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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 19, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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hillary clinton will face off in their third and final debate. i'm trish regan, welcome everyone to "the intelligence report." before we get to all the politics, though, we got a read on the economy. let's go straight to the fed's report on the overall health of the u.s. economy quickly here with peter barnes. take it away. >> reporter: the latest beige book, trish, and it says the economy continued to expand at a modest or moderate pace in late august, early october in most fed districts. this is the report of economic conditions that the fed will use at its next policy meeting, the first week of november in just a couple of weeks from now, it says the labor market conditions remain tight with modest employment and wage growth, prices, inflation increased slightly on net, and finally the beige book mentions, quote, there were signs of stabilization in oil and natural gas sector. trish, back to you. trish: all right, thank you very much, peter.
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the economy is sure to come up tonight, whole lot of thing could come up tonight. let's get back to the debate happening in just about seven hours or so. it's the last one, the finale, donald trump has to have a strong performance. take a look at brand new "fox news poll," he is trailing hillary clinton by six points. a lot of people disputed polls and said not taking into account the frustrated voters that are coming out in droves and are not going to say it right now, a la brexit. donald trump must try to win the undecided voters. straight to blake burman, outside the site of the big debate tonight. hi, blake. >> reporter: hi there, trish, when you look into the numbers from the "fox news poll," not a lot of bright spots for donald trump. there are areas he could look to attack and try to use for tonight and the next 20 days.
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couple of examples here. independent voters. 11% say they are undecided. that is by far and away the biggest bloc, and of issues that remain most important to voters, it is the economy number one, and that is the only area, according to "fox news poll" chshg trump fares better than hillary clinton, 50% of voters say they would trust trump over clinton in that area. still, the swing state polling shows a much different story and shows what donald trump has to do in these next couple of days. that is flip many states into category. take a look at one state that is out today. that is wisconsin. and there trump trails by seven points alone in the one state alone, monmouth has him down 47-40. the shocker was this morning, trish. just to our east and south and east and that being the state of arizona that has donald trump trailing to hillary clinton by five points. 39-34. a state the republicans have
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won the last four elections and nine out of the last ten elections, but that poll also shows that 21% of voters in the state of arizona are undecided, and as you mentioned, there is the trump camp and many who believe that some voters simply won't say at this point that they are voting for donald trump. that is a possibility there in arizona. no doubt, trish, donald trump has to use to swing the numbers in the swing states, according to real clear, polling averages of 16 swing states that they're tracking that could tip one way or another. trump only leads in four of them. back to you. trish: blake, thank you so much. one thing hillary clinton will have to address tonight, she's going to have to, the wikileaks issues. releasing the twelfth batch of e-mails belonging to the campaign manager john podesta raising a whole lot of questions about her honesty. take a look at this example.
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when a campaign aide asked podesta why clinton was labeled as a, quote, moderate when the campaign was trying spin her as a progressive to combat bernie sanders. podesta responded, quote, i pushed her on this on sunday night. she claims she didn't remember saying it. not sure i believe her. to what the campaign aide responded, it worries me more that she doesn't seem to know what planet we are all living on, in at the moment when. your campaign manager is not sure he can believe you. when another one is saying not sure what plante you are living in, you may have issues. joined by scott brown, republican commentator mercedes schlapp and progressive radio show host leslie marshall. good to see all of you guys. >> good to see you. trish: there's that issue, a little banter going back, people working in the campaign saying i don't know what planet she's on today.
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here is what's more disturbing, the effort the campaign aides were making to look at the bribery laws and whether they should be strengthened. they had a memo circulating, all about government reform, getting rid of public corruption and whether to implement some of the recommendations for getting rid of the corruption into the campaign. and what you saw was one campaign sending it to jake sullivan, he said this is a favorite of mine, corruption issue? but as you know, really, and he capitalizes, but really dicey territory for hrc, right? and the aide responds, she may be so tainted, she's really vulnerable. and so in other words, they gave up this idea of going after the corruption issue which is something that by the way donald trump successfully been able to go after, and it sounds like because they think that maybe she's got issues here herself. >> some issue, trish?
