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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 30, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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over to "mornings with maria." good morning, maria bartiromo. maria: hi, everybody. happy tuesday. tuesday, august 30th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. you heard the breaking news. the apple story facing a $14.5 billion tax charge for a mirror. antitrust regulators ordered ireland recover that money. apple shares edging lower. taking a look at the stock in the company's ability to appeal this. a race for the white house. a new poll shows hillary clinton's lead cut in half. mike pence telling voters he is watching this race play out. >> kind of fun to watch. he drives the opposition party a little bit crazy. and the media, too. i mean, seriously. they all think the usual -- you know, the usual methods will work against him.
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maria: the presidential race is not the only one with much today. primary day in florida and arizona. we'll take a closer look at those races as well. new problems for the campaign to report a judge when the state department must turn over documents related to huma abedin employment before the election. a shocking wall between the secretary of state and big donors coming out. dozens of americans prepare for severe weather. a pair of starts in the atlantic and gulf making their way to the coast. the latest on their path plus hawaii bracing for a hurricane. a scare in the sky, a man on an airline flight arrested after trying to outbid the aircraft door in the middle of the flight. details coming up there. check your refrigerator. country fresh recalls dirty dozen cases of package vegetables over listeria concerns. let's check markets futures searching for direction this morning. unchanged on the dow jones industrial average.
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apple going to be a big impact here. right now who's got next market and the market slide on a session at the opening. an arrow, gains across the board. the dax in germany at better than 1% right now. as you can see, the major averages fractionally moving as well as the hang seng debate performer at better than 1%. the average processing the cisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick sans all jump and hillary clinton. her singing during the national anthem. remember in a hollywood legend. ♪ maria: actor and comedian gene wilder dead at 83 years old. the canada's most iconoclasm legacy this morning. joining me to talk about it all,
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fox business network's dagen mcdowell, economics bran bread, economics bryan, economics bran bread bergen pollster lee carter. good morning. great to see everybody. great week. dagen: you deserve to take time off. you work six days a week, but i miss you a lot. maria: when i got in yesterday i said dagen mcdowell is out. dagen: thank you for the alabama photo on national doug weight. maria: is the connectors as well. a lot of stories that i've got to check in on what the polls are saying. looking forward to that. or to bring insights, thank you very much. retired four-star general jack keane as it does today. former presidential candidate and texas governor rick perry will be with us. charles schwab lived in sanders stopped by as well. stay with us.
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keep that up with breaking news at the moment. the e.u. antitrust regulators have ordered ireland to recover over $14 billion from apple in illegal tax benefits. regulators say the amounts could be codified their countries including the u.s. are at or pay my taxes. this feels like a big story. do we have a precedent on this? >> this will play out over time. the u.s. treasury has said this isn't a fair ruling. there's no secret to e.u. is not a fan of tax policies favor a long time criticize lower taxes than the rest of the e.u. this doesn't surprise me in the dynamic of the e.u., ireland is not a big hit because taxes are so much lower. apple saying this is money we earned abroad. we will pay ta doing that yet. nothing here to talk about. dagen: the problem is the e.u. is unfairly targeting u.s. companies. and they are going after deals
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that individual companies cut with individual countries over there. it puts in jeopardy any kind of deal that a corporation brokers to bring jobs to any of these nations. it's a statement about the socialist state. they are in dire need of money to fund the social programs throughout the whole of europe and this is how they're going to do it and they will make enemy business and it's foolish. maria: the e.u. looks at the competitive environment based on companies. they don't come to decisions based on what's best for the customer. if this is anti-competitive for another competitor of apple, that's why they always thought deals. they are looking at the corporate landscape. >> with the lawsuits against google, they are defining markets in their own ways and forgetting about customers. this is a pretty beneficial deal for apple. a good deal for ireland and production. this seems to be more than big
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day than it does to be a policy precedent. >> no-space companies want to add quarter in ireland. because the corporate tax rate is so much lower in ireland. dagen: an argument for corporate tax reform in this country which is really the centerpiece to talk about repeatedly of donald trump's cap proposals in addition to that he wants to do. also it speaks to ireland understands how to bring jobs to the country even if it's a low tax rate, bring in revenue and the rest of europe doesn't get that. maria: that's why this will resonate with voters as well. >> people are going to start learning more about why it's so beneficial to have different corporate tax rates. it does bring jobs and business back then that is something we need in the states. maria: disobeyed the business story of the moment. turn to the white house as well print the new poll this morning shows all jump is cutting into
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hillary clinton's late. the latest poll shows a head-to-head matchup hillary clinton has 49% support among likely voters to double trumps ordered 2%. clinton held a 13-point lead among likely voters we can donald trump closes gap? pollster and former senior adviser to scout walker and mitt romney's presidential campaign. good to see you again. thank you for joining us. or take away his donald trump seems to be narrowing the gap. >> well, if you look at the average of the polls, the race has settled into a five or six by race. i had just seven points, there are a couple things about three or four points more republican than they should be. the demographic split on gender is 50/50. issued the 4852. both of those favorite tribe. it would give him a little bit better numbers than the average above the polls. basically, this race -- two
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weeks after the democratic convention that was not good for donald trump has settled down to where it is. if you look at hillary clinton, she's about to point out her high water mark over the last year. trump is about 3.5..this high water mark. that's a natural center of the race. maria: you are watching this in real-time. how do real-time. have you seen it? >> i think donald trump has done a great job of stepping back, stop taking the day. he's really focused on the issues. hillary is out there attacking saying crazy things about donald trump and he stepped back a policy speech is for voters. he will be out there talking about immigration tomorrow. a really big day for him. i think we will continue to see the gap closed as as that continues to show discipline and focus and stops at the crazy outlandish statements.
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dagen: if you look at the staples in critical swing states, there are states in play for hillary clinton that were not won by barack obama. if you look at missouri or georgia, she's got potentially a shot in this date. it's not worth some? >> yes. trump is doing better in blue states like pennsylvania, very much in play is still in some of the polling. clearly if you look at the electoral college map, clinton has an advantage because she is not only cutting into those red states that she's moved the traditional tossup states into the democratic column at this point. it is still very early on that. what you see in the individuals they decide is where you see the advertising wars between the two campaigns in still a lot of play left in those. maria: that they move on to the state department issued.
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a federal judge ruled yesterday that the state department must hand over any nonexempt documents concerning huma abedin before election day. our headlines impacting clinton's trustworthiness numbers in the campaign in general? >> the most recent polls show them about the same untrustworthiness and honesty. their numbers are so baked in in terms of negatives. hillary on the average polls that 53%. she started at 55. trump has come down but he still at 60%. he started at 55%. i find in the polling versus much question about trump and his taxes as hillary and the e-mails. or in some new validation, all of this is white noise that started them out there and baked into the numbers. >> it's interesting you talk about these views.
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what does it take to get out of these negatives? it seems like they are stuck there. they will have to get off these negatives. what happens to make that happen? >> well, that's the tough thing of this campaign is traditionally there's 30% that like both candidates. that is down to about 3% of the amount or her. normally only 10% of this site both candidates up around 30%. it is very much a focus right now looking at the numbers of those voters who dislike both candidates driving which one do they dislike more in terms of moving the numbers enough for the campaign plays have been. maria: and it has been accepting from trump this week? >> tone and tenor is extremely important. but we need to understand is having the right tone and tenor and immigration only gets us a seat at the table with the hispanic vote. right now we did the univision
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poll and he was only getting 19% of the hispanic vote. when a dispute that afterwards 30% that we have a group of voters to go after in turn up for the republican nominee. i don't know that he can. his unfavorable rating with hispanics right now is running in the high 70s. he certainly has to change it. the key on the hispanic vote is that always got 90% of our hispanic vote for middle-class hispanics. that's who he's talking to. dagen: one quick thing. his appeal to hispanics and blacks in this country is a lot about appealing to republicans who are uncomfortable and he wants them to get on board. he needs to tone it down. not just to woo latinos, but also the people who are sold via. traditional republicans. maria: good to see you. thanks so much.
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the u.s. gulf coast racing to get treasures several inches of rain in the next couple days. assays are preparing pram for the tropical storm next. in interest after alaska's airline flight tries to open one of the plane stores. we have got the details next. back in a moment. ♪
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maria: welcome back here to tropical depressions gaining strength off the east coast. taken at some headlines this morning. dagen: good morning, maria. residents are preparing for tropical depressions that a forecasted storms before mickey mantle. tropical depression off the coast of north carolina and expected to reach stardom status today. forecasters have issued a tropical storm warning for north carolina's outer banks. in florida, residents prepare for heavy downpours and flooding from tropical depression nine now in the gulf of mexico. forecasters say it is to strengthen slightly in the next 24 hours and could bridge storm strength as early as today. the central pacific hurricane center has entered a watch but the island of hawaii is hurricane madeline poses then. this term should be near or over the big island wednesday. police in minnesota arresting a passenger on an alaska airlines
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flight after he tried to open the planes doors midflight. according to an airline spokesman, the passenger became unruly before trying to open a door at the rear of the 737. the crew initially tried to calm the man down before deciding to divert to minneapolis. the seattle flight reached its destination at 1:00 p.m. local time. movie fans come americans around the world are mourning the death of gene wilder. the big rake in 1968 when he was cast in mel brooks. while receiving an oscar nomination for his movie and were less leo bloom. he later went on to star as willie walker in the context of the come of the 1970 film willie walker and the chocolate factory. ♪ dagen: wilder went on to convince mel brooks to direct a film that he came up with
6:18 am
himself. it was young frankenstein, the black-and-white slapstick comedy with a smash hit followed by another plate that no hollywood star remembering why other on social media including steve martin. goodbye, gene wilder. he one of the great screen comedians can original and surprising every time. billy crystal had this to say. she wilder was a giant of comedy. his legacy of films is inspiring. a true genius. his nephew said the comedy legend died late sunday of complications from alzheimer's disease. he was the devoe devoted husband to gilda ratner who passed away from cancer years ago. maria: an outpouring of love. dagen: i read a line that said he filmed comedy and anxiety and that was the genius of his portrayal. i read a letter that he wrote to the director really want that in
6:19 am
the chocolate greek and he had one request that would willy wonka make his appearance he wanted to walk with a cane as if he is crippled and mccain stakes and it keeps walking and he does the role because he wanted the audience to never know whether he was lying or telling the church. the truth is always in doubt. maria: i love that. dagen: i knew you'd like that. >> that was a partnership for the ages. >> it's got a b. willy wonka, but there's so many great ones. he was then bonnie and clyde. he had a small role. >> i forgot that. maria: we will take a short break. when we come back, investors took another job report and federal reserve.
