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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  October 2, 2016 2:00am-3:01am EDT

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theirs is war story that deserves to be told! from mexico city, i'm oliver north, good night. >> no wonder he doesn't like talking about his plan. i love talking about mine. john: she sure does. she wants to put us bet deeper in debt. but trump loves to talk about his. >> build a great border call. john: then they pretend to have a plan to pay for their schemes. >> we are going to make these investments and pay for everyone of them. john: they don't deal with the
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damage caused by the drug war. >> medical mayor is. they talk and talk but dodge the big questions. what they won't say. that's our show tonight. [♪] they talk and talk, but there are so many things they don't say. neither candidate says much about america's unsustainable debt. they never talk about the constitution and what it says presidents cannot do. they almost never talk about the war on drugs. i could go on. instead we get grand poll tested promises. >> we'll make america great again. >> to keep you safe, to get you good jobs, to get your kids the opportunities they deserve.
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john: people like hearing statements like that and we want our kids to have opportunity. we want america to be great. but trump and clinton rarely say how they are going to fulfill the promises. and there are so many issue thets don't talk about. we'll start now with a trump and hillary supporter. what should they talk about that's not been talked about? >> less transparency in the government. deregular laying and every regulatory agency the rank all their regulations top to bottom. >> they don't talk about regulations and they strangle the economy. >> he has talked about a moratorium on new regulations. john: tamara, what would you have the media and the candidates say. >> donald trump and has used the foundation to pay for things
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that are his personal obligations. the small things like the tim tebow sphawb jersey that he had to have that he won a bid over at the susan g. komen foundation and said the trump foundation paid $12,000 for that. trump's failure to pay for his obligations and how is he going to pay for the obligations of the country besides renegotiate can the bad deals? john: i think they should talk about hillary's foundation. it has raised $2 billion and gives very lit toll charity. the press reported that people who donate get meetings. hillary has an answer for that. >> this excludes 2,000 meetings i had with world leaders and government officials when i was secretary of state. it looks at a small portion my time.
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john: unfair, a small portion, she says. >> she met worth diplomats and members of the state department. but most of them gave the clinton foundationing if they were outsiders. 55% should be given to charities and with the clinton foundation they give only 5%. >> there are things about the clinton foundation that bother me. but the question is did it affect policy? >> not everybody gets to meet with hillary clinton. to blame hillary that she is not meeting with everybody. is patently ridiculous. we need to figure out if she did something where there was a pay-to-play and policy was affected by those donors. >> billions of dollars answer they are giving 5% to charity? it's a slush funds for her political friends.
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>> they helped countries with vaccines, with building hospitals, with helping women. john: 5%? >> they spent 95% of it on salaries, and travel, and a lot of administration. >> this is a worldwide organization. so salary and travel are important. >> maybe it's a world wide ocean. maybe 55, 45, 5.7%? do they tall fly first class on the concord? john: three days after anker northeast quake ravaged the country of haiti. >> the aid is getting out, there just isn't enough of it. john: she always wants more money. but the country is still a wreck. many haitians ask what did the
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foundation do with the money? here is a haitian protester in new york city. >> where is the money? and the clinton foundation has much to answer. >> most of the commitment came from haiti, the haitian government, france and the united states. the commitments didn't come from the clinton foundation. so to blame hillary clinton and the clinton foundation on the fact that things have not happened yet in haiti that is not their fault is ridiculous. john: how do you know it's not their fault? maybe they just spinlts on politics instead of haiti. >> they helped with hospital build, they donated solar panels. john: donald trump brags about his wealth. bute co-flawnlts his wealth by re-leasing his tax returns he i will release my tax returns
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against my lawyer's wishes when she released her 33,000 emails. as soon as she releases them, i will release. >> her emails are gone. his texas returns aren't. no, really. he doesn't have an obligation release his tax returns. john: most presidents do. >> it many just some to show you are transparent. do you pay for veterans and the wars we have all paid for? are you paying for these things or are you just saying you are and you are mad at washington d.c., but you are not contributing to anything. >> hillary clinton can't release her emails because they are destroyed. she had her aids take hammers and destroy her blackberries. her server would have the emails scrubbed after a conscious am subpoena. if you get a subpoena it's obstruction of justice.
