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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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deirdre: thank you for joining us on "risk and reward." liz mcdonald filling in for charles payne on "making money." liz: the white house is embroiled in a new controversy over it nuclear deal with iran. it's hotly denying any reports that says the administration negotiated secret side deals so iran could evade limit on its agreement. i'm elizabeth mcdonald in for charles payne. you are watching "making money." which politician said america must protect its borders and deport illegal immigrants. watch this. >> all americans not only in the
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state's most heavily affected. but in he place in this country are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our countries. the jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens and legal immigrants. the social services they use impose burdens on our taxpayers. we'll hire border guards and deport twice as many cripple noon illegal eight yens. it's wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years and we must do more to stop it. >> that was bill clinton in the state of the union acress in 1995. why is it donald trump's position is considered racist
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but bill clinton's position was not. steve cortez is a member of the hispanic advisory council. we also have democratic strategist blake rutherford and carlos gutierrez. bill clinton 20 years ago was talking about deporting illegal immigrants. >> there is not a lot we can count on in life, death, taxes, he september we start playing football. every four years the democrats will call the republican nominee a racist. and they are doing it with donald trump, but it's not the first time and i hope it will be the last. what donald trump is doing is this. he's saying we have to have a sensible immigration policy. we as a people are entitled to control our borders and control who comes in. we are a nation of immigrants.
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i'm a southern immigrant, so is donald trump. he's also married to an aim grant. we love immigration and we have to do it by the rules in a way that makes sense or our economic and national security. liz: he said the jobs held by our citizens are being taken by he used the term illegal allins, that's been called politically incorrect to say that. he says it imposes burdens on taxpayers. whatever nationality, whatever race. so why is donald trump considered racist when bill clinton said the exact same thing? >> we have different situation at play. with the fast growth of hispanic voters all of a sudden we are an important priority that you need to appeal to. immigration mass turned into this political pinata on both
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sides to try to appeal to the segment when the priority is jobs and the economy. it's taken out of context that immigration is the one thing that sets the two parties apart when in the end we are looking for a better country for those of us who are here. elizabeth: bill clinton was not called a racist in 1995, was he? >> no, he wasn't. consider his speech in phoenix where donald trump categorized all immigrant as criminals. >> i think -- liz: hang on. >> donald trump said -- elizabeth: steve, what was the rhetoric that he said all immigrant --
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>> i watched the entire speech and i never you a him say all immigrants are criminals. where did he say that? he has categorically time and again classified immigrants with hateful rhetoric. he deserves to be criticized for that rhetoric. but the most important thing we have to address is there is no sensible immigration plan from donald trump. we don't know what donald trump's immigration plan is. he had a deployment force, maybe he wants to abandon that. liz: i want to get carlos in here. that's a hot button issue, the deportation force. right, carlos? we have got 65 countries around the world that have built walls. we have 750 miles worth of walls in the european union. >> i think we are talking about
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the rhetoric that trump has used throughout the campaign. looking at this from one per tech tough as an hispanic republican. any political candidate running for office in the youth is note going to appeal to hispanics. deporting millions of children and building walls. it's a losing proposition from a policy standpoint. it's unworkable. you can't asked 11 million people to self-deport themselves. liz: bill clinton in 1995 and 199 said we must deport criminal illegal immigrants. that was roundly applauded. he appointed barbara jordan to run that program. >> the opportunity mr. trump has
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right now is to clarify what does it mean when he says to fix the legal immigration process. what a lot of people don't know is almost half of the immigrants undocumented today came to the country legally but there is not a legal mechanism to change status. it happened to me as a documented immigrant that at some point in my life i was undocumented because i couldn't change from a student visa to a work visa. that's a real gap. he has an opportunity to tell us what it means to fix the illegal immigration process. elizabeth: americans are tired of the heated rhetoric. the use of pejorative terms like racist. bill clinton had the same ideas as bill clinton. he was not called a racist.
