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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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prize in literature for having created new poetic expressions within the great american song tradition. comes with a lot of money. he didn't need it. >> he doesn't, but he is a poet. that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> you know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. [laughter] right? the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. liz: hillary called millions of americans deplorables, irredeemable, from catholics to latinos, a sixth wikileaks data dump is out, more damaging
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e-mails revealing hillary clinton braintrust had gone full tilt on disparaging people. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. hillary clinton's current campaign manager, the chairman, john podesta and a left-wing activist discussed how to change the catholic church from within, using progressive groups to insight a catholic spring revolution, like the arab spring. remember that? and in 2012 e-mail from sandy newman, president and founder of the progressive nonprofit voices for progress writes to john podesta -- podesta replies --
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earlier today on fox business, the catholic league president bill donahue lashed out. >> we have positive proof here that john podesta is in conversation with left-wing activist, sandy newman. how can we create a revolution within the catholic church? what kind of seeds need to be planted? and podesta says we've been working on that, we set up the groups, catholics in alliance for the common good and catholics united, two phony groups funded by george soros. liz: here is donald trump calling out the e-mails, blasting them, take a listen. >> new e-mails show members of the clinton team viciously attacking catholics and evangelicals. they attacked catholics and
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evangelicals! [booing] viciously. and that won't be tolerated but won't be tolerated by the voters. liz: fact check to be clear, the e-mails had attacked conservative catholics. we have trump national diversity coalition brunell donald-kiey. you say this is an attack on the faithful of the catholic church everywhere. >> good to see you, god bless you and god bless america. this goes to show hillary clinton and the wikileaks showing that she has one face in private and one face in public and it's the same thing with her campaign team. obviously, based on the e-mails. what i would say is the people of god generally are under attack. you know, people that came to this country were here because of their religious freedoms. they were being persecuted in england.
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they came here to be able to practice religion and here we go again with the attacks on the people of god, and imagine. i believe like the catholic voters like 42 million, if i'm not mistaken? that's a lot of voters going to the ballots for donald j. trump on november 8th. a lot of our laws and things like that are based on scriptures and things like that. so i just find it disgusting, disrespectful. it just goes to the same thing. she's called donald trump supporters deplorable, bernie sanders supporters basement dwellers, and i'm just like, wow, you want to be the president of the united states but you can't keep disrespecting, and, you know, making people feel like they're nobody, you're not going to be president. that's basically what is happening. people are waking up. america is waking up, and the people of god are awake.
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liz: you know, brunell, so interesting what you're saying, i want to get your thoughts because you're so articulate and so honest with what you say. >> thank you you. >> point out 32 million catholics voted in 2012, and you know what's interesting, they're so diverse the catholic faithful. five of the last nine presidents that the catholics voted for were democrats and basically catholics, basically the conference of catholic bishops want universal health care, they wanted it since 1919, they want the same things that the democrats are for but it risks alienating a big base when you are neck-and-neck in some of the states, right, brunell? >> that's what's been happening with the wikileaks, the alienation of the american people. a lot of people weren't awake. now america is awake, i'm sure the catholics are awake.
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i'm sure the christians, my brothers and sisters, we are all awake and we're not going to stand for our religious freedoms to be stepped on and mocked and disrespected. liz: all right, brunell -- >> we will have a problem on november 8th. liz: we have another issue and love your thoughts on this. donald trump told anderson cooper otherwise at the debate, the "new york times" publishing accusations of six women accusing donald trump of sexual harassment. one of the women told the "new york times" trump assaulted her on a flight over 30 years ago. take a listen. >> his hands were all over me. he started encroaching on my space, and i hesitate to use this expression but i'm going to, and that is he was like an octopus. it was like he had six arms. he was all over the place. when he started putting his hand up my skirt, that was it. liz: trump responded to the allegations earlier today.