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>> the question was about tax returns. i find it very rich to hear hillary clinton complaining about a lack of transparency when somebody took a hammer to destroy blackberries. john: one thing they didn't talk about at the debate are health medical records. hillary and trump and so old, they are my age. and lots of people my age die. americans should know about the presidential candidates' health but we know very little. trump's doctor says he would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the country. he said it was something he wrote quickly while a trump limo driver waited impatiently for him to finish. by contrast, older candidate john mccain 10 years ago released a thousand pages of
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medical records. hillary released a two-page report that says she is fit to serve as president. after she stumbled getting into her car and later said she got pneumonia a reporter asked if she would be willing to take a neurological exam. >> would you be willing to do that. >> i'm sorry i got pneumonia and i'm glad antibiotics took care of it and that's behind us now. john: shouldn't they be honest about their health? they are running for president. >> i don't think either one of them have anything to cover up. john: how do we know? >> we don't know. but hillary clinton macedon a poor job on her p.r. front. she could have used the pneumonia as a way to get some sympathy. she could have said i have walking necessity moan moan yeah, people get all the time.
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going going this 9/11 service and then i'm going to leave. instead she falls apart. she looks silly. it looks like she is covering something up which is something she has been accused of doing before. it's a side cover-up and stupid p.r. but i think hillary clinton is the victim of some,ism, that she is not strong enough as an older woman. the fact that she is -- she is seen getting help up the stairs. who cares? >> i agree with about 4/of what you said. if hillary clinton said i'm going to take a few days off. people would have said great. but if you say the many just a cough. and it turned out she is overheated at the 9/11 events and we hear it's pneumonia.
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too your guy trump hasn't been forthcoming. >> he had a second letter. but there was a second letter other than talking to dr. oz. they should both be much more open. john: something else hillary won't talk about is there are tradeafters between a pure environment and energy poor people can afford. for years hillary dodged this question. >> would you sign a bill, yes or no in favor allowing the keystone xl pipeline. >> if it's undecided when i become president, i will answer your question. reporter: that was last year. a few monthed later she changed her mind and said no keystone pipeline should not be allowed. she never talks about the cost of stopping pipe lines. it hurts poor people. >> what's disturbing about this is the bank of canada had a $1.9
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billion investment in the keystone pipeline. the state department under hillary clinton ruled the it was environmentally sound. at that time the bang was paying clinton $1.10 million to chit-chat about whatever ideas he had on his mind. so she is trying to decide whether the pipeline is okay, and she says it is and $1.8 mill goes to her husband, isn't that cute. john: i would say sleazy. >> it's questionable. it doesn't look good. but i think that you are going toward the question of why wouldn't she answer the question as to whether she supported something. and it could be she didn't have enough information. she hadn't spoken to enough people. john: it was 7 years into the argument. >> true, but maybe she needed a little more advice. when you are running for president, you don't want to block people. she wants all of these people to vote for her.
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i don't think she should be obligated to put themselves in a box and alienate all the other voters. john: that's why there is so many they won't say and it seems to work. i asked you on social media, what do you wish the candidates would say that they don't say? on facebook james riley says he wishes donald trump would say here is my tax returns and hillary clinton would say yes, i committed treason to line my pockets. i will turn myself and my cronies over to the authorities. >> that's the best answer, you should have him on. john: thank you. next, what the candidate went say about the national debt, the war on drugs, privacy, and the limits of government. i'll discuss that with the previous candidate who did. >> the main problem we have is the government is too big and the government is too big and the government is too big and
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comcast business. built for business. john: freedom is a word we use a lot on this program. lots of candidates talk about liberty. but donald and hillary rarely talk about freedom or liberty. they talk about other things.