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maria: welcome back. fax pushing modest gains them understand that. technology paper sector is one of the best performers in 2016. by the 9% this year. what name should do that to butcher my name and what happens next? my next guest says stick with the winners you've been seeing.
6:24 am
mark lehman, president of gmp securities. good to see you, mark. thanks for joining us. a lot to talk about. a lot of headlines. let's start there in terms of investing. how do you allocate capital? >> the market has hit new highs, but very quiet and emotional high. though volatility, not a lot of volume. we have been very buswith tech companies we've been involved with over the last few months and quarters. we've been talking about that. you haven't seen a slowdown in business. one thing we keep talking about his internet economics leads to monopoly is and it's interesting to watch with happiness they've gotten bigger and stronger and has accelerated. you want to stick with those names. maria: we were going to wait to talk about apple. this is one of your recommendations. what is is your talk on this
6:25 am
e.u. charge? >> this is in e.u. target. they look for tax revenue or they can. people are seeing them with a domicile in making sure they get their fair share. if i were an apple investor i'd be a little worried. at the end of august i'm not sure i'm that worried. more worried about the apple southern watch. maria: apple says is going to appeal this. when microsoft got vaguer and bigger, they were the target of the e.u. you get bigger, you're in the eyes and crosshairs of the e.u. dagen: absolutely. whether companies are at risk for going after gannon is a business risk. apple untouchable. what about other tech companies? >> if you see one, you'll probably see more. rarely do we see one of these as it relates to any topic. you will find that tech companies and health care companies were the lowest tax
6:26 am
rates are. ireland once these companies there. they've had a long history with a lot of people. i would expect more and more jurisdictions define targets. >> they've been and is pushing back and regulations. is this another case where they take a stand? >> tim cook has sold you this is where they want to take a stand. i expect this to take a long time. i think this'll be nicer to not pay attention to very shortly. maria: let's not forget how the u.s. got in the middle of the pfizer allergan bill. same reason because taxes are so much lower in the block the deal. the >> every company we talk about is a global company. my percentage of revenue. maria: why wouldn't she want to have your corporate taxes at 10%, 15%.
6:27 am
>> will talk about it in this section as well. whether domicile, i want these companies to be based there because they get a major advantage. that is not going to change. maria: technology has been the space-bar racing consolidation. who do you think is next? >> you will see more and more new software is raised. this group is headed by 50% in february. you saw over 13 deals which is a topic we've talked about a lot here, a sector that is very ripe for consolidation. less so now because the successful ipos recently and they have corrected a great deal. a perfect example of that is what we saw with linked in. there is a catfight for that stuff. even salesforce which wrote a personal letter to the chairman and said we are a better fit than microsoft is that turned out in hindsight linked to did not a sales forest. a lot of it is cash to go after
6:28 am
the company tells you does kind of jewels are getting huge valuation and monk did not want him to year was not a darling they got taken over for a huge premium. maria: sales forces raided to pay up, is it now on the market for another deal? >> i think so. maria: with a similar deal? >> i'm not sure there is what. there have been some competitors that have tried. he's a great acquire and i would expect him to continue to be on that path of leading and software. true to mark, great to see you. president obama celebrates the arrival of the 10,000 syrian refugee into the usa's national security concerns remain. the administration is not stopping there. we will tell you what they expect them to do. details next. colin kaepernick get them are
6:29 am
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maria: welcome back to tuesday morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday august 30th. here your top stories, 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. the election at risk at the hands of hackers. details on a new report this morning that shows foreign groups penetrated state systems when it comes to voting. the tensions between the u.s. and iran rising at an alarming
6:32 am
rate. controversial milestone, 10,000th syrian refugee arriving in the united states yesterday. state department spokesperson addressing the news in a briefing. >> resettlement is one option but it is not the ideal option. it's not the best option. the presidenset a pretty hig bar with the 10,000, and we are proud that we brought them in but we are equally as dedicated to our efforts to end the civil war in syria so that people don't have to flee, so that when this is over, they'll have a home to go back to. maria: we are looking tat major geopolitical risks. check your refrigerator, package vegetables, we will tell you which products are affected.
6:33 am
freebies at chipotle. check markets right here. we are expecting a weaker opening for the broader averages but it is early and just fractional move. right now we have a lot of economic data this week n. europe we are seeing gains across the board. best performer there, dax in germany. about 1%. well, the outraging is growing this morning as san francisco 49ers colin ceap -- kaepernick slanled donald trump and hillary clinton. first up right now the fbi issuing alert earlier this month indicating hackers outside the u.s. has broken into two state election database systems. those hacks targeting arizona and illinois believe to have come from russia. fox news military analysts jack
6:34 am
joins me right now. general, good to see you. >> good to see you, maria. maria: what's your reaction? how concerned should we be? >> well, we have to be concerned and alarmed by it. you already mentioned it. there's been a pattern here. two intelligence agencies, military agencies and the other equivalent to the cia. the russians have had a history of penetrating elections in eastern europe, also on the report here is they try to influence the brexit vote. they clearly used cyber offensive capability to achieve geopolitical objective. maria: do we have the capability to get behind this and stop this and make sure that they don't
6:35 am
penetrate? >> it's unparallel in the world, the russians are second and our defenses are not anywhere what they should be. the only thing protected is military networks and certain classified aspects of the government. the government itself is not and our critical infrastructure in the united states, banking industry, finance industry, utilities, transportation, those things, defenseless. maria: people were worried about voter fraud and now this. a number of confrontations between internal revenue when and the u.s., it's nearly doubled just in the first half of 2016 compared a year ago. general, how far will iran go before this administration takes action? >> well, first of all, ever since the deal took place, the nuclear deal in mid-2015 the iranians have been taking the gloves off and demonstrating to everybody that they're going to
6:36 am
be the dominant power in the middle east. so as much as they are using the tactical vehicle patrol boats to intimidate and harass the united states, really the gulf state, middle east states, they want to demonstrate to them that while they went through this negotiation for a couple of years, they have not changed their strategic objectives to dominate the region. that's what this is about. the united states will go through this, we are going to put up with humiliation, we have rules of engagement, if our troops are in dairnl, those captains will shoot for sure. maria: what should allies be doing including the u.s.? >> that's a good question. what we do doesn't have anything to do with gun boats, diplomacy, so to speak. united states should reengage with allies in the region and sunni arabs into alliance or former version of nato and the recent for doing
6:37 am
that is because of the strategic objectives that iran has to dominate the region. we have got to stand up with this. we are giving $150 billion to execute objectives. we intend to dominate the region, the way we are going to do that is drive the united states out of the region and destroy the state of is ra ee. every single year for 35 years they said the same thing. maria: incredible. isn't it true that our allies are not going to get us with this with assad there, they want assad taken down? >> they truly want assad taken down but they are frustrate that had the united states has disengaged from the middle east. we pulled out of iraq and libya, we got the muslim brotherhood, one policy decision after another has frustrated. there was an opportunity to top assad, the syrian government wanted our help, we did not give
6:38 am
it to them. they are so frustrated. they cannot wait until there's a new administration here. maria: by the way, a lot of poem are frustrated. they are wondering what are the motivations of this administration with that laundry list that you just layed out and then, of course, there's the syrian refugee. yesterday the united states admits its tenth thousand syrian migrant, the state department spokesperson kirby say more are coming, watch this. >> we will need the 10,000 figure today and i would fully expect that you'll see additional syrian refugees admitted. he already set a goal 85,000 total by the end of this fiscal year. we believe that we are going to be on track to meet that. maria: 85,000. that's the number. i didn't realize that was the target 85,000. initially the president said
6:39 am
10,000. we know isis is trying to infiltrate the refugee flow. how do we keep the country safe? >> isis will try to penetrate. it's easier in europe, they're open borders, there's no vetting, no custom procedure that we have in the united states, however, there has been a lot of effort mainly because, i think, the attention has paid to this, fox principally so and there's been a significant amount of vetting, who is coming in this 10,000, mostly family, people who have been injured, people who have had death in the families, people who have been sick, some tortured. if we have the young person that military age that's in that group and by themselves, i don't believe that they are getting in. we have on the cautious. i think what we have done, maria, now that we have reached the president's goal of 10,000, let's have a hearing on it and
6:40 am
find out how well we did on it. the good news we haven't had any terrorist that we know of that infiltrated. none of them have ever committed a terrorist act. that is a good news here. we have to be cautious because this is syria and this is where most of the terrorists are. we have to know what we are doing here. maria: you're confident regardless we are doing a good job vetting? >> i suspect we are. maria: i know isis has a passport machine. >> this is so much under a microscope. the easiest way to get into the united states is the open visa or coming through a phoney passport. maria: which is what we saw in the san bernardino situation. we appreciate it. love having you in studio. >> thank you.