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i think it's more than some issues. when you start looking at the friends of bill clinton with the issue of haiti or qatar giving a million dollars to bill clinton, and this whole connection, this whole complicated web between the clinton foundation, the state department, hillary clinton's campaign, the fact that the state department has been working with the hillary clinton campaign. now we have the fbi, quid pro quo situation which let's see if there was an exchange of declassifying an e-mail on her behalf, in exchange for something the fbi wanted. these are serious, serious problems for the clinton campaign and one of the problems why she can't separate herself from the corruption stand in her campaign. trish: leslie, what is she going to say about this tonight? >> i think she has to address some of that. dishonesty is something she has going for her. i would be encouraged by the poll numbers if people find her that dishonest, the poll numbers in the national and swing states and pretty much
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undecided are coming over to her side. i think these are things that certainly not only chris will bring up, trump will bring up and she has to be prepared to answer it. trish: the answer so far has been, well, the russians are hacking into us. nobody really from the campaign has been willing to even, you know, say whether these are actually true or not. but i think that's strategic on their part because they also haven't denied them. so that's important. i don't think you can get up if chris wallace says what's going on here and say it's russia? >> they're in defense mode, they're going to try to ride it out. that's what martha coakley did in my race and it didn't work. the fact you have 11% or more independents undecided in new hampshire, they don't come out until three, four, five days before the election. there's a lot of play and a lot of opportunities. by blaming the russians and pooh-poohing and saying it's
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the russians to deflect what is coming out which is damning and serious, fox is the only entity covering it as well as social media. i think hurts the prior leaks we've seen throughout history where, they were used immediately for democrats and republicans. doesn't matter the fact that it's from the russians allegedly. trish: well, it's there now. >> it's out there, and it's very, very serious. >> the bigger issue is the majority of americans distress the government. when you see the interplay between the department of justice, the state department, hillary clinton's campaign. the obama administration. you have to wonder if there's any independents in this whole process. you have to wonder as several fbi sources said and d.o.j. officials said, goodness gracious, she should have been prosecuted for these e-mails. it wasn't just extremely carelessness, it was gross negligence. this is why the american people have the distress. it is a huge problem for hillary clinton, that being
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said, donald trump has his own problem. trish: i want to ask, because we didn't touch on the fbi quid pro quo issue which i would also imagine would come up. she's got a lot of problems, you touched on it. his problems as well. he needs to make a play for the independent voters in new hampshire and elsewhere. how does he do it right now with the polling data, leslie, stacked against him? >> i don't think at this point, and i know people get mad when i say this. the people who say they're undecided, i'm sorry, are lying. trish: wow, is this the brexit phenomenon, maybe they are reluctant to say i'm voting for the guy the media tells me is so bad. >> when you get closer to the actual vote with brexit, shows close to what the outcome was. it was a few days to a week before, it was completely different. i'm not saying all the polls are accurate. we saw that in the primaries. but right now a couple of
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problems that trump has, you asked me about it before, one is to be prepared and he hasn't been. he's been out campaigning, wasn't preparing. two, he can't take the bait she puts out, and she pokes the bear, and he comes out with the claws. trish: that is her thing, for his sake and your sake senator brown, because you are supporting him. people have gotten through to him, and he's been told over and over and over again discipline, discipline, discipline, you heard melania, she said you need to stay focused. >> i voted yesterday absentee, my vote is out there, and i don't disagree with you. i and others have told him from the get-go. if you think he's going to try to blame anybody but himself, you are absolutely right. he needs to be prepared and can't take the bait, and we told him that over and over and over. and he's going to do what he's going to do and live or die by his actions. trish: by the way, he's doing a lot.
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you saw who he invited as a guest. the half brother of president obama from kenya who is basically saying donald trump will do a better job with this country than my own brother would, and are there any other tricks up his sleeve a la what we saw last time around. >> i think it becomes a big challenge for donald trump. i think for him, he needs to say i'm a fighter, i'm a fighter for the american people. look, i'm flawed. i know i'm not perfect, but i know i can do. i'm the change agent that you need in america. if he can effectively deliver that message, it will help him. >> if he can take away his bad things and her bad things, he can win. trish: we have breaking news i got to get to. an exciting night. we've got breaking news about a major donald trump fund-raiser, an event that's about to start any minute now in vegas. charlie gasparino filling us in. hey, charlie.
