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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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liz: don't forget to tune in tonight for the first presidential debate. next up making money with charles payne. >> this is arguably the most highly anticipated debate in history and it's just hours away. he is at ground zero. fill us in. this debate for so long. in the last few hours i can feel like even more than that. as a candidates themselves are set to arrive. what was seen from the campaign all day long both sides his expectations game being set even in the final
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day in the final hours before the debate. before gets going. you probably saw earlier today. they showed the race was basically dead even. forty-seven-46. with the pull also showed. it's a narrative that we've all been talking about leading them. hillary clinton is expected to win this debate. they said they expect them to be the winner. whatever that means. the expectations are set. or does she. some would say that's actually a benefit to donald trump because they lower the bar and allow them to jump over a lower bar which is actually been a big a story like going in. they been not immune to at all. with the following this afternoon. the polls showing their surgery.
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they slip past her camp. and lowering expectations going in to this round of debate. that's where we are now. everybody has been looking forward to it. in terms of debates. it's just under 81 million. behind me these two will be tonight at an arena that normally sees them centerstage. we know hillary clinton came here to long island earlier today from her home. moving east. to companion what it was debate preparations. just before you took eric he is here getting set. and so are we. as you can see donald trump just moments away arriving you can't up.
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a pay per view. probably can watch the sink and what should we expect. what do they need to do to not only satisfy their own bases but their skeptics and they seem to be a lot of them out there. and the media reporter. we have to start with you. i know you are a donald trump supporter. everyone has all of the momentum coming in here. but what about expectations and what does he have to deliver. i think he has to deliver some specifics tonight. and show that he is going to approach this in a presidential manner. he is right on tactic. his right on immigration. she would open up. when it comes to national security he set ipa plan to defeat isis.
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they will talk about that. she just can't really seem to define at the enemy. they decide to come in and be civil. and that would be enough. the bar is low. they have to go a little bit further than that. he knows his stuff. where do you see this plane out. i don't know if yes to go that far. he has to stick with what he's been doing the last several weeks. it's a very simple message and it's a winning message. it's time for a change. i represent a change. hillary clinton is the path. he is to do that. and he has to be able to not get knocked off of that message which hillary clinton may very will be trying to do
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tonight. ninety minutes is a long time. >> let me just ask you. can you say quite simply. i'm gonna make things different. what do you have to lose. can you say those the things over and over again. want to be lured into it and be forced to go a little bit beyond the soundbites. that is a challenge for donald trump. he was facing at most at the very least. it's just one one-on-one. it's not something you had experienced. hillary clinton has to be careful here with sounding too condescending. with the facts too much it could make her look a little presumptuous. joe, the whole presidential debate went to a whole
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different level when it was richard nixon and jfk. they'd listen to the debate. they will were looked horrible on television. what is more important from your angle. is it who can enunciate or articulate policy or who really looks the part who can really sweep the audience. it feels like donald trump has a major advantage. it is very important they thought that he had one but debate. they have haven't 56 years ago. he has gained in the polls over the last six weeks. it was about eight points. his done so because he has been teleprompter trumpet.
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this will be the ultimate test of his discipline can he stay on mes without words written for him and not be baited by hillary clinton into a temper tantrum. if he maintains his control he wins a debate. i always thought first of you you were my choice for the vice president. you've a perfect temperament. but also bringing policy into a position where the average person can do understand it. they think she's getting to the class dork. there is the expectation. if you forget your lines you're in a pickle. that's can be difficult for hillary clinton. donald trump is cannot lay out the statistics with his plan for the military as he has
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done for his tax plan people do want to know a little bit more of the path is to take. if she has a coffee spasm if she is losing her voice if she has a tendency to look as if she's fading i don't and i think that's can serve her well. gets back into that protection. they said kennedy hands down. that has been a play into this tonight. along with the presence in the policy. governor mike pence has just arrived as well. all of the tests pieces are getting ready. picking up on what he said some are saying donald trump has a low bar with respect. other same that will be the
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narrative tomorrow. remember al gore in 2000. condescending. and the health problems. it was obviously a big time. it lingers in our mind. if she looks weary up there that could be devastating. she canceled some public event last week. it was for the debate prep. in the mail a campaign going out there in front of people. you can't do a rally and then study unsteady on the plane on the way back. considering what happened.
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was she really is tough. with the commander in chief. she felt like she was a little bit too rough. and then commander in chief at the same time. this is the highlight of the problem. she has is all of these competing expectations. i really think that they really ought to be reveal the real donald trump. where they would get a little sluggish in the middle of the debate.
