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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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oil was down 3%. so that is how the markets finished. worth noting. this evening fox business, we have special covering of donald trump's immigration speech. the coverage starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern. elizabeth mcdonald is filling in with charles payne. that show starts now. liz: new fox news polling just cutting in. the new poll shows donald trump just 2 percent and points behind hillary clinton in a four-way race. a head-to-head tchup it's clinton 48% and trump 42%. we'll have expert analysis what the numbers mean and how daning the recent clinton foundation and email controversies have
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been for those numbers a little later. i'm elizabeth mcdonald in tore charles payne and you are watching making man are you *. donald trump meeting with mexican president enrique necessitnietohours before givinr immigration speech. >> we recognize and respect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall on any of its borders to stop the illegal movement of people, drugs and weapons. liz: mr. trump struck a polite but firm tone standing next to in nieto. he said the two never did discuss payment of the wall but said they would merit building
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of the wall. the meeting came as a shock to many. hillary clinton also invited to meet with the mexican president, didn't accept the invitation but did slam donald trump's trip. >> it takes more than dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours then flying home again. that's not how it works. liz: after being criticized by immigration hardliners saying he might soften his stance on deporting illegal immigrants, will mr. trump's visit be seen as a political stunt or can he convince the wider electorate that he's the one to solve the problem at the border. hector sanchez, and fox news
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contributor mercedes schlapp. what did you make of the speech? >> a lot of conversation and a lot of talk. in the final analysis it was nothing more than a publicity stunt. the people he needs to convince are here in america. liz: hector, what did you think of the remark. he went to mexico to say what he had been saying in the united states for one year that he's going to build a wall, and it will cost a lot of money for the u.s. taxpayer and deporting people. i don't know what the purpose of this trip. what we want to hear here in the u.s. is whatever the real proposals. we are a business so. his proposal doesn't make economic sense.
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we know immigration reform will bring benefits for the economy. we know that immigration reform is good for social security. it's good for the tax base it's good for workers in general. that's the kind of solution and discussion we need to have. elizabeth: there is illegality at the border. any nation has a right to have a secure border. we have problems at the border. we have a lot of crime at the border. a lot of taxpayer money goes to fighting those problems. >> let's talk about how do we get legal immigration? how do we get individuals who
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want to come to america in the process legally. that's something for donald trump is an incredible opportunity. absolutely. do we need to secure the border? yes. even hillary clinton supported the secure fence act. now all of a sudden she has become the open borders amnesty candidate. for donald trump and the american people it's about securing the border but insuring we can have a legal process and immigration system that is fixed. immigrants come into the states and overstay their advisa as and just stay. the key is how do you fix those problems? someone who can fix these problems and create solutions through donald trump. not with the expansion of an executive order like hillary clinton will push for. elizabeth: hispanic leaders have come on saying we are for a secure border. we are for legal immigration.
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don't you think donald trump's message, the broader electorate could say you are right. hispanics agree they don't like the illegality and the crime. >> everybody understands the immigration system is broken in the united states. but you don't fix these times of problems that took decades to get to by denouncing an entire nation. elizabeth: he didn't denounce an entire nation. he was pointing out individuals who commit crime. he misspoke, but he's not denouncing an entire nation. >> he began his career denouncing the mexican people -- >> javier, you are a hillary clinton supporter, so let's just start from there. i have great respect for you. but let's be real. i think for donald trump it's the opportunity to basically you went with hillary clinton where
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she adamantly opposed illegal immigration. now she shifted her policy and flip flopped on it completely. for donald trump it's an opportunity where he has been reaching out to hispanics and insuring he can find solutions. >> now let's really be real. hillary clinton has been reaching out to the hispanic community for 40 years. donald trump is about 40 years too late. >> he wasn't a politician. >> this is not about hillary clinton. we are talking about donald trump. to be clear. hillary clinton and her campaign have been reaching out to american hispanic businesses from the get-go. liz: hector, donald trump said we need to improve nafta. in the past he said we need to rescind nafta. now he's saying we need to improve it. what did you make of that?
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>> let me clarify when we talk about border security. liz: we are moving on to nafta. i want to you to talk about nafta. let me talk about some of the issues that are critical for our coalition and the latino community. elizabeth: please answer the question about nafta. what did you make of donald trump saying he would like to improve nafta and not rescind it? >> it's another example of what we have seen from trump, changing positions and policies. as a community we are very worried on the impact his rhetoric has in our community. hate crimes against latinos. he's attacking immigrants. liz rsh final word. >> on nafta, many of these mexican workers have suffered.