6:41 am
maria: country fresh vegetables may not be so fresh at all. what you shod know about the precall following the risk of listeria. reporting the jury duty in nashville, straight ahead. ♪
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maria: welcome back, well, we have a big week of economic data this week, but so far we are not seeing the markets move anticipation, we are expecting a lower opening for the broader average. this week job's numbers on friday. a lot of market-moving stats coming up. am, stock is down 2% right now. eu antitrust regulators handing the technology a 14 billion and a half tax dollar bill.
6:45 am
ireland granted apple illegal tax benefits at rate of 1%. apple says it will appeal decision. united continental shares are up this morning hiring a new president scott kirby. kirby will report to united ceo óscar muñoz who previously held both titles. country fresh recovering fresh product. dagen: houston area producer rerecalling 30,000 cases of prepackaged vegetables including slashed mushrooms and on owns. they were shipped to nine states, georgia, florida and virginia, consumers can return products for a full refund.
6:46 am
taylor smith missed vma's. aggravated rape and kidnapping case and swift felt that she could not be impartial that she has a pending case that is involves sexual assault. she told the judge that she would be more than willing to serve in the jury in any other type of case. what would michelle bob i'm say to this story? chipotle tries come back to win customers following safety problems including the e. coli outbreak. offering students free drinks for the whole month of september. students need to show a valid id for any in-store purchase. chipotle only applies to fountain soft drinks and ice tea, not bottled drinks.
6:47 am
there was an e. coli outbreak but the one outside the boston that had the nora outbreak and chipotle is offering free burritos, new customer reward program, cheap alcoholic drinks in some locations. maria: they're students. >> professor in that too, i think. [laughter] >> i'm all for that. maria: free drinks. dagen: if people are not eating there because they are worried about getting sol really dangerous gastro intestinal problem -- [laughter] maria: so many loyalists to chipotle. some people never stop going there. dagen: that's true.
6:48 am
maria: tim tebow to show recruiters what he has but he may have an offer on the table, where he could be going next. stay with us, next. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called.
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maria: welcome back, san francisco 49ers colin kaepernick turns heads. donald trump has respond today quarterback. jared max with the story now. hey, jared. jared: you knew this was coming.
6:52 am
spent 20 minutes talking to reporters to sit and continue to sit before games, he took shots at our next commander in chief. i think the two presidential candidates also represent the issues that we have in this country. hillary who has called black teens or black kids super predators and you have donald trump cap-- ca kaepernick calls racist. san francisco police officer association sends a letter and also the ceo of the 49ers, i only wish mr. ca pernick could see encounter. mr. capernick has embarrassed
6:53 am
himself. today is going to be one of the biggest day in tim tebow's life. tebow batted .494 in high school. he wants to go to big leagues, though. he has offer from the 5-time champion venezuelan team zulla. i would think venezuela would be zulla. maria: yeah, i think so. jared: we want to show some respect. big workout for tim tebow with major league clubs. that was a goofy game, why,
6:54 am
let's take a look. last night the chicago cubs going up 14 innings, but it didn't start that way. chicago had many opportunities in this one. jorge soler is going -- there we go. jorge soler with game-tieing home run. that's in the ninth running, the bases loaded. the pirates escaped and nailed the runner at the plate. sends it up the middle. tie it is game and later into the evening and montero is going to deliver the game when he hit for the chicago cubs. they continue to shine. it's the year of the cubies. they win it in 13. cubs win. cubs win. maria: cool. and then what happens? jared: he said it was a goofy game. [laughter]
6:55 am
jared: he's a fun-goofy guy. i think joe is probably the top of my list. the cubs the other day after they lost the players dressed up in onesies to go back home. >> where did they get them? jared: i don't know. i don't think he's going to get signed up now. you have to be like roy hobbs to do that. that's not a publicity stunt. he gets an offer for a team in venezuela, the one that i had fun with -- [laughter] jared: i do think it's for real. i would be shocked if he doesn't impress some scouts today. >> more real than michael jordan back in the day. he was close. you know, he was closer than people think but it was an
6:56 am
uphill climb. jared: the reason he won't get called up this year, there are guys that are hitting 95-mile an hour pitching, tim tebow isn't there yet. they know his attitude and winner and contagious. maria: what an athlete. dagen: the colin kaepernick thing not going away. he can wanted kaepernick for taking a stance but he should not have disrespected the flag and tweeted all lives matter. jared: form e army ranger and he had -- dagen: there was a double amputee marine who lit up the internet with challenge to
6:57 am
kaepernick. maria: doesn't he have another problem? dagen: he can't play. [laughter] jared: he's about to get cut by a lot of folks estimation, and the 49ers will be on the hook for $12 million whether he plays or not. maria: jared, good stuff. jared max. coming up in the next hour i try on the sky watch valued at almost $700,000. back in a minute we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet.
6:58 am
when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity. .
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7:00 am
maria: welcome back, happy tuesday. it is tuesday august 30th. we are happy you are with us. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump and hillary clinton take ago tack on the air waves. both releasing ads. we are looking at how effective the ads are now. mike pence detailed what voters are looking for. >> you know, i have to tell you, i think the american people, the american people are tireed of politicians who divide the american people to unit their
7:01 am
support and win elections. i truly believe that. maria: the presidential race is not the only one ware raching today. it is primary day in florida and arizona. we will take a closer look at who is at stake. apple facing a massive tax bill from europe, the company vows to fight back. how this plays into the election as well and backtracking on obamacare, the administration now looking to make changes as consumer choices dwindle. plus the epipen fight heads to capitol hill. congress is looking for answers over the mass price increase of the life-saving device. dreaming of a via occasion but cannot afford it? airline letting you pay in installments. details coming up. why the orange is now what it used to be. share markets right now searching for direction. we have a whole host of economic data today. consumer confidence is out. the friday government job's report.
7:02 am
that's always a market mover so we will see how people anticipate that. right now it's very much wait and see. in europe take a look. up about 1%. 97 points n. asia mixed performances overnight and fractional moves. checking the time with style, we have a 700,000-dollar watch here in studio that we are going to check out. [laughter] maria: looks beautiful but is it worth $700,000? joining me this morning fox business network dagen mcdowell, bryan and pollster lee carter. great to see everybody. >> great to be here. dagen: do we get to try the watch on? [laughter] maria: two presidential nominees get out, donald trump dropping
7:03 am
$10 million. lee carter, we want to hear your take on the ads. let's listen to the two ads. we kick it off with trump's ad. >> in hillary clinton's america the middle class gets crushed, spending goes up, taxes go up, hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear, it's more of the same but worst. in donald trump's america, millions of new jobs create it, wages go up, small businesses thrive, the american dream achievable, change that makes america great again. donald trump for president. >> i am donald trump and approve this message. maria: what grade do you give this trump ad? >> i give it a b minus. it's not going to hurt out but doesn't stand out. the ad on national security out
7:04 am
last week was much more effective. the fear plays much better. he had an opportunity here that was frankly missed. in my opinion he could have used policy that stands out that have people talking. in this way it's a very solid, well, he's going to create jobs, better economy. nothing that people are going to have conversations about. maria: she said so many things that he could have used in the ad, cut every coal job or i'm going to add on obamacare or i'm going to add onto dodd-frank. those are the kinds of things which would resinate with people, right? dagen: do you define as a candidate at this point in the election cycle, do you run those ads, define yourself or attack, attack, attack because last week it was about attacking one another in the most vicious way, even in the ads, kkk ad.
7:05 am
that was insane. lee: it's a little bit like a whiplash. if he was going to use fear tactics like he did in the beginning, he could have been more specific. she could have done a lot of things that make you question her. the lack of specificity, a criticism in general. maria: the latest from hillary clinton. >> you're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, look at my african american over here. trump management was charged with discriminating against african americans and breaking federal law. >> i have a great relationship with the blacks, i've always had a great relationship with the blacks. what the hell do you have to lose? >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
7:06 am
maria: so interesting. she did what he didn't do. she used his words against him. >> i give it an a minus. we forget all of the things that have happened up to this point and so we have a really short memory. we keep going on to the next thing and what she's done very effectively reminded us of those moments. you fighter. this is like she's going to nail him one after another and remind us of the things that make you not want to give donald trump the benefit of the doubt. i think it was a really smart ad. >> you know, it's interested he went negative and positive in his ad. she clearly save one set of ads for positive and one for negative. >> they both have merit. everybody says they hate the attack ad but when you're trying to get to election day, not the
7:07 am
push that button or pull the lever, however you vote in your state, it can be really effective and even though we hate them. the question is and hillary clinton effectively gone on the offensive here, attacking donald trump, trying to bait him, we were talking about some of her attacks where the attack ad might not that be effective but it's like bait in front of donald trump. he has done a good job for the last ten days of not taking the bait. very, very different donald trump than we have seen before. dagen: how critical are the debates. the new york times has an interesting piece today about debate prep and the clinton campaign is doing research to try and needle trump during the debates even talking to the ghost writer from art of the deal and trump on the other hand, this is "the new york times" reporting, that he did not want to take part at least so far in mocked debates with the clinton standum and they see
7:08 am
the critical importance of defining themselves and one another. lee: i think after the first debate, it'll be the most critical moments in the debate so far. he should be preparing. he has not been on the one-on-one dynamic. we were talking about that. debating a woman, whether we like gender roles or not is a very different thing than standing next to chris christie. it's the bottom line and he needs to understand how to do that. it's going to be all -- eyes are going to be on this debate and people are still changing their mind. we have seen in the poll that more than 50% of people have changed their minds. we have weak support. when you have -- when you have likability numbers that are low, a lot of people who traditionally will go republican who aren't, if you look at the catholic vote, she has that in the bag. that hasn't happened in years. maria: is that right? lee: one of the things we should
7:09 am
be focused on is you can change people's minds in these things. she has to picture a lot of things that people want, we want tax relief. we want a safer america, we want a stronger america, that's the message and the core of it. hillary clinton's message is garbled. she list every policy starting with alzheimer's. dagen: i laughed about that. the hoof, cracking down on treating horse hoofs with chemicals to change their gates, that's on the website. >> unbelievable. maria: what do you stand for because it's too much stuff. what are the races that we need to focus on? lee: mccain, on the establishment versus the underdog.