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he was applaud. what works? maybe a wall would work. many countries in the european union have set up wall to the protect their borders. maybe the deportation force is the hot button issue. maybe he needs to dial it back. >> trump's target audience is suburban women. he's under performing where republicans traditionally are. so he's backing away from it. the wall, trump declared time and again he's going to make mexico pay for it. the president of mexico rebiewkd him yesterday. it's hard to take trump seriously because he shifts his positions. donald trump has to bring some serious ideas to the table. liz: carlos, what is the best
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way to address this problem and fix it. go ahead. >> i agree with lily that we are waiting to hear a comprehensive immigration reform plan from donald trump. he spoke of border security and enforcement. those are two key pieces of the immigration freeform framework. but that's not all of it. we want to hear about the economy and about the fact that this country needs low-skilled immigrant labor as well as high-skilled immigrant labor. elizabeth: hispanics built this country. we are an open arm country. we love immigrants, period. >> period and ex pla clinton administration point. we love immigrants, we are a nation of immigrants. hispanic men i'm proud to say, have the highest work force participation rate in america. but i will also say this to
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people of color, my fellow hispanics and african-americans. we are not participating in the economic recovery. the reason they are not, there is too much competition in the labor market from illegal immigrants. it's unfair to hispanics, people like my dad, the millions of hispanics who did it right, that they have to compete in the labor market against illegal immigrants. elizabeth: bill clinton wanted to deport illegal immigrants. can you imagine you only have one doctor or one hospital to choose from? that is the harsh reality for millions. americans starting next year under obamacare. we'll discuss the challenges next. our special today is the seared ahi tuna, and i'll be right back to take your order. thank you. thanks. don't you hate that? when they don't tell you how much something costs? and you have to ask? right. i do. maybe that's why i always make sure to... ..."bring up the costs associated with your services."
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liz: the collapse of obamacare picking up speed. new analysis from mckenzie shows 3/4 of insurance plans offered by the obamacare exchanges in 18 states and washington, d.c. give americans the choice of far fewer doctors than they had before. insurers are rapidly shrinking doctor networks and the size of them to cut costs. this after the kaiser family foundation found nearly a third of u.s. counties would have options. who is to blame? are the democrats right the republicans are to blame for hobbling the law? or is it the greedy insurance companies? hillary clinton is still backing obamacare. we'll tackle this with gina
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louden and peter morisi. who is to blame here? >> obamacare is clearly to blame. because obamacare doesn't control costs or do anything about high prices. insurers will cram as many people as they can into fewer doctors' offices. i remember when i was a kid you saw a dermatologist who would see 8 people an hour. you wait until you see way it's like to see one of those doctors at the hmos. remember "i love lucy" when she was doing the thingen the piece of candy. you may get a wrapper and you may not. liz: to peter's point. one of the architects of obamacare said we need better advertising to get younger and
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healthier people in. we need to stiffen the penalty to make sure more people buy insurance. >> it's only taxpayer money, we already spent millions, why not spends more. i remember being on your sister network on sean hannitys show with the doctor's panel. we were talking but this was going to happen. i hope this is a lesson to people paying attention or learning econ101 or poly-sci. when the federal government meddles in if the free market it always messes it up. liz: that's an important point. kelly, come in here. it looks like only the federal government to gina's pointing make something work to badly right now. we have millions.
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americans. less doctors. higher deductibles. what do you think? >> i think this will be a hot political issue going into the fall, and it will only be realized come the first week of november when we see these premium increases. in pennsylvania high mark blue cross is looking for a 40% increase on their premiums. this is astronomical. hillary clinton and donald trump have completely different solutions to this problem. donald trump wanting to get rid of obamacare looking to make tax deductible premiums and hillary clinton wants to take medicare and lower the age to 65 eligibility. liz: john mccain says a state of vulnerability for insurance.
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i know you love ronald reagan. ronald reagan said this. fit moves tax it. if it moves regulate it. if it stops moving, subsidize it. what do you see happening with obamacare? >> essentially what we are going to have is a situation where most people won't have a choice. they won't be able to choose the plan they have. half the country at some point will only have one provider. and so they just won't be able to buy insurance. so the congress will be faced with a fate fate. with -- faced with a fait acco mpli. the aca said it was the first step to the single payer system and that's where we are going.
