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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 12, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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neil: all right, well, so far the federal reserve sending clues or at least a key member that maybe rates don't go up immediately. they seem to like it for the time being. trish regan to take us there, and i'd be remiss if i did not thank you for everything in my absence. trish: neil, listen, we are so happy you're back, and you look fantastic, by the way. neil: oh, i wish that was true. [laughter] trish: it's amazing what hair and makeup can do. neil: god knows you had a lot of work to do, thank you again. trish: they were some pretty big shoes to fill. neil: they are that, physically big shoes. [laughter] trish: breaking right now, donald trump just finished speaking in baltimore where he blasted hillary clinton for calling his supporters racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, you name it as she tends to her health. i am trish regan, welcome, everyone, to "the intelligent report." it is goodto be back, and we've
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got a lot going be on. take a listen to this. >> i was deeply shocked and and alarmed friday to hear my opponent attack, slander, smear, demean these wonderful, amazing people who are supporting our campaign. by the millions. our support comes from every part of america and every walk of life. trish: we're in washington with the very latest, blake burman, that was quite a speech. >> reporter: yeah, it was. hillary clinton spoke with hatred and derision. that is the way donald trump characterized clinton's basket of deplorables comment which she made at a fundraiser friday night to describe half of trump's supporters. for the better portion of his 20-minute speech to the national guard conference in baltimore earlier this afternoon, trump
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focused on that one comment saying clinton viciously demonized millions who simply want a better future. trump said clinton's description was a presidential disqualifier, and he contended that she must retract it in full if she wants to maintain the credibility of the american electorate. here was trump. >> hillary clinton spoke with hatred and derision for the people who make this country run. you cannot run for president the if you have such contempt in your heart for the american voter. >> reporter: trish, clinton spokesperson brian fallon responded on cnn a while ago saying it was a mistake for clinton to quantify her initial assessment, but fallon also said they will continue to point out what they view as hateful rhetoric being promoted by donald trump. trish? trish: blake, thank you so much. we have more on this coming up. our political panel is standing by. but i quickly want to check on
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these markets because the dow has been volatile as of late. today traders bidding it higher, up 187 right now amid some speculation that, in fact, the fed is not going to move quite as soon as everyone thought. federal reserve board member braynard saying the fed must move cautiously before hiking interest rates. [laughter] kind of as we've told you all along. ashley webster has the details. everybody was all worked up on friday, and somehow reality kicked in. >> isn't it ridiculous? oh, maybe we should raise rates sooner rather than later, we lose 400 point offense friday, all hands on deck, everyone panics. here we are, we have another fed president today says, you know what? we should be a little more prudent, and that's what you get. we've almost clawed back 50% of what we lost on friday on the dow, the s&p up over 1%, the nasdaq also up one and a third percent.
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what these bond markets probably need is for no fedheads as they call them to be talking until they actually make their decision in september which, by the way, who knows what they're going to do. the people here on the floor of the new york stock exchange absolutely sick about talking about the fed. they lost faith in it a long time ago. they said they should have raised rates years ago as, trish, you and i talk about this on a regular basis. they say they should have raised rates not once, but many times years ago, so they just shake their heads. trish: i love those, you point out that people are kind of sick of hearing these fedheads talk. >> they are. trish: i mean, if you go back to the days before greenspan, you actually had to see what was going on in the markets and actually do a whole lot more investigating to figure out what the heck the fed even did -- [laughter] and now here we are today where it seems as though every other day another one of these academics is out there talking. >> and the question is, what relevance does it have to the markets?
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we had a lot of analysts on "varney & company" said it has nothing to do with the fed. the s&p could probably lose 8-10%, and we'd with back down to the -- we'd be back down to the fundamentals. it's not a reflection of the real world and that's because of the fed. if they could just get out of the way, then we would actually have what we would call a real environment. trish: you said it, ashley. they have inadd accelerate edgily -- inadvertently contributed. anyway, ashley, thank you so much. i'm going to check in with you later. donald trump speaking just a short time ago, you heard him there in baltimore, blasting hillary clinton for being a political insider. listen to this. >> hillary clinton is an insider supported by powerful insiders attacking americans who have absolutely no political power. trish: is donald trump right?