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>> the claims are preposterous, ludicrous and defy truth, common sense and logic. we already have substantial evidence to dispute these lies, and it will be made public in an appropriate way and at an appropriate time. these attacks are orchestrated by the clintons and their media allies. the only thing hillary clinton has going for herself is the press. liz: brunell, we don't have proof from the trump campaign from the clintons are behind this, right? we don't have evidence of that. what do you think of these accusations? >> what i think is that it's desperation by the democratic party. i believe they already know they have lost this presidency, and the only thing they can do is bring up these people. there probably have been paid, no doubt in my mind. liz: we don't have evidence of that, right? >> we don't have evidence of it. 30 years later, all of a sudden
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you're telling us about the groping. what i will tell you is this, it's all a distraction. the american people must focus on this election on ourselves. we have got to get selfish with our nation. we need the wall to be built to protect our nation. we need jobs for our inner cities. our children need school choice. we want to make sure that we're not be screwed on the nafta deals. we want to make sure that we don't have a president who's corrupted our department of justice, our fbi or any other area of the law. we need a president that will be subject to the laws like everybody else, and if hillary clinton sits in that chair, not only are we looking at corruption from the top down, but we're also looking at a person who will not respect our religious freedom, who believes in open borders, who wants to bring in another 55,000 refugees. we're not standing for it. we're not going to have it on
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november 8th, vote donald j. trump. don't be distracted, stay focused. liz: brunell, i could go five hours with you, you are trump national diversity coalition. >> we're at war, we're at war. liz: love to have you back on. thank you so much for your time. >> god bless you and god bless america. liz: god bless you, too. in another leaked e-mail, qatar promised $1 million check to bill clinton for his birthday via his clinton foundation. an employee at the clinton foundation told several aides to the e-mail including doug bren, quote -- and the e-mail thread also reveals that qatar officials put aside $20 million for development in haiti in conjunction with the clinton activities, and following that huge earthquake that killed
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almost one quarter of a million people. let's take it to political power panel. conservative review's chief political correspondent deneen borelli and jessica tarlov. that feels like a conflict of interest, yeah? >> seems stinky, somewhere overblown and some seem much more serious. there's nothing more responsible democrat denying there's far too cozy of a relationship here. haiti argument is a difficult one. i've seen hillary surrogates say when you're in a pinch and want to help in a natural disaster, you call people that you know, and the clinton foundation tried to create more jobs and offer aid obviously, and they haven't been as successful as they might have been. that's a tricky one for me. liz: i hear what you're saying. >> we know how the world works and it does work this way on both sides. >> million dollar check for a five-minute talk. >> have you heard him talk?
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liz: a million dollars. to deneen, after hillary's deplorables comment, bill clinton mocking trump supporters, take a listen. >> look, man. the other guys' base is what i grew up in. you know, i'm basically your standard redneck. liz: what do you think, deneen? >> the clintons continue to really be discouraging and double down on their comments on america, disparaging comments. bill clinton made that comment and turned around and said he didn't say it. that's not what he meant. thank goodness we have video proof when it comes to hillary, bill, with her health, the 9/11 celebration, not the celebration but the remembrance of it, excuse me. thank goodness there is video proof. any time the clintons say and do something, they deny it, they lie, and the americans need to know what the truth is. one thing after another. liz: somewhere saying that bill
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clinton was actually making fun of himself. hey, i'm a redneck. >> that's not how it came out. and listen, americans are tired of the clintons, tired of what they do, what they say. and the other thing is the media does not cover what they should be covering, especially when it comes to the clinton foundation as you mentioned a few minutes ago, with the question, what the clintons have done, the pay-to-play, what's going on and the questions surrounding. that it's outrageous they've gotten away with so much. liz: interesting, jessica, he said, bill clinton, you know, in that redneck context of the quote he was saying trump campaign is promising an economy of 15 years ago, it was in a recession, i don't know if he meant it that way. what did you make of it? >> i don't like the term redneck, he was trying to be self-effacing. i saw the deplorables comment. i like the term deplorable, definitely don't say 50% of the supporters are that way.
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you have to be present for americans and they're going to remember you said that. >> it was the worst political line she heard. >> i haven't seen proof of it. but the obama administration knew bill clinton was going to say obamacare was the craziest thing because there's a push to reform it. public option and private insurance, i just want to say when you say people are sick of the clintons it's not how the polls look right now and should talk about wikileaks. >> she's been in politics forever. >> so what. >> the amount of money she's spent on the campaign and the polls are as close as they are. she should be doing much better than donald trump, but she's not. >> 24 hours, 11 sexual assault victims have come institute and look at the timing of it. that is amazing. and ignoring the wikileaks e-mails that are coming out. liz:ou are on fire and coming back, are you going to bring it? >> yeah! >> by the way. >> bill clinton, the blue dress.