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i think if hillary clinton can do enough baiting for that then she will have succeeded at least partially in what she has to do in reveang the real donald trump. some of those republican debates felt like they drag on forever. disadvantage for donald trump. the crowd cannot make noise. they normally feed off of those situations. thank you all very much. we really appreciate it coming up. we are going to tell you why. next.
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>> can hillary clinton win. the answer is no. i want to bring in clinton supporter and economic advisor robert wolf. he also serves as ceo. thank you for joining us. she is an interesting predicament if she well. there is a tremendous amount of bitterness. and even though they started to finally come on there are still way below levels they were ten years ago. twenty years ago. how did they carry the economic message into november. i don't think anyone can say
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trust me on the economy. if you look at donald trump's policies e will see evil see a huge difference between the two. one adds the deficit. and loses jobs. and that is donald trump. and the other actually as disappeared from that perspective people or can have to do their homework there is a lot of rhetoric out there. people can have to go into the voting booth and say who i think will be the best for my pocketbook who is best for wages. he's getting it infrastructure going again. >> a lot of people are can essay first and foremost them and get taxed less so i can to keep more of what i earn. that is a pretty good proposition for a lot of americans. government gets bigger and
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deficits grow. if i can just keep a bigger chunk of what i earn is absolutely phenomenal. and then a business assay were in a position now where we can begin to hire people those are two relatively simple things to think about as opposed to deficit and those other things. and they don't necessarily hit home. so if you talk about where donald trump is cutting taxes it's at the higher end. the secretary doesn't believe in trickle-down economics. they obviously had it worked for the decade going into 2004. in so yes we need some fiscal and monetary stimulus. there is no more monetary stimulus. you need to look at the fiscal side and say yes taxes will be a part of it. >> i think we are talking about the same thing because
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were not talking about monetary policy. but with respect to jumpstarting an economy both candidates have an infrastructure plan we know that is could happen either way. >> let me give you my view. his infrastructure plan is building a wall. the secretary's infrastructure plan includes a next generation gps. there are two different plans. >> hillary clinton said they are more than twice. it's not just about a wall. that is a political talking point. if they want to play the game of one-upsmanship you and i both know that that is a temporary thing anyway. >> i don't believe it's temporary at all.
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once it's built then what happens. this is what i think the ad fridge person wants to hear they multiply for gdp. it's not short-term. twenty-five to 30,000 jobs. it is not short-term. these are called public-private partnerships. taking private money and getting off the sideline. this is a long-term strategy for secretary clinton. this is not an overnight short-term government package. let me ask about the notion that a lot of people have. over the last couple of decades you had 70% of americans who are stuck in the middle class or the
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lower-class they are bitter about the fact that the prosperity train has left without them. how did we say we are part of the same system that cap you down but put me in office anyway? >> i think it's interesting to say that because for 12 of those years before president obama inherited the worst recession since we've seen since the great depression it was a republican letter presidency. you also know that executive decisions cannot change the economy. at the end of the day i'm hoping that the secretary will be able to cross the aisle and work as she has in the senate. i think we all know. we have nothing to donald trump's plans yet. we really appreciate it.
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>> we're just a little over two hours away from the main event. donald trump he just arrived. he's followed by his vice presidential nominee. the latest polls show donald trump getting extreme. many had them neck and neck. there is a lot of them next.
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not just insured. chubb insured. >> tonight the plainfield is a dataset. the closing and the gap. it declares the race too close to call in a head-to-head matchup. they are capturing 47 percent of the vote.
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in tonight's debate specifically they say 41 to 32. that she should win the first round. scott, let me start with you. the polls are all over the place. >> your making this too difficult. if you look back over the last couple of weeks the trend has been on donald trump's favor. he is closing the gap. and it's very close right now. you see that story in the national polls. you see in the estimates of the electrical college. if the election were held today it is very close if we don't and we don't know who would win but there is a little thing going on tonight the skin and change it all anyhow. i think it was the wall street journal same 34 percent of voters say that tonight could dictate how they vote.
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>> i spent most of the past two decades that debates never change anything but this year is different. there is about 15% of the population that is not decided. and they loathe both candidates. they're not attached to either one. they're looking for who they are going to vote against. tonight could have a big impact. you can go pull for pole. i think there is something to momentum. we see this go back and forth revolving around each parties conventions and then more recently a series of stumbles for hillary clinton. there's no doubt they have the momentum right now. i agree with scott entirely. he has been in this and knows exactly what those metrics mean. it is a probably one or two-point race at this point. that doesn't mean that they
6:27 pm
have pulled ahead the last month or so of t camign a lot of events like tonight debate like some of the terrorist attacks we've seen over the last couple of weeks they can have affect those numbers in a way that we haven't seen in the past. everybody knows both of these candidates they don't like either of these candidates and so they're there really moving with the wind that 15%. based on who seems like they are more in command or more likable at any given moment. we know the especial topics for tonight that there is a good chance that we could get off course really quick with this thing. who's the most pressure on right now. having said that hillary hasn't lost as much ground as that. she is just sort of been static.
