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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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liz: in the final debate will be hosted by fox news on wednesday. chris wallace moderates. charles payne making money is next. charles: donald trump is dumbly down on the charge that hillary clinton is beating him because the polls into the election is fixed. it's absolutely been ranked by the distorted media. more than 20 times this weekend he made this claim. watch this. >> it's a rigged election. bring to beat the rigged system. joining me now. or maybe or maybe adriana
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you're in the media you're part of the print media. what do you make of what he's saying with respect to the media giving hillary clinton the edge. >> i think it's a very balanced newspaper. he is right. the hell hill just came out with a report. he does just look at the three major networks they had 27 minutes of anti- trump coverage versus only one minute of anti- hillary coverage. and it was bad on radio. they had 11 negative stories on donald trump and zero on hillary. of his blatant i don't know
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what is. that's it's a serious charge. if we can trust elections how much of an influence we don't know. all you need is 250,000 votes across five or six battleground states. an cyber hacking. thpontial is tre. his raising a very real issue. 70% of republicans actually think could happen. some of the states have republican governors. it would seem that the state apparatus would have to be involved.
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carl, where could we see this potential for rigging at the election and throwing it. you also have the democratic operatives behind the scenes the party is using protesters as supporters to go hit the protesters. i'm using the media for their benefit. how do you stop that how do you present it. they are bringing it out. donald trump out of anything else in the select and selected has identified the problem in the system. >> kept understand what these different states we really know how much. shepard smith is said to get a
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greater chance of being struck by lightning than having voter fraud happen we don't know if it actually occurs. hundred 20 million votes. [indiscernible] >> hum come they're there same for it to claim its rigged is the most irresponsible things to do. qualified in every way shape and form for the ballot on the independent party in line they seem to have denied them even the ballot. despite tons of legal precedent. we do understand how dangerous this is.
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how dangerous is it to say there is those rigged without having absolute proof. should we assume as americans what would make you sure are convinced that this election is rigged if donald trump does it when do you think it is rigged? >> i don't think that is it. there is proof go online and look up voter fraud there is proof that it is committed. this stuff happens and it's proven. >> there is a lightning bolt donald trump said the media's bias. it shows a political reporter sending an article.
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because i have. you talk about vetting this is an outrage. could we have a greater example than the fact that they are colluding with the trump campaign. they're asking for the clinton campaign. this was to be a completely separate independent body. the research group released a study in 2012 which said that one out of eight voter registrations are invalid. over 20 million registrations in the country are invalid.
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there are dead people voting. and do you think there's enough of them to tilt the election. do you think there's enough of that out there. >> there could be just look at the voter alliance. they came out with her is poor about virginia. over a thousand illegals voted in 2012 and charles: ford, let me ask you this. on the mainstream media what they're saying is it's really a dog whistle to intimidate voters in places like st. louis and philadelphia and maybe in inner cities how do you counteract that particular argument from the mainstream media. >> they don't seem to understand that a lot of voters actually question the
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validity of elections. they had been down plain what downplaying what has happened with election fraud only 17% of democrats think that it could be possibly swiped. >> it has to be a very close election. you can't rig hundred 20 million votes. if it comes down to 1% and florida in florida in ohio in north carolina it could be a situation where we need to audit those votes. there was a poll pullout today. this could actually be stolen from trump. 70% of republicans think that it's a possibility. thank you all very much. if you continue to be a topic. in the meantime they're hammering the speaker paul ryan. will he come around in his wisconsin state.
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>> donald trump slimming speaker ryan. the democrats had that. we have paul ryan always fighting. governor, welcome to the show. >> with this battle between donald trump and paul ryan a lot of focus has been on donald trump but what about
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the role and responsibilities that paul ryan has. you have to respect the voters in the nominee. paul ryan is speaker of the house of representatives. that is his top responsibility and he wants to make sure that he is the speaker making sure there is an effort republicans to be a majority. i think what you are seeing is that politics is always a local in all of these very races there are some that run on different issues. she is an outstanding congresswoman. and congresswoman. and she has her ideas and the issues that are important and the people in her district which may be different in another part of virginia. and sometimes different than republicans elsewhere in the country.
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i think they have a potential of being a great leader because he's motivated by ideas and reforms into the extent they can do something in the house here are ideas to make our country more competitive for manufacturing i think that would help house members in the presidential ticket as well. but wouldn't it be easier for them to usher in such legislation if the president was a republican? >> they don't necessarily have everyone running the same place you know it from the beginning i said i would like
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to see this campaign run on ideas that motivate people to make our country a stronger safer and more prosperous. you like to get things done. certainly there is a rigging process going on. the mainstream media and others. yet the rigging of most of the media. and that is understood. it's one of the reasons why newspapers are dying is that people know on the internet they can get biased information for free. the integrity of voting is really important i don't think the elections are rigged but voter fraud does exist. just last month in virginia a young college student was caught registering a person who was people know was not alive because he died two years ago and he was a son of
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a district court judge. they are really important for both parties to make sure that our ally. >> all right governor. great to be here. they might not get rid of it. but possibly they make got it. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses.