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is mrs. clinton attacking powerless americans? joining me right now, conservative radio host david webb. also with me progressive radio host chris hahn. chris, i'll start with you. do you think she went just a little bit too far with this one, the whole deplorable comment? >> i think it was a huge mistake, trish. you never, ever speak ill of your opponent's supporters. people have their reasons for supporting whoever they support. you might not agree with those reasons, you might not agree with what they see in you, but you never attack those people you never, ever do that in politics. it makes no sense politically. i am very glad she took it back. i think that shows a lot of leadership on her part, but she should never have made that statement in the paris place. trish: -- in the first place. trish: did she really take it back, david? >> the answer is, no. she said on channel 2 news in israel, she said it again in new york city then in her apology, she uses the word "deplorable" three times, but she never says
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i apologize. she throws in a laundry list of things against donald trump, the alt-right, the different statements. then she says, oh, by the way, it's deplorable what he does. she never took it back. trish: what was her campaign thinking? obviously, as he pointed out, this was something that was thought out in that she used it several times. so this was one of the talking points. >> this was a scripted talking point, this was a designed attack because it's part of the paint your opponents and all their supporters as someone to run away from. i thought when you were elected, you became president of the entire country -- trish: sure. and you want, by the way, all the supporters you can get. >> you want the people sitting on the fence. but if you call them deplorables if they don't support you, what are the people on the spence -- what do the people on the fence think about you? trish: chris, i thought she had a smarter campaign. >> she ceded the moral high ground to donald trump who
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hasn't had it for one day, that's the mistake here. look, i don't think my fellow bald american, david webb, is a deplorable human being. i don't agree with a lot of the things he says, but i don't find him deplorable. that's the kind of thing that we've got to -- we've got to move away from name calling. she gave the moral high ground back to him. i expect them to seize it back very shortly. trish: all right. let's talk about what happened to mitt romney back when he went after some other folks on, you know, he basically said that there's 47% of americans out there that, you know, don't really have any skin in the game. and this cost him. let's take a walking down memory lane. here's mitt romney. >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what, all right? there are 47% who are with him, who believe that they're victims, who believe that the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they're entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. it's an entitlement, the
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government should give it to them. and they will vote for this president no matter what. trish: david, it was very hard for him to recover from that. that was really a turning point in his campaign. do you think this is a similar turning point in hillary clinton's campaign? >> it really isn't for the liberals because they've lined up, those that like hillary like hillary, those that like trump like trump. we'll see the polls on thursday, that'll be the real testing post-deplorable comment. difference, however, what mitt romney spoke about, the 47% who don't pay federal taxes or are on entitlements, the fact is that was actual fact. what hillary clinton did was an ad hominem attack against millions of americans. the difference in the two and the fact that she said it in israel, in new york city, the fact that tim kaine said she shouldn't apologize for it, and the fact that her apology wasn't an apology is a difference, because mitt romney actually tried to apologize for what he said. trish: go ahead, chris.
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>> there are a lot of inaccuracies in what david just said -- >> point one out. >> -- especially what that 47% was -- trish: the point is that half the population doesn't pay any federal income tax -- >> yeah. half the population is either retired or a child too, so -- >> actually, chris, you didn't point one out. i said you don't pay federal taxes and are on entitlements, and those numbers are put out there. >> right. trish: and i don't want to go spend too much time on mitt romney because he, after all, is not running this time around. [laughter] the other biggie out there right now, guys, is her health, something that donald trump is staying away from. we do know she was diagnose with the pneumonia on friday, yet she attended the 9/11 ceremony anyway. and then, of course, this happened. you can a bystander who was there with a cell phone and uploaded this to twitter. you can see hillary clinton, she really starts to struggle. she's stumbling backwards. her aides come in, they help her. she seems to lose her footing here.
