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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 18, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> tuned out, unfortunately. but not the debate, we must tune in many to night. maria: we'll be there live tuesday and this yours-- thursday, that does it for us. >> three weeks from today, we vote. you would think that we would top with election coverage. no, instead of trump and clinton, we bring you netflix. good morning, everyone, look at this, please. stock of the day, netflix came through with a blockbuster financial report. who knew it would be so good? the -- going up nearly 20%. you rarely see that from that big a company. that's money, now politics. scandal focuses back on hillary clinton. the e-mail problem worse than
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watergate, clear evidence there was evidence to save hillary clinton's candidacy and clear evidence of gross media bias. journalists have begin $400,000 to presidential campaign, almost all given to hillary, the media fix is in. wait, there's more. on tape, we have top democrats conspiring to incite violence at a trump rally. on tape, wife melania tells husband donald to keep calm at tomorrow's debate, and on tape, a white police officer takes a beating. she was worried about media attention if she drew her gun. you will see it all. "varney & company" is about to beg begin. ♪ > >> has netflix had its dayments it's had its day because of diversification in the market.
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stuart: has netflix had its day? >> you know-- >> is netflix a thing of the past? ooh, there's a question. i'm awfully story, folks, you could say i really got that one wrong, could you not? what a difference 24 hours does make. [laughter] today far from being a thing of the past, netflix is going to go up 20%. it will go from 99 at the close, to 118 and channing -- change today. they now have 86.7 subscribers worldwide, nearly quadrupled what it was. they added 3.2 million worldwide this past quarter. 50% more than expected and this comes off the weakest subscribers growth in three years, in the prior quarter. stuart: so that's a real bounce with the people paying x-number of dollars per month. there's another story, they've got unique content. ashley: they have. stuart: welcome back. what's the unique content that everybody loves?
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>> let's be honest. house of cards put it on the map and then "orange is the new black", and they've carried others, and they've done this deal with disney which has proven to be a huge success. they put "zootopia" on netflix and that's a huge success. a new series called "the crown", upcoming, said to be the costliest per episode ever produced. the production value on these is terrific. [laughter] >> look, i think the audience heard the judge there laughing away "the crown" is it called? the british royals? >> i'm not sure, but supposed to be very good, a lot of money thrown at it. [laughter] >> we're trying to go through a serious subject here. all right. now this. that was money. that's netflix, go the-- got it.
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the e-mail scandal just broke open. clear evidence a state department official pressured the fbi to save hillary clinton. that's collusion. do this for you. donald trump says that's criminal and the official should resign. roll tape. >> the fbi documents sho undersecretary of state-- for altering classification as part of a quid pro quo. in other words, a deal. this is felony corruption by any standards. undersecretary kennedy needs to resign. stuart: felony corruption, you heard it right there. judge andrew napolitano is here on this subject. all right. it sounds very serious. felony corruption, is it? >> yes, yes, well, it is serious. one version of this is that mr. kennedy was and still is the deputy secretary of state. this happens two years after hillary leaves office under
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john kerry's watch as secretary of state. asked the fbi to change classified markings on documents. the changes happen all t the difference between top secret and secret is grave damage to national security if released or serious damage. what's the difference between the two. it's subjective. so often the markings are changed so that more people can read the document, but markings are never ever, ever changed after the document has been subpoenaed, after it's in fbi custody, and once it's been accumulated for a criminal investigation because to change a marking then would constitute obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, and if there is a kid pro quo, i'll give you this tie if you give me that tie, that would never happen here, but if they were doing that then there's an offer of a bribe. now, the state department says the opposite happened. the fbi said, can you get us some more assignments around the world. we are more interested in having our people on the ground at state department facilities
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in the middle east. stuart: that's blaming the fbi. saying, oh, they did it, know the us. >> here is the head scratcher. the fbi has guarded its integrity vigilantly. if someone offers a fbi agent a bribe, that person is prosecuted. there was no prosecution here. there was no serious investigation here. either the fbi people didn't think it was a quid pro quo or the fbi agent to whom this was said lacks credibility or you want a sinister explanation, the same powers that said hillary is not going to be indicted said nobody's going to be indicted in this investigation. stuart: the political fix looks like it was in. >> yes. stuart: and by the way, it's made the front page of the new york times and "the washington post" today. >> yes. stuart: that implies to me that this is a serious-- >> i didn't think it would when it came out friday evening and i don't know how long the story will last, but it's top of the fold this morning. stuart: got it, judge. see you in a couple of hours. what would a former attorney general make of all of this? worse than watergate?
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we'll ask john ashcroft. he's on the show in the next hour. that's politics. let's get to money. as reported there have been a series of crash forecast for the markets. the doom and gloom, and the latest scare yesterday. look what we've got. 152 trillion of debt around the world and that's a debt bomb that goes off. we're in deep trouble. reagan economist art laffer, all of these predictions of a crash. do you see one coming for any reason? do you see one? >> if i see hillary getting elected, i would see a slow cline in the economy and asset values falling. when you look at this, stuart. there's not one cliff coming here. it's a steady-- it's a steady perpetual underpinning of the economy that's eroding and it shouldn't be looked at as a crash, but as a slowing down of the u.s. because of all of this debt as part of the real problem we face going forward. >> it's really taken hold of
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social media, the internet. i mean, it's all over the place. there's all kind of people popping up, saying, yeah, the big one is coming, this is coming then. you discount the lot. it's not a crash, you say, but maybe a long, slow serious correction. you about put it like that? >> and we've had that, from 2008 to now, it's been a disastrous economy and we've had growth rates barely over 2% in this whole period. the employment, adult population has been declining dramatically and you see real gdp as often seen by 3.6 trillion off the trend when clinton left office. i mean, it has been a very bad economy and i don't see a drop, a big drop further, but i sure as heck don't see any growth coming back of any substantial proportions, if the election goes the way i think it is. >> got it. now, art, you can take this anyway you like, but listen to this. >> oh. stuart: a new poll-- you won't believe it.
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new poll on millennials, 46% would vote for a candidate who self-describes as a socialist. that's 46% would vote for a socialist. 21% would vote for a communist. look at that. 21% to are a communist. 32% think more people were killed under george w. bush's presidency than under josef stalin's leadership. what are we teaching these kids? >> oh, you know, back in the day when i was young at stanford university, paul boren was one ever my favorite professors, a great guy. one of two markist professors at the university and there was a great deal of appeal for young people for this type of, i have the answer. millennials want to know the answer. of course, as you know, stuart, there is no "the answer", it's all just playing the game. they'll grow up and become better and become clear-thinking people like you and me. [laughter] >> you're going to put money on that? all right.
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>> i don't have to worry much, no one will be around to collect it. stuart: that's true. breaking news, i've got to get you this. more leaked e-mails from the clinton campaign from early 2015, top aides were worried about whether or not she should openly support israel. >> that it could cost her races in the primary. ashley: yeah, it's interesting. this is between clinton aides, her stump speech as she was formulating it early last year. the debate was how strongly should she come out for israel and they felt as you said, it would turn off some of the democratic activists and that she couldn't stand too strongly with israel, in the end, they leave out israel in the speech and put in a generic line standing up for democracies around the world. they say we can drop in israel when we actually speak with donors. >> okay, how about that? welcome back. ashley: thank you. stuart: where are we going to open?
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it's tuesday, where will the market open? i say it will open up. dow industrials up close to 100, same gain for the s&p 500. and big gain for nasdaq going up 20%, maybe that helps the nasdaq composite. two separate attacks on police officers. a man carrying military grade weapons wearing body armor, ambushing two cops. they pointed the gun, gun misfiredthe officers shot him, wounded him. the officers were not injured, but it looks like a deliberate assassination attempt. and chicago police deliberately show a beating of a-- the officer said she did not draw back or draw her gun because she didn't want her family or police department to face media scrutiny. we're back to the election, donald trump's wife on fox this morning, she has a message for
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her husband, stay calm and stay focused on the issues that the people care about at the debate. will donald trump take that advice to heart? and the video shows that top democrats conspired to incite violence at trump rallies. we'll show it to you. more varney after this.
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>> this is a baseball game and we're bringing it to you. that young man is a pitcher. he only lasted part of the game because he got a bloody-- oh! that's pretty gruesome first thing in the morning. so bad the blood was dripping onto the pitcher's mound. the indians hung on to beat the blue jays and one win away from the world series. game four is tonight. harley davidson, lower profits and sales, the largest matter of fact.