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>> we got more details on this. we hit on it in the cavuto hour. a major fund-raiser, about 40 to 50 big donors are going to be assembling at around 11:30 at the trump hotel in vegas with donald trump. here's where it's going to get kind of interesting. sheldon adelson, the casino billionaire that resisted giving a lot of money to trump after proposing $100 million and only given 10. he has been critical behind the scenes of donald trump and how he's conducted his campaign. from what i understand, sheldon adelson confirmed he will be there. an interesting matchup. donors, some of the bundlers, people that put together contributions for trump. trump is expected to get there around 12:30 and sheldon adelson will be there. this will be last-ditch attempt to convince sheldon adelson to open up his checkbook. one other question mark is they've reached out to steve
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wynn to get steve wynn the other casino magnate in las vegas to show up as well. steve wynn on the sidelines. donald trump used him as a sounding board for his campaign over the course of the last year. steve wynn disagreed with his policies, particularly on immigration, on sending back, deporting people. so they remain frenemies, kind of. there is an effort by the trump forces to get steve wynn at the fund-raiser and be more supportive of donald. we'll find it out today, at 12:30 at the trump hotel. adelson said he will be there, and a lot of hot shot donors, including our very own anthony scaramucci will be there. trish: the question is will the checkbook and the extra 90 million be there? >> i can't tell you there. trish: it's down to the wire. >> if you listen to my earlier report, it doesn't sound like. he may be showing up to this
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thing but doesn't sound like he's happy with donald trump. trish: well, all right, we'll be watching, thank you very much. charlie gasparino. >> you got it. trish: donald trump keeps saying over and over again this system, it's rigged. it's an issue that he'll likely hammer again tonight in the debate. meanwhile, a brand-new batch of hacked wikileaks e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign manager shows donald trump may have a point here. we've got fresh evidence that so many in the mainstream media are in the bag for hillary clinton. surprised? here's the proof. stay with us. back in two. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages.
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and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . trish: all right, donald trump has been hammering this message over and over again that this is a rigged system. that's an issue that will
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likely come up in the debate tonight. meanwhile, a new batch of hacked wikileak e-mails showing that when it comes to the media, he may have a point on this one. cnbc's chief washington correspondent john harwood sent an e-mail to clinton campaign chair john podesta mocking other reporters for questioning hillary clinton about her private e-mail server. here is what he said. amazing that some people still think it's worth burning so much interview time with the person most likely to be next president on her e-mails. wow. you know, remember who this guy is. you remember, he was widely, widely criticized by the rnc and by many viewers at home after he moderated cnbc's republican debate last year, and here is why. remember this question? >> let's be honest -- [laughter] >> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign. >> not a comic book. not a nicely asked question the
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way you say that. >> i talked to economic advisers who served presidents of both parties. they said have you as much chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing the deficit as you would of flying away from the podium by flapping your arms. trish: wow. okay, so in other words, the guy asking trump whether he was running a comic book version of the campaign is the same guy telling john podesta, why would anybody bother asking hillary clinton about her e-mails? we're learning debate co-moderator, cnbc's rebecca quick, promised to, quote, defend a controversial obama appointee. joining me right now is american majority president ned ryan along with jessica tarlov. ned, i mean, what's happened to journalism in this country when people that are conducting debates are behind the scenes messaging campaign managers and basically giving them reassurance they're not going
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to ask about some of the most important things that need to be asked about in the e-mails. >> exactly right. people describe this as a cozy relationship, and i think it's more of a wildly irresponsible farce. we have major news outlets, nbc, "new york times." trish: politico sending a passage of the article to podesta for his a-ok. you don't do that. >> starting to act like a pr firm than media. that's one of the things that's troubling. when they're asking is this is a good quote or giving campaign power to hillary's campaign, we're understanding the relationship that's taking place, understand the press hastor free. the thing that's troubling is freedom of the press is one thing, but the press has a responsibility, a responsibility to put a highlight whether there is corruption, whether there is dishonesty. whether things are taking place in the american government that people need to know. when the media is allowing