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they have had horrible working conditions because of nafta because they never covered labor environmental provisions for mexican workers. guess who promised that, obama. under obama, they have not renegotiated nafta. liz: and no immigration reform. we appreciate your thoughts. donald trump's immigration speech, you may have gone the a preview from his trip to mexico. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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liz: we are awaiting donald trump's high stakes speech on immigration. the speech follows trump's surprise meeting with the mexican president earlier today. after weeks of speculation and mixed messages from the candidate on whether his hard-line positions were
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softening, his campaign manager says he was heavily involved in drafting the speech. mr. trump needs to capture 35% of the hispanic vote to win the white house. mitt romney captured 27% i 2012. what does mr. trump need to say to bring those numbers up without looking like he's flip-flopping. joining me now, political an list gin al louden -- beginna ga louden. and hector ramirez. >> he started his campaign with certain rhetoric. his base expects him to continue down that path to a certain extent. but he has come to the realization you have to win a certain extent of the hispanic vote.
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i met with donald a year ago and i cautioned him. i think i see him becoming aware of the fact he's going to have to go there. but he's damned if he doesn't and damned if he does. we have seen him berating immigrants and others. now he has come to the harsh reality that you will have to back some of that stuff down. elizabeth: mr. trump -- we are just about 70 days from the election. it's tough to reverse course in this short a time, right? >> i don't think he needs to. nothing he said has been backing off of what he said before. mr. trump has a record of action. he understands if a country like
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mexico prospers and becomes more stable that only works to benefit america. hillary and obama talk about division, and mr. trump takes action. like he did in louisiana where the president and hillary did not. like he has in mexico where the president and hillary have not. when you look at things like the problems in chicago and the president doesn't bother to go there. this is something mr. trump is going to do because he's a man of action, not words. liz: mr. trump made a mistake calling mexicans rapists. he seemed to be painting the entire country wrongfully. his supporters say he was talking about criminals coming in. can he reverse course and make up lost ground with his bannic votes? >> the negative impact in the
6:16 pm
hispanic community is inreversible. probably today in the speech we'll see a continuation of those policies. he said something in mexico that shows he will continue focusing on the border and deportation and building the wall. and the kind of policy that don't make sense in the nation. no serious politician reflects those kinds of ideas. but the latino vote is the key to the white house in november. it's very important to come to the table with real policy solutions on immigration. like we had in the bipartisan senate. we need a solution. an entire sector of the community depend on immigrant workers. we need to make sure that we integrate the workers into a
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society that is alive. right now it's not a line. there is no clear understanding on the immigration policies. so we look forward to see a real solution. we are going to reveal our border guide in two weeks. we are expecting trump to respond. we just want to have the best information for latino voters in november. elizabeth: thank you for your time. you can catch donald trump's immigration speech right here live on fox business. our special coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. don't miss it. donald trump is gaining on hillary clinton. we have the breakdown for you next. don't go away.
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don't have a favorable opinion of hillary clinton or donald trump. but hillary clinton's unpopularity is at record highs. she has never seen such ungavable numbers in the 25 years she has been in the public sphere. the abc news poll had her at 56% unfavorable. gallup 55%. her unfavorables are the highest they have been since the start of her public life. but does popularity matter or will it swing the election. could the numbers impact the vote? a lot of questions here. joining me now, jessica tarlov, an independent women's vote president. because could this impact the vote?
