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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FBC  September 1, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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this is a quick and short point. even if the wall costs about $25 billion, we spend that much in 2 billion a year. thank you. trish: ned, thank you so much. thank you for joining us everyone. lots of great guests coming up tomorrow. please be with us. trish regan is in tore "lou dobbs tonight." trish: donald trump outworking hillary clinton in the race for the white house. the republican nominee proving he will give everything it takes to make america great again. trump's packed schedule has included a trip to mexico, a speech in arizona on immigration and two event today in the state of ohio. he used an aggressive 10-point plan to crack down on illegal immigration including building a great wall along our southern border. >> are you ready?
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we'll build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. they don't know it. but they are going to pay for the wall. object day one we'll begin work on an i impenetrable, tall, beautiful southern border wall. we'll use the best technology including above and below ground sensors, that's the tunnels, towers, aerial surveillance and manpower to supplement the wall, find and dislocate tunnels, and keep out criminal cartels. trish: we'll take up the impact of trump's speech with former arkansas governor mike huckabee and sheriff dave clarke.
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the last time hillary clinton took questions from report was back in december before a single vote was cast in the primary election. we'll have a full report on clinton's lack of transparency. thousands of resident are bracing for hurricane hermine. the storm set to make landfall in just a few hours. we have the latest update for you. donald trump talking tough on immigration in a highly anticipated speech. the republican nominee vows, no amnesty for illegal immigrant and promised to build an impenetrable border wall and emphasized this election is our last chance to secure our border.
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reporter: donald trump doubled down on his calls for a sweeping reform of the american immigration system. >> it will be from now on america first. reporter: but for all the tough talk on his phoenix speech, two items stood out. >> for those here illegally today seeking legal status, they will have one route and one route only. to return home and apply for reentry like everybody else. >> the language was different but the policy equivalent to mitt romney's call for self-deportation. >> in self years, when we have accomplished all of our enforcement and deportation goals, then and only then will
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we be in a position to consider the appropriate disposition of those individual who remain. reporter: but the ambiguity was lost on self members of trump's hispanic advisory council. one resigned because of the tone of trump's speech. >> when i saw he abandoned his republican principles and adopted populist propaganda thrown out by numbers u.s.a. i said this is it. this man is not doing what he said, and he's acting like he doesn't want to win. reporter: the clinton campaign called it trump's darkest speech yet. today her running mate gleefully pounced on trump's pronouncement that the issue of who would pay for the wall didn't come up.
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>> i think this is a diplomatic amateur hour by donald trump. he has been telling the american public for months now, we'll build a wall and mexico is going to pay for it. reporter: trump is in a twitter wall with mexico's president. nieto tweeted he told trump he wouldn't pay for the wall. nieto tweeted let me tell you what i told you personally mexico will not way for the wall. reporter: speaking with parishioners in a black church tomorrow in detroit then taking a tour of detroit neighborhoods with ben carson who grew up there. trish: hillary clinton is taking yet. >> the day off from the campaign trail and she's leaving it up to vice president joe biden to make
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the case about donald trump. >> i'm so sick and tired of hearing people like trump. >> the vice president stumping for hillary clinton with auto workers in ohio. >> i know some of you are mad at hillary. let me tell you something, man she get it, and she never yields. she does not break. she stands up. reporter: a new fox news poll sos 6% of those surveyed say clinton is not trustworthy. >> i think the clinton foundation like all foundations have found themselves in a position where things are changing. and i think she's going to change and adjust to the realities of complicated. reporter: the trump campaign
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responded the fact that even the vice president can't vouch for the clinton foundation's ethics speak volumes about hillary clinton's terrible judgment. newspaper editorials have urged clinton to stop accepting foreign money now. bill clinton spokesman said the server was housed in the president's harlem office and used for his presidential correspondence, not emails. the clinton's personally paid for their server. no gsa funding was never used for a private server anywhere and the clinton foundation never housed a gsa-turned email server, private or otherwise. $1 million a year under the former president's act so they
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don't end up in poverty like harry truman did. trish: one would think hillary clinton would want to address her worsening scandals head on. but she hasn't held a formal news conference since december. that's given her critics plenty of fodder. mike emanuel has our report. >> benghazi, the clinton foundation and accusations of pay-for-play. presidential candidate hillary clinton has yet to hold a full-flown news conference this year. it's been 270 days since clinton faced the press traveling with her and her running mate struggled with it today. >> you see hillary take questions he day, she talks to the press everywhere she goes.