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>> if you go into the ninth inning of a baseball game and is tied you say who is a morris pressure on. that's where we are right now. these candidates both head some strengths. they do have some passionate supporters there is pressure on both of them. i think the reality here is your two candidates who we don't know what they're gonna do on the stage and they both had a proven history of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time they do it on the stage tonight it could state change the course of the election. thank you both very much. it could be that the indus hinges there. it might be an understatement. a lot of people say it probably well. the numbers are very close. stay with us. lou dobbs will sit down with a very special guest. we will be right back.
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the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. charles: the stakes for the white house and the debates more specifically are high and getting higher by the dane. a new "wall street journal" nbc poll finds a third of registered voters say at all three debates irks them important and will ultimately help them decide who they will pick so no secret the candidates are highly unfavorable in these polls but what do they need to do to reset that image and persuade those
6:33 pm
undecided voters that they are indeed equipped to be commander-in-chief? des moines -- joining me to discuss strategist lee harvey. hillary clinton is in my mind using an old-school playbook that i don't know it's working for a pitch he took a whole month off to raise money. she has been a consistent with medications. she doesn't hit the ground and campus a country nearly as much as donald trump relying on tv ads. is that going to work on her -- for her particularly if the debate doesn't work? >> well it really will come down to a couple of points in these battleground states. always does, right? let's lets remember donald trump does not have his entire party. he doesn't have anything more than 85% of their public and party and when hillary clinton decided to they want to amp up the progressive base or do they want to blue republicans who are
6:34 pm
not happy with donald trump and that was the gamble she made which was an oldest energy you are right with that being said this is a debate where hillary needs to do one thing. she needs to show people that she cares about them, that she makes them feel good. that's really what it comes down to at this point because progress is that they don't turnout in battleground states of ohio and particular in florida that means the race is done but if she can get those people on the ground and she does have an operation in every single state. she has an amazing ground game and every single democratic elected leader and republicans in general is going out there and campaigning for her than she is in solid shape. the problem is donald trump was never real campaign still. are zipping donald trump hits the road. he hits through four states in the single thing he has had an amazing amount of stamina and energy and he has all of the enthusiasm and that enthusiasm,
6:35 pm
is a more than any match for these old-school grand games? at least to my mind if i'm in the clinton camp i'm concerned about my secret weapon. >> i agree with you. i think he looks like he is having fun while he is doing it. people are excited by him. she is nowhere to be found so it's an election by proxy for her so this enthusiasm, this excitement we don't see the same thing happening for hillary clinton. hillary clinton has a tough job to do because she doesn't just have to get people to be on her side. >> she said 30 years to get people to decide whether or not they will vote for her. charles: what about this likability thing? everyone understands the robotic, i mean listen maybe she's in an awkward position. some people say she tends to be more grandmotherly or motherly. she is an upward position but she came across as very stern and angry with matt lauer. >> she has had a tough go of it.
6:36 pm
she has not been a great debater. she is not very likeable. yes she might be very smart and she might know her stuff but she doesn't come across as likeable like she is having fun is that she has relatable. she had one or two really great moments things could change for her. if you remember in one of the debates he had in 2000 she said that hurt my feelings. she had this moment where you are like okay you are a human being which is its horrible thing to say about someone. she needs a legacy that she is a human being and to show that she cares about people but that's going to be hard coming off at the basket full of deplorables comment. charles: before we go can she artfully walk that back and also by the same token somehow make us feel like yeah she can mess with us in a way that makes us like her? >> i think she can. it comes down to percentage of
6:37 pm
voters who right now is not that they are undecided, they are trying to decide between the two candidates they don't like who they like more out of the ones that they like less. for hillary that really is reminding them that eight years ago we were on the verge of an economic collapse. eight years ago we went around the world and nobody spoke well of the united states and she is secretary of state one out there and rebuild the economy and that's hillary clinton. if you want to send this country to the ground that excitement that he has become its anger and not excitement. charles: outside. charles: i'll tell you why rituals of the stadiums. i don't want to be disrespectful. you guys are both fantastic and i appreciate it. we will let the audience know billionaire mark cuban on the debate side is getting a whole lot of attention and mark cuban as everyone knows a very vocal critic of donald trump's policies.