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itself to be captured and becoming the mouthpiece for the interest, it starts to call into question what is it going to look like for the future and impact society? trish: journalism, jessica, is about access journalism. some of the journalists are so desperate to get an interview with hillary clinton or have whomever on the show, this they are leaving the ethics behind. >> i heard that argument before, especially when she started letting her press corps travel with her on the plane, that she was getting, quote, softball questions. i don't think that e-mail was necessarily appropriate, people on both sides were saying we're sick of hearing about the damn e-mails, and over 60% of americans said the same thing. but what i would add is we have an election in less than three weeks, everyone is well aware of that. donald trump is losing in every category that he needs to turn around and in the fox poll it showed that people believe she
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can bring about the most positive change for the country. trish: we talked about that, jessica. >> no. trish: we want to go straight to the issue of the media. he's saying that the system is rigged -- >> she is saying that. trish: however, at least, ned, when you look at the media aspect of this, there seems to be mounting evidence now that the media is on the other side, and frankly shouldn't be on any side, they should be reporting all of the news. >> that's the point i made to friends, there is real reporting and opinion journalism. they want to masquerade as reporters. middle of september, american people said how much do you trust the media? 32% of the time trusted the media before the wikileaks e-mails. i will be very surprised to see when "gallup" does the new poll. trish: no one, other than us, covering the e-mails, and, you know, the clinton campaign, their answer is, well, it came
2:23 pm
from russia. shouldn't be covering it. >> i understand and i think that the wikileaks e-mails are important to discuss. i would add donald trump doesn't complain the fact he got over three billion in free advertising from the same media he's panning. jeff zucker said remember the days of watching an empty podium waiting for donald trump to show up. he benefitted a lot from this press that he's maligning in this way and banned organizations like the "washington post," and no doubt that's about david farnholt looking into the trump foundation. trish: that doesn't mean the "washington post" should have an axe to grind with them. a responsibility to readers to be fair. i got to leave it there. >> thank you, enjoy the debate. trish: we will! donald trump taking on the establishment, calling for term limits for congress.
2:24 pm
wants to clean out the swamp. could he do that? and regardless, is it a winning issue with voters who are sick of the status quo? quite possibly. up next, why donald's throw the bums out message may be what fed-up voters want to hear. stay with me. back in two.
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. >> it is indeed time to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. if i'm elected president, i will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. trish: donald trump attacking the establishment yet again saying he's going to push for term limits for all members of congress. is this going to help him? americans are frustrated with politicians. they're pretty frustrated with washington. take a look at this latest "gallup poll." 76% of americans disapprove how
2:28 pm
congress is handling its job. joining me is joe trippi and chief political correspondent for the washington examiner byron york. byron, this is going to resonate with a lot of americans who feel we got to clean out that place? >> should work for trump. the question is why hasn't he been doing this before. the constitutional amendment for term limits has been floating around the conservative world for a very long time. it's like trump just discovered this. but, you know, better late than never, and if he spends tonight talking about cleaning up the swamp. about the things he wants to do, about the issues he's done well with. immigration, trade, jobs, he can help himself. if he goes down rabbit holes, he can hurt himself. trish: yeah, yeah, the rabbit holes are a dangerous place for him to be. people are fed up with government, fed up with bureaucracy, fed up with the coziness.
2:29 pm
i mean this all, i would think, joe, speaks to her vulnerabilities and when you think about the clinton foundation, when you think about the fbi now apparently working with some kind of a quid pro quo system with patrick kennedy to try and get e-mails of her declassified, it speaks to the cronyism that people hate. how does she fight back against it? >> first of all, him talking about term limits, a position that's more popular than he is or hillary clinton is right now, people can't stand washington and congress, so i agree with byron that this is something -- trish: this is a win. >> yeah. trish: okay. >> i feel that it's these kind of new positions that give him a shot. if it's rehashing the -- even the wikileaks stuff, i just think people tuned out a on the lot of the criticisms on both sides.
