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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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. deirdre: fox business network has special coverage of trump's immigration speech tomorrow starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. in the meantime, my colleague liz macdonald in for charles payne. "making money" starts now. >> tonight more new developments in the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. i'm elizabeth mcdonald in for charles payne and you're watching "making money." fox news learning earlier today the fbi is preparing to publicly release portions of its report on the investigation of secretary clinton's use of private e-mail server while secretary of state. we'll get to that in a moment. first, is russia trying to manipulate america's election? the fbi issues a nationwide alert about possible breaches into state election offices after foreign hackers broke into voter registration systems in illinois and arizona, and today, we've got another report
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from florida where there is a primary happening right now. the election offices there have been the target of repeated attacks. also today, senate majority leader harry reid asking the fbi to investigate evidence that the culprit behind these hacks is russia. fbi director james comey stopped short of blaming russia for the hacks but expressed concern about the disturbing developments. >> we take very seriously any effort by any actor including nation states, especially nation states that moves beyond the collection of information about our country, and that offers the prospect of an effort to influence the conduct of affairs in our country whether that's an election or something else. >> election hacking poses many threats not just to the integrity of the vote but voter privacy. hackers reportedly sold the personal information for an
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estimated 191 million american voters last october, and that's according to a top cybersecurity firm. so is the basis of our democracy, the right to free and fair election is it in jeopardy? right to cybersecurity expert morgan wright. are you seeing any evidence that russia is trying manipulate the u.s. election? >> boy, i sure hope they're not. there's a difference between influencing things and outright manipulation of the vote and, you know, this is just -- i don't want to get into conspiracy theories but it could be, it's not the actual tampering, they want people to believe it is tampered. if you thought gore v. bush was a nightmare. if the results get messed with in a substantial way, the last thing you want is the supreme court dealing with the cyberissue trying to figure out who voted for who. there will be no hanging chads, just 1's and 0's. >> that's a good point, the supreme court is split right now. we know voter systems were
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hacked in mexicokhkazastan, turkey, appears to be personal identity theft. when you talk to state officials here, they're saying our voting machines that they scan paper ballots and that can be consulted in the case of a discrepancy. i think that's what you were talking about. five states, new jersey, delaware, south carolina, georgia and louisiana that only use direct recording electronic voting machines with no paper backup in case of a problem. what happens there? >> good question. i think this is unchartered territory. this is star trek, we're going to go where no voter has gone before. i don't know, do you revote? you'll never get the same results again. how do you account for something? there's a third scenario too, i doubt they're going to sell this because of identity theft, what happens if somebody decides to encrypt the entire database, ransom ware and hold it for ransom, now you are holding the results of the election for $2 million, $5 million.
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you could name your price. >> let's take this to an idea where it could head. let me back up. arizona and illinois had problems, right? >> yes, breaches. >> that's right. enforcement officials seem to be trying to play the problem down. how serious of a threat is this? >> you know, your first clue it's serious is when they tell you it's not serious. hey, there's nothing to see here. we're talking about voting records, a state system that is going to help determine who the next president of the united states is. if that's not important, then i don't know what is at this point. 21 million records at opm, mine being one of them, that was important. they played that down as well. at this point, maybe it is the proper role of dhs to get involved and look at this from a naonalecury, ctica infrtrucre sndpot to say e ingritof ve iso imrtan we ve tput fedel reurcebehi seringt. not running the operations but
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securing the integrity of the vote. maybe it's time to move back to paper ballots and have to wait 24 hours to see who's the leader of the free world. deirdre: you raise an important point. the voting system in the united states is not part of the critical infrastructure, right, at homeland security, is that what's going on? >> right. and they're trying to figure out should they treat thisikbow security event, extra protection, secret service, the fbi. you get extra protection to ensure the integrity of the voting process. >> morgan wright, thank you so much for your time. appreciate it, sir? >> you bet. >> there is evidence to suggest that russia may have tried to influence the u.s. election after the breach of the democratic national committee and the document dump that followed. that cost debbie wasserman schultz her job.