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>> really? >> the last time clinton did a full-blown news conference was in fort dodge, iowa before any americans had caucused or voted in any primaries. she prefers to be with ellen degeneres and jimmy kimmel. her opponent, donald trump who has done 16 extensive question and answer sessions with reporters this we are says she avoids reporters because she can't defend her record. >> just ask yourself why she doesn't have news conferences. the reason is because there is no way she can answer questions because the job she has done is so bad.
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reporter: clinton has taken a page from the trump playbook by calling in to cable news and she was asked about the lack of interaction with reporters covering her campaign. >> i have got a lot that i have been sharing with the press and talking to the press as i am doing with you right now. so stay tuned. >> the fact that she is 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 points ahead allows her to sit on her lead and not take what she seize as a risk of opening herself to the press corps. reporter: through the heart of the campaign she avoided a scenario where a pack of reporters would bombard her without a set time or topic limit. trish: thank you, mike emanuel. florida bracing for the first
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hurricane to hit the state in more than a decade. hurricane hermine is picking up strength. the storm is a category 1 with winds of 75 -- with winds of 75 miles an hour. schools are closed as forecasters predict as much as 20 inches of rain. florida and north carolina governors have declared states of emergency. we are coming back with so much more straight ahead. stay with us. donald trump says there will be no amnesty and he's promising swift action on illegal immigration. >> i'm going to create a new special deportation task force foikforcefocused on removing the most
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dangerous criminal immigrants in america. trish: this drone is flying into disputed territory. we'll show what you happens next.
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trish: the state department agreed to turn over all of hillary clinton's scheduled by mid-october. the move marks a stunning reversal. previously the state department said sit wouldn't release the schedules until after the election. the a.p. reported nearly half of the meetings them secretary of state clinton took were clinton foundation donors. joining me, their thoughts on all of it. charlie hurt and eboni williams. both are fox news contributors. eboni this does not seem good for her. if there is more evidence she was taking meetings with people who were foundation donors -- >> it looks a mess. it's why her numbers are 56% unfavorable, lower than they have ever been in her
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20-some-odd political career. she says herself it's a lot of smoke, no fire. politically speaking we don't have to have a full fire. smoke is bad enough. it fuels narrative that says you were doing pave for play. you were selling access to national security. >> this is a woman who is smart. this is a woman who is ambitious. she had to have known that this sort of thing would come back to haunt her yet she did it anyway. >> i don't think they care about any of that. the clintons from the beginning have always been just shockingly shameless. the rules do not apply to them. that line from her with cnn earlier this week talk about how there is smoke but no fire. the smoke had to come from somewhere, and it's obviously coming from emails coming out. and they are not coming out because the clintons wanted them
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to come out. they stalled every step of the way. we saw earlier this week whereas the clintons complain about that a.p. report. they claimed only half the story came out after how many years of trying to keep any of the emails from coming out. if they want the full story which i guarantee is worse than half the story, why don't they cooperate and give the emails. trish: if there is smoke, that is problem enough. it's perception. why would you allow this to be fueled. you think about judges. you are an attorney. a judge on the federal case, he or she -- >> you are absolutely right. he or she had to make a decision on. he or she recuses himself. why was there not more of a chinese wall between this foundation and the state department. >> they decided whatever benefit they gained from this dynamic was worth it.