6:22 pm
>> you have got two dislike candidates. which one do you dislike the most? scott adam who does the "dilbert" car soon had several funny tweets. one was clinton is unliked like two groups, men and women. what's going on is favorability is overrated. we had two very nice guys running as republicans, and nice guys lost. in an entertainment culture with short attention spans, we are seeing this is moving to being a discussion about who do you dislike less, whose administration is going to be more of what you want. voters are smart. if they see it as two bullies out there they will want the bully they think will be voting for them. >> i think heather is spot on. particularly because we have two
6:23 pm
candidates who are disliked at this level, the ground game will be especially important. in the real clear politicsage she is up a couple point. she has 32 field offices in florida trump has one. he has 70 people working for him and she has 700. elizabeth: he's tweeting, doing rallies, he went to mexico. hillary clinton has spent a millions for an ad spend. the gap is tightening. watch this. hubert humphrey, gerald ford, ronald reagan. they both had to close bigger gaps after their conventions than donald trump does now. >> i received a lot of grief and a lot of praise. in which i have put myself out on the line saying i think trump
6:24 pm
is actually going to win the elect. i think he's going to win larger cohorts in the groups he's not supposes to be able to win than people have been predicting. trump has been going along being positive and doing outreach, and redefining clinton as the one who is all about being negative and hurling insults at people. liz: you think the fact that hillary clinton has not had a press conference since december 201. but the news keeps breaking with the scandals about the emails. do you think it's hurt her in the polling that she hasn't had a press conference. >> i think they absolutely should, and i think after her interview last week, i think -- i know a lot of democrats who feel this way. hillary clinton is good at handling the press. she'll be read up on what has
6:25 pm
happened. this story has changed. after james comey's ruling it has been updated. she has brian fallon out there who is a good spokesman for her. but she said i need to stop talking about the emails like i'm making an excuse when it was a mistake. i would love a big public apology. because he is tightening the gap. it's interesting you think he can win. i'm hoping not. elizabeth: do the debate reverse it? >> the expectations are incredibly low. trump has a low bar to overcome because everybody is so sure he's going to be trounced by clinton. i hope they keep assuming that the bar is that low. it will only help him. >> he acts presidential, no
6:26 pm
crooked hillary talk, if he acts like a human it will be good for him. we know hillary clinton sent classified information from her private server when she was secretary of state, but we learned today she did it after she was secretary of state. details coming up. don't go away. smoking's a monkey on my back. it was, it was always controlling your time, your actions, your money. it had me. it had me. i would not be a non-smoker today if it wasn't for chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. ifou have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic
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liz: a new hillary clinton email shows she sent an email with classified information after she left her postal secretary of state. it went out five months after hoik left the state department. as you can see. it's marked classified. the content of the email was about a deal made with the united arab emirates called the 1-2-3 deal. this comes on the heels of the state department's admission the f.b.i. discovered 30 emails possibly related to the benghazi attack. but a state department spokesman said they have not confirmed the document are responsive or whether they are duplicates of items already provided by: secretary clinton.
6:31 pm
christopher bedford exclusively obtained one of the clinton email chain. christopher, what do you make of the new findings? >> the new findings are bad news for the clinton campaign. while we don't have more new smoking guns. it shows this is going to keep on coming out. we'll have more questions her aide have to answer. we'll have 30 more benghazi emails. the daily caller news foundationed a a federal judge make a ruling the state department has to provide what security measures they went through or are they going to face a deposition in the middle of the month. liz: this doesn't look good for hillary clinton. >> i agree with my colleague that this is no new smoking gun.
6:32 pm
there is always more and more and more. but there is nothing criminal that occurred and ultimately it's up to the voters to decide if this is -- pun intended -- trumps her. >> even after a time as secretary of state she was wreaking the rules by sending classified information. and it's looking like none of her closest aides even went through the training which would have taught them, this is completely against the rules because they looked at themselves as above the law. you see the impact this has on clinton with the american voters. you see polls that show hillary's unfavorability ratings tide with mr. trump's. liz: clinton has said the only emails she deleted or did not
6:33 pm
turn over were personal emails not related to her duties. there may be emails about benghazi. classified emails sent after she was secretary of state. so what are the political consequences? it looks like big inconsistencies. >> as a clinton supporter i can still admit this does underscore there is a notion there is a different set of rules. coming in as secretary of state and as barack obama's former opponent, she was in a different position than any other cabinet secretary. liz: do you think hillary clinton should have a press conference to answer questions about that? >> my advice is always stay there until all the questions are done. be an open book and tell everybody everything you know
6:34 pm
and leave it to the voters to decide. liz: christopher? >> i think she should get out in front of people. as we have shown and cause of action have shown. they will have lawsuits and obama judge are the siding saying we have a presidential elect on the line. you need to and the questions one way or another. and being right would help her. liz: the european union going after apple for back taxes. they have set their sights on amazon, starbucks and others. don't go away.
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6:36 pm
liz: hillary clinton a fan of american exceptionalism. she is saying we need a dominant military. we'll have more.