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she ran the dnc. so apart from the security implications what could be the political consequences, what is the fallout from a hack? joining me is boris epshteyn and tammy bruce, what could the fallout be? >> sure, i think obviously it could be very serious. you've had a conversation about whose hands do you put the security in. fact of the matter is the government and the dnc knew had been hacked at about the same time the rest of the government had been in 2014. the reason she is fired is because they did nothing about it even though they knew. it's not like the hackings have happened recently, we don't know how long this hacking has occurred. we don't know whether it was a year or two, and that's one of the problems. we know they were in. we find out they've been in for
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a year or longer, and it's so serious our own government still can't figure out who's done it. so putting it into the hands of the dhs is a mistake. it's been the senate, it's been the cia, the white house, the office personnel management, secretary of state's office. everyone. so this is clearly not something that any of us have a handle on and that moving to paper ballots is only way to keep the system secure at this point? >> boris, what do you think? >> it's an issue, a bipartisan issue, what came out on the e-mail from debbie wasserman schultz is a democrat issue because they said they rigged it in favor of hillary clinton. >> it was an embarrassing thing like the sony hack. >> it wasn't only embarrassing but they rigged the system, they fooled the voters, cheated the voters of the democrat party for making their own choice by the way they rigged that election, and offensive by the things they said about bernie sanders. the comments about bernie sanders showed who the democrats really truly are at
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the core of the dnc. but the fact that our voting now may be subject may not be fully on the up and up is a huge problem and a bipartisan problem. >> let me back up, i meant to say ashley madison hack, embarrassing about the operations. >> the integrity of the vote is the key in the democracy. is moving to paper ballots the answer? probably not. having a paper ballot as a backup is absolutely the answer and then we do need to have the fbi, the dhs, any and all enforcement agencies working full speed to secure the vote. >> i hear what you say, tammy, harry reid is saying essentially russia could be behind this, and want trump in office. what do you make of that? >> look, this is it, there's no crisis the democrats want to let go waste. harry reid sees this and immediately tries to tie it into mr. trump and the russian. that is comical at this point. the democrats have been trying to stop things like voter i.d.,
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which help secure our voting system, helps make sure there isn't rigging or people voting who shouldn't vote, and now they're concerned about hacking, when, in fact, they led the way to keep our system as insecure as possible. >> the democrats have, for a long time now, been trying to suppress any vote that doesn't help them. amnesty issue at base is democrats wanting more of a voting base for more of a voting public for them. so the democrats have absolutely been lyg to the american public about what the real concern is with voting. harry reid doesn't know what he's talking about. there is no connection -- >> can i add something. >> remember bill clinton was given $500,000 for a speech in moscow and they congratulated him. >> i'll have you back. thank you so much. the latest in the hillary clinton pay-to-play scandal. more e-mails, more reaction.
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the "new york times" decided to weigh in. we've got the details next don't go away. ♪
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. liz: as the fbi gets ready to release portions of its report on the bureau's investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server, a new batch of hillary clinton e-mails raises clinton and her team were of the shoddy security of the clinton e-mail server. for example, citing security concerns top clinton aide huma abedin e-mailed a top official in 2009 saying she and
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department staff would not be reachable on the private clinton account while on a trip to moscow. and in another e-mail change between huma abedin and senior aide cheryl mills, mills writes she should not be giving her e-mail to everyone. abeddin told mills she was not distributing it but receiving e-mails from former senate address raising concerns. abin ss its ouageo th stu goestraht ther onhe stuff. clinton's insistence to use the blackberry caught the attention of the nsa and the fbi which said use of unsecured cell phone was in the confines of highly secured office and other offices is dangerous. given clinton's apparent lack of concern for the security of her e-mail that comes from intelligence sources, questions arise about whether or not she'd have the ability to deal with major security issues when she's president.
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joining me now, philip levine mayor of miami beach and mark serrano, former adviser to president george h.w. bush. to you, mr. levine, is reason enough for concern? >> we have the fbi director do a thorough investigation and came back clearly, the criminal internet, nothing was done wrong. we know that. this is like watching the same movie over and over again. i wish that the republican government could focus on coming up with good zika solutions, we need them in florida, as opposed to focusing on hillary clinton's e-mails. i think it's ridiculous at this point. liz: we've talked to and i talked to justice department officials who were concerned, mark, that in 2009, hillary clinton's private e-mail server did not have an extra digital layer of security. it was concern, i talked to former nsa officials that there was concern of the use of a blackberry that did not seem to have the security.