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and be now all of a sudden this story that, you know, we led with saying shouldn't be a story is in the headlines, david, with even "the washington post" admitting that now her health is a real part of this presidential cycle. >> look, health of any candidate is a part of the cycle, and i don't wish anyone ill. but let me say this: the way they rolled this out after this happened, she had pneumonia diagnosed on friday, and i understand wanting to go to 9/1t optics for a candidate. but then they first said she was overheated when-74 degrees -- it was 74 degrees what comes out of this is her ability to go into the next couple of weeks leading into the issue. trish: you touched on something important, the campaign said she was dehydrated, overheated, but, in fact, she had been diagnosed with i pneumonia. and this goes back to, chris, again trustworthiness. and here she is lying yet again,
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it seems, in this case about her health. trying to pretend that everything was okay. >> the campaign mishandled it. i'm really happy that conservatives in america are now acknowledging that hillary clinton is, in fact, a human being. that when she is cut, she bleeds blood and that sometimes she gets sick like everybody else in the united states of america. the campaign should have been honest and trustworthy about it, they weren't. they were trying to protect her privacy -- trish: but is that the campaign or is that her? hang on, chris, you keep blaming the campaign. she is running the campaign, is she not? i mean, if that were you wouldn't you say to everybody, look, i got pneumonia, i'm going to have to sit this one out and be honest? >> yeah. i think they should have been more honest and trust trustworty about sit and straightforward with the american people about why she was feeling -- trish: my only point you're saying "they" -- >> she's in charge of her campaign. is she going to be president or president by committee? >> if we're going to talk about health, and i know donald trump said this morning he's going to
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release his health records, i want somebody other than dr. nick from the simpsons to -- trish: well, dr. oz is going to be looking at those results, by the way. [laughter] >> i find it interesting that every time chris wants to have a factual discussion, he finds an ad hominem attack -- >> oh, that's good punditry! trish: save up all the facts you can. thank you. between the deplorable commentary and the health episode where she appeared to collapse, how much is this going to cost her in the polls? what can she do, if anything, to reverse it? ed rollins is here, and he's got some advice next. we're also continuing to watch these markets which are up nearly 200 points right now, 18,279. see you back here many two. , what powers the digital world? communication.
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trish: hey, check out this rally. we are up now more than 200 points. you can see when the fed indicates it's going to keep the money flowing, it's game on on wall street. investors certainly like the sound of this. it sounds as though the fed, judging by the comments we heard from one of the fed governors earlier today, just moments ago, it sounds as though the fed is not going to move in september, and so that puts a rate hike more likely to happen sometime next year. anyway, hillary clinton's campaign right now under fire for failing to disclose that she'd been diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. she only admitted the diagnosis after the health scare on sunday which, of course, came just two days after she ripped trump supporters, going on to say that they're racist, sexist, homophobic, you name it. and as you can see by this video taken by a bistander and be uploaded to twitter, she was really struggling. she's trying to get into that van, really stumble.