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>> we are going to make our country safe again. safety at home. we'll make america safe again. john: not on safe, trump also says ... >> we'll make america very, very wealthy again. and yes we'll make america great again. >> he necessity says anything about making america free again. of course, we are free in most ways. but the growth of the state keeps cutting into our freedom. freedom to open a business, to say what you want to say to hire whom you want and ingest what you want. spend your money as you see fit. hillary doesn't talk about freedom either. she talks about wanting to invest. >> make the biggest investment in our children. >> we'll invest in greater technology. john: of course her investments are government force reply taking money from you and giving it to people she says deserve
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it. but how about at least acknowledging it's an assault on individual freedom in the last two election there was one voice that consistently did talk about freedom and that was congressman ron paul. this election i don't hear that word. >> i haven't heard it either. so if that means they can avoid trying to deal with the question, what is the role of government and what is the purpose of having a government. their argument is to make us safe and secure and happy and behave ourselves and not use the wrong kind of word and don't ever be insulted. and they want to rule or us. they are author tearans. in that manner they are not interested in liberty. john: i hadn't realized null pointed it out. at the conventions and the debates. trump and hillary never mentioned liberty. >> it didn't come up. it's not on their minds.
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john: you wrote that trump at the convention sounds like he wants to be national police chief. >> i really think he does. there is no authority in the constitution. policing activity should be done locally by the state, not by an intrusive government. we had 100,000 government bureaucrats that carry guns. guns of the bureaucrats trying to enforce laws that are illegitimate. they believe if there is no explicit prohibition in the constitution a president can do whatever he wants and the congress can allow him to do it. but if you look at the document carefully it's a thou shalt not.
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john: on facebook sharon asked i wish someone would ask the candidates if they know what powers the president has as outlined in the constitution. >> if they go to section one -- article one section 8. the president doesn't have the authority to just pick up and go to war. but they capitulate and give him the money. and people don't say much. think of how much better this country would facebook we wouldn't have wasted so much in the last 50, 60, 70 years of just endless wars technically unconstitutional. if we tell these young people who get maimed for life and killed to feel good, you are a valiant warrior and hero because you are defending our freedom and defending our constitution.
2:22 am
if they just think about that, how fighting an illegal war and invading another country that has not attacked us and bomb and kill a lot of people and say that yo you are a hero for defending the constitution. >> here is a facebook post you will like. what are you not hearing twhiewt like to hear from a candidate. sharon wrote she hopes clinton and trump will say we are unfit for president and we would like to nominate ron paul. >> well, i'm not looking for a political job. john: donald trump says his wall will solve america's drug problems, too. >> i'm going to create borders. >> iyour car got rear-endeders.
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♪ ♪ >> the marijuana thing is such a big, such a big thing. i think medical should happen, right? don't we agree? john: that was donald trump at a rally last year being reasonable about states legalizing marijuana, but the drug war is something that candidates seldom talk about. they should. the war is an utter failure. it's cost billions, it creates vicious drug gangs, makes criminals out of americans who just want to alter their minds with weed instead of booze. america locks up now more people than any other country. yet drug use stays the same. the media rarely asks the candidates about this, even in colorado. colorado where marijuana was newly legal. there were no questions about marijuana legalization. paul chabot says this should be among the top five issues.