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the stock is going to be unchanged. higher profit at johnson & johnson, fueled by stronger prescription drug business. i can't figure the market out. got netflix wrong and that one, too. new video by james o'keefe, how hillary's campaign and the dnc paid people to incite violence at the rally. it's a tactic called bird dogging: . >> if you're there and protesting and do these actions you'll be attacked at trump rallies. >> oh, oh, that's part of the process the reaction. >> we know the trump people will freak (bleep) out and his supporters will (bleep). stuart: so, ashley, let me get this right. they paid people, homeless people, mentally disturbed people. get in early, go to the front and provoke violence. ashley: that's what bird
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dogging is, push and push until you get response either from security people or trump supporters. the whole process creates what they like to think of chaos and anarchy surrounding donald trump. it creates the situation that it's chaos particular and push, push, until you get bird dogging action. stuart: it was supposed to be hillary clinton people saying that trump people are inciting. >> this video shows that they hire homeless people to do some crazy stuff. that's the quote. in north carolina, 69-year-old woman was assaulted by a reporter. apparently she was hired, trained by this operation, by the democrats to plant herself there and then incite anarchy and chaos. stuart: that really is outrageous. hillary clinton campaigns under what is it stronger together? she'll unite us all. >> according to james o'keefe
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it gets worse. super pacs are not supposed to organize directly with campaign events and it looks like super pac money may have been going through this. stuart: that's illegal. >> that's illegal. ashley: you would hope so. stuart: the third and final debate coming up, one of trump's foreign policy advisors, we're going to ask what is the one foreign policy issue you want your candidate, trump to focus on? we'll ask. and a wild scene on the price is right. something that's never happened in the show's 44 year history happened on monday's show. we'll tell you what these three people are so, so excited about! they are excited. we will be back liz: so funny. >> three way tie! three way tie! yes! yes! you can run an errand.
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>> watch out at trump tower in chicago today. there are protests planned and our own jeff flock is there. it seems to me that this is an attempt to smear the brand, the trump brand as opposed to just make a political statement. what say you? >> i think it's a little bit of both. we're in front of the trump tower, this is 2, maybe 300
9:23 am
women and i can't exactly say what the protest is called. the p-word is involved and across the street is the tower and a smaller group of trump protesters. they're exhorting these women to read wikileaks. and perhaps you see some of the signs over there as well. but a much more vociforous crowd here of women upset about the tape and upset about donald trump in general. stuart: jeff flock, we'll check back with you later. melania trump in an interview with fox and friends gives her husband advice for the debate tomorrow. stick to the issues and stay calm. >> what is your advice for donald trump. >> be himself, keep it calm, cool, focused, and to talk about issues that american people want to hear about. stuart: and joining us now is karl rove. karl, you heard that, i'm sure. do you think he'll stick with
9:24 am
that advice, be calm, be focused, stick with the issues? >> well, i hope she is got more influence than his other debate coaches, because if he does that. i loved her first advice though and not making fun of her in preparing for the debates, we had the friend of governor bush, president bush, and be yourself. it became a running joke. of course you're going to be yourself. will he be cool, will he be focused or on the issues? look, we've got chris wallace in there. he's going to be asking some substantive questions and they're going to be hard questions, but you rarely hit a home run off of a slow moving hit, you hit it off a fastball and trump needs to say, to people, i'm the candidate of change and the kind of change that i'm talking about resonates with what you want to see. stuart: the latest i've seen from the battle ground states
9:25 am
is that it's fairly close in some of the battle ground states? am i right in that? the numbers are all over the place. fairly close in the battle grounds. >> the real clear politics, nationally at 7. the latest polls have been in nevada, north carolina, both of the public polls showed close, a little closer in north carolina than the real clear politics average. they show trump up and he's leading by a small number and showed him in striking distance of florida where he's behind. if he wins the states where he's, in three out of four he's now behind, that only gets him to 259 electoral votes. short of 270. stuart: karl, i'm sorry to cut it short. . >> thank you. stuart: netflix, huge growth in subscribers, nobody expected this, especially of all me. the stock is going to go up
9:26 am
about $17 a share, roughly, 18, 20%. you rarely see a company that big move like that. watch it go up at the opening bell. moments from now.
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opening bell and you're going to see something unusual. are you're going to see a big name high-tech stock take off. netflix, a stunning report, driving it dramatically. it's going up, 18, 19, 20%. you don't see that often, u're going to see it now. it's exactly 9:30 tuesday morning. let's have a look. the overall market, lots of green, we're up 67, 69, off we go, it should be 100. how about s&p 500, that, too, opening on the upside. no, it's not. that's wrong. >> that's wrong. stuart: that's not the case. please get that off the screen, it's not right. have we got the nasdaq right? yes, we've got to right. 1% higher. netflix playing a role there. oil is 1% higher.
9:31 am
netflix, we're 40 seconds into the day and where are we? i know it's open, where is netflix, we'll get it. bottom right-hand corner of the screen where you see it. ashley webster is back and with us this morning. hope mom is okay. ashley: mom is doing just fine. stuart: liz macdonald, art laffer and todd horowitz. around the block. i said foolishly yesterday, netflix might be a thing of the past. mike murphy, make me feel bad. >> i get where you were coming from, stuart, wrong. netflix is a thing of the future. the way we consume content is completely different now days, people want their content when they want it at their home, at their convenience that's where netflix is and one point i want to point out. netflix is raising prices 10%. they were grandfathered out of this and now coming into effect.
9:32 am
from $10 to $11. it's not going to get rid of customers, but it is having a direct impact on bottom line. >> fair point. todd horowitz, netflix, i know you don't do much in the stock market part of business, but would you buy it now? >> no, i think you're right, stuart. i think that netflix itself is a thing of the past. the earnings this year didn't match last year's. all we did, we're supporting a company that's better than expected this quarter, but not as good as last year. i think it's a sale and i actually did sell it myself last night in the post market, but overall it's a thing of the past. they'll get swallowed up by disney, amazon or one of those and continue to move on. stuart: that's a brave forecast, todd horowitz, but i'll love on. art laffer, give me the content of netflix. >> i'll give you the context. number one, you shouldn't beat yourself up for this. i can't tell me how many times i've been around.
9:33 am
i'm still around and i'm 76 years old. the thing that makes me happy. i'm glad you were wrong. that's one of the few stocks i own and i am not a stock picker at all. i'm dancing in the streets today because of this. i've never had this type of luck in my life and it's luck in my case. >> you're 76, you own netflix and don't retire yet. >> i'm not going to retire and i'm not shy either. >> apple is scaling back plans to develop a self-driving car. what's with this, ash. ashley: internal struggles back in 2014. tim cook said they had over a thousand car engineers brought in and it struggled ever since to really get traction, excuse the pun. they have trouble with supply lines. they're creating a system they can sell to other automakers in the autonomous car area. they have a couple of large,
9:34 am
well, supervisors, managers overseeing this department actually leave in the last several months. so, it appears they're putting it at the least on hold and just developing systems for other car makers. stuart: technology in general is doing well this morning. now, how about wal-mart? they've got a new ad featuring the ceo, he's trying to change the perception of the company, offering basically low prices and low paying jobs. so what exactly is the ceo saying in the ad, liz? >> hey, wal-mart is not that bad to workers and there will be wages and worker training. this may have been because they made a mistake in the past and paying dramatically low wages even though they give benefits. the last time wal-mart did this, they pushed a made in america ad. there was a criticism because they had china made goods there. they blundered, used the canadian rock band "rush", to accompany that add.
9:35 am
will it move the needle on the stocks or the earnings. stuart: that's another stock entirely. >> i think it's a good move. he has a young appearance and part of this is to attract the millennials to get them into wal-mart. and it's smart marketing. >> sound the trumpets, we're at a new high and the dow is up 128, 127 points, there's the trumpet, not bad. look at goldman sachs boosted by trading revenue. now, we don't see that often. the investment banks. brexit, that's what did it. they called the shots. >> united health, held by the drug management business and look at it go. that's a 5% gain. ibm, profit down then, they had high hopes for the cloud business. look at that, big blue, old technology down 3% this morning, big deal. ford, and this is a big deal, too.
