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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 2, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> i have to echo jack's thoughts there. there are great jobs out there. for those who want to work, pursue those opportunities, but they'll see next month. hopefully positive revisions to the numbers. dagen: thanks to all. right now it's the ashley webster show. ashley: for three hours, thank you, dagen. it's all mine! i'm ashley webster, stuart, by the way back on tuesday. nice break for stuart. he's earned it. the big story though is jobs of course. not enough. frankly, 151,000 jobs created in august, that's it. hiring slowing down. wages not growing and the participation rate still at a generational low. that so-called blowout jobs report, that was revised lower, 20,000 less. the market responding positively. we're locking at a higher open because the bad report makes the fed rate increase less likely. bad news for the economy. good news for stocks once again. we have been talking about that for years. we will see how the candidates
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respond to this. according to the latest fox poll, they are neck and neck on the economy which has not been a focus of this election yet. hillary's scandals focus around here. the latest e-mail asking hillary's top aide, huma abedin for diplomatic passports while they worked at the state department. hillary clinton stays quiet on the scandal and her policy, she only attacks trump and trump has given her a lot to talk about. and the major policy speeches, the meeting with mexico's president. trump is framing the debate. hillary is playing catchup. all of it on "varney & company" which starts right now. ♪ >> hermine has made landfall
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in florida, sustained winds 80 miles per hour, that will do damage along with torrential rain. and the first time that florida has been hit by a hurricane, wilma back in 2005. and hermine hitting as a category 1 hurricane around 1:30 a.m. eastern and nearly four hours later. downgraded to a tropical storm. still, florida seeing a storm surge up to 12 feet and 10 inches of rain already. the storm is expected to move through, the mostly rural, lightly populated corner where the peninsula meets the panhandle and pushes into georgia and, yes, the carolinas and up the east coast, maybe ruining labor day for folks around here, we shall see. take a look at the dow futures after that jobs report. that was the last jobs report before the fed meeting on september 20th. joining us to talk about it anthony scaramucci and peter,
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very good friends that go back 30 years and many stories, they won't tell me one. >> can't lie about my age anymore. ashley: you have such a baby face. all right, peter, a very disappointing report is how i would label it. >> thud thud. maybe goldilocks, and the summer of love with the fed continues, we won't see a rate increase, i don't think, in september. ashley: if it had been a blowout did you envision a september hike? >> it's not a specific point. it's like a lawyer perfecting evidence. there would be another great month. this is off trend, okay, not great. ashley: what does it say about it? it seems like we're walking through mud, this economy, we can't get any momentum. >> to me the biggest problem is the most important ingredient is left out, the market value of the jobs. 150,000, but in a nutshell what we've done is replace some great high paying jobs with
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lower wage jobs, many of which provide no benefits. so we're focused on a lot of the wrong things. ashley: very good point. the tale of the politics and trump seems to be going nonstop and hillary, frankly hides. on wednesday he met with mexico's president in mexico, then onto a rally in arizona. first a speech to the american legion and then a rally after that and also in ohio. today a fbi briefing in new york and then a round table in philadelphia. he has been busy. i don't know stop. this is hillary's schedule for the past three days. yeah, crickets. meanwhile-- a little sarcastic, but making a point. hillary taking heat going more than 270 days without a formal news conference. listen to how her running mate tim kaine responded. >> when are we going to see hillary open up the floor and take questions from reporters
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at any event. >> well, you see hillary take questions from reporters every day. she does -- she talks to the press everywhere she goes. >> she doesn't do it that often. >> well, look, i don't see what the massive difference is between a press conference and talking to the press everywhere you go. ashley: okay, let's go to anthony first. that was an extremely weak response in my opinion. >> it's a super tough time defending what she's doing. she can't get in front of the press because she's going to get in a circular firing squad and too many things on the plate scandal-wise, too many things unexplained. so my prediction is, she will stay away from a press conference, even if the polls tighten. if the polls tighten, however, she's got to get out ashley: wh. >> they are now starting to tighten. you left one thing out of the schedule on sunday morning, doing a fundraiser in new jersey. so, mr. trump-- >> the beat goes on. >> he's the energizer bunny,
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he's 20 years older than me, it's hard to stay with him, he's got that much energy. ashley: the strategy of hillary clinton seems to hunker down, let donald trump do what donald trump does and that will be enough. she's already been coronated in her own mind, what do you think? >> this reminds me of the beginning of the campaign she'd be walking along and the press would be roped off in a moving rope line. she's had the strategy all along, i want to stay out of touch. she's not the retail politician her husband is and a circular firing squad or tough interaction, that's not her strong suit. she's got a little bit of a lead. i don't think it's a terrible idea. she has some strength, but one of her weaknesses is not dealing with the press liz: she has to have debates coming up and maybe talking to the reporters may have helped her with donald trump. ashley: donald trump is focused ands' looked presidential, i've got to say down in mexico. is he gaining a lot more
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momentum in your opinion? >> i know steve and he's a master of message and kelly anne, he's staying on message seems he's atlas chained, and he should seize the day. ashley: and the drip, drip, drip of hillary's e-mail, the clinton foundation scandals, the list goes on and on. i get the feeling, even a lot of people out there are numb to it or it's straight over their head. they don't want to get into it. >> and that's what they're hoping. the other thing they're hoping that there's a "i'm a better choice than donald trump, i'm more rational", and what mr. trump is doing with the case he's analytical, detailed
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and the right temperament to be the president of the united states. that's coming out over the next 70 days, she won't go in front of the press though and i want to add to what peter is saying, because at the debate, it's 90 seconds, ashley. there's no counter questions coming back at her. >> it's a controlled environment. >> it's a controlled environment liz: with donald trump, really? >> that's a good point. >> well, yes and no. ashley: you can try and control him. >> she can run out the clock in a debate. she can't do that in a press conference. ashley: good point. i can't wait for that first debate, by the way. and to this story, fascinating. worldwide recall of the new samsung galaxy note 7 after reports the devices catch fire, even explode while charging. e-mack, you know, the timing on this for apple couldn't be better because they have the big unveiling next week. >> this is the product that we had onset. ashley: threw it in a bowl of water. >> it costs nearly $1,000. >> and considering whether--
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>> $885 and it's scary for people, because you charge your battery and you walk away. this battery was catching fire, not only did they stop the sales, a recall. 2.5 million so far and replacing inventory worldwide. so. ashley: what a nightmare for samsung. >> it's a big deal for samsung and they're the leader in the market, more than a fifth, versus apple's little more than 10%. and apple is coming out with the upgrade to the iphone. let's watch the stock, it's moving higher. ashley: i think 24 they estimated out of million of these units is susceptible and it's a fault within the battery, is that correct liz: that's right. the fact it can explode and catch fire, the battery, that scares people so they moved swiftly not just to do a recall, but to replace inventory in ten markets around the world, including in the u.s. ashley: good for apple. >> you have to be clear, it's not designed by spacex, but i think the issue is when you
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have a subordinate provider, a supplier who gives you a piece of your equipment that is flawed like that, you still wear the scar. you still wear the scarlet letter and i think one of the things that is tough, they haven't identified who that supplier is, but this battery pack, i agree with you, fear is a bad thing to sell against, it plays into apple. the problem is when you have weak supply chains, it really hurts you. ashley: apparently the batteries-- >> to recover from battery damage. i'm going to take peter back to 1992 when we did the dell computer transaction, remember the computers catching fire? >> i do. >> a full year for them to regain that market share. so when batteries catch fire, consumers get worried. ashley: of course they do. we'll look at apple stock in a minute. the spacex rocket explodes, creating, look at that, a huge fireball. they're having a terrible week.
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mark zuckerberg not happy about that explosion either. and this, colin kaepernick still not standing for the national anthem. the man behind him in that shadow, that's football player nate boyer, he was there last night and he spoke with kaepernick for 19 minutes and he'll be here on the show to tell what he was thinking at that moment. the scandals keep mounting for hillary clinton. how, well, just one of the diplomatic passbook, no one is talking about it, but we are. more varney next. ♪ our special today is the seared ahi tuna. don't you hate that? when they don't tell you how much something costs and you have to ask? maybe that's why i always make sure to... ... "bring up the costs associated with your services."
