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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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was a sentimental moment. donald trump making the moments in the comments in mexico. tonight the big immigration speech. stay with us for live coverage. i will be filling in for lou dobbs. and then we go on to trish regan. risk and reward starts now. >> the 19th and mexico share 2000 mile border. each and every day. we are united by our support for democracy a great love for our people and the contribution of millions of mexican americans to the united states. donald trump was in mexico city. this is risk and reward. i'm deirdre bolton.
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to the north america free trade agreement. it is money that they are party to an donald trump says it favors mexico more than the u.s. donald trump still took a stuffed -- tough stance. here is his comment. no one wins in either country when human smugglers and drug traffickers pray on innocent people when cartels commit acts of violence when illegal weapons and cash flow from the united states into mexico or when migrants from central america make it the dangerous track and it's very dangerous into mexico or the united states without legal authorization. reporters after donald trump spoke said he didn't push the issue of who would pay for the wall.
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>> we did discuss the wall but we did not discuss payment of the wall. this was a very preliminary meeting. i think it was an excellent meeting i think we are very well underway. >> with me now so you are listening right alongside what stuck out to you? >> the american people after a year plus of campaigning finally got there first look at donald trump on an international stage. you'll probably hear supporters say they took on the tough issues. you will probably hear critics say that he backed off some of his toughest talk in the first audition. after meeting with the president trump laid out five different shared goals that he said he has for both countries the u.s. and mexico. it lets go let's go through them. he talked about ending illegal immigration. he also said the problem persists in central america as well.
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second having a secure border is a sovereign right however as you mentioned he would later say that the two did not discuss the signature issue who would exactly for the border wall that trump talks about. then he mentioned dismantling the drug cartel we talked about improving nafta. they have said in the past he would renegotiate the deal or potentially withdraw the u.s. altogether but today he said he wants to keep industry quote in our hemisphere. lastly he wants to do the same with manufacturing about. the mexican president for his part which once -- once likened his precedent. there is a mutual need for respect between the two countries. that is how he put it. he understands why some within his country and mexicans
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outside of his border would feel insulted by some of the past comments but he also said that he feels trump would be a genuine and a willing indwelling partner to work with. zero by the way in the middle of all of this trump gets on his plane and he heads to arizona for his primetime speech on immigration a few hours from now. and as far as the democrats and hillary clinton go a lot of people will say has been 270 days you your move on the democratic side. they feel like she has been missing in action blake i think you for those five points. blake burman with me there. here is donald trump speaking on the wall. he just mentioned this as a standout moment. here is a comment. and mutually beneficial we recognize and respect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall on any of its borders to
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stop the illegal movement of people. cooperation towards achieving the shared objectives and it will be shared of safety for all citizens is paramount to both the united states and to mexico. scott brown is with me now. he is a former committee member. senator great to see you. with that meeting with the mexican president. this is one of the reasons why i had known the respect for the president of mexico. they are in the presidential
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setting. this is a donald trump day. you don't know that hillary clinton is speaking to the american legion. with all due respect it doesn't hold true. he was down there with the president of mexico state in fact they found common ground. >> let me ask you this. her camp is blasting donald trump in his visit. from the first days of his campaign donald trump has painted mexicans as rapists and criminals. we should force of mexico to pay for the giant border wall. if mexico doesn't pay up. it doesn't make her look bad that donald trump took up that invitation first.
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she would in fact had to hold a press conference out there and she hasn't done that here so why should she do it in mexico. it all leads to the fact the people don't like her and they don't trust her. you can go on and on. and with respect to what donald trump has said i don't think he is deviating from a lot of what he has said this was a preliminary meeting where they had two boxes in a ring. they in fact came away both of them without any poking or prodding showing mutual admiration and respect for each other. that is the first step to get these issues resolved. the former president has been very clear in the language. this is what he told us earlier on donald trump's visit to mexico. >> he is not welcome to mexico
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by hundred 30 million people we don't like him. we reject his visit. i don't understand why a president has offered this opportunity i think it's nothing more than a political stunt. that was on rival network but the common stay the same. you met with him about two months ago. what were his biggest concerns. i and the people that were there were shocked at the fact that he was outraged that we would have to put up a border wall and people are like excuse us we have our right to secure our country. they are entitled to just go back and forth without any issues whatsoever. that being said obviously the mexican president who is in power now and this president they don't like each other. obviously they're gonna take any opportunity to humor the president.