9:36 am
ford is going to cut protection of the f-series trucks and other models, apparently demand is slowing, so ford is down to 11 bucks a share. harley davidson down because of weakales, the biggest market. nonetheless, the stock is up over 2%. big name, you know it, dominoes, i do believe. nicole, where is the stock? >> i came to the right person for pizza. domino's pizza. new high, all time record here, up 5% and they wowed wall street. not only did they do well in united states where they saw same-store sales better than expected, nationally, as well, up over 6% growth there. overall, they beat on profits, beat on revenue and despite the competition, doing great. it's interesting, will this be an indicator for some of the others, mcdonald's and dunkin'. stuart: i made a vow never to
9:37 am
invest in another restaurant change and location. thank you, nicole. here is a staggering number, 1 is 5-- 152 trillion dollars worldwide. what a pile that is. does it set the stage for a debt bomb, a debt explosion, a debt crash? mike murphy. >> i think it does and i hope the global central banks have a plan. i think it's coordinated around the globe. this low interest environment is really making the problem worse. >> when does the debt bomb, if that's what it is, go off? tom horwitz? >> you can never predict. the markets don't announce themselves. the central banks around the world aren't coordinating efforts. they continue to throw more money at it hoping it will eventually go away. the biggest problem is always too much debt and we're so over debt right now and as they
9:38 am
raise rates, imagine what happens, it's astronomical record numbers and any day can happen and it's close to 20 days that will happen and we have to wait and see until the free money stops. what's wrong with this, when there's forecast of the imminent crash and it is october, after all. all of the forecasts, what's wrong with lightning up on your stocks, selling half your stock portfolio? i know a lot of people are doing that, art. >> that's okay, if that's the way you feel and given your risk portfolio, that's fine. when you look at the debt, it's not the coordination, it's the exactly opposite. it's the quantitative easing both here with draghi in japan. have you seen what they're doing? they're buying stocks. the central banks need to be broken. they need to be broken up, not the big companies. the central banks are the problem and the fiscal authorities, too.
9:39 am
>> well, they rely on art laffer for drama and we've got it. thank you very much indeed. how about pepsico, pledging to cut the fat, the salt, the sugar in ten years, they're not going to cut it off. >> not at all, by lower levels. by 2025. for instance, two-thirds, at least two-thirds of 12 ounce drinks by then, 1200 calories of added sugars. same thing for fat and sodium. >> listen, they're under pressure for world health organizations and the city of berkley added a soda tax and so did philadelphia and a whole buncmore is piling on and it's reaction for that. >> would mike murphy, father of heaven knows how many children, would you feed pepsico stuff to your kids and buy the stock? >> i wouldn't, i don't. i wouldn't buy the stock and wouldn't give them the products, but i would look at companies like campbell's soup. i think that pepsi will do something like campbell's did, to investigate in new companies
9:40 am
with new technologies. we have one that's pure growth organic and they have natural healthy stacks for children, healthy juices, that's the move. stuart: try this one, with companies like netflix and amazon, why would anybody need to leave their home? i mean, is that not a trend, a valid trend? >> it is. i just put netflix on for my mom when i was down there and i don't think she'll go out before 2017 liz: especially if you get food deliveries within an hour on amazon. stuart: i've got to end it there, art, mike, todd, thank you for joining us, good stuff indeed. check the big board, we're up 100 points, 106 to be precise. the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. more proof of a quid pro quo, go easy on clinton, the fbi gets more cushy jobs within the fbi. some say there's a controversy
9:41 am
in the fbi, saying that comey is a quote, dirty cop", and wasn't it hillary supporters who said that trump supporters were the violent ones? ♪ this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship.
9:42 am
not just insured. chubb insured. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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9:44 am
. stuart: we're still up 100 points. if it wasn't for ibm we'd be up more. the stock is down 4%. that takes 44 points off the dow industrials.
9:45 am
we'd be much better without old tech ibm. there's a revolt brewing in the fbi. and fbi director comey with hillary clinton makes him a dirty cop. welcome to the proam. >> nights to be here. stuart: we know from articles in the wall street journal and elsewhere, there's something of a revolt going on inside the fbi. i want you to tell us how strong is that revolt and is it these fbi agents who are leaking this stuff and letting it come out? >> well, there's no doubt that they are the source of much of the information in the public. yes, people, both currently in the fbi and formerly with the fbi, consider comey to be a dirty cop because they believe he threw the investigation. that it was a fake investigation and proof he never used a grand jury, issued no subpoenas, granted immunity
9:46 am
agreements where none were justified. and allowed destruction of evidence. two computers subpoenaed by congress and needed in freedom of information act cases, allowed lawyers for multiple witnesses in violation of do j. policy. wherever you go, for one reason only, he didn't want to be remembered as the person who recommended the prosecution of the first female nominee of a major party for president of the united states. stuart: now, this there's an internal revolt, i haven't seen anybody resign yet. why not? >> people are not going to resign. they're not going to give up their pensions about you willing to talk and i guarantee you if congress issues subpoenas for current fbi people to testify, those subpoenas will be honored, but comey will fight them to the death. stuart: is it your opinion that james comey, as described, a dirty cop? that's strong language. >> it's very strong language and it's appropriate.
9:47 am
because no self-respecting fbi director would have ever done what james comey did. let's remember what he did. he has announced publicly that no reasonable prosecutor would have brought this case. this is laughable. when hillary clinton put that private server in the basement of her home in chappaqua, new york, that was all the intent that was necessary to prove that she was going to compromise classified information. we now know that she compromised over 2000 classified e-mails and documents to the detriment of sources and methods overseas, including sources of human intelligence and people compromised. this isn't a close case. he doesn't have the moral authority to be the fbi director and congress, upon its return should pass a resolution of no confidence in the fbi director. stuart: three weeks until the election, looks like hillary is favored to win. therefore, have they gotten away with it? 20 seconds. >> the answer is yes, they have gotten away with it and with
9:48 am
the complicity of one of the chief law enforcement officers of the united states, james comey, a dirty cop. stuart: okay. we do hear you, james. we hear you very loudly-- i'm sorry, joseph, we hear you loudly. joe, thank you very much. i've got more proof that the mainstream media is clearly in the tank for hillary clinton. as you watch the dow industrials go up nearly 100 points and that's mostly in the green. that's the good news this morning. and we have reports that shows just how much reporters donated to hillary clinton's campaign and little to donald trump. half of millennials would vote for a socialist and a fifth of them would vote for a communist and believe more people were killed under george bush's presidency than josef stalin's leadership. can you believe that? we'll be back.
9:49 am
9:50 am
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9:53 am
50 for a dollar, 50 for a dollar! three way tie! three-way tie! three-way tie! yes! yes! . stuart: i don't get it. i watch jeopardy and wheel of fortune. i don't watch price is right. ashley what happened. ashley: if you watch the wheel of fortune, the three contestants get to closest to a dollar without going over. occasionally one person gets it. they win $1,000 for do it and the first time in the history. stuart: what happens if they win? >> $1,000 each for getting $1. one goes through to the showcase showdown. stuart: wheel of fortune is a so much more intellectual tie. ashley: jeopardy?
9:54 am
>> jeopardy is for mensa members. stock market, please. we've come down a little bit. we were up 120, 130, now we're up 75. the rose-- the bloom is coming off the rose a little bit, but netflix is holding up there. $19 higher. that's 19% higher. okay, got that. now the final debate, it's the candidate's last chance to debate issues. trump's national committee member kt mcfarland, what policy issue would you like to see upfront for donald trump. >> the record of failure because everything she touched. the reset with russia is such a failure we've announced a cyber war with russia and russians called back their families and preparing for war. iran is firing on american ships and telling americans to get out of the region, that's an act of war through their proxies, so that nuclear deal didn't get what we wanted,
9:55 am
which is friendship and i would say the chinese. the chinese are grabbing-- trying to control one of the world's largest trade routes and telling us to get out of the region and hillary clinton's response, well, tough to pick a fight with your banger. banker. >> and all of these are because of her bad judgment. i haven't gotten to the middle east and creation of isis. it's her record. stuart: record of failure as opposed to individual issues. >> it's a collective failure and now she wants a promotion. eight years of bad judgment and tragic foreign policies, and she wants four more, i don't think so. stuart: stay there, please. this is for you, germane to the subject. i want more on the leaked hillary e-mails. this is what we've got, pr consultants for hillary joined the benghazi hearings. what were they telling her to do. ashley: this was prior to the hearings and expressions she
9:56 am
should use and the e-mails are talking about the backs of dead americans. in other words, she's debating whether to use it in the sense are republicans using benghazi as a way to gain political leverage, quote, on the backs of four dead americans. the ultimate decision was, i think it is strong. we need a bit of moral outrage was back and forth from the e-mails. stuart: that was a pr company on the expressions to use to turn it back against the republicans. ashley: attack rather than defend. stuart: kt, you know more about this. subsequently, hillary clinton appeared before the benghazi hearings. >> she said what does it matter, four dead americans, why are you talking about this? i think we all saw that netflix series house of cards and at the time people said, oh, wait, there's nothing like this, this is so overblown. we realize it probably
9:57 am
understated the amount of cynicism and corruption in washington. stuart: and the house of cards, that's the way that-- >> and the russians broadcast the debates their way of showing how bad things are in america. stuart: kt, a pleasure having you. see you after the debate tomorrow's show. and coming up on our show, media bias in favor of hillary clinton. we've never seen anything like this. you've got my take on the two most recent examples of that. 10:15 this morning. former attorney general john ashcroft. what does he think about the quid pro quo, what does think about the state department. we're going to get his take on the war on police, you're seeing it again today. the second hour of "varney & company" coming up.