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>> colin kaepernick did not stand again during the national anthem before the 9ers, chargers exhibition game. this as 240 military officers held the nation's flag on a night when the home team hosted the 28th annual salute to the
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military night. and seattle seahawks cornerback jeremy lane sat during the anthem against the raiders and he did mostly to show support for kaepernick and there he is sitting down. >> joining us now former nfl player randall hill. thank you for joining us. first off, what's your thoughts on this? is this an appropriate way to make a point? >> well, he has every right to sit during the national anthem. i mean, people have given up their lives for that freedom for him to do that. my opinion is, you know, i'm going to stand and i'm going to stand and not just for the national anthem and for the military, but you have had a lot of black leaders and leaders of all diversities who have given their lives for this country, such as rosa parks, martin luther king, and the list goes on and on so i'm going to respect them and i'm going to continue to stand because the flag represents a great nation, not just the
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military. ashley: but is this an appropriate venue or an appropriate way to tackle race relations in this country? >> some people may disagree with what he's doing, but you know, you have the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression within the eyes of the law. and he's not breaking any laws. i disagree with him, but i understand where he's coming from, but again, you know, too many people from the buffalo soldiers to-- and it goes on and on and on, there are a lot of great people in this nation, and i respect all of them because we still live in the greatest country in the world. >> well, we mention that seahawks cornerback jeremy lane now sitting down in oakland. is there a danger that this could spread among other players in the league. >> well, you know, you've seen similar incidents in the nba with lebron james, caramelo anthony and dwyane wade. it can spread, there's nothing wrong with that, but we still
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have to stay focused on how great this country is. is this country perfect? no, it's not perfect. i don't think by a far stretch of the imagination, but what i would have done, like what i just did, i ran for a political office to try to make changes from the top down. not just sitting down. so if you want to grab the bull by the horns, get out there and try to make changes, you know, in laws and legislation to make sure that everyone is treated fairly, not just sitting down, but again, i'm going to always stand proud for the national anthem because i respect this country, i also respect the people who have gone before we because generation before have prayed for better things to come for our generation so i'm going to respect them. ashley: with that in mind, you mentioned the nba. they have a rule the players should stand for the national anthem. should the nfl have the same rule? >> you know, that's a very good question and the nfl, i'm sure they are talking about it and thinking about it, but you don't want to take away those
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freedoms because that is a freedom that we have in this country. and you know, colin, he's getting more and more support, which is fine, but what i'm saying is, you know, please, also look at, my glass is half full, not half empty. when you talk about people such as rosa parks, even my grandfather who supported his family and believed in diversity, you know, i've got to respect him because he would probably roll over in his grave, that's just me and colin has his own opinion. he can do what he likes and people are going to support him, which is fine. but again, there's too many people, black, white, spanish, latin jewish who have died and so i support it. ashley: randall hill, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. ashley: let's look at the futures on jobs friday.
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pointing up 72 points. bad news, good news for the market, i think. we'll be getting into that. by the way, you don't see this every day, a man, wait for it, riding an ostrich liz: is that stuart varney on vacation? [laughter] >> this is in kazakhstan, in the little known emu lane and people sitting in traffic and a huge bird goes by and ostriches can reach a speed of 43 miles per hour, just not in manhattan. venezuela collapsing, an exclusive from our own liz macdonald. hundreds of protesters into the street. and mark zuckerberg, not happy with elon musk. and the exploding rocket destroying the first satellite.
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>> all right. back to that spacex explosion. we have the video of the exact moment that elon musk's rocket exploded. a giant boom and buildings shook.
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wow. it doesn't look real. it looks like a model of it, but that was very much real. the rocket wasn't the only thing destroyed. it was carrying mark zuckerberg's satellite, supposed to bring internet to parts of africa and face-boom. as i'm here in africa, i'm disappointed to hear that the launch failure destroyed our satellite that would have provided connectivity to so many entrepreneurs and everyone else across the continent. liz, fair to say, elon musk is having a terrible week liz: a spacex spokesman says it's an anomaly, the cause is unknown and zuckerburg came out and saying he's deeply disappointed in the launch failure. it cost $200 million to make
9:25 am
that satellite and two years to build. i think the insurers would cover that, but. ashley: may go elsewhere. as we wait for the markets to open and five minutes from now they will move higher because of that frankly, disappointing jobs report. just to the upside now on the dow. 18,486. no fed hike says the markets, oh, more cheap money. go ahead and check this out. an eight-year-old golfer, check it out. hitting a drone out of the sky. boom! this is in australia. [laughter] >> i'm loving it. ashley: better than a hole in one. that girl, by the way, is the number one for her age in australia liz: what a shot. ashley: what a shot.
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>> the opening bell will be ringing in just about 25 minutes. this is jobs friday and signals the beginning of the long weekend and those jobs numbers,
9:30 am
151,000 jobs an added in the month of august. abysmal, some of the words used. losing jobs in construction and manufacturing, a bad sign for the economy. don't forget how much money, 2 1/2 trillion in stimulus has been spent for that. we're off and running. no, we're going to be higher. the futures pointed in that direction, the dow up 62 points and moving higher. why? because, well, the fed, it believes, will not now be raising rates this month because the economy just isn't ready for it. profits, by the way, double, sales soaring 40% at smith & wesson. and interestingly, the stock moving lower. down almost 3%. because it's had such a great run. 35% year to date and people taking money. >> their top salesman is leaving on january 20th, that would be barack obama. ashley: good point, ha, ha,
9:31 am
what about hillary? yoga pants maker lululemon, a weak outlook and investors don't like that, down 7 1/2%. let's bring in liz macdonald. peter is here and anthony to my right and scott shellady working on this friday. god bless you, scott. let me start with you, scott. thud, that's the noise that peter heard, malaise, abysmal. what's your description? >> let's make it plain and simple so everyone can understand. if the economy is a car and the fed is driving down the highway at 60 miles per hour and the engine explodes and starts on fire, they pulled the car over to the side of the road, got out and checked the air in the tires. [laughter] that's the policy now for seven years. why aren't we ringing the alarm bells. 4.9% unemployment coming down from 10%, but we've got a gdp that's been contracting the
9:32 am
entire time. ring the bell, it doesn't add up liz: we've been adding trillions of dollars-- >> by the way the dow is up 108 now liz: triple digits. we've been adding hundreds in billions in stimulus to fill the flat tires. ashley: record tax receipts and all of this money and the gdp can't get above 2%. peter. >> part of the problem is cyclical and structural input. there's a structural problem here, we have 4 million plus, great middle class wage paying of the kind we like skill-based jobs available, don't require the genius of job creation, they need to be filled. we're not building bridges between people who want jobs and there are millions of them, to people with the great jobs. ashley: i wanted to get a wages, weak, tepid, up .1%. >> it has to do with the quality of jobs people are getting hired for, ashley and that's why the reason why they're down, or at least not going up as much as they like.
9:33 am
they just buffer peter's point. if the government is greater than 22, 23% in terms of the federal budget outlays, relative to the gdp, we've studied this for 100 years. it has an octopus effect of con straining the government. the larger the government it, the more constraint. bill clinton even said this, 20 to 21% federal budget rollout in gdp-- >> maybe he could tell his wife. that's bill clinton telling hillary. and saudi arabia says it's optimistic about reaching an agreement on output. they've said this before. a lot of production shut down in the gulf because of the storm hermine. scott, supply though, i mean, we say it every day and every week, we're swimming in it, so the fundamentals point to oil going lower, don't they? >> and that's the problem. if simply, you know, mostly fundamentals and we still have
9:34 am
got to worry about that dollar. as we started to hear fisher speak about a stronger dollar, you started to see oil kind of pair up the gains here. ashley, we're looking for some sort of cataclysmic event, maybe with oil or not we're looking for the quote, unquote, black swan the reason the market might take a 5%, 10% selloff. it's got to be something in front of our faces. and we didn't see it. instead of the black swan, look for the gray duck. when the markets start to become immune to all of this easing, quantitative easing and negative interest rates and when that doesn't work, that's when we're in trouble. so the gray duck is there all the time. and when they become immune to the gray duck. ashley: the look for the gray goose. that's another story. [laughter] . peter. >> at 9:30 a.m. >> you look at opec, sitting
9:35 am
with the saudi, 3.2 trillion -- and they're in the millions. and half a trillion. this is the problem. they're facing a meltdown. you look across the array of states. saudi arabia, algeria, venezuela, they all need higher oil prices and they're not predicated on these prices. ashley: would saudi arabia do anything to help iran? >> the thing is watching how putin has decided to become statesman-like in this. he's saying, look, let me talk to the saudi prince, he's going to talk to him at the g20. give iran a catchup time, a little runway. if he can sell the runway, we may have a deal. ashley: interesting. we're pumping at pull rates so freezing it at full capacity, i don't know. >> but iran, interestingly, has sort of leveled off. they were unbelievably--
9:36 am
>> right, right. >> they kind of leveled off. it might be time to say, take a pause. ashley: if they do, prices will go up for sure. and profits doubling and sales soaring 40% at smith & wesson, but it's down. as we were saying 2 1/2% liz: looks like there might be some profit taking. and the analysts might be pricey. year to date, near 60% year over year, and background checks continue to hit records in most in recent months. ashley: and mooch you're saying the top salesman is out the door, why? >> obviously making a joke. you can see the trepidation about the second amendment. ashley: look at that graph and the talk of gun control, what that did for the number of people buying weapons, it's remarkable. >> listen, at the end of the day, this is one of those things that gun control is always going to be uncontrollable. it's one of the axioms of american life.
9:37 am
ashley: 40% of u.s. households have guns. fascinating. a world-wide recall, a story of the samsung galaxy note 7 after reports the devices catch fire while charging and as we mentioned before, e-mack, what timing for apple who probably unveiled a new iphone 7 next week? liz: exactly right. as mooch is pointing out. you don't want any of the batteries catching fire, they walk out of the room. and for this to explode, nearly 2 1/2 million worldwide in 10 markets. it's removing inventory. they want that thing out of stores and don't want it sold anywhere and it's all over the world. ashley: it's mortifying because the reviews for this smartphone have been off the charts of the literally, a challenge to apple liz: nearly $1,000 in price. >> they've sold at least a million of them. the problem is as anthony was saying, you don't want to have the moment of peak attention to a new product, the exquisitely
9:38 am
bad moment to have something go wrong. the curtains parted and you sang off key. almost bankrupted dell computer in 1992. peter had the capital market at goldman sachs and we rushed the deal for dell computer because of the problem 24 years ago. ashley: all right. >> and peter looks the same so we have to figure out what he's doing liz: what are you doing? >> he's the dick clark-- >> yoga paints maker, changing topics abruptly. ashley: lululemon, lori ro rothman, what are the shares? >> punished. down an excess of 9%, missing revenue, but still, lewinsulull had comparable store sales that were soft and that's disappointing as well. shares, i heard e-mack talking
9:39 am
about smith & wesson being pricey. that may be similar to lululemon considering shares were 46% year to date and the pr prices behind, and the see through pants issue they dealt with and management shake-up. that's behind and not to mention on the balance sheet the inventories are much, much healthier and successful in reducing inventories in consecutive quarters. wall street flexing muscle and pushing down. ashley: looking right through it, to carry on that line of conversation. [laughter] thank you very much. and pant gate. there's none at gap. a fire at one of the distribution centers slowing on-line orders headed into the holiday. and that stock is down nearly 10% at 33.88. the daily ground service will increase 5%, price increases set to take effect december 26th, boxing day, they call it in the u.k.