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she seems to lose her footing. this was all, of course, as we said caught on tape. how much is this going to affect her? and what does she need to do, what can she do to get her campaign back on track? ed rollins, the manager of ronald reagan's 1984 campaign -- >> thank you. trish: why have things turned so quickly against her? >> she ahas spent the last 6-8 weeks running around the rich enclaves for the summer, the hampton, martha's vineyard and new york and raising money -- trish: nice lace. >> at the end of the day, you don't -- [inaudible] he's been out aggressively greeting crowds -- trish: and a lot of the headlines he was originally generating for negative. >> because he was saying stupid thing, and now i think he's on a disciplined course, and he's talking about policy and substance and staying pretty much on message. her problem, and i certainly hope she's well, i've had a lot of the same things she's had. i've had a stroke, concussions
2:19 pm
from football, i've had pneumonia. and i think to a certain extent i hope she's well, but i promise you, if she had pneumonia on friday, she couldn't have done all the things you did over the weekend. when you have pneumonia as an older person which i am and she certainly is, you need bedrest. trish: so you don't think it was pneumonia? >> i think there's other thing, and i think the problem is she has this reputation -- and i'm not a doctor, but as i said, i've had similar-type conditions to her, so i see some of the signs. i think she has to somehow get a clean will of health, and the only way she's going to do that if is to go basically have several doctors examine her, particularly a neurosurgeon, and obviously if she's got pneumonia, she can't do it this week, and basically get a clean bill of health. trish: we obviously don't know what her health status is, and we should emphasize that. but it sounds like what you're saying is the public deserves to know. >> the public does deserve to
2:20 pm
know, and the problem that she faces is a perception problem as much as anything else. people don't think she's honest, and they don't think the clinton family's -- trish: so this contributes to it. >> the first story that comes out after stumbling very badly, you know, i assume they didn't think anyone was going to get it on camera. but she stumbled very badly and almost went down and, obviously, would have if she didn't have the secret service guys holding her up. that's an occurrence. trish: you think about jfk, fdr, he had health issues. why is it in today's environment that the public -- >> because in jfk's day there wasn't cable television. and fdr, there was no television. it was radio, and it was all about favorable journalists, and they loved jfk and also fdr. she's in the midst of a campaign. the presidency today a much more significant job in the sense of the pressure and just the size of the staffs now are enormous
2:21 pm
compared to what it used to be. my sense today is it's a very hard -- i've been in the white house for many years. it's a tedious, tough task. trish: also -- i'm getting the signal that i've got to wrap you up, but i'm curious to get your thoughts. i mean, how important is it that a president projects this image of strength and of health? in other words, once you're on the international stage, if something like that happens, if she were to pass out or lose her footing, is that significant from sort of an international perspective? >> i think it's significant. more important, is her health good enough that she can do the job, that's the question that people have at point in time. and the only way you're going to shut that down is basically have an examination as mccain and dole and others did who were older men, get some neurosurgeons to come forth. she's healthy, she can move forward. she's got this pneumonia and it's now cured or not cured -- trish: put all the i rumors to rest. >> any stumble over the course of this campaign will be paying the price.
2:22 pm
trish: quite literally. ed rollins, thank you so much. after months of dismissing questions or concern about hillary clinton's health as a right-wing conspiracy theory, the liberal media now decides it's a legitimatish shy after mrs. clinton stumbles there, loses a shoe, takes time off. but remember how the liberal media treated john mccain? why the double standard? should hillary's health be fair game as ed rollins says? meghan mccain, the daughter of john mccain, she joins us next. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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trish: hillary clinton stumbles, you saw there yesterday, is seeming to now validate these questions that have been swirling about her health, something the mainstream media dismissed as a mere right-wing conspiracy. take a look at this one out of "the washington post" just last week. its selection, the fix, asked
2:26 pm
