc attack. do you think that will be interesting under u.n. control. connell: that is interesting. a lot of people don't know the inner-workings. thank you for explaining it. we'll follow it. morgan wright. >> you bet. connell: differences between "brexit" and trump presidency. there are comparisons with polling but why the experts
1:50 pm
might have it wrong again? that's next. you
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
connell: news alert on apple from reuters. the european commission will rule against ireland's tax dealings against apple on tuesday. one of the sources saying that the irish government would be told to recoup over a billion euros in back taxes, back taxes for ireland coming from apple which has a major operation there and something going on for some time. we bring you that news. we move on to this news. doomsday scenarios predicted after uk exit, remember all that? two months in the world is still operating. same predictions being made by a trump presidency. we talked about it last week. liz macdonald talking about whether there is a exaggeration. >> the night of "brexit" we were
1:54 pm
on to 2:00 okay in the morning. even in 19 eight at this the polls got it wrong, said carter would win. even when reagan won in landslide, his home state of california. connell: we were told if theront that way it would be disaster. >> that was liberals back then saying that about reagan. today you have conservatives saying this about donald trump. what is really striking when you look at the results despite all the clinton campaign ad spending donald trump is, doing rallies, he is tweeting, appearing on tv. virtually doesn't have a ground game. still kind of a decent tight spread in certain polls. you look at just percentage points in the reuters ipsos poll. 3 percentage points. the spread is anywhere just plus one for hillary to plus 10 for hillary. that is pretty tight despite all the ad spending the clinton campaign is doing. so what will this hang on? it will hang on the debates. connell: yeah. >> hillary clinton we know
1:55 pm
hasn't had a press conference since december 2015. when she has been challenged she made missteps oh, we short-circuited in the chris wallace interview. connell: what is interesting, not whether trump will win or lose. he is trailing in the polls now, that could change. he could come back, but what would happen if he did win? see the citigroup report last week? it will be disaster. that is similar to the "brexit" comparisons. that may have been, well, i don't know, it may be true but may be biased. >> listen, he can't say armageddon on presidential election. it doesn't work that. the world economy doesn't work that way. i read through the citigroup analysis. connell: we talked about it. >> i set it aside. connell: okay. bring you one other story, it came out. we are past, it is official, 10,000 mark on syrian refugees. we just hit what is the refugee goal for the white house at 10,000, over 10,100. what do you make of this? i. >> i administration wants to
1:56 pm
bring it to 70,000. despite director of national intelligence. james comey says there is no real adequate screening for refugees still up and running. you know, getting back to donald trump can he make hay with this? connell: probably will try. >> he has to get 2/3 of the states, the states that mitt romey one plus 15 swing states. connell: it's a tough map period. got to run right now, liz. >> thank you so so much. connell: when we come back we have news that will shake up wall street. wait until you hear this. back in a moment. better buckle up.
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. connell: all right. welcome back to cavuto: "coast to coast" and as many of you know neil has been out recovering from heart surgery, we have certainly missed him here at the fox business network, and i am told he misses us as well and has been itching to get back into the chair where the belongs. i'm very, very happy to report to you that neil is coming back. returning one week from tomorrow, september 6th,
2:00 pm
tuesday september 6th right after labor day first to cavuto: "coast to coast" here at noon on fbn and then back over on the fox news channel at 4:00 p.m. eastern. start it off the cavuto countdown is on now. send him a message if you would like on twitter or facebook, use the #cavutoreturns, next hour is trish regan. hey, trish. >> neil, that's such great news. it will be a wonderful week having him back on september 6th. yes, the countdown begins. thanks so much, just 70 days left until the general election, donald trump is showing momentum in the polls. i'm trish regan welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. a brand-new poll shows hillary clinton ahead of trump by only seven points now. 46 to 39. you know the same poll had clinton up by 12 points earlier this month. as trump works to narrow the gap, will he be able to turn these poll numbers in his


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