9:40 am
that stock moving higher. take a look at carnival. morgan stanley downgrading the world's largest cruise ship operator to underweight from equal weight. let's take a look at starbucks and i have to talk about this, apparently a big deal. the pumpkin spice latte is back and now they have something called spicy chili mocha liz: coffee wars. dunkin' donuts had the salty caramel and their version of pump kkin spice. starbucks has a chili mocha and frappaccino. ashley: and it's 70 degrees and i think of these as cold weather-- >> you haven't been in the candy aisle of wal-mart. and even britain is on the holiday band wagon and they're stocking for the holiday. ashley: they never used to.
9:41 am
scott shellady strikes me as a guy who likes a pumpkin spice latte to start every day. >> i was thinking if mcdonald's wants to jump in the frey they should bring back the shamrock shake and the mcrib liz: i think it's made of old yoga mats or something. ashley: the mcrib is made of old yoga mats? that's funny. and let's look at mylan, taking the heat after the sky high epi pen prices and don't worry, hillary clinton is on the case. this is going to do anything? what do you say? liz: really? the fda prohibited rival products from entering the market. ashley: creating a monopoly liz: hillary clinton's answer is drug price control. >> the wholesale was $274. there was at least $300 add on everywhere down the line in distribution, adding. ashley: the middlemen
9:42 am
liz: they make a lot of money off the syringe. costs like 3 cents. ashley: it sounds like pentagon spending in the 1980's. >> when something is not competitive, that's what you get. ashley: we all pay. >> got to get it back. ashley: saying to me got to go peter, anthony, scott, thank you so much for being here. >> happy labor day weekend. ashley: thanks for coming in. all right, let's check the big board, we know it's up high. up 103 points after the jobs report came in disappointing and that raises the chances that the fed will not be raising rates at least later this month. another obstacle for hillary, the-- meantime, whoa, whoa, going to hand over a full schedule of hillary clinton's meetings as secretary of state. we've been wanting these and now we get a look. remember, there was a report that half the people she was meeting were top donors, so we get a look at her schedule and see who was getting time to hillary clinton. and donald trump headed to a historic black church in
9:43 am
detroit to weekend. dr. ben carson will be there with him and he's next. ♪
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9:46 am
>> all right. let's check the big board for you, hiring slows down, wages are stalling and guess what? stocks are up. bad news in this environment is good news. no rate hike, at least that's the feeling, the dow up 118 points. the trump campaign just releasing a statement, by the way, on the jobs report and i quote, the august jobs report shows the stagnant clinton-obama economy fails to deliver the jobs americans desperately needs. it shows a troubling long-term trend. the clinton-obama economy fails to produce better paying jobs. and donald trump making another pitch to african-americans, visiting a black church in
9:47 am
detroit tomorrow and following that walk around some of the city's poorer neighborhoods. guess what? dr. ben carson will be with him and he joins us now. dr. carson, thank you so much as always for joining us. you're a native of detroit, is that right? where are you going to take him? >> we're going to just go to some of the areas of detroit that show the tremendous decline that has occurred. you know, when i was growing up and certainly before that time, detroit was actually doing very well. in the 30's, 40's, 50's detroit was the most prosperous city in the country, some people say in the world. and it's been these policies that have been put in place. i don't know necessarily just want to take democratic policies, i would say progressive policies because not all democrats are liberal and not all republicans are conservative, but the fact of the matter is, the policies are what hurt people. when you have things that break
9:48 am
families up, when you have a system that places the interests of the unions over the interests of the students so you have deteriorating schools, when you have administrations that pile on all kind of regulations, you know, for a small manufacturer, the annual cost to deal with just regulations for one employee is $34,000. now, how in the world are you going to be able to compete with other nations under those circumstances? it seems like we're doing things to destroy what used to be a vibrant city and this has happened across the country. and unfortunately, a lot of the people in those situations have been fooled into believing the very people doing this to them are their saviors and their heroes. ashley: exactly, listen, there's been quite a, i can say, i use the word outrage that donald trump is going to be attending this particular church.
9:49 am
you think that they'd invited the devil himself to come on down and enjoy the service. and yet, his message, that mr. trump's message has been, look, vote for me. what have you got to lose and when you talk about these communities that are in disarray and ruin, he couldn't seem to be very welcome. why is that? >> because, you know, the progressives, in order to enhappee enhance their power base they have to create division and make the other guy seem like the bad guy. i wish someone would spend some time, and in hillary's america" talking about the history of democratic party. they were the party of slavery and jim crowe and segregation. they were the ones who opposed civil rights legislation and it was the republicans on the other side and the democrats say, well, it all switched and the republicans became the-- what a bunch of crap that is.
9:50 am
[laughter] very small numbers. ashley: i think that says it all. >> they use the same tactics to keep people under control. ashley: i think it says it all, very well put. enjoy your time with mr. trump. dr. ben carson, sorry we're out of time. >> thank you. ashley: let's check it out, it's a sea of green, except for pfizer. i think my-- my eyesight is coming back a bit. pfizer is the only one moving lower. and footage from venezuela, from our own liz macdonald. government workers throwing rocks in protest, the failure of socialism caught on camera. what a mess there in venezuela. planet earth having a close call with an asteroid, whizzed by at 50,000 miles, less than the quarter of the distance between the earth and the moon. asteroid was discovered a day before it passed by. excuse me. hook at this, the total eclipse in africa, they call it the
9:51 am
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>> new fox poll is coming out. gauging american response to the iran nuclear deal and look at this, 53% of americans say they think the $400 million paid to iran before americans were released, guess what, was hostage money and that the iran deal has made america less safe. the perfect person to ask, mike baker former covert operations officer. it reflects what we think, that the administration will bend over backwards just to get some sort of deal with iran. >> i'd like to talk to 38% of people who don't believe the 400 million was ransom. i'm not quite what they're thinking or where they're coming from, the majority of people have common sense and paying attention despite what the white house thinks and
9:56 am
despite repeated efforts to try to call this something other than what it is. ashley: mike. explain, the average american knows iran is there and they don't know anything about the country. it's one of those countries over there. how dangerous a country is iran? . look for the past decade plus, if you were to ask leaders within the intel community, the military community, you know, what are the top crises facing the u.s., not short-term, such as terrorism, but what are the real threats that face us in the mid to long-term? it would always been essentially the same top three, china shall russia, iran. and often times, terrorism in temps of the long-term view doesn't crack the top five, but iran is always up there and you know, the problem that we've got now is that we've sort of, you know, the horse is out of the barn. we're not walking this back. we've made the deal we've made. the idea of snapback sanctions
9:57 am
as president obama likes to talk about is a naive concept because every nation acts in its own best interest and they're already in there doing business with iran. so if we think that somehow because we feel they've breached agreements, which they already have, that somehow the world is going to come together and impose new sanctions, it's foolish, germany, russia, china, anybody doing business, including the u.s., they're not going to step back because of their own interests. ashley: mike, we're already out of time. mike baker from beautiful boise, idaho. and obama administration failed to create the jobs and it's been seven years of failure and hillary will produce the same report. hermine moving along the east coast, expect storm surges, widespread flooding and oh,
9:58 am
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10:00 am
>> welcome back everybody i'm ashley webster in for stuart today here are the big stories in hour two. august jobs report hiring slowing down. wage growth, stagnant labor participation rates, and a 40-year low. this is the obama economy. on to the election, donald trump gets his second security briefing today in new york city. trump's foot firmly planted on gas pedal meanwhile hillary hasn't held a news conference in 270 days. plus tropical storm hermine making landfall in florida. some areas getting nearly a foot of rain, and it's not over yet the entire east coast will get hit this weekend. the second hour of "varney & company" starts right now. ♪
10:01 am
ashley: first quick alert happening this hour, donald trump getting his second security briefing today in new york city. that is federal plaza downtown, the fbi will be giving him the latest classified details on current threats to the country. can't get any comment from trump, we will bring them to you as he says anything at all but second security briefing right here in new york city. let's get to the markets, check the big board for you. what a day it's friday are. jobs friday going into a long weekend and market up 114 points. a lousy jobs report but at least disappointing, that giving hope to markets of the fed no way it is going to raise rates later this month. as a result more cheap money and market goes up. up 115 points. now, let's take a look at oil. took a big drop yesterday, and then we get chents comments from saudi oil talk about production cuts. maybe russia and rest of the opec countries can say yeah we
10:02 am
need prices to rise. that's enough to push it up 2.5%. in turn hoping grillers as you can see where green arrows all the way. emac what is news on oil? >> amid supply and watch gas prices down a buck 70 year over year that's a big deal. oil is hitting an eight month low, so you know, can it get back above 50, remember it's trading half it was two years ago. so -- >> we know that saudis want to keep their markets share -- so they kept pumping -- iran too now. to their economy and a earlier they're suffering along with everyone else. >> that's exactly right. >> sure, skeptical and they can agree on time of day or what had day it is. great numbers from smith & wesson. but investor firm says that u.s. firearm demand is now, quote, as good as it gets unquote.