2:28 am
he worked at drug czar's office for george w. bush and bill clinton, so he and i are on opposite sides of this debate, but we agree that the war is not not -- is important, and they're not talking about it. >> you're absolutely right, john. if you go into the home of any average family, almost to a household you will find somebody who knows of a drug/alcohol-related incident that has devastated their family or neighbor's family. so i think it's critical that our presidential candidates address this issue front and center in the debates. and it's also up to the media to probe them -- john: the media doesn't even ask. why don't they ask? >> i think because we've become numb to it as a society. it has become part of our mainstream culture and almost tattoo to talk about -- taboo to talk about. john: hillary clinton's long been a drug warrior. >> we need to take these people on, they're often connected to drug cartels. jon: this is her speech -- john: this is her speech that
2:29 am
brought her criticism. >> they are often the kinds of kids that are called super-predators, no conscience, no empathy. we can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel. john: so she took grief for that, she apologized for using that term. but she and you are together. you want to just keep fighting the war, keep going, do more even. >> well, first off, we don't see it as a war. we see it as a cancer. you've got to treat it. today we're absent, and that's largely because this administration has ignored the issue, and we're seeing the fallout in these communities. john: it's been illegal all these years, it doesn't make it were the. it make -- it doesn't make it better. >> we should not be punishing those low-level addicts. they need help. john: you are. >> no. we now have millions of addicts running across this country not fearful of going to prison or jail, not able to get treatment, and we see property crime, violent crime on the rise and, look, most crime is
2:30 am
drug-related. either -- john: it's not cigarette related. >> no, but they aren't an intoxicant. john: the government says it's just as addictive as heroin and cocaine. there are no cigarette or bud riser gangs because -- budweiser gangs because it's legal. >> there are cigarette gangs -- john: the government taxes it too much. they are much less dangerous than the drug gangs. even today with state after state legalizing weed, hillary won't go there. here she is at a cnn debate. >> are you ready to take a position tonight? >> no. john: i mean, come on. >> it's a huge issue, but her boss, barack obama, decided not to enforce federal drug laws in a number of states, and now we're seeing the ramifications of that. john: the ramifications that people are not being thrown in jailsome. >> no, that we have more people driving high on our highways, increased societal abuse. we look at -- john: what increased abuse? denver? >> yes, absolutely.
2:31 am
john: traffic accidents are down. >> one out of every five kids in our schools are using illicit drugs. that's nothing we should be proud of. john: trump was once reasonable about the drug war n. 1990 he said you have to legalize drugs to win that war. you have to take the profits away from these drug czars. >> it's not going to change anything, and i'm glad that trump has had a change of tune. we don't want to see people grow up as addicts. and, look, i think that this has got to be a critical issue of discussion in the debate. john: in colorado since marijuana legalization, highway deaths in colorado are at near historic lows. >> well, that's not all the reporting we're seeing coming out of denver. the rocky mountain area program has put out an annual report consistently talking about the dangers. look, you and i agree on personal liberty, but we also have to agree that the number one role of government is to protect the people. and if we can't protect the people from those who are using illicit drugs and harming others in our community, then we're
2:32 am
missing the boat. john: but prohibition didn't protect them. did alcohol prohibition work? would you like to restore that? >> we're never going to eliminate crime. john: we create crime with your law. >> just because the problem doesn't go down to zero, does that mean we take all the comes off the street and say, look, let's just legalize burglary and manage the process? we can't do that. john: we agree to disagree. >> yes, we do. john: thank you, paul chabot. next, what i say is america's biggest problem and neither candidate will talk about. about. ♪ impressive linda. it seems age isn't slowing you down. but your immune system weakens as you get older increasing the risk for me, the shingles virus. i've been lurking inside you since you had chickenpox. i could surface anytime as a painful, blistering rash. one in three people get me in their lifetime, linda. will it be you? and that's why linda got me zostavax, a single shot vaccine. i'm working to boost linda's immune system
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♪ ♪ >> we are going to build a great border wall. we will build the roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, airports. john: donald trump has big spending plans. be hillary clinton has even bigger plans. >> we came up with a plan that
2:37 am
makes public college tuition-free for working families and debt-free for everyone. [cheers and applause] john: what the candidates almost never say is how they'll pay for that. we're already almost $20 trillion in debt, but the media rarely pester the candidates with questions about how they'll fund their grand schemes. so i'll pester investment adviser and radio host peter schiff. do you agree this is this huge issue that rarely gets discussed? >> oh, sure. it's the elephant in the room, you know? you're talking about making mexico pay for the wall. the way we're going to make mexico pay for it is we're going to borrow the money if from mexico and china and everybody else. donald trump did mention that the national debt is $20 trillion and it doubled under -- john: we should give the candidates some credit. in this week's debate they did both address it briefly. >> you can't do what you're looking to do with $20 trillion in debt.