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i think the words speak volumes as to the outcome of this meeting. the leader of mexico invited donald trump our presidential nominee. they have a chance to go and once again she is hiding so she will probably go but it has lost the luster because he was there first. >> as you said it is the big day for him because he is following this visit and mexico city in mexico city with the key speech tonight. trump campaign manager previewed it earlier. absolutely going to build that wall. we want to work with congress to see how he is going to justify it. they haven't changed the position at all. donald trump has a lot of
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ground to cover. do you think he's going to be specific or is this could be more big picture. i think you will get a combination of both and when you compare the two plans he's actually coming forth with the plan. continuation of the obama plan which is the sanctuary cities not allowing our control agents to actually do their jobs so it is night and day. even if you agree with that is 60 or 70 or 80% more than hillary clinton is gonna do and as in the speak volumes once again. that's what the american people want. he's going to do it. thank you as always. the shirt to catch our special coverage of donald trump and his immigration speech it starts right here on this channel at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. donald trump have a big day. the critics say she is missing -- missing in action.
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she said she did not want to be in the way. she did not meet with hispanic business leaders or police officers she is not accepted the same invitation as donald trump did. >> i sent a letter to both. proposing there in. i gathering where we can talk in a construction -- constructive fashion. today i have met with mister donald trump and i hope to do the same with hillary clinton. as our democrat and me to put you on the spot right away. how bad is this for hillary clinton that donald trump beat her to the punch by accepting the invitation and going in the mexican president having a constructive conversation.
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i think you are going to see and hear what you do depending on who you support what i see is trump doesn't set the schedule. he did this for his own reasons which was for his own reasons. what i heard was there was no longer shredding nafta. everything is now about u.s. and mexico. >> is that your take do you feel like a donald trump really shifted his policies this is the truth. hillary clinton has been missing in action for weeks. the same reason in which her number one priority was the state department and that was a raising cash what we heard
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from donald trump and what we physically saw is a guy who is very presidential and has been critical of the actions. i was very pleased to see him on the stage talking about how we can work together. as you can recall doing a number of these primary visits and rallies in debates he said hey i can work with world leaders. is exactly what he demonstrated. i don't think he changed his position at all. he did exactly what he said he would do as president and i was very pleased to see that. deirdre: speaking of the time i want to bring in this comment. yesterday she raised a lot more money in the hamptons. we are just in one span today visiting the president of mexico and having that conversation. and then having a sudden
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innovation speech. essentially it is more important for hillary clinton to raise money that to be working on the issues that are going to affect the presidency. >> is a big it's a big waiting game for hillary clinton. she opens --dash hopes that nothing big happens. and essentially she is really like a roman leader during the fall of the roman empire. she is having parties in the hamptons she's raising millions of dollars for her campaign and meanwhile our cities are burning our schools are collapsing and terrorism is rocking wrecking the globe. our government is spending out of control. at least he is attacking these issues have on. and apparently hillary doesn't want to hold a press conference. >> she is engaging but she's
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also doing the nuts and bolts of campaigning which is you raise money because you need money. there are many things to attack. >> why not you tell us about this. they are continuing to run a campaign. i think you all. a spirited conversation. a new report that shows that president obama is freeing more criminals. they are letting them in criminals free and illegals run amok. he will be speaking tonight is the immigration speech. we will speak with him before the and just about three minutes.
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liberty mutual insurance. deirdre: the arizona sheriff not for his top stance one his primary last night. he will be speaking before his immigration speech later. welcome and congratulations. so what does this when mean we know what it means for your community but what does it mean for the issue of immigration and the larger one. i think it was a landslide and it's very important since everybody has been going after me it's important for me to be able to help for him i was with him 16 months ago. right from the beginning.