can we just stop talking about hillary clinton's health now? and yet now the headline out of "the washington post" is hillary clinton's health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign. how quickly the media has forgotten, you know, how they treated senator john mccain just eight years ago. liberals were very quick to scrutinize his health, saying he was too old and too sick to be president. all while giving hillary clinton a pass for the last several months? here to weigh in, fox news contributor and senator john mccain's daughter meghan mccain. and real politics' associate editor and columnist a.b. stoddard. meghan, i want to start with some of these headlines about your dad. >> sure. trish: here we go. the l.a. times wrote: mccain questions of fitness to serve physically. age and health issues could be campaign liabilities for the gop. and "the chicago tribune" went on to write: age part of the health equation, the best news for mccain may be that he has
2:27 pm
already lived past 70. he was 71, at the time, and hillary clinton will be 69 by election day. trump is 70. why do you think they were so willing to ignore hillary clinton's health concerns but pile on with your dad? >> because my father's republican, and she's a democrat, and i think it is that simple. the media -- for those of you who may have forgotten, they were obsessed with his health. trish: yeah, i remember. >> he was going to tip over and die immediately on the campaign trail, and now we have a candidate who -- i'm not a doctor, we all saw the video of what happened looking, to put it mildly, concerning, and people are trying to just dismiss it. i was saying yesterday, i feel like i'm being gas lit by the media which is a term having to do with people trying to tell you you're seeing something that's the truth and saying, no, you're not seeing that. chris cillizza of "the washington post," he has been one of the biggest advocates saying we've got to, we can't talk about hillary clinton's
2:28 pm
health, it's ridiculous, let's not delve into conspiracy theories, and a mere five days later he's saying -- five days later it's now okay -- trish: it's also been portrayed as somewhat my i don't imagine nistic to go after hillary clinton and her health issues where, obviously, that wasn't an issue. john mccain was fair game. do you think, as meghan points out, it's as simple as a bias in the media. >> >> well, i don't know. john mccain actually did the right thing and gave, i think -- i believe more than a thousand pages about his medical history. he had suffered cancer -- >> skin cancer. >> -- that were revealed completely and early by revealing his medical records. and neither donald trump nor hillary clinton should do it, and you know what? it really doesn't matter if you're over 65. anyone running for president could have had cancer as a young person and be a cancer survivor, anyone could have a pacemaker and a fragile heart at any age.
2:29 pm
it is the truth that the american people deserve to know what is your fitness and what kind of medical problems -- trish treasure you know, you think about, you've got a point here, a.b., if you apply for life insurance, right, and effectively it's a certain kind of insurance policy that the american prick is taking out -- public is taking out on you. they want to know you're going to be there for four years. so just like a life insurance company would give you the full-on medical exam, should the american public get the same right, a.b.? >> i really think that this job is important enough that we should know. once you're in office, you have to reveal, so why would you not have to reveal it before you're in office? every year tha examined by his physician, they release a report about i think medical history, not just what your numbers were on your cholesterol test a week ago. i think it's really important. i think that people were afraid to make a connection between hillary clinton's concussion and blood clot event from 2012 which
2:30 pm
is very serious. any brain event is very serious matter. but they were -- i don't think they wanted to make a connection that that had any kind of, you know, relationship to a coughing fit. i have coughing fits all the time. just so you know, i coughed on folk and friends last weekend. [laughter] you know, she developed pneumonia. if we find out that the coughing fit -- that the fall wasn't related to pneumonia and she's actually truly lying, that's another issue. trish: right -- >> it really could be a true story that she had pneumonia, and she soldiered through the weekend which that, itself, is not practical and not wise. but we don't know. trish: we should, right? >> we don't know. i agree with a.b., i just think both candidates need to release their medical records and tax returns. part of the problem with hillary clinton right now is she's so -- it's all crowded in secrecy, and there's no -- shrouded in secrecy and no transparency, so it's easy for conspiracy theories to spiral out of control.