2:38 am
the obama administration from the time they've come in is over 230 years worth of debt, and he's topped it. he's doubled it. >> your plans would add $5 trillion to the debt. john: he's right about that. but, of course, what trump didn't point out is that bush also doubled the debt during his eight years. that is the trend. can we double it again, can we really go to $40 trillion without a complete disaster? and that guy quantityic bubble that donald trump correctly identified is going to blow up like an atomic bomb. john: so why do you think the media don't ask? >> because they don't like the answer. the media's very liberal. they want all these great new social programs. they want free college. they don't realize how expensive free college is. john: donald trump at one point basically said, well, maybe we'll just default. >> well, you know what? that's better than the alternative because it's impossible to legitimately repay. i mean, that would take massive
2:39 am
tax kin creases. -- tax increases. not on the rich, but on the middle class, and i don't think middle class americans should have to pay more that. i think our creditors should share in the blame. after all, they were dumb enough to lend our government the money. why should we pay them awe off in full? john: hey, china, we owe you a dollar, we're going to pay you 40 cents. >> yes. it's better than printing a bunch of money, because when you wipe out the currency because you don't have the integrity to honestly default, then you hurt everybody, the little old lady who's got her money in a mattress. john: hillary clinton proposes more than a trillion dollars in new investments, but she says she's going to pay for them. >> we're not only going to make all of these investments, we're going to pay more every single one of them -- for every single one of them, and here's how: wall street, corporations and the super rich are are going to start paying their fair share of taxes. [cheers and applause] >> they're already overpaying. the people who aren't paying
2:40 am
their fair share are the clinton voters who aren't paying anything. but, you know, the government doesn't invest. the private sector invests. the government just steals their money and spends it, and that reduces -- john: you could call building a bridge investment. >> well, maybe it's a bridge to nowhere, and maybe they overpay for the bridge. i mean, private sector actually judges the cost benefit of the money it invests. government doesn't care, it just spends it. john: and her point about take it from the rich resonates. some people are absurdly rich. why not just get the money from them? >> yeah, it always resonates, that's the problem. let's steal from the rich and give it to the people who vote for me. the problem is the rich are the job creators. hillary clinton pretends that she wants jobs. well, how are are you going to have jobs if all you want to do is tax the people that create those jobs? john: even if you took all the money from the rich people, it wouldn't be enough to pay for entitlements down the road. >> and that assumes taking all their money didn't destroy their incentives to earn money in the
2:41 am
first place. john: but neither candidate is talking about anything that might get us out of this debt. donald trump says don't touch entitlements, hillary will not mention anything about that. >> well, because -- john: what hope do we have? somewhat -- >> that's not how you get votes. donald trump says, oh, we're not going to touch social security. we're going to spend more on military, on infrastructure, how are you going to spend more on everything and still claim you're worried about the debt? all he'll talk about is waste, fraud and abuse. sure, how much is that? you know, we've got to -- john: like nobody ever thought of waste, fraud and abuse before. they all say that. >> that's somebody's entitlement. by the way, i don't think anybody is entitled to somebody else's money. that's the problem. people who have paid social security taxes are under the false impression that they actually paid into something, that there's some kind of trust fund with their name on it. that money is long gone. we spent it. government is broke, and
2:42 am
somebody needs to level with the american public. but people are afraid to do that. john: thank you, peter schiff. next, have you put a piece of tape over the camera on your computer? the fbi director did. >> do you still have a piece of tape over your camera at home. >> heck, yeah. >> heck, yeah. john: why di
2:43 am
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2:46 am