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the fallout. >> if you're going parade these women. >> it was the "new york times," they have lost credibility with americans. >> they're the newspaper of note. liz: leave it there. >> you guys are great. liz: love it. by the way, we're less than an hour away from a new fox poll coming out at 6:00 p.m. on "making money" with charles payne, it is coming out on fox business at the top of the hour. next guest says hillary camp mocking conservative catholics, what about the refusal to say the term radical islam. we're staying on that story. basically the next guest says it's proof she will continue president obama's failed isis policies. he's iraq veteran pete hegseth. he's with me and he's next. don't go away. >> we are not at war with islam, and it is a mistake and it plays into the hands of the terrorists to act as though we are.
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. >> what i have been careful about, when i describe these issues is to make sure that we do not lump these murderers into the billion muslims that exist around the world, including in this country. >> it's also very short-sighted and very dangerous to be engaging in the demagogic rhetoric that donald has about muslims.
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liz: got new leaked e-mails showing the clinton campaign didn't hold back when it came to ridiculing conservative catholics, they also in one e-mail talked about needy latinos. how does this square with them not using the term islamic terror, watch. >> when you start calling these organizations islamic terrorists, the way it's heard, the way it's received by our friends and allies around the world is that somehow islam is terroristic. so do i think that if somebody uses the phrase islamic terrorism that it's a huge deal? no. >> we're not at war with islam, and it is a mistake and it plays into the hands of the terrorists to act as though we are. liz: my next guest says this rhetoric is hurting the war against isis and hillary
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presidency will just continue obama's failed policies there. joining me iraq veteran and executive direct offer vets for freedom, pete hegseth. what do you make of the isis rhetoric will be used to recruit islamic terrorists? >> this is a group of people who have been a part of the suicide of western civilization, meaning we abandon the things that made western civilization special and important while apologizing for the radical aspects of the culture that is threatening us. i don't think the religion of islam is violent, i look at the koran and see violent passages that the radicals draw from and they're at war with us. either we confront the ideology and defeat it but don't defeat it by pointing at catholics and evangelicals and christians here at home by saying you're the problem or you're not important. we're refusing to identify ideology. liz: in the 9/11 report you used the term radical islamic terror seven times, terrorists,
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and we did build a coalition in middle east and countries that were muslim when we needed them. the president keeps saying that he doesn't want to validate isis as islamic. does isis need the president's validation to do what it's doing? >> of course not. islamic state is islamic. they look to the same koran as the rest of the muslims look to and look at the verses and emphasize them. liz: in your expertise, you haven't seen the muslim moderate turn away from the fight against radical islam. >> see something, say something if you're a moderate muslim to the radicals. there's not been enough of it, we've seen places in the united states where muslims have not called out radicals, and we have leaders who won't call them by the name. liz: iranians are dispatching 44th flotilla, a destroyer and supplies ships to the waters off yemen, that's where the
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u.s. military launched cruise missile strikes after houthi forces launched attacks. this sounds like escalation. >> every moment we've bowed to the iranians and initiatives, haven't stood up and said no more. if you fire on us, we're going to deal with you directly. you've seen the videotapes of our sailors and others. when iran interprets us as weak, they take advantage. this is going to happen until january 20th and beyond depending who our president is. liz: pete, stay with me on this. inaction, inin action syria led to a refugee crisis that changed europe forever and england forever, dial it back, if we had taken a hard line in syria would anything be happening like this now? >> it's a hypothetical, we don't know. liz: and the iran deal. >> the iran deal is the epicenter of the entire disaster. when we work with enemies to build the deal that benefits them, the rest of the world
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says the americans could be hoodwinked for anything. the red line we didn't enforce, it looks like we're complicit to our enemies and as a result, no one takes us seriously. when the united states of america is not taken seriously, it's open season, there is -- it's not that we have to be the police of the entire world, we're the sheriff of the free world. when the sheriff takes a knee, the rest of the world takes advantage. liz: come back, will you? >> any time. liz: great to have you. hillary clinton's campaign blaming russia for the wikileaks scandal. the next guest says there is something else happening, too. mainstream media is doing the same for hillary but information is far less credible. after this. >> they keep that camera pinned to my face. they don't even want to show what's behind me. they keep the camera pinned to
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my face. they are so dishonest. [chanting]
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. >> this whole effort is led by the russians, the russians orchestrated the attack. russian interference in this election and their apparent input on behalf of mr. trump is, i think -- should be of utmost concern to all americans. liz: hillary clinton's campaign accusing the russians of hacking e-mails and thus working with donald trump. my next guest is asking what about the media basically not taking a hard look about how information about trump is being leaked. he basically is talking about
5:28 pm