10:03 am
bolton joins us now. great to see you. okay, let's start with this. >> happy friday. >> i know happy friday. so smith and smith & wesson in a tear as we've said many times on this show thanks to president obama and gun control. now it's dropping a bit. >> it is dropping a bit but you alluded to macrotrends past two weeks markets have sell off. waiting for the fed and waiting for election so i do think along with a lot of other segments and a sectors of the market there's a lot of just -- cloudiness on visibility. on regulation. these are bigger seems affecting gun makers just like everybody else. drug makers put in the category. any ceo who is waiting for regulation or signs of regulation that is going to come a little bit stuck in the mud right now. ashley: investors don't do anything. good point. we have a fresh read on job
10:04 am
151,000, slowing wages not up, up 1% and participation rate still at a generational low near 40-year low. former labor department chief of staff is with us. all right, so painted a pretty miserable picture right there, paul. [laughter] first off i guess let's get your take on this report. any bright light in there or pretty disappointing? >> i think it is disapointing first of all below average of the past two monthst that's important to keep in mind. other thing is two biggest sectors with any growth in the food service and bars and restaurants, in the second one was social services these are not the quality jobs that are aspirational if you're a blue collar worker trying to move up or secure and keep your place in the palace these are not jobs to help you do that, and if you're a parent looking at a millennial trying to figure out how to use their education these are not jobs that match skills and
10:05 am
education invest m. >> was going down 6,000, ever manufacturing down 14,000 not a good sign for economy or health of the economy. >> not at all. other factor that you didn't mention at the top but i think is important to keep in mind is under jimmy carter kind of considered high water mark the not great performance, the gd under at 3% so if you take a look at all of these metrics including jobs numbers, it's a pretty dark picture for how economic growth is happening. and we all know that economic growth is only thing that creates process pairty and public sense that voter sense things are headed in the right direction. >> two and a half had trillion dollars in stimulus spent on this economy. record tax receipt and we can get growth that can't even reach 2%. is this an indictment of the -- of the obama economy? >> well i think it is.
10:06 am
i think really if you talk a look at these numbers in the consistent stagnant growth this is the new normal but really what it is is a performance metric of government that believes through executive order, law, regulation, and professional licensing somehow you can steer is people into more honorable jobs according to the elite and away from things that have is made america great like manufacturing, steel workers, coal workers those who are in fishing all of the regulatory against things with traditional growth, and i think what you need to see is agenda that is much different than that. that is what people are looking for. so any aspiration that somebody has could be met by a full-time meaningful job. not just taking numbers a quantitative look at things saying there's full employment but tag a look at qualitative that's where difference is and what had america has been always about. >> quality of jobs what it pays. what it can do for that individual in the future. good stuff. thank you so much. appreciate it. all right back to the election and politics, donald trump is
10:07 am
well, frankly nonstop. look at the difference in schedules over past three days. wednesday, trump in mexico. meeting with a president, after that he holds a rally in arizona and gives a big speech. yesterday he addressed the american legend in cincinnati and then a rally in another ohio town. today back in manhattan getting his second fbi briefing. and then it's off to philadelphia. i guess it is philadelphia, pennsylvania, at least for a round table. meanwhile, hillary's schedule over same days -- there you have it. i mean it's sarcastic but makes point zero public eventses. chairman matt is with us, we use critics sound you know it's sarcastic but makes the point hillary is strategy it appears is to, you know, bunker down and wait for donald trump to do or say something that she can jump on. >> yeah that's right ashley, if you think about sports, she's like sitting on her lead.
10:08 am
she's holding on to the ball and doesn't want to do in anything t could change dynamic of this race, and my experience in life ashley, is when you start operating that way in a not to lose type posture you put yourself in a very vulnerable position. mitt romney last year, really thought race was in a good place for him and his advisors told him to hang back on that second debate and he never got it back again. >> but bissed on her as we know ongoing questions about e-mail, ties to the clinton foundation welcome the pay to play issue, is that maybe a good strategy for her? >> no it's a terrible strategy because there's this -- there's this new theme creeping into the campaign which is kind of like okay so what's going on with hillary? why isn't she more active? why has donald trump had more press conferences in mexico than hillary clinton has had in america? in the last year -- her last press conference was last year.
10:09 am
she had an event this week, it was at a set event in front of veterans. her campaign department have to do any work to set it up. it's string and it also shows -- that impression to voters taking them for granted but seconds of all where's energy, excitement. i guarantee person who win this presidential campaign is the person who generates the most excitement out there in the country. >> very quickly literally i have ten seconds matt how do you rate donald trump u now? he's focused he's got lots of energy, he seems to be gaining momentum. >> ashley what happened to donald trump is he realized his campaign was on a bad path and brought in a very professional smart crew, added dave to tay crew the other day, and a candidate and his team are humming and that trip to mexico sheer brilliant. >> yep, a lot of people say the same thing. matt as always thank you matt appreciate it. >> have a great weekend. >> you too. going to this story samsung recalling two and a half million
10:10 am
of their brand new galaxy note 7's over exploding batteries, deirdre on this. >> worse case scenario. ashley: this was supposed to really give apple a run for its money. >> they unveiled this ashley months ago. we were talking about it as a potential iphone challenger. great reviews preasm waterproof. amazing camera -- and amount of memory, power like a laptop and techies were going crazy over this -- and finally apple will meet its match and then there's an issue with batteries basically when you go to charge it well some of the cases accident explode because batteries get -- ashley: this video of us putting it in water an probably a safe thing to do. >> you were told it was a safe thing to do and people were touting this like listen, this is it. you know, and going to be the answer there's a stylist, going to take on, and then to make matters worse right because this is always about apple versus samsung.
10:11 am
fighting for our wallets, and apple on september 7th is going to be unveiling the next iphone. so even if it is vaguely a lame product fact that they're big gest competitor is blowing up -- >> not a great day for samsung. interesting. ashley: brock turner convicted of sexual assault releelsed from jail, after serving only leap months. emac nothing but outrage other this story. >> prosecutor in the case wanted six years and left after three months of serving a six-month sentence. sangt clara county jail walked out of this morning. he was basically found guilty in intent to commit rape of unconscience person. penetration and father thought wait a second this is 20 minutes of action tried to down play. one million signatures and petition to recall the judge for giving a life sentence in this case. ashley: he's under a lot of scrutiny, heat emac thank you very much. >> sure. ashley: back to big board and
10:12 am
jobs friday we call it job still has lousy jobs report. market liked it went up triple digits. no, off that a little bit. still up 92. but some of the losing just a tad a little bit its steam. now look at this video. massive protest in venezuela. this simply put is the failure of socialism happening right before your very eyes. we are on it. and the obama administration denying special treatment to iran in the nuke deal. there was no secret agreement they say. we will discuss. more varney, next.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> keeping an eye on the dow for you, and now up what, 114, 115 points so losing some after the week jobs report. yoga pants maker lululemon moving lower after sales growth felt short as we were saying earlier. investors seeing u through it
10:16 am
losing to the pants gate as lauri called it but down almost well above 9% so not a good day for lululemon on to italy with border crossings there has left hundreds of refugees sleeping in parks in the border town up -- market town of lake komo look that the beautiful picture emac. >> home of actor george clooney. >> he's got bedrooms he can you know -- hand out to refugees. >> maybe. liz: you're been reporting italy has been a gateway from migrants from middle east or africa. now switzerland is turning back these migrants back to two areas likely that are choosing and france and austria is turning my migrants back. ashley: staying put and they're not going back. liz: back toyotaly -- italy. so saying without any --
10:17 am
they want to know why switzerland is doing this without any explanation. this is happening across europe. 750 miles of fence now erected across europe according to reuters. >> crisis goes on. could jump in. we'll see. moon while a washington think tank says u.s. and other officials have a secret deal with iran allow they will passes on nuclear inspections to meet deadline for lifting sanctions. defeating jihad author sebastian joins us now. sebastian, it appears i said this to mike baker earlier, this administration would do anything and has done anything to bend backwards to get a deal with iran and we continue to find out every step of the way, we relented or turned our eyes when they weren't playing by the rules. >> ashley u do you have the ability to question the obama administration. i'm shocked. ashley: don't be. >> it's incredible this latest
10:18 am
report from people who are reputed to be experts is true. we had a deal that was being jammed down the throats of the american people. and at the last minute, the iranians said, sorry we can't meet this. we have more material than you wish to allow us. we want to have more hard sales and we want to have more access to heavy water, a crucial element of creating these capabilities. and allegedly, the obama administration in secret without consulting congress said, that's okay. don't worry about it. which means everything was done bachelor's degree the -- behind scenes to push through agreement with iran that gave iranians everything they wanted. >> ask you same question we know where iran son the map but don't know much about the country. u how dangerous is iran. how much of a threat is that country to the united states? >> yeah, well it is a human intelligence black hole. we don't have a lot of good quality intelligence coming out of iran.
10:19 am
but the fact is, look at the history of the last 30 years. since 1979 iran has been exporting its version of the caliphate, this sea version of bureaucracy beirut bombing, assassination around the world, this country is labeled today officially as a state sponsor terrorism by the u.s. government. so the more money we give them, the more nuclear capability we permit them more direct threat they represent to us and allies. >> we're already out of time unfortunately sebastian so thank you for joining us. have a great holiday weekends. appreciate it. >> you too thanks ashley. check the dow for you on a tear but losing some steam as we said up triple digits still up 84 points. up next, two stories from the catholic church. first pope francis tells christians that they need to confess their since on climb change had. that you must atone to global warming. and mother theresa will become a saint this weekend.