2:31 pm
now they're saying she has pneumonia, so everyone was saying why is she coughing like this all the time, there was validity to it. trish: very interesting. so good to see both how yo guys -- you guys. i've got to go back to these markets becauser up now 216 points. ashley webster's on the floor of the new york stock exchange with all the details on this one. fed-related, ash hi. >> yeah, what a difference a weekend makes. friday was throwing out everything but the kitchen sink, down 400 points on the fear that the fed be, indeed, was looking at a quarter of a percent rate hike, maybe later this month. now have a weekend, you take, you calm downing you relax, you come back here and we have another fed president saying today let's be prudent. all of a sudden maybe we won't have a rate hike. maybe later this month. all of a sudden money pouring back in. the risk is back on, as they like to say down here. the dow up 200 points. all the major indices up more than 1%. interestingly on that news, on
2:32 pm
those fed comments, we saw the power of the dollar drop which saw it drop against all the major currencies. that in turn turned oil up. as it becomes cheaper to buy oil in those dollars because it's, you can buy more with euros and everything else. also seeing gold go down, the risk up on you. pretty much a universal response, trish, to continued fed easing. that's the only way i can put it. but we still have another 15% to gain back what we lost friday. trish: ashley, thank you so much. we'll be right back. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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trish: okay. moments ago you had oil closing at $46.29 a barrel, up less than 1% in today's trading. price futures group analyst phil flynn joins me with more. some of the dollar-related, fed-related and, of course, market-related. hey, phil. >> it is. and even opec said that in their monthly statement today, that what the fed does and what central bankers around the globe matter for the price of oil. and that really hit home today when we saw those reports from treasury secretary braynard today, and we saw that movement in the oil as it rallied strong today. we were down 2% on the oil market earlier today i. turned around. -- it turned around. gold prices have come back to being down only $2.7 an ounce. we might have seen a bigger
2:37 pm
comeback on the weak dollar if it weren't for the fact about the opec report that came out today. opec did see their production fall from a record high last month, but at the same time they lowered their demand expectations for their oil going forward. so i think they're trying to lay the case for a production freeze later in the month, making it more enticing more people to join in. back to you. trish: back to politics, new poll numbers to show you. here we go. hillary clinton is ahead of donald trump by five points, 46-41 among likely voters in a brand new abc/washington post poll, but take a look at these four important states -- arizona, georgia, nevada and new hampshire. clinton and trump are now deadlocked. i mean, i think about new hampshire, for example, where he was just leading by quite -- rather, she was leading by quite a margin quite recently, and now there's just a one-point spread. what does it all mean? will hillary's health concerns be an issue in this race?
2:38 pm
will her deplorable comments be a big everybody issue? david webb and chris hahn with me. david, i'm from new hampshire, i think it's interesting, you know, i was just there. >> right. trish: no trump signs anywhere. no trump signs anywhere. and yet it looks like they're neck and neck, and it seems as though he's made up a lot of ground. i mean, does this go back to the whole theory that people are afraid to say it? >> well, they're voting for trump, and some people may not want to say it, but i know new hampshire. i'm not from there, but i've spent a lot of time up there, have a few friends that run some of the counties up there, and there's an effective grand game going on. you go to some of the counties, you go around manchester, you've got an effective ground game -- trish: and in all fairness, i was visiting this week which tends to lean more blue. >> right. but when you go into the center of the state, you're going to see a more measured approach to politics. the retail politics works more for trump in this. trish: okay.
2:39 pm
>> hillary came in and kind of flew in. bernie tried to help her there, but they'valso got a very unpopular governor in maggie mae hassan running against kelly ayotte. trish: kelly ayotte was thought to be in trouble, but now maggie hassan is trying to play catch-up. and it seems as though the democrats are struggling in a way that people did not anticipate. not just in new hampshire, but in the other three states here as well. what's going on? >> well, look, i've always said that this is going to be a close election. these elections always are, especially in swing states. i think david's remark ability them having a great ground game is laughable. they don't have a data-mining operation, how could they have a ground game? i think the fact that kelly ayotte and maggie hassan are having such a big battle in new hampshire, that's going to lead to the closeness because those two candidates are very good, and they're going to fight to the end -- trish: okay. we've got a couple big issues, we've got her health which is a concern.