2:30 pm
every time a democrat goes against trump. trish: that's an interesting thought. it's like what have you done lately. >> what more can you offer? they heard about the trade. they heard about the economy. are people, voters, hungry for new individuals this late in the game. i thought the same thing, byron. i thought why didn't he come up with this one earlier? >> i'm not sure it's new ideas but getting to basics for donald trump. it's what he should have done in the first debate and the second debate, but there is an appetite for change and for a candidate to say, we've already had two bushes, are we going to have two clintons? are we going to go back to this? we need to change, and she can't do it. >> if he goes in tonight and rehashing the same attacks, and let's not even get into the powerfulness of the attacks, but the same on the aggressor
2:31 pm
on the attacks, on the e-mails. liar, and those kind of things. i think most people are already dug in. trish: what does he have to do? >> get on some of the basics about what change versus status quo, what this represents. he hasn't been doing that because he gets in his own way so many times. trish: debating is tough, it's tough. if you haven't been trained at this, it can get challenging, especially when you are up against the clock. which we are now. thank you so much. good to see you guys. great to have you here. coming up, former donald trump apprentice amrosa is here fresh off a strategy session with donald trump. we are just a few hours away from the big debate tonight. omarosa is going tell us! good to see you! >> thank you.
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. trish: all right, everyone, welcome back, we are live in las vegas where in less than seven hours, donald trump and hillary clinton are going to face off in the final presidential debate. so what does trump have to do to win over the undecided voters? director of african-american outreach for donald trump, and a former "the apprentice" contestant, omarosa manigault. you were one of my favorites. i remember watching some of the episodes you were in, the seasons you were in, and
2:36 pm
thought you did a wonderful job. you're working hard for him. >> yes. trish: it's challenging. you've seen the latest poll numbers. what is his strategy going into tonight? >> the poll numbers don't bother me. we went through 16 primary candidates and each week the polls said we would be down by 10, 12 and each week defeated a new opponent every single week, and the polls were so wrong in the primaries. you have to forgive me if i don't take the polls seriously. they got it wrong in the primary, getting it wrong now. trish: do you think the american people are not admitting it, saying i'm not going to vote? >> i call it trump shaming. when people say they're voting for trump, gasp. he is the best choice are in country and not going to be intimidating because they're free to exercise the most important right we have in this country, vote for who we want to. trish: a lot of the pundits say he needs to make sure he stays focused. this is his wife's advice.
2:37 pm
got to stay focused. the discipline he needs to bring to himself to stay focused on the issues. how does he avoid the rabbit holes. >> seeing him in the last 24 hours, he has the intensity and the folk bus him that i don't know that i've observed in the last two debates. he is so laser focused, he knows how important it is what he's doing. not just the debate, not just this moment, people are hurting in america. he's passionate of changing the lives of americans. i talked to people across this country and they want to see a change. they want to stop the corruption that we see in the government that hillary clinton has been a part of for so many years. trish: omarosa, so many things have come out in the media how life was like on the set of "the apprentice." some of the comments he allegedly made. you were on the set for three seasons? >> i am singly the most
2:38 pm
qualified person to answer the question. one, i was on the original season and i was on "celebrity apprentice" and came back for "celebrity apprentice" all-stars. i've done more episodes of "the apprentice" with mr. trump than anybody else and never observed any of the things he's been accused of. i've been around 13 years, i think the people would have come out prior to now. when things come out in october, we call them october surprises for political science for a reason. it's calculated, coordinated, like the clinton machine. just like they coordinated protestors to come to the rallies to shut him down and disrupt people. it's the same thing with people coming out all of a sudden after 13 seasons of "the apprentice," you hear these people who quite frankly have no credibility at all. i have worked with him, and after "the apprentice," he created a show with me called
2:39 pm
the ultimate murders. he was nothing but professional, and wanted to see the show be a success. black network, a black woman, myself, leading the charge. trish: if he doesn't win this, what are you going to do next? are you going to go into politics? >> i worked in the white house. first of all, i know donald trump will be president. he is truly uniquely positioned to lead this country. not just hope without action or hope without truth but make a difference in the lives of americans who need help. when he wins we are going to start by just tackling the corruption that you see every single day, something new comes out with the e-mails. it's like a reality show. you should call it podesta season 1, clinton season 2 and corruption all-stars, season 3. trish: the season has been wild to watch. much like a reality show. good to see you. >> always good to see and you talk with you.