7:10 am
a key indicator of how people are going to vote and what we are seeing is that the underdog has been underindexing on the poll. he's only 4 points ahead. i think there's a chance that mccain's seat is at risk. rubio is going to take it and debbie wasserman schultz is going to underperform but probably still take the race but she will take a hit based on what happened at the dnc and she should. maria: outragingous prices parents are expected to pay, backpacks, head bands, we are going to ta ally it up for you. orange juice with your breakfast, well, it might be harder to come by, one of the averages is having a meltdown. that's next. stay with us
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
maria: welcome back. congressional lawmakers launching investigation into the price surge of epipen. here is dagen with the story and other headlines. dagen: requesting documents and internal communications about that epipen price hike. the lawmakers asking to brief the committee by next tuesday. the price for the two-pack epipen increased from $100 in 2009 to $600 this year. this comes as mylan announced it
7:14 am
will release a generic version of the epipen that will cost about $300 for a pack of two. epipen generates annual sales of a billion dollars. the merger between oreo maker international and hershey is off. no longer after hershey refused offer last second. second offer since june. there's no pass forward for a deal. hershey downs more than 11% down after hours trading. and the latest retailing trend suggest that the growing gap between the rich and poor is being seen in stores that students stock up. shoppers can buy 195-dollar head band or 575 versace backpack.
7:15 am
parents expect to spend $673 on electronics, notebooks this year. that's up from last year. maria: that is big numbers from back to school. dagen: i got stuck behind school bus traffic yesterday. we are down in virginia. everybody is getting back to school. [laughter] dagen: it's two-lane roads you get stuck behind a school bus you're going to be an hour late. maria: feels like the weather changes like that. all of a sudden you start feeling fall in the air. grocery bill meanwhile may be shrinking, we have the story next. plus dream vacation may becoming more cost efficient. stay with us ♪
7:17 am
7:18 am
amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
7:19 am
>> there are other commodities like frozen orange juice and gold. of course, gold doesn't grow on trees like oranges. [laughter] >> clear so far? maria: that was a clip from trading places, frozen concentrated orange juice market.
7:20 am
on a monthly basis consumers drink $1.4 million of frozen concentrated orange juice but this pails in comparison to the 19.1 million of fresh orange juice consumed. are the days of the frozen concentrated orange juice numbered? i want so bring senior vice president and good to see you, roger. thank you so much for joining us. all of the breakfast items because orange juice at one point was all the rage and it's not anymore. how come? >> as i was discussing earlier, orange juice lost with all the diets, the low-sugar diets and all that. when adkins came around the orange juice lost a lot of appeal. everybody would always say including my mom, have a glass of orange juice in the morning, now with all the energy drinks out there, every other choice, orange juice is unhealthy choice and it's really, you know, you can see nit the market and cobbed sumción.
7:21 am
[laughter] dagen: again, people even orange juice drinkers have moved away from concentrated orange. it has no market anymore. >> the concentrate -- not necessarily that you actually take home and mix yourself, most of your orange juice if you look at the carton says concentrate. everything is fresh. you know, everything you get is fresh. that has a lot to do with the concentrate orange juice. whether it's in a container made from concentrate or actually still mixing it which i don't know of anybody who does, my mom is still alive and i don't think she even does it. dagen: it is a critical component of any one's diet because you make shurbert punch
7:22 am
for it. >> there's still a use for it? dagen: absolutely. maria: something that has taken the place. there is some truth to the fact that sugar is the enemy when it comes to, you know, your health and so sugar in concentrated orange juice. what has taken its place? >> well, you could say what has taken its place is alternate drinks like anything from gatorade to powerade and, you kn, juice is basically -- all of our orange juice comes from florida. california is where you get most of the fresh fruit. you say what's taking its place, all the other choices. believe it or not, are people drinking those for breakfast, i assume they are. they start with a red bull, a powerade or gatorade or even
7:23 am
such an orange juice. maria: let me ask you about a story in the wall street journal. number three story, the u.s. on track to pose the longest stretch of falling prices. that's got to be good news for customers, obviously but bad news for farmers and grociers. >> without a doubt. i think it's just the whole culture, the way people are eating, smaller meals. everything from red meat to oriental juice. look at that plate of sausage. maria: i know some people who will eat it. [laughter] dagen: a lot is excess supply of food products, demand from china and other countries has fallen because the dollar has been strong. >> without a doubt.
7:24 am
that hurts significantly when you look at other countries and you see the demand has fallen. like a lot of our food commodities which i traded throughout my year, coffee, sugar, cocoa. you have see them fall also. the participation isn't there as the trade and consumption isn't there from the consumer so the journal is right on with the story saying these are all down like 50% in the past year or so. i mean, you know, it's supply and demand just like oil. what do they mention? the supply and the demand. it's the same thing in the food business. >> we talk about consumers not getting a raise for over a decade or more. the falling food prices and oil prices have been helpful for average person. producers are sort of saying, this is a real problem. consumers are cheering it. >> it couldn't come for a better time with the economy and you see the struggles and reflection of the -- the dow isn't a
7:25 am
reflection of the economy. it's the truth. you are given the consumers a break but in the same tone you do have a lot of farmers that are going to start struggling. for every good story there's the underlying bad story that follows it. maria: it all works together whether you look at the economy in the federal reserve. you don't see the kind of inflation that would warrant interest rates to move higher. that's one issue. >> well, you know, that's a debatable issue every day. it's the same thing. the market doesn't at these levels think about raising the rates, at what point are we going to get there. maria: i guess there is some inflation when it comes to wages, right, that's where there's inflation but food is down. >> farmers are hurting, the land -- just as an example in orange juice, most of the land that was growing oranges is being converted into real estate because that's where the value is. farmers who had a lot of real estate in florida are converting and building homes on it because
7:26 am
that's what makes sense. >> so interesting too the way people consume food, people want local, not big brands, you want your local small brands and i don't -- that makes it really tough for farmers. the quantity. >> have you seen so many farmers markets? every saturday, tuesday, wednesday there's a farmers market. my son goes to school union square. years ago there were no farmers market. everybody shopped in the food store. dagen: people say i only eat local and eat doritos taco loco twice a week. lee: i see it all of the time with my clients. how do you get somebody to have
7:27 am
tropicana when you get fresh squeeze? >> when you're growing up that your parents had in the refrigerator. my son lives with two roommates. there's three things in there. [laughter] >> it's the truth. maria: people still eating pancakes and waffles. we are still good there. thank you so much. checking the health of obamacare and the administration is starting to perform triage and how it can affect your healthcare costs. we will discuss why some experts have serious fears about the state of the u.s. economy. stay with us on that. back in a minute
7:28 am
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maria: good morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo it is tuesday your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast backing down on obamacare as more companies pull out of exchanges the administration forced to make changes, republicans have their own plans. >> -- tom and if we can get this done on day one it will be real good. >> they actual before we get in an augraitsdz congress actually convenes we will look to them to put on our desk a bill that will repeal obamacare lock, stock and barrel. maria: that is not the only issue congress is facing what
7:31 am
needs to be done about, our massive budget deficit, apple this morning faces a massive tax bill from europe the company is voluntary you go to fight back, how this the election ahead playing into apple stock sending it lower a high school reversing ban on flying american flag at football games the latest congress up, dreej of vacation but can't afford it one airline is letting you pay for flights in installments, the story. plus mark zuckerberg bringing ironman to life on artificial intelligence assistant could come to your computer markets searching for direction the dow jones industrial average to open up down flat this down about a point looking at now a lot of economic data on tap investors waiting on host of things later we've got friday government jobs' report this morning 10 a.m. consumer confidence and then data on housing as well as manufacturing. in europe we are seeing gains across the board, nonetheless, dax index in he germany up 1%
7:32 am
a i asia mixed overnight west performer hong kong, hang seng up better than 12%, also ahead checking the time with style we've got a lurks watch in the studio valued at $700,000 what gives that it eye topping price tag check it out our top story of the morning that is apple getting slapped with a 14 a half-billion-dollar tax bill by european union antitrust regulators saying getting illegal tax breaks from ireland apple will appeal joining us over phone cato institute sr., fellow tax policy analyst dan mitchell thanks for weighing? on the phone: glad to be on. >> if ireland has taxi rate much lower than u.s. other countries out there is apple doing anything wrong operating there better tax race what is your takeaway. on the phone: apple not doing anything wrong ireland not
7:33 am
doing anything wrong european commission taking so-called state aid rules ruling a country doesn't tax a company as much as the beaucrats in brussels want it to be taxed that is equivalent to subsidy or handout, i think this is really unprecedented, an attack on american multinationals main target of this entire -- >> because of the multinationals go to ireland to operate because tax situation is so much better there, so how is this is playing out will apple be successful in appeal? >> well, apple ireland i think will have the primary role of appealing this decision, but question is where do you appeal european commission sort of set this up to do judge, constitutioner strang ideology, equivalent to -- remarkable if this decision stands you can be insure american companies amazon, mcdonald's others under the