10:20 am
did you know that elizabeth mcdonald met her once. i'm not kidding you. find out how that meeting went you're beginning to want to hear this. [laughter]
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
>> all right quicker for you a sad update tropical storm herr moon blamed for were death in florida. rick scott saying a tree falling on a homeless man that killed him that's from florida. tropical storm hermine now makes its way up towards the east coast. pope francis by the way urging christianst to fight climate change. yesterday, he referred to global warming as a sin. and said we can atone for those sins by recycling and carpooling and maybe not taking so many jets around the world.
10:24 am
glelz pope said this before he's worried about the pollution of the planet. and right -- deirdre he's been talking about this but now ramped it up. >> this is a sin, he said taking care of the planet is in the same category as other christian work such as feeding hungry, visiting the sick. i think pope francis -- you know, whatever if you're catholic, not catholic that brand needed a restart after 2,000 years here's somebody who cools out, makes extreme statements people e agree or don't disagree. but he's clearly putting a flag. letting people know his u views. ashley: what about pope papal and popemobile not leading by example. can't put him on a bicycle but at the same time if you're going to atone for your sins he's a sinner as everyone else. >> he gave up official popemobile a smaller car he was jetting around. >> still a car. >> maybe natural gas or solar power or electric or whatever. ashley: there you go.
10:25 am
we'll hold him to it. sticking on pope francis this sunday form orally cannon nice mother theresa as a saint. now we play some interesting video just a short while ago our very own elizabeth macdonald knew mother theresa and dare i say you high-fived it which i find absolutely remarkable. tell us what happened. >> you're revealing my most embarrassing dumbest thing i've ever done. you know, listen, e i should be doing more work. and i don't to talk about myself let me tell you what happened because you brought it up. j blame circumstances. >> so i was delivering her heart medicine to her year before she passed away in her headquarters. >> in india. >> a wheelchair and he had had a stroke another ailment and i got distracted. when mother went up to women she would demill and see how you look at a habit. so i was afraid she was going to throw over my head and so i got
10:26 am
distracted, worried i looked up and she was raising her hand toward me to put a blessing on my head but i accidentally high-fived her -- [laughter] so her sister is like who let this american lunatic in the door? and i ran out of there. and i don't think she got the espn or any sports channel -- >> didn't know what the heck you were doing. great story, though. good stuff emac thank you so much. don't be embarrassed it's a great story. check the dow 30 stocks for you. market is moving higher back up to triple digits again alousy job report means that market, fed will hold off and a rate hike this month. because of that we're moving higher on thissed friday. all right more scandal for hillary new e-mails showing the bill clinton pushing meeting with done rs, with requests for diplomatic passports still is about the mainstream media remains on her side. they're not talking about it. meanwhile donald trump looking more and more presidential he stays on message. the result polls are tightening. i have asthma...
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>> take a look at the big board, and we're back up triple digits 100 points after that miserable jobs report only adding 151,000 jobs. falling down from expectations. market loves it because fed won't put up rates and that's why we're having a strong friday on markets. let's take a look at oil. oil is up a buck as you can see, dollar ten actually. on belief that perhaps saudi arabia will be doing a deal with other oil producers to do something about production that's pushing price higher. web up and market is up. there you go. well even though she's in scandals at least one person who doesn't think there's an issue with hillary's lack of press conferences no surprise, her running mate tim kaine.
10:31 am
watch this. >> see hillary open up floor an take questions from reporters any of that? >> you see hillary take questions from reporters every day. she does -- she talk talks to press eve whee goes. she doesn't do it that often. >> look, yonts see what the massive difference is between a press conference and talking to the press everywhere you go. >> republican from new york and interesting strategy bunker down and let your opponent do all of the talking and campaigning and then you kind of snipe from the sidelines. is that effective? >> well it's not clearly right now everything that hillary is doing is hiding in the weed. she can't defend the indefensible whether it's benghazi, e-mail scandal, now the newest scandal about bill clinton using taxpayer money for the foundation and setting up servers. so hillary clinton is not
10:32 am
exactly quick on her feet. you know, she's like a robot. she's got -- to get a focused group together to answer questions which is why she hasn't had a press conference in over o nine months and that's why september 26th, the debate with donald trump because it's going to be nothing out of bounds when donald trump debates her on september 26th -- i don't know -- i don't know how she can handle that. >> she clearly believes it is coronation along there's no stumbles along the way and saying that strategy go out and spend media collar, and let donald trump do what donald trump does. but it won't be enough for those undecided to jump on trump banding wagon so she believes she's on her way to the white house. >> donald trump has been had disciplined last two weeks. she's shown a very presidential side and is various talk.
10:33 am
he's now talking about policy. he's giving lots of details behind the policy and his people are now contrasting presidential donald trump with the character flaws of hillary clinton. where 65 plus% of america is no, she's a liar she can't be trust. every day new things come out clinton family first. not america first. but -- on donald trump is giving people a reason to vote for him. her only reason to vote for her is really to not vote for donald trump and that's not going to work with 70 or so days to go especially as donald trump maintains the discipline he's shown in last two week. >> is it enough to win over -- the woman vote, the hispanic vote black vote enough to donald trump to do to persuade individual voting groups to put him over the top? >> well i look at it this way hymn rei is stuck at 42, 43%.
10:34 am
you don't get elected with that. undecided like the brexit vote in europe, undecideds have decide they're not voting for hillary clinton. they need to be nudged along path to say donald trump as president. he is the man that we need, but i think they've made up their minds they're not going to vote for hillary clinton. so it's just a matter over the next seven weeks -- donald trump to ten weeks for donald trump to sign message be disciplined to convince voters not voting for hillary it's one or the other and i you may not like either one but hillary clinton's character flaws all but disqualify her from being president. >> we'll leave it right there. ashley: thank you so much for joining us. >> always good to be with you. ashley: thank you. donald trump pressing on with a full schedule. guess who is here. great to have you geraldo i
10:35 am
thought he looked presidential on wengdz. he looked good. handled himself peel. what do you say? >> i think they should have frozen that donald trump. i thought he was perfect. the tone was definitely presidential he was dignified. he was on the par with the national -- you know world leader. an important ally. our neighbor. >> great visuals. >> but then i have to disagree with congressman colin, i thought that he just -- as if he fort he was there and made a like a primary season speech in terms of its -- angry. >> to allow supporters -- but you know, that loud base of supporters is beginning to support him regardless. the whole notion of gong to mexico it seemed to me was outreach to latino community. see i am reasonable.
10:36 am
see the president of mexico is going to deal with me. we're going to negotiate this wall. we're going to do this and that. instead it sounded i'm going to do and i'm going to -- these people are murderers, you know, and danger to america all of the rest of it and it really i have to say and i'm a republican. i consider myself a moderate republican, and my group among the latino people particularly who swing both ways depending on the candidate were turned off by what we heard in arizona. the night of the mexico thursday night. >> didn't like the ton, rhetoric because what do you think of his plan? >> that's an excellent question. >> i'm glad you asked that. i think he should have -- he buried his own lead. i think that his lead was i'mgoing after criminals and the dangerous people. and you i'll get to you further down the road so why don't you start with that? you folks who have been bairvegly law-abiding other than your unlawful entry -- and yet citizen children, you people rest easy.
10:37 am
i'm not coming after you but deal with your situation later but you villain, you predator we're coming after you full bore. we're going to make sure -- he could have just as easily accomplished same thing that people in that room most 16,000 would have voted for anyway. >> very good. think he's on a role right now, donald trump? >> he was unless that speech now he's got -- i liked his tone again, after that speech. so radio interview and so forth, but he's got to maintain he's got to be one person now. he can't go you know with the flow depending on who's in the audience. >> can't wait for the debate. 100 million people. ashley: thank you so much. appreciate it. all right how about that spacex explosion yesterday? deirdre, well that pretty much summed it up. last week, right there? >> second one this year. you remember in june this falcon nine rocket same model as yesterdays hadn't to refuel,
10:38 am
bring supplies to the international space station. that happen inside june. same kind of images, yesterday that explosion was felt for a five-mile radius all around and essentially burned up a falcon nine rocket, 69 million, and it also burned up satellite payload that engineers called it, worth about $200 million. you're watching $260 million burn on screens right now something that facebook was going to use to connect sub saharan africa and not a lot of people have facebook there. mark zuckerberg wants to connect the world. >> unfriending elon musk as we speak. [laughter] thank you very much. frown knee face. >> indeed. making an early escape today hitting road for labor day weekend and good news, gas prices down overnight. i can almost hear -- stuart varney smiling if you can hear someone smiling, jeff flock
10:39 am
around, jeff how's it going on the roads? >> i think varney is only happy when it gets under $2. that's not quite where were -- ashley. we're on 2894 this is the road to take chicago on up to the north, wisconsin on its labor day vacation. right now, traffic moving along pretty well as you can see. i'm going about the speed limit. as with i should. take a look at the number those on labor day gas prices, we were cheap this labor day as we have been any year since 2004. compared to last year, you can see where we are. we are you know less than a dollar of still quite a bit cheaper than we were last year. so this is sparking a lot of people. number from aaa was 55% of america would be out on ptd roads this labor day holiday here. i don't know about east coast where you are, maybe a little storm headed your way. >> i think so.
10:40 am
>> out here in the midwest. thank you very much jeff flock hands on the wheel. eyes on the road are best advice. great stuff is thank you very much. frk san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick says he isn't anti-american. an he'll donate a million dollars to prove it. we'll have that story next. also drurp will meet with black church leaders tomorrow in detroit. the question is will he convince african-americans to vote for him?