9:58 am
9:59 am
.. stuart: one of my teams on this
10:00 am
program has been media bias. i've never seen anything quite like this. stand by because we have two new items that show how extreme the bias is. i know one from leaked e-mails. glenn reporting from "politico" submits his column to john podesta, chair of the entire clinton qb. he's asking the clinton people to approve his reporting. he wants to make sure you get the ready. and please don't tell anyone i'm doing this. item two, thcenter for public integrity reports journalists have given $14,000 to donald trump. 382,000 hillary clinton. journalist money goes to hillary. some of them gave money on the campaign. the media fix it then. they hold the dirt and release it for maximum damage to term.
10:01 am
they choose what to report in what to ignore and it always favors hillary. they don't report their own conflict of interest and we only know it now because the e-mail hacks. the media has destroyed its own integrity. their hatred of donald trump is so strong they will ignore the most basic principles of journalism. what happens after the election? the elites have some explaining to do. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ treated to that is what the wine of course by the great johnny cash. we played bad because him melania sensor has been needs to be calm and focus on the issues that matter to the american people. in other words, world donald
10:02 am
walked the line. we are asking his campaign senior adviser in a moment it checked the billboard up 120. now we are up 71. netflix still up almost 20%. by the way, and we check them every day. facebook is a good microsoft is. google is up in apple is also. big tech of today. another investment firm puts a thousand dollars price tag on amazon but is only recovered to 818 this morning. that's a $5 gain. ibm revenue down again. the stocks lost roughly $6 billion in market value since monday's close. down to 148. politics. donald trump keeps hammering the theme or direction. watch this. >> people that died 10 years ago are still voting. illegal immigrants are voting.
10:03 am
so many cities are corrupt and voter fraud is very, very common. the following information comes straight from pew research. approximately 24 million people, one of every age voter registrations in the united states are no longer valid. more than 1.8 million deceased individuals right now are listed as voters. they're been a vote for me will think about it. but i have a feeling they're not going to vote. stuart: join us now from a senior adviser boris epstein. a lot of people saying he's making this claim that it's a rigged election to set himself up in case he loses. he'll have an excuse if he loses. that's what the critics are saying. answer that one, please. >> absolutely not. rule in the message of national security and the economy.
10:04 am
there's two parts to this as you noted your is absolutely the fact the media is in the back for hillary clinton. 96% of donations in the cycle have been to the clinton campaign. a flawless coverage, last week to negative stories with false accusations and the factual information from wikileaks as well as from the foia request. 23-1 a false accusations versus the coverage on wikileaks that is so detrimental. that is absolutely great. the second site is voter fraud. right here in the state of nevada, the hold dallas cowboys starting lineup as registering to vote. they are not from nevada. north carolina, virginia, all of this country under rampant voter fraud and we as republicans want
10:05 am
integrity. stuart: in an interview on fox and friends this morning, melania trump had some debate device or has been. i'm sure your statement that our our viewers have it. watch this. >> what is your advice to donald trump, keep it calm, cool, focus and talk about issues that american people want to hear about. stuart: will he listen to her? in the past, you and i have talked and you have urged him, stay on focus, stay on the issues than he often digresses. he's got to stay focused tomorrow night. it's got two. >> the key is for him to be himself. she was amazing in this interview is. devoted, exactly the kind of her spouse you want. mr. trump is going to be on message.
10:06 am
also prosecuting the case against hillary clinton. information about the quid pro quo, to pay to play, corruption, collusion on behalf of the clintons. hillary clinton cannot be allowed. the people deserve better. they deserve double trump and that's what they'll get. stuart: has last been shot. i think you'd agree with that. >> had three weeks continued to making the cases to the american people. 76% of americans do want change. stuart: thanks for joining us. i know it's early in the morning but we'll see you again real soon. new video shows democrats planning how to incite violence at trump rallies. watch this one. >> kind of bird dogging the clinton people would trump comes down, they are the ones asking the questions in front of
10:07 am
reporters. that kind of operation you have to start out with people two weeks ahead of time and train them to ask questions. you have to train them to bird dog. >> we have mentally ill people that we pay to do crazy stuff. >> it doesn't matter what the people say. we need to win this. trade your digit catch that? paid off some homeless guy. ashley: is absolutely outrageous. at the end they say it doesn't matter what the legal and ethics people say about this, we need to win this. all on this undercover tape. also, the wiki leak e-mail dump we have seen actually shows the campaign directly approving the bird dogging operations for a man by the name of robert creamer was a veteran chicago at
10:08 am
this that helps organize all of us in on the local level they find people homeless, volunteers come in mentally ill to get into the middle of a trump event and start bird dogging. another was come dogging. another was come or provoke him a push, get involved so they provoke a reaction from either trump supporters are trump security. but it does is create an air of anarchy and chaos and that's what they want associated with the term campaign. stuart: that's an extraordinary piece of videotape. back up a little bit. 80 points higher as of right now. a load of market watchers including our next guest, a lot of them saying a big drop is coming. watch this for a minute. are you sticking with 6000 on the dow by the middle of next year? >> not quite. we are going to see it down between 5,006,000.
10:09 am
stuart: harry dent joins us right now. welcome back. good to see you again. here's my problem. guys who predict gloom and doom are probably right in the very, very long-term because they're always going to have another crash at some point in the future. obviously have got to tie you down on time. are we going to see that crash start now? >> it occurred. we broke an important trend line up late last week in the markets going down. if it breaks down this week, that's going to be the beginning. i can't tell when a bubble is going to burst when a grain of sand will cause an avalanche that i can tell you when the trends are down and they are done very strongly the next three years and we've got china going into an absolute crazy bubble at this point because the government is trying to compensate with loose money.
10:10 am
deutsche bank and italian banks with 18% rise in almost as as greece years ago. this is going to, had. until something has been. and central banks can print their way out of it. i would say the markets going to start heading down in the next three months. i will go out the limb on that. stuart: and the next three months, it starts to unravel. that's your point. this is october whatever it is 10:00 eastern time tuesday morning. in the next three months it starts to unravel. you're on tape as you know. were plated in encino. a new book out, and the sale of a lifetime. you're sure that crash will happen in 2017. that's the nature of your book. >> and again, this is going to
10:11 am
be deeper and longer than the last one. central banks will come back and do the same thing so i think the next three years is going to be the challenge and during that time period, we are going to see once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investments long-term. i tell people right now it's better to be safe and think like aaron ross chowdhury said the wealthiest man back then, my wealth came from always selling a bit early because bubbles crash much faster than they built a look at china last year. stuart: you've got a lot of people real worried and some of them are selling. thanks for joining us if we will see you again real soon. next item, more leaks e-mails and this time the shortlist of possible vice presidential picks for hillary clinton. ashley: let's look at those in politics that mean much to say the least. these are the potential picks being discussed by the campaign.
10:12 am
elizabeth warren up there. cory booker, eric holder and of course bernie sanders which is interesting because she's in such contentious primary that we can maybe save supporters by getting on board. let's take a look at those involved in the business world and those being can better. maryborough, ceo chairman of general motors. ceo and chair of xerox. bill gates, melinda gates, the gates couple. the chairman of ceo coca-cola and howard schultz. these were some of the business people being put forward as potential vp candidates. i also want to mention this kind of interesting, john podesta, chairman of the clinton campaign goes on to call bernie sanders a doofus after sanders said the paris climate agreement didn't go far enough. podesta mockingly in one e-mail
10:13 am
said that two thirds sanders. train to the truth a treasure trove of gossip. it goes on within our campaign but it is absolutely fascinating. meanwhile, the third and final presidential debate tomorrow in las vegas. chris wallace on fox news is the moderator. complete coverage on evening long here on the fox business network. the e-mail problem trump says it's worse than watergate. clear evidence there was collusion to save hillary clinton's candidacy. the war and the police. police officer beaten in chicago because she did not want to pull out her gun. she was afraid of the media reaction. she gets beaten for that. more "varney" in a moment.