2:40 pm
trish: brand new "quinnipiac university poll" finds most americans agree that the media is, in fact, biased against donald trump. that's what 55% of likely voters say. all this as we are getting undercover video that shows a democratic operative boasting about voter fraud. watch this. >> one thing all these people drive up in their personal cars. it's the legality because you can prove sincerity. >> yeah. >> it's harder to prove and if there's enough money, then you have people drive. trish: i'm joined by democratic strategist mary ann marsh, "national review" editor rich lowry and scott brown is back with me. rich lowry, you had a great piece, you see stuff like this
2:41 pm
and this is what everybody's worst fear is, it undermines the democratic process, does it not? >> completely sleazy and untoward, and in their own words, hard to wiggle away from it. heads should roll and they have been rolling. this is not the reason donald trump is losing the race at the moment from five to ten points. has to do with his own performance and the fact he's been giving the media which hates him with a passion, so much ammunition. as people have been saying over and over again on the show. i hate to be repetitive, this is his last chance to focus on the message of change and how effective hillary clinton has been. to the extend he focuses on everything else. it's an opportunity cost. trish: it is an opportunity cost, and don't forget the clock is ticking. he's only got a certain amount of time to answer these questions. scott brown has been around him over the last several weeks. what is your feeling, scott, senator brown, i should say, in
2:42 pm
terms of how he's been sxraerg whether or not he's going to be focused enough to avoid the pitfalls tonight. >> we talked about it earlier, and i think that's what every american is asking right now. which donald trump will show up? i'm hoping it will be the second debate, after the first ten or 15 minutes getting the crap literally kicked out of him. trish: you could tell he was prepared for the debate. he knew anderson cooper and martha raddatz were going to ask the questions. the billy bush tape had just come out. he was ready, prepared, he stayed calm. in the first debate, he was challenged, they asked about his position on the war on iraq and he kept saying sean hannity, sean hannity, sean hannity it. seemed to be falling apart for him in many ways there. he needs to make sure there is no more moments like that tonight, or else, right? >> correct. i mean, donald trump's best
2:43 pm
moment in any debate was the first 20 minutes of the first debate where he talked about jobs and trade and all that. you haven't seen that donald trump since. my concern about tonight is to former senator brown's point which donald trump shows up. and i think many people, myself included, said that donald trump went into the last debate thinking he's losing, which he is right now. would he try to take hillary clinton down with him? if that donald trump shows up, he will lose any opportunity to try to close the gap in this race which is considerable at this point. trish: that's interesting, what do you mean take hillary down with him? >> that's the goal, she's trying to take him down, he's trying to take her down. what do you mean by that? >> have at it, he should, those are the best moments in that debate. we haven't seen that since. if he goes after her personally, that is fraught with much more. trish: bring juanita and the
2:44 pm
rest of them back, don't show up with monica lewinsky in the front row. rich, i don't think that worked for him -- forgive me, we are up against a hard break. thank you, mary an and rich and senator brown. we'll be right back. that's a , but why don't you just go to thinkorswim's chat rooms where you can share strategies, ideas, even actual trades with market professionals and thousands of other traders? i know. your brain told my brain before you told my face. mmm, blueberry? tap into the knowledge of other traders on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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. >> hi, everyone, i'm lori roth man on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the fox business brief. seeing a spike in the price of
2:46 pm
crude oil, up better than 2.5% on a surprise decline in supplies. we have a rally for the benchmark averages. take a look at oil companies rallying as a result. transocean up 6%. halliburton rising, too. reporting a surprise profit, shares right now near a 1 1/2-year high. shift to the banks, outstanding performers as well. morgan stanley crushing estimates. shares up 1.75 of 1%. big banks are up after earnings, have a look at the performance of goldman sachs, bank of america, seeing a surge in bond trading, lot of bonds after the brexit vote. time to get you back to trish and "the intelligence report."