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> welcome back take a big board stock ises up following this morning week's job report. bad news for the economy. good news for stocks, investors vetting that fed will not raise rates this month. now, we've got david rubenstein from carlisle group. he tells wall street week that the fed will not raise rates until december. he said that before the bad jobs report came out. roll tape. >> interest rates have been kept very low and that i think fed would like to change that. they've telegraphed many times to increased but they haven't found time to do it. i suspect that markets feel that they will do it for sure this year. my own view in december rather than september but who knows. i think even into december, though, it will be a modest increase and take a while before fed feels its comfortable going back to where we were five or ten years ago. but the low interest rates we have had asset prices and fueled wealth creation for people and probably not the people at the
10:43 am
10:44 am
>> so how about this? according to life set, donald trump and his advisors are are considering using ceased assets from cartels to pay for that much talked about border wall. deirdre bolden. >> even people who have criticized donald trump's plan
10:45 am
who says that makes sense, and this is something that would benefit both the u.s. and mexico and therefore, mexico because it is cease asset and money may actually be able to work with the u.s. to use the proceeds of these ceased assets to construct the wall. ashley: legitimately say that mexico is paying for the wall just cartel not the government. >> go ahead. >> numbers according to one report says there's nearly $9 billion in a ceased asset for fund so cost $15 billion and can bring in $8 billion whatever had. so something i think is at least one way to move the ball forward and from the trump camp point of view because he's taken a lot of heat. the wall a virtual wall a physical wall. a beautiful wall. with a beautiful door . [laughter] >> exactly. exact. so there are a lot of people critics say this makes sense. ashley: maybe a way for it to be
10:46 am
paid. >> angered people is deportation force that upsets people. if donald trump said yes the wall but then said past the citizenship maybe people would be amendment. 65 countries have a wall as we were talking about deirdre, 650 miles worth of wall in european unions. saudi arabia has a wall. number of countrieses have walls set up -- >> norway and to your are point constructing ones to keep russian refugees outs. so i think as terrorist threat is across world there's more interest in barriers that are natural that are enforced or creating -- ashley: using ceased assettings drug assets could be a great way out -- >> it is a bad thing -- >> so sad also that we're talking about walls right now. but deirdre are is right. we do have a border and right to secure our boarder and there's a huge terrorism threat out there.
10:47 am
>> see if mr. trump says something about it. interesting stuff. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick again didn't stand for anthem last night and he knelt. but he said he will adopt a million bucks to charity. this is what he said. >> well i think it's a misunderstanding. you know, the media painted this as i'm anti-american, with antes men and women of the military. and that's not the case at all. no, i realize that men and women are the military. go out and sacrifice their lives put themselves in harm's way for my freedom eve speech and freedoms in this country and my freedom to take a seat or take a knee. so i have utmost respect for them, and i think what i did was taken out of context and spun a different way. ashley: well our next nfl super bowl champion also author of
10:48 am
liberalism, or how to turn good men into winenies and wimp withs. welcome, thank you for being here. colin kaepernick just said i think people misinterpghted what i was trying to do. i don't see where misinterpretation came along he sat down during the playing of the national anthem. >> this is actually something we have to address to the country because we have young people like this quarterback -- who is about to duet a million dollars to charity. a large sum of money. that's american dream to get to where we can donate. the key is now maybe should learn about free enterprise, go build a business to hire 83% of black females underemployed today to understand that american dream is available to anyone. that message is one that is anti-american. that we have limitation of people don't like each other here. this is greatest country in history of mankind because all of our ancestries give him a right to do what he's doing today. >> very well put. what about nfl should they lay
10:49 am
out a rule like nba part of the deal, pregame routine is you stand up when national anthem plays. >> nfl is good example of man turned into winers and weenies and wimps we need to be bold about who we are and set guidelines, and when young people know there are no guidelines they can put on the spot with a pig, with a -- policeman there's a message an it's time that if they wanted to be one that we can all be proud of, nfl needs to stand up and set parameters that players know when you're on that field you're in nfl and not your own interest. >> what about the team itself. 49ers, owners should they tick a snapped >> yeah. i look like we have a right to do what he's doing like i have a right to boycott which i'll boycott and hope every american will allow people to know there's consequences by not being educated. this country if you educate yourself you realize everyone can stand strong to particularly
10:50 am
for men and women who live and die for our country. and yes for the coaches, and staff. i'm disappointed you know, by getting it to where we are. >> a teammate to kneel with him last night and sea hawks also doing the same thing are you concerned it could spread? >> it is spreading it is through a company called b.e.t. black entertainment television owned by liberal democrats who are in communities in a big way. >> already out of time thank you for being here. another dramatic -- goings on in venezuela. we'll be right back. you're here to buy a car.
10:51 am
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>> how in the world are you able to compete with other nations under those circumstances and seem like we're just doing things to destroy what used to be a vie vibrant city happening across the country, and unfortunately a lot of people and those situations have been fooled into believing that the very people who are doing this to them are their savers and hero. >> exactly. listen there's been quite a -- i can say i used the word outraj that donald trump is attending this particular church. you had think they'd invite devil himself to come on down and enjoy the service. and yet his message that
10:55 am
mr. trump's message is being look, vote for me. what have you got to lose? and when with you talk about these communities that disarray and ruin, he doesn't seem to be very welcome. why is that? >> because you know, the progressives in order to enhancer that power base, they have to create division. and they have to make the other guy seem like the bad guy. you know, i wish somebody would spend a lot of time like in his movie -- hillary's america, talks about it. that history of the democratic pert they were party of slavery, and jim crow and segregation. they were ones who oppose the civil rights legislation and voting rights act. it was republicans who were on other side and then democrats say well, you know it all switch and republicans became -- what a bunch of crap -- [inaudible] very small number. so they're still using the same tactic to keep people under
10:56 am
control. >> i think that say it is all very well put. enjoy your time it mr. trump tomorrow. sire we're out of time so quickly. thanks for joining us appreciate it. >> so look at this our producer christine ambrose fill ashley in on what's coming up at the to of the next hour and we're tracking tropical storm hermine live reports in the coast of georgia which is getting walloped right now. could be heading to jersey, plus former green bray nate he met with colin kaepernick before last night's game and next enduring his national anthem protest. here's here to discuss what they talked about and i'll have this story for you the story behind this amazing video chaos in venezuela. nationwide protest, the failure of socialism caught on camera. we have a jam-packed hour that is three minutes away. don't go away. fight back with relief so smooth and fast.
10:57 am
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ashley: it is 11:00 a.m. on the east coast, 8:00 am in california, stuart is back on tuesday. we are tracking tropical storm hermine. it hit florida killing one person, it is barreling its way up the east coast. we have live team coverage, a lot of rain and wind. we are calling it the failure of socialism on full display in venezuela. we have exclusive footage from elizabeth mcdonald, hundreds of thousands of protesters pouring into the streets traveling thousands of miles to join the forecast. in football, colin kaepernick protesting during the national anthem again last night. the man behind him is nate boyer, former green beret. he will be with us this hour. the big story of the day the stock market, up triple digits despite a week job report or is
11:01 am
it because of the week jobs report? we will sort it out for you. here comes our 3. we will get to all of those stories in a minute but first donald trump meets the president of mexico and by all appearances a friendly cordial get together but now mexican president yet oh lashing out at donald trump's while plan saying again there is no way his country will pay for it. he even called trump a, quote, threat to his country at an event yesterday. come on income a trump's foreign policy advisor, thank you for being here. where is this coming from? what is your reaction? >> we have not an american president but american presidential candidate visiting a mexican president.
11:02 am
the kind of narrative is different here, the mexican president has domestic reasons to say no. i won't pay for this, he is not -- two committees, two taskforces working on the issue. this exchange of tweets is political on both sides of the border. what happens long range if elected is they need to fight this chaotic force on the water which is opening up order to all sorts of illegal migrants and illegal weapons going down. ashley: the optics of his meeting with donald trump are very good. he seemed very presidential, or the news conference seemed to go very well, despite what is going on on twitter i think he gave a lot of ground.
11:03 am
>> it was a strategic achievement. this is a presidential candidate. and the secretary of state for the past eight years should have been doing that. the american public not paying attention to mexico, the northern provinces are in a quiet my state of urban warfare with these cartels and gangs and i would say the president of mexico wanted to send a message of a future cooperation, he has an issue in mexico not just in the north. thousands of migrants coming from central america. he has things to deal with in the south. we need to pay attention to what is happening inside mexico. ashley: trump getting his second security briefing, what is different between this and the first one? >> i am not privy to the details but presidential candidates get
11:04 am
what they call the situation of security developments around the world and within the homeland, not the assessment of the administration, they will get what they need, they asked questions and hopefully get the answers today. ashley: he has the momentum, and in the hamptons and new york raising money but donald trump hitting the road. don't know where he gets his energy from but momentum. >> and substance he has been developing speech after speech, getting this with international observers, focusing on substance, how would the next president deal with it in detailed -- something to do with substance. ashley: thank you so much. now to the jobs report.