10:14 am
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and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare or go online to enroll. stuart: holding pretty steady on the dow with an 80-point gain. a lot more green and red for the big board. higher sales that dominoes and
10:17 am
when you look at ago, up a box of 160. that is a record high in the pizza business. fbi releasing more e-mails from the hill with a e-mail trove. this time showing state department undersecretary patrick kennedy pressured the fbi to declassify some of clinton's e-mails. that would be in exchange for a quick close quote. trump says kennedy resigned. roll tape. >> the fbi show under secretary of state made the request for altering classification as part of a quit pro quote. in other words, a deal. this is felony corruption by any standards. undersecretary kennedy needs to resign. stuart: the man ideally suited to address this issue is john ashcroft, the former attorney
10:18 am
general of the united states of program. >> stuart, great to be with you. stuart: donald trump says this is felony corruption and it is a quid pro quo. is it both? >> first of all, i'm not in the position -- i haven't given a thorough investigation but offering a public official a benefit in return for the public official, making a concession of some kind is illegal. not only is it illegal if you're asking the public official to do something illegal, they can be bribery if you offer a public official and incentive in order to do something that is legal. if you offer to pay him or give him a benefit to issue a grant to you or your organization, issuing grants is legal. but it's not legal to offer a benefit in order to get it.
10:19 am
to change the classification of the document, which is under subpoena by the united states congress is asking someone to do something that i believe is illegal in an effort to defraud the congress by providing false information and secondly really i think given the context wherein it's probably an effort to defraud the american people, contaminate their judgment in an election by altering something most people think is relevant to this political campaign. stuart: i want to move on to a different subject but equally important in my opinion. two videos of literally about the war and the police. the first one is from california two officers inside a starbucks were ambushed by a man holding an assault rifle. the police officers deliberately targeting because they were police officers. the second case from chicago. dashboard video shows a female cop being attacked and beaten
10:20 am
after she responded to an accident. she said she was too afraid of a back lash in the media to draw her gun. mr. attorney general, how can the police do their job in this kind of atmosphere? how can they do it? >> it's very difficult. these are related topics you are talking about this morning. the absence of confidence in the law-enforcement community to do what is right and provide the protection we need. the justice department transferring its responsibility to make prosecutorial decisions to an investigative agency like the fbi as a displacement of that responsibility which leads the number of americans to believe there are people above the law and its prosecution. people at the top of the system and people at the bottom of the system too often fear that they are not getting the right kind of protection. you get these atrocious,
10:21 am
outrageous crimes against individuals who are most committed to enforcing the law and providing justice in our community. it's a tragedy beyond speaking that our policemen are held up to be the dems. are you having my understanding an individual wearing body armor with several weapons threatening the lives and was apparently a malfunction of the weapons results of their not having them killed. and the idea that law enforcement is a subct i've be intimidated by the media raises real questions about whether journalists is voted out to in the united states or whether it's a tool or implement of destabilizing the culture by undermining the trust that people rightly should have been law enforcement. stuart: we've said this many times last year. we've never seen anything like this before and i think that the
10:22 am
statement is accurate. mr. attorney general, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. stuart: we were up 129 hours 56 and most of the dow stocks still in the green. how about this. wait for it. that's a commercial jet anyone can use. you may deal to buy one of those things sooner than you think. show you how this thing works in a moment. the documents released by the fbi reveal how agents disliked working with hillary clinton. this issue is rude, contemptuous. we will be back. we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: an american company called jet pack aviation is testing one of these things.
10:26 am
that is the jb 10 that can fly up to 60 miles an hour. you can buy one of yours for $250,000. they tell us to keep going. trading revenue with a stack of 1.5%. harley davidson with lower profit. the biggest market could've been worse. therefore the stock is up 5%. go figure. united health reported higher profit by drug benefits management business and united health is up 5.7%. again. really the biggest fbi documents traded security detail really poorly. agents avoided working for her
10:27 am
because her attitude towards them. liz: this unnamed agent explained that clinton's treatment of agents, diplomats security agents on her productive detail is so contemptuous that many of them saw a reassignment or employment elsewhere. another quote by the end of clinton's tenure it was stated staff largely with new agents because it was difficult to find senior agents went to work for her. usually what happens to have books or tell us. for the first time, this is in on the record interview with an unnamed member of the security detail in present time. we haven't seen that before. stuart: not so sure billy like i said coming from security detail. liz: you can get their point of view either. stuart: we will be back. more "varney" after this.
10:28 am
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stuart: the dow industrial of 64 points. netflix is up 18% as we speak. this is about two big shows. liz: marcos, the life of pablo escobar also luke cage which is kind of a superhero show. boston consulting group same netflix is pulling out the stops spending $6 billion of new content. that is only second to espn. pays a lot for sports rights in the because nbc, cbs and amazon. netflix's point of the dollars for new content to keep the subscriber momentum going. stuart: a lot of new subscribers which doesn't hurt. project veritas the latest video reveals how the clinton campaign
10:32 am
and the dnc and cited violence. they did it at trump rallies. roll tape. >> as part of the process. we know that people don't freak out. in his supporters. stuart: how about that. go down to the front of the rally, make a ruckus, have them beat you up with something violent at the trump rallies and cited by democrats. joining us now from the national review. i thought it was wicked republicans who created a violent situation. >> this is excellent work and i'm a big fan of theirs. this finally put the light of the notion of the democrat party and peace and tolerance and caring and this turns out to be the party of violence and incitement to writing in this
10:33 am
sort of thing and to do so not just a few volunteers on their own and apparently the outside super pac and ultimately funding passed there through from the hillary clinton campaign. stuart: they create racial division. they sent homeless people, mentally deranged people and pay them to go to a trump rally in chicago. they paid them to incite violence. >> to take advantage of people with serious problems to get the medical treatment and put them in situation where they get involved in violent, get exploited in violent situations. this is nasty disgusting stuff in and not anyway deserving of the party. stuart: this is the exact opposite of what we are told. if it were the other way around, if this were republicans who did anything like this, it would be front-page news for a generation. >> arrived. the game shows and soap operas
10:34 am
to be off the air and the other channels we talk about. stuart: there is nothing we do about this. we can't make this headline news. it's not going to happen. who can get them to knock it off because it's a successful type it. hillary looks likely to win. >> make a bunch of us and point out the fact there's disgusting behavior but appears to be illegal. federal law separate the amount of campaign two and somebody described it as an ongoing pony express. the other group talks to the next group unassertive collusion are totally against the law. stuart: you more know about the inside than i do. what we just saw in that tape, is that normal or has this been raised to a new level question or >> we always have some amount of thuggishness in campaigns. very often units involved in inappropriate by the neck today. to see something disorganized,
10:35 am
this controlled and widespread in its effects is unusual. nothing assume like this before. stuart: the right word is disgusting. thanks for joining us. always appreciate to see you. check out the whole spectrum of the dow 30 still mostly green and the dow was at 67 points. that's about half of his skin about an hour ago. brigand trump economic adviser. steve, when you address this issue as a money guy, ow you're a trump guy, but you're also a money guy as well. what you address that side of things. we've had a series of forecasts that there's a crash coming for the stock market. you put anything into that? >> look. we've said for a while that there is absolutely an economic bubble happening in the u.s. we look at some of the models forecasted and it's so funny
10:36 am
look at one of the most recent ones. his model alone as one of the chief architects said that all models are wrong. as we look at the different options that this campaign and this election will represent and we look at that model specifically, we understand mrs. clinton's model represents low economic growth reducing gdp and it's all driven by negative incentives worth donald trump's plan shows up to 4% gdp growth 25 million new jobs added in the $2.4 trillion of positive revenue offsets by rolling off the regulations, revenue neutral and will ultimately pay down the debt that it's driven by what drives all americans. the entrepreneurial spirit of positive incentives. one thing that model doesn't account for are the behavioral variables that make america
10:37 am
great, to drive american business, that is what we call our american spirit. stuart: i want to ask you about his deficit projections. economists look at the trump land and say they will add illions to our national debt. i know you're laughing. clinton's plans might add williams to the debt. trumps could add trillions. i know you're laughing here, but what do you make of this? you obviously don't think trump's plan would add trillions to the trillions to did that come so that come as a way the "washington post" wrong? >> i'm not laughing at it. i'm actually sad about it. and dialing because of the disingenuous nature of not actually doing the math. we talk about tags, lowering taxes and incentive that provides. we talked about trade, renegotiating bad trade deals for the american benefit. we talk about rolling back unnecessary deregulation and show how $3 trillion of
10:38 am
additional benefit can be found by that and the last and most importantly we talk about unleashing american energy. i think you know this better than anyone. you can't keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. what we see in this movement is to totally rethink the american economy with common sense positive incentives and let the american people do the work. let our ingenuity, our fire, our spirit. stuart: you know how unfair capitalism. some people make more money than others. >> i know you're joking my friend. i was in arrived this morning coming to this wonderful studio in this fabulous town i live in chicago, alan neu. i asked how long have you been doing this and he said about a year. why are you doing that? i can do this in america.