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when you follow the trail, not saying this happened, but seems to be the clinton foundation was hacked, the state department was hacked, democrat national committee was hacked. do you think there is reason for concern? >> of course, you can address it with talking points from the clinton campaign or look at it as a more serious threat to national security which it was. on 2009 digital standards they checked national security at the door when they dealt with e-mails. if you look at it, the clintons created a toxic cocktail of scandals, and the clinton foundation was clearly, in my mind, a fun house for the clintons. huma abedin was the lady taking tickets at the gate, and her husband anthony weiner was the creepy clown. look, the fbi director, you know, clearly should have taken
6:17 pm
action and clearly took a pass on it because experts have shown us -- >> federal bureau of investigation took a pass on something? come on. this is hogwash. where is cue from the james bond movies in charge of communication? why don't you find cue in the state department and see what went wrong? >> mayor, you're talking nonsense, you're talking about cue and dismissing the claims. the national security was compromised. let me tell you, liz -- >> hang on, mayor, hang on just one second. i'm going to get to you in one second [ talking over each other ] . liz: i'll come back to you, go ahead, mark. >> liz, the "new york times" is the punitive standard for liberalism and clinton politics in america. in their editorial they said there is a, quote, ethical imperative that the foundation stops taking foreign money now and the clintons extract themselves from the scandal-plagued matrix. >> there you go with the foundation. liz: hang on.
6:18 pm
comment on the "new york times" basically coming out what mark said that the clinton foundation should stop take foreign donations. >> let's look what we have here. the popular former president of the united states who went out after his presidency and instead of sitting around painting paintings or doing nothing -- >> you are not answering the question. >> extraordinary organization. >> talk about the "new york times." >> think about what they said, president clinton said if secretary clinton is elected president, he'll make sure he's not involved. he'll divorce himself. >> he won't answer the question. "new york times" called the clintons out and you won't address it. >> think about the things they've done in the world. they said it clearly, they will divorce themselves from the foundation. >> very clintonian, distracting from the real issue. liz: final point, mark, staying on the topic of the "new york times." foreign governments set up nonprofits and can give money via the nonprofits to the clinton foundation, right, mark? is that an issue? >> look, the reality is they're keeping the gate open until
6:19 pm
election day for foreign governments to get an edge. >> that's ridiculous. >> with the clinton administration if there is a new one. okay? and the "new york times" said shut it down now. liz: sorry, mayor, i'm sorry, mayor. we've got to leave it there. so sorry we are out of time. you have been terrific. coming up, secretary of state john kerry talk terrorism, rather than mediate it, he would rather stop covering it. we'll tell you why. don't go away. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five?
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these crooks think we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, protect it see more ways to fight fraud at . liz: welcome back. secretary of state john kerry made his first official visit to bangladesh this week. that country the site of a terror attack which shook the lives of 29 people in july. during a press conference addressing the war on terror, secretary kerry said this, quote --
6:23 pm
joining me now to discuss is former arizona governor jan brewer. governor, john kerry got applause at that last line, people wouldn't know what's going on? what do you make of that? >> unbelievable. what is this a secret government? i think that terrorism is on the minds of everybody in this country, around the world. we want to know what's going on. our government should be, quote, transparent. liz: former reagan adviser k.t. mcfarland made this point, essentially it's the secretary of state's job and the government security official's job to stop terrorism in the first place and media's job to cover it, right? >> absolutely. that's what we expect from our media, and our government by the way. that's just outrageous that he
6:24 pm
would say something like that, unbelievable. liz: governor, also, remember this, secretary of state john kerry, i remember the "charlie hebdo" attacks in paris where 12 "charlie hebdo," the satirical magazine where 12 people were killed by terrorists and the secretary said, this perhaps a rationale you can attach to yourself and say they're angry because of this and. that it's beyond unfortunate that the secretary of state is making these comment in bangladesh after what he said about the "charlie hebdo" attacks, right, governor? >> i agree totally. totally. they're trying to confuse the issue. trying to tamp everything down, they obviously, elizabeth they want us not to know what's going on. they have lost control of the whole situation, and we want to be safe and we want to be protected. the public wants to be intelligent about these ings too, and for them to do that is
6:25 pm
just -- that statement just really upsets me. liz: governor, looking at it, remember margaret thatcher said you want to starve the terrorists of the oxygen of publicity and john kerry said when terrorists do their hideous acts they get media coverage and used as a recruiting tool. governor, when john kerry said people wouldn't know what's going on, that's where you say, wait a second, what the does he mean? >> absolutely, elizabeth. the fact of the matter is they say that if we see anything, we're supposed to report it. we need to know what's going on. if our government is not going to protect us, i think we all want to know what's going on so we can protect ourselves. again, it is unbelievable to me he would make a statement like that. and it is -- it is the news media's job to report what they find out so that we do know what's going on. liz: all right, governor, let's switch gears. donald trump made security a central part of his immigration proposals and mr. trump set to