2:47 pm
2:48 pm
. trish: all right, we got some breaking news right now from washington examiner, stephen hayes of the washington examiner, best-selling author is here with me. looks as though hillary clinton may have known more than she at least admitted to in written testimony of late when it comes to setting up the e-mails and the private server. >> there is a report out now by sarah westwood at the examiner that hillary clinton contradicted sworn testimony she gave last week in writing her answers to a response from
2:49 pm
the judicial watch, freedom of information act request where she said i don't recall discussing the i.t. setup with bryan pagliano and pleaded the fifth and refused to cooperate. the new story is that there are e-mails that judicial watch just released that show her e-mailing with bryan pagliano in 2012 when network was experiencing troubles. so she certainly communicated with bryan pagliano about the setup and about the network, despite the sworn testimony that she did not, or she did not recall. trish: the semantics of this, if she said i didn't do this versus i don't remember, i don't recall. >> right. and look, we have now read in stories over the past few days about how many times she said i do not recall, i do not recall. it makes things look fishy, but when you have a moment like
2:50 pm
this where she's sort of caught, if she had said i didn't do this, and the e-mail showed she did. she would be in deeper trouble. trish: it would be worse. we are less than seven hours away from the big, final debate. it's critical for both of them tonight. what is it that donald trump in your view needs to do to bring people that are undecided? there are a lot of people amazingly undecided in this race. does he have a shot at them? >> i think it's tough. i think it's a tough sell, for him in part because of the things he's doing lately and the fact that apparently barack obama's half brother is attending the debate. trish: you don't like that, huh? a little showmanship on his part. >> it will get attention. if i'm advising donald trump, and no reason you take my advice. you make the case to her to activist government she is promising hasn't worked for the past eight years. you had a stimulus that failed.
2:51 pm
slowest recovery since 1949. obamacare collapsing around us and an iran deal they think will collapse, and is deeply unpopular. trish: you don't need to resort to the brother when you have a multitude of issues. >> substantive issues. trish: thank you for the breaking news. we'll be right back. handles ded here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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2:55 pm
and trump economic adviser wilbur ross with his thoughts what needs to happen on the debate stage. welcome, wilbur. >> hi, trish, how are you? >> good, very good. what does he need to do, the economy is not in a good spot. how does he sell independent, undecided americans that he's the guy for the job? >> i think it's pretty straightforward. his plan is a muscular one that deals with the big issues. the trade issue, the tax issue. the overregulation. and energy. all of those are needed to unleash the potential of our economy. all he has to do is contrast that with the same old, tired stuff, worse from hillary clinton, and it's worse because she wants to even raise tax and do more regulation. the last thing that an economy that's stumbling along like ours is needs is more taxes and more regulation. it needs the reverse.
2:56 pm
i think -- trish: what do you think of the protectionist measures in his economic plan, wilbur? as long as i've known you, you are a free trade guy, talking about taking things in a new direction here? >> it's not protectionist to say you don't make a dumb trade deal. it's not protectionist to say you take a country like mexico with whom we had always had four to five billion a year trade surplus. guess what the trade deficit with mexico alone is since nafta came in? one trillion dollars. why are we exporting a trillion dollars in cash instead of a trillion dollars worth of product. trish: big questions, big, big questions. wilbur, good to see you. >> thanks, trish. trish: we'll be right back.
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
trish: tonight is the biggie
3:00 pm
make sure everyone you tune in to watch watch the special coverage right here tonight the debate begins at 9:00 p.m. liz claman over right now. it was a great set. thanks very much. it appears the donald trump will be passing on the walk-through at the university of las vegas. what is he doing instead. he is opting to remain at the trump hotel in vegas at a fundraiser which began exactly 30 minutes ago but mister trump is really focusing on that fundraiser for highrollers.


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