7:34 am
gun a tremendous money grab by european commission. >> in any case a good point we know there are so many companies a lot of octobering companies phrma companies in ireland right now, does this european commission ruling affect them are they starting to make preparations to deal with this? road looks like facing same fate here? >> all of them have to be prepared, because there is unquestionably an antiireland antiirish tax system animus motivating the european commission what is ironic if countries say germany, think that apple is diverting income of to ireland they have plenty of -- they want to there is already he mechanisms in place, that can handle this this is prudented amazingly destructive thing for european commission to be doing in forms of international tax policy. >> do you think this becomes
7:35 am
an argument for lower taxes, here in the -- in the u.s.? does that make this is to help people understand the benefits of a lower corporate tax rate? on the phone: there is no question ireland benefitimmenses clear to uservice but wouldn't matter if we brought corporate tax rate
7:36 am
7:37 am
fighting. >> suring -- after a number of insurance companies announced plans to ditches affordable care act exchanges leaving one-third coins with single obamacare insurer by 2017, i want to get your take on npro positivesals so that insurers are losing hundreds of mlts a year on policies useful scene players leave market i think they could look and see this possibility but even with this kind of provision, look if everybody is losing money, you
7:38 am
know doesn't matter when we try to redistribute profrths nobody is going to make gains here they have a real problem you are seeing this obamacare death spiral evidence administration understands this throwing everything they can at the problem. >> do you think donald trump or hillary clinton has discussed or reallyi communicated a better ta. >> trump missed opportunity to say more about health care was weak on this in the debate we saw disasters in the debates, trying to talk health care policy, he has not said much about it since then, and look this is an area where obamacare -- americans across the board can feel the premium increases see insurers leaving a unifying message i don't know why he hasn't talked about it more. >> one idea floated is public
7:39 am
option, a option to apply health insurance from what would be the government it would be like medicare if you will not to make it completely of government run you health insurance but at least provide a path to that, that is her -- but, again,, isn't that what they wanted all along? >> it seems like this is just a extend in that direction, now, i think that you are right. i think that the donald trump has missed an opportunity because i think it is easy to message this to focus on things people feeling pain of obamacare not as successful as they expected we only have 11 million people enrolled in it very, very expensive a lot of people are suffering because all everybody else's premiums going up i think that there has to be a solution, and i think should it berarticulated be articulated donald trump focused on economy jobs national security, health care falls below that i think that is why he hasn't done it yet.
7:40 am
>> kellyanne conway had talked about this very specifically, because again, the major changes, you get hit with a price increases october i think right before election, i would guess you are going to see more articulation from trump campaign on this may be ads cut closer to election people don't have choices, health care prices are going up because of obamacare they will be hitting that that is about the economy, and about your family safety and security. >> -- there is not a lot of conversation about the debt and deficit new cbo estimate predicts budget deficit is going to spike 590 billion dollars this year national debt to hit 20 trillion dollars next year could this cause a fiscal crisis. >> head wlong in this direction so interesting how little we talked about issues cbo estimates come out we see deficits up now for the first time in several years 600 billion dollars almost, heading toward over a trillion dollars within nine years, that is a real problem,
7:41 am
trillion-dollar deficits as far as eye can see is a real problem, and but this can't doesn't seem to get traction candidates or voters. >> i think interesting another issue of messaging so hard anyone under a trillion dollars used -- fatigue about deficit i don't know how or who is going to do this but it is important they make that relevant what does it mean for me? >> talking about the deficit going up, he did it in 1992. >> quite well. and nobody cared, because federal reserve kept interest rates so low, that people are not worried because just simply because the interest expense has not sky being rocketed national debt doubled under president obama because may be able interest rates rock bottlom he have levels nobody cares. >> entitlements, security,
7:42 am
medicare, medicaid. >> the conversation about that. >> half the budget, every close to half the budget is medicare and social security. >> a increase from medicaid medicare social security if you don't do something about those doesn't matter what you do nothing else matters. >> see if this becomes an election issue, up next created one of the most popular social media seats in the world now may bring ironman to life mark zuckerberg next. >> ambition timeless the watch that hopes to change game of lur luxury in the studio back in a minute. ♪
7:43 am
[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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7:45 am
. ihh schools south
7:46 am
carolina ll now allow students to wave american flags dagen. dagen: that is right good morning, everybody. principal at travelers high school reversed his ban on the american flag. and says misuse of old or inappropriate behavior will be addressed on individual basis, the controversy in the community starting last friday when itte meteorites confiscated one student's flag band others from bringing flags to a football game against bray high school said the move to ban flags pofd incidents in which travelers students allegedly flew old glory shoutdz go home go home to latino hispanic members of the community. you can now buy cheap airline tickets with monthly payments talking about flying on installments, a company called cheap is joining he focuses with finance company to offer purchase plans, idea
7:47 am
is aimed at travelers who do not have credit card can't manage the cost of a ticket at one time. the payment method requires a credit check determines the interest rate. facebook ceo may unveil part of project to bring movie fiction, into his home. zuckerberg working on face and voice recognition system lets him run home environment much like the fictional tony stark command on -- can when you see in movie from ironman. >> are all intelligence i am hear to assist with -- a path as best i can. >> zuckerberg told answer in rome he can control lights dates temperature in his home, with this system. software part of a challenge zuckerberg set for himself earlier this year a lot of money a lot of brain activity. >> yeah.
7:48 am
that is for sure. >> changing the space of time that is the hope with this new asti. r astronom.i.a. watch we test it out in the studio ex, gorgeous stay with us.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
university. . luxury products for affluent consumers highlighting astronomia sky watch valued nearly 700,000 dollars joining me is editor and chief bret anderson thanks for joining us did i say that right. >> astronomia, yeah. >> put it on this is a heavy watch. >> it is very heavy gold.
7:52 am
>> tell us about this watch the inspiration behind it, the price tag 700,000 dollars. >> this example is 580,000. >> 580,000. >> a bargain. >> price will vary depending on materials used but inspiration behind it the old you know, past censors created astronomical watches the clocks that would follow thank you trace movements of the planets and stars this is a contemporary version of that. >> it is absolutely beautiful you can see all the workings of it on the top. you can see the way watch works but my question is what time is it? >> [laughter] >> -- trim axis moves sideways. >> it follows the rotation or revolution of the earth around the sun rotation of the earth on axis a safire moon turns
7:53 am
every 60 seconds. >> all i want to know is -- >>. >> there is a tooment faime fac well keeps 12 always at top moving around inside face of the watch of a masterpiece of transfer of energy 0 hour pour reserve remarkable wildly creative. >> this is fixation on super expensive watches hasn't it starting to fade somewhat? >> again, it was -- not to bring hedge fund community but men were obsessed with extremely expensive watches timepiece makers the struggled in months even last year in terms of sales. >> there certainly are challenges in the marketplace that watchmakers have had to
7:54 am
deal with, currency fluctuati make a kifrns the creativity continues developing new pieces like this this is art that centuries old economics fluctuate but geneva endures. >> this is not kind of product that the iphone watch wearr is going to say i am not going to apply that wat buy that the buyer is not obviously there are many ways to tell time, what this is all about is creativity it is a work of art you are buying it because you appreciate what it is. >> you collect it, clerks watches so september issue rob report hits stands today tell us about it celebrating the 40th anniversary this year. >> we are, our 40th anniversary the october issue next month very excited about
7:55 am
last page shipped today september fashion issue so you will find in addition to some amazing works of art engineering like this you also find fact of new is style from italy, england france, as well as some cars we have jaguar cover as well -- >> we talked about economy high end still doing well do you think? what is the scoop. >> i think still doing well we certainly have been the people who can afford to spend at the level of things that we cover are continuing to do so we certainly have seen changes over last few years since 2008. i think it is more in terms of what people decide to focus on versus how much they are spending. >> watch collectors fanatics costume make shirts one risk bigger than other shirt cost goes over the watch so you know. >> famously --
7:56 am
>> it -- is. >> heavy watch, are actually. >> absolutely beautiful 580,000 dollars, and you can check it out in rob report, good to see you. >> thank you. >> as you so much for joining us, next hour investors eyeing earnings ahead of friday's jobs' report will data force fed to have raise interest rates this year will former candidate rick perry joining us bringing dancing shoes we think we will ask about that. stay with us. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on.