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charles: california lieutenant governor is sponsoring a new gun reform legislation.
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as a burden. it's cannot hurt gun and law-abiding owners. this is another attempt to got the second amendment. thank you for joining the show. in banning certain clips. when you look at the photo pm plate which is the official guide. it is the truth. it's best to be fact and accurate. it has been opening paragraph that is misleading. under federal and state law you can't have firearms if
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your can pick to the felon. and also in california we had state law which can't possess ammunition. what does it lead them to believe. that is not even true. federal law restricts the possession of firearms and ammunition this is already looking for something that was coming. they should be intimidated or worried about this. once it's passed there. it spent almost 5 million on this initiative. i'm not sure if it goes
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through it might set a new benchmark. they were able to videotape them using executive orders to close loopholes. executive orders. it sounds like she is ready to get it. that's exactly what it sounds like. we know that is her wish. she doesn't like guns she doesn't like the second amendment i have no doubt she would take it. but she doesn't. the president doesn't have that kind of power and right now we have a congress that would stop her and that people should be afraid of if she is elected who is she going to appoint to the court. if we have an anti- gun supreme court we could be in
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trouble with the second amendment. even with the right amount of justices on the supreme court when it still be difficult. what we had right now it has said that. if you listen to the rhetoric you will hear that it's going to overturn heller. dustin was can happen. look at what the night circuit did. it went to the night circuit it doesn't provide you any protection of a firearm outside your own home. if it makes its way now we can see the law of the land.
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charles: quid pro quo involving the state
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department, top official, kennedy allegedly pressuring fbi to downgrade the classification of one of hillary clinton's e-mails, advise that in exchange for marking the e-mails unclassified. would reciprocate by allowing fbi to place or agents in countries where they are more get end of of the more -- they are forbidden. >> you can see what was happening. patrick kennedy was working hard to minimize hillary clinton's exposure from a legal perspective. trying to get e-mails unclassified. therefore potentially saf save her from any criminal
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exposure. which did not happen because of way jim comey conducted the investigation. you could see why he would be willing to trade, for the declassification or unclassification of a secret e-mail. charles: doesn't this plow a hole in a premise that hillary clinton did not understand the e-mail markings, and role of this administration. trying to help her cover it up? >> i think this dan ministration has a lot more explaining to do. i believe a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate this. we were told by loretta lynch and others, you see someone like kennedy a political appointee trying to reduce the legal exposure from hillary clinton and others. charles: matthew, if an agent
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is offer a bribe, don't they send this up the chain of command. in particular if it came from the state department, make it to james comey? >> you would expect, if someone was offered something in exchange for a official action it would be reported up, as part of ethics rule in the federal government, this applied h me as u.s. interesting thing it is more of a institutional quid pro quo. state department offered something for fbi action and no individual benefited from it still, there are ethical and protocol. charles: would you say it is illegal. >> you don't see a lot of horse trading at the federal government, i cannot right now, find a federal law that s opinion violated. but there may be an overall
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breach of ethical duties, patrick kennedy may be subject to all sorts of bad. employment outcome. charles: matthew whitaker thank you. >> thank you. charles: bringing in our panel is discuss the political implications. >> this further suggests that we've assumed, that state department is behaving in a corrupt way to protect its own. we have hints of that, concerns their back and forth e-mails. in is the cherry on top of a sundae of corruption. charles: does not taste too good.
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>> they are down grading a classification in exchange for a sweet deal for a couple of fbi agents, the same fbi, in comey's level saying they should remove her security clearance. why are we having this conservation, about did she do something wrong. she can't even get a securit second clearance, how are you going to be president of the united states. charles: everyone had high marks for him anything into this. this is one of those things people have lost all faith and trust, not just with that administration but in the government in general. >> i think you are right issue we saw this is how he announced of some of what was going on with hillary clinton, in any other case, fbi would consider this unethical or illegal, but in this case, they will give it a pass, this is not surprising.