11:05 am
bad news is good news, at least for the markets despite a week report or was it week? listen to this, quote, today have strong jobs report is further proof democratic leadership in the white house is the right choice to keep the economy going. nina easton, fox news contributor of fortune magazine, look at anyway you look at this, where does the word strong come from? what are your thoughts? >> it was not a strong report. what it does as a political matter is taking interest rates like wait until after the election but underscores the weakness in the economy. it was a relative bright spot and a lot of bad news bringing economic growth, anytime these work out, there is this record
11:06 am
low labor participation rate, we have 7 million men of prime working age, 25 to 54 who dropped out of the workforce and can't find their way back in that not only holds down economic growth but alienation from the country that so many people are dealing with. ashley: we are creating jobs in the service industry, low-wage jobs, it will take a lot to turn this economy around. >> we have not seen it in the obama years, we suffered from it in the great recession but there hasn't been an effort by this administration to let business take off, the regulatory constraints have been tremendous, we should be lowering tax rates or bring back $2 trillion getting invested in this country, there are things
11:07 am
that can be done to boost the economy but the admin station has gone there. ashley: 21/$2 trillion of stimulus, record tax receipts and what we get is 151,000 jobs, 94 million people just not participating in the job market, gdp under 2%. >> it is an incredibly anemic recovery. from a recession like that, and we are in a new normal, and the rate looks good, that helps democrats in this election. growth rates are not good. ashley: there is nothing strong about today's jobs report. here is a big story, hermine now a tropical storm shown very clearly making landfall in
11:08 am
florida early this morning. janice dean, meteorologist emma thanks for joining us, problems up the east coast. >> this will be a big story in the long labor day weekend. this is the latest advisory as of 11:00, 50 mile-per-hour sustained windstorms, northeast at 18 mph, potential for heavy rain, reports over a foot in some cases two feet of rain in florida, tornado watch in effect for parts of georgia and the carolinas, isolated tornadoes, 6 to 8 inches for parts of the carolinas, flood advisories posted, the latest track as we go further out in time, saturday, sunday this thing will stall offshore becoming like a nor'easter type storm with winds of hurricane force just offshore. this could be with is not only
11:09 am
monday but tuesday, wednesday, interest along the east coast, this could be a huge story and a huge problem. ashley: let's look at this. the moment space x's rocket explodes creating a huge fireball, elon musk, having a terrible week. facebook's mark zuckerberg not happy about that explosion, it up one of his satellites. you can see tesla down slightly. colin kaepernick still not standing for the national anthem. nate boyer is next to talk about him. he was with him last night and will join us next. we are still celebrating varney number one in august, couldn't have done it without you. >> he is elevating so much he left on vacation.
11:10 am
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11:13 am
>> i think it is a misunderstanding. the media painted this as anti-american. anti-pluplu and women of the military. that is not the case at all. i realize men and women of the military go out and sacrifice their lives and put themselves in harm's away for my freedom of speech and my freedom in this
11:14 am
country and my freedom to take a seat or take any. i have the utmost respect for them, and what i did was taken out of context and on a different way. ashley: the nfl player protesting the national and. san francisco 49ers player colin kaepernick and eric reed, a teammate kneeling during the end the last night in san diego. jeremy lane had a seat on the bench in oakland at another game. thanks for being here. you spoke with colin kaepernick, you sat next to him, you met with him 90 minutes. what did you tell him and what was his reaction? >> he read the open letter that i wrote, he read that and he was inspired by some of it, he was moved a little bit and he had me driven down to san diego to meet
11:15 am
him last minute. we sat down and had a conversation, listened to each other, trying to get an idea where he is coming from and what he wants to accomplish so i can help him. a little advice and mentorship but also he respects me and he knows i respected his decision. that is a right we do fight for like it or not. ashley: do you understand the point he is making? is it appropriate to use this venue as a way to make that point? >> that is everybody's opinion. whether it is appropriate or not. i will stand for it, for the national anthem, even for something i don't agree with but i am coming from a different place than he is. i have to be sensitive to that. it showed some growth in him
11:16 am
taking a step forward by deciding to take a knee alongside his teammates instead of sitting back isolated. ashley: what is the difference? >> to me the difference is at least when you take a knee to pray for instance, it is a sign of respect. ashley: disrespect for the flag, sitting or kneeling to me means not standing up. >> it does mean you are not standing up, you are correct which i know what respect to the flag means. i am telling you where he is coming from is a different place, something unless you are walking in his shoes you won't be able to relate to that. i give him credit for listening and being willing to try something a little different. hopefully less veterans and police officers, i know people will be, i know that, i want him
11:17 am
to stand. i would love for him to stand next to me last night, that is what i wanted and what i told him but he was not ready to do that yet but he is open to listening. ashley: thank you for taking the time to join us, we appreciate it. back to the markets. smith and wesson down after doubling their profits. sandra: first-quarter crushed it and the company increasing its forecast for the rest of the year. you see green on the screen, some analysts publishing reports that they are concerned the market has hit saturation. this stock is up 33% year-to-date beating the s&p 500 around 10%, you referenced it, the more you talk about people increasing gun control or
11:18 am
limiting the kinds of guns that are purchased, more people were buying these gunmaker stocks because demand was higher, the more you talk about we may infringe on your rights, people bought guns. analysts are saying that is fine but markets may be, the opinion of a few people following the company closely on wall street saying consumer demand has met its match. ashley: 35% year-to-date, some people taking a long weekend. good stuff, thank you. look at that chart on a tear. venezuela, the word collapsing comes to mind. exclusive news footage from his mcdonald's. don't know how you got that. hundreds of thousands of protesters pouring into the streets. let's show you what is going on next. an update on tropical storm
11:19 am
hermine, tropical storm warning in effect all the way up to delaware and a tropical storm watch in effect in new jersey and new york city. we are going to head to the georgia coast for the latest later in this hour. i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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11:23 am
>> they are calling for a referendum, the constitution allows for a recall of nicholas madero. they are taking to the streets nationwide saying there is massive inflation. children are starving. they are throwing opposition
11:24 am
leaders in prison arresting protesters, teargas to stop protesters but they came, even tribal villagers from the amazon river region and orinoco delta marched over 1000 miles to the capital city of caracas to join in the protest, that is stunning footage. you will also see more information than you will get anywhere else. he is getting government thugs to harass protesters. and throwing rocks, a guy throwing a rock, this bus was trying to make it to the protests to march. this is what happens, this, entrepreneurs, small business
11:25 am
people working the black market because government has been so encroaching on their lives and they want change. ashley: the venezuelan leader refuses to step down. at what point does this disintegrate? ashley: the military is controlling the food. ashley: do they take control of the country? liz: that is the concern. this has been endemic in south american politics for some time. the way the government works, disappearing people, deep concern that people are being disappeared. opposition leaders -- ashley: this is a country that is rich in oil and yet here they are starving, a government that cannot afford to feed and care for its own people. liz: the biggest oil reserves in the world by some counts. we have yet to hear from bernie sanders. the people of venezuela have
11:26 am
told me socialism is not working here. it is a failure. they want change. they have been living under this for seven years. ashley: there is the example. take a look at the market scan, the big board, stocks make up the dow, lots of green, the market up 83 points. as for politics, donald trump is in a different place every day. sitting back, relaxing, attacking everything trump does. we will deal with it all next.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
>> when will we see hillary take questions from reporters at any event? >> you see hillary take questions from reporters every day. she talks to the press everywhere she goes. >> he doesn't do it that often. >> i don't see what the massive difference is between a press conference and talking to the press everywhere you go. ashley: vice president of candidate tim kane defending hillary clinton's hesitation when speaking to the press, seems to be her way of
11:31 am
operating, sit back and attack trump. leslie marshall is here. i know you will disagree but it does seem to be a strategy, some would argue it is a good strategy, don't make any mistakes, let donald trump do the running around and make the mistakes. what do you say? >> if you look at the numbers the numbers will improve for secretary clinton. this is a campaign and you have to have strategy, do what works for you. quite franklowds and press conf like that are not her strength. she answers questions in smaller venues, not just from journalists but from the public and is good on one on one interviews. that is not her strength which i would like to see her have more press conferences just to get more press but i have to wonder why is and hillary giving more press conferences? the press conference, you are announcing, i have something to
11:32 am
say, breaking news, i have new information was that is not the case with donald, same old same old, everybody runs anytime his microphone opens. ashley: he answers questions and gives details and really picked up momentum. the door has been open for him, he goes to mexico, very presidential talking to the mexican president, he is out there hustling, going from town to town, not making the mistakes he had earlier on. he is more on point and that is why it is tightening up in the polls and hillary is talking to paul mccartney and the hamptons. >> donald trump is hated as is the president of mexico with 23% approval rating but i don't think he was presidential because it was just logistically a catastrophe for the people of mexico to come in so quickly on short notice. when hillary clinton was
11:33 am
secretary of state she met with every single world leader and even though the invitation is there from mexico when you have 90 plus percentage of the hispanic vote you don't need to do that. she is not running in mexico. donald trump was there because he knows he needs the hispanic vote to win and doesn't have it. ashley: there is an immigration problem. why is it hillary clinton's disapproval readings are worse than donald trump's? >> everybody likes to say hillary gets all the good press and donald gets all the bad press and i don't agree with that. i think when we hear about hillary it is negative more so. sometimes she brings it on herself. donald brings it on himself. he is out there more than she is, he is getting more press. i am not surprised. also i know you will hate the for this but at the end of the day this is a race between a guy and a gal, you know what i am
11:34 am
saying? i think women have a harder time and are perceived differently when seeking higher positions. ashley: let you slide on that but i don't necessarily agree. hillary is getting a pass from 95% of the media. hillary clinton you alluded to dealing with another scandal newly released emails showing top clinton foundation executive asking hima aberdeen to get diplomatic passports with the drip drip drip of dodgy emails, shady clinton foundation operations, and i am wondering, it goes over there head. >> i don't think most voters care about the emails. this is not like okay, the clinton foundation took money
11:35 am
from usama bin laden and it was indirectly linked to 9/11 or something like that and lives were lost. people know that politicians have favors to people, wrote checks to their campaign, that is why we saw such supportive bernie sanders because people were sick of that type of quid pro quo. i don't think it is uncommon. reagan met with george bush's sun and helped him get a job. this is very common not just in washington but in every area of business and americans are aware of that. ashley: interesting that the dnc put out a note saying praising the jobs report, on either side of the aisle and economists agree this was disappointing showing the economy is struggling with your response?