6:37 pm
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liz: for the first time in 55 years a commercial airline flight from the united states has landed in cuba. take off from fort louder dale. jetblue made the flight. after being celebrated with a ceremonial water cannon blast. we saw u.s. secretary of transportation, anthony fox. he was the first to disembark. other airlines are expected to follow jetblue with up to 110 flights per day. the e.u. going after anding saying they owe more taxes to ireland. this could be the start of a trend as the e.u. has its sights set on other big u.s. names like starbucks, mcdonald's, google,
6:39 pm
facebook. joining us now, gary shapiro and the editor of "capital wave forecast." the e.u. is retroactively rewriting tax laws for other countries. what's the fallout of this? >> i think the british will do well with this because of these companies will domicile themselves over there. apple did nothing wrong. the irish aloud them to set up a scheme that's legal. now the e.u. is saying what ireland did was illegal. now they want $4.5 billion out of apple. these companies are domiciling jobs there. the corporate rate in ireland is 12.5%. they decided it's better to have
6:40 pm
jobs and collect tax revenue. liz: apple turned the farm economy into. >> tech sector. do we want the e.u. to be a global tax regulator? >> they don't know how to innovate. their problem is they are envious, and they are jealous and using continental protectionism to try to go after u.s. companies. they have don't with intel, facebook, google, and now it's apple. they need to look at their own tax policies and regulations. they are doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing. elizabeth: i feel these stories pile up in a broader world out there, understanding the
6:41 pm
implications of fox policy and jobs. >> i think part of this is the socialization much europe in terms of redistribute wealth. and that's dampening innovation. i can understand they want to create more competition. but replacing them with what, nothing yet? i don't understand. elizabeth: do you think this hold us up? >> it could affect our entire relationship with the e.u. it could force ireland to look at what britain has done. we have to look at ourselves. we have to lower our tax rates. so they are taxes only where they earn the income. we helped cause this problem because or tax are the highest in the developed world. we are force our company to the go overseas. that's wrong.
6:42 pm
elizabeth: how are you going to get tax reform with harry reid and charles rankle. >> harry reid will be gone. elizabeth: i hear what you are saying. do you think this could be the watershed moment? >> this is a money grab. donald trump wants to lower taxes in the united states. the european union wants to grab the money first. if the european union grabs tax from the americans companies. when they repatriate here they get to write off what they gave to the e.u. liz: the european union is growing like crab grass. maybe great britain could pick up apple and say we'll leave the e.u. come to us. >> what's so crazy about this is
6:43 pm
like california going after nevada or california saying you moved out 10 years ago because you didn't like our high taxes. now we are going after you for 10 years of back taxes it's part of a bad trends. europeans need to switch what they are doing and start competing globally. elizabeth: the head of jetblue doesn't like this either. we'll have more on the war on terror. don't go away.
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liz: we have breaking news about donald trump's visit with the president of mexico. reuters reporting that the mexican president told donald trump mexico would not pay for a bored wall. fox business will be covering all the developments about trump's mexico trip. and we'll have the immigration policy speech for you have tonight live. officials telling fox news president obama extend the combat mission in libya for another month. u.s. navy war ships have been striking isis positions as the u.s. continues to target isis leaders including abu mohammad al-adnani. he was killed in a strike near the turkish border. >> we conducted a precision
6:48 pm
strike targeting al-adnani and we are assessing the results of that strike. with regard to the russians, we have no information to support russia's claim that they also carried out a strike against al-adnani. liz: date was russia confirming and claiming responsibility for killing al-adnani. his death was confirmed by the terror agency. and intelligence officials agree his death would be a severe blow. an official reacting to russia's claim of being the one to deliver that blow a joke. is the obama administration finally taking the actions necessary to defeat isis?
6:49 pm
>> well, i think what's going on here is we are doing more of the same. that the russians claim they executed a precision strike is laughable on its face. they are dropping dumb gravity bombs. if they did kill al-adnani, he just happened to be wind one of them when they hit him. this was a special-ops/cia operations. we knew he was in a particular vehicle, he was visiting his troops. we targeted him. that's not a russian way of doing business. they just flow over, drop a bunch of bombs and blow up the neighborhood. liz: russia is dropping barrel bombs and that helps cause the migrant crisis. >> the syrian regime is doing that with helicopters.