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>> bring in brad bowman, a democratic strategist. this is one of those things, it is shocking to me that hillary clinton's faic favorables are as high as 35%, how do you defend this? >> this is nothing but a routine effort on behalf of one government agency to talk to another to routine let's look and see if a document needs to be reclassified. charles: you say, they were offered goodies, in a real world that is a bribe. >> there no bribe. documents come up for review to take a look and say is this supposed to be or not, a top-secret government. that is all that happened. the fact that republicans who are engaged in a major party
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civil war, have you guys like issa, trying to hold on to their seats looking if grasping for anything political. charles: he did carl, suggested that maybe, patrick kennedy should be called in, i think that american public would like to hear answers from him, it did not sound like there was questioning going on, it was horse trading, in a private sector this seems like it should be illegal. >> massive scrutiny on war contractor in iraq and afghanistan, they would give kic kickbacks to benefit contractors for different jobs. charles: we're talking about marking down closecasions. >> that is for bigger deal. >> this funny is is routine, did she or did n she lie, this is a -- >> hold on.
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>> the fbi. charles: they were trying to cover her tracks for her. >> fbi said itself there was no quid pro quo, nothing that resystemme resembled that. >> you just read it, it clearly resembled. >> just because two conversations happened around same time, with the same man, we're all busy people are we're talking about various things, there are -- >> this time, i have to tell yo you. she has escaped criminal liability tie for this, some are wondering if those who allowed her to escape, were rewarded for it, this just adds fuel to the fire, we have to leave it there there damning stuff, looking at donald trump and hillary clinton's plan. the economy, who is best for the economy, your wallet and debt.
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i'm going to discuss it next.
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charles: mission to take back mosul from isis is underway. the iraqi army is optimistic. what happens if they win? we'll ask the experts next.
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charles: today federal reserve vice char chairman spoke about the dangers of low interests, he contha con-- contradict chairman. these are his warnings, low interest rates create longer,
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and deeper recessions, and makes the economy more vulnerable. it threatens financial inst i instability or stability. atlanta fed sees a third quarter gdp at 1.9%, their initial model had it at 3.5%. after bell there was a parade of earnings,etflix bt supremes margins. 8% in float is short. you could see a big short squeeze in the morning, ual ual,3.11, street was expecting 3.06. ibm beat on top and bottom line lines. weighing the economic plans, let's get to brass tax of what the election is about. tax u foundation, finds that
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donald trump's plan significantly boosts the economy more than hillary clinton's plan does in short-term but they conclude that longer term growth would suffer over 10 year period. is this new thinking to jump-start the economy more important than curbing debt. joining me now kathline hartnett-wright, you had a role in crafting this plan, the tax found doing said this creates a huge amount of jobs, and only negative, it could be a big one for some, it does add to the deficit. >> i think some annal ceas ease weut -- apple sis annal cease would agree with that until you get to the debt, there is enough increase revenue to avoid increasing the debt. and if the reduction in
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spending, and the regulatory reform played, that also, are measured to increase profit. it just -- productivity it might not have that impact on the debt, to get -- while this is not analysis made on precise figures. one of donald trump's trump cards is energy. and the amount of productivity and that could be achieved and envisioning the united states being a dominant exporter of oil and gas, in the world, you could actually and part of donald trump's economic and energy policy is to dedicate a portion of that to reduction of the debt. thithis is optimistic in bolds. bold. charles: live the natural gas part more than anything, pump
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it out hire for thre here for 3 buck, sell it for 14 and 17. a no-brainer. let's say, there is a little bit of debt added to this. even ronald reagan said that is one thing he regretted about his economy. this new thinking about that our economy has been in such a slumber this most important thing is to jump-start it, get wages and jobs up and concern, worry about debt later? >> you read my mind, as you was speaking, i was thinking job creation or for the sake of bak basic human welfare needs to be number one priority, one in 6 men in u.s. iseeither out of work or in prison it is time for bold optimistic determined measures. >> thank you for joining us, we'll see you real soon, coming up, donald trump and hillary clinton are locked in a all out swing state
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when filling at any of the more than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ charles: donald trump and hillary clinton are neck-and-neck in north carolina and nevada. in ohio, donald trump has a 4. advantage. but either candidate right now, sort of a toss up in florida, at the end of the day, they will need latina vote. joining me now. noel, you are the fundraiser. the polls are tightening in some key swing states. i think that donald trump has the momentum. trump loses ground in ohio.
6:48 pm
last two polls there he is building momentum. >> yeah, you know, i thought that was fishy myself. i will tell new florida, one thing is strange, they say that a real iffy deal in florida, if you go to miami-dade county, more registered hispanic voters are republican, that out weighs the democrat. charles: how do you know -- >> they said reg stre registered, i was going by what i read. charles: i know that young cubans did noters in let's liknecessarily like the older cuban. >> i will say, anger for hillary clinton, and more e-mail with podesta saying what they thought did catholics -- thought about catholics and whatnot, that probably angers them. charles: you have a pretty interesting.