how the "new york times" published leaked tax information, and basically stories leaked about trump's sexual harassment of about, now, we're hearing half a dozen accusers today. the "washington post" also leaked the trump's hot mic tapes, another one about him earlier this year allegedly acting as his own publicist years ago. with me now is tim graham. can you draw a connection between the u.s. media and russia here? >> as he suggests, basically they don't care where the information comes from, if it's information they like, so the "new york times," when it gets tax information in an envelope with the post-it marked trump tower, they say we don't know where this came from, and we don't care. liz: no, no, they did try to nail it down and did try to
5:29 pm
check the providence of it, and checked with his tax preparers as well, so the "new york times" did make an effort. i hear what you're saying. >> they check the authenticity of the document. liz: i hear what you're saying. what we're not hearing, what's interesting, i'd love your thoughts on this, when the hillary campaign talks about hacking russia e-mails, have you heard them question anything from the clinton campaign, question the authenticity of any of the e-mails? >> i think they've try to vaguely generally suggest not everything in there is -- that you can't -- you need to verify every individual one before you start talking about it, that's a way to slow the story down, so, yeah, what i was trying to say about the tax documents is, you know, there was not a lot of fomentation in the rest of the press, the documents were authentic but don't care about the source.
5:30 pm
to talk about russia is just to try to throw everybody off in what we've noticed in the e-mails that's really important is the e-mails show that the news media is operating hand in glove with the clintons and that reporters are coming to the clinton's press aides and saying you can veto our stories, you can tell us what to do at the end of one of them at the "new york times," the clinton aide actually says sorry i'm on an iphone, i can't cut and paste the story the way i want it. liz: you know, i want to just ask you about the issue about where the material comes from? because i do think you raise a valid point. for instance, remember when the tobacco industry was roiled by claims from a whistle-blower how the tobacco company was doctoring tobacco, then the tobacco companies are the ones attacking the whistle-blower,
5:31 pm
that changed the story. do you understand what i mean? find out who the source is of all the information, that would change the story, right, tim? >> right, one of the reasons the press loss of anonymous sourcing, you don't question where the stuff came from, i think it's always fair for people to be able to wonder in any one of the stories where it came from. in this case, when you're looking at the wikileaks e-mails, we understand what the documents are. they're e-mails to and from john podesta, the top clinton aide. >> right. >> the other stories we've been talking about we don't know who the leaker is and what the agenda is, but that should be part of the story. liz: that's exactly the point, tim. that's exactly the point. you nailed it right there. such an important point. and i don't think the clinton campaign, we haven't seen them debunk the authenticity of the e-mails to date, and if you find that, will you come back us to if you get it? >> sure. liz: thank you so much,
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terrific work. tim, thanks again. new e-mail leaks proving hillary's public opinions were the opposite from her private ones. hillary clinton hitting both wall street and russia hard in public, but in private, more like a lovefest. we're going to show you the evidence next, that's coming up.
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. liz: new e-mail leaks basically showing that hillary clinton's public opinions, well, they're pretty much the opposite from
5:36 pm
the private ones, and that's tonight's focus. hillary hitting wall street and russia hard in public. in private, just like before, looks like a lovefest. first up hillary publicly taking on wall street. take a listen. >> we're going to keep the tough rules on wall street. donald wants to get rid of them. i'm going to make sure they work so wall street never wrecks main street again. liz: but a hack -- this is what happened. a hack, an 80-page roundup of hillary clinton's speeches not released. nobody had access to, we get a first look into the six figure wall street speeches. long story short, shows clinton praising the financial industry. take a look. when a questioner at goldman sachs said that, you know, basically hillary clinton -- rather that goldman sachs raised money for hillary
5:37 pm
clinton, hillary joked that goldman employees are the smartest people, and just something that need to pass for political reasons and the jury is still out whether wall street is to blame for the financial crisis. back to our political panel, deneen and jes. trump great america pac co-chair ed rollins wasn't what do you make of it? >> the two faces of hillary clinton, she's a hypocrite. two positions for one issue, the private and public position and depends who her audience is. she wants the wall street money so she'll say whatever she needs to say to get the money before americans. she wants their vote, she's going to say what she has to before them. liz: another one where hillary's public opinion are exact opposite from private ones. leaked feelings about russia. publicly hillary clinton said she will stand up to putin, take a listen. >> russia has decided that it's
5:38 pm
all-in in syria, and they've also decided who they want to see become president of the united states too, and it's not me. i've stood up to russia, i've taken on putin and others, and i would do that as president. liz: a newly leaked speech however that hillary gave to goldman sachs in 2013 says something differently. she said -- earlier that same year, clinton said i sat next to putin, engaging and interesting conversationalist. we talk about a lot of issues, not just hot-button issues between us. what do you think, jess? >> that comparison doesn't work for me whatsoever. i actually think this leak in terms of her, quote, private positions is not the end of the world for hillary clinton. there are few things that make progressives happier.