2:40 pm
you heard ed rollins saying earlier, look, she needs to come forward and just tell the american public what's really going on. that's the only way she's going to be really clear. he also said i've had some of the same things she's had, a stroke, concussions -- i want to clarify here that we do not know if hillary clinton has had a stroke. we don't know the status of her health, and ed is saying we need to. you heard a.b. stoddard say exactly that and meghan mccain saying, look, my dad came forward with a thousand pages. here you go, have at it. >> i agree with ed. i think that she's now going to have to come forward, the full medical analysis. i also think that donald trump's to going to have to do the same and release his tax returns. i think the american people have a right to know that that he's being truthful about his net worth and where he makes his money, and i think the american people have a right to know about her health, especially given what's been going on in the last couple weeks. trish: that's my other question -- [inaudible] you know, david, will people
2:41 pm
trust them? you know, the pneumonia issue, she had it on friday even though the campaign said on sunday, oh, she was just dehydrated. will people -- i mean, that's one of her biggest struggles right now. >> here's what's important about the trust issue, it's two different trust issues. with hillary clinton you've got a 30-year track record, secretary of state, a failed senator in new york, really nothing to her credit -- >> failed? that is a lie. >> -- the 200,000 jobs she promised, we had a net loss of 200,000. people see that as a different kind of failure. trump has no political background be, so they resonate differently with their base and with the independents. and where it matters similar to new hampshire, arizona where you have a john mccain race versus kelly ward. it was tighter than it usually is, but his votes tend to translate for the presidential. so new hampshire and california and arizona, rather, are going to be very close -- trish: very interesting. and look, you know, just to add
2:42 pm
to all of this, the deplorable comments do not help because americans, regardless of what side of the aisle, they want to be liked by the president. >> not only that, but it's rare that a candidate actually sets up a strategic attack against millions of americans and it's successful. trish: all right, aye got to -- david, chris, thank you, guys. markets up nearly 250. i'll see you right back here on the other side. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job.
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2:44 pm
these markets. a big rally on this monday. up 250 points, why? no one believes the fed is going to move anytime soon. one of the fed governors said pretty much that, and it's translating up to 253. hp announcing it is buying samsung's printer business for $1 billion. hd -- hp wants to bring new -- >> and a terrible story, a 6-year-old brooklyn boy is the latest so to suffer burns from samsung's note 7 cell phones. samsung has been warning users of overheating and exploding batteries in the phone, and they're urging owners to return them immediately. "the intelligence report" will be right back with more analysis on these markets. are we really not going to see a rate hike? ♪ ♪
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2:46 pm
trish: okay. just moments ago fed governor braynard delivering a speech in chicago warning economists that the labor market may not be strong enough to sustain any interest rate hikes. at least not soon. peter barnes is standing by the at the white house with more. peter, everybody was so worried on friday that the fed was somehow going to move. you know, i don't know of any of us who have been covering the fed for this long really believe they were going to move in november, but there was a
2:47 pm
legitimate contingency of people concerned about it on friday. now a sudden change with the market up 250. did they have to set the record straight? >> well, lael brainard was out there saying that the fed should be prudent about hiking interest rates, so that's what got equity investors at least so excited today. here's what she said specifically: this asymmetry in risk management in today's new normal counsels prudence in the removal of policy accommodations. she went on to say she thinks the economy has been making gradual progress, but she also said that it's still running below -- not running close to its inflation target of 2% and that there's still slack in the labor markets. here's what she said. >> in the presence of uncertainty and the absence of accelerating inflationary pressures, it would be unwise for policy to foreclose on the possibility of making further gains in the labor market. >> reporter: she also said,
2:48 pm
trish, that she continues to be worried about overseas developments, particularly, for example, the follow-up to brexit and how that may all unfold. and then in another hint that she wants to wait, she closed by saying, quote: i look forward to assessing the evolution of the data in the months ahead before signs of further progress toward our goals, bearing in mind these considerations. so it looks like it's less likely there'll be a hike at the september meeting next week, there's another meeting just before the election in early november. unlikely the fed will move then, but then there's that december meeting, and the futures markets are now pricing in a move more likely -- trish: after the election. >> reporter: yeah. trish: well, i'll believe it when i see it. >> reporter: you've been right so far. trish: thank you. we'll see if i continue to be. i'll tell you, this rally's going to live on. we're going to be back with a look at all of it and how you should be positioning yourself ahead of no rate hike.