6:49 pm
what do you make. i had checked off ohio for donald trump three weeks ago, then it got tight. can he duplicate that you know pennsylvania, maybe. he has to win quite a few states. >> in ohio, most interesting indicator how many democrats have gone to republican side, i don't think that it has been substantial but i don't think is that good for trump, a lot came to vote against him. if you look at state like pennsylvania, i thought that would go to him, but now we're seeing hillary clinton with i a 9 point lead before this video. i brought small town pennsylvania newspaper, they are gunning hard for it democrats for trump ad. they have really been gunning hard trying to swing the blue collar vote. i think you have to consider moms out there and also
6:50 pm
growing latino pap laying i population in pennsylvania. >> expert saying, suburban women, and suburban philadelphia, where hillary clinton might be able to pull it out, but we have bombing of north carolina g.o.p. office. just you know we don't know who did it, that is despicable. things like that could change a pendulum. >> yeah. you are right. that was say disgrace. i consider it political terrorism. it looks like a terror attack. that was really despicable. i think there is a chance. i know trump is trailing in pennsylvania. but there is a good chance for him to pull this out. because, he talks about bad trade teal deals under president obama and liberals, looks at statistics, pennsylvania has lost 300,000
6:51 pm
manufacturer jobs, due in part by nafta and bad trade deals like tpp . if he hammers that home he would do great with the blo the blew collar workers. charles: donald trump had a huge enthusiasm gap, i still think it is bigger than polls suggestion. also, hillary clinton, she has serogates in arizona, they are running ads in texas. what is that about? she thinks she is going to win texas now. >> you know. charles: we've seen the polls get tight before, and take off and raise money, chill out she thought he had it in the bank then she was scrambling. >> think about voter that was really passionate about bernie sanders, if they see a big 10. lead, they probably will not activate and get out and vote. trump supporters be crazy.
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charles: i don't think? >> i think they are. is not. >> begunningingly -- some and a lot voting third party. charles: battle for mosul is on. we'll be right back. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. >> i think that president would be first to acknowledge this is a significant test given the population size of mosul. the large geographic area it incompasses, and importance that isil has invested in their control of mosul. dislodging them from the city
6:56 pm
would be a significant strategic gain. charles: wo white house response to just launched military operation in mosul. where iraqi, kurdish and allied forces are moving on last strong hold of isis in iraq. captain nash, logistically it is interesting, the peshmerga. and how do you see this playing out? >> well, it looks like it be done in phases. question is they have done in previous engagements. they leave a wedge open, so isis fighters can escape, they don't want them to escape, but
6:57 pm
they rather fight them out in open, urban combat is worse that you can engage in. you wind up blowing up city, then you have to rebuild. they have to decide whether they will leave them an avenue of escape. which is also an avenue to resupply and reinforce. there is that pitfall. second thing, once they establish accordon around the city and control, they will prepare to enter. charles: i guess, some people say, maybe we advertise this too much. maybe obama administration has telegraphs or operations to point there are no major people that to capture. all high profile folks have lef left. >> in- inup -- intel supports
6:58 pm
that fact that most of key leaders are out. in terms of trying to keep it secret. this is the worst kept military offensive secret ever. not really possible. it is very complex. we are talking about so many moving parts, just in terms of fighting force on our side. between the iraqi counterterrorism personnel, regular military between the turkish back sunni forces, and iranian back shia forces, and peshmerga. and then put in our air support, and our personnel. this is a major issue. charles: captain nash, it feels like everyone is saying this will be successful as we go into it.
6:59 pm
bigger question, can it hold on? we've seen where there have been victories, and america has gone away, and iraqi forces did not have well, wherewithal or will, to stand the ground and keep the gains. do you think this could be a soa -- sole vid solid victory. >> i don't know charles. if you look at the clock right now, from about 11:00 to 5:00, have you peshmerga and further cite you get to 5:00, iraqi regular troops, and there are 12 brigades of troops that u.s. has trained they will all be involved, then but to 7:00, which is mostly iraqi security forces, then out from about search to -- 7:00 to 9:00,
7:00 pm
have you shia militia. they are following orders fro . charles: bottom line keeping peace might b harder than winning this battle, lou dobbs is next. >> hillary clinton and the state department that she once ran are in a stunning scandal. mrs. clinton faces allegations ofollusion and corruption at state department, questions about the extent of corruption throughout the obama administration. newly released fbi records show that one of mrs. clinton's closist, trusted aides at state department, patrick kennedy, tried to intimidate and bribe the fbi. to downgrade the classification of clinton's


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