6:50 pm
they let one of those bad boys go and it does horrific damage. they don't care about civilian collateral damage. the west and the united states, we are the on ones interested in that, which is why if the russians did ever turn their full force on to isis instead of the people we are backing, if they were to fight isis, they could put a hours on isis. elizabeth: al-adnani was the one calling for lone wolf attacks around the world. do you think this is a severe blow and this could lead to basically the erosion of isis? >> i don't think it will lead to the erosion of isis. someone else will step up. but he is a guy who had some experience. and as the chief p.r. guy, he wore that hat. but he was also the head of the external operations unit responsible for the attacks in
6:51 pm
the bangladesh, brussels, paris. tunisia. to kill them where you are kind of thing, run them over with cars or trike them with knives. the attack with the truck down in the coast of france. all of that was his. they accounted for 50 killed. so it was a very effective unit. liz: it's reported that it was the u.s. that did it? >> yes, i believe so. liz: hillary clinton addressed veterans. we'll debate her pitch to become commander-in-chief and all about american exceptionalism. that's next. don't go away.
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>> i spent four years as your secretary of state. 8 years before that as senator from the great state of new york. six years on the senate armed services committee. if there is one core belief that has guide and inspired me he step of the way, it is this, the youth is an exceptional nation. liz: hillary clinton delivering a speech to the american legion? cincinnati, ohio. she is courting veteran support calling for american diplomatic and military leadership around the world.
6:56 pm
as she did at the democratic convention earlier this month, embracing american exceptionalism. republicans have criticized barack obama for rejecting american exceptionalism. so how convincing is it for hillary clinton to champion a concept that the republican party has embraced. the concept that the youth is uniquely and morally qualified to act as a world leader. michael tobin, first to you. was it convincing? >> no, i think what you have to look at is right now it was the cbs news poll said 67% of the people in the united states don't find secretary clinton trustworthy. so you can say all the things you want. you have to look at the history of what was actually done.
6:57 pm
when you look across the spectrum, be it the uncomfortableness or it's too much trouble to use classified email servers and instead to go out on your own. all of those things start to add up. michael you donald trump has this thing make america great again and it seems hillary clinton is saying wait a second donald america already is great. you think that will work? >> i think it was a necessary speech because as a u.s. senator and coming from a political family that is known new want and to decide what the definition of is she needs to say as president commander-in-chief aye might america first american exceptionalism and whatever need to do foreign affairs being complicated and nuanced the difficult sophisticated as secretary of state will be a different mindset in a different vision for america's role in the world as president.
6:58 pm
>> you have seen it. china's on the move and so is rush and we have problems with isis. it's an important concept and it's interesting that it's hillary clinton taking it up saying you know what it is a moral imperative united states be the leader in world affairs that america is exceptional, that america is the beacon of light. go ahead captain. >> yeah and you know elizabeth the thing is the one line in her speech that i think she may regret in the speechwriters probably already have is when she said, let's just take a look at where we are. do you really want to take a look at ruby r., his china at the south china sea libya a mess. we are now involved in that and we are extending it. russia has taken over the crimea pre-turkey is headed toward a dictatorship, russia's threatening viewer crane and then you go into what's going on in syria and it's an absolute mess.
6:59 pm
elizabeth to the captain's point michael hillary clinton was secretary of state under barack obama to basically undercut american exceptionalism. you think the voters will go along with this? >> i think that those who don't go along with that are those who decided not to vote for hillary clinton. this was the captain's point, this was a grand vision big worldview shaping a narrative speech so yesterday became the captain said it might certainly defer to that level expertise but politically speaking it was an important speech. >> captain, final word to. >> use the political guy than the military guy in a defer to him. if you says it's an important political speech than i would put my money on him but from the defense and national security policy thing let's see what the actions are because the history is not helpful. >> captain michael thank you for joining us us us. hope you at home will join me every night at 6:00 p.m. eastern time to be can't set your dvr. the one to miss a moment of
7:00 pm
making money. right now david asman is in for lou dobbs. stay with us. >> good evening everybody. i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. a big day for donald trump who showed he can find common ground with world leaders that he doesn't agree with. the republican nominee flight to mexico city to meet with president enrique pena natco. his remarks after that meeting trump emphasized cooperation. >> a strong prosperous and vibrant mexico is in the best interest of the united states and will keep an and help keep for a long long period of time america together.


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