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7:58 am
jackie: my family never stopped pushing for me to be better because they knew what i could become and who i could become as a person. karim: everyday after work i went straight to school, studied hard, and it paid off. jocelyn: sentía como que si quiero cambiar el mundo tengo que cambiara mi primero. group: surprise! surprise! surprise! angela: i could not have gotten my diploma without my family. jocelyn: mi consejera, ella fue lo máximo para mí porque me ayudó mucho con todo. jackie: i've been given an opportunity and i'm just thankful for it. angela: yeah it's hard, but keep on going and keep on trying. karim: the high school diploma has just added to the confidence and now i feel unstoppable. narrator: find free adult education classes near you
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at bartiromo it is tuesday, august 30 here are top stories 8:00 on the east coast tight race for white house pol shows hillary clinton's lead cut in half, presidential race not only one watching it is primary day, in florida, and arizona we will tell you the major races to watch. plus new problems for the skwlin campaign, a judge ruling that the state department must turn over difficulties relating to huma abedin's informant before election shocking roll between secretary of state and big donors plus mike pence went on the attack. >> media so is busy parsing whatever donald trump said or tweeted in the last 30 minutes, that i guess they don't have time to talk about what the clintons have been up to the last 30 years. >> latest on race to the white house cobbling up thousands of
8:00 am
americans preparing for severe weather this week a pair of storms in the atlantic and gulf making their way to the coast, the latest on their path, plus, have a wooi today, bracing for a hurricane, apple facing a massive tax bill from europe the stock is down ahead of the open but company is vowing to fight back, we will tell you what the eu wants from apple. vacations meant to be stress relievers but getting there often hardest part what you need to know to make your trip stress-free markets searching for direction looking flat today investors waiting on host of the economic data this week consumer confidence out today, the government jobs' report, out on friday 181,000 jobs expected gains kroofb in europe not bad showing we have do the dukes in germany up 1%, ft 100 cac quarante in paris higher by a fraction, in asia mixed performs overnight take a look at markets nikkei average down in japan the hang seng up a better than 1% in hong kong plus this morning,
8:01 am
remembering a hollywood legend. >> ♪ and you will be in a world of your imagination ♪ and you will see into your imagination ♪ actor comedian gene wilder dead at 83 most iconic roles legacy this morning coming up this morning, joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, the kings college prefer of business economics brian, and pollster lee carter, how did you like that watch. >> unbelievable. >> [laughter] >> if i choose like three even five sports cars over one watch i will take the car any day. >> really nice spatters car for like high performance car 100, 125,000 dollars. >> -- absolutely. >> pay cash. >> great show this morning, so
8:02 am
far busy i thought a quiet week no. >> not at all. >> not with hillary clinton, donald trump running for president. >> exactly, our top story the race for the white house gvop vice presidential nominee governor mike pence stressing unity in the party comparing divisions to a popular support. >> nascar a phrase i liked rubbing is racing you obtaining fenders at the end of the day i love it end of of the race when guys banged fenders hard end up shaking hands a thumbs-up; right? we're going to see that happen. >> this bush for unity coming as new mom pol shows donald trump cut hillary clinton lead nearly in half dlakt nominee 49 to trump 42% joining us former republican presidential ked former texas governor rick perry governor great to see you. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> thanks for joining us. >> you are welcome.
8:03 am
>> your takeaway on race so far. >> people are starting to pay attention now, that is, you know, labor day is the day that things really start happening. people are learning about them this is a job interview. and right now hillary is not impressing the people that are going to making the decision who they are going to hire to be the president. i mean this issue with they see servers e-mails we know for a fact there is an iranian lost his life because of them. who else either young men and women in the military, who some secret piece of information that individuals got their hands on, have lost their lives are in jeopardy of on the ground losing their lives today because the clintons decided they wanted to play fast and loose with information there is a serious stuff i mean this is not just oh, you know we didn't want to hear somebody me talk about
8:04 am
somebody that was overweight and be embarrassed with e-mails this is about national security. for those of us serve in the military -- i mean this is this is process cuteble activities call your attention marshalled for about if you leave secret information on a desk they are out there you know, passing all this around this is this is incredibly disturbing for those of us which a care about security of this country. maria: then there is a clinton foundation, situation, a lot of e-mails are revealing that this connection, let me turn to immigration and donald trump for a second in texas you've got wlots to say about this he set to deliver major speech on immigration tomorrow. rumors circulating candidates planned wall on u.s. mexican border could be virtual wall what is your take what we will hear trump tweeted on issue from day one i said that i was going to build a great wall on southern border and much more stop illegal immigration watch
8:05 am
wednesday. >> i understand what he is doing. donald trump cares about making sure that americans know that they are going to be safe, whether in a studio in new york city or whether in a restaurant, in laredo texas we don't have to worry about safety, how you do that, building that wall, you know, i have said all along, that it requires a lot of different pieces, yes, actually a physical wall in plaes, there is the technology, there is teg aviation assets boots on the ground. donald trump -- and those that want to flexibility off oh, you are not exactly building you know, 18162 -- -- 186 have your conversation those of us that know that border know what is required, to make our citizens safe, are going to be with donald trump. >> has he you know has this so-called softening on immigration between confusing to voters has that affected much or not really a big
8:06 am
issue. >> 24-7 news cycle you got to have a lot of things to talk about i understand that, and donald trump. >> don't blame media now. i knew that was coming i knew that -- >> don't get confused about keeping this country secure with trying to split harris stix shaetis he understands e leosnt vee here overstayed advise az bad people that the pen at any rated track them down nobody is confused about that, hillary clinton best i can tell wants open borders. donald trump wants to keep this country safe. and i rhyme people i say listen don't get confused here folks keep this simple donald trump hillary clinton, supreme court. >> people connected to donald trump though on issue of immigration solely part of his plan was i am gonna deport the
8:07 am
11 million people who are here leaving a little bit of room at least in some of the comments cl has been muddled, to keeping those some of those individuals here he left that door open, ever so slightly, the central question is doesn't necessarily a bad thing? >> mayor giuliani and i discussed it as late as last week when mr. trump was in texas. and we both think it makes sense to have a conversation about people that have been here for a long time, been paying taxes been part of this society have proven that they would make good american citizens, let'sfying out how to help them become american citizens the idea going to round them up send back home, is just nonsense. and people understand that. listen, again, this simplicity where we are right now difference between donald trump and hillary clinton is day and night. and if you want to fall off the wagon, trying to split a
8:08 am
hair, then may be you weren't that much in the sad toem begin with. >> i interesting polls changeded so much about donald trump used to lead on immigration national security eveninging up, so what do you think he has to do now to change that? >> keep being donald trump, i am -- >> communicating this is is that why may be evening out. >> i don't think so i think always going to be close race when you get down to post labor day, people really going to get focused in on this, again, donald trump, hillary clinton, supreme court appointment. if you can't figure that one out then i can't help you -- >> let me turn to battles that we are seeing because we are looking at battle for cal hill right now several key primaries taking place today, including tight raises for d.c. staples like senator john mccain do you think we will see upsets here. >> i don't have any idea this has been as out of the
8:09 am
ordinary election cycle as certainly i have ever seen i thought people would look for somebody who would run twelfth largest economy in the world, done it rat successfully. >> who could that be i told on a regular basis you are my weren't my first choice i was my first choice, but with that, said, this is a very different election cycle, so upsets would not surprise me. >> i want to ask what are you doing when donald trump becomes president do you have a role i know you are busy there is a rumor governor you are set to appear upcoming season on "dancing with the stars." >> you know it would be rude for me to say at 9:00 earn a time turn to another chane i want not going to do that. >> a you are going to be on "dancing with the stars." >> not going to -- >> i am not going to confirm
8:10 am
or deny. >> can you dance? >> do you have rhythm. >> note a lick. >> do you enjoy it. >> do you have shoes. >> not a pair. >> do you have thrhythm. >> not an inch. >> didn't work out for geraldo. >> let me just say -- >> iment a big fan i am a big f geraldo were i to do "dancing with the stars" thing you won't see me addressed up like that. >> what do you wear hypothetically speaking. >> i would think a suit and tie would be appropriate attire. >> if you move well doesn't matter what your costume is. >> dagen -- >> were i to be given that opportunity -- it is an extraordinary platform to talk about veterans and multiaffairs, are that would be my driving reason to do it
8:11 am
if upper to be asked. a rumor is true you are going to be on "dancing with the stars." >> my deal if you give me a platform my daughter is getting married in octoberism right? so being able to dance at my daughter's wedding -- father-daughter dance a really, really important thing. >> that is awesome, now we know. >> generally people don't learn that on national television. >> you go there and you -- nervous? >> i just hope i don't forget my dance steps, were i to be on this program after the third lesson. >> you governor rick perry joining us to come two storms on track to slam south latest on rough weather threatening the area eu regulators dropping the hammer on apple the taxes they are demanding, back in a minute.
8:12 am
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maria: welcome back, storm trackers busy dagen on headlines right now with news over to you -- >> residents in vacationers in north carolina and florida are watching two storm systems approaching, hurricane is also heading toward hawaii forecasters expect first system to become a tropical
8:15 am
storm before it brushes the north carolina coast today heavy rain high winds predicted along those barrier islands emergency officials telling people to prepare. >> information out, so aware in a tropical storm watch, to make sure they are getting things homes ready. >> second s tropical depression in gulf of mexico could reach northern florida as tropical storm, later in the week. it may cross florida and head toward the atlantic coast. hurricane madeleine expected to move over or near hawaii's big island by early thursday. >> actor gene wilder died from complications due to alzheimer's disease was 83 years ago of age starting in hits young frankenstein blazing sadels willie wonka the chocolate factory. >> you what -- >> the jackpot, the grand glorious jackpot.