♪ ♪ >> i think he's a total traitor, and i would deal with him harshly. john: that was donald trump talking about edward snowden. snowden is the national security agency contractor who told americans their privacy was being invaded illegally by our government. the nsa was collecting data on all americans. the courts have ruled that some of that was illegal but didn't stop them from spying. the candidates are rarely asked about this. and when they are, they spout platitudes like this: -- >> we always have to keep the balance of civil liberties, privacy and security. it's not easy in a democracy, but we have to keep it in mind. john: of course there's a line that has to be drawn. how about asking the candidates for some specifics? no one does. perry metzger, who runs a digital security firm, says
2:47 am
there need not be a trade-off between privacy and security. how can that be? >> really mostly what we have is a trade-off between security and non-security. people, you know, might want to read the contents of my grocery list, and i don't particularly care about that. but unfortunately, the contents of my grocery list are protected by the same things that protect my bank information, nuclear power plants, transit systems. you don't get security for one of these things without security for all of them. it is not possible to put back doors into our systems and still have those systems be safe from people with bad intentions. john: why? >> unfortunately, we don't know how to do it. john: is it weird that the candidates rarely get asked about this or speak about it? >> well, it seems to me to be something that should be a major issue. the infrastructure of the united
2:48 am
states now runs on computer networks and computers, and disrupting that infrastructure is probably something that people who don't like us might want to be able to do. and yet it really isn't something that they discuss at all. john: back to snowden. trump said he should be killed because he's a traitor. >> if he's a traitor, who exactly did he betray us to? that seems to imply that the american public is the enemy. there's something wrong with that sort of thought, i think. john: he broke the laws. hillary clinton also says snowden should be caught and punished. >> he broke the laws of the united states. he could have been a whistleblower, he could have gotten all the protections of being a whistleblower, he could have raised all the issues that he has raised, and i think there would have been a positive response to that. john: he could have gone to the congress. >> people tried doing that. there's a gentleman named william binny who tried going through channels, thomas drake tried going through channels. there were a lot of people who tried going through channe
2:49 am
most of them, at best, were ignored. some of them, like thomas drake, ended up getting charged with federal crimes only to have the charges dropped. the message at the nsa was very clear was that you could not go through channels. john: after the terror attack in california this year, the fbi said it needed to get inside the killer's iphone to see if there were isis contacts. they wanted apple to help them get past the phone's security. >> essentially, we're asking apple take the vicious guard dog away, let us try and pick the lock. john: apple replied: customers don't want their phones opened up. they want privacy. >> they have set out to design a phone that can't be opened. >> those phones aren't only protecting people's pokemon games, they're also protecting people's bank accounts. it's not possible to produce systems like the ones that the fbi would like that can't then be abused by bad actors as well. john: but the fbi did finally get into that iphone without apple's help. >> yes. by spending a considerable
2:50 am
amount of money. what the fbi would like is to have it be so simple that lots of bad people would also be in a position to do this, possibly without even being local to the phone. john: on "fox & friends," donald trump argued that a after a terrorist attack companies ought to give the fbi access. >> to think that apple won't allow us to get into her cell phone, who do they think they are? >> i think they have a responsibility to hundreds of million of people and not simply to the director of the fbi. it is not possible to produce safe systems that have back doors in them. again, it would be lovely if we had magic and could do that sort of thing, but we don't. john: i would think that spying and privacy would be pretty big issues for presidential candidates to discuss. did you know that the police can turn on the microphone on your cell phone even when this thing is off and secretly listen to your conversations? they can also watch you via the
2:51 am
camera on your computer. the fbi director was asked about that this month. >> do you still have a piece of tape over your cameras -- >> heck, yeah. >> -- at home? >> heck, yeah. i think people ought to take responsibility for their own safety and security. and there's some sensible things you ought to be doing, and that's one of them. >> this, apparently, is something sensible to do -- >> it's probably so in the current environment. john: because bad guys or the cops could spy on me even when the thing is off? >> yeah. but i will point out, however, that the fact that the fbi director has to be afraid of this seems to indicate that the fbi isn't doing a very good job of protecting us. and, in fact, probably shouldn't be spending so much time trying to undermine the security of products like that laptop. the fact that you have to worry about those things is an issue. when apple tried to secure these systems so they can't be abused, that's something we should welcome, not something we should