6:26 pm
deliver a highly anticipated immigration policy speech tomorrow. now, governor, what do you expect to hear? what would you like to hear? >> i believe that mr. trump is going to be very clear in securing our border, building the wall, no amnesty, no citizenship and he will do and move on this immediately. he's been very consistent in what he has said, i think he will delve in, in this policy speech with a lot of details and i'm really looking forward to it, as i believe the most of american people are. liz: governor, thank you so much for your time tonight. appreciate it. you can catch donald trump's immigration speech right here live on fox business. our special coverage starts tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m., don't miss it. coming up, this week, the administration surpassed goal to allow 10,000 syrian refugees into the country. way back in february, bill clinton had a plan for them. you're not going to believe it. stick around. if a denture were to be
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. liz: if you don't get the insurance, you have to pay the mandate tax. here's the thing, in alaska, 37 people responsible for half of the losses in the alaska state exchange. >> you're pointing out exactly right. what about the very sick people. liz: what is the obama administration going to do about it? >> proposed for the insurance companies and the hospitals, and the change that will mean the most to everyone watching is this, right now there's something called special enrollment. 33 reasons why you don't have to sign up during open enrollment at the end of the year, you can choose some other time. you have a baby, you get married but there are 33 of them and nobody required proof. so here's something amazing, over a million people on the
6:43 pm
insurance plans didn't sign up during open enrollment. they waited until they needed health care. liz: right. >> then they signed up. they have health care costs 55% above the average. they cost the plans a lot. liz: okay. >> so they try and turn the screws on consumers and limit when they can sign up. liz: what should be done about it? >> what should be done? first of all, whoever is the next president should say on day one i'm suspending on penalty, you won't have to pay a penalty if you don't sign up for the plans, how can you penalize people when they don't want to sign up? there is no choice. the premiums are exorbitant. could cost 20% or more of take-home pay, and for that, you could not use any of your doctors. liz: wow, this is -- >> how can you penalize people for saying no, thank you. liz: and it's an election year issue, the enrollment period starts a week before the presidential election. >> these are huge issues. huge. liz: betsy mccaughey, thank you
6:44 pm
for your time. hillary clinton courting the mind of business people. former ceo meg whitman helping her out. we're going to discuss that next. ♪
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prominent republicans business executives in jumping ship and endorsing hillary clinton, including former general motors ceo dan and jim, he's the senior executive vice president of at&t. but getting gop business leaders on her side could hillary clinton risk alienating the very voters she needs to win? the wave of democrat antibusiness voters that bernie sanders road on. here with me to discuss are bush 41 adviser mark and conservative commentator kiersten. mark, what do you think of this? >> i think whitman has much more in common with elites than she does with any other republican across america. and it's not going to help hillary clinton one hoot because of the very reason you cited, which is sanders supporters certainly aren't going to appreciate it. and, in fact, what i would suggest, liz, is donald trump will draw in thousands times more democrats with his speech in inner city detroit on saturday than meg whitman and
6:49 pm
her like will capture the entire campaign liz: meg whitman has compared donald trump to hitler, she announced her support for hillary clinton and called donald trump demagogue. and today the news broke said i don't feel confident with mr. trump's business records. he has gone bankrupt four times, usually business in sign of success is not having to declare bankruptcy four times. what do you think of that? >> well, it's fascinating because someone who has known anyone who has done great business in their life, like she has for many decades, you have lots of failures; right? that's just what happens. so failures don't necessarily mean that your whole career or lifetime of work has not been a success. and even though i agree with mark that this move on meg whitman's part is not going to do a lot for the voters that fail franchise by hillary inton becae she's not as liberal as they would likeer to be. what i think is good for the
6:50 pm
gop meg going over there, at least for now, saying she wants to rebuild the gop. we have to think further down the line. who are the voters that we want to the next generation? they look up to meg whitman, the warren buffets who also support hillary clinton. these very innovative companies. okay? so just because she's in the tank right now to hillary clinton, i don't think means that she's out of the running in helping to rebuild the party afterward for hispanics, for minorities, for millennials, for women so that it can still be attractive for years to come. liz: you know, mark, it seems that we've got hillary clinton's debate strategy, we're going to talk about that next is to basically needle donald trump, put him on his bic hills and questions about his tax returns, his net worth, business record, and now we have meg whitman going after him on his bankruptcies and his business record. is this going to knock him off his game? >> not at all. meg whitman was a failed candidate in california. lost tens of millions of dollars on that race. i just assume she swiped her
6:51 pm