11:36 am
>> the economists including our labor secretary who i interviewed do think they are encouraging. others fall short of expectations, we are in the right direction, not in or entering into a recession and that is improvement from years ago. ashley: 2% growth, participation rate, i will let you go. i am not a hater. leslie marshall, thank you so much, appreciate it. the other side of this equation, nonstop campaigning in place every day. wednesday he was in won a meeting with the president, then had his immigration speech in phoenix, arizona, thursday spoke at the american legion and went to another rally in ohio, he has a briefing in new york before going to pennsylvania. there he is, he must be exhausted. and rawlins, trump supporter, is
11:37 am
here. i think he is getting momentum. he is out there on message and hillary clinton is making a big mistake. >> can i correct one thing? i was the white house political director, george w. bush met with me about a job, never talk to ronald reagan about it and i explained because of nepotism he couldn't do that. i want to make sure when you state ronald reagan met with george w. bush and gave him a job that is not correct. ashley: we set the record straight. >> he is a high energy guy, he sleeps four five hours a night, he is 70 years old, i wish i had a 10th of his energy. he loved the audience, he is a different kind of candidate. for a guy who hasn't had a lot of experience as a candidate but as an entertainer he is rising to the occasion and getting momentum. her campaign is running what you call a textbook campaign of organization, raising money and doing all the things you are supposed to do. he is doing none of that but the
11:38 am
truth of the matter is he is gaining momentum by dominating the free media and he is doing it again, he goes out and does these events. he gave a speech to veterans, no one paid a bit of attention, other channels had his day in mexico. it is a different way of running a campaign and we will see if it works. ashley: he can run from state to state but has to appeal to the independents. >> he does. there is a little gap on the republicans but i would say this. with the momentum, she can't get away from the integrity issue and all the stuff that may be dismissed as emails, this reminds people what they didn't like about the clintons when they were in office before and what they didn't like about her. the disapproval rating gets higher and higher. ashley: i have asked you this before. we have the debate coming of
11:39 am
september 26th, debate don't determine elections. how important is it? >> they are very important. traditionally they don't determine elections. everything i know the 50 years i have been doing this is totally irrelevant. i am sitting here like anybody else as an observer. this will be the most watched debate in history and if he can stand on that stage and show as much knowledge as she has and not be disrespectful to her but be presidential he will gain immeasurably. this is a critical debate. of either of them stumbles there will be a second-place the rest of the way. ashley: allow the jobs report, this economy is in malaise. this should be a key point for donald trump. >> front and center. he has traditionally until the most recent poll gotten credit for being stronger on the economy. this administration has failed on so many fronts. the question reaganesque carter are you better off than you were
11:40 am
eight years ago? are we better off fighting isis or the economy or putting people back to work again, the government is in disarray and he wants four more years of that. ashley: the opportunity is there. thank you as always. a worldwide recall of the new samsung galaxy 7. the devices catch fire while charging, you are looking at one on the screen right now. donald trump visiting a black church in detroit and he will take a walk around the city's poor neighborhoods with doctor ben carson. we spoke about that earlier, take a listen. >> the history of the democratic party, the party of slavery and jim crow and segregation. they were the ones who opposed civil rights legislation and the voting rights act. the republicans were on the other side and the democrats said it all switched and the republicans -- what a bunch of -- passion but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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lori: i am lori rothman with a foxbusiness brief, disappointing august jobs report, september rate hike might be postponed, in pretty good shape to rise 1/2%. let's look at the dow winners
11:43 am
and losers, interesting, the faa is allowing a popular pastime with corporate events was walmart gains to present, 7000 accountings will be eliminated. on the downside nike and caterpillar were lower. news for retailers, shares of lulu lemon, disappointing revenue, being pushed out. let's get back to "varney and company".
11:44 am
11:45 am
ashley: let's stick with donald trump who was headeded to detroit to address african-americans. hester darrell scott. thank you for joining us. trump is hoping to court minority voters. how have democratic policies hurt or help african-americans in your opinion? >> first of all trump is not reaching out for african-americans for the first time. we are engaging him with dialogue concerning african-americans for well over a year. we met with several groups of us, this idea that he is reaching out to african americans for the first time does not exactly true. the last eight years have produced in america, african-american community, the last eight years of the
11:46 am
democratic administration, frustration, civil unrest, riots and a sense of frustration among the african-american community, dissatisfaction, with the policies of this democratic administration have failed the black community. we have a sense right now that we are owed something, the black community feels we have a right to be violent because we have been treated badly, the democratic platform or the democratic party produces a victim mentality among blacks which makes us feel we have a right to express our perceived victimhood through violence. ashley: the church he is going to tomorrow, quite a backlash about him making an appearance, given the failure of democratic policies over the last eight
11:47 am
years, why isn't there more openness to listening to another point of view? trump said what do you got to lose? vote for me? >> absolutely right. when we met with mister trump a year ago in new york there was tremendous backlash in the effort an american community about our sibley having a sit down, they didn't even know what we were talking about. it was fueled by the democratic party telling blacks we should not engage with donald trump. may put him between a rock and a hard place. when he makes his speeches to black america and predominately white audiences, there is enough about that and when he reachedes out to the black audience there is enough about that. they are going to criticize either way. especially in detroit, detroit needs a lot of help. can think of a better city for him to go to that has a crime problem and an economic problem
11:48 am
and revitalization problem then detroit and donald trump. ashley: is there a way he can convince those in the african-american community that he does have their best future in his hands, that he will follow through with what he believes needs to be done or is that block mentality, we will never vote for a republican especially not a billionaire republican running for president? >> i believe party lines have become blurred. i myself vote the person, not the party. i voted for george bush, i voted for barack obama, i will vote for donald trump. those in attendance listen with an open here. the bible speaks of having any or 2 here. there is a difference between having ears and having an ear to hear. the message should resonate within their spirit. if i give this guy a chance and
11:49 am
listen to what he has to say and don't go in with preconceived notions that no matter what he says i won't vote for him, that is the mindset forced on the black community. no longer -- ashley: hate to cut you off appreciate it. let's take a quick look at the national average, gas down overnight at 221, heading into the last long weekend of the summer. millions of americans hitting the road, jeff flock, we go to you now. how do gas prices compared this year? >> time for gas. got the mobile station here right now. over the national average that is the national average, chicago 55. my convertible takes super so
11:50 am
that is 355. remember when gasoline cost $0.05 more or $.10 more? that is kind of crazy. put up the numbers, labor day over the course of the past several years the high watermark was 24, $3.83 was what it averaged back then. now gas buddy is predicting $2.19 this labor day. our buddy at gas buddy says americans this year will have saved summer drivers will have saved $19 billion because of lower gas prices this summer compared to last. i don't know where that money went but according to him that is what we saved. ashley: jeff flock cruising the suburbs of chicago in his luxury
11:51 am
convertible, high end gasoline. lifestyles of the rich and famous, thank you so much as always, beautiful weather. not too many people either. look at market scan and the big board. on the left, lots of green shows you where the market is, we are up 115 points coming down a little bit but on the upside, we are drop -- tracking tropical storm hermine, it had one person killing one person and will barrel its way up the east coast. live team coverage next. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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ashley: & one downgraded to a tropical storm that brought 22 inches of rain in parts of florida, almost two feet. in saint simons island, georgia, how is it now? >> just our luck, a good band moved in with high wind, some of these gusts, 40 miles an hour, national hurricane center says the current top speed of tropical storm hermine as it
11:56 am
marches north through georgia and the carolinas is 50 miles an hour and that is expected to decrease gradually over the day and tomorrow through the weekend. the rains will come, still forecast all over the region 5 to 10 inches, you have to be aware of flash flooding on saint simons island last night as the wind and rain of a category one hurricane was slamming the florida panhandle, people here reporting the wind was insane, driving through town there is tree debris all over the place. in florida around the big bend area in cedar key just east of where the landfall happens one man spray-painted on a window bring it on hermine, that times delivered, a lot of flooding in the streets, busted indoors and broken windows all over the
11:57 am
place. throughout the panhandle the situation today not so happy, quite miserable, 300,000 people are estimated to have no electricity in northern florida because hundreds upon hundreds of trees toppled in those 80 mile an hour winds taking on power lines and blocking roads, as we learned this morning killing one homeless man who was sleeping outside in a tent. ashley: is this still described as a life-threatening storm? >> reporter: it absolutely is. the more it goes north the less life-threatening it is but there is a risk of torn attic activity all up the eastern seaboard all weekend. ashley: thanks, more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> all right. as we get ready to pass the baton on, let's take a look at the big board for you, the dow up 83 points,
12:00 pm
very lackluster jobs report, no, the fed isn't going to raise interest rates, maybe later this month september. the market up 84 points or thereabouts. my time is up but guess what? connell mcshane, take it away. connell: the baton. thank you very much indeed. you and i are the four by 100 relay. have a good weekend. we do have a lot going on on the friday. as ashley said the wild weather is part of it the politics and the damage is done by hurricane hermine, the first hurricane that hit the state of florida in 11 years. power outages, high winds, plenty of flooding. it is now moving north as your map shows you there. a tropical storm as we speak. we thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm connell mcshane who is in for neil who is coming back on tuesday. now, parts of florida still getting hit right now, but not done certainly by any means with the east coast in


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