5:39 pm
we new from hillary care, she's not a single payer, in my dream world, we'd have a common market. that's not fantastic. liz: two different things being said about putin and russia. >> so hillary clinton has always been a supporter of muscular militaryism which is diplomacy first and if you have to go to war, you go to war. she was advocate for the no-fly zone, president obama overruled and we backed away from the red line. hillary clinton is more hawkish than president obama, we know that, that's why republicans and foreign policy staff are more comfortable with her. >> we're back to the two faces of hillary clinton. quote tells it all and what she says before americans, she wants to put coal miners out of work. >> that's not the whole quote. >> she liked hydraulic fracturing now doesn't like it. talking about jobs. people's livelihoods, she's going after hard working americans by firing them and trying to do away with the
5:40 pm
industry. >> i don't think that's fair, and the coalmining quote, if you read the entire thing, she said we need to get these people other jobs. >> other jobs in the green energy industry. >> obviously. she's a fan of the green industry. >> i get that. >> her role is to go in there and say they're going to be fired but i'm going to have tax revenue and retrain you for another job. that's not her role. >> can i ask you where is donald trump's muslim ban? that was the premiere -- >> classic. >> classic? >> we know each other well, and i'm happy to do it now, it makes my point. donald trump has flip-flopped more than hillary clinton, he's not a politician. he doesn't know what he's talking about which makes him more unfit to be president. but signature policy muslim ban, what is it today? >> that's not what he's saying today. >> what is it? >> that's not what he's saying today. >> right. he sold that to a primary
5:41 pm
audience. >> impossible to screen the individuals. talking about law and order and security for our country. that is what is important. liz: all right, we got to leave it, there deneen and jessica, thank you for a fiery debate. will you come back on the show? >> yes. liz: anonymous senior fbi official telling fox news the decision to basically led hillary clinton off the hook on the private e-mail server and classified information that really angered a lot of fbi agents on the inside. we have former fbi assistant director, he's jim kallstrom. he is a highly respected fbi official. basically telling us as much on this show, and joins us to tell us more what current fbi agents are now saying. that's after this. don't go away. never stops being? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
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or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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. >> looking back at our investigations into the mishandling or removal of classified information, we
5:45 pm
cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. we are expressing to justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case. liz: an anonymous senior fbi official telling fox exclusively the decision to let hillary clinton off the hook really angered fbi agents on the inside saying -- former fbi assistant director jim kallstrom joins me on the phone. mr. kallstrom, you are a highly respected former fbi official. people really look up to you. what are your thoughts about
5:46 pm
the quote that i just read? >> well, first. hi, liz, how you doing? no, i think it's right. i mean, i don't have the absolute inside information, liz, but i can tell you, i was flabbergasted also, and as more and more of this comes out, it's just not the way the fbi operates. starting off with the fact that the fbi does not make the prosecutable decision, that goes to the attorney general. so why the fbi director did that is the first time in history i heard that happening. you don't give, you know, the co-conspirators immunity, that never happens, and then you don't allow them in on the interview where, you don't even get to actually ask second and third round of questions in the interview. the whole thing, i could go on for an hour what was wrong with the investigation. liz: you know, also when you talk about the immunity for clinton's aides.