2:52 am
excoriate them for. john: fbi director comey also said this -- >> in any government office, we all have our little camera things that sit on top of the screen. they all have a little lid that closes down on them. you do that so that people who don't have authority don't look at you. john: i had no idea about this. in all government offs a lid? >> some government offices certainly have that. but again i have to ask, you know, why is it that the security on the government's computers is so poor while the government spends quite so much money attempting to break into and listen in on everything in sight? one would think that they would have some interest in defending our systems, not just in tearing them down. but it seems they spend almost all of their budget and all of their attention on offense and very, very little on defense, which is a shame. john: thank you, perry metzger. next, the most disgusting evasion from the leading presidential candidates. >> i want to be unpredictable
2:53 am
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♪ ♪ john: presidential candidates say things that people like to hear. >> i'd like to bring people from right, left, red, blue, get them into a nice warm, purple space where everybody is talking. [laughter]
2:57 am
john: what a nice idea, bring people together into a warm, purple space where we'll all talk. no one's ever thought of that before. of course they have. but politicians love these poll-tested answers that mean nothing. hillary won't even give a straight answer when a reporter asks softball questions like do you agree with trump's approach to terror and immigration? >> this is a serious challenge. we are well equipped to meet it, and we can do so in keeping with smart law enforcement, good intelligence and in concert with our values. john: what does that mean? she doesn't detail what smart law enforcement is or good intelligence. does that mean we have bad intelligence and law enforcement now? >> you're going to fix it, then tell us how. trump has a reputation for plain speaking, but he's as bad as hillary when it comes to dodging specifics when reporters ask questions. he sounds like he's going to
2:58 am
answer, but then he wanders around, never really answering. here a reporter asks will you ban all foreign muslims? >> as of this moment, i am very unhappy when i look at the world of radical islam, i'm very unhappy with it. we're going to find the problem, and we're going to come up with a solution. obama could never come up with a solution. number one, he's incompetent, and number two, the solution just is never going to be out there for him. john: it's all obama's fault. come on, mr. trump, will you ban foreign muslims? what's your solution, president trump? it's rarely clear. it's just magically going to be good. here chris wallace asks a specific question about our debt crisis. >> would you be willing to use the debt limit and risk the possibility of the country going into default to get more spending cuts? >> i would use the debt limit -- i don't want to say. i want to be unpredictable because, you know, we need unpredictability. everything is so predictable with our country. john: yeah.
2:59 am
and i suppose it's predictable that if he says i might default or we have to cut medicare, he'd lose votes. so just shout platitudes instead. >> the central question in this election is really what kind of country we want to be is and what kind of future we'll build together. today is my granddaughter's second birthday, so i think about this a lot. john: oh, how sweet, her granddaughter. both leading candidates hide from the truth. it's one more reason i'll vote libertarian. gary johnson will at least say what needs to be said. >> nobody's talking about balancing the federal budget, nobody's talking about reforming medicaid or medicare. john: those are clearly not popular things to talk about. but presidential candidates ought to talk about them. so much is at stake. the fact that hillary and trump won't speak the truth is irresponsible and dangerous. that's our show.
3:00 am
thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ have a great weekend. good night. >> this show has never been solely about investments. we talked about anything that affected people and their money. the new "wall street week." anthony: welcome to "wall street week." i'm anthony scaramucci. liz: i'm liz claman. the 016 presidential election has hit the home stretch with the candidate squaring off in


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