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usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. liz: continues escalating over the national anthem controversy involving colin kaepernick. he says he again plans to sit down during "the national anthem" before facing off before the san diego chargers. it's military night at the chargers stadium with a tribute to the soldiers. lily, we have gina louden.
6:23 pm
you are out there in san diego. what are you hearing? >> i'll tell you what, we are a very patriotic city, san diego is. we are the home of sean smith and ty woods who were killed in benghazi. we don't take to people disrespecting our country and military very lightly. i can imagine if mr. kaepernick comes here tonight, he will think blue lives matter a lot more resting in the security of how efficiently good our san diego law enforcement is. people will not be happy about this. there is no doubt about it. liz: i'm not sure his life is going to be threatens. >> san diego is a very chill place. but it's nice to know the people he's disrespecting by wearing pig socks and disrespecting our
6:24 pm
national anthem will still be defending him no matter what. liz: you were married to an nfl football player, what are you hearing from him? >> these guys are on the job when this is happening. we have the right to protest and disa he grow. but he is in a professional setting that is affording him the lifestyle he has. and the people he's disrespecting is affording him the liberties he has to do what he does. in a way, it's partially his fault. what if we chose to do that on the job in the office. liz: lily makes a good point, this is happening on the job. >> when you are on the field and you represent the team, sometimes the owners will take you off the field. but i want to roll back some of the politic.
6:25 pm
i think sometimes when these situations happen, we get into our political stances instead of hearing the people out. what i hear, even though i don't agree with the way he's expressing it is there is a legitimate concern as it relates to the african-american black community and it's a national conversation to be had. i think sometimes -- liz: finish your point. >> i don't agree with him calling the cops pigs. i went to the police academy. i worked in law enforcement. but i believe we have to have this national conversation how the community will come together. >> he's got a right to protest. >> definitely. >> that national anthem he disrespect is the one so many of our military have fought for his right to protest. there is no question about that. i think you have to come up with
6:26 pm
more constructive ways and perhaps more uniting ways to protest and to make your point than he's come up with. and the pig socks he supported today was full on disrespectful. no appreciation for that. >> athlete are role models. young people are watching, and they are setting the tone for what is appropriate. >> we still have to talk about the conversation. >> that's not appropriate in this particular setting. >> it's an issue no matter what he is, he's raising his voice. elizabeth: thank you. coming up next. we have a new question surrounding the iran nuclear deal. we have a former u.n. weapons inspector claiming the u.s. used exemptions to allow iran to evade certain u.s. restrictions.
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liz: we have breaking news for you. it has to do with hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state and the clinton foundation. the state department will provide the news organization with all of hillary clinton's schedules during her time as secretary of state. it will happen in october.
6:31 pm
the clinton campaign has slammed the associated press' reporting and concluded a number of them were people who donated to the clinton foundation. the white house denying a report that the up s. secretly negotiated so iran could evade certain restrictions set in last year's landmark nuclear deal. iran does not have any nuclear material under the terms of the deal. iran has never been under it limit for low, enriched uranium. remember the $400 million payment? does all this show iran could be a significant nuclear threat? joining me now, steve robbers. trump campaign advisor. -- steve rogers, trump campaign
6:32 pm
advisor, and christian whiten. >> the white house has offered to use the power of money instead of the power of their brains in dealing with a terrorist state responsible for the deaths of thousands of u.s. troops. david albright is the one who partially authored his report. i believe him more than i would believe the obama white house. iran will ramp up their nuclear program. they are bullying us in the persian gulf. they are going after our navy. they are showing us we are weak. >> i couldn't agree more. diplomacy underpins strength. our strength comes with our ability to work with nations around the world.
6:33 pm
we just have thrown that into the pond by saying we'll pay for hostages. we'll let you violate agreements. we'll hand you over money. elizabeth: the report that came out from the former weapons inspector basically highlight that this deal was done by a joint commission. bob menendez said he had no idea about these secret side deals. it has to do with plutonium, heavy uranium, heavy water reactors. what do you make of this? >> it reminds me of the terrible deal bush administration made with north korea. and then north korea became a stronger nuclear state. it's easy to go from low enriched uranium to high enriched uranium.