10:39 am
i couldn't do this in my own country. i can start my own business by driving my own car here. any type of business. i started my business on shoestrings. >> you are the chair and the ceo of the bigger chicago, are you not? >> i am indeed. stuart: steve, thanks for joining us. thank you. stuart: one stock we check each and every day. it's famous amazon. used to be the stock they kept on going up. except today after it took a head over the past couple of weeks. we do have two banks are in the last goes to $1000 a share. come on in for the exchange. hussein. several analysts with jpmorgan,
10:40 am
and today credits come out with there now. they have projections going into the end of 2017. they like the cloud, storage talk about netflix. media continues to grow and they make better operating margin on shipping as well. barring any bad sentiment they think this one's a winner and made the circuit of 1050. new survey. no one else believed more people were killed during george w. bush's presidency than were killed on the jersey dictatorship of russia. we will give a history lesson. and there's this.
10:41 am
a three-way tie on the price is right. first time this afternoon. we will play the video. it's really quite something. we'll explain what's going on. from australia, a humpback whale caught in a shark net. his mother also caught in the net. help the human rescuers by guiding the baby out of the net. that is what happened. both whales were free. swim away in good health.
10:42 am
10:43 am
stuart: remember, "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here's what you missed last hour. >> preparing for the debates, we always had the friend of george w. bush will inevitably say just remember with an earnest interest be yourself. it became a running joke. of course you're going to be yourself.
10:44 am
the question is will he be cool, will he be focused on the issues because we've got chris wallace in here asking them questions and they will be hard questions. you very rarely had a home run off of a slow-moving pitch. he headed off with a fastball and trump needs to say to people and the candidate of change in the kind of change that i'm talking about resonates with what you want to see.
10:45 am
10:46 am
stuart: the video you're about to see is somewhat troubling. we tell you this every time we get this footage in from syria. this is troubling indeed. dramatic footage of a boy dangling from the ruins of his home and aleppo. we will show it to you right now. >> a 16-year-old toy hanging from the roof of the building. by his legs he was trapped after an airstrike wearing the t-shirt, don't shoot. they manage to rescue him using the cherry picker. just another is seen quite a few symbols of how young children
10:47 am
and young was engrossed i've been in effect by this devastating attack in relative aleppo. stuart: it's tough to watch. anybody with children, grandchildren find it tough to watch. we are right to give a warning there. new polling shows no one else have absolutely no grasp of history. >> but that is. this is the one nails are likely to vote for a socialist. 21% say they vote for a communist. can you believe that? 32% say they think more people were killed under george w. bush's presidency than under joseph stalin leadership and dictatorship of russia. hold on a second. i know you want to get into this. while it is a trump foreign policy adviser, how is this possible? how could they possibly think
10:48 am
like that? >> that's the reality we live in right now. i have a total of 20 years of teaching is a professor of political science and a variety of campuses here in the united states. the problems in the classroom and the problem is not just that the instructor could be anything they want. liberal nationalists. to present communism historically as an acceptable movement and not to link not just the massacres of genocide of mao combined, these two regimes of russia and china have killed more than any other regime in the history. two have now in our classrooms in america instructors making that comparison under one administration mode more people were killed under stalin is mind-boggling. stuart: you've just got to shake your head.
10:49 am
kt mcfarland was on the program early this morning. national security committee member for donald trump. i asked her, what should donald trump focus on tomorrow in the debate as far as foreign policy is concerned? she said point out hillary clinton's failures in russia, china, mideast, et cetera. what would you tell donald trump to concentrate on tomorrow night? >> absolutely kt is ready. we spoke about it weeks ago. all he has to begin doing in that engagement, very simple, list those crisis. 14 of them. we haven't seen anything like that. two wars the opposition was going great. for wars that we are involved with two or three of these number one. they've forgotten very bad civil wars. the last african country that salt lake under this administration is not working right now.
10:50 am
if mr. trump dumped all of these cases, let secretary clinton answering every time she wants to divert them to tell her about the number eight of the number nine. that's the best. stuart: we shall see if your advice follows through tomorrow night. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. a difficult transition. i know you want to talk about millennial stove no history. the cleveland indians pitcher trevor bauer pulled from monday night's game. he cut his pinky finger and it bled so badly it was all the way down his pants and onto the mound. he injured his hand, little finger there by working on his personal drone. he was taken out of the game but his team did when i believe. the top of the next hour, democrats caught on tape inciting violence that trump rallies. we will play the tape and you get my take on matt at 11:00 eastern time. here it comes.
10:51 am
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>> three-way tie, three-way tie. [cheers and applause] ashley: icily jumping up and down. i was from the price is right for history was made this week. all landing on different combinations of 1 dollar while spinning the big whale. they went into a spinoff to move through. coming up at our next hour, secret service agent claimed they were rude and condescending on the detail as first lady. former u.s. attorney said that maybe there will be a revolt over james comas preferential treatment of hillary clinton. >> we know from articles in "the wall street journal" that there is something of a revolt going
10:56 am
on inside the fbi. i want you to tell us how strong is that revolt and is it the fbi agent leaking this stuff and letting it come out? >> is no doubt they're the source of much of the information the public. currently in the fbi informally with the fbi can figure a dirty cop because they believe he threw the investigation, that it was a fake investigation on the proof is a never used a grand jury. he issued no subpoenas, granted were number justified. he allowed about destruction of evidence two computer is under subpoena by congress emanated and freedom of information act cases. both the witness wherever you turn, wherever you go you find he bought the legitimate investigation for one only. the prosecution of the nominee
10:57 am
stuart: if there's an internal revolt i haven't seen anyone resign yet. >> people are not going to resign and give up their pensions that they are willing to talk. i guarantee of congress issued subpoenas for current fbi people to testify amid the subpoenas will be honored. warren, to help me deal. isn't that right warren? well, you could get support from thinkorswim's in-app chat. it lets you chat and share your screen directly with a live person right from the app, so you don't need a comfort pony. oh, so what about my motivational meerkat? in-app chat on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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stuart: in the early days of the trump campaign when storming to the primary democrats quickly accused him of running a racist campaign which encouraged violence. now we know the truth, the violence was the result of a democrat plot. they used homeless people and some mentally disturbed people to start the violence was we know because they were caught on tape. watch this. >> we have mentally ill peop, make no mistake over the last 20 years, i've paid homeless guys
11:01 am
to do crazy stuff and taken them to dinner, i put them in a program. i have done that but the reality is a lot of people, union guys -- they are rocking and rolling. stuart: you heard that correctly. let me backtrack a little. it was hillary clinton who said trump encouraged violence. that tape showed it was the other way around. it was hillary clinton's campaign who said she would bring the country together while her campaign plans racial violence. it was hillary's campaign slogan, stronger together as she called donald trump supporters irredeemable. her campaign has gotten away with this because the media has helped her at every step to cover up the truth.