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that's the only reasonable conclusion any of us can make. that's scary, but that's the only thing that makes sense. she is not new to the game it's not like she is a rookie. you know the way this is going to read, how it's going to look. either they are really stupid, and we know she is not stupid. she is decide and had a whole team of lawyers and advisors to say this is how far you can go without crossing the line. trish: she is struggling. americans do not trust her. her likability numbers are not very high. in a four-way race there will be is as narrow spread there. 41% to clinton, 39 to trump. is it because of the foundation, because of the media's recent focus on this alleged
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pay-to-play scheme? >> i think to some degree. she has went in public eye for 2 1/2 decades on the national scene. and the real problem is all of this is stuff that is just sounds so familiar and it sounds so clinton. so i have never thought -- i have always thought -- she'll never get rid of her negatives. these things are such hard numbers. donald trump has terrible negatives. i think they will. if you step back and look at this scandal. this is clearly the scandal of any of the clinton scandals we endured. this is a $2 billion global shakedown scam using the most powerful and important department of our government to shake down foreign leaders. the latest report about an
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official of the clinton foundation calling huma abedin and the state department trying to get diplomatic passports for a wealthy donor and the state department saying we can't comment on that because we don't know if it happened. it doesn't matter. the fact that you had an official at the clinton foundation making that request to someone at huma abedin's level, it's bribery. >> as bad as her negatives are what can donald trump do to capitalize on that? trish: well, he's certainly trying. perhaps that was his objective going down to mexico. >> i think that was an excellent event that he did. trish: looking pretty presidential. anyway, thank you so much. charlie hurt and eboni williams. roll the video. a drone flies into disputed territory out of nowhere.
8:22 pm
a hawk comes swooping in, taking out the drone. we are told the hawk was not hurt, but the same cannot be said for its unsuspecting prey. >> one country under one constitution saluting one american flag. and always saluting it. i will work with the american legion to help strengthen respect for our flag. you see what's happening. it's very, very sad. trish: you won't believe how kaepernick is disrespecting police now.
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trish: san francisco quarterback
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colin kaepernick's protest of the national anthem, and tonight navy officers will be performing "the national anthem." the quarterback says he doesn't want to show pride for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. sheriff david clarke on his thoughts on that one. what do you think of mr. kaepernick? >> this is what happens when athletics and politics collide. you get idiocy. every time colin kaepernick opens his mouth he shows himself to be a but buffoon.
8:28 pm
the word oppression should never cross the lips of somebody making a million a year. the only bodies on the ground are the black and black crime that's out of proportion in the american ghetto. instead he want to talk about the aberration of police use force that leads to someone's death. trish: it's his right to sit down while everybody else salutes and stand for the national anthem. but it seems to me there might be other ways in which he could express his concerns. to actually on a night when so many members of the military are there with their families, it's beyond poor taste, beyond poor taste and it seems as though he really is thumbing his nose at
8:29 pm
everything that he has been awarded in this country. he opportunity he has had. do you think he might get pushback in the stands? >> fir of all, it's not a rights issue. he's free to express himself. only the government cannot deny somebody the right to express themselves. the san francisco 49ers are not government and neither is the nfl. i say shame on the nfl and 49ers for not demanding this overpaid athlete exercise some comportment here. he's showing himself to not be a good teammate. the rest of his team had no problem standing along the sidelines. he doesn't have to put his hand over his heart and lip sing lip-sync if he doesn't believe in wait stand for.