8:16 am
>> chocolate yes chocolate the beginning time to so little to do. >> reverse it. >> wilders friends quick to pay attribute to actor longtime friend ml brooks says one of the truly great talents of your time is gone he blessed every film we did together with his special magic and blessed my life with friendship he will be so missed. actor jim carrey treated he was one of the funniest sweets energies to take human form if an heaven he has a golden ticket. >> apple meantime says it will appeal a decision by the eu ordering it to pay more than 14 billion dollars in fwaksz to ireland commission has accused ireland it had accused ireland 2014 advoiding international tax rules letting apple shelter profits with tens of billions of dollars from tax collectors in return for jobs, apple employs
8:17 am
5500 people in ireland u.s. treasury official will not specifically comment on the apple case says u.s. is disappointed in the eu commission, acting unilaterally. love this, new study suggests that dogs do understand -- some of what we say researchers have in hungary scan brains of dogs and found that just like human anz dogs process words with the left hymn is fer and with right hymn is fer they found dogs register that they are being praised only if the words match the study was published in journal france i am sure she understands everything you say. >> she does i know yours understands everything that you say look at that baby girl a pretty pup. >> -- we were out there on the beach -- charlie understands more than ramon ramon
8:18 am
understands intentionally ignores me if like -- he looks the other way like dhaerl understands ball outdoors indoors, grub. >> it is fascinating they understand what humans are saying i saw it as no spray of nice to see journal of science reporting it. >> exactly. >> all right, coming up what you need to know ahead of friday's all important jobs' report key points could forfeits the fed to actually act finally. >> includes chocolates not enough to save this couple, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ .
8:19 am
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8:22 am
maria: welcome back checks futures indicating a managed open this morning ahead of a a much anticipated august jobs' report, labour market could motive the federal reserve to raise interest rates but are schwab chief to withstand investment strategist sr., vice president liz ann sondzer great to see you thanks for joining us assess where we are if you will ahead of jobs number friday gdp of wasn't great how do you see things economically speaking. >> i think the jobs' report is strelt important, and certainly suggested the same thing the one concern i have is that if it is a -- needle he mover wrong direction weak if fed backs away from chase laterally hawkish rhetoric recently from yenl herself i think rein forces notion may be fed is more data point dependent than it is data dependent on that you know a single number could move the needle significantly one
8:23 am
direction so i personally would like to see a strong noub, rein for those the idea fed feels will comfortable moving may be september would be good for the market the fed continuing to sort of back away is not a good thing i think we need that confidence from the fed. >> even though, this not too hot not too hold economy has been a positive for the markets, people want to feel that the fed is not so relied upon not manufacturing if we saw good report fed could start raising interest rates may be staib stabilize where things should be. >> not likely to get anything six months or so the only game in the town but i think i am not a fed critic i think what they did early stages of financial crisis was absolutely the right thing, i think more questionable has been more recently, i think time for fed to move to take that baby step toward monitor policy normalization
8:24 am
confidence message that sends is no longer treating the patient like still in the -- >> how does that relate to investing today, i know you are a long term this caner always have been when you look at markets this year what do we got technology utilities, the strong areas, do you want to stick with things like that. >> we have technology, is one of those sectors we have apple form rating other -- financials stuck with notion fed would move would have the impetus ultimately to benefit of financials not to mention value play they were before you got this lift, as a a function of the fed, no matter what fed does if sort of stepping back on to this path toward no morization doing it in a slow fashion i think important for markets if you look back in long history of rate hike about cycles fast and slow f fed is moving pretty much every meeting slow would be pause, every few meetings
8:25 am
like they have been if you look at history slow cycles have been much more rewarding to stocks than fast cycles i think we are in a slow cycle. >> seems that way we take two steps forward one step back fed looks at more than the jobs' report right it feels like the jobs number though is the only thing that we are seeing improvement in every -- >> improvement in wages in turn transmission into inflation, core pce their professored measure of inflation is not at their target but cpi, actually is we are starting to see great for workers building wage pressures, and that i think they see that as a potential trigger for increasing inflation, plashl for strength in commodity prices when you look at dual mandate both are getting to the pointed of telling them, they have that comfort zone to move. >> what would you see for 2017 or too soon to make that call. >> i have a presidential election -- >> presidential election, and given the lack of maneuvering
8:26 am
on fiscal front it is still the case that we have to rely more on monitor policy we have going to uncertainty still as to whether september december, may be both may be neither the election, harder to look into following year for people in my position than it has been in years past. i think the bull market is ongoing i think we are in a more mature phase, where we see bouts of volatility may be less robust returns but i think we are still in a secular bull market that has may be a ways to go that is because i think recession is far out we don't have a strong economy, but recessions come when excesses is built one benefit to you sluggish economy. >> are there groups you gravitate toward hillary clinton presidentialcy versus donald trump. >> i think too soon to do that there are -- analysts out there putting together clinton
8:27 am
and trump port followsios i think in theory based on policy proposals now most important not just who is in white house but makeup of congress we can talk policy all we want the ability to actually get it effected put into law a very different thie i think may be an interesting game that traders play in terms of portfolios but in terms of making a definitive call foster investors into 2017 i think premature. >> thank you so much, tune into coverage of the august jobs' report jobs in america starts 8:00 a.m. eastern on fox business we have numbers and great morning. >> e-mail more que we have numb and great as nalysis friday morning. >> e-mail more questions for safety of hillary clinton private server staying calm in travel tips you need to deal with tsa to getting the best bang for your buck on travel. back in a moment. ♪
8:28 am
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... >> good tuesday morning, welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo. it's tuesday, august 30th. here are top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. new developments at the clinton foundation, pay to play at the foundationment new e-mails
8:31 am
highlighting huma abedin's security concerns about a trip to russia. >> it's hard to keep up. [laughter] >> i mean, for heaven sakes, thousands of e-mails discovered that they didn't turn over, now the state department says they'll get around to releasing her schedule in december. maria: all of this as hewlett-packard enterprise meg whitman goes on the campaign trail for clinton. first republican to stump for clinton. and after mondelez says it's no longer interested in the chocolate giant. and getting there is often the hardest part, what you need to know to make your next trip stress-free. the markets are searching for direction. we're searching for lower averages. investors are waiting on economic data later this week,
8:32 am
particularly friday's government report on august jobs. in europe, we're seeing gains across the board. fractional moves although the dax in germany is up 1%. and the rest of the average is higher, if not strongly, in the plus column. in asia, mixed action. hang seng up better than 1%. we kick it off with the latest development in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. new e-mails released by conservative group citizen's united show a connection between the clinton foundation and the state department. here is a look at one of the newly released e-mails. it shows clinton aide huma abedin expressing e-mail security concerns to justin cooper, an aide to former president bill clinton. abideen says those of us in the russia travelling party will be leaving blackberries on the airplane, once we touch down in moscow tonight. cooper, are they taking them from the u.s. because of the clinton should work? >> abideen, it's for security
8:33 am
reasons, i don't want to use that one either. maria: joining us now in citizen's united, david, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. maria: we all know and i've said this a lot on the program, government employees are told do not bring your blackberries to russia or china, as soon as you enter air space, those countries, they have access to all of your stuff, whether it's your calendar, your contacts, your inbox. how many of her e-mails were similar to that? because we know that is an issue. that's not really the issue that you're talking about? >> no, what this-- what this e-mail is just a snapshot. it really shows two things, one, that they were concerned about security, and they were concerned about being hacked in these countries and this is from a top state department advisor of hillary clinton, huma abedin, and we see what hillary clinton did, she did the opposite. she didn't care, she had the homemade server in her basement, really disregarding all security protocol. so, we showed the
8:34 am
contradictions here and then we also show in this one e-mail the closeness in which they're talking about the state department employee to the foundation. they're actually telling the foundation in this e-mail, hey, we're going to be off the grid for a couple of days via e-mail, use the cell phones if you need to get us. so, it just continues to show, we don't see the separation between the state department and the foundation as we need to. maria: and i wonder if you think that's resonating with people because that's really where the issues are, right? i mean, the e-mails show that, that, for example, huma abedin had a job at the foundation while she's also working at the state department with hillary clinton and there are instances where hillary clinton as secretary of state did things for other countries and then saw money go into the clinton foundation. >> that's exactly right. and that's really our point and that's why we have really conducted a two and a half year litigation strategy to try to get these documents before the american people, before
8:35 am
election day, an and truth be told we're under court order to get document productions from the state department all the way through 2018 and that's the outrage of this, is the state department has acted as really, an arm of the clinton campaign and they've really slow-walked this litigation, used every dell dilatory tactic. and this document production, we're constantly getting material, but we're getting it for the next couple of years. maria: wow. >> one of the things i've been seeing in the polls, there's somewhat of an e-mail fatigue from the american voter, slightly immune to hearing about it. i think it feels like there needs to be a fresh message. if the e-mail fatigue is real, how do we explain to voters, what's going on in the easiest way? >> well, first of all, i haven't seen that kind of data yet. we're looking at polling as well and we believe that the
8:36 am
american people, as they become more familiar with the pay for play opportunities that-- and the opportunities for foreign governments, foreign entities and corporations to give money to the foundation in order to circumvent whatever types of ethics rules they may have in giving directly to bill clinton, in essence, as a paid speech, we have e-mails showing that, hey, give the money to the foundation so no one will see it as income to bill clinton. these types of things. the american people are tired of. one of the reasons that donald trump is the nominee. they're tired, the american people tend to be tired of the politics as usual, that revolving door of washington that, where you work in the government and then you run out and you make a lot of money. dagen: david to that point, american politics, not to excuse what was going on at the clinton foundation and the state department at the same time, but people in this country give money to political candidates for access. that's what they expect when they give somebody some money.