party registration and make it official and get out of the republican party. but, look, here's the point. when she's talking to business leaders in denver, what she won't talk to them about is donald trump's economic plan where not only is he suggesting going to lower the corporate tax rate to 15%, liz, he's going to lower the rate for all businesses in america to 15%. she won't talk about that. liz: right including small businesses; right? important point. go ahead. final word. >> however, donald trump has that thing, he is against free trade and that's something big businesses in our country do not like and they're not going to like. great parts of his policy plan, also parts that he's going to have to switch around. he has larry kudlow on his economic team. >> he wants better trade deals. liz: i'm sorry i'm out of time. thank you so much, guys. coming up the first presidential debate less than a montha away. and has already begun. anticipation is high everywhere. we're going to talk about that next. don't go away (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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super poligrip is part of my life now. >> he's an undefinitely candidate, and he's not going to prepare the way hillary does, which is lock her head in the room and cram her head with all of these binders. the authentic donald trump has been taking his case directly to the voters is the one you'll see on the debate stage with hillary clinton, and i think they're nervous over on the clinton camp. liz: trump campaign manager kellyanne conway with a preview of what to expect from donald trump on the debate stage. the highly anticipated first republican debate less than a month away. candidates already begun to prepare for it extensively. just last night at a fundraiser clinton addressed the debates saying quote i do not know which donald trump will show up. and clinton's debate research has been particularly focused on how she can throw trump off his game. the clinton campaign is preparing to unnerve mr. trump, attacking his
6:56 pm
intelligence, his net worth, his image as a successful businessman but will it work? joining me to discuss gop strategist ford o'connell and miami beach mayor, ford, do you think it will work? >> i don't think it will work because actually donald trump understands the stakes of the debates. they could very well decide who the next president of the united states is and frankly i think he's very wise to keep mum about his debate. there could potentially be 100 million people watching and many of them the first time and in politics the first impression matters. liz: do you think the strategy could work? >> i think most importantly hillary clinton focuses on facts, real reality where we know donald trump lives in an alternative universe. and if i was prepping myself for this debate, who would be somebody who represents donald trump that i could practice debate and i was thinking somebody like maybe bernie madoff out because we know bernie is a fraud, he's a liar, and he has frauded
6:57 pm
people and that's kind of what donald trump is about. liz: okay. hang on. all right. all right. >> strong, strong leader. liz: ford, go ahead. >> you can hype this any which way you want, i understand the psychological warfare you're playing but when they're up there on the debate stage, it's just going to be the two of them and the moderator and the question is can donald trump pass the plausible test and basically paint hillary clinton as a condescending overambitious candidate, and if he can, he may very well succeed. >> listen, the bottom line he has to win a lot of vendors, a lot of contractors, they all believed him as well. right now he's suing all of them. liz: bernie madoff analogy might be a stretch. you admit that; right? >> why would that be a stretch? liz: because he's not in jail. go ahead, ford. hang on. i'm going to let ford get in. sorry, mr. mayor. >> you're barking up the wrong tree. both candidates have a lot at stake here and hillary clinton does want to get under donald
6:58 pm
trump's skin. and donald trump is just going to have to not take the bait and paint hillary clinton as someone who's not for this country and that's what this comes down to and that's where we are in this race. we are that close. it really could be the debates that decide it and donald trump is definitely in a hole, and he's going to have to succeed and make the case of the american people. it's that simple what's your advice would you give hillary clinton right now, mayor? >> well, kink the advice is this. she should be herself, she will be herself, she should focus on her facts, the plan and calling donald trump for what he is, a fraud and failed businessman and and a guy that inherited $200 million that's less than $1 billion right now. we'll see if somebody can -- >> i'm glad you're not her debate coach in front of 100 million people. that could backfire. in all honesty, she has to be very, very careful here as well. he has pressure points, so does she. if she comes out the way the mayor suggested, she could very well blow the entire
6:59 pm
election. liz: hang on, mayor. just one second. ford, how could donald trump rattle and nerve hillary clinton? >> basically by painting her as a condescending candidate who's a know-it-all who happens to be overly ambitious and overly scripted. at the end of the day both candidates want to come away looking presidential, and they both want to make the case the american people. you may not agree with it -- with me on everything, but my heart's in the right place, and i'm the person who should be the next president of the united states. >> a person with experience who's fit to be president versus a person not fit to be president. liz: pretty great show. i'll be back here tomorrow night 6:00 p.m. eastern time. tom sullivan is up next, he's in for lou dobbs. don't go anywhere.
7:00 pm
>> and good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. the newest e-mail admits the cozy relationship between the state department and the clinton foundation. e-mails show that clinton's aides routinely dealing with donors and also venting about their boss. the latest release comes as the fbi is set to publicly release its own report on the matter. and citizens united president david bossy who first uncovered these new e-mails is our -- one of our guests on the show tonight. so stick around. and as clinton deals with the scandal, donald trump is set to clarify his position on a key campaig


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