2:49 pm
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trish: okay. we've got a big rally, up 232 right now after a top fed official urged prudence on raising interest rates ahead of next week's meeting. joining me right now, michael block, recon capital partner cio kevin kelly and senior strategist steve cortez. good to see all you guys. you know, look, we've said it over and over and over again. i was just kidding our reporter there, peter barnes about it. anybody who's covered the fed knows that they like to talk a good game, but they rarely seem to follow through with an actual rate hike. and there's a lot, kevin kelly, on the table right now that is likely giving them pause. so does this mean game on for the markets? >> this does mean risk on for
2:53 pm
the markets, and you see all the market action has been dictated that the is dictating the move. everything on friday went down all at once, and so right now you're seeing the fed kind of walk their way into a december hike. they've taken september off the table, and they're not going to a raise when volatility's high. all of their monetary stimulus has made for a wealth effect and increased the stock market. so they're not going to do anything that's going to affect the market -- trish: yeah. we've live inside an environment basically for the last eight year where the fed has been the only game in town, and the wealthy have just continued to get wealthier. i mean, income inequality, you could say, steve cortez, it was in part generated from none other than the federal reserve. >> i think you're exactly right, and i think the majority of it is, in fact, a result of government policy both too much regulation on the fiscal side and then on the monetary side, this terrible policy that really punishes savers, punishes people
2:54 pm
who were responsible during the crisis, and who does it reward? you're exactly right, the owners of assets. if you own a lot of assets, particularly property and stocks, you've done great. if you're a regular worker, you haven't seen an increase in this new century yet, since the year 2000. and fed policy is not helping you at all, in fact, it's probably hurting. trish: the fed really, really wants to help, and you heard braynard saying this would not be prudent to move right now. they are tinkers as much as they can, but is that going to result in more problems? >> well, down the road it's going to be a problem. what happens to savers? what happens to businesses' confidence that they can earn a proper rate of return on investments? what happened today was -- let's go back to friday. friday you had the head of the boston fed come out and sound rather hawkish -- trish: which was surprising for him because he's very dovish. danny -- >> yes. trish: i know how dovish danny
2:55 pm
is, so surprising. >> so then you had ms. braynard coming up today, and she's known as dovish. but suddenly this almost near hysteria ensued where she's going to turn hawkish, run for your lives. laugh la what happened? -- [laughter] what happened? the risk management line that peter barnes pointed out, it means first do no harm. trish: i want to share a comment jamie dimon made a short time ago. here's his thoughts, jamie dimon, on what to do about interest rates. watch. >> 25 basis points is a drop in the background. you know, we don't -- we say, oh, 25 basis points go really slow, don't worry about it. let's just raise rates. so -- and i think you don't want to be behind the 8-ball on this one. the fed has to maintain credibility, and i think it's time to raise rates. trish: maybe he's talking his own book, maybe he wants to make a little interest on the money he's lending out, but does he have a point here?
2:56 pm
>> he's absolutely right. the fed has talked at least one hike, and they have to do it to save their credibility, as he mentioned. it won't move the markets. what will move the markets is guidance going forward, and that's what disrupted the markets last december. they came out, they raised once, and then they said they were going to do four hike, and that's what sent everything into a tizzy. you had vix at the, -- visit at 12. trish: maybe folks can just enjoy the ride. >> clarity helps. we'll see about that. trish: good to see you, michael, kevin and steve. we'll be right back with more "intel" after this. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina?
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i would like to know what you thought about it. tell me what you think. i'm glad to be back. the market is up. liz: we have bulls and bears. also some creatures at war. one of the nation's most powerful bankers contradicts it. they think prudence is needed. wall street takes raynor's side at this hour. it spikes 236 points. weirdly having fallen nearly 400 points at the exact time on friday. we are about to ju


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