8:30 pm
i doubt in his spare time that he's down in the american ghetto and spending his money on some of the causes he purports to support. trish: obviously he's a public guy. and obviously we are talking about him. but there are a lot of people who seem to not appreciate all the opportunities that this cub trihas. and -- that this country has. while we have our challenges, at the end of the day it's a pretty darn good place to live. >> it's the best place in the world as far as i'm concerned. there are plenty of opportunity for all people in this country including blacks and young black males if they would make better lifestyle choices, be willing to work hard, get an education, not join gangs and participate in the drug trade. the most important quality we can teach young people is how to
8:31 pm
overcome obstacles. sure you are going to fail he once in a while and run into some things not fair in life. but it's called life. you dust yourself up, you keep moving forward and you can be anything you want to be in the united states. i think i'm living proof of that. trish: we'll come back with much more. donald trump says object he is fit enough to be the next president of the united states. >> she didn't go to louisiana, she didn't go to mexico, she was invited. she doesn't have the strength or the stamina to make america great again. believe me. trish: former governor mike huckabee joins me next to discuss trump's push to defeat hillary in november. this wing suiter is about to
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8:36 pm
record in two weeks they may face depositions from officials. lots to talk about. let's start with the latest on the clinton front. the hits just keep on coming. what do you make of it. >> the fact that she didn't go through training shouldn't any a surprise to anybody who followed hillary clinton over the years. she doesn't have to do the things the little people have to do. remember when the big banks in 2008 were too big to fail? hillary thinks she is too big to jail. so she doesn't have to play by the same rules that you, me or any other american would play by, and how dare we would expect her to. >> it seems as though this is catching up to her in the polls. the most recent one by fox news
8:37 pm
shows the gap narrowing between hillary clinton and donald trump. do you think americans are starting to get serious about this and questioning how they could have a leader that potentially might have and we don't know this for sure, but the evidence is not looking good. might have effectively put herself and thus the united states up for sale? >> $156 million in contributions to the clinton foundation. it just so happens that at least half of them who gave that money, including a lot of foreign governments, people like saudi arabia, they ended up asking for phase from the city department and got them. got meetings. this is appalling to most americans, the thought that the clinton foundation was the personal piggy bank of the clintons. they weren't selling influence to the foundation.
8:38 pm
they were selling influence to the united states government. that's wrong by anybody's standards. trish: it looks as though we'll continue to get more and more information on this front. let's turn to donald trump and his trip to mexico. what did you think of him going down there to mexico and standing alongside the president there in that joint news conference? >> it was brilliant. it was incredibly risky. he goes to a place where he's unbelievably unpopular and walks right in the middle of it. he con diplomatic and presidential manner. it was an extraordinary coup for donald trump to go and do that. trish: pena nieto could have turned on him. but it was risky.
8:39 pm
but it seemed to pay off in your view. >> he rose to the occasion. and it caught everybody off guard. there were people railing at the idea that donald trump was going to go down there and do that. as it turns out he sounded good. he looked good. he came across as somebody who was there to represent his views. he was respectful as he should be but he didn't bow to him. it wasn't like obama bowing to the saudis. it wasn't like him apologizing like he did in egypt to europe. trish: hillary clinton didn't like it. she called it a photo open. it was a heck of a photo-op. and may have helped him significantly. but what about the speech last night? >> the speech was, i thought terrific. it was long and that was the on
8:40 pm
criticism i have of it. i don't think most people have an attention span of one hour and 15 minutes. but it was a great speech. i thought this is great. then i heard some people on the left panning it because after all he was talking about how we ought to put america first. i think most of us agree that the purpose of america is to put america first. and the reason we elected an american president is so that president will put this country first and not somebody else's. trish: things have gone the so crazy and political correctness has overtaken the world where you can't even say you want to put your own country and your own people first. i understand you are down in florida right now? >> we think most of the storm. i'm in santa rosa beach, florida. we'll be probably mostly to the west of the worst damage. but it's not that far east of us
8:41 pm
where landfall is supposed to hit. we are seeing storm surges and the water a lot higher and the beaches closed. it will be rough. but the folks each of us will have the worst of it. it will be a rough 24 hours coming up. trish: you have stay safe and dry. let's get an update on that hurricane. we are just hours away from landfall in florida's gulf coast. the storm is a category one hurricane with winds of 75 miles an hour. former government rick scott is warning it could bring deadly storm surges of up to 8 feet along with heavy rain. roll the video as a daredevil wing suiter takes flight over panama city. she manages to slice through two nearby skyscrapers with style and ease.