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stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. it's me in control now. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. charles: nbc's lester holt was at the helm of the debate tonight. coming up we will discuss the role of the moderator and shaky fact-checking.
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charles: so much has been made about the stock market in the upcoming presidential election. there are policy differences that should result in economic backdrops that affect the stock market differently. there also unknowns that are
6:42 pm
impossible to predict. it goes without saying that pro-business policy of donald trump should result a much better top and bottom-line growth and that also is what propel stocks higher. the wildcard is a trademark or organ data for companies that move their operations outside the united states. meanwhile it's one the reasons wall street businesses. they are putting their money behind hillary clinton and no executive from the top 100 company in this country is made a financial donation to the trump effort and profits all time highs you can make the case that maybe these guys care more about local trade and globalism than they do about lower u.s. taxes even our own taxes. there are some recent signals from the stock market that you can conclude points to a trump land and one is to sell off the solar stocks. more recently it's become an avalanche is donald trump is caught up to his rival. then there's the mexican po which is at its lowest level
6:43 pm
ever versus the u.s. dollar. like solar i've got to tell you it's not a recent development but it's become so much more pronounced as trump's numbers have soared, the peso has collapsed. it doesn't make it easier to have a trade war and i've got to tell you something mexico is looking real good of a vacation destination. as for today's session it was all about the debacle at deutsche bank which finished an all-time low. there are a lot of concerns about the capital there because american regulators have been served a 14 billion-dollar fine. in the meantime i was happy with the news of home sales. they were up 20% from year ago but i'd ago but i liked a lot is the median price decline making it a lot more important. as far as the market is concerned, the dow must hold 18,000. in the meantime the exchange in poll numbers in the debate night tonight means i will have to freshen up my report. it should be done in a couple of
6:44 pm
days in the meantime go to my web site. i will have that report for you and my daily commentary to get you through this market day today. keep it here on fox business all night long because we have the best special coverage of the first presidential debate. it starts at the next hour at 7:00 p.m. in lou dobbs is a preview for you in 8:00 a.m. neil cavuto will take you to debates and wrap it up with expert analysis from our fox business all-stars tonight at 7:00 p.m. right here in fox business. coming up lester holt finds himself in the hot seat tonight. is it his job to do fact-checking and if it's not what is his responsibility? we will discuss it. i want to hear from you. we will be right back.
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charles: hillary clinton and donald trump aren't the only within spotlight. debate moderator lester holt is under a microscope. an estimated 100 million viewers turning in -- tuning in that they question the invisible thing is the historic role of the moderator. it's got to set all kinds of records and should holt play fact checker during this live event? i want you to take a listen to what the big commissioner janet brown had to say about this. >> i don't think it's a good idea to get the moderator into essentially serving as the encyclopedia britannica and i think the standards for that person depend on the community basically correcting each other. charles: what is the moderator staff? helping me to break it down as our own charlie gasparino and joel contest. what is lester holt gig here? >> full disclosure i have never
6:49 pm
moderated the debate. at a thanksgiving meal. and i watch how neil cavuto does it and he's one of the masters of it. listen this has got to be entertaining. this guy is going to sit there and fact check every single insane thing that comes out of donald trump's mouth or the not so and sane thing which is why we are talking about this the clinton camp has put tremendous pressure on moderators to fact check donald trump and what he says. think is going to be a boring debate. i don't like the fact that the campaign, the obama debate in fact check romney on something that actually she was wrong about. so i don't like that. i'll bet you if crowley and obama pulled that on donald trump he would eat them alive and that's why think they should be moderating. one that i will say to generate crazy, let's say she turns to
6:50 pm
trump and says listen you should apologize to all the people and women who you have degraded over the years and he might turn to her. you have mark geist sitting there. the benghazi, he might say why didn't you apologize to him? charles: that's where this gets crazy. here's the thing though the mainstream media has a a war on donald trump they laid it on thick. here are some of the headlines coming in today. donald trump suite of misrepresentation and exaggerations and half-truths and "politico" the scope of trump's falsehoods unprecedented "l.a. times." trumps weak reveal is dubious statement an alternative universe. these are just headlines from today joe. lester holt, everyone respects but everyone respected james comey to a point so how much pressure is he under from his own colleagues to live up to this kind of stuff?