11:02 am
three weeks ago we get the truth out, the third hour of "varney and company" about to begin. >> and now his casual inciting of violence, sometimes all we see is the ugliness of these protests, the mean-spiritedness, we see people running to be president of the united states inciting bigotry and violence. >> if you want to imagine what trump's america would look like picture more kids at risk of violence and bigotry. >> i condemn all violence in our political arena. i condemned it when donald trump was inciting it and congratulating people who were engaging in it which i condemn it by those taking violent
11:03 am
protests to physical assault against donald trump, this has to end. stuart: okay. hillary clinton has been accusing donald trump of inciting violence for a long time even though the video we saw previously reveals a democrat plot to create chaos and violence at trump events, we will deal with all this later this hour. first donald trump says the election is rigged, he said it again, listen to this. >> people who died 10 years ago and still voting, illegal immigrants are voting, so many cities are corrupt, voter fraud is very common, the following information comes straight from q research, quote, approximately 24 million people, one of every eight budget registrations in the united states are no longer valid or significantly in
11:04 am
active. 1.8 million deceased individuals right now are listed as voters. if they are going to vote for me we will think about it, right. but i have a feeling they are not going to vote. stuart: i want real people to comment on what is going on so we are joined by a former goldman sachs partner and apple metro ceo, he runs 41 apple businesses. if you don't mind, that was a clean-cut case laid out by donald trump, polling stations are being messed with. >> worst you can say is a lot of my 1.8 million who are deceased, it is hard to tell the difference but i think we are talking about large numbers here, technology has advanced so far do we have to have hanging chad's, old-school technology when we are trying to get the
11:05 am
true pulse of the people? time for change. stuart: do we need federal id to vote? >> it has to be the extenuating circumstance where you don't have a voter id. this is not a country where you are giving up a great right simply asking to have identification. stuart: i see your point. is donald trump right when he talks about rigged elections at the polling station, not t media's part? >> the polling stations are not run by the federal government. they are individual talents. it would be a helluva cub out if they were able to organize and coordinate all the polling stations around the united states. this is a rigged economy and it is who gets there first between hillary and donald and right now donald is lower than she is so she probably wins but it is a race to the bottom. the presidency should be a race to the top and it is all upside down.
11:06 am
that describes what we are in the middle of. liz: this is from pew research center, emphatically said there is no widespread systemic voter fraud. there are errors throughout the system but to say it is rigged would be a stretch. stuart: individual polling stations, some key parts of the country, voter id should be required because there has been voter fraud in the past. >> that -- there is nothing wrong with it, most countries have to show id but it is impossible -- to have an organized cabal of all the little towns, i live in a town with 300 people, they are not joining up with the federal government in a conspiracy and conspiracy theorists existed forever. is really bombed the world trade center if you want to get into
11:07 am
that. stuart: i will switch gears and look at your money, lo at that on the screen. new lifetime high up $13 today, $820 per share. dow industrials off of earlier highs but still up 80 points that 15-167 but one of the drags on the dow is that company. ibm down 3%, dow stock, 40 odd points off of the dow industrials. how about the price of oil? not a factor in the market today, below $50 a barrel, absolutely dead flat. i want to talk about the broader economy, fears of a global debt crisis because it keeps coming up, total global debt now of $152 billion and people say that is a debt bond that will burst and the market will come down. what do you make of the debt
11:08 am
bond? >> three uglys, the first is the $152 trillion growing mostly offshore so americans are not seeing it clearly, the second is superhigh unemployment all over the world and third and most important low to no growth, but those things together, at the best exposed to risk, don't have a lot of ability to absorb bad news so at the best that is where we are. at the worst is could really tip over. stuart: upside potential is limited if you buy into stock down, downside potential much greater. with that do it? >> there are only two ways out of this. one is to retrench, cutback, tax, slow down. the other is to grow your way out. if you can grow the economy you can pay down the debt. stuart: what is this about a restaurant recession? you coined that expression.
11:09 am
what is the restaurant recession? >> you are seeing independents they have high failure rate, 60% plus in the first year, chains are starting to encounter difficulty and part of it is saturation. there are 630,000 restaurants. on its own you would say that is a lot but if you marry that with developments in technology there have been 150 companies that can deliver some sort of food to your home whether it is a home chef kit you cook your self, diet event or a fully kicked meal. those things put together cause trouble for the restaurant. stuart: look who is here, you run 40 apple biz and other things. you are a restaurant die. what do you make of that? >> i have been on the board of most steakhouses for a decade, we sold it. i'm on the board of burger king in latin america so i get a window into other restaurant
11:10 am
concepts. everybody is trying to identify why this recession is happening, traditionally if fast food went down casual dining went up because it traded up. fine dining you trade down to casual etc.. it is across -- there is that is not affected by the recession. think about it. gas prices are down so people have more money in their pocket, commodity prices are down so things at the grocery store cost less, they are eating at home, have more discretionary income. i take the opposite view, no one goes out every day especially in chain restaurants so as a result if they go to the supermarket they have more money to go to a chain, not less. here's what i identified when i look at the world differently, you will love this because we have been talking about it. before the bill was passed the only thing that covers all segments of the restaurant industry is obamacare.
11:11 am
first year, fines were $90, second year, $250, this year the third year, $695, $695 every man, woman or child must pay in fines if they don't buy healthcare. buying healthcare is a minimum of $1000. stuart: that is putting a crimp in it. >> the only thing that covers the entire space. stuart: got to get back to the bombshell video showing how the hillary campaign and dnc people paid others to incite violence at trump rallies. this is a bombshell. we will pay more of that undercover video in a moment but first just listen to this. >> if you are there and protesting you will be attacked. >> that is part of the process. >> the whole point is we know the trump people, the security
11:12 am
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11:15 am
>> trump and penn set these events. >> always in the rally. >> initiating the conflict. >> having leading conversations with people who are naturally psychotic. >> we have mentally ill people come make no mistake. over the last 20 years i paid off a few homeless guys to do some crazy stuff and also taken them for dinner. >> the reality is a lot -- especially -- a lot of union guys are rocking and rolling.
11:16 am
>> we also did that. >> doesn't matter what legal and ethics people say. we need to win this. stuart: i you as shocked as i am? that was taken by the project but chose the hillary campaign organizing violence at trump events, the washington times political editor is with us. why isn't this front-page news of every newspaper and every broadcast network in the country for the week? >> kudos to you for highlighting it because it is absolutely shocking. i can't think of anything more disdainful or cynical or disgusting. hiring homeless people to incite violence at political rallies is absolutely shocking and also reveals the double standard. if this had been dug up and
11:17 am
found there were trump supporters doing this at hillary clinton rallies it would be on the front page of the new york times. stuart: it is the opposite of what hillary clinton is saying, that it is trump's people who incite violence, who are racially divided but in fact it was clinton's own campaign doing precisely that. >> and bragging about it. it really is amazing and when we look back at this election after it is over we will see -- who knows who will do this but if you take a look at the degree to which the media especially the last three weeks but all along, has been completely in lockstep agreement to take down donald trump it is absolutely amazing. stuart: i got some dollar numbers on what you are talking about. according to the center for public integrity journalists have given $400,000 to both
11:18 am
presidential campaigns, 14,000 went to donald trump, 382,000 went to the clinton campaign. doesn't that make your point for you? >> i want to know who gave 14,000 because that seems a little high to me based on conversations i have with our colleagues. stuart: there are some conservatives sprinkled around somewhere in the media mix. another subject for you shortly, to something else here, another example of media collusion with the clinton campaign. chief political correspondent glenn thrush sent his story or at least one story directly to john podesta, chair of the clinton campaign, sent that story for approval. one to make sure we got it right. we have the email to show you in a moment. to change subjects completely
11:19 am
this is the price is right monday night three contestants finish the three way tie landing on a different combination of one dollar while spinning the wheel, the first three way tie in the show's 45 years of history, each won $1000, big celebration, we will be back.
11:20 am
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stuart: i want to give you more on this extraordinary development of the media, one particular guy working hand in glove with clinton campaign, chief political correspondent at politico and what he did with his report and story and how he gave them to john podesta who chairs the clinton campaign. here is the email lee, here's what was said. because i have become a hack, i send you the whole section that pertains to you. please don't share or tell anyone i did this. charles hurt, can be exasperated instead of me. i find that incredible that a man would do that, any
11:24 am
journalist would do that. >> i can guarantee you reporters at politico, not reporting that kind of respect or vetting privileges to donald trump. that is why those publications feel threatened by donald trump because they don't have relationships with him, he goes around them, talk directly to his supporters, and the incestuous notice of the -- and the mainstream media in washington, and it would not be revealed any other way but this. stuart: how do we get trust back? when this election is over when it comes out how does the establishment media become trusted again in any segment? i don't think they can.