8:42 pm
and of course she was all smiles. donald trump says his foreign policy will be vastly different from the obama administration. >> we are going to ends the era of nation building and create a new foreign policy joined by our partners in the middle east that is focused on destroying isis and radical islamic terrorism. trish: general jack keane is look at all these purchases you made with your airline credit card. hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere. every day. no really! double miles on all of them!
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>> iran allowed to collect billions in sanctions relief without meeting the terms of the last year's nuclear deal. the report says the u.s. and iran created loopholes allowing iran to exceed the amount of uranium it could keep. the latest allegations come as a new fox news poll shows 54 per already of voters said the iranian nuclear deal made the
8:47 pm
u.s. less safe. general jack keane a fox news military analyst. general, good to see you, sir. what do you think of that. a majority of americans. more than 50% think we are less safe as a result of this deal with iran. do you agree? >> the american people got this just about perfect. the reality is the obama administration went into this nuclear deal to make the deal at all cost. that was the center piece of his foreign policy. it was not secure instability in the east in, what should have been the end state. the irony of it is, you mentioned the loopholes. 's a stunning revelation, but it doesn't surprise us. every time the united states set a condition the iranians objected to, we conceded that condition. the purpose of the nuclear deal
8:48 pm
was to prevent the iranians from ever having a nuclear weapon. but the deal permits the iranians to have a nuclear weapon in 15 years. no math wonder the american people are fed up. trish: why do you think it was and is so important to president obama that we have this relationship with iran? >> i think it's an interesting question. we can only speculate about it. but i talked to a few people about it who are close to the administration. they believe from early on president obama fell out on the diplomatic edge of u.s. foreign policy. he wanted to achieve something nixon achieved with china, a break through. that began early in his administration, 2009, with hers
8:49 pm
to the supreme leader seeking discussions on a nuclear deal. this became the center piece of his foreign policy and a strategic objective for him, and everything else he was doing in terms of lousy decisions he made on iraq and syria, because he wanted none of this to interfere with him, it's quite stunning how this drove him so much for 8 years. trish: i come from a business and economics background. any ceo would advise you you can't be too invested in the deal. if you are, the other side is going to get the better ends of the agreement. it sounds like you believe and many believe this president was way too invested in this so-called deal with iran that he in fact may have been blinded by it? >> absolutely is. it's sad commentary. ought only is the middle east going to be more unsafe and less stable as a result of it. look what happened in syria when
8:50 pm
we had opportunities, many times over, to turn that war around to our favor. but he refused to do that because he did not want to get the ire of the iranians who was negotiating with every single day on that nuclear deal. >> how is this going to affect his legacy, do you think? >> i think this will come through as a negative aspect of the president's foreign policy. he was so obsessed with this that it endangered the united states and clearly every ally we have in the region believes the united states has walked away from and the middle east is much more dangerous than it was 8 years ago. trish: it will take a lot of fixing. general jack keane. thank you. on wall street, stocks closing mixed ahead of tomorrow's big jobs report. you see the dow gaining 18 points and the nasdaq up 14 points. a major setback for spacex today.