6:51 pm
>> a basically believed in shaming matt lauer. he didn't follow up with donald trump on one question and he was eviscerated. that's what we see. even jimmy fallon last week got killed because he actually treated trump like he treats every other guest to entertain. charles: you look -- he may trump would great. played very well and i'm sure a lot in his circle didn't want that to happen but to your point charlie this has the potential to be a powder keg. there's a reason 100 million people are watching this. >> i don't believe he's going to sit there and this guy is a good broadcaster lester holt. he knows he can't sit there and say you're wrong on that and by the way how would you know every single fact? it's hillary's job essentially to say wrong again donald. charles: then you get the back-and-forth. >> here's where we'll be important when they go lowballing each other and she
6:52 pm
starts saying -- that's where the debate moderator has to step in and say it's like a prize fight. break it up. charles: i guess the question is where sabill going to be this one? >> hole does not care what his peers think about him. his predecessor brian williams slow jam the news with allen and updates up with letterman. i think he is one of the last old-school newsman that are out there. with that said i wouldn't have said the same thing about candy crowley in 2012. don't you want haymakers? >> i don't think trump want haymakers. i think he wants temperament. if these boring you wince. charles: we will note a couple of hours and we have the main event coming up. donald trump arriving a short while ago ago and you can see the beauty of air followed by his vice presidential nominee governor mike pence.
6:53 pm
so here it is security of the nation and direction of our country, those are the debates for tonight. we'll debate those and maybe something that's may evolve on their own. we will be right back. sprint? 'd things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit with new cabinets this wfrom this shop,house, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits
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charles: tonight they will watch his hillary clinton and donald trump faceup in the first presidential debate. the debate is supposed to be divided into three topics each lasting 30 minutes. one come in the direction of america and the second achieving prosperity and finally securing america so how do these candidates stack up on these issues questioning ashley bell and our very own kennedy. kennedy, these are to me three topics that should be in donald trump's will house. they naturally favor him. how do you see it playing out on the debate stage though?
6:57 pm
>> i hold the minority but i think the debate is going to be surprisingly boring. there a lot of "politico"'s in debate watchers who think they're going to be fireworks. i think the topics are boring but i think lester holt is by nature kind of boring. i think these two candidates will play so much defense that it doesn't behoove either of them to go after each other aggressively and i think they are going to hold back. charles: moments ago we heard from someone in the hillary clinton camp actually that she was going to take a gentle cordial approach but having said that in 90 minutes it's hard not to think think that may be a skirmish or two won't break out. if that's a case where is donald trump focus his fire? >> you know i think it will start off kind of slow i agree but as time moves on and they get comfortable with each other you're going to see more activity. there's just no way hillary clinton does not attack donald trump at everything she said about him and his supporters i
6:58 pm
can't see her going 90 minutes without attacking him. if he does he's going to return fire. charles: ashley doesn't she have a de facto on his deplorables comment and agree focusing on donald trump as opposed to enunciating her policies but this might be the golden moment for her to almost make an apology. >> that's not going to happen. this is not the space for her to do that. i think what you'll see tonight is more what she's been doing last few days. rehearse every single line. she has already planted out and she's trying to convey to america's something she's not that donald trump will make sure people see her for she is the secretary of the status quo. he is a change candidate and she is more of the same. charles: kennedy on that note everyone is saying robotic -- hillary clinton as robotic as sometimes angry. i think ashley is right maybe
6:59 pm
she should go out there and she might have a good chance of communicating at the human element that a lot of folks say is missing. kennedy: data element is you have to fill you with her than if yours are rehearsed and prepared it's like eating astronaut food when people want a fresh take off the grill pg at the opportunity to serve that up. the question is she capable of doing that? i think if she does take a gentle approach that benefits her. i think this whole thing will come to a draw and i think it will be a stalemate and what the debate is missing honestly are the third-party candidates gary johnson and joel stein. charles: i bumped into gary johnson today. ashley let me ask you in in a few seconds we have remaining security prosperity in the direction of this country great with one of those do you think donald trump will really shine at although i think all three favor him. >> the direction of this country definitely. americans are hurting in every facet. we are in tough times right now.
7:00 pm
too many opportunities opportunities for hillary clinton to fumble and i think she will fumble the ball and donnell will pick it up and score. charles: thank you very much and have a great time. make sure sure you keep it right here all night long for special coverage. lou dobbs has the preview special guest republican vice presidential nominee mike pence. lou: good evening everybody. i'm lou dobbs and tonight we are live from hofstra university in new york for the first presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. tonight one of the most highly anticipated presidential debates in history. both candidates facing what could be a watershed moment in their campaign. record-breaking viewership is expected tonight. about 100 billion americans expected to tune in to watch what will be an hour and a half of political crossfire with no commercial breaks.


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