6:34 pm
once you have enough of hnu you have enough to make a bomb. so basically you have a flawed agreement that's getting much worse. by the way, the dole that was sent to congress was not this deal because congress never knew about the side deal. so this was hidden from congress. liz: the breaking news out of the associated press, the state department is going to disclose all of the detailed planning schedules from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state by mid-october. this is a real reversal. government lawyers are saying they are not going to do this. this is a minute by minute daily routine by hillary clinton. who knows whether it will show meetings between hillary clinton and clinton donors. critics are saying this is a drop in the bucket.
6:35 pm
what do you think? >> he single revelation from hillary. it's always stonewall, stonewall, and then you get the information. the most recent release showed nearly half of hillary's meetings were arranged essentially by the clinton foundation donors. so the fact it's coming out this way, it's just stonewalling. >> here comes the smoking gun. the shoe is going to drop in october. those appointments, that schedule will reveal who she was with. who she spoke with and who was influenced to get involved in any type of activity with the state department. >> it's bad for her. liz: we have a hard break. wish i had more time with you guys.
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liz: a rocket explode at spacex's launch. i wodon't know where i'd be without itre so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two
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liz: let's get to your money and 401ks. we have tomorrow's jobs report and the action in gang stocks which have been rising. is good news bad news? let's go back to a great expert. the university of maryland economist peter morici. what do you think? >> it won't kill our 401ks. if we get a good jobs report, it means profits will be up. there will be some rattling and that could cause some turbulence. but we should think about where we'll be next week and 20 years from now. liz: for the market and a lot of investors, you are sitting in a
6:41 pm
scary movie and you are waiting for the scary thing to pop around the corner. you wait for the markets to calm in is no volatility. something will explode in the fall. people don't know what to do, sit tight or pare back the losers. >> janet yellen has time and time again said conditions are improving and rate increases are likely and it doesn't happen. i think they are in a state of disbelief. but i don't think the market is going to tank. >> some are arguing the profit recession is over. there is a lot of debate about that. how do you get growth back into this country where stocks can really soar? >> we need a different administration. all of these regulatory brudens really do slow it down. there was compliance with
6:42 pm
affirmative action or bank regulations that requires people to fill out forms and do things that are not productive that they would not normally do. we are becoming more and more like france. we have to think about efficacy when it comes to regulation. it's not that we don't want bank regulations. but we have to do it more efficiently. we can't have the people who wrote the obama website doing it. >> i talked to bank employees and they are saying, the government facetiously, they are saying the government does create jobs because they have so many people in compliance who have to deal with washington, d.c.'s regulations. and not just in washington d.c., but across the country. it's a regulatory compliance private sector work force that exploded having to do with washington, d.c.
6:43 pm
but we are talking about productivity to get to us 3% growth. not the flat lining 1% growth. >> it takes twice as many people to make a loan. half the folks are making loans and the other half are making you comply with various rules. small banks don't get started. community bank charters don't get approved. and that's what's happening. the wheels of american commerce are being flowed. the obama administration is chewing gum. elizabeth: i just love when you have get witty with us. here is a sneak preview of "wall street week" with special guest david ruben stein. he's discussing this push on government spending on bridges and tunnels and roads.
6:44 pm
>> we have a need for infrastructure spending. struck rrp spending has been way down and we don't have as much money to that as we should get. there is a need for tax reform. we haven't had tax reform since 1986 and we are way overdue. and we have to deal with the trade issue. over the next president might be has to deal with trade, infrastructure and stimulatingt. elizabeth: whether that will work to revive economic growth, that will be debated tomorrow night at 8:00 on fox business. coming up. hurricane hermine bearing down on florida. what people should expect. we have the latest. don't go away, stay right here. ♪
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go long™. ♪ liz: hurricane her inmine bearing down on -- hurricane hermine bearing down on florida the hurricane expected to make landfall by early tomorrow. if it does, it would be florida's first hurricane landfall in 11 years. you know who found that out and says that. it's fox weather center's rick reichmuth. go ahead, rick. >> all of those crazy lines, those are all hurricanes since 2005 that have been in the gulf and caribbean and the atlantic. all of them a hurricane at some points.