8:37 am
explain to me how this is different because again, people are looking for the actual pay to play where somebody received, a favor directly because they gave the clintons money through the foundation. >> sure, just yesterday we released some documents, e-mails showing that corporate heads that were giving millions of dollars, anywhere from one to 10 million dollars to the clinton foundation were going through the foundation to gain access to state lunches. or to other secretary of state events or with the president. and so, they were using the access to the foundation to gain access that other people wouldn't have. and that's what is very troubling and it's really the tip of the iceberg. we just got that batch of documents last week and we're analyzing the donors in it and the folks that are involved, but now we have to go through and look for any policy changes or any favors they've received.
8:38 am
>> what is the explanation from hillary clinton when these stories are presented to her? >> well, you know, clearly secretary clinton hasn't answered many of these questions and it's one of the reasons that i and many others are calling for her to hold a press conference. i actually believe she should hold a joint press conference with bill clinton to explain exactly how the foundation was operated and how it will operate in the future. i think clarity and i think really, a bright light test on the foundation is what's required right now. between now and election day. we can't do this after election day and by the way, as i said, we're under court order to get documents from the state department for the next couple of years and i worry that we're going to get the worst material from hillary clinton's standpoint post-election. maria: like what? what could be worse? >> we're not-- the state department gets to choose what to give us. thech to give us by court order a volume.
8:39 am
they have to meet a certain volume per month on these schedules, but they don't have to give us the best material, meaning the most damning and historically, whether it was the '90s, the rose law firm billing records that hillary clinton hid in the white house for two years while under subpoena or today slow-walking the production, we'll see this post election. maria: and we're seeing all of this and running for president and is actually in the lead. i don't know how you feel about it, but the idea her aide huma abedin and has been so so many years. humma's mother edited this that suggested that 9/11 had it coming to it and opposed women's rights arguing empowerment of women has more power than berths. and is it extraordinary to you
8:40 am
that she has this job next to hillary clinton? >> it's extraordinary she's still in some way attached to the biggest scumbags who ever walked on the planet earth and that's her husband, anthony weiner. they're still married. i'm going to call it, i know that that donald trump was criticized for bringing this up, but it begs the question of anybody surrounding hillary clinton, and i think it goes to judgment and it goes to judgment of the clintons that he was still in some way connected. maria: he says the picture with the baby next to him, i mean, it's just-- . dagen: i don't mean to digress, but in all my years of work as a professional, i have never met somebody who was nastier and more repugnant and ugly to other people than that man and that's in a professional setting. maria: and it's called karma. [laughter] before you go. >> wow. maria: we digress here. before you go, in terms of this information, connecting the dots and resonating with viewers, when you're a loyalist for hillary clinton, you don't
8:41 am
care about any of this stuff. >> that's right. that's true and that's a great point. look, what my job is is to tell the american people what the facts are and let them make their decisions. i believe that there's, you know, a lot of americans who are still undecided. they're looking at donald trump skeptically and decide whether he can be president. they're looking at her and deciding whether she's honest and trustworthy enough to be president. so i think both of them have, you know, tall bars to get over, but it's going to be the undecided voters. those voters that are open-minded to this type of information that are going to make the difference in november. maria: thank you, david bossie there. the u.s. welcoming its 10,000th syrian refugee. it may be only the beginning. we're hearing numbers like 85,000. what you need to know. back in a minute. >> welcome back to another
8:42 am
tennis channel court report. special presentation for fox business. the 2016 edition of the u.s. open is underway in new york and for the top-ranked american man, a tough opening day. john isner was two sets down against fellow american before fighting back and forcing a fifth set, but isner's experience took its toll. 7-3 in the deciding breaker. serena williams begins her campaign for her 23rd major crown tuesday at flushing meadows and wimbledon champion andy murray at arthur ashe night session. tennis channel live is the way to start your day with preview of the action in new york, hits the air daily at 9 a.m. earlier for the tennis channel.
8:43 am
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these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> welcome back. we're 45 minutes away from the opening bell for a tuesday. we're expecting a flat opening,
8:46 am
but there are a number of stocks on the move this morning. hey, hershey, for example, the stock down 10% after mondelez says it's dropping its move for the bid. hershey turned down a $107 a share offer from mondelez, would have created the largest candy maker. mondelez stock is up on the session as you can see, but hershey is plummeting. unit united is hiring the person to report to moon nez who formerly held both titles. >> someone on william of mary campus received a threatening e-mail sent to dozens at virginia tech. it included a threat to public safety, but did not go into
8:47 am
details. classes continue as scheduled. the source of the e-mails is under investigation. remember, back in 2007, a gunman killed 32 people at virginia tech at the blackburg campus there. apple could face lawsuits over the unresponsive touch screens on models. a lawsuit says they tried to conceal the problem called touch disease, it causes it to be unresponsive and a gray bar is on the display. they're opening up the suit to other users with a similar problem, but that's ultimately up to the judge presiding over the case. j. crew's collection of women's wear will soon be available at nordstrom. women's clothing and accessories can be purchased at 16 nordstrom locations and on-line as the struggling company looks for ways to reach
8:48 am
more customers. sales fell 8% in the most recent quarter. the university of wisconsin madison ranking the top party school in the nation. those according to the princeton review which surveyed more than 140,000 college students. west virginia second followed by university of illinois' flagship campus in urbana champaign. the two pennsylvania schools lehigh and bucknell university rounding out the top five. there you go. i think-- i thought schools were more party schools. maria: i thought syracuse. dagen: arizona state and georgia and ole miss. >> now that it's sherbert potts, that could improve and the tip could help. maria: this is important and parents want to know this. dagen: don't send your kids there. maria: hello. the global crisis showing no signs of slowing down, the
8:49 am
question as the 10,000th syrian refugee enters our border. we'll have an assessment check. and stock prices and all you need to know ahead of the opening bell. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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8:53 am
it's christians. but these 10,000 syrian refugees who have come to america and change the numbers slightly it's 9,945 muslims, it's 52 christians. okay. maria: wow. stuart: that's the proportion. there's a story there. our intrepid producers came up with the numbers, these are genuine numbers, so here we have the importation of muslims from syria with the exclusion of genuine refugees known as christians. they are the ones beheaded, burned alive, driven out and persecuted backwards and forwards, but they don't get to come to america. no, muslims do. there's something wrong with this picture and i'd like a little more honesty about what really happened in syria. where are the refugees coming from? they started out because of obama's failure to enforce the red line. he allowed assad to stay in power and now we've got 4.8 million refugees all over the world and trying to come here. what a disgrace. that's what it is.
8:54 am
>> it's surprising that we're not seeing more calls for transparency. i mean, the numbers that you just read, stuart are quite extraordinary. why such a difference in terms of muslims versus christians? >> well, i can explain it. they draw these refugees from refugee camps in north africa. but the camps are segregated. the muslims drove the christians out of most of the camps. when they come to be refugees from america, they draw only from camps that have muslims in them. the original religious test was over there against christians so christians can't come here, their persecutors do, it's incredible and they're getting away with it. i am incense about this story. maria: i did not know the numbers and learning everything on "varney & company" and see you in five minutes. thanks for the passion and for the data. a reminder, "varney & company"
8:55 am
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>> welcome back. we've got an all-star panel and final thoughts. lee carter? >> i think it's a big day. we are going to see the primaries in florida and arizona. an indicator are we going establishment or anti-establishment? and also a big week, tomorrow, donald trump is giving his immigration speech. a lot of people are on vacation so i think we'll see big number changes in the polls after labor day. maria: next week people are going to start paying attention. >> big week with friday as well, you've got the jobs numbers coming and this is going to affect what the fed is going to do with interest rates. that's a great day to be here with this show and that could affect what happens with the election here, too, it's important to patch. dagen: there are only three more reports, this one, october, and then one in early november. maria: right before the election. dagen: before the election. i don't know with all the money thrown at ads even by donald trump, i don't know if ads matter at this point. i really don't. i think that there's so much vitriol between the two
8:59 am
candidates on the campaign trail and the advertising during the primaries against trump didn't work. >> didn't work. dagen: she's been advertising nonstop tens of millions since mid may. has it moved the needle for her that much? not really. >> i think it's on-line stuff that matters now more than ever before and i think that's why the whole investment in the analytics that donald trump has made is smart. maria: and you're a pollster, but you don't think that people are telling the truth when people ask who you're going to vote for. you don't believe what's in the polls even though it's tight. >> i've seen over and over donald trump overperformed the polls even in the primaries and a study now how people respond over the phone versus on-line and we're going to see a difference. people are afraid to say out loud they support donald trump. maria: and my favorite story of the day was the shakedown going on and it's a shakedown by the eu. $14 billion from apple. and look, this is the kind of thing that will force a country to say, you know what? i don't want to be a part of
9:00 am
the eu and that eu unravelling perhaps continues. dagen: exactly. 'cause the rest of them are picking on ireland. trying to do what's best for its country. maria: no wonder, everybody wants a headquarter there. thank you, dagen, brian, lee, that will do it for us, "varney & company" begins right now. stuart, overto you. stuart: thank you. trump keeps up the attack line and it's working. there is a new trend in the polls. good morning, everyone. let's get to the polls first. details coming, but here is the bottom line. trump is narrowing the gap and it's independents who are swinging back to him. the monmouth national poll shows hillary clinton's lead cut in after. she's out fund raising and quiet, forced back on defense. top aide huma abedin separates from her serial sexting husband


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