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what did you make of his comments in his address after meeting with the mexican president today. first of all i have to commend the mexican president for inviting donald trump. i have to really commend donald trump for going deep in the heart of mexico to meet with the president and when i was have of the federal drug enforcement there one of my secrets was to gather some type of mutual respect to work with the mexican government. this is a great day for oath of our countries. at least introduce a president. let's see what happens. he's not going to give up. there is nothing wrong with dealing with the mexican government he have hillary today when he said that trump should be worried about arizona when she was secretary
5:21 pm
of state how many times did she go to mexico and try to get to that country. i want to ask you some of the comments on the wall indicated he still wants of the border at some point he has spoken tougher terms than in others. how do you see the wall going up and well donald trump have to resend or retract the comments about mexico take away some of their foreign aid then. subtract it from that money. technically they are paying for it. but i think the mission as to get that while up to protect
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our country and stop the drugs and illegal immigration and terrorism from coming across. not how much it costs or who is paying for i know this is an issue in and the challenges that you had had to take up personally where you are. president obama on the everett related team is going to stream it. there's about more than the last ten presidents combined. what is your stance of someone who is actually on the ground and has part of your staff at risk daily drugs are a main entry issue. heroine is destroying our people. we have to do something about it. everybody talks about the riots and what's happening in the inner cities have a comes
5:23 pm
-- how come no one talks about the drugs that are causing some of these gang issues. why are we talking about the drugs destroyed our nation and not something i'm concerned with after 55 years of fighting that problem. we to get back on track donald trump is on the right track he's can be elected. you have to negotiate and make deals. a new report is showing that the illegal immigrants is on its way to hitting a ten year low. it is because the obama administration her police
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deirdre: the deportation of illegal immigrants will soon hit a ten year low. donald trump will deliver a key speech on that topic he will start speaking at 9:00 p.m. we are carrying it for you here on foxbusiness. my next guest will also be at the event. the issue has affected her personally. her son was killed by an illegal immigrant. her son was a police officer. mary and welcome back to risk and reward very happy to have you here. we know that being personally affected with the tragedy of learning -- losing your son give a different perspective and angle on what you think
5:28 pm
donald trump should say tonight what do you most want to hear? >> i know that he is can stand firm in his belief that we need a secure border he has said over and over that we do have laws that deal with illegal immigration. every aspect of it that he has discussed has laws in the united states to cover it. the last eight years those laws have been ignored. we have federal judges who are ignoring the police to deport illegal criminals. i think it's almost 194,000 times they had denied them to deport them. i don't believe any of the statistics that they have out i know that the deportations that are there. even how they say that the criminal element is the highest it has been. i don't believe those numbers. i know for a fact here in phoenix that immigration
5:29 pm
officials drive up the street and open the van doors out onto the streets of phoenix. i'm just looking at the quote here. deirdre: calling president obama supporter in chief and quoting him directly because of the high number of a deportations under his administration but you're saying those are part of the figures that you don't believe because us that we see with your own eyes. >> i was in a senate hearing that man is obviously for illegals i have nothing i know despite the personal tragedy we had spoken before i had two children and my heart goes out to you.
5:30 pm
i know you are honoring your son's memory by working on these political issues and trying to move the needle for other families and people feeling safe and secure. one thing that you said that stands out because i think it is so clear as the laws that are written our good and should be followed the problem is enforcement if i'm hearing you correctly. >> the last eight years there have been no enforcement of those laws the way they are written for those country. donald trump plans to follow the law. what do you expect to hear tonight that you think will help bring the community together he will reassure americans that he is standing firm in his immigration stance and i think a lot of the polls that talk about hillary has 80% of the latino support i know that his father supports
5:31 pm
me. there's a lot of people that are right to publicly state that they support donald trump i would urge them to listen to the message these illegals are bringing a bad light to hispanics worldwide and if you care about your country and you care about the people that support you you need somebody it is can do that. thank you as always. i continue to admire your courage. hillary clinton has publicly stated that she turned in all of her work-related e-mails we turned over everything that was work-related there is a new report from the fbi found close to 30 deleted e-mails that refer to ben ghazi that
5:32 pm
hillary clinton did not turn over. patricia smith's son was killed in the benghazi attack. she is my next test. we will say whether or not she has heard from the white house or hillary clinton since her last appearance on the show. we are back in two minutes. what powers the digital world? communication.
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we turned over everything that was work related.
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personal stuff we did not. i can tell you that i turned over every work-related e-mail. they were sent to addresses. i've turned over everything. she said she submitted every work e-mail for a new report says that 30 e-mails with references to ben ghazi were recently uncovered. a mother who lost her son sean in the attack patricia smith. welcome back to the program. when you are on with us last time you said that she have not reached out to you need neither have the obama
5:37 pm
administration have you heard from anyone as of today. it's only been four years she would personally give you an explanation and she still has not. thirty have been found that reference ben ghazi that she did not turn in. >> she has but not telling the truth the whole time. i'm not surprised that she still not telling the truth. >> what do you think we are going to learn as time goes on.
5:38 pm
she would say things like this is not mine. the first person i've ever heard of that have a whole department and they know nothing about it. as part of campaigning she has been on late night talk shows and was joking about the e-mails and how boring they were. i don't know if you saw those clips. for you or anyone who has been touched by the incompetence that's maddening.
5:39 pm
if her lips are moving she must be lying. she she's never taken the time off to explain to me why my son is dead. i think anybody in the world would want to know that. why won't she tell me. if it's not secret she could tell me that it's that secret you can't know this. she could tell me something. she has not even bothered nothing at all. she did tell her daughter but she did not tell me.
5:40 pm
we continue to bring our thoughts and our prayers. and don't believe hillary she is not telling the truth. she is really not telling the truth. patricia, thank you. there is more when we come back. he voiced his support for black lives matter. this is during a standoff in california. the agent is with me. your car got rear-ended and you needed a tow. did your 22-page insurance policy say, "great news. you're covered?" no. it said, "blah blah blah blah..."