6:49 pm
only a couple of those have hit florida it has weakened. we have a hurricane warning in effect from west of and latch o- west of after latch of apalachi. a tropical storm watch is in effect all the way to new jersey. the eastern seaboard will be dealing with the effects of the storm. the satellite imagery getting better organized so we could see strengthening before it makes landfall in the 9 to 10:00 time frame. it is a category one storm.
6:50 pm
we could see strengthening. liz: you said tropical storm affecting new jersey? when? reporter: it will bring all these rain here. new jersey saturday into sunday we'll be watching this storm pull up across the southeast and then it gets here maybe out across the jersey area and it gets stuck. this is the official track. this is sunday afternoon. that's tuesday afternoon and it has not really moved. it might not be a tropical storm, but it will be a nor easterly type of storm. they are going to take a battering after the beaches have been rebuilt after sandy. elizabeth: i don't know a meteorologist or weatherman who has a better track record
6:51 pm
calling it right than rick reichmuth. we have a spacex rocket exploding at cape canaveral. the explosions continued after the blast. the company says no injuries. described the explosion as an anomaly. this is not the first time this has happened. the rocket was supposed to launch a facebook satellite into space saturday. and it was going to try to deliver the internet to certain parts of the world. spacex said the rocket and satellite were destroyed. coming up. president obama and hoik have touted victories on the war on isis. are we getting the full picture? you owned your car
6:52 pm
for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. swan he swanny
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liz: according to army lieutenant colonel mcfarland. the u.s. central command chief is raising our strategy on the war on isis as the terror group has lost 40% of its iraqi territory and 5% in syria. but anthony zine said of the war on isis, i would tell the president he would be better served to tell somebody who believe all that, whoever that idiot may be. christian whiten and kathy taylor and steve rogers.
6:56 pm
what are you hearing? >> it's beginning to sounds like 5:00 follies from saigon. in vietnam our forces under the comafneds general westmoreland and bob mcnamara described the casualties inflicted on the enemy, by the was fundamentally misleading because the enemy was was still thriving. isis is still commanding lone wolf attacks around the world and it poisoned so many societies in committing attacks still, right? >> it sure has. this is funny math. it doesn't add up. the amount of man why it administration is spending. it's like a small military.
6:57 pm
it's not a tremendous amount money. the number of people we have on the ground it's funny math. and what's concerning is while some territory has been ceded in iraq and that's a good thing. isis is fighting an fold fashioned war. it's not a ground war or territory war. we are fighting an old-fashioned war against a futuristic modern actor. >> we were on this program a month ago talking about how centcom was skewing numbers to make it look like we were winning. the president of the youth has consistently said isis is on the run. but what he is not saying is they are running here. the battlefield from the middle east is coming here. most americans are extremely concerned about. >> the terror attack. elizabeth: how do you defeat isis? >> it's a idea on cal war.
6:58 pm
we need to challenge radical islam and there is only one candidate talking about that in the presidential race. that's donald trump. we need to find muslims who believe in modernity and get them to fight the islamists around the globe, and that's how we win this war. donald trump said, you need street cops to find out who these people are. >> local cops, they don't have a clue. they are not trained. most police departments around the country, police departments, police officers don't know what to look for with regard to the war on isis. there is a lot of training that could be done. >> it's not just an idea long -t
6:59 pm
just an ideological fight. people aren't born with hate in their hearts and mind. unless we find a way to hold dictators accountable, if we can do that, it's said aid is cheaper than soldiers. that could help. liz: christian, how are the ground troops fighting the war and how good are they fighting the war in isis jef overseas. >> they execute the strategy given to hem. we have given trillions of dollars in aid. this is not lack of money. this is the failure to identify our enemy, radical islam which barack obama has a done.
7:00 pm
john mccain didn't know how to do it and neither did barack obama. elizabeth: hope you join me at home tonight. >> you don't want to miss a moment of "making money." trish regan is in tore "lou dobbs tonight." trish: donald trump outworking hillary clinton in the race for the white house. the republican nominee proving he will give everything it takes to make america great again. trump's packed schedule has included a trip to mexico, a speech in arizona on immigration and two event today in the state of ohio. he used an aggressive 10-point plan to crack down on illegal immigration including building a great wall along our southern border. >> are


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