11:25 am
>> i don't see any way they can. they burned themselves, i don't see it and that does not have anything to do with why donald trump has enormous support. they believe the system is rigged, the media is rigged, that line of argument while shocking to reporters, is very effective and had a rough couple weeks, down in the polls, and starting with the debate tomorrow. stuart: we shall see. charles hurt, thank you for joining us. donald trump's wife milania trump has a message for her husband, stay calm, focus on the issues people care about. >> what is your advice to donald
11:26 am
from? >> be himself, keep calm, cool, focused and talk about issues the american people wa to hear about.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
>> keep it call, cool, focused, and -- >> straightforward advice, stay calm, let's bring in trump up economic advisor, before we get to milania trump. i saw you on my competition. the young man gave you a very hard time. when do you get beaten up by leftists? >> i have a lot of fun on that show, he tried to go after me. the tabloid issues, i tried to focus and it is a business show. i tried to focus on economics
11:31 am
and he didn't want to go to talk about economic issues, and on economics he doesn't have any arguments. a fun interview. i have more fun here. stuart: they are losing the ratings battle to the foxbusiness network. >> they absolutely are. stuart: two issues i think are related. there is a global debt crisis, $152 trillion worth of debt around the world tripled in a few years. that is a problem. the other is the restaurant recession we have been talking about on the show this morning, and the economic plan of which you are part, how would it fix either of their problems? >> on the debt, $20 trillion of that is ours, only two ways to
11:32 am
deal with that, when is to cut back and i don't think that is a viable alternative. i don't think you will end up with more debt, the only way to get out of that is economic growth and economic growth we are leading the world as far as growth and ours is pathetic with 1% so far this year. you can't reduce the debt, employ people, create jobs, increase wages unless you have economic growth. president obama's economic plan did not lead to economic growth, hillary clinton's would be worse on taxes, energy, regulation and trade, would drive us further into the hole, donald trump has a great economic plan with respect to taxes and energy and regulation, the choice is economic growth or continue debt and no economic growth. stuart: the other side is the restaurant recession, zane tackle who runs 40 on applebee's says it is obamacare that is hurting across the board in the
11:33 am
restaurant industry. what would trump do about obamacare and the burden on our businesses? >> your earlier guest was right, three things hurting the industry, number one is competition with grocery stores and if people are reading more they are eating at restaurants, having more money. second would be obamacare and the research is clear that 30% more likely to eat at a quick service restaurant if your health insurance cost of gone up significantly and donald trump would repeal and replace obamacare, this restaurant recession happening over the last year, gdp growth has been 1%, and without the economy growing, with lower gas prices and commodity costs are down, we have more people employed. we see growth in the restaurant industry, we don't see it because there is no economic growth. we need an economic plan that will drive growth, take the
11:34 am
country back to the position it used to be in when it was the land of opportunity and that is donald trump's plan. stuart: you take a lot of flak for being a trump guy and ceo of a major corporation but we thank you for being on the show this morning. >> don't go back to the dark side. >> i will see what i can do. peter kernan is with us. and two restaurant people on the show agree with you. >> what is happening is two things coming together, the global debt crisis in the restaurant, low growth, we are depending so much on the consumer and outside our country it is worse because you have massive unemployment, week unemployment at an all-time high, robbing the future and progress. unless we have somebody devoted
11:35 am
to growing the economy, getting people not just jobs, last jobs report most of the jobs were part-time. and we are not creating the jobs. it was never reported that way. people look at it as a job is not a job is not a job. a part-time job with no benefits does not equal a full-time job with benefits and the career. stuart: that is how the middle-class shrinks. >> that is the problem and we are fastidiously clinging to numbers the don't tell the whole story. we when you earned your salt today. now this. newly released documents from the fbi show possible bribery involving hillary's state department, undersecretary patrick kennedy. at the state department, felony corruption. watch this.
11:36 am
>> the fbi documents that show under secretary of state patrick kennedy made the request for altering classification as part of a quid pro quo. this is felony corruption by any standard. undersecretary kennedy needs to resign. stuart: in our first hour between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning judge andrew napolitano appeared. i thought he rather soft peddled on this particular issue. the issue of bribery, with brokaw and as donald trump says felony corruption. do you have a different point of view? judge napolitano: pretty harsh language, the word bribery, soft pedaling, the fbi says it wasn't bribery. and if you offer a thing of value. and and that is a textbook
11:37 am
definition of an offer of a bribe. and and that value of the influence. >> it out to have been subpoenaed. the vote was in free weeks. nothing will -- >> there are a couple reasons for that. and and addressing criminal behavior. people above the fold. stuart: it was the media. the media got hold of watergate and drove richard nixon from office. it was the media which is suppressing the story, not giving the public what it should have and would allow hillary clinton -- >> what -- judge napolitano: where we are, we have run against the grain
11:38 am
because we are an outlet for those who reject the prevailing orthodoxy, how many colleagues have discussed this? stuart: i don't mean to be pejorative but a bloodied lawyer. judge napolitano: i heard donald trump say i wish jason chafe it's's hearings could be before election night. they are running for reelection. they are up for reelection in three weeks, the house of representatives. it is unfortunate, almost like watergate, this was the election of 72, all the bad stuff after election day. hillary may well be elected president of the united states three weeks from today criminal.
11:39 am
11:40 am
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11:46 am
11:47 am
i was subpoenaed 6 times and was ordered to testify by supreme court justice rehnquist or go to jail so that is how i got where i am. those are the facts, that is hillary clinton. stuart: is a true some agents asked to be transferred away from hillary clinton because of her attitude to the secret service? >> absolutely. and passive-aggressive management style the secret service sometimes has they said to the agent if you don't give us a, b or c, we will transfer you to the first lady's detail.
11:48 am
stuart: gary bird, thank you for joining us, much obliged to you, thank you very much. just breaking, new information, a new leak from wikileaks, you covered this. ashley: what is interesting is we had -- vice presidential picks, how she coordinated outside pr consultants for the benghazi hearings and wondering, hillary clinton on the back of dead americans, she wanted to create moral outrage, republicans were using the death of four americans in benghazi for political gain. she would take the offense and said no, it is strong, we need to create moral outrage against the republicans. when she was appearing in front
11:49 am
of a diverse crowd and john podesta, chairman of the campaign saying that looked great, much better than the angry white man chanting usa usa. these images, nothing to be honest with you, there was another question about his real -- is real, strong support for israel, decided not to because it would alienate too many democrat activists, they said we can wait to be stronger on his real when talking to them. stuart: i would like to know who is the real hillary clinton and what are her policies? all political campaigns, this dialogue of how to handle this. liz: this is venting, a layer of intrigue, the ecuadorian -- cutting off julian assange's wikileaks access to the
11:50 am
internet, has taken shelter since 2012, trying to avoid extradition to sweden for alleged rape allegations, in london. they have contingency plans. stuart: this is news would yesterday were reported the internet connection was cut off by a state party or state actor of some sort. now you tell us the ecuadorian embassy did it which is where he is staying in london. liz: they deny john kerry's secretary of state had anything to do with it. stuart: why with the ecuadorians cut it off? taking shelter in london. has been there for a few years, why cut him off now? >> the american people are getting a ringside seat. some of it is minor and some is tragic. the american people can really see who the core of hillary clinton is in a way they never could before. stuart: good point, thank you. look at this, the i 4 core door in florida. one of the most important areas
11:51 am
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11:55 am
and a key part of that estate, adam schapiro, if that is a key area which way will it spring electorally right now. >> if you go solely on the registration of people, democratic party republican party, the answer is democratic party. is florida population here, it swings democrat, and and independents. we speak with deborah, the county chairperson for the gop in hillsborough. we are in plant city.
11:56 am
and 17,000, and they tend to vote, they say democrat in their own words because their great-great-grandparents would jump out of the grave if they change party affiliation but they are conservative and vote republican. that is what they are counting on throughout the i 4 core door. it is homespun. there's a reason roadways in south florida and central florida are called dixie highway, strong tie to conservative principles and they expect that to be amplified. stuart: what you say, a good shot of good possibilities of trump wins the i 4 core door and the state, strong possibility. >> the gop is saying republican chairman of different counties say obama won this core door, they are saying expect to change
11:57 am
because they have been aggressively registering. stuart: that is good stuff, thanks for joining us, see you soon. the market is back to a triple digit gain. netflix is way up, 19% higher. please look at amazon, has gone straight up over the past year up $8 a day, $8.21, still not that close to the all-time high of $8.54, it reached that 10 days ago. here is a lifetime high, google, otherwise known as alphabet these days up 204%, $18 higher, lifetime high, more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stuart: most interesting story of the day, good question for peter kiernan. >> wasn't that long ago netflix had on remarkable growth and all of a sudden talking about 5 million subscribers in the next 90 or 100 days, got to be netflix. stuart: i said netflix is a thing of the past, i got it wrong. >> china responded going for that spot. stuart: time is a. neil cavuto, it is yours. neil: we are in las vegas and whatever happens here, for donald trump and hillary clinton, do or die, third and final presidential debate, so-called rubber match, hillary clinton the first debate, donald trump the second, pressure on donald trump in the wake of thinking whole numbers, he has got to reverse a. connell: a lot going on already. las vegas time, candidates get ready for tomorrow night's debate and hillary clinton


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