8:51 pm
a falcon 9 rocket explode on its launch pad in cape canaveral florida. completely destroying the rocket and its payload two days before its scheduled launch. fortunately no one was hurt. the cause of the explosion is still unknown. up next, donald trump is starting to cut into hillary clinton's once enormous lead in the polls. we have the numbers for you. ned ryan and katie kiefer will
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
. trish: donald trump chipping away at hillary clinton's national lead in the polls. a new reuters poll shows trump gaining ground on clinton. with the democratic nominee only ahead by one point. 40-39. in the real clear politics average, clinton leads by just five points. two weeks ago, trump was trailing by 8 points. joining me founder and ceo of american majority and former presidential writer for george w. bush, ned ryan and town hall political columnist katie kiefer. good to see you, guys. >> thanks, trish. trish: couple of weeks ago people were predicting the end of the race, this thing is over. hillary clinton has won, period. why has it changeed? >> couple things have changed. seeing the last couple weeks
8:56 pm
that trump is starting to show a little bit more discipline, starting to come off different tone with the campaign. i think that's part of kellyanne conway and steve bannon coming on board and the shift in the campaign, and part of the situation take place with hillary, you saw the ap story and the "new york times" scathing editorial and the politico piece talking about foundation. this is a bigger issue moving into post labor day. and the thing that's interesting, trish, as the polls are tightening, probably half the american people are starting to pay attention to this race as you see more and more stories about the clinton foundation, the race is starting to get closer. part of this is better discipline by trump and obviously the stories are starting to resonate and see more of them, and guess what? there's another nine weeks in this election, i don't think the stories are going to go away, you're going to see more and more of them. trish: katie, reince priebus says the two are neck-and-neck tied by labor day. is that going to happen? right around the corner.
8:57 pm
>> definitely, trump is gaining momentum on hillary. they're neck-and-neck, i would agree with ryan, kellyanne conwe was a brilliant decision and she like melania brings out the best in trump. the american people have seen he is willing to accept this invitation. president nieto, to talk to a man who previously has accused him of being hitler, and he has shown he's a commander in chief. his diplomatic, presidential. now more than ever the american people are seeing a different side of trump and common nations. trish: in other words, she wants to keep painting this picture, ned, he's crazy and eville and the world is so much worse off should he become president of the united states. should he continue doing things like yesterday, standing along someone like pena nieto, how does that start to shift and change the equation?
8:58 pm
>> there's a couple things that have taken place, too. look hillary ducked losing louisiana. hillary was invited to go to mexico, she didn't go, he went. gave him the opportunity to look presidential with the leader of a foreign nation, mexico, on the day he gave his immigration speech. he's making all the right moves from a political standpoint, and quite frankly, hillary i don't know what advice she's getting, a suspect a lot of reasons she hasn't held a press conference for 271 days, she doesn't want to answer questions about the foundation. doesn't want to answer questions about the e-mail server. she's ducking the press, he's driving the media. that's why you see the polls tighten up. other thing to say about the polls, look at battleground states. those are the interesting polls to me, that's where the race is going to come down to. trish: and florida tighter and tighter. >> half point up in north carolina. two points up in virginia. only up three points in wisconsin. those are the interesting
8:59 pm
states to watch as we move down the path toward election day. trish: katie, how important is the base. the speech was targeted at his base, and people said he needs them out there, ready, willing and able to vote, and without them, he's really going to be challenged. so can he really get the basic side while simultaneously getting people comfortable with him as a potential president? >> yeah, that's a great question, trish, and we saw in this ten point speech he gave in phoenix that he is someone who, a, has a plan he's not bluster, and no muster. but he is a man with a plan, but all, he has been accused of flip-flopping on the pay, who's going to pay for the wall. and interesting when you consider that even if we pay for the wall, mexico will end up paying, there will be consequences, they don't want that wall put up, and it really won't be that big of an
9:00 pm
expense. this is a quick and short point. even if the wall costs about $25 billion, we spend that much in 2 billion a year. thank you. trish: >> a ball club older than mighty casey... >> they were recognized as the best team of the 1860s. >> their 155-year-old baseball card... >> we are looking at a very significant piece of baseball history here. >> and she's looking at a very strange inheritance. >> he's my great-great-uncle on my dad's side. >> which one is he? >> now here's the payoff pitch. >> one of the big ones. this was a family heirloom. >> will there be joy in mudville... >> he was looking for a piece of the action, but i didn't know that. >> ...with jamie at the bat? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪


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