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chris brown posting $250,000 bail to get out of jail. there was a nearly daylong a standoff with police. he's accused of pulling a gun on a former beauty queen. he then posted an anti- police rent. here is part of it. it's always going to be black lives matter. you are the worst gang in the world. thank you for the time what do you make of this. this is a man with a history of putting it mildly inappropriate at best behavior towards women.
5:45 pm
the police show up to its house is this guy for real. do his wealth and assets are only there. it just goes to show how aloof and out of touch this new holiday --dash hollywood intelligence is. >> he threw a duffel bag out of the window we are told it contained two weapons and drugs. we keep talking about racial tensions. i'm assuming some kids and musicians look up to at least part of his talent. we are losing the culture war here in america.
5:46 pm
before i knew he was such a lunatic. we have lost the culture war. with the people with the profile. not the political world. people would rather do that. this guy will not be in ten invited to the big party. we will not had this guy around. that people look up to them and it's time to get back to the days of the john wayne. san francisco police are asking for an apology from colin cap or dick so they are
5:47 pm
writing to him saying not only does he show an incredible lack of knowledge the it also has that. for people that don't know the story. he refused to stand during the national anthem. they say it is a protest against what he sees as unmerited violence. do you think they deserve an apology. it seems like a natural coming together for that community. these are men's and women who are busting their butts. for a lot of people who had painted police as public enemy number one they're working for what $50,000 a year.
5:48 pm
it's only available in the united states. is a skype for real. and then he pins the blame for sitting on the bench because you're a terrible quarterback. and makes up some false narrative. he is really an embarrassment to the nfl. they better do something to protect its brand because guys like this are really going to destroy it with middle-class america. we are proud of what that flag stands for. we like that clarity. thank you. donald trump met with the mexican president earlier today spoke about the wall critics are wondering where is hillary clinton. my political power panel act with me next. ♪
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♪ they respect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall on any of its borders to stop the illegal movement of people drugs, and weapons. cooperation towards achieving the shared objective and it will be shared of safety for all citizens is paramount to both the united states and to mexico. speaking about the wall. my political power panel is back in numerous swing states immigration may be a single vote issue how do you see it
5:53 pm
affecting november. i think this issue will be huge for a lot of folks. the fact that hillary clinton didn't take advantage of it it's going to bode not as great for her. what's interesting about hillary clinton these days is she's become unpopular about 200 people voted asking who would you vote for donald trump or hillary clinton. kanye west is currently beating hillary clinton on twitter for president. but donald trump spoke of the wall as addressing a humanitarian problem here is his comment. this is a humanitarian disaster the dangerous track the abuse by gangs and cartels in the extreme physical dangers. and it must be solved must be solved quickly not fair to the
5:54 pm
people anywhere worldwide you can truly say that's really not fair to the people of mexico or the people of the united states. do you see it as a humanitarian issue. donald trump what he was try to do was build a relationship with mexico and anyone with half a brain said you do that. trump will get a lot of heat from liberals right now. he didn't bring up the fact that he wants mexico to pay for the wall. of course hillary doesn't understand this because she does understand the art of a deal but with what trump did today was amazing. this is how you forge relationships with other nations and it was a very successful thing. norway is considering building a wall to curb refugee inflow from russia. there are a lot of people that said this is a crazy idea we
5:55 pm
are seen it happen in more and more countries does is a measure of control. terrorism seems spreading. trumpet talks about how we agreed to the right of a wall. we already have a wall at 700 miles long. it's impossible topographically. it's not about whether or not you have the right to do it. it's whether it's possible and it's not. hillary clinton advocated for building a border some years ago she did it when it was political expedient to do so. now that there's a more illegal immigrants in here and folks that are legal with family that vote. we have to keep in proper context. >> we need to build reinforcement of a border which we can consider to be a wall we had one.
5:56 pm
they said that for years. we have it already. hillary is giving a free pass it to people had broken the wall. that is going to be appealing to many voters in this election. she was talking about building an additional barrier. let's keep it honest here. we are looking for and of course to hearing donald trump speak on immigration this evening we will cover it force you life we are back in just a minute. symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems
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better buckle up.
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oil was down 3%. so that is how the markets finished. worth noting. this evening fox business, we have special covering of donald trump's immigration speech. the coverage starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern. elizabeth mcdonald is filling in with charles payne. that show starts now. liz: new fox news polling just cutting in. the new poll shows donald trump just 2 percent and points behind hillary clinton in a four-way race. a head-to-head tchup it's clinton 48% and trump 42%. we'll have expert analysis what the numbers mean and how daning the recent clinton foundation


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