5:47 pm
basically, the fbi in this instance, they didn't seize any of the laptops, any of the clinton's aides' laptops, the only way was via immunity. what do you make of that? >> it's crazy, craziest thing i heard in my life. there was no grand jury impanelled which i'm learning now, you can't get grand jury subpoenas. liz: why is that? why was no grand jury impaneled? >> because there was never going to be a criminal action against hillary clinton. that was a fact, and you know, you got the president of the united states and hillary both on unsecure e-mails. he has a pseudonym name communicating back and forth. once this happens, there is never prosecution of anybody. liz: have you talked to fbi officials about this? are they just as angry as you? >> yes, i've talked to at least a couple of hundred people,
5:48 pm
most of which are outside the bureau, retired agents. high-level agents, regular agents and a number of people inside the bureau. liz: what do they say? >> i've talked to federal judges, former u.s. attorneys, i've talked to lawyers. it's pretty uniform that other than one hate letter i received from an agent asking me that i was -- telling me i was not part of the fbi family, and other than that, it was unanimous that this is put a black eye on the fbi. you know, comey, i always thought he was a good guy, i recommended to judge pataki to make him u.s. attorney when i was working for the governor. i thought he was a straight arrow, but this thing at some point in time in the investigation, the whole thing went south, you know? i don't care how much jim comey claims that it's the way the fbi does it. it's not the way the fbi does it. liz: the fbi are the unsung heroes, they adhere to the constitution, they fight to protect the safety and liberty
5:49 pm
of this country, and i hear what you're saying and we are so grateful for you and your service to the nation. jim kallstrom, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you very much. liz: it's a regular headline now, and it's a tragic and disgraceful one. more police shot. this time two boston police officers wounded by gunmen clad in body armor. we've got the details. sergeant penny says cops will continue to be targets while the administration and hillary clinton blame them for implicit bias, that's after this. >> shots fired, i need every officer to make their way. 136 gladstone street. >> we have an officer down. >> we need an ambulance.
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[ gunshots ] . liz: more police targeted, two boston officers shot, in critical condition, after being attacked pie a man in body armor and armed with assault rifle. >> we got shots fired, i need every officer available to make their way, 136 gladstone street, please. >> i think we have an officer down. >> we need an ambulance. liz: police identifying the suspect as 33-year-old kirk figueroa, listed as the founder of elite, the same website found on the bumper sticker found on a car towed from the scene. with me dallas fallen officer foundation demetrick pennie suing black lives matter for causing race riots. another police shooting, demetrick, why is this
5:54 pm
happening? >> dangerous environment set by this administration. we've had 99 police officers killed so far. 44 police officers been killed by gunfire. they can't tell me this is not a war against police officers. it's happening across the country. we got to find a way to stop it. law enforcement officers are underequipped, undermanned, they don't have the manpower. they don't have the resource, they don't have the funding. you know, this is something that's part of a bigger scheme they think we need to start looking at as voters, us in the law enforcement community. we got to find a way to fix this. >> larry, to sergeant penny's comment there. looks like there's been a spike in highre versus police officer killed in the line of duty, the 99, sergeant. the year is not over, and it's 99. might be a record year for police shootings.
5:55 pm
you say it's the administration, you say black lives matter. in your case, you have proof, larry, it links comments to police shootings. can you tell us about, that larry? >> that's right. it's black lives matter. it's president obama, it's hillary clinton, it's loretta lynch, it's eric holder, most particularly people like louis farrakhan of the nation of islam, we know one of his disciples killed the dallas police officers. not just white, not just jews but black police officers to collaborate with whites.ick is hero. he doesn't just talk, he came forward, when he did, he's been threatened with death threats and other threats. we went to a court in dallas. we're asking the federal court there which i'm a member to issue an injunction to prevent this kind of hate speech which is whipping up this. and we drew a clinton appointed judge, african-american judge and i was hoping he would be
5:56 pm
fair, but we asked him for a hearing when demetrick was threatened and refused to give it to us. demetrick sat there by himself. liz: why did he refuse it? we don't have much time left. why did that refusal take place? >> i think he's biased. we asked him to get off the case. he's saying what farrakhan is saying, he's calling to kill white people and policemen, that's our personal belief, shows a by awe're going to take the matter up with the court and prevent an order that creates the hate speech. we'll get a good judge here. liz: sergeant pennie, thank you for your service to the country, and larry thank you for your time. appreciate it. next up, new fox poll at 6:00 p.m. where, do the candidates stand after hillary's wikileaks data drop and trump's hot mic tapes and the allegations of assault about donald trump against six women now. the answer is minutes away.
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6:00 pm
liz: a new fox news poll taken before trump's accusers stepped forward. charles payne has that on "making money." charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. a new fox news poll released showing hillary clinton leading donald trump by 7 points in a four-way race compared to the same poll a week ago showing donald trump down 4 points. in terms of the tape that of course donald trump with the vulgar comments, women are saying